My Good Brother Hanning!

Thank you so much for your email regarding the Kingdom of God. With you heading up perhaps the most important Bible School of British east Africa, I am clearing my schedule for three hours to write to you:

My whole life has been devoted to understanding the Kingdom of God, Leadership, and how the Spirit of God grows His Church. You already know my "credentials" - but the value of this understanding is not in human credentials, human success, human greatness, name and celebrity or even love of and devotion to God.

Rather, the correctness of true understanding of the 'Word of God' is the 'Spirit of God' - who is also called the 'Spirit of Truth' - who enables the understanding of both the one called to teach and those called to listen.

"Who soever hath ears to hear, let him hear what the Spirit saith to the churches."

Great Leadership arises out of a GREAT MESSAGE and MISSION

[1] Remember Jesus promised: "I WILL BUILD MY CHURCH!

Understanding the scope of the Kingdom begins with Christ's great proclamation and introduction of 'His Church!'

The word "build" in the Greek language is a "continuing-verb-tense". Both Hebrew and Greek languages have a continuing verb-tense as it is greatly needed in understanding the "forever-nature" of God. Most languages do not have this verb tense, as they have no absolute knowledge of God Almighty.

We English speaking people also do not have such a continuing verb-tense, [and I am not sure about Swahili]. . . . so we easily MISS some great New Testament Truths, . . . by NOT having that grammatical structure of a "CONTINUING VERB TENSE.

However, Brother Hanning, here is what Jesus really said by using the continuing form of the verb "to build":

I WILL BUILD MY CHURCH . . . and KEEP Building My Church . . . and CONTINUE to build My Church . . . and ALWAYS be Building My Church . . . and NEVER - EVER - NEVER - EVER STOP building my Church . . .

. . . and My ever-growing Church will be ever-ATTACKING the Kingdom of Hell, and the Gates of Hell SHALL NOT PREVAIL . . . . AGAINST THE MIGHTY ONSLAUGHT of My Church!!!!!

[2] Brother Hanning please note clearly this great foundational truth of Christ's Church: His Church aggressively attacks ("occupies" is the King James Bible Word) the Kingdom of darkness, and Evangelizes the world, literally destroying the devil's kingdom . . . hell does not attack, corrupt, defeat and destroy the Church!!!!!!!!!!

Never in a million years!!!!!

Jesus GUARANTEED His church would CONQUER HELL and that Hell - pictured here as a 'great walled city with gates' WOULD NOT STAND against the churches attack on its gates!!!

[3] This "Great Truth" . . . the absolute "building of the Church by Jesus Christ Himself as His Church in obedience, victory and glory goes forth to carry out Christ's Great Commission - taking the Gospel of the Kingdom to 'every creature' . . . in 'every nation' . . . teaching them 'all things that Jesus taught His disciples' . . . THEN (and ONLY then - not before or until) shall the end come, Jesus promised.

This great truth is the teaching of most of Christ's Parables.

Brother Hanning, the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ is the Mustard Seed AND the Leaven of Matthew 13 - Jesus plainly said this WAS His Kingdom - and Jesus GUARANTEED that it NEVER STOPS GROWING and eventually becomes the GREATEST OF ALL . . .

So set your sights high Brother Hanning, . . . Pray for. . . Believe for . . . Preach for . . . Teach-&-Train your People for . . . capturing your WHOLE CITY FOR CHRIST! . . . .

. . . and if your VISION is BIG ENOUGH and your FAITH STRONG ENOUGH . . . and your COMMITMENT deep enough . . . BELIEVE FOR YOUR WHOLE NATION!!!!!

[4] Jesus also commanded "OCCUPY TILL" . . . . I come!

Here again, the Greek is "continuing-verb-tense", and the word for "Occupy" is a military term - and was used then - just like it is today:

To "OCCUPY" in Military Terminology is to "ATTACK" the enemy Kingdom . . . . "CONQUER" the enemy Kingdom . . . . "CONVERT" the enemy Kingdom to be your citizens (God's) . . . . and "USE" them and their resources for the Glory of God to "BUILD A BASE" in their territory . . . from which to launch the next Spiritual Attack on OTHER Kingdom's of darkness until the WHOLE WORLD IS LEAVENED WITH THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST! . . .

The Church of Jesus Christ ALWAYS GROWS . . . BECAUSE . . . Jesus NEVER STOPS BUILDING . . .

[5] Brother Hanning . . . PLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE for ultimate defeat of Christ's Church in the World . . . believe for Christ's Church to achieve ULTIMATE VICTORY . . . just as Jesus commanded us to do.

Go ye into EVERY nation, Preach the Gospel-Good-News to EVERY creature, teach ALL People . . . ALL Things. . . whatsoever I have taught you . . . teaching them to OBSERVE (Obey) !!! Matt 28.18-21

[6] Brother Hanning, please read the Great Commission carefully . . . did Jesus mean what he said? I think He did. That's what he died for!

Brother Hanning, do you believe Christ was serious about His great command - the ONLY TEACHING given to us in the New Testament FIVE TIMES . . . or just "BABBLING to hear Himself "Babble"

[7] Jesus also taught us to pray "Our father . . . THY KINGDOM COME (yet again the Greek continuing verb tense) . . . is for His Kingdom to START coming . . . His Kingdom to BE coming . . . His Kingdom to KEEP coming. . . . and His Kingdom to KEEP ON Coming . . . and His Kingdom to NEVER STOP COMING . . .UNTIL finally the WHOLE KINGDOM IS HERE . . . Heavenly Eternal City coming down, Christ Himself, the Holy Angels, with Father God . . .

** He further PROMISED HE would come again . . . AFTER His Church had OBEYED His Command and done so IN EVERY NATION (teaching them to OBSERVE / OBEY ALL THINGS . . .

[8] ** He further PROMISED when He said: "I HAVE FINISHED MY WORK" . . . so all of the rest of the work that needs done is the Church's Work). . . . Jesus said He was going Back to Heaven from whence He came . . . and that He was going to Sit-Down upon His Throne . . . at the Right hand of the Father . . . "U-N-I-T-L" - "U-N-I-T-L" - "U-N-I-T-L". . .

. . . "U-N-I-T-L" His enemies ARE MADE to be His FOOTSTOOL!!!!

[9] Brother Hanning: Did you know this is the MOST REPEATED PROPHECY in the whole New Testament? (count and see!)

Yet for the most part, we still miss it! IT was first prophesied by David in Psalms 110.

[10] It is up to US, Christ's Church to OBEY His great Commission, to put on GOD'S ARMOUR . . . to go out to BATTLE with the enemy . . . to OCCUPY "U-N-I-T-L" He comes, . . . to ATTACK the Kingdom of Hell . . . and KEEP attacking the Kingdom of Hell and NEVER STOP attacking the Kingdom of Hell "U-N-I-T-L" - "U-N-I-T-L" - "U-N-I-T-L" the gates of Hell COLLAPSE. . . and Hell does NOT prevail. . . but rather the MIGHTY CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST PREVAILS . . .

[11] Jesus also said that HE was the Light of the world . . . as long as he was in the world, . . .

. . . but that after He left the World . . . we HIS CHURCH WOULD BE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD . . . and He commanded us to Shine like a MIGHTY CITY SET ON A HILL ( Greek Citadel - Fortress) THAT CANNOT HE HID (made dark or conquered!) . . . That's US . . . Christ's Mighty Church!

Christ said His "Mighty Light" through His "Mighty Church" would shine . . . and Shine . . . and SHINE "U-N-I-T-L" "U-N-I-T-L" "U-N-I-T-L" the DARKNESS is destroyed and Whole-World is BRILLIANT . . .

. . . with the LIGHT OF CHRIST . . . as Jesus promised YE ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD!!!!! . . .

. . . and that with each new CONVERT . . . and with each new Preacher . . . and with new Church . . . in each new NATION . . . with EACH ONE adding their LIGHT to the LIGHT of the WORLD

. . . "shining ever more and more unto A PERFECT BRIGHT DAY"

[12] That's why Christ said His "Coming" (again Greek Continuing verb tense) would be as the "Lightning that shineth out of the East" (not "Storm-Lightning" that flasheh from every direction to every direction including "up-&-down" as well as north, south, east and west, . . .

***** . . . but the "LIGHTNING that shineth out of the East . . . and continues shining even unto the West" . . .THE MIGHTY SUNLIGHT . . . that NOTHING can stop from rising . . . or keep from shining . . .UNTIL it has BURNED away the fog . . . and DESTROYED the darkness . . . THAT MIGHTY LIGHT CANNOT BE STOPPED . . . representing Christ's GREATNESS to us every day!!!

[13] Jesus reminded us in the last words of the last Chapter of the Revelation that HE IS THE BRIGHT AND MORNING STAR: "SUNLIGHT" [ the Sun is a "star" - it's just that all stars are NIGHT stars EXCEPT the only ONE that can be seen during the day because it is so bright: "J-E-S-U-S" -

JESUS is the BRIGHT and morning STAR that out shines all others (Abraham, Moses, David all prophets, all Apostles . . .)

(Brother Hanning, note that the real night stars are still there, . . .and still shining, even at noon-day as I write this, . . . but I only see the DAY STAR because it is so bright!

This is how JESUS says that WE HIS CHURCH WILL BE IN THIS WORLD . . . that the Gospel light will OUT SHINE ALL other lights . . . and even though satan himself appears to humanity as an "Angel of Light" . . . he is like a two-bit star trying to shine against the Mighty Noon-day Sun!

Satan's piddly little 'ole light can only be seen in the darkness!

So Jesus claimed "He-&-His Gospel" to be the Bright & Morning Star . . . the GREAT LIGHT that shineth in GREAT darkness an DESTROYS the darkness!

( See Matt 3-4, John 1, Isaiah 60 and many others for the Light )

[14] When Jesus was born He was claimed to be the DAY STAR RISING - SPRINGING FORTH - that is the Sun [ See "day-spring" in KJV Luke 1.78]

[15] Thus my Good Brother, there is no "end-time" falling away for the CHURCH!!! This is the "devils lie" to keep us defeated, to keep us hopeless, thinking we will never win our families, our cities, our nations and our world . . . to make us think "What's the use?" There are gonna fall-away any way!

However, the Apostle Paul was speaking to the people of HIS DAY about the situation of HIS DAY whereby HIS PEOPLE, the Jewish nation had been the people of God for well over 1,000 years and remained the people of god all the way to the coming of their Messiah - having all truth of Scripture - then rejecting their own Messiah, having the administration of the Kingdom of God taken from them and given to another;

Mt 21:43 Therefore say I unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof.

Their own High Priest - who should have led the Nation in receiving Jesus as their Messiah - turns out to be the greatest "Man of Sin" of all time, sitting in the True temple of God, representing the true God, presiding over the People of God, yet turning away from the Law of Moses (Not Rome!) becoming a "lawless-one" . . . and leading Israel to chant to Pilate:

"We have no king but Caesar!" and "Crucify Him!" about Jesus!

Thus this great destruction of Israel, Jerusalem, Temple, Sacrifices, Levitical Priesthood, position of High Priest, and Jewish kingdom was one of God's greatest judgements ever.

Though Israel and Judiasm was destroyed in AD 70 . . . Christ kept building His Mighty Church! !

Though they killed Stephen, James the less, James the Just, Peter and Paul and other Apostles . . . Christ kept building His Mighty Church!

Though the Romans burned, tortured, fed to lions and gladiators by the millions . . . Christ kept building His Mighty Church!

Though they were banished, famished, and hid in the catacombs of Rome, and were martyred by many millions . . .Christ kept building His Mighty Church!

And just like Jesus promised, the gates of the Mighty Roman Empire fell to the continual evangelism by the Church that Jesus refused to stop building!

And so it was throughout the old world . . . and so it was throughout the New World . . . and so it was in Communist Europe and Communist Russia . . . the U.S.S.R. is GONE but the Church grows on . . . the Berlin wall is gone but the Church grows on . . .

And so it is today in Communist China, India and all over the free world and so it will be tomorrow in all of the Islamic World . . .

. . . and the Church of Lord Jesus the Christ just keeps growing because Lord Jesus the Christ just keeps building and His Church wins . . . and the NATIONS of them that are saved and the SAVED KINGS of the earth DO BRING their glory into the Holy Eternal City!!!!

[16] Get this Pastor Hanning: Scripture GUARANTEES the NATIONS of them that are saved and the SAVED KINGS of the earth . . . . DO BRING their glory into the Holy Eternal City!!!!

Rev 21:24 And the nations of them which are saved shall walk in the light of it: and the kings of the earth do bring their glory and honour into it.

ISN'T THAT AMAZING!!! You may have never been taught this . . . or even heard this . . . but this is the POWERFUL TEACHING of all of the Church from the beginning to CONQUERING THE ROMAN EMPIRE . . . all through the AGES right up to this last generation in the USA . . .

Now what you much answer for yourself and your Bible School students, is "When do these kings and nations get saved?"

> > There is not a single nation today that claims by law, constitution or legal status to be a Christian nation!

> > When do these nations and their kings get truly saved so the "whole nations with their national identity enter into the Holy City, the New Jerusalem?

[A] It sure hasn't been the past,

[B] It isn't now,

[C] It can't be after the Armageddon and the ultimate coming of Christ

[D] It MUST come before then - between now and the Coming of Christ!

[17] Sadly, . . . the MODERN, "LUKEWARM" USA with their Hollywood movies of "Thief in the Night", Left Behind" and the deceitful TEACHING that the Church FAILS COMPLETELY (though Jesus guaranteed it would NOT fail to prevail!). . .

. . . we modern lukewarm American and European Christians are simply destroying our own nations - just giving them to satan, . . . literally believing for evil to completely conquer and crush the Church in the USA . . .

. . . leaving only a tiny, fearful, silent, unevangelizing, ever-shrinking, ever-poorer, ever-weaker, and even ever-sicker, ever-more-lukewarm, MISERABLE, FAILING CHURCH!

. . . SO IT IS!

This is what the USA has taught for 100 years . . . that Christ FAILS to build His Church as He Promised", . . . that Hell does prevail against the Church . . . and stops the church from getting all of these "Kings and their nations saved" . . .

. . . thus we the modern lukewarm Church teaches that the CHURCH FAILS COMPLETELY IN ALL THINGS . . .

. . . FAILS TO OBEY CHRIST . . . FAILS TO take the Gospel to the Nations . . . FAILS TO TEACH ALL PEOPLE ALL THINGS as Christ commanded . . . FAILS to make this world the FOOT STOOL OF CHRIST . . . FAILS to put ALL of Christ's enemies UNDER HIS FEET . . . FAILS to be that Shining City on a Hill that CANNOT BE DARKENED . . . FAILS to be like the MIGHTY MUSTARD . . . FAILS to be the LEAVEN THAT LEAVENS THE WHOLE LUMP .

. . . . . FAILS to be the MIGHTY STONE of Daniel 2 that CRUSHES and PULVERIZES all worldly kingdom and the Kingdom of God that RULES FOREVER on the Earth . . .

. . . REMEMBER . . . Christ, the Angels, the Old Covenant Saints, the Holy City-New Jerusalem and Father God . . . ALL COME BACK TO EARTH TO STAY FOREVER . . . we don't go to Heaven to stay for ever . . .

HEAVEN as the New Jerusalem, with Father God, COMES TO EARTH forever!!!!! (Read The Revelation 21 carefully!)

[18] Brother Hanning . . . I beg of you DO NOT COPY THE USA . . . BUT RATHER believe - as ALL OF GOD'S GREAT LEADERS ALWAYS BELIEVED - for 1900 victorious years . . .

. . . that JESUS DOES EVER BUILD His Church and He did NOT LIE when He promised His MIGHTY CHURCH would ATTACK the Kingdom of Hell and Hell would not prevail but the CHURCH WOULD PREVAIL!!!!!!!!!!

[19] [Yes Paul did speak of a great falling away of THAT "end-time" - the "end of Israel as the Kingdom-nation" (See above and Matthew 21:43) was he was writing to mostly Jewish Christians in Gentile lands - of 2000 years ago, just before Israel, the Temple, the Priesthood, and City of Jerusalem, and earthly sacrifices daily for sins were CRUSHED FOREVER . . . and all came to an end, . .

[20] . . . CRUSHED by the Roman's in AD-70 . . . and were no more as a Nation until our generation as they too . . . NOW are receiving the Gospel LIGHT, one by one . . . until "ALL Israel shall be saved! Romans 11:26-27


Brother Hanning . . . DON'T BELIEVE for ultimate defeat of Christ's Church in the World . . . believe for Christ's Church to achieve ULTIMATE VICTORY . . . Just as Jesus commanded us to do.

Go ye into EVERY nation, Preach the Gospel-Good-News to EVERY creature, teach ALL People . . . ALL Things. . . whatsoever I have taught you . . . teaching them to OBSERVE (Obey) !!! Matt 28.18-21

Brother Hanning, please read the Great Commission carefully . . . Jesus DIS MEAN EXACTLY what he said! That is what he died for!

[21] We ALL know John 3:16, but John 3:17 is the rest of the greatest story ever told. . .

"For God sent NOT His son into the world to Condemn (and destroy) the world BUT THAT THE WORLD through Him might be SAVED!!!

God doesn't want to DESTROY THE WHOLE WORLD in some nuclear holocaust . . . KILLING BILLIONS for whom Christ died . . . sending them to ETERNAL HELL IN DEFEAT and LOSING THEM TO SATAN FOREVER. . . .

[22] Bro Hanning, "GOD is NOT WILLING THAT ANY should perish . . . but that ALL come to a saving knowledge of the truth!!! " Peter 3:17 [ NOTE: This is not some 'silly dream" of what God wants . . . as many say. "We'll yes, God wants all to be saved but He isn't POWERFUL enough to DRAW THEM TO HIM . . . and actually make it happen . . .

. . . because THE DEVIL WONT LET HIM . . . these erroneous Lukewarm preachers say: What BLASPHEMY!!!!


Jesus GUARANTEED "If I be LIFTED UP (signifying His death on the Cross) I WILL (not I want to) but I WILL DRAW ALL MEN TO ME. . . .

[24] Do you believe that Brother Hanning??? Do you really Believe Jesus MEANT what He promised and will really DO what He Said HE would do???

Are you a "true Believer" Brother Hanning . . .in the Mighty Power of the Crucified & Risen Christ . . . to DRAW MEN IN THESE LAST DAYS OF GRACE?

. . . or Brother Hanning, are you a BELIEVER IN THE POWER OF THE EVIL ONE!!!

[25] This DAY is the DAY of salvation that Prophets of old longed to see. This is the DAY OF SALVATION prophesied for centuries. This is the ACCEPTED TIME of salvation that Jesus came to ANNOUNCE:

This is the DAY OF GRACE . . . that is GREATER that ALL SIN & SINNERS . . .

This is the Mighty Day of THE MIGHTY CHURCH . . . that Jesus is BUILDING and using to EVANGELIZE THE WORLD . . .

THIS DAY . . . TODAY is the DAY OF ETERNAL SALVATION & GRACE. . . of making CONVERTS of ALL of Christ's enemies, as they BOW the knee, and CONFESS that HE is Lord!

This is the GREAT DAY of the Lord, a Great Day of Salvation - not of death and destruction . . . the DAY of conquering the whole Earth with His Gospel . . . of making the WHOLE EARTH to be His footstool. . .

. . . My Good Brother: When we read of Jesus the great Warrior General who comes conquering with a "Sharp two-edged-Sword to SMITE the whole Earth" . . . the Sword of the Lord is the Word of the Lord, and His smiting and conquering is conviction and salvation . . .

. . . not death and hell-fire in losing 90% of humanity!


And "This WORLD" . . . produced by the Conquering Evangelizing Church through CHRIST'S BLOOD & REDEEMING GRACE . . . NEVER ENDS . . .

. . . the "World" of temple worship, sacrifices, priests and animal blood . . . "That World" came to an end . . . and the world that came after - of the Body of Christ being the ONLY Temple, of Christ the ONLY sacrifice, and His blood the ONLY blood cleansing sin, and salvation by ONLY His Name: "This WORLD NEVER ENDS!!!!!"

As Paul said

Eph 3:21 Unto Him be glory in the Church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, WORLD without end. Amen.

Note Paul gave this great parameter 2,000 years ago, the "dispensation of grace" that was committed unto him, the great Day of Salvation that began in Paul's day . . . continuing as Paul said . . . "throughout all ages!" . . . world without end!"

Bro Hanning, "GOD is NOT WILLING THAT ANY should perish . . . but that ALL come to a saving knowledge of the truth!!!" Peter 3:17 [ NOTE: This is not some 'silly dream" of what God wants . . . as many say. "We'll yes, God wants all to be saved but He isn't POWERFUL enough to DRAW THEM TO HIM . . . and actually make it happen . . .

. . . because THE DEVIL WONT LET HIM . . . these erroneous Lukewarm preachers say: What BLASPHEMY!!!!

But Bro. Hanning, Jesus Christ is a great and mighty Saviour of Great power - (in fact, in the Great Commission in Matt 28.17, Jesus claims "ALL POWER in heaven and Earth is given unto me . . . even so send I you!" . . .


Jesus GUARANTEED: "If I be LIFTED UP (signifying His death on the Cross) I WILL (not I want to) but I WILL DRAW ALL MEN TO ME. . . .

GOD IS GOD!!! Satan is not the most powerful being . . . OUR GREAT GOD WINS this "war of the Heavenlies"

. . . God didn't say "I WANT" ( though I know it will never happen because I am too weak and the devil is too strong . . . so he wins the masses and I - Jehovah God - just win a tiny remnant . . BLASPHEMY!!!!!!

GOD WINS! GOD does as He PROMISED . . . Every Knee WILL BOW (Greek word is worship) and Every tongue WILL CONFESS that Jesus Christ is Lord !!!!!

[25] THIS is the the Powerful message you need to teach yourself,

THIS is the the Powerful message you need to teach your People,

THIS is the the Powerful message you need to teach your City of Kampala

THIS is the the Powerful message you need to teach your nation of Uganda

THIS is the the Powerful message WE need to teach OUR world

. . . so let's get busy and take EVERY city for Christ - and every sinful government and every NATION in the world . . .

. . . and make THEM ALL to be CHRIST'S FOOTSTOOL!!!

At which time the WHOLE WORLD SHALL cry / sing: "MARANATHA! (Greek for "Even so, Lord Jesus come" . . . Come Lord Jesus for all things are now ready!!!!!!

This is the Great EARTH-CRY Christ is waiting for . . . this is the MIDNIGHT - CRY!


Christ at His first coming was basically unrecognized as the Christ and rejected by His People. He came unto His own and His own received Him not. They and the nations of the world had Him Crucified in capital punishment, saying: "Caesar is Lord!"

However . . .

In His final coming, . . . Jesus comes to Earth again, and every eye shall see Him, . . . and every tongue shall be confessing Jesus is LORD, and every knee bowing to His Presence, the whole world (not every being but the world as a whole) praising Him, with the nations of them that are saved and their kings, and every nation praising Him and receiving Him as their longed-for King, Messiah, Saviour and Lord!

"MARANATHA! (Greek for "Even so, Lord Jesus come" . . . Come Lord Jesus for all things are now ready!!!!!!

This is the Great EARTH-CRY Christ is waiting for . . . this is the MIDNIGHT - CRY!



For His Kingdom

David Paul USA Pastor Hanning!

Greetings in Christ Jesus!

Yes! You will find the command to . . . and the conquest of the Word of the Lord THROUGH the Church ON EVERY PAGE . . . once the "defeatist glasses" are taken off!

I WILL BUILD "MY CHURCH" Christ says - and the gates of Hell will not prevail against ''"IT"!!!

It is the CHURCH that conquers Hell in Obedience to the commands of the Great Commission through the Power of the Holy Spirit & and God's Invincible Word! . . . . Jesus does NOT say that He will conquer hell AFTER He returns.

He says His Church that HE IS BUILDING WILL DO IT!

As John the Baptist prophesied: The Christ is coming . . . and it is near . . . and every valley shall be filled, every mountain made low, and every crooked thing made straight and EVERY HIGHWAY will be a "Highway of Holiness!" and ALL THE WORLD WILL seek the wisdom of the Christ and walk in His paths and teach their children His ways

. . . . . . and will beat their SPEARS into pruning hooks and SWORDS in plowshares (to feed the hungry masses!)

. . . and neither will they learn to make war any more!

Obviously this CANNOT be after Christ comes back because there will be no warring nations . . . then only Godly nations . . . and it is NOT something that happens to the nations at once . . . it is something they gradually learn . . that war is destructive!!!!!


Even now, the USA and every nation on Earth has learned that WAR IS SO DESTRUCTIVE & EXPENSIVE . . . and the whole purpose of the United Nations proves THEY HAVE LEARNED THAT ANOTHER WORLD WAR MUST BE AVOIDED . . .

sadly, they have not learned HOW to avoid war . . . all of the Middle East Conflict between Jews and Muslims . . . if ALL converted to CHRIST JESUS . . . the conflict would CEASE!!!

On almost every single page is the GREAT VICTORY of the MIGHTY GOSPEL - The TRUTH of the Lord Jesus Christ . . His WORDS that are "Spirit & Life" He declares . . . His Words are INVINCIBLE! . . .

God's might "SWORD-of-the-LORD!" - His MIGHTY WORD is "Holy, Inspired, Inerrant, Infallible, Indestructible, Inalienable, Immutable, Inexhaustible, Infinitive, Invincible, Impossible-to-Improve, Incomparable and Eternal! NEVER FAILING and ALL CONQUERING!"

You will find the MIGHTY Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ goes forth to conquer . . . that EVERY Theologian of all ages (you can research this for yourself on the web!) believed and taught that Jesus Christ was the MIGHTY WARRIOR on the First White Horse in the Revelation Chapter 6:1-3 going forth "Conquering and to Conquer!" Scripture says. . .

[It was never believed this was some anti-Christ until the modern-age - the word Anti-Christ is not even on the Revelation, but rather is a Spirit of Anti-Christ that pervaded the Roman Empire in John's day and pervades the USA & Europe today!]

. . . and Jesus returns in the Revelation 19 - STILL the Mighty Warrior . . . STILL on the white Horse . . . STILL in military uniform, . . . STILL with His Mighty Sword and His Blood-stained and Battle-Scarred garments . . . and He calls us HIS ARMY!

The Church is not a bunch of weak, poor losers . . . BUT THE MIGHTY ARMY OF JESUS CHRIST . . . with each of us wearing GOD'S PERSONAL ARMOUR! Eph 6!

Bro Hanning,

The word "SAINT" was not a Hebrew word used in ancient Israel, but rather was a name & title used by the Greeks for over 800 years and applied to "Heroes - most often Warriors - although some times to their best athletes and others who did heroic deeds in saving lives.

"SAINT is the word for Hero and Champion of whatever situation . . . it is NOT for timid, shy, church-monks hiding in monasteries whispering prayers and meditating in silence secluded from the world . . . somewhere but GOD'S MIGHT CHAMPIONS OF THE FAITH . . . the many martyrs and all who have gone on before!!!!!

The Saints are those going forth with the ARMOUR OF GOD. . .


. . . PRAYING ALWAYS . . .


. . . - that is "QUENCHES A-L-L" . . . that is QUENCHES "A-L-L" . . . that is QUENCHES "A-L-L"the fiery darts (flaming arrows) of the enemy!!!!!

Bro Hanning!

How would the Church EVER be defeated ???

. . as NOTHING can TOUCH US - ALL Flaming arrows are STOPPED - QUENCHED - at the MIGHTY SHIELD OF FAITH!!!!!


I wish I could come and preach for you all day for a week or two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In 'TWO MINUTES' - Know if you have Eternal Life . . . or Not!


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Christian Network Top 1000 Christian Network Top 1000Christian Network Top 1000Christian Network Top 1000

Could you share your State of Salvation that we may better serve our readers?

At this time, I do not believe Jesus is the Saviour!

I do believe Jesus is the Saviour and I know I have eternal Life!

I do not believe it is possible to 'Know in this life' if one has Eternal Life.


A Christian Family in Every House, in YOUR Community, in YOUR Lifetime!

Worth Giving For? Worth Trying For? Worth Working For?

Please name "" aloud in Prayer Daily? PLEASE?

A Christian Net Top 1000

Christian Network Top 1000
Christian Top 1000

Personal research has led me to visit over 800 large ministries in North America and over 100 large ministries world-wide in over 50 nations.

God has blessed the local Church that I pastored, beginning with one middle-aged couple and growing to over 5,480 members in 10 years (led all of North America in Church growth for 7-years in rural-based Churches. and in teaching many Ministers Leadership Conferences in many lands,