Greetings and Glory be to God!

I hope this email finds you well and blessed with the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

After long searching and research I am so glad I found your site on the Internet. I am interested in your ordination program. Could you please send me information on how I might become ordained through your Christian fellowship.

While I have not yet made a decision to be ordained through your church family I was relieved to see very committed and strong statements most Christians avoid due to this plague of "political correctness". Your pages have inspired me during my quest to be ordained to investigate you further in this regard.

If you could please send me all required information on this process I would be most grateful.

Thank You and God Bless,

Bro Jeff!

Victory in Jesus!

Yes we are for the "Old Fashioned Truth!" As you see from our pages we are very patriotic for the USA as "One nation "UNDER" God.

We are determined to see an end to abortion and the complete outlawing of sodomy just as Scripture says.

Ordination is Ministry for us. There is no charge. We trust God to meet our needs in Love Offerings and Donations. We ask for your personal testimony of Salvation and of your Call that Christ is calling you to do more for His Kingdom.

You must sign your name against same-sex marriage, for the authority of the Bible, for world Evangelism, etc. We have much for you to read, but start here. If tyou need more let us know.

I believe I sense in you a "Kindred Spirit" Please read this first part carefully: God has NEVER used the "Big-Name-Preachers" to do His work!

Rather, he has ALMOST ALWAYS used Lay Leaders, Lay Movements, and Common People to send Revival Fires!!!

**Yes, we are a "Seminary" but our main job is to fight "Cold . . . Dead . . . Lukewarm. . . Seminaries!

We believe God has led you to us, and are certain you have come to the right place, and in faith we are going to prepare your Ordination Credentials. I will check back on this email later this evening and your Ordination will be ready!

In Jesus Mighty Name,

Bro David Paul, Cambridge Ohio Brother David,

Thank you so much for your encouragement and prompt response. After prayerful consideration I believe God has indeed led me to your website.

I believe God has called on me for years to his service and I have failed miserably to answer that call. Always finding some excuse to ignore it. Now it is most important for me to answer because the trials and blessings in my life, by his grace alone, have prepared me for this great undertaking.

I have read the information you provided me on the link in your last letter several times. I am quite moved and excited about traveling this path God has set before me.

Please send me any additional reading and instruction I need to complete the ordination process. In turn while I patiently wait your reply I will prepare my statement of faith.

Your New Friend in Christ,

Bro Jeff!

Greetings and God bless you so much!

In faith I had already prepared your "Letter of Good Standing" which is the Legal Document that most states require.

You will find this at

You may download as you wish.

I do need for you to give us your

> > Testimony to Salvation

> > Your belief that you are called to Minister for the Lord Jesus Christ

> > and your address, age etc., for the "Legality" of the records.

You will find the application at the following:

Waiting to read your testimony.

Brother Jeff!

Were you able to find your Ordination Credential online and get it down loaded?

Can you please send us a personal testimony, your "call" and tell us a little about yourself?

Hoping to get to know you better. . . praying for you.

God bless you this day, my dear Brother . . . waiting to hear from you,

David Paul

Will ad your sate to your credentials as soon as we receive it.

God bless you much, Brother David,I haven't actually been able to download the letter yet. I am however working diligently on my statement of faith and my salvation story.

I am approaching this in a most serious manner. I thought I would be finished with my testimony a lot faster than this but once I started writing it is becoming difficult to cut it short. I will be sending it as soon as possible.

In the mean time I can at least be straight to the point on a couple of things:

Jesus Christ is lord. The Bible is the inspired WORD of GOD. Homosexuality is a SIN.

I suppose I could send you the "cliff notes" version of my salvation story if your files require a briefer version than I am currently writing.

Please let me know how you wish to receive these things.

Thanks and may God Bless you this day!

Bro Jeff!

Good to hear from you.

Thanks for the brief statement of your beliefs. Once in a while, we have someone who wants "Full Legal Credentials of Ordination" with us and they are of the modern mind: they believe all religions lead to Heaven, they want to perform homosexual weddings, and they think the Bible has some nice poetry and proverbs. They usually even send us a testimony and their callling, but "forget to include" their statement of faith.

That's why we are specific.

Please send us your full testimony whenever you are finished. We love to read them and have them on file. If you would allow, we'd like to post it for others to read as well - with you name or without, either way. Everyone is inspired by reading a good testimony!

It's also good that you are serious about what God is leading you to do. Our nation needs a full generation of powerful Lay-Leader voices to proclaim the truth - and we are believing and praying for you to be among them.

God bless!

Waiting to hear from you.

David Paul Greeting and Blessings in the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Brother David,

I am writing you this day in response to the needs for meeting the ordination requirements through your world ministry.

I will address the easiest commitments first and foremost. It is in the realm of this world that deceit and treachery have invaded the living of the righteous man making it almost criminal to be a Christian in our once proud Christian nation.

Our current President is undoubtedly operating as an agent of the unclean. For any man who can kneel before God can stand against any man! This our President and many other elected officials have forgotten. They do not take to fasting, charity, or prayer but pandering to the populous out of fear of offense to alienate a portion of the electorate. Did not Jesus himself even through those out of the temple who committed such acts of blasphemy against God Almighty? Yes he did and his gesture was that of authority without kindness to evil doers!

Because of many failing to act as righteous men we now have intolerance to Christians growing in America. We as a nation have turned from God and the result is a loss of morality, a lack of leadership, and the promotion of sin in our laws. It sickens me to see this once great God-serving nation reject the blessings and protection of Jesus Christ with an almost boastful attitude. I digress. The point of this letter is a statement on the condition of my beliefs in this world.

I am a Pro-Life Christian. I believe the miracle of life is given to us by the grace of a loving God at the point of conception. This is undeniable to the righteous man! Abortion is murder. For God tells us in the Bible he knew us even in the womb.

I believe homosexuality is a sin. There is no mistake in God’s creation. It is perfect and the intended roll one is to play in this earthly life is sinful if we ignore that grace which God has provided. Therefore a man is born a man to do manly things; a woman to those things which are woman. The Bible outlines the roll of a man and a woman most plainly. It condemns homosexual behavior. Because this is indisputable to the righteous man any law promoting such is an act against God and the teachings Jesus brought to save our souls.

Because such things are ignored by believers and unbelievers alike we are now faced with a most trying time in the world. To do those things which are right and pleasing to God Christians must not simply share the good news but they must also speak strongly against those things which are ungodly, sinful, and simply wrong. Not with trouble-free words but strong condemning words! If it is a lie we must call it a lie not “factually inaccurate”. If it is murder we call it murder not “abortion”. If it is a sin we call it a sin not an “oversight in judgment”. When these things are accomplished the Holy Spirit will help the unjust and unrighteous judge their own souls. When Christians act beyond the walls of a physical building called a church the grace of God will again open this nation’s eyes to Jesus Christ. When we get our own house in order we will have such numerous blessings the world will be unable to deny the salvation Jesus Christ provides us!

These are just of a few of the teachings Jesus Christ has opened my eyes to since my salvation. While I have not always adhered to those teachings in my life I am now forgiven and saved! I am a sinner. I am unworthy of the many things God has given me. But these things I have cast away to work at being a righteous man, a Christian man, pleasing to my Father God who sacrificed his only son so I might be redeemed.


I was raised in the church by loving parents. It was a United Methodist Church where I participated in the usual activities without any question and often times little or no understanding. I enjoyed the fun things like vacation bible school, church sponsored sports, youth group meetings and outings. It was a club mind set. It was just something to do because it was fun and my parent’s wanted me to do it. Of course as a young man there were those things which didn't appeal to me.

I hated singing in the choir with those ridiculous itchy robes but when your mother is the pianist it is hard to get out of it. I didn't care to dress up for the annual Christmas pageant in fact as a youngster it sometimes brought on anxiety worrying if you were going to have to be Joseph paired with the girl no one really wanted to be seen with in a courtship manner.

In the simplest explanation my early church life was one that was more about going through the motions and pleasing my parents than it was of worshiping God and serving the commission of Jesus Christ. Of course during that time I was able to have a seed planted in my spirit. Unknowingly God was even working in my life to prepare me for something greater.

To speak of my personal salvation cannot only include my experiences within the church. I am a product of trials and tests of the many things in which God did not seem to be a focus of my life as well.

I was a small child for my age. Not small enough to be the “cool” short kid but just small enough to be the target of the bullies and those who preyed on the weak. I don't mention this for pity because I now see it was a blessing from God to be given that test in my childhood. I learned more about God’s love from being able to work past the teasing and bullying than I ever would have from some minister reading it to me on Sunday morning. While those teachings didn't come easy or to my realization until I was a teenager I still reflect on them more fondly than with any contempt for those who once tried to keep me weak.

I was fifteen when I first realized the grace of salvation through Jesus Christ. I prayed the sinner’s prayer. I took pride in my new salvation, confessed it to all, and thirsted for everything “Godly”. Since it was the 80’s I had the Christian themed buttons on my stonewashed denim jacket. I listened to Petra and Stryper, I attended every revival and gathering I could find. I immersed myself in the Christian community. This is when I first thought I heard God calling me.

That year was also the year I decided to transfer to go to a different high school than our community was to feed into. I decided I could stop pretending to be something I wasn't by going to a new school. Few if any people there would know me. I could make the move and just be me and if they didn’t like it the worse that could happen is I would be back where I started in the social spectrum of things. While I did spend the summer going to church camp and being baptized I failed to follow through with the plan God had for me.

As I entered the new school I started to join clubs and sports which more often took time away from my Christian family. I eventually became a Sunday morning, Thursday youth group kid. I turned church on and off like a light switch. I turned my back on Jesus like Peter when it suited my best interest. During these years I found no particular group to hang out with to feel accepted. I was still not cool enough to hang out with the “in group” but found myself drawn to those considered the outcasts. Those kids who tried to dress a particular way, listen to certain music, etc… to define themselves but just couldn't fit in with their chosen group. Looking back now I regret not witnessing to them.

My Christian involvement became minimal until it was wiped from my life. I became consumed with being worldly. Sports, school, and fun was about all I concentrated on. While I went through the motions by being the Chaplin for our Boy Scout Troop or filling in as Lay Leader at church when someone was absent; I just thought those efforts were enough. Many call this back-sliding. If so I did it with expertise I would say.

By the time I was ready to go to college I was lost. My grades were just good enough to graduate and get into a school but not good enough for any scholarship. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to go to college. I knew I didn’t want to leave high school. I had no direction because I had neglected to listen to God. I failed to pray and ask for guidance, my commitment to Jesus Christ was superficial at best. My mother even registered me for college and signed me up for classes because I had no motivation to go.

I only attended college for a little over a year. During that time I road Christianity like a roller coaster full of ups and downs, turns and loops. I found a roommate who was a devout Christian and who blessed me by introducing me to a different type of worship in an Assemblies of God Church. I learned not all worship was dry or preplanned on a bulletin. Kevin really tried to help by getting me involved in everything at the church. I found new purpose, a return to a focused life, and a peace I had forgotten. God called once again but I had doubts. God was telling me to witness, to use my talents to win the fight for this earth for Christ. The commitment he wanted would have me lose friends, maybe even family members. I decided to ignore it and focus on something else to avoid making the commitment asked of me.

I joined several groups on campus for artists, and even a fraternity. Once the traditional college life grabbed me it was easier to ignore the calling. I slid back further than I ever had just to fit in. I was seeking knowledge and acceptance; sadly willing to find it everywhere but in the trusting and loving hands of Jesus.

These groups at the college prided themselves in promoting all sorts of sinful exercise. Drunkenness, acceptance of sinful acts, adultery and promiscuous nature was awarded as some sort of achievement. While I knew these activities were wrong I just tuned out the Holy Spirit with a shot of whiskey. I became one of the “Artsy John Lennon” types. Not gay but accepted those who professed homosexuality as equally right. The free love and free spirit demon of the sixties seemed to have the answers I needed at the time so I joined right in. Here I was in the 80’s promoting everything I thought was wrong just months before.

Kevin eventually moved out and all connection with any Christian with him. My self indulgent tour across campus caused my grades to suffer. I was only a student on paper rarely attending class unless it was to promote a party for the fraternity. By the winter of 1991 I was kicked out of school and living back at home with my parents who were obviously disappointed.

At times during this period I returned to my high school to help with various art projects and to assist in the stage management of our annual talent show. It was at this time God put Joyce into my life. She could sing like no other. Her voice was so captivating and I can remember saying to myself the first time I saw her that I would marry her. Unknowing to me at the time she was and still is a good Christian woman. God only knows what she saw in me to this day.

Also during my hiatus from college I worked at several jobs. I was never satisfied with what I was doing and every chance I got I was applying for something I thought would be better. Work, job hunting, courting Joyce, and the occasional party were my schedule fillers.

Joyce was just 17 but I loved her. While often condemning what I was doing she still stuck by me. I remember going 90 miles away to Cumberland to apply for a job. It looked promising. I knew when I left the interview I would be receiving a call back for employment.

As I traveled home down the interstate I came over a mountain and God spoke to me. I either needed to make a commitment to his plan for me or risk losing the woman I loved. It twisted and turned my soul. I nearly became sick. I knew right then I had to ask Joyce to marry me. If I would drive home I would certainly have a message to start work in Cumberland. Chances are if that call comes I would be little more than a letter or a phone call in her life and she would be the same in mine.

I hit the gas driving insanely fast to reach her. I knew even without a ring I must at least ask. I had to know if this was truly what God wanted from me. Everything in my soul told me to do it. So finally I was about to take one trusting step placing faith in what the Lord asked of me.

She said yes. To this day I know God gave me this wonderful Christian woman. I believe she saw this plan for me and knew God called upon her to make sure I would hear him when I chose to ignore him. While I was still a slacker in the eyes of the Lord I was beginning a journey of education the Lord wanted me to pursue. If you had told me that was what I was doing at the time I would have laughed.

Together Joyce and I slowly worked me back into church. I wasn't yet the Christian I needed to be but I was again contact with Christians. This was a time of peace knowing Joyce would have me but it was the only real direction and purpose I took notice of. I still ignored the calling any further.

During the summer of 1991 my cousin Doug came home from boot camp on recruiter duty. Doug and I were close growing up. We did everything together. We even back slid together. Our routines seemed to follow each other so this summer was to prove that fact.

I remember Doug telling me he had joined the Navy. I was still in my Lennon frame of mind when he told me and told him I would never join the military. I didn't believe in war or killing people. I didn't see its purpose and I thought he was a fool for doing so. God had a different plan for me that summer.

When Doug called and said he would like to meet for lunch I happily accepted. We caught up on old times. He told me about boot camp, we planned to go out that evening. I believe Jesus worked a little miracle in my life that day because looking at my mind set I don't see any other explanation for what I did.

Doug and I continued our visit at the recruiting center. We laughed shared jokes and stories with the recruiter. Then the recruiter asked if I wanted to join up. He said I should at least take the test and see where I placed. So I did it. I did well and next came the soliciting of my time. My time which was most important in the trivial pursuits of life; He was rather persuasive on his arguments. Seven days later I am in boot camp.

I learned a discipline I had been lacking during my enlistment. I learned my service was for something greater than myself. I still struggled and stumbled on my Christian walk but was maturing in certain points of my life. All the things I coveted were ripped away during this period and I was rebuilt into a different man. I learned quite a bit about sacrifice during my enlistment as did my wife.

During my enlistment I became a husband, a father, and a leader. I learned the U.S. Military wasn’t just about war and killing. In fact much of it was humanitarian efforts. Working for peace, freedom, and brotherhood even in some cases it replaced broken homes for many. It also had its fair share of temptations and distractions from a righteous Christian perspective.

Here I was growing in something I said I would never do. Here I was placed for whatever reason just biding my time occasionally touching on my Christian upbringing. Like all of my life to this point my spiritual walk was a series of highs and lows. When I was again in what I thought was a “right place” I looked at joining the Chaplin Corps of the Navy. I spoke with our Chaplin and told him I felt a calling to work for the Lord. For whatever reason this man actually told me “people are not called to serve as Chaplin s”.

I began to doubt. Then ignoring the calling once again. From faithful to faithless I fell. By the time I left the Navy I wasn't even interested in cracking a Bible open.

I returned home after an Honorable Discharge, attending church to satisfy my parents and keep the marriage at peace. I even sat on the board of our church. I went to the motions only praying on Sundays and usually for something selfish.

I was blessed with a job in 1995 with our local sheriff’s department as a corrections officer. It could not have came at a better time as I had been doing odd jobs and selling real estate which only provided us enough money to stay in debt and on government assistance. We were just blessed with child number three in January of that year. I was often angry and depressed at our situation. This job helped eliminate much of that burden. God was at work in my life once again without me paying much attention.

The next six years at the jail were a good routine for the worldly satisfaction of this life. I had a steady paycheck. My main needs were being met. I became comfortable with my situation but never gave God the thanks appropriately for the blessings. While I walked a “right” path I wasn’t walking a “righteous” path. My witnessing was minimal out of fear of what my coworkers might think. While they respected me for my knowledge it ended at the point of mentioning any belief in Jesus Christ.

God decided once again to say “Hey Jeff! Toss away those burdens and go out and proclaim my glory!” Since I decided to say “maybe later Lord” another wake up call was needed.

In August of 2001 our facility closed due to the state of West Virginia moving to a Regional Jail system. We were all fired. Here I was in my 30’s with no higher education and no job. Three kids needing provided for. What was I to do now?

I returned to school to get a college degree. I thought I would teach Art, Journalism, and leadership Studies in a high school setting. I mean I had learned quite a bit about leadership through serving in various organizations. I had helped in small and in large capacities to relieve the distressed. I had supervised employees. I had a talent for art. Sounds like a good plan. So the jail closed and two weeks later I was sitting in a classroom.

It should be noted I didn’t leave without a fight. I was the President of the Correctional Officers’ Association and did all within my power to stop the closing of our jail. I gave rational arguments to politicians. I wrote letters, participated in public forums. I researched the laws and discovered that our county could have opted out and received approximately 12 million dollars we had been paying into the system since the 1980’s. My work even caused the legislature to change the law and make it retro active to avoid bankrupting the Regional Jail System. I did everything I thought I could but I didn’t take it to God.

Little did I understand at the time this was God’s will at the time. He was preparing me for something greater. When I was stripped of everything, taken out of my comfort zone and basically left to dwell on my place in this world I was forced to look at myself. God wanted me to take notice so he removed all the distractions that were taking my thoughts away from him and his grace.

I went from being a cold Christian to a luke-warm one. I witnessed a little. I spent a little more time in prayer. I returned to scouting and its service. But what I really enjoyed was fighting the establishment. I used the venues of classes to take on the social problems drawing us from a moral life. I used the college as my stage to answer the liberal grasp on the school. I wrote a conservative opinion article for the Universities newspaper using satire and humor to show how ridiculous the world was becoming. I drew political cartoons that focused on conservative perspectives.

When in class I chose options that allowed be to fight against the rooting out of Christianity. This is where I excelled. I liked the good fight. I loved the battle. I was good at it and I thought I was finally answering my calling. Looking at it now I just cracked the door open on the door God was asking me to walk through.

I did graduate with a Regents Bachelor of Arts Degree in 2004. I had what I needed to teach in our state after taking the required tests. During the time I was in school I ran for political office twice. I took on the liberal leadership at the college and was able to get in a few more conservative speakers. I was able to spend my summers teaching at Boy Scout camp. I was happy. Happy but not fully committed yet.

That was five years ago. In those five years I have learned that my voice is one of many like minded voices. I have also learned that though many are like me in thought few have the courage to act. I also learned that the fear they have is a result of being defeated.

I know I am black listed from certain jobs in my community. I know I earned my place on that list disrupting the agenda of the liberal movement that asks us to put our trust in man alone. Christians are not open minded enough to understand true peace they say. Christians are too judgmental and unaccepting to those who do not believe like they do. Christians this and that the argument always goes.

I know because of the stances I have taken are a direct cause of being placed on that list. I wear this as a badge of honor. It is a great day to rejoice when after more than 2000 years the name of Jesus Christ still intimidates those fearful of being unpleasing to God.

I know I have been an unworthy and more often unwilling servant of God. It is these times God laid a path before me to teach and discipline not to punish. It was during these times I learned of grace and mercy. But with any parent there must be times of “tough love” and God also uses this tool for teaching.

While my reward may not be evident to those in this world I know my Lord has prepared a place for me in his kingdom. I know when I see sin I must address it. When the demons are running amuck I must dawn my armor of God and lead the charge. I must also remember to do this love.

I was given a talent of good humor and speech. I was given a talent of creativity and eye for art. I was blessed with the ability to communicate in a variety of unconventional ways to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Acts 1:8 tells me he has given me the power to do so!

Now I feel it is time to finally let go and let God. It is time to stop complaining and rely on prayer. It is time to receive blessings and to give them. To speak of the grace and mercy of my God but to also fight the ungodly where it works to destroy charity and hope amongst us. It is time now to act.

Jesus has called me to share his love through my gifts whenever and wherever he sends me. Both in light and darkness I must answer this call. While God is always working in our lives often the noise of the world makes us deaf and blind to his way. My calling is to use the talents he has given me to fulfill his great commission.

Whether to preach or oversee ceremony, to write devotions or to answer a letter to an editor; I must heed to my call. If I am too take on city hall or the capitol I am to submit to his will. God has blessed me with the many talents that will serve as the tools of witness. These are blessings to his almighty greatness and will in this world. To do any less is to ignore my calling.


I apologize for the lengthy letter on my salvation. I know your time is valuable but I felt compelled to share this story in this fashion. I know I could have made it much shorter but I heard God telling me to share certain aspects of my life with you.

I know I could share more. As I wrote this I recalled specific times when what seemed like nothing unusual was going on God was doing a work in me. Scripture references jumped through my mind showing me how his promises were being fulfilled in my life even when I was not listening to his will. This exercise caused me to rejoice, weep, and pray once again for forgiveness.

This is a valuable exercise for all Christians. I appreciate the opportunity to reflect on my salvation story. It has given me a chance to really see God’s working in my life. It has caused me to appreciate his grace in my life even more. Though I was drawn to you through my calling I believe Jesus worked another miracle in my life by writing this so I might see even more clearly those things which he has prepared me for.

God Bless You and Your Ministry,

Brother Jeff!

What a tremendous testimony!

Thanks for sharing it with us. It is truly great that you do not shy away from the battle . . . as you said . . . there a many who believe as you do. . . who will agree with you in private . . . but very few who will speak up and take a stand. That is one reason why our nation is in such as mess!

You write very well and express your thoughts very well. God bless you Brother!

Will comment more on your testimony later.

*********For the "Legalities of our Records", we still need an address and date-of-birth! We have to show you ar "of age"


Bro Jeff You wrote:Because of many failing to act as righteous men we now have intolerance to Christians growing in America. We as a nation have turned from God and the result is a loss of morality, a lack of leadership, and the promotion of sin in our laws. It sickens me to see this once great God-serving nation reject the blessings and protection of Jesus Christ with an almost boastful attitude.

You won my heart with that statement, dear Brother, can you share with us just a bit more? Please consider:

[1] Many, many Christians do not take a stand for the country - especially Americans - thinking God cares ONLY about individuals. Nothing could be further from the truth!

> > God chose Abraham, to make his descendants into a MIGHTY NATION!

> > Likewise Isaac, Jacob, and Joesph, into leadership toward a MIGHTY NATION

> > God called Moses to leave Pharaoh's Palace and lead a MIGHTY NATION.

Moses could have been a "very happy health & wealth believer where he was in Pharaoh's Palace!" . . . And health & wealth are fine . . . but GOD HAS A WORK FOR US TO DO, and sometimes it is to leave the Palace and live in the desert!

> > When God gave the 10 Commandments - the ONLY time He ever came to Earth to speak directly to His people - He came to establish a Covenant with Israel to be "His People and HIS MIGHTY NATION" [Read Exodus 19 carefully. The whole setting is God inviting Israel as a people to become His Nation, and form a Covenant of which the 10 Commandments and Scriptures following was their CONSTITUTION! (And should be ours today!)].

> > Consider this please: David' is the only person of whom Jesus said: "David was a man after my own heart", and what David had done was this: "he risked his life for his nation in battle, defending the Honor of the Name of God!"

> > ***Jesus then made a most shocking sttement you almost NEVER hear taught on or explained in Mat 21.43, where Jesus told Israel: "Behold! I am taking the Kingdom of God from you and giving it to a NATION bringing forth the fruits thereof!"

Note that Jesus didn't grant the authority of His Kingdom to a "denomination of Methodists or Baptists - ruled over by a sinful, secular nation, killing babies and marrying gays" . . . but Jesus said he would give it to "Another Nation", a MIGHTY NATION who woud bring forth fruit for His Kingdom!"

(Bro Jeff, Can you comment on these verses just mentioned please, as you have time?)

> > Anyway, God bless you SO MUCH that you see that God desires GREAT & GODLY NATIONS!

> > Amazingly, in the Revelation Chapter 21, Scripture says that whole nations, saved - with their leaders, saved - will bring their Glory and Honor into the Holy City!

> > Isn't this Amazing???

> > I am so Glad God has led us to make acquaintance . . .

[2] I see you are from the Great State of West Virginia! I love that state! By any chance do you know Dr. Mike Keefer out of the Charleston area? He teaches Bible College Classes in that region. He is a great, great guy I'd like you to get acquainted with by and by.

[3] You mentioned you had run for public office twise, can you please share which office(s) and of any possibility of running again? Did you have a PAC? Did you have someone raising funds for you?

[4] Are you teaching now in a public school?

[5] Are the wife and youngin's doin OK? (I pray so)

[6] Still with the Assemblies of God?

[7] What do you believe God wants you to do?

[8] Whatever it is, I believe God wants us to help in some way: what can we do for you???

God bless you greatly,

David Paul, Elder, Founder & President, Cambridge Theological Seminary Brother David,

Could you please forward me any information in regard to the Doctor of Divinity program? I am most interested in fulfilling these requirements and looking forward to the study involved.

God Bless,

Brother David,

I pray this finds you healthy in the service of our Savior this blessed day. I am responding to your questions in that order which they were addressed. Please forgive the informality of my response.


For the "Legalities of our Records", we still need an address and date-of-birth! We have to show you are "of age"

Jeffery Blaine Riffle

221 Olly Wilson Road

Fairview, West Virginia 26570

My Birthday is January 19, 1971


[1] Many, many Christians do not take a stand for the country - especially Americans - thinking God cares ONLY about individuals. Nothing could be further from the truth!

> > God chose Abraham, to make his descendants into a MIGHTY NATION!

> > Likewise Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph, into leadership toward a MIGHTY NATION

> > God called Moses to leave Pharaoh's Palace and lead a MIGHTY NATION.

Moses could have been a "very happy health & wealth believer where he was in Pharaoh's Palace!" . . . And health & wealth are fine . . . but GOD HAS A WORK FOR US TO DO, and sometimes it is to leave the Palace and live in the desert!


As I stated in my Salvation Story I believe God removed the distractions in my life that kept me from his service. I am not in a desolate desert but I am currently living in a half finished house on borrowed ground.

I do not own the property it is on and it resembles little more than a large shack. We have electric but must visit the neighbors for running water. We heat with only wood. We have a little “dorm” refrigerator, a hot plate, and microwave as our primary cooking devices. I suppose what I am trying to say is that our life is not that modern. Please do not take this as a complaint of our current lot in life. By no means are we seeking assistance or pity. Nor does it require any charity. Moreover it is a position of choice.

We were offered the property to build on by friends of ours. We chose to move and try building a home ourselves as time and money permitted. While it was a somewhat rash decision it was one of God’s will. It was time to put God first and position ourselves in a place where we would have to depend on him.

While this house is not as beautiful as one might desire it has traits few have today.

All of it was built by us. No contractors, no painters or framers, no masons or foremen. It was designed and built by us. The kids helped create their home with us.

It takes a lot of work to keep it up. Without work it would be ever cold in the winter. Without carrying water from the neighbors we would not have it to wash or cook with. Without an appreciation for our efforts and the grace of God to bless us we would not have a home. A home is what it is, not a house.

I say this because I think it will help me answer to you my thoughts on the questions at hand.

Through these efforts our children have learned to labor. They have learned to be thankful. They understand the value of those efforts. They learned the provider of those things they are thankful for. They know we must budget and don’t ask for things frivolously. They are much better stewards than my wife or I because they played an important roll in maintaining this home.

When these great men were called by God to service it was to perform tasks that would lead through hardship before the reward. The nation, the MIGHTY NATION he speaks of is not necessarily one we can find on a map or tucked away in some atlas. It is a truly CHRISTIAN NATION that understands the hard work in God’s creation and the mighty blessings we should be thankful for. It was a nation that REQUIRED devotion to the works needed to make it MIGHTY.

God gave each of these men a chore to do to build the house that would create this Mighty Nation. Each had different qualities that provided them the opportunity to speak to those in a measure of understanding followers would comprehend. They started with the foundation of the house. They laid the ground work for the building of the “home” until the carpenter showed up with the plans to finish its construction.

This foundation was so important that as you said:

“ When God gave the 10 Commandments - the ONLY time He ever came to Earth to speak directly to His people - He came to establish a Covenant with Israel to be "His People and HIS MIGHTY NATION"

Now America, despite the historical revisionists, was founded by Godly men with a Christian foundation of governing and law. There is no doubt that 99.9% of the founding fathers were Christians.

Their concept was a nation that respected and understood the blessings of God. It was a concept that ignored denominations not Christianity as the ACLU would have you believe. They feared a division of Christians not being able to worship God. Had they seen it any other way they would have written the constitution differently. Not to mention that the so called separation of church and state appears absolutely nowhere in the constitution. In fact it was the example of Biblical leaders who governed with the authority of God in success on which they built this new country.

They feared being unworthy in the eyes of God and rejoiced in his providence. These founders knew that obeying God, following his commandments, and sacrificing for it would open the flood gates of blessing. They read of it, they practiced it, and believed it.

What proof do I have? How can I make such statements? I ask you who is the most blessed nation on the planet? Who has they best standard of living for its people over all? It is the United States.

The proof of our abundance is a direct result of those who through the years have sacrificed and maintained a Godly heart for this nation. It is those who understood GOD played the center roll in this nation’s success. Never did it ever enter their minds that our nation would ever turn from God. The founders acted as David willing to uphold their calling regardless of risk to life and limb.

However we are ever so rapidly moving away from our Godly roots. As we progress down this road we are seeing more famine in our own land. A famine of every type plagues this nation because we have neglected to respect the blessings we received by being faithful servants.

Every house requires maintenance or it will rot and fall. As it sits in disrepair snakes, bugs, and rats move in and begin setting up nests. Those who are ignorant will simply set idle as this happens. Faith is a wonderful thing. It has accomplished a great deal in this world but many times faith requires action. Faith that our house will be in order for the Lord is not the same as preparing our house to be in good order for the Lord.

I think many of today’s Christians depend much too often on the “Let go and let God” philosophy. They think prayer alone will solve the problem. If I attend church or the world day of prayer meeting that will set us right. That is all we need to get on track. Either their pastors are neglecting their duties or they are reading a different Bible than I have.

My Bible says God said for Moses, Isaac, David, Abraham, Solomon, Mathew to do… and Moses, Isaac, David, Abraham, Solomon, Mathew DID. It required action. While these great chosen men prayed and worship their God they did so for guidance not to return the chore to God to complete. If we are to place the United States of America back into the grace of God we must begin repairing our house! We cannot say God repair this thing which is broken and sit idle as we wait for him to do that job which he asks of us.

If we do not ACT we will see God’s abundance leave this nation. The famine will grow stronger and take hold and house after house will crumble being filled with the diseased and treacherous predators who find living in those conditions acceptable. Christians had better wake up and start ACTING upon the will of God before the only Grace they know is married to Nancy next door.

I could go on and on about the condition of America as our house. This has given me quite a lot to write in my journal tonight as I sense a really good sermon coming on!

I will move on to answer a few of your other questions now. Wow! I am really feeling the Spirit stirring my soul today! Thanks for the prompt!

[2] I see you are from the Great State of West Virginia! I love that state! By any chance do you know Dr. Mike Keefer out of the Charleston area? He teaches Bible College Classes in that region. He is a great, great guy I'd like you to get acquainted with by and by.

No, I am not familiar with Dr.Keefer. It doesn’t mean we have never met only that I do not call the man. I look forward to making his acquaintance.

[3] You mentioned you had run for public office twice, can you please share which office(s) and of any possibility of running again? Did you have a PAC? Did you have someone raising funds for you?

This is a spiritual story in itself. I have run for County Commission twice and for House of Delegates once. The latter is our state legislature. My slogan was “Restoring Faith in Government”. I ran with little money the first time using less than $1500 to come closer than anyone to beating the strongest democrat in our county.

I received just enough votes not to come in last for the State House. I was however able to get endorsements from groups like Right to Life, Life Gauge, NRA, etc… I was able to make my witness more public through these things.

My third run in 2006 was for County Commission again because we had moved to a new district. With all the Bush Bashing going on a Republican didn’t have a chance. The shining light though was my message was growing. I received more donations and a PAC was formed by Democrats in support of me. The votes didn’t come through.

All the losses were hard but God’s will was for me to grow. Looking back he knew I was not ready to serve his will in this capacity but he set a foundation for me to build other great deeds.

I am not sure I will ever run again. That decision is in God’s hands. I am so frustrated with both political parties that if I did run I would probably do it as an Independent.

[4] Are you teaching now in a public school?

Unfortunately I am not. We are a paycheck to paycheck family. We are rich in the word and in the blessings of a loving family. God provides what we need. We probably qualify for government assistance but have not applied. Until I am able to afford the $300 test fee I will not be able to qualify for my teaching certificate.

I do teach from time to time in untraditional settings. In those places I am not required to have the state’s “O.K.” to share my knowledge.

I work part-time as an assistant manager at our local Family Dollar about 10-15 hours a week. It affords me the opportunity to witness a little and teach some parenting to some of our neighbors.

For example I discuss discipline to the parents and respect to the children. If a child comes in with a parent they always leave carrying something for Mom or Dad. I do this with a caring smile as not to come across as the mean guy at the store. Many of our neighbors are in financial hardship. There are very few jobs in our small town and our mines are beginning layoffs.

One other thing I enjoy doing is buying a couple bags of candy each week and giving it to the kids whose families can’t afford that little treat. It is a real blessing to she the joy in their faces when I reward them for being well behaved in the store and listening to their parents.

I know this is just as great a ministry as any in my heart.

[5] Are the wife and youngin's doin OK? (I pray so)

I thank you for your prayers. The wife and kids are doing great. Our oldest will graduate from High School next year; the middle one the year after and the youngest in 2013. All are honor roll students and active in various community ministries. They enjoy volunteering in the community and are a great joy to me.

My wife and I will be celebrating our 17th Wedding Anniversary this Saturday (June 13th) by going to see Casting Crowns in Wheeling, WV. I thank God everyday for these blessings in my life.

I know despite my shortcomings we did right by the girls seeding them in the Word of God and though they may stray at times they will know their hearts belong to Jesus Christ.

[6] Still with the Assemblies of God?

We are currently attending an Assemblies of God Church but we are not formal members. I never asked to be removed from my Methodist Church’s membership and I believe I am still on the rolls as a member of Goshen Baptist Church. I hear talk of the Methodist moving toward recognizing gay marriage and if this is the case I will immediate withdraw from my home church’s membership.

I don’t believe the Baptists will ever concede the marriage issue to the sodomites but who knows. I do know that these memberships were done at an age when my parents spoke for me. Since my legally recognized adulthood I have never officially joined an earthly formed church that I can remember.

I don’t know if we will become officially recognized members of the church we currently attend because we have only been there a few months. We Churched hopped for a while and many times just met as a family at home. I place my faith in Jesus Christ more than man made denominations. Anything man made is fallible. When truly open to the Holy Spirit moving in our lives I believe we can walk into any church regardless of denomination and either find the Spirit moving or bring it with us if it is missing.

This does not by any sense of understanding indicate I find churches unnecessary or lacking in need. What I stand for most definitely is that I do not hang my hat of belief on a list of statements that separates Christians.

Often I am ministered to in my daily activities by non-Christians. Sometimes I am ministered to by nature or even by a commercial on television. I can recall many times God has spoken to me in nondenominational settings and in denominational settings. I have been witness to ceremonies and services in numerous and different denominational settings. The message that spoke to me was never the result of those creeds or men but by God’s grace using them as a tool to minister to me.

Now does that mean they were righteous people right with God? No. I remember a pastor debating with me about God’s love and accepting the “rights” of homosexuals. His argument held true to one principle: they are God’s creation too.

I agreed that they were God’s creation but to believe they were right in their sinful ways was to also believe God was failing in this creation because they went against his divine design for their life. Despite my points he failed to see the sin for what it was A SIN.

Another such incident was in my Argumentative writing class. Of all the professors on campus God gave me an English teacher with a jurisprudence degree who was a card carrying member of the ACLU! She laid out her credentials, her syllabus, and her expectations in higher education from us as her students. Panic? Not at all; I trusted God would provide an opportunity to prove my commitment to his will in this class.

After a week of grammar and spelling tests she assigned one project for the rest of the semester. We could pick anything topic and argue our point. I asked her to clarify the term “anything” to be sure I understood the assignment. She said anything means anything but just make sure you can back it up because I will fail you if you cannot.

What was Jeff’s topic? God said to me that he thought it was just fine to see his commandments posted in a public setting. The title of the paper: Why Posting the Ten Commandments in Public Buildings is NOT a Violation of the First Amendment”.

By any human account this was certain academic death. When I announced my subject and thesis statement in class it was almost funny seeing her face and many of the students as their jaws dropped. Her simple response was “Good Luck with that one”.

To make a long story short I received a “B” for the paper because she told me she couldn’t bring herself to giving me an “A” on the topic. The absolute best complement was when she told me she would not know how a jury would decide if I had argued the point against her in court. I simply said “Funny how God works things out, huh?”

God used this woman to minister to me. While I do not know the condition of her soul he used her to speak to me. He made me think more deeply on his will. He had me work more diligently. He even provided me the resources of a worldly fashion to demonstrate that will without thumping her over the head with a Bible. Like it our not she was a minister to at least one person that semester.

I believe we often only look for God in what we consider “Holy Places”. We fail to see the path because someone isn’t wearing a collar speaking to us from the pulpit. I try to look beyond the boards of a building under a cross. Many times I fail but when I do see it is awesome!

I guess my church is where ever I am at the moment, trying to always give in to his will.

[7] What do you believe God wants you to do?

I could just tell you God wants me to love and be charitable. To work for his kingdom and share the good news of Jesus Christ; Follow the great commission to his glory. That is the easy way out of answering that question.

I could also say “I believe God wants me to …” and list a bunch of deeds and efforts that fall within the realm of that first paragraph above. I think what you are truly asking me is “What do I KNOW God wants me to do?”

I know God wants me to submit to his will and use my talents he has blessed me with to his glory. I know how to recognize these talents because he has given me opportunity to use them before.

In speaking to groups or writing satire. In making a political statement through a cartoon or creating a logo for a service ministry he has called on me. Sometimes it has been a simple prayer in private and at others a classroom explaining leadership. Silently it is my example and sadly at times it has been my bad example.

The real issue is in the details and the timeline. I don’t know that any of us can qualify an answer to these aspects of the question. This is where we must return to what I believe God wants me to do.

I believe God will one day provide me the opportunity to use all these talents in a church setting. I believe one day a church or ministry will be in need of sort of graphic design but will be limited in finances and need my talent. I believe I may be asked to do a stand up comedy act with his message as a theme. I believe I will be asked to write a devotional that speaks to those struggling. I believe I will be called to defend my faith to government agencies and rebuke their laws of sinful acceptance.

While these are all great expectations I believe I will also be asked to humble myself at times when I feel otherwise. I will be asked to set aside things I feel are important to do the things God says are more important at the time. I only pray he grant me an open ear and the wisdom to follow his will when that time comes.

What do I believe God wants me to do? Listen. Listen intently. Listen more than I speak until his will is revealed. Once revealed to act without haste. To act in confidence and with his authority for no weapon brought against me shall prosper in that work I do for him. No man will shake my faith again as I am on a quest for the most Holy!

[8] Whatever it is, I believe God wants us to help in some way: what can we do for you???

This is a tough question for me. I am sure you get countless requests for financial help and material objects to make life a little easier. Lord knows we often need prayer and assistance in that area but that is not what you can do for me.

I have faith that God provides for me those things I need. If he sees to the needs of the sparrow am I not more important in the eyes of my Savior? Yes, indeed I am. So those things I trust in the Lord to provide me. Looking back it all seems to work just fine that way. We have never been without shelter, food, or love. Since I am not now in that sad predicament I don’t see any reason to ask for your help in such things. I am richer than many in so many ways not measurable by monetary standards or possessions.

However, I would ask for prayer when you can turn it my direction. Prayer for his glory and his will to be done. I would ask for guidance when you can provide it. Your friendship and counsel at times I struggle.

I would like very much to submit my transcript to receive your Masters Degree and to work for the Doctorate so I might be more acceptable to the worldly minded I must witness to.

I would like for you to call on me if I can be of any service to your ministry. That is all I can ask of you. Help me to help you help God.

God bless you greatly as well,

Bro Jeff!

Thank you so much for a great email and insight into your heart and life.

I will give you a worthy answer soon, swamped for a day or two.

Bro Jeff, I want you to do some serious soul searching:

I believe God has GREAT things for you in Ministry and Politics/Government, and Satan is OUT TO STOP YOU . . . perhaps his most effective weapon is getting you to believe that God CANNOT bless,or God WILL NOT bless, or that you deserve to do without for waiting so long to devote yourself completelyy, or that you can serve God better in poverty. or that you are proving how much you love God by serving him even though in some degree of hardship.


First of all, you must get into your heart that God does want to bless you and your great spouse and precious children financially, that there was no one in Scripture - with a family - that God asked to live in poverty.

[Now: I am not saying you are living in poverty or not - that is for you to say - and please know that I was raised with an outhouse, coal heat, and no running water and even now - drive a 20 year old van, putting almost all I make back into ministry.

I admire you very much for not making money your God, but I also am very concerned that you believe any of the following:

> > That poverty glorifies God

> > That God desires you and your family to do without

> > That God is against you having an income of a thousand or two a week: he is not.

Could I get you please to read Deut. 8:1-18 and see what God's will is for His people living in their own land?

May I ask you to remember that God made Abraham exceedingly rich? And that Abraham was a great man of faith without ever going to Church, hearing a preacher, reading a bible, or attending a Bible study.

Abraham glorified God by becoming the greatest man of his region in flocks and herds. Scripture says he was exceedingly rich.

Job was a great man of God whom God made the richest man in the East

Isaac and Jacob were men that God blessed as was Joseph.

Solomon did not ask God for riches but God voluntarily made him the richest man who ever lived.

I know you know all of these things, just reminding you . . .

Remember - God is NO RESPECTER of persons, and and the NEW TESTAMENT is a BETTER covenant than the old.

I am putting some stuff together for you, and I believe God is giving me some ideas for you.

****FOR SURE, there is something close at hand that you can do to move into a better position to allow you to minister more effectively.

***Do you have a computer at home with Internet?

***If so do you have Printmaster software?

***Would you consider stating a Church where you are?

Do you want things to be better financially? IF you do not and are completely happy as is, I will not bring it up again,

But as it is, I hurt for you . . . you are my brother in Christ and it ANGERS me for the wicked to have much and my brother to have little!

It is good that you are building a house, and "Little House on the Prairie" does make for good family .

I do long for you to have enough money yo USE FOR A WEAPON IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD!!!

Bro Jeff,

You are very intelligent, you write well, you are educated, and have your marriage, family and spiritual life together - VERY FEW CAN CLAIM THESE THINGS!



Now: what you YOU think, is your best ticket to where YOU can have money to give and be a blessing to many others who are NOT in you great family and Spiritual condition???

Love in Christ Jesus!

Looking forward to a great friendship

David Paul Brother David,

After reading the suggested scripture Deut. 8 I am answering these questions most briefly for you.

***Do you have a computer at home with Internet? YES

***If so do you have Printmaster software? NO

***Would you consider starting a Church where you are? YES

Do you want things to be better financially?

YES. I would love to be able to have the means financially to do more for the ministry and my family. I would be lying if I said otherwise.

Please feel free to send me any and all information to build a great armory to battle for God!

Many Blessings,

Brother Jeff

Bro Jeff!

Thanks for reply. Still swamped, but here is a little of what is powerful on my heart for you.

***We know for sure that God has called you to "Lead!" and you are willing to lead and to even stand strong for Christ - enjoying this battle - when God has so few who will stand for him today.

Let me share with you a powerful truth, that hopefully you will see in a moment.

Jesus said "I will build my Church, and the gates of Hell shall not stand against it."

I am sure you know, that this Scripture requires that the Church be on the spiritual attack, that in this "battle language used" - which ever "side" (portrayed as a City) is having "its gates" unable to stand, is the city under attack!

EXAMPLE: If President Truman had said: "I will build My Military with Nuclear Bombs and the gates of Japan shall not stand against it.

> > The President was responsible to build the nuclear Military Force

> > He was going to attack Japan,

> > The Military was responsibile to carry out the attack

> > Japan, under attack, would not be able to withstand his onslaught, and it's defensive gates would fall.

* * [NOTE FURTHER, that a "city" having "gates" indicates that it has "walls" which house the "gates", and thus the city is "fortified."

* * This indicates "hell" is fortified - and that evil forces will strive to withstand our "Church-Attack" upon it

JESUS TEACHING:In this teaching Christ makes it clear that it is NOT the Church and His Holy City of Light that is under attack and on the defensive, but rather the City of Darkness - Hell - that is under attack and Jesus prophesied that the Gates of Hell WOULD NOT be able to stand against the mighty onslaught of the Church!

[You probably already know all of that]

Here is where the "Modernist Church Leaders" miss it!

[a] Modern Church Leaders will do anything to BUILT "their" Church - even turn it into e Sunday Morning Circus if need be

[b] Modern Church Leaders will do almost anything TO AVOID taking a stand against the sins of their day and the evil leaders

RESULT: in the USA, the Church - such that it is - lukewarm at best, weak and sickly and dying with no influence on society.

TRUTH: Here is what Jesus actually says:

[c] Jesus never said that we were to BUILD His Church - He said He would build it (add to it)

[d] Jesus said our job was to fight the battle, and stand against the evil day.

PROBLEM:So the vast problem in this modern age is preachers trying to do Christ's Job, trying to "build" His Church - while fleeing the battle: poor results.

Jesus said if we would fight the battle, wearing His armour and using His Sword, that HE would do the building.

That is His promise!

***Since you are willing to stand for the battle, you ARE the kind of leader Christ has promised to build through you - not the milk-toast wishy-washy types.


****************** You can start very easily, start a "Home bible study" and simply begin to lead.

[1] Begin to "See yourself as the Pastor (SHEPHERD) of your Township-County-City-Community,

[2] Care for the hurting, bind-up-the broken hearted, open the eyes of the dull-&-deceived, awaken those spiritually asleep,

[3] LOVE the people, PRAY for & with the people, go to the nearest jail weekly, the nearest rest home weekly

[4] Visit all of the widows and aged once weekly to see how you can serve and care for, having prayer with them,

[5] Find single parents struggling to raise their children for the Lord and assist if it's repairing a plugged sink drain or changing oil in a car.

[6] LEAD you city/community - be like Jesus - who stood looking over Jerusalem and wept in Matt 23 {I am assuming Jesus loved Rome, Antioch, Ephesus, and Babylon as well but He wept over HIS OWN CITY . . .

[7] He teaches us to START AT HOME (Acts 1.8-9)

[8] Visit the sick in the nearest hospital

[9] Go to the library each morning if need be, read the local paper and

> > see who suffered tragedy yesterday - contact, and offer to serve, pray with them at the porch step if need be, bind up the wounds as they allow,

> > See who is getting married and offer to perform their wedding - Check with them to congratulate and offer your services.

> > See who had a death in their family, contact, and offer to serve, do the funeral if they have no one

> > See who had a baby, contact, and offer to do a baby dedication in their home as a family event, put the new baby on your prayer list,

> > See who was arrested for a crime and offfer to lead a new path

> > See who suffered from a crime, and offer God's promises to restore and work all things for their good and His glory

> > See who got a promotion and congratulate them

> > See what's going on in your community and volunteer,

> > See what's going on at the school and volunteer

[10] Start literally with your next-door neighbors: [SHOCKING NOTE: The greatest Earthly commandment is to love the NEIGHBORS] - let them know you are "answering the call" to "Minister the Gospel", that Christ has called you to serve, and if they will call on you for anything . . .

. . . they will be doing you an honor and a favor, and making it possible for you to fulfill your call!!!!!

[11] Visit the Chief of Police and offer to serve, to counsel any one he believes needs or could use a minister, - likewise the Sheriff,

[12] Visit all the funeral homes, offer to serve, off to do the funeral for those who have no ministers and sometimes have to money

[13] Look for opportunities to serve - if a storm blows a tree over in someone's lawn - help clean it up.

[14] EVERY WHERE YOU GO let the Love and the Light of Jesus radiate and shine THROUGH YOU!

[15] Become the "Community Servant" -

> > Jesus commanded "He who wants to be GREAT among you, LET HIM BE the Servant of all!!!"

> > Jesus Promised "He who is faithful in little things, I will see to it they have much to be faithful!!!"

[16] Go to Ministerial Meetings - with liberals and all - and be EVERYONE'S SERVANT: get their tea and coffee, open the door, help the elderly with their overcoat in winter time, get their car for them when it rains, and ask what you can do to serve THEIR needs, as the newest minister and as THE ONE WHO ONE DAY WANTS TO LEAD THEM ALL . . . SERVE! SERVE! SERVE!

[NOTE: Some of the cold and liberal your be able to "wake-up" and some set on fire again the fire that burned brightly years ago!]

[17] Go to all of the Republican Party Meetings and be "Mr. Republican" - Serve all you can! - letting all concerned know that you are a CHRISTIAN FIRST and a Republican second.

[18] Also support Independent Candidates if they are serious Christians

[19] Assist, help, or lead the local Right to Life

[20] In your heart "assume" the position of Shepherd (pastor), Teacher, Evangelist, Deacon (political-secular-civil-temporal needs - See Acts 6)

> > Firstly your Township (a neat history how "townships came to be Spiritually speaking that I'll share at another time) - and Township Trustee may be your first office

> > Secondly your Community (Basically a School District area)

> > Thirdly your Region (County-Sheriff)

> > Fourthly your Legislative District

By this time you will see how God is leading and where to focus.

[21] The point is clear: You are "Called" - you have that in your heart, and we have "Ordained" (affirmed, approved, etc.) You do NOT need your township or community to "Offically Designate" you "Chief Deacon" or or "Community Pastor" etc. - JUST DO IT!!!!!

[22] Legally set up your "Ministry Name & Account" and your "Church Name & Ministry Account" [We will help you with both of these, NO CHARGE, and they are fairly simple. Each can be done in a day!]

[23] Let your Ministry Name reflect your calling - (Like Billy Graham Evangelistic Ministries, Mike Murdoch Taching Ministries,) - which will go with you all of your life where ever you may move, (so DON'T make if geographic) and soon open your Ministry Checking Account

[24] Let your Church Name reflect Christ & His Commission - and it is GREAT to have the NAME above all Names, of whom the Whole family in Heaven & Earth is Named . . . "Jesus" or "Christ" or "Lord" or "Christian" or "Gospel" (and DO make it geographic - Church [ekklesia in Greek is ALWAYS geographic. it is the full family & body of Christ that is Universal including those already in Heaven])

(NOTE! The Greek word for name & Title is the same word . . . this is why Jesus is "named the Word of God in the Revelation 19 . . . so while in Modern English "Jesus" is a name and Christ, Lord, the Word, and King are all "Titles", they are one and the same in the language of the Scripture)

and soon open your Church Checking Account in that exact Church name

[25] RECEIVE funds from all who will give - (they are TAX EXEMPT AUTOMATICALLY & IMMEDIATELY), Pay yourself - as the Laborer is worthy of his hire, and you are on your way!

Gotta Run. . . waiting to hear from you soon . . .

God Bless you greatly

David Paul

Almost of a certainty it seems it would be the will of God for you to begin a "Church" - a Bible study in your home or someone who will open-up their home. This doesn't have to be a "Lifetime Committment" to a "place" as none of the Dicsiples Jesus trained did this.

However, for the time that you are there, and if it is the rest of your life - fine,

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"Eternal Life: Here & Now FOR SURE!"

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In 'TWO MINUTES' - Know if you're Saved or not!

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