NEWTONSTEIN NOTE-A: The word "church" as it is commonly used in the modern era of recent centuries - centering on the 21st century - is perhaps the most misunderstood concept in all of God's Word, leading to great error . . . and great failure . . . of Christ's Church in the western world to remain relevant and effective.

Extremely grieving is the heartbreaking fact that Christianity - Christ and His Church - has been REJECTED by every nation where it has gained a majority status of citizens as believers: ALL of Europe and the USA, plus others.

What could be more devastating than this?

The whole matter is tremendously simple:

FACT: Jesus Christ came to SEEK and to SAVE that which is lost; (Luke 18:10)

FACT: The devil, as a roaring lion, goeth about SEEKING whom he may DESTROY; (I Peter 5.8)

QUESTION FOR YOU: Who succeeds, and who fails: Christ or the devil?

ANSWER-I: If Christ fails and the devil succeeds in what they are "SEEKING", then who is triumphant? Who is the greater power? Who indeed has "All power in heaven and in Earth" as Jesus claims in Matthew 28-18-20?

. . . and what does this belief - (of blasphemy we declare!) - do to the many Scriptures declaring God's great sovereignty, purpose and will, which He GUARANTEES will come to pass exactly as He has declared???

[By the way, God tells us in Peter to NOT be ignorant of this one thing . . . that our great Heavenly Father is LONG-SUFFERING and is NOT WILLING that any should perish!

> > > Does God get what He "wills"?

> > > OR

> > > Does the Devil get what He "wills"?

YOU must decide whom you believe is really God . . . and who is simply a miserable created being of pride and vanity who fails completely

ANSWER-II: If Christ succeeds and the devil fails in what they are "SEEKING" - as we KNOW God's Word guarantees from cover to cover - then we must understand and "DO CHURCH" (whatever Church is as Christ meant it to be) much differently than in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries!

In this great quest to learn "Christ's understanding of HIS Church which HE started, we offer EKKLESIA ARCHIVES . . . showing the scholars and great men of God over the ages who have understood Christ's Church ans strove to call God's People to a correct understanding of the Great Purpose of Christ's Church . . .

. . . that all things might be fulfilled as prophesied in God's Word.

NEWTONSTEIN NOTE-B: Our use of Mr. Cooper's paper on Ekklesia-Church does not imply a perfect endorsement of all that he says about Church or all that he believes and teaches otherwise, but simply shows he understands the great error of recent centuries and offers some better understanding.

Read and be edified!


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