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How Harvard "Stole" Everything!

Is Harvard the Most Sinful of USA Institutions?

*Harvard College-University is guilty of a most evil and serious moral crime. Harvard is guilty of at least of Four, Heinous, Sins:

HARVARD SIN-1: Harvard has "stolen" the 'Name', the 'Library', and the 'Endowment', of their 'Namesake' - the Puritan Minister, Reverend John Harvard - and are now using his sacred contributions for their own subverted and perverted purposes, the very antithesis, of all their honourable benefactor lived for!

HARVARD SIN-2: Harvard College-University is guilty of "confiscating" the vast influence and reputation gained by Harvard's "First 200 Years" of dedicated Fundamental Christian Training and Scholarship, by which Harvard was established as the finest of educational institutions in the world.

HARVARD SIN-3: Modern Harvard now uses and abuses this "Confiscated Influence and Reputation" - striving with all of their modern affluence - to destroy everything the dying Minister, Rev. John Harvard believed; everything he preached until his dying breath, and everything he left his wealth to the Puritan College for: TRUSTING THEM, to "keep their word for that which Harvard promised to be."

HARVARD SIN-4: Modern Harvard has now reneged on absolutely ALL of the original College goals and purposes, ALL of the original Puritan Requirements for "Gaining Admission" to the College - whether to study or teach - and ALL of their Rules for maintaining good standing, and/or graduating, from the wonderful, Biblical, Conservative, Fundamental College.

We simply ask:

    >> "Is this fair?"

    >> Is it right for Harvard to take this man's "Name, his Library and his Money" . . . his widow and children sacrificing as well, to see the College founded with excellence . . . then turn their back on all they had promised they would be as an educational institution . . .

    >> Is it right, to then seek to destroy the very beliefs, philosophy and ideals John Harvard, his family, his Church and his people (Pilgrim-Puritans) moved to America risking life and death to gain?

We believe these are terrible moral sins, as well as a breach of trust, a breach of contract, breach of fiduciary faithfulness, and a breach of honor: serious crimes that need corrected.

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Harvard Christian College

Established by Gifts of Puritan John Harvard


Harvard Christian College,

Stolen & Converted to Homosexual Atheism!

Harvard College, now better known for its 'graduate school' - Harvard University - is the oldest educational institution in the USA. Given the super-power status of the U.S.A., Harvard University has become the most prestigious institution of higher learning in the world, in most polls and studies.

Amazingly, however, few people know much about the origins of Harvard College, or of John Harvard, the major contributor and namesake of Harvard, (including the present staff and student body of Harvard today!). For the modern Harvard powers-that-be, their Glorious Christian past is better left hidden in silent archives.

The Puritan-Pilgrims were among the most wonderful, radical Christians who ever lived, and came to America in November, 1620. The story of all they went through to get here is almost beyond belief, of stolen goods, betrayals, imprisonment, violation of their women, stolen and sunken ships - and much more - over 13 long years.

The Pilgrim's story you truly need to re-read in depth, as it rivals most stories in the Word of God, perhaps second only to the Exodus from Egypt.

All About The Pilgrims

Pilgrims Basic Fact Sheet

Squanto: Pilgrims "Miracle Man"

Inspiring Stories from the Pilgrims-1

King James Pilgrim Stories

After devastating years of sickness and near starvation, with over half of them actually dying, they slowly began to adapt to the harsh wilderness of the New World, and finally began to prosper and thrive.

As soon as the Pilgrims could, they set about to establish a college - not for medicine, law, or agricultural science - but for training Puritan Ministers.

FACTS: Harvard College was founded:

    > > for the benefit of producing Puritan Ministers;
    > > established by Puritans,
    > > operated by Puritans,
    > > attended by Puritans,
    > > with Puritan standards beliefs and goals for ALL students:
    > > If you didn't have these beliefs, you couldn't attend, teach, or work, at Harvard!

Read their original purpose in their own words:

    "After God had carried us safe to New England, and we had built our houses, provided necessaries for our livelihood, reared convenient places for God’s worship, and settled the Civil Government:

    One of the next things we longed for, and looked after was to advance learning, and perpetuate it to posterity, dreading to leave an illiterate ministry to the churches, when our present ministers shall lie in the dust.

It almost goes without saying that all of the Puritans of the day, especially those accepted to teach or attend the "New College for Ministers" had to believe and personally be absolute-Bible-Believing, in God's Inspired and Inerrant Word, Born-Again, believing the Virgin Birth, Death burial and bodily resurrections, salvation only by the Blood of Jesus on the Cross, that Jesus only is the only way to Eternal Life, literal Heaven, Hell and final judgement, and on and on the fundamental Bible Beliefs go.

If you want to read their standards in their own words:


For a fuller story of it's Origins, Minister John Harvard and how it operated, in the "Original Document":


The origins, early years, and first Christian centuries of Harvard College were grand and glorious indeed, as was the first 200 years of the New World itself. Harvard's Presidents were among the greatest and most godly men of that era, all the way through President Increase Mather.

So sadly, however, once the college had made it through all the difficult years and was the glory of the New World Educational System, and once the New England Colony had also survived and was thriving; the secular powers that be set their designs to literally "steal" Harvard from the Puritan founders and influence, . . .

. . . and make it into a "secular, Unitarian, Universalist, evolutionist, agnostic - then atheist - homosexual promoting, anti-Christ, anti-Christianity, anti-Patriotic, anti-American bastion of the "Politically Correct Cult" that it is today.

Harvard - though taking scores of millions of tax-dollars from hard-working tax-paying citizens like you and me - would not allow American Military Recruiters full access to their Campus for decades . . . so anti-American are they . . .

. . though Harvard (like you and me) - owe every dollar and material blessing they have - including safety - to "American Soldiers and Police Carrying Guns!"

Truthfully and sadly, there is not a single modern issue on the American modern Culture scene - not even one issue - of which Harvard is on the Godly, Christian, decent-American, patriotic, side.

Harvard takes the heathen, pagan, anti-Christian communist-socialist, homosexual side of every issue there is available!

Yet with Harvard's wealth over these soon-to-be-400 years of building up the stolen Christian capital earned centuries ago, they now have an "Alumni Fund" of billions of dollars, allegedly much of it pay-offs for "research projects" that "find what they are paid to find" - but a war-chest of cash that is as follows:

    >> larger than the savings of most of the 230 nations on Earth!

    >> larger than the total income of many of the 230 nations on Earth!

    >> larger than the amount of money that 95% of the 230 nations on Earth spend on their whole military budget year by year!

Thus Harvard, with their centuries-head-start, their stolen wealth and good Christian Name, in many ways have the greatest influence on American Government, Supreme Court, and the whole United States of America . . . making us ever-more a "Just another Puppet" in the United Nations . . .

. . . hoping to increase their "strangling choke-hold" on the USA to the whole world . . . turning the world into a horde of pagan, atheist, homosexual, anti-American, anti-Christs - just like Harvard itself.

We, at "", believe the sins of modern Harvard University are great evils that must be corrected for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ!

We believe the fair and honest thing to do is to operate ™Harvard Theological Seminary, with the beliefs, goals and purposes of the original Harvard College, and the Puritan-Pilgrims of the 1600's whom God led to settle this world's Greatest Nation ever!

We have already established ™Harvard Theological Seminary,as a "School of Theology" of the Cambridge Theological Seminary, and we intend to "take-back-the-name-Harvard" - and make the whole world come to understand the name "Harvard" in a different light - a Godly, Christian light -as it was so intended by Pilgrim John Harvard, and literally his blood money.

The next section outlines our plan.


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™Harvard Theological Seminary

True Original Harvard Puritan Principles


™Harvard Theological Seminary

Our Plan to "Dethrone" Harvard University

™Harvard Theological Seminary, as the "Theological Social Sciences School" of Cambridge Theological Seminary, plans to "dethrone" secular, anti-Christ, anti-Patriotic, atheist Harvard University. How is this even potentially possible, given their immense staff, billions of dollars, and 'Number-#1' position of influence in the world?

™Harvard Theological Seminary plans to dethrone the anti-Christ Harvard and "take back the goodly and godly name of Harvard, as follows:

> > All of the Cambridge Schools are under the auspices of the NewtonStein Academy of Scholars Anonymous [NASA], a small army of "retired and highly educated scholars" (and growing all the time!) - who choose to remain anonymous - simply because they do not want the ignorant media attention and the scoffing by the Politically Correct Cult . . .

. . . and choose to do their speaking and fighting with their writing.

    >> The NewtonStein Academy of Scholars is currently doing just over 250 webpages per day;

    >> ™Harvard Theological Seminary intends to "Match" Harvard University "paper-for-published-paper", taking the "opposite position" most of the time, and giving the world the scientifically-researched Scriptural "Truth" - not Harvard's PC version;

    >> In time, we will gain their attention, then their threats, then their wrath, with "legal pressure" to not use their name, to make us go away, to "silence us". WHY?(Harvard University is EXTREMELY afraid of open inquiry, and truth, such as follows:

      * In examining Scriptural Inerrancy;

      * In examining Evolution and Creation origins;

      * In examining Scripture versus modern PC Policy in the USA in Social Sciences;

      * In examining Scripture and "being-Born-Again" versus modern Psychology and its immense failure to help anyone truly change;

      * In examining Scriptural teachings versus modern PC Policy in the Prison Rehabilitation practices - also one of massive failure;

      * In examining the truth of Global Warming;

      * In examining Christian and Home-School Students versus the badly failed communist-public-school model;

      * In examining evidence that homosexuals are not born homosexual;

      * In examining Scriptural Economic Capitalism versus anti-Christian Socialism;

      * In examining Scriptural marriage versus free sex and open marriages;

      * In examining Scriptural child-rearing and spanking versus not spanking children;

      * In examining Scriptural mental health - as most non-Christians must drink, take drugs or prescribed pills to cope with life;

      * In examining origins and true spread of AIDS;

      * In examining Christianity versus Islam;

      * In examining the true history of the USA, and how radically Christian the Founding Fathers were;

      * In examining Scriptural natural health principles versus modern drugs and practices;

      * In examining the Hand of God in "Bible Christians" making most of the great Scientific Discoveries of history;

      * In examining that "First-World Nations" are those build upon and using Bible Christian principles;

      * And on and on it goes, for hundreds of Scriptural truths!

>> When Harvard sues us, we will seek the greatest amount of attention possible, and call the world to see how modern Harvard has "stolen" the good-name of the Puritan Minister John Harvard.

>> With the legal help of the Christian Law Centers, we will be able to give a good account of ourselves, and what Harvard has done in "stealing" Harvard College from the Puritans, and cost Harvard U. much money in doing their lawsuit.


God's Word teaches us over the ages that "the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just" in Proverbs 12:22 and many other Scriptures. God also promises He will restore double for that which was taken away.


We have no intention of self-seeking benefit or glory, but desire for the name "Harvard" to benefit Christian Preachers and teachers all over the world until Jesus returns to this Earth! . . .

. . . by making it possible for EVERY Bible-Believing Ministers to be "Published" under then name Harvard, and posting their writings on the ™Harvard Theological Seminary Website (being built as you read!). This includes you!

Additionally, we have have legally established Harvard Theological Seminary so that IT CAN NEVER BE CHANGED . . . that not one belief can be altered - not next year, not the next century; that the powers that be overseeing it of any generation, if they cannot live with the Scriptural statements it carries this very day:

    o must close down the school,

    o liquidate its assets,

    o divide assets equally among 10 other younger Bible Schools that do hold these standards,

    o that were started from the ministry of Harvard Theological Seminary.


That just as Harvard stole John Harvard's Library, Money, good Name, and Reformed Puritan Heritage - plus the great "earned-influence" of Harvard's First 200 Years . . . that God will give back to His People the "Increase of Influence" modern Harvard has gained the Last 100 Years . . . and God's People - including YOU - will be able to use "THE HARVARD NAME" for Christ's Kingdom . . .until He comes back to Earth again!


What do you think?

We have prayed about this for a decade, and sought the counsel of many Godly people, but we want to know what "you" think. Please share with us and please pray for us. It could be the counselors we have are all "too close" to the Cambridge Academy of Schools, and we earnestly want your opinion.

We beg for your honest opinion, Please Click ONE:


I Think the HARVARD PROJECT Is "NOT" A Good Idea!


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* ™Harvard Theological Seminary [HTS] - Scriptural, Soul-Winning, Patriotic, with Puritan ideals - has no connection with "Atheist-Secularist-Evolutionist-Politically Correct, PRO-GAY, PRO-ABORTION" Modern Harvard University; rather HTS is a Conservative, "Inspired-Inerrant Bible Church . . .the Seminary is a Church;

BECAUSE, "The Church" is all Jesus ever started and called His Own and it's all He ever authorized!

It is Christ's Church that is to TRAIN MINISTERS for tomorrow - on the job - under the leadership of Elders and Deacons of the Local Church, simply one of it's many ministries, along with Senior citizens, nursing home ministry, hospital, day schools, Sunday Schools, Soul winning, etc. - based on and continuing - John Harvard's Original Christian Beliefs, goals and standards from 1636.


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