Christian Schools Replace Government Schools: True Story

(Based on a True Story - small-town-USA)

In the city we had just moved to, Government School atmosphere was filled with a Television-&-Hollywood, near Celebrity-Worship atmosphere, anti-God, Anti-Christ, and anti-Bible; sports, school dances, and sex-for-teens-outside-of-marriage were the major topic of conversation. “Free-Condoms!” were passed out like candy, “Free-Birth-Control-Pills were encouraged at the School Nurses Office: yet there were many pregnancies, and even more abortions. Pro-Homosexual and same-sex philosophy reigned in every office, while gangs violence, and crime ruled the hallways

The only thing less-taught than the “Three ‘R’s” . . . . was God-&-His Word.

My mother took my youngest sister to school one morning and found armed-police standing outside the door of her ‘Second-Grade-Classroom . . . to keep the teacher safe from the students . . . and the students from each other: second-graders! That was the final factor: something would be done.

My Mother brought little sister back home, and in gushing tears told my Father of the horrid scene. One phone call later, Father had withdrawn little sister from that school - immediately - and also provided them a with a “Free-20-Minute-Evaluation“ of their school! My father, a Minister, called many other Ministers and asked what they thought could be done to start a Community-wide, non-denominational Christian School, open to all Believers: IMMEDIATELY!

They met later that evening to discuss options. By midnight, a dozen Ministers of several denominations laid aside petty differences, and formed a Community Christian School.

Obviously, they received no tax dollars, so each local Church - struggling though they were - committed a certain amount of money, and each student paid some tuition to attend. The school was small, financially destitute, and had no million-dollar facility complete with sports teams and science labs. In fact, the new Christian School met in a centrally Church basement: dark, damp and dreary!

However, . . . the new school did have Christ at the center of all that was done, and God’s Word was the basis for all classes and texts. All teachers were committed Christians and God’s Laws were the ‘Constitution and Bylaws’ for all practices and decisions. The rich government schools and scoffing community mocked the humble school - with neither football team nor Driver‘s Ed.

As months rolled by, the community saw the “fruit of the school” - that is the fine students they were graduating with good test-score, and great goals for life! One by one - other parents were convinced and began to enroll their children. The government schools were getting worse year by year, with alcohol, drugs, sex, crime and violence at ever-younger ages.

Sometimes, the humble Christian School was even recommended by the Police Chief or Juvenile Judge. Most of these students and their parents got saved, the reputation for successful students grew. Slowly and surely the school began to prosper, as did all of the Churches connected with it: attracting parents and winning new converts trough the school student body.

As God blessed the Christian School, the Government Schools accelerated an exacerbating, decadent spiral. “Political Correct Laws” became more insane. Boys and Girls were almost encouraged to change roles, and the Name of Jesus was not allowed to be mentioned . . . unless cursing. As the Christian School grew and prospered, the leaders were convinced they must remove “tuition requirements”, and open the school to all who want to attend:

“Whosoever will, let them come!” . . . they proclaimed to the whole community . . . “For Free!” They would trust the Lord for finances for “Monday School” and “Tuesday School” just like they did for “Sunday School!” Having high tuition fees prevented many of the students and families who needed it most from being able to attend.

In mass-exodus students fled Government Schools for the safety and shelter of the Christian School. Unable to hold all of the students, several Churches at the edges of town opened their facilities to house all of the new students. All of the ‘satellite schools grew.

As the Christian School System grew, the Government Schools were left with only the worst of the inner-city welfare students, the children of alcoholics-&-drug addicts, with many of the students using substance themselves. Violence and crime in the Government School escalated in alarming proportion to the nearly unmentioned falling test-schools.

Problems became malignant at the Government School. Good faculty moved on. The huge new facility had so few students, that 80% of the building wasn’t even used, and they couldn’t afford to heat and maintain the rest of it. Vandalism was unstoppable. Financial deficits sky-rocketed. Eventually the Government shut it down, and was discussing how to force the ill-behaved students to attend a School for Delinquent Students in a city down the road.

Ministers and leaders of the Christian School seeing the public problem - and the opportunity-with-responsibility for seriously needed ministry - decided to open a new school, a ‘Christian-reform-type school’ for these students, with the dedicated goal of ministering Christ to them and their families.

With the opening of “New Life-No Limits” Christian School, there was no longer a Government School in this City, that could have been Anytown, USA.

Amazingly! . . . without Government Schools, property taxes reduced 90% and most of the Christians passed the money on to Church Ministry. With the kind of hubristic exuberance that accompanies a flood of cash, they FIRST THOUGHT used this to purchase the formerly Government High-School facility, and make a ‘Consolidated Christian School’ with great sports teams, science labs, school nurse & psychologist, driver’s-ed, a great library, with all the trimmings-&-trappings! Everyone was SO EXCITED!

Thankfully, before they could meet, make plans, and do it, the oldest Minister among them wrote a letter to each of them explaining all of the problems he had witnessed from One-Room Schools of his youth to the massive-multi-million-dollar complexes of the current day, problems that arise when anything large emerges as hierarchy avails, gangs and bully-type-leader ship prevails, and anonymity allows many to ‘fall-through-the-cracks’.

His letter was also filled with Scripture expounding the great success of the Hebrew Synagogue System - the One-Room-Schools set-up to preserve God’s Constitution-&-Bylaws . . . That is the “TEN Commandments and the LAW of Moses . . . the Custom-&-Culture of God’s ‘Chosen-&-Constructed Nation’ - Israel: making them the most successful nation of all time, existing under one Constitution-&-Law for over 1600 years.

[Comparatively, the longest reigning Constitution of the Modern day is the present US Constitution, of 220 years duration].

This God-Ordained Hebrew Synagogues - the system that produced Jesus, Paul, Peter, James, and John - which Jesus never stopped attending - or supporting - nor did He command Christians forsake or renounce.

Paul also attended Synagogues by the hundreds - world-wide - and asking them to change nothing about their structure, but only trying to convince them that “Jesus was the True Christ!” . . . their long-awaited Messiah, thus fulfilling and ending the “animal-sacrifice-holy-place system of Temple Worship.

The wise old Minister further reminded that Jesus - being a Carpenter surrounded by rugged men . . . and women who ministered unto Him out of their substance-wealth . . . could have easily built the largest building-congregation ever known - had He so desired, but He Didn’t “so-desire.

In fact, all New Testament Churches were in Houses: small, little with quality control.

He also pointed out the simple fact the “House-Churches and Christian-Synagogue-Schools grew until they took over the whole world - which was the Roman Empire in those days. Thus he warned against taking the 40 little Christian schools and consolidating into one giant Christian School that would find it difficult to maintain “Quality Control.” He pointed out the following:

“School Families” - work best when modeling “Scriptural Families:”

> > Just one father per home

> > Just one mother per home

> > Even if there are 5 to 25 children

School families, also work best with:

> > Just one Pastor per school

> > Just one Teacher per school

> > Even if there are 5 to 25 children

Schools Succeed best when:

> > Every teacher knows every student & their home situation very well.

> > Every student deserves - and has - a Teacher who knows their unique values and treasures them

> > Every problem can be worked out with people knowing each other in Christ Jesus

Thankfully, the Ministers all realized this and stopped that “Consolidation Idea” cold. Instead, they decided to purchases the Government School building - at $.30 on the dollar - and establish a Community Christian College - “Tuition Free!” -

> > with all students taking Bible Courses each semester,

> > all students going soul-winning with the staff,

> > all students having serious daily prayer meetings with staff members,

> > and all students’ families having daily Ministry with their home Churches.

This deeply Christian system worked so well, that in time over 50% of the Community, then 60%, then 75% then eventually almost 90% of the whole city became Christian . . . all because one Pastor’s wife insisted that a Christian School had to be started!

Side Benefits of Christian Schools

In time. . .

* * The crime rate dropped amazingly. Over half of the Police went to work in the Private sector, starting a Christian Police Task force whereby they consulted with Police and inmates of nearby cities.

Likewise was a huge reduction in Sheriff Department personnel, detectives, prosecuting attorneys, “public-defenders-for-indigent-criminals”, criminal lawyers, criminal counselors - these all deceased greatly - over time,

* * In fact, the new city-jail complex was no longer needed, and with the city saving so much money by no longer needing these programs, the new police-jail-facility was turned over to the YMCA Corporation for ‘free’ - with the idea that all people could attend for ‘free’ . . . and provided the put true CHRISTIAN back in “Young Men’s Christian Association”.

* * The need for drug-and-alcohol counselors also declined and the work load at all of the city courts - Common Pleas, Juvenile and Municipal - all dropped 80-90%. The town now no longer needed a half-dozen judges but just two - part time.

* * The city eventually decided by majority vote to “shut the city down” on the Lord’s day, re-establishing the Blue-Law, keeping only one gasoline station and one drug store open for emergencies and these rotated week by week.

Thus every business in town became more profitable immediately, by reducing their employee and utilities expenses by 15% immediately . . . and their revenues dropped not at all. People simply bought their groceries on Monday instead of Sunday.

Because the Local Churches were all prospering - as almost all of them had a Saturday evening meeting and one-to-four meetings on the Lord’s Day, they had money to meet many of the needs formerly met by the Welfare Office. This led to many of these people getting saved, going to the Free Christian Community College, getting better jobs, getting into a tightly-knit-Church-family

In time, this scenario could be duplicated all over the USA, and the complete failure of the massive Government Prison-Systems and Government Schools - with their violence, ignorance, sex and pagan-heathen philosophy - would become nothing by a bad memory . . .

. . . forever recorded in history . . . to “mock” the arrogance of the modern Politically Correct philosophy who for a century - thinking they were smarter than God - mocked the only one who could produce the human hearts and homes they thought bring about by legislating-psychology-&-socialism - INSTEAD of obeying God and His Word!


If you would like to know more about this town, their wonderful revival, and how to bring about a similar situation in your town, please contact us at “ and request the “Info Pack” on Christian Schools replacing government schools

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