If you can handle your own Check Book, you can Raise Your Credit Score as much as 200 Points In 100 days...

Of course most Christians know the Word of God absolutely forbids the following:

> > Borrowing on Credit

> > Loaning on Credit

> > Deficit Spending

It also warns against any kind of loans - even interest free - and declares the "Borrower is servant to the lender!"

So the goal is NOT to get you a high credit score so you can get even more deeply into debt, but to learn how to live a well-organized life financially speaking.

> > Live Debt Free!

> > Live with money in the bank!

> > Live without stress!

If you’re like most Consumers, the problem right now is that you DON’T know "HOW" the system works. For example...

Are you aware that the credit report banks and businesses get to see has about TWICE the financial information compared to the credit report you receive from the credit bureaus?

That’s right. In most cases, the credit bureaus send a much more detailed report to businesses than they send to you. A bit deceiving, isn’t it?

This is why banks and businesses (except mortgage lenders) will NEVER give you a copy of "your" credit report. No. They’ll look you in the face and tell you to request your own copy from the credit bureau (If you don’t believe it, next time you get turned down for credit, ask them for a copy of your credit report and see what they say).

The credit system is full of "little secrets" like this. Most people find them frustrating. However, we enjoy showing consumers like you how to take each one of these secrets and use it to your advantage. For example...

Regardless of your current credit situation, we’ll show you how it’s possible to delete negative items off your credit report, fill your wallet full of credit cards and build a credit score so high even your banker will be impressed!

Like many of our clients, don’t be surprised when your friends and family begin begging you to take their money to help them build their credit once they see how you’re able to "work" the system. Believe it or not, fixing and building your credit is just like anything else in life:It’s Easy. Once You Know How...

We love revealing the secrets of the credit system so people like you can gain an unfair advantage in the financial world. It’s very rewarding. More importantly, we cherish the letters that we receive from clients who have been able to turn their lives around by getting approved for the Cars, Homes, Credit Cards and Business Loans they never thought they could.

Let’s face it. We’ve all had some credit problems in the past... But don’t let it get you down! If you can read this letter than you have what it takes to learn every secret we will share with you in an exciting home study course called the "Credit Secrets Bible™".

We guarantee the "Credit Secrets Bible™" will absolutely knock your socks off! In one evening you’ll know more insider credit secrets than most Millionaires alive today. With the "Credit Secrets Bible™" you are going to learn:

* The “Special Phone Number” you can call to get the TRUTH about all those $5,000 to $10,000 credit cards they promise you with NO Security Deposit and NO Credit Check! Finally, find out the TRUTH about what's a scam and what can really help you build your credit fast! * The “3-Step System” some Attorneys and Credit Repair Clinics charge up to $1500 for to repair your credit (and how you can easily do it yourself virtually FREE once you know how!) * TWO SPECIAL LETTERS you can use to pay off your bills for as little as 35 cents on the dollar! * Three simple secrets to start getting dozens of “Pre-Approved” credit cards in your mail box (powerful facts about how cell phones, mail boxes and moving affect your credit report!) * Why paying off your credit cards in full each month actually gives you LESS credit (learn exactly HOW MUCH to charge and HOW MUCH to pay each month to build your credit as fast as possible. Most bankers don't even know about this financial strategy!) * The “hidden truth” about creating an Alternate Credit File (and the only 100% legal and ethical method you can use to do it yourself!) * Copy and mail this one short letter that’s virtually guaranteed to STOP all harassing collection agency calls forever (special Federal law bill collectors hope you never discover!) * The one “government sponsored” program to get a FREE copy of all 3 of your credit reports (and the special form that makes it all possible!) * How to save up to $100,000 or more in mortgage interest without refinancing (a must have secret for current homeowners and first time home buyers!) * All about the “4th largest Credit Bureau” and why ignoring them could cost you thousands (you’d be surprised how many Credit Consultants are unaware of this one!) * A neat little trick people have used to DOUBLE their credit card limits with 2 phone calls! (100% Legal and Ethical. These could be the best two calls you will make this year!) * How to legally get up to 20 years of excellent credit history added to your credit report in less than 45 days (another secret that’s worth the entire cost of the course!) * What banks and credit card companies don’t want you to know about bankruptcy (good news if you’ve filed Chapter 7 and great news if you’re facing Chapter 13!) * How to borrow up to $15,000 in only 15 minutes and pay ZERO Interest (this strategy can give you the cash you need to seize once-in-a-lifetime opportunities!) * The stone cold facts you need to know about Chapter 13 Bankruptcy (a must read for anyone even considering this option because of recent laws!) * Credit Repair Attorneys $1,500 secret to removing Bankruptcy, Judgements, Evictions and Tax Liens from your credit report (and how you can do it yourself practically FREE!) * The amazing software program that will track your credit, tell you how much to pay on your debt, create and manage your monthly budget (and is yours free to try for up to 30 days!) * Why most credit bureau disputes are “red-flagged” and the one secret you can use to avoid failure (another secret never before released to the public - until now!) * Two secrets you need to know before calling ANY Credit Counseling or Debt Consolidation Company (don’t read this if it’s too late!) * One easy phone call that can cut your credit card payments in half (a life saver if you are “up to your neck” right now!) * NEVER BEFORE REVEALED! How consumers have “NUKED” debt collectors off their credit reports and out of their lives (an incredibly unique technique found nowhere else but here!) * Why being self-employed hurts your credit report and the easy remedy to get around this discrimination (plus lower your taxes to boot... you may fire your accountant for not knowing this clever insider technique!) * How to get a checking account in 48-hours even if you’ve been reported to ChexSystems (no more hassling with money orders!) * POTENTIAL VICTIM OF ID THEFT? The three special phone numbers you can call to get FREE identity theft protection (save $150 a year - or more - plus get a free copy of your credit reports to boot!) * The one “Simple Form” identity theft and fraud victims have used to completely ELIMINATE their credit problems in less than 30 days (it’s government sponsored and takes less than 15 minutes to fill out!)

For The First Time Discover How Easy it is to“Work The System” With More Insider SecretsFound NOWHERE ELSE Except the"Credit Secrets Bible™!"

* BONUS: Actual credit report samples showing easily missed credit reporting mistakes (and how to use them to your advantage when you contact the credit bureaus!) * The “naked truth” about using Small Claims Court to remove derogatory items from your credit report (how others are publishing an outdated and failed technique and how to do it correctly!) * The TWO things you must know before signing up for any “FREE CREDIT REPORT” service (another one many people learn too late!) * How to build your credit fast using the “Advanced Profiling Technique” (another powerful credit profile layering technique we first invented and released to the public!) * The truth about making big money with “Tiny Classified Ads” (and what those late night “Get Rich Quick” infomercial guru’s aren’t telling you!) * The one “hidden source” that will loan women up to $10,000 to start or expand a new business, invention or idea (the time is now to build your independence and it all begins with a simple phone call or letter!) * MARRIED or PLAN TO BE? Five secrets you must know BEFORE signing any credit application (don’t let you or your friends make these common mistakes that can end up haunting you for years!) * THINKING OF REFINANCING? How refinancing your home at a lower interest rate can actually COST YOU THOUSANDS of dollars (you wouldn’t imagine how many people discover this ONLY once it’s TOO LATE!) * The secret to buying your dream home with NO MONEY DOWN (don't pay hundreds of dollars to discover the truth when it’s included FREE in this course!) * How other consumers have REMOVED damaging Charge-Off’s, Repossessions, Student Loans, Collections, Late-Pays, and Inquiries from their credit reports in less than 30 days (top secret information the credit bureaus don’t want you to know!) * Why this course could make you up to $50,000 a year working from the comfort of your own home (one of the best ways to we’ve seen to fire your boss!) * FORECLOSURE? How to STOP foreclosure or recover your home after foreclosure by taking advantage of special consumer protection laws (news that banks and mortgage lenders would rather not see published!) * The TRUTH about those “free government money” ads you see and the two things you must know BEFORE claiming your share (info that’s worth it’s weight in gold!) * ENQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW! Startling “Courtroom Testimony” on exactly HOW the credit bureaus work (this bomb-shell explains why you won’t get the results you want with most credit repair companies and out-dated credit courses!) * ONLY “ONE” CREDIT SCORING SYSTEM? Thing Again! All about your three “underground credit scores” that are new to the credit system (you now have 6 credit scores - here’s how you can build your 3 new ones quickly!) * Arizona credit guru's $500 "insider method" to correcting a merged credit file (and why you'll never get some derogatory items removed if you have one!) * How to buy the car of your dreams TODAY regardless of your current credit situation (life is too short not to drive your dream car - now you can!) * The SEVEN most common predatory lending practices and 18 ways to protect yourself from them (don’t even think about buying a home or refinancing until you read this!) * The "KO method" to getting collection agencies out of your life and off your credit report (it's so unique, you'll wonder why somebody else didn't invent it before we did!) * Why the “validation process” is a complete WASTE OF TIME (and the one unique first-time published technique that other consumers have used to combat collection agencies and junk debt buyers!) * How you can tell if a “pre-approved” credit card offer is legitimate (knowing this one important thing can not only save your score but also eliminate those embarrassing turn downs and inquirees!) * CREDIT CARD BILLING ERRORS? Exactly what you can do if you believe your credit card company is incorrectly billing you (news they’d rather not share with you in detail!) * TIMING! The absolute “BEST TIME OF YEAR” to initiate successful credit bureau disputes (one angle worth thousands!) * How other consumers have removed “reinserted” bad credit by NAILING the credit bureaus on routine procedural violations (a little known tool buried deep in the Fair Credit Reporting Act!) * NO! NO! NO! Why you don’t want to use Certified Mail “Return Receipt” when mailing credit bureau disputes (we can’t believe how many other courses are still operating in the “stone age” by teaching this outdated nonsense!) * The first 2 things you should do if you're the victim of identity theft (and "credit freezes" are not the answer - find out what really protects you!) * Why your credit report does not have to be "perfect" to reach a 720+ credit score (and what derogatory items to attack first to raise it the quickest!)

The "Credit Secrets Bible™" contains more step-by-step, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use insider consumer credit secrets than any other home study course on the market. In fact, the information in the "Credit Secrets Bible™" is so powerful, we have to disclose to you upfront that it is sold for informational purposes only.

If you don’t already know, we’ll be the first to tell you... banks, finance companies, bill collectors and credit card companies are some of the BIGGEST crooks in the world. If you don’t know the secrets contained in the "Credit Secrets Bible™" you will pay tens of thousands of hard-earned dollars in extra bills, interest and fees.

Your money will be wasted (down the drain) for no reason other than you don’t own the "Credit Secrets Bible™" home study course.

Banks and other institutions who take your money, ruin your credit or deny you the money you need are very powerful organizations. They make a business out of hurting people like you to make more money for themselves. And, the more they hurt you financially, the more powerful they become. But they won’t be able to hurt you anymore! With the "Credit Secrets Bible™" we’ll show you how to stop them dead in their tracks!Attorneys and Credit Repair ClinicsLOVE Misinformation!

Banks and credit bureaus want you to believe that once your credit report is scarred with bad credit marks there is NOTHING you can do about it. They will tell you THE ONLY thing that can repair a bad credit report is time, and we're here to tell you...Nothing could be further from the truth!

Attorneys and Credit Repair Clinics love this kind of misinformation. It’s this misinformation that keeps consumers signing up for their credit repair services year after year (up to $1500 a pop). We don’t want to bash Attorneys or Credit Repair Clinics because some of them actually do a great job at fixing peoples credit reports. However, we do want you to know THE TRUTH about how they do it.3 Little Secrets AttorneysandCredit Repair ClinicsDON’T Want You To Know...

Attorneys and Credit Repair Clinics have 3 little secrets. It’s these 3 secrets that keep them in business.

First, when it comes to ANY negative marks on your credit, the big secret they don’t want you to know is this...THE ONLY NEGATIVE INFORMATION That CAN REMAINOn Your Credit ReportIs NOT What Is Accurate, But What The Credit BureausCAN PROVE TO BE ACCURATE.(You may want to read that again.)

Second, they know that the "burden of proof" falls on your Creditors and the Credit Bureaus and NOT you. Third (this is the real key), they understand how to write disputes that make this "burden of proof" very difficult for your creditors and the credit bureaus to prove. And, anything your creditors and the Credit Bureaus CAN’T PROVE must be permanently REMOVED from your credit reports... it’s the law!

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (F.C.R.A.) is a consumer protection law that makes this all possible. Fortunately (for you), it was written in your favor and NOT that of your creditors or the Credit Bureaus.

The problem is that almost nobody ever learns how easy it is to take advantage of it! So, why are we sharing this with you? It’s quite simple. With the "Credit Secrets Bible™" you can improve your credit better and faster without having to pay up to $1500 to an Attorney or Credit Repair Clinic.Save $1500 InstantlyWith the"Credit Secrets Bible™"

Attorneys and Credit Repair Clinics would like you to believe the only way to fix your credit is through them. The truth is you can improve your credit better and faster yourself.

Here’s why...The REAL Power Of Their ServiceIs In THEIR DISPUTESNot The FactThey Are Doing The “Work” For You!

We believe the FTC was in agreement with us on this when they made the following statement: "Everything a Credit Repair Clinic can do for you legally, you can do for yourself at little or no cost".

Again, all the power is in their disputes.

The disputes simply leverage THE LAW in your favor. If you have THEIR DISPUTES it does NOT matter whether a high powered Attorney uses them or if a high school drop out uses them! You just have to know HOW to use the letters and we're going to teach you that.

To prove this point, years ago we had a client who was using a Credit Repair Clinic. Having paid $795 she was curious and didn’t think it was "out of line" to request the disputes they were using since she was a paying client. Can you guess what the Credit Repair Clinic told her?

They sent her a letter stating..."We are unable to share our disputeswith our clients as they containproprietary trade secrets to our service"

The Credit Repair Clinic knew that if she had the disputes (and some basic knowledge) she wouldn't need them because the real power wasn’t in their service - it was in THEIR DISPUTES!$1,500 Worth Of Expert CreatedCredit Disputes!

With the "Credit Secrets Bible™" you are going to receive every dispute you need to get started fixing your credit fast. These are the same concepts Attorneys and Credit Repair Clinics use and they are GUARANTEED to get you results!We Had To Pay Our Legal CounselOver $2,000To Draft These DisputesAnd NowThey’re Yours... FREE!

In some cases you could be just a few postage stamps and envelopes away from solving ALL your credit problems. It’s happened to other clients and it could happen to you!

And as a matter of fact, most consumers should avoid credit repair clinics, anyways. Not only do they hide their disputes from you (we publish over 50 in the Credit Secrets Bible), but they have ABSOLUTELY NO INCENTIVE to raise your credit score FAST when you’re paying them by the month. In fact, the MORE time they take on your case, the MORE money they make (no rocket science there!). The worst part is they can actually lower your credit score accidentally if they don’t know what they’re doing. Your credit is way too important take that kind of risk, isn’t it? It's just not worth it!

You’ll also receive easy-to-read and easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on how to use these disputes for your own personal situation.

These disputes and proven strategies will have your creditors and the credit bureaus literally "wrapped around your pinky" trying to verify every minute detail on your credit report. And remember..Anything they can’t verify 100%will have to be PERMANENTLY removedfrom your credit report- IT’S THE LAW! -

We guarantee you will be amazed at the potential of these disputes to delete negative items from your credit report fast. Remember, we guarantee it!What Other Satisfied Clients Are Saying About The"Credit Secrets Bible™"

We could talk for hours about all the different life-changing information found in the "Credit Secrets Bible™", but this is the point where we believe it’s best for us to just "shut our trap" and let a few of our satisfied clients do the talking:"... Force(d) The Credit Bureaus To Delete 5 Charge-Off’sAnd 5 Collection Accounts in Less Than 45 days"

"I used your techniques to force the credit bureaus to delete 5 charge-offs and 5 collection accounts in less than 45 days. In fact, I decided to cut my hours as a county Sheriff and do credit restoration work on the side as a home business. I tried other credit products and they were outdated. Yours works.”Randy G. (County Sheriff)Texas“I Saw Another Official At Work With Your Course...But He Would NOT Let Me Borrow It!”

“As the Mayor of a major Pennsylvania city I was peeved at my colleague. He would not let me borrow your course! The nerve… so I ordered it myself. My credit has never really been much of an issue, but all I had were just a couple of credit cards. After as you say… “dressing” my credit profile to attract other lenders I have been approved for 3 additional credit cards. I also used one of your techniques to increase one credit card limit from $1,000 to $4,000… I’ve also shared your product with all 5 of my kids… your course should be required reading in all schools!”Richard Fagley (City Mayor)Pennsylvania“…2 Charge-Offs, 2 Collection Accounts, and46 Inquires Deleted In About 60 Days!”

“I used to be a security guard until I got injured… Not only was I disabled, but my credit was real bad. I ordered your course. As a result of your methods I have gotten 2 charge-offs, 2 collection accounts, and 46 inquiries deleted! It’s only taken me about 60 days to do this. I also enjoy helping other people restore their credit and get to earn extra income on the side. I recommend your product to anyone who can follow simple instructions…”Darryl Johnson (Credit Consultant)Ohio“Credit Score Increased 249 Points In Less Than 90 Days…”

“I am so excited! My credit score went from 448 to 697 in less than 90 days! That’s an increase of 249 points! Me and my husband plan on using your deposit loan program to get approved for real estate investments in the future. A heck of a package you have… more tools and techniques than I have ever seen… your Credit Secrets Bible™ is worth every penny! I guess you get what you pay for these days…”Enid Dennis (Business Owner)North Carolina“6 Charge-Offs Deleted… Score Is Up 80 Points!”

“Years back I was living beyond my means until I finally could not keep up with the payments… I simply stopped paying and turned off my telephone. Then a couple of months ago I got my hands on your Credit Secrets Bible™ and the first letter I mailed got 6 charge-offs deleted. I was amazed… My credit score has gone up 80 points already! I am now about to buy a brand new Pontiac Grand Prix and within a year or so will own my first home! Your techniques work… I am living proof.”Jerome Mitchell (Mechanic)Missouri"...Removed 7 Late Pays in only 2 Weeks with One Simple Letter!"

"After 4 years in the military, my last deployment ended but only for me to find my credit problems had just begun. My biggest problem was the numerous late-pays that had piled up while I was on leave. By using one simple negotiation method from the Credit Secrets Bible™, I was able to get 7 late pays removed with one simple letter in less than 2 weeks! That’s why I tell all my friends about the Credit Secrets Bible™ so they can enjoy a better life too…"Anthony Curtis (National Guard Reservist)California"...$25,000 Trade Line (Added) To My Credit Report..."

"Your course helped me add a $25,000 trade line to my credit report with no credit check and no security deposit. As a result of this account, my personal credit score shot up 80 points in 45 days! (consumers can find this technique in the “Credit Secrets Bible™”) As a credit specialist myself, I sell your product so my clients (unable to afford my services) can restore their credit themselves. More importantly, I stay on the cutting edge of new techniques through my affiliation with you. Keep up the great work!"Crawford Peterson (Mortgage Broker )New York“6 Charge-Offs Deleted… 9 Collections Gone”

“I am a "get to the point" kind of person so I'll keep this brief. After using the techniques in the “Credit Secrets Bible™” the results I have gotten speak for themselves. 6 charge-offs deleted. 9 collections gone. Because of your $5,000 unsecured credit line my score is almost over 700. All I can say is your product is grossly underpriced for the value I received.Morgan Schall (Law Student)Arizona“…Fountain of financial enrichment…”

“I felt compelled to write to personally thank you for the fountain of financial enrichment from the Credit Secrets Bible™. Ignorance is the worst form of bondage. The Credit Secrets Bible™ has given me the proper gear to combat the various dishonorable and covetous moneymaking techniques the government, banks, insurance and credit bureaus use to keep "us" the consumer blind... Again, thank you for empowering me.”Anitra Gipson (Flight Attendant)Landsdowne PA“…Credit score up hundreds of points…”

“Before I started using the Credit Secrets Bible™ I was afraid to fill out applications for apartments for rent. I thought I would never get out of that mess. Now, not only is my credit history fixed, but the unsecured credit card they offered helped shoot my credit score up hundreds of points over time. Now I can afford to use my name to get auto loans, credit cards, and sign up for cell phone contracts. Thanks Consumer Publishing Group!”Mark DunhamOdessa FLLet Us Show YOU How to SAVE $102,430.11Knowing What Your Neighbor DOESN’T!

If you only get one thing out of this letter today, let it be this; if you’re like most people, the two biggest purchases you will EVER make in your life will be your DREAM CAR and your DREAM HOME. Right?

With the "Credit Secrets Bible™" you can save up to $102,430.11 (or more) on just these two purchases alone. How? By learning the secrets to building a great credit report and qualifying for the lowest interest rate. Here’s how: let’s say the loan amount on the car you buy is $20,000 and the payments are for 5 years. On the graph below you will notice that with great credit versus bad credit you will save $5496.00 on your car alone!Total Interest You Will Pay on a $20,000Car Loan Over 5 yearsYour Credit Status Interest Rate Interest you will Pay!

Bad CreditGreat Credit



You Save! $5496.00Now let’s talk about your dream home...

Let's say the loan amount on the home you buy is only $200,000 and the payments are for 30 years. On the next graph you will notice that with great credit versus bad credit you will save $96,934.11 (this is based on only a 2% lower mortgage rate over 30 years!).Your Credit Status Interest Rate Interest you will Pay!

Bad CreditGreat Credit



You Save! $96,934.11

As you can see, between your dream car and your dream home your bad credit will cost you at least $102,430.11! This is $102,430.11 banks will make off you in interest just because you won’t qualify for a better rate due to your credit status.

Remember, the future belongs to those who prepare for it. So now the question becomes...What Are YOU Doing To PREPARE For YOUR Future?

These are the "nitty-gritty" numbers most people DON’T take the time to think about it until it's too late - will you? If you don’t we both know it's going to cost you money. Start creating your future today and order "The Credit Secrets Bible™" for a 8 week in home trial. You've got everything to gain and nothing to lose. If we're right, you'll come out (at least) $102,430.11 ahead. If we're wrong...You'll Lose NOTHING.

The only way you can lose is not to order. Not owning the "Credit Secrets Bible™" actually costs you money because JUST ONE TECHNIQUE can change your life and make you thousands. Skeptical? Let us make you an offer you simply CANNOT refuse. Listen... We promise you have NEVER seen anything like this before. (Trust us.) We all know most credit products on the market are garbage. However...We'll Explain Why...

You see, the credit game changes so fast, quick buck "internet hucksters" and "hit and run" operators can't possibly keep their products up to date; let alone cover all the info, methods and insider techniques the "Credit Secrets Bible™" does. No way. Not even close.

If you don't believe it go ahead and order from anyone else. We know what you will receive... A poorly written, poorly researched and out of date book (or eBook) loaded with fluff and filler (like 85 pages of credit laws you can't understand) by someone who doesn't care about you and just wants to make a buck. It's sad and it's the truth but it's also good, because it's exactly what...Keeps Us In Business!

Unlike our fly-by-night competitors, we've been selling "The Credit Secrets Bible™" since 1994. Therefore, we have researchers and contributors that keep the "Credit Secrets Bible™" on the cutting edge.

It's also the reason we have business owners and credit repair consultants who order a new "Credit Secrets Bible™" every year just for the updates! But most importantly, it's the reason that we can make you (a new client) an irresistible offer to order your own "Credit Secrets Bible™" with not one money-back guarantee... but two.GUARANTEE #1

Your 100% RISK-FREE

"Just Look it Over"


Look, the cost of the "Credit Secrets Bible™" is extremely low compared to what you get and how much it will change your entire outlook on life. However,

We don’t want you to take any risk in ordering it. Therefore, we have a 100% Risk-Free "Just Look It Over" money-back guarantee.

This means we won't make you send us "evidence" you used it, or take a dumb test to "prove" you even read it, and we won't make you "keep it for 90 days" if you're unsatisfied, or "jump through flaming hoola hoops" to get a stupid "RMA Number" in order to return it. No. This may sound funny but...We Intend To Treat YOU Like We Would Like To Be Treated!

Here's how guarantee #1 works: Order your copy of the "Credit Secrets Bible™" home study course and "Companion Audio Program" right now. It's over 140 pages of pure meat (ready to eat) with NO Fluff and NO Filler (plus 70 minutes of powerful audios!). More importantly, with the all new digital edition you'll be able to access the entire course in just a few minutes time... EVEN IF IT's 3 A.M. IN THE MORNING!

When you get your access, just look it over and listen to the Companion Audio Program first. Get excited and have fun discovering all the credit secrets that we GUARANTEE will change your outlook on life forever. And....

If you don't agree after just one evening that you know more insider credit secrets than most Millionaires alive today or, are unsatisfied for ANY reason, simply let us know within 8 weeks for a FAST and FULL REFUND.GUARANTEE #2

Work Only 60 Minutes and Improve Your Credit Score

In LESS Than 30 Days or...

You Receive a FULL Refund!

It doesn't matter whether you have great credit, NO credit or BAD credit. The "Credit Secrets Bible™" contains all the special forms, letters and inside information that's guaranteed to make you money and save you money fast. Best of all, it's easy to use. You don't have to be an Attorney and you don't have to be a Paralegal in order to get results in a hurry.

We've listened to our clients over the years and made using the "Credit Secrets Bible™" a breeze. If you can follow simple basic instructions then... YOU CAN DO THIS!

In some cases, you could be just a few postage stamps and letters away from solving all your credit problems. It's happened to other clients and it could happen to you. We Guarantee It!

Here's how guarantee #2 works: Spend just 60 minutes using as little as one technique in "The Credit Secrets Bible™" that applies to your personal situation and if you don't improve your credit score in LESS than 30 days then simply return the course for a FAST and FULL REFUND (within 8 weeks). Again, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!Here's what to do next...

Simply click the Order Now Link at the bottom. It's as easy as that. You'll immediately get INSTANT ACCESS to a hidden web page on our 100% safe and secure site that reveals the celebrated Credit Secrets Bible system. It's a simple-to-use online course with easy navigation, streaming audio, and more. (We respect your privacy and your information will never be sold, shared or rented to a third party – ever.)

To order the "Credit Secrets Bible™" is easy.The fastest way is to order through ourSecure Server at the $30 discounted price!

(was $97.75 now only $67.75)


Click To Order(If you'd rather have aprinted course with AudioCD Mailed to you, choosethis option.)

(Instant 24-Hour AccessTo The Online DigitalEdition. No print coursewill be mailed!)

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Access to the online digital edition is good for 12 months. Your membeship will expire after 12 months, after which time you will have the option to re-purchase if you desire.)


That's all there is to it. As soon as we receive your order, you will gain access to the members area so you can start using the "Credit Secrets Bible™" home study course instantly!Sincerely,

Consumer Publishing Group / Research Team

P.S. We want you to learn how to "fight back" against those who are making your life difficult - and holding you back. With the "Credit Secrets Bible™" we guarantee your entire outlook on life will change forever. However, we don’t know how long we will be able to make this information available. For obvious reasons, there are a lot of people who do NOT want us making this information available to people like you. It gives you an almost unfair advantage to beat them at their own game. Therefore we reserve the right to change this offer at any time.

P.P.S. Remember: There's absolutely no risk and no obligation on your part to try the "Credit Secrets Bible™". You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. You can access it in minutes and get started right now. If we're right you'll save at least $102,430.11 over your lifetime... If we're wrong you lose nothing. We have helped thousands of others and we can help you! The only question remaining is "Will you let us?"


Digital Version System Requirements: An internet connection (high speed recommended), a web browser that supports Flash and a soundcard for audio.

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I do not believe it is possible to 'Know in this life' if one has Eternal Life.

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