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CHAP. 1. l AND Jehovah calleth untoMoses, and speaketh unto him out of the tentof meeting, saying,

' Speak unto the sons ofIsrael, and thou hast said unto them. Anyman of you when he doth bring near an offeringto Jehovah, out of the cattle—out of theherd, or out of the flock—ye do bring nearyour offering.

^ ' If his offering is a burnt-offering out ofthe herd—a male, a perfect one, he doth bringnear, unto the opening of the tent of meetinghe doth bring it near, at his pleasure,before Jehovah;

* and he hath laid his handon the head of the burnt-offering, and it hathbeen accepted for him to make atonement forhim ; '' and he hath slaughtered the son of theherd before Jehovah;

and sons of Aaron, thepriests, have brought the blood near, andsprinkled the blood on the altar round about,which is at the opening of the tent of meeting.

" ' And he hath stripped the burnt-offering,and hath cut it into its pieces;

"and the sons of Aaron the priest have put fire on the altar,and arranged wood on the fire; and sonsof Aaron, the priests, have arranged thepieces, with the head and the fat, on thewood, which is on the fire, which is on thealtar;

and its inwards and its legs he dothwash with water ; and the priest hath madePerfume with the whole on the altar, a burnt-offering, a fire-offering of sweet fragrance toJehovah.

1* 'And if his offering Is out of the flock—outof the sheep or out of the goats - for a burnt offering,a male, a perfect one, he doth bringnear, and he hath slaughtered it by theside of the altar northward, before Jehovah:and sons of Aaron, the priests, have sprinkledits blood on the altar round about; and he

hath cut it into its pieces, and its head andits fat, and the priest hath arranged them onthe wood, which is on the fire, which is on thealtar; and the inwards and the legs he dothwash with water, and the priest hath broughtthe whole near, and hath made perfume onthe altar; it is a burnt-offering, a fire-offeringof sweet fragrance to Jehovah.

1* ' And if his offering is a burnt-offering itof the fowl to Jehovah, than he hath broughtnear his offering out of the turtle-doves or outof the young pigeons,

and the priest hathbrought it near unto the altar, and hathwrung off its head, and hath made perfumeon the altar, and its blood hath been wrungout by the side of the altar;

1'^ and he hath

turned aside its crop with its feathers, andhath cast it near the altar, eastward, unto theplace of ashes;

i" and he hath cleaved it withits wings (he doth not separate , and thepriest hath made it a perfume on the altar,on the wood, which is on the fire; it is a burnt offering,a fire-offering of sweet fragrance toJehovah.

II. 1 'AND when a person bringeth nearan offering, a present to Jehovah, of flouris his offering, and he hath poured on it oil,and hath put on it frankincense; "and hahath brouglit it in unto the sons of Aaron,the priests, and he hath taken from thencethe fidness of his hand of its flour and of itsoil, besides all its frankincense, and thepriest hath made perfume with its memorialon the altar, a fire-offering of sweet fragranceto Jehovah ; ^ and the remnant of thepresent is for Aaron and for his sons, mostnoly, of the fire-offerings of Jehovah.* 'And when thou bringest near an offering,a present baked in an oven, it w of unleavened cakes of floitr mixed with oil, oithin unleavened cakes anointed •with oil.^ 'And if thine offering is a present mailcon the girdel, it is of fiour, mixed with oil,unleavened; "divide thou it into parts, andthou hast poured on it oil ; it is a present.'' 'And if thine offering is a present madeon the frying-pan, of flour %vith oil it is made,^ and thou hast brought in the present whichis made of these to .Jehovah, and mie hathbrought it near unto the priest, and he hathbrought it nigh unto the altar, " and thepriest hath lifted up from the present itsmemorial, and hath made perfume on thealtar, a fire-offering of sweet fragrance toJehovah;


i" and the remnant of the presentis for Aaron and for his sons, most holy, ofthe fire-offerings of Jehovah.

^^ No presentwhich ye bring near to Jehovah is madefermented, for with any leaven or any honeyye perfume no fire-offering to Jehovah.

*- 'An offering of tvrst-fndts—ye bring themnear to Jehovah, but on the altar they gonot up, for sweet fragrance.

'^ And every offering—thy present—with salt thou dost season, and thou dost not let the salt of thec ovenant of thy God cease from thy present with all thine offerings thou dost Bring nearsalt.

^•* 'And if thou bring near a present offirst-ripe fruits to Jehovah,—of green ean:,roasted "«ath fire, beaten out corn of a fruitfulfield thou dost bring near tlie present ofthy first-ripe /?-m7s, '^and tliou hast put onit oil, and laid on it frankincense, it is a present;i''and the priest hatli made perfumewith its memorial from its beaten out corn,and from its oil, besides all its frankincense—a fire-offering to Jehovah.