CHRIST'S CHURCH, USA - Authorized Church in the United States of America

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What is "CHRIST'S CHURCH, USA" - the Authorized Church in the United States of America?

FACT: Christ is 'One Lord!'

FACT: Christ's Church is 'One Body'

FACT: There is to be NO DIVISION in the body, I Corinthians 1.10

FACT: ALL denominations are unscriptural, a perversion of truth and Scripture.


FACT: Any time any Church is mention, it is identified with a

> > Geographical Area, a region of Jurisdiction,

> > It was never identified with a person or unique set of beliefs.

FACT: The were many other "churches" in Christ's day, all of the Greek world (Church meaning 'democracy' or congregational government: 'Church' is 'ekklesia' in the Greek, democratic government. [Look it up for yourself!]

FACT: All true local churches MUST have all authority in the Congregation - just as with the Children of Israel in the 'Church in the Wilderness' (ACTS 7).

FACT: Bishops, Elders, Councils and Deacons are elected by and answer to the people. They have no legislative or judicial authority.

FACT: In Acts 15 teaching on the Jerusalem Council and see the "the whole church" voted to approve the recommendation made by James and accepted by all the elders and apostles.

FACT: All Roman Catholics, Episcopalians, Lutherans and TOP-DOWN appointed hierarchy churches are in error, thus they decay into strictly political organizations, and lost their first love.


FACT: Since all modern denominations have NO authority to legislate or adjudicate, the only true Church in the USA is the US Government itself. Only the US Government, as the true Church, has the authority as follows:

> > Marriages

> > Divorces

> > Birth Certificates

> > Death certificates

> > What is lawful, such as abortion, homosexuality, etc.,

> > Courts,

> > Binding Legislature

> > Capital Punishment

> > When to go to war and against whom

God gave all such Authority to HIS PEOPLE


> >

COPYRIGHT (c) 1977 Cambridge Theological Seminary

* Cambridge Theological Seminary USA & Global has no connection or relationship to Cambridge University in England, EXCEPT . . . we in the USA are carrying on their "Christian Values of Hundreds of Years" . . . and they have long since become atheists, and secular humanists: "Anti-Christ" in almost every way.

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