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* Pronounced Uh-kay'-ya * Achaia was another name for Greece. It was the region south of Macedonia. * The major cities of Achaia were Athens and Corinth. * The whole world used Greek, the language of Achaia, as a common language. * The New Testament was written in the common Greek. * The Greek culture was so widespread that all Gentile persons were known as Greeks (Rom 1:16). * Paul preached extensively in Achaia/Greece during his 3rd missionary journey (Acts 19:21, 20:2-3). * Christians of Achaia helped other Christians in trouble (Rom 15:26, 2 Cor 9:1-5). * Among the first converts of Achaia were Epenetus and the family of Stephanus (Rom 16:5, 1 Cor 16:15).


Adramyttium - Pronounced Add-ruh-mit'-ee-um. * A coastal town of Asia. * Paul, on his way to Rome, first sailed on a ship whose home port was Addramyttium (Acts 27:2).


Adria - Pronounced Aid'-ree-uh. * This is the Adriatic Sea, which lies between Italy and Achaia. * Adria is mentioned in connection with Paul’s journey to Rome (Acts 27:27).


* Alexandria was a coastal city and port of Egypt. * The greatest city of the world except for Rome. * Apollos was born there (Acts 18:24). * On his way to Rome, Paul sailed on ships that came from Alexandria (Acts 27:6, 28:11). * Men from this city disputed with Stephen (Acts 6:9).

Amphipolis - Pronounced Am-fip'-pol-iss * A Roman military station 50km southwest of Philippi. * Paul called there on his 2nd missionary journey (Acts 17:1).


Antioch Pisidia

* Pronounced An'-tee-ock of Piss-id'-ee-ya. * Pisidian Antioch stood on a plateau 3,600 feet above sea level. * Mentioned in connection with Paul’s 1st missionary journey. * Paul and Barnabas had to climb a hard mountainous road to get there and preach in the synagogue (Acts 13:14-16).

The Two Antiochs.

Antioch Syria

* Pronounced An'-tee-ock of See'-ree-ya. * Syrian Antioch was the world's third greatest city, bettered only by Rome and Alexandria. * Antioch stood 25km up river from its seaport Selucia, where the Crontes River entered the Great Sea. * Infamous for immorality in the form of lustful sports and pleasures. * A center fo the worship of Daphne, a godess whose priestesses were prostitutes. * Before continuing through the following points on Syrian Antioch, it would be helpful to read Acts 11:19-30 and mark the place. * When persecution in Jerusalem gave impetus to evangelism, some of the scattered Christians reached Antioch (Acts 11:19). * A strong church of Christ was established there, and this is where the disciples were first called Christians (Acts 11:19,26). * From Antioch, a great new missionary effort reached out to the Gentile world (Acts 11:19-21, 13:1-4, 14:24-28). * Paul spent a lot of time in Antioch prior to his 1st missionary journey (Acts 11:25-26, 15:35). * Several other church leaders also spent time there (Acts 11:27, 13:1). * Antioch was the center of a controversy involving Gentile Christians and Jewish law (Acts 11:19-22, 15:22-35, Gal 2:11-21). * From Antioch, relief was sent to famine-hit brethren in Judea (Acts 11:27-30).

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