'Christians' for the separation of church and state?

Posted: June 08, 2010

The "separation of church and state." I could be reading from the constitution of the former Soviet Union, a decision by Ruth Bader Ginsburg or a fundraising letter from the ACLU. But instead, I'm repeating a philosophy of "Christian" groups like Discernment Ministries and their website, "Herescope."

No kidding. There remains a very vocal group of self-proclaimed Christians who believe their "spiritual gift" is criticism and their role is to join the ranks of the ACLU and police the streets for Christians who dare step outside the four walls of the church into the light of day.

They insist Christians must stay within the church singing from the same page of the same hymnal, perfectly pious and free from those not legalistically aligned … all while our nation and our freedoms are burning to the ground. No, they're not involved, just like the Christians who "sang a little louder" from their hymnals so not to hear the screams from the trains headed for the concentration camps.

In the 1950s, when Darwinism was allowed into the school system, these "Christians" sang their hymns and did nothing. When the Supreme Court ripped out the right to pray in schools in 1962, they sang their hymns and did nothing. In 1973, when the Supreme Court ordered the recognition of "freedom" to kill innocent children, they sang their hymns and did nothing. Apparently "Onward Christian Soldiers" wasn't on the song list.

"Speechless: Silencing the Christians," by Don Wildmon, lays out determined strategy of coalition of liberal secularists, homosexual activists and Fortune 500 companies

Forgetting the sixth commandment (Thou shalt not kill), and violating God's command "to be a voice for those appointed to die" (Proverbs 31:8) is no longer enough for these folks. The cultural Nazi's want everyone who is obeying God in the culture to cease and desist – immediately.

I have to wonder how these folks sang "This Little Light of Mine" in Sunday School: "Hide it under a bushel – YES!" Or maybe instead of the verse, "Don't you try to blow it out" they sang something more in line with their current actions: "We WILL try to blow it out."

Anything to keep Christians from entering the public square – apparently, they'd rather hear those songs re-written to praise Barack Hussain Obama, (ummm, ummm, ummmm) than for Christians to stand up against the indoctrination in the culture.

Discernment Ministries and their slander site, "Herescope," is highly critical of any Christian group that engages in any type of political or cultural activity. Instead, they embrace "Abandonment Theology," as David Kupelian described as in his WorldNetDaily column several years ago. Being salt and light in a dark and decaying culture isn't their concern: Let the culture and the Constitution rot, for all they care; they're awaiting the rapture.

They've blasted the Manhattan Declaration (and all the signers) as "Another Dominionist Covenant." They've attacked Focus on the Family's Truth Project, the National Day of Prayer, the Freedom Federation Summit held at Liberty University in April, leaders such as the late D. James Kennedy, Dr. Jim Garlow and "patriotic American Dominionist David Barton."

This group also opposed the recent solemn gathering of prayer and repentance in Washington, D.C., on May Day – and believes that Christians standing in the gap to repent for our nation, as Moses, Daniel, Phineas and Nehemiah did, was a mistake. Their slander site begins by blasting people who weren't even there; 2 Chronicles 7:14 must not be in their Bible.

They also have gone after my good friend Dr. Rick Scarborough, whom they claim is "very connected to the Dominionist agenda." Judge Roy Moore, Joseph Farah, Rev. Paul Blair (Reclaiming America) and David Crowe (Restore America) are others they've been targeting. I'm proud to be listed among these great leaders.

None of these people support a "dominion theology" that seeks to establish a theocracy. We must be ready for Christ's return, but that is not to say we "hunker in the holy bunker" clutching our ticket to heaven (admit one) until then. Whether they like it or not, Luke 19:13 makes it clear that we are to "occupy" until He comes.

It's better to obey God than to please men: to end the slaughter of the innocent by abortion and euthanasia, to protect the sacred institution of marriage, and to seek godly leaders to represent us in all branches of federal and state governments. As I wrote about in my book, "The Criminalization of Christianity," unless we fight for our freedoms while we still have them, they will very soon be gone – along with the ability to spread the Gospel legally in the land of the previously free.

(Column continues below)

For the rock-throwers, any effort at building unity among Christians is treated with contempt. But as Christ said, and Lincoln reiterated: "United we stand, divided we fall." They were right.

What could have been plucked out as a tiny weed by Christians uniting decades ago has now become an enormous tree with deep and encompassing roots that are choking out our freedoms. It was this philosophy in the church that ushered in the assault against it.

To those who still believe that we should stay out of the cultural war, I have a question: How is that working out for you?

We now have two generations who are lost in the lies of humanism, evolution and homosexuality, facilitated into fornication and abortion, trapped in pornography and devastated by divorce. Congratulations.

If you're still having a hard time discerning what to do, here's a helpful hint: if you find yourself on the same side as the ACLU, homosexual activists, the baby killers and the enemies of God, chances are, you're on the wrong side.

Put the rocks down. Come out of the closet and bring your manger scene with you. Spend more time reading the Bible (and the news) than all those rock-throwing slander sites. Because all the people that they're targeting? They're the ones fighting to keep the Internet, the airwaves and the public square free. And if they're successful, they're also the ones who will keep the padlock off your closet door.

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