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Smallest Number Ever Identify as DEMOCRATS

Patriotic Americans NOT in Favor of Pro-Gay, Socialist, Welfare-Worldview

NEWS - The number of Americans identifying themselves as Democrats is at its lowest point ever, according to a new survey by Gallup - a warning sign for the Socialist President Obama and his party as the next race for the White House gets set to begin.

According to the annual Gallup survey of party identification, just 31 percent of Americans say they are Democrats – a number that is down five percentage points from 2008 and is the same as it was in 2003 – the year following impressive Republican gains in the House and Senate.

Just over 34 percent that said they affiliated with the Republicans and 64% consider themselves Conservatives.

Meanwhile, those Americans who say they identify with neither party has shot up to 38 percent, up 3 points since 2008 and among the highest it has been in the 22 years Gallup has conducted the survey.

The survey results are based on aggregated numbers from 21 different Gallup and USA Today/Gallup polls conducted in 2010. In all, the results include information gathered from more than 25,000 interviews with U.S. adults by telephone.

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