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Lincoln's step mother Sarah said Abe captured her heart more than her own three children, and was the most diligent child to work, obey, do right she had ever been around!

Lincoln's parents named children ABRAHAM and SARAH,

Lincoln never touched alcohol, and wanted to make outlawing it a TOP PRIORITY in his second term.

HONEST ABE nickname, quite amazing for a LAWYER and POLITICIAN!

Beauty queen Matilda Edwards stole his heart, had moved into building with fiancee Marry Todd,  caused him to break engagement immediately. However, he could not win her affection, so he eventually marrued Mary Todd, after a one day reengagement!!!

Lincoln's last presidential act was to make IN GOD WE TRUST on all American money the LAW of the land.

Was too ashamed to commit suicide, had done nothing worthy to be remembered.

Kept depression away by HARD WORK!!!