General George Washington
The "American Apostle" of Radical Christianity!

FACT! George Washington was the "MOST RADICAL" Christian ever;
Outside the Pages of the Holy Bible!
Only slightly less than the Apostle Paul!


Young George Washington:
Confessing His 'Cherry Tree Sins!'

This event Testified to by Family and Pastor;
There is not the Slightest evidence to the Contrary!
Offering $10,000 for such EVIDENCE to be presented!
Young George Washington's CHERRY TREE Story!


General George Washington:
American Apostle of Righteousness!'

He Commanded the his soldiers attend Sunday Meetings;
His Required a 'Time of Prayer' twice a day for Troops;
Commanded his Soldiers - including Officers - NOT TO SIN, and to have a Commitment to Christianity!
He forbad profane speech, cursing, blasphemy, petty gaming/gambling, drunkenness, adultery, etc;
He had "sinners" literally whipped with a good number of lashes for such sins!
George Washington: Prescribed 25-Lashes for Blaspheming God's Name!
George Washington: Strongly AGAINST DRINKING ALCOHOL!
George Washington: Methods of Discipline Adult Sins
George Washington on HOMOSEXUALITY;


General George Washington:
American Apostle of Faith in God!

His Valley Forge Prayer testified to by Army Officers,
Foot-Soldiers, Neighbors, Personal Aides, Strangers, Family Members;
George Washington Praying at Valley Forge: EXTENSIVE Evidence
Valley Forge Officers Find Washington Praying in Barn!
Isabella Potts-James Testifies Washington Prayed, Valley Forge;
Nathaniel R. Snowden: Recorded Washington's Valley Forge Prayer
Officer Muhlenberg Witnessed Washington Praying at Valley Forge;
George Washington's DIVINE BENEDICTION: His Truest Prayer!


General George Washington:
American Apostle of Divine Providence;

That He wrote on the Theology of GOD'S SOVEREIGNTY;
More than any Theologian of the Reformation;
More than the Catholic Church writersin 2,000 years;
More than all who wrote Holy Scripture - COMBINED!
Washington literally declared in writing for the whole world to know,
that he would have "plenty of time,
To become a Preacher of Divine Providence after the War!"
George Washington Planned to be PREACHER after the WAR!
George Washington's Basic Beliefs in PROVIDENCE: BRIEF;
George Washington: Teaches on Providence of Death
George Washington Attributes MONMOUTH VICTORY to PROVIDENCE;
George Washington: Some Letters on PROVIDENCE;


General George Washington:
American Apostle Baptized During War;

By His Army Chaplain, Baptist Preacher John Gano,
George Washington's Baptism According to "Time Magazine" 1932;
George Washington's Baptism: 'Three Eyewitness do AFFIDAVITS: An Act of Congress, 7-16-1894, Accepts the Evidence


General George Washington:
American Apostle of Literary Genius!

He created a Religious Literary work comparative to Shakespeare:
He devised over 1,000 Scriptural Names-&-Titles for God,
Exceeding all Divine Titles EVER Created (Including Bible!)
And including all Theologians of Antiquity and the Current Age!
Since Washington did this over his lifetime, he had to have kept track of hundreds of titles previously created, in this monumental literary work!
George Washington Uses Over 1,000 NAMES-TITLES of DEITY;
George Washington used over 100 Names-&-Titles of Deity used in 100 Prayers!


General George Washington:
American Apostle of Spiritual Warfare!

George Washington prayed consistently, constantly: from pre-teens, through teens; from Early French & Indian War days through the Revolutionary War; from the US Constitutional Convention through his Presidency.
At every season of life, and every situation,
Washington prayed, and urged others to pray!
George Washington: Adult Nephew Witnesses Kneeling Daily Prayer;
What George Washington Actually Prayed for: His Own Words!
George Washington Prays for Food for Army: Fish Clog River Soon After!
George Washington Prays: Supernatural Fog Allows Escape!
George Washington: Kneeling while most others stood;


General George Washington:
American Apostle of Doctrine & Theology;

FACT: This multitude of Names/Titles created contain many Complex Character traits of God, making Washington a GREAT THEOLOGIAN!

FACT: Washington's Letters to Family and Friends who lost spouses and children to tragic circumstances present an amazingly grasp of theology that puts Washington ON PAR with Calvin, Wesley and Spurgeon!

George Washington: 30-Ways to DEAL with DEATH of Loved Ones;
George Washington THEOLOGIAN: Teaches on Providence of Death!

FACT: If you or any Bible college Professor out there think 1,000-plus 'Theologically Correct' Names/Titles for God is a simple task: TRY IT!

FACT: No other writer, whether Jewish Scholar, Biblical Author, Reformation or modern Scholar, has even devised ONE-TENTH as many ORIGINAL Names/Titles!

George Washington EXPLAINS
Why DIFFICULTIES Happen to Good People!
George Washington EXPLAINS
Why TRAGEDIES Happen to Good People!
AMERIPEDIA™ George Washington TWELVE MIRACLES in His Life!


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George Washington;

George Washington, TESTIMONY By PEERS;

Including Professional Historians and Personal Friends;

George Washington, from all who knew him, seems to have been the Greatest Man Whoever lived outside the Word of God!

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About George Washington - Testimony by Others

(1) President James Madison says, "Washington was constant in the observance of worship, according to the received forms of the Episcopal Church."316

(2) Robert C. Winthrop says, (2) Robert C. Winthrop, acknowledging the receipt of the Rev. Philip Slaughter's oration on Washington, says:

    "It confirms all my opinions of the character of Washington, and leaves no loop to hang a doubt upon that Christianity was the key to that character."316

(3) Bushrod Washington says, (3) George Washington bequeathed Mount Vernon, four thousand acres, including the Mansion House to his nephew, Bushrod Washington, who afterwards became a judge of the Supreme Court of the United States.

In 1826 the latter was elected a vice-president of the American Sunday School Union.

In replying to an address he said, "Upon the well-intended efforts I have made to secure the due observance of the Sabbath day, upon a spot, where, I am persuaded, it was never violated during the life and with the permission of its venerable owner (George Washington)."317

(4) Of The New York Indians The New York Indians hold this tradition of Washington:

    "Alone, of all white men, George Washington has been admitted to the Indian Heaven, because of his justice to the Red Men.

    He lives in a great palace, built like a fort.

    All the Indians, as they go to Heaven, pass by, and he himself is in his uniform, a sword at his side, walking to and fro.

    They bow reverently with great humility.

    He returns the salute, but says nothing." Such is the reward of his justice to the Red Man.318

(5) Rev. Israel Evans was a chaplain in the United States army says,

Abraham And Washington The Rev. Israel Evans was a chaplain in the United States army through nearly the entire Revolutionary service. He was a native of New Jersey, a man of education, and capable of appreciating such a character as that of Washington.

The opportunities he enjoyed for social intercourse with him, as well as with other patriots of the Revolution, were very frequent and favorable, and his reverence for Washington was very great.

"It is related of Mr. Evans that during his last sickness, thirty years or more after the Revolution, his successor in the ministry, in the New England village where he had been settled, was called in by the family to pray with him, in the evident near approach of the dying hour.

Mr. Evans had lain some considerable time in a stupor, apparently unconscious of anything around him, and his brother clergyman was proceeding in a fervent prayer to God, that, as his servant was evidently about departing" this mortal life, his spirit might be conveyed by angels to Abraham's bosom.

Just at this point, the dying man for the first time and for the moment revived, so far as to utter, in an interval of his delirium, 'and Washington's, too' — and then sunk again into apparent unconsciousness.

As if it was not enough to 'have Abraham to his father,' and on whose bosom to repose, but he must have Washington, too, on whom to lean.

A signal manifestation of 'the ruling passion strong in death'— and of the lasting hold which that great man had on the mind and heart of one of his early and devoted friends."319

Judgment Of Historians:

    (1) Mason L. Weems:

      "The noblest, the most efficient element of his character was that he was an humble, earnest Christian."320

    (2) Aaron Bancroft:

      (2) "In principle and practice he was a Christian."321

    (3) Cyrus R. Edmonds:

      (3) "The elements of his greatness are chiefly to be discovered in the moral features of his character."322

    (4) John Marshall:

      (4) Chief Justice John Marshall, who had been the personal friend and frequent associate of Washington, says in his biography, "Without making ostentatious professions of religion, he was a sincere believer in the Christian faith, and a truly devout man."323

    (5) George Bancroft: (5) "Belief in God and trust in His overruling power, formed the essence of his character. . . .

    His whole being was one continued act of faith in the eternal, intelligent and moral order of the universe."324

(6) Jared Sparks, President of Harvard University: (6) "A Christian in faith and practice, he was habitually devout.

His reverence for religion is seen in his example, his public communications, and his private writings.

He uniformly ascribed his successes to the beneficent agency of the Supreme Being.

Charitable and humane, he was liberal to the poor and kind to those in distress. As a husband, son, and brother, he was tender and affectionate."328

Jared Sparks, President of Harvard University

    "If a man spoke, wrote, and acted as a Christian through a long life, who gave numerous proofs of his believing himself to be such, and who was never known to say, write or do a thing contrary to his professions, if such a man is not to be ranked among the believers of Christianity, it would be impossible to establish the point by any train of reasoning. . . .

Jared Sparks, President of Harvard University

    "After a long and minute examination of the writings of Washington, public and private, in print and in manuscript, I can affirm that I have never seen a single hint or expression from which it could be inferred that he had any doubt of the Christian revelation, or that he thought with indifference or unconcern of that subject.

    On the contrary, whenever he approaches it, and, indeed, whenever he alludes in any manner to religion, it is done with seriousness and reverence.


(6) Jared Sparks, President of Harvard University: (1) David Ramsay Doctor David Ramsay was a celebrated physician of Charleston, South Carolina. He was a delegate to the Continental Congress in 1782-86.

In his biography of Washington, one of the best ever published, he says:

    "There are few men of any kind, and still fewer of those the world calls great, who have not some of their virtues eclipsed by corresponding vices.

    But this was not the case with General Washington. He had

    > religion without austerity,

    > dignity without pride,

    > modesty without diffidence,

    > courage without rashness,

    > politeness without affectation,

    > affability without familiarity.

    His private character, as well as his public one, will bear the strictest scrutiny. He was punctual in all his engagements; upright and honest in his dealings; temperate in his enjoyments; liberal and hospitable to an eminent degree;

    a lover of order; systematical and methodical in his arrangements.

    He was a friend of morality and religion; steadily attended on public worship; encouraged and strengthened the hands of the clergy.

    In all his public acts he made the most respectful mention of Providence; and, in a word, carried the spirit of piety with him both in his private life and public administration."327

James K. Paulding: (2) James K. Paulding "It is impossible to read the speeches and letters of Washington and follow his whole course of life, without receiving the conviction of his steady, rational, and exalted piety.

Everywhere he places his chief reliance, in the difficult, almost hopeless circumstances in which he was so often involved, on the justice of that great Being who holds the fate of men and of nations in the hollow of His hand.

His hopes for his country are always founded on the righteousness of its cause, and the blessing of Heaven.

His was the belief of reason and revelation;

and that belief was illustrated and exemplified in all his actions.

No parade accompanied its exercises, no declamation its exhibition; for it was his opinion that a man who is always boasting of his religion, is like one who continually proclaims his honesty—he would trust neither one nor the other.

He was not accustomed to argue points of faith, but on one occasion, in reply to a gentleman who expressed doubts on the subject, thus gave his sentiments:

    [1] "'It is impossible to account for the creation of the universe without the agency of a Supreme Being.

    [2] "'It is impossible to govern the universe without the aid of a Supreme Being.

    [3] "'It is impossible to reason without arriving at a Supreme Being."

    [4] "Religion is as necessary to reason as reason is to religion. The one cannot exist without the other."

    [5] "A reasoning being would lose his reason in attempting to account for the great phenomena of nature, had he not a Supreme Being to refer to;"

"On this basis of piety was erected the superstructure of his virtues.

He perceived the harmonious affinity subsisting between the duties we owe to Heaven and those we are called upon to sustain on earth, and made his faith the foundation of his moral obligations.

He cherished the homely but invaluable maxim that 'honesty is the best policy,' and held that the temporal as well as eternal happiness of mankind could never be separated from the performance of their duties to Heaven and their fellow creatures.

He believed it to be an inflexible law that,

    "sooner or later, a departure from the strict obligations of truth and justice would bring with it the loss of confidence of mankind, and thus deprive us of our best support for prosperity in this world, as well as our best hope of happiness in that to come."

In short, he believed and practiced on the high principle, that the invariable consequence of the performance of a duty was an increase of happiness.

What others call good fortune, he ascribed to a great and universal law, establishing an indissoluble connection between actions and their consequences, and making every man responsible to himself for his good or ill success in this world.

Under that superintending Providence which shapes the ends of men, his sentiments and actions show that he believed, that, as a general rule, every rational being was the architect of his own happiness."329

(3) Sir George Otto Trevelyan The following, by this noted English writer, is very interesting:

"A better churchman—or, at all events, a better man who ranked himself as a churchman —than George Washington it would have been hard indeed to discover. When at home on the bank of the Potomac, he had always gone of a Sunday morning to what would have been called a distant church by any one except a Virginia equestrian; and he spent Sunday afternoons, alone and unapproachable, in his library. In war he found time for daily prayer and meditation (as, by no wish of his, the absence of privacy, which is a feature in camp life, revealed to those who were immediately about him); he attended public worhsip himself; and by every available means he encouraged the practice of religion in his soldiers, to whom he habitually stood in a kind of fatherly relation. There are many pages in his Orderly Books which indicate a determination that the multitude of young fellows who were intrusted to his charge should have all possible facflities for being as well-behaved as in their native villages.

"The troops were excused fatigue duty in order that they might not miss church. If public worship was interrupted on a Sunday by the call to arms, a service was held on a convenient day in the ensuing week. The chaplains were exhorted to urge the soldiers that they ought to live and act like Christian men in times of distress and danger; and after every great victory, and more particularly at the final proclamation of Peace, the Commander-in-chief earnestly recommended that the army should universally attend the rendering of thanks to Almighty God 'with seriousness of deportment and gratitude of heart.' "330

"Washington loved his own church the best, and had no mind to leave it; but he was not hostile to any faith which was sincerely held, and which exerted a restraining and correcting influence upon human conduct. 'I am disposed,' he once told Lafayette, 'to indulge the professors of Christianity with that road to Heaven which to them shall seem the most direct, plainest, easiest, and least liable to exception.' His feeling on this matter was accurately expressed in the instructions which he wrote out for Benedict Arnold, when that officer led an armed force of fierce and stern New England Protestants against the Roman Catholic settlements in Canada. The whole paper was a lesson in the statesmanship which is founded on respect and consideration for others, and still remains well worth reading. In after years, as President of the United States, Washington enjoyed frequent opportunities for impressing his own sentiments and policy, in all that related to religion, upon the attention of his compatriots. The churches of America were never tired of framing and presenting addresses which assured him of their confidence, veneration, and sympathy; and he as invariably replied by congratulating them that in their country worship was free, and that men of every creed were eligible to every post of honor and authority."331

(4) Henry Cabot Lodge

"He had the same confidence in the judgment of posterity that he had in the future beyond the grave. He regarded death with entire calmness, and even indifference, not only when it came to him, but when in previous years it had threatened him. He loved life and tasted of it deeply, but the courage which never forsook him made him ready to face the inevitable at any moment with an unruffled spirit. In this he was helped by his religious faith, which was as simple as it was profound. He had been brought up in the Protestant Episcopal Church, and to that church he always adhered, for its splendid liturgy and stately forms appealed to him and satisfied him. He loved it too as the church of his home and his childhood. Yet he was as far as possible from being sectarian, and there is not a word of his which shows anything but the most entire liberality and toleration. He made no parade of his religion, for in this, as in other things, he was perfectly simple and sincere. He was tortured by no doubts or questionings, but believed always in an overruling Providence and in a merciful God, to whom he knelt and prayed in the day of darkness or in the hour of triumph with a supreme and childlike confidence."332

What Made Him Great "When the children of the years to come, hearing his great name re-echoed from every lip, shall

say to their fathers, 'What was it that raised Washington to such height of glory?' let them be told that it was HIS GREAT TALENTS, CONSTANTLY GUIDED AND GUARDED BY RELIGION."338

"The purest and noblest character of modern time—possibly of all time."—Duke of Wellington.


Following are the titles of the seventy-five volumes from which the material in this book has been drawn. The first word is the surname of the author, or a part of the title of the book, magazine, etc. It is the "key-word" used in "Where Found" on p. 276. The date given is the date of publication, although it is not in every case the date of the first edition.

Appleton: Appleton's Cyclopaedia of American Biography, Vol. VI, 1889.

Baker: Character Portraits of Washington, by Wil-liam S. Baker, 1887.Early Sketches of George Washington, by

William S. Baker, 1894.Itinerary of General Washington, 1775-1783,

by William S. Baker, 1892. Washington after the Revolution, 1784-1799, by William S. Baker, 1897. Baldwin: An American Book of Golden Deeds, by

James Baldwin, 1907. Bancroft: Life of George Washington, by Aaron

Bancroft, 1807. Bancroft: History of the United States, by George

Bancroft, Vol VII, 1888. Barnes: Christian Keepsake, by Rev. Albert Barnes, D.D., 1840.

Burk: Washington's Prayers, by W. Herbert Burk, 1907. Dr. Burk very graciously gave permission to reprint these "Prayers" in this book.

Butlek: Washington at Valley Forge, by J. M. Butler, 1858.

Chronicle: London Chronicle, September 21-23, 1779.

Clark: Colonial Churches, by W. M. Clark, 1907. Conway: George Washington's Rules of Civility, by

Moncure D. Conway, 1890. Custis: Recollections and Private Memoirs of Washington, by George Washington Parke Custis, Edited by Benson J. Lossing, 1860.

Much of the material in this book appeared in different publications as early as 1827.

George Washington Parke Custis was the grandson of Mrs. Washington. He was born in 1781. Six months later his father died. His father was the son of Mrs. Washington by a former marriage. Upon the death of his father he was adopted by General Washington, and lived with him at Mount Vernon as his own son. Mr. Custis died in 1857 in the seventy-seventh year of his age. He was, therefore, in his nineteenth year when Washington died.

Diary: The Diary of George Washington, from 1789 to 1791, Edited by Benson J. Lossing, 1860. Dudley: The Cambridge of 1776, with the Diary of Dorothy Dudley, 1876.

Edmonds: Life and Times of General Washington, by Cyrus R. Edmonds (England), 2 Vols., 1835.

Eulogies And Orations: Eulogies and Orations on

the Life and Death of General George Washington, 1800.

Ford: The True George Washington, by Paul Leicester Ford, 1903.

Green: The Life of Ashabel Green, by Himself, 1849.

Hale: Contemplations: Moral and Divine, by Sir Matthew Hale, Knight; late Chief Justice of the King's Bench. Printed in London, 1695.

Harland: The Story of Mary Washington, by Mar-ion Harland, 1892.Harper: Harper's Magazine, 1859.Hosack: Memoir of DeWitt Clinton, by David

Hosack, M. D., 1829.Hough: Memorials of the Death of Washington, byFranklin B. Hough, 1865.

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Johnston: George Washington, Day by Day, by Elizabeth Bryant Johnston, 1894.

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Long Island : Memoirs of the Long Island Historical Society, Vol. TV, 1889. Lossing: Mary and Martha Washington, by Benson J. Lossing, 1886. The Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution, by Benson J. Lossing, 2 Vols., 1860.

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He was chosen by the Washington Family to write the biography of George Washington. Meade: Old Churches, Ministers and Families of Virginia, by Bishop Meade, 2 Vols., 1872. The author was Bishop of Virginia for 33 years (1829-1862). M'guire: The Religious Opinions and Character of Washington, by Rev. E. C. M'Guire, 1836.

Mr. M'Guire married the daughter of Mr. Robert Lewis, the nephew and private secretary of Washington, and thus he had exceptional sources of information.

Moore: Libels on George Washington, by George

Norton: Life of General Washington, by John N.Norton, 1870.

Paulding: A life of Washington, by James K. Paul-ding, 2 Vols., 1836.Post: Pennsylvania Evening Post, Philadelphia,April 9,1776.

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President Eliphalet Nott Potter, 1895. Presbyterian: The Presbyterian Magazine, Edited by C. Van Rensselaer, Philadelphia, Pa., February, 1851. Prtor: The Mother of George Washington and Her Times, by Mrs. Roger A. Pryor, 1903.

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Ramsay, M.D., 1807. Rush: Washington in Domestic Life, by Richard Rush, 1857.

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Edited by J. M. Toner, M.D., 1892. Trevelyan : The American Revolution, by the Right Hon. Sir George Trevelyan, Bart., 1908. Tribune: New York Tribune, May 26, 1902.

Vernon: General Washington, the American Soldier and Christian, by Merle Vernon.

Walter: Memorials of Washington and Mary, HisMother, and Martha, His Wife, byJames Walter, 1887.

Weems: "The Life of General Washington", by theRev. Mason L. Weems, 1808;

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* Cambridge Theological Seminary USA & Global has no connection or relationship to Cambridge University in England, EXCEPT . . . we in the USA are carrying on their "Christian Values of Hundreds of Years" . . . as they have long since become secular humanists, agnostics and atheists: "Anti-Christ" in almost every way and contrary to every Scripture.

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