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America's GOD-ORDAINED "Founding Fathers!"


Our American Pledge: "ONE NATION UNDER GOD!"

Our American Motto: "IN GOD WE TRUST!"


We will never forget 9-11 in Patriotic colors
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Presenting TRUTH! - with a PRO-AMERICAN Understanding;
Rejecting completely, the United Nations, International Law Position;
Believing - not in Perfection of - but in the Goodness of the USA,
Since the Christian Puritan-Pilgrims arrived:
Believing also in God's Blessing upon the FOUNDING of the USA,
And "His Invisible Hand" upon the FOUNDING FATHERS!

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Christian Nation Evidence Below:

First Prayer, First Congress, 1774;
George Washington, at left, is the one KNEELING on Both Knees!

George Washington: Kneeling while most others stood;
Scholars Debate whether or not the USA is a Christian Nation in the Second-Half of the 20th Century. even President Barack Obama traveled the world telling al the USA is NOT a Christian nation!
Sadly, most of them do not know the US Supreme Court, Highest in the Land;
Researched thousands of documents and declared UNANIMOUSLY:
That the USA is unquestionably a CHRISTIAN NATION!
U.S. SUPREME COURT Declares USA A Christian Nation!
Legal Scholar Justice David Brewer on "USA Christian Nation Decision"
Abraham Lincoln Declares USA Founded on "SPIRIT of CHRISTIANITY!"
Abraham Lincoln: Proclaims USA A CHRISTIAN NATION in 1862
Isabella Potts-James Testifies Washington Prayed, Valley Forge;
Nathaniel R. Snowden: Recorded Washington's Valley Forge Prayer
Officer Muhlenberg Witnessed Washington Praying at Valley Forge;

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Declares that America Recognizes: "SELF-EVIDENT TRUTHS!"

That ALL men are CREATED equal!
That ALL are endowed by their CREATOR with 'Certain' - 'Inalienable' - 'Rights';

Statesman Thomas Jefferson
Author of Immortal USA Declaration of Independence'

"TREATY of PARIS" Declares USA a NEW NATION!1783
"A MUST READ!" Was USA Created by Constitution, Declaration of Independence or Other?

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The 'TREATY of PARIS, 1783'
"In the NAME of the 'HOLY' & 'UNDIVIDED' 'TRINITY!'"

This Document Alone VALIDATES the United States of America as a NATION;
USA, Britain, "TREATY of PARIS" 1783

Was USA Created by Constitution OR Declaration of Independence

Radical Christian Thomas Jefferson:
Thomas Jefferson: The "Premier Presidential Bible Scholar!"

Translated the Bible WHILE HE Was President!
Wrote a Book About Christ to "Evangelize Native Indians!"
Jefferson Started a Local Church in the U.S. Capitol Building in W.D.C. . . .
It became the LARGEST LOCAL CHURCH in USA . . .
Thomas Jefferson Joined it and Attended Regularly, writing Prayers!
Had Marine Band play each Lord's Day, Paid them Tax Dollars!
Thomas Jefferson Translates The Bible
CHRISTIPEDIA Thomas Jefferson's Belief on JESUS CHRIST
Thomas Jefferson Bible Online, with notes:

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Our Founding Fathers were COMPLETELY and TOTALLY Christian!

On Dec 4, 1800, the USA Started CHURCH in the U.S. CAPITOL BUILDING;
Instituted by President Thomas Jefferson it became the largest in the Nation!
With President Thomas Jefferson PRESIDING over the CAPITOL CHURCH for nearly a Decade!

First Prayer, First Congress, 1774;
George Washington, at left, in the one KNEELING on Both Knees!

1776 AMERICAN FLAG 1776 rotating star GEORGE-WASHINGTON-PRAYING-STATUE rotating star 1776 AMERICAN FLAG 1776
George Washington: Kneeling while most others stood;
George Washington prayed consistently, constantly: from pre-teens, through teens; from Early French & Indian War days through the Revolutionary War; from the US Constitutional Convention through his Presidency.
At every season of life, and every situation,
Washington prayed, and urged others to pray!
George Washington: Adult Nephew Witnesses Kneeling Daily Prayer;
What George Washington Actually Prayed for: His Own Words!
George Washington Praying at Valley Forge: EXTENSIVE Evidence
Valley Forge Officers Find Washington Praying in Barn!
Isabella Potts-James Testifies Washington Prayed, Valley Forge;
Nathaniel R. Snowden: Recorded Washington's Valley Forge Prayer
Officer Muhlenberg Witnessed Washington Praying at Valley Forge;
George Washington's DIVINE BENEDICTION: His Truest Prayer!

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Jefferson wrote celebratory GOVERNMENT PRAYER for 4th of July;

Jefferson's Prayer is to be in EVERY School and Government Building in the Land!

Read THOMAS JEFFERSON'S "Independence Day Prayer for the Nation!"

Minister Thomas Jefferson:
Bible Scholar of Philosophy, Politics and Prayer;

Jefferson wrote a Specific Prayer July 4, 1776
On the Lord's Day, A Tribute to Declaration of Independence;
To be used every year thereafter on July 4th
In EVERY American Newspaper and Media,
And by ALL AMERICANS when Celebrating Independence day, July 4th!
George Washington Planned to be PREACHER after the WAR!
George Washington's Basic Beliefs in PROVIDENCE: BRIEF;
George Washington: Teaches on Providence of Death
George Washington Attributes MONMOUTH VICTORY to PROVIDENCE;
George Washington: Some Letters on PROVIDENCE;

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American Founding Fathers:
Great American Disciples of Jesus Christ!

Establishing First Democracy since the Fall of Israel: AD-70;

Honors Christian "SABBATH & RELIGION"
Preamble Acknowledges GOD'S "BLESSINGS" on USA!
Acknowledges USA "ORDAINED!" by God, Democratic Church!

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1776 AMERICAN FLAG 1776 rotating star THOMAS-JEFFERSON-WE-THE-PEOPLE rotating star 1776 AMERICAN FLAG 1776

Apostle & General George Washington:
General Washington was Baptized During The Revolutionary War;

By His Army Chaplain, Baptist Preacher John Gano,
George Washington's Baptism According to "Time Magazine" 1932;
George Washington's Baptism: 'Three Eyewitness' Present
AFFIDAVITS: An Act of Congress, 7-16-1894, Accepts the Evidence

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Jefferson Considered "Religious Freedom" the MOST IMPORTANT Amendment!


Teacher & Theologian George Washington:
Apostle of Spiritual Warfare, Prayer Warrior!

George Washington prayed consistently and constantly:
From pre-teen through teen years; from Early French & Indian War days through Revolutionary War;
From the US Constitutional Convention through his Presidency.
At every season of life, and every situation,
Washington prayed, and urged others to pray!
George Washington: Adult Nephew Witnesses Kneeling Daily Prayer;
What George Washington Actually Prayed for: His Own Words!
George Washington Prays for Food for Army: Fish Clog River Soon After!
George Washington Prays: Supernatural Fog Allows Escape!
George Washington: Kneeling while most others stood;

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He Translated the Bible, from the Greek, WHILE PRESIDENT!

If this doesn't show JEFFERSON'S PRIORITY . . . what possibly could)

Bible Scholar Thomas Jefferson:
Apostle of Biblical and Literary Genius!

He created a Religious Literary work comparative to Shakespeare:
He devised over 1,000 Scriptural Names-&-Titles for God,
Exceeding all Divine Titles EVER Created (Including Bible!)
And including all Theologians of Antiquity and the Current Age!
Since Washington did this over his lifetime, he had to have kept track of hundreds of titles
Previously created, in this monumental literary work!
George Washington Uses Over 1,000 NAMES-TITLES of DEITY;
George Washington used over 100 Names-&-Titles of Deity used in 100 Prayers!

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GUARANTEED! "Free Exercise of Religion!"
By the VERY FIRST of the Great American "Bill of Rights!"

"RELIGION" - is NOT some passive Freedom to Believe, or of Conscience!
"RELIGION" - is the "RULES-and-REGULATIONS" People Live by: "LAWS of the LAND!"
1776 AMERICAN FLAG 1776 rotating star THOMAS-JEFFERSON-FIRST-AMENDMENT rotating star 1776 AMERICAN FLAG 1776

Premier Bible Scholar: George Washington
Wrote over "1,000 Names-&-Titles for God!"

FACT: This multitude of Names/Titles created contain many Complex Character traits of God, making Washington a GREAT THEOLOGIAN!

FACT: This multitude of Names/Titles created equals the Literary Works of Shakespeare, Homer, Webster, or any other Literary Genius!

FACT: Washington's Letters to Family and Friends who lost spouses and children to tragic circumstances present an amazingly grasp of theology that puts Washington ON PAR with Calvin, Wesley and Spurgeon!

George Washington: 30-Ways to DEAL with DEATH of Loved Ones;
George Washington THEOLOGIAN: Teaches on Providence of Death!

FACT: If you or any Bible college Professor out there think 1,000-plus 'Theologically Correct' Names/Titles for God is a simple task: TRY IT!

FACT: No other writer, whether Jewish Scholar, Biblical Author, Reformation or modern Scholar, has even devised ONE-TENTH as many ORIGINAL Names/Titles!

George Washington EXPLAINS
Why DIFFICULTIES Happen to Good People!
George Washington EXPLAINS
Why TRAGEDIES Happen to Good People!
AMERIPEDIA™ George Washington TWELVE MIRACLES in His Life!

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George Washington Praying at Valley Forge: EXTENSIVE Evidence
Valley Forge Officers Find Washington Praying in Barn!
Isabella Potts-James Testifies Washington Prayed, Valley Forge;
Nathaniel R. Snowden: Recorded Washington's Valley Forge Prayer
Officer Muhlenberg Witnessed Washington Praying at Valley Forge;
George Washington's DIVINE BENEDICTION: His Truest Prayer!

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General George Washington:
American Apostle Praying With His Mother!

George Washington prayed consistently, fervently and constantly:
From pre-teens, through teens; from French & Indian War through Revolution;
From the US Constitutional Convention through his Presidency.
At every season of life, and every situation,
Washington prayed, and urged others to pray!
George Washington: Adult Nephew Witnesses Kneeling Daily Prayer;
What George Washington Actually Prayed for: His Own Words!
George Washington Prays for Food for Army: Fish Clog River Soon After!
George Washington Prays: Supernatural Fog Allows Escape!
George Washington: Kneeling while most others stood;

President George Washington:
American Apostle takes Oath on Bible


George Washington Praying at Valley Forge: EXTENSIVE Evidence
Valley Forge Officers Find Washington Praying in Barn!
Isabella Potts-James Testifies Washington Prayed, Valley Forge;
Nathaniel R. Snowden: Recorded Washington's Valley Forge Prayer
Officer Muhlenberg Witnessed Washington Praying at Valley Forge;
George Washington's DIVINE BENEDICTION: His Truest Prayer!

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General George Washington:

American Apostle Professing "TWELVE MIRACLES"

George Washington Prays for Food for Army: Fish Clog River Soon After!

George Washington Prays: Supernatural Fog Allows Escape!
George Washington: Kneeling while most others stood;

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General George Washington:
American Apostle Praying At Valley Forge!

George Washington Praying at Valley Forge: EXTENSIVE Evidence
Valley Forge Officers Find Washington Praying in Barn!
Isabella Potts-James Testifies Washington Prayed, Valley Forge;
Nathaniel R. Snowden: Recorded Washington's Valley Forge Prayer
Officer Muhlenberg Witnessed Washington Praying at Valley Forge;
George Washington's DIVINE BENEDICTION: His Truest Prayer!

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General George Washington:
American Apostle takes Holy Communion!

Morristown Presbyterian Church became a Hospital during the War for Washington's Soldiers: The gracious, displaced congregation, met out-of-doors for a long time, even during harshest winter:
OBVIOUSLY, General Washington withdrew from the Church of England, the church of his birth;
The humble Morristown Chapel became Washington's Home Church during the War;
Rev. Timothy Johnes, 52 years at this country church became Washington's Pastor;
Washington - who SPURNED Dr. White and his Cathedral, took Communion with his New Church Family;
Many witnessed Washington's Communion, and a Stain-Glass Window there today Memorializes this Event;
George Washington: Taking Communion written in "Official Church History"
What George Washington Taking Communion written in by Tom Eckhard
George Washington Takes Holy Communion "A BRIEF HISTORICAL SKETCH"
George Washington Drawings Memorializing His Holy Communion
George Washington: Beautiful Photos Memorializing His Holy Communion;

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President Abraham Lincoln:
Reads The Holy Bible to His Young Son Tad!

25 SCHOLARS TESTIFY Abe Lincoln's Christianity, Bible Knowledge
(Secularists Angrily Dispute this photo!)
Abraham Lincoln: His faith Journey - from ATHEIST to Christian - In His Own Words
"AMERIPEDIA™" – Abraham Lincoln, His Religion and Beliefs
"AMERIPEDIA™" - Abraham Lincoln: 1000 of His Best Quotes
"AMERIPEDIA™" - Abraham Lincoln: "Is This His GREATEST QUOTE?"

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Abraham Lincoln Kneeling in Prayer;
He Personally Professed to be a "Man of CONSTANT PRAYER" (See below)


"AMERIPEDIA™" - Abraham Lincoln: Faith Journey from ANGRY at God to Great Disciple!
"AMERIPEDIA™" - Abraham Lincoln: "A Man of CONSTANT PRAYER!"
"AMERIPEDIA™" – Abraham Lincoln: His Religion and Faith!
"AMERIPEDIA™" - Abraham Lincoln: Salvation Testimony by His Pastors, His Wife, Others
"AMERIPEDIA™" – Abraham Lincoln: As President, 20 Beliefs on the Sabbath!

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Lincoln Quote on PRAYING MOTHER;
Below is Lincoln's Favorite Prayer Scripture

"AMERIPEDIA™" – Abraham Lincoln: "Last Words From His Dying Mother!"
"AMERIPEDIA™" - Abraham Lincoln: "He Tells About His Home Church!"
"AMERIPEDIA™" - Abraham Lincoln: Like George Washington, A Powerful Believer in PROVIDENCE!
"AMERIPEDIA™" - Abraham Lincoln: Was He GAY Like Ivy Leaguers SAY?


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America's GOD-ORDAINED "Founding Fathers!"



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FACT: Wikipedia is the "World's Most-Referenced Resource!"
FACT: We Recognize Wikipedia's Great Success

See Founder Jimmy Wales on CELEBRATED ATHEIST PAGE]

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Use Conservapedia, Theopedia, Biblipedia, Islamipedia;
Scriptipedia, Judaeopedia, Christipedia, Musicipedia, etc;
We plead support to publish Christian Worldview Research!

"AMERIPEDIA™" is a “Trademark” Of NewtonStein Academy,
Of Cambridge Theological Seminary™, American Bible Church;
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GOD SAYS: "Heaven and Earth Shall Pass Away;
But 'MY WORDS' Shall NOT Pass Away!" (Matthew 5:18) "

GEORGE SAYS: "It is IMPOSSIBLE, to govern the world rightly,
Without GOD and
[SOURCE: President George Washington, Farewell Address: Derivative, AD-1797].

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Statement On Holy Scriptures;

The ‘Lens’ Through Which All Knowledge Is Understood;


"IF" there exists any such thing as 'The Word of God'; [and ALL evidence proves such does exist:]

"THEN" by inherent definition - it must be:

    Holy, Inspired, Inerrant, Intrepid, Infallible, Infinitive, Invincible, Indestructible, Inexhaustible, Inalienable, Immutable, Implacable, Impossible-to-Improve: Eternal and Indubitable NEVER FAILING and ALL CONQUERING!

    DEDUCTING from the simple fact - that God equates His Word with Himself:

      "In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God, . . ." John 1:1 (and other Scriptures),
Thus 'GOD'S WORD' can have no lesser standard than stated above;


    As true in history, archeology, geography, Earth science, medical science, nutrition, gerontology, agriculture, botany, astronomy, physics, chemistry, climatology, government, law, psychology, sociology - and every subject it touches - as in Theology, Divinity and Doctrine:

And "IF IT BE NOT" - true in all subjects mentioned above; and And "IF IT BE NOT"

    Holy, Inspired, Inerrant, Intrepid, Infallible, Infinitive, Invincible, Indestructible, Inexhaustible, Inalienable, Immutable, Implacable, Impossible-to-Improve: Eternal and Indubitable in EVERY FIELD OF KNOWLEDGE:

Whatever else it may be, it cannot be
‘The Incomparable Word’ of the Great Creator God!

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New England Memorial

A History of the Puritans by GEORGE MORTON

From 1602 to the American Revolution;


Key Statement - Thesis

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(Christians Sending a "Message" to ALL Elected Officials!)

Many Thousands Already Have: And GOD is "Keeping Track!"!

(Are you Afraid? Ashamed? Apathetic? Anti-Christ? Or Against God's Authority?)


    "The BIBLE is the WORD of GOD!



      *HIGHEST AUTHORITY on Earth!


      >> I will NEVER 'GO' against, 'VOTE' against, or 'SPEAK' Against,

      >> The WORD of GOD,

      >> So Help me GOD!


      Please "CLICK" the following to Affirm your Commitment as a CHRISTIAN AMERICAN to the Word of God upon the Earth!

    This Christian American BELIEVES in the WORD OF GOD!

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Many Fine Bible Scholars seem unaware,
Of Christ's Great Parable covering the whole Church Age,
From His Sowing First Seed and His Great End-Time Harvest of Souls!
To Final Judgment of the Unsaved and their Damnation;
To Christ’s Presence and Eternal Kingdom!

(See Greatest Parable on End of Times!)
Christ’s Greatest Parable on End of Times: Brief Overview



    Full text of "George Morton of Plymouth Colony and some of his descendants"

    M I 929.2 m. L., M845501a 1588817




    By John K. Allen



    49-51 North Jefferson Street CHICAGO, ILL. 1908

    Pioneers in thought and action, blazing new paths in mind and erecting new homes in the wilderness because of their desire to worship God according to their expanding ideas



    George Morton and Some of His: Descendants

    By John K. Allen

    George Morton was one of the founders of the colony of New Plymouth in Massachusetts, having been of that company of Puritans who left England in the early part of the seventeenth century, found a brief asylum in Holland, and came to America to establish a Christian state.

    The causes leading to the settlement of Plvmouth are so well set forth by Nathaniel Morton,- a son of George Morton, in "New England's Memorial,"* that his statement may well introduce this record of a part of the family which thus came to be founded in America.

    He says, in beginning what has been justly called the "corner stone'' of New England history :

    "In the year 1602 divers Godlv Christians of our English nation, in the North of England, being studious of reformation, and therefore not only witnessing against human inventions, and additions in the worship of God, but minding most the positive and practical part of 'living institutions, they entered into covenant to walk with God, and one with another, in the enjoyment of the ordinances of God, according to the primitive pattern of the word of God.

    But finding by experience they could not peaceably enjoy their own liberty in their native country, without offense to others that were differently minded, they took up thoughts of removing themselves and their families into the Netherlands, which accordingly they endeavored to accomplish, but met with great hindrance;

    yet after some time the good hand of God removing obstructions, they thus obtained their desires; arriving in Holland, they settled themselves in the city of Leyden in the year 1610, and there they continued divers years in a comfortable condition, enjoying much sweet society and spiritual comfort in the ways of God,

    living peaceably amongst themselves, and being courteously entertained and lovingly respected by the Dutch, amongst whom they were strangers, having for their pastor Mr. John Robinson, a man of a learned, polished and modest spirit, pious and studying of the truth, largely accomplished with suitable gifts and qualifications to be a shepherd over this flock of Chris ;

    having also a fellow helper with him in the eldership, Mr. William Brewster, a man of approved piety, gravity and integrity, very eminently furnished with gifts suit- able to such an office."


This simple description of the beginning of a momentous movement gives but a faint hint of the severity of the conflict for religious freedom which began at the little village of Scrooby. There, in the drawing room of William Brewster at Scrooby :Manor, was formed that independent congregationalist church, under the leadership of John Robinson, numbering among its members that grave young man, William Bradford, later to become a brother-in-law of George Morton, and for thirty years the governor' New England's Memorial," etc., by Nathaniel Morton.

Secretary to the Court for the Jurisdiction of New Plymouth. Cambridge: 16Gy.

Governor of the colony, which both assisted in establishing. Among those members it is quite possible to imagine George Morton,t a thoughtful young man, scarcely more than twenty, but of excellent education and great strength of purpose. No list of the members of this church is known to George Morton, according: to Judge John Davis (see Preface to 5th Edition of "New England's Memorial," by Nathaniel Morton.

Boston: lS-26) had been an inhabitant of Austerfiold, the same village in the North of England from which came "William Bradford, governor of Plymouth Colony. Judge Davis also says George Morton was related to Governor Bradford by marriage, his wife Sarah being the governor's sister. This latter statement we now know to be an error. George Morton's wife, Juliana, was a sister of Alice, the second wife of Governor Bradford.

The maiden name of Governor Bradford's second wife was Alice Carpenter (see "Memoirs of American Governors," Jacob Bailey Moore. Washington: 1846, p. 88), a lady of extraordinary capacity and worth. It is said that an early attach- ment existed between Mr. Bradford and this lady, and that their marriage was pre- vented by her parents, on account of his inferior circumstances and rank. She after- wards married Sir Edward Southworth. Being now a widower (his first wife, whose maiden name was Dorothy May, having been drowned December 7, 1620, by acci- dentally falling from the deck of the Mayflower into the sea), Governor Bradford, by letters to England, made overtures to Lady Southworth, who was then a widow. She accepted his proposal, and with a generous resolution she embarked (on the Anne) in 1623 to meet her intended partner, knowing that he could not well leave his responsible station in the new settlement. (With her on the Anno were Mr. and Mrs. George Morton and their children, Mrs. Morton, who was Juliana Carpenter, being Mrs. Southworth 's sister.) Her two sons, Thomas and Constant Southworth, the younger of whom was only six years of age, came over with her, and she brought a handsome estate into the country. Her marriage (the fourth in the colony) with Governor Bradford took place on the 14th of August, 1623. She died in March, 1670, aged 80 years.

Of Mrs. Alice Bradford, Elder Faunce, in his eulogy, spoke concerning "her exertions in promoting the literary improvement and the good deportment of the rising generation, according to the accounts he had received of some of her co-tem- poraries." (See footnote of Judge Davis in "New England's Memorial," 5th Edi- tion. Boston: 1826, p. 104.)

In the Plvmouth Church records (see footnote on p. 460 of Collections of the Massachusetts "Historical Society, Vol. Ill, 4th series, 1856). under date of March 19-20, 1667, is a record of the' death, at Plymouth, of Mary Carpenter, sistor of Mrs. Alice (Southworth) Bradford, the wife of Governor Bradford, "being newly entered into the 91st year of her age. She was a Godly old maid, never married."

Priscilla Carpenter, another daughter of Alexander Carpenter, of Wrentham, England, m. John Cooper, of Scituate in 16.34, she being then the widow of WUiiam Wright. He removed in 1639 to Barnstable, and is said by Savage to have died there without children.

The following is the Carpenter genealogy in England:

1. John Carpenter, English member of Parliament, 1323.

2. Richard Carpenter, b. 1335; m. Christina — ; buried at St. MartinB,

Outwich, London.

3. John Carpenter, brother of the famous town clerk of London.

4. John Carpenter.

5. William Carpenter, b. 1440; d. 1520.

6. James Carpenter.

7. John Carpenter.

8. WiUiam Carpenter.

9. Alexander Carpenter, of Wrentham, b. 1560. 10. Juliana, m. George Morton.

Proofs: Carpenter genealogy.

exist, nor are the names known of all those self-exiled Englishmen who succeeded in escaping to Holland in 1610, but two years later it is known that George Morton was of their number, as in the Dutch records is found the record of his marriage, as follows :


"George Morton, merchant from York in England, accompanied by Thomas Morton, his brother, and Roger Wilson, his acquaintance, with Juliana Carpenter, maid from Baih in England, accompanied by Alexander Carpenter, her father, and Alice Carpenter, her sister, and Anna Robinson, her acquaintance.

"The banns were published July 6-16, 1612.

"The marriage took place 33 July-2 Aug., 1612."


"This is the first positive record of him. Back of this he has not been traced certainly. But there was a Morton family, ancient and honorable. in Haworth, adjoining Bawtry and Austeriield, the Pilgrim region. It owned a large estate. In this family there grew up a contemporary of William Bradford, who lived only a mile or two away, a George Morton. He is recorded. About the time of the departure of the Pilgrims to Hol- land he disappeared. Some four years later a George Morton, of about corresponding age, and the progenitor of the Morton family in America, turned up among the Pilgrims in Leyden. The inference is natural that the two George ^lortons were identical, and that the Haworth George Morton had become a Puritan and a Separatist, had left Haworth about 1607 or 1608, had passed a part or the whole of the interval at York, and by 1612 had joined his old neighbors in Leyden. Tliat a member of such a family should become a merchant — if he were one at York as well as in Leyden, which the Leyden record may imply — is accounted for by the fact that his own family was intensely Roman Catholic and would have been almost certain to disinherit liim."' Morton Dexter in private letter to the author.


As there is a possibility that the George Morton who is referred to by Morton Dexter as being cotemporary with William Bradford in the Scrooby neighborhood and the George ilorton who appeared in Leyden in 1612 were identical, it may be interesting to trace the ancestry of George Mor- ton, of Bawtry. The following is deduced from the Harleian Society's publications containing Joseph Hunters "Familiae Minorum Gentium" and the Herald's Visitations in Yorkshire. In its entirety as there pub- lished, it is an interesting "family tree'' and shows that Cardinal John Morton and Bishop Thomas Morton, both so celebrated in English history, were of this family. I give here the line of descent from Thomas in the fourteenth century, to George of Bawtry, the ninth, tenth and eleventh gen- erations being supplied from "Familiae Minorum Gentium" by Joseph Hunter, Vol. I, p. 241.

1. Thomas Morton, secretary to King Edward III.

2. i. Robert.

2. EoBERT ^Morton. Sher. of Notts and Derby, 1362.

3. i. Egbert.

ii. William, of St. Andrews; Milburn, Dorset, second son.

3. Robert Mortox, of Morton, Co. Notts.

4. i. Charles.

4. Chahles Mortok^ of Morton.

5. i. Egbert.

5. Egbert ^Mortox. of Morton, m. Cicely, dau. of Nicholas Knyre- ton, of Mircaston.

6. i. Egbert.

6. Robert ^Igrton', ra. Ales (Alice), daughter of Sir Richard Bozon.

7. i. Nicholas.

Six other sons who died without issue, viii. Elizabeth, m. Lajcton. ix. Anne, m. William Lacy. X. Alice, m. Eichard Fishborne.

7. Nicholas Morton, of ^lorton. m. Elizabeth, dau. of Thoma.? Wentworth, of Elmsall, Co. York.


8. ii. Charles, second son, and heir to his brother Eobert.

8. Chaeles Morton, of Bawtry, m. Maud, dau. of Wil. Daiison, of Co. Lincolnshire. His will dated 1531. (From here I quote from the visitation of Yorkshire in the years 1563 and 1564, p. '^IS, as the family record of this line of the family is not continued in this place beyond Charles.)

i. Charges, son and heir; d. young; m. (1) Christian, dau. of Bryan

Hastings; (2) Frances Frobischer. 8. ii. Egbert, heir to his brother Charles. iii. Thomas. iv. Nicholas, became a Priest; Papal Emissary, B. A., Camb., 1542;

M. A., 1545; Fellow of his College. 1546; D. D. in Eome, living

there, December 9, 1586. (See his life in the Diet, of Nat'l Biog.,

Vol. XXXIX, p. 156.) V. Anthony. vi. Charles. ▼ii. Geevase. ▼iii. Francis.

Lx. Eliz.vbeth, m. Thomas Cranmer, of Aslockton, Notts. I. Mary, m. John Paget, xi. Joan, d. without issue. xii. Frances, d. without issue. liii- Dorothy, m. John Stagg.

xiv. Ann, m. Thomas Compton, of Willingham, Lincolnshire. XV. Jane, m. .John Norton, second son of Eichard, of Norton Conyers. xvi. Isabel, m. Richard Halsworth.

8. Robert Morton, of Bawtrv, Esquire, will dated 1575, m (1) Alice, dau. of Sir John Markham. of Colham, Notts.

i. John, d. young.

9. ii. Anthony, of Bawtry, Esquire; buried in Haworth Chapel. iii. Ann, d. young.

Md. (2) Anne, dan. of John Norton, of Xorton Conyers, and widow of Bobert Plumpton,

iv. Egbert, executed in London. Aug. 26, 1588, as a traitor. See Diet.

of Nat. Biography, XXXIX, p. 156. V. Sampson, ■went to Eome. ■vi. Daniel, went to Eome. vii. Elizabeth, d. young.

9. Anthoxy Morton, of Bawtry, Esquire; buried in the chapel there; m. — .

10. i. George.


10. George, m. Catherine, dan. of John Boun, Esquire, of Notts (buried in chapel at Bawtry).

i. George, of Leyden and Plymouth.


From the records of one branch of the Mortons in America, furnished me by E. P. Morton, Esq.. of Webster, Mass., I copied the following state- ment concerning the parentage of George M(irron ; Mr. Morton states that the information was furnished him by a cousin, now deceased, and he does not know what authority tlie statement rests upon:

^'Thomas ^lorton, b. in York, England, March 20, 1564. Dean of Glou- cester and Winchester; Bishop of Chester, 1615; of Coventry, 1618; of Ihirham, 1632; imprisoned in Tower of London, 1645, by Charles I.; d. September 22, 1659. George, his son, b. 1585; became a merchant at York; went to Leyden 1612 with Pilgrims; m. there in 1612 Julian, dau. of Alex Carpenter, of Wrentham. She was a sister of Alice Carpenter SouthM'orth, the second wife of Governor Bradford. In 1620 George came to England with the Pilgrims, but remained in London, acted as their agent and published 'Mourt's Eelation,' a compilation from the journals of Bradford and Winslow. In 1623 he came to Plymouth in the "Ann' and d. in 1624."

The unsupported statement that George Morton was a son of the Thomas Morton referred to is undoubtedly an error. The Tliomas Morton bom in York, March 20, 1564, became a verv' prominent prelate in the English Roman Catholic Church and his biography may be found in any standard biographical collection. He died a Bishop and undoubtedly had no issue.


The following quotation is from an article entitled, "In and About Scrooby," bv ^Morton Dexter, published in ''The Mayflower Descendant," Vol. II, pp. 194-0 :

"x\ long mile northwest from the Crown Inn (Bawtry) and in Haworth Parish lie? the lar^e Martin farm, the remainder of the large estate once owned by the ilorton family, an ancient and honorable house which has furnished, in its descendants, at least one governor and one chief-justice of the Supreme Court of Massachusetts.

"Much more interesting (than the Haworth parish church), although it has been 'restored" out of whatever antique beauty it may have had, is the old Morton Chapel, which, alrhough close to the houses of Bawtrv, really is just over the line in Haworrh. Three lumdred years or more ago the Mortons, then Roman Catholics, built and endowed this chapel, and also, just across the road, two or three little cottages as refuges for poor old women. It is pleasant to know that the pious purposes of the foun- ders have not failed to be fulfilled by their Protestant successors. Wor- ship still is held regularly in the church, which has become a 'chapel-of- ease' of the Bawtry parish church, and you may still see old women in the cottages who owe their enjoyjuent of homes, instead of becoming inmates of some great county asylum, to the beneficence of the past."


It does not seem possible at this time, with the information available in the United States, positively to determine the English ancestry of George Morton. I shall be glad if further search reveals it.


In a private genealogical record of one branch of George Morton'a desctndants, compiled by Stuart C. Wade, Esq., of New York, this inter- esting statement is made concerning the "Morton"' name in England and France :

"The name of Morton, Moreton and Mortaigne is earliest found in old Dauphine, and is still existant in France, where it is represented by the present Comtes and Marquises Morton de Chabrillon, and where the family has occupied many important positions.

"In the annals of the family there is a statement repeatedly met with, that as a result of a quarrel one of the name migrated from Dauphine, first to Brittany and then to Xormandy, where he joined William the Con- queror. Certain it is that among the followers of William, painted on the chancel ceiling of the ancient church of Dives in old Normandy, is that of Robert, Comte de Mortain. It also figures on Battle Abbey Roll, the Doiuesday Book, and the Xorman rolls, and ir is conjectured that the Count Robert, who was also half brother of William the Conqueror, by his mother Harlotto, was the founder of the English family of that name.

"In the Bayeux tapestr}- he is represented as of the Council of William, the result of which was the landing at Pevensey, the battle of Senlac or Hastings, and the conquest of England. The Reverend Mark .Vntony Lower, M. A., F. S. A., in his Dictionary of the Family Names of the United Kingdom (p. 229) supplies the most probable and reasonable origin of the family name of iloreton or ^lorton in this definition: 'Morton, an anglicized form of Mortain, a great baronial family founded in England by Robert, Earl of ilortaine, uterine brother of William the Conqueror.' This ancestral worthy deserves, as will be seen, a brief mention. Accord- ing to Sidney Lee's Dictionary of National Biography, Vol. XXXIX, p. 117, he was Count of ilortain, in the diocese of Avranches, France, was present at the Council of Lillebonne to discuss the invasion of England, contributed one hundred and twenty ships to the fleet, and himself fought

at the battle of Hasting:?. His possessions in England were larger than any other follower of William the Conqueror (Freeman, Xorman Con- quest, IV, p. 764) and have been estimated at 793 manors, (Brady, Intro- duction to Domesday, p. 13). He had 248 manors in Cornwall, 196 in Yorkshire, 99 in Northamptonshire, 75 in Devonshire, with a church and house in Exeter, 54 in Sussex and the borough of Pevensey, 49 in Dorset, 29 in Buckinghamshire, and one or more in ten other counties (Willis, I, p. 455). He had a castle of Mortain in Normandy and died in 1091. With such an origin for the name the map of England is found dotted with traces of ilorton place-names, and a place-name is one of the most frequent sources of a family name. Thus John, who lived at Morton, became John de Morton on the adoption of surnames and, abandoning tha "de,'* founded a family of Mortons."


The second reference to George Morton which we find is in the Dutch record of the marriage in Leyden, December 15-25, 1612, of Edward Pick- ering, '"'merchant from London" with '"'Maycken Stuws," with George Morton present as a witness.


George Morton is credited with having been the publisher in London of "Mourt's Relation," a volume of great interest because it was the first publication of information about the adventure of the Pilgrims. This volume was published under the name of "G. Mourt," and as to the iden- tification of ''G. Mourt" with George Morton, I quote the late Hev. Henry Martyn Dexter as follows :

"Who was "G. Mourt"? From* his preface (to "Mourt's Relation") two things are clear:

"1. He had been formerly associated with the writers of these jour- nals — Bradford and Winslow — to that degree that he could speak of them as "my "both known and faithful friends."

"2. He had always desired, and was now intending soon, to emigrate in person to join the company in Xew-Plymouth ; inasmuch as he says, 'Myselfe then much desired, and shortly hope to effect, if the Lord will, the putting to of my shoulder in tliis hope full business.'

"If in this case, as in each similar instance in the volume, the inituils only had been given, and we were simply called upon to interpret 'G. M.' no one probably would hesitate to read them George Morton, inasmuch as there was no other member of the Leyden-Plymouth Company, to all appearance, so likely as he was to have done such a work. He had joined them at least as early as 1612. He had been intrusted with public employ- ment on their behalf. He seems to have been in London as an agent for them, while those negotiations were going on with Weston and others, which, resulted in the sailinir of the Mavflower. He himself sailed with

•"Mourt's Eelation, or Journal of the Plantation at Plymouth, with an Intro- duction and Notes," Henry Martyn Dexter. Boston: 1865. Author's Introduc- tion, page XVIII et seq.

''.•■■ -■' '• ' ! vaj


his family for New Plymouth in the Anne, about the last of April, in the following year. He is the only G. il. of whom these things were true; in fact, the only G. M. of any sort loiown as being in their company, of \rhom they could be true.

"Unless we take the ground, then, that the difference between Mourt and Morton is suiScient to overturn these probabilities by suggesting another of greater weight, we shall inevitably come to the conclusion which was reached by Dr. Young {Citron. Plum., page 113), that 'G. Mourt' was none other than George Morton."

Two copies of the original edition of "Mourt's Relation'' are in the Lenox Library in Xew York.

GEORGE Morton's arrival at Plymouth.

George Morton came to Plymouth in the ship '"Anne"' during the lat- ter part of July, in the year 1623. Of the arrival of Mr. Morton, Nathaniel ^Morton, his eldest sou, says in "Xew England's Memorial'"*: "About fourteen days after (the fast held about the middle of July) came in the ship, called the Ann, whereof itr. William Pierce was master. Two of the principal passengers that came in this ship were Mr. Timothy Hatiierly and Mr. George Morton. ■' * * The latter of the two fore- named, viz., ^Ir. George ]\Iorton, was a pious, gracious servant of God, and very faithful in whatsoever publick employment he was betrusted withal, and an unfeigned well-wilier, and according to his sphere and con- dition a suitable promoter or the common good and growth of the planta- tion of Xew Plimouth ; labouring to still the discontents that sometimes would arise amongst some spirits, by occasion of the difficulties of these new beginnings ; but it pleased God to put a period to his days soon after his arrival in Xew-England, not survi\-ing a full year after his coming ashore. With much comfort and peace he fell asleep in the Lord, in the month of June, Anno. 1624.''

Thomas Morton, of Plymouth, }ilas?., Avriting ilarch 9, 1807, "partly from the record and partly from tradition,'' says (in a manuscript owned by Marcus [Morton, Esq., of Boston, [Mass.) : "Mr. George Morton at- tempted to come over before, and after having obtained near half the passage the ship proved leaky and returned to England again.'' If this be a fact George [Morton wa> one of the '"part of the company" which wa3 returned to London on the "Speedwell." after putting in at Plymouth. (See "Xew England's Memorial," Xathaniel [Morton, Edition of 1826, p. 32.)


Concerning the death of George Morton, Felt has this to say in hia "Ecclesiastical History of Xew England" : "In June the colonists met with a great loss in the death of Geo. Morton, an exemplary Christian and a pillar of church and society. * * * Tiiough his tarry here is short his memorial on high is everlasting."

In the division of land amon2" those who came in the "Ann" it is recorded that George [Morton and Experience Mitchell (names bracketed

•Boston: 1826. Fifth e


together) received eight acres abutting '-'against the Swampe and Reed Ponde."' In the same location Thomas Morton, Jr.. was allotted one acre. After Mr. ilorton's death his widow married Manasseh Kempton. She died February 19-29, 1665-6. aged 81, and is mentioned in the Plymouth town records as a faithful servant of God. Mr, Kempton died ^ January 14, 1662-3.


In this record of the descendants of George ^lorton I have given the first four generations as completely as it has been possible to glean the information. Beginning with the fifth generation the descendants of but one line are now published, except that copious footnotes include the de- scent of certain prominent lines.

Children of George Morton and Juliana, his wife: 2. i. Nathaniel, b. in Leyden, Holland, about 1613.

ii. Patience, b. at Leyden, Holland, Itilo; d. 1691; m. at Plymouth, 1633, John Faunee, who came in the "Ann" in 1623; they Lad children :

i. Priscilla, b. — ; m. Joseph Warren.' ii. Mary, b. July 15-25, 1658; m. William Harlow. iii. Patience, b. Nov. 20-30, 1661; m, John Holmes. iv. Sarah, b. Feb. :'6-March 8, 1663-4; m. Edward Doty and (2) John Buck. .^ T. Thomas, b. 1647; the famous elder.*

Ti. Elizabeth, b. March 23-April 2, 1648; m. Isaac Bob- ^ inson.

Tii. Mekcy, b. April 10-20, 1651; m. Dec. 29-j3n. 8, 1667-

8, Nathaniel Holmes, viii. Joseph, b. May 14-24, 1653; d. Jan. 18-28, 1687. ix. .John, b. — , 1654; d. Nov. 29-Dec, 9, 1654, 2. iii, ,T0BN, b. at Leyden, Holland, 1616.

iT. Sasah, b. at Leyden. Holland, 1618; m. Dec. 20-30, 1644, aa his sec- ond wife, George Bonuni, who appeared early in Plymouth; she d. 1694; he d. April 23, 1704, aged 95 years; their children:

i. Euth, b, Nov. 28-Dec. 8, 1666; m. Robert Barrow. ii. Patience, b. — , Dec. 28-Jan. 7, 1670-1; m. Richard

Willis, son of Richard and Ann Glass Willis. iii. Sakah, b. Dee. 4-14, 1649; d. early in 1650. iv. Sarah, b. Jan. 12-22, 1651-2; d. probablv soon. V. Sarah, b. Dec. 10-20, 1653; d. April 2S-May 9, 1704. vi. George, b. — ; m. 1683 to Elizabeth .Jenney, d. of Samuel Jennev, and had: (i) Samuel, b. — , 1686; (ii) Ruth, b. — , 1688; (iii) Elizabeth, b. — , 1689; (iv) Ann, b. — , 1690; (v) Sarah, b. — , 1693; (vi) Lydia, b. — , 1696; (vii) Ebenezer, b. — , 1699; (viii) Susanna, b. — , 1700. • 3. V. Ephhaim, b. — , 1623, it is said, on "Ann" on the passage to New '"' England.

•''Among the noted descendants of Patience (Morton) Faunee are Hon. WUliam Bradford, 1728-9-lSOS, lieutenant governor of Rhode Island, United States Senator, and president pro tempore of the Senate in 1787;

• To the memory of Elder Thomas Fannce is credited, by .Tudge John Davis [footnote on pa;;e 82 of "New I^ngland's Memorial," .oth edition; Boston; 1826], the preservation mnd Identlticatlon of Plymouth Rock as the landing place of the Pilgrims.


Major William Bradford (1752-1811), aide-de-camp to General Charles Lee of the Eevolutionarv armv; Col. Edward ^NEitchell (1716-lSOl) ; Judge Nahum Mitchell (1769-1853), graduated at Harvard, 1789, author of the "History of Bridgewater, Massachusetts" (Boston, 18-40) : Edward Gushing Mitchell (b. 1820), professor of Biblical interpretation at Eegents Park Baptist College, London, president of the Baptist Theological School, Paris, France, president of E^ger Williams L'niversity, Nashville, Ten- nessee, and later president of the Leland University, Xew Orleans, Louisi- ana; General James Warren (1726-lSOS), graduated at Harvard, 1745, eight years a member of the Colonial Assembly, and on the death of Gen- eral Joseph Warren at Bunker Hill, chosen to succeed him as president of the Provincial Congress of Massachusetts; his wife, Mercy Otis (1728- 1814), [great-great-grandchild of Patience (Morton) Faunce], authoress, and one of the most highly educated and brilliant women of her time; her brother, James Otis (1725-1783), the distinguished Boston law^-er, Revolutionary patriot and orator; Samuel Allevne Otis (1740-1814), speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, a member of the Continental Congress, and secretary of the United States Senate; and hi3 son, Harrison Gray Otis (1765-1848), speaker of the Massachusetts House of Eepresenta fives, president of the State Senate, judge of the Court of Common Pleas, Mayor of Boston, member of Congress and L^nited States Senator." '"'Morton Memoranda," Leach. Cambridge, 1894, pp. 24-25.


2. Hon. Nathaniel Morton- (George^). This illustrious man was the eldest son of George Morton, and was born the latter part of 1613, in Levden, Holland. He came to New England with his father in 1623 on the "Ann;" upon the death of his father in June, 1624, he was adopted by Governor William Bradford, whose second wife, Mrs. Alice (Carpen- ter) Southworth, was Mrs. George !Morton's sister; that benevolent man gave his nephew the care which by the early death of his father he was denied, and he received an education which fitted him for the great work he afterwards accomplished for the colony; he was made a freeman in 1635, and in that same vear married Lvdia Cooper; she d. Sept. 23-Oct. 4, 1673; he m. (2) April 29, 1674, Ann, dau. of Eichard Pritchard (who removed from Yarmouth to Charleston), and widow of Eichard Tem- plar, of Charlestown; she d. Dec. 26-Jan. o, 1690-1. In 1645 Nathaniel Morton was elected clerk, or secretary, of the Colony court, and remained in office until his death, June 29, 16S5, and to his scrupulous, faithful, painstaking labors we are indebted for the good preservation of the ar- chives of the Pl\Tnouth Colony. Mr. ^lorton wrote the "First Beginnings and After Progress of the Church of Christ at Plymouth, in New Eng- land," which lias preserved the early historv of the first church established in New England ; he also wTote many verses upon occasions of public in- terest, amoDg which may be mentioned those on the death of his aunt, Mrs. Alice Bradford, which are publir^lied in the Massachusetts Historical Collection, Vol. III., 4th series ; p. 460 ; but his greatest work, upon which his fame securely rests, is "New England's Memorial/' originally pub-

■'i 9/^


lished at Cambridge in 1669, and frequently referred to as "the corner etone" of Xew England history ; its accurate and full account of the trans- actions of the colony from 16'-?0 to 1668 fully justify its claim to that title ; it is a time-honored book, and has long been accounted an impartial history of the Pilgrim fathers; seven editions of the work have been pub- lished. Much of its value depended, no doubt, upon the authors access to the papers of Governor Bradford, as well as to the archives of the colony, but his educatiou, manner of life, and intimate connection with the leading men in the arduous task recorded in his history, qualified him particularly for the work.

Children of Xathaniel and Lydia (Cooper) Morton, all born in Plymouth :

i. Remember, b. — , 1637; m. (1) Nov. IS, 1657, Abraham Jackson:

(i) Lydia, b. — , 1658; m, Israel Leavitt and Preserved Hall; (ii)

Abraham, b. — ; (iii) Nathaniel, b. — ; (iv) Eleazer, b. — , 1669;

(v) John, b. — ; m. Abigail Woodworth, she m. (2) Preserved

Hall, ii. Mercy, b. — ; m. Nov. 18, 1657, Joseph Dunham, s. of John and

Abigail Dunham of Plymouth; she d. before 16s5, and he m. (2)

Esther Wormall, and some of these are her children: (i) Eleazer,

b. — ; (ii) Nathaniel, b. — , m. Mary Tilson; (iii) Micajah, b.

— ; (iv) Joseph, b, — ; (v) Benaiah, b. — ; (vi) Daniel, b. — ;

(vii) Mercy, b. — . iii. Hannah, b. — ; m. Nov. 27. 1666, Benjamin Bosworth, of Hull, s. of

Benjamin BosTvorth of Hingham; he m. (2) Beatrice, widow of

Abraham Josselynn; children by Hannah: (i) Hannah, b. 1669;

(ii) Benjamin, b. — . By Beatrice: (iii) David, b. — ; (iv)

Hezekiah. iv. Lydl\., b. — ; m. about 1670, George Ellison. I have found no record

of her children. V. Eleazer, b. — ; d. Jan. 16, 1649. •vi. Nathaniel, b. — ; d. Feb. 17, 1666-7. vii. Elizabeth, b. May 3, 1652; m. Dee. 7, 1670, Nathaniel Bosworth of

Hull, son of Benjamin Bosworth of Hingham; her death before

16S5 and honorable burial are mentioned in the colony records;

her children: (i) Nathaniel, b. — , 1673; (ii) Elizabeth, b. — ,

1676; (iii) John, b. — , 1678; (iv) Samuel, b. — , 1680; (v) Mary, ■ b. — , 1682; (vi) Ephraim, b. — , 16S4; (vii) Lemuel, b. — , 1686;

(viii) Joseph, b. — , 1689; (ix) Bridget, b. — , 1691; (x) Jeremiah,

b. — , 1693. ▼iii. Joanna, b. Nov. 9-19, 1654; m. Dec. 7, 1670, Joseph Prince of Hull,

b. 1642-3, son of John and Alice (Honour) Prince; he d. at Quebec

in 1695. Children: (i) Joanna, m. John Lothrop of Barnstable;.

(ii) Lydia, b. 1685; (iii) Joseph, b. — , d. 1694.

3. Hon. John* Morton^ (George^). Born at Leyden, Holland, 1616, came to Plymouth with his parents on the "Ann" in 1623; upon the death of his father he was probably adopted by Governor Bradford;

m. about 1648, Lettice *; he d.'Oct. 3, 1673; she m. (2) Andrew

Ring, father of ^^lary Ring, who married Lettice Morton's son John; he was admitted a freeman of the colony June 7, 1G48; chosen constable for Plymouth in 16.54; a member of the grand inquest of Pl}Tnouth county

•Leach, in his "Morton Memornnda," says it Ls possible that Mra. John Morton's maiden name was Lettice Hanford, widow of Edward Foster, Esq., of Scitnate, and niece of Hon. Timothy Hatherly of the same place.



in 1660; deputy to the General Court in 1G62 ; tax assessor, 1664; select- man, 1666 ; collector of excise. 1668. In 1670 he removed to Middleboro, Mass., in Plymouth County, of which place he was one of the twenty-six original proprietors and founders. He was the town's first representative to the Massachusetts General Court, and held the office until his death. In Leach's "Morton Memoranda" is a picture of the residence of John Morton in ^Middleboro. The colonial records state that he was a "godly man," and that his death was much lamented by the inhabitants of Mid- dleboro.

Children of John and Lettice ]Morton, all bom in Pljinoutli. i. John, b. Doc. 11, 1649; d. Dec. 20, 16-49.

5. ii. John, b. Dec. 21, 1650.

iii. Deborah, b. — ; m. 16S7, Francis Coombs, son of John and Sarah (Cuthbcrt) Coombs, of Plyniouth, 1633; I have no record of her children.

iv. ^Iary, b. — .

V. Martha, b. — .

vi. Hannah, b. — ; m. 1666, John Fuller.

vii. Esther, b. — .

6. viii. Manasseh, b. June 7, 16;j3.

7. ix. Ephraim, b. June 7, 1653.

Of these last named children, twins, I have been unable to secure any further information.

4. Hon. Ephraim Morton- {George'^). Born in 1623, on the ship "Ann," on the passage to Xew England; upon his father's death probably adopted by Governor Bradford; m. Xov. 18-28, 1644, Ann Cooper, who, Savage says, I., p. 454, was his cousin, dau. of John Cooper, of Scituate, Mass., and Priscilla (Carpenter) Wright, widow of William Wright, and sister of Juliana (Carpenter) ^lorton; she d. Sept. 1-10, 1691; m. (2) 1692, Mary, widow of William Harlow, and dau. of Robert Shelley, of Scituate; made a freeman of the colony June 7. 1648; constable for Plymouth, 1648: member of the grand inquest, 1654; in 1657 elected a representative to the Plymouth General Court and was a member for twenty-eight years; in 1691-2 Plymouth was merged into Massachusetts and he was chosen one of the first representatives to the General Court; head of the Board of Selectmen of Plymouth for nearly twenty-five years ; magistrate of the colony in 1683 ; at the time of his death he was a justice of the Court of Common Pleas ; he was sergeant of the PhTuouth military company, and in 1664 was elected lieutenant, and in 1671 was chosen a member of the ''Council of War," in which he was of nmch service for many years, including the time of King Philip's War: for many years he was a deacon of the Pl}Tnouth Church, having been chosen August 1, 1669. and serving until his death, Sept. 7, 1693. His widow m. (3) Hugh Cole*, in 1698. His will is printed in full in the "Genealogical Adv^er- tiser," and reads :

Will of Ephraim Morton, senr. of Plymouth, dated Sept. 27, 1693, proved Not. 2, 1693, he "being weak of Body through sickness."

To wife Mary Morton £10 out of the personal estate; to son Nathaniel £10; to daughter Patience, wife of John Nelson, £5; to daughter Mercy Morton £20; to

• Mitchell's "Brldgewater."


son George 30 acres given me by the town of Plymouth on the south side of th» Eele Kiver, also the best of my wearing apparell ; to son Josiah one fourth my lands in Sagaquash ; to my two sons Nathaniel and Thomas all my right to a tract of land in Middleboro; to son Thomas lands; to son Eliezer lands in Middleboro; ■when the legacies are paid, the rest of my personal estate, whether at Plymouth or elsewhere, shall be equally divided between my three sons, Nathaniel, Thomas and Eliezer, "I having disposed already unto all the Kest of my children such a part to each of them of my estate as I have thought fitt to be their full portion ; ' ' son Nathaniel to be sole executor.

This vrill was witnessed by Ephraim ^lortou Junr., Thomas Faunce and Joseph Faunce, who all made oath to said will Xov. 2, 1693.

The inventory of the estate of Lieut. Ephraim ^lorton, late of Ply- mouth, taken Xov. 1, 1693, by Eliezer Churchill and Thomas Faunce, was sworn to in court by Xathaniel ^lorton, Xov. 2, 1693.

The marriage covenant between F.phraim ]Morton, of Plymouth, and Mrs. Mary Ha'rlow. widow of Mr. William Harlow, deceased, of said Plymouth, dated Oct. 11, and acknowledged Oct. 19, 169*2, provided: She is to have her right of dower in the estate of her late husband, and is to quitclaim her rights to the estate of said Ephraim Morton if she sur- vive him. Witnessed by Thomas Faunce and Jon Faunce.

Children of Ephraim and Ann Morton:

George, b. — , 1645.

Ephraim, b. Jan. 27, 1648.

Rebecca, b. ilar. 15, 1651.

JcsiAH, b. — , 1653., b. — .

Nathaniel, b. — .

Ele.\zer, b. — , 1659.

Thomas, b. 1667.

Patience, b. — ; m. May 4, 1693, as 3rd wife, John, son of William and ZJartha (Ford) Nelson, one of the proprietors of Middlebor- ough. Her children: (i) Lydia, b. — , 1694; (ii) Sarah, b. — , 1695.

It is said that one of these daughters, whether Mercy or liebecca ia not known, married William Da\is, of Plymouth.


5. John ^Iorton^ (John-, George^). Born at Plymouth, Mass., Dec. 21. 1650; d. Mar. 50, 1718; m. about 1680, Phebe, dau. of Jonathan Shaw; she d. — , and he m. (2) at Middleboro. about 1687. Mary, dau. of Andrew and Deborah (Hopkins) liing. granddaughter of Stephen and Elizabeth Hopkins, of the ilayflower. To him is due the establish- ment of what is believed to be the first absolutely free public school in America, which he ''erected and kept"' at Plymouth in 1671, "for the edu- cation of children and youth.''

Children by Phebe, born at Middleboro:

L Joanna, b. Feb., 1682; m. at Middleboro, July 3, 1705, Elisha

Vaughan. iL Phebe, b. July 7, 1685; m. 1719, John Murdock.

















Children by Mary, bom at Middleboro :

iii. Maey, b. Deo. 15, 1689; m. — , 1711, Josepir-Hall.

14. iv. John, b. June, 1693.

V. Hannah, b. Sept. 1, 1694; m. John Cook.

15. Ti. Ebenezer, b. Oct. 19, 1696.

vii. Deborah, b. Sept. 15, 1698; m. Caleb Stetson^" viiL Persis, h. Nov. 27, 1700.

6. Manasseh Morton- (John, George). Born June 7, 1653; [I have been unable to secure any further information of this person, or of his twin brother, who follows].

7. EPHRAiii Morton (John, George). Born June 7, 1653.

8. Dea. George Morton^ (Ephralm-, George^). Bom at Plymouth, Mass., — , 1645; m.* Dee. 22, 1664, Joanna, dau. of Ephraim and Joanna (Eawlins) Kempton, who appeared at Plymouth in 1643; she was b. — , 1645, and d, June, 1728; he d. Aug. 2, 1727. He was one of the original purchasers of Dartmouth in 1652.' He sleeps on the summit of Burial Hill at Plymouth, with this inscription on the stone : "Here lyes ye Body of Deacon George Morton, who Deed August ye 2nd, 1727, in'yc S2d year of his Age.'" She also sleeps on Burial Hill, the inscription reading: "Here lyes ye Body of Mrs. Joanna, wife to Deacon Morton, who deed June ye — , 1728, in ye 83 year of her age.""

Just at the summit of Burial Hill, and at a point to which the long flight of steps going up from the town naturally leads the visitor, is a row of four stones, made of slate, marking the graves of Deacon George Morton, his youngest son Thomas, his wife j'oanna, and his brother Ephraim. That of George Morton has been bound in metal to preserve it from the effects of the weather, and to prevent its being broken by thought- less persons who desire relics of this interesting spot.

Children of George and Joanna Morton : — — —

i. Hannah, b. Nov. 26, 1666; m. Ephraim Morton.

16. ii. Manasseh, b. Feb. 3, 1669.

17. uL Ephraim:, b. Apr. 12, 1671.

iv. Joanna, b. June 27. 1673; m. Thomas Holmes.

V. Ruth, b. Dec. 21, 1676; m. Stephen Bamaby.

18. vi. George, b. July 16, 1679.

19. vii. Timothy, b. ^lar. 12, 1682.

viii. Rebecca, b. July IS, 1684; m. Nicholas Drew.

ii. Euzabeth, b. Nov. 20, 16S6; m. Havilind Torrey.

20. X. Thomas, b. July 2, 1690.

9. EPHRAnf Morton^ (Ephraim-, George^). Bom at Plymouth, Jan. 27, 1648; m. about 1665-6 to Hannah Finney, b. — , 1657; d. Feb. 18, 1731-2; is buried on Burial Hill, Ph-mouth, the inscription on his grave- stone being : ''Here lyes ye body of Mr. Ephraim Morton who deed Febry ye 18th 1731-2 in ye 84th year of his age."

Children of Ephraim and Hannah Morton:

L Hannah, b. Nov, 7, 1677; m. Benjamin Warren. [X. E. Gen. Beg. VoL 60, p. 67, says she m. Benjamin Morton.]

* In the Plymouth Records there is recorded the death on May 22, 1663, of Phoebe, wife of George Morton, aged IS. She may have been Dea. George Mor- ton's first wife.


21. ii. Ephraim, b. Oct. 31, 1678.

22. iii. John, b. July 20, 1680.

23. iv. Joseph, b. .Mar. 4, 1683.

24. T. Ebenezer, b. Apr. 11, 1685.

10. JosiAH MoRTOx^ (Ephraim-, George'^). Bom at Plymouth, Mass., — , 1653; d. 1694; m. — , 1G86, Susanna Wood or Ward, of Middleboro; his widow married a Deacon Clark.

Children of Josiah and Susannah Morton:

i. SUSAXXAH, b. Feb. 1, 16So; d. Mar. 1, 16S7.

25. ii. Josiah, b. Apr. 13, 16SS.

iii. Susannah, b. Sept. 1, 1690 ; m. Ephraim Morton.

26. iv. Henry, b. Jan. 7* 1692; d. Nov. — , 1097.

11. Lieut. Xathaniel Morton^ (Ephraim-, George'^). Bom — ; d. 1709 ; m. — , 1706, Marv, dau. of Joseph and Judith (Rickard) Faunce, b. — , 1681.

"Nathaniel Morton died leaving only one child named Nath'l who died when young leaving also only one child whose name was Nathaniel who was the father of the present Mrs. Rebecca Davis, wife of Wm. Davis.'"' [Thomas ^Morton, of Pbanouth, writing in 1807.] His widow m. (2) Joseph Hall, and d. May 31, 1761, aged 80.

27. i. Nathaniel, b. Dec. 5, 1706.

12. Eleazee Morton^ (Ephraim-, George^). Bom at Plymouth, Mass., 1659; m. at Boston, by Rev. Samuel Willard, April 11, 1692, Re- becca Dawes Marshall, b. Feb. 25, 1661, dau. of Benjamin and Rebecca Marshall, granddaughter of John Marshall, who can:ie in the ''Hopewell,'' 1635, aged 14, and settled in Boston; received from his father by will shown in the Plymouth Records, dated Sept. 27-Oct. 6, 1693, all his interest in the 16 shilling purchase, so-called, in ]\Iiddleborough, and one-third of hj> residual personal estate. She d. Nov. 6, 1730, and is interred on Burial Hill in Plymouth.

"Eleazer Morton died leaving 3 children one son and two daughters. His son's name was Nathaniel and was the father of Deacon Ichabod Mor- ton of Middleborough." [Thomas ^Morton, of Plymouth, writing in 1807.]

28. i. Ele.vzer, b. Jan. 8, 1693.

ii. Ann, b. May 19, 1694; m. Eobert Fiuney, who died in a military ex- pedition to Canada.

29. iii. Nathaniel, b. Aug, 24, 1695.

iv. Eebecca, b. Apr. 9, 1703; may be the Rebecca Morton, of Plymouth, who m. AYalter Ritch at Boston, June 29, 1732.

13. Thomas Morton^ (Ephraim-, George^). Born at Pljinouth, Mass., — , 1667; m. Dec. 23, 1696, his cousin, Martha Doty, dau. of Edward Doty and Sarah Faunce, b. at Plymouth, July 9, 1671; he resided in Plymouth and was noted for his integrity; was a town officer for many


30. L Thomas, b. Feb. 12, 1700.

ii. Lydia, b. Nov. 15, 1702; ra. Benjamin Bartlett, son of Joseph and Lydia (Griswold) Bartlett.

31. iii. Lemuel, b. Oct. 21, 1704; d. young.

It. Sarah, b. July 6, 1706; m. 'l737, Joseph Bartlett, b. 1704, son of Kobert and Sarah Bartlett, and had: (i) Sarah, b. 1737; (ii) Joseph, b. 1738; (iii) Thomas, b. 1742; (iv) Josiah, b. 1744; (v) Martha, b. 1747; (vi) Hannah, b. 1749.


32. V. Nathaniel, b. Oct. 2, 1710.

vL Mary, b. Aug. 30, 1712; m. 1732. John Nelson, son of first Samuel and Bathsheba (Nichols) Nelson, and had, all b. in PlTmouth: (i) Mary, b. 1733; (ii) Lydia, b. 1734; (iii) Hannah, b. 1737; (iv) Samuel, b. 1739; (v) Thomas, b. 1741; (ri) John, b. 1748.


14. John Morton* (John^, John-, George'^). Born at Pl}Tiiouth, Mass., June — , 1693.

[I am unable to Imd any information concerning this man.]

15. Capt. Ebexezer Morton-' (John^, John-, George^). Bom r.t Plymouth, Mass.. Oct. 19, 1696; m. 1T20, :\[ercy, dau. of John and Hannah

■ (Stetson) Foster, of PlMiiouth, and great-granddaughter of Cornet Eobert Stetson; b. I69S; d. at ]\[iddlcboro, April -i, 1TS2. He was a prominent citizen, served as assessor, surveyor of highways, selectman, moderator of town meeting, and captain of the militia. He died May 12, 1750.

Children, all born in iOddleboro :

i. Mercy, b. Jan. 20, 1722; d. 1S02; m. — , 1737, Zachary Eddy; he d. 1777, age 66. Children: (i) John; (ii) Mary; (iii) Ebenezer; (iv) Hannah; (v) Nathaniel; (vi) Meroy; (vii) Joshua; (viii) Zeehariah; (be) Seth; (x) Thomas; (xi) Lucy; (xii) Samuel. ii. ilAEY, b. Apr. 29, 1723; m. — , 1743, Ebenezer Spooner, and (2) Oct. 3, 177S, Capt. Jonathan IngeU, of Taunton.

JouN, b. Oct. 18, 172-^.

Ebexezer, b. Aug. 27, 1726*.

Hannah, b. Oct. 8, 172S; m. — , 1748, Abishai Washburn, a descend- ant of John Washburn, first secretary of Massachusetts.

Deborah, b. July 15, 17;!0; d. 1809; m. Oct., 1749, Ichabod Morton.

Seth, b. Mar. 11. 1732.

SAR.A.n, b. Jan. 30, 1734; m. 1769, John Barrows, Jr.

Nathaniel, b. Not. 10, 1735.

Lucia, b. Jan. 7, 173S; m. — , 1755, Dr. Samuel Clark,

•This Line continues as follows:

Ebenezer ilORTON^ {Ehene-ei*, John', John-, George^). Bom at Middleboro, Mass., Aug. 27, 1726; m. July 23, 1753, Mrs. Sarah Cobb, b. — , 1728, d. Nov. 22, 1781, aged 53; he d. Nov. 1, 1775. Children:

i. ^fERCY, b. Aug. 8, 1754; d. Feb. 28, 1755.

ii. Ebenezer, b. Feb. 10, 1756.

iii. Phebe, b. Jan. 27, 1758; m. Nov. 14, 1782, Samuel Wood; d. Oct. 4,

1839. iv. LiVY, b. Feb. 4, 1760. T- PKiscmLA, b. Oct. 4, 1763; d. Feb. 19, 1847; m. May 21, 1789, Seth

Morton, Jr. vi. Sarah, b. May 14, 1765; m. — , John Doty, who was b. 1769 (?). LivY Morton' (Ebenezer, Ebenezer*, John?, John-, George^). Born at Mid- dleboro, Mass., Feb. 4, 1760; d. at Middleboro July I'J, 1833; m. (1) Mar. 13, 1783, Hannah Dailey, b. Nov. 15, 1760, d. Sept. 4, lsij6-7, dau. of Daniel and Hannah Dailey, of Easton; m. (2) in 1808, Catherine, dau. of Stephen and Hannah (Beals) Richmond, who d. Sept. 6, 1S49. He removed to Winthrop, Me., where his children were bom ami where he was a founder of the Congretrational church, hut subse- quently returned to Middleboro. He served in the Eevolutionary war, in the se<'ond foot company. Col. Sprout 's regiment, ^lassachusetts militia, in service Dec, 1776,

.. 33.













16. MAXAi=;sEH MoKTOX* {George^, Ephraim-, George^). Born at Plymouth, :\ra5s., Feb. 3, 1669; m. — , Mary, dau. of Capt. Thomas and

in the seac-oast defense of Ebode Island; Aug., 17S0, in Col. White's regiment, militia, also in serrice; served on two alarms in May and Sept., 1778. Children; By wife Hannah:

i. Daniel, Oliver, b. Dee. 21. 17SS.

ii. Joseph Waeren, b. Aug. 25, 1793; served in the war of 1812, and

d. unmarried, in the army at Greenbush, X. Y., 1S13. iii. Lexdell Pitts, b. Mar. 22, 179(3. By Tvife Catherine: '

ii. Haxnah Dalley, b. Aug. 2S. 1S09; m. Mar. 20, 1S34, Horatio X.

Wilbur, of Middleboro; d. July 26. 1846. iii. Catherine Kichmoxd, b. May 29, ISll ; d. unmarried. Rev. Daniel Oliver Morton, A. M.' (Lu\/, Ehenezer', Ebcne:ei-^, John', John*, George"). Born at Winthrop. Me., Dec. 21, 1788; d. Bristol, X. H., Mar. 25, 1852; ni. at Pittsifield, Vt., Aug. 30, 1814. Lucretia. dau. of Eev. Justin and Electa v'Prary) Parsons, b. Goshen, July 26, 1789; d. at Philadelphia, .Tan. 11, 1862.* In 1812 Mr. Morton was graduated from Middlebnry College; ordained to the min- istry June 30, 1814, as pastor of the Congregational church at Shoreham. Vt., where he remained 17 years; dismissed at his owu request Oct. 13, 1831; for nearly a year was secretary of the Vermont Domestic ]\Ii?sionary Society; in 1832 was in- stalled pastor of the Congregational church at Springfield, Vt.. where he remained five years; was for the next five years pastor of the church in Winchendon, Mass.; he then spent a few months at a peace agency, preached six months at }.Ionroe. Mich., and was in 1842 installed as pastor of the church in Bristol, X. H., whcrs he remained until his death.

Children, all born at Shoreham, Vt. :

i. Daniel Oliver, b. Nov. 8. 1815.

ii. Lucketia P.xiisoNS, b. Jan. 20, 1817; d. at Philadelphia, June 9, 1886; m. Sept. 7, 1842, at Shawneetov.n. 111., Rev. INIyron Webb, son of Capt. John and Elizabeth (Montague) Safford, b. Cambridge, Vt., Jan. 18, 1812, d. :Morganfield, Kv., Dec. 10, 1862. Children: (i) Henry, b. Morganfield, Ky., Xov.'lo, 1843, d. .July 20, 1845; (ii) a son, b. June 13, 1846, d. June 15, 1846; (iii) Laura Elizabeth, b. Evansville, Ind., Oct. 28, 1847; (iv) Mary Lucretia, b. Evann- ville, Ind., Dec. 6, 1549, d. Aug. 16, 1851; (v) Edwin Morton, b. Evansville, Ind., Dec. 20, 1851, d. Aug. 30, 1877; (vi) Anne, b. Dec. 6, 1857. d. Apr. 10, 1862.

iii. Electa Fsary, b. ^laj 28, 1820; m. as second wife, at Bristol, X. H., May 7, 1849, Jonas Minot. b. Sutton, X. H.. Sept. 17, 1812: d. Clarkson, X. Y., Oct. 27, 1S91. Children, all born at Clarkson, N. Y.: (i) Anna B., b. Mar. 22, 1850; (ii) Electa Morton, b. July 23, 1851; (iii) Jonas, b. June 18, 1853; (iv) Daniel Morton, b. Dec. 5, 1855; (v) Mary Lucretia, b. Xov. 16, 1859.

iv. Levi Parsons, b. May 16, 1824.

v. Mary, b. :SIay 5, 1829; m. at Xew York, Feb. 27, 1856, Hon. William F., son of Hon. George and Eliza Seymour (Perkins) Grinnell, of Greenfield, Mass., b. 1831. Children: (i) William Morton, b. X'ew York, Feb. 27, 1857; (ii) Marv Lucretia, b. Xew York, June 23, 1858; (iii) Richard B.. b. in England, Jan. 30. 1860; (iv) Ethel ilorton, b. Xew York, Feb. 14, 1872.

vi. Martha, b. May 5, 1829; m. at Bristol, X. IL, Aug. 8, 1852, Rev. Alanson, son of James Brav and Lucinda (Riggs) Hartpence, b. Harrison, O., Sept. 23, 1823', d. Philadelphia, Mar. 5, 1870. Chil- dren: (i) Mary Lucretia, b. Lafayette, Ind., Aug. 8, 1853; (ii)

• Mrs. Daniel O. Morton was a descendant of Cornet Joseph Parsons. For her family eee Leach's '•Mortoa Memoranda," page 80.


Mary (Thompson) Taber (granddaughter of Francis Cooke, the May- flower pilgrim), Xew Bedford.

Alanson Morton, b. Milan, O., April 22, 1855, d. New York City, Sept. 10, 1855; (iii) Lucy Morton, b. Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 13, 1856; (iv) Martha Ella, b. Dec. 24, 1S59. Hon. Daniel Oliver Morton' {Daniel Oliver, Liry", Ebcn^zef^, Ebenecer*. John', John^, George^). Born at Sboreham, Yt., Nov, 8, 1S15; d. Toledo, O., Dec. 5, 1857; m. at Ohio City, 0., Dec. 31, 1839, Elizabeth, dau. of B. F. Tyler, b. May 2, 1817; d. Sept. 25, 1873. Mr. Morton was graduated with honor from Middlebury College, Vt., in the class of 1833; studied law in Cleveland, 0.; upon admission to the bar removed to Toledo, where he engaged in the practice of law; appointed by President Pierce United States attorney for Ohio and served four years; was one of the codiliers of the laws of Ohio under the new constitution. Children, all born in Toledo, O. :

i. Elizabeth Tyler,' b. May 6, 1842; d. at Toledo, Sept. 10, 1843.

ii. Marcus Fred, b. Apr. 21, IS-t-i; d. Apr. 4, 1848.

iii. Mary E., b. Mar. 8, 1845; d. Feb. 12, 1865.

iv. Levi Frank, b. Aug. 17, 1848.

V. George Dei.oss, b. Nov. 13, 1S50; d. Aug. 23, 1S52.

vi. De Lene Lucy, b. Apr. 21, 1854; m. New York City, Jan, 7, 1874, Ernest Chaplin, of London, Eng.

vii. Daniel Oliver, b. Jan. 23, 1S57; d. Dec. 6, 1S63. Hon. Levi Parsons Morton, LL. D.' (Daniel Ollver\ Livif^, Ehenezer^, Eben-ezer*, John', John'', George^.) Born at Shoreham, Vt., May 16, 1S24; m. at Flatlaads, Long Island, (1) Oct. 15, 1855, Lucy, dau. of Elijah H. and Sarah Wetmore (Hins- dale) Kimbail, b. July 22, 1836, d. July 11. 1871; m. (2) Anna Livingston Ecad,* dau. of William Ingraham and Susan (Kearney) Street. Early in Life Mr. Morton determined to engage in mercantile pursuits, became a merchant's clerk and later went into business in Hanover, N. H., where he remained until 1850, when he en- tered the dry goods firm of Beebe, Morgan & Co., in Boston. In 1851 ]Mr. Morton went to New York as resident partner and manager of a branch establishment in that city. He withdrew from the firm Jan. 1, 1854, to form the dry goods commis- sion firm of Morton & Grinnell; in 1863 he established the banking firm of L. P. Morton & Co. in New York and L. P. Morton, Burns & Co. in London; in 1869 the firm became Morton, Bliss & Co. in New York and Morton, Eose & Co. In 1878 Mr. Morton was appointed by President Hayes honorary commissioner to the Paris exposition; in 1S79 he entered congress as a republican from the Eleventh congres- sional district of New York ; re-elected in 18S0 ; appointed by President Garfield as minister plenipotentiary and envoy extraordinary to France; in 1882 president of the Monetary Conference which met at Paris; in 1888 nominated by the national republican convention to be vice-president of the United States, Benjamin Harrison, of Indiana, being the nominee for the presidency; he entered upon his duties March 4, 1889, and discharged them with marked ability. Middlebury College, in his native state, conferred the degree of LL. D. upon him, and was followed by Dartmouth College in 1882; he is a member of the Union, Union League, Metro- politan, Century and Lawyer's Clubs of New York, the Metropolitan Ciub, of Wash- ington, the Sons of the American Eevolution, of the Society of Mayflower Descend- ants, of the Historical Society, and American Geographical Society of New York, of the New England Historic and Genealogical Society, etc. Has a residence at 81 Fifth avenue. New York, and a country seat known as "EHersiie" at RhineclifF- on-the-Hudson. " Children :

L Edith Livingston, b. Newport, R. I., June 20, 1874; m. in New York City, AprU 30, 1900, William Corcoran Eustis, who was born in Paris, July 20, 1862. His father was George Eustis and his mother

• A deecendant of Robert Livingston, first lord of the Manor of Livingston In New York, he In turn b^ing the i;i;nd generation in descent from William L, King of England, according to Browning's "Americans of Koyal Descent."





















Children of Manesseh and Mary Morton:

i. Eliz.\beth, b. Plymouth, July 10, 1704. Zephakiah, b. Plymouth, Jan. 6. 1707. Taber, b. Mar. 3, 1709 (mentioned in father's will. See "Signers

Mayflower Compact," part 3, p. 21. KUTH, b. at New Bedford (?), 1714. Seth, b. at New Bedford (?), 1722.

17. Ephraim Morton* {George^, EpJirainr, George^). Bom at Ply- mouth, Mass., Apr. 12, 1671; m. about 1698, Hannah Morton, b. Nov. 36, 1666, dau. of George and Joanna (Kempton) Morton.

Children, bom at Pljmaouth:

Samuel, b. Jan. 2, 1698-9.

Elkanah, b. last Oct., 1702.

Benjamin, b. first Oct.. 1705.

EUSHA, b. Jan. 15, 1710-11; d. Oct. 23, 1726.

Cornelius, b. Aug. 18, 1713*.

Ebenezer, b. Not. 25, 1715t.

was Harriet Louise Morris Corcoran. Their children are: (i) Helen Louise Corcoran Eustis, born in New York City, Nov. 3, 1902 ; and (ii) Margaret Morton Eustis, born in Washington, D. C, Dec. 31, 1903.

ii. Lena Kearney, b. Newport, May 20, 1875; d. in Paris, France, June 10, 1904.

liL Helen Stdtvesant, b. Newport, Aug. 2, 1876; married in London, Oct. 5, 1901, Paul-Louis-Marie-Archambauld-Boson, Count de Talley- rand-Perigord, and Due de Valencay, who was born in Paris, July 20, 1867. His father was Charles-Guillaume-Frederic-Boson de Tal- leyrand-Perigord, Due de Talleyrand et Sagan, and his mother was Jeanne-Marguerite des barons Seilli&re. They have no children.

T. Alice, b. New York, Mar. 23, 1879; married in New York City, Feb. 18, 1902, Winthrop Kutherfurd, who was born in New York City, Feb. 4, 1862. His father was Lewis Morris Rutherfurd, and his mother was Margaret Stuyvesant Chanler. They have one son: Lewis Morton Eutherfurd, born in Newport, August 4, 1903.

vL Mary, b. Newport, June 11, 1881.

44. •CoENELitrs Morton* (Ephraim*, George^, Ephraim', George^}. Bom Aug. 18, 1713; m. — , Jane Johnson, b. — , 1716; they removed to Friendship, Maine, about 1743, one of the twenty-two families who settled there before 1754. She was the dau- of Eobert and Elizabeth (Cook) Johnson, granddaughter of Caleb Cook, who was son of Jacob Cook and Damarious Hopkins. He was son of Francis Cook and she was dau. of Stephen Hopkins, both of whom came in the "Mayflower."

Children :

L Cornelius, b. Sept. 1, 1740.

ii. Eobebt, b. — ; d. Apr. 10, 1742.

iii. Meriah, b. — ; d. Apr. 24, 1742.

iv. Joshua, b. Sept. 10, 1743.

V. Sarah, b. Jan. 31, 1745-6.

vi. Deborah, b. Feb. 27, 1752; m. Eobert Jameson, of Friendship.

45. tEBENEZER MORTON^^ (Ephraim*, George^, Ephraim', George^). Born at Kingston, Mass., Nov. 25, 1715; d. at Friendship, Me., 1810; m. May 5, 1743, Su- sanna Holmes; she also d. at Friendship.

Children :

L Kenelm, b. Feb. 25, 1743; d. Sept. 17, 1745.

ii. Eeenezer, b. June 26, 1746.

iii." Zenith, b. Jan. 21, 174S-9; d. — , 1749.









18. George Morton* (George^, Ephraimr, George^). Born at Plj- mouth, Mass., July 16, 16TI); m. — , Eebecca Churchill.

Children :

46. i. Zephaniah. b. 1715.

47. ii. William, b. 1717.

48. iu. George, b. 1720. iT. Eebecca, b. 1724.

19. Timothy Morton* (George', Ephraim'-. George'^). Born at Ply- month, Mass., Mar. 12, 16S2 ; m. (1) — , iri'?. Mary lUckard. she d. Mar. 22, 1735, and is interred on Burial Hill, riymouth; he m. (2) per- haps, Sarah Wilson in 1T3T. (Davis in "Landmarks of Plymouth," savs "Mrs. Mercv Wilson.'' The Kingston record savs he married Mary Wilson. Dec. 15, 1737.)

Children :

Charles, b. — , 1714.

John, b. — , 1716.

Job, b. — , 1719.

Mary, b. — , 1722; m. Thomas Foster. 52. V. Silas, b. — , 1727.

vi. Elizabeth, b. — , 1732; d. Mav 3, 1734.

20. TnosiAS Morton* (George,^ Ephraim,- George^). Born at PIv- mouth, Mass., July 2, 1690: m. — , i:22, Abigail Pratt; he d. March 8, 1738, and is interred on Burial Hill in Plymouth, between the graves of his father, George ^lorton, and his mother. Joanna Morton.

Children :

KtFTH, b. — , 1723; m. Wm. Holmes.

Isaac, b. — , 1725.

Jonathan, b. — , 1726.

Thomas, b. — , 172S.

Sylvanu?:, b. — . 1730.

Abigail, b. — , 1732; m. Stephen Sampson.

Hannah, b. — , 1733; m. Billings Throop, of Bristol.

57. Tiii, Abiel, b. — . ix. Joanna, b. — .

21. Ephraim Morton* {Ephraim? Ephraim.'- George^). Born at Plymouth Oct. 31, 1678; m. — , 1712, Susannah, dau. of Josiah and Susannah (Wood) ^^rorton. b. — . 1690; ""he died of the small-pox, aged about 54."

Children :

i. Susannah, b. — , 1713.

ii. Hannah, b. — , 1715.

iii. S.U'.AH, b. — , 171S; m. Nathaniel Warren.

58. iv. Ephraim. b. — , 1722.

V. Abigail, b. — , 1724; m. Ezekiel Morton.

59. vi. ICHABOD, b. — .

22. John ]\roRTON* (Ephraim,^ Ephraim,- George^). Born in Ply- mouth, Mass., July 20, IGSO; he d. Feb. 7, 1738-9; lies on Burial Hill, Plymouth ; according to an account of the Finney family in X. E. Gen. Eeg. Vol. 60, p. 67, m. — . 1700, Eeliance Phinney, dau. of his uncle, John Phinney, of Barnstable. Died aged 58 years. She d. Dec. 4, 1735, aged 55 and is interred on Burial Hill in Plymouth, Mass. [Mitchell's "Bridge-












!. '„ .ill^^













■water" says John Morton m. ^fary Faunce, and d. of "a grievous wound," and that she m. (2) Joseph Hall, of Yarmouth.]

Children :

John, b. Xov. 15, 1706.

Jonathan, b. Feb. 10, 170S; d. Dee. 29, 1708.

JosUH, b. Feb. 28, 1710.

A son b. and d. Dee. 11, 1711.

James, b. May 13, 1714.

David, b. Max. 19, 1716. Mary Faunce Morton, relict of John Morton, m. Deae. Joseph Hall, b. Yar- mouth, 1663; d. Jan. 29, 1736-7; she d. May 31, 1761, aged SO. Children: Mary. b. Mar. 30, 1712; Peter, b. May 19, 1715; "john, b. Jan. 30, 1716-17; Barshua, b. July 5, 1719.

23. Joseph Morton* (Ephmim^, Ephraim-, George'^). Born in Ply- mouth. Mass., Mar. 4, 1683; m. — , 1709, Man* Chittenden, b. Jan. — , 1685, d. Oct. 18, 1756. She is interred on Burial Hill, PhTnouth, the in- Ecription on her gravestone reading: ''Here lyes ye Body of Mrs. Mary Morton, wife to Mr. Joseph Morton, who Departed this Life Octr. ye 18th, 1756, in ye 7 2d year of Her Age." He "died in an old age," and is in- terred on Burial Hill, Plymouth, the inscription on his gravestone being: "Here Ives buried ye body of ^[r. Joseph Morton, who Departed this life Febn-. ye 24th 1T54 in ye^lst Year of His Age."

Children :

65. i. Joseph,* b. Oct. 25, 1712.

ii. Hannah, b. — , 1713; m. Jonathan Diman.

66. iii. EZEKIEL, b. — , 1718.

* TMs line continues as follows :

65. Joseph Morton^ (Joseph*, Ephraivi^, Epliraim', George^). Bom at Ply- month, Oct. 25, 1712; d. at Groton, Mass., July 26, 1793; m. (1) — , 1738, Anna Bullock, b. Feb. 20, 1722; d. Apr. 3, 1759, aged 37, is buried in the Granery bury- ing ground in Boston; m. (2) in Boston, Dec. 27, 1759, Abigail Hersey, b. 1734-5, d. May 9, 1751, aged 57; also buried in the Granery burying ground; he removed to Boston in 1757 and from 1760 to 1764 was owner of the celebrated White Horse Inn, on the site of the present Adams House; his will is on page 602, Vol. 92, records of wills in the Boston probate office, and in addition to children given below mentions a son Joseph, of whom there does not seem to be any record. Children:

i. Perez, b. — , 1739; d. Nov. 16, 1748; buried on Burial Hill, Plymouth. ii. DiMOND, b. — . iii. PEKEZf, b. Oct. 22, 1750. iv. Hannah, b. — ; m. .John Fuller. V. Lucy, b. — ; m. John Wright. tL Abigail, b. — .

viL AnnaJ, b, — ; m. in Boston, Oct. 22, 1765, Ebenezer Hinckley, fifth in descent from Samuel Hinckley, and fourth from Got. Thomas Hinckley. Ch. : (i) Joseph; (ii) John; (iii) Lucy; (iv) Anna; (v) Sophia; (vi) Herman. ▼iii. Joseph, b. Aug. 6, 1764.

ii. Ephraim, b — , 1770. [There is a record in the Boston registrar's oflSce of an Ephraim Morton, aged 24, who died April, 1794, on hi3 passage from Cape of Good Hope to India. I think; he may have been this Ephraim.]

t For sketch of Perez Morton see footnote on next page.

t See arUcle on the Hinckley family In N. E. Hist & Gen. Reg., July, 1859, pp. 208-212.


24. Ebexezer jMortox* (Ephraim^, Ephraimr, George^). Bom at Plymouth, Mass., April 11, 1685; m. (1) — , Hannah Morton, dau. of — ; m. (2) in 1720, Mercy Foster. "Ebenezer Morton died [in Pl}Tnoutii]

JosEiPH Morton"' (Joseph', Joseph*, Ephraim^, Ephraim', George^). Born Aug. 6, 1764; d. Oct. 13. 1S43; m. Nov. 11. 1S04, Mary Wheeler, b. July 11, 1779, d. Sept. 10, 1870; was of Koxbury and Milton, Mass.

L Mary Herset, b. — ; m. George Thompson. ii. Joseph, b. — ; deceased. iii. Ephraim, b. — ; deceased. iv. Wn^LiAM Saxton, b. — ; deceased. V. William Saxton, b. Sept 22. 1S09.

vi- Josephine Eugenia, b. — ; m. Nathaniel Foster Stafford, of Dor- chester. viL Sarah Bradford, b. — . viii. Caroline Stxmson, b. — ; deceased. ix. Abigail, b. — ; deceased, Hon. Wiluam Saxton Morton' (Joseph^, Joseph^, Joseph*, Ephraim^, Eph- raim*, George^). Born at Rosbury, Mass., Sept. 22, 1809; d. at Quincy, Mass., Sept. 21, 1871; was fitted for college at Phillips Academy in Exeter, N. H. ; grad. Harv. 1831. He was warm and genial in his impul?es, but had no ambition for literary distinction. Soon after his graduation he traveled abroad, and upon returning home began the study of law with Sidney Bartlett, Esq., continuing his study at Hopkin- ton, N. H., and began practice at Amherst. N. H. In 1840 he removed to Quincy, Mass., where he resided until his death. He performed the duties of a magistrate, a commissioner in insolvency, and a trial justice; he was connected with many business enterprises; he was a member of the constitutional convention in 1853, and served several terms as Quincy 's representative to the Massachusetts general court; he was much interested in education, and served as a member of school com- mittees and as a trustee of Milton Academy. Of a decided literary taste, he pas- Bionately loved poetry, and became personally acquainted with many poets of his day, and wrote many verses liimself. He was m. Oct. 3, 1S39, to Mary Jane Wood- bury Grimes, of Francestown, N. H., a niece of Hon. Levi Woodbury. They had ehildren :

1. Joseph William, b. Amherst, N. H., July 22, 1840; d. Dec. 17, 1865; became captain of a company in the Fourth Mass. Cavalry; was taken prisoner at Gainesville, Aug. 17, 1864; was marched to Macon, Ga., thenee to Augusta, thence to Andersonville, thence to Charleston, and last to Columbus, where he escaped and joined the cavalry on Sherman's March to the sea; died as a result of his ex- posure and sufferings. ii. George Woodbury, b. May 2, 1842; served in the nary in the civil

war. iii. Mary, b. June 17, 1844.

iv. Arthur Austerfield. b. Jan. 11, d. Mar. 24, 18.54. V. Martha Woodbury, b. Dec, 23, 1849; d. April 26, 1870. vi. Arthur Austerfield, b. July 22, 1855. vii. Sarah Josephine, b. Aug. 12, 1858.

tHoN. Perez Morton' (Joseph^, Joseph*, Ephraim^, Ephraim-, George^). Bom at Plymouth, Mass., Oct. 22. 1750; d. Dorchester, Mass., Oct. 14, 1837. His public education was had in Harvard College, graduating with the class of 1771, when 20 years and 8 months of age. Ho studied law; but the war of the Revolution prevented hia engaging in the practice when he completed his studies. The subject of the contest with England absorbed all other concerns. Mr. [Morton was an ardent patriot, and when quite young took a decided part with the friends of civil liberty. In 1775 he was one of the Committee of Safety for Boston, and in 1776 was appointed Deputy Secretary; Samuel Adams, then the Secretary, being also a member of the Conti- nental Congress, which met at Philadelphia. After a few years he opened an ofEce as attorney at law in State street in Boston, and was in extensive practice for a




leaving several children, all of which died or moved out of this town" [Thomas Morton, writing in 1807].

Children by Hannah, bom in Plymouth : i. Mary, b. — , 1711.

67. ii. Edmuxd, b. — , 1713. iii. Patience, b. — , 1716.

68. iv. Zacheus, b. — , 1718.

By Mercy:

69. V. SoLOKON, b. — , 1727.

25. JosiAH Morton* (Josiah^, Ephraim^, George^). Born at Ply- mouth, Mass., April 13, 1688; d. May 19, 1761; m. — , 1710, Elizabeth Clark, his stepfather's daughter. '-Died in the 74th year of his age, a worthy man, who, out of sixteen children, left only two alive, whose names were Josiah and Elizabeth." She d. Mar. 21, 1763, aged 71, and is in- terred on Burial Hill, Plymouth. He also lies there, the inscription on his gravestone reading: "In memory of Capt, Josiah Morton, who Deed May ye 19th 1761 in ye 74th year of his age."

70. i. Henry, b. — , 1711.

71. ii. Josiah, b. — , 1713.

iii. Elizabeth, b. — , 1716; m. David Diman.

iv. EuTH, b. — , 1718; m. Mar. 18, 1742, Thomas Clark.

V. Elizabeth, b. 1730; m. Daniel Diman.

The report quoted above states that he had sixteen children and outlived all but Josiah and Elizabeth, I am unable to find their names.

long period. As an eloquent writer and speaker, very few in this country have surpassed Mr. Morton. He always used good language and spoke with propriety and effect. He often had a seat in the General Court, and was Speaker of the Massa- chusetts House of Representatives. In 1808 he was appointed Attorney General of Massachusetts, and continued in that important office until the year 1833, when he resigned on account of his advanced age and the infirm state of his health. He m. Feb. 24, 1871, Sarah Wentworth Apthorp, b. Aug. 29, 1759, d. Quincy, Mass., May 14, 1846; she wrote for the Massachusetts Magazine under the pen name of "Philena"; her "Power of Sympathy," published in 1789, was the first American novel; she also wrote " Ouabi, or the Virtues of Nature," "Beacon Hill," an epic poem, and "My Mind and its thoughts of Nature." An article concerning her literary work is published in Am. Hist. Reg., Vol. I., p, 447. In 17S9 Mr. and Mrs. Morton were living in a house in Boston on the lower corner of State and Exchange Sts., the former site of the Boston Custom House. The deed by which this "brick mansion house," as it is therein called, with land and outhouses thereto belonging, was conveyed to Mr. Morton (Suff. D. Lib. 148, fol. 189) bears the date of 1784. The grantor was Thomas Apthorp, of London, late of Boston, who for "£150 lawful money of New England, conveys the property which his late father, Charles W. Apthorp, who was a loyalist, held."

In April, 1776, ten months after the battle of Bunker Hill, the body of Gen. Joseph "Warren was found and identified. The Masonic fraternity, of which he was a conspicuous member, at once made arrangements for the funeral ceremonies, which took place at King's Chapel, April 8th. Perez Morton, then a promising young lawyer and a Mason, was selected to deliver the address. From that time he took rank with the leading spirits of the revolution.

There is no record that Perez Morton had any children, but I am inclined to believe he had a son :

L Charles Ward Apthokp, b. Aug. 15, 1786; d. Apr. 30, 1809; grad. Harv. 1804,


26. Henry Morton* (Josiah^, Ephraim-, George^). Born Jan. 7, 1692; d. Xov., 1697.

27. Xathaniel Morton* (Nathaniel^, Ephraim-, George'^). Bom Dec. 5, ITOG; d. — , and is buried on Burial Hill, Plymouth; m. (1) — , ^leriah Clark; m. (3) Joanna, dau. of Xathan Delano. '"Xa- thaniel Morton [father of this Nathaniel] died, leaving only one child, named Xathaniel, who died when young, leaving also only one child, whose name was Xathaniel. who was the father of the present Mrs. Rebecca Davis, wife of "V\'m. Davis."' Thomas ^lorton, of Plymouth, writing in 1807.

Children :

72. i. Xathanifx, b. — , 1731.

73. ii. JosiAH, b. — , 1752.

iii. Meriah. b. — , I'^S; in. .John Torrey.

iv. Betty, b. — , 1770. ' " ' — "

28. Eleazer Morton* {Eleazer^, Ephraim-, George^). Bom Jan. 8, 1693; m. Dec. 7, 1724, Deborah Delano, a descendant of Philip Delano, a Walloon, of Leyden; removed from Plvmouth to Stoughton, Mass., about 1729.

Children :

74. i. Ambrose, b. Plymouth, — , 1725.

75. ii. Nathaniel, b. Plymouth, — , 1727.

76. iii. Seth, b. in Plymouth, July 17, 1729.*

* This Une, in part, continues thus:

76. Seth Mortox' {Elea-ei'*, Eleazer^, Ephraim', Georg^). Born at Plymouth, Mass., July 17, 1729; d. April 18, 180.5; parents removed about that year to Stough- ton, Maf=9.; m. (1) May 12, 1752, Zibiah Holmes, of Dorchester; m. (2) May 6, 1755, Abigail, dau. of Isaac and Ann Paul, of Stoughton; she was b. in Dorchester, Mass., Sept. 2S, 1739; she was a descendant of Richard Paul and Margarie Turner, th« latter supposed to be a dau. of John Turner; d. — , 1817. Children of Seth and Abigail:

i. Ambrose, b. July 24, 1756.

ii. ZiBUH, b. May 1, 1758.

iiL Isaac, b. Mch. 29, 1760.

iT. E1-EA2ER, b. May 2, 1762.

V. Abigail, b. Mch. 16, 1764.

vi. Haxn'ah, b. June 22, 1766.

vii. Seth, b. Oct. 19, 1768.

▼iii. Nathaniel, b. Mch. 17, 1771.

ix. Thaddeus, b. May 26, 1773.

X. SAiirEL Paul, b. Oct. 10, 1775.

ati. John Hancock, b. Jan. 9, 1778.

xii. LoviCE, b. Apr. 20, 1780. Ambrose Morton* (Seth^, Eleazer*, Eleazer^, Ephraim', George^). Bom at Stoughton, Mass., July 24, 1756; d. Jan. 8, 1832; m. Dec. 13, 1781, Sarah Tolman, of Stoughton, dau. of Johnson and Elizabeth (Capen) Tolman, b. July 17, 1756; she waa fifth in descent from Thomas Tolman, of Dorchester.* Ambrose Morton re- moved to Pomr'ey [La Fayette], N. Y. He was a revolutionary soldier, a private in Capt William Eriggs' company, Col. .Joseph Reed's (20th) regiment; his com- pany marching on the alarm of April 19, 1775; enUsted May 9, 1775, as shown by muster roll dated Aug. 1, 1775; also shown in a company return dated at Roxbury camp, Sept. 26, 1775; also in <'apt. Simeon Leach's company. Col. Benjamin Gill's regiment ; service five days, company marched from Stoughton March 4, 1776, at the time of fortifying Dorchester Heights.

•See N. E. Hist, and Gen. Reg., .July, 1860, pp. 247-260.


29. Nathaniel Morton* (Eleazer^, Ephraim", George^). Bom Aug. 24, 1695, at Plymouth, :Mass. : m. — , 1T20, Eebccca Clark Ellis, widow of Mordecai Ellis,' and dau. of Thomas Clark, b. Plymouth, June 21, 1608, d. in Sandwich; he was lost at sea about 1727. She married for her third husband a Mr. Swift, of Sandwich.

i. John, b. Oct. 17, 1784. ii. Eleazer, b. Aug. 1, 1786. iii. Ambrose, b. Aug. 12, 17S8. iv. Sarah, b. Apr. 16. 1790. V. Joel, b. Nov, 9, 1791. vi. LovELL, b. Nov. 9, 1791. Eleazer Morton' (Ambrose", Setk\ Eleacer*, Eleazer^, Ephraim', George"). Born at Stoughton, Mass., Aug. 1, 17S6; m. Nov. 9, 1S12, at Jamestown, Onondaga Co., N. Y., Joanna, dau. of Melvin and Joanna (Dennis) Cotton, b. Feb. 23, 1785, seventh in descent from Rev. John and Sarah (Hawkridge) (Story) Cotton; he d. July 4, 1864; she d. Sept. 12, 1856; they are interred in the Morton cemetery of Benton Harbor, Mich.

i. Sar-^h Marix, b. Alexandria, N. Y., Dec. 31, 1813; d. Aug. 9, 1850; m. Mav, 1832, at Medina, O., Thomas Conger: (i) Antoinette; (ii) — . ii. Chahles Ambrose, b. Nov. 23, 1815; d. at St. Joseph, Mich., Aug.

21, 1835; unmarried. iii. Henry Cotton, b. Alexandria, N. Y., Jan. 17, 1817. iv. William Edward, b. Apr. 27, 1818. V. George Clinton, b. at Alexandria, N. Y., Oct. 25, 1819. vi. Jane Eliz.'VBETH, b. 'Slav. 7, 1821; d. Dec. 26, 1859; m. at St. Joseph, Mich., Dec. 16, 1842, William C. Hammill: (i) Isabel!; (ii) Marian Cornelia; (iii) Charles; (iv) Thomas; she d. at Sacramento, Cal., Aug. 9, 1850. vii. Joanna Dennis, b. at Attica, N. Y., Oct. 15, 1822; d. Nov. 27, 1849, at St. Joseph, Mich.; m. Dec. 4, 1844, William Raymond; one child d. in infancy, viii. James :\Ielvin, b. at Attioa, N. Y., Aug. 21, 1824; d. in California in

1849, unmarried.

ix. Mary Agnes, b. at Attica, N. Y., July 25, 1826; m. at St. Joseph,

Mich., Oct. 3, 1S44, Samuel Augustus Raymond: (i) .John Morton,

b. May 22, 1846, d. Nov. 9, 1863, at Bull's Gap, Tenn., a soldier

in the ciWl war; (ii) Marie Raymond, b. Mar. 12. 1849, d. Aug. 3,

1849; (iii) Marie Raymond, again, b. Sept. 30, 1851, m. Dr. Henry

Gibbons, Jr., d. at San Francisco, Cal., July 2, 1899, leaving sii

children; (iv) Samuel Raymond, b. Mar. 3, 1866; d. May 3, 1S66.

I. Caroline Diana, b. Attica, N. Y., Feb. 13, 1828; m. at St. Joseph,

Mich., Jan. 8, 1852, Samuel George Dana Howard: (i) Charles

Alonzo, b. Apr. 27, 1853, d. Sept. 27, 1856; (ii) Mar}- Belle, b. Dec

2, 1854, d. Dec. 30, 1859; (iii) Frank; (iv) Carrie Louise, b. Aug.

22, 1860, m. Henry Keith, of Chicago.

Hon. Henry Cotton Morton' (Eleazer, Ambrose, Seth\ Eleazer*, Eleazer',

Ephraim^, George"). Born at Alexandria, N. Y., Jan. 17, 1817; m. Feb. 10, 1849,

at Bainbridge township, Mich., Josephine Stanley, dau. of Thomas Merwin and

Kocksellano Tavlor, b. Lcrov, N. Y., Aug. 1, 1830, d. at Benton Harbor, Mich., Aug.

1, 1859; he d.' at Benton Harbor, May 25, 1895, after living a very useful and

prominent life, being one of the founders and always foremost in the upbuilding

of that town, of which he was postmaster for twelve years; he was a member of

the Michigan legislature in 1862-3.

i. James Stanley, b, Sept. 16, 1850.

ii. Charles, b. Sept. 17, 1854; d. Oct. 6, 1862.

iii. Frank Cotton, b. Feb. 25; d. Mar. 11, 1^58.

iv. WiLLiAit Henry, b. July 16, 1859 ; d. July 10, 1878.




EUZABETH, b. — , 1720.

77. ii.

Nathaniel, b. Feb. 1, 1722.t

78. iii.

Eleazer, b. — , 1724.

79. iv.

ICHABOD, b. — , 1726.t



t This line continues :

77. Capt. Nathaniel Morton' {Nathaniel*, Eleazer', Epfiraim*, George^). Born at Plymouth, Mass., Feb. 1, 1722; d. Mar. 15, 1794; m. — , 1745, Martha Tupper, .of Sandwich, Mass.; b. — , 1724, d. Julv 6, 1800; dau. of Eldod, and granddaughter of Thomas and Anna Tupper; he lived' first in Middleborough, but removed thence to Freetown, on the neck between Long Pond and Assawompsett and Quitticas, where he accumulated a large property, leaving each of his children a farm, and still holding four or five farms at his death. It is said the first Morton who was a property-holder in Freetown, was Secretary Nathaniel Morton, who with 25 others bought of the Indian Wamsutta and his squaw, in 1659, a large tract of land in what is now called the west part of Freetown; all the purchasers being freemen they called it the "freemen's purchase," or Freetown; they

i, Eebecca, b. Sept. 2S, 1747; d. May 28, 1820; m. Nathaniel Morton.

ii. KUTH, b. July 22, 1749; d. Sept. 17, 1753.

liL ^Lartha, b, Dec, 1, 1751; d. young.

iv. Nathaniel, b. Jan. 1, 1753,

V. Jabez, b. Sept. 16, 1755; d. Oct. 4. 1755.

▼i, ALiRTHA, b. Apr. 16, 1760; m. a Fuller and d. in Pittsfield, Vt, aged 78.

vii. Jemima, b. Oct. — , 1763 ; d. July 16, 1766.

viii. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 30, 1765; m. Elder John Lawrence; d. in 1847,

aged 81. ix. Job, b. June 14, 1770. Hon. Nathaniel Morton' (Nathaniel, Nathaniel*, Eleazer^, Ephraim*, George"). Bom at Freetown. Jan. 1, 1753; m. Mar. 12, 1782. Mary, dau. and 3rd child of Eleazer Gary and Mrs. Mary (Pratt) Washburn, of Bridgewater (he was son of Jonathan, son of Jonathan,'son of John, from Somersetshire, Eng.) ; she was b. Apr. 11 1756; d, Aug, 9, 1835, aged 79, Nathaniel Morton d. Not, 18, 1832, aged 79, He' was chosen Dec. 8, 1776, sergeant of Lieut. Nathaniel Morton's company in CoL Edward Pope 's regiment, and served 24 days in Rhode Island and six days at another time; he had a good public record, both civil and military; for nearly forty years he represented his town in the general court, or in the executive council of the Commonwealth; he lived to see his son Marcus a member of Congress and a jadge of the Massachusetts supreme court.

i. Marcus, b. Dec. 9, 1784, or Feb. 19, 1785, both dat^s are given. ii. Mary, b. Sept. 28, 1785; d. Oct. 16, 1822; m. as his 2nd wife. Dec. ^0, — , Elijah Dexter, of Plympton [6th child of Dea. Elijah, of Rochester, Mass., who was 4th ch. of Dea. Seth, who was 11th ch. of Benjamin, who was 7th ch. of William, who was almost certainly a son of "Farmer" Thomas of Lvnn and Sandwich] : (i) Nathan- iel Morton, b. Sept. 28, 1814, d. Sept. 18, 1838, ae 24; (ii) Elijah. b. Aug, 31, 1816, d. Sept, 1, 1816; (iii) David Brainerd, b. Oct.

t See footnote concerning Ichabod on page 29.


30. Thomas Morton* {Thomas\ Ephraim-, George^). Born Feb. 12, 1700, at Plymouth, Mass.; m. 1726, Hannah N'elson, b. 1707, dau. of

18, 1S17, d. same day; (iv) Henry Martyn [editor of " Mourf « Relation," edition of 1S65], b. Aug. 13, 1S21, m. Nov. 19, ISU, Emeline, 2nd dau. of Simeon Palmer, Boston: (i) Henry Morton. b. July 12, 1S46; (ii) Winifred, b. July 1. 1S49, d. next day; (iii) Lissie Clarendon, b. Aug. 20, 1S51, d. Dec. 31, 1861; (iv) Mary Palmer, b. Nov. 21, 1S5S, d. Oct. 29, 1861. Hon M.U'.cus Morton, LL. D. (Harv.)^ (Nathanier, NathunieP, NatMniel', meazer", Iphraim-, George"). Born at Freetown, Mass., Dec. 9. 17S4. or Feb. 19, 1785, both dates beinij given; d. at Taunton, Mass., Feb. 6, 1864; m. Dec. 23, ISu., Charlotte Hodges, of Taunton, Mass.; received a classical education"; graduated at Brown University in 1S04; studied law at the law school at Litchtield, Conn.; was admitted to the bar and commenced practice at Taunton; was clerk of Mass. Senate in 1811; representative from Mass. in l.jth Congress as a democrat; re-elected to th^e 16th Congress, defeating Francis Baylies) ; served from Dec. 1, 1S17, to Mar. 3. 1821; was an executive councillor of Massachusetts in 1823; wris elected lieutenant governor of Massachusetts in 1825; judge of the Supreme Court of :\Ias3achusetts. 1825-1S40; governor of Massachusetts in 1S40-1S41, defeating Edward Everett by bnt one vote; and again in 1343-1844; seventeen times was he the candidate of Massachusetts democrats for governor; apDointed by President Polk collector of customs at Boston, and served from 1845 to 1849; delegate to state constitutional convention, 1S53; member state house of representative?, ISoi: president of Ameri- can Scciety for the Promotion of Temperance in 1S26; for thirty years he was an overseer of Harvard College, and in 1S40 he received from that college the decrr*-? of LL. D., having received the same degree from his alma mater (Brown) in 1826. An appreciative sketch of Marcus Morton was delivered to the Old Colony nistori.a! Society at Taunton, Mass., by Hon. N. W. Littlefield, of Pro\idence, Jan. 13, 19Uo, and has teen published by the society.

Children: , -rrr-n- n-

i. Joanna Maria, b. Oct. 28, 1808; d. June (, 1S<8; m. William T. Hawes, New Bedford, who d. Oct. 3, 1859, as 53; chUdren: (i) Mar- cus; (ii) John, died young; (iii) John; (iv) Elizabeth. ii. Charlotte, b. July 9, 1810; d. Oct. 15, 1814.

iii. LYDLi^ Mason, b. June 29, 1812; m. Et. Eev. Henry W. Lee, D. D., Bishop of Iowa, b. Hamden, Conn., .July 29, 1S15; d. Davenport, la., Sept. 26, 1874; son of Col. Roswell Lee, of Springfield, ; eh.': (i) Henry; (ii) William; (iii) Caroline. It. Nathaniel, b. Apr. 16, 1814; d. May 10, 1814.

V. Charlotte, b. Apr. 19, ISlo; d. Aug. 4, 1869; m. Samuel Watson. Nashville, Tenn.; children: (i) Alice; (ii) Anne; (lu) Marcus Morton; (iv) Samuel; (v) William Parsons; (vi) Mary. vi. Sarah Carey, b. Mar. 31, 1817; m. Hon. Willard Lovering, Taunton;

children: (i) Henry Morton; (ii) Charlotte. vii. Marcus, b. Apr. 8, 1819.

Nathaniel, b. Dec. 3, 1821; d. Feb. 12, lSo6; m. Sept. 29, 1S46, Harriet, dau. of Hon. Francis Baylies, of Taunton, b. May 4, 18l3 ; left no children. . ^ ., , - tt /-

James Hodges, b. June 21, 1824; m. Elizabeth, dau. of Hon. Geo.

Ashmun, of Springfield. ^. , ,, t, ^

Susan Tillinghast, b. Apr. 16, 1826; m. M. Day Kimball, Boston. Frances Wood, b. Taunton, Mass., Jan. 16, 1828; m. George Henry French, b. Andover, Mass., Feb. 3, 1825, son of George and Mary R French; d. in Davenport, la., Oct. 13, 1888; she d. at Daven- port, la., Jan. 1, 1900; children: (i) Nathaniel, b. — , judge; (u) George Watson, b. — , colonel; (iii) Morton, b. — , a mining en- gineer; (iv) Robert Tillingha:5t, b. — , d. Toronto, Ont., Nov. b.



• Poore'B Pol. Reg., p. 545.


Samuel and Bathsheba (Xichols) Xelson: he d. July 10, 1731, and is in- terred on Burial Hill in Plvmouth.

1897; (t) Alice, b. Andover. Mass., Mar. 19, 1S.50; educated at Abbott Academv there. Under the pen name of ''Octave Thanet " has written: "Knitters in the Sun," "Otto the Knight." ''Expia- tion," "We All." "Stories of a Western Town," "A Book of True Lovers," "Missionary Sheriff," "The Heart of Toil," " Aa Adventure in Photography," etc. Address: 76 Sparks St., Cam- bridge, Mass.; (vi) Frances Morton, b. Davenport, la., Dec. 5, 1S62. Address: Davenport, la. xii. Emily ^L\tilda, b. Nov. 10, 1S31; m. Daniel C. Dawes, of Brooklyn, N. Y. Besides 161 Willoughbv St., Brooklyn.

Hox. :MaucU3 Mortox, LL. D. (Harv.)* (}Iarcus\ Nathaniel^ Xathaniel\ Xn^ thanieV, Eleaser^, Ephraim-, George^). Born April 8, 1S19. at Taunton, Mass.; m. Providence, 11. L, Oct. 19, 1S43, Abby Bowler, of Providence, dau. of Henry and Amy Harris (Bowler) Hoppin. b. M'ar. 1, 1S20; d. Dec. 15. 1S95. Educated at Bris- tol County Academy, Brown University, 1S3S; Harvard law school, 1840; entered Suffolk County bar in 1S41 ; delegate to Massachusetts constitutional conventiou from Andover, 1S33; member Massachusetts legislature from Andover, 1S5S; judge superior court of Suffolk County, 1S.5S; judge of State superior court, 1S.59; judgo of Massachusetts supreme court. 1869; chief justice, 1S82-1S90; retired Aug. 27, 1S90; given degree of LL. D. by Brown University in 1S69 and by Harvard Colleeo in 18S2.

i. Amy iTORTOX, b. Philadelphia. Pa., — , 1844; ra. Andover, Mass., Oct. 16, 1866, William, son of William T. and EUzabeth (Atwater) Charnley. Resides 518 Washington Ave.. Brooklyn, N. Y. Children: (i) William, b. Andover, Mass., Aug. 14. lsG7, J. 1894; (ii) Marcus Morton, b. Andover, Mass.. Sept. 11. 1S68, d. Oct. 11, 1873; (iii) Elizabeth, b. Chicago, 111., De<:.\', 1874, d. May 26, 1875; (iv) Lor- ania Morton, b. Chicago. 1S76.

ii. Chaklotte M., b. at Boston, Mass., Nov. 4, 1845; m. at Andover, Mass., Nov. 8, 1869, Frank Ames, son of Rear Admiral James Robert Madison Mullany, U. S. N., and Margaretta Elizabeth (Ames) Mullany, b. New York City, Feb. 5, 1845; reside at 5603 Girard Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.

iii. ILvRY H., b. Dec. 15, 1850, at Boston, Mass.; m. Andover, Mass., Dec. 1, 1875. Clarence, son of John and Rebe<"ca (Cutler) Whitman, b. Annapolis. N. S., June 17. 1847; reside 5 E. 76th St., New York City; children: (i) Clarence Morton, b. Feb. 14, 1877; (ii) Es- monde, b. Sept. 16, 1S86; (iii) Arthur McGregor, b. Oct.' 12, 1879; (iT) Harold Cutler, b. Aug. 3, 1SS3; (v) Gerald, b. Feb. 6. 1890.

iv. Abby H.. b. Andover, Mass.. June, 1857; m. Andover, Mass., Dec. 3, 1883, David Bates Douglas, son of Malcolm and Sarah Elizabeth (Hale) Douglas, b. Waterloo, N. Y., Aug., 1858; d. Mar. 1893, at Denver, Colo. Mrs. Douglas resides at Newton Highlands. Mass. Children: (i) Sarah Hale. b. Tioga, Pa., Aug. 30, 1884; (ii) David Bates, b. Denver, Colo., Mar. 27, 1893.

T. LORANIA Carrington', b. Andover, Mass., Sept. 21, 1859; resides New- ton Highlands. Mass.

vi. Marcus, b. Apr. 27, 1862, Andover, Mass.

Another line of descent from Nathanier is through his son Job, as follows: Hoy. Job ^roRTOx' (XathanieP, XathanielK Eleazer^, Ephraim', George^). Bom at Freetown, Mass., June 14, 1770; d. :\[3r. 23, 1843; ni. Nov. 5. 1802. Patienco Pumngton, of ^liddloboro, b. Apr. 28, 1776. d. Feb. 15, 1841; lived on his de- ceased father's land at Freetown; graduate of Brown University; a Greek scholar; studied medicine, but owing to failing health never practiced; was a justice of the peace; land surveyor; selectman, 20 years; assessor, 27 years; sc-liool committee, 10 years; representative from Freetown, 8 years.


Children :

i. Bathsheba, b. — , 1727; m. John Eickard. ii. Martha, b. — , 1730; m, Silas Morton.

i. James Madison, b. Apr. 2S, 1S03. ii. Albert Gallatin, b. Aug. S, 1804. iiL ChafvLes Austin, b. May 14, 1S06. iv. WiLLLiM Gr-'lY, b. Apr. 10, ISIO; d. March S, 1811. V. Elbridge Gerry, b. Mar. 8, ISOS. vi. Andrew Jackson, b. July 12, 1812. vii. WiLLLiM Addison, b. Mar. 29, 1817.

viii. Hannah Purkington, b. Nov. 11, 1814; d. July 12, 1SS6; ra. Apr. 17, 1843, Harrison Staples, of Liikeville, Mass., who d. July 12. 1886; children: (i) Job Morton, b. Mar. 17, 1844, resides Lynn, Mass.; (ii) Julia E., Jan. 14, 1S46; m. a Bassett, resides Lakeville. Mass.; (iii) Hon. Nathaniel Gilbert, b. Mid.Ueboro, June 1. 1851. resides Lakeville, Mass.; m. Nov. 5, 1002, Julia E. (Coombs) Hath- awav, in South Framingham, Mass.; educated in the common schools of Lakeville and at Pierce Academy, Middleboro; selectman, asses- sor, representative to Lieneral court. 1S97; child: (i) Hannah Mor- ton, b. Lakeville, MarT 2S, 1903. JamE'^ AI-vdison Morton- {Job\ yathanieP, XothanieV. Eleazef', Ephraim*. George'). Born at Freetown. Mass., April 28, 1803; d. Mar. 2, 1881; m. May 30. 1830, Sarah -Maria Ann Tobev. dau. of John Tobey, b. New Bediord. Mass., Mar. 23, 1807. d. Fall Eiver, Mass.', May 2, 1901; was postmaster at Fall Kiver, and assessor for several years.

i. James Madison, b. Fairhaven, Sept. 5. 1837.

ii. Mary Eliz.vbeth, b. Fairhaven, June 29, 1840; 487 Eock St, Fall

Eiver, Mass. iii Henry Martin, b. Fall Eiver, Sept. 9. 1843; d. Feb. 13, 1844. iv. Levi Eounseville, b. Fall Eiver. Aug. 5, 1S49; d. Jan. 12, 1879. Hon. James Madison Morton' {James iladisorv, Job\ XathaiueP, Xathmnel'. Elea^er' ' Ephraim-, George"). Bom at Fairhaven, Mass., Sept. 5, 1837; educated in the public schools of Fall Eiver, Mass.; graduated from Brown University in 1S59-

i. James Madison, b. Aug. 24, 1869.

ii M\rg\eet b. Fall Eiver, Mass., 1870; educated m Fall Eiver pubUc schools to 1887; Vas<^ar College, 1888-1892; m. at Fall Eiver, Nov. 10, 1897, to Willard Franklin Kceney; resides 28 S. Lafayette St., Grand Eapids, Mich.; children: (i) Willard FrankUn; (n) Mor- ton; (iii) Eoger Butterficld. iii. Anne, b. Dec. 10, 1874; resides 487 Eock St., Fall Eiver, ^lass.

79 ±De\ Ichvbod Morton' (Nathaniel*, Elea::er'. Ephraim- George'). Born at Middleborough, Mass., in 1726; m. Oct. 26, 1749, Deborah, dau. of Ebenezer and Mercy (Foster) Morton, of Middleboro, b. July 15, 1730; she d. Nov 1/, 1/89, aged 59- I'iTed at Middleboro; was 10th deacon of the Congregational church there; d at Middleboro May 16. 1809. aged 85; was private in Capt. Nehemiah [Morton 3T| company, Col. Jeremiah Hall's regiment in the War of the Eevolution; marched Dec 8 1776- in -ervice 92 davs ; company marche

L Sarah, b. Oct. 20, 1750; m. Nov. 30, 1769, John Barrows, Jr.

ii. Eleazer, b. Feb. 25, 1752.

iii. Elisha, b. June 12, 1754.

iv. Eliz.\beth, b. Sept. 12, 1756; d. Jan. 13, 1757.

T. Molly, b. Nov. 8, 1758; m. Nov. 28, 1782, Ichabod Cushman.


31. Lemuel* {Thomas^, Ephraim", George^). Bom Oct. 21, 1704; d. young.

32. Nathaniel Morton* (Thomas^, Ephraim-, George^). Born at Plymouth, Mass., Oct. 2, 1710; m. — , Mary Shaw.

"Thomas Morton died and left a son [Nathaniel who was father of] ;

the present Lemuel ^Morton is his grandson." Thomas Morton writing in

1807, the words in brackets having been added by another hand in lead


Children :

i. Maky, b. — , 1734; m. Thomas Morton.

He m. (■2) Nov. 13, 1740, Mary Ellis.

81. ii. Nathaniel, b. — . 1749.

82. iii. Lemuel, b. — , 1757.

iv. Mercy, b. — ; m. — , James Cushman, of Kingston,


[From this point I follow only one line.]

67. Capt. Edmund Morton^ (Ehenezer^, Ephraim^, Ephraiin\ George^). Bom at Plymouth, Mass., — , 1713; m. at Boston, April 23, 1740, Elizabeth Eogers, dau. of — ; was a mariner; died suddenly Jan. 9. 1786' aged 73, at Dorchester, Mass.', and is buried in the Dorchester north cemetery; his tombstone bears this inscription:

In Memory


Capt. Edmund ^Nforton

■who departed this life

Jan. 9, 17S6

aged 73.

In his life he was a kind and Loving Husband, a tender Provident Parent, a

friendly and Benevolent neighbor, Pitiful & Liberal to the Poor, needy and dia-

tressed, his life useful his Death Lamented.

vi. ICHABOD, b. Jan. 15, 1761.

vii. John, b. Dec. 25, 1763.

Till. ELIZ.U3ETH, b. Mar. 26, 1765; m. 1791, Joseph Clark.

ix. Debokah, b. Mar. 14, 1767.

X. Nathaniel, b. Feb. 20, 1769.

xi. Clarke, b. May 23, 1771.

xii. Mordecai, b. May 15, 1773. , ^ -^ • , ^ ^\ n

Mokdecai Morton^ (Ichabod", Nathaniel*, Eleazer^, Ephraim\ George'). Born at Middleboro, May 15, 1773; d. at Winthrop, Maine, Sept. 10, 1835; m. at Middl&- boro Ma«e Dec. 10, 1795, Priscilia Bennett, a Mayflower descendant, b. at Mia- dleb^ro, MaV 1, 1773; d. Brownfield, Me., Oct. 21, 1852; she was the dau. of Batche- lor and' Mary (Sampson) Bennett. He was an early emigrant to Maine.

L Alfred Bennett, b. Oct. 29, 1796.

ii. MORDACAi Ellis, b. Jan. 20, 1799.

iii. Harriet, b. Mar. 5, 1801; m. Daniel Coy.

It. Cephas, b. Feb. 20, 1803; d. Sept. 18, 1822.

T. Phh^nder, b. Feb. 23, 1805.

Ti. COENEUUS Bennett, b. at Winthrop, Me., Feb. 21, 1807.

Tii. Edwin, b. Dec. 10, 1808; d. May 7, 1841.

▼iii. Harrison Gray Otis, b. Oct. 20, 1810.

ix. Mary Fkancis, b. Sept. 24, 1812; m. Zechariah Gibson.

X. Angeline, b. Mar. 14, 1815; m. Samuel Tufts.




His will* mentions his wife, Elizabeth, and these children in this order:

L Edmund, m. at Boston, Oct. 29, 1767, Mary Osborne, of CharlestoTm,

Mass., and had: (i) Mary, b. June 12, 1768. ii. Ebenezer. iii. EUZ.^3ETH.

iv. Zaccheus.*

V. Mary, b. — ; mav be the Mary Morton who m. Jonathan Smith May

5, 1773. vi. Hannah, b. — ; may be the Hannah Morton who m. James "Whipple

Dexter, at Boston, Dec. 5, 1771. vii. Solomon.! 70. viii. Isaac, b. April 18, 1754.

ix. Patience, b. — ; m. at Boston, June 27, 1782. I. Sarah.

The following is the will of Capt. Edmund Morton:

In the name of God Amen. I Edmund Morton of Boston in the county of Suffolk and Provence of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, Mariner, being in good Health of Body, and thro' the goodness of God of sound and disposing minii and memory, but considering the uncertainty of Life do make and ordain this my last will as follows: That is to say first, and Principally. I commit my precious and immortal soul into the hands of God who gave it, relying solely on his mercy through the merits and satisfaction of my only Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for the pardon of all my sins and the gracious acceptance with him.

My Body I commit to the earth to be decently interred at the discretion of my Executrix herein after named without doubting but at the general Kesurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty Power of God. And for such "Worldly Estate as it hath pleased the Lord to bless me with I will and order that the same be employed and bestowed in the following manner. That is to say —

Iviprimis I will and order that all my just debts and funeral expenses be well and truly paid by my Executrix with all convenient speed after my decease. Item I give to my son Edmund and to my son Ebenezer the sum of one shilling Lawful Money each in full of their share in my estate. Item I give to my daughter Eliza- beth twenty shillings Lawful Money. To my son Zacheus, twenty shillings Lawful Money. To my daughter Mary twenty shillings Lawful Money, to my Daughter Hannah twenty shillings Lawful Money. To my son Solomon twenty shillings Law- ful Money to my son Isaac twenty shillings Lawful money to my daughter Patience twenty shillings Lawful Money, and to my Daughter Sarah twenty shillings Lawful Money, to be paid them by my Executors within six months after my decease. Item. All the rest and residue of my estate t-oth Real and Personal whatsoever and where- Boever the same is or may be found I give, Devise & Bequeath unto my dear and well beloved wife Elizabeth Morton to "be holden by her, her Heirs and Assigns forever.

Item. I do hereby nominate and appoint my said wife Elizabeth to be the sole executrix of this my last will hereby revoking, making null and void all former and other wills by me at any time here-to-fore made, declaring this and no other to be my last will and testament. In witness whereof, I the said Edmund Morton hav©

• No. 18,603, "Vol 85, Page 30, Records of Wills, on file In the conrt house at Boston, Mass.

•Zaccheus Morton" (Edmund*, Ebenezer', Ephraim-, Ephraim\ George). Bom — ; m. at Boston, Mass., July 24, 1766, Eachel Ager; he was engaged in bailing sea biscuit, and is mentioned in" the Boston Directory for 17S9, as having a place of business on Fish street. The Boston Directory for 1796 does not contain his name.

i. Margaret, b. May 21, 1767.

ii. Thomas, b. Jan. 9, 1771.

t Solomon Morton* (EdmuniP, Ebenezer*, Ephraim\ Ephraim', George^). Bom at — ; m. at Boston, Mrs. Elizabeth Noyes. June 4, 1781; both were then of Dor- chester, Mass.; was living or doing business in Boston as late as 1805.


hereunto set my Hand and Seal the eighth-day of February, Anno Domini One thousand seven hundred and seventy-two, and in the twelfth year of His Majesty's Beign. Editunt) Morton* and a seal.

The estate was inventoried and was appraised at £655, 15 sh., 9d.


70. Capt. Isaac Morton^ (Edmund^, Ehenezer*, Ephraim^, Ephraim^, George^). Bom April 18, 1754, in Boston, Mass.; m. — , 1774, Anna, daughter of John and Anna (Eaton) Barber, of Eeading, Mass., b. May 1, 1755.*

Family tradition states that he -^vas a member of the Boston tea party, and was an ensign in a Boston company at the battle of Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775. He enlisted as a private in the revolutionary army April 5, 1776, apparently (according to the records of the United States war department) in Captain Samuel Bradford's company, 23d regiment. Continental troops, raised in Massachusetts. "His name appears on an undated pay roll of the company, which shows that he received pay for September, October, No- vember and December, 1776. but affords no further particulars relative to his service." (Letter from the chief of the Record and Pension Office, War Department, Washington, D. C, June 2, 1903.) The records of the family also show that he served as an ensign and as a captain. \\Tiile there is some danger of confusion in accepting the individual records of Eevolutionary service because of there sometimes having been more than one soldier of a given name, when the state and national records of service agree with fam- ily records and traditions, there need be no fear of such confusion. The chief of the Record and Pension Otiice of the War Department also states, under date of June 3, 1903 : "The records also show that one Isaac Mor- ton served as an ensign and as a lieittenant in the Tenth Massachusetts Regiment, commanded by Colonel Thomas Marshall, Revolutionary war. He was commissioned ensign November 6, 1776, promoted to be lieutenant November 1, 1777, and discharged December 4, 1777." From the records of Revolutionary war service in the office of the secretary of the Common- wealth of Massachusetts, certified as correct by Wm. M. Olin, secretary, July 2, 1903, it is learned that "Isaac Morton appears with rank of captain on muster and pay roll of Col. Thomas Poor^s regiment. Engaged July 8, 1778; discharged October 12, 1778; time of service, 3 months 17 days, including 12 days (240 miles) travel home. Company commanded by

• John Basbee, b. Juno 14, 1719. Anna Eaton, b. Aug. 7, 1715.

Their children:

John Barber, b. July 30, 1742. Elizabeth Barber, b. Jan. 12, 1744. John Barber, b. Sept. 20, 1745. Samuel Barber, b. June 1, 1747. Nathaniel Barber, b. May 19, 1749. Benjamin Barber, b. June 22, 1751. Anna Barber, b. Sopt. 6, 1753; d. Oct. Anna Barber, b. May 1, 1755. Benjamin Barber, b. July 4, 1757.



Lieut. Zaccheus Thayer subsequent to October 12, 1778. Eegiment raised for the term of 8 months from time of arrival at Peekskill."* Vol. 23, 121. He "appears among a list of ofiBcers of Suffolk Co. militia appointed to command men raised for various purposes. Said ^lorion detached for service at Peekskill. Commissioned July 1-i, 1778." Vol. 28, 39. He "appears in an account rendered against the state of Massachusetts by said Morton, Captain, for state pay for service from July 14, 1778, to October 24, 1778, 3 months 10 days, at Xorth river. Eeportcd a supernumerary officer." Vol. 26, 214. He "appears with the ranic of captain on pay roll of Capt. Isaac Morten's company, Col. Thomas Poor's regiment, for Septem- ber, 1778, dated Fort Clinton, November 14, 1778." Vol. 48, 436. He "appears in a copy of a regimental order dated West Point, October 12, 1778. Said ^Morton and others reported as having been discharged by Colonel Poor from any further service in his regiment, agreeable to Gen- eral Washington's orders. Eank, captain." Vol. 174, 541.

The records of the family state that Captain Morton served throughout the war, eight years in all, in the army and navy. In a letter dated June 15, 1903, Wm.'^M. Olin, secretary' of the Commonwealth of :Massachusetts, writes :

"I beg to state that an examination of the record index to the revolu- tionary rolls collection failed to reveal any reference whatever to an Isaac Morton as having served continuously throughout the war.

"Eeferences were found to an Isaac Morton, no place of residence given, as having been commissioned captain in July, 1778, of one of the regiments raised to serve for 8 months at Peekskill, X.' Y. Other references show him to have served from July 14, 1778, to October 24, 1778, and that he was discharged, presumably on the latter date. (See certified statements given previously.)

"Eeferences were also found to an Isaac Morton as having served as a second lieutenant in Captain Champner s company, Col. Xathaniel Heath's detachment of guards, m and about Boston, in 1780. Captain Champney's company was made up of men detached from the Boston regiment of militia, but inasmuch as the original pay rolls do not supply any facts concerning the individuals borne upon them, it is impossible for us here to determine whether or not the Lieut. Isaac :\Iorton of Captain Champney's company is the man %vho had previously served with the rank of captain."

Albert Morton of Longwood, Fla., also stated that Capt. Isaac Morton served "when the western Indians were subdued."

Family records state that he drew a pension of $20 a month.

At the close of the Revolutionarv war Capt. Isaac Morton moved from Boston, Mass., to Portsmouth, X. H^, engaging in the bread and sea biscuit baking business. In 1798 yellow fever appearing in Portsmouth, he re- moved to Exeter, X. H., continuing the baking business, his son William, then about twelve vears old, delivered the bread to his customers. Isaac, like his father, died suddenly at an advanced age. Mrs. Helen Greenwood,

• Pe«kskill was one of the points at which valuable stores of war munitions were kept.

, >


daughter of Albert Morton, granddaughter of William Morton, great-grand- daughter of Capt. Isaac Morton, T\Tites : "My grandfather told me at one time that his father (Isaac) was sitting in a chair down by the old Pis- cataqua bridge telling his Eevolutionary yarns, and fell backward dead.'' As the graves of Capt. Isaac Morton and his wife are in Portsmouth, it is presumed they returned there from Exeter after the yellow fever epidemic had passed. He and his wife Anna are buried in the Proprietors' Cemetery in the south part of the city of Portsmouth, X. H. The following inscrip- tions are upon the gravestone :

Captain Isaac Morton

Died Sept. 24, 1824

Ae. 70

Anna his wife

Died Aug. 2, 1817

Ae. 62.

Children of Captain Isaac and Anna Barber Morton:

i. Elizabeth, b. Mar, 9, 1776; m. Sherburne; lived and died in Ports- mouth, N. H. Children: (i) William, b. 179S; (n) John, b. 1800; (iii) Edward, b. 1802; (iv) Elizabeth, b. 1804; (v) Augus- taa, b. 1808; (vi) Benjamin, b. 1812; (vii) Eliza Ann, b. — ; (^ii) Thomas, b. — ; (Lx) Leonard, b. — , died at sea,

ii. Anna, b. Sept. 17, 1778.

iii. Isaac, b. July 31, 1781; a joiner; d. unmarried. May 1, 1858.

It. Benjamin, b. July 31, 1783.

71. V. William, b. Dec. '7, 1785.

vi. John, b. Jan. 20, 178S; died soon.

72. vii. John, b. Jan. 31, 1790.


71. William Morton^ (Isaac^, Edmund^, Ehenezer*, Ephraim*, Ephraim}, George^). Bom December 7, 1785; married at Portsmouth, N. H., April, 1813, Sarah Eoberts Griffith, born — , 1793; he was a noted contractor, builder and millwright and developed the water power and built the first mills at Salmon Falls, N. H. He died suddenly at Salmon Falls, N. H., having been found dead in his room at the hotel which he built, December 12, 1SG5, aged 80, and his wife died there February 8, 1849, aged 66. They are both buried in Portsmouth, N. H.

Their children:

73. i. William Henrt, b. Feb. 9, 1814.

74. ii. Albeet, b. Jan. 8, 1816.

iii. Charles, b. March 31, 1819; died at Portsmouth, N. H., March 27, 1820; scalded.

iv. Eliza Ann, b. March 3, 1821; m. at Salmon Falls, N. H., Sept. 27, 1843, Thomas, s. of John and Margaret (Armstrong) Dermott, b. in Ireland, Jan. 8, 1842; d. Maiden, Mass., Jan. 23, 18S8. Address: Maiden, Mass. Children all but the last born in Elackstone, Mass.: (i) Louisa Adelaide, b. Aug. 24, 1844; (ii) Mary Eliza, b. Jan. 8, 1847; m. (1) at Salmon Falls, N. H., Sept. 13, 1871, Austin Her- bert, son of Cordle and Emily (Phelps) Crane, b. Schenectadv, N. Y., Sept. 23, 1845, d. Hannibal, Mo., May 8, 1873; m. (2) at Melrose, Mass., May 21, 1878, Emory Botsford, s. of Peter Hub- bell and Emily (Leland) Smith, b. Plattsburg, N. Y., Sept. 21, 1838, d. Orford, N. H., July 20, 1881; child: Ralph Emory Bots;











^^ 1588817

ford, b. ilelrose, Apr. 30, 1S79; resides the Victoria, Maiden, Mass.; (iii) Thomas Edmund, b. May 5. 1S49; d. Mar. 8, 1905; (iv) Arebella Lucretia, b. — , 1S51, d. at 3 months of age; (v) Annie Morton, b. June 20, 1S53; m. at Melrose, Mass.. Charles Erastus, son of Thomas Winship and Mary Jane (Eussell) Brown, b. Read- ing, Mass., Oct. 9, 1S59. Address: Maiden, Mass.: (1) Arline Mor- ton, b. Melrose, Mass., Mar. 7, ISSl; m., Sept. 4, 1907, Warren Goddard Bartlett ; (\-i) "William Morton, b. July 23, 1857; (vii) Sarah Ottilie, b. Salmon Falls, N. H., Nov. 15, 1859.

Edmund Griffith, b. July 24, 1823.

John Barton, b. Feb. 8, 1826.

jAiiES Anderson, b. Apr. 6. 1S28; d. Salsbury, Cal. — , 1865.

Maky Hannah, b. Jan. 3, 1S32; d. Salmon Falls, N. H., Oct. 12, 1839.

Charles Augustus, b. Mar. 25. 1834.

Isaac Ne\vton, b. April 27, 1S37.

72. JoHX MORTOX' (Isaac^, Edmund^, Ehenezer*, Epliraim^, Ephraim', George^). Bom Januarv' 31, 1790, at Portsmouth, X. H.; d. January 1, 1858; m. Elizabeth Stimson, b. April 25, 1792; d. January 20, 1868; of Irish descent. He was school trustee for many years, also justice of the peace; was educated in Portsmouth, X. H., and was a man of superior intelligence; when young learned the trade of a cabinet maker in Boston, and upon removing to Batavia, N. Y., and later to Eochester, X. Y., car- ried on the business extensively. Upon removing to Ohio he settled in Akron, where he owned sufficient property for his wants. He was a demo- crat until the republican party was organized, when he entered that party, in which he remained until his death. Both he and his wife are buried in the Akron cemetery. Their children:

79. 1. Augustine G.. b. Bataria, N. Y., Apr. 4, 1813.

ii. EuzA, b. Batavia, N. Y., Jan. 17, 1815; m. — , 1834, at Mendon, N. Y., Lewis Hanscom, b. Feb. 8, 1813; d. Feb. 25, 1894; living children: (i) Celia, b. — , m. — , Stevenson; resides Newark, CaL (ii) Mattie E., b. Sept. 20, 1843; d. Jan. 9, 1902; m. Nicholas J. Burke, a well-known captain on the great lakes; he died Jan. 5, 1872; their child, Ada Slattie. b. Kirkland, 0.; m. Apr. 12, 1855, at Danville, Cal., Benjamin Wilcox; they have these children: (1) Boy Hanscom, b. May 16, 1888; (2) Laura Flournoy, b. Dec. 1, 1892; (3) Alton Burke, b. Dec. 21, 1S97.

80. iii. Nathaniel, b. Mendon, N. Y., Oct. 4, 1S16.

iv. DORLISKI, b. :Mendon, N. Y., Sept. 9, 1S18; m. in Mendon, N. Y.. in 1835 to George Hanscom. (i) May Sophia, b. — , m. (1) — Gray, (2) — Venier; 3 children: Charles, Duane, Deforest; (ii) Adelia Francis, b. — , m. Asher D. Ensign: (1) Bertha Frances; (2) Harry Asher; (3) Elizabeth; (iii) Edgar King; 63 Commercial St., Boston,

WiLLiAH, b. Mendon, N. Y., May 30, 1820.

Russeul Isaac, b. Eochester, N. Y., Feb. 9, 1825.

Lovett Stimson, b. Mendon, N. Y., Mar. 10, 1827.


73. Hon-. William Henry Morton* {Vi'ilUani', Isaac'', Edmund^, Ehenezer*, Ephraim^ Ephraim\ George^). Bom in Portsmouth, X. H., Feb. 9, 1814; d. at Salmon Falls, X. H., June 4, 1904; removed with his parents in 1823 to Salmon Falls, X. H., then a part of Somersworth; educa- tion, begun in Portsmouth, was continued at the Berwick Academy, South Berwick; in 1834 removed to Grafton, Mass.; in 1842 removed to Black-










stone, Mass. ; in 1845 returned to Salmon Falls and conducted a general store until 1S51, when he sold his business and became cashier of the Salmon Falls bank, then just established, in which position he served forty-tliree years, until 1894; was one of the incorporators of the Rollinsford Savings Bank and its secretary and treasurer thirty-seven years, from 1855 to 1892 ; town treasurer of Eollinsford from its establislmient in 1849 to 1901 ; town clerk from 1853 to 189 T ; justice of the peace from 185T ; selectman of town of Somersworth two years; selectman of town of Eollinsford from its establishment; state senator, 1884-1886; m. (1) at Grafton, Mass., Sept. 5, 1841, Sarah Putnam, dan. of Tarrant and Anna (Kimball) Mer- riam, b. — , 181T ; she d. Aug. 22, 1849, at Salmon Falls. N. H., and is buried at Eollinsford, X. H. ; he m. (2) in Boston, Mar. 12, 1851, Armine, dau. of Alpheus and — (Preble) Leavitt, b. in York, Me. — , 1829; she d. at Salmon Falls, X. H., Feb. 12, 1866,' and is buried at Eol- linsford, X. H. ; he m. (3) at Berwick, Me., Oct. 29, 1867, Mary J., dau. of Samuel and Sarah (Cottle) Shackford, b. at Portsmouth, X. H., April 25, 1829.

His children: By wife Sarah:

i. Josephine Maria, b. June 26, 1842, at Blackstone, Mass.; d. Dec. 17, 1844; buried at Eollinsford.

ii. Geoegiana, b. at Blackstone. Mass., Sept. 17, 1843; d. Dec. 23, 1844; buried at Kollinsford.

iii. Georgietta, b. at Blackstone. Mass., Sept. 17, 1843; m. at Salmon Falls, N. H., Mar. 31, 1S6S, John Lvnn, son of Asaph and Nancy (Collins) Merriara, b. May 15, 1842, at Meriden, Conn., d. June 24, 1878; she resides at Meriden, Conn.; their child Louise, b. at Brooklyn, June 16, 1S70; m. at Meriden, Conn., May 25, 1892, Her- man Theodore, son of Charles August and Elizabeth (Stoeppler) Graeber; resides 30 Hobart St., Meriden, Conn.; their child: (1) William Morton, b. at Meriden, Conn., Oct. 17, 1896.

By wife Armine :

iv. Frederick: Henry, b. at Salmon Falls, N. H., Sept. 23, 1854; d, Jun« 2, 1867. 84. T. William Alpheus, b. at Salmon Falls, N. H., Aug. 23, 1857. Ti. Sara Josephine, b. at Salmon Falls, N. H., Oct. 21, 1862.

74. Albert Morton* {William'', Isaac'^, Edmund^, Ebenezer*, Ephraim^, Ephraim-, George^). Bom at Portsmouth, X. H., Jan. 8, 1816; d. at Longwood, Fla., April 22, 1904 ; m. at Great Falls, X. H., May 5, 1839, C}Tithia Kimball, dau. of Eichard and Elizabeth (Kimball) Waldron, b. at Dover, X. H., May 10, 1815; she d. Xov. 8, 1889, at Longwood, Fla. Their children :

i. Mary Haxxah, b. at Great Falls, N. H., May 1, 1840; d. at Glouces- ter, N. J., Nov. 27, 1845. ii. Helen Jane, b. at Great Falls, N. H., Sept. 27, 1842; m. (1) at Exeter, N. H., James William, son of William and Margaret (Speed) Tetherly; he d. at So. Newmarket, N. H. (now Newfieids), Oct. 16, 1864; their child. Alice Morton Tetherly, b. at So. New- market (now Newfieids), N. H., Mar. 13. 1862; she m. (2) Charles, son of John and Phoebe (Keniston) French, at So. Newmarket, N. H., Oct. 13, 1S65; he d. at Stratham, N. H. ; was a member of Battery A, First Mass. Light Artillery; at the breaking out of the Civil War immediately went to the front, serving out short enlistment; re-enlisted for three years; promoted to be second lieu-

: =1


tenant; their child: (1) Charles Albert French, b. Dec. 15, 1866, at Boston, Mass.; d. at Strarham, N. H., July 14, 1S79; she nu (3) at Boston, Apr. 2, 1S72. George Simeon, son of William Allen and Letitia (Groome) Greenwood, b. Trov, N. Y., Aug. 15, 1840; enlisted in the fir*t company raised in Troy at the beginning of the Civil War, the company became a part of the Second N. Y. regi- ment; re-enlisted in the Seventh N. Y. Heavy Artillery; discharged in August, 1S65. Besides Long-wood, Fla.

iii. George WiLLU.ii, b. Nov. 8, 1S47, at Gloucester, N. J.; enlisted for the Civil War June 23, 1S62. as drummer in Co. F, Ninth N. H. Infantry; discharged for disability Feb. 23, 1863; unmarried. Ad- dress, Berlin, Wis.

iv. Abbie Frances, b. at So. Newmarket, N. H., Feb. 12, 1852; m. at Sal- mon Falls, N. H.. Francis Wayland, s. of Hiram Eollins and Ruth (Ham) Eoberts. b. at EoUinsford, N. H.. Dec. 16, ISol; address, Post\-ille, la. Children: (i) Lilian Estelle, b. Dover, N. H., Dec. 2, 1873; (ii) Fred Morton, b. Postville, la., Mar. 16, 1880; (iii) Helen Waldron. b. PostviUe. la., Feb. 23, 1890.

V. LizzLE Adelaide, b. So. Newmarket, N. H., Jan. 19. 1854; m. Salmon Falls, N. H., Oct. S, 1873. Dr. Charles Emmet, son of Nathan and Emeline Amanda (Mills) Walker, b. at Woodburn, Macoupin Co., 111., Dec. 22, 1847. Address, Sanford, Fla. Children: (i) Flora Alice, b. Natick, Mass., Oct. 15, 1S74; (Li) Laura May, b. Natick, Mass., Oct. 10, 1876; m. Sept. 7, 1904, at Oberlin, 0., James Edward, son of Thomas Sanborn and Emily Francis (Anthony) Dexter, b. Prov- idence, 111., Feb. 12, 1873; a dentist; they have one child, James Alfred, b. at Oberlin, O., Sept. 21, 1905; reside at Oberlin, O.; (iii) Nina Morse, b. Natick, Mass., Nov. 4, 1S79; m. Sept. 16, 1902, Charles Allen, son of Allen and Euth Emma (Ferris) De Voe, b. at Lamartine, Wis., Oct. 2S, 1872; they have one child, Dorothy Morton, b. Eosendale, Wis., Dec. 19, 1904; reside at Eosendale, Wis.

vi. AxNiE Waldrox, b. So. Newmarket, N. H., Dec. 24, 1856; d. London, Eng., Aug. 29, 1891. 85. vii. Albert Hayes, b. So. Newmarket, N. H., Dec. 24, 1856.

75, Edmund Griffith Morton^ {William'', Isaac'^, Edmund^, Ehe- nezer*, Ephrairn^, Ephraim-, George'^). Bom at Portsmouth, X. H., July 24, 1824; m., Xorth Yarmouth, :Me., Xov. 14, 1849, Adeline Drinkwater, dau. of William and Adeline (Drinkwater) Hicks, b. Xorth Yarmouth, Me., Aug. 29, 1827; he was educated at the public schools and at the academy at South Bervv-ick, Me. ; when about 13 went to Boston and lived with his uncle, Edmund E. Griihth. from whom, he learned the oil, paint and glass business; at 24 entered business on his own account and continued it suc- cessfully until in ilay, 1852, when, influenced by the discovery of gold in California, and prom.pted by a love of adventure, he sailed with his family from Boston in the clipper ship "Stai^ordshire" for San Francisco, the voy- age taking 101 days; he mined for 10 years in Mariposa county, since which time he has been engaged in ranching. Address : Colusa, Cal. :

L Edmund Griffith, b. North Yarmouth, Me., Aug. 25, 1850; d. Colusa,

Cal., May. 2, 1SS9. ii. Adelaide, b. Indian Gulch, Cal., June 21, 1854; m. Dec. 25, 1905,.

George Eeed, s. of Henry Blakeslee and Emeline (Eeed) Tuttle,*

b. Lansingburg, N. Y., Jan. 24, 1839. Address Ochsner Building,

Sacramento, Cal.

•See pp. 19-20 of "Genealogy of the Tuttle Family."

' J ; 'r' .


iii. Sarah, b. Indian Gulch, Cal., Aug. 6, 1S56; m. Eoutiers, Cal., Dec. 28, 1881, to Benjamin F., son of Marcus Jay and Jane (Kelso) Howard, b. Sacramento, Cal., Oct. 11, 1S51; resides at Sacramento, where he was county superintendent of schools for manv years.

iv. Jennie Buxton, b. Stockton, Cal., June 30, 1S59; d. Sacramento, Apr. 2, ISSS.

V. James Anderson, b. Eoutiers, Cal., Dec. 14, 1861.

vL Georgietta, b. Eoutiers. Cal., Mar. 27, 1S65.

vii. Frank, b. Aug. 13, 1S6G; d. Aug. 17, 1S66.

viii. Belle, b. Eoutiers, Cal.. July 11, 1S67; m. at Sacramento, Cal., Sept. 1, 1897, Alfred Havelock. son of George Skinner and Hannah Louisa (Bettam) Tickell, b. Belleville, Ont.. Oct. 5, 1864. He is a med- ical practitioner and resides at Nevada City, Cal.

ix. Mary Elizabeth Griffith, b. Eoutiers, Cal., Sept. 23, 1S69.

76. JoHX Barber Morton^ {William'^, Isaac^, Edmund^, Ebe- nezer*, Ephraim^, Ephraim'-, George^). Born at EoUinsford, N. H., Feb. 8, 1826 ; m. Sept. 8, 1852, at Kennebunk, Me., ]\Iary Josephine Kimball. He was educated at the public schools in Bollinsford and at the South Ber- wick academy; from lS-i8 to 1873 he was engaged in the merchant tailoring business; a republican in politics, he served the to^Mi of Rollinsford as tax collector and selectman. He is now retired from business and resides at Iowa City, la. Children all born in Salmon Falls, N. H. :

i. Sarah Eosa, b. Oct. 4, 1853; m. there, Dec. 31, 1877, Charles, son of Sam.uel Laubham, b. in Haverhill, Mass., Mar. 22, 1852; d. there May 4, 1904. For many years he was prominently identified with the leather and shoe business and later his interest was given to transactions in real estate. He served in the common council in 1891, and he was a member of the Middlesex, Essex, Pentucket and "Wachusett clubs. He was a Knight Templar and a member of Sagahew lodge of Masons and Haverhill lodge of Elks, and was affiliated with the congregation of the North Congregational church and interested in all the work of that society; children: (i) Flor- ence Esther, b. Haverhill, Nov. 30, 1878; (ii) Samuel Morton, b. Haverhill, June 8, 1884.

iL John Edward, b. May 26, 1855; d. Oct. 2, 1874. b6. iii. Henry Kimball, b. Mar. 18, 1858.

iv. Arthur Griffith, b. Jan. 1, 1S60; d. June 28. 1884.

T. Mary JE^VETT, b. Oct. 21. 1867; d. Mar. 2, 1886.

vi. Martha Caroline, b. Nov. 6, 1869; m. Nov. 22, 1892, at Haverhill, Mass., Howard Latham Clark, son of Dr. Clark of Derry, N. H. ; d. Sept. 9, 1903, at Boston, aged 37; was junior member of the firm of J. H. Winchell & Co. His widow resides at 195 Mill street, Haverhill; child: (i) Margaret Morton, b. Nov. 12, 1893.

77, Charles Augustus Morton^ {William'' , Isaac'^, Edmund^, Ebe- nezer*, Ephraim^, Ephraim-, George^). Bom at Portsmouth, X. H., Mar. 25, 1834 ; educated at the public schools and at the academy at South Ber- wick, Me. ; was an expert machinist : m. at Standish, Me., Oct. 15, 1856, Susan Nason, dau. of Samuel and Sarah (Meservey*) York, b. Oct. 15,

•Descended from (1) Gregoire and Jeanette Messervy, d'Anneville, St. Martin, Isle of Jersey, 1495-1536, the line hz'mg as follows:

2. Eichard Messervy.

3. Thomas Messervy.

4. Thomas Messervy.

5. Clement Messervy. C. Jean Messervy.

7. Clement Messervy, who migrated from the Isle of Jersey to Portsmouth, N. H., before 1673.


1834; he d. at Biddeford. Me., April 28, 1879; she d. at Biddeford, Me., Jan. 30, 1892 ; she was a member of the Second Congregational Church of Biddeford. Children all born at Biddeford:

i. LiLLiE Sasah Eliza, b. Apr. 1, 1858; m. July 31, 1882. John Kermott, s. of John M. and 2sancy (Bancroft) Allen, b. Chelsea, Mich., May 9, 1858; he is a journalist and author; resides at 4908 Washington Ave., Chicago, 111.; he is a descendant of Ealph Allen, of Sand- wich, Mass., 1637, and of Thomas Bancroft, of Dedham, Mass., 1637.

ii. Cora Estelle, b. Aug. 8, 1860; m. at Biddeford, Me.. Xov. 29, 1904. Levi Woodbury Stone, s. of Phineas and Eliza (Estes) Stone, b. Mar. 28, 1S36, at Cornish, Me.; resides at Biddeford, Me.

87. iii. James, b. Jan. 23, 1863.

88. iv. William, b. Oct. 24, 1865.

V. AXGLE FiDELLA, b. Aug. 29, 1867; m. Biddeford, Me., Sept. 3. 1889, Abraham Lincoln Tasker, s. of John Oilman and Theodate (Tasker) Cummings, b. Saco, Me., Feb. 13, 1S65; Mr. Cummings was edu- cated in the common and high schools of Saco, Me.; reporter, city editor and editor of the Biddeford Daily ' ' Times ' ' ; western Maine correspondent of the Boston "Herald" (headquarters at Portland, Me.) from 1894; alderman of Biddeford, 1893; chief special clerk (manufactures) U. S. census of 1900; clerk of the Portland com- mon council, 1902-3; deputy collector of internal revenue for Maine. 1903; city clerk, 1908. Eesidence, Portland, Me.

vi. Charlotte May, b. Sept. 19, 1872; m. Biddeford, Me., June 27, 1900, Henry Hutchinson, s. of Edward Hooper and Elizabeth Xason (Jor- dan) Gove, b. Dec. 23, 1875; manufacturer; resides at Bidde- ford, Me.

78. Isaac Newton Morton® (William'', Isaac^, Edmund'^, Ehenezer*, Ephraim^, Ephraim-, George^). Bom at Somersworth, N. H., April 27, 1837; m. at Wauwautosa, Wis., April 12, 1859, Julia Eunice, dau. of Jonathan Merriam and Lavinia (Damon) Warren; she was b. at Grafton, Mass., Jan. 12, 1837, and d. at Milwaukee, Wis., Dec. 1, 1875. Children:

i, Minnie, b. at Milwaukee, Apr. 24, 1S61; d. there Dec. 5, 1366. ii. Frank Wabren, b. at Milwaukee, Aug. 13, 1864; d. at Chicago, July 20, 1888.

89. iii. WiLLLAM Bliss, b. at Milwaukee, May 9, 1866. It. Florence Stone, b. at Milwaukee, June 10, 1868.

V. Cora Fowler, b. Milwaukee, Wis., Aug. 31, 1869; m. at Wauwautosa, Wis., Nov. 26, 1902, Rudolph, s. of Rudolph and Emma Caroline (Brandt) Tragard, b. Chicago, 111., June 17, 1865; reside at Wau- wautosa, Wis.

▼i. George Henshall, b. at Oconomowoc, Wis., July 1, 1872.

vii. Susan Clarke, b. at Milwaukee, Nov. 27, 1875; d. July 15, 1876.

He m. (2), Jan. 19, 1878, Harriet Douglas., dau. of Spencer Chapin and Sarah Elizabeth (WTiite) Benham, b. Washington, D. C, Xov. 30, 1855.

8. Clement Messervy.

9. Clement Meservey.

10. John Meservey.

11. Betsey Meservey, b. Apr. 14, 1760; m. Isaac York.

12. Sarah York, b. Jan. 2, 1800; m. Samuel York.

13. Susan Nason York, b. Oct. 15, 1834.

See "Genealogie de la Famille Messervy," by J. A. Messervy, Jersey, 1399.


Their children:

vii. Louise Granger, b. Chicago, Oct. 10, 1878.

viii. Elizabeth White, b. Evanston. 111., Feb. 1, 1SS2; m. Apr. 20, 1903,

at Clearwater, Fla., "W. E. Henslev; child: (i) Louise Grander, b.

Feb. 14, 1904; reside at 458 Fargo Ave., Buffalo, X. Y.

He m. (3), Jan. 17, 1894, at Peru, Fla., Minnie Bridges, dau. of George Pendleton and Amanda (Currie) Bridges, b. Lima Center, Wis., Aug. 27, 1867; resides at Tampa, Fla. For many years he was prominently engaged in the wholesale and retail drug business in Milwaukee; later he operated on the Chicago Board of Trade ; still later for twenty years he was a promi- nent druggist at Tampa, retiring from active business in 1905.

79. AuGUSTiXE G. MoRTOX^ {John', Isaac^, Edmund^, Ehenezer*, Ephrairn^, Ephraim-, George'^). Born in Batavia, X. Y., April 4, 1813; m. in Boston, Mass., in 1843, Olive Bn'ant; removed to Ohio; no descend- ants living; he d. Jan. 25, 1888.

Children :

i. Frank, b. — ; d. — . ii. Fred, b. — ; d. — .

80. Xathaxiel S. Mortox* {Jo'hn', Isaac'^, Edmund^, Ebenezer*, Ephraim^, Ephraim'-, George^). Bom in Mendon, N. Y., Oct. 4, 1816; d. May 12, 1895; m. in 1841 Adelaide Curson, b. May 13, 1823.

Children :

i. Helen Fr-VNCES, b. at Clyde, O. ; m. Oct. 25, 1865, at Akron, O., WUliam H. Eeider, who died leaving^ these children: (i) Mattie, deceased; (ii) Grace, deceased; (iii") Ada; (iv) Fred M.; (v) Bertie. Mrs. Eeider resides at 2026 Lawrence Ave., Toledo, O.

ii. Ophelia, now Mrs. Charles Starr, 290 Main St., Owego, N. Y.; two children: Lorana, Charles.

90. iii. Wallace Augustine, b. at Cuyahoga Falls, O., Mar. 4, 1849.

91. iv. Frederick Stimson, b.

81. William Morton® {John', Isaac^, Edmund^, Eben€zer*,Ep}iraim', Ephraim-, George^). Bom at Mendon, X. Y., May 30, 1820; m. in Akron, 0., — , 1851, Mary C. Gilbert.


i. WiLLLA.!! Eugene.

ii. LUELLA. '

82. Russell Isaac Morton* (John'. Isaac^, Edmund^, Ehenezer*, Ephraim^, Ephraim-, George^). Bora, in Piochester, X. Y., Feb. 9, 1823; d. Dec. 28, 1896 : m. Mar. 16, 1851, at Akron, 0., Nancy Agnes Latimer, b. Pittsburg, Pa., July 11, 1830; d. Apr. 4, 1897.

Children :

i. Mary, b. Dec. 10, 1851 ; d. Aug. 12. 1852.

ii. Ethel Elizabeth, b. Akron, O., May 4, 1854; m. at Goshen, Ind., Apr. 15, 1874, Dr. Curtis Allen Lambert, s. of John and Nancy (Newcomer) Lambert, b. May 11, 1846; resides 6446 Harvard Ave., Englewood. Chicago, 111.; children: (i) Charles Morton, b. Mar. 31, 1876, m. Oct. 9, 1896, Etta Peterson; artist; resides 6551 Emerald Ave., Chicago; children (1) Ralph Morton, b. Dec. 30, 1897; (2) Eov, b. April 14, 1899; (ii) Curtis Arthur, b. July 10, 1883; (iii) Elizabeth, b. Aug. 26, 1877; d. Dee. 23, 1877.

iii. Mary Louise, b. Sept. 16, 1859, at Cleveland, O.; m. Sept. 16, 1879, at Goshen, Ind., to Woodson V. E., son of Peachy Carson and Jane Melissa (Cowan) Messick, b. Goshen, Ind., Aug. 29, 1855; reside*



in Goshen; children: (i) Morton TVoodson, b. July 20, 1883; (ii)

Albert Eov, b. June 4, 18SS. It. John, b. Nov. S, 1855; d. :\ray '22, 1886. T. Charles, b. Apr. 16, 1862; d. Sept. 18, 1862.

83. LovETT Stimsox Morton^ {Joliri', Isaac°. Edmund^, Ehenezer*, Epliraim^, Ephraiin-, George^). Bom in Mendon, X. Y., Mar. 10, 1827; m. at Ashtabula, 0.. Sept. 25, 1850, Emma Ann, dau. of Alanson and Louise (Abernathv) Ford, b. Williamsfield, 0., July 8, 1832. Lovett Stim- son Morton was educated in common schools and in the Western Keserve Academy in Lake county, Ohio. AYhen nineteen years old, with his brothers Nathaniel and William, he rented a 600 acre farm near Akron, 0., on which they raised grain and stock for several years; he then entered the grocery business in Akron, 0., and was burned out in 1855 : removed to Cleveland and was employed by the Cleveland and Toledo railroad; in 1858 went to the Isthmus of Tehuantepec as assistant superintendent of the new railroad that was being built there; in 1861 went to Washington, D. C, and was deputv' and acting postmaster of the House of Representatives until 1867; was then appointed U. S. internal revenue assessor for the Cleveland dis- trict (ISth Ohio) for the term of four years; removed to California in 1875; lived in Santa, Barbara county several years; removed in 1899 to Alameda, Cal., where he now resides.* Children :

1. Alice Jake, b. Akron, O., Apr. 26, 1852; m. Cleveland, O., Oct. 7, 1874, Andrew Jackson Nichols, b. Spencer, N. Y., Jan. 10, 1849; d. Mav 5, 1895; their children: (i) Lovett Morton, b. Santa Bar- bara, Cal., Oct. 19, 1875 (ii) Emma Louise, b. Jacksonville, lU., Apr. 5, 1880; she m. (2) June 22, 1902, Eugene M. Barton; they reside in Manila, P. I. ii. Caeeie Louise, b. Cleveland, O., Jan. 12, 1859; m. Nov. 19, 1879, James Dalton, son of Dr. Francis Clark and Lavilla (Bentley) Bacon, b. Huntertown, Ind., Jan. 31, 1855; resides 1535 Benton St., Alameda, Cal.; their children: (i) Morton Furth, b. Maxwell, Cal., Oct. 16, 1882; (ii) Francis Dalton, b. Maxwell, Cal., Aug. 15, 1885.


84. WiLLiAii Alpheus ]\roETOX^ (William Henry^, William', Isaac*^, Edmund^, Ehenezer*, Ephraim^, Ephraim", George^). Born at Salmon Falls, N. H., Aug. 23, 1857; m. at Haverliill, June 25, 1889, :\rrs. .Alary A. Chase Flanders. He is an interior decorator of great reputation, and has carried out some very large contracts in New England. Resides at 10 Columbia Park, Haverhill, Mass.

i. Mary Armixe, b. Haverhill, Mass., Nov. 13, 1891.

85. Albert Hayes Morton* {Albert^, William\ Isaac^, Edmund'^, Ebenezer*, Ephraim^, Ephraim'^, George^). Bom at South Newmarket, N. H. (now Newfields), Dec. 24, 1856 ; m. at Salmon Falls, N. H., Feb. 14,

• It is fitting to state here that Mr. Morton has rendered the compiler of this record great assistance, having, indeed, furnished the clue without which the Une of ascent of several families of Mortons mi^ht not have been traced to George Morton. It is a pleasure to express my grateful thanks in this manner.


1881, Jessie Fremont, dau. of Eben S. and Abra D. (TTentworth) Nowell; lived in South Xe-mnarket until 1S66 ; thence to Salmon Falls, N. H., where he attended high school; attended the academy at South Berwick, Me.; entered Dartmouth College in September, 1873, class of 1877; since that time he has been engaged in the mechanical line of business at Salmon Falls, X. H., Harrisburg, Texas, Providence, E. I., and since 1891 as super- intendent of the Kitson Machine Co. at Lowell, Mass.

Children :

i. Albert Ncn-ELL, b. Salmon Falls. X. H., :\Iar. 9, 1882. ii. Howard, b. Providence, E. I., Dec. 20, 1S8S.

86. Henry KiiiBALL :Mortox^ {John Barber^, Willmm'', Isaac^, Edmund^, Ebenezer*, Ephraim^, Ephraim-, George'^). Born in Salmon Falls, X. H., Mar. 18, 1858: m. at Solon, la., Jan. 1, 1886, Mary E. Mulock ; is a merchant at Iowa City, la. Children all bom there :

John Mtilock, b. Feb. 28, 1S90.

Vance, b. Mar. 19, 1892.

Rose Laubham, b. May 8, 1S93; d. Oct. 6, 1893.

87. Charles James Morton^ (Charles Augustus^, WiUiam\ Isaac'^, Edmund^, Ebenezer*, Ephraim^, Ephraim-, George'^). Bom at Biddeford, Me., Jan. 23, 1863; m. Sept. 5, 1893, Adelle L., dau. of Adelbert P. and Electa E. (Batchelder) Bobbins, b. Sept. 18, 1872, at Union, Me.; he was educated in the public schools at Biddeford, where he also learned the trade of a machinist and worked there four years ; worked at die sinking five years at "VTorcester, Mass., and since 1891 foreman of die sinking department of the Walworth Mfg. Co., Boston; address, 79 Lonsdale St., Dorchester, Mass.

i. Adelbert Eobbixs, b. South Boston, Feb. 22, 1895.

88. WiLLiAii Franklix Morton* (Charles Augustus^, William'', Isaac^, Edmund'", Ebenezer^, Ephraim^, Ephraim-, George'^). Bom at Biddeford, ^.le., Oct. 24, 1865 ; m. June — , 1891, at New York city, Mar- garet, dau. of Porter and — (Ewing) Diwer, b. Dobbs Ferr}% X. Y., Sept. — , 1866; he was educated in the public schools at Biddeford and learned the trade of a molder; resides Quincy, Mass,

i. Charles Allen, b. New York City, Oct. 6, 1892.

89. William Bliss Morton* (Isaac Newton^, William\ Isaac', Edmund'^, Ebenezer*, Ephraim^, Ephraim-, George^). Born at Milwaukee, Wis., May, 9, 1866; m. Milwaukee, Sept. 17, 1892, Sarah Harriet, dau. of John and Xancy Jane (]\Iulligan) Farley, b. at Marion, 111., Mar. 14, 1862. No children. Picsides Mayvrood, 111.

90. Wallace Augustine Morton" (Nathaniel^, John', Isaac', Ed- mund^, Ebenezer*, Ephraim^, Ephraim-, George^). Bom in Cuyahoga Falls, 0., :\rar. 4, 1849; m. Xov. 4, 1868, Ida E. Hill; jeweler; resided at Owego, X. Y.; d. Binghamton, N. Y., Sept. 27, 1904.

Children :

92. i. Guy Wallace, b. Mar. 16, 1872. ii. Percy Douglass, b. Aug. 13, 1892.

91. Frederick Stimson Morton* (Nathaniel', John\ Isaac', Ed- mund^, Ebenezer^, Ephraim^, Ephraim"^, George^). Bora in Akron, 0.,


— ; m. in 1882 at San Francisco, Cal., to Margaret Emma Higgins; is a miller; resides at 2256 Buena Yista avenue, Alameda, Cal.

Children :

i. Stella Loretta, b. — . iL Maey Adelaide, b. — .


92, Gut Wallace Mortox^° (Wallace Augustine^, Nath^niel^, John'', Isaac^, Edmund^, Ehenezer^, Ephraim^, Ephraimr, George^). Born at Owego, N. Y., Mar. 16, 1872; m. Dec. 29, 1898, Margaret Duer; resides at Scranton, Pa. Children :

L Emily Hill, b. Owego, N. Y.. Sept. 26, 1899.

ii. Dorothy, b. Scranton, Pa., April 10, 1901.

iii. Jaites Edward, b. Eocheeter, N. Y., May 18, 1904.

^:as; '-'

{■■■- ' ii t


Index to First Names of Persons Bearing the Surname of Morton

Abbie Frances, 37.

Ablel, 20.

AblgaU, 20. 21. 22, 24.

Abby H., 28.

Adelaide, 37. 40.

Adelbert Robbing, 42.

Adeline Drlnkwater, 37.

Adelle L.. 42.

Albert, 33, 34, 36.

Albert Gallatin, 29.

Albert Haves. 37, 41.

Albert No well, 42.

Alfred Bennett, 30.

Alice, 4, 19.

Alice Jane. 41.

Ambrose, 24, 25.

Amy Morton, 2S.

Andrew Jackson, 29.

Angeline, 30.

Angle Fidelia. 39.

Ann, 4, 10, 13, 15.

Anna, 21, 32, 34.

Anna Livingston, 18.

Anne, 4. 5, 29.

Annie Waldron, 37.

Anthony, 4, 5.

Armlne, 36.

Arthur Austerfield. 22.

Arthur GTiffith, 38.

Augustine G., 35, 40.

Bathsheba. 29.

Belle, 38.

Benjamin. 19, 34.

Betty, 24.

Caroline Diana, 25.

Catherine Richmond. 17.

Caroline Stimson, 22.

Catherine, 5, 16, 17.

Cephas, 30.

Charles, 4. 20, 25, 34, 41.

Charles Allen, 42.

Charles Ambrose. 25.

Charles Augustus, 35, 38.

Charles Austin, 29.

Charles James, 39, 42.

Charles Ward Apthorp, 2.".

Charlotte, 27, 2S.

Charlotte May, 39.

Christian, 4.

Clarke, 30.

Cora Estelie, 39.

Cora Fowler, 39.

Cornelius, 19.

Cornelius Bennett, 30.

Cynthia Kimball, 36.

Daniel, 5.

Daniel Oliver, 17, 18.

David, 21.

Dlmond, 21.

Deborah, 12, 14, 16, 19. 24,

29, 30. De Lene Lucy, 18. DorJiskl, 35. Dorothy, 4, 43. Eb«»nezer, 14, 15, 18, 19, 22,

29, 31. Edith Livingston, 18. Edmund, 2.J. 30, 31, 32. Edmund Griffith, 35, 37. Edwin, 30. Elbrldge Gerry, 29. Blearer, 11, 13, 14, 15, 24,

25. a6. 29. Electa Frary, 17. ElUha, 19, 29.

Eliza, 35.

Eliza Ann, 34.

Elizabeth, 4, 5. 11, 14, 18,

19, 20, 23, 26. 27, 29, 30,

31, 34, 35. Elizabeth Tyler, IS. Elizabeth White, 40. Elkanah, 19. Emma Ann, 41. Emily Frances, 29. Emily HUl, 43. EmUy Matilda, 28. Ephraim. 9, 12. 13, 14, 15,

19, 20, 21, 22. Esther, 12. Ethel Elizabeth, 40. Ezekiel, 20, 21. Florence Stone, 39. Frances, 4. Frances Wood, 27. Francis, 4. Frank, 3-8, 40. Frank Catton, 25. Frank Warren, 39. Fred. 40.

Frederic Henry, 36. Frederic Stimson, 40, 42. George, 1, 2, 3, 5. 6, 7, 8, 9.

10, 13. 14. 19, 20. George Clinton, 25. George Deloss. IS. George Henshall, 39. George WiUiam, 37. George Wix'dbury, 22. Geurglanna, 36. Georgietta, 36, 38. Gervase, 4. Guy Wallace, 42, 43. Hannah. 11, 12. 14. 16, 17,

19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 27,

31. Hannah DaUey, 17. Hannah Purrington, 29. Harriet, 27, 30. Harriet Douglas, 39. ■ Harrison Gray Otis, SO. Helen, 3.3. Helen Francis, 40. Helen Jane, 36. Helen Stnyvesant. 19. Henry, 15. 23, 24. Henry Cotton. 25. Henry Kimball, 38, 42. Henry Martin, 29. Howard, 42. Ichabod, 15, 16, 20, 26, 29,

30. Ida E., 42.

Isaac, 20. 24. .",1, 32, 33. 34. Isaac Newtoo, 35, 39. Isabel, 4. Jabez, 26. James, 21.

James Alexander, 35. James Anderson, 38. James Edward, 43. James Hodges, 27. James Madison, 29. James Melvtn, 25. James Stanley, 25. Jane, 4, 19. Jane Elliabeth, 25. Jemima. 26. Jennie Buxton, 38. Jessie Fremont, 42.

Joan, 4.

Joanna. 11, 13. 14, 19, 20,

24, 25. Joanna Dennis, 25. Joanna Maria. 27. Job, 20, 26, 28. Joel, 25. John, 3. 4, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14,

15, 16, 20, 21, 25, 30, 34.

35, 41. John Barber, 38. John Barton, 35. John Edward, 38. John Hanc-ock, 24. John Mulock, 42. Jonathan. 20. 21. Joseph, 15, 21, 22. Joseph Warren, 17. Joseph William, 22. Joseph ;ne Eugenia, 22. .IosepLL'_ne Maria. 36. Josephine Stanley, 25. Joshua, 19.

Joslah. 13, 15, 20, 21. 23, 24. Juliana, 2, 3, 5, 9, 12. Julia Eunice, 39. Kenelm. 19. Lemuel, 15, 30. Lena Kearney, 19. LendeU Pitts, 17. Lettice. 11, 12. Levi Frank. 18. Levi Parsons, 17, 18. Levi BLmnseville, 29. LlUle Sarah Eliza, 39. Livy, 16.

Lizzie Adelaide, 37. Loraina Carrington. 28. Louise Granger, 40. Lovell, 25.

Lovett Stimson, 35, 41. Lovice, 24. Lucia. 16. Lucretia, 17. Lucretia Parsons, 17. Lucy, 18, 21. Luella, 40. Lydia, 11, 15. Lydia Mason, 27. Manasseh. 12, 14, 17. 19. Marcus, 8, 26, 27, 28. .Marcus Freil, 18. Margaret, 2'J. 31, 42, 43. Margaret Emma, 43. Mary, 4. 12, 13, 14, 15. 16,

17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 26,

30, 31, 40. Mary A., 41. Mary .\delalde, 43. Mary Agnes, 25. Mary Aimine, 41. Marj- C. 40. .Mary E., 13, 42. Mary Elizabeth, 29. Mary Elizabeth GrltBth. 38. Mary F'rancis, 30. Mary H.. 28. Mary Hannah, 35, 38. Mary Herti<»y, 22. Mary J., 36. Mary Jane, 22. Mary Jewett. 38. Mary Jobephlae. 38. Mary Louise, 40. Martha. 12. 17, 28. 29.


Martha Caroline, 38. Martha Woodbury, 22. Maud, 4. Mercy, 11. 12, 13. 16, 20, 22,

23, 29. 30. Meriah, 19, 24. Minnie, 39. Molly, 29. Mordecai, 30. Mordecai ElUs, 30. Nancy Agnes, 40. Nathaniel, 1, 2. 8. 9, 10, 11.

12, 13, 15, 16, 24. 25, 2C.

2T. 30, 35. Nathaniel S., 40. Nicholas. 4. Olive, 40. Ophelia, 40. Patience, 9, 12, 13, 23, 2S,

31. Percy Douglass, 42. Perez, 21, 22. Persis, 14. PhUaader, 30. Phoebe, 13, 14. 16. PriscUla. 16, 30. Rachel, 31.

Rebecca, 13, 14. 15, 20, 25,

26. Reliance, 20. Remember, 11. Robert. 3, 4, 5, 19. Rose Laubham. 42. Russell Isaac, 35. 40. Ruth. 14. 19, 2<.\ 23, 26. Samuel, 19. Samuel Paul, 24. Sampson. 5. Sara Josephine. 36. Sara Rosa. 38. Sarah, 15. 16, 19. 20, 24, 25.

29 31 38. Sarah Bradford. 22. Sarah Carey. 2". Sarah Harriet. 42. Sarah Josephine. 22. Sarah Maria, 25. Sarah Maria Ann. 29. Sarah Purnam, 36. Sarah Roberts. 34. Sarah Wentworth. 23. Seth. 16. 19, 24, 26. Silas, 20, 29. Solomon. 23. 31. Stella Loretta. 43.

Susan Clarke. 39.

Susan Nason, 38.

Susan TiUln^hast, 27.

Susannah, 15, 19, 20.

Sylvanus, 20.

Taber. 19.

Thaddeus, 24.

Thomas, 3. 4, 5, 8. 9, 13, 14,

15, 20, 23, 27, 30. 31. Timothy. 14, 20. Vance, 42.

Wallace Augustine. 40, 42. William. 4, 20, 34, 35. 39.

40. WUliam Addison. 29. William Alpheus. 36. 41. William Bliss. 39, 42. William Edward, 25. William Kusene. 40. William Franklin. 42. William Gray, 29. William Henry, 25, 34, 35,

36. William Saxton. 22. Zaccheus. 23. 31. Zenith. 19. Zephaniah. 19, 20. Ziblah. 24.

Index to Surnames Other than Morton

Abernathy. 41.

Clark, 15, 16. 23, 24, 25, 30,

Ewlng, 42.

Adams, 22.


Farley, 42.

Ager. 31.

Cobb, 16.

Fannce, 9, 13, 15, 21.

AUen, 39.

Cole, 12.

Ferris, 37.

Ames. 28.

CoUins. 36.

Finney, 14. 20. ~-

Anthony, 37.

Compton, 4.

Flshbome. 4.

Apthorp. 23.

Conger, 25.

Flanders. 41.

Armstrong. 34.

Cook, 14. 19.

Ford, 13. 41.

Ashmun, 27.

Cooke. 18.

Foster, 16. 20, 22, 29.

Atwater, 28.

Coombs. 12, 29.

Frany, 17.

Bacon, 41.

Cooper. 10. 12.

French. 27, 36.

Bancroft. 39.

Corcoran. 19.

Frobischer, 4.

Barber. 32.

Cottle. 36.

Fuller. 12. 21.

Barnaby, 14.

Cotton, 25.

Garfield. 18.

Barrows, 9, 16, 29.

Cowan. 40.

Gibson. 30.

Bartlett, 15, 22, 35.

Coy. 30.

GUbert, 40.

Barton, 41.

Crane, 34.

Gill, 24.

Bassett. 29.

Cranmer, 4.

Gove, 39.

Batchelder. 42.

Cummings, 39.

Graeber, 36.

Baylies, 27.

Curson, 40.

Gray. 35.

Beales, 16.

Cnrrie, 40.

Greenwood, 33, 37.

Benbam, 39.

Cushman. 29. 30.

Griffith. 34, 37.

Becnett, 30.

Cnthbert. 12.

Grimes, 22.

Bentley, 41.

Cutler, 2S.

GrinneU. 17.

Bettain, 38.

DaUy. 16.

Griswold, 15.

Bonum, 9.

Dalison. 4.

Groome, 37.

Bosworth, 11.

Damon, 39.

Hale, 28. , „, ^

Bonn, 5.

Davis, 13. 15, 24.

Hall, 11, 14. 15, 21, 29.

Bowler, 28.

Dawes, 2S.

Halsworth, 4.

Bradford, 10, 32.

Delano, 24.

Ham, 37.

Brandt. 39.

Dermott, ."4, 35.

HammlU, 25.

Bridges. 40. Brlggs, 24. Brown. 35.

De Voe, 37. Dexter. 26, ?,1, 37. Dlman. 21. 23.

Hanford, 11. Hanscom, 35. Harlow, 9. 12, 13.

Bryant. 40. Buck, 9.

Dlvver, 42.

Harrison. 18.

Doty, 9, 15, 16.

Hartpence, 17.

Bullock, 21.

Douglas. 28.

Hastings, 4.

Burke, 35.

Drew, 14.

Hathaway. 29.

Drink water, 37.

Hatherly. 11.

Canedy, 29.

Duer. 43.

Hawes. 27.

Capen. 24.

Dunham. 11.

Hawkridje, 25.

Carpenter, 2, 3, 5, L2, 29.

Eaton, 32.

Hayes, 18.

Champney, 33.

Eddy. 16.

Heath, S3.

Chanler, 19.

Ellis, 25. ZO.

Hensley, 4<).

Chamley, 28.

Ellison, 11.

Hersey, 21.

Chaplin. 18.

Ensign, 35.

Hlcka, 37.

Chase. 41.

Estes. 39.

HIcglns. 43.

Chittenden. 21.

Eustls, 18.

Hill, 42.

Chnrchin. 13, 20.

Everett, 27.

Hinckley, 21.


> .i,,.aJ.'.


Hinsdale, IS. Hodges, 27.

Holmes, 9. 14, 19. 20, 24. Honour, 11. Hopkins, 13, 19. Hoppin, 2S. Howard, 25, 3S. Ingell, 16. Jackson, 11. Jameson, 19. Jenney, 9. Johnson, 19. Jordan. 39. Josselyna, 11. Kearney, IS. Keeney, 29. Kelso, 3S.

KemptoD, 9, 14, 19. Keniston, 3(3. KlmbaU, 18, 2", 36, 3S. Lacy. 4. Lambert, 40. Latimer, 40. Lanbham, 3S. Lawrence, 26. Laxton, 4. Leach. 24. Leavltt, 36. Lee, 27. Leland. 34. Uttlefield. 27. Livingston, IS. - Lottirop. 11. Levering, 27. Marktiam, 4. Marshall, 15, 32. Merriam. 30. Meservey, 38, 39. Messick. 40. Mills, 37. Minot, 17. Mitchell, 10. Montague, 17. MuUany, 2S. MoUigan, 42. Mulock, 42. Mnrdock, 13.

Nelson. 12, 13, 16. 27. 28. Newcomer, 40. Nichols, IG, 41. Norton, 4. 5. NoweU, 42.

Noyes, 31. Olin. 32, 33. Osborne, 31. Otis, 10. Paget, 4. Palmer, 27. Parsons, 17. Paul, 24. Perkins, 17. Peterson. 40. Phelps, 34. Pierce. 18. Plnmpton, o. Polk, 27. Pope, 26. Poor, 32. Pratt. 20, 26. Preble, 36. Prince. 11. Pritcbard, 10. Purrington, 28. Kavrlins, 14. Raymond, 25. Keed. 24, 37. Reider, 40. Richmond, 16. ^Rickard, 15, 20, 29. Riggs, 17. Ring. 11. 13. Ritch, 15. Roberts, 37. Robbins, 42. Robinson. 9. Rogers, 30. Roun=evUl, 26. Rus^U, 35. Rutherford, 19. SaSford, 17. Sagan, 19. Sampson, 20, 30. SeilUere, 19. Shackford, 36. Shaw, 13, 30. Shelley, 12. Sherburne, 34. Smith, 31, 34. Speed, 36. Soooner, 16. Sprout, 16. Stafford, 22. Staples, 29. Starr, 40.

Stetson, 14, 18.

Stevenson, 35.

Stlmson, 35.

Stoeppler. 36.

Stone, 39.

Story, 25.

Street, 18.

Swift. 25.

Taber, IS.

TaJIeyrand-Perigord, 19.

Tasker, 39.

Taylor, 25.

Templar, 10.

Tetherly, 36.

Thayer, 33.

Thompson, IS, 22.

Throcp, 20.

Tlckell. 38.

Tllson. 11.

Tobey, 29.

Tolman, 24.

Torrey, 14, 24.

Tragard, 39.

Tufts, 30.

Tapper, 26.

Turner, 24.

Tnttle, 37.

Tyler, 18.

Valeccay, 19.

Vaughan, 13.

Venier, 35.

WaJdron, 36.

Walker, 37.

Ward, 15.

Warren, 9, 10. 14. 20, 23, 39.

Washburn, 16, 26.

Washington, 33.

Watson, 27.

Weatworth, 4, 42.

Wheeler, 22.

White. 17, 39.

Whitman, 28.

Wilbur, 17.

Wilcox, 35.

WUlls, 9.

WUson, 20.

Wood, 15, 16, 20, 29.

Woodbury, 22.

Woodwortb, 11.

Wormall, 11.

Wright. 12. 21.

York, 38, 39.


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    SCRIPTURE: "He WILL reprove the world [convict, convince, correct] of sin, of righteousness, and of judgment: John 16:7

    SCRIPTURE: (1) Of sin, because they believe not on me; ... (2) Of righteousness, because I go to my Father; ...(3) Of judgment, because the 'Prince of this World' is judged.[A] John 16:8-10

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