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National Patriotism!

Is Patriotism SINFUL for Christians?

What does the Bible say on Patriotism? (You may be amazed!)

Is Patriotism Sinful?

Many leaders in Christendom say "YES!"

The Quakers from hundreds of years ago would not allow their sons to join the military. Many denominations encourage their members to NOT serve their country, so that a Baptist or Methodist in the USA will not be shooting at a Baptist or Methodist from Germany, etc.

Jehovah's Witnesses today - while very good people who do love God and His Word - so misunderstand it that they FORBID their people to "Pledge to be 'ONE NATION UNDER GOD'!"

    [NOTE: ALL denominations are "divisive" and NO Denominations are ordained of God!

    > Did Jesus DIE for denominations? He did NOT!

    > Did Jesus START denominations, with each arguing: "I am of Paul", I am of John the Baptist," I am of Martin Luther", I am of John Wesley", I am of the "Sect of the Nazarenes", "I am of the Roman Catholics", etc., etc., He did NOT!

    > Did Jesus SAY to start 1,000 denominations - feuding, fussing and fighting in thousands of communities and millions of families? He did NOT!

    > Did Jesus PERMIT to start 1,000 denominations: Competing, criticizing, condemning one another in the name of Jesus? He did NOT!

    > ALL Denominations are ABOMINATIONS! and they confuse the issues of Salvation, how to be saved, and how to live for Christ for all true seekers, as Jesus accused the Pharisee Denomination of His day for "Hindering them that were seeking to enter into His kingdom!"

    The Church is the Body of Jesus and IT IS ONE! Scripture commands us: "Let there be NO DIVISION among you! All of you speak the same thing and be of the same mind, and be PERFECTLY joined together! (I Corinthians 1:10)

    Regarding denominations and all such Earthly entities that God forbids which compete with His Church - Scripture says" Come ye out from among them and be ye separate! Be NOT unequally yoked together with 'those who disobey God's Word' (non-believers they don;t believe what God said about 'NO DIVISION AMONG YOU!)

    Furthermore, Jesus taught a power truth declaring: "A house/kingdom divided CANNOT stand . . . it will FALL . . .it will come to DESOLATION!

      Christ's Church USA is greatly divided, and it is rapidly coming to desolation, while our nation drowns in sin and ignorance!

    Another consideration for those who study prophecy: The "Great Whore" - the "Mother of Harlots" in The Revelation 17-18 has been consider by God's greatest minds of 1500 years to be the Apostate Catholic Church (not the true one).

    Since ALL modern denominations came out of the Apostate Catholic Church, the Protestant Denominations - incorporated and state-approved - are the HARLOTS of the APOSTATE MOTHER CHURCH, the Great Whore!

    Thus the modern Churches still have many, many practices and beliefs from the Catholic Church that are NOT in the Bible!

      > Church service,

      > Worship service,

      > Focus on music more than or equal to the Word! (Jesus never sang or had people sing, or told people to sing at any of his Preachings and teachings: so why do we emphasize this today?

      > Sacraments,

      > Wedding service,

      > Wedding Vows that DO NOT use Scripture,

      > Wedding license by the state,

      > Licensed ministers by the state to do weddings,

      > Clergy,

      > Laity,

      > Infant baptism,

      > Good Friday service,

      > Parish,

      > Raffles and all kinds of foolishness to raise money,

      > Giving a local church a "non-Scriptual name" as the Catholics did.

      > Bible Seminaries apart from the local Church,

      > Missionary organizations apart from the jurisdiction of the local church

      > Denominational headquarters apart from the local Church and over the local Church

      > And much more from song books (away from God's Song book - the Psalms!) to the sacrament of Holy Communion!

      Think about belonging to and giving allegiance to a man-made-divisive denomination . . . pray about it . . . and DO SOMETHING about it!

      There is ONE faith, ONE Lord, and ONE God and Father of all and ONE name given on earth among men for salvation, and ONE church!

      END of NOTE].

    If Patriotism is sin, Apostle Paul is lost!

    No one could possibly be more Patriotic than Apostle Paul. No one has cared for his own nation more deeply!

    Apostle Paul, under inspiration of the Holy Spirit, has made the most radical patriotic statements anywhere in print: in any language, from any nation, in the history of the world!

    Paul's Patriotic Quote #1: Romans 9.1-3

    "At the same time, you need to know that I carry with me at all times a huge sorrow. It's an enormous pain deep within me, and I'm never free of it. I'm not exaggerating—Christ and the Holy Spirit are my witnesses.

    It's the Israelites! (My people!)...

    If there were any way I could be cursed by the Messiah so they could be blessed by him, I'd do it in a minute. They're my family. -- by Paul the Apostle for his nation of Israel: "The Message Version Bible"

    Paul's Same Quote in a different version:

    1 With Christ as my witness, I speak with utter truthfulness. My conscience and the Holy Spirit confirm it. 2 My heart is filled with bitter sorrow and unending grief 3 for my people, my Jewish brothers and sisters. I would be willing to be forever cursed—cut off from Christ!—if that would save them.

    -- by Paul the Apostle for his nation of Israel: "The New Living Bible"


    Paul's Patriotic Quote #2: Romans 10.1-2

    1-3 Believe me, friends, all I want for Israel is what's best for Israel: salvation, nothing less.

    I want it with all my heart and pray to God for it all the time.

    -- by Paul the Apostle for his nation of Israel: "The Message Version Bible"

    Application to Modern AGE

    One of the main reason the modern USA is such an immoral, blaspheming mess, is that American (and western European) Christians are NOT patriotic as they should be!

    Instead of these Christians being Patriotic, they place their love and affection on THEIR DENOMINATION that should go to their NATION!

    Moses prayed basically the same prayer when God was angry with Israel, threatening to destroy them, and offered Moses to start a "New Nation" of his sons, grandchildren and descendents. (Most humans would have jumped at this opportunity for greatness and eternal fame!)

    Moses, however, was a GREAT leader, who TRULY loved his people, his NATION! So, Moses prayed and TOLD God:

      "I am begging you to forgive My People . . . but "IF" you destroy Israel, . . . "THEN" blot my own name out of your Book of Life!"

    Can you even believe this great love of nation?

    Can you believe this extreme patriotism?

    Back to the Apostle Paul, since the Holy Bible says that Paul was given to us for an example to them that should follow after, what God is basically telling us in Paul's Extreme Patriotic statements is this:



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