Barney Frank, Brings A Sodom & Gomorrah Curse on Massachusetts

It Cannot be Denied, God despised Sodom & Gomorrah!

Furthermore, Scripture guarantees:

> > I am the LORD God!

> > I change not!

FACT: If God EVER despised homosexuality, He STILL does and He ALWAYS will: God is perfect, and CANNOT change.

FACT: Barney Frank is a proud, rebellious, blatantly blaspheming homosexual sodomite, and he does so with a vile 'in-your-face' attitude.

If Barney Frank has any respect for God Almighty, he would be repentant of his homosexuality - which God says is an "abomination" - rather than seeking to seduce and entice young men into this cesspool of iniquity.

Barney Frank is a 14-Term Congressman from Massachusetts

For these years of darkness, between Frank and Ted Kennedy, there has had a stranglehold of darkness upon the state. The light of day has begun to shine, however, with Scott Brown - a principled Conservative winning "Kennedy's Senate Seat."

Now, with election 2010, there is a real opportunity for Barney Frank to be voted out of office.

Citizens of Massachusetts, you must face the truth! There is no way God can bless the state of Massachusetts with decency and honor as long as its citizens continue to elect a blaspheming, rebellious sodomite to high office, ignoring God and His Word.

A Trinity of Truth!

> > It is the duty of every preacher in Massachusetts to stand against homosexuality and urge citizens to "Vote Righteousness!"

> > It is the duty of every Christian in Massachusetts to stand against homosexuality be faithful to "Vote Righteousness!"

> > It is the FURTHER duty of every Christian in Massachusetts to stand against homosexuality - and to persuade AT LEAST ONE Liberal / Democrat to "See the Great Sin of Homosexuality" and convince them to "Vote Righteousness!"

Every Ministers should have a table in the facility lobby to "register people to vote" from their congregation.

Crucial Understand of Christ's Promise!

*** Ministers, it is the Church's job to STAND against the Gates of Hell;

*** It is the Saviour's job to BUILD His "Prevailing Church!"

*** The gates being attacked in this great spiritual battle are the Gates of Hell: Indisputably:

> > > Jesus wants the Church on OFFENSE, ATTACKING,

> > > The gates of Hell's strongholds are on DEFENSE, their gates being ATTACKED!

Usually we Ministers get this 100% backward!

* SADLY . . . We Christians want to do the BUILDING - promote, advertise, have great music and drama, "draw a crowd" with suppers of socials (doing all the fun and easy stuff to make our communities like us!)

* SADLY . . . We want JESUS supernaturally, with angels and His Spirit to do the ATTACKING, do the PREVAILING and fight the battle against sin.

* CLEARLY . . . we are to be on "OFFENSE" - OCCUPYING TILL He comes!

> > > God Commands us to "FIGHT the Good FIGHT!"

> > > God Commands us "having done all to STAND!"

> > > God Commands us to "RESIST" the evil one, powers and principalities (godless governments and wicked rulers - not the 'individuals as people', for God wants to save them, but their "strongholds" their laws, their bureaucracies, their "systems", courts and institutions!!!)

> > > God Commands us to PUT ON His Armour;

> > > God Commands us wield a "WEAPON of OFFENSE" - HIS MIGHTY SWORD, with which He promises victory!

Are YOU doing your part in this great battle???

Barney Frank's Opponent for 2010

Sean Bielat is the Republican candidate for Congress in Barney Frank's District.

Sean Bielat is 35 years old:

> Sean Bielat is a Marine who spent four years on active duty

> Sean Bielat is now a major in the Reserve.

> Sean Bielat is a graduate of Georgetown University

> Sean Bielat has a master's from Harvard

> Sean Bielat has an MBA from Wharton.

> Sean Bielat has devoted a good portion of his professional life to manufacturing the high-tech robots that defuse improvised explosive devices in Iraq and Afghanistan - a brilliant man with a heart for the American cause!

> Sean Bielat, in other words, is a serious man.

Great News! Scott Brown Won Barney Frank's District!

In the spring and summer of 2009, Bielat watched in dismay as Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress pursued one big-government initiative after another. He began to think about running but didn't make a final decision until Jan. 19, when TEA PARTY Republican Scott Brown won election to the Senate from Massachusetts. . .

. . . and did it by winning in Frank's district.

"When Scott Brown won the 4th Congressional District, it became clear that not only could a Republican win here," says Bielat, "but there was a case to be made nationally to donors and supporters that this is winnable."

National support is key, Bielat believes, given that Barney Frank is chairman of one of the most powerful committees on Capitol Hill and can raise virtually all the money he wants.

But Barney Frank is also one of those liberal Democrats who conservative Republicans would love to see lose his seat.

If GOP donors across the country think there's a chance to beat him, they'll start giving. So far, support has been steady but not overwhelming. Bielat has raised about $600,000; Frank has pulled in many times that.

Amazingly, a poll taken by his campaign in mid-September found that 43 percent of voters have never heard of Bielat. Everyone - literally everyone - knows Frank. Yet Sean Bielat is doing well!

But Bielat is still heartened by the poll's main finding, which shows him trailing Frank by just 9 points.

"Single-Digit opponents are ALWAYS a possibility to win!

Sean Bielat's BIG THREE Barney Frank Campaign Causes:

CAUSE-1: Barney Frank IS Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and he is sinlge-handedly the one most responsible for this great economic meltdown from the bursted realestate bubble!

CAUSE-2: Barney Frank IS "Financial Reform!" Barney Frank thinks he is going to 'pay back his debt' for the economic damage he caused by "Shutting down Wall Street!"

This is as foolish as cutting off your head to stop the "tooth-ache!"

> > Will it do it! YES!

> > Is it worth it! NEVER!

> > Barney Frank's CURE will be many times worse then his economic CANCER he caused us!

CAUSE-3: Barney Frank IS Big Government! Barney Frank never met a Government program he didn't like and he never saw a tax bill he didn't VOTE FOR!

The nervousness plaguing Democrats nationwide has touched even Frank, a 14-term incumbent who hasn't faced a serious challenger in years.

Still, this is no usual year. Americans are finally waking up that Big-Bloated-Government is the CAUSE of the nation's problems - not the CURE - and the ONLY way to CURB big government is to CUT-OFF their money!

The fact that Bill Clinton -- the Democratic Party's biggest gun -- recently came by to campaign for Frank suggests party leaders don't believe Frank is a shoo-in. Republicans across the country should take notice, Bielat says: "This is one worth watching.

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