Before You Call!

Dear Fellow-Laborer:

Greetings in Christ Jesus!

We are so pleased you have searched the web and chosen Cambridge - or one of our various schools or Ministries - through which to get your Credentials, start a Church or Bible College, take studies, for you or your Church or Ministry to become one of our Fellowships of Ministers or Churches.

We love to get to know our Ministers and Members! The better we know you the more fervently we can pray for you!

We very much want you to call usto get acquainted, to question us as you wish, to learn who we are, and to allow us to share with you who we are - have been for 40 years - and what we are about. We want you to know our heart and feel our passion in our voice for this work!

We will not be bashful about our identity and calling, as we want you to be perfectly clear about us before you decide whether you want to become an Ordained Minister, take Chaplain's or Counselor's Training, take Study Courses, complete a Degree Program, get a Church "Legal Starters Kit", etc.

[1] We are ALL Jesus, ALL the time, and there is no "many roads to heaven tolerated here!

[2] We are ALL Scriptural, ALL the time, and there is no tolerance for those who believe God's Word has errors!

[3] We are ALL Great Commission, ALL the time, and there is no tolerance for Ministers whose goal it is to focus on that which Jesus, Paul and the First-century Apostles never did.

We are not at all inclined to assist Ministers in becoming "entertaining comedians" whose goal it is to turn Ministry into "Halls of Laughter and Clap-Clubs." There are SOULS to be saved and Christ said it is our job to

> > Become fishers of men (by following Him) and He promised,

> > From henceforth 'thou SHALT catch men!"


You certainly may call us more than once if you have a unique situation, or are starting a Church or Bible School, etc.


* * * We beg and plead with you not to over-whelm our phone lines with any of the calls below. We have only ONE agent who can legally bind or represent us with legal liability.

* * * We have ONLY one Global Office who can deal legally with the 103 Bible Schools serving 146 nations and all that this involves, so please respect out great time constraints, even though our office is open from 6:00 AM to Midnight, six days a week:

* * * with Wednesday Afternoons closed for Staff Meetings and allowing extra time for the Midweek prayer, Bible-study, Soul-Winning training, etc.

We very respectfully ask you to NOT do the following:

> > DO NOT call from a "Blocked" or "Private" number. We get very serious threats because of our strong "Anti-Homosexuality" stand, and these are 99.99% from blocked or private numbers.

> > DO NOT call to place an order. We do not take Orders over the phone and we do not expose your Credit/Debit card numbers over the phone, or to anyone in our offices. Donations are only done through the Private Agent of "GOOGLE CHECK-OUT."

> > DO NOT call to check on an order. If there is a serious, valid question - not just childish, immature impatience - please send an email, and give us time to answer [3-5 days]. If you insist on glutting our Email Box with angry demands and nuisance emails wanting to know three times a day where your order is that you ordered just 3-days ago, we will put your order to the bottom of the list in priority, or cancel immediately.

> > DO NOT call to correct an order. We almost never make a mistake, but with thousands of credentials of all kinds, to all lands, eventually we do. If this happens to be you, DO NOT CALL US!

We need to know EXACTLY what the mistake was, and the EXACT Correction needing made, so we MUST have this in an email.



That we exist 99% for third world nations and ministries - for for Americans. Americans have many, many places they can get Ministry credentials, while those in Third-World nations have almost none - or none at all!


That we are all volunteers! We are not her for a paycheck but ONLY to do Ministry so we are already doing our best! An angry phone call from a demanding American is only going to cause us to not grant any of your requests and rescind what we may have done!


If you insist on calling in violation of our requests, we will first ignore - then block your phone calls.

If you insist on writing us angry emails, we will first ignore than block your email address.

If you simply switch to another phone or email or write an unChrist-like letter, we will remove ALL of your records and credentials from our files permanently.

* * We have NEVER had to do all three steps, though we have the first two, one time.

* * We have one belligerent person in 2010 who is getting close.

We strive to be courteous, kind serving and helpful . . .and we want to serve those who are also kind and serving to others.


[1] Our Dear fellow laborers - we are so sorry for any delay in any response to any request you may have made . . . please don't be angry, and please try to understand.

[2] We are neither "government" nor "business" . . . thus private citizens have no right to anything from Cambridge, only privileges. We are Ministry and 99% we do "Free of Charge" . . . and our "TOP PRIORITIES" are as follows:

We want you to understand us so you will neither be frustrated nor thinking we are neglecting you. We assure, you we are doing our very, very best to meet the needs of every person we possibly can.


> > (I) Our already established Bible Colleges with Ministerial Students,

> > (II) Establishing new Bible Colleges to train Ministers,

> > (III) Establishing New Churches and Ministries.

ONLY . . . when we are caught up on these priorities, we do "Individual work" such as Ordaining Ministers, Training and Ordaining Chaplains, Training and Ordaining Counselors, evaluations for Doctor's Degrees, sending out transcripts & references, helping Ministers find Churches and Churches find Ministers . . . (same for Christian Day Schools) . . . Online Students, etc., High School Diplomas, etc., and several other services.

We sometimes get behind, such as the following season:

April-May is the peak of "graduation season" - getting hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of Diplomas to the 103 Bible Schools overseas for May Graduations . . . most of these students with strange, unique sounding and very differently spelled names, . . . difficult to get them all exact as they should be, properly attached to the correct Degree, . . .

. . . with the correct name of the Bible School, . . . and addressed to the proper nation with their unique tariffs, paperwork declaring our documents, addresses, etc. . . . for example we just sent 85 to Uganda, 73 to Kenya two days later, then 156 to Nigeria, with a large order for South Africa soon after that . . .

Please, our Dear fellow-Laborers, . . . PLEASE be patient, please work with us and please try to understand the situation we work in.

All for Jesus,

Cambridge Theological Seminary

COPYRIGHT (c) 1977 Cambridge Theological Seminary



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