Brannon Howse has strongly criticized Glenn Beck for weeks and greatly denounced him as a "false prophet, "not a true Christian", because of, "mixing faith and works."

However, Brannon Howse shows his own bias or lack of clear thinking by being very inconsistent and self-contradictory in his beliefs and standards by doing the following:

> Endorsing John MacArthur with greatest accolades,

> Denouncing Glenn Beck in harshest terms

Furthermore, Brannon Howse, whenever there is any issue about what a scripture may mean, often reads from "his MacArthur Study Bible" as if it is infallible perfection, the final word on all Scriptural matters:

Now, this researcher also listens to John MacArthur daily - and has for many years - but certainly do not ascribe to him "unquestionable perfection" - he is not the "Protestant Pope":

> MacArthur believes in absolute predestination in all details;

> MacArthur believes little babies die and go to hell forever and ever;

> MacArthur believes in Lordship, works salvation (as his quotes below express)

> MacArthur believes Jesus may come any second even though he GUARANTEED He was not coming back until the Gospel had been preached to ever nation - ans as of 2010, about half of the world does not know who Jesus is.

> MacArthur believes - as do millions of others - in "7 years if Tribulation", of which the "First 3 1/2 years are tears of Peace" - so which is it: great peace or tribulation?

> MacArthur believes the "Raptured Saints will be coming back with Christ in Revelation 19 to fight the Battle of Armageddon with Him. Therefore,

> > > If you are saved, raptured and return with Christ at the Battle of Armageddon, and your parents were not saved or raptured, but were left behind and took the "Mark of the Beast",

> > > They will be gathered at the Battle of Armageddon with the AntiChrist and YOU may get to KILL YOUR OWN PARENTS - (or spouse or children!)

Surely you see how insane this theory is!

John MacArthur’s position on Lordship Salvation has been made very clear in his published book, THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JESUS. He has also made statements in some of his other published writings and tapes that relate to this subject, some of which are quoted below:

John MacArthur’s Quotes in blue:

"The Greek word translated 'belief' is not referring merely to intellectual attainment or mental acquiescence but a wholehearted acceptance of everything that is implied in the claims of Christ. You need to believe that Jesus is God and that He died for your sins, committing your whole life to Him in sacrifice and serving Him as Lord."

[SOURCE: John MacArthur, "Assurance of Victory" - 1 John 5, Moody Press, p.12].

"Submission to the will of God, to Christ’s lordship, and to the guiding of the Spirit is an essential, not an optional, part of saving faith."

[SOURCE: John MacArthur, "Assurance of Victory" - Ephesians, Moody Press, p. 249].

"Saving faith is a placing of oneself totally in submission to the Lord Jesus Christ."

[SOURCE: John MacArthur, "Assurance of Victory" - Romans 1-8, Moody Press, p. 205].


"Let me just say simply, that when you present the gospel, all of this Lordship discussion aside, a presentation of the gospel is simply this: you are calling on someone to TURN FROM THEIR SIN and FOLLOW JESUS CHRIST.

That’s it! Turn from your sin and follow Jesus Christ!....

That is all we are asking: TURN FROM YOUR SIN AND FOLLOW JESUS CHRIST....What you talk to an adult about is the same thing you tell a child: you need to turn from your sin and follow Jesus Christ"

[SOURCE: John MacArthur, (transcribed from taped Q & A session given on 9/25/90 at the Calvary Baptist Church,Brewer, Maine, Larry Pawson, Pastor) ].

Notice that MacArthur’s emphasis is upon WHAT MAN DOES (turning from sin, following Christ) rather than upon WHAT CHRIST HAS DONE. His emphasis is upon MAN’S COMMITMENT, rather than upon the Person and work of Christ and the response of faith to that Person and to His work. His emphasis is upon DO, but a true gospel message should emphasize DONE (John 19:30). It is not our COMMITMENT that saves us; it is CHRIST who saves us. Following Christ is a result of salvation, not a condition of salvation.

Before we can FOLLOW CHRIST in 'discipleship'

[See Luke 14 for the 'Three Requirements of Discipleship' (Taking up the cross and putting Jesus before (1)"self", Jesus before (2)"all relationships" including spouse, and Jesus before (3)"all things"}, which are radically different from the 'Singular Requirement' of believing that "Jesus is the Christ!)

Thus we must first COME TO CHRIST believing for salvation, before we COME AFTER CHRIST (Luke 9:23) we must COME UNTO CHRIST (Matthew 11:28).

> The word "BELIEVE" does not mean "turn from sin and follow Christ."

> The word "BELIEVE" does not mean "trust fully, rely upon, resting one’s whole weight upon the WORTH, WORD and WORK of Jesus Christ."

> The word "BELIEVE" does mean "BELIEVE!"

To keep the evil one from greatly confusing you over what Paul said that he "feared they would be corrupted from the simplicity of Jesus Christ."


a] Who do you believe America's greatest President is?
> > Washington
> > Adams
> > Jefferson
> > Lincoln
> > Other

b] Who do you believe America's greatest Military Hero is?
> > Washington, Revolutionary War
> > U.S. Grant, Civil War
> > J.J. Pershing, WW-1
> > D.D. Eisenhower, WW-2
> > Other

c] Who do you believe America's greatest Folk Hero is?
> > Davy Crockett
> > Daniel Boone
> > Paul Bunyan
> > Johnny Appleseed
> > Other

d] Who do you believe America's greatest Enemy Nation is?
> > Iraq
> > Iran
> > Afghanistan
> > Russia
> > Other

e] Who do you believe America's greatest Ally Nation is?
> > England
> > Israel
> > Canada
> > Australia
> > Other

f] Who do you believe America's greatest Singer is?
> > Kenny Rogers
> > Whitney Houston
> > Barbara Striesand
> > Bing Crosby
> > Other

g] Who do you believe America's greatest Sports Hero is?
> > Michael Jordan, Basketball
> > Jackson Nickolaus, Golf
> > Carl Lewis, Track
> > Mark McGwire, Baseball
> > Other

*] Who do you believe "the Christ" is?
> > Buddha
> > Mohammad
> > Confucius
> > Jesus of Nazareth
> > Other

What are you answers?

None but the last really matte. However, if you chose "Jesus" for the last, this is the answer Father God requires!"

We must not re-define saving faith to make it some kind of a supernatural, mysterious, non-defined, complicated, "work-requirement" for salvation. Justification is for the person who "worketh not, but believeth" (Romans 4:5).

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