"Cambridge Theological Seminary™"

Cambridge Confederation of Conservative Christian Chaplains

A Conservative Confederation of BIBLE Civilian Chaplains; who are NOT “Political Correct” - who do NOT leave Jesus Christ out of their Ministry, and who DO Minister [A] Salvation, [B] Prayer, and [C] Faith in Christ as the greatest solution in all situations!

Highlight & Copy Section below,

Paste into Your Email (Your record of Your Application)

"Fill-it-in" Truthfully as it applies to you and Email to us:

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[NOTE! If you were just Legally Ordained a Ministers with us, simply "Copy-&-Paste" that application into your email and complete the CHAPLAIN SECTION below]

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Application-1 for "Full and Legal Ministerial Ordination"

"I, (put your name here on the email), do believe I am "Called of God to be a Minister of the Lord Jesus Christ."

I do believe in the Authority of the Word of God.

I do believe the basic tenets of the Apostles Creed.

I do believe in the Great Commission of Jesus Christ and World Evangelism, that it is to "Teach ALL people ALL things that Jesus taught His Disciples" according to Matthew 28:18-20.

I do believe my nation (and each nation) should be "A Nation UNDER GOD!"

I do NOT believe in same-sex marriage & homosexuality.

I do NOT believe in abortion and baby-killing.

I do believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour (Please give us a short testimony to "Personal Salvation")

I do believe Christ has called me to Minister for Him. (Please give us your testimony to feeling "Called-to-Minister")

I do understand well (or I am willing to learn more) that "Full-&-Legal Ordination" is the Profession in the USA with the Most Rights-&-Privileges of any Profession including Medical Doctors, Lawyers and even Members of Congress.

I do understand well (or I am willing to learn more) that American Founding Fathers (Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison, Adams, etc.), made Tax Laws very advantageous for "Fully Ordained Ministers" to make certain God's Ministers would have an abundant income, nearly double what it would have been.

SIGNED: I, (your name here), by printing my name here, indicate this is "my signature" to the truth of this application.

We need the following for your Legal Records

Legal Name:







Birth Date:

Gender: [ ] Male [ ] Female

Marital Status: [ ] Single [ ] Married [ ] Divorced [ ] Remarried [ ] Other

Military Veteran: [ ] Yes [ ] No

Your Present Occupation:

Do you need prayer for finances? [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] Serious Prayer

Are you credentialed for ministry? [ ] Yes [ ] Licensed [ ] Ordained [ ] NO

If so, what Church or Denomination?

How did you find out about Ministers-Best-Friend.com?

Denominational Preference: (if any)

If you already Pastor a Church or lead a Bible Study, please share with us:

If you have a vision or idea what God is calling you to do, please share with us:

* * * * * * * * * *


A Conservative Confederation of BIBLE Civilian Chaplains who are NOT “Political Correct” - who do NOT leave Jesus Christ out of their Ministry, who DO Minister [A] Salvation, [B] Prayer, and [C] Faith in Christ as the greatest solution!

Choose some areas of Preferred Ministry from the following:

Please number your Preferences, with #1 for your most preferred, #2 for second most preferred, etc.

[ ] Police Dept, Fire Dept, Emergency Squad

[ ] Local Courts,

[ ] Local Schools (with sports teams, etc.)

[ ] Post Office, Courthouse, Local Government

[ ] Chemical Dependency

[ ] Corporate, US Post Office, Wal*Mart

[ ] Hospital, Hospice

[ ] Critical Incident, Crisis Intervention, Counseling

[ ] Juvenile Centers, Domestic Crisis Centers

[ ] Jail, Prison Ministry

[ ] Street Ministry

[ ] Nursing Home & Senior Centers

[ ] Sports Team

[ ] Community Wide

[ ] Other___________________________________________

Are you seeking Chaplain Employment, hopefully with pay?

Are you seeking Chaplain opportunities to help grow a local Church?

Are you seeking Chaplain opportunities just for the sake of Ministry?

**You must "SIGN" this electronically to be legal

Simply write: "I (your name), am signing this application."

If you are accepted for Ordination as Chaplain will you consider supporting this Ministry next year?

I will support $5-a-Month to Ordain Bible Ministers World-wide.

I will support $10-a-Month to Ordain Bible Ministers World-wide.

Simply write: "I (your name), am signing this Pledge of Support."

* * * * * * * * * *

Please email this to us at


We will email you when we have received your application

We will "Post your Ordination Credentials on the Web Privately"

for you to download as soon as we can . . .
Within 24 hrs if at all possible

(We are mostly Retired-Volunteers in Administration, our Ministry functions much like the Gideon's financially, if you are familiar with them.)

If you feel led to make a donation to this Ministry, please go to

Donations to This Ministry

God bless you so much.

David Paul, Elder & Bishop, Cambridge Theological Seminary

* * * * * * * * * *

COPYRIGHT (c) 1977 Cambridge Theological Seminary

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