ANALYTICAL CONCORDANCE, Original and Unabriadged

BA -AL, BA-A -LIM, SyStf master, possessor.
The chief male deity of the Phoenicians and Canaan! tes,
as Ashtoreth was their chief female deity. Both these
names have the peculiarity of being used in the plural,
and of always having the definite article prefixed, e.g.
the Baalim.

1. An idol of the Phoenicians and Tyrians.
Num 22. 41 brought him up into the high places of B.
lg. 2. ii And the children of Israel, .served B.

2. 13 they forsook the LORD, and served B.

3. 7 of Israel did evil, .and served B.
6. 31 Joash said. .Will ye plead for B.? will ye
6. 32 Let B. plead against him, because he hath
8. 33 children of Israel., went a whoring after B.
10. 6 of Israel did evil . .and served B.
10. 10 have forsaken our God, and also served B.
i Sa. 7. 4 children of Israel did put away B. and
12. 10 forsaken the I-ORD, and have served B.
1 Ki. 16. 31 went and served B., and worshipped him
16. 32 an altar for B. in the house of B.
18. 18 and thou hast followed B.
18. 19 the prophets of J*. four hundred and fifty
18. 21 if the LoRD(be)God, follow him : but if B.
18. 22 B. s prophets (are) four hundred and fifty
18. 25 Elijah said unto the prophets of B., Choose
18. 26 the name of B. . .saying, O B., hear us
18. 40 Elijah said. .Take the prophets of B.
19. 18 knees which have not bowed unto B.
22. 53 For he served B , and worshipped him
2 Ki. 3. 2 he put away the image of B. that his
10. 18 Ahab served B. a little. -.Jehu shall serve
10. 19 call unto me all the prophets of B.
10. 19 for I have a great sacrifice . . to B.
10. 19 he might destroy the worshippers of B.
10. 20 Proclaim a solemn assembly for B.
10. 21 worshippers of B. . .into ths house of B
10. 21 the house of B. was full from one end to
10. 22 vestments for all the worshippers of B.
10. 23 And Jehu went, .into the house of B.
10. 23 said unto the worshippers of B., Search
10. 23 none, .but the worshippers of B. only
10. 25 and went to the city of the hawse of B.
2 Ki. 10. 26 forth the images out of the house of B.
10. 27 brake . .the image of B. . .the house of B.
10. 28 Thus Jehu destroyed B. out of Israel
11. 18 the people, .went into the house of B.
ii. 18 slew Mattan the priest of B. before the
17. 16 all.the host of heaven, and served B.
23. 4 all the vessels that were made for B.
23. 5 them also that burned incense unto B.
2 Ch.i7. 3 because he. .sought not unto B.
23. 17 all the people went to the house of B.
23. 17 slew Mattau the priest of B. before the
24. 7 dedicated things . . they bestow upon B.
28. 2 and made also molten images for B.
34. 4 they brake down the altars of B.
Jer. 2. 8 the prophets prophesied by B., and
2. 23 not polluted, I have not gone after B.?
7. 9 swear falsely, and burn incense unto B.
9. 14 But have walked . .after B., which their
ii. 13 set up altars, .to burn incense unto B.
11. 17 to provoke me. . offering incense unto B.
12. 16 taught my people to swear by B.; then
19. 5 have built also the high places of B., to
19. 5 their sons, .(for) burnt offerings unto B.
23. 13 they prophesied in B., and caused my
32. 29 they have offered incense unto B.
32. 35 they built the high places of B., which
Hos. 2. 8 silver and gold . . they prepared for B.
2. 13 I will visit upon her the days of B.
2. 17 For I will take away the names of B. out;
11. 2 they sacrificed unto B., and burned inc.
13. i but when he offended in B., he died
Zeph. i. 4 I will cut off the remnant of B. from
Rom. ii. 4 who have not bowed the knee to. .B.
2. A city in the tribe of Simeon.
i Ch. 4. 33 And all their villages, .unto B.
3. A descendant of Reuben, B.C. 1300.
i Ch. 5. 5 [sons of Joel] . .Reaia his son, B. his son
4. A descendant of Benjamin, B.C. 1180.
i Ch. 8. 30 his firstborn son Abdon. .and B., and
o,. 36 his firstborn sou Abdon. .and B., and

BA-AL BE -KITH, n"i3 Vj?3 lord of the covenant.
An idol worshipped by Israel, B.C. 1200.
Judg. 8. 33 children of Israel, .made B. their god
9. 4 gave . . silver out of the house of B.

BA-AL GAD, nj ^3 lord offortune. A place near Hermon, the northern limit of Joshua i
conquests. Danias is probably on its site now. Thia
place had long a great reputation as the sanctuary of
Pan. (Now llasbeya.)
Josh. 1 1. 17 even unto B. in the valley of Lebanon
12. 7 from B. in the valley of Lebanon even
13. 5 from B. under mount Hermon unto the

BA-AL HA -MON, part Sy3 lord of the multitude.
A place in mount Ephraim, near Samaria.
Song 8. ii Solomon had a vineyard at B.; he let out

BA-AL HA -NAN, Jjri "?y3 the lord is gracious.
1. The seventh of the kings of Edom, B.C. 1500.
Gen. 36. 38 Saul died, and B. the son of Achbor
36. 39 B. the son of Achbor died, and Hadar
i Ch. i. 49 when Shaul was dead, B. the son of A.
i. 50 when B. was dead, Hadad reigned in his
2. One of David s superintendents, B.C. 1015.
1 Ch. 27. 28 And over the olive trees. .B. the Gederite

BA-AL HA -ZOR, lixri "?ya lord of Hazor.
Aplace near Ephraim where Amnon was slain, B.C. 1035.
2 Sa. 13. 23 Absalom had sheepshearcrs in B., which

BA-AL HER -KQN, pann Sy3 lord of Hermon.
This name occurring alone denotes a town near Mount
Hermon. When coupled with " mount "
it seerns to
denote the mountainous district. (SvwJebel-es-Sheikh.)
Judg. 3. 3 from mount B. unto the entering in of
i Ch. 5. 23 they increased from Bashan unto B. and
BA-AL ME -ON, pjH? ^3 lord of the habitation.
A town built by the Reubenites. Supposed to be the
same as the Beth-baal-meon of Josh. 13. 17, the Bethmeun
of Jer. 48. 23, and the Beon of Num. 32. 3. (.Wain.)
Nuni 32. 38 [children of Reuben built]. . Nebo, and B.
1 Ch. 5. 8 dwelt in Aroer, even unto Nebo and B.
Eze. 25. 9 glory of the country, Beth-jeshimoth, B.

BA-AL PE -OR, Tiy? "?y3 lord of the opening.
An idol of Moab which Israel, by the counsel of Balaam
to the Midianites, was enticed to worship. In several
passages it is simply Peor.
Num 25. 3 Israel joined himself unto B. : and the
25. 5 Slay ye every one . .joined unto B.-p. ,
Deut. 4. 3 what the LORD did because of B.-p.
4. 3 for all the men that followed B.-p., the
Psa.io6. 28 They joined themselves also unto B., and
Hos. 9. 10 they went to B., and separated themselves

BA-AL PE-RA -ZIM, c rj? ^3 lord ofbreaches.
A place near the valley of Rephaim.
2 Sa. 5. 20 David came to B., and David smote them
5. 20 he called the name of that place B.
1 Ch. 14. ii So they came up to B. ; and David smote
14. n they called the name of that place B.
BA-AL SHA-Lr-SHA, rvfcip Sjjg lord of Shalisha.
A place near Gilgal in Ephraim.
2 Ki. 4. 42 there came a man from B., and brought


BA-AL TA -MAR, i!Ji? Sys lord of the palm.
A place near Gibeah of Benjamin.
Judg.2o. 33 Israel, .put themselves in array at B.
BA-AL ZE- BUB, 313] "7H3 lord ofthtjty.
An idol of the Philistines at Ekron.
2 Ki. i 2 Go, enquire of B. the god of Ekron
i 3 ye go to enquire of B. the god of Ekron
i. 6 (that) thou sendest to enquire of B. the
i. 16 thou hast sent messengers to enquire of B.
BA-AL ZE -PHON, p Vi3 lord of Typhon.
A place near where Israel crossed the Red Sea.
Exodi4. 2 between Migdol and the sea. .against B
14 9 beside Pi-hahiroth, before B.
Num 33. ^ again unto Pi-hahiroth, which . . before B.
BA-A -LAH, nVy 3 mistress, possessor.
1. A city of Judah, sometimes identical with Kirjathjearirn
or Kirjath-baal.
Josh. 1 5. 9 the border was drawn to B., which (is)
15. 10 the border compassed from B. westward
i Ch. 13. 6 David went up, and all Israel, to B.
2. A hill on the S. border of Judah.
Josh. 1 5. ii the border, .passed along to mount B.
S A city in the S. of Judah, called Balah in Josh. 19. 3,
and in i Ch. 4. 29 Bilhah. In i Ch. 4. 33 it is Baal. 29 [the uttermost cities., were].. B., and lira
BA-A -LATH, n^a belonging to Baal.
A town in Dan. (Now Balitt.)
Josh. 19. 44 Eltekeh, and Gibbethon, and B.
1 Ki. 9. 18 [Solomon built]. . B., and Tadmor in
2 Ch. 8. 6 B., and all the store cities that Solomon
BA-A-LATH BE -ER, 1N3 n^V,3 lady of the well.
A town, called also Ramath-negeb (or "heights of the
south "), among those in the S. of Judah given to
Josh. 19. 8 the villages, .about these cities to B.-b.
BA-A -LE (of Judah), ^a possessors of (or in).
Another form of Baalah, now Knriet el-Enab.
a Sa. 6. a the people that (were) with him from B.
BA-A -LI, ^7,3 my lord.
\ title rejected by God.
Hos. 2. 16 call me Ishi, and shall call me no more B.
BA-A -LIS, D ^2,3 lord ofjoy.
King of the Ammonites when Jerusalem was taken by
Nebuchadnezzar, B.C. 588.
Jer. 40. 14 Dost thou certainly know that B. the king
BA-A -NA. BA-A -NAH, *iil.S son of grief, patient.
1. Solomon s commissariat officer in Jezreel and the N.
of the Jordan valley, B.C. 1015.
i Ki. 4. 12 B. the son of Ahilud ; (to him pertained)
2.Solomon s commissariat officer in Asher, B.C. 1015.
i Ki. 4. 16 B. the son of Hushai. .in Asher and in
S.The father of Zadok, who came up with Zerubbabel
and helped to repair the wall, B.C. 470.
Neh. 3. 4 next unto them repaired . . the son of B.
BA-A NAH, n;^3 snn ofgrief.
1. Father of Heleb, one of David s thirty valiant men,
B.C. 1075.
a Sa. 23. a<) [one of the thirty] . . Heleb the son of B.
i Ch. ii. 30 Heled the son of B. the Netophathite
2.A captain of Ishbosheth s army, B.C. 1048.
a Sa. 4. 2 the name of the one. . B., and the name
4. s Rimmon the Beerothite, Rechab and B
4. 6 Rechab and B. his brother escaped
4. 9 David answered Rechab and B. his brother
3.One who came up with Zerubbabel, B.C. 536.
Ezra 2. 2 [are the children], .Bigvai, Rehum, B.
Neh. 7. 7 [are the children]. . Bigvai, Nehum, B.
10. 27 [chief of the people] . . Malluch, Harim, B.
BA-A -RA, K~;y.3 a wood, or daughter of the fresh.
One of Shaharaim s wives, B.C. 1400.
i Ch. 8. 8 Shaharaim. .Hushim and B. . .his wives
BA A SE -LAH, .i:M.3 Jh is bold.
A Gershonite, ancestor of Asaph the musician, B.C.
i Ch. 6. 40 Michael, the son of B., the son of
BA-A SHA, K^V3 boldness.
A man of Issachar, who conspired against Nadab son of
JeroUjam I., and slew all his posterity, B.C. 953.
i Ki. 15. 16 there was war between Asa and B. king
15. 17 B. king of Israel went up against Judah
15. 19 break thy league with B. king of Israel
15. 21 when B. heard, .he left off building <if
15. 22 took away, .the timber, .wherewith 1;
15. 27 B. the son of Ahijah. .conspired :itr lin^t
15 27 and B. smote him at Gibbethon, whirli
15. 28 in the third year of Asa. .did B. slay him
15. 32 there was war between Asa and B. king
15. 33 In the third year of Asa. .began B. . .to
16. i the word of the LORD came, .against B.
16. 3 I will take away the posterity of B., and
16. 4 Him that dieth of B. in the city shall the
16. 5 the rest of the acts of B. . .(are) they not
16. 6 So B. slept with his fathers, and was
16. 7 came the word of the LORD against B.
16. 8 began Elah the son of B. to reign over
1 Ki 16. ii he slew all the house of B. : he left him
16. 12 did /.imri destroy all the house of B.
16. 12 which lie spake against B. by Jehu the
16. 13 For all the gins of B., and the sinsof Elah
21 22 like the house of B. the son of Ahijah, for
2 Ki. Q. 9 like the house of B. the son of Ahijah
2 Ch 16 i B. king of Israel came up against .ludali
16. 3 break thy league with B. king of Israel
16. 5 when I
., heard (it), that he left, .building
16. 6 carried away, .the timber, .wherewith B.
Jer. 41. 9 which Asa.. had made for fear of B.
I. Master of (the) tongue, |ir>
oaal lashon.
Eccl. 10. ii enchantment; and a babbler is no better
1.A tted-picker, <nrfpno\6yoi spermologos.
Acts 17. 18 some said, What will this babbler say?
1. Meditation, rvfr siach.
Prov.23. 29 hath contentions? who hath babbling?
2. Empty sound, Ktvotywvia. kenophonia.
1 Ti 6. 20 avoiding profane, .vain babblings, and
2 Ti. 2. 1 6 shun profane, .vain babblings : for they
I. Boy, lad, il J naar.
Exod. 2. 6 saw the child : and, behold, the babe
2. Suckling, grmving youth, VViy olel.
Psa. 8. 2 Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings
17. 14 leave the rest of their, .to their babes
Z.Babe (new born, or unborn), fiptQos brephos.
Luke i. 41 it came to pass, that, .the babe leaped
1. 44 the babe leaped in my womb for joy
2. 12 Ye shall find the babe wrapped in
2. 16 and found, .the babe lying in a manger
i Pe. a. a As new born babes, desire the sincere milk
4.Babe (without speech), vf]irios nepios.
Matt ii. 25 and hast revealed them unto babes
21. 16 Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings
Lukeio. 21 and hast revealed them unto babes
Rom. 2. 20 instructor of. .foolish, a teacher of babes
i Cor. 3. i as unto carnal . . as unto babes in Christ
Heb. 5. 13 useth milk (is) unskilful . .for he is a babe
Mischief, mischievous (?), D bi^n taahdim.
Isa. 3. 4 children, .and babes shall rule over them
BA -BEL, "733 (Bab-il, gate of God).
A city in the plain of Shinar.
Gen. 10. 10 the beginning of his kingdom was B., and
ii. 9 Therefore is the name of it called B.
BABYLON, *733 confusion, gate of Bel, &a&v\wv.
The Greek mode of spelling what in the Hebrew is
uniformly Babel. Perhaps when Nimrod founded the
city he gave it the name Bab-il, "gate of IL" or "gate
of God." After the " confusion " of tongues, the name
was connected by the Hebrews with the rootbalal, "to
confound." It was latterly the capital of the country
called in Genesis Shinar, and in the later Scriptures
"Chaldea," or the "Land of the Chaldeans." The
original city was built about 2230 B.C. Erech, Ur, and
Ellasar seem to have been all older than it, and were
cities when Babil was a village. But about 1700 B.C.
the seat of government was fixed at the latter. Its
enormous walls, iron gates, and hanging gardens, were
among the greatest artificial wonders in the world.
The modern Birs-2fimrud (anciently the temple of
Nebo at Borsippa), and Babil, near Hillah, have both
been taken for the site of the proposed Tower. Its
history is naturally mixed up with that of the state to
which it gave its name. " The Babylonian and Assy
rian empires," says Sir John Stoddart, "in all historical
records, are much blended together. These empires,
whether distinct or united, possessed in very early
times two vast cities Babylon on the Euphrates, and
Nineveh on the Tigris. The country on the Tigris was
called Assyria ; that on the Euphrates Babylonia ; and
the large intervening space was commonly termed
Mesopotamia, or between the rivers : and this, to
gether with Babylonia, seems to be meant in Scripture
by the land of Shinar." In B.C. 747Babylon is independ
ent of Assyria Nabonassar king; 699, Esarhaddon,
or Sennacherib, king of Assyria, takes Babylon ; 677 01
675, Asaridinus, king of Babylon, invades Judah, and
makes prisoner its king, Manasseh ; 625, Nabopolassar
asserts his independence of the king of Assyria ; 604
Nebuchadnezzar succeeds his father Nabopolassar ,
during his reign tbe Babylonian empire attains its
hii:lii-st splendour ; 569, Nebuchadnezzar sets up the
"golden image," and becomes insane the same year
ss8, N eriglissar, the Belshaz/ar of Scripture, king; 538,
Babylon taken, and the kingdom annexed to the Persian
empire by Cyrus ; 518, Babylon revolts from Darius
Hystaspes ; it is besieged and taken the following year
331, Babylon surrenders to Alexander the Great; 324,
Alexander enters it, and commences the restoration o
its architectural greatness; 323, Alexander dies in
rialivluti ; 321, Seleucus Nicator is made governor ; 315
Antigonus expels Seleucus, and establishes Python, son
of Agenor, in his dignities; 312, Seleucus ret in us ti
Babylun, which he recovers, and founds the kin^dun
and dynasty of the Seleucidse ; 240, invaded by the
Gauls under Hierax they are repulsed by Seleucus II.
64, on the conquest of Syria by Pompey, Babylon fall
into the hands of the Romans ; 62, Babylon formi
part of the Roman province of Syria. Many travel
lers, amongst whom may be mentioned Rich, Ke
_ orter, Layard, Frazer, Chesney, Botta, Loftus, and
Kawlinson, have, by their explorations amongst the
uins of the ancient city, thrown light upon the
istory of Babylon. Sir Henry Rawlinson has interireted
many of the inscriptions found on various relics
irought to this country. Babylonian sovereigns were:
i.e. 747, Nabonassar ; 733, Nadius ; 731, Chinzirus; 725,
ugeeus ; 721, Mardocempadus ; 709, Archianus ; 704
interregnum) ; 702, Belibus ; 699, Apronadius ; 693,
legibalus ; 692, Mesesimordachus ; 688 (interregnum);
80, Asaridinus ; 667, Saosduchinus ; 647, Ghinaladanus ;
125, Nabopolassar; 604, Nebuchadnezzar; 561, Evil
ilerodach ; 358, Belshazzar; 553, Nabonadius; 538,
,yrus takes Babylon.
2 Ki. 17. 24 king of Assyria brought .. from B.
17. 30 the men of B. made Succoth-benoth, and
20. 12 Baladan, king of B., sent letters and a
20. 14 They, .come from a far country, .from B.
20. 17 that, .in thine house, .be carried into B.
20. 1 8 eunuchs in the palace of the king of B.
24. i Nebuchadnezzar king of B. came up, and
24. 7 for the king of B. had taken from the river
24. 10 servants of Nebuchadnezzar king of B.
24. 1 1 Nebuchadnezzar king of B. came against
24. 12 Jehoiachin. .went out to the king of B.
24. 12 the king of B. took him in the eighth
24. 15 he carried away Jehoaichin to B., and
24. 15 (those) carried he into captivity .. to B.
24. 16 them the king of B. brought captive to.B.
24. 17 the king of B. made Mattaniah. .king
24. 20 Zedekiah rebelled against the king of B.
25. i Nebuchadnezzar king of B. came, he
25. 6 brought him up to the king of B.
25. 7 eyes of Zedekiah. .and carried him to B,
25. 8 the nineteenth year of king, .of B.
25. 8 came . . a servant of the king of B. , unto:J
25. 1 1 fugitives that fell away to the king of B.
25. 13 and carried the brass of them to B.
25. 20 brought them to the king of B. to Riblah
25. 21 the king of B. smote them, and slew
25. 22 whom Nebuchadnezzar king of B. had
25. 23 the captains . . heard that the king of B.
25. 24 dwell in the land and serve the king of B.
25. 27 Evil-merodach king of B. in the year that
25. 28 of the kings that (were) with him in B.
1 Ch. 9. i were carried away to B. for their trans.
2 Ch. 32. 31 the ambassadors of the princes of B. , who
33. ii bound. . with fetters, and carried him to B.
36. 6 came up Nebuchadnezzar king of B.
36. 6 bound him in fetters, to carry him to B.
36. 7 Nebuchadnezzar . . carried of the . . to B.
36. 7 and put them in his temple at B.
36. 10 Nebuchadnezzar sent, and brought. .toB.
36. 1 8 his princes ; all (these) he brought to B
36. 20 that had escaped . . carried he away to B.
Ezra i. ii that were brought up from B. unto Jer.
2. i the king of B. had carried away unto B.
5. 12 them into the hand of. .the king of B.
5. 12 who. .carried the people away into B.
5. 13 the first year of Cyrus the king of B.
5. 14 brought them into the temple of B.
5. 14 did Cyrus, .take out of the temple of B.
5. 17 king s treasure house, which<is)there at B.
6. i where the treasures were laid up in B.
6. 5 which Nebuchadnezzar, .brought unto B.
7. 6 This Ezra went up from B. ; arid he (was)
7. 9 began he to go up from B., and on the
7. 16 all the silver, .in all the province of B.
8. i them that went up with me from B. in
Neh. 7. 6 whom . . the king of B. had carried away
13. 6 and thirtieth year of Artaxerxes king of B.
Esth. 2. 6 whom, .the king of B. had carried away
Psa. 87. 4 I will make mention of. .B. to them that
137. i By the rivers of B., there we sat down
137. 8 O daughter of B., who art to be destroyed
Isa. 13. i The burden of B., which Isaiah the son of
13. 19 B., the glory of kingdoms, the beauty of
14. 4 take up. .proverb against, .king of B.
14. 22 cut off from B. the name, and remnant
21. 9 he answered and said, B. is fallen, is
39. i Baladan, king of B., sent letters, .to Hez.
39. 3 They are come from a far country. . B.
39. 6 all. .shall be carried to B. : nothing shall
39. 7 eunuchs in the palace of the king of B.
43. 14 For your sake I have sent to B., and have
47. i O virgin daughter of B., sit on the ground
48. 14 he will do his pleasure on B., and his arm
48. 20 Go ye forth of B., flee ye from theChal.
Jer. 20. 4 into the hand of the king of B., and he
20. 4 shall carry them captive into B., and
20. 5 and take them and carry them to B.
20. 6 thou shalt come to B. and there thou
21. 2 Nebuchadrezzar king of B. maketh war
21. 4 wherewith ye fight against the king of B.
21. 7 the hand of Nebuchadrezzar king of B.
21. 10 be given into the hand of the king of B.
22. 25 the hand of Nebuchadrezzar king of B.
24. i Nebuchadrezzar king of B. had carried
24. i Jerusalem, and had brought them to B
25. i first year of Nebuchadrezzar king of B.
25. 9 Nebuchadrezzar the king of B., my
25. 1 1 these nations shall serve the kins of B.
25. 12 I will punish the king of B., and that
27. 6 into the hand of. .the king of B., my
27. 8 which will not serve the. .king of B.
27. 8 under the yoke of the king of B., that
27. 9, 14 Ye shall not serve the king of B.
27. ii, 12 under the yoke of the king of B., and
27. 13 nation that will not serve the king of B.t
37. 16 now shortly be brought again from B.
27. 17 serve the king of B., and live : wherefore
77. 18 vessels which are left, .go not to B.
Jer. 27. 20 Which Nebuchadnezzar king of B. took
27. 20 he carried away captive Jeconiah. .to B
27. 22 They shall be carried to B. , and there
28. 2 I have broken the yoke of the king of B
28. 3 that Nebuchadnezzar king of B. took
28. 3 took away . . and carried them to B.
28. 4 the captives of Judah, that went into B,
28. 4 I will break the yoke of the king of B.
28. 6 to bring again the vessels, .from B. into
28. ii will I break the yoke of. .king of B. fron
28. 14 may serve Nebuchadnezzar king of B.
29. i had carried away, .from Jerusalem to B,
29. 3 Zedekiah king of Judah sent unto B.
29. 3 to Nebuchadnezzar king of B. saying
29. 4 I have caused to be carried away . . unto E
29. 10 after seventy years be accomplished at B
29. 15 LORD hath raised us up prophets in B.
29. 20 whom I have sent from Jerusalem to B.
29. 21 the hand of Nebuchadrezzar king of B.
29. 22 the captivity of Judah which (are) in B.
29. 22 like Ahab, whom the king of B. roasted
29. 28 therefore he sent unto us (in) B., saying
32. a then the king of B. s army besieged Jeru
32. 3, 4, 36 into the hand of the king of B., and
32. 5 he shall lead Zedekiah to B., and there
32. 28 the hand of Nebuchadrezzar king of B.
34. i when Nebuchadnezzar king of B. . .fougb;
34. 2 into the hand of the king of B., and he
34. 3 shall behold the eyes of the king of B.
34. 3 speak with thee. .thou shalt go to B.
34. 7 When the king of B. s army fought against
34. 21 the hand of the king of B. s army, which
35. ii when Nebuchadrezzar king of B. came up
36. 29 The king of B. shall certainly come and
37. i whom Nebuchadrezzar king of B. made
37. 17 delivered into the hand of the king of B.
37. 19 The king of B. shall not come against you
38. 3 into the hand of the king of B. s army
38. 17 go forth unto the king of B. s princes
38. 18 go forth to the king of B. s princes, then
38. 22 brought forth to the king of B. s princes
38. 23 thou. .shalt be taken by. .the king of B.
39. i Nebuchadrezzar king of B. and all his
39. 3 all the princes of the king of B. came in
39. 3 residue of the princes of the king of B.
39. 5 to Nebuchadnezzar king of B. to Riblah
39. 6 the king of B. slew the sons of Zedekiah
39. 6 the king of B. slew all the nobles of Jud.
39. 7 bound him with chains, to carry him to B.
39. 9 Nebuzar-adan. .carried away captive.. B.
39. ir Nebuchadrezzar king of B. gave charge
39. 13 Rab-mag, and all the king of B. s princes
40. i which were carried away captive unto B.
40. 4 If. .good unto thee to come with me. .B.
40. 4 if. .ill unto thee to come with me into B.
40. 5 whom the king of B. hath made governor
40. 7 the captains, .heard that the king of B.
40. 7 them that were not_carried away . . to B.
40. 9 serve the king of B.", and it shall be well
40. ii heard that the king of B. had left a
41. 2 whom the king of B. had made governor
41. 18 whom the king of B. made governor in
42. ii Be not afraid of the king of B., of whom
43. 3 might . . carry us away captives into B.
43. 10 I will send and take, .the king of B., my
44. 30 the hand of Nebuchadrezzar king of B.
46. 2 which Nebuchadrezzar king of B. smote
46. 13 how Nebuchadrezzar king of B. should
46. 26 the hand of Nebuchadrezzar king of B.
49. 28 which Nebuchadrezzar king of B. shall
49. 30 Nebuchadrezzar king of B. hath taken
50. i The word that the LORD spake against B
50. 2 say, B. is taken, Bel is confounded
50. 8 Remove out of the midst of B., and go
50. 9 I will, .cause to come up against B. an
50. 13 every one that goeth by B. shall be
go. 14 Put yourselves in array against B. round
50. 16 Cut off the sower from B., and him that
50. i? Nebuchadrezzar king of B. hath broken
50. 18 I will punish the king of B. and his land
50. 23 how is B. become a desolation among the
50. 24 thou art also taken, O B., and thou wast
50. 28 flee and escape out of the land of B., to
50. 29 Call together the archers against B.
50. 34 may. .disquiet the inhabitants of B.
50. 35 A sword (is) upon, .the inhabitants of B.
50. 42 against thee, O daughter of B.
50. 43 The king of B. hath heard the report of
50. 45 the counsel . . he hath taken against B.
50. 46 At the noise of the taking of B. the earth
51. i Behold, I will raise up against B. and
51. 2 will send unto B. fanners, that shall
51. 6 Flee out of the midst of B., and deliver
51. 7 B. (hath been) a golden cup in the LORD S
51. 8 B. is suddenly fallen and destroyed
51. 9 We would have healed B., but she is not
51. ii for his device (is) against B., to destroy it
51. 12 the standard upon the walls of B.
51. 12 spake against the inhabitants of B.
51. 24 I will render unto B. and to all the
51. 29 performed against B., to make the. .of B.
51. 30 The mighty men of B. have forborne to
51. 31 to shew the king of B. that his city is
51. 33 The daughter of B. (is) like a threshing
51. 34 Nebuchadrezzar the king of B. hath
51. 35 The violence done to me. .(be) upon B.
51. 37 B. shall become heaps, a dwelling place
51. 41 how is B. become an astonishment among
51. 42 The sea is come up upon B.: she is
51. 44 I will punish Bel in B., and I will bring
51. 44 yea, the wall of B. shall fall
51. 47 do judgment upon the. .images of B.
Jer. 51. 48 all that (is) therein, shall sing for B.
51. 49 As B. (hath caused) the slain of Israel to
51. 49 at B. shall fall the slain of all the earth
51. 53 Though B. should mount up to heaven
51. 54 A sound of a cry. .from B., and great
51. 55 Because the LORD hath spoiled B., and
51. 56 liecause the spoiler is come upon. .B., and
51. 58 The broad walls of B. shall be utterly
51. 59 when he went with Zedekiah. .into B. in
51. 60 all the evil that should come upon B.
51. 60 these words that are written against B.
51. 61 When thou comest to B., and shalt see
51. 64 Thus shall B. sink, and shall not rise from
52. 3 Zedekiah rebelled against the king of B.
52. 4 Nebuchadrezzar king of B. came, he and
52. 9 carried him up unto the king of B. to Rib.
52. 10 the king of B. slew the sons of Zedekiah
52. 1 1 the king of B. bound him in chains, and
52. 1 1 carried him to B. and put him in prison
52. 12 nineteenth . . Nebuchadrezzar king of B.
52. 12 served the king of B., into Jerusalem
52. 15 that fell to the king of B., and the rest of
52. 17 Chaldeans, .carried all the brass, .to B.
52. 26 and brought them to the king of B. to
52. 27 the king of B. smote them, and put them
52. 31 Evil-merodachkingof B. in the (first) yea:
52. 32 above the throne of the kings, .in B.
52. 34 a. .diet given him of the king of B.
Eze. 12. 13 I will bring him to B. (to) the land of th<
17. 12 Behold, the king of B. is come to Jems.
17. 12 taken, .and led them with him to B.
17. 1 6 with him in the midst of B. he shall die
17. 20 I will bring him to B., and will plead with
19. 9 they, .brought him to the king of B.
21. 19 that the sword of the king of B. may come
21. 21 the king of B. stood at the parting of the
24. 2 the king of B. set himself against Jems.
26. 7 bring. . Nebuchadrezzar king of B., a king
29. 18 Nebuchadrezzar king of B. caused his armj
29. 19 the land, .unto Nebuchadrezzar king ofB
30. 10 the hand of Nebuchadrezzar king of B.
30. 24 strengthen the arms of the king of B.
30. 25 strengthen the arms of the king of B.
30. 25 my sword into the hand of the king of B.
32. ii The sword of the king of B. shall come
Dan. i. i came Nebuchadnezzar king of B. unto Jer
2. 12 and. .to destroy all the wise (men) of B.
2. 14 gone forth to slay the wise (men) of B.
2. 18 should not perish with the. .(men) of B.
2. 24 ordained to destroy the wise (men) of B.
2. 24 Destroy not the wise (men) of B. : bringme
2. 48 ruler over the whole province of B.
2. 48 governors over all the wise (men) of B
2. 49 he set Shadrach . . over . . the province of B.
3. i the plain of Dura, in the province of B.
3. 12 thou hast set over, .the province of B.
3. 30 promoted Shadrach . . in the province of B
4. 6 bring in all the wise (men) of B. before me
4. 29 walked in the palace of the kingdom of B.
4. 30 Is not this great B., that I have built for
5. 7 spake, and said to the wise (men) of B.
7. i the first year of Belshazzar king of B.
Mic. 4. 10 thou shalt go. .to B. ; there shalt thou
Zech. 2. 7 Zion . .dwellest (with) the daughter of B.
6. 10 Take of (them), .which are come from B.
Matt. i. ii the time they were carried away to B.
i. 12 after they were brought to B., Jechonias
1.17 David until the carrying away into B.
i. 17 from the carrying away into B. unto Christ
Acts 7. 43 and I will carry you away beyond B.
1 Pe. 5.13 The (church that is) at B. .elected together
Rev. 14. 8 followed another angel, saying, B. is fallen
16. 19 great B. came in remembrance before God
17. 5 upon her forehead. . a name.. B. the Great
1 8. 2 he cried . . saying, B. the great is fallen
18. 10 Alas, alas that great city B., that mighty
18. 21 with violence shall that great city B.
BA-BY-LO-NI-AKTS, K^33, ^ i? sons of Babel.
The inhabitants of Babylonia, a district of country along
he Euphrates.
Ezra 4. 9 Then (wrote) Rehum. .the B., the Susan.
Eze. 23. 15 after the manner of the B. of Chaldea
23. 17 the B. came to her into the bed of love
23. 23 the B., and all the Chaldeans, Pekod
BA-BY 10N-ISH, ijnE> belonging to Shinar.
Anything pertaining to Shiiiar.
Josh. 7. 21 I saw among the spoils a goodly B. garment
BA -CA, O3 weeping.
valley near Jerusalem, and the valley of Rephaim,
vhose exact locality is uncertain. A valley of the same
lame may still be found iu the Sinaitic district the
Vady-el-Baka. The Targumrenders it "
Gehenna," that
s, the " Ge-Hinnom " or ravine below Mount Zion.
This locality accords well with the mention of Bacaim
tears," in 2 Sa. 5. 23.
Psa. 84. 6 passing through the valley of B. make
IACH-RITE, n?3 belonging to Becker.
atronymic of the family of Becher, son of Ephraim,
.0. 1700.
Num 26. 35 sons of Ephraim . .the family of the B.
.Back, backward, behind, linK achor.
2 Sa. i. 22 the bow of Jonathan turned not back
Psa. o. 3 When mine enemies are turned back
35. 4 let them be hirned back and brought to
44. 10 Thou makest us to turn back from the
44. 1 8 Our heart is not turned back, neither
56. 9 then shall mine enemies turn back
Psa.ii4. 3 The sea. .fled : Jordan was driven back
114. 5 thou Jordan, (that) thou wast driven back
129. 5 them all be confounded and turned back
Isa. 42. 17 They shall be turned back, they
50. 5 not rebellious, neither turned away back
Jer. 38. 22 mire, (and) they are turned away back
46. 5 dismayed (and) turned away back?
Lam. i. 13 hath spread a net. .hath turned me back
2. 3 he hath drawn back his right hand
Eze. 8. 16 with their backs toward the temple of
^.Behind, irx achar. {See, BACK from.]
Zeph. i. 6 And them that are turned back from the
3. The back, 33 gab.
Psa. 129. 3 The plowers plowed upon my back
Eze. 10. 12 and their backs, and their hands, and their
Dan. 7. 6 which had upon the back of it four wings
4. The back (of a person), 13 gav.
1 Ki. 14. 9 and hast cast me behind thy back
Neh. 9. 26 and cast thy law behind their backs 13 but a rod (is) for the back of him that is
1 9. 29 and stripes for the back of fools
26. 3 for the ass, and a rod for the fool s back
Isa. 38. 17 hast cast all my sins behind thy back
50. 6 I gave my back to the smiters
Eze. 23. 35 and cast me behind thy back
5.Hence I yonder ! beyond ! HK^rr haleah.
Gen. 19. 9 And they said, Stand back. And they
6. The neck, rpj; oreph.
Exod 23. 27 make all thine enemies turn (their) backs
Josh. 7. 8 when Israel turneth their back before
7. 12 (but) turned (their) backs before their
2 Ch.2g. 6 away their faces, .turned (their) backs
Jer. 2. 27 for they have turned (their) back unto
18. 17 I will shew them the back, and not the
32. 33 And they have turned unto me the back
48. 39 how hath Moab turned the back
7. The shoulder, c:y shekem.
i Sa. 10. 9 when he had turned his back to go from
Psa. 21. 12 shalt thou make them turn (their) back
8. The back (of a person), vtarot notos.
Rom. ii. 10 and bow down their back alway
9.Back, backward, behind, (ds rb) oiricrca opiso.
Matt 24. 18 which is in the field return back to
Mark 1 3. 16 let him that is in the field not turn back
Luke 9. 62 No man. .looking back, is fit for the
17. 31 let him likewise not return back
John 6. 66 (time) many of his disciples went back
20. 14 she turned herself back, and saw Jesus
[See also, Bring, bringing, brought, colt, carry,
come, draw, drive, go, gone, hold, horseback,
keep, kept, look, return, scroll, send, sent,
slide, take, turn, turned.]
BACK again
Backward, n ^nK achorannith.
i Ki. 18. 37 thou hast turned their heart back again
BACK from
Frmn behind, 153ND me-achare.
Zeph. i. 6 And them that are turned back from the
BACK part
Back part, linx achor.
Exod. 33. 23 and thou shalt see my back parts
To use the feet (as a talebearer], Srj ragal.
Psa. 15. 3 He (that) backbiteth not with his tongue
One loho speaks against, (caraAaAor katalalos.
Rom. i. 30 Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful
1. A secret thing, inp sether.
Prov.25. 23 (doth) an angry countenance a backbiting
2. A talking against, Kara\a\ia katalalia.
2 Co. 12. 20 lest (there be) debates, .backbitings
Wood, spine, firm part, nsj; atseh.
Lev. 3. 9 shall he take off hard by the backbone
[.Back part, 1irtK achor.
Exod 26. 12 shall hang over the backside of the
I.Behind, back part, inK achar.
Exod. 3. i he led the flock to the backside of the
BACKSIDE, on the
From the back, from behind, uiriffQfv opisthen.
Rev. 5. i book written within and [on the backside]
To go back, JID sug.
Prov.14. 14 The backslider in heart shall be filled
.A turning back or away, n3?pp meshubah.
Jer. 2. 19 and thy backsliding shall reprove thee
3. 6 Hast thou seen (that) which backsliding
3. 8 whereby backsliding Israel committed
3. ii The backsliding Israel hath justified
3. 12 Return, thou backsliding Israel, saith the
3. 22 ye backsliding. .1 will heal, .backslidings
5. 6 (and) their backslidinga are increased
& 5 slidden back by a perpetual backsliding T
Jer. 14. 7 for our backslidings arc many ; we have
Iloa. ii. 7 And my people are bent to backsliding
14. 4 I will heal their backsliding, I will love
2. One turning back, aair, 32 r, shohitb, slwbeb.
Jer. 3. 14 Turn, O backslidiau, aaith tin-
3. 22 Return, ye backsliding children, (and) I
31. 22 How long wilt thou. .O thou backsliding
49. 4 O backsliding daughter V that trusted iu
3. To turn round, be refractory, Tip sarar.
Hos. 4. 16 Israel slideth back as a backsliding heifer
1. Backward, lirtK achor.
Gen. 49. 17 so that his rider shall fall backward
Job 23. 8 and backward, but I cannot perceive him
I sa. 40. 14 let them be driven backward and put to
70. 2 let them be turned backward, and put t<>
Isa. i. 4 a people, .they are gone away backward
28. 13 that they might go, and fall backward
44. 25 that turneth wise (men) backward, and
59. 14 And judgment is turned away backward
Jer. 7. 24 and wont backward, and not forward
15. 6 hast forsaken me . . art gone backward
Lam. i. 8 yea, she sigheth, and turneth backward
1. i.ick ward, rmn^ achorannith.
Gen. 9. 23 and went backward, and covered the
9. 23 and their faces (were) backward, and they
1 Sa. 4. 18 he fell from otf the scat backward
2 Ki. 20. 10 let the shadow return backward ten
20. ii brought the shadow ten degrees backward
Isa. 38. 8 I will bring again the shadow . . backward
3.7*0 the back parts, ej s rh. oiriffca eis ta opisi>.
John 18. 6 I am (he), they went backward.and fell to
\.liase, bad, C^N3 biash (true reading 5TK3).
Ezra 4. 12 building the rebellious and the bad city
2. Evil, n ra.
Geu. 24. 50 we cannot speak unto thee bad or good
31. 24 that thou speak not. .either good or bad
31. 29 that thou speak not. .either good or bad
Lev. 27. 10 a good for a bad, or a bad for a good
27. 12 shall value it, whether it be good or bad
27. 14 estimate it, whether it be good or bad
27. 33 shall not search whether it be good or bad
Numi3. 19 the land (is), .whether it (be) good or bad
24. 13 to do (either) good or bad of mine own
2 Sa. 13. 22 Absalom spake . . neither good nor bad
14. 17 so (is), .the king to discern good and bad
i Ki. 3. 9 that I may discern between good and bad
3.B id, Katc6s kakos.
2Co. 5. 10 according to that., whether., good or[bad]
4. Evil, Ttorripos poneros.
Matt 22. 10 as they found, both bad and good : and
5. Rotten, putrid, ffavpos sapros.
Matt 13. 48 good into vessels, but cast the bad away
BAD, to be to
From badness, IPO me-roa.
Jer. 24. 2 could not be eaten, they were so bad
Badger or dark red coloured object, e*nn tachash.
Eiod 25. 5 rams skins dyed red, and badgers skins
36. 14 and a covering above (of) badgers skins
35. 7 ranis skins dyed red, and badgers skins
38. 23 and red skins of rams, and badgers skins
36. 19 and a covering (of) badgers skins above
39. 34 the covering of badgers skins, and the
Num. 4. 6 put thereon.. covenng of badgers skins
4. 8 cover, .with a covering of badgers skins
4. 10 within a covering of badgers skins, and
4. 1 1 cover it with a covering of badgers skins
4. i3 cover, .with a covering of badgers skins
4. 14 spread, .a covering of badgers skins
4. 25 the covering of the badgers skins that (is)
Eze. 16. 10 and shod thee with badgers skin, and I
Evil, badness, jp roa.
Gen. 41. 19 such as I never saw. .for badness
l.fiotf, purse, C*p*?
~ charitim.
3 Ki. 5. 23 bound two talents of silver in two bags
Z.Cup, C 3 kit.
I/nit.";. 13 Thou shall not have in thy bag divers
Prov.i6. ii all thy weights of the bag (are) his work
Isa. 46. 6 They lavish gold out of the bag, and
Mic. 6. ii and with the bag of deceitful weights?
3. Vessel, instrument, "Va heli.
i Sa. 17. 40 and put them in a shepherd s bag which
17. 49 And David put his hand in his bag
4. Bundle, nn$ tseror.
Job 14. 17 My transgression (is) sealed up In a !.ag
Prov. 7. 20 He hath taken n bag of money wit!,
Hag. i. 6 earneth wages (to put it) into a bag with
5. That into which a thiny ia cast, ffaXavriov.
Lukei?. 33 provide yourselves bags which wax not
6. Where the tongues of wind instruments are put.
John i3. 6 because he was a thief, and had the bag
13. 39 some, .thought, because Judai had the bag
BAGS, to put up in -
To bind up, 11 x tsvr.
2 Ki.i2. 10 they put up in bags, and told the money
Patronymic of one of David s thirty valiant men.
cii. ii. 33 Azmaveth the B., Eliahba the Shaalbouite
BA-HU -RIM, D"i na low grounds.
A village on the road leading up from the valley of the
Jordan to Jerusalem.
aSa. 3 1 6 her husband went, .behind her to B.
16. 5 when k K David came to B., behold
17. 18 they, .came to a man s house in B.,which
19. 16 a Benjamite, which (was) of B., hustcd
! Ki. 2. 8 a Benjamite of B., which cursed me with
BA -JITH, rr;n house.
This word occurs frequently in the names of towns, but
is in thla one pawage used absolutely, and left un
translated as the name of a place. In the original text
it has the article, " the house," not referring to a place
of this name, but to " The House " or temple of the
gods of Moab, as opposed to the "high places
" in the
same sentence.
Isa. 15. 2 He is gone up to B., and to Dibon, the
BAK BAK KAR, ig;pa diligent searcher.
A Lt vite who came up from exile, B.C. 445.
i Ch. 9. 15 [of the Levites]. .B., Heresh, and Galal
BAK -BTJK, pisps waste, hollow.
Ancestor of the Nethinims who returned from exile,
B.C. 536.
Ezra - ri children of B., the children of Hakupha
Neli. 7. 53 children of B., the children of Uakupha
BAK-BTJK -IAH, n;p2p;3 wasted by Jah.
A Levite of Asaph s family, and second leader in the
temple worship of the exile, B.C. 445.
Neh. ii. 17 B the second among his brethren, and
i" 9 B. and X nui, their brethren, (were) over
12! 25 Mattaniah, and B... porters keeping the
BAKE, to
1. To bake, n$i< aphah.
Gen. 19. 3 and did bake unleavened bread
Exodu. 39 they baked unleavened cakes oi the dough
16. 23 bake (that) which ye will bake., and seethe
Lev. 24. 5 take fine flour, and bake twelve cakes
26. 26 ten women shall bake your bread in one
1 Sa. 28. 24 and did bake unleavened bread thereof
Isa. 44. 15 he kindleth (it), and baketh bread ; yea
44. 19 also I have baked bread upon the coals
Eze. 46. 20 where they shall bake the meat offering
2.7*0 boil, cook, S?*3 bashal, 3.
Nunm. 8 and baked (it) in pans, and made cakes of
2 Sa. 13. 8 and made cakes . and did bake the cakes
3. To bake cakes, i?y ug.
Eze. 4. 12 thou shall bake it with dung that cometh
Food, work of a baker, rrjii
rtsj ^rpO. [maakaf].
Gen. 40. 17 of all manner of bakeiueats for Pharaoh
\.Anything baken, nysp maapheh.
Lev. 2. 4 an oblation .. baken in the oven
2. To mingle, dip, tp-j rabak, 6.
Lev. 6. 21 (when it is) baken, thou shall bring it in
BAKEN, to be
To be baken, n$K aphah, 2.
Lev. 6. 1711 shall not be baken with leaven. I have
7. 9 all the meat offering that is baken in the
23. 17 they shall be baken with leaven .. the first
BAKEN pieces
Baken or dried pieces, D n? c%r?n \tuphiniin\.
Lev. 6. 21 the baken pieces of the meat offering
BAKEN on the coals
Burning coals, hot stones, C syi retsaphim.
i Ki. 19. 6 and, behold, .a cake baken on the coals
B AK . ?.
To bake, .15 K aphah.
Gen. 40. i (his) baker had offended their lord the
40. 2 \vaswrolh . .against the chief of the bakers
40. 5 the butler and the baker of the king of
40. 16 When the chief baker saw that the
40 20 lifted up the head, .of the chief baker
40. 22 But he hanged the chief baker : as Joseph
41. 10 put me in ward, .me and the chief baker
i Sa. 8. 13 will take your daughters, .(to be) bakers
Jer. 37. 21 a piece of bread out of the bakers street
Hos. 7. 4 as an oven heated by the baker, (who)
7. 6 their baker sleepeth all the night ; in the
BAL -AAM, C^7? a pilyrin or lord of the people.
Son of Beor, a Midianlte prophet. He resided at Pethor,
a city of Mesopotamia, as he himself tells us, he was
" brought from Aram out of the mountains of tin- K;ist
B.C. 1452.
Num 22. 5 He sent messengers therefore unto B.
22. 7 they came unto B., and spake unto him
22. 8 the princes of Moab abode with B.
22. 9 God came unto B., and said, What men
aa. 10 B. said unto God, Balak the son of
\uni22 12 God said unto B., Thou shalt not go
22 138. rose up in the morning, and said
22. 14 the princes of Moab. .said, B. refuseth to
22 16 they came to B., and said to him, Jhus
22 18 B. answered and said unto the servants
22! 20 God came unto B. at night, aud said
22 21 B rose up in the morning, and saddled
22 IT, B smote the ass, to turn her into the way
22! 25 crushed B. s foot against the wall : aud
22 27 she fell down under B.: and B. s anger
22 28 she said unto B., What have I done unto
22 29 B. said unto the ass, Because thou hart
22! 30 the ass said unto B , (Am) not I thine ass
22. 31 Then the LOUD opened the eyes of B., and
22. 34 And B. said unto the angel of the LOUD, I
22. 35 the angel of the LORD said unto B., Go
22 35 So B. went with the princes ot Balak
2-. 36 And when Balak heard that B. was come
22. 37 And Balak said unto B., Did I not
22. 38 And B. said unto Balak, Lo, I am come
22. 39 And B. went with Balak, and they came
22. 40 Balak offered oxen . .and sent to B., and
22. 41 Balak took B., and brought him up into
23. i And B. said unto Balak, Build me here
23. 2 And Balak did as B. had spoken ; aud
23. 2 B. offered on (every) altar a bullock aud
23. 3 B. said unto Balak, Stand by thy burnt
23. 4 God met B. : and he said unto him, I have
23. 5 And tiie LOUD put a word in B. s mouth
23. ii And Balak said unto B.,What hast thou
23. 16 And the LOUD met B., and put a word iu
23. 25 And Balak said unto B., Neither curse
23. 26 But B. answered and said unto Balak
23. 27 And Balak said uuto B., Come, 1 pray
23. 28 And Balak brought B. unto the top of P.
23. 29 B. said unto Balak, Build me here seven
23. 30 And Balak did as B. had said, and offered
24. i when B. saw that it pleased the LOKD to
24. 2 B. lifted up his eyes, and he saw Israel
24- 3. 15 B. the sou of Beor hath said, and the
"4 10 Balak s anger was kindled against B.
24. 10 Balak said unto B., I called thee to curse
24. 12 B. said unto Balak, Spake I not also
24. 25 B. rose up, aud went and returned to I. is
31. 8 B. also the son of Beor they slew with
31. 16 caused. .Israel, through the
of B.
Deut23 4 because they hired against thee B. the
23. 5 LOKI> thy God would not hearken tnito B.
Jos. 13. 22 B. also the son of Beor, the soothsayer
24. 9 Balak. .sent aud called B. the son of
24. 10 But I would not hearken unto B. ; there
Xeh. 13. 2 Because they . . hired B. against them
Mic. 6. 5 O my people, remember, .what B. the
2 Pe. 2. 15 are. .following the way of B. (the st.u) of
Jude ii ran greedily after the error of B. for
Rev. 2. 14 there them that hold the doctrine of B.
BA -LAC, @a\aic, the Greek form ofpJZ.
Rev. 2. 14 Balaam who taught B. to cast a stumbling
BA-LA -DAN, 78^3 having poicer.
Father of Merodach (or Berodach) Baladan. king of
Babylon in the time of Hezekiah king of Judah.
2 Ki. 20. 12 Berodach-baladnn, the son of B.. king of
Isa. 39. i Merodach-baladau, the son of B., king of
BA- LAH, ^3 withered, old.
A city of Simeon, called Bilhah in i Ch. 4. 29.
Josh 19. 3 [they had in their inheritance]. .B.. and
BA -LAK, pSj void-, empty, waster.
King of Moab, and son of Zippor, at the time Israel
were bringing their Journeying! to a close. He hired
Balaam to curse Israel when they were in his territory.
B.C. 1452.
Num 22. 2 B. the son of Zippor saw all that
22. 4 B. the son of Zippor. . king of the Moab.
22. 7 spake unto him the words of B.
22. 10 B. the son of Zippor, king of Moab. hath
22. 13 Balaam .. said unto the princes of B.
22. 14 the princes of Moab. .went unto B., and
22 15 B. sent yet again princes, more, and
22. 1 6 Thus saith B. the son of Zippor, Let
22. 18 Balaam answered, .unto the serv. oi B.If 1>
22. 35 So Balaam went with the princes of B.
22. 36 when B. heard that Balaam was
22. 37 B. said unto Balaam, Did I not
22. 38 Balaam said unto B., Lo, I am come
22. 39 Balaam went with B., and they came
22. 40 B. offered oxen and sheep, and sent
22. 41 B. took Balaam, and brought him up
23. i Balaam said unto B , Build me here seven
23. 2 B. did as Balaam had spoken ; an
23. 2 B. and Balaam offered on (every) altar a
23. 3 Balaam said unto B., Stand by thy
23 5 Return unto B., and thus thou shall
23. 7 B. the king of Moab hath brought me
23. ii B. said unto Balaam, What hast thmi
23. 13 B. said unto him, Come, I pray thee
23. 15 he said unto B., Stand here by thy burnt
23. 16 Go again unto B., and say thus
23. 17 B. said unto him, What hath the LORD
23. 18 Rise up, B., and hear; hearken unto me
23. 25 B. said unto Balaam, Neither cause them
23. 26 Balaam answered and said unto B.
23. 27 B. said unto Balaam, Come, I pray thee
23. 28 B. broughl Balaam unto the top of Peor
23. 29 Balaam said unto B., Build me here
23. 30 B. did as Balaam had said, and offered
24. 10 B. g anger was kindled airainsl Balaam
34. 10 B. said unto Balaam, I called thee to
Num24. I2 Balaam said unto 15., Spake I not also
24. 13 If B. would give me his house full of
24. 25 to his place : and B. also went his way
.Tosh. 24. 9 Then B. the son of Zippor, king of Moab
Judgn. 25 And now (art) tliou anything better than B.
Mic. 6. 5 O my people, remember now what B.
Stalk, cane, njjj qaneh.
Isa. 46. 6 and weigh silver in the balance, (and)
/ at> of balances, D:,!
]S<D moznayim.
Lev 19. 36 Just balances, just weights, a just
Job 6. 2 calamity laid in the balances together !
31 6 Let me be weighed in an even balance
Psa. 62. 9 to be laid in the balance, they (are)
Prov.ii. i A false balance (is) abomination to the
16. 11 A just weight and balance (are) the
20. 23 and a false balance (is) not good
Isa. 40. 12 weighed the mountains, .in a balance ?
40. 15 counted as the small dust of the balance
Jer. 32. 10 weighed . .the money in the balances
Eze. 5. i then take thee balances to weigh, and
45. 10 Ye shall have just balances, and a just
Dan. 5. 27 Thou art weighed in the balances, and
Hos. 12. 7 the balances of deceit (are) in his hand
Amos S. 5 and falsifying the balances by deceit ?
Mic. 6. ii count (them) pure with the .. balances
BALANCES, pair of
Yoke, cross bar, vy6s zugos.
Rev. 6. 5 and he . .had a pair of balances in his
Poisings, balancings, b7!D miphlas.
Job 37. 16 Dost thou know the balancings of the
1. Bald (in the back of head), nip qereach.
Lev. 13. 40 hair is fallen off his head, he (is) bald
2. Baldness, nrn;j qorchah.
Jer. 48. 37 every head (shall be) bald, and every
BALD forehead
Bald (in front of head], ring? gabbachath.
Lev. 13. 42 or bald forehead, a white reddish sore
13. 42 leprosy sprung up in. .his bald forehead
13. 43 or in his bald forehead, as the leprosy
BALD head
I. Bald (in back of head), rj!j3 qereach.
2 Ki. 2. 23 thou bald head ; go up, thou bald head
2. Bald spot, baldness, nrnR qarachath.
Lev. 13. 42 And it" there be in the bald head, or
13. 42 a leprosy, sprung up in his bald head
13. 43 (be) white reddish in his bald head
BALD, made
To be made bald, rrijj qarach, 6.
Eze. 29. i3 every head, .made bald. . every shoulder
BALD, to make
To make bald, rn;j qarach.
Mic. i. 16 Make thee bald, and poll thee for thy
BALD, to make (one s) self
I.To become bald, rno qarach, 2.
Jer. 16. 6 nor make themselves bald for them
2. To be made bald, rnij qarach. 6.
Eze. 27. 31 they shall make themselves utterly bald
Baldness (in brick of head), nrnj? qorchah.
Lev. 21. 5 They shall not make baldness upon their
Deut 14. i nor make any baldness between your
lisa. 3. 24 and instead of well set hair baldness
15. 2 on all their heads . . baldness
22. 12 and to baldness, and to girding with
Jer. 47. 5 Baldness is come upon Gaza; Ashkelon
Eze. 7. 18 and baldness upon all their heads
Amos 8. 10 I will bring up sackcloth, .baldness
Mic. i. 16 enlarge thy baldness as the eagle
Ball, any thing round, 111 dm:
Isa. 22. 18 violently turn and toss thee (like) a ball
Balsam, a medicinal gum, )?, 1\f, tsori, tseri.
Gen. 37. 25 their camels bearing spicery and balm
43. ii carry, .the man a present, a little balm
Jer. 8. 22 no balm in Gilead ; (is there) no physician
46. ii Go up into Gilead, and take balm, O
51. 8 howl for her ; take balm for her pain, if
Eze. 27. 17 Pannag, and honey, and oil, and balm
BA -MAH, ripp high place.
Used in Ezekiel as the name of the places in which
Israel offered sacrifices to idols.
Eze. 20. 29 the name thereof (is) called B. unto this
BA -MOTH, niaa high places.
A. city on the X. side of the Arnon, which had belonged
to the Moabites, but was taken from them by Sihon. It
is thought to be the Bamoth-baal of Josh. 13. 17.
Num 21. 19 and from Nahaliel to B.
21. 20 from B. (in) the valley, that (is) in the
BA-MOT3. BA -AT,, Sys 11103 high places of Baal.
A town of Moab taken by Sihon, but afterwards a city
of Reuben. It is probably the Bamoth of Num. 21. 19.
Josh. 13. 17 Dibon, and B., and Beth-baal-meon
Band, bond, fetter, -HDN csur.
Judg 15. 14 and his bands loosed from off his hands
Eccl. 7. 26 heart (is) snares . . her hands . . bands
Dan. 4. 15 even with a band of iron and brass
4. 23 even with a band of iron and brass
2.A troop (of men), ~>r.3 gedud.
2 Sa. 4. 2 two men (that were) captains of bands
1 Ki. ii. 24 became captain over a band, when David
2 Ki. 6. 23 So the bands of Syria came no more into
13. 20 And the bands of the Moabites invaded
13. 21 that, behold, they spied a band
24. 2 And the LORD sent against him bands of
24. 2 and bands of the children of Ammou, and
i Ch. 7. 4 And with them, .bands of soldiers
12. 18 and made them captains of the band
12. 21 they helped David against the band
S.Cord, rope. *>3n chebel.
Psa. 1 19. 61 Thie bauds of the wicked have robbed me
4. Thick bands, wrcathen cords, raj; aboth.
Job 39. i o Canst thou bind the unicorn with his band
Eze. 3. 25 But thou. .behold, they shall put bands
4. 8 And, behold, I will lay bands upon thee
Hos. ii. 4 I drew them with cords, .with bands of
5.Head, detachment, Z;NT rosh.
1 Ch. 12. 23 these, .the numbers of the bands
Job 1.17 The Chaldeans made out three bands, and
6.Lij}, edge, nsy saphah.
Exod 39. 23 a band round about the hole
7.A band, body of men at arms, (nr(7pa speira.
Matt 27. 27 and gathered unto him the whole baud
Mark 1 5. 16 and they call together the whole band
John 1 8. 12 Then the band and the captain, .took J
Acts 10. i centurion of the band called the Italian
21. 31 came unto the chief captain of the band
27. i Julius, a centurion of Augustus band
BAND of men
1.A troop (of men), 1113 gedud.
2 Ch. 22. i for the band of men . .had slain all the
2. Strength, might, fora, h^nchayil.
i Sa. 10. 26 there went with him a band of men
3.Band, body of mr.n at arms, <rirt ipa speira.
John 18. 3 having received a band, .and officers
BAND of soldiers
Strength, might, force, S:n chayil.
Ezra 8. 22 to require of the king a band of soldiers
BAND together, to
To make a gathering, iroiew <rvffTpo<priv [poieo],
Acts 23. 12 certain of the Jews banded together
BANDS, D<!?nn chobelim.
Symbolic name given to one of two staves which sym
bolised the Lord s covenant with the seed of Jacob, and
the brotherhood of Israel and Judah.
Zech.n. 7 one I called Beauty. . the other I called B.
ii. 14 I cutasunder mine other staff . .B., that I
1. Wings, corps, D ?:g agappim.
Eze. 12. 14 I will scatter, .all his bands
17. 21 all his fugitives with all his bands shall
38. 6 Gomer, and all his bands ; the house of
38. 6 house of Togarmah . . and all his bands
3 8. 9 thou. and all thy bands, and many people
38. 22 I will rain upon him, and upon his bauds
39. 4 thou, and all thy bands, and the people
2. Bands, pains, niairm chartsubbot/t.
Psa. 73. 4 For. .no bands in their death : but their
Isa. r,8. 6 to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo
3. Bar, npio motah.
Lev. 26. 13 I have broken the bands of your yoke
Eze. 34. 27 I have broken the bauds of their yoke
i.Band, fetter, npic moser.
Job 39. 5 who hath loosed the bauds of the wild ase?
Psa. 2. 3 Let us break their bands asunder, and
107. 14 and brake their bands in sunder
Isa. 28. 22 lest your bands be made strong : for I
52. 2 loose thyself from the bands of thy neck
Jer. 2. 20 broken thy yoke . .burst thy bauds
5. Drawings tor/ether, iVQy io moshekoih.
Job 38. 31 Canst thou. .loose the bands of Orion?
6. Camp, njnjp machaneh.
Gen. 32. "7 he divided the people, .into two bauds
32. 10 and now I am become two bands
T.Band, fetter, Seeruos desmos.
Luke 8. 29 he brake the bands, and was driven of
Acts 16. 26 and every one s bands were loosed
22. 30 he loosed him from (his) [bands]
8. Band for yoking together, {evKvypia zeukteria.
Acts 27 4o loosed the rudder bands, and hoisted up
9. What binds together, ffvvtitffnos sundesmos.
Col. 2. 19 the body by joints and bands having
10. To halve, divide, yyn chatsats.
Prov.3o. 27 yet go they forth all of them by bands
BA -NI. ^posterity.
1. A Gadite, and one of David s thirty valiant men, B.C
2f?a. 23. 36 B. the Gadite
2. An Aaronite, a descendant of Marari, B.C. 1440.
1 Ch. 6. 46 Amzi, the son of B., the son of Shamer
3. A descendant of Pharez, son of Judah, B.C. 536.
iCh. 9. 4 Imri, the son of B., of the children of P.
4. Father of some of those who went up from Babylon
with Zerubbabel, B.C. 536.
Ezra 2. 10 children of B., six hundred forty and two
(In Neh. 7. 15, the name is given as liinnui.)
Ezra 10. 29 of the sons of B., Meshullam, Malluch
5. One whose descendants had taken strange wives dur
ing the exile, B.C. 445.
Ezra 10. 34 Of the sons of B.; Tilaadai, Amram, and
6. A descendant of No. 5, who had taken a strange
wife, B.C. 445.
Ezra 10. 38 And H., Binnui, Shimel.
7. A Levite whose son repaired part of the wall of Jeru
salem, B.C. 445.
Neh. 3. 17 After him repaired . .the son of
8. 7 Also Jeshua, and B., and Sherebiah
9. 4 Then stood up upon the stairs.. B.
9. 5 the Levites, Jeshua, and Kadmiel, B.
8. A Levite who regulated the devotions of the people
after Ezra had read the book of the law to them, B.C.
Xeh. 9. 4 of the Levites. Bunni, Sherebiah, B., and
10. 13 [Andtheirbrethreii]..Hodijah,B.,Beninu
9. A chief man or family that, with Nehemiah, sealed
the covenant, B.C. 445.
Neh. 10. 14 The chief of the people. .Zatthu, B.
10. A Levite whose son was overseer of the Levites at
Jerusalem kfter the exile. [The same perhaps as No. 7
or 8], B.C. 445.
Neh. ii. 2? The overseer. .Uzzi the son of B.
To be driven or forced away, rnj nadach, 2.
2 Sa. 14. 13 doth not fetch home again his banished
14. 14 that his banished be not expelled from
Rooting out, v~\iy sJieroshu.
Ezra 7. 26 whether, .unto death, or to banishment
BANISHMENT, causes of
uises of being driven au-ay, D raip madduchim.
Lam. 2. 14 false burdens and causes of banishment
1. Banks or cuttings out by water, fnj gadah.
Josh. 3. 15 Jordan overfloweth all his banks all the
4. 18 and flowed over all his banks, as. . before
Isa. 8. 7 channels, and go over all his banks.
2. Banks, cuttings, rrij or rria gidyah (gadah).
1 Ch. 12. 15 when it bad overflown all his banks
3.Any thing raised up on high, n7?b solelah.
2 Sa. 20. 15 they cast up a bank against the city
2 KI. 19. 32 He shall not. .cast a bank against it
Isa. 37. 33 He shall not. .cast a bank against it
l.Lip, edge, ~sy saphah.
Gen. 41. 17 I stood upon the bank of the river
Deut. 4. 48 by the bank of the river Arnon
Josh. 12. 2 upon the bank of the river Arnon
13. 9 upon the bank of the river Arnon
13. 16 on the bank of the river Arnon
2 Ki. 2. 13 and stood by the bank of Jordan
Eze. 47. 7 at the bank of the river., very many trees
47. 12 by the river upon the bank thereof
Dan. 12. 5 the one on this side of the bank
12. 5 the other on that side of the bank
5. Table (for dining or business), -rpdirf^a trapeza.
Luke 19. 23 gavest not thou my money into the bank
1.Banner, standard, hr\ degel.
Song 2. 4 and his banner over me (was) love
2. Sign, ensign, ci nes.
Psa. 60. 4 Thou hast given a banner to them that
Isa. 13. 2 Lift ye up a banner upon the high
BANNERS, to set up
To set up a banner, VjJ dagal.
Psa. 20. 5 we will set up. .banners : the LORI
To have banners, Sri dagal, 2.
Song 6. 4, 10 terrible as (an army) with banners
1.^1 shouting (for joy or sorroic), nno marzeach.
Amos 6. 7 the banquet of them that stretched
2. A drinking, np*O mishteh.
Esth q 4 let the king .. corne . . unto the banquet
r s So the king., came to the banquet that E.
c 6 king said unto Esther at the banquet of
s 8 let the kins; . . come to the banquet that
5 ! 12 come in with the king unto the banquet
5. 14 then po thou in . .unto the banquet
6. 14 hasted to bring Haman unto the banquet
7. 2 on the second day at the banquet of wine
7. 7 And the king arising from the banquet
7. 8 into the place of the banquet of wine
Dan. 5. 10 the queen . .came into the banquet house
To drink, ntf shathah.
sth. 7. 1 So the king., came to banquet with Esther
BANQUET, to make a
To dig, pierce, prepare, rnj karah.
Job 41. 6 Shall thy companions make a banquet of
Wine, (what is pressed out, juice), \\\yayin.
Song 2. 4 He brought me to the banqueting h<
-4 drinking, KOTOS polos.
i Pe. 4. 3 when we walked in. .banquetings, and
I. Baptism (as a state), fii-snapa baptisma.
Matt. 3. 7 he saw. .Sadducees come to his baptism
20. 22 [to be baptized with the baptism that I]
20. 23 [and be baptized with the baptism that I]
21. 25 The baptism of John, whence was it ?
Mark i. 4 and preach the baptism of repentance
10. 38 and be baptized with the baptism that
10. 39 with the baptism that I am baptized
11. 30 The baptism of John, was (it) from
Luke 3. 3 preaching the baptism of repentance
7. 29 being baptized with the baptism of John
12. 50 But I have a baptism to be baptized with
20. 4 The baptism of John, was it from heaven
Acts i. 22 Beginning from the baptism of John, unto
10. 37 after the baptism which John preached
13. 24 John had first preached . . the baptism of
18. 25 knowing only the baptism ofJohn
19. 3 And they said, Unto John s baptism
19. 4 John verily baptized with the baptism of
Bx>m. 6. 4 we are buried with him by baptism into
Eph. 4. 5 One Lord, one faith, one baptism
Col. 2. 12 Buried with him in [baptism,] wherein
i Pe. 3. 21 baptism doth also now save us, not the
2. Baptism (as an act), Paimo-nds baptismos.
Heb. 6. 2 Of the doctrine of baptisms
BAP -TIST, /SairritrTTJs baptistes.
Designation of the forerunner of Christ ; see beloic.
I. One that baptizes, Paimon-fis baptistes.
Matt. 3. i In those days came John the Baptist
11. ii a greater than John the Baptist
ii. 12 And from the days of John the Baptist
14. 2 This is John the Baptist ; he is risen
14. 8 Give me here John Baptist s head
16. 14 Some. .John the Baptist : some, Elias
17. 13 he spake unto them of John the Baptist
Mark 6. 24 she said, The head of John the [Baptist]
6. 25 give me. .the head of John the Baptist
8. 28 they answered, John the Baptist
Luke 7. 20 John Baptist hath sent us unto thee
7. 28 a greater prophet than John [the Baptist]
7. 33 John the Baptist came neither eating
9. 19 They answering said, John the Baptist
2. To baptize, Bairrifa baptizo.
Mark 6. 14 That John the Baptist was risen from
To consecrate (by pouring out on, or putting into),
PaTTTifa baptizo.
Matt. 3. ii I indeed baptize, .he shall baptize you
Mark i. 4 John did baptize in the wilderness
i. 81. .have baptized . . he shall baptize you
Luke 3. 16 I indeed baptize you with water ; but
3. 16 he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost
John i. 25 Why baptizest thou then, if thou be not
i. 26 John answered. .1 baptize with water
i. 33 he that sent me to baptize with water
i. 33 the same is he which baptizeth with the
3. 22 there he tarried with them, and baptized
3. 26 behold, the same baptizeth, and all (men)
4. i Jesus made and baptized more disciples
4. 2 Though Jesus himself baptized not, but
10. 40 went . . where John at first baptized
Acts i. 5 John truly baptized with water
8. 38 they went down, .and he baptized him
11. 16 John indeed baptized with water; but
.9. 4 John verily baptized with the baptism of
i Co. i. 14 I thank God. .1 baptized none of you
1.15 Lest any should say that I had baptized
i. 16 I baptized also, .household of Stephanas
i. 16 I know not whether I baptized any other
1. 17 Christ sent me not to baptize, but to
To baptize, &3.Trriw baptizo.
Matt. 3. 6 And were baptized of him in Jordan
3. 13 Then cometh Jesus, .to be baptized of
3. 14 I have need to be baptized of thee, and
3. 16 Jesus, when he was baptized, went up
20. 22 and to be baptized with the baptism
20. 22 that I am baptized with? They say unto
20. 23 and be baptized with the baptism
20. 23 that I am baptized with
Mark i. 5 and were all baptized of him in the
i. 9 and was baptized of John in Jordan
10. 38 and be baptized with the baptism
10. 38 that I am baptized with? And they said
10. 39 with the baptism that I am baptized
10. 39 withal shall ye be baptized ; but to sit
16. 1 6 [He that believeth and is baptized shall]
Luke 3. 7 said he to the multitude, .to be baptized
3. 12 Then came also publicans to be baptized
3. 21 Now when all the people were baptized
3. 21 Jesus also being baptized, and praying
7. 29 being baptized with the baptism of John
7. 30 rejected, .being not baptized of him
12. 50 I have a baptism to be baptized with
John 3. 23 they came, and were baptized
Act-s i. 5 ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost
2. 38 Repent, and be baptized every one of
2. 41 they that gladly received, .were baptized
8. 12 they were baptized, both men and women
8. 13 when he was baptized, he continued with
8. 16 they were baptized in the name of the
8. 36 what doth hinder me to be baptized?
9. 1 8 forthwith, and arose, and was baptized
10. 47 that these should not be baptized
10. 48 And he commanded them to be baptized
11. 16 ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost
16. 15 when she was baptized, and her household
1 6. 33 was baptized, he and all his, straightway
18. 8 hearing believed, and were baptized
19. 3 Unto what then were ye baptized?
19. 5 they were baptized in the name of the
22. 16 be baptized, and wash away thy sins
Rom. 6. 3 so many of us as were baptized into
6. 3 were baptized into his death ?
i Cor. i. 13 were ye baptized in the name of Paul ?
10. 2 were all baptized unto Moses in the
12. 13 For by one Spirit are we all baptized
15. 29 they do which are baptized for the dead
15. 29 why are they then baptized for the dead?
Gal. 3. 27 For as many of you as have been baptized
To baptize, {iain-ifa baptizo.
Matt. 28. 19 baptizing them in the name of the
John i. 28 were done.. where John was baptizing
i. 31 therefore am I come baptizing with water
3. 23 John also was baptizing in .Enon near
I. Separate part, 15 bad.
Job 17. 16 They shall go down to the bars of the pit
I.Flying or piercing object, bar, rH3 beriach.
Exod26. 26 thou shalt make bars (of) shittim wood
26. 27 five bars for the boards of the other side
26. 27 five bars for the boards of the
26. 28 the middle bar in the midst of the boards
26. 29 make their rings . . places for the bars
26. 29 thou shalt overlay the bars with gold
35. 1 1 The tabernacle . . and his boards, his bars
36. 31 he made bars of shittim wood ; five for
36. 32 five bars for the boards of the other side
36. 32 five bars for the boards of the tabernacle
36. 33 the middle bar to shoot through the
36. 34 made their rings . . places for the bars
36. 34 and overlaid t .ie bars with gold
39. 33 they brought the tabernacle, .his bars
40. 18 put in the bars thereof, and reared up
Num. 3. 36 the bars thereof, and the pillars thereof
4. 31 the bars thereof, and the pillars thereof
Deut. 3. 5 cities, .fenced with high walls, .and bars
Judgi6. 3 went away with them, bar and all
i Sa. 23. 7 entering, .a town . .hath gates and bars
1 Ki. 4. 13 great cities with walls and brasen bars
2 Ch. 8. 5 Beth-horon. .with walls, gates, and bars
14. 7 Let us . . make about (them) walls . . bars
Neli. 3. 3, 6, 13, 14, 15, and set up. .bars thereof
Job 38. 10 brake up. .and set bars and doors 16 and cut the bars of iron in sunder
147. 13 hath strengthened the bars of thy gates
Prov 18. 19 contentions, .like the bars of a castle
Isa. 45. 2 and cut in sunder the bars of iron
Jer. 49. 31 which have neither gates nor bars
51. 30 they have burned her. .her bars are
Lam. 2. 9 he hath destroyed and broken her bars
Eze. 38. ii without walls, .having neither bars nor
Amos 1.5! will break also the bar of Damascus
Jon. 2. 6 the earth with her bars (was) about me
Nah. 3. 13 Behold, .the fire shall devour thy bars
S.Bar, pole, BIB mot.
Num. 4. 10, 12 and shall put. .upon a bar
4.Anything stretched out, *?T?P metil.
Job 40. 1 8 his bones, .like bars of iron
BAR, to
To hold fast, Trx achaz.
Neb.. 7. 3 let them shut the doors, and bar (them)
BAR-AB -BAS, Bapa/3/3aj father s son.
A murderer preferred to Christ.
Matt 2 7. 1 6 had then a notable prisoner, called B.
27. 17 B., or Jesus which is called Christ?
27. 20 they should ask B., and destroy Jesus
27. 21 release unto you? They said, B.
27. 26 Then released he B. unto them : and when
Markij. 7 there was (one) named B. . .bound with
15. ii that he should rather release B. unto
15. 15 Pilate, .released B. unto them, and
Luke 23. 18 Away with this .. release unto us B.
JohmS. 40 Not this man, but B. NowB. was a robber
BA-RACH -EL, ^^13 blessed of God.
Father of Elihu, who reasoned with Job after his three
friends were silent, B.C. 1550.
Job 32. 2 the wrath of Elihu the son of B. the
32. 6 Elihu the son of B. the Buzite answered
BA-RACH -IAH, rvrij blessed of Jah.
Father of Zeehariah the prophet, B.C. 520.
Zech. i. i Zechariah, the sou of B., the son of Iddo
i. 7 Zechariah, the sou of B., the son of Iddo
BAR-AOH-fAS, Bapoxias.
The Greek form of Barachiah.
Matt. 23. 35 the blood of Zacharias son of B., whom
BA -RAK, p-jp lightning, Bapo*.
A Naphtalite who, with Deborah, defeated Sisera, the
leader of the Canaanites, and obtained a great victory
over him, B.C. 1296.
Judg. 4. 6 she sent and called B. the son of Abin.
4. 8 B. said unto her, If thou wilt go with me
4. 9 Deborah arose, .went with B. to Kedesh
4. 10 B. called Zebujun and Naphtali to
4. 12 they shewed Sisera that B. the son of A.
4. 14 Deborah said unto B., Up ; for this (is)
4. 14 So B. went down from mount Tabor, and
4. 15 the LORD discomfited Sisera .. before B.
4. 16 B. pursued after the chariots, and after
4 22 behold, as B. pursued Sisera.. Jael came
5. i Then sang Deborah and B. the son of Ab.
5. 12 arise, B., and lead thy captivity captive
5. 15 even Issachar, and also B. : he was sent
Heb. ii. 32 time would fail me to tell of . .B.
Foreigner, alien, 0dp/3hpos barbaros.
Acts 28. 4 And when the barbarians saw the
Rom. i. 14 I am debtor both, .to the Barbarians
i Co. 14. ii I shall be unto him. .a barbarian, and he
14. ii he that speaketh. .a barbarian unto me
CoL 3. ii there is neither Greek nor .. Barbarian
Foreign, alien, /3<zp/3apos barbaros.
Acts 28. 2 the barbarous people shewed us no little
BARBED irons
-4 pointed weapon, dart, njir sukkah.
Job 41. 7 Canst, .fill his skin with barbed irons ?
^1 barber, 2 1
?} gallab.
Eze. 5. i son of man.. take thee a barber s razor
l.Bare, uncovered, n;iJ? eryah.
Eze. 16. 7 grown,whereasthou(wast)nakedandbare
16. 22 when thou wast naked and bare
16. 39 and leave thee naked and bare
23. 29 and shall leave thee naked and bare: and
2. To bare, n? para.
Lev. 13. 45 his clothes shall be rent, .his head bare
2>.Naked, yu^v&s gumnos.
1 Co. 15. 37 but bare grain, it may chance of wheat
BARE, to makt
1. To be used with violence, ocn chamas, 2.
Jer. 13. 22 skirts discovered, .thy heels made bare
2. To draw or strip off, r^n chasaph.
Isa. 47. 2 uncover thy locks, make bare the leg
52. 10 LORD hath made bare his holy arm
Jer. 49. 10 But I have made Esau bare, I have
Joel i. 7 he hath made it clean bare, and cast (it)
3. To be or become bare, ~n% arar.
Isa. 32. ii strip you, and make you bare, and gird
BARE, within
Bald (behind), nrni? qarachath.
Lev. 13. 55 fret inward.. bare within or without
To be unshod, rn; yacheph.
2 Sa. 15. 30 his head covered, and he went barefoot
Isa. 20. 2 he did so, walking naked and barefoot
20. 3 Isaiah hath walked naked and barefoot
20. 4 lead .. the Ethiopians .. naked and barefoot
"ni3 belonging to young men.
Patronymic of one of David s worthies, B.C. 1058.
2 Sa. 23. 31 [one of the thirty]. .Azmaveth the B.
In i Ch. ii. 33 the epithet is:Baharuimte, the correct
reading; denoting a person of Bahurim, a town of
BA-RI -AH, rnji fugitive.
Grandson of Shechaniah, of the family of David, B.C. 460.
i Ch. 3. 22 the sons of Shechaniah; Shemaiah. .B.
BAR JE -SUS, Bapirjtrovs son of Joshua.
Otherwise called Eiymaf, a false prophet who opposed
Barnabas and Paul at Paphos,
Acts 13. 6 they found, .a Jew, whose name (was) B.
BAR JO-NA. /3o/> luva son of Johanan.
A surname of Simon Peter.
Matt 16. 17 Blessed art thou, Simon B.-j. : for flesh

BARK, to
To bark, lift up the voice, njj nabach.

Isa. 56. 10 all dumb clogs, they cannot bark; sleeping

Make stripped of(l), n$yp^ c-o sim li-qetsaphah.
Joel i. 7 He hath laid, .waste, and barked my
BAR -KOS, Dip"!3 party-coloured.
A Nethiuim, whose descendants returned from exile
with Zerubbabel. B.C. 536.
Ezra 2. 53 children of B., the children of Sisera,
Neh. 7. 55 children of B., the children of Sisera


I. Barley (long hair), rriyip seorah.
Exod. 9. 31 And the flax and the barley was smitten
9. 31 for the barley (was) in the ear, and the
Lev. 27. 16 an homer of barley seed, .at tifty shekels
Num. 5. 15 the tenth, .of an ephah of barley meal
Deut. 8. 8 A land of wheat, and barley, and vines
Judg. 7. 13 a cake of barley bread tumbled into the
Ruth i. 22 to Beth-lehem in the. .barley harvest
2. 17 it was about an ephah of barley
2. 23 to glean unto the end of barley harvest
3. 2 Behold, he winnoweth barley to night
3. 15 he measured six. .of barley, and laid (it)
3. 17 these six. .of barley gave he me ; for he
2 Sa. 14. 30 Joab s field, .hath barley there
17. 28 Brought beds, .and wheat, and barley
21. 9 in the beginning of barley harvest
1 Ki. 4. 28 Barley also and straw for the horses
2 Ki. 4. 42 twenty loaves of barley, and full ears of
7. i two measures of barley for a shekel
7. 16 two measures of barley for a shekel
7. 18 Two measures of barley for a shekel, and
1 Ch. 11.13 was a parcel of ground full of barley
2 Ch. 2. 10 twenty thousand measures of barley
2. 15 Now therefore the wheat, and the barley
27. 5 gave him. .ten thousand of barley
Job 31. 40 cockle instead of barley. The words of
Isa. 28. 25 and the appointed barley and the rye
Jer. 41. 8 we have treasures in the field, .of barley
Eze. 4. 9 Take, .also unto thee wheat, and barley
4, 12 And thou shalt eat it (as) barley cakes
13. 19 And will ye. .for handfuls of barley
45. 13 the sixth part of an ephah. .of barley
Hos. 3. 2 homer of barley, and an half homer of b.
Joel i. ii for the wheat and for the barley
I.Barley (pointed, piercing), xptd-f) krithe.
Rev. 6. 6 three measures of barley for a penny
S.Made of barley, Kpi8ivos krithinos.
John 6. 9 a lad here, which hath five barley loaves
6. 13 the fragments of the five barley loaves

l.An open threshing floor, pa goren.
Job 39. 12 thy seed, and gather (it into) thy barn
2.A place for collecting anything, .TJIJP megwrah.
Hag. 2. 19 Is the seed yet in the barn ? yea, as yet
3.A place for putting away, airoQ^Kii apotheke.
Matt. 6. 26 neither, .reap, nor gather into barus
13. 30 but gather the wheat into my barn
Luke 12. 1 8 This will I do: I will pull down my barns
12. 24 which neither have store house nor barn

An open threshing floor, pa goren.
2 Ki. 6. 27 shall I help thee? out of the barnflocr

I. Places for heaping togetlier, C OiN asamim.
Prov. 3. 10 So shall thy barns be tilled with plenty
2. Places for collecting, nii^D mammeyuroth.
Joel 1.17 the barns are broken down ; for the corn

BAR NA -BAS, Bapj/a/3as son of consolation.
A Levite, Paul s companion in several of his journeys ;
otherwise called Joses.
Acts 4. 36 Joses, who by the apostles, .surnamed B.
9. 27 B took him, and brought (him) to the
ii. 22 they sent forth B., that he should go as
ii. 25 Then departed B. to Tarsus, for to seek
11. 30 sent it to the elders by the hands of B.
12. 23 B. and Saul returned from Jerusalem
13. i certain prophets and teachers ; as B., and
13. 2 Separate me B. and Saul for the work
13. 7 who called for B. and Saul, and desired
13. 43 many of the Jews, .followed Paul and B.
13. 46 Then Paul and B waxed bold, and said
13. 50 the Jews, .raised persecution against. .B
14. 12 they called B., Jupiter; and Paul, Mer.
14. 14 when the apostles, B. and Paul, heard
14. 20 the next day he departed with B. to Derbe
15. 2 when therefore Paul and B. had no small
15. 2 they determined that Paul and B.
15 12 all the multitude, .gave audience to B
15. 22 to send chosen men. .with Paul and B.
15. 25 to send chosen men . . with our beloved B
15. 35 Paul also and B. continued in Antiocli
15. 36 And some days after Paul said unto B.
15. 37 AndB. determined to take with them John
15. 39 so B. took Mark, and sailed unto Cyprus
i Co. o. 6 Or I only and B., have not we power to
Gal. 2. i I went up again to Jerusalem with B.
2. 9 they gave to me and B. the right hands
2. 13 insomuch that B. also was carried away
Col. 4. 10 Marcus, sister s son to B., touching whom

An earthen jar, 13 kad.
i Ki. 17. 12 but an handful of meal in a barrel, and
17. 14 The barrel of meal shall not waste
17. 16 the barrel of meal wasted not, neither
1 8. 33 and said, Fill four barrels with water

1. Restraining, restrained, ~)5tJ7 otser.
Prov. 30. 16 The grave ; and the barren womb
2. Rooted, sterile, 1$% aqar.
Gen. ii. 30 But Sarai was barren ; she (had) no child
25. 21 Isaac intreated.. because she (was) barren
29. 3 1 opened her womb : but Rachel (was) bar.
Exod 23. 26 There shall nothing cast, .nor be barren
Deut. 7. 14 there shall not be male or female barren
Judg 13. 2 and his wife (was) barren, and bare not
13. 3 Behold now, thou (art) barren, and
1 Sa. 2. 5 so that the barren hath born seven
Job 24. 21 He evil entreateth the barren (that)
Isa. 54. i Sing, O barren, thou (that) didst not bear
3.Dry, drought, ^,V Isiyyah.
Joel 2. 20 and will drive him into a land barren
^.Bereaved, xsv shakkul.
Song 4. 2 and none (is) barren among them
6. 6 and (there is) not one barren among them
5. To bereave, Sb^ shakol, 3.
2 Ki. 2. 19 water (is) naught, and the ground barren
2. 21 shall not be. .any more death or barren
6. Not working, apyds argos.
2Pe. i. 8 they.. neither, .barren nor unfruitful
7. Barren, without seed, (ntlpos sleiros.
Luke i. 7 no child, because. .Elizabeth was barren
i. 36 month with her, who was called barren
23. 29 Blessed (are) the barren and the wombs
Gal. 4. 27 Rejoice, (thou) barren that bearest not

Salt place, nriSn melechah.
Job 39. 6 and the barren land his dwellings

BARREN woman
Rooted, sterile, ~\$y aqar.
Psa. 113. 9 He maketh the barren woman to keep

Salt place, nn s
!j melechah.
Psa. 107. 34 A fruitful land into barrenness, for the
BAR-SA -BAS, Bctp<raay son of Saba.
1. One nominated with Matthias to succeed Judas.
Acts i. 23 they appointed two, Joseph called B.
2. A disciple sent with Silas to Antioch with letters from
the apostles.
Acts 15. 22 Judas surnamed B., and Silas, chief men

BAR-THO-LO -MEW, Bap0oA.o/ua?os son of Tolmai.
One of the apostles of Christ.
Matt io. 3 [apostles are these] . . Philip and B.
Mark 3. 1 8 Andrew, and Philip, and B.,and Matthew
Luke 6. 14 brother, James and John, Philip and B.
Acts i. 1 3 where abode both.. Philip.and Thomas.B.

BAR-TI-MJE -TTS Eapri/j.a.ios son of Timceus.
A beggar iu Jericho who received sight.
Mark io. 46 blind B., the son of Timoeus, sat by the
BA RUCH, ^na blessed.
1. Sou of Zabbai who helped to build the wall, B.C. 445.
Neh. 3. 20 After him B. the son of Zabbai earnestly
io. 6 [those that sealed (were)]. .Ginnethon,B.
2. A descendant of Phares, a returned exile, B.C. 445.
Xeh. ii. 5. Maaseiah the son of B., the son of
3. The amanuensis of Jeremiah in prison, B.C. 590
Jer. 32. 12 the evidence of the purchase unto B.
32. 13 And I charged B. before them, saying
32. 16 I had delivered the evidence, .unto B.
36. 4 Then Jeremiah called B. the son of Xer.
36. 4 and B. wrote from the mouth of Jeremiah
36. 5 Jeremiah commanded B., saying, I (am)
36. 8 B. the son of Xeriah did according to all
36. io Then read B in the book the words of J.
36. 13 when B. read the book in the ears of the
36. 14 Therefore all the princes sent, .unto B.
36. 14 So B. the son of Xeriah took the roll
36. 15 So B. read (it) in their ears
36. 16 they were afraid, .and said unto B., We
36. 17 they asked B., saying, Tell us now, How
36. 18 B. answered them, He pronounced all
36. 19 Then said the princes unto B., Go, hide
36. 26 king commanded Jerahmeel . .to take B.
36. 27 the words which B. wrote at the mouth
36. 32 gave it to B. the scribe, the son of Xeriah
43. 3 B. the son of Xeriah setteth thee on
43. 6 Jeremiah the prophet, and B. the son of
45. i The word that Jeremiah, .spake unto B.
45. 2 Thus saith the LORD, .unto thee, O B.

BAR-ZTL -LAI, ^rig strong, iron.
1. A Gileadite friend of David in his flight from
Absalom, B.C. 1103-1023.
2 Sa. 17. 27 it came to pass, .that Shobi. .and B. the
19. 31 B. the Gileadite came down from
19. 32 B. was a very aged man, (even) fourscore
19. 33 the king said unto B., Come thou over
19. 34 B. said unto the king, How long have I
19. 39 the king kissed B., and blessed him ; and
1 Ki. 2. 7 shew kindness unto the sons of B. the
Ezra 2. 6 1 children of the priests .. children of B.
Xeh. 7. 63 of the priests . . children of B.
2. Father of Adriel, husband of Merab Saul s eldest
daughter, B.C. 1060.
2 Sa. 21. 8 she brought up for Adriel the son of B.
3. A priest whose genealogy was lost, the father of
some exiles who returned with Ezra, B.C. 600.
Ezra 2. 61 which took a wife of the daughter of B.
Xeh. 7. 63 which took (one) of the daughters of B.

I. Stand, pedestal, ]3 ken.
i Ki. 7. 29 upon the ledges . . a base above : and
7. 31 the work of the base, a cubit and a half
2. Base, place for setting on, njiy) mekcmah.
1 Ki. 7. 27 bases, .four cubits, .length of one base
7. 28 the work of the bases (was) on this
7. 30 every base had four brasen wheels, and
7. 32 the axletrees of the wheels, .to the base
7. 34 to the fonr corners of one base
7 34 the undersetters (were) of the very base
7. 35 And in the top of the base, .a round
7. 35 on the top of the base the ledges thereof
7. 37 After this, .he made the ten bases: all of
7. 38 upon every one of the ten bases one laver
7. 39 he put five bases on the right side
7. 43 the ten bases, and ten lavers on the bases
2 Ki. 16. 17 Ahaz cut off the borders of the bases
25. 13 and the bases, and the brasen sea
25. 1 6 and the bases which Solomon had made
2 Ch. 4. 14 bases, and lavers made he upon the bases
Ezra 3. 3 And they set the altar upon his bases
Jer. 27. 19 concerning the bases, and concerning the
52. 17 and the bases, and the brasen sea that
52. 20 twelve brasen bulls, .under the bases
3.A base, place for netting on, njpp -mekunah.
Zech. 5 ii it shall be. .set there upon her own base
4. To be or become light, nSj; qalah, 2.
Isa. 3. 5 and the base against the honourable
5. Humble, hzy shaphal.
2 Sa. 6. 22 and will be base in mine own sight
Eze. 17. 14 That the kingdom might be base, that
29 14 and they shall be there a base kingdom
Mai. 2. 9 I also made you contemptible and base
6.Humble, rairtivos tapeinos.
2 Co. io. i who in presence (am) base among you
7. Without name, ce>
->l?3 beli shem.
Job 30. 8 children of base men : they were viler
B&SE things
Ignoble, aytv-fis agenes.
i Co. i. 28 base things of the world, and things which

BASER sort, of the
Belonging to the market place, ayopaios agoraios.
Acts 17. 5 certain lewd fellows of the baser sort

I. Humble, ^y shaphal.
Eze. 29. 15 It shall be the basest of the kingdoms
2.Humble, ^yy shephal.
Dan. 4. 17 and setteth up over it the basest of men
BA -SHAN, |?3n the fruitful.
A district on the E. of Jordan, almost always written
with the definite article in the original. It is sometimes
called " The land of Bashan." It was the kingdom of
Og, the Amorite, and extended from the "border of
Gilead" on the S. to mount Hermon on the X., and from
the Arabah or Jordan valley on the W. to Salchah
(Sulkhad) and the border of the Geshurites and the
Maacathites on the E. Bashan or " the Bashan" was the
lot of the half tribe of Manasseh together with " half of
Xum 21.33 they turned and went up by the way of L>.
21. 33 Og the king of B. went out against them
32. 33 the kingdom of Og king of B., the land
Deut. i. 4 Og the king of B... dwelt at Ashtaroth
3. i we turned, and went up the way to B.
3. i Og the king of B. came out against us
3. 3 the king of B., and all his people : and
3. 4 of Argob, the kingdom of Og in B.
3. io all Gilead, and all B., unto Salchah
3. io cities of the kingdom of Og in B.
3. 1 1 only Og king of B. remained of the
3. 13 the rest of Gilead, and all B. . .the
3. 13 all the region of Argob, with all B., which
4. 43 and Golan in B., of the Manassites.
4. 47 his land, and the land of Og king of B.
29. 7 Og the king of B., came out against
32. 14 rams of the breed of B., and goats
33. 22 a lion s whelp : he shall leap from B.
Josh. 9 io to Og king of B., which . .at Ashtaroth
12. 4 And the coast of Og king of B. . .of the
12. 5 in all B., unto the border of the Geshurites
13. ii mount Hermon, and all B. unto Salcah
13. 12 All the kingdom of Og in B., which
13. 30 their coast was from Mahanaim, all B.
13. 30 all the kingdom of Og king of B., and
13 30 the towns, .which (are) in B., threescore
13. 31 Edrei, cities of the kingdom of Og in B.
17. i a man of war, therefore he had. .B.
17. 5 beside the land of Gilead and B., which
20 8 Golan in B. out of the tribe of Manasseh
21 6 half tribe of Manasseh in B., thirteen
21. 27 Golan in B. with her suburbs, .a city of
22. 7 to. .Manasseh Moses had given, .in B.
1 Ki 4. 13 the region of Argob, which (is) in B.
4. 19 and of Og king of B. ; and. .the only
2 Ki. io. 33 by the river Arnon, even Gilead and B.
1 Ch 5 ii dwelt, .in the land of B. unto Salcah
5 12 Joel the chief . .and Shaphat in B
5. 16 they dwelt in Gilead in B., and in her
5. 23 they increased from B. unto Baal-hermon
6. 62 out of the tribe of Manasseh in B.
6. 71 half tribe of Manasseh, Golan in B. with
Xeh. 9. 22 Heshbon, and the land of Og king of B.
Psa. 22.12 strong (bulls) of B. have beset me round
68. 15 the hill of B. .the hill of B.
68. 22 LORD said, I will bring again from B.
135. ii Og king of B., and all the kingdoms
136. 20 Og the king of B.: for his mercy, .for
Isa. i. 13 lifteu up, and upon all the oaks of B.
33. 9 and B. and (. armel shake olf (their fruit?,)
Jer. 22. 20 lift up thy voice in 1 .
. an. I > TV from the
50. 19 he shall Iced on Carim-l :uid I ., ami }n-~
Eze. 27. 6 (Of) the oaks of 1J. have they made thine
39. 18 of luilloekH, all of them fallings of B.
Amos 4. i Hear this word, ye kine of 1!., that (are)
Mic. 7. 14 let them feed (in) B. and tiilead, as in
Nah. i. 4 B. languiiheth, and runnel, and the
/eh. ii. 2 howl,o ye oaks of B. ; for the forest of the
A name given to Argob after ite conquest by .lair, a
descendant of Mauassch, B.C. 1451.
Deut. 3. 14 called them after his own name, B.
BA SHE -MATH or BAS -MATH, n^yy fragrant.
1. One of the wives of Esau, and daughter of Elon the
Hittite, B. C. 1796.
Gen. 06. 34 and B. the daughter of Elon the Hittite
2. Another wife of Esau and daughter of Ishmacl. B.C.
Gen. 36. 3 B. Ismael s daughter, sister of Nebajoth
36. 4 Adah bare to Esau Eliphaz ; and B. bare
36. 10 Reuel the son of B. the wife of Esau
36. 13 these were the sons of B. Esau s wife
36. 17 these (are) the sons of B. Esau s wife
1. Bason, bmcl, cup, (JK aggan.
Exod 24. 6 half of the blood, and put (it) in basons
2.Cup, goblet, "lio? kephor.
i Ch. 28. 1 7 golden basons . . every bason . . every bason
Ezra i. 10 Thirty basons of gold, silver basons of a
8. 27 twenty basons of gold, of a thousand
3. Large bowl for sprinkling, p~uc mizraq.
K\od. 7. 3 thou shall make his pans, .his basons
38. 3 he made all Ihe vessels . . and the basons
Num. 4. 14 they shall put upon it. .the basons, all
1 Kl. 7. 40 Hiram made the lavers. .and the basons
7. 45 basons. . Hiram made, .(of) bright brass
7. 50 the basons . . and the censers (of ) pure gold
2 Ki. 12. 13 not made., bowls of silver.suuffers, basons
2 Ch. 4. 8 And he made an hundred basons of gold
4. ii Hiiram made the pots, .and the basons
4. 22 basons, .and the censers, (of) pure gold
Neh. 7. 70 The Tirshatha gave . . fifty basons
4. fJ. xh, bowl, r
,p saph.
Exod 1 2. 22 dip (it) in the blood that (is) in the bason
12. 22 with Ihe blood that (is) in the bason
2Sa, 17. 28 Brought beds, and basons, and earthen
Jer. 52. 19 the basons, and the tire pans, and the
5. Large vessel or ewer, vnrr-fjp nipter.
John 13. 5 After that he poureth water into a basin
l./iasket, pot, kettle, in dud.
2 Ki. 10. 7 slew, .and put their heads in baskets
Jer. 24. i One basket (had) very good figs . . the
2. flasket, pot, kettle, "in dudai.
Jer. 24. i two baskets of figs . . set before the temple
3. Basket ofiooren or twisted work, Kja tene.
Deut 26. 2 shall put (it) in a basket, and shall go
26. 4 the priest shall take the basket out of
28. 5 Blessed (shall be) thy basket and thy store
28. 17 Cursed (shall be) thy basket and thy store
4.Cage, basket, 3?
?? kelub.
Amos 8. i and behold a basket of summer fruit
8. 2 And I said, A basket of summer fruit
5. Basket (wicker), "?p sal.
Gen. 40. 16 (I had) three white baskets on my head
40. 17 in the uppermost baskel. .of all manner of
40. 17 birds did eal them out of the basket
40. 18 The three baskets (are) three days
Exodz9. 3 thou shalt put them into one basket
29. 3 bring them in the basket, with the bullock
29. 2 j one wafer out of the basket of the
shall eat . the bread that (is) in the basket
2 rams, and a basket of unleavened bread
8. 26 out of the basket of unleavened bread
8. 31 with the bread that
in the basket
Num. 6. 15 a basket of unleavened bread, cakes of
6. 1 7 with the basket of unleavened bread
6. n) one unleavened cake out of the basket
Judg. 6. 19 the flesh he put in a basket, and he put
6. Wicker basket, ffapydvr} sargani.
a Co. 1 1. 33 in a basket was I let down by the wall
7.A hamper, criri/pij spurts.
AcU 9. 25 and let. .clown by the wall in a basket
1 . Wicker baskets, rtVpSci xalsilloth.
Jer. 6. 9 turn back thine hand . . Into the baskets
1.A wicker trardling basket, KO>IVOS kophinos.
Matt 14. 20 took up. .that remained twelve baskets
16. 9 and how many baskets ye took up ?
Mark 6. 43 And they took up twelve baskets full
8. 19 how many baskets full of fragments
Luke 9. 17 there.. remained t. them twelve baskets
.lohn 6. 13 Oiled twelve baskets with the fragments
3. A hamper, virvpls spuris.
Matt 1 5. 37 took up . that was left seven baskets full
16. 10 and how many baskets ye took up?
Mark 8. 8 took up that was left seven [baskets]
8. 20 how may baskets full . . took ye up T
BAS-MATH, nsfcg fragrant, spicy.
ilomon s daughter, who became wife of Ahimauz, a
purveyor for Solon. mi, B.C. 1014. [Xee BASHEMATH.]
i K i 4 1 5 he also took B. the daughter of Solomon
1. Mixed, spurious,
1 ~i? manuxr.
Lieut 23. 2 A bastard shall not enter into the cong.
/ceh. Q. 6 And a bastard shall dwell in Ashdod
2. Bastard, v60os nothos.
llfb. 12. 8 then are ye bastards, and not sons
liat, night-bird, 1?9V: atalleph.
Lev. ii. 19 her kind! and the lapwing, and the bat
Deuti4. 18 the stork, .and the lapwing, and the bat
Isa. z. 20 shall cast, .to the moles and to the bats
A measure for Jlu ids, about 8 gallons, rq bath.
1 Ki. 7. 26 of lilies : it contained two thousand baths
7. 38 lavers of brass: one. . contained forty baths
2 Ch. 2. 10 thousand baths of wine, .baths of oil
4. 5 received and held three thousand baths
Kzra 7. 22 baths of wine, .baths of oil, and salt
Isa. 5. 10 acres of vineyard shall yield one bath
Eze. 45. 10 a just ephah, and a just bath
45. ii The ephah and the bath, .that the bath
45. 14 bath of oil. .tenth part of a bath
45. 14 an homer of ten baths ; for ten baths
BATE RAB BIM, D STnj daughter of many.
A gate of the ancient city of Heshbon, near which were
two pools to which the spouse compares the eyes of his
Song 7. 4 flshpools in Heshbou, by the gate of B.
BATH SHE -BA, i^ nj daughter of an oath.
Daughter of Eliam or Ammiel, wife of V riah, and mother
of Solomon by David. She is also called liatkshua.
Jewish tradition has it that she composed and recited
Proverbs 3ist as an admonition to her son Solomon oil
his marriage with 1 haraoh s daughter, u c. 1035.
2 Sa. ii. 3 (Is) not this 15. -Sh., the daughter of Eliam
12. 24 David comforted B. his wife, and went
i Ki. i. ii Wherefore Nathan spake unto B.-Sh. the
i. 15 B.-Sh. went in unto the king into the
i. 16 B.-Sh. bowed, and did obeisance unto
1. 28 David answered and said, Call me B.-Sh.
1.31 B.-Sh. boweil with (her) face to the earth
2. 13 Adonijah. .came to B.-Sh. the mother of
2. 18 B.-Sh. said, Well ; I will speak for thee
2. 19 B.-Sh. therefore went unto king Solomon
Psa. 51. (title) A . .after he had gone into B.-Sh.
BATH SHU -A, yiiTTQ daughter ofprosperity.
This name is translated "daughter of Shua" in Gen.
38. 12 and in i Ch. 2. 3 ; but in i Ch. 3. 5, it is
employed as the name of the mother of Solomon, and
she is called the daughter of Ammiel (elsewhere ELiam).
In Gen. 38. 2, 12, Bathshua is really the name of
Judah s wife, B.C. 1035.
i Chron 3. 5 these were born unto him. .of B.-Sh. the
To wash, rub, J/rn, rachats.
Lev. 15. 13 and bathe his flesh in running water
16. 26 wash his clothes, and bathe his flesh in
1 6. 28 he that burneth them shall, .bathe his
17. 16 But if he wash, .not, nor bathe his
Numig. 7 Then the priest, .shall bathe his flesh in
19. 8 wash his clothes in water, and bathe his
BATHE (self), to
To wash, rub, firj rachats.
Lev. 15. 5 shall wash his clothes and bathe (himself)
15. 6 bathe (himself) in water, and be unclean
15. 7 he that toucheth the tlesh. .and bathe
15. g then he shall, .bathe (himself) in water
15. 10 and bathe (himself) in water, and be
15. ii he shall wash his clothes, and bathe
15. 18 they shall (both) bathe (themselves) in
15. 21 bathe (himself) in water, and be unclean
15. 22 bathe (himself) in water, and be unclean
15. 27 and bathe (himself) in water, .until the
17. 15 and bathe (himself), .then shall he be
Num 19. 19 wash his clothes, and bathe himself in
BATHED, to be
To be satiated, an ravah, 3.
Isa. 34. 5 For my sword shall be bathed in heaven
To destroy, ray? shachath, 5.
a S. 20. 15 the people that (were) with Joab battered
l.C ircumvallation, lii"? kidor.
Job 15. 24 prevail, .as a king ready to the battle
1.A camp, ajrrp machaneh.
i Sa. 28. i thou shalt go out with me to battle, thou
3. Battle, conflict, eating up, n^rfe milchamah.
Gen. 14. 8 joined battle with them in the vale of
Num 21. 33 he, and all his people, to the battle
31. 21 the men of war which went to the battle
32. 27 armed for war, before the LORD to battle
32. 29 every man armed to battle, before the
Deut. 2. Q neither contend with them in battle
2. 24 possess (it), and contend, .him in battle
3. i he and all his people, to battle at Edrei
Deutao. i thou goest out to battle against thine
20. 2 when ye are come nigh unto thu battle
20. 3 O Israel, ye approach this day unto battle
20. 5 return to his house, lest he die in . .battle
20. 6 lest he die in the battle, and another
20. 7 return, .lest he die in the battle, and
29. 7 the king . . came out against us unto battle
Josh. 4. 13 passed over before the LOUD unto liattle
8. 14 the city went out against Israel to battle
ii. 19 the Hivites. .all (other) they took in battle
ii. 20 they should come agauist Israel in battle
Judg. 8. 13 Gideon, .returned irom battle before
20. 14 go out to battle against the children of I.
20. 18 Which of us shall go up tirst to the battle
20. 20 the men of Israel went out to battle
20. 22 and set their battle again in array in the
20. 23 Shall I go up again to battle against the
io. 28 Shall I yet again go out to battle against
20. 34 out of all Israel, and the battle was sore
20. 39 the men of Israel retired in the battle
20. 42 but the battle overtook them ; and them
1 Sa. 4. i went out against the Philistines to battle
4. 2 when, .joined battle, Israel was smitten
7. 10 the Philistines drew near to battle
8. 20 go out before us, and fight our battles
13. 22 it came to pass in the day of battle, that
14. 20 Saul and all. .came to the battle
14. 22 followed hard after them in the battle
14. 23 the battle passed over unto Beth-aven
17. i the Philistines gathered, .armies to battle
17. 2 set the battle in array against the
17. 8 Why are ye come out to set (your) battle
17. 13 eldest sons, .followed Saul to the battle,
17. 13 of his three sons that went to the battle
17. 20 to the fight, and shouted for the battle
17. 28 down that thou mightest see the battle
17. 47 for the battle
(is) the LORD S, and he
18. 17 for me, and fight the LORD S battles
25. 28 my lord flghteth the battles of the LORD
26. 10 he shall descend into battle, and perish
29. 4 let him not go down with us to battle
29. 9 He shall not go up with us to the battle
30. 24 part (is) that goeth down to the battle
31. 3 And the battle went sore against Saul
2 Sa. i. 4 the people are fled from the battle
1. 25 mighty fallen in the midst of the battle !
2. 17 there was a very sore battle that day
3. 30 slain their brother Asahel. .in the battle
10. 8 put the battle in array at the. .gate
10. 9 the front of the battle was against him
10. 13 And Joab drew nigh, .unto the battle
11. 15 Uriah in the forefront of the hottest battle
ii. 25 make thy battle more strong against the
18. 6 the battle was in the wood of Ephraim
1 8. 8 For the battle was there scattered over
19. 3 ashamed steal away when, .flee in battle
19. 10 And Absalom . . is dead in battle
21.17 Thou shalt go no more out. .to battle
21.18 there was again a battle with the Phil.
21. 19 And there was again a battle in Gob
21. 20 And there was yet a battle in Gain
22. 40 hast girded me with strength to battle
23. 9 the Philistines, .gathered, .to battle
1 Ki. 8. 44 thy people go out to battle against their
so. 14 he said, Who shall order the battle i
20. 29 in the seventh day the battle was joined
20. 39 Thy servant went out into, .the battle
22. 4 Wilt thou go with me to battle to R.-G.?
22. 6 I go against Ramoth-gilead to battle
22. 15 we go against Ramoth-gilead to battle
22. 30 disguise myself, and enter into the battle
22. 30 the king of Israel, .went into the battle
22. 35 And the battle increased that day : and
2 Ki. 3. 7 wilt thou go . . against Moab to battle ?
3. 26 Moab saw that the battle was too sore
i Ch. 5. 20 for they cried to God in the battle
7. ii fit to go out for war (and) battle
7. 40 that were apt to the war (and) to battle
10. 3 And the battle went sore against Saul
11. 13 were gathered together to battle
12. 8 (and) men of war (tit) for the battle
12. 19 with the Philistines against Saul to battle
12. 37 with all .instruments, .for the battle
14. 15 then thou shalt go out to battle : for
19. 7 from their cities, and came to battle
19. 9 put the battle in array before the gate of
19. 10 saw that the battle ; Ipeneham-mUchatnnh]
if). 14 .Joab. .drew nigh, .unto the battle
19. 17 David had put the Jjattle in array against
26. 27 Out of the spoils won in battles did they
2Ch. 13. 3 set the battle in array with an army of
13. 3 set the battle in array against him with
13. 14 behold, the battle (was) before and
14. 10 they set the battle in array in the valley
18. 5 Shall we go to Ramoth-gilcad to battle
18. 14 shall we go to Ramoth-gilead to battle
18. 29 disguise myself, and will go to the battle
18. 29 disguised himself ; and. .went to. .battle
1 8. 34 And the battle increased that day : how
20. i came against Jehoshaphat to battle
20. 15 for the battle (is) not your s, but God s
25. 8 do (it), be strong for the battle : God
25. 13 they should not go with him to battle
32. 8 with us (is) the LORD, .to fight our battles
Job 39. 25 and he smelleth the battle afar off
41. 8 remember the battle, do no more
Psa. 1 8. 39 girded me with strength unto the battle
24. 8 The LORD strong and mighty . . in battle
76. 3 the shield, and the sword, and the battle
89. 43 hast not made him to stand in the battle
Prov 21.31 (is) prepared against the day of battle
Eccl. 9. ii nor the battle to the strong, neither yet
Isa. 13. 4 LORD, .mustereth the host of the battle
22. 2 slain with the sword, nor dead in battle
27. 4 set the . . thorns against me in battle
28. 6 to them that turn the battle to the gate
30. 32 in battles of shaking will he tight with it
42. 25 his anger, and the strength of battle
Jer. 8. 6 as the horse rusheth into the battle
18. 21 young men (be) slain by the sword in battle
46. 3 and shield, and draw near to battle
49. 14 come against her, and rise up to. .battle
50. 22 A sound of battle (is) in the land, and of
50. 42 put in array, like a man to the battle
Eae. 7. 14 none goeth to the battle : for my wrath
13. 5 stand in the battle in the day of the LORD
Dan. ii. 20 neither in anger, nor in battle
11. 25 the south shall be stirred up to battle
Hos. i. 7 will not save, .by bow., nor by battle
2. 18 the sword and the battle out of the earth
10. 9 there they stood : the battle in Gibeah
10. 14 spoiled Betharbel in the day of battle
Joel 2. 5 as a strong people set in battle array
Amos i. 14 with shouting in the day of battle, with
Obad. i Arise, .let us rise up against her in battle
Zech. 9. 10 and the battle bow shall be cut off : and
10. 3 made them as his goodly horse in . .battle
10. 4 him the nail, .out of him the battle bow
10. 5 in the mire of the streets in the battle
14. 2 all nations against Jerusalem to battle
4.Armour, arms, pipj nesheq.
Psa.i4o. 7 covered my head in the day of bafttle
^.Equipment, }iNP seon.
Isa. 9. 5 For every battle of the warrior (is) with
6. The host, army, x^y tsdba.
N:urn 31. 27 upon them, who went out to battle
31. 28 men of war which went out to battle
Josh 22. 33 intend to go up against them in battle
iCh. 12. 33 such as went forth to battle, expert
12. 36 such as went forth to battle, expert
7. Host of the battle, ncn>an $}?. [tsaba].
Nuni3i. 14 the officers. ! which came from the battle
8.^1 drawing near, 3*1 p qerab.
2Sa. 17. ii go to battle in thine own person
Job 38. 23 reserved against, .the day of battle
Psa. 55. 18 hath delivered my soul, .from the battle
78. 9 Ephraim . . turned back in the day of battle
Zech 14. 3 as when he fought in the day of battle
9.A battle, fight, ir6\ffj.os polemos.
1 Co. 14. 8 who shall prepare himself to the battle :
Kev. 9. 7 like unto horses prepared unto battle
9. 9 sound of. .many horses running to battle
16. 14 go forth, .to gather them to the battle
20. 8 go out . . to gather them together to battle
Hammer, battle-axe, f?3 mappets.
Jer. 51. 20 Thou (art) my battle ax (and) weapons of
A restraint, nj32.o maaqeh.
Deut.22. 8 thou shalt make a battlement for thy roof
Any things stretched out, nit^t?; netishoth.
Jer. 5. 10 take away her battlements ; for they (are;
BA- VAI, ?3 wisher.
Descendant of Henadad who helped to rebuild the wall
of Jerusalem, B.C. 445.
Neh. 3. 18 After him repaired their brethren, B.
I. The tongue, \w\ lashon.
Josh. 1 5. 2 from the bay that looketh southward
15. 5 north quarter (was) from the bay of the
18. 19 of the border were at the north bay
2. Strong, deep red, D VON amutstsim.
Zech. 6. 3 in the fourth chariot grisled and bay
6. 7 And the bay went forth, and sought to go
Native born, n^ix czrach.
Psa. 37. 35 spreading himself like a green bay tree
BAZ -LITH, BAZ -LTJTH, rr^3 n^sa, asking.
One of the Nethinim whose posterity returned from
exile, B.C. 536.
Ezra 2. 52 children of B., the children of Mehida
Neh. 7. 54 children of B., the children of Mehida
An oily gum, or a white pearl, nSna bedolach.
Gen. 2. 12 there (is) bdellium and the onyx stone
Numn. 7 the colour, .as the colour of bdellium
BE, to (am, art, is, are, was, were, &c.)
When this word is printed in italics in the common
English version, there is no corresponding word in the
original text; when it occurs in common type, it is
generally the representative of ."rn nin trn hayah,
havah, hava, " to be " in Hebrew ; and of f i/ul,
" to be "
in Greek. Otherwise it is the translation of such words
as the following :
1. To come, come in, HI a bo.
2 Ki. 24. 10 against Jerusalem, and. .city was besieged
25. 2 And the city was besieged unto the
Jer. 52. 5 So the city was besieged unto the
Lam. 5. 4 our wood is sold unto us
2.7*0 give, jnj nathan. [See 0].
Job 29. 2 Oh that I were as (in) months past
Jer. g. i Oh that my head were waters, and mine
3. Stand, izy amad.
Num. 7. 2 and were over them that were numbered
4. There is, there are, tr; ycsh.
Gen. 18. 24 Peradventure there be fifty righteous
23. 8 If it be your mind that I should bury my
24. 23 is there room in (thy) father s house for
28. 16 Surely the LORD is in this place, and I
42. i Jacob saw that there was corn in Egypt
42. 2 I have heard that there is corn in Egypt
44. 26 if our youngest brother be with us
Exod 17. 7 saying, Is the LORD among us or not?
Num. 9. 20, 21 And (so) it was, when the cloud was
13. 20 whether there be wood therein, or not
22. 29 I would there were a sword in mine hand
Deutzg. 1 8 Lest there should be among you man or
29. 18 lest there should be among you a root
Judg. 4. 20 Is there any man here? that thou shalt
6. 13 Oh my Lord, if the LORD be with us
1 8. 14 there is in these houses an ephod, and
19. 19 yet there is. .and there is bread and
Ruth 3. 12 there is a kinsman nearer than I
1 Sa. 9. ii and said unto them, Is the seer here 1
9. 12 they answered them, and said, He is
14. 39 though it be in Jonathan my son, he
17. 46 may know that there is a God in Israel
20. 8 if there be in me iniquity, slay me thyself
21. 3 Xow therefore what is under thine hand?
21. 4 but there is hallowed bread ; if the young
21. 8 is there not here under thine hand spear
23. 23 it shall come to pass, if he be in the land
2 Sa. 9. i Is there yet any that is left of the house
14. 32 if there be. .iniquity in me, let him kill
1 Ki. 18. 10 there is no nation or kingdom, whither
2 Ki. 2. 16 there be with thy servants fifty strong
3. 12 The word of the LOUD is with him. So
5. 8 shall know that there is a prophet in
9. 15 Jehu said, If it be your minds, .let none
10. 15 Is thine heart right. .It is. If it be, give
10. 23 look that there be here with you none of
2 Ch. 15. 7 for your work shall be rewarded
25. 9 The LORD is able to give thee much more
Ezra 10. 2 there is hope in Israel concerning this
Neh. 5. 2 For there were that said, We, our sons
5. 3 also there were that said, We have
5. 4 There were also that said, We have
5. 5 of our daughters are brought unto
Esth. 3. 8 There is a certain people scattered abroad
Job 5. i if there be any that will answer
6. 6 is there (any) taste in the white of an egg
6. 30 Is there iniquity in my tongue? cannot
9. 33 Neither is there any daysman betwixt us
11. 18 thou shalt be secure, because there is
14. 7 For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut
16. 4 if your soul were in my soul s stead, I
25. 3 Is there any number of his armies? and
28. i Surely there is a vein for the silver, and
33. 23 If there be a messenger with him, an
Psa. 7. 3 if there be iniquity in my hands
14. 2 if there were any that did understand
53. 2 if there were, .that did understand, that
58. ii he is a God that judgeth in the earth
73. 1 1 is there knowledge in the most high ?
135. 17 neither is there (any) breath in their
Prov.i i. 24 There is that scattereth, and yet
12. 1 8 There is that speaketh like the piercings
13. 7 There is that maketli himself rich, yet
13. 23 but there is . . destroyed for want of
14. 12 There is away which seemeth right unto a
16. 25 There is a way that seemeth right unto a
18. 24 there is a friend . .sticketh closer than a
19. 18 Chasten thy sou while there is hope, and
20. 15 There is gold, and a multitude of rubies
23. 1 8 surely there is an end ; and thine
24. 14 then there shall be a reward, and thy
Eccl. i. 10 Is there (any) thing whereof it may be
2. 21 there is a man whose labour (is) in
4. 8 There is one . . and . . not a second ; yea, he
5. 13 There is a sore evil. . I have seen under
6. i There is an evil which I have seen under
6. 1 1 Seeing there be many things that increase
7. 15 there is a just . . and there is a wicked
8. 6 to every purpose there is time and
8. 14 There is a vanity . .that there be just
8. 14 there be wicked . .to whom it happeneth
9. 4 joined to all the living there is hope: for
10. 5 There is an evil . . I have seen under the
Isa. 44. 8 Is there a God beside me? yea. .1 know
Jer. 5. i if there be. .that executeth judgment
14. 22 Are there, .among the vanities of the G.
23. 26 How long shall (this) be in the heart of
27. 18 and if the word of the LORD be with
31. 6 there shall be a day.(that) the watchmen
31. 16 for thy work shall be rewarded, saith the
31. 17 there is hope in tliine end, saith the LORD
37. 17 Is there, .word. .There is : for, said he
Lam. i. 12 see if there be any sorrow like unto my
3. 29 in the dust ; if so be there may be hope
Jon. 4. 1 1 wherein are more than sixscore thousand
Mic. 2. i because it is in the power of their hand
5. To hold off, direxeo apechv.
Matt 15. 8 This people, .their heart is far from me
Mark 7. 6 This people, .their heart is far from me
Luke 7. 6 when he was now not far from the house
15. 20 when he was yet a great way off, his
24. 13 which was from Jerusalem, .threescore
6. To lead on or away, &yto, ago.
Luke24- 21 to day is the third day since these things
7. To rub through, pass the time, SiKTpiftw.
Acts 25. 14 when they had been there many days
S.lJWi, a view to, for, ds eis.
Acts 13. 22 he raised up unto them David to be, v. 47.
9. To be, dfjii eimi, Luke 20. 6; I Pe. 4. ii.
10. To hove, Hx"
1 &}w.
John 8. 57 Thou art not yet fifty years old, and hast
9. 21, 23 he is of age ; ask him ; 5. 6 ; n. 17.
Acts 7. i Then said the high priest, Are th. Ac. 1. 12.
12. 15 she constantly affirmed that it was even so
17. ii searched, .whether those things were so
24. 9 assented, saying that these things were so
i Ti. 5. 25 they that are otherwise cannot be hid
11. To become, ginomai.
Matt. 5. 45 That ye may be the children of your
6. 1 6 when ye fast, be not, as the hypocrites, of
8. 26 the sea ; and there was a great calm
9. 29 According to your faith be it unto you
10. 16 be ye therefore wise as serpents, and
10. 25 It is enough . .that he be as his master
12. 45 the last, .of that man is worse than the
14. 15 when it was evening, his disciples came
15. 28 be it unto thee even as thou wilt
16. 2 said unto them, When it is evening, ye
17. 2 and his raiment was white as the light
18. 13 if so be that he find it, verily I say unto
19. 8 but from the beginning it was not so
20. 26 whosoever will be great among you, let
23. 26 the outside of them may be clean also
24. 20 pray ye that your flight be not in the
24. 21 such as was not since the beginning
24. 21 to this time, no, nor ever shall be
24. 32 When his branch is yet tender, and
24. 44 Therefore be ye also ready : for in such
26. 2 Ye know that after two days is. .the
26. 5 Not on the feast, .lest there be an uproar
26. 6 Now when Jesus was in Bethany, in the
26. 54 scriptures be fulfilled, that thus it must be
27. 45 there was darkness over all the land
28. 2 there was a great earthquake : for the
Mark 4. 10 when he was alone, they that were about
4. 39 the wind ceased, and there was a great
6. 14 for his name was spread abroad : and he
6. 26 the king was exceeding sorry ; (yet) for
6. 35 when the day was. .far spent, his disciples
9. 7 there was a cloud that overshadowed
9. 26 came out of him : and he was as one dead
9. 33 being in the house he asked them, What
10. 43 but whosoever will be great among you
10. 44 whosoever of you [will be] the chiefest
13. 7 for (such things) must needs be ; but the
13. 18 pray ye that your flight be not in the
13. 19 such as was not. .neither shall be
13. 28 When her branch is yet tender, and
15. 33 there was darkness over the whole land
16. 10 [went and told them that had been with]
Luke i. 2 which from the beginning were eyewitness
i. 5 There was in the days of Herod, the
1. 38 be it unto me according to thy word
2. 2 was first made when Cyrtnius was
2. 6 so it was, that, while they were there
2. 13 suddenly there was with the ar.gel a
2. 42 when he was twelve years old, they went
4. 25 great famine was throughout all the land
4. 36 they were all amazed, and spake among
4. 42 when it was day, he departed and went
6. 13 when it was day, he called, .his disciples
6. 16 Judas Iscariot, which also was the traitor
6. 36 Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father
6. 49 it fell ; and the ruin of that house was
8. 24 and they ceased, and there was a calm
9. 29 the fashion of his countenance was
10. 32 likewise a Levite, when [he was] at the
10. 36 Which now of these . . was neighbour unto
11. 26 last (state) of that man is.worse than the
11. 30 as Jonas was a sign unto the Niuevites, so
12. 40 Be ye therefore ready also : for the Son
12. 54 ye say, There cometh a shower ; and so it
13. 2 Suppose ye that these Galileans were
13. 4 think ye that they were sinners above all
15. 10 there is joy in the presence of the angels
16. ii ye have not been faithful in the
16. 12 if ye have not been faithful in that
17. 26 And as it was in the days of Noe, so
17. 28 Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot
18. 23 when he heard this, he was very
18. 24 when Jesus saw that [he was] very
19. 17 because thou hast been faithful in a very
19. 19 And he said. .Be thou also over five
20. 14 kill him, that the inheritance [may be]
20. 33 in the resurrection whose wife, .is she?
22. 24 And there was also a strife among them
22. 26 let him be as the younger ; and he that
22. 40 when he was at the place, he said unto
22. 44 [being in an agony, .his sweat was as it]
22. 66 as soon as it was day, the elders, .came
23. 24 that it should be as they required
23. 44 there was a darkness over all the earth
24. 5 And as they were afraid, and bowed
24. 19 which was a prophet mighty in deed and
24. 22 women. . which were early at the sepulchre
24. 37 But they were terrified and affrighted
John i. 6 There was a man sent from God. whose
1. 15 cometh after me is preferred before me
i. 27 coming after me is preferred before me
1. 30 a man which is preferred before me
2. i the third day there was a marriage in
3. 9 said unto him, How can these things be!
4. 14 shall be in him a well of water springing
6 17 it was now dark, and Jesus was not come
John 6. ci immediately the ship was at the land
7. 43 So there was a division among the people
8. 58 I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I
9. 22 ho should be put out of the synagogue
9. 27 wherefore, .will ye also be his disciples?
10. 16 there shall be one fold,(and) one shepherd
10. 19 There was a division therefore again
10. 22 it was at Jerusalem the feast of the
12. 36 that ye may be the children of light
12. 42 lest they should be put out of the
14. 22 how is it that thtm wilt manifest thytelf
15. 8 much fruit ; so shall ye be my disciples
20. 27 Then saith he. .be not faithless, but
Acts i. 16 which was guide to them that took
i. 19 it was known unto all the dwellers at
i. 20 Let his habitation lie desolate, and let no
4. 4 the number of the men was about five th.
5. 7 It was about tho space of three hours
7. M Wit a stranger in the land of Madian
7. 38 This is he, that was in the church in the
7. 52 of whom ye have been now the betrayers
8. i at thut time there was a great persecution
8. 8 And there was great joy in that city
9. 19 Then was Saul certain days with the
9. 42 it was known throughout all Joppa ; and
jo. 4 when he looked on him, he was afraid
10. 25 Peter was coming in, Cornelius met him
12. 18 as soon as it was day, there was no small
12. 23 he was eaten of worms, and gave up the
13. 5 when they were at Snlamis, they preached
15. 7 when there had been much disputing
5- 39 ^ne contention was so sharp between
16. v5 suddenly there was a great earthquake
16. 35 when it was day, the magistrates sent the
IQ. 17 this was known to all the Jews and Greeks
19. 21 After I have been there I must also see
19. 28 they were full of wrath, and cried out
ao. 16 hasted, if it were possible for him, to be at
20. 1 8 I have been with you at all seasons
22. 9 with me saw. .the light, and were afraid
22. 17 I prayed in the temple, I [was] in a trance
23. 12 it was day, certain of the Jews banded
35. 15 when I waaat Jerusalem, the chief priests
26. 4 which was at the first among mine own
a6. 19 I was not disobedient unto the heavenly
36. 28 almost thou persuadest me [to be] a Chris.
a(>. 29 were both almost and altogether such as
37. 36 Then were they all of good cheer, and
27. 39 when it was day, they knew not the land
27. 42 the soldiers counsel was to kill the
Rom. 3. 4 let God be true, but every man a liar
6. 5 if we have been planted together in the
9. 29 we had been as Sodoma, and been made
11. 5 there is a remnant according to the
11. 6 otherwise grace is no more grace. But
n. 34 or who hath been his counsellor?
12. 16 Be not wise in your own conceits
15. 8 Jesus Christ was a minister of the circum.
15. 16 offering up of the Gentiles might be
15. 31 my service, .may be accepted of the saints
16. 2 for she hath been a succourer of many
16. 7 who also were in Christ before me
i Co. 2. 3 I was with you in weakness, and in fear
3. 1 8 let him become a fool, that he may be
4. 16 I beseech you, be ye followers of me
7. 23 with a price ; be not ye the servants of
9. 23 that I might be partaker thereof with
9. 27 lest. .1 myself should be a castaway
10. 6 Now these things were our examples, to
10. 7 Neither be ye idolaters, as . . some of them
11. i Be ye followers of me, even as I also, .of
14. 20 be not children in understanding., be men
15. 10 which (was bestowed) upon me was not in
j 5 . 37 thou sowest not that body that shall be
15. 58 Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye
1 6. 2 that there be no gatherings when I come
16. 10 see that he may be with you without fear
aCo. i. 18 our word toward you [was] not yea and nay
1. 19 was not yea and nay, but in him was yea
3. 7 the ministration of death . . was glorious
6. 14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with
8. 14 abundance also may be. .that there may
Gal. 3. 17 the law, which was four hundred and
3. 24 Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster
4. 12 P.r tlin-n, I beseech you, be as L.forlan
5. 36 Let us not be desirous of vain glory
Eph. 4. 32 be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted
5. i Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear
5. 7 Be ye not therefore partakers with them
5. 17 Wherefore be ye not unwise, but underst.
6. 3 That it may be well with thee, anil thou
Phil. i. 13 So that my bomU in rlirist are manifest
2. 15 That [ye may be] blameless and harmless
3. 17 Brethren, be followers together of me
3. 21 [that it may be fashioned like unto his]
CoL 3. 15 called in one body ; and be ye thankful
4. 1 1 which have been a comfort unto mo
i Til. i. 5 what manner of men we were among you
1. 7 So that ye were ensamples to all
2. i know our entrance, .that it was not in
2. 7 But we were gentle among you. CM n M-.
a. 8 ourown souls, because ye were dear nut
3. 5 have tempted you, and our labour be in
i TL 2. 14 the woman being deceived was in the
4. 12 but be thou an example of the believers
5. 9 a widow, .having been the wife of one
aTi. i. 17 But, when he was in Home, he sought mt-
3. 9 manifest unto all. .as t heir s also was
Heb. 2. a if the word spoken by angels was stedfast
2. 17 that he might be a merciful and faithful
5. n hard to be uttered, seeing ye are dull of
6. ia That ye be not slothful, but followers of
Heb. 7. 18 For there is verily a disannulling v. 33.
9. 22 without shcililing of blood is no remission
11. 6 he is a rewarder of them that diligently
12. 8 all are partakers, then are ye bastards
Jas. i. 12 for when he is tried, he shall receive the
i. 22 be ye doers of the word, and not hearers
i. 25 he being not a forgetful hearer, but a
i. 10 and yet offend in one (point), he is guilty
3. i My brethren, be not many masters
3. 10 brethren, these things ought not so to be
5. 2 and your garments are moth eaten
1 Pe. i. 15 be ye holy in all manner of conversation
i. 16 Because it is written, [Be ye] holy ; for I
3. 6 whose daughters ye are, as long as ye do
3. 13 if ye be followers of that which is good ?
4. 12 concerning the flery trial which is to try
5. 3 but being ensamples to the flock
2 Fe. i. 4 by these ye might be partakers of the
i. 16 but were eyewitnesses of his majesty
1. 20 no prophecy of the scripture is of any
2. i there were false prophets also among
2. 20 the latter end is worse with them than
1 Jo. 2. 18 even now are there many antichrists
3 Jo. 8 that we might be fellowhelpers to the
Rev. i. 9 was in the isle that is called Patmos, for
1. 10 I was in the Spirit on the Lord s day
j. 18 I (am) he that liveth, and was dead ; and
1. 19 and the things which shall be hereafter
2. 8 the first and the last, which was dead
2. 10 be thou faithful unto death, and I will
3. 2 Be watchful, and strengthen the things
4. i will shew thee things which must be
4. 2 And immediately I was in the spirit
6. 12 and, lo, there was a great earthquake
8. i there was silence in heaven about the
8. 5 there were voices, and thunderings, and
ii. 13 same hour was there a great earthquake
ii. 13 and the remnant were affrighted, and
ii. 15 there were great voices in heaven, saying
11. 19 there were lightnings, and voices, and
12. 7 And there was war in heaven : Michael
16. 10 and his kingdom was full of darkness
16. 18 there were voices, and thunders, and
1 6. 18 [there was] a great earthquake, such as
16. 18 not since men were upon the earth, so
12. To place down, or fast, Kaflur-nj/cu kathistemi.
Jas. 3. 6 so is the tongue among our members
4. 4 a friend of the world is the enemy of God
13. To lie, be laid, /:e?ua keimai.
2 Co. 3. 15 Moses is read, the vail is upon their
14. To be about to,fj.(\\u melw.
Mattn. 14 This is Elias, which was for to come
Lukeig. 4 to see him, for he was to pass that (way)
Acts 21. 27 when the seven days were almost ended
Rev. 1 2. 5 who was to rule all nations with a rod of
15. To do, sjtend, iroitta poieo.
2 Co. ii. 25 a night and a day I have been in the
16. To go up with, <rv/j.^aivca svmbainO.
Acts 21. 35 so it was, that he was borne of the
17. To hit, chance, rvyxavu tiujchano.
i Co. 14. 10 There are, it may be, so many kinds of
16. 6 And it may be that I will abide, yea, and
IS. To begin gradually, be, inrdpxw huparcho.
Luke 8. 41 he was a ruler of the synagogue : and he
9. 48 he that is least among you all, the same
ii. 13 If ye. .being evil, know how to give good
16. 14 And the Pharisees also,who were covetous
16. 23 he lifted up his eyes, being in torments
Acts 2. 30 being a prophet, and knowing that God
4. 34 Neither[was there] any among them that
4. 34 for as many as were possessors of lands
5. 4 Whiles it remained, was it not thine own?
7. 55 But he, being full of the Holy Ghost
8. 16 only they were baptized in the name of
10. 12 Wherein were all manner of four footed
14. 8 [being] a cripple from his mother s womb
16. 3 for they knew all that his father was a
16. 20 These men, being Jews, do exceedingly
16. 37 being Romans, and have cast (us) into
17. 24 seeing that he is Lord of heaven and
17. 27 though he be not far from every one of
17. 39 Forasmuch then as we are the offspring
19. 36 ye ought to be quiet, and to do nothing
19. 40 there being no cause whereby we may
21. 20 believe ; and they are all zealous of the
33. 3 was zealous toward God, as ye all are
37. 12 the haven was not commodious to winter
27. 34 for this is for your health : for there
28. 7 In the same quarters were possessions of
28. 1 8 because there was no cause of death in
Rom. 4. 19 when he was about an hundred years old
i Co. 7. 26 I suppose therefore that this is good for
11. 7 forasmuch as he is the image and glory
11. 18 I hear that there be divisions among you
12. 22 the body, which seem to be more feeble
a Co. 8. 17 being more forward, of his own accord
12. 16 being crafty, I caught you with guile
Gal. i. 14 ; 2. 14; Phil. a. 6 ; 3. 20; Jas. 2. 15 ; 2 Pe
i. 8 ; 2. 19 ; 3. ii.
It.Tobe a s ljourner, ^in8T)M epidemeS, Acts 17. 21
20. To remain, p.tvu meno, Acts 5. 4.
21.7*0 bear, (j>(pw pherd, Heb. 9. 16.
BE SO, to -To will, Ot\u thelO, I Pe. 3. 17.
BE, to be ordained to
To become, ylvoftat ginomai.
Acts i. 22 must one be ordained to be a witness
BE with, to
1.7*o remain Inward, irpotr/jifvtii prosmeno.
Mark 8. 2 because they have now been with me
2. To be with (a thing), fvifftpi suneimi.
Luke 9. 18 he was. .praying, his disciples were with
Acts 22. ii led by the hand of them that were with
A signal, pole, mast, ]~fn toren.
Isa. 30. 17 as a beacon upon the top of a mountain
BE-AL -IAH, n;
7; 3 Jah is lord.
A man who joined David at Ziklag, B.C. 1058.
i Ch. 12. 5 Eluzai, and Jerimoth, and B., and
BE-A -LOTH, niSys ladies, mistresses.
A city in the S.E. of Judah, near Salem. It is now
called Kurnub, and is S. W. of Dhullam.
Josh. 1 5. 24 [uttermost cities.. were].. Telem, and B.
l.A weaver s beam, rix ereg.
Judg 16. 14 went away with the pin of the beam
2. A board, 3| geb.
i Ki. 6. 9 "and covered the house with beams
3. Cross beam, splinter, D EJ kaphis.
Hab. 2. ii the beam out of the timber shall answer
4.A weaver s beam, yoke, nij!p
1 Sa. 17. 7 his spear (was) like a weaver s beam
2 Sa. 21. 19 whose spear (was) like a weaver s beam
i Ch. ii. 23 hand (was) a spear like a weaver s beam
20. 5 spear-staff (was) like a weaver s beam
5.A rib, yby tsela,
1 Ki. 7. 3 covered with cedar above upon, .beams
6.^4 cross beam, rn p qurah.
2 Ki. 6. 2 and take thence every man a beam
6. 5 as one was felling a beam, the ax head
2 Ch. 3. 7 the beams, the posts, and the walls
Song i. 17 The beams of our house (are) cedar, .our
7.A beam, rafter, O JKO S dokos.
Matt. 7. 3 the beam that is in thine own eye ?
7. 4 behold, a beam (is) in thine own eye ?
7. 5 first cast out the beam out of thine own
Luke 6. 41 the beam that is in thine own eye?
6. 42 the beam that is in thine own eye ?
6. 42 first the beam out of thine own eye
BEAM, thick
A thick beam, 35; ab.
i Ki. 7. 6 the (other) pillars and the thick beam
Hewed beams, rtim? keruthoth.
1 Ki. 6. 36 hewed stone, and a row of cedar beams
7. 2 with cedar beams upon the pillars
7. 12 hewed stones, and a row of cedar beams
BEAMS, to lay
To cause (beams) to meet, ."n^ qarah, 3.
Psa.ic>4. 3 Who layeth the beams of his chambers
Neh. 3. 3 who . . laid the beams thereof, and set
3. 6 they laid the beams thereof, and set up
BEAMS, to make
To cause (beams) to meet, m,i3 qarah, 3.
Neh. 2. 8 he may give me timber to make beams
Bean, pea, *?is pol.
2 Sa. 17. 28 and flour, and parched (corn), and beans
Eze. 4. 9 Take . . wheat, and barley, and beans
\.A bear (hairy, shaggy animal), a^, 3ii dob.
1 Sa. 17. 34 there came a lion, and a bear, and took
17. 36 Thy servant slew both, .lion and. .bear
17. 37 delivered me. .out of the paw of the bear
2 Sa. 17. 8 as a bear robbed of her whelps in the
Prov.i7. 12 Let a bear robbed of her whelps meet a
28. 15 (As) a roaring lion, and a ranging bear
Isa. ii. 7 And the cow and the bear shall feed
59. 1 1 We roar all like bears, and mourn sore
Lam. 3. 10 He (was) unto me (as) a bear lying in
Dan. 7. s another beast, a second, like to a bear
Hos. 13. 8 as a bear, .bereaved, .and will rend the
Amos 5. 19 As if a man did flee, .and a bear met
2.^-1 bear, Hpxros arktos.
Rev. 13. 2 his feet were as. .of a bear, and his
BEARS, she
A bear, 3ii dob.
2 Ki. 2. 24 there came forth two she bears out of the
BEAR, to
1. To conceive, rnn harah.
i Ch. 4 . 17 she bare Miriam, and Shammai, and
2. To sow, jnj zara.
Gen. i. 29 i have given you every herb bearing seed
3. To be pained, *^n chid, 3a.
Isa. 51. a Abraham .. and unto Sarah (that) bare
4. To bear, yield, bring forth, beget, iS; yalad.
Gen. 4. i she conceived, and bare Cain, and said
4. 2 she again bare his brother Abel. And
4. 17 she conceived, and bare Enoch : and he
4. 20 Adah bare Jabal : he was the father of
4. 22 Zillah, she also bare Tubal-cain, an
4. 25 she bare a son, and called his name Seth
Gen. 6.
1 6.
24 .
3 1 -
S -
Exod. 2.
Lev. 12.
Num 26.
Deut 21.
Judg. 8.
2 Sa. ti.
4 they bare, .to them, the same, .mighty
1 Sarai Abram s wife bare him no children
2 the LORD, .restrained mo from bearing
11 thou (art) with child, and shalt bear a
15 Hagar bare Abram a son : and Abram
15 his son s name, which Hagar bare, Ishm.
16 when Hagar bare Ishmael to Abram
19 Sarah thy wife shall bear thee a sou
21 which Sarah shall boar unto thee at this
13 Shall I of a surety bear a child, which
37 the firstborn bare a son, and called his
38 she also bare a son, and called his name
17 wife, and.. maidservants; and they bare
2 Sarah conceived, and bare Abraham a sou
3 unto him, whom Sarah bare to him, Isaac
7 for I have born, .a son in his old age
9 she had born unto Abraham, mocking
20 she hath also born children unto thy
23 these eight Milcah did bear to Mahor
24 his concubine, .bare also Tebah, and
24 son of Milcah, which she bare unto
36 my master s wife bare a son to my
47 Nahor s son, whom Milcah bare unto
2 And she bare him Zimrau, and Jokshan
12 Sarah s handmaid, bare unto Abraham
26 threescore years old when she bare them
32 And Leah conceived, and bare a son
33, 34, she conceived again, and bare a son
34 because I have born him three sons
35 she conceived again, and bare a son
35 called his name Judah ; and left bearing
i Rachel saw that she bare Jacob no
3 and she shall bear upon my knees, that I
5 Bilhah conceived, and bare Jacob a son
7 Rachel s maid conceived again, and bare
9 Leah saw that she had left bearing
10 Zilpah Leah s maid bare Jacob a son
12 Zilpah Leah s maid bare Jacob a second
17 she conceived, and bare Jacob the fifth
19 Leah conceived again, and bare Jacob
20 because I have born him six sons : and
21 afterwards she bare a daughter, and
23 she conceived, and bare a son ; and said
25 it came to pass, when Rachel had born J.
8 then all the cattle bare speckled
8 then bare all the cattle ringstraked
43 their children which they have born ?
1 Dinah, .which she bare unto Jacob
4 Adah bare to Esau. . Bashemath bare Reuel
5 Aholibamah bare Jeush, and Jaalam, and
12 Timna. .she bare to Eliphaz Amalek
14 she bare to Esau Jeush, and Jaalam
3 she conceived, and bare a sou ; and he
4 she conceived again, and bare a son
5 she yet again conceived, and bare a son
5 he was at Chezib, when she bare him
50 two sons, .which Asenath. .bare unto
27 Ye know that my wife bare me two (sons)
15 These (be) the sons of Leah, whichshebare
18 these she bare unto Jacob, (even) sixteen
20 daughter of Poti-pherah priest of On bare
25 and she bare these unto Jacob, .seven
2 the woman conceived, and bare a son
22 she bare, .a son, and he called his name
20 and she bare him Aaron and Moses
23 she bare him Nadab, and Abihu, Eleazar
25 she bare him Phinehas : these (are) the
4 she have born him sons or daughters
2 conceived seed, and born a man child
5 But if she bear a maid child, then she
7 that hath born a male or a female
59 bare to Levi in Egypt : and she bare
15 they have born him children, .the
6 the first-born which she beareth shall
57 toward her children which she shall bear
31 she also bare him a son, whose name he
2 Gilead s wife bare him sons ; and his
2 Manoah . . his wife (was) barren, and bare
3 now, thou (art) barren, and bearest not
3, 5, 7 thou shalt conceive, and bear a son
24 the woman bare a sou, and called his
12 also to night, and should also bear sons
12 Pharez, whom Tamar bare unto Judah
13 the LORD gave, .conception, and she bare
15 thy daughter in law. .hath born him
20 she bare a son, and called his name
5 so that the barren hath born seven
21 that she conceived, and bare three sons
20 Fear not ; for thou hast born a sou
27 she became his wife, and bare him a son
5 struck the child that Uriah s wife bare
24 she bare a son, and he called his name S.
8 the daughter of Aiah, whom she bare
6 and (his mother) bare him after Absalom
21 it was not my son, which I did bear
20 the sisterof Tahpenes bare him Genubath
17 the woman conceived, and bare a son
. 32 she bare Zimram, and Jokshan, and
4 Tamar his daughter in law bare him
17 And Abigail bare Amasa : and the
19 Caleb took unto him Ephrath, which bare
21 Hezron. .and she bare him Segub
24 Abiah ; Hezron s wife bare him Ashur the
29 and she bare him Ahban, and Molid
35 gave his daughter .. she bare him Attai
46 Caleb s concubine, bare Haran, and
48 Caleb s concubine, bare Sheber, and
49 She bare also Shaaph the father of
, 6 And Naarah bare him Ahuzam, and
, 9 saying, Because I bare him with sorrow
. 18 his wife Jehudijah bare Jered the father
. 14 sans of Mauasseh ; Ashriel. .she bare
1 Ch. 7. 14 his concubine the Aramitess bare Machlr
7. 16 Maachah the wife of Machir bare a son
7. 18 his sister Uammolekcth bare Ishod, and
7. 23 she conceived, and bare a son, and he
2 Ch. ii. 19 Which bare him children ; Jeush and
ii. 20 the daughter of Absalom . .bare him
Job 24. 21 He evil entreateth.. barren (that ) beareth
Prov. 17. 25 and bitterness to her that bare him
23. 25 and she that bare thee shall rejoice
Eccl. 3. 2 A time to be born, and a time to die
Song 6. 9 she (is) the choice (one) of her that bare
8. 5 she brought thee forth (that) bare thee
Isa. 7. 14 a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son
8. 3 and she conceived, and bare a son
54. i Sing, O barren, thou (that) didst not bear
Jcr. 15. 9 She that hath borne seven languisheth
15. 10 thou hast borne me a man of strife
16. 3 their mothers that bare them
20. 14 the day wherein my mother bare me
22. 26 thee out, and thy motner that bare thee
29. 6 that they may bear sons and daughters
50. 12 she that bare you shall be ashamed
Eze. 16. 20 thy daughters, whom thou hast borne
23. 4 and they were mine, and they bare sons
23. 37 caused their sons, whom they bare unto
Hos. i. 3 which conceived, and bare him a son
i. 6 she conceived again, and bare a daughter
i. 8 Lo ruhamah, she conceived, and bare a
5. To cause to go, 7]S; yalak, 5.
Zech. 5. 10 Whither do these bear the ephah ?
6. To contain, b)3 kul, 5.
Amos 7. 10 the land is not able to bear all his words
7. To lift up, Saj natal.
Lam. 3. 28 because he hath borne (it) upon him
8. To lift up, JBJ natal, 3.
Isa. 63- 9 he bare them, and carried them all the
9. To lift up, bear, bear away, Ny: nasa.
Gen. 4. 13 My punishment (is) greater than I can b.
7. 17 the waters increased, and bare up the ark
13. 6 the land was not able to bear them, that
36. 7 could not bear them because of their
Exod 1 8. 22 be easier for thyself, and they shall bear
19. 4 I bare you on eagles wings, and brought
25. 14 that the ark may be borne with them
25. 27 places of the staves to bear the table
25. 28 that the table may be borne with them
27. 7 and the staves shall be . .to bear it
28. 12 Aaron shall bear their names before the
28. 29 Aaron shall bear the names of the child.
28. 30 Aaron shall bear the judgment of the
28. 38 Aaron may bear the iniquity of the holy
28. 43 that they bare not iniquity, and die
30. 4 places for the staves to bear it withal
37. 5 he put the staves, .to bear the ark
37. 14 places for the staves to bear the table
37. 15 he made the staves, .to bear the table
37. 27 places for the staves to bear it withal
38. 7 he put the staves . . to bear it withal
Lev. 5. i if he do not utter (it), then he shall bear
5. 17 yet is he guilty, and shall bear his
7. 18 the soul that eateth of it shall bear his
10. 17 hath given it you to bear the iniquity
11. 25 whosoever beareth. .of the carcase of
ii. 28 he that beareth the carcase of them shall
ii. 40 he also that beareth the carcase of it
15. 10 he that beareth (any of) those things
16. 22 And the goat shall bear upon him all
17. 1 6 nor bathe .. then he shall bear his iniquity
19. 8 that eateth it shall bear his iniquity
20. 17 a wicked thing, .he shall bear his iniquity
20. 19 near kin : they.shall bear their iniquity
20. 20 they shall bear their sin ; they shall die
22. 9 lest they bear sin for it, and die therefore
22. 1 6 Or suffer them to bear the iniquity of
24. 15 Whosoever curseth his God shall bear his
Num. i. 50 they shall bear the tabernacle, and all
4. 15 the sons of Kohath shall come to bear (it)
4. 25 they shall bear the curtains of the
5. 31 and this woman shall bear her iniquity
7. 9 they should bear upon their shoulders
9. 13 that man shall bear his sin
ii. 12 as a nursing father beareth the sucking
n. 14 I am not able to bear all this people
ii. 17 they shall bear the burden of the people
ii. 17 that thou bear (it) not thyself alone
13. 23 they bare it between two upon a staff
14. 33 bear your whoredoms, until your carcases
14. 34 each day for a year, shall ye bear your
1 8. i shall bear the iniquity of the sanctuary
18. i thy sons with thee shall bear the iniquity
18. 22 Neither must, .lest they bear sin, and
18. 23 they shall bear their iniquity: (it shall be)
1 8. 32 ye shall bear no sin by reason of it, when
30. 15 then he shall bear her iniquity
Deut. i. 9 saying.I am not able to bear you myself
i. 12 How can I myself alone bear your
i. 31 how that the LORD thy God bare thee, as
i. 31 man doth bear his son, in all the way
10. 8 to bear the ark of the covenant of the
31. 9, 25 which bare the ark of the covenant of
32. ii As an eagle, .beareth them on her wings
Josh. 3. 8 the priests that bare the ark of the
3. 13 of the priests that bear the ark of the
3. 15 as they that bare the ark were come unto
3. 15 the feet of the priests that bare the ark
3. 17 the priests that bare the ark of the
4. 9 the feet of the priests which bare the ark
4. 10 For the priests which bare the ark stood
Josh. 4. 16 Command the priests that bear the ark
4. 1 8 when the priests that bare the ark of th
6. 4 seven priests shall bear before the ark
6. 6 let seven priests bear seven trumpets of
8. 33 which bare the ark of the covenant of
Judg. 3. 18 he sent away the people that bare the
1 Sa. 14. i said unto the young man that bare his
14. 6 said to the young man that bare his
17. 41 the man that bare the shield (went) before
2 Sa. 6. 13 when they that bare the ark of the LORD
18. 15 ten young men that bare Joab s armour
1 Kl. 2. 26 because thou barest the ark of the LORD
5. 15 ten thousand that bare burdens, and
10. 2 she came . . with camels that bare spices
14. 28 that the guard bare them, and brought
2 Ki. 5. 23 servants: and they bare (them) before him
18. 14 that which thou puttest on me will I bear
1 Ch. 5. 18 men able to bear buckler and sword, and
12. 24 children of Judah that bare shield and
15. 15 children of the Levites bare the ark of
15. 26 God helped the Levites that bare the ark
15. 27 and all the Levites that bare the ark
2 Ch. 9. i and camels that bare spices, and gold in
14. 8 an army (of men) that bare targets and
14. 8 that bare shields and drew bows, two
Neh. 4. 17 and they that bare burdens, with those
Job 34. 31 I have borne (chastisement), I will not
Psa. 55. 12 then I could have borne (it) : neither (was)
69. 7 for thy sake I have borne reproach ; shame
89. 50 I do bear in my bosom (the reproach of)
91. 12 They shall bear thee up in (their) hands
Prov. 9. 12 (if) thou scornest, thou alone shalt bare
18. 14 but a wounded spirit who can bear?
30. 21 and for four (which) it cannot bear
Isa. i. 14 a trouble unto me ; I am weary to bear
22. 6 Elam bare the quiver with chariots of
46. 4 I have made, and I will bear ; even I will
46. 7 They bear him upon the shoulder, they
52. ii be ye clean, that bear the vessels of the
53. 4 he hath borne our griefs, and carried our
53. 12 and he bare the sin of many, and made
Jer. 10. 5 they must needs be borne, because they
10. 19 Truly this (is) a grief, and I must bear it
17. 21 bear no burden on the sabbath day, nor
17. 27 not to bear a burden, even entering in at
31. 19 I did bear the reproach of my youth
44. 22 the LORD could no longer bear, because
Lam. 3. 27 good for a man that he bear the yoke in
Eze. 4. 4 that thou shalt lie upon it thou shalt bear
4. 5 so shalt thou bear the iniquity of the
4. 6 and thou shalt bear the iniquity of the
12. 6 shalt thou bear (it) upon (thy) shoulders
12. 7 I bare (it) upon (my) shoulder in their
12.12 the prince that (is) among them shall bear
14. 10 they shall bear the punishment of their
16. 52 bear thine own shame for thy sins that
16. 52 yea, be thou confounded also, and bear
16. 54 That thou mayest bear thine own shame
16. 58 Thou hast borne thy lewdness and thine
17. 8 that it might bear fruit, that it might be
18. 19 doth not the son bear the iniquity of the
18. 20 The son shall not bear the iniquity of the
18. 20 shall the father bear the iniquity of the
23. 35 therefore bear thou also thy lewdness
23. 49 ye shall bear the sins of your idols : and
32. 24 yet have they borne their shame with
32. 25 yet have they borne their shame with
32. 30 and bear their shame with them that go
34. 29 neither bare the shame of the heathen
36. 6 ye have borne the shame of the heathen
36. 7 about you, they shall bear their shame
36. 15 neither shalt thou bear the reproach of
39. 26 that they have borne their shame, and all
44. 10 they shall even bear their iniquity
44. 12 and they shall bear their iniquity
44. 13 they shall bear their shame, and their
Joel 2. 22 the tree beareth her fruit, the fig tree
Amos 5. 26 ye have borne the tabernacle of your
Mic. 6. 16 ye shall bear the reproach of my people
7. 9 I will bear the indignation of the LORD
Hag. 2. 12 If one bear holy flesh in the skirt of his
Zech. 6. 13 he shall bear the glory, and shall sit and
10. To bear, carry away, ?;p sabal.
Gen. 49. 15 and bowed his shoulder to bear, and
Isa. 53. ii many ; for he shall bear their iniquities
Lam. 5. 7 and we have borne their iniquities
11. To do, make, njpj; asah.
2 Ki. 19. 30 take root downward, and bear fruit
Isa. 37. 31 take root downward, and bear fruit
Eze. 17. 23 shall bring forth boughs, and bear fruit
Hos. 9. 16 their root is dried up, they shall bear no be fruitful, m,? parah.
Deut 29. 18 a root that beareth gall and wormwood
IS.To cause to sprout, nzy tsamach, 5.
Deut 29. 23 burning.. it is not sown, nor beareth
1 4. To lift up, bear on, or away, cflpco
Matt 27. 32 him they compelled to bear his cross
Mark 2. i sick of the palsy,which was borne of four
15. 21 the father of Alexander, .to bear his cross
15. To bear upward, avacpfpca anaphero.
Heb. 9. 28 Christ was once offered to bear the sins
i Pe. 2. 24 Who his own self bare our sins in his own
16. To bear, take up, carry, jSacrra^ bastazo.
Matt. 3. 1 1 whose shoes I am not worthy to bear
8. 17 Himself took our infirmities, and bare
20. 12 which have borne the burden, .of the day
Luke 7. 14 and they that bare (him) stood still
11. 27 Blessed (is) the womb that bare thee
I,ukei4. 27 whosoever iloth not hear his cross., cannot
John 12. 6 ami had the hag, ami bare what was put
16. 12 l>ut ye cannot bear them now
20. 15 if thou have borne him hence, tell me
Acts 9. 15 to bear my name before the Gentiles
15. 10 our fathers nor we were able to bear?
21. 35 was borne of the soldiers for the violence
Rom it. 18 thou bearest not the root, but the root
15. i We then that are strong ought to bear
GaL 5. 10 he that troubleth you shall bear his
6. 2 15ear ye one another s burdens
6. 5 For every man shall bear his owji burden
6. 17 I bear in my body the marks of the Lord
Rev. 2. 2 thou not bear them which are evil
2. 3 And hast borne, and hast patience, and
17.7*0 bear or Ifget (children), ytwdta f/ennao.
Luke i. 13 thy wife Elisabeth sluill bear thee a sou
23. 29 Blessed (are) the . . wombs that nevcrbare
18. To bear out, Ituptpu ekpherd.
Heb. 6. 8 But that which bcareth thorns and briers
19. To do, make, iroitta poic~>.
8. 8 m
13. 9 A
Luke mid sprang up, and bare fruit an hundred
nd if it bear fruit, (well):
and if not
they that bear silver are cut
. ,
Jas. 3. 12 Can the fig tree, my brethren, bear o. b.
Rev. 2--. 2 the tree of life, which bare twelve
20.7V) cover closely, endure, artya stey~>.
i Co. 13. 7 Beareth all things, bclieveth all things
21.7*0 beget, bring forth, TI/CTOI tit:t!>.
Gal. 4. 27 Rejoice, (thou) barren that bearest not
22. To bear, carry, tpt pae plieru.
Luke 23. 26 that he might bare (it) after Jesus
John 2. 8 Draw out now, and bear . . And they bare
15. i Every branch in mo that beareth not
15. 2 every (branch) that hcareth fruit, he
15. 4 As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself
15. 8 is my Father glorified, that ye bear
23. To bear habitually, wear, <poptia
Rom 13. 4 for he beareth not the sword in vain
i Co. 15. 49 as we have borne the image of the earthy
15. 49 we cball also bear the image of the
24.7*0 bear up under, inrofytpta hupophrrfi.
1 Co. 10. 13 that ye may be ab!e to bear (it)
BEAR, to be able to
7*<> lift up, bear, endure, K;; J nasa.
Gen. 4. 13 punishment (is) greater than T can bear
13. 6 the land was not able to bear them
Psa. 55. 12 an enemy, .then I could have home (it)
BEAR, to suffer to
To cause to lift up, Kir} nasa, 5.
Lev. 22. 16 suffer them to bear the iniquity of
BEAR long, to
7*o s-.t/er long, paitpoQvufu makrothumeo.
Luke 18. 7 unto him, though he bear long with
BEAR out to
7*o cause to go forth, NJ; yatsa, 5.
Eze. 46. 20 they bear (them) not out into the utter
BEAR, that-
A lifter up, Si?} natil.
/rph. i. ii Howl, BEAR up, to - -
1.7*0 lift up, xy) nasa.
Gen. 7. 17 the waters increased, and bare up the
2.7*0 rectify, fix, establish, \~$ takan, 3.
Psa. 75. 3 are dissolved ; I bear up the pillars of it
3. T i lift up, atpw airii.
Matt. 4. 6 in (their) hands they shall bear thee up
Luke 4. 1 1 in (their) hands they shall bear thee up
BEAR up into, to
7*o look eye to eye, ivro(f>da\> antophthalmeo.
Acts 27. 15 could not bear up into the wind
BEAR with, to
To hold up, &pf xo/xai anechmnai.
Acts 18. 14 reason would that I should bear with you
2 Co. ii. i Would to God ye could bear with me
ii. i in (my) folly : ami indeed bear with rne
n. 4 accepted, ye might well bear with (him)
BEAR witness, to [.Sr WITNESS.]
To ansioer, respond, n^y anah.
Job 16. 8 leanness rising up in me beareth witness
I. The beard, iijj 2/77"
/ .
Lev. 13. 29 a plague upon the head or the beard
13. 30 (even) a leprosy upon the head or beard
14. 9 his hair off his head and his beard
19. 27 shalt thnii n:ir thi- earners of thy beard
21. 5 they shave off the corner of their beard
i Sa. 17. 35 I caught, .by his beard, and stn..f. him
21. 13 let his spittle fall down upmi his be;ird
280. 10. 4 shaved off the half of their beards
10. 5 Tarry at .lerii-lm until ymir beards be
20. 9 Joab took by the beard with the
i Ch. 19. 5 Tarry at Jerichn until your beards be
Ezra 9. i plucked off the hair of. .my her.rd
Psa 133. 2 the head, that ran down upon the beard
133. 2 Aaron s beard : that went down to. .his
Isa. 7. 20 it shall also consume the beard
15. 2 on. .their heads .baldness .every beard
Jer. 41. 5 having their beards shaven, and tht ir
Jer. 48. 37 For every head, .bald, and every heard
i ujiiin ihine head and upon thy beard
2. Th<- chin or upper lip, C?y sapham.
ID. 24 dressed his feet, nor trimmed his beard
1.7*0 lift vv, bare, carry away, N?j nasa,
Gen. 37. 25 their camels bearing spicery and balm
Niiiu a.. 17 sons of Merari set forward, bearing the
10. 21 Kohathites set forward, bearing the
Josh. 3. 3 the priests the Levites bearing it, then
3. 14 priests bearing the ark of the covenant
6. 8 seven priests hearing the seven trumpets
6. 13 seven priests bearing seven trumpets of
1 Sa. 17. 7 and one bearing a shield went before
2 Sa. 15. 24 bearing the ark of the covenant of God
2. 7*o carry, &aora& bastazo.
Marki4. 13 a man bearing a pitcher of water
Luke^ 2. 10 a man meet you, bearing a pitcher of
John 19. 17 he bearing his cross went forth into a
3. 7*o bear, <f,tpw phero.
Heb. 13. 13 without the camp, bearing his reproach

7*o bear about, Trtpuptpw periphero.
2 Co. 4. 10 Always bearing about in the body the
[See aim .Armour, blame, burdens, children,
fniit, grudge, loss, record, rule, take, testi
mony, tidings, twins, witness.]

1. Cattle, quadruped, ncn? beltcmah.

Gen. 6. 7 both man, and beast, and the creeping
7. 2 every clean beast thou shalt take to thee
7. 2 and of beasts that (are) not clean by two
7. 8 clean beasts, and of beasts that (are) not
8. 20 took of every clean beast, and of every
34. 23 their substance and every beast of their s
36. 6 his cattle, and all his beasts, and all
Exod" 8. 17 it became lice in man, and in beast ; all
8. 18 there were lice upon man, and upon b.
9. 9 a boil . .blains upon man, and upon beast
9. 10 (withl blains upon man, and upon beast
9. 19 every man and beast which shall be found
9. 22 upon man, and upon beast, and upon
9. 25 all. .in the Held, both man and beast
11. 5 shall die. .and all the firstborn of beasts
11. 7 move his tongue, against man or beast
12. 12 smite all the firstborn .. man and beast
13. 2 firstborn, .of man and of beast : it (is)
1 4. 12 every firstling that cometh of a beast
13. 15 of man, and the firstborn of beast
so. 13 shot through ; whether (it be) beast or
22. 10 an ox, or a sheep, or any beast to keep
22. 19 Whosoever lieth with a beast shall
Lev. 7. 21 uncleanness of man, or (any) unclean b.
7. 25 For whosoever eateth the fat of the beast
7. 26 blood . . of fowl or of beast, in any of your
ii. 2 among all the beasts that (are) on
ii. 3 (and) cheweth the cud, among the beasts
ii. 26 (The carcases) of every beast which
ii. 39 And if any beast, of which ye may eat
11. 46 This (is) the law of the beasts, and of the
13. 23 Neither shalt thou lie with any beast15. 23 shall any woman stand before a beast
20. 15 lie with a beast, .ye shall slay the beast
20. 16 And if a woman approach unto any beast
20. 16 thou shalt kill the woman, and the beast
20. 25 therefore put difference between, .beasts
20. 25 not make your souls abominable by beast
24. 21 And he that killeth a beast, he shall
27. 9 if (it be) a beast, whereof men bring
27. 10 he shall at all change beast for beast
27. ii And if. .any unclean beast, of which they
27. 1 1 he shall present the beast before the
27. 26 Only the firstling of the beasts, which
27. 27 And if. .of an unclean beast, then he
27. 28 all that he hath, (both) of man and beast

Num. 3. 13 the firstborn in Ismel.both man and beast
8. 17 of Israel (are) mine, .man and beast : on
18. 15 of men or beasts, shall be thii.e
18. 15 the firstling of unclean beasts shalt thou
31. ii all the prey, (both) of men and of beasts
31. 26 that was taken, (both) of man and of beast
31 . 30 take . . of the flocks, of all manner of beasts
31. 47 one portion . .(both) of man and of beast

Deut. 4. 17 The likeness of any beast that (is) on the
14. 4 These (are) the beasts which ye shall eat
14. 6 And every beast that parteth the hoof
14. 6 cheweth the cud among the beasts, that
27. 21 he that lieth with any manner of beast
28. 26 be meat. . unto the beasts of the earth, and
32. 24 I. send the teeth of beasts upon them

Judges. 48 as the beast, and all that came to hand

1 Sam 17. 44 I will give thy flesh, .to the beasts

1 Kings 5. 4. 33 he spake also of beasts, and of fowl
18. 5 find grass., that we loose not all the beasts

2 Kings 3. 17 ye, and your cattle, and your beasts

1 Chron 32. 28 and stalls for all manner of beasts
Ezra 1. 4, f> with gold, and with goods, .with beasts

Neh. 2. 12 neither (wac there any) beast with me
2. 14 for the beast (that was) under me to pnss

Job 12. 7 But ask now the beasts, and they shall
18. 3 Wherefore are we counted as beasts
35. ii Who tencheth us more than the beasts
Psa. 8. 7 oxen, yea, and the beasts of the field
36. 6 O LORD, thou preservest man and beast
49. 12, 20 man . .he is like the beasts (that)
73. 22 ignorant : I as (as) a beast before thee
135. 8 firstborn of Egypt, both of man and beast

Psalm 147. 9 He giveth to the beast his food, (and) to

Prov 12. 10 regardeth the life of his beast : but the
30. 30 A lion . . strongest among beasts, and

Eccl. 3. 18 mis- ht see tiiat they themselves are beasts
3. 19 befalleth the sons of men befp .leth beasts
3. 19 man hath no preeminence aboreabettt
3. ax and the spirit of the beast that goeth

Isa 18. 6 beasts of the earth, .beasts of the earth
30. 6 The burden of the beasts of the south
03. 14 As a beast goeth down into the valley

Jer 7. 20 this place, upon man, and upon beast
7. 33 shall be meat . . for the beasts of the
y. 10 of the heavens and the beast are fled
12. 4 the beasts are consumed, and the birds
15. 3 of the heaven, and the beasts of the earth
16. 4 shall be meat . . for the beasts of the earth
19. 7 to be meat, .for the beasts of the earth
21. 6 will smite, .this city, both man and beast
27. 5 the beast that (are) upon the ground
31. 27 seed of man, and with the seed of beast
32. 43 (It is) desolate without man or beast
33. 10 desolate without man and without beast
33. 10 without inhabitant, and without beast
33. 12 desolate without man and without beast
34. 20 be for meat, .to the beasts of the earth
36. 29 to cease from thence man and beast .
50. 3 they shall depart, both man and beast
51. 62 shall remain in it, neither man nor beast

Eze 8. 10 every form of creeping things, and. .beasts
14. 13, 17 cut off man and beast from it
14. 19, 21 to cut off from it man and beast
25. 13 1. .will cut off man arid beast from it
29. 8 cut off man and beast out of thee
29. ii nor foot of beast shall pass through it
32. 13 the beasts thereof, .the hoofs of beasts
36. ii I will multiply upon you man and beast
44. 31 that is dead of itself, .fowl or beast

Joel i. 1 8 How do the beasts groan ! the herds
1. 20 The beasts of the field cry also unto thee
1. 22 Be not afraid, ye beasts of the field
Jon. 3. 7 Let neither man nor beast, herd nor flock
3. 8 let man and beast be covered with

Mic. 5. 8 as a lion among the beasts of the forest

Hab. 2. 17 shall cover thee, ard the spoil of beasts

Zeph i. 3 I will consume and beast ; I will

Zech 8. 10 hire for man, nor any hire for beast
14. 15 of all the beasts that shall be in these

TWO - SECOND MEANING: beast, brute, "i j, j beir.

Gen. 45. 17 This do ye ; lade your beasts, and go, get
Exod22. 5 shall put in his beast, and shall feed
N um 20. 8 give . . congregation and their beasts drink
20. ii the congregation drank, and their beasts

THREE - THIRD MEANING: 3. A living creature, n;n (Dan. K}~~<) chaiyah, cJieva.
Gen. 1. 24 beast of the earth after his kind
Gen 1. 25 God made the beast of the earth after
1. 30 to every beast of the earth, and to every
2. 19 God formed every beast of the field, and
2. 20 to every beast of the field ; but for Allan;
3. i serpent was more subtile than any beast
3. 14 above every beast of the field ; upon thy
7. 14 Ihey, and every beast after his kind, and
7. 21 both of fowl, and of cattle, and of beast
8. 19 Every beast, every creeping thing, and
9. 2 of you shall be upon every beast of the
9. 5 at the hand of every beast will I require
9. 10 and of every beast of the earth with you
9. 10 all that go out of the ark, to every beast
37. 20 evil beast hath devoured him : and
37. 33 an evil beast hath devoured him; Joseph

Exod23. ii what they leave the beasts of the field
23. 29 the beast of the field multiply against
Lev. 5. 2 whether.. a carcase of an unclean beast
ii. 2 These (are) the beasts which ye shall eat
ii. 27 all manner of beasts that go on (all) four
ii. 47 between the beast that may be eaten
ii. 47 and the beast that may not be eaten
17. 13 which liimteth and catcheth any beast
25. 7 for the beast that (are) in thy land, shall
26. 6 I will rid evil beasts out of the land
26. 22 I will also send wild beasts among you

Num 1:35. 3 for their goods, and for all their beasts

Deut. 7. 22 lest the beasts of the field increase upon

1 Sa. 17. 46 and to the wild beasts of the earth

2 Sa. 21. 10 nor the beasts of the field by night

2 Ki. 14. 9 and there passed by a wild beast

2 Ch. 25. 18 and there passed by a wild beast

Job 5. 22 shalt thou be afraid of the beasts
5. 23 the beasts of the field shall be at peace
-?-. 8 Then the beasts go into dens, and remain
39. 15 crush them, .the wild beast may break
40. 20 where all the beasts of the field play

Psa. 50. 10 For every beast of the forest (is) mine
-9. 2 the flesh of thy saints unto the beasts
704. ii They give drink to every beast of the
104. 20 all the beasts of the forest do creep
104. 25 wherein (are). .?mall and great beasts
148. 10 Beasts, and all cattle, .and flying fowl

Isa. 35. 9 .N O. .ravenous beast shall go up thereon

Eze. 16. 13 thou wast exceeding beautiful, and thou
2. To be comely, nxa naah, 3a.
Isa. 52. 7 How beautiful upon the mountains are
To make beautiful, ~IK$ panr, 3.
Ezra 7. 27 to beautify the liouse of the LORD which
Psa. 149. 4 he will beautify the meek with salvation
Isa. 60. 13 to beautify the place of ray sanctuary
I.Honour, beauty, "nn hadar.
Job 40. 10 array thyself with glory and beauty
Psa. no. 3 thy power, in the beauties f holiness
I rov.zo. 29 the beauty of old ineti (is) the grey head
Lam. i. 6 all her beauty is departed : her princes
^.Honour, beauty, n~nn hadarah.
1 Ch. 16. 29 worship the LORD in the beauty of
2 Ch. 20. 21 that should praise the beauty of holiness
Psa. 29. 2 worship the LORD in the beauty of
96. 9 O worship the LORD in the beauty of
3.Honour, beatify, majesty, tin hod.
Hos. 14. 6 his beauty shall be as the olive tree, and
4. To desire, 1511 chamad.
Psa. 39. 1 1 thou makest his beauty to consume away
5. Fair, beautiful, n*; yapheh.
2 Sa. 14. 25 BO much praised as Absalom for. .beauty
t i. rainiess, beauty, ? yephi.
Eze. 28. 7 draw their swords against the beauty of
7. Fairness, beauty, ?^ yophi.
Esth. i. 1 1 shew the people and the princes . . beauty
Psa. 45. it So shall, .king greatly desire thy beauty
50. a the perfection of beauty, God hath
Prov. 6. 25 Lust not after her beauty in thine heart
31. 30 Favour (is) deceitful, and beauty (is) vain
Isa. 3. 24 come to pass . . burning instead of beauty
33. 17 Thine eyes shall see the king in. .beauty
Lam. 2. 15 (Is) this the city, .perfection of beauty
Eze. 16. 14 went forth among, .heathen for. .beauty
16. 15 thou didst trust in thine own beauty
16. 25 Thou.. hast made thy beauty.. abhorred
27. 3 thou hast said, I (am) of perfect beauty
27. 4 thy builders have perfected thy beauty
27. ii they have made thy beauty perfect
28. 12 full of wisdom, and perfect in beauty
28. 17 was lifted up because of thy beauty
31. 8 tree, . waa like unto him in his beauty
Zech. 9. 17 how great (U) his beauty ! corn shall
5. Appearance, sight, fitn"? mareh.
Isa. 53. 2 no beauty that we should desire him
9. Pleasantness, oyi noam.
Psa. 27. 4 to behold the beauty of the LORD
90. 17 let the beauty of the LORD our God be
Zech ii. 7 one I called lieauty. .the other I called
n. 10 I took my staff, (even) lieauty and cut
10. Beauty, ornament, head-dress, INS peer.
Isa. 61. 3 to give unto them beauty for ashes
11. Beauty, desire, roebuck, %3S tsebi.
2 Sa. i. 19 The beauty of Israel is slain upon thy
Eze. 7 20 As for the beauty of his ornament
12. Form, ry [v.i.. TX] ixir.
Psa. 49. 14 their beauty shall consume in the grave
13. Beauty, rnnrB, r^x^n tipharah, tiphereth.
ExotbS. 2 Aaron thy brother for glory and . . beauty
28. 40 make for them, for glory and for beauty
2 Ch. 3. 6 house with precious stones for beauty
Psa. 96. 6 strength and beauty (are), .his sanctuary
Isa. 13. 19 the beauty of the Chaldees excellency
38. i whose glorious beauty (is) a fading flower
28. 4 the glorious beauty, which (is) on the
28. 5 of glory, and for a diadem of beauty
44. 13 according to the beauty of a man ; that
Lam. 2. i cast down from heaven, .the beauty of
BEAUTY, to pats in
To be pleasant, cyj naem.
Eze. 32. 19 Whom dost thou pass in beauty? go
BE BAI, 53 fatherly.
\. A man whose descendants came up with Zerubbabel.
B.C. 445
Ezra 2. ii children of B., six hundred twenty and
Neh. 7. 16 children of B., six hundred twenty and
2. One whose posterity came up with Ezra in the time
of Artaxerxes [perhaps the same as No i], B.C. 445.
Ezra 8. 1 1 of the sons of B. ; Zcchariah the son of B.
lo. 28 Of the sons also of B. ; Jehohanan
3. One that sealed the covenant, B.C. 445.
Neh. 10. 15 [chief of the people]. .Bunni, Azgad, B.
1 . In, regard to, Sx el.
i Sa. 4. 21 because the ark of God was taken, and
LThat, T?J< asher.
Gen. 30. 18 because I have given my maiden to my
3.In that, "HpK3 ba-asher.
Gen. 39. 9 from me but thee, because thou (art) his
4. Even as, "i^xj ka -asher.
i Sa. 28. 18 Because thou obevedst not the voice of
5. Because that, "spx jy: yaan asher.
Gen. 22. 16 for because thou hast done this thing
Deut, i. 36 because, .hath wholly followed the LORD
6. Because that, ifj Sy al asher.
Exod 32. 35 plagued the people, because they made
7. Because that, ~vy* ;py eqeb asher.
Geu. 22. 18 because thou hast obeyed my voice
2 Sa. 12. 6 fourfold, because he did this thing, and
8. From the face that, T^K A?9 mip-pene asher.
Exodig. 18 because the LORD descended upon it in
Jer. 44. 23 Because ye have burned incense, and
9. Under that, icv Prn tachath asher.
Nuni25. 13 because he was zealous for his Gou, and
Deut 21. 14 because thou hast humbled her
10. Concerning the matter that, tif-N 131 Si1
, [al].
Deut 22. 24 because she cried not. .because he hath
11. In answer to, because, |i" yaan.
Lev. 26. 43 because, even because they despised my
Nuni ii. 20 because that ye have despised the LoKl>
Eze. 25. 8 Because that Moab and Seir do say
12.7n answer that, 3 ]y*. yaan ki.
1 Ki. 21. 29 because he humbleth himself before me
Isa. 3. 16 Because the daughters of Zion are
13. The heel, end, consequence, -i?K eqeb.
Nuni 14 24 because he had another spirit with him
Deut 8. 20 because ye would nut be obedient unto
14. The consequence that, 3 2%y eqeb ki.
2 Sa. 12. 10 because thou hast despised me, and hast
Amos 4. 12 because 1 will ilo this unto thee, prepare
15. Wholly orer-against this, "* 7?i? ^? kol qelcl di.
Kzra 4. 14 because we have maintenance from
Dan. 2. 8 because ye see the thing is gone from me
3. 29 because there is no other God that can
6. 3 because au excellent spirit (was) in him
16.0/1 so. over so, 13 ^y al ken.
Judg. 6. 22 because I have seen an angel of the LORD
17. From that, TIP min di.
Dan. 3. 22 because the kind s commandment was
IS. From the face of, ,150 mip-pene.
Jer. 44. 23 Jiecause ye have burned incense, .because
\S.For, icJiercfore, yap r/ar.
John 3. IQ than light, because their deeds were evil
10. 26 because ye are not of my sheep, as I said
Horn. 4. 15 Because the law worketh wrath : for
20. In return for which things, avff <Sv anth h<m.
Luke i. 20 because thou believest not my words
19. 44 because thou knewest not the time of thy
Acts 12. 23 because lie gave not God the glory : and
2 Th. 2. 10 because they received not the love of the
21. Through, on account of, 5m (ace.) dia.
Matt 13. 5 because they had no deepness of earth
13. 6 because they had no root, they withered
24. 12 because Iniquity shall abound, the love
Mark 4. 5 because it had no depth of earth
4 6 because it had no root, it withered away
Luke 2. 4 because lie was of the house, .of David
8. 6 it withered away, because it lacked mois
1 1. 8 because he is his friend . .he will rise
18. 5 because this widow troubleth me, I will
IQ. ii spake a parable, because he was nigh toJ
23 8 because he had heard many things of him
John 2. 24 Jesus, .because he knew all (men)
Acts 12. 20 because their country was nourished by
1 8. 3 because he was of the same craft, lie
27. 4 Cyprus, because the winds were contrary
27. 9 because the fast was now already past
28. 18 because there was no cause of death in
Phil. i. 7 Even .. because I have you in my heart
Heb. 7. 23 because they were notBuffered to continue
7. 24 because he continueth ever, hath an
Jas. 4. 2 yet ye have not, because ye ask not
II.For this reason, Siort dioti.
Luke 2. 7 because there was no room for them in
Acts 17. 31 [Becausel he hath appointed a day, in
Rom. 8. 7 P>ecause the carnal mind (is) enmity 1.19.
i Co. 15. 9 because I persecuted the church of God
i Th. 2. 8 our own souls, because ye were dear unto
Heb. 1 1. 5 because God . .translated him : for before
ii. 23because they saw (lit was) a proper child
Jas. 4. 3 and receive not, because ye ask amiss
i Pe. i. 16 Because it is written, Be ye holy ; for I
23.Si>ice, after that, tirti epei.
Matt 18. 32 all that debt, because thou desiredst me
27. 6 treasury, because it is the price of blood
Mark 15. 41 because it was the preparation, that is
John 13. 29 some., thought, because Judas had the
19. 31 The Jews therefore, because it was the
Heb. 6. 13 because lie could sware by no greater
xi. ii because she judged him faithful who had
24. Since truly, iirtiS-fi cpeide.
Matt2i. 46 [because] they took him for a prophet
Acts 14. 12 because he was the chief speaker
25. On account of whith, Ol tvtufv hou heneken.
Luke 4. 18 because he hath anointed me to preach
26. In order that, Iva. hina.
Matt 20. 31 because they should hold their peace
27. In as much as, KaO&rt kathoti. .
Acts 2. 24 because it was not possible that he should
28. That, seeing that, on hoti.
Matt. 2. 18 Rachel .would not be comforted.because
5. 36 Neither shall thou swear, .because thou
7. 14 [Because] strait (is) the gate, and narrow
Matt. 9. 36 he was moved with compassion . .because
11. 20 Then began he to upbraid . .because they
12. 41 The men. .shall rise, .because they rep.
13. ii Because it is given unto you to know the
13. 13 speak I to them in parables : because they
14. 5 he feared the multitude, because they
15. 32 I have compassion., because they continue
16. 7 (It is) because we have taken no bread
16. 8 why reason ye among yourselves, because
20. 7 They say unto him, Because no man
20. 15 Is thine eye evil, because I am good?
23. 29 Woe unto you . . because ye build, .tombs
Mark i. 34 suffered not the devils to speak, because
3. 30 Because they said, He hath an unclean
4. 29 he putteth in the sickle, because the har.
6. 34 Jesus, .moved with compassion, .because
7. 19 Because it entereth not into his heart
8. 2 I have compassion . . because they have
8. 16 saying, (It is) because we have no bread
8. 17 Why reason ye, because ye have no bread?
9. 38 and. .forbad him, [because he followeth]
9. 41 whosoever shall give you. .because yeu.i
16. 14 [because they believed not them which]
Luke 8. 30 because many devils were entered into
9. 49 we forbad him, because he followeth not
9. 53 because his face was as though he would
10. 20 because your names are written in heav.
11. 1 8 because ye say.. I cast out devils through
12. 17 What shall I do, because I have no room
13. 2 these, .were sinners above all. .because
15. 27 thy father hath killed, .because he hath
19. 3 and could not for the press, because he
19. 17 because thou hast been faithful in a very
IQ. 21 For I feared thee, because thou art an
John i. 50 Because I said unto thee, I saw thee under
3 1 8 is condemned already, because he hath
3. 23 John also was baptizing, .because there
5. 16 sought to slay him, because he had done
5. 18 sought, .to kill him. because he not only
5. 27 hath given him authority, .because he is
5. 30 because I seek not mine own will, but the
6. 2 a great multitude followed him, because
6. 26 Ye seek me, not because ye saw the mir.
6. 26 Ye seek me . . because ye did eat of the
6. 41 Jews then murmured at him, because he
7. i he would not walk.. because the Jews
7. 7 but me it hateth, because I testify of it
7. 22 not because it is of M., but of the fathers
7. 30 no man laid hands on him, because his
8. 22 because he saith. Whither I go, ye
8- 37 ye seek t j kill me, because my word hath
8. 43 because ye cannot hear my word
8. 44 abode not in the truth, because there is
8. 47 ye. .hear (them) not. because ye are not
9. 16 because he keepeth not the sabbath day
9. 22 These (words) spake his parents, because
10. 13 The hireling fleeth, because he is an
10. 17 Therefore . . my Father love me, because
10. 36 because I said, I am the Son of God?
11. 9 he stumbleth not, because he seeth
11. 10 lie stumbleth, because there is no light
12. 6 but because he was a thief, and had the
14. 12 greater, .than these shall he do because
14. 17 whom the world cannot receive, because
14. 19 because I live, ye shall live also
15. 19 but because ye are not of the world
15. 21 because they know not him that sent me
15. 27 ye also shall bear witness, because ye
16. 3 because they have not known the Father
16. 4 these things I said not unto you. .because
16. 6 But because I have said these things unto
15. 9 Of sin, because they believe not on me
16. 10 Of righteousness, because I go to my Fa.
16. ii Of judgment, because the prince of "this
16. 16 fye shall see me, because 1 go to the]
16. 21 A woman, .hath sorrow, because her
16. 27 For the Father, .loveth you, because ye
16. 32 I am not alone, because the Father is
17. 14 because they are not of the world
19. 7 because he made himself the Son of God
20. 13 Because they have taken away my Lonl
20. 29 Thomas, because thou hast seen me
Acts 2. 27 Because thou wilt not leave my soul in
6. i because their widows were neglected
8. 20 because thou hast thought that the gift
17. 18 [because he preached unto them Jesus] Rom 5. 5 because the love of God is shed abroad
6. 15 because we are not under the law, but
8. 27 because he maketh intercession for the
9. 7 Neither, because they are the seed of A.
o. 28 [because a short work will the Lord make]
o. 32 Because . .not by faith, but as it were
1 Co. i. 25 Because the foolishness of God is wiser
2. 14 because they are spiritually discerned
3. 13 because it shall be revealed by fire ; and
12. 15 If the foot shall say, Because I am not the
12. 16 if the ear shall say, Because I am not the
15. 15 because we have testified of God that he
2Co. ii. ii Wherefore? because I love you not? God
Gal. 2. ii I withstood him. .because he was to be
4. 6 And because ye are sons, God hath sent
Eph. 5. 16 Redeeming the time, because the days
Phil. 2. 30 Because for the work of Christ he was
4. 17 Not because I desire a gift: but I desire
2 Th. i. 10 because our testimony among you was
3. 9 Not because we have not power, but to
i Ti. i. 13 I obtained mercy, because I did (it)
4. jo we both labour . . because we trust in
5. 12 Having damnation, because they have
6. 2 because they are brethren, .because they
Phra. 7 we have great joy . . because the bowels
Heb. 8. 9 because they continued not in my coven.
Jas. i. 10 because as the flower of the grass lie shall
i Pe. 2. 2 1 because Christ also suffered for us, leaving
5. 8 be vigilant ; [because your adversary the]
i Jo. 2. 8 which thing is true . .because the darkness
2. 12 I write .. because your sins are forgiven
2.13 because ye . . because ye . . because ye have
2. 14 because ye have .. because ye are strong
2. 21 because ye know, .but because ye know
3. i the world kuuwuth us not, because it
3. 9 he cannot sin, because he is born of God
3. 12 Because his own works were evil, and
3. 14 We know that we have passed, .because
3. 22 we receive of him, because we keep his
4. i because many false prophets are gone out
4. 4 Ye are of God . .because greater is lie that
4.18 perfect love casteth out fear : because fear
4. 19 We love him, because he first loved us
5. 10 hath made him a liar; because he belie veth
Rev. 3. 10 Because thou hast kept the word of my
3. 16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and
3. 17 Because thou saycst, I ara sicli, and incr.
5. 4 I wept much, because no man was found
8. ii men died of the waters, because they were
ii. 10 shall rejoice over them, .because these
14. 8 Babylon is fallen, .[because] sne made all
1 6. 5 which art, and wast, .because thou hast
29.As a demonstrative, OTI hoti.
Matt ii. 25 because thou hast hid these things from
LUKBII. 18 because ye say that I cast out devils
13. 14 because that Jesus had healed on the
16. 8 because he had done wisely : for the
17. 9 because he did the things that were
19. ii because they thought that the kingdom
19. 31 Because the Lord hath need of him
John 7. 23 because I have made a man every whit
8. 45 because I tell (you) the truth, ye believe
14. 28 because I said, I go unto the Father : for
16. 17 he saith. .Because I go to the Father?
21.17 because he said unto him the third time
Acts 2. 6 because that every man heard them
22. 29 a Roman, and because he had bound
Rom. 8. 21 Because the creature itself also shall be
14. 23 because (he eateth) not of faith : for
1 Co. 6. 7 because ye go to law one with another
2 Co. 7. 13 because his spirit was refreshed by you
ii. 7 because I have preached to you the
1 Th. 2. 13 because, when ye received the word of
2 Th. 2. 13 because God hath from the beginning
i Jo. 3. 16 because he laid down his life for us : and
4. 13 because he hath given us of hfs Spirit
4. 17 because as he is, so are we in this world
5. 6 beareth witness, because the Spirit is
Rev. 2. 4 because thou hast left thy first love
2. 14 [because] thou hast there them that hold
2. 20 because thou sufferest that woman Jezeb.
ii. 17 because thou hast taken to thee thy
30. In order that, oira>s hopos.
Acts 20. 16 because he would not spend the
l.On account of the causes of, rniK hy al odoth.
Gen. 21. ii thing was very grievous, .because of his
21. 25 Abraham reproved Abimelech because of
Num 12. i Aaron spake against Moses because . . the
13. 24 because of the cluster of grapes which
Judg. 6. 7 Israel cried unto the LORD because of the
^.Turning, circumstance, opportunity, ^a galal.
Gen. 12. 13 and my soul shall live because of thee
DeutiS. 12 because of these abominations the LORD
i Ki. 14. 16 because of the sins of Jeroboam, who
Jer. 15. 4 because of Manasseh the son of Hezekiah
3. -From the way, ^"i;ip mid-derek.
Psa. 107. 17 Fools because of their transgression, and
4. On account of the matter, lyj hy al dabar.
Gen. 12. 17 with great plagues because of Sarai
20. 18 the house of Abimelech, because of
Exod. 8. 12 because of the frogs which he had brought
Psa. 45. 4 because of truth and meekness (and)
5. By t/ie hand of, T? be-yad.
Jer. 41. 9 whom he had slain because of Gedaliah
6. To answer to, ]&}*? le-maan.
2Ki. 13. 23 because of his covenant with Abraham
7. In going over, nn.3 ba-abur.
Exodi3. 8 because of that (which) the LORD did
8.0??, upon, hy al.
Gen. 27. 41 because of the blessing wherewith his
9..From, }D min.
Gen. 5. 29 because of the ground which the LORD
10.From, |O min.
Dan. 7. ii because of the voice of the great words
11. From the face of, uga mip-pene.
Gen. 7. 7 \vent in. .because of the waters of the
27. 46 because of the daughters of Heth: if Jac.
36. 7 could not bear them because of their
Exod. i. 12 grieved because of the children of Israel
9. ii could not stand before Moses because of
Nuni32. 17 because of the inhabitants of the laud
Deut. 2. 25 and be in anguish because of thee
20. 3 neither be ye terrified because of them
Josh. 6. i because of the children of Israel : none
9. 24 were sore afraid of our lives because of
ii. 6 Be not afraid because of them : for
23. 3 unto all these nations because of you
Judg. 2. 1 8 because of their groanings by reason of
6. 2 because of the Midiauites the children of
6. C greatly impoverished because of the
i Sa. 8. 1 8 because of your king which ye shall
1 Ki. i. 50 Adonijah feared because of Solomon
2. 7 I fled because of Absalom thy brother
8. ii priests could not. .minister because of
2 Ki. 9. 14 Joram had kept, .because of Hazael king
2 Ch. 12. 5 princes. . were gathered . .because of
Neh. 4. 9 set a watch against them, .because of
5. 15 so did not I, because of the fear of God
Job 35. 1 2 none giveth answer, because of . . evil men
Psa. 38. 3 no soundness, .because of thine anger
38. 3 neither, .rest in my bones because of my
38. 5 My wounds stink, .because of my
60. 4 it may be displayed because of the truth
102. 10 Because of thine indignation and thy
Isa. 10. 27 the yoke shall be destroyed because of
17. 9 which they left because of the children of
19. 16 it shall be afraid . . because of the shaking
19. 17 because of the counsel of the LORD of
19. 20 they shall cry unto the LORD because of
Jer. 4. 4 because of the evil of your doings
14. 16 the people, .shall be cast out. .because of
15. 17 I sat alone because of thy hand : for thou
21. 12 because of the evil of your doings
23. 9 I am like a drunken man. .because of
23. 10 because of swearing the land mourneth
25. 16 And they shall drink, .because of the
25. 27 Drink ye. .because of the sword which
25. 37 the. .habitations are cut down because of
25. 38 their land is desolate because of. .the
26. 3 which I purpose, .because of the evil of
32. 24 and the city is given, .because of the
41. 18 Because of the Chaldeans : for they were
44. 3 Because of their wickedness which they
44. 22 because of the evil of your doings
Lam. 5. 9 We gat our bread, .because of the sword
5. 10 Our skin was black, .because of the
Eze. 16. 63 never open thy mouth, .because of thy
Hos. 10. 15 So shall Beth-el do unto you because of
12. From, euro apo. \
MattiS. 7 Woe unto the world because of offences !
13. Through, on account of, Sid (ace.) dia.
Matt.i3. 21 when tribulation., ariseth because of the
13. 58 did not many mighty works, .because of
17. 20 Jesus said unto them, Because of your
27. 19 I have suffered, .in a dream because of
Mark. 3. 9 small ship should wait on him because of
6. 6 And he marvelled because of their
Luke 5. 19 they might bring him in because of the
ii. 8 yet because of his importunity he will
John 3. 29 the friend . .rejoiceth greatly because of
4. 41 And many more believed because of his
4. 42 Nowwe believe, not because of thy saying
7. 43 there was a division, .because of him
11. 42 because of the people which stand by
12. 30 This voice came not because of me, but
12. 42 because of the Pharisees they did not
19. 42 There laid they Jesus, .because of the
Acts 4. 21 they let them go. .because of the people
16. 3 took and circumcised him because of the
28. 2 for they, .received us. .because of the
Rom. 6. 19 I speak, .because of the infirmity of your
8. 10 the body (is) dead because of sin ; but
8. 10 Spirit (is) life because of righteousness
15. 15 because of the grace that is given
i Co. ii. 10 to have power on (her) head because of
Gal. 2. 4 And that because of false brethren
Eph. 4. 18 because of the blindness of their heart
5. 6 because of these things cometh the
Heb. 3. 19 they could not enter in because of
4. 6 they, .entered not in because of unbelief
14. Out of, K ek.
Rev. 1 6. ii because of their pains and their sores
16. 21 men blasphemed God because of the
15. In, with, tv en.
Matt 26. 31 All ye shall be offended because of me
26. 33 (men) shall be offended because of thee
Marki4. 27 All ye shall be offended [because of] me
16.0?i, upon, tirl (ace.) epi.
Rev. i. 7 all kindreds, .shall wail because of him
17. Towards, irp6s (ace.) pros.
Matt 19. 8 Moses because of the hardness of your
18. For or on account of, x/"" charin.
Gal. 3. 19 It was added because of transgressions
Jude 1 6 persons in admiration because of
1.Because, \y. yaan.
Eze. 25. 8 Because that Moab and Seir do gay
2.Because, ? ki.
Gen. 2. 3 because that in it he had rested from all
3.For, verily, then, yap gar.
Acts 28. 20 because that for the hope of Israel I am
3 Jo. 7 Because that for his name s sake they
^.Through, on account of, Sid (ace.) dia(with inf.)
Mark 5. 4 Because that he had been often bound
Luke 9. 7 because that it was said of some, that J.
Acts 8. ii because that of long time he had
1 8. 2 because that Claudius had commanded
ii.For this reason, SIOTI dioti.
Rom. i. 21 Because that, when they knew God. they
Phil. 2. 26 because that ye had heard that he had
i Th. 4. 6 because that the Lord (is) the avenger of
Q.That, seeing that, on hoti.
John 7. 39 because that Jesus was not yet glorified
10. 33 and because that thou, being a mail
John 12. ii Because that by reason of him many of
12. 39 they could not believe, because that E.
Acts 10. 45 And they, .were astonished .. because tn
z.Th. i. 3 as it is meet, because that your faith
i Jo. 2. ii because that darkness hath blinded his
4. 9 because that God sent his only begotten
7.In as much as, Ka86ri kathoti.
Luke i. 7 they had no child, because that Elisabeth
From, jp min.
Eze. 16. 28 because thou wast unsatiable; Job 18. 15
BECAUSE . .would
Toward, in order to, irpos (ace.) pros (with inf.)
i Th. 2. 9 because we would not be chargeable
BECAUSE he would not
That it mi<jht not happen to him, SITUS fj.i) ytvriTat
Acts 20. 16 determined to sail .. because he would not
BECAUSE... yet
Yet, still, while, iiy od.
Gen. 46. 30 Now let me die. .because thou (art) yet
BE -CHER, -1=3 youth, first-born.
1. A sou of Benjamin, B.C. 1700.
Gen. 46.21 the sons of Benjamin. .Belah, and B., and
i Ch. 7. 6 of Benjamin ; Bela, and B., and Jediael
7. 8 sons of B. . .All these (are) the sons of B.
2. A son of Ephraim (called Berad in i Ch. 7 . 20), B.C.
Num 26. 35 of B., the family of the Bachrites : of
BE-CHO -RATH, n^ i first birth.
Son of Aphiah or Abiah, and grandson of Becher son
of Benjamin, also an ancestor of Saul the first kin" of
Israel, B.C. 1225.
1 Sa. 9. i Zeror, the son of B., the son of Aphiah
BECKON to or unto, to
l.To nod through, Siavtvu dianeuo.
Luke i. 22 he beckoned unto them, and remained
2.To nod downward, Karavfvea kataneuo.
Luke 5. 7 they beckoned unto, .partners, which
3. To wave downward, Karaa-du kataseio.
Acts 19. 33 Alexander beckoned with the hand and
21. 40 Paul, .beckoned with the hand unto the
4. To nod, make signs, vtva neuo.
John 13. 24 Simon Peter therefore beckoned to him
Acts 24. 10 Paul, after, .the governor had beckoned
To wave downward, Karafffiu kataseio.
Acts 12. 17 But he beckoning unto them with the
13. 16 Paul stood up, and beckoning with (his)
l.To be, exist, rnq, Kin ham, havah.
Dan. 2. 35 became like the chaff . . image became a
2. To be, exist, n;rr hayah.
2 Sa. 7. 24 and thou, LORD, art become their God
3. To be comely, nxj naah, 3a.
Psa. 93. 5 holiness becometh thine house, LORD
4. To do, n$y asah, 2.
Esth. 2. ii how Esther did, and what should become
5. To be, become n;n hayah, 2.
Deut 27. 9 thou art become the people of the LORD
6. To be turned, ^jri haphak, 2.
Job 30. 21 Thou art become cruel to me : with thy
.To become, ylvo^ai ginomai.
Matt 13. 22 He also that received seed, .becometh
13. 32 when it is grown, it. .becometh a tree
18. 3 Except ye. .become as little children, ye
28. 4 the keepers did shake, and became as
Marie i. 17 I will make you to become fishers of
4. 19 cares, .choke the word, and it becometh
4. 32 it groweth up, and becometh greater
9. 3 And his raiment became shining, .white
John i. 12 to them gave he power to become the
Acts 7. 40 Moses, .we wot not what is become of
10. 10 he became very hungry, and would have
12. 18 stir among the soldiers, what was become
Rom. 3. 19 all the world may become guilty before
4. 1 8 that he might become the father of many
7. 13 that sin. .might become exceeding sinful
3. 18 let him become a fool, that he may be
8. 9 lest, .this liberty of your s become a
9. 20 unto the Jews I became as a Jew, that I
9. 22 To the weak became I as weak, that I
13. i I am become (as) sounding brass, or
13. ii when I became aman, I put away childish
15. 20 now is Christ, .[become] the firstfruits of
2 Co. 5. 17 behold, all things are become new
12. ii I am become a fool in glorying; ye have
Gal. 4. 16 Am I therefore become your enemy
Phil. 2. 8 humbled himself, and became obedient
i Th. i. 6 And ye became followers of us, and of
2. 1 4 For ye . . became followers of the churches
Phm. 6 communication of thy faith may become
Heb. 5. 9 became the author of eternal salvation
5. 12 and are become such as have need of
10. 33 and partly, whilst ye became companions
11. 7 by the which he. .became heir of the
Jas. t. 4 and are become judges of evil thoughts ?
2. ii thou art become a transgressor of the
Uov. 6. 12 the sun became black as sackcloth of
6 12 aud, lo. .the moou became as blood
8 8 the third part of the sea became blood
11 15 The kingdoms of this world are become
j6. 3 the sea ; and it became aa the blood of n
16 4 rivers ami fountains of waters, .became
18. 2 Babylou. .is become the habitation of
8 To lecoJM/wr or into, yivofjiat
tit yinwnai eis.
Matt 21. 42 the same is become the head of the
M ark i ... 10 The stone . . is become the head of the
Luke2o. 17 the same is become the- head of the
A ,. t 1 1 which is become the head of the corner
RuV t u third part of the waters became wormwd.
BECOME surety, to
To mix, traffic, yy arab.
He., 44 32 thy servant became surety for the lad
Prov 17. 18 becometh surety in the presence of his
[See also Brutish, dead, destitute, dim, dry
effect, fat, fool, full, glorious, great great
estate, guilty, Jews, lame, like, loathlong,
mighty, old, poor, ready, rich, servant,
stranger, strong, surety, uncircumcised, un
profitable, vain, weak.]
\. Worthily, ajfws axiSs.
Rom 16. 2 That ye receive her. .as becometh saints
Phil. i. 27 let your conversation be as it becometh
2. It is proper, irp*w prepei, -nptiru jirntf.
Matt . 15 for thus it becometh us to fulfil all
knh s 3 let it not be once named, .as becometh
i Ti 2 10 which becometh women professing
i Speak thou the things which become
Heb 2. 10 For it became him, for whom (arc) all
7. 26 For such an high priest became us. .holy
3. Comely, comeliness, .-nic) narek.
Prov.i?. 7 Excellent speech becometh not a fool
BECOMETH holinew. M
Prouer to a sncred person or thiny, itpoirpeirns.
Titus 2. 3 (they be) in behaviour as becometh h.
l.Any thiny spread out, y?s; (fcnfl (em) yatsua.
, ch 5 i forasmuch as he defiled his father s bed
Job IT. z I have made my bed in the darkness
Fsa. 63 6 When I remember thee upon my bed
132. 3 I will not come, .nor go up into my bed
2. Place of reclining, .t?? mittith.
Gen 47. 31 Israel bowed himself upon the bed s
48 2 Israel strengthened himself ..upon bed
q 33 he gathered up his feet into the bed, and
Exod 8 a into thy bedchamber, and upon thy bed
1 Sa. iq. 13 took an image, aud laid (it) in the bed
IQ , 5 Bring him up to me in the bed that I
,9. ,6 an image in the bed, with a pillow of
28 23 arose from the earth, and sat upon the bed
2 Sa 4 7 he lay on his bed in his bedchamber
1 Ki 17 io he abode, and laid him upon his own bed
21. 4 And he laid him down upon his bed
~ Ki i 4 Thou shalt not come down from that bed
, 6 thou shalt not come d own from that bed
i 16 thou shalt not come down otf that bed
4 io and let us set for him there a bed
4 21 and laid him on the bed of the man of God
I 3- child was dead, .laid upon his bed
2 Ch -T 2; aud slew him on his bed, and he died
ksth i. 6 the beds, .gold aud silver, upon a
7 8 and llanrin was fallen upon the bed
Psa. 6. 6 all the night make I my bed to swim
Prov -S u hinges, so (doth)the slothful upon his bed
7 Behold his bed. whirl, (i,) s,,l,,mon s
Eze ,1 41 And satest upon a stately bed, and a
Amos 3. 12 dwell in Samaria in the corner of a bed
6. 4 That lie upon beds of ivory, aud stretch
3.Anything spread out, VP matstsa.
Isa. 28. 20 For the bed Is shorter than that
4. Place for lying down, 3$f? muhkab.
Gen. 40. 4 because thou weutest up to thy . .1
Bxodii! 18 fist, and he die not, but keepeth (ht)bed
Lev is 4 Every l>ed. whereon he lietli that hath
L s whosoever toucheth his hod shall wash
It 21 whosoever toiiehetli her bed shall wash
15! 23 And if it (be) "" < >"
"VJ Vf
on a
15. 24 all the bed whereon he lieth shallI be
tSlvery bed whi-reou she lieth all th- dajn
26 shall be unto her as the bed of her separ
2Sa. 4 5 Ish-bosheth, who lay on a bed at noon
4! M have slain a righteous person . .upon .bed
ii 2 David arose from <>tT his bed. and walked
n 13 he went out to lie <>n his bed with the
s Jonadab said. .Lay thee down on thy bed
IT 28 Broiuht beds, and basons, and earthen
i Ki i 47 \nd tli- kin, bowed himself upon the bed
2 Ch 16 14 they, .laid him in the bed which was
Job I5 sleep falleth.. in slumberinRSUp.n bed
3 io chastened also with pain upon his h.-d
; . 4 commune with your., heart upon your b"d
36 4 He deviseth mi-rhi-f upon his bed
41". 3 wilt make all his bed in his sickness
140 5 let them sin- almd upon their beds
Prov 7 17 I have perfumed my bed with myrrh
22 27 why should he take away thy bed
BOM * i I .v night on my bed I sought him
Isa s? 2 they shall rest in their beds, (each one)
S7 7 Upon a. .mountain hast thou set thy bed
8 thou hast enlarged thy bed, and made
57 8 thou lovedst their bed where thou
Ere 73. 17 came to her into the bed of love
3 2* Thev have W< her a bed in the midst ol
Jta. a! 28 the visions of thy brad upon thy bed
2 20 thy thoughts came, .upon thy bed, what
, I the thoughts upon my bed and the
I ,o the visions of mine bead in my bed
, , in the visions of my head upon my bed
, i and visions of his head upon his bed
Hos 7. 14 when they howled upon their beds
Mic. 2. i and work evil upon their beds !
5 Furrmo. runi? aruyah.
BoST*. i 3 Hii cheela (are)as abedof spices, sweet
6. 2 gone down into his garden, to the beds of
ohwheu I say, My bed shall comfort me
I 3 The LOUD will strengthen him upon . . bed
Prov 7 16 I have decked my bed with coverings
Song i. 16 yea, pleasant : also our bed (is) green
-i.rincf.for reclining, K\lvt\ kline.
Matt 9. 2 a man sick of the palsy, lying on a bed
3 6 Arise, take up thy bed, and go unto thine
Mark 4. 21 put under a bushel, or under a bed t
7 30 and her daughter laid upon the bed
Luke 5 18 men brought in a bed a man which was
g ,6 with a vessel, or putteth (it) under abed
, 7 34 there shall be two (men) in one bed -the
Acts i. is laid, .on [beds] and couches, that at the
Rev 2. 22 I will cast her into a bed, and them that
8./1 lying, bed, KOITTJ koite.
1 uke 1 1 7 my children are with me in bed ; I
Heb i" 4 honourable in all, and the bed undeflled
9.A matress, Kpd^a-ros krabbatos, Kpa&arTot.(Lai)
Mark 2 4 they let down the bed wherein the sick
2 o Arise, and take up thy bed, and walk .
2 ii Arise, and take up thy bed, aud go thy
> 12 he arose, took up the bed, and went
6 ss to carry about in beds those that were
John 5. 8 Rise, take up thy bed, and walk
5 g the man . . took up his bed, and walked
s io it is not lawful for thee to carry (thy) bed
s" ii the same said. .Take up thy bed, and
r I2 What man. .said. .Take up [thy bed land-
Acts 9. 33 -Eneas, which had kept his bed eight
BED, to make - -
1 To strew (a place far reposing in), yy, yatsa, j.
Psa 139. 8 If I make my bed in hell, behold, thou
2.To siren-, ffTpiavvvta strtiinnw.
Acts 9. 34 maketh thee whole: arise, .make thy bed
1 Inner reclining place, 3950 Tin cheder mishkab.
Exod 8 3 into thy bedchamber, and upon thy bed
2 Sa 4 7 he lay on his bed in his bedchamber
2 Ki 6 12 words, .thou speakest in thy bedchamber 20 curse not the rich in thy bedchamber
2 Inner bed room, n$a Tin cheder mittah.
2 Ki ii 2 hid .him and his nurse, in. .bedchamber
2 Ch. 22. ii put him and his nurse in a bedchamber
BE -DAD, -13 son of A dad.
Father of the fourth king of Edom, " Hadad-ben-
Bedad," B.C. 1500.
Gen 36 35 Hadad the son of B., who smote Midian
i Ch. i. 46 Hadad the sou of B., which smote Midian
BE -DAN, H3 son ofjudgment.
1 A judne of Israel between Jerubbanl (i.e. Gideon)
and Jephthah. His name is omitted in th; history of
the Book of Judges. The LXX., Syriac and Arabic
have Barak. His name may be compared witn tn
Jael in Judg. 5. 6, who was probably also a judge,
though we know nothing of him except from Deborah s
song, B.C. 1 1 12.
i Sa. 12. ii LORD sent Jerubbaal, and B., aud
2. Deacendant of Machir son of Manasseh, B.C. 1369.
i Ch. 7. 17 the sous of I lam ; B. These (were) the
BE-DE -IAH, iT"i3 servant of Jah.
One of the family of Baui who had married a itnnge
wife, B.C. 445.
Ezra io. 35 [Of. .sons of Bani ; Maadai]. .B., Chelluh
.In arched bed, eny eres.
Deut. 3. ii behold, his bedstead (was) a bedstead of
A bee, rrnyi deborah.
Deut i. 44 the Amorites. .chased you, as bees dp
Judgi 4 . 8 behold . .a swarm of bees and honey in
PsanS 12 They compassed me about like beeajHiey
Isa. 7. 18 for the bee that (is) in the land of Assyria
BE-EL-IA -DA, 5n-l
?jj3 the lord knows.
A son of David, cailed Eliada in 2 Sa. v. and i Ch. iii.,
B. C. 1020.
i Ch. 14. 7 And Elishama, and B., and Eliphalet
BE-EL-ZE -BUB, Bef \f&ov\ lord of the fly.
A heathen d.lty to whom the Jews ascribed supremacy
among evil spirits. The correct orthography is Bedzebul.
Matt io 25 they have called the master of the house B.
12. 24 but by B. the prince of the devils
12. 27 if I by B. cast out devils, by whom do
Mark 3. 22 lie hath B., and by the prince of the
Luken. 15 He casteth out devils through B. the
ii 1 8 ye say that I cast out devils through B.
ii. 19 if I by B. cast out devils, by whom do
BE -ER, 1x3 a- well (artificial).
1 A station of the Israelites beyond the Arnon, and so
called because of the "
well" dug by the princes and
nobles of the people. This is probably the Beer-Liu*
(" well of heroes") of Isa. 15. 8.
Nuni2i. 16 from thence, .to B.: that (is) the well
* A place to which Jotham son of Gideon fled for fear
of his brother Abimclech, 8 miks W. of Hebron.
Judg. 9. 21 Jotham ran away, and fled, .to B., aud
BE-E -RA, Nl><3 expounder.
Son of Xophah of the tribe of Asher, B.C. 1570.
i Ch. 7. 37 [sons of Zophah,] Suah. .and B.
BE-E -RAH, ~n<3 expounder.
A prince of the keubenites, carried captive to Assyria
by Tilgath-pilneaer, B.C. 740.
i Ch. 5. 6 [sousof Joel]..B. his son, whom Tilgath.
BE-ER E -LIM, C Vx 1N3 well of Elim.
In the S. confines of Moab, Eglaim being at the X. of
the Salt Sea The name points to the well dug by the
chiefs (Elim) of Israel on their nearing the promised
Isa. 15. 8 and the howling thereof unto B.-e.
BE-E -RI, HN3 expounder.
1. A Hittite, father of Judith, wife of Esau, B.C. 1810.
Gen. 26. 34 took to wife Judith the daughter of B.
2. Father of Hosea the prophet, B.C. 800.
Hos. i. i The word, .came unto, .the son of B.
? 1*3 well of the living
one that beholds me.
Between Kadesh and Bered, "in the way to Shur," and
therefore in the S.
Gen 16 14 Wherefore the well was called B.-l.-r.
24 62 Isaac came from the way of the well L.-r.
25. ii anil Isaac dwelt by the well L.-r.
BE-E ROTH, n"!N3 wells.
1. A station of Israel belonging to Jaakan.
Dent io. 6 children of Israel took, .journey from B.
2 One of the four cities of the Hivites that drew Joshua
into a treaty of peace. It is 7 miles from Jerusalem on
the way to Nicopolis. Now El-Bireh.
Josh o. 17 their cities (were) Gibeon..and B., and
18. 25 Gibeon, and Raman, and B.
2 Sa t 2 for B also was reckoned to Benjamin
Ezra 2. 25 children of Kirjath-arim.. and B., seven
Neh. 7. 29 men of Kirjath-jearim. .and B., seven
BE-ER-0-THITE, rnx3 belonging to Beeroth.
An inhabitant of Beeroth in Benjamin.
2 Sa 4 2 Rechab, the sons of Rimmon a B.
3 the B.s fled to Gittaim, and were
I 5 the sons of Rimmon the B., Rechab and
4 q David answered . . sons of Rimmon the B.
23 37 Naharai the B., armourbearer to Joab
i Ch. if. 39 Naharai the B. . .armourbearer of Joab
BE-ER SHE -BA, J>3 ^3 ueU f tne oatft -
Uue of the oldest places iri Canaan at the extreme south.
Gen 21 14 Hagar. .wandered in the wilderness of B.
-, -i Wherefore he called that place B.
21 32 Thus they made a covenant at B : then
->, 33 Aud . .planted a grove in B., and called
22 iQ they rose up and went together to B.
22. 19 and Abraham dwelt at B.
26. 23 And he went up from thence to B
26 33 the name of the city (is) B. unto this day
28 io Jacob went out from B., aud went
46 i Israel took his journey . . and came to B.
46 5 Jacob rose up from B. : and the sons of 28 Hazar-shual, aud B., and Bizjothjah
,q 2 they had in their inheritance B., and
Judg 20. i congregation was gathered from Dan to B
1 Sa 3 20 all Israel from Dan even to B. knew that
8 2 Joel.. Abiah.. judges in Eeer-sheba
2 Sa. 3. 10 throne of David . .from Dan eveu to B
17 1 1 Israel . . gathered . . from Dan even to B.
24 2 Go now . .from Dan even to B., and
24 7 they went out to the south of J udan to B.
24 13 died of the people from Dan even to B.
1 Ki I 25 Israel dwelt safely, .from Dan even to B.
,n. 3 when he saw . . he . . came to B
2 Ki 12 i his mother s name (was) /ibiah of B
23. 8 defiled the high Pl*B - - fT*1
1 Ch 1 28 they dwelt at B., and Moladah, and
21 2 Go, number Israel from B even to Dan
2 Ch. 19. 4 he went out again, .from B to mount
24 i His mother s name also (was) Zibiah of B.
30! s to make proclamation from B even to
Neh. ii. 27 at Hazar-shual, and at B and fin I the
,,. 30 they dwelt from B. unto the valley of
Amos s- s seek not Beth-el, .and pass not to B. : for
I! 14 and, The manner of B. liveth ; even they
BE-ESH-TE -RAH, house of Ashtcrah.
\ Levitical eitv in Manasseh. W. of the Jordan, It was
allotted to the (icrshomites, and is identical with Ashtaroth
or Ashterah.
Josh.2i. 27 tribe of Manasseh .. B. with her suburbs
A beetle, ^in chargoL
Lev. ii. 22 the beetle after his kind, and the
Herd, ox, heifer, ijj? baqar.
Lev. 22. 19 a male without blemish, of the beeves
22. 21 a freewill offering in beeves or sheep
JS umai. 28 of the persons, and of the beeves, and of
31. 30 of the persons, of the beeves, of the asses
31. 33 threescore and twelve thousand beeves
31. 38 the beeves, .thirty and six thousand ; of
31. 44 Aud thirty and six thousand beeves
1. To meet, njx anah, 4.
I sa. 91. 10 There shall no evil befall thee, neither
2. To come, xia bo.
2 Sa. 19. 7 worse unto thee than all the evil, .befell
3. To, rind, xyp matsa.
Xum 20. 14 all the travail that hath befallen us
Deutji. 17 many evils and troubles shall befall them
31. 21 when many evils, .are befallen them
Josh. 2. 23 told him all (things) that befell them
Jud. 6. 13 why then is all this befallen us? and
4. To meet, chance, N")j2 qara.
Gen. 42. 4 Lest peradventure mischief befall him
42. 38 if mwuhief befall him by the way in the
49. i which shall befall you in the last days
Lev. 10. 19 and such things have befallen me
Deut3i. 29 evil will befall you hi the latter days
5. To meet, chance, rnj? qarafi.
Gen. 42. 29 told him all that befell unto them
44. 29 if ye take, .from me, and mischief befall
Esth. 6. 13 Haman told., every (thing), .befallen
Dan. 10. 14 what sTiall befall thy people in the latter
6. To become, come into being, yivofj.a.1 g-inomai.
Mark 5. 16 they, .told them how it befell to him
7. To come together, cr^u/SaiVw sumbaino.
Acts 20. 19 temptations, which befell me by the lying
8. To meet together, <rvva.vra.u3 sunantao.
Acts 20. 22 knowing the things that shall befall me
9. The things of, ra riav ta ton.
.Matt. 8. 33 what was befallen to the possessed of the-
10. Chance, occurrence, >"np9 miqreh.
1 Sa. 20. 26 Something hath befallen him, he (is) not
Eccl. 3. 19 that which befalleth the sons of men
3. 19 befalleth beasts ; even one thing befalleth
BEFORE, (the presence of)
l.Unto, to, *7N el.
Gen. 12. 15 saw her, and commended her before Pha.
ose, f\tf aph.
Deut33. I0 they shall put incense before thee, and
3. With, nx eth.
Gen. 19. 13 is waxen great before the face of the LORD
4. Expectation, D^a [V.L. ona].*
Ruth 3. 14 she rose up before one could know
6. Expectation, one terem.
Gen. 2. 5 before it was in -the earth . . before it grew
6./. or with expectation, c^a? be -terem.
Gen. 27. 4 that my soul may bless thee before I die
Jer. i. 5 Before I formed thee . .before thou came.
I.In not, without,**?^ be-lo*
Job 15. 32 It shall Be accomplished before his time
&.0ver against, S D mul.
Exod 34. 3 flocks nor herds feed before that mount
Josh. 19. 46 and Rakkon, with the border before J.
D.Orer against tlie face, C }$ ^o. mul panim.
Exod 28. 25 the shoulder pieces of the ephod, before
39. 18 the shoulder pieces of the ephod, before
.10.Ascent, up-going, n^y.D maaleh.
Judg. 8. 13 returned from battle before the sun
11. The front, i:j neged.
Gen. 31. 32 before our brethren discern thou what
12.At the front, iJJ/> le -neged.
2 Ki. i. 13 came aiid fell on his knees before Elijah
13.Fro?rt. the front, 1:50 min-neyed.
Deut28. 66 thy life shall hang in doubt before thee
14. The front, over -against, n?i nokach.
Gen. 30. 38 the rods which he had pilled before the
Josh. 15. 7 that (is) before the going up to Adummim
Judg 1 8. 6 Go in peace : before the LORD (is) your
Prov. 5. 21 the ways of man (are) before the eyes of
Lam. 2. 19 like water before the face of the LORD
Eze. 14. 3 stumbling block of their iniquity before
14. 4 stumbling block of his iniquity before his
14. 7 stumbling block of his iniquity before his
15. The front, nri nekach.
Kxod 14. 2 before it shall ye encamp by the sea
IG.f7ntil, i ad.
Gen. 48. 5 born, .before I came unto tliee into E.
17. In the eye of, py? be-en.
i Sa. 21. 13 changed his behaviour before ; Jer. 32. 30. the eye of, | H> le-en.
i Chr. 29. 10 ; Jer. 32. 12, 13 ; Eze. 20. 9, 14, 41.
13. With, ay im.
i Sa. 2. 21 the child Samuel grew before the LORD
IS. In face of, .15 S li-phene.
Gen. 6. n was corrupt before God; 6. 13; 7. i.
Gen. 10. 9 He was a mighty hunter before the LOUD
10. 9 the mighty hunter before the LORD
13. 9 (Is) not the whole land before thee?
13. 10 well watered every where, before the LORD
17. i walk before me, and be thou perfect
17. 18 O that Ishmael might live before thee !
18. 8 which he had dressed, and set (it) before
18. 22 Abraham stood yet before the LORD
19. 27 place where lie stood before the LORD
20. 15; 23. 19; 25. 9, 18, 18; 49. 30; 50. 13 Ex. 20. 3;
20. On the face, D 49 *?y al panim. ts4- 6.
Gen. 1 1. 28 Haran died before his father Terah in the
Zl.Over-against, h^pt . qobal.
2 Ki. 15. 10 smote him before the people, and slew
22.0ver-against, *?3p qebel.
Dan. 2. 31 brightness (was) excellent, stood before
3. 3 they stood before the image that N.
5. i Belshazzi,r . . drank wine before the
23. The east, what is before, D^ qedem.
Psa. 139. 5 Thou hast beset me behind and before
Prov. 8. 22 of his way, before his works of old
Isa. 9. 12 The Syrians before, and the Philistines
24. The east, what is before, n jf). qodam.
Ezra 4. 18 The letter . . hath been plainly read before
4. 23 Now when the copy, .(was) read before
7. 19 (those) deliver thou before the God of
Dan. 2. 9 speak before me, till the time be changed
2. 10 The Chaldeans answered before the king
2. ii none other that can show it before the
2. 24 bring me in before the king, and I will
2. 25 Arioch brought in Daniel before the king
2. 36 the interpretation thereof before the king
3. 13 they brought these men before the king
4. 6 the wise (men) of Babylon before me
4. 7 and I told the dream before them ; but
4. 8 at the last Daniel came in before me
4. 8 and before him I told the dream, (saying)
5. 13 Then was Daniel brought in before the
3. 15 astrologers, have been brought in before
5. 17 Then Daniel answered, .before the king
5. 23 they have brought the vessels .. before
6. 10 he kneeled, .gave thanks before his God
6. ii found Daniel. .making supplication before
6. 12 they . .spake before the king concerning
6. 13 Then answered they, and said before the
6. 18 instruments of musick brought before
6. 22 and also before thee, O king, have I done
6. 26 men tremble and fear before the God of
7. 7 all the beasts that (were) before it
7. 8 before whom there were three of the first
7. 10 A flery stream, .came forth from before
7. 10 ten thousand times ten thousand . .before
7. 13 and they brought him near before him
25. The heart, inner part, 3Tjj qereb.
Exodio. i that I might shew these my signs before
26. First, former, ptrxi rishon.
Num. 6. 12 but the days that were before shall be
Josh. 8. 33 as Moses, .had commanded before
i Ki. 13. 6 the king s hand, .became as. .before
27.From the east, D^.jz? min qodam.
Dan. 5. 19 all people. .feared before him
6. 26 tremble and fear before the God of Daniel
7. 8 before whom there were three of the first
7. 20 and (of) the other . . before whom three fell
28. Yesterday, third day, niB Sip ViOi? temol shilshom
Gen. 31. 2 hehold, it (was) not toward him as before
31. 5 tuat it (is) not toward me as before ; but
Josh. 4. 18 the waters, .flowed, .as (they did) before
29.From, air6 apo.
Acts 7. 45 whom Goddrave out before the face of
1 Jo. 2. 28 we may. .not be ashamed before him
SQ.If. ..not first, tav ^ irporepov ean me proteron.
John 7. 51 Doth our law judge, .man before it hear
SI. To, towards, ej s eis.
Acts 22. 30 brought Paul, .and set him before them
Jas. 2. 6 rich men . . draw you before the judgment
32. To theface, tls irp&ffuirov eis prosopon.
2 Co. 8. 24 Wherefore shew ye to them, and before
33.From over-against, airtvavTi apejianti.
Matt 27. 24 Pilate . . washed (his) hands [before] the
Rom. 3. 18 There is no fear of God before their eyes
Si. In front of, t/j.irpoffdtv emprosthen.
Matt. 5. 16 Let your light so shine before men
5. 24 Leave there thy gift before the altar
6. i that ye do not your alms before men
6. 2 do not sound a trumpet before thee
7. 6 neither cast ye your pearls before swine
10. 32 Whosoever, .shall confess me before men
10. 32 him will I confess also before my Father
10. 33 But whosoever shall deny me before men
10. 33 him will I also deny before my Father
11. 10 I send my messenger before thy face
17. 2 was transfigured before them : and his
25. 32 before him shall be gathered all nations
26. 70 he denied before (them) all, saying, I
27. ii Jesus stood before the governor: and the
27. 29 they bowed the knee before him. and
Mark i. 2 I send my messenger [before] thy face
9. 2 and he was transfigured before them
Luke 5. 19 they, .let him down, .before Jesus
7. 27 which shall prepare thy way before thee
12. 8 Whosoever shall confess me before men
12. 8 him shall the Son. .confess before the
14. 2 there was a certain man before him
Luke 19. 4 he ran before, and climbed up into a
19. 27 bring hither, and slay (them) before ma
19. 28 hewentbefore.ascendinguptoJerubalem
21. 36 and to stand before the Son of man
John i. 15 preferred before me : for he was
i. 27 coming after me is preferred before me
i. 30 cometh a man . .preferred before me
3. 28 not the Christ, but that I am sent before
10. 4 he putteth forth . . he goeth before them
12. 37 he had done so many miracles before
Acts 18. 17 Greeks, .beat him before the judgment
2 Co. 5. 10 we must all appear before the judgment
Gal. 2. 14 I said unto Peter before (them) all, If
Phil. 3. 13 unto those things which are before
i Th. 3. 9 we joy for your sakes before our God
3. 13 unblameable in holiness before God
i Jo. 3. 19 we . . shall assure our hearts before him
Rev. 4. 6 full of eyes before and behind
22. 8 I fell down to worship before the feet of
35.In the midst, V (rip utatp) en to meso.
Matt 14. 6 the daughter of Herodias danced before
Acts 5. 27 they set . . before the council : and the
36. In before, eWvrt enanti.
Luke i. 8 he executed the priest s office [before] God
37. In before, ivavriov enantion.
Mark 2. 12 went forth before them all ; insomuch
Luke2o. 26 could not take hold, .before the people
24. 19 mighty in deed and word before God and
Acts 8. 32 and like a lamb dumb before his shearer
38. In the face, fvdnnov enopion.
Luke i. 6 And they were both righteous [before]
1. 17 he shall go before him in the spirit and
i. 75 In holiness and righteousness before
5. 18 to bring him in, and to lay (him) before
5. 25 he rose up before them, and took up
8. 47 and falling down before him, she
12. 6 not one of them is forgotten before God
12. 9 denieth me [before], .be denied before
15. 18 I have sinned against heaven, and before
16. 15 which justify yourselves before men
23. 14 I, having examined (him) before you
24. 43 And he took (it), and did eat before them
Acts 2. 25 I foresaw the Lord always before my face
4. 10 doth this man stand here before you
6. 6 they set before the apostles : and when
7. 46 found favour before God, and desired to
9. 15 to bear my name before the Gentiles
10. 4 are come up for a memorial [before] God
10. 30 a man stood before me in bright clothing
10. 33 are we all here present before God, to
19. 9 but spake evil of that way before the
19. 19 and burned them before all (men) : and
Rom 14. 22 Hast thou faith? have (it) to thyself before
Gal. i. 20 I write unto yon, behold, before God, I
1 Ti. 5. 4 that is good and acceptable before God
5. 20 Them that sin rebuke before all, that
5. 21 I charge (thee) before God, and the Lord
6. 12 professed a good profession before
2 Ti. 2. 14 charging (them) before the Lord that
4. i I charge (thee) therefore before God
3 Jo. 6 borne witness of thy charity before
Rev. i. 4 Spirits which are before his throne
2. 14 to cast a stumbling block before the
3 2 have not found thy works perfect before
3. 5 I will confess his name before my Father
3. 8 I have set before thee an open door, and
3. 9 to come and worship before thy feet
4. 5 lamps of fire burning before the throne
4. 6 And before the throne (there was) a sea
4. 10 down before him . . before the throne
5. 8 four (and) twenty elders fell down before
7. 9 stood before the throne, and before the
7. 1 1 and fell before the throne on their faces
7. 15 are they before the throne of God, and
8. 2 seven angels which stood before God
8. 3 golden altar which was before the throne
8. 4 ascended up before God out of the
9. 13 of the golden altar which is before God
u. 4 standing before the God of the earth
11. 16 elders, which sat before God on their
12. 4 and the dragon stood before the woman
12. 10 accused them before our God day and
13. 12 the power of the first beast before him
14. 3 a new song before the throne, and before
14. 5 [without fault before the throne of God]
15. 4 shall come and worship before thee
16. 19 in remembrance before God, to give
19. 20 wrought miracles before him, with
20. 12 small and great, stand before God : and
39.7/1 presence of, tiri (gen.) epi.
Marki3. 9 ye shall be brought before rulers and
Acts 23. 30 say before thee what (they had) again ,!/
24. 19 Who ought to have been here before theo
24. 20 in me, while I stood before the council
25. q there be judged of these things before
25. 26 brought him forth before you . . before
26. 2 I shall answer for myself this day before
1 Co. 6. i go to law before the unjust . . not before
2 Co. 7. 14 our boasting, which (I made) before
i Ti. 5. 19 accusation, but before two or three wit.
6. 13 Christ Jesus, who before Pontius Pilate
40. On, upon, over, eirl (dat.) epi.
Rev. 10. 1 1 Thou must prophesy again before many
41.In presence of, tirt (ace.) epi.
Matt 10. 18 And ye shall be brought before governors
Luke2i. 12 brought before kings and rulers for my
Acts 10. 17 men which were sent, .stood before the
42. Down toward, Kara, (ace.) kata.
Luke 2. 31 Which them hast prepared before the lace
Gal. 3. i O foolish Ualatians.. before whoa, eyes
43.Down over against, K< katenanti.
Rom. 4. 17 before him whom he believed, (even) God
44. Down in face of, Kartvuiriov kateniipion.
2to. 12. 19 thiuk..we speak [befort-] <;<)<! in Christ
Kjiii. i. 4 and witliout blame before liim in love
Jude 24 to present (you) faultless before the p. of
45. Alongside, irapd (dat.) para.
Horn. s. 13 the hearers of the law
(are) just before
Jas. i. 27 Pure religion aud untleflled before God
3 Pe. 2. ii accusation agaiust them .. [before] the
46. Before, in front of, irp6 pro.
Mutt. 5. 12 they the prophets which were before V"ii
8. 29 art thou come, .to torment us before the
ii. 10 I send my messenger before thy face
24. 38 For as in the days that were [before] the
Mark i. 2 I send my messenger before thy face
Luke i. 76 for thou shall go before the face of the
7. 27 Behold, .my messenger brfi.rr thy face
9. 52 And sent messengers before his face
10. i sent them two and two before his face
11. 38 he had not first washed before dinner
21. 12 But before all these, they shall lay their
John 5. 7 am coming, another steppeth down before
10. 8 All that ever came before me are thievej
11. 55 and many went out. .before the passovur
12. i Jesus, six days before the passover, came
13. i Now before the feast of the passover
17. 5 which I had with thee before the world
17. 24 forthou lovedst me before the foundation
Acts 5. 23 the keepers stan-ling without [before] the
5. 36 before these days rose up Theudas
12. 6 the keepers before the door kept the
12. 14 she. .told how Peter stood before the
13. 24 When John had first preached before his
14. 13 Then the priest, .which was before their
21. 38 which before these days madest an
Rom. 16. 7 who also were in Christ before me
1 Co. 2. 7 which God ordained before the world
4. 5 Therefore fudge nothing before the time
Gal. i. 17 them which were apostles before me
Eph. i. 4 he hath chosen us in him before the
Col. i. 17 And he is before all things, and by him
2 Ti. 4. 21 Do thy diligence to come before winter
Heb. ii. 5 for before his translation he had this
Js. 5. 9 behold, the judge standeth before the
1 Pe. i. 20 Who verily was foreordained before the
47. Before, irp6 (adv.) pro.
Matt. 6. 8 your Father knoweth. .before ye ask him
Luke 2. 21 named of the angel before he was
22. 15 I have desired to eat. .before I suffer
John i. 48 Jesus, .said unto him, Before that Philip
13. 19 Now I tell you before it come, that
GaL 2. 12 For before that certain came from James
3. 23 But before faith came, we were kept
2 Ti. i. 9 which was given . . before the world began
Titus i. 2 which God. .promised before the world
48.Tmoards, irpo j (ace.) pros.
Acts 26. 26 before whom also I speak freely
Rom. 4. 2 he hath . . to glory ; but not before God
49. Before theface of, wpo irpo(T(airo\i\_pro, prosdpon~\.
Acts 13. 24 When John had first preached before his
SQ.Formerly, before, irp6rtpov (adv.) proteron.
John 6. 62 Son of man ascend up where he was liefore?
9. 8 and they which before had seen him
2 Co. i. 15 I was minded to come unto you before
i Ti. 1. 13 Who was before a blasphemer, and a
61. Formerly, erst, before, irplv prin.
Matt 26. 34 That this night, before the cock crow
26. 75 Before the cock crow, thou shall deny
Mark 1 4. 72 Before the cock crow twice, thou shall
.ke?2. 61 Before fie coc\ irow. thou shall deny
John 8. 58 I say unto you, Before Abraham ; 14. 29.
Si. If not first, 4a.v n^wp6r(pov[ean] ; John 7. 51.
53. Before that, irplv 1j prin ?.
Matt. i. 18 before they came together, she was found
Marki4. 3 before the cock crow twice, thou shall
Luke 2. 26 before he had seen the Lord s Christ
Acts 2. 20 [before] that great and notable day of the
7. 2 God. . appeared unto . . Abraham before he
54. First, foremost, irpurot prulos.
John 1.15, 30 for he was before me., before, itpSarov (adv.) pr6ton.
John 15. 1 8 ye know lhal it hated me before, .you
BEFORE, to b
To 1* formerly, wpoi>irapx prouparcko.
Luke 23. 12 for before they were at enmity between
Before that, irplv <j prin f.
Luke 22. 34 [before that] thou shall thrice deny that
Acts 25. 16 before that he which is accused have the
BEFORE that time
Yesterday, third day, ttafyr ^COK ethmol shilshom.
i Sa, 14. 21 were with the Philistines before that
BEFORE, that were
The former, mirton ha-rishonim.
Num. 6. 12 the days that were before shall be lost
BEFORE, they thit went
The former,
r" u qadmoni.
Job 1 8. 20 as they that went before were affrighted.
[See also Appoint, begin, brought, choose, con
firm, day, determine, fall, go, gospel, hear,
instruct, know, meditate, never, notice, ordain,
jiu-:irl:, preferring, presence, prove, run, sab-
Ijiitli. say, see, set, show, speak, spoken, stand,
suit, r, take, tell, world.]
[Sec Make, manifest, open, tcslify, Ihought.]
I. Formerly, C J?
? le-phanim.
Deul. 2. 12 Horiins also dwelt in Seir beforetime
I.In the former, n^cnj ba-rishonah.
2 Sa. 7. 10 children of wickedness, .as beforetime
3. Yesterday tfiird day, D HTO icriK ethmol shilshom.
i Sa. 10. ii when all that knew him beforetirne saw
4. Yesterday third day, C^ery Vicp temol shilshom.
Josh 20. 5 neighbour, .hated him not beforetime
a Ki.i3. 5 children of Israel dwell, .as beforetime
5.7V) be before, vpo inrapx<a jtrouparcho.
Acts 8. 9 Simon, which beforetime in the same city
BEG, to
1.7V) seek, inquire, rpj baqash, 3.
Psa. 37. 25 have I not seen, .his seed begging bread
2. To ask, demand, *?tfy shaal.
Prov.2o. 4 shall he beg in harvest, and (have)
3. To ask earnestly, ^tty shaal, 3.
Psa. 109. 10 Let his children be. .vagabonds, and beg
4. To ask, entreat, supplicate, air tea aiteo.
Mail 27. 58 He wenl to Pilate, and begged the body
Luke 23. 52 This (man) went unto Pilale, and begged
5. To ask more, or beside, tTrairtu epaitefi.
Luke 16. 3 I cannot dig ; to beg I am ashamed
6. To a-sk at, irpoffatTtw prosaiteo.
Markio. 46 Bartimams . . by the highwayside [begging]
LukeiS. 35 blind man sat by the wayside [begging]
John 9. 8 Is not this he that sat and begged ?
Foundation, "if yesud.
Ezra 7. 9 upon the first (day)., began he logo up
BEGAN, men
To be begun, S?n chalal, 6.
Gen. 4. 26 then began men to call upon the name of
1. To beget, briny forth, -.V; yalad.
Gen. 4. 18 Irad begat M" . "M. begat M. . .M. begat
10. 8 Cush begat Nimrod : he began to be a
10. 13 Mizraim begat Ludim, and Ananiim
10. 15 Canaan begat Sidon his firstborn, and
10. 24 Arphaxad begat Salah, and Salah begat
10. 26 Joktan begat Almodad, and Sheleph
22. 23 Bethuel begat Rebekah : these eight
25. 3 Jokshan begat Sheba and Dedan
Numn. 12 all this people? have I begotlen them
Deut3 2. 18 Of IheRock (lhat) begat thee thou art
i Ch. i. 10 Cush begat Nimrod : he began to be
i. ii Mizmim begat Ludim, and Anamim
i. 13 Canaan begat Zidon his firstborn, and
i. 18 Arphaxad begat Shelah, and Shelah begat
i. 20 Joktan begat Almodad, and Sheleph
Psa. 2. 7 Thou (art) my son. .have I begotten thee
Prov.i 7. 21 He that begetlelh a fool (doeth it) to his
23. 22 Hearken unto thy father thai begat thee
23. 24 he that begetlelha wise (child) shall have
Isa. 49. 21 Who hath begotlen me these, seeing I
Dan. ii. 6 and he that begat her, and he that
Hos. 5. 7 for they have begotlen slrange children
Zech 1 3. 3 his mother that begat him . . that begat
2. To cause to yield or bring forth, iV; yalad, 5.
5. 3 and begat (a son) in his own likeness
5. 4 after he had begotten, .and he begat
5. 6 an hundred and five years, and begat
5. 7 after he begat Enos . . begat sons and
5. 9 Enos lived ninety years, and begat
5. 10 after he begat Cainan. .begat sons and
5. 12 Cainan lived seventy years, and begat
5. 13 after he begat Mahalaleel. .begat sons
5. 15 Mahalaleel lived, .and begal Jared
5. ifi after he begat Jared. .begat sons and
5. 18 Jared lived an. .and he begat Enoch
5. 19 after he begat Enoch, .begat sons and
5. 21 Enoch lived sixly. .and begal Melhuselah
5. 22 after he begat Methuselah, .begat sons
5. 25 Methuselah lived, .and begat Lamech
5. 26 Methuselah . . begat Lamech . . and begat
: Lamech lived an hundred. . and beyat ,s
5. 30 after he begat Noah . .begat sons and
5- 32 Noah begal Shem, Ham, and Japhelh
6. 10 Noah begat three sons, Shem, Ham, and
11. 10 and bccat Arphaxad two years after the
1 1 . 1 1 Shem . . begat Arphaxad . . and begat sous
11.12 Arphaxad lived five . . and begal Salah
n. 13 after he begat Salah. .begat sons and
ii. 14 Salah lived thirty years, and begat Eber
ii. 15 after he begat Eber. .begat sons and
ii. 16 Eber lived four and. .and begat n. Peleg 17 after he begat Peleg. .begat sons aud
xi. 18 Peleg lived thirty years, and begat Reu
ii. 19 after he begat Reu. .and begat sons and
n. 20 Reu lived two and. .and begat Serug
Gen. ii. 21 after he begat Serug. .begat son* and
ii. 22 Strug lived thirty years, aud begat Nahor
ii. 23 after he begat Nahor. .begat sons and
ii. 24 Nahor lived nine aud. .and begat Terah
ii. 25 after he begat Terah. .begat sons and
ii. 26 Terah lived .. bc-gat Abram, Nahor, and
ii. 27 Terah begat Abram. .and Haran begat
17. 20 twelve princes shall he beget, and 25. 19
A&. 6 which thou begetlesl after them, shall
45 which they begat in your land : and they
29 and Machir begal Gilead : of Gilead
Lev. 25.
Deul. 4.
Rutn 4.
2 Ki. 20.
ith. i.
2Ch. ii.
Neh. 12
Job 38.
Eccl. 5.
Isa. 39.
Eze. 18.
3. To beget,
Jas. i.
4. To beget,
Matt. i.
58 the Korathiles. And Kohalh begat
25 thou shall begel children, and children s
41 Thou shall begel sons and daughters
1 son of an harlot : and Gilead begat
18 Hie generalions of Pharez: Pharez begat
19 Hezron begat Ram, and Ram begat
20 Amminadab begat Nahshon, and N. btgat
21 Salmon begat Boaz, and Boaz begal Obed
22 Obed begal Jesse, and Jesse begat David
18 of thy sons, .which thou shall beget
34 Abraham begat Isaac. The sons of Isaac
10 Ram begat Amminadab ; and A. begat
11 Nahshon begat Salma. .Salnia begat Boaz
12 Boaz begat Obed, and Obed begat Jesse
13 Jesse begat his firslborn Eliab, and
1 8 Caleb, .begal (children) of Azubah (his)
20 Hur begal Uri, and L ri begal Bezaleel
22 Segub begat Jair, who had three and
36 Altai begal Nalhan, aud Nathan begat
37 Zabad begat Ephlal, and Ephlal begat
38 Obed begat Jehu, and Jehu begat Azariah
39 Azariah begat Helcz, and Helez begat
40 Eleasah begat Sisamai, and Sisamai begat
41 Shallum begat Jekamiah, and J. . .begat
44 Shema begat Raham. .Rekem begat
46 Ephah. .bare Haran . .Haran begat
2 Reaiah. .begat Jahath ; and Jahath begat
8 Coz begat Anub, and Zobebah, and the
11 Chelub the brother of Shuah begat Mehir
12 Eshton begat Belh-rapha, and Paseah
14 Meonolhai begat Ophrah. .Seraiah begat
4 Eleazar begat Phinehas, Phinehas begat
5 Abishua begat Bukki, and Bukki begat
6 Uzzi begat Zerahiah, and Zerahiah begat
7 Meraioth begal Amariah, and A. begat
8 Ahitub begat Zadok, and Zadok begat
9 Ahimaaz begat Azariah, and A. begat
10 Johauan begat Azariah, he (it is) that
11 Azariah begat Amariah, and A. begat
12 Ahitub begat Zadok. .Zadok begat Shall
13 Shallum begat Hilkiah. .Hilkiah begat
14 Azariah begat Seraiah. .Seraiah begat
32 Heber begat Japhlet, and Shonier, and
1 Benjamin begat Bela his firstborn, Ashbel
7 he removed them, and begat T zza and
8 Shaharaim begat (children) in the country
Q he begat of Hodesh his wife, Jobab, and
ii of Hushim he begat Ahitub, and Elpaal
32 Mikloth begat Shimeah. And these also
33 Ner begat Kish . . Kish begat Saul . . Saul b.
34 Merib-baal ; and Merib-baal begat Micah
36 Ahaz begat J. . . Jehoadah begat A. . .Z. b.
37 Mpza begat Binea : Rapha (was) his son
38 Mikloth begat Shimeam. And they also
39 Ner begat Kish.. Kish begat Saul.. Saul b
40 Merib-baal ; and Merib-baal begal Micah
42 Ahaz begal J. ..Jarah begat Alemeth. .Z.l
43 Moza begat Binea ; and Rephaiah his son
3 David begat more sons and daughters
21 Rehoboam. . oegat twenty and eight sons
21 Abijah. .begat twenty and two sons
3 Jehoiada. .begat sons and daughters
:o Jeshua begat J. . . J. . .begat E. . .E. begat
11 Joiada begat Jonathan. .Jonathan begat
28 who hath begotten the drops of dew .
14 and he begetteth a son, and (there is)
3 If a man beget an hundred (children)
7 of thy sons, .which thou shall beget
10 What begettest thou? or to the woman
3 concerning their fathers that begat them
6 Take ye wives, and beget sons and
10 If he beget a son . .a robber, a shedder
14 Now, lo, (if) he beget a son, that seeth all
22 which shall beget children among you
bring forth, inronvto apokue<~>.
18 Of his own will begat he us with the word
bring forth, ytwdca gennao.
2 Abraham begat Isaac ; and Isaac begat
Jacob ; and Jacob begat Judas and nis
brethren: 3 And Judas begat 1 hares
and Zara of Thamar ; and Phares begat
Esrem ; and Esrom begat Aram ; 4 And
Aram begat Aminadab ; and Aiuinadab
begat Naasson ; and Naasson begat
Salmon ; 5 And Salmon begat Eooz of
Kachab : and Booz begat Obed of Ruth ;
and Obed begat Jesse ; 6 And Jesse be
gat David the king ; and David the king
begat Solomon of her. .of Urias ; 7 And
Solomon begat Roboam ; and Roboam
begat Abia; and Abia begat Asa: 8
And Asa begat Josaphat ; and Josaphat
begat Joram ; and J oram begat Ozias ; 9 And Ozias begat Joatham ; and Joalham
begal Achaz ; and Aohaz begal Ezekias ;
10 And Ezekias begal Manasses ; and
Manasses begal Amon ; and Amon begat
Josias; n And Josias begat Jechonias
and his brethren.
12 Jechonias begat Salathiel : and Salathiel
i Jo.
Matt. i. 13 begat Zorobabel ; 13 And Zorobabel be
gat Abiud ; and Abmd begat Eliakim ;
and Eliakim begat Azor; 14 And Azor
begat Sadoc : and Sadoc begat Aehim ;
and Aehini begat Eliud ; 15 And Eliud
begat Eleazar; and Eleazar begat Matthan
; and Matthan begat Jacob ; 16 And
Jacob begat Joseph
Acts 7. 8 so (Abraham) begat Isaac, and circumc.
7. 29 Moses., was., in.. Madian, where he begat
13. 33 Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten
i Co. 4 15 I have begotten you through the gospel
10 whom I have begotten in my bonds
5 Thou art my (Son this day have I begotten
. 5 Thou art my Son. to day have I begotten
i him that begat loveth him. .is begotten
18 he that is begotten of God keepeth him.
BEGET again, to
TV beget again or anew, ava-ytwav anagennao.
i Pe. i. 3 God and Father, .hath begotten us again
\.Xecdy, desirous, p 3N ebyon.
i Sa. 2. 8 He . .lifteth up the beggar from the
Z.Croucking, cringing, trrtaxoi ptOchns.
Luke 16. 20 there was a certain beggar named Lazarus
1 6. 22 And it cams to pass, that the beggar died
Crouching, cringing, rrvxAs ptSchos,
Gal. 4. 9 turn ye again to the weak and beggarly
Beginning, commencement, nVrifi techillah.
.N eh. ii. 17 Mattanwh. .(was) the principal to begin
I. To begin, tyn ehalal, 5.
Gen. 6. i v/hen men began to multiply on the face
C. :o And Koah began, .an husbandman, and
10. 8 he began to be a mighty one in the earth
11. 6 And the LORD said .. this they begin to do
41 54 the seven years of dearth began to come
44. 12 And he searched, (and) began at the
Num 16. 46 Take a censer, .the plague is begun
1 6. 47 behold the plague was begun among the
25. i the people began to commit whoredom
Deut. 2. 24 begin to possess (it), and contend with
2. 25 This day will I begin to put the dread of
2. 31 1 have begun to give . begin to possess
3. 24 thou hast begun to show thy servant thy
16. 9 begin to number the seven weeks from
Josh. 3. 7 This day will I begin to magnify thee
Judg 10. 18 What man (is he) that will begin to fight
13. 5 and he shall begin to deliver Israel out of
13. 25 the Spirit of the LORD began to move him
16. 19 she began to afflict him, and his strength
16. 22 the hair of his head began to grow again
20. 31 they began to smite of the people, (and)
20. 39 Benjamin began to smite (and) kill of the
20. 40 But when the flame began to arise up
1 Sa. 3. 2 his eyes began to wax dim, (that) he
3. 12 when I begin, I will also make an end
22. 15 Did I then begin to enquire of God for
2 Ki. 10. 32 In those days the LORD began to cut
15. 37 In those days the LORD began to send
1 Ch. i. 10 he began to be mighty upon the earth
27. 24 Joab the son of Zeruiah began to number
2 Ch. 3. i Then Solomon began to build the house
3. 2 And he began to build in the second
20. 22 And when they began to sing and to
29. 17 Xow they began on the first (day) of the
29. 27 the burnt offering began, the song, .began
31. 7 In the third month they began to lay
31. 10 Since (the people) began to bring the
31. 21 And in every work that lie began in the
34. 3 he began to seek after the God of David
Ezra 3. 6 From the first day. .began they to offer
3. 8 Mow in. .second year, .began Zerubbabel
!Neh. 4. 7 that the breaches began to be stopped
Esth. 6. 13 betore whom thou hast begun to fall
9. 23 the Jews undertook to do as they, .begun
Jer. 25. 29 I begin to bring evil on the city which is
Eze. 9. 6 begin at my sanctuary, Then they began
Jon. 3. 4 And Jonah began to enter into the city
2. To be beyan, V pri ehalal, 6.
Gen. 4. 26 then began (men) to call upon the name
3. To begin, be pleased, ?NJ yaal, 5.
Deut. i. 5 On this side Jordan . .began Moses to
4. To begin, solve, loose, WW shere, 3.
Ezra 5. 2 Zerubbabel. .and began to build the
5. To begin, commence, &pxoneu archomai.
Matt. 4. 17 Jesus began to preach, and to say
n. 7 Jesus began to say unto the multitude!
11. 20 Then began he to upbraid the cities
12. i his disciples, .began to pluck the cars of
14. 30 beginning to sink, he cried. .Lord, save
16. 21 From that time forth began Jesus to
16. 22 Peter took him, and began to rebuke
18. 24 when he had begun to reckon, one was
20. 8 Call the labourers . . beginning from the
24. 49 And shall begin to smite (his) fellow
26. 22 they . .began every one of them to say
26. 37 he. .began to be sorrowful and very
26. 74 Then began he to curse and to swear
Mark i. 45 he went out, and began to publish (it)
2. 23 his disciples began, as they went, to
4. i he began again to teach by the seaside
5. 17 they began to pray him to depart out
Mark. 5. 20 he departed, and began to publish in
6. 2 he began to teach in the synagogue
6. 7 he. .began to send them forth by two and
6. 34 he began to teach them many things
6. 55 began to carry about in beds those that
8. ii the Pharisees, .began to question with
8. 31 he began to teach them, that the Son of
8. 32 Peter took him, and began to rebuke
10. 28 Then Peter began to say unto him, Lo
10. 32 he. .began to tell them what things
10. 41 they began to be much displeased with
10. 47 he began to cry out, and say, Jesus
11. 15 Jesus, .began to cast out them that sold
12. i he began to speak unto them by parables
13. 5 Jesus answering them began to say, Take
14. 19 they began to be sorrowful, and to say
14. 33 he. .began to be sore amazed, and
14. 65 some began to spit on him, and to cover
14. 69 a maid, .began to say to them that stood
14. 71 he began to curse and to swear. .1 know
15. 8 the multitude, crying aloud, began to
15. 18 began to salute him. Hail, King of . .Jews
Luke 3. 8 begin not to say within yourselves, v. 23
4. 21 he began to say unto them, This day is
5. 21 the scribes and the Pharisees began to
7. 15 he that was dead sat up, and began to
7. 24 he began to speak unto the people
7. 38 began to wash his feet with tears, amd
7. 49 they that sat. .began to say within
9. 12 when the day began to wear away, then
11. 29 he began to say, This is an evil generation
n. 53 the scribes and the Pharisees began to
12. i he began to say unto his disciples first of
12. 45 shall begin to beat the men servants and
13- 25 ye begin to stand without, and to knock
13 26 Then shall ye begin to say, We have
14. 9 thou begin with shame to take the lowest
14. 18 all with one (consent) began to make
14. 29 Lest, .all that behold (it) begin to mock
14. 30 This man began to build, and was not
15. 14 when he had spent, .he began to be in
15. 24 lost. .And they began to be merry
19. 37 the whole multitude, .began to rejoice
19. 45 began to cast out them that sold therein
20. 9 Then began he to speak to the people
21. 28 when these things begin to come to pass
22 23 they began to enquire among themselves
23. 2 they began to accuse him, saying, We
23. 5 beginning from Galilee to this place
23. 30 Then shall they begin to say to the
24. 27 beginning at Moses and all the Prophets
24. 47 among all nations, beginning. .Jerusalem
John 8. 9 [they, .went out one by one, beginning at]
13. 5 he. .began to wash the disciples feet
Acts i. i of all that . .began both to do and teach
1. 22 Beginning from the baptism of John
2. 4 they . .began to speak with other tongues
. 35 Philip, .began at the same scripture, and
10. 37 That word . .began from Galilee, after the
11, 15 as I began to speak, the Holy Ghost fell
18. 26 he began to speak boldly in the synagogue
24. 2 Tertullus began to accuse (him), saying
27. 35 when he had broken (it), he began to eat
2 Co. 3. i Do we begin again to commend ourselves?
1 Pe. 4. 17 judgment must begin at the house of God
G. To begin in, enarchomai.
Gal. 3. 3 Are ye so foolish ? having begun in the
Phil. i. 6 he which hath begun a good work in you
7. To begin before, irpo(vdpxot*.ai procnarchomai.
2 Co. 8. 6 that as he had begun, so he would also
8. To be about to, ^\\a) mcllu.
Rev. 10. 7 when he shall begin to sound, the
BEGIN at the first, to
To receive a beginning, Aa/a/Sdro* apxtv- \lambano].
Heb. 2. 3 which at the first began to be spoken by
BEGIN before, to
To begin before, irpoevopxo/xaj proenarchomai.
2 Co. 8. 10 who have begun before, not only to do
BEGIN to be, to
Was beginning, -f>v a.p\6u. =vos en archomenos.
Luke 3 23 Jesus himself began to be about thirty
[See also Amend, build, dark, dawn, reign, sink
spring, wanton, world.]
1. Then, Jx az.
Isa. 48. 3 declared the former things from the b.
48. 5 I have even from the beginning v. 7.
I.ITead, vvh rosh.
txodia. 2 This month, .unto you the beginning of
2 umio. 10 in the beginnings of your months, ye
28. ii in the beginnings of your months ye shall
Deut 32. 42 from the bcg nning of revenges upon the
. wig 7. 19 came unto. .111 the beginning of the
Psa, 119. 160 Thy word (is) true (from) the beginning
Prov. 8. 23 I was set up from, .from the beginning
Keel. 3. ii that God maketh from the beginning to
Isa. 40. 21 hath it not been told you from the beg.
41. 4 calling the generations from the beg.
41. 26 Who hath declared from the beginning
48. 16 not spoken in secret from the beginning
Lam. 2. 19 in the beginning of the watches pour out
Eze. 40. i in the beginning of the year, in the tenth
2. Head, n^xn rishah.
Eze. 36. n do better (unto you) than at your begin.
4. First, former, ppp risfion.
Kuth 3. 10 more kindness, .than at the beginning
1 Ch. 17. 9 waste them any more, as at the beginning
Prov.2o. 21 inheritance, .gotten hastily at the begin.
Jer. 17. 12 A glorious high throne from the beginning
5.First, former, HTKl reshith.
Gen. i. i In the beginning God created the heaven
10. 10 the beginning of his kingdom was Babel
49. 3 my might, and the beginning of my
Deut 11.12 from the beginning of the year even unto
21. 17 for he (is) the beginning of his strength
Job 8. 7 Though thy beginning was small, yet thy
42. 12 latter end of Job more than his beg. 10 The fear of the LORD (is) the beginning
Prov. i. 7 The fear of the LORD (is) the beginning
8. 22 The LORD possessed me in the beginning
17. 14 The beginning of strife (is as) when one
Eccl. 7. 8 Better (is) the end., than the beginning
Isa. 46. 10 Declaring the end from the beginning
Jer. 26. i In the beginning of the reign of Jehoiakim
27. i In the beginning of the reign of Jehoiakim
28. i in the beginning of the reign of Zedekiah
49. 34 in the beginning of the reign of Zedekiah
Mic. i. 13 she (is) the beginning of the sin to the
6. Beginning, commencement, nVnp techillah.
Gen. 13. 3 where his tent had been at the beginning
41. 21 they (were) still ill favoured, as at the beg.
Ruth i. 22 came to b. in the beginning of barley
2 Sa. 21. 9 the first (days) in the beginning of barley
21. 10 from the beginning of harvest until water
2 Ki. 17. 25 it was at the beginning of their dwelling
Ezra 4. 6 in the beginning of his reign, wrote they
Meh. ii. 17 the principal to begin the thanksgiving
Prov. 9. 10 The fear of the LORD (is) the beginning of
Eccl. 10. 13 The beginning of the words of his mouth
Isa. i. 26 restore, .thy counsellors as at the beg.
Dan. 9. 21 whom I had seen in the vision at the beg.
9. 23 At the beginning of thy supplications the
Hos. i. 2 The beginning of the word of the LORD
Amos 7. i in the beginning of the shooting up of the
7. Beginning, apxri arche.
Matt 19 4 he which made, .at the beginning made
19. 8 but from the beginning it was not so
24. 8 All these (are) the beginning of sorrows
24. 21 such as was not since the beginning of
Mark i. i The beginning of the gospel of Jesus
10. 6 from the beginning of the creation God
13. 8 These (are) the beginnings of sorrows
13. 19 such as was not from the beginning of
Luke i. 2 which from the beginning were eye witn.
John i. i In the beginning was the Word, and the
1. 2 The same was in the beginning with God
2. ii This beginning of miracles did Jesus
6. 64 Jesus knew from the beginning who they
8. 25 that I said unto you from the beginning
8. 44 He was a murderer from the beginning
15. 27 ye have been with me from the beginning
16. 4 these things I said not. .at the beginning
Acts ii. 15 fell on them, as on us at the beginning
Phil. 4. 15 that in the beginning of the gospel, when
Col. i. 18 who is the beginning, the firstborn from
2 Th. 2. 13 because God hath from the beginning
Heb. i. 10 Thou, Lord, in the beginning hast laid
3. 14 if we hold the beginning of our confidence
7. 3 having neither beginning of days, nor
2 Pe. 3. 4 continue as . . from the beginning of the
1 Jo. i i which was from the beginning, which we
2. 7 old commandment, .from the beginning
2. 7 word . . have heard from the [beginning]
2. 13, 14 ye have known him. .from the beg.
2. 24 heard from the beginning, .from the beg.
3. 8 for the devil sinneth from the beginning
3. ii message that ye heard from thebeginning
2 Jo. 5 that which we had from the beginning
6 That, as ye have heard from the beg.
Rev. i. 8 I am Alpha and Omega, [the beginning]
3. 14 true witness, the beginning of the
21. 6 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning
22. 13 beginning and the end, the first and the
8. First, former, irpu-Tos prfitnr.
2 Pe. 2. 20 the latter cud is worse, .than the beg.
First, former, irpiarov proton.
John 2. 10 Every man at the beginning doth set
BEGINNING, from the
From above, &v<adtv anothen.
Acts 26. 5 Which knew me from the beginning, if
[See also Rehearse, world.]
l./Jirth, n~Vio moledeth.
Lev. i8."i begotten of thy father, she (is) thy sister
I.To go out, Hf; yalsa.
Judg. 8. 30 Gideon had. .sons of his body begotten
BEGOTTEN (Son), only
Only-born, chief, fj.oi>oytvris monogenes.
John i. 14 glory as of the only begotten of the F.
i. 18 the only begotten Son, which is in the
3. 16 that he gave his only begotten Son, that
3. 18 in the name of the only begotten Son of
Heb. ii. 17 and he., offered up his only begotten (sou)
i Jo. 4. 9 that God sent his only begotten Son in"
B: GOTTEN, first -
First-born, irptaroTOKos prOtotaikos.
Heb i 6 whenbe bringeth In the flrrt begotten into
Rev. i. 5 the first begotten of the dead, and the
To be burn, i1
?; yalad, 1.
Deut23- 8 The children that are begotten of them
1.7*0 deceive, S;} nakal, 3.
Nuni25. 18 wherewith they have beguiled you iu the
2.7-0 beguile, lift up, wf} nasha, 5.
Gen. 3. 13 The serpent beguiled me, and 1 did eat
3.7*0 throw, cast down, .12-3 ramah, 3.
Gen 20 25 wherefore then hast thou beguiled in.-"
Josh. 9. 22 Wherefore have ye beguiled us, saying
4. To entrap, 5*Xa$> deleazo.
3 Pe. 2. 14 cannot cease from sin ; beguiling unstable
6.7Y> deceive greatly, ^airardu eraj>"
3 Co. n. 3 as the serpent beguiled fcve through his
6 T<> reason wrongly, Trapa\oyi(onai.paraioffuomai
Col. 2. 4 this 1 say, lest any man should beguile you
BEGUILE of one s reward, to
To award the palm against one, Karafya&fvw.
Col. 2. 18 Let no man beguile you of your reward
Part, share, portion, ntpos vieros.
2 Co. 9. 3 boasting . . should be In vain in this behalf
1 Pe. 4. 16 but let him glorify God ou this [behalf]
BSHAL? of, in the
On behalf of, for, MT> (yen.) h tper
, (Mriat
Will. i. 29 uuto you it is given in the behalf of C hnst
l.//i (uldition to, on account of, tvi (dat.)epi.
Rom.i6. 19 I am glad therefore on your behalt :
^.Concerning, about, jrtpi (yen. ] peri.
i Co. i. 4 I thank my God always on your behalf
S.On behalf of, for, {mip (gen.) httper.
a Co i. 1 1 thanks may be given .ou our behalf
5. 12 give you occasion to glory on our b. 8. 24.
4. Upon, -rb ivi to epi, Rom. 1 6. 19.
To compare, equal, rn? taoA, 3.
Psa. 131. 2 I have behaved and quieted myself, as a
BEHAVE self, (seemly, uncomely), to
1.7* qo on for one s self, ^ halak, 1.
Psa. 35. 14 I behaved myself as friend
2.7"" turn round again, avaffroKpu anastrephS.
i Ti. 3. 15 know iiow Ihou ougntest to behave thyself
3. To become, yivopai ginotnai.
i Th. 2. 10 behaved ourselves among you that believe
[See Disorderly, ill, proudly, strangely, valiantly,
uncomely, unseemly, wisely ]
1. Taste, reason, cytj taam.
i Sa. 21 13 he changed his behaviour before them
Psa. 34. title, when he changed his behaviour before
Z.Contittttion, Karaari\iJLa katastima.
i it i-i 2. 3 that, .in behaviour as becometh holiness
BEHAVIOUR, of good
Orderly, itdo->iios
i Ti. 3. 2 A bishop then must be. .of g. behaviour
I. To turn aside the head, vvh 113 stir rosh, 5.
aSa. 4. 7 beheaded him, and took his head, and gat
2. To behead, fcr*c^oAlCw apobephaliiS.
Matt 14. 10 he sent, and beheaded John in Ihe prison
Mark 6. 16 It is John, whom I bfhradi-d : he is risen
6. 27 he wi-nt and hi-ln-adrd him in tlir jiri-mi
Luke <) 9 Herod said, John have I beheaded : but
3.7V) cut away with an axe, itf \tnifa pe?>-I:iz~>.
Rev. 20. 4 (I saw) the souls of them . . were behcadi-d
BEHEADED, that it
To (cause to) drop, break down, ,% araph
I icut .. i. 6 over the heifer that is beheaded in the
To see, view, njq chasah.
Dan. 7. 4 I beheld till the wings thereof were pi.
7. 6 After this 1 hrhrM. and lo another, like
7. 9 I beheld lill the thrones were cast down
7. 1 1 I beheld . . because of . . I beheld . . till
7. 21 I beheld, and the same horn made war
BE-HE MOTH, nionj a large beast.
It is uncertain wlietli-r this is the elephant or Ihe
hippopotamus ; but the weight of argument seems on
the side of tin- latter.
Job 40. 15 Behold now b., which I made with thet)
2 Sa. io.
i Ch. i
3 Ch. 13.
Psa, 139,
Isa. 9.
1. Behind,
Gen. 18.
Josh. 8.
1 Sa. 21.
2 Sa. i.
1 Ki. 14.
2 Ki. 6.
2 011.13.
Jv eh. 4.
Song 2.
Isa. 30.
Eze. 3.
4 -
Joel 2.
iinK nchor.
u baltle was against nun before and behind
io battle was. .against him before and
14 tit-- batlle (was) before and behind : and
5 Thou lut ""t e behind and before
12 Syrians before, and the Philistines behind
inx achar.
io in the tent door, which (was) behind him
17 Escape for thy life ; look not behind thee
26 his wife looked back from behind him
13 behold, behind (him) a ram caught iu a
18 and, behold, also he (is) behind us
20 Behold, thy servant Jacob (is) behind us
iu the angel of God. .went behind them
18 smote, .all. .feeble behind thee, when
14 liers in ambush against him behind the
20 when the men of Ai looked behind them
i- behold, (it is) behind Kirjath-jearim
40 the Benjanutes looked behind them, and
o wrapped in a cloth behind the ephod : if
8 when Saul looked behind him, David
7 when he looked behind him, he saw me
20 Abner looked behind him, and said
27 that the spear came oul behind him
1 6 her husband went . . along weeping behind
23 fetch a compass behind them, and come
34 behold, there came much people, .behind
9 thou. .hast cast me behind thy back
72 the sound of his master s feet behind
1 8 turn thee behind me. And the watchman
io What hast thou to do. .turn thee behind
6 a third part al the gate behind the guard
13 ambushment to come about behind them
13 and the ambushment (was) behind them
16 the rulers (were) behind all the house of
26 and cast thy law behind their backs, and
17 Seeing thou. .caslesl my words behind
9 he slandeth behind our wall, he looketh
2 1 thine ears shall hear a word behind thee
17 thou hast cast all my sins behind thy
8 Behind the doors also and the posts
17 purify themselves in the gardens behind
12 I heard behind me a voice of a great
35 Because thou hast, .cast me behind thy
15 the separate place which (was) behind
^ behind them a flame..behind them a
14 repent, and leave a blessing behind him
8 behind him. .red horses, speckled, and
behind, uiriffdtv orjisthen.
Matt. 9. 20 behold, a woman, .came behind, .and
Mark 5. 27 came in the press behind, and touched
Luke 8. 44 Came behind, .and louched the border of
Rev. 4. 6 four beasts, full of eyes before and behind
BEHIND, to be
To be behind, vffTfpfv hustereo.
2 Co. it. 5 I suppose I was not a whit behind the
12 it iu nothing am I behind the very chiefest
BEHIND, to oome
To be behind, vffrfpew Jmstere i.
i Co. i. 7 So that ye come behind in no gift
BEHIND, those things which are
The things behind, TO birlata ta opis~>.
Phil. 3. 13 forgetting those things which are behind
BEHIND, which is
What is behind, vtrrfp-ri/j.a Intsterema.
Col. i. 24 fill up that which is behind of the
[See also Abide, left, tarry.]
1. Lo, iVjt alu.
Dan. 2. 31 Thou, O king, sawest, and behold, a great
4. 10 I saw, and behold a tree in Ihe midst of
4. 13 behold, a watcher and an holy one came
7. 8 I considered the horns, and, behold
7. 8 behold, iu this horn (were) eyes like the
%.Lo, see! n* aru.
Dan. 7. 2 behold, the four winds of the heaven
7. . 5 behold another beast, a second, like to
7. 7 behold a fourth beast, dreadful and
7. 13 behold, (oue) like the Son of man came
3./,o, he! ttrt he.
Kze. 16. 43 behold, therefore I also will recompense
4.Lo, }n hen.
Gen. 3. 22 Behold, the man is become as one of us
5.Lo, n|rt hinneh.
Gen. i. 29 Behold, I have given you every herb
Q.Srr.! I8f ide.
Mall 2 5. 20 behold, I have gained beside them five
25. 22 behold, I have gained two other lalenls
26. 65 behold, now ye have heard his blasphemy
Mark 2. 24 Behold, why do they ou the sabbath day
3. 34 said. (Behold] my mother and my brethren
ii. 21 behold, the fig tree .is withered away
15. 4 behold how many thiutis they witiu--^
io. 6 behold the place where they laid him
John i. 29 Behold the Umb of <iod, which taketh
i. 36 looking, .he saitli. Behold the Lamb of
i. 47 Behold an Israelite iudeed, in whom is
3. 26 behold, the same baptizelh, audall. . couie
5. 14 Behold, thou art made whole : sin uo
ii. 3 l.urd, behold, he whom tluui lovest is
n. 36 Then said the Jews, Behold how he
12. 19 behold, the world is gone after him
18. 21 ask. .behold, they know what I said
19. 4 Behold, I bring him forth to you, that ye
19. 5 And (Pilate) sailh unto them, [Behold]
19. 14 he saith unto the Jews, Behold your
20. 27 Reach hither thy finger, and behold my
Rom. 2. 17 [Behold,] thou art called a Jew, and
Gal. 5. 2 [Beholdj I i aul say unto you, that if ye
7 .See ! lo ! ISov idou.
Matt. i. 20 behold, the angel of the Lord appeared
1. 23 Behold, a virgin shall be with child
2. i behold, there came wise men from the
2. 13 behold, the angel of the Lord appeareth
2. 19 behold, an angel of the Lord uppeareth
4. ii behold, angels came and ministered unto
7. 4 and, behold, a beam.. in thine own eye?
8. 2 behold, there came a leper and worshipped.
8. 24 behold, there arose a great tempest iu
8. 29 behold, they cried out, saying, What
8. 32 behold, the whole herd of swine rati
8. 34 behold, the whole city came out to meet
9. 2 behold, they brought to him a man sick of
(). 3 behold, certain of the scribes said within,
9. 10 behold, many publicans, .came and sat
9. 18 behold, there came a certain ruler, and
9. 20 behold , a woman .. came behind . . and
9. 32 behold, they brought to him a dumb man
10. 16 Behold, 1 send you forth as sheep iu the
11. 8 Behold, they that wear soft (clothing) are
ii. 10 Behold, I send my messenger before thy
11. 19 Behold a man gluttonous, .a wine bibber
12. 2 Behold, thy disciples do that which is
12. 10 behold, there was i>. man which had hia
12. 18 Behold my servant, whom I have chosen.
12. 41 and, behold, a greater than Jonas (is) here-
12. 42 and, behold, a greater than Solomon (is)
12. 46 behold, (his) mother and his brethren
12. 47 Behold, thy mother and thy brethren
12. 49 he. .said, Behold my mother and my
13. 3 saying. Behold, a sower went forth to sow
15. 22 behold, a woman of Canaan came out of
17. 3 behold, there appeared unto them Moses>
17. 5 behold, a bright cloud, .and behold a
19. 16 behold, one came and said unto him
10,. 27 Behold, we have forsaken all, and
20. 1 8 Behold, we go up to Jerusalem ; and the
20. 30 behold, two blind men sitting by the way
21. 5 Behold, thy king cometh unto thee, meek
22. 4 Behold, I have prepared my dinner: my
23. 34 behold, I send unto you prophets, and
23. 38 Behold, your house is left unto you
24. 25 Behold, I have told you before
24. 26 Behold, he is in the desert, .behold. <1ie is)
25. 6 Behold the bridegroom cometh ; go ye
26. 45 behold, the hour is at hand, and the Soa
26. 46 behold, he is at hand that doth betray me-
26. 51 behold, one of them, .stretched out (his)
27. 51 behold, the veil of the temple was rent
28. 2 behold, there was a great earthquake : for
28. 7 behold, he goeth before you into Galilee
28. 9 behold. Jesus met them, saying. All hail !
28. 1 1 behold, some of the watch came into the
Mark i. 2 Behold, I send my messeneer before thy
3. 32 Behold, thy mother and thy brethren
4. 3 Hearken ; Behold, there went out a sower
5. 22 [behold,] there cometh one of the rulers
10. 33 Behold, we go up to Jerusalem ; and the
13 23 [behold,] I have foretold you all things
14. 41 behold, the Sou of man is betrayed into
15. 35 some of them, .said, [Behold,] he calleth
Luke i. 20 behold, thou shall be dumb, and not able
i. 31 behold, thou shall conceive in thy womb
i. 36 behold, thy cousin Elisabeth, she hath
i. 38 Mary said, Behold the handmaid of the
1. 48 behold, from henceforth all generations
2. 10 behold, I bring you good tidings of great
2. 25 behold, there was a man in Jerusalem
2. 34 Behold, this., is set for the fall and rising
2. 48 behold, thy father and I have sought thee
5. 12 behold a man full of leprosy ; who, seeiug
5. 18 behold, men brought in a bed a man
6. 23 for, behold, your reward (is) great in
7. 12 behold, there was a dead man carried out
7. 25 Behold, they which are gorgeously
7. 27 Behold, I send my messenger before thy
7. 34 Behold a gluttonous man, and a wine b.
7. 37 behold, a woman in the city, which was
8. 41 behold, there came a man named Jairus
9. 30 behold, there talked with him two men
9. 38 behold, a man of the company cried out
10. 3 behold, I send you forth as lambs among
10. 19 Behold, I give unto you power to tread
10. 25 behold, a certain lawyer stood up, and
11. 31 behold, a greater than Solomon (is) here
ii. 32 behold, a greater than Jonas (is) here
ii. 41 and, behold all things are clean unto you
13. 7 Behold, these three years I come seeking
13. ii behold, there was a Woman which had a
13. 30 behold, there arc last which shall be tlrst
13. 32 Behold, I cast out devils, and I do cures
13. 35 Behold, your house is left uuto you des.
14. 2 Behold, there was a certain man before
17. 21 behold, the kingdom of God is within you.
18. 31 Behold, we go up to Jerusalem, and all
Lukeiq. 2 behold,(there was) a man named /accheus
iy. 8 Behold, Lord, the half of my goods I give
19. 20 Lord, behold, .thy pound, which I have
22. 10 Behold, when ye are entered into the city
22. 21 behold, the hand of him that betrayeth
22. 31 behold, Satan hath desired, .you, that he
2. 38 they said, Lord, behold, here (are) two
22. 47 And while he yet spake, behold a
23. 14 behold, I. .have found no fault in this
23. 29 For, behold, the days are coining, in the
23. 50 behold, .a man named Joseph, a
24. 4 behold, two men stood by them in
24. 13 behold, two of them went that same day
24. 49 behold, I send the promise of my Father
John 4. 35 behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes
12. 15 behold, thy King cometh, sitting on an
16. 32 Behold, the hour cometh, yea, is now
19. 26 he saith unto his mother,Woman,[behold]
19. 27 Then saith he to the disciple, [Behold] thy
Acts i. 10 behold, two men stood by them in white
2. 7 Behold, are not all these which speak
5. 9 Behold, the feet of them which have
5. 25 Behold, the men . .are standing in the
5. 28 behold, ye have filled Jerusalem with
7. 56 And said, Behold, I see the heavens
8. 27 he. .went : and, behold, a man of
g. 10 And he said, Behold, I (am here) Lord
9. ii enquire.. for (one) called Saul.. for, behold
10. 17 behold, the men. .had made enquiry for
10. 19 the Spirit said nuto him, Behold, three
10. 2t and said, Behold, I am he whom ye seek
10. 30 behold, a man stood before me in bright
*i. ii behold, immediately there were three
12. 7 behold, the angel of the Lord came upon
13. ii behold, the hand of the Lord (is) upon
13. 25 behold, there cometh one after me,whose
16. i behold, a certain disciple was there
20. 22 behold, I go bound in the spirit unto
20. 25 behold, I know that ye all. .shall see my
Rom. 9. 33 Behold, I lay in Sion a stumbling-stone
i Co. 15. 51 Behold, I show you a mystery ; We shall
a Co. 5. 17 behold, all things are become new
6. 2 behold, now(is) the accepted time; behold
6. 9 as dying, and, behold, we live ; as
7. 1 1 behold this selfsame thing, that ye
12. 14 Behold, the third time I am ready to
Gal. i. 20 behold, before God, I lie not
Heb. 2. 13 Behold I and the children which God
8. 8 Behold, the days come, saith the Lord
Jas. 3. 3 [Behold, ] we put hits in thehorses mouths
3. 4 Behold also the ships, .yet are they turned
3. 5 Behold how great a matter a little tire
5. 4 Behold, the hire of the labourers, .crieth
5. 7 Behold, the husbandman waiteth for the
5. 9 behold, the Judge standeth before the
5. 1 1 Behold, we count them happy which
i Pe. 2. 6 Behold, I lay in Sion a chief corner stone
Jude 14 Behold . . Lord cometh with ten thousand
Hev. i. 7 Behold, he cometh with clouds; aud every
1. 18 and, behold, I am alive for evermore
2. 10 behold, the devil shall cast, .you into
2. 22 Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and
3. 8 behold, I have set before thee an open
3. 9 Behold, I will make them of the syna.
3. 9 behold, I will make them to come aud
3. ii [Behold,] I come quickly : hold that fast
3. 20 Behold, I stand at the door and knock
4. i behold, a door (was) opened in heaven
4. 2 behold, a throne was set in heaven, and
5. 5 behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda
6. 2 And I saw, and behold a white horse
6. 8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse
9. 12 behold, there come two woes more here.
11. 14 behold, the third woe cometh quickly
72. 3 behold a great red dragon, having seven
14. 14 I looked, and behold a white cloud, and
75. 5 [behold,] the temple of the tabernacle of
76. 15 Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed (is) he
79. ii I saw heaven opened, and behold a white
21. 3 Behold, the tabernacle of God (is) with
21. 5 he. .said, Behold, I make all things new
22. 7 Behold, I come quickly : blessed (is) he
22. 12 behold, I come quickly ; and my reward
1. To view, see, ~jn chazah.
Job 23. 9 where he doth work, but I cannot behold
Psa. ii. 4 his eyes behold, his eyelids try, the
ii. 7 his countenance doth behold the upright
17. 2 let thine eyes behold the things that are
17. 15 As for me, I will behold thy face in
27. 4 to behold the beauty of the LORD, and
46. 8 Come, behold the works of the LORD
2. To (cause to) behold attentively, e;j nabat, 5.
Num 12. 8 similitude of the LOUD shall he behold
21. 9 when he beheld the serpent of brass, he
23. 21 He hath not beheld iniquity in Jacob
Job 36. 25 Every man may see it ; man may behold
39. 29 From thence, .her eyes behold afar off
Psa. 10. 14 for thou beholdest mischief and spite, to
51. 8 Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold
TQ2. 19 from heaven did the LORD behold the
119. 18 that I may behold wondrous things out
-rsa. 38. 1 1 I shall behold man no more with the
Lam. i. 12 behold, and see if there be any sorrow
3. 63 Behold their sitting down, and their
3. To face, front, ~jp panah.
Job 24. 18 he beholdeth not the way of the vineyds.
4. To look out, watch, ~?y tsaphah.
Psa. 66. 7 his eyes behold the nations : let not the
Pro v 15. 3 beholding the evil and the good
5.7 o sec, took, consider, HKT raah.
Gen. 12. 14 the Egyptians beheid the woman, that she
13. 10 Lot lilted up his eyes, aud beheld all the
19. 28 aud beheld, aud, lo, the smoke of the
31. 2 Jacob beheld the countenance of Labau
48. 8 Israel beheld Joseph s sons, and said
Deut. i. 8 Behold, I have set the land before you
1. 21 Behold, the LORD.. hath set the land
2. 24 behold, I have given into thine hand Sih.
2. 31 Behold, I have begun to give Sihon and
3. 27 Get thee up into the top of. .and behold
4. 5 Behold, I have taught you statutes and
ii. 26 Behold, I set before you this day a
32. 49 behold the land of Canaan, which I give
Josh. 8. 4 Behold, ye shall lie in wait against the
22. 28 Behold the pattern of the altar of the
23. 4 Behold, I have divided unto you by lot
Judg 16. ?7 men and women, that beheld while
1 Sa. 26. 5 David beheld the place where Saul lay
2 Sa. 24. 22 behold, .oxen for burnt sacrifice, and
i Ch. 21. 15 as he was destroying, the LORD beheld
Job 19. 27 mine eyes shall behold, and not another
22. 12 behold the height of the stars, how high
31. 26 If I beheld the sun when it shiued, or
40. 1 1 behold every one . . proud, and abase him
41. 34 He beholdeth all . .he (is) a king over all
Psa. 33. "13 The LOUD, .beholdeth all the sons of men
37. 37 Mark the perfect, .and behold the
59. 4 awake to help me, and behold
80. 14 look down from heaven, and behold
84. 9 Behold, O God our shield, and look upon
113. 6 Who humbleth . . to behold . . in heaven
119. 37 Turn away mine eyes from beholding
119. 158 I beheld the transgressors, and was
142. 4 I looked on (my) right hand, and beheld
Prov. 7. 7 And beheld among the simple ones, I
23. 33 Thine eyes shall behold strange women
Eccl. 2. ii behold, all.. vanity and vexation of
7. 27 Behold, this have I found, saith the
8. 17 Then I beheld all the work of God, that
ii. 7 pleasant, .for the eyes to behold the sun
Song 3. 1 1 behold king Solomon with the crown
Isa. 26. 10 will not behold the majesty of the LORD
33. 17 they shall behold the land that is very
40. 26 and behold who hath created these
41. 23 that we may be dismayed, and behold
41. 28 For I beheld, and. .no man ; even among
49. 18 Lift up thine eyes round about, and heho.
63. 15 Look down from heaven, and behold from
Jer. 4. 23 I beheld the earth, and, lo . . without form
4. 24 I beheld the mountains, and, lo, they
4. 25 I beheld, and, lo. .no man, and all the
4. 26 I beheld, and, lo, the fruitful place (was)
13. 20 Lift up your eyes, and behold them that
20. 4 thine eyes shall behold (it): and I will give
29. 32 Behold, I will punish Shemaiah the
31. 26 Upon this I awaked, and beheld; and my
32. 4 and his eyes shall behold his eyes
34. 3 thine eyes shall behold the eyes of the
40. 4 behold, all the land (is) before thee 42.2
Lam. i. 9 O LORD, behold my affliction ; for the
i. 1 8 hear, I pray you, all people, and behold
1. 20 Behold, O LORD, for I (am) in distress
2. 20 Behold, O LORD, and consider to whom
3. 50 the LORD look down, and behold from
5. i O LORD, .consider, and behold our
Eze. i. 15 as I beheld the living creatures, behold
8. 2 Then I beheld, and, lo, a likeness as the
8. 9 Go in, and behold the wicked abomin.
28. 17 I will lay thee. .that they may behold
28. 1 8 in the sight of all them that behold thee
37. 8 And when I beheld, lo, the sinews 40. ^
44. 4 I looked, and, behold, the glory of the
44. 5 Son of man. .behold with thine eyes, and
Dan. 9. 18 open thine eyes, and behold our desola.
Amos 3. 9 behold the great tumults in the midst
Miu. 7. 9 LORD.. I shall behold his righteousness
7. 10 Where is the LORDthy God f. .eyes shall b.
Hab. i. 5 Behold ye among the heathen, and regard
i. 13 of purer eyes than to behold evil, and
3. 6 he beheld, and drove asunder the nations
Zech. 3. 4 Behold, I have caused thine iniquity to
6. 8 Behold, these . . have quieted my spirit in
6.7V) behold, look, Te; shur.
Nuni23. 9 from the hills I behold him : lo, the
24. 17 I shall behold him, but not nigh: there
Job 20. 9 neither shall his place any more behold
34. 29 he hideth (his) face, who then can behold
35. 5 and behold the clouds, .are higher than
7. To look upon, Tt? shir, 3a,
Job 36. 24 magnify his work, which men behold
8. To view again, avaOtvptca anntheSreo.
Acts 17. 23 For as I passed by, aud beheld your
9. To behold, see, look, fiXtira blepo.
Matt. 7. 3 why beholdest thou the mote that is in
18. 10 their angels do always behold the face of
Luke 6. 41 why beholdest thou the mote that is in
6. 42 when thou thyself beholdest not the
24. 12 [he beheld the linen clothes laid by]
Acts i. 9 while they beheld, he was taken up ; and
i Co. 10. 18 Behold Israel after the flesh : are not
Rev 17. 8 when they behold the beast that was, and
10. To see, tlSt<i>, dSov cideo, cidon.
Mark 9. 15 the people, when they beheld him, were
Luke 59. 41 he beheld the city, and wept over it
21. 29 Behold the fig tree, and all the trees
22. 56 a A;rtain maid beheld him as he sat by
Luke 24. 39 Behold my hands ami my feet, that it it
John 20. 27 Reach hither thy finder, and behold my
Acts 13. 41 Behold, ye despisers, and wonder, and
Rom ii. 22 Behold therefore the goodness and
i Jo. 3. i Behold what manner of love the Father
Rev. 5. 6 I beheld, and, lo, in the midst of the
5. ii I beheld, and I heard the voice of many
6. 5 I btheld, and lo a black horse : and ho
6. 12 I beheld when he had opened the sixth
7. 9 After tin s I beheld, and, lo, a great
8. 13 I beheld, and heard an angel Hying
13. ii I beheld another beast coming up out of
11. To look on or upon, i)\t-K<o embtepv.
Matt 19. 26 But Jesus beheld, .and said unto 6. 26.
Luke2o. 17 he beheld them, and said, What is this
John i. 42 when Jesus beheld him, he said, Thou
12. To look over, or upon, (iroirrfvta epopteuo.
i Pe. 2. 12 good works, which they shall behold
3. 2 While they behold your chaste couvcna.
13. To look upon, tir (7Sov rirl epeidon epi.
Acts 4. 29 now, Lord, [behold] their threateningg
14.7*0 view, theaomai.
Luke 23. 55 the women also, .beheld the sepulchre
John i. 14 we beheld his glory, the glory sa of the
ly.To view, Of<apea> thefireG.
Marhiz. 41 beheld how the people cast money into
15. 47 Mary Magdalene, .beheld where he was
Luke 10. 18 I beheld Satan as lightning fall from
14. 29 Lest, .all that behold (it) begin to mock
21. 6 these things which ye behold, the day
John 17. 24 they may behold my glory, which thou
Eev ii. 12 ascended.. and their enemies beheld them
16. To observe fully, Ka.ra.vo4d> katanoed.
Acts 7. 31 as he drew near to behold (it), the voice
7. 32 Moses trembled, and durst nut behold
Jas. i. 24 he beholdeth himself, aud goetli his way
BEHOLD as in a glass, to
To see in a mirror, katoptrizomai.
2 Co. 3. 18 beholding as in a glass the glory of the
BEHOLD, to cause to
To (cause to) look attentively, C5J nabat, 5.
Hab. i. 3 Why dost thou. .cause (me) to behold
1.7*0 see, nyn raah.
Psa 1 19. 3*7 Turn away mine eyes from beholding
2.Seeing, siyht, mr> reuth.
Eccl. 5. ii saving the beholding.. with their eyes?
3. To view. Becaptca theoreo.
Matt 27. 55 many women were there beholding afar
Luke 23. 35 the people stood beholding. And the
23. 48 all the people, .beholding the things
Acts 8. 13 beholding the miracles aud signs which
4. To behold, fr\tir<a blepo.
Acts 4. 14 beholding the man which was healed
Col. 2. 5 joying and beholding your order, and the
5. To behold intensely, ifi./3\r*ee emblepli.
Markio. 21 Then Jesus beholding him, loved him
6. To observe fully, Karavoeci, katanoeo.
Jas. i. 23 like unto a man beholding his natural
7. To see, opaua horao.
Luke23- 49 his acquaintance, .stood afar.. beholding
[See also Earnestly, steadily.]
To be binding on, 5eT (ace.), dei.
Luke 24. 46 thus [it behoved] Christ to suffer, and to
BEHOVETH one, it
To owe, 6<pfi\ta opheilo.
Heb. 2. 17 it behoved him to be made like unto (his)
BEING, while I have
In my being, niy? be-od-i.
Psa 104. 33 I will sing praise .. while I have my being
l.To be, fl/j.1 eimi.
Matt. i. 19 Then Joseph her husband, being a just
7. ii If ye then, being evil, know how to give
12. 34 how can ye, being evil, speak good
Mark 8 i In those days the multitude being very
14. 3 being in Bethany, in the house of Simon
Luke 2. 5 To be taxed with Mary, .being great with
3. 23 being (as was supposed)the son of Joseph
13. 16 ought not this woman, being a daughter
20. 36 the children of God, being the children
22. 3 Judas, .being of the number of the twelve
John 4. 9 How is it that thou, being a Jew. askest
5. 13 conveyed himself away, a multitude being
6. 71 that should betray him, [being] one of the
7. 50 he that came to Jesus by night, being onf
10. 33 that thou, being a man, makest thyself
11. 49 one of them, .being the high priest that
ii. 51 being high priest that year, he prophesied
1 8. 26 One of the servants of. .high priest, being
19. 38 Joseph of Arimathea, being a disciple oi
Acts 15. 32 Judas and Silas, being prophets also
1 6. 21 teach customs, .not lawful for us. .being
27. 2 (one) Aristarchus, a Macedonian, .being
Rom ii. 17 thou, being a wild olive tree, wert grafted
i Co. 8. 7 and their conscience being weak is
o. 21 being not without law to God, but under
12. 12 all the members of that one body, being
Gal. a. 3 neither Titus, who was with me, hem,; a
Kph. 2. 20 Jesus Christ himself being the chief
4. 18 being alienated from the life of God
Col. 2. 13 you, being dead in your sins, .hath he
i Ti. 3. 10 use the office of a deacon, being., blameless
Titus i. 16 in works they deny . .being al>ominal>le
3. ii and sinntth, being OOOdMniMd of himself
Vhra y being such an one as 1 aul the aged, and
Heb. i. 3 Who being the brightness of (his) glory
13. 3 as being yourselves also in the body
2.7*0 become, ytvofiai yinoinai.
Mark <>. 5) being in the house, he asked them, What
Luke 22. 44 being in an agony he prayed . . earnestly
Jas. i. 25 he being not a forgetful bearer, but u
i Pe. 5. 3 Neither as being lords over.. heritage
3. To be, exist, \nra.pxn> hiijtarchu.
Luke ii. 13 If ye then, b.-inu evil, know how to give
16. 21 being in torments, and seeth Abraham
Acts 7. 55 Rut he, being full of the Holy Ghost
14. 8 [being] a cripple from his mother s womb
16. 20 These men, being Jews, do exceedingly
16. 37 being Romans, and have cast (us) into
IQ. 40 there being no cause whereby we may give
a Co. 8. 17 but being more forward, .he went unto
12. 16 being crafty, I caught you with guile
Gal. i. 14 being more exceedingly zealous of the
2. 14 If thou, being a Jew, Tivest after, Ph. a. 6
4. Upon, tiri (gen. ) epi, Luke 3. 2.
SEIKO, we have our
\Ve are, ftrutv esmen.
Acts 17. 28 we live and move, and have our being
A btkith, yp? beqa.
Exod38. 26 A bekah for every man . .half a shekel
BEL, ^3 lord.
The Babylonian name of Baal, though some critics
doubt their identity.
Isa. 46. i B. boweth down, Nebo stonpeth ; their
Jer. 50. 2 Babylon is taken, B. is confounded
51. 44 I will punish B. in Babylon, and I will
BE LA, BE -LA.H, Vv? consumption.
1. A place near the S. of the vale of Siddim, called also
Gen. 14. 2 made war with, .the king of B., which
14. 8 there went out. .the king of B., the same
2. The first king of Edom mentioned in icripture, B.C.
Ota. 36. 32 B. the son of Beor reigned in Edom : and
36. 33 B. died, and Jobab the son of /erah of
i Ch. i. 43 these, .the kings that reigned. .15. the son
i. 44 when B. was dead, Jobab the son of
8. Eldest son of Benjamin, and head of the Belaites, of
whom the house of Ehud was most remarkable. He
was one of the left-handed heroes, B.C. 1700.-
Gen. 46. 21 the sons of Benjamin. . Belah. and
Nuru 26. 38 of B., the family of the Belaites : of Ash.
26. 40 the sons of B. were Ard and Naaman
i Ch. 7. 6 of Benjamin ; B. and Becher, and Jediael
7. 7 the sons of Bela ; Ezbon, and I /.zi, and
8. i Benjamin begat B. his firstborn, Ashbel
8. 3 the sons of B. were, Addar, and Guru and
4. A ion of Azaz of the tribe of Reuben.
i Cb. 5. 8 Bela the son of Azaz, the son of Shema
BE-LA-ITE8, V^3 belonging to Bela. Dmi ml nit of the preceding liela.
Num . 6. 38 of Bela, the family of the Belaites : of
BELCH out, to
To cause to flow, utter, send forth, yjj nnha, 5.
Psa, 59. 7 Behold, they belch out with their mouth
BE LT-AL, ^fyfn toorthless, reckless, lawless.
This should not be regarded as a proper name. It is
generally associated with the words "man," "son,"
"daughter," or "chilren." Hence "son" or "man"
of Belial, simply means "a worthless person." In the
New Testament the form of the word is Beliar (&(\ia.p
not &i\ia\ as given in the common version).
Deut 13. 13 men, the children of B., are gone out
Judg 19. 22 certain sons of B., beset the house round
20. 13 deliver (us) the men, the children of 15-
1 S&. i. 16 Count not thine handmaid for a dau. of B
3. 13 Now the sons of Eli (were) sons of B.
10. 27 the children of B. said. How shall this
25. 17 for he (U such) a son of B., that (a man)
25. 25 Let not my Lord. .regard this man of B.
30. 22 Then answered all the wicked men. ..of B.
2 S. 16. 7 Come out, come out. .thou man of B.
20. i there happened to be there a man of B.
23. 6 But (the sons) of B. . . all of them as thorns
1 XI. 21. 10 set two men, sons of B., before him, to
ai. 13 there came in two men, children of B.
21. 13 the men of B. witnessed against him
2 Ch. 13. 7 there are gathered unto him . . child- of B.
a Cor. 6. 1 5 what concord hath Christ with B.
To lie to, be false, rn$ kachash, 3.
Jer. 5. 12 They have belied the LOI:I>, and said
Confidence, trust, TiVrjy pistis.
r Th. 2. 13 through sanctittcation of the Spirit, A b.
BELIEVE, to ---
1 . To remain st&lfast, jpx ain<m, 5.
Gen. 15. 6 he believed in the LORI> ; and he counted
45. 26 Jacob s heart fainted, for he believe.d
Exud 4. i they will not believe me, nor hearken
4. 5 That they may believe that the LORD God
4. 8 it shall come to pass, if they will not be.
4. 8 they will believe the voice of the latter
4. Q if they will not believe also these two
4. 31 the people believed: and when they heard
14. 31 believed the LORD, and his servant Moses
19. 9 that the people may hear, .and believe
Num 14. 1 1 how long will it be ere they believe me
20. 12 Because ye believed me not, to sanctify
Deut. i. 32 in this thing ye did not believe the LOUD
9- 23 ye believed him not, nor hearkened to his
i Sa. 27. 12 Achish believed David, saying, He hath
1 Ki. 10. 7 Howbeit I believed not the words, until
2 Ki. 17.14 that did not believe in the LORD their God
2 Ch. 9. 6 Howbeit I believed not their words, until
20. 20 Believe in the LOKD .. believe his prophets
32. 15 nor persuade you. .neither yet believe
Job. 9. 16 would I not believe that he. .hearkened
15. 22 He believeth not that he shall return out
29. 24 (If)
I laughed on them, they believed (it)
39. 12 Wilt thou believe him, that he will bring
39. 24 neither believeth lie that (it is) the sound
Psa. 27. 13 unless I had believed to see the goodness
78. 22 Because they believed not in God, and
78. 32 and believed not for his wondrous works
106. 12 Then believed they his words ; they sang
106. 24 they despised the pleasant land; they be.
116. 10 I believed, therefore have I spoken : I
119. 66 for I have believed thy commandments
Prov.i 4. 15 The simple believeth every word : but the
26. 25 When he speaketli fair, believe him not
Isa. 7. 9 If ye will not believe, surely ye shall not
28. 16 he that believeth shall not make haste
43. 10 that ye may know and believe me, and
53. i Who hath believed our report ? and to
Jer. 12. 6 believe them not, though they speak fair
40. 14 Gedaliah thesonof Ahikam believed, .not
Lam. 4. 12 The kings, .would not have believed that
Dan. 6. 23 taken up out. .because he believed in his
Jon. 3. 5 So the people of Nineveh believed God
Hab. i. 5 ye will not believe, though it be told
2.To be persuaded, Trti8o/ peit/iomai.
Acts 17. 4 some of them believed, and consorted
27. 1 1 Nevertheless the centurion believed the
28. 24 some believed the things which were
3. To adhere to, trust, rely on, irtcrrfvta pisleuo.
Matt. 8. 13 as thou hast believed, (so) be it done unto
9. 28 Believe ye that I am able to do this !
18. 6 one of these little ones which believe in
21. 22 whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believ.
21. 25 Why did ye not then believe him?
21. 3. believed him not., believed him.. might b.
24. 23 Lo, here (is) Christ, or there ; believe (it)
24. 26 (he is) in the secret chambers ; believe (it)
27. 42 let him., come down, .and we will believe
Mark 5. 36 unto the ruler.. Be not afraid, only believe
9. 23 If thou canst [believe]..him that believeth
9. 24 Lord, I believe ; help thou mine unbelief
9. 42 offend one of. .little ones that [believe] in
ii. 23 shall believe that those things which he
ii. 24 when ye pray, believe that ye receive
ii. 31 will say, Why then did ye not believe him?
13. 21 or, lo, (lie is) there ; believe (him) not
15. 32 descend, .that we may see and believe
1 6. 13 [they went and told, .neither believed]
16. 14 [because they believed not them which ]
16. 16 [He that believeth. .shall be saved ; but]
16. 17 [these signs shall follow them that believe]
Luke i. 20 because thou belie vest not my words
i. 45 blessed (is) she that believed : for there
8. 12 lest they should believe and be saved
8. 13 have no root, which for a while believe
8. 50 believe only, and she shall be made whole
20. 5 he will say, Why then believed ye him
22. 67 he said. .If I tell you, ye will not believe
John i. 7 that all (men) through him might believe
i. 12 power, .to them that believe on his name
1. 50 I saw thee under the fig tree, believest
2. ii miracles, .and his disciples believed on
2. 22 they believed the Scripture, and the word
2. 23 many believed in his name, when they saw
3. 12 and ye believe not, how shall ye believe
3. 15 That whosoever believeth in him should
3. 16 that whosoever believeth in him should
3. 18 He that believeth on him is not condemn.
3. 18 he that believeth not is condemned al.
3. 18 because he hath not believed in the name
3. 36 He that believeth on the Son of man hath
4. 21 Woman, believe me, the hour cometh
4. 39 many of the Samaritans . . believed on him
4. 41 many more believed because of his own
4. 42 Now we believe, not because of thy saying
4. 48 Except ye see signs, .ye will not believe
4. 50 the man believed the word that Jesus
4. 53 and himself believed, and his whole house
5. 24 believeth on him that sent me, hath ever.
5. 38 whom he hath sent, him ye believe not
5. 44 How can ye believe, which receive honour
5. 46 had ye believed Moses, ye would have b.
5. 47 if ye believe not his writings
5. 47 how shall ye believe my words?
6. 29 that ye believe on him whom he hath
6. 30 that we may see. and believe thee? what
6. 35 he that hrlieveth on me shall never thirst
6. 36 That ye alsj have seen me, and believe
John 6. 40 which seeth the Son, and believeth on
6. 47 He that believeth on me hath everlasting
6. 64 some of you that believe not. .believed
6. 69 we believe and are sure that thou art that
7. 5 For neither did his brethren believe u<
7. 31 many of the people believed on him, and
7. 38 lie that believeth on me, as the Scripture
7. 39 which they that believe on him should
7. 48 Have any of the rulers, .believed on him?
8. 24 if ye believe not that I am (he), ye bhall
8. 30 As he spake these words n:any believed
8. 31 said, .to those Jews which believed on
8. 45 because I tell . . the truth, ye believe me
8. 46 if I say the truth, why do ye not believe
9. 18 the Jews did not believe concerning him
9. 35 Dost thou believe on the Son of God?
o. 36 Who is he. .that I might believe on him?
9. 38 he said, Lord, [I believe.] And he
10. 25 I told you, and ye believed not
10. 26 ye believe not, because ye are not of my
10. 37 If I do not the works, .believe me not
10. 38 though ye believe not me, believe the
10. 38 that ye may know and [believe,] that the
10. 42 And many believed on him there
11. 15 to the intent ye may believe ; nevertheless
ii. 25 he that believeth in me, though he were
ii. 26 whosoever.. believeth in me shall ...Be.
ii. 27- Believest thou this? I believe that thou
ii. 40 if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest
ii. 42 that they may believe that thou hast sent
ii. 45 Then many of the Jews, .believed on him
11. 48 If we let him thus alone, all. .will believe
12. ii of the Jews went away, and believed on J.
12. 36 While ye have light, believe in the light
12. 37 done, .many miracles, .yet they believed
12. 38 Lord, who hath believed our report? and
12. 39 Therefore they could not believe, because
12. 42 among the chief rulers also many believed
12. 44 He that believeth on me, believeth not
12. 46 whosoever believeth on me should not
12. 47 if any man hear my words, and [believe]
13. 19 that, .ye may believe that I am (he)
14. i ye believe in God, believe also in me
14. 10 Believest thou not that I am in the Father
14. ii Believe me that I (am) in the Father, and
14. ii or else believe me for the very works
14. 12 I say unto you, He that believeth on me
14. 29 when it is come to pass, ye might believa
16. 9 Of sin, because they believe not on me
16. 27 and have believed that I came out from
1 6. 30 by this we believe that thou earnest forth
16. 31 Jesus answered them, Do ye now believe?
17. 8 they have believed that thou didst send
17. 20 which shall believe on me through their
17. 21 that the world may believe that thou hast
19. 35 that he saith true, that ye might believe
20. 8 went in also that other, .and believed
20. 25 thrust, .into his side, I will not believe
20. 29 thou hast believed, .and. .have believed
20. 31 that ye might believe . .and that believing
Acts 2. 44 all that believed were together, and had
4. 4 many of them . .heard the word believed
4. 32 the multitude of them that believed were
8. 12 when they believed Philip preaching ths
8. 13 Simon himself believed also : and when
8. 37 [If thou believest . . I believe]
9. 26 and believed not that he was a disciple
Q. 42 it was known, .and many believed in the
10. 43 whosoever believeth in him shall receive
n. 17 unto us, who believed on the Lord Jesus
11. 21 a great number believed, and turned unto
13. 12 when he saw what was done, believed
13. 39 by him all that believe are justified from
13. 41 a work which ye shall in no wise believe
13. 48 as. .were ordained to eternal life believed
14. i a. .multitude both of the Jews, .believed
14. 23 to the Lord, on whom they believed
15. 5 there rose up certain of. .which believed
15. 7 Gentiles . . word of the gospel, and believe
15. ii we believe that through the grace of the
16. 31 they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus
16. 34 believing in God with all his house
17. 12 Therefore many of them believed ; also
17. 34 men clave unto him, and believed
18. 8 believed on the Lord, .hearing believed
18. 27 helped them much which had believed
19. 2 received the Holy Ghost since ye believed?
19. 4 they should believe on him which should
19. 18 many that believed came, and confessed
21. 20 thousands of Jews there are which believe
21. 25 As touching the Gentiles which believe
22. 19 beat in every synagogue, .that believed
24. 14 believing all things which are written
26. 27 believest thou. .1 know, .thou believest
27. 25 be of good cheer : for I believe God
Horn. i. 16 power of God. .every one that believeth
3. 22 unto all and upon all them that believe
4. 3 Abraham believed God, and it was
4. 5 believeth on him that justifieth the
4. ii he might be the father of all them that be.
4. 17 before him whom he believed, (even) God
4. 18 Who against hope believed in hope, that
4. 24 if we believe on him that raised up Jesus
6. 8 we believe that we shall also live with
9. 33 whosoever believeth on him shall not be
10. 4 for righteousness to . . one that believeth
10. 9 shalt believe in thine heart that God hath
10. 10 with the heart man believeth unto
10. 1 1 Whosoever believeth on him shall not be
10. 14 they have not believed, .shall they believe
10. 16 Lord, who hath believed our report .
13. ii now (is) our salvation .. when we believed
Rom 14. 2 one believeth that he may eat all things
i Co. i. 21 it pleased God . .to save them that believe
3. 5 but ministers by whom ye believed
ii. 18 be divisions among you. .partly believe it
13. 7 Beareth all tilings, believetn all things
14. 22 not to them that believe, .that believe
15. 2 are saved, .unless ye have believed in
15. ii they, so we preach, and so ye believed
a Co. 4. 13 I believed., we also believe, and therefore
Qal. 2. 16 even we have believed in Jesus Christ
3. 6 Even as Abraham believed God, and it
3. 22 promise.. be given to them that believe
Eph. i. 13 in whom also, after that ye believed, ye
1. 19 who believe, according to. .his mighty
Phil. i. 29 not only to believe on him, but also to
1 Th. i. 7 to all that believe in Macedonia and
2. 10 behaved ourselves among you that believe
2. 13 effectually worketh. .in you that believe
4. 14 if we believe that Jesus died and rose
2 Th. i. 10 that believe, .our testimony . .believed
2. ii delusion, that they should believe a lie
2. 12 might be damned who believed not the
1 Ti. i. 16 which should hereafter believe on him
3. 16 believed on in the world, received up
2 Ti. i. 12 I know whom I have believed, and am
Jas. 2. 19 Thou belie vest, .the devils also believe
2. 23 Abraham believed God, and it was
* Pe. i. 8 believing, ye rejoice with joy unspeakable
1. 21 Who by him do [believe] in God, that
2. 6 he that believeth on him shall not be
2. 7 Unto you therefore which believe (he is)
i Jo. 3. 23 That we should believe on the name of
4. i believe not every spirit, but try the spirits
4. 16 we have known and believed the love
5. i Whosoever believeth that Jesus is the
5. 5 he that believeth that Jesus is
Jude 5 afterward destroyed them that believed
4.7Y> remain stedfast to, n-i(rre6(ii ds pisteuo eis.
1 Jo. 5. 10 He that believeth on the Son of God
5. 10 he believeth not the record that God
5. 13 [that believe on . .that ye may believe on]
5. To remain stcdfasi in, wLcrrevia ev pisteuo en.
Mark 1.15 saying, .repent ye, and believe the Gospel
6. To remain stedfast on, irttrrevw eiri pisteuo epi.
BELIEVE not, to
l.To be unpersuaded, a.ireiQesa apeitheO.
John 3. 36 he that believeth not the Son shall not see
Acts 17. 5 the Jews [which believed not,] moved
19. 9 when divers were hardened, and bell, not
Horn ii. 30 as ye in times past have not believed Goil
ii. 31 Even so have these also now not believed
15. 31 from them that do not believe in Judea
Heb. 3. 18 sware he. .to them that believed not?
ii. 31 Rahab perished not with them that beLn.
Z.To be without trust, airtffrfw apisteo.
Marki6. n [they, when they had heard.. believed not]
16. 16 [he that believeth not shall be damned]
Luke 24. ii as idle tales, and they believed them not
24. 41 while they yet believed not for joy, and
Acts 28. 24 which were spoken, and some believed n.
Rom. 3. 3 what if some did not believe? shall their
2 Ti. 2. 13 If we believe not. .he abideth faithful
BELIEVE, them that
Faith, iriffns pistis.
Heb. 10. 39 but of them that believe to the saving of
BELIEVED, most surely
To bear, carry fully, ir\-r\po<$>opt<t> plerophoreO.
Luke i. i which are most surely believed among us
Trusting, trusty, iricrr6s rjistos.
Acts 10. 45 they of the circumcision which believed
16. i woman,which was a Jewess, and believed
l.Tti trust, rely on, iricrrfvca pisteuo.
Acts 5. 14 believers were the more added to the
2. Trusting, trusty, -rrHrrds pistos.
1 Ti. 4. 12 be thou an example of the believers, in
BELIEVETH, he that
Who is of the faith of, 6 e /c irtffTecas.[ho,ek,pistis}
Kom. 3. 26 the justitler of him which believeth in J.
BELIEVETH, that or which
Trusting, trusty, iriffros jnstos.
2 Co. 6. 1 5 what part hath he that believeth with an
i Ti. 4. 3 of them which believe and know the
4. 10 theSaviour.. specially of those that believe
5. t6 If any man or woman that [believeth]
BELIEVETH not, that or which
Untrusting, &TTKTTOS apistos.
i Co. 7. 12 If any brother hath a wife that beli.not
7. 13 woman, .hath an husband that beli. not
10. 27 If any of them that believe not bid you
14. 22 are for a sign, .to them that believe not
14. 22 not for them that believe not, but for
14. 24 there come in one that believeth not, or
a Co. 4. 4 blinded the minds of them which bel. not
1.7*0 trust, rely on, iriffTfvw pisteiM.
Rom 15. 13 God of hope fill you with., joy., believing
1. Trusting, Trio-re s pistos.
Johii2o. 27 saith he. .be not faithless, but believing
i Ti. 6. 2 they that have believing maaters, let
1.A little bell, niVyo metsilloth.
Zech 14. 20 In that day shall there be upon the bells
2./1 clock, bell, jicy.5 paamon.
Exod28. 33 bells of gold between them round about
28. 34 A. .bell and a pomegranate, .a. .bell
39. 25 they made bells, .and put the bells
39. 26 A bell and a pomegranate, a bell and a
To sound, *??y tsahal.
Jer. 50. ii ye are grown fat. .and bellow as bulls
Bellows, nso mappuach.
Jer. 6. 29 the bellows are burnt, the lead is
I. Belly, IB^ beten.
yum. 5." 21 the LORD doth make, .thy belly to swell
5. 22 make (thy) belly to swell, .(thy) thigh to
s . 27 her belly shall swell, .her thigh shall rot
Judg. 3. 21 Ehud, .thrust it into his belly
3. 22 could not draw the dagger out of his belly
i Ki. 7. 20 over against the belly which (was) by the
Job 3.11 give up . . when I came out of the belly ?
15. 2 and fill his belly with the east wind?
15. 35 vanity, and their belly prepareth deceit
20. 15 God shall cast them out of his belly
20. 20 he shall not feel quietness in his belly
20. 23 he is about to fill his belly, (God) shall
32. 19 Behold, my belly (is) as wine (which) hath
40. 16 his force (is) in the navel of his belly
Psa. 17. 14 whose belly thou fillest with thy hid
22. 10 thou (art) my God from my mother s belly
31. 9 is consumed . .my soul and my belly
44. 25 our belly cleaveth unto the earth
Prov.i3. 25 the belly of the wicked shall want
18. 8 go. .into the innermost parts of the belly
1 8. 20 A man s belly shall be satisfied with the
20. 27 searching all the inward parts of the belly
20. 30 (do) stripes the inward parts of the belly
26. 22 go. .into the innermost parts of the belly
Song 7. 2 thy belly (is like) an heap of wheat set
Isa. 46. 3 Israel, which are borne (by me) from t. b.
Jer. i. 5 Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew
Eze. 3. 3 Son of man, cause thy belly to eat, and
Jon. 2. 2 out of the belly of hell cried I . .thou
Hab. 3. 16 When I heard, my belly trembled ; my
I.Belly (of reptiles ), pnj gachon.
Gen. 3. 14 upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust
Lev. ii. 42 Whatsoever goeth upon the belly . .ye
3.Paunch, &~>3 keres.
Jer. 51. 34 he hath filled his belly with my delicates
^.Bowels, D J/ O meim.
Song 5. 14 his belly (is as) bright ivory overlaid
Dan. 2. 32 his belly and his thighs of brass
Jon. i. 17 Jonah was in the belly of the fish three
2. i Jonah prayed . .out of the fish s belly
^.Hollow place, n^ p qobah.
Num 25. 8 thrust . . the woman through her belly
6. Belly, yaar-np gaster.
Titus i. 12 Cretiaus (are) alway liars, .slow bellies
7. Belly, inward parts, Koi\(a koilia.
Matt 12. 40 as Jonas was three days .. whale s belly
15. 17 enteieth in at the mouth, .into the belly
Mark 7. 19 not into his heart, but into the belly
Luke 15. 16 he would fain have filled his belly with
John 7. 38 out of his belly shall flow rivers of living
Rom 16. 18 they that are such serve, .their own belly
i Co. 6. 13 Meats for the belly, and the belly for
Phil. 3. 19 Whose end (is) destruction, whose, .belly
Rev. 10. 9 it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall
10. 10 as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was
BELONG to or unto, to
To be, e/u eimi.
Mark 9. 41 because ye belong to Christ, verily I say
Luke23. 7 as soon as he knew that he belonged unto
Heb. 5. 14 strong meat belongeth to them that are
BELONG to, things that
1. Portion, .i}!j manah,
Esth. 2. 9 with such things as belonged to her, and
I.The things of, rd or Trpfa, also gen.
Luke 9. 10 a desert place belonging to the 19.42.
i Co. 7. 32 He . . careth for the things that belong to
[See also Gen. 40. 8 ; Lev. 27. ^24 ; Deut. 29. 29 ;
32. 35 ; Judg. 19. 14; 20. 4 ; i Ki. i. 8 ; Ezra 10 4 ;
Psa. 3. 8 ; 47. 9 ; 62. n, 12 ; 68. 20 ; Prov. 24. 23 ;
Dan. 9. 7, 8, 9 ; Heb. 10. 30.]
1 To love, aris aheb.
Deut2i. 15 If a man have two wives, one beloved, and
21. 15 have born him children, .the beloved and
21. 16 he may not make the son of the beloved
.Nell. 13. 26 who was beloved of his God, and God
Song i. 14 My beloved (is) unto me (as) a cluster of
Hos. 3. i Go yet, love a woman beloved of (her)
Song i. 1 6 thou (art) fair, my beloved, yea, pleasant
2. Loved, TH dod.
Song 2. 3 so (is) my beloved among the sons
2. 8 The voice of my beloved ! behold, he
2. 9 My beloved is like a roe or a young hart
2. 10 My beloved spake, and said unto me. Rise
2. 16 My beloved (is) mine, and I (am) his : he
2. 17 turn, my beloved, and be thou like a roe
4. 16 Let my beloved come into his garden
5. i drink, yea, drink abundantly, O beloved
5. 2 the voice of my beloved that knocketh
5. 4 My beloved put in his hand by the hole
5. 5 I rose up to open to my beloved ; and my
5. 6 I opened to my beloved ; but my beloved
5. 8 O daughters of Jerusalem . .my beloved
5. 9 What., thy beloved more than (anothertb.
5. 9 what . . thy beloved more than (another)b.
5. 10 My beloved (is) white and ruddy, the
5. 16 This (is) my beloved, and this (is) my
6. i is ihy beloved gone, .thy beloved turned
6. 2 My beloved is gone down into his garden
6. 3 I (am) my beloved s, and my beloved
7. 9 like the best wine for my beloved, that
7. 10 I (am) my beloved s, and his desire (is)
7. ii Come, my beloved, let us go forth into
7. 13 (which) I have laid up for thee. .beloved
8. 5 Who (is) this, .leaning upon her beloved?
8. 14 Make haste, my beloved, and be thou
Isa. 5. i a song of my beloved touching his viney.
3. Beloved, TVyadid.
Deut 33. 12 The beloved of the LORD shall dwell in
Psa. 60. 5 That thy beloved may be delivered, save
108. 6 That thy beloved may be delivered save
127. 2 (for) so he giveth his beloved sleep
Jer. ii. 15 What hath my beloved to do in mine
4. Desire, TP1
!"? machmad.
Hos. 9. 1 6 yet will I slay, .the beloved.. of their
5. To love dearly, d-yairaw agapao.
Rom. 9. 25 call . .her beloved, which was not beloved
Eph. i. 6 he hath made us accepted in the beloved
Col. 3. 12 as the elect of God, holy and beloved
1 Th. i. 4 Knowing, brethren beloved, your election
2 Th. 2. 13 brethren beloved of the Lord, because
Rev. 20. 9 camp of the saints about .. beloved city
6. Dearly beloved, oVyairTjro y agapetos.
Matt. 3. 17 This is my beloved Son, in whom I am
12. 18 my beloved, in whom my soul is well
17. 5 Tbis is my beloved Son, in whom I am
Mark i. n Thou art my beloved Son, in whom I am
9. 7 saying, This is my beloved Son : hear him
Luke 3. 22 Thou art my beloved Son ; in thee I am
9. 35 saying, This is my [beloved] Son : hear him
20. 13 What shall I do? I will send my beloved
Acts 15. 25 to send chosen men. .with our beloved
Rom. i. 7 To all that be in Rome, beloved of God
11. 28 the election, .beloved for the fathers
16. 8 Greet Amplias my beloved in the Lord
16. 9 Salute Urbane . .and Stachys my beloved
16. 12 [Salute the beloved Persis.whichlaboured]
i Co. 4. 14 but, as my beloved sons, I warn (you)
4. 17 Timotheus, who is my beloved son
15. 58 Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye
Eph. 6. 21 a beloved brother and faithful minister
Phil. 2. 12 my beloved, as ye have always obeyed
Col. 4. 7 Tychicus. .beloved brother, and a
4. 9 Onesimus, a faithful and beloved brother
4. 14 Luke, the beloved physician, and Demas
i Ti. 6. 2 because they are faithful and beloved
Phm. 2 to (our) [beloved] Apphia, and Archippus
16 but above a servant, a brother beloved
Heb. 6. 9 But, beloved, we are persuaded, .of you
Jas. i. 16 Do not err, my beloved brethren
1. 19 my beloved brethren, let every man be
2. 5 Hearken, my beloved brethren, Hath not
1 Pe. 4. 12 Beloved, think it not strange concerning
2 Pe. i. 17 This is my beloved Son, in whom I am
3. i This second epistle, beloved, I now write
3. 8 beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing
3. 14 beloved, seeing that ye look for such
3. 15 even as our beloved brother Paul also
3. 17 beloved, seeing ye know, .before, beware
i Jo. 3. 2 Beloved, now are we the sons of God
3. 21 Beloved, if our heart condemn us not
4. i Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try
4. 7 Beloved, let us love one another : for love
4. ii Beloved, if God so loved us, we ought also
3 Jo. 2 Beloved, I wish, .thou mayest prosper
5 Beloved, thou doest faithfully whatsoever
ii Beloved, follow not that which is evil
Jude 3 Beloved, when I gave all diligence to
17 beloved, remember ye the words, .of the
20 beloved, building up yourselves on your
BELOVED, dearly
1 . Dearly Moved, nnT yediduth.
Jer. 12. 7 dearly beloved of my soul into the hand
2. Dearly beloved, ayairriTds agapetos.
Rom 12. 19 Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves
1 Co. 10. 14 Wherefore, my dearly beloved, flee from
2 Co. 7. i dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves
12. 19 but. .all things, dearly beloved, for your
Phil. 4. i my brethren dearly beloved and longed
4. i stand fast in the Lord,(my) dearly beloved
2 Ti. i. 2 To Timothy, (my) dearly beloved son
Phm. i Philemon our dearly beloved, and fellow
i Pe. 2. ii Dearly beloved, I beseech (you) as
Dearly beloved, a.ycnrnT6s agapetos.
Mark 1 2. 6 Having yet. .one son, his well beloved
Rom 16. 5 Salute my well beloved Kpenrtus, who is
3 Jo. i The elder unto tho well beloved Gaius
BELOVED, greatly
Very desirable, n nion chamudoth.
Dan. 9. 23 for thou"(art) greatly beloved : therefore
10. ii O Daniel, a man greatly beloved
10. iq And said, O man greatly beloved, fearnot
BEL SHAZ ZAR, -]?K?^3 the lord s leader.
Son of Nebuchadnezzar and lastof thekings of Babylon,
elain B.C. 550.
Dan. 5. i 6. the king made a great feast to a
5. 2 B., whiles he tasted the wine, commanded
5. 9 Then was king B. greatly troubled, and
5. 22 thou his son, O B., hast not humbled
5. 29 Then commanded B., and they clothed
5. 30 In that night was B. the king of the dial.
7. i In the first year of B. king >i Babjlmi
8. i In the third year of the reigii of king B.
BEL TE-SHAZ ZAR, n^Kyp^S the lord s leader.
The name given to Daniel by the prince of Nebuchad
nezzar s eunuchs, B.C. 550.
Dan. i. 7 for he gave unto Daniel (the name) of B.
2. 26 said to Daniel whose name (was) B., Art
4. 8 at the last Daniel . . whose name (was) B.
4. 9 O B., master of the magicians, because I
4. 18 Now thou, O B. declare the interpretation
4. 19 Then Daniel, whose name (was) B., was
4. 19 The king spake, and said, B., let not the
4. 19 B. answered and said, My Lord, the dream
5. 12 Daniel, whom the king named B. : now
10. i revealed unto Daniel, whose name was B.
To nod, more, "nj nud.
Job 42. ii they bemoaned him, and comforted him
Jer. 15. 5 O J erusalem ? or who shall bemoan thee ?
16. 5 neither go to lament nor bemoan them
22. 10 Weep ye not for the dead, neither bemoan
48. 17 All ye that are about him, bemoan him
Nah. 3. 7 Nineveh is laid waste : who will bemoan
BEMOAN self, to
To nod or more oneself, "na mid, In.
Jer. 31. 18 I have, .heard Kphniim bemoaning h.
BEN, |3 son, intelligent.
A Levite set over the service of song in the time of
David, B.C. 1042.
i Ch. 15. 18 with them their brethren. .B., and Jonziel
BE-NA -IAH, ?:v}3, n;j3 Jah is intelligent.
1 Son of Jehoiadah, one of David s officers, B.C. 1042.
y S. 8. 18 B. the son of Jehoiada (was over) both
30. 23 B. the son of Jehoiada (was) over the
23. 20 B. the son of Jehoiada, the son of a
23. 22 These (things) did B. the son of Jehoiada
i Ki. i. 8 Zadok the priest, and B. the son of Jehoia.
1. 10 Nathan the prophet, and B., and the
i. 26 Zadok the priest, and B. the sou of Jeh.
i. 32 David said, C all me Zadok the priest . .<fc B.
i. 36 B. the son of Jehoiada answered the king
j. 38 So Zadok the priest, .and B. the son of
1. 44 the king hath sent.. B., the son of Jehoiada
s. 25 king Solomon sent by the hand of B. the
2. 29 Then Solomon sent B. the son of Jehoiada
e. 30 B. came to the tabernacle of the LORI>
a. 30 B. brought the king word again, saying
a. 34 So B. the son of Jehoiada went up, and
a. 35 the king put B. the son of Jehoiada
a. 46 So the king commanded B. the son of
4. 4 B. the son of Jehoiada (was) over the
i Ch. ii. 22 B. the son of Jehoiada, the son of a
11. 24 These (things) did B. the son of Jehoiada
18. 17 B. the son of Jehoiada (was) over the
27. 5 The third captain of the host..(was) B. the
27. 6 This (is that) B. ,(who was) mighty (among)
9. One of David s valiant men from Pirathon, B.C. 1042.
a Sa. 23. 30 [one of the thirty] .B. the Pirathonite
i Ch. ii. 31 children of Benjamin, B. the Pirathonite
27. 14 The eleventh (captain .. was) B. the Piro.
3. Head of a family of Simeon, B.C. 1050.
i Ch. 4. 36 Asaiah, and Adiel, and Jesimiel, and B.
4. One of David s priests in Jerusalem, B.C. 1042.
i Ch/is- 18 with them their brethren.. B., and Maas.
15. 20 Maaseiah. and B., with psalteries on
15. 24 B., and Eliezer, the priests, did blow with
16. 5 Mattithiah, and Kliab, and B., and Obed.
16. 6 B. alao and Jahaziel the priests w ith
5. Father of one of David s counsellors, B.C. 1040.
1 Ch. 27. 34 Ahithophel (was) Jehoiada the son of B.
6. The grandfather of Jehaziel, B.C. 896.
2 Ch. 20. 14 Then upon Jahaziel . .the son of B., the
7. A Levite overseer of the temple and the offerings in
Id /ckiah s reign, B.C. 725.
a Ch. 31. 13 Mahath, and B... overseen under the hand
P. One of the family of Parosh, B.C. 456.
Kzra 10. 25 the sons of Parosh .. Malchijah, and B.
9. A son of Pahath-moab, RC. 456.
Ezra 10. 30 sons of Pahath-moab ; Adna. .Chelal, B.
10. A son of Bani, B.C. 456.
Ezra 10. 35 [Of the sons of Bani ; Maadai]..B.
11. A son of Nebo, B.C. 456.
IJTm ID. 43 Of the sous of Nebo; Jeiel. .and Joel, B.
12. Father of I clatiah, a prince of Judah, B.C. 594.
Eze. ii. i among whom. . Pelatiah the son of B.
ii. 13 that ivlati.ili the son of B. died. Then
son of my people.
The son whom Lot s younger daughter bore to him.
lie was father of the Ammonites, B.C. 1819.
Gen. 19. j3 also bare a sou, aud called his name I:.
lioanl, bench, v~$
Eze. 27. 6 the Ashurites have made thy benches
BEND, to
1. To (read, TTJ darak.
Psa. 7. 12 he hath bent his bow, and made it ready
ii. 2 For, lo, the wicked bend., bow, they make
37. 14 The wicked . . have bent their bow, to cast
58. 7 he beudeth. .his arrowy, let them be as
64. 3 bend, .their arrows, .bitter words
Isa. 5. 28 their bows bent, their horses hoofs shall
21. 15 they fled . .from the bent bow, and from
Jer. 46. Q Lydians, that handle (and) bend the bow
50. 14 all ye that bend the bow, shoot at her
50. 29 all ye that bend the bow, camp against it
51. 3 Against (him that) bend, let the archer b.
Lam. 2. 4 He hath bent his bow like an enemy
3. 12 He hath bent his bow, and set me as a
Zech. 9. 13 When I have bent Judah for me
2. To cause to trend, TTj darak, 5.
Jer. 9. 3 they bend their tongues (like) their bow
3. To bend, boir, ;cj kuphaii.
Eze. 17. 7 this vine did bend her roots toward him
To bow dair/i, nn? shachnrh.
Isa. 60. 14 sons also, .shall come bending unto thee
\.Reneath,bclow,n$3 mattah.
Exod2O. 24 they shall be coupled together beneath
27. 5 thoushaltputitunder..the altar beneath
36. 29 they were coupled beneath, and coupled
38. 4 under the compass thereof beneath unto
Deut28. 13 thou shalt not be beneath ; if that thou
Prov. 15. 24 that he may depart from hell beneath
Jer. 31. 37 the foundations .. searched out beneath
2. Under, nnn tachath.
Exod32. 19 and brake them beneath the mount
Deut33. 13 Blessed, .for the deep that coucheth be.
3. From under, nnn1
? mii -tachath.
Exodzo. 4 heaven above, or. .in the earth beneath
Deut. 4. 18 fish that (is) in the waters beneath the
4. 39 heaven above, aud upon the earth beneath
5. 8 beneath, or that (is) in the waters b.
Job 18. 16 His roots shall be dried up beneath
4. Downwards, down, KO.TU kato.
Mark 14. 66 as Peter was beneath in the palace, there
John 8. 23 Ye are from beneath ; I arn from above
Acts 2. i.) I will shew, .signs in the earth beneath
BE-NE BE -RAX, p->" l3 sons of lightning.
A city in Dan, near Ashdod.
Josh. 19. 45 [coast of their inheritance], . Jehud. .B.
Well-doer, tvfpytrrjs euergetes.
Luke22. 25 exercise authority., are called benefactors
I. Deed, S?C| gemul.
2 Ch. 32. 25 according to the benefit (done) unto him
Psa. 103. 2 Bless the LORD . . forget not all his benefits
1.1)eed, ^c;n tagmul.
Psa. 116. 12 I render unto the LOUD, .all his benefits
3. Good, ayaBos agathos.
Phm. 14 that thy benefit should not be as it were
i.Good work, well-doing, tvfpytaia euergesia.
1 Ti. 6. 2 because they are . . partakers of the benefit
5. ( race, \a.pi^ charts.
2 Co. 1.15 that ye might have a second benefit
To do good, 3tj; yatab, 5.
Jer. is. 10 wherewith I said I would benefit them
BE-NE JA-A -KAN, j^ jg sons of intelligence.
A tribe that gave its name to several wells around the
2 7th station of the Israelites, and i6th from Sinai. It
lay between Moseroth and Horagidgad.
Nuni33. 3 1 they departed . .& pitched in B.
33. 32 they removed from B., and encamped at
Good wind, ffii ma eintola.
i Co. 7. 3 render unto the wife due benevolence
BEN HA -DAD, --n-j3 son of Hadad.
1. A king of Syria, son of Tabrimon. He made a league
with Asa, king of Judah, and invaded Israel, B.C. 951.
i Ki. 15. 18 king Asa sent them to B., the son of
15. 20 So B. hearkened unto king Asa, and sent
a th. ib. 2 sent to B. king of Syria, that dwell at
16. 4 B. hearkened unto king Asa, aud sent
2 Another king of Syria, who reigned in the time of
Ahab king of Israel, B.C. 901.
1 Ki. 20. i B. the king of Syria gathered all his
20. a said unto him, Thus said B.
20. 5 Thus speaketh B.. saying, Although I
20. 9 he said unto the messengers of B., Tell
20. 10 B. sent unto him, and said, The gods
20. 16 B. (was) drinking himself drunk in
20. 17 B. sent out, and they told him, saying
so. 20 B. the king of Syria escaped on an
20. 26 it came to pass, .that B. numbered
20. 50 B. fled, and vamc into the city, into
20. 32 Thy servant B. saith, I pray thee, let me
20. 33 they said, Thy brother B. Then he said
20. 33 Then Ii came forth to him ; and he
2 Ki. 6. 24 it came to pass after this, that B. king ot
8. 7 B. the king of Syria was sick : and
8. 9 Thy son B. king of Syria liath sent me
3. Son of Hazael, who succeeded him, B.C. 42.
2 Ki. 13. 3 into the hand of B. the son of ilazacl
13. 24 and B. his son reigned in his stead
13. 25 Jehoash. .again out of the hand of B.
Amos i. 4 which shall devour the palaces of B,
4. A general title of the kings of Damascus.
Jer. 49. 27 it shall consume the palaces of B.
BEN HA -IL, rn-Ji strong, valiant.
A prince of Judah under Jehoshaphat, B.C. 912.
2 Ch. 17. 7 he sent to his princes, .to B., and to O
BENHA -NAW, J}n-f| very gracious. A son of Shimon, descended from Jephnnneh.E.c. 1400
i Ch. 4. 20 the sons of Shimon.. B., and Tilon
BE-NI -NTT, ir:3 posterity.
A Levite who, with Nehemiah, sealed the covenant.
Neh. 10. 13 [Aud their brethren].. Hodijah, Bani, R.
BEN-JA- MTN, pa;i son of the right hand.
1. The youngest son of Jacob, and the only one born in
Canaan. His birth occurred a short distance from
Bethlehem, and where his mother Rachel died, namiic
him with her last breath Benoni " son of my sorrow.
This name was changed by Jacob into Benjamin or
Binyainin, B.C. 1732.
Gen. 35. 1 8 but his father called him B.
35. 24 The sons of Rachel ; Joseph and B.
42. 4 B., Joseph s brother, Jacob sent not with
42. 36 Simeon (is) not, and ye will take B.
43. 14 may send away your other brother, and B.
43. 15 took double money in their baud, aiid B.
43. 16 when Joseph saw B. with them, he said
43. 29 he lifted up his eyes, and saw. .B.
43. 34 B. s mess was five times so much as any
44. 12 and the cup was found in B. s sack
45. 12 yonreyessee, and theeyesofmy brother B.
45. 14 he fell upon his brother B. s neck, aud
45. 14 and B. wept upon his neck
45. 22 but to B. he gave three hundred (pieces)
46. 19 of Rachel, Jacob s wife ; Joseph and B.
46. 21 the sons of B. (were) Belah, and Beclier
49. 27 B. shall ravin (as) a wolf f in the morning
Exod. i. 3 [children ofIsrael]. .Issachar,Zebulun..B.
Deut 33. 12 of B. he said, The beloved of the LORD
i Ch. 2. 2 [sons of Israel]. .Dan, Joseph, and B.
7. 6 of B. ; Bela, and Becher, and Jediael
2. The tribe springing from Benjamin as well as the
district occupied by it are frequently spoken of by thia
Num. i. ii of B. ; Abidan the son of Gideoni
i. 36 Of the children of B., by their generations
1. 37 of the tribe of B. . .thirty and five thous.
2. 22 the tribe of B. : and the captain of the
2. 22 sons of B. (shall be) Abidan the son of
7. 60 Abidan. .prince of the children of B.
10. 24 over the host of the tribe of . .B. (was)
13. 9 of the tribe of B., Palti the son of Raphu
26. 38 The sons of B. after their families : of
26. 41 These, .the sons of B. after their families
34. 21 of the tribe of B., Elidad the sou of Chis.
Deut27. 12 These shall stand. .Joseph, and B.
Josh.iS. ii the lot of the tribe of the children of B.
18. 20 This, .the inheritance of the children of B.
18. 21 the cities of the tribe of the children of B.
18. 28 (is) the inheritance of the children of B.
21. 4 out of the tribe of B., thirteen cities
21. 17 out of the tribe of B., Gibeon with her
Judg. i. 21 the children of B. did not drive out
i. 21 Jebusites dwell with the children of B.
5. 14 after thee, B., among thy people : out of
10. 9 Ammon passed . . to light also against. . B.
19. 14 them.. byCibeah, which (belongeth)to B.
20. 3 Now the children of B. heard that the
20. 4 I came into Gibeah that(belongeth) to B.
20. 10 may do, when they come to Gibeah of B.
20. 12 sent men through all the tribe of B.
20. 13 the children of B. would not hearken
20. 14 the children of B. gathered themselves
20. 15 the children of B. were numbered at
20. 17 the men of Israel, besides B., were
=o. 18 to the battle against the children of B. ?
20. 20 men of
Israel went out to battle against B.
20. 21 the children of B. came forth out of
20. 23 shall I go. . against the children of B.
20. 24 came near against the children of B.
B. went forth against them out of Gibeah
20. 28 shall I.. go out to battle against. .B.
20. 30 Israel went up against the children of B.
20. 31 the children of B. went out against the
20. 32 the children of B. said, They (are) smitten
20. 35 the LOKD smote B. before Israel: and
20. 36 the children of B. saw that they were
ao. 39 B. began to smite (and) kill of the men
Judg 20. /, i the men of B. were amazed : for they saw
20. 44 there fell of B. eighteen thousand men
20. 46 So that all which fell that day of B.
20. 48 turned again upon the children of B.
21. i There shall not any of us give, .unto B.
. 6 Israel repented them for B. their brother
21. 13 to speak to the children of B. that (were)
21. 14 B. came again at that time ; and
21. 15 the people repented them for B , because
21. 16 seeing the women are destroyed out of B.?
21.17 inheritance for them that be escaped of B.
21. 18 Cursed (be) he that giveth a wife to B.
21. 20 they commanded the children of B.
21. 21 daughters of Shiloh, and go to. .laud of B.
21. 23 the children of B. did so, and took
i Sa. 4. 12 there ran a man of B. out of the army
9. i there was a man of B., whose name
9. 16 send thee a man out of the land of B.
9. 21 least of all the families of the tribe of B. ?
10. 2 Rachel s sepulchre, in the border of B. at
10. 20 Israel to come near, the tribe of B. was
10. 21 When he had caused the tribe of B. to
13. 2 were with Jonathan in Gibeah of B.
13. 15 gat him up from Gilgal unto Gibeah of B.
13. 16 Saul, and Jonathan.. abode in Gibeah of B.
14. 16 the watchmen of Saul in Gibeah of B.
Sa. 2. 9 made him king over Gilead. .and over B.
2. 15 there, .went over by number twelve of B.
2. 25 the children of B. gathered themselves
2. 31 the servants of David had smitten of B.
3. 19 Abner also spake in the ears of B.
3. 19 that seemed good to the whole house of B.
4. 2 Rimnion a Beerothite,of the children of B.
4. 2 for Beeroth also was reckoned to B.
19. 17 And. .a thousand men of B. with him
21. 14 buried they in the country of B. in Zelah
23. 29 Ribai out of Gibeah of the children of B.
^ Ki. 4. 18 Shimei the son of Elah in B.
12. 21 Rehoboam. .assembled all. .with. .B.
12. 23 Speak, .unto all the house of Judah and B.
15. 22 king Asa built with them Geba of B.
i Ch. 6. 60 out of the tribe of B. ; Geba with her
6. 65 they gave, .out of the tribe, .of B., these
8. i B. begat Bela his first born, Ashbel the
8. 40 All these (are) of the sons of B.
g. 3 in Jerusalem dwelt . . of the children of B.
9. 7 of the sons of B. ; Sallu the son of Mes.
11. 31 of Gibeah.. to the children of B., Benaiali
12. 2 armed with bows . . of Saul s brethren of B.
12. 16 there came of the children of B. . .unto
12. 29 of the children of B. . .three thousand
21. 6 Levi and B. counted he not among them
27. ?i of B.; Jaasiel the son of Abner
a Ch. ii. i Rehoboam . . gathered of the house of . . B.
11. 3 Speak, .to all Israel in Judah and B.
n. 10 which (are) in Judah and in B. fenced
ai. 12 made them .. strong, having. .B. on his
ii. 23 dispersed, .his children throughout. .B.
14. 8 out of B. . .two hundred and fourscore th.
15. 2 Hear ye me, Asa, and all Judah and B.
15. 8 put away the., idols out of. .Judah and B.
15. 9 he gathered all Judah and B., and the
17. 17 of B. ; Kliada a mighty man of valour
25. 5 captains over thousands . . throughout . . B.
31. i threw down, .the altars out of all. .B.
. 34. 9 the Levites . . had gathered . . of all . . B.
34. 32 he caused all that were. .in. .B. to stand
Ezra i. 5 Then rose up . . chief of the fathers of . . B.
4. i when the adversaries of Judah and B.
10. 9 the men of . .B. gathered themselves
Neh. ii. 4 at Jerusalem dwelt, .of. .children of B.
11. 7 these (are) the sons of B. ; Sallu the son
ii, 31 The children also of B. . .at Michmash
ii. 36 And of the Levites (were) divisions, .in B.
Psa. 68. 27 There (is) littleB... their ruler, the princes
80. 2 Before Ephraim and B. . . stir up thy
Jer. i. i oftheprieststhat(were)..inthelandofB.
6. i O ye children of B., gather yourselves to
17. 26 they shall come, .from the land of B.
32. 8 Buy my field, .which (is) in. .B. : for the
32. 44 and take witnesses in the land of B.
33. 13 in the land of B. . .shall the flocks pass
37. 12 Jeremiah went, .into the land of B.
Eze. 48. 22 the border of Judah and the border of B. I
48. 23 from the east side unto the west side, B. )
48. 24 by the border of B. . .Simeon (shall have) |
48. 32 one gate of B., one gate of Dan
Hos. 5. 8 cry aloud (at) Beth-aven, after thee, B.
Obad. 19 of Samaria ; and B. (shall possess) Gilead
Acts 13. 21 S. the son of C., a man of the tribe of B.
Rom. 1 1. i I also am an Israelite.. (of) the tribe of B.
Phil. 3. 5 Circumcised the eighth day . . tribe of B.
Rev. 7. 8 of the tribe of B. (were) sealed twelve
The following localities were in the territory of Benja
min: Ai, Aja, Aiath, Ajalon, Aletneth, Allon-bachutli
Almon, Ammah, Ananiah, Anathoth, Aphrah Avim
Baaltamar, Bahurim, Beeroth, Beth-Arabah Beth-
Aven, Beth-el, Beth-Haccerem, Beth-Hoglah Beth-
Horon (the lower), Beth-Phase, Bethany, Charaahim,
Chepar Haamonai, Chephirah, Eleph, En-rogel, Enshemesh,
Emmaus, Ephraim, Gaba, Gallini, Gareb,
Gebim, Giah, Gibeah, Gibeon, Gidom, Gihon, Gilgal,
Gittaim, Goath, Hadid, Hazor, Helkath-hazzurim,
Jebus, Jericho, Jerusalem, Keziz. Kirioth, Luz, Mad
men, Maktesh, Michmas, Migron, Millo, Mizpah, Moza,
Isaioth, Neballat, Nephtoah, Nob, Ono, Ophel, Ophni,
Ophrah, Parah, Ramah, Rekem, Sechu, Shaveh, Shen,
flhnal, Silla, Taralah, Zalmon, Zeboim, Zelah, Zelzah,
Zemaraim, <fec.
15. Great grandson of Benjamin.
i Ch. 7. 10 The sons also of. . Jesh, and B., and
4. A descendant of Harim.
Ezra 10. 32 B., Malluch, (and) Shemariah
5. One who took part in repairing the wall, B.C. 550.
Neh. 3. 23 After him repaired B. and Hashub
6. One who took part in purifying the wall. B.C. 550.
Neh. 12. 34 Judah, and B., and Shemaiah, and Jer.
7. One of the gates of Jerusalem.
Jer. 20. 2 the stocks that (were) in the.. gate of B.
37. 13 And when he was in the gate of B., a
38. 7 the king then sitting in the gate of B.
Zech.i4. 10 from B s. gate unto the place of the first
?!?"! 3 belonging to Benjamin.
I atronymic of the tribe of Benjamin.
Judg. 3. 15 Ehud the son of Gera, a B., a man left
19. 16 but the men of the place (were) B.
ao. 35 the children of Israel destroyed of the B.
20. 36 the men of Israel gave place to the B.
20. 40 the B. looked behind them, and, behold
20. 43 (Thus) they inclosed the B. round about
1 Sa. 9. i a B., a mighty man of power
9. 4 he passed through the land of the B.
9. 21 (Am) not I a B., of the smallest of the
22. 7 Hear now, ye B. ; will the son of Jesse
2 Sa. 1 6. ii how much more now (may this) B. (do it)?
19. 16 Shimei the son of Gera, a B. . . came down
20. i Sheba, the son of Bichri, a B. ; and he
i Ki. 2. 8 Shimei the son of Gera, a B. of Bahurim
i Ch.27. 12 ninth .. Abiezer the Anetothite, of tlie B.
Esth. 2. 5 Shimei, the son of Kish, a B.
Psa. 7. title, concerning the words of Cush the B
BE -NO, 1:3 his son.
A descendant of Merari, son of Levi, B.C. 1000.
i Ch.24. 26 the sons of Jaaziah ; B.
24. 27 The sons of Merari by Jaaziah ; B., and
BEN O -NI, ^N f? son of my sorrow.
The name given by Rachel to her second son, B.C. 1732.
Gen. 35. 18 it came to pass, .she called his name B.
B cNT, to be
To hang, xVn tola.
Hos. ii. 7 my people are bent to backsliding from
BEN ZO -HETH, nmr|2 corpulent, strong.
A sou of Ishi, a descendant of Judah through Caleb
the son of Jephunneh, B.C. 1400.
i Ch. 4. 20 the sons of Ishi (were) Zoheth, and B.
BE -ON, ;j?? lord or house of On.
A place E. of the Jordan, doubtless a contraction of
Baai-meon. Compare verse 38. Now Main.
Nuni32. 3 Elealeh, and Shebam, and Nebo, and B.
BE -OR, -ni 3 sliepherd.
1. Father of Bela the first king of Edom, B.C. 1600.
Gen. 36. 32 Bela the son of B. reigned in Edom
i Ch. i. 43 Bela the son of B. : and the name of his
2. Father of Balaam the prophet, B.C. 1510.
Nuni22. 5 messengers, .unto Balaam the son of B.
24. 3 Balaam the son of B. hath said, and the
24. 15 Balaam the son of B. hath said, and the
31. 8 Balaam also the son of B. they slew with
Dent 23. 4 hired against thee Balaam the son of B.
Josh. 13. 22 Balaam also the son of B.,the soothsayer
24. 9 called Balaam the son of B. to curse you
Mic. 6. 5 remember now. . what Balaam . . sou of B.
BE -RA, JH3 gift.
A king of Sodom in the time of Abram, B.C. 1917.
Gen. 14. 2 made war with B. king of Sodom, and
BE-RA -CHAH, n:n? blessing.
1. One who joined David at Ziklag, B.C. 1040.
i Ch. 12. 3 The chief (was) Ahiezer, then Joash. .B.
2. A valley near Tekoah, in the S. of Judah (in 2 Ch.
->o. 26 the origin of the name "-valley of blessing" is
given). The name Bereiknt still survives in a valley
near Tekua.
2Ch. 20. 26 they assembled .. in the valley of B.
20. 26 the same place was called, The valley of B.
BE-RA -IAH, .TNiT3 Jali is maker.
A son of Shimhi, a Benjamite, B.C. 1340.
i Ch. 8. 21 B., and Shimrath, the sons of Shimhi
BE-RE -A, Etpoia.
A city in the S. of Macedonia, now called Verria or
Kara-verria, and situated on the E. slope of the Olym
pian range.
Acts 17. 10 brethren, .sent away. .Silas by night. .B.
17. 13 the word of God was preached of Paul at B.
20. 4 accompanied him into Asia, Sopater of B.
1.2*0 cause to lack, npn chaser, 3.
Eccl. 4. 8 I labour, and bereave my soul of good
2. 2*0 enfeeble, cause to stumble, *?^5 kashal, 3.
Eze. 36. 14 neither bereave thy nations any more
3.7*0 bereave, make childless, ^by shakol, 3.
Gen. 42. 36 Me have ye bereaved. .Joseph (is) not
Lam. i. 20 abroad the sword bereaveth, at home
Eze. 5. 17 evil beasts, and they shall bereave thee
36. 12 thou shalt no more henceforth bereave
36. 13 thou. .hast bereaved thy nations
36. 14 neither bereave thy nations any more
Hos. 9. 12 they bring up. .yet will I bereare
BEREAVE of children, to
To bereave, make childless, ^:y sJuikol, 3.
Jer. 15. 7 I will bereave . . of children, I will destroy
To be bereaved, ^y shakol.
Gen. 43. 14 If I be bereaved. .1 am bereaTed
BEREAVED (of children)
liereaved, ^2p shakkul.
Jer. 18. 21 let their wives be bereaved of their child.
Hos. 13. 8 a bear (that is) bereaved, .and will rend
BE-RECH -IAH, rvrns, injyia, Jah is blessing.
1. A descendant of Jehoiakim king of Judali, B.C. 520.
i Ch. 3 . 20 And Hashubah, and Ohel, and B.
2. Father of Asaph the chief singer, B.C. 1070.
i Ch. 6. 39 (even) A. the son of Berachiah.
15. 17 of his brethren, A. the son of B. ; and of
3. A Levite who lived near Jerusalem, B.C. 445.
i Ch. 9. 16 B. the son of Asa, the son of Elkanah
4. A Levite, one of the tabernacle doorkeepers.
1 23 B. and Elkanah (were) doorkeepers for
5. An Ephraimite in the time of Pekah, B.C. 741.
2 Ch.28. 12 certain of the heads. .B. the son of Mes.
6. Father of Meshullam who assisted in repairing the
wall of Jerusalem, B.C. 520.
Neh. 3. 4 next.. repaired Meshullam the son of B.
3. 30 After, .repaired Meshullam the son of B.
6. 1 8 the daughter of Meshullam the son of B.
BE -RED, -13 seed place.
1. A place in S. of Canaan, between which and Kadesh
lay the well La-hai-roi. The Peshito gives Gadar=
Gerar(?); the Arabic, Yarad ; Oukelos, Chagra. It is
perhaps el-Khiilasah, 12 miles S. of Beersheba.
Gen. 16. 14 behold, (it is) between Kadesh and B.
2. An Ephraimite, perhaps the same as Becher, B.C. 1680.
i Ch. 7. 20 the sons of Ephraim ; Shuthelah, and B,
BE -RI, "12 expounder.
A son of Zophah, an Asherite, B.C. 1570.
i Ch. 7. 36 sons of Zophah ; Suah . . and B., and Imrah
BE-RI -AH, njT-12 unfortunate.
\. A son of Asherj B.C. 1700.
Gen. 46. 17 Jimnah, and Ishuah, and Isui, and B.
46. 17 the sons of B. ; Heber, and Malchiel
Num 26. 44 of B., the family of the Beriites.
26. 45 Of the sons of B. : of Heber, the familj
i Ch. 7. 30 Imnah, and Isuah, and Ishuai, and B.
7. 31 the sons of B. ; Heber, and Malchiel
2. A son of Ephraim, B.C. 1670.
i Ch. 7. 23 he called his name B., because
3. A son of Elpaal, a Benjamite, B.C. 1400.
i Ch. 8. 13 B. also, and Shema.. heads of the fathers
8. 16 Michael. .Ispah, and Joha the sons of B.
4. A Levite, a Gershomite, B.C. 1015.
i Ch. 23. 10 the sons of Shimei. . Jahath, Zina. .and B.
23. ii but Jeush and B. had not many song
BE-RI-ITE, JT-12 unfortunate.
A family of Asherites sprung from Beriah.
Num 26. 44 children of. .Beriah, the family of the B.
BE-RITES, C -i? belonging to Beri.
Descendants of Beri in the N. of Canaan, visited by
Joab in his pursuit after Sheba.
, 2 Sa. 20. 14 And he went through all. .the B.
BE -RITH, rH3 a covenant.
An idol (Baal-berith) worshipped in Shechem.
Judg. 8. 33 children of Israel. . made B. B. their god
9. 46 they entered into .. the house of the god B.
BER-NI -CE, BtpviKT].
A daughter of Herod Agrippa, grandson of Herod the
Great, and sister of Agrippa II., A.D. 50.
Acts 25. 13 B. came unto Cesarea to salute Festus
25. 23 B. . .was entered into the place of hearing
26. 30 king rose up, and the governor, and B.
BE-RO-DACH BAL-A -DAN, |7*^3 ^{03 bold.
A king of Babylon, B.C. 713. The name is more
accurately written Merodach Baladan.
- Ki "o 12 AtthattimeB. B.. .sent letters, .unto H,
Isa. 39. i At that time M. B. . . sent letters . . to Hez.
BE-RO -THAH, r^food.
A city near Hamath on N. of Canaan, and considered
by some as the same as Berothai. Ezekiel places
Berothah between Hamath and Damascus; hence it
cannot be Beirut (the classical Berytus) ; nor can it be
BcinH in the form Berothai, for David s war with the
king of Zobah led him from the sea coast towards the
Euphrates. Besides, in the latter case, the Hebrew
text reads Chun (instead of Berothai) in i Ch. 18. 8.
Fiirst regards Berothah and Berothai as distinct places,
but identifies the former with Berytus. Mislin derives
the name from the "wells" (P.eeroth) which may still
be seen bored in the solid rock at Beirut.
Beyrout, the ancient Berytus. was the seat of a famous
school of jurisprudence from the third to the middle
of the 6th century. The city having been destroyed by
an earthquake 551 A.D., the school was removed to
Sidon. Beyrout suffered severely during the crusades,
and having been taken by the Saracens, was wrested
from them by Baldwin in 1 1 *o. The Saracens, however,
regained possession iu 1187. Ibrahim Pasha seized it
in 1832 and it was bombarded by the combined fleets
of England and Turkey, 1840, and being captured, was
restored to the Porte. Beyrout was made n bunopnc
by Theodosius the Younger, and after its oftpton by
Baldwin I. it became the seat of a Latin bishop about
Eze. 47. 16 B.,Sibraim, which (is) between the border
BE-RO -THAI, nng cypresses of Jah.
A city belonging to Hadadezer king of Zobah. See
2 Sa. 8. 8 from B. . .king David took exceeding
BE-RO-THITE, *rna belonging to Beroth.
A patronymic of Naharai Joan s armourbearer. Per
haps it ought to be Beerothite, as in 2 Sa. 23. 37.
i Ch.n. 39 Naharai the B., the armour bearer of Joab
Berry, ipj gargar.
Isa. 17. 6 two (or) three berries in the top of the
BERRIES, oli7e
Olive (tree or fruit), Aa/a elaia.
Jas. 3. 12 Can the fig tree . .bear olive berries ?
I. Beryl, chrysolite, topaz, e*Vin tarshish.
xod28. 20 the fourth row a beryl, and an onyx, and
30 13 the fourth row, a beryl, an onyx, and a
Song 5. 14 His hands, .gold rings set with the beryl
Eze. i. 16 their work, .like unto the colour of a beryl
10. 9 appearance . .as the colour of a beryl
28 13 precious stone, .thy covering, .the beryl
Dan. 10. 6 His body also (was) like the beryl, and
Z.A jewel of sea green colour, /SrjpuAAos berullos.
Rev. 21. 20 the eighth, beryl ; the ninth, a topaz ; the
BE -SAI, ;3 treading down.
A Nethinim who returned with Zerubbabel, B.C. 550.
Ezra 2. 49 the children of Paseali, the children of B.
Neh. 7. 52 children of B., the children of Meuuim
1.2*0 seek, inquire, vy} baqash, 3.
2 Sa. 12. 16 David therefore besought God for the
Ezra 8. 23 So we fasted, and besought our God for
2. To smooth the face of, C jp r.^n chalah (3) panim.
Exid32. ii Moses besought the LORD liis God, and
1 Ki. 13. 6 the man of God besought the LORD, and
2 Ki. 13. 4 Jehoahaz besought the LORD, and the
2 Ch. 33. 12 when . .in affliction, he besought the LORD
Jer 26. 19 fear the LOKD, and besought the LORD
Mai. i. 9 beseech God that he will be gracious unto
3.7*0 iiicline, be gracious, ]fj chanan, 7.
Oen. 42. 21 when he besought us, and we would not
Deut. 3. 23 I besought the LORD at that time, laying
a Ki. i. 13 besought him, and said unto him, O man
Esth. 8. 3 besought him with tears to put away the
4.7*0 be in want, Stojtai deomai.
Luke 5. 12 seeing Jesus, fell on. .face, and besought
8. 28 Jesus. .1 beseech thee, torment me not
8. 38 the man .. besought him that he might
o. 38 Master, I beseech thee, look upon my sou
9. 40 I besought thy disciples to cast him out
Acts 21. 39 I beseech thee, suffer me to speak unto
26. 3 I beseech thee to hear me patiently
3 Co. 10. 2 I beseech (you), that I may not be bold
Gal. 4. 12 Brethren, I beseech you, be as I. .for I
6. 7*o question, ask about, tpon-ow er Aau.
Matt 15. 23 his disciples came and besought him
Mark 7. 26 she besought him that he would cast
Lake 4. 38 wife s mother, .they besought him for her
7. 3 sent, .the elders of the Jews, beseeching
8. 37 whole multitude., besought him to depart
ii. 37 a certain I harisee besought him to dine
John 4. 40 besought him that he would tarry with
4. 47 besought him that he would come down
19. 31 besought 1 ilate that their legs might he
19. 38 besought Pilate that he might take away
1 Th. 4. i Furthermore then we beseech you
5. 12 we beseech you, brethren, to know them
2Th. 2. i we beseech you, brethren, by the coming
2 Jo- s now I beseech thet, lady, not as though
6.To call to one s side, iropcucoAt oi jmrakaleo.
Matt. 8. 5 theie came, .a centurion, beseeching him
8. 31 So the devils besought him,sa> ing, If thou
8. 34 they liesoiiuht. .that he would depart out
14. 36 "besought him that they might only ton, -h
18. 29 his fellow servant, .besought him, suyii _-
Mark i. 40 there camaaleper to him, beaeecning him
5. jo he besought him much that he would not
5. 12 all the devils besought him, saying, Sri., I
5. 23 besought him greatly, saying. My little
6. 56 they laid the sick, .and besought him
7. 32 they beseech him to put his hand upon
8. 22 a blind, .and besought him to touch him
Luke 7. 4 they besought him instantly, saying
8. 31, 32, 41 they besought him that he
Acts 13. 42 the Gentiles besought that these words
16. 15 she besought, .saying, If ye have judged
6. 39 they came and besought them, and
ji. 12 we. .besought him not to go up t<> Jrru.
25. 2 informed him against I :iul, and besought
27. 33 Paul besought, .all to take meat, snying
12. i I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the
i?. 30 I beseech yon, brethren, for the Lord
16. 17 I beseech you, brethren, mark them
1 Co. i. 10 I beseech you, brethren, by the name of
4 16 I beseech you, be ye followers of me
16 15 I beseech you, brethren, ye know the
2 Co. 2.8! beseech you that ye would confirm . . love
5 20 as though God did beseech., by us
6 i We then, (as) workers together, .beseech
10! i I Paul myself beseech you by the meek,
i- 8 For this thing I besought the Lord thrice
Eph. 4. i I therefore, .beseech you that ye walk
Phil. 4. 2 I beseech Euodias, and beseech Syntyche
i Th. 4. 10 we beseech you, brethren, that ye
! Ti 3 As I besought thee to abide still at Eph.
Phm 9 Vet for love s sake I rather beseech
10 I beseecli thee for my son Onesimus
Heb n 19 I beseech.. the rather to do this, that I
13. 22 I beseech you, brethren, suffer the word
1 Pe. 3..11 1 beseech (you) as strangers and pilgrims
BESEECH (I) thee
I. Pray, HJN, KJN ana, anah.
2 Ki. 20. 3 I beseech thee, O LORD, remember now
Neh. i. 5 I beseech thee, O LORD God of heaven
i. ii O LORD, I beseech thee, let now thine ear
Psa 116. 40 LORD, I beseech thee, deliver my soul
1 1 8. 25 I beseech thee, O LORD : O LORD, I b.
Isa. 38. 3 Remember now, O LORD, I beseech thee
Jon. i. 14 We beseech thee, O LORD, we beseech th.
2.Pray, NJ na.
Exod 33. 18 he said, I beseech thee, show methyglory
1.7*0 go round about, 339 sabab.
Judg 20. s beset the house round about upon me by
2.7*0 bind, straiten, 11 s tsur.
Psa. 139. 5 Thou hast beset me behind and before
BESET about, to
To go round about, 339 sabcd.
Hos. 7. 2 their own doings have beset them about
BESET round about, to
7*o be round about, 235 sabab, 2.
Judf 19. 22 sous of Belial, beset the house round a.
BESET round, to
7*o surround, in* kathar, 3.
Psa. 22. 12 (bulls) of Bashan have beset me round
BESET, which doth so easily
Standing uell around, tvirfpi(rrarost euperistatos.
Heb. 12. i the sin which doth so easily beset (us)
I. Behind, after, iriK achar.
Neh. 5. 15 bread and wine, beside forty shekels of
2. Unto, to, "?x el.
Exod2g. 12 pour all the blood beside the bottom of
S.Xear, tyx etsel.
Lev. i.Yo cast it beside the altar on the east part
6. 10 and he shall put them beside the altar
10. 12 eat it without leaven beside the altar : for
Deut 1 1. 30 other side . . beside the plains of Moreh ".
1 Ki. 3. 20 took my son from beside me, while thine
10. 19 and two lions stood beside the stays
13. 31 buried ; lay my bones beside his bones
2 Ki. 12. 9 set it beside the altar, on the right side
Neh. 8. 4 beside him stood Mattithiah, and Shema i
Eze. 9. = they went in, and stood beside the brasen
10. 6 he went in, and stood beside the wheels
10. 16 same wheels also turned not from beside
i.Apart from, p ~\^> le-bad min.
Exodi2. 37 six hundred thousand, .men, beside
2 Ki. 21. 16 beside his sin wherewith he made Judah
5.Apart from, 1370 mi-le-bad.
Gen. 26. i beside the first famine, .in the days of
Lev. 9. 17 beside the burnt sacrifice of the morning
23. 38 Beside the sabbaths, .beside your gifts
23. 38 beside all your vows, and beside all
Num. 6. 21 beside (that) that his hand shall get
28. 23 Ye shall offer these beside the burnt
19. 6 Beside the burnt offering of the month
Deut. 4. 35 the LORD he (is) God. .none else beside
29. i words of the covenant, .beside the cov.
Josh.22. 29 beside the altar of the LORD our God
i Ki. 10. 13 whatsoever she asked, beside (that) which
6.Apart from, "iy.^3 bilade.
Num. 5. 20 some man have lain with thee beside
Josh.22. 19 an altar beside the altar of the LORD our
Isa. 43. ii I.. I.. the LORD; and beside me.. no
44. 6 I (am) the last ; and beside me . .no God
44. 8 Is there a God beside me yea. .no God
45. 6 that, .none beside me, I (am) the LORD
45. 21 and . . no God else beside me . . none
7. Without, B?3 bilti.
Nnm ii. 6 nothing at all, beside this mauna,(before)
1 Sa. 2. 2 none holy as the LORD . . none beside thee
Hos. 13. 4 no god but me ; for. .no saviour beside
8. Save, except, beside, only, n^>
Ruth 4. 4 none to redeem (it) beside thee ; and I
2 Sa. 7. 22 neither. .God beside thee, according to
i Ch. 17. 20 neither. .God beside thee, according to
Isa. 26. 13 lords beside thee have had dominion
45. 5 no God beside me : I girded thee, though
45. 21 and a Saviour (there is) none beside me
64. 4 neither hath the eye seen, O God, beside
J.At the hand of, T^> leyad.
i Sa. 14. 3 I will go out and stand beside my father
2 Sa. 15. 2 Absalom .. stood beside the way of the
15. 1 8 all his servants passed on beside him
W. Yet, still, ^y od.
Gen. 19. 12 Hast thou here any besides? sou in law
1 Ki. 22. 7 not here a prophet of the LORD beside*
2 Ch. 18. 6 not here a prophet of the LORD besides
11. On, upon, above, hj. al.
Gen. 31. 50 if thou shalt take, .wives beside my
Lev. 18. 18 to uncover her nakedness, beside the
Psa. 23. 2 lie leadeth me beside the still waters
Song i. 8 feed thy kids beside the shepherds tente
Isa. 32. 20 Blessed (are) ye that sow beside all waters
12. From on, ^KO mc-oZ.
Jer. 36. 21 the princes which stood beside the king
Eze. 32. 13 the beasts thereof from beside the great
IS. With, cy im.
Josh. 7. 2 Ai, which (is) beside Beth-aven, on the
14. Over, against, near, just as, TOJJ nmmah.
Eze. 10. 19 the wheels also (were) beside them ; and
11. 22 and the wheels beside them ; and the
15. from the side of, ixc mits-tsad.
Josh. 3. 16 the city Adam, that (is) beside Zaretan
12. 9 the kin;: of Ai, which (is) beside Beth-el
Ruth 2. 14 And she sat beside the reapers : and he
16. On, upon, M (dat.) epi.
Matt 25. 20 I have gained beside them five talents
25. 22 I have gained two other talents [beside)
Luke 16. 26 [beside] all this, between us and you
17. With, ffvv sun.
Luke 24. 21 beside all this, to day is the third day
18. Apart from, XWP S chfiris.
Matt 14. 21 they that had eaten, .beside women and
15. 38 they that did eat. .beside women and
2 Co. ii. 28 Beside those things that are without
19. The rest, that left, \onr6v loipon.
1 Co. 1. 16 besides, I know not whether I baptized
But with, a\\d -ye arvv alia ge sun.
Luke 24. 21 and beside all this, to-day is the third
BESIDE the rest of
On, upon, abore, 7* al.
Nuin 31. 8 beside the rest of them that were slain
BESIDE one self, to be
\. To place out, <?iTTi7,ui existemi.
Mark 3. 21 for they said, He is beside himself
2 Co. 5. 13 whether we be beside ourselves, (it is)
-. To be eager, mad, fj.aivo/j.a.1 mainomai.
Acts 26. 24 Paul, thou art beside thyself ; much
Also this very thing, Kal avrb rovro [auto].
2 Pe. i. 5 beside this, giving all diligence, add to
BESIDES, to owe
7*o owe in addition, irpoffo<t>ei\!o prosopheilS.
Phm. 19 owebt unto me even thine own self besides
1.7To 170 tound, 335 sabab.
Eccl. 9. 14 there came a great king, .and besieged it
1. To press, straiten, nvi tsur.
Deut 20. 12 against thee, then thou shalt besiege it
20. 19 When thou shalt besiege a city a long
1 Sa. 23. 8 to Keilah, to besiege David and his men
2 Sa. ii. i they destroyed the children . .besieged
20. 15 they came and besieged him in Abel of B.
1 Ki. 16. 17 Israel with him, and they besieged Tirzah
20. i Ben-hadad . . went nn . . besieged Samaria
2 Ki. 6. 24 Ben-hadad . . went up . .besieged Samaria
6. 25 behold, they besieged it, until an ass s
1 6. 5 they besieged Ahaz, but could not over.
17. 5 went up to Samaria, and besieged it
18. 9 came up against Samaria, and besieged it
24. ii the city, and his sen-ants did besiege it
i Ch. 20. i came and besieged Rabhah. But David
Isa. 21. 2 Go up, OElam: besiege, O Media: all the
Jer. 21. 4 which besiege you without the walls
21. 9 falleth to the Chaldeans that besiege you
32. 2 king of Babylon s army besieged Jerus.
37. 5 the Chaldeans that besieged Jerusalem
39. i against Jerusalem, and they besieged it
Dan. i. i came Nebuchadnezzar.. and besieged it
G.T o straiten, "ny tsarar, 5.
Deut 28. 52 he shall besiege thee in all thy gates
28. 52 besiege thee in all thy gates, throughout
1 Ki. 8. 37 if their enemy besiege them in the land
2 Ch. 6. 28 if their enemies besiege them in the citie
\.Straitncss, ^S2 matsor.
Eze. 4. 3 thy face against it, and it shall be besieged
2. To keep, watch, btsiege, is) natsar.
Isa. i. 8 daughter of Zion is left . .as a besieged
Eze. 6. 12 he that, .is besieged shall die by the
To go into siege, "11*73 Kta 60 bam-matsor
3 Ki. 24. 10 against Jerusalem, and the city was be^
25. 2 the city was besieged unto the. .year
Jer. 52. 5 the city was besieged unto the .. year
Straitened place, liso matsor.
2 Ki. 19. 24 I dried up all. .besieged places
Isa. 37. 25 I dried up all. .the besieged places
BE-SO-DE -IAJI, n;-jiD2 given to trust in Jah.
One of the repairers of the old gate, B.C. 470.
Neb. 3. 6 the old gate repaired, .the son of B.
Jlesmn, broom, NB$pp matate.
Isa. 14. 23 I will sweep it with the besom of destr.
BE -SOR, "W3 cool brook.
A brook which falls iiito the sea near S. of Gaza. It is
now called el-Sheria, and rises at Debir.
i Sa. 30. 9 David went, .and came to the brook B.
30. 10 they could not go over the brook B.
30. 21 they had. .to abide at the brook B. : and
1. (wood, 3ia tab.
Num 36. 6 Let them marry to whom they think best
Deut23. 1 6 in that place, .where it liketh him best
1 Sa. 8. 14 And he will take your fields, .the best
2 Ki. 10. 3 best and meetest of your master s sons
Esth. 2. 9 he preferred her. .unto the best, .of the
Song 7. 9 the roof of thy mouth like the best wine
Eze. 31. 16 the choice and best of Lebanon, all that
Mic. 7. 4 The best of them (is) as a brier ; the most
2. Good, good part, 2ip D metab.
Gen. 47. 6 in the best of the land make thy father
47. ii in the best of the laud, in the land of K.
Exodz2. 5 best of his own field, .best of his own
i Sa. 15. 9 the best of the sheep, and of the oxen
15. 15 the people spared the best of the sheep
3.Fat, 3J>n
Num 18. 12 All the best of the oil, and all the best of
18. 29 of all the best thereof, .the hallowed
18. 30 When ye have heaved the best thereof
18. 32 when ye have heaved from it the best of
4. Stronger, more powerful, Kottrrov kreitton.
i Co. 12. 31 covet earnestly the [best] gifts : and yet
5. First, foremost, trpwros protos.
Luke 15. 22 Bring forth the best robe, and put (it) on
BEST fruits
Praised thing, iVTOT zimrah.
Gen. 43. ii take of the best fruits in the laud in your
BEST gold
Refined (gold), it? pazaz, 6.
1 Ki. 10. 18 of ivory, and overlaid it with the best g.
BEST, to seem
To be yowl, 3a; yatab.
2 Sa. 1 8. 4 said. .What seemeth you oest I will do
BEST, to think
To be good in the eyes, pt3 3ia fob be-ayin.
Num 36. 6 Let them marry to whom they think best
BEST state
To be set up, 3i;j natsab, 2.
Psa. 39. 5 every man at his best state (is).. vanity
BESTEAD, hardly
Oppressed, nypj [qashah, 2].
Isa. 8. 21 they shall pass through it hardly bestead
BESTiK oneself, to
To move sharply, \~m charats.
2 Sa. 5. 24 that then thuu shalt bestir thyself : for
1. To make to rest, place, n j nuach, 5.
2 Ch. 9. 25 whom he bestowed in the chariot cities
2. To put, !in} nachah, 5.
i Ki. 10. 26 whom he bestowed in the cities for
3. To give, |ru nathan.
Exod. 33. 29; Dent. 14. 26 ; 2 Ki. 12. 15; i Ch. 29. 25 ;
Kzra 7. 20 ; 7. 20.
4. To do, riyil asah.
2 Ch. 24. 7 of the LORD did they bestow upon B.
5. To lay up, tpp paqad.
2 Ki. 5. 24 bestowed . . in the house : and he let the
6. To f/i ce, SiSuytu didfimi.
2 Co. 8. i the grace . . God bestowed on the churches
i Jo. 3. i what manner of love. .hath bestowed
I .To bring together, trvvdyu sunagu.
Luke 12. 17 I have no room where to bestow my
12. 18 there will I bestow all my fruits and my
BESTOW labour (on), to
To toil, Koiridca kopiaO.
John 4. 38 reap that whereon ye bestowed no labour
Rom.i6. 6 Mary, who bestowed much labour on us
Gal. 4. ii I have bestowed upon you labour in vain
BESTOW to feed, to
To give morsels, fatten, ^ta^ifa psomizo.
i Co. 13. 3 though I bestow all my goods to feed
BESTOW on or upon, to
1.7*0 do, perform, fea gamal.
Isa. 63. 7 according to all that.. hath bestowed on
63. 7 he hath bestowed on them according to
2. To put around, TrtpiTidrjui peritithemi.
i Co, 12. 33 upon these we bestow more abundant
BE -TAH, nc? confidence.
A city of Hadadezer.
2 Sa. 8. 8 from Ii. . . king Darid took exceeding
BE -TEN, jga height.
A city of Asher, 8 miles E. of I tolemais.
Josh. 19. 25 border was Helkath, and Hali, and B.
BETH A SA -RA, BydaQapd place ofpassaye.
A place E. of the Jordan, perhaps Bethbarah, or rather
John i. 28 These things were done in B. beyond Jor.
BETH A -NATH, n.;y, n 3 house of echo.
A city of Naphtali, 15 miles from Diacamarcea. (Anata.)
Josh. 19. 38 Iron, and Migdal-el, Horem, and B.
Judg. i. 33 did Naphtali drive out. .inhabitants of B.
i. 33 the inhabitants of.. B. became tributaries
BETHA -NOTH, nijjtf, n 3 house of echo.
A city of Judah, 4 miles from Hebron, near Maaroth.
The modern Beit-ainun. near Halhul and Beit-Sur, the
ancient Halhul and Betlmir.
Josh. 15. 59 Maarath, and B., and Eltekon
BETH -ANY, Br)6ai>ia house of dates or figs.
A village at the Mount of Olives. Its modern name
el-Azariyeh, or Lazarieh, is derived from Lazarus. It
is about 2 miles E. of Jerusalem, near the road from
Jericho to the city.
Matt 21. 17 went out of the city into B. ; and he
26. 6 when Jesus was in B., in the house of
Marki i. i they came nigh to . . Bethphage and B.
ii. ii he went out unto B. with the twelve
ii. 12 when they were come from B., he was
14. 3 being in B., in the house of Simon theleper
Luke 19. 29 he was come nigh to Bethphage and B.
24. 50 he led them out as far as to B. ; and he
John ii. i a certain (man) was sick .. Lazarus, of B.
11. 18 B. was nigh unto Jerusalem, about fifteen
12. i Jesus, .came to B., where Lazarus was
BETH A RA -BAH, na^rr n 3 house of the desert.
One of the six cities of Judah that were in the Arabah
or sunk valley of the Jordan and Salt Sea, the " wilder
ness" on the N. border of the tribe, and between Bethhoglah
and the high land on the W. of the Jordan. It
is also included among the towns of Benjamin.
Josh. 15. 6 passed along by the north of B. ; and the
15. 61 the wilderness, B., Middin, and Secacah
1 8. 22 B., and Zemaraim, and Beth-el
BETH A -RAM, c-jrr rra house or place of the height. A city of Gad, E. of the Jordan, between Succoth and
Debir, the same as Beth-harau, and now called Beitel-
Josh. 13. 27 B. . .and Zaphon. .of. .kingdom of Sihon
BETH AR -BEI, ^>N31K n 3 house of God s court.
A city destroyed by the king of Assyria, and supposed
to be the Arbela of the Maccabees and Josephus. Now
Hos. 10. 14 Shalman spoiled B. in the day of battle
BETH A -VEN, JIN n 3 house of iniquity. A town in Benjamin near Bethel.
Josh. 7. 2 Joshua sent men . . to Ai, which . . beside B.
18. 12 goings out. .were at the wilderness of B.
i Sa. 13. 5 they, .pitched. .Miehmash, eastward. .B.
14. 23 the battle passed over unto B.
Hos. 4. 15 neither go ye up to B., nor swear, The
5. 8 cry aloud (at) B., after thee, O Benjamin
10. 5 Samaria shall . . because of the calves of B.
BETH AZ-MA -VETH, rmrj. n 3 house of Azmaveth.
A village of Judah or Benjamin. In Ezra 2. 24 it is
called Azmaveth.
> eh. 7. 28 The men of B., forty and two
BETH BA-AL ME -ON, jijp ^3 n 3.
A town of Moab, given to Reuben ; it was on the W.
oi the Arnoii, not far from Jahaza.
Josh. 1 3. 17 Dibon, and Bamoth-baal, and B.
BETH BA -RAH, iTJ3 n 3 fording place.
A place on the E. of the Jordan, in Gad.
Judg. 7. 24 take before them the waters unto B.
7. 24 took the waters unto B. and Jordan
BETH BIR -EI, *n3 n S^face of the city. A town of Simeon, same as Beth-lebaoth.
i Ch. 4. 31 Hazar-susim, and at B., and at Shaaraim
BETH CAR,n| n 3 place ofpasture.
A stronghold of the Philistines in Judah near Mizpeh.
i Sa. 7.11 Israel . . smote them, until . . under Beth-c.
BETH DA -GON, ;nvn 3 house of Dagon.
1. A town of Judah near Gederoth. Now B. Dejan.
Josh. 15. 41 Gederoth, B., and Naamah, and Mak.
2. A town in the tribe of Asher, on the coast.
Josh. 19. 27 And tumeth toward the sun rising to B.
BETH DIB-LA-THA -rM, o;nV;n n z.
A Moabite town, elsewhere called Almon-Diblathaim.
The "circles" here likely means cakes" (of figs).
Jer. 48. 22 [judgment is come] upon Nebo, and. .B.
BETH -EL, Sx-n 3 house of God.
A well-known holy place of Central Canaan. Two
accounts are given of the origin of the name : 1. It was
bestowed on the spot by Jacob under the awe inspired
by the vision of Goi iLtuu. 2 S. 19) ; 2. It received its
name on the occasion of a blessing bestowed by Gotl
upon Jacob after his return from Padau-aram, at
which time his name was changed to Israel (Gen. 35.
14, 15). Luz was the ancient name. Bethel was in tue
tribe of Benjamin. It is 12 miles >". of Jerusalem oa
the way to Shechem, and was the seat of one of Jero
boam s golden calVes. It is now called Jieitin. Luz
was perhaps the city, and Bethel the holy place close
by it.
Gen. 12. 8 unto a mountain on the east of B.
12. C pitched his tent..B. on the west
13. 3 on his journeys from the south even to B.
13. 3 his tent had been, .between B. and Uai
28. 19 he called the name of that place B.
31. 13 I (am) the God of B., where thou
35. i God said unto Jacob, Arise, go up to B.
35. 3 let us arise, and go up to B. ; and I will
35. 6 in the land of Canaan, that (is), B.
35. 8 she was buried beneath B. under an oak
35. 15 Jacob called the name of the place . .B.
35. 16 they journeyed from B. ; and there
Josh. 7. 2 Joshua sent . . to Ai . . on the east side of B.
8. 9 went to lie in ambush, and abode b. B.
8. 12 to lie in ambush between B. and Ai. on
8. 17 And there was not a man left in A i or B.
12. 9 the king of Ai, which (is) beside B., one
12. 16 king of Makkedah, one ; the king of B.
16. i up from Jericho, throughout mount B.
16. 2 goeth out from B. to Luz, and passeth
18. 13 border went, .toward Luz. .which (is) B.
18. 22 [cities of the tribe]. .Zemaraim, and B.
Judg. i. 22 house of Joseph, .went up against B.
1. 23 the house of Joseph sent to descry B.
4. 5 she dwelt, .between Raniah and B. in
21. 19 Shiloh. .which (is) on the north of B.
21. 19 the highway that goeth up from B. to
i Sa. 7. 16 he went from year to year in circuit to B.
10. 3 three men going up to God to B., one
13. 2 with Saul in Miehmash and in mount B.
30. 27 which (were) in B., and to (them) which
i Ki. "12. 29 he set the one in B., and the other
12. 32 So did he in B., sacrificing unto the
12. 32 he placed in B. the priests of the highpL
12. 33 offered upon the altar which he hadm. in B
13. i out of Judah by the word of the L. u. B.
13. 4 which had cried against the altar in B.
13. 10 returned not by the way he came to B.
13. ii there dwelt an old prophet in B. ; and
13. ii that the man of God had done . .in B.
13. 32 For the saying, .against the altar in B.
a Ki. 2. 2 sent me to B. . .they went down to B.
2. 3 the sons of the prophets that (were) at B.
2. 23 he went up from thence unto B.
10. 29 the golden calves that (were) in B.
17. 28 one of the priests, .came and dwelt hi B,
23. 4 carried the ashes of them unto B.
23. 15 moreover the altar that (was) at B., (audi
23. 17 that thpu hast done against the altar of B.
23. 19 according to all. .that he had done in B.
1 Ch. 7. 28 their possessions, .(were) B. and the
2 Ch.i3. 19 Abijah.. took cities-from him ;B. with the
Ezra 2. 28 The men of B. . . Ai, two hundred twenty
Neh. 7. 32 The men of B. and Ai, an hundred twenty
11. 31 children also of Benjamin, .(dwelt) at B.
Jer. 48. 13 as the house of Israel was ashamed of B.
Hos. 10. 15 So shall B. do unto you because of your
12. 4 he found him (in) B., and there he spake
Amos 3. 14 I will also visit the altars of B. ; and the
4. 4 Come to B., and transgress ; at Gilgal
5. 5 seek not B., nor enter into Gilgal
5. 5 B. shall come to nought
5. 6 devour (it), .none to quench (it) in B.
7. 10 Amaziah the priest of B. sent to
7. 13 But prophesy not again any more at B.
BETH-EL-ITE, ?^n n 2 belonging to Bethel.
The patronymic of Hiel who rebuilt Jericho.
i Ki. 16. 34 In his days did Hiel the B. build Jericho
BETH E -MEK, pyj;n n 3 house of the valley.
A town in Asher on or near the border, on the N. side
of which was the ravine of Jiphthah-el. It is now
called Amlcah, in a plain at the foot of the hills.
Josh. 19. 27 toward the north side of B., and Neiel
BE -THER, "ins depth, separation.
Perhaps a poetical form of Bit!: mil in Gad, E. of the
Jordan. Now Bittir.
Song 2. 17 be a roe ..upon the mountains of B.
BETH ES -DA, B-rjBea-Sd hmise of mem;.
A pool in Jerusalem near the sheep market gate. Tho
large reservoir called the Birket-tsratt, within the
walls of the city, close by the St Stephen s gate, and
under the N.E. wall of the Haram area, is generally
considered the modern representative of "Bethesda."
John 5. 2 which is called in the Hebrew tongue B.
BETH EZ -EL, Svxrrn 3 place of declivity.
A city near Zaanan in the N. of Judah.
Mic. i. ii came not forth in the mourning of B.
BETH GA -DER, TU n 3 lea lied place.
A descendant of Caleb son of Hur.
i Ch. 2. 51 Hareph the father of B. G.
BETH GA -MTO, S srn 3 place of the camel.
A town of Moab in the mishor or downs. Now Jemal.
Jer. 48. 23 upon Kiriuthaiui, and upon B., and upon
BETH HAC-CE -REM, cn;n n 3 place ofthe vineyard.
A town of Judah S.E. from Jerusalem, between it and
Tekoah. Now Hureideis.
Neh. 3. 14 the son of Rechab, the ruler of part of B.
Jer. o. i Gather, .and set up a sign of Ore in B.
n 3 high or strong place.
A city of Gad in the region of Gilead. Perhaps the same
called in Josh. 13. 37 Betharam; in the original
" Bethharara.&
Num3 2. 36 And Beth-nimrah, and B., fenced cities
BETH HOG -LAH, nSjlJ n 3 place of magpies.
A city of Benjamin 3 miles from Jericho. Now Hajlah.
.insh.15. 6 And the border went up to B., and
18. 19 the border passed along to the side of B.
18. ai the cities., were Jericho, and B., and the
BETH HO -RON, piirrn 3 place of hollows.
Two places (Upper and Lower) In Ephraim near Ben
jamin. The Lower was the more important.
Josh to. 10 the LORD, .chased them along .toB.
10. ii as they . . were In the going down to B.
18. 14 bonier was drawn, .from .hill, .before B.
21. 22 Kibzaim with her suburbs, and B. with
i Sa. 13. 18 another company turned the way (to) B.
1 Ch. 6. 68 Jokmeam with her suburbs, and B. with
2 Oh. 25. 13 fell upon, .cities, .from Samaria, .unto B.
Bethhoron (he Upper.
Josh.i6. 5 the border, .was. .unto B the upper
2 Ch. 8. 5 he built B. the upper, and B. the nether
Bethhoron the Xether.
Josh 16. 3 goeth down . . unto . . B the nether
18 13 border descended to. .south side of n. B.
1 Ki. 9. 17 Solomon built Gezer, and B the nether
2 Ch. 8. 5 he built B. the upper, and B. the nether
BETHINK themselves, to
Take back to heart, 3SS< 3 ipn [shitb (5) el leb (lebab)].
1 Ki. 8. 47 if they shall bethink themselves in the
2 Ch. 6. 37 Yet (if) they bethink themselves in tne
BETIMES, to rise
1.7V> be with (he dawn, iny shachar. 3.
Job 24. 5 wild asses., rising betimes for a prey: the
2. To take cm one s shoulder, vyy shakam, 15.
(Jen. 26. 31 they rose up betimes in the morning, and
2 Ch. 36. 15 God. .sent, .rising up betimes, and sending
To f>r with the dawn, inp shachar, 3.
Job 8. 5 If thou wouldest seek unto God betimes
IYov.13. 24 that loveth him chasteneth him betimes
BETH JT-SHI -MOTH. nicp n r\"$ place ofdesolations.
A city of Moab. near where the Jordan falls into the
Salt Sea. Now Kamafi
Num33 49 they pitched by Jordan, from B . unto
Josh 12. 3 the salt sea on the east, the way to B
13. 20 Beth-peor. and Ashdoth-pisgah, and I .
ze 25. 9 the glory of the country, B., Baal-meon
BETH LE-BA-OTH, n X3^"n 3 place of lionesses.
A town in Simeon.
Josh 19 6 B., and Sharuhen ; thirteen cities and
BETH LE -HEM, cnS nma place offood.
1. This town, about 6 miles south of Jerusalem, is
celebrated as the birthplace of the Saviour. It was
called Ephrath, and is mentioned as the place at
which Rachel died and was buried, B.C. 1729. Rehoboam
fortified or rebuilt it, B C 973. David was born
here (circ. B c. 1085). and hence it was called the city
of David. Helena, the mother of Constantine, A. I).
325, erected a church, which remains to this day, on
the place of the Nativity. It was ceded, with other
towns, to Frederick II. by the sultan of Egypt in 1229.
It was called Bethlehem -Judah to distinguish it from
Bethlehem in Zebulon (Josh. 19 15, 16). Bethlehem
was made a bishopric in mo.
Gen. 35 19 buried in the way to Ephrath. which(is)B.
48. 7 the way of Ephrath ; the same (is) B.
Judg 17. 7 there was a young man out of B
17. 8 And the man departed out of. .B. to
17. 9 he said. .1 (am) a Levlte of B., and I go
19. i a. . Levite. .took, .a concubine out of B.
IQ. 2 hisconcubine. .wentawayfromhim. .toB.
19. 18 We (are) passing from B. toward . .mount
. 19 18 I went to B., but I (am now) going to the
Ruth i i a certain man of B. went to sojourn in
i 2 Mahlon and rhilion, Kphrathites of B.
i. 19 they two went until they came to B
i 19 when they were coine to B. . .they said
i. 22 they came to B. in the beginning of . .har.
3. 4 Boaz came from B., and said unto the
4. ti worthily inEphratah. .be famous in B.
i Sa. 16. 4 Samuel, .came to B. . . And the elders of
17. 12 David, .son of that Ephrathite of B.
17. 15 David went.. to feed his. .sheep at B.
20 6 David . . asked . . that he might run to B.
20. 28 David earnestly asked (leave.. to go) to B.
Sa. 2. 32 buried him in the sepulchre, .(in) B.
23. 14 the garrison of the Philistines (was .in) B.
23. 15 the water of the well of B. . .by the gate I
23. j6 and drew water out of the well of B.
23. 24 Klhanan the son of Dodo of B.
i Ch. 1 1. 16 the PhiMstines garrison (was) then at B.
ii. 17 the water of the well o* 3. . .at the gate
it. 18 and drew water out of the well of B.
n. 26 Klhanan the son of Dodo of B.
a Ch. 1 1. 6 He built even B., and Ktani, and Tekoa
Ezra 2. 21 children of p., an hundred twenty and
Neh. 7. 26 of B. and Netophah, an hundred fourscore
Jer. 41. 17 Chimham, which is by B., togoto. .Egyp.
Mic. 5. 2 But thou, B. . . (though) thou be little
Mutt. 2. i Jesus was born in B. ot Judea, in the
2. 5 they said unto him, In B. of Judea
2. 6 And thou, not the least among the
2. 8 he sent them to B , and said, (Jo and
2. 16 Then Herod, .slew all the children, .in B.
Luke 2. 4 Joseph, .went.. unto the city.. called B.
2. 15 the shepherds said.. Let us now go..u.B.
John 7. 42 Christ i-ometh. .out of the town of B.
2. A town in Zebulon. Now Beit-lahm.
Josh. 19. 15 Nahallal, and Shimron, and ldalah..B.
3. The following passages refer to Nos. i or 2.
Judg i?. 8 And after him Ibzan of B. judged Israel
12. 10 Then died Ibzau, and was buried at B
4. A descendant of Caleb, son of Hur.
i Ch. 2. 51 Salma the father of B., Hareph the father
2. 54 sons of Salma ; B., and the Netophathites
4. 4 the firstborn of Ephratah, the father of B.
BETH-LE-HE-MITE, *cnS;i rt 3 belonging to Bethleliem.
Patronymic of an inhabitant of Bethlehem.
1 Sa. 16. i I will send thee to Jesse the B. : for I
16. 18 I have seen a sou of Jesse the B.. (that is)
17. 58 (I am) the son of. .Jesse the B.
2 Sa. 21. 19 Elhanan the sou of Jaare-oregim. a B.
BETH MA-A -CHAH, n::y.O n -3 place of oppression.
A city of Manasseh at the foot of Hermon. near Dan, E.
of the Jordan. It sometimes occurs as Abel-bethinaachah,
and occasionally as Abel.
2 Sa 20. 14 he went through all. .Israel .to B.
20. 15 And they, .besieged him in Abel of B.
20. 18 They shall surely ask. .at Abel : and so
2 Ki. 15. 29 Tiglath-pileser king of Assyria . took.. A.
BETH MARCA -BOTH, r)3?-)SPi replace of chariots.
A city of Simeon at the extreme S. of J udah, with Ziklag
and Hormah.
Josh. 19. 5 Ziklag, and B., and Hazar-susah
i Ch. 4. 31 at B., and Hazar-susim. and at Beth-birei
BETH ME -ON, p>2
n 2 place of habitation.
A city nf Moab, near Beth-gamul [See Beth-baal-incon,
the full form].
Jer. 48. 23 Kiriathaim, and upon Beth-gamul,. .B.
BETH NIM -RAH, rrrs) n %3 place offlowing water.
A city of Gad, the same as Kimrah (Num. 32. 3), and
Aiwriwi (Isa. 15. 6).
Nuni 32. 36 B., and Beth-haran, fenced cities : and
Josh. 13. 27 in the valley, Belh-aram, and B., and
A town in the S. of Judah.
Josh. 1 5. 27 Hazar-gaddah, and Heslimou, and B.
.S eh. ii. 26 at Jeshua, and at Moladah, and at B.
BETH PAZ -ZEZ, j V9 n 2 a place of destruction.
A town of Issachar.
Josh. 19. 21 and En-gannim, and En-haddah, and B.
BETH PE -OR, TV? n%3 house of the opening.
A city of Moab, near mount Peor, E. of the Jordan,
opposite Jericho, and 6 miles above Libias or Betliharau.
It was in the allotment of Reuben.
Deut. 3. 29 we abode in the valley over against B.
4. 46 thissideJordan, in. .valley over against B.
34. 6 he buried him in a valley, .over against B.
Josh 13. 20 And B. and Ashdoth-pisgah, and Beth.
BETH PHA -OE, Br]d(bayf) house offigs.
A village on the Mount of Olives, near Bethany, on the
road between Jericho and Jerusalem.
Matt 21. i when, .drew nigh, .and were come to B.
Mark 1 1. i when they came nigh to Jerusalem. .B.
Luke 19. 29 when he was come nigh to B. and Beth.
BETH RA -PHA, N?I n 3 place offear.
A name which occurs in the genealogy of Judah as the
son of Eshton and grandson of Chelub through Caleb
son of Hur. There is a Rapha in the line of Benjamin
and elsewhere, but no connection can be traced between
those and this Beth-rapha, B.C. 1450.
1 Ch. 4. 12 Eshton begat B., and Paseah, and Tehin.
BETH RE -HOB, sirn rra roomy place.
A place in the N. of Canaan near the valley in which
lay the town of Laish or Dan ; the place is now repre
sented by Ihmin, a fortress commanding the plain of
Huleh, in which lay the city of Dan or Tell-el-Kady.
JudgiS. 28 it was in the valley that (lieth) by B.
2 Sa. 10. 6 children of Ammon . . hired . . Syrians of B.
BETH SAI -DA, B7j0<roi 5a place of nets.
1. "Bethsaida of Galilee" (the native city of Andrew,
Peter, and Philip) in the land of Gennesareth, on the
west side of the lake.
Matt 1 1. 21 Woe., thee, Chorazin ! woe unto thee, B. !
Mark 6. 45 to go to the other side before unto B.
Luke 10. 13 unto thee, Chorazin ! woe unto thee, P.. !
John i. 44 Philip was of B., the city of Andrew and
12. 21 same. .came, .to Philip, which was of P..
2. Bethsaida at which the 5000 were fed, a place on
the east of the Lake of Gennesareth. Such a place
there was at the N.E. extremity, formerly a village,
but rebuilt and adorned by Philip the Tetrarch, and
raised to the diprnity of a town under the name Juliat.
after the daughter of the emperor.
Mark 8. 22 he cometh to B. : and they bring a blind
Luke 9. 10 a desert place belonging to., city called B.
BETH SHAN, ]V n 3 house, of security.
A city of Manasseh W.of Jordan. Perhaps the same as
Bethshean. It was the S. border town m Galilee and
belonged to Decapolis.
1 Sa. 31. 10 they fastened his body to the wall of B.
31. 12 took the body of Saul, .from the wall of B.
2 Sa. 21.12 had stolen them from the street of B.
BETH SHE -AN, ; Ni? n 3 house, of security.
Probably the same as Bethshan. The Canaanites were
not driven out from this town. In the time of Solomon
it formed a commissariat district extending from the
town itself to Abel-meholah (i Ki. 4. 12). Its modern
name is ticisan. It lies in the (Jhor or Jcu-dan valley,
about 12 miles S. of the sea of Galilee and 4 W. of the
Josh. 17. ji Manasseh had in Issachar and in Asher,B.
17. 1 6 who (are) of B. and her towns, and (they)
Judg. i. 27 Neither did Manasseh drive out. .B. and
i Ki. 4. 12 Taanach. .all B., which (is) by Zartanah
4. 12 from B. to Abel-meholah, (even) unto
i Ch. 7. 29 by the borders of . .Manasseh, B. and her
BETH SHE -MESH, ircip n%3 house of the sun.
1. One of the towns marking the N. border of Judah,
though not named among the cities of that tribe. It is
now called Ain-nhems, which is on the N.W. slope of
the mountains of Judah, a low plateau at the junction
of two plains, about 2 miles from the great Philistine
plain, and 7 from Kkron.
Josh. 15 10 went down to B., and passed on to Tim.
21. 16 Juttah with her suburbs, (and)B. with
Judg. i. 33 did Naphtali drive out. .inhabitants of B.
i. 33 nevertheless, .inhabitants of B. . .became
i Sa. 6. 9 goeth up by. .way of his own coast to B.
6. 12 kine took, .straight way to the way of B.
6. 12 went after them unto the border of B.
6 13 (they of) Beth-shemesh (were) reaping
6. 15 the men of B. offered burnt offerings and
6. 19 he smote the men of B., because they
6. 20 the men of B. said, Who is able to stand
1 Ki. 4. 9 The son of Dekar. .in Shaalbim, and B.
2 Ki. 14. ii lie and Amaziah. .looked one a.. .atB.
14. 13 Jehoash kinji of Israel. .Amaziah. .at B.
1 Ch. 6 59 Ashan with her suburbs, and B. with her
2 Ch.25. 21 Joash. . saw. .Amaziah king of Judah,atB.
25. 23 Joash. .took Amaziah. .of Judah. .at B.
28. 18 The Philistines, .had taken B., and Ajalon
2. A city on the border of Issachar. ^
Josh 19.22 the coast reacheth to Tabor, .and B., and
3. A fenced city of Naphtali.
Josh. 19.38 Iron, and Migt al-el, Horem, and B.
4. An idolatrous temple in Egypt, supposed to be On or
Hfliopolis, which iu the middle ages was still called
Jer. 43. 13 break also the images of B ,that(is)in. .Eg.
BETH SHEM-ITE, V?vr, n 3.
An inhabitant of Bethshemisb, B.C. 1140.
i Sa. 6. 14 the cart came into . . field of Joshua, a B.
6. 18 (stone remaineth), field of Josh. the B.
BETH SHIT -TAH, ~Eii; n n 2 place of acacia.
The narrative and the name both require this place to
be near the Jordan where Zererath and Abel-meholah
also lay. The Shuttah of Hobinson is too far to the W.
Judg. 7 22 and the host fled to B. in Zererath, (and) to
BETH TAP-PTJ -AH, rflsp n 3 place offruit trees.
A city in the mountainous district of Judah, near
Hebron. This is a different place from Tajipuah.
The modern name is Teffuh, =, miles W. of Hebron, on
a ridge of high table land.
Josh. 15. 53 And Janum, and B., and Aphekah
BE-THTJ -EL, rK n? dweller in God.
1. A son of Nahor, Abraham s brother, B.C. 1872.
Gen. 22. 22 Hazo, and Pildash, and Jidlaph, and B.
22. 23 B. begat Rebekah. . eight Milcah did bear
24. 15 Rebekah came out, who was born to B.
24. 24 I (am) the daughter of B. . .son of Milcah
24. 47 The daughter of B., Nahor s son, whom
24. 50 Then Laban and B. answered and said
25. 20 Rebekah. .the daughter of B. the Syrian
28. 2 Arise, go to Padan-aram, to. .house of B.
28. 5 he went to Padan-aram. . Laban, son of B.
2. A town in the tribe of Simeon, (the Bethul of Josh.
Ch. 4. 30 And at B., and at Hormah, and at Ziklag
BE -THTJL, "vn3 dweller in God.
A city in Simeon, the same as Bethuel.
Josh. IQ. 4 And Eltolad, and B., and Hormah
BETH ZTJR, "fis-n 2 place of rock.
1. A city in the mountains of Judah towards Idumea.
It was founded by the people of Maon, which had
derived its origin from Hebron. Bethzur was fortified
by Rehoboam for the defence of his new kingdom It
is now called Rtit-mir.
Josh.i 5 . 58 Halhul, B., and Gedor
2 Ch. 1 1. 7 B., and Shoco, and Adullam.
> eh. 3. 16 Azbuk, the ruler of the half part of B.
5. Patronymic of the son of Maen, a descendant ot
Hebron, one of the posterity of Caleb, brother of Jerahmeel.
i Ch. 2. 45 and Maon. .the father of B
BE-TO -NTM, C ifas heights.
A town in the N. of Gail, on the E. of the Jordan.
Josh. 13. 26 from Heshbon . .Ramath-mizpeh, and B.
1. To cast, throw, na-t ramah, 3.
i Ch. 12. 17 but if.. to betray me to mine enemies
2. To give over to, TrapaSiSw/ju paradidomi.
Matt 10. 4 Judas Iscariot, who also betrayed him
17. 22 The Son of man shall be betrayed into
20. 1 8 the Son of man shall be betrayed unto the
24. 10 shall betray one another, and shall hate
26. 2 the Son of man is betrayed to be crucified
26. 16 he sought opportunity to betray him
26. 2 1 Verily I say . . That one of you shall betray
26. 23 He that dippeth. .the same shall betray
26. 24 by whom the Son of man is betrayed
26. 25 Then Judas, which betrayed him
26. 45 the Sou of man is betrayed into the hands
26. 46 he is at hand that doth betray me
26. 48 he that betrayed him gave them a sign
27. 3 Then Judas, which had betrayed him
27. 4 1 have betrayed the innocent blood
Hark 3. 19 Judas Iscariot, which also betrayed him
13. 12 the brother shall betray the brother to
14. 10 Iscariot.. went. . to betray him unto them
14. ii he sought how he might, .betray him
14. 18 One. .which eateth with me shall betray
14. 21 by whom the Sou of man is betrayed
14. 41 the Son of man is betrayed into the hands
14. 42 lo, he that betrayeth me is at hand
14. 44 he that betrayed him had given them a
Luke2i. 16 ye shall be betrayed both by parents
22. 4 how he might betray him unto them
22. 6 sought opportunity to betray him unto
22. 21 the hand of him that betrayeth me (is)
22. 22 uuto that man by whom he is betrayed
22. 48 betrayest thou the Son of man with a
John 6. 64 For Jesus knew, .who should betray him
6. 71 for he it was that should betray him
12. 4 Judas Iscariot. .which should betray him
13. 2 the devil having now put. .to betray him
13. ii For he knew who should betray him
13. 21 verily, I say. .one of you shall betray me
18. 2 Judas also, which betrayed him, knew
1 8. 5 Judas also, which betrayed him, stood
21. 20 Lord, which is he that betrayeth thee?
i Co. ii. 23 the. .night in which he was betrayed
One betraying, irpoS6rr]s prodotes.
Acts 7. 52 of whom ye have been now the betrayers
I. To betroth, espouse, cnx aras, 3.
Deut2o. 7 what man . . that hath betrothed a wife
28. 30 Thou shalt betroth a wife, and another
Hos. 2. 19 I will betroth thee. .yea, I will betroth
2. 20 I will even betroth thee unto me in appoint, ly, yaad.
Exod2i. 8 master, who hath betrothed her tohimself
21. 9 if he have betrothed her unto his son, he
l.To be prepared, exposed <pn charapli, 2.
Lev. 19. 20 a bondmaid, betrothed to an husband
2. To be betrothed, espoused tfiN aras, 4.
Exod22. 16 a man entice a maid that is not betrothed
Deut22. 23 If a damsel, .a virgin be betrothed unto
22. 25 if a man find a betrothed damsel in the
22. 27 the betrothed damsel cried, and. .none
22. 28 which is not betrothed, and lay hold on
\.Oood, 3io tob.
Gen. 29. 19 better that I give her to thee, than that
Exodi 4 . 12 better for us to serve the Egyptians
Nunit4. 3 Were it not better for us to return into
Judg. 8. 2 (Is) not the gleaning of. .better than the
9. 2 Speak, I pray you . . Whether (is) better
11. 25 now (art) thou anything better than
Ruth 4 . 15 which is better to thee than seven sous
i Sa. i . 8 (am) not I better to thee than ten sons ?
15. 22 Behold, to obey (is) better than sacrifice
15. 28 a neighbour of thine, .better than thou
27. i nothing better for me than that I should
i Sa. 17. 14 The counsel of Hushai. .(is) better than
1 8. 3 better that thou succour us out of the
1 Ki. 2. 32 two men more righteous and better than
19. 4 for I (am) not better than my fathers
21. 2 I will give thee for it a better vineyard
2 Ki. 5. 12 better than all the waters of Israel ?
2 Ch. 21.13 hast slain thy brethren . . better than
Esth. i. 19 give, .unto another that is better than
Psa. 63. 3 thy loving kindness (is) better than life
119. 72 The law of thy mouth (is) better unto me
Prov. 3. 14 the merchandise of it (is) better than the
8. ii wisdom (is) better than rubies; and all the
8. 19 My fruit (is) better than gold, yea, thau
12. 9 better than he that honoureth himself
15. 16 Better (is) little with the fear of the
15. 17 Better (is) a dinner of herbs where love
16. 32 slow to anger (is) better than the mighty
17. i Better (is) a dry morsel, and quietness
19. i Better (is) the poor that walketh in his
19. 22 a poor man (is) better than a liar
25. 7 better. . that it be said unto thee, Comr
25. 24 better to dwell in the corner of the house
27. 5 Open rebuke (is) better than secret love
27. 10 better (is) a neighbour, .near, than a
28. 6 Better (is) the poor that walketh in his
Bccl. 2. 24 nothing better for a man, (than, that he
3. 22 I perceive that, .nothing better, than
4. 3 Yea, better . . than both they, which hath
Eccl. 4. 6 Better (is) an handful (with) quietness
4. 9 Two (are) better than one ; because they
4. 13 Better (is) a poor and a wise child than
5. 5 Better, .that thou shouldest not vow
6. 3 I aay . .an untimely birth (is) better than
6. 9 Better (is) the sight of the eyes than the
7. i A (good) name (is) better thau precious
7. 2 better to go to the house of mourning
7. 3 Sorrow (is) better than laughter : for by
7. 5 better to hear the rebuke of the wise
7 . 8 Better (is)
the end of a thing than the
7 . 8 the patient in spirit (is) better than the
7. 10 the former days were better than these ?
8. 15 a man hath no better thing under the
9. 4 for a living dog is better than a dead lion
9. 16 Then said I, Wisdom (is) better than
9. 18 Wisdom (is) better than weapons of war
Song i. 2 for Uiy love (is) better than wine
Isa. 56. 5 name better than of sons and . . daughters
Lam. 4. 9 slain with the sword are better than]
Hos. 2. 7 for then (was it) better with me thau now
Amos 6. 2 better than these kingdoms ? or their
Jon. 4. 3, 8 (it is) better for me to die than to live
2.More, ipv yother.
Eccl. C. i /increase vanity, what (is) man the better ?
3. Advantage, abundance, \ray, yithron.
Eccl. 10. ii enchantment ; and a babbler is no better
4. Beautiful, honourable, /caAo y kalos.
Matt 1 8. 8, 9 it is better for thee to enter into life
Mark 9. 43, 45, 47 it is better for thee to enter into
5. Good... than, Ka\\\ov kalon...mallon.
Mark 9. 42 it is better for him that a millstone
i Co. 9. 15 better for me to die, than that any man
6. Stronger, -more powerful, xptiffauiv kreisson.
i Co. 7. 9 for it is better to marry than to burn
7. 38 he that giveth (her) not . . doeth better
ii. 17 ye come together not for the better, but
Phil. i. 23^:0 be with Christ ; which is far better
Heb. i. 4 Being made so much better than the
7. 7 the less is blessed of the better
7. 19 but the bringing in of a better hope, .by
7. 22 Jesus made a surety of a better testament
8. 6 a better covenant, .upon better promises
9. 23 heavenly things, .with better sacrifices
TO. 34 ye have in heaven a better and an endur.
11. 35 they might obtain a better resurrection
i Pe. 3. 17 better, it the will of God l>e so, 2 Pe. 2. 21.
7. To be above, higher, inrepexw hvyerccho,\ii\.2. 3.
^.Better, kindlier, xplfTJ-repos [chrestos].
Luke 5. 39 desireth new. .he saith, Tile old is better
BETTER, to be
1. To be (jood, TIB tob.
Song 4. 10 how much better is thy love Chan wine !
2. To do good, or well, 3a; yatab, 5.
Nan. 3. 8 Art thou better than populous No, that
3.7*o be different, bear diversely, SicKpfpwdiapherv.
Matt. 6. 26 Are ye not much better than they?
12. 12 How much, .is a man better than a sheep?
Luke 12. 24 how much more are ye better thau the
4. To be advantageous, \vtrtrt\e& lusiteleu.
Luke 17. 2 It were better . . that a millstone were
5. To be profitable, crvfj.<f>tpw sumphero.
Matt 18. 6 it were better, .that a millstone were
6.7*0 holdfonoard, or before, trpofxo/J.atproechomai.
Rom. 3. 9 What then ? are we better . . No, in no
BETTER, to do
7*0 do good, aia tob, 5.
Eze. 36. ii will do better, .than at your beginnings
BETTER, to make
7*o do or make good, na; yatab, 5.
i Ki. i. 47 make the name of Solomon better than
BETTER, to be made
7*o be good 3a; yatab.
Eccl. 7. 3 by the sadness, .the heart is made better
BETTER, to be the
7*0 be over and above, ir(pi<T<T<=vca perisseno.
i Co. 8. 8 for neither, if we eat, are we the better
BETTER (country) or thing
Stronger, more powerful, tcptiffffuv kreisson.
Heb. 6. 9 we are persuaded better tiling^ of you
ii. 16 now they desire a better (country), that
11. 40 God having provided some better thing
12. 24 that speaketh better things thau. .Abel
7*o profit, w<p\eia opheleo.
Mark 5. 26 had spent all. .and was nothing bettered
I. Between, J 3 bsn.
Gen. 15. 17 a burning lamp that passed between
2. Between, nir? henoth.
Eze. 10. 2 Go in between the wheels, .under the
3. On, upon, "?y al.
i Ki. 1 8. 21 How long halt ye between two opinions
4. Middle, midst, "in tavek.
Exod 28. 33 bells of gold between them round about
39. 25 put the bells between the pomegranates
39. 25 round about between the pomegranates
5./ the midst, ava. /j.tffov ana meson.
i Co. 6. 5 not one. .able to judge between hU br. t
6. hi, among, 4v en.
Rom. i. 24 dishonour their own bodies between
T.In between, /uraiy metaxu.
Matt 18. 15 tell him his fault between thee and him
23. 35 whom ye slew between the temple and
Luke n. 51 which perished between the altar and
16. 26 between us and you there is a great gulf
Acts 12. 6 Peter was sleeping between two soldiers
15. 9 put no difference between us and them
8. Toward, irp6s (ace.) pros.
Luke 23. 12 they were at enmity between themselves
Acts 26. 31 they talked between themselves, saying
BETWEEN, to differ
To make a parting, division, pepifa merizo.
1 Co. 7. 34 There is difference (also) between a wif
BETWEEN (some) of... and
From the. ..with, tn ru> ek t<~m...meta.
John 3. 25 between (some) of John s disciples and
I. Between, p? ben.
Gen. 31. 37 that they may judge betwixt *, 32. 16, &e.
I.Out of, in ek.
Phil. i. 23 I am in a strait betwixt two, having a dea.
BETWIXT, to come
To strike on , i J? paya, 5 .
Job 36. 32 by (the cloud) that Cometh betwixt
BE-TT -LAH, rtaj;3 married.
A symbolic name which the land of Israel is to bear
in its future prosperity.
Isa. 62. 4 thou shalt be called, .and thy laud B.
BEWAIL self, to
7"o breathe one s self out, ns; yaphach, 7.
Jer. 4. 31 the daughter of Ziou . . bewaileth herself
1.7*0 weep, np2 bakah.
Lev. 10. 6 bewail the burning which the LORD hath
I)eut2i. 13 bewail her father and her mother a full
Judg 1 1. 37 I may. .bewail my virginity, I and my
11. 38 bewailed her virginity upon the mount.
Isa. 16. 9 I will bewail with the weeping of Jazer
2. 7*o wail, K\aica klaio.
Rev. 18. 9 kings of the earth, .shall bewail her
3. To strike (the breast], K^irrca kopto.
Luke 8. 52 all wept, and bewailed her : but he said
23. 27 which also bewailed and lamented him
4.7*0 lament, mourn, irevOeca pentheo.
2 Co 12. 21 I shall bewail many which have sinned
1.7*0 become subtile, D"}^ arum, 5.
Prov. 19. 25 Smite, .and the simple will beware
2.7*0 watch, ~vsy shamar.
2Sa. 18. 12 Beware that none, .the young man Ati.
3. 7*o be watchful, ~cy shamar, 2.
Gen. 24. 6 Beware thou that, .bring not my son
Exod 23. 21 Beware of him, and obey his voice
Deut. 6. 12 beware lest thou forget the LOUD, which,
8. 1 1 Beware that thou forget not the LORD thy
15. 9 Beware that there be not a thought in
Judg 13. 4 beware, I pray thee, and drink not wine
13. 13 that I said unto the woman let her beware
2 Ki. 6. 9 Beware that thou pass not such a place
4.7*0 behold, j8A.eireo blepo.
Mark 8. 15 beware of the leaven of the Pharisees
12. 38 Beware of the scribes, which love to go
Acts 13. 40 Beware therefore, lest that come upon
Col. 2. 8 Beware lest any man spoil you through
5. 7*o guard, d>v\d(rffca phulasso.
Luke 12. 15 beware of covetousness : for a man s lifts
2 Pe. 3. 17 seeing ye know, .beware lest ye also
BEWARE of, to
1. To behold, &\firca blepo.
Phil. 3. 2 Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers
3. 2 beware of the concision
2. 7*o hold toward oneself, irpoa-fx^ prosecho.
Matt. 7. 15 Beware of false prophets, which come to
10. 17 beware of men ; for they will deliver you
16. 6 beware of the leaven of the Pharisees
16. ii ye should beware of the leaven of the
16. 12 not beware of the leaven of bread, but of
Luke 12. i Beware ye of the leaven of the Pharisees
20. 46 Beware of the scribes, which desire to
3. 7*o guard, <$>v\a<rffa> phulasso.
2Ti. 4. 15 Of whom be thou ware also ; for he hatn
1. 7*o smite with the eye, /3a<rcaif&> baskaino.
Gal 3. i Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that
2. To cause to stand out, ei<TTri/j.i existenii.
Acts 8. 9 bewitched the people of Samaria, giving
8. ii he had bewitched them with sorceries
1.7*0 reveal, uncover, rta galah, 3.
Isa. 16. 3 outcasts ; bewray uot him that wandereth,
2. To set before, "JJ nagad, 5.
rrov.zg. 24 he beareth cursing, and bewrayeth (it)
3.7*0 call, O|J (jura.
Prov.27. 16 ointment of his right, .bewrayeth
4. To make evident, iroiiw STJAOJ/ poie i dilon.
Matt. 26. 73 oi them ; for thy speech bewrayeth thee
1. Yonder, beyond, henceforth, "x^n halfah.
Gen. 35. 21 spread his tent beyond the tower of Edar
iSa. 20. 22 Behold, the rfrrows (are) beyond thee ; go
20. 37 said, (Is) not the arrow beyond tin < :
Jer. 22. 19 cast forth beyond the gates of Jerusalem
Amos 5. 27 J cause you to go into captivity beyond
2.7*0 cause to pass over, "OJJ abnr, 5.
i Sa. 20. 36 as the lad ran, he shot an arrow beyond
8. Orer, -iay eber.
Gen. 50. jo which (is) beyond Jordan, and there they
50. ii Abel-mizraim, which (is) beyond Jordan
Deut. 3. 20 land.. God hath given them beyond Jord.
3. 25 see the good land that (is) beyond Jordan
30. 13 Neither (is) it beyond the sea, that thou
Josh. 9. 10 that he did to the two kings, .beyond
13. S which Moses gave them, beyond Jordan
18. 7 received their inheritance beyond Jordan
Jndg. 5. 17 Gilead abode beyond Jordan : and why
zSa. 10. 16 the Syrians that (were) beyond the river
i K.i. 4. 12 Abel-meholah . .unto . . beyond Jokneam
14. 15 shall scatter them beyond the river
i Ch. 19. 16 the Syrians that (were) beyond the river
y Ch. 20. 2 from beyond the sea on this side Syria
Kelt. i. 7 to the governors beyond the river, that
2. 9 I came to the governors beyond the river
Isa. 7. 20 by them beyond the river, by the king of
9. i the way of the sea, beyond Jordan, in
18. i which (is) beyond the rivers of Ethiopia
Jer. 25. 22 kings of the isles which (are) beyond the
Zeph. 3. 10 From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia rny
i.Gver, beyond, n;y, abar.
Ezra 4. 17 and (unto) the rest beyond the river
4. 20 have ruled over all . . beyond the river
6. 6 Now. .Tatnai, governor beyond the river
6. 6 Apharsachites, which (are) beyond the
6. 8 of the tribute beyond the river, forthwith
7. 21 the treasurers which (are) beyond the
7. 25 all the people that (are) beyond the river
5. On yonder side of, iirextiva epekeina.
Acts 7. 43 I will carry you away beyond Babylon
6. Ocer, beyond, irtpav peran.
Matt. 4. 15 the way of the sea, beyond Jordan
4. 25 multitudes of people, .(from) beyond
19. i into the coasts of Judea beyond Jordan
Mark 3. 8 from Jerusalem, and. .beyond Jordan
John i. 28 were done in Betbabara beyond Jordan
3. 26 he that was with thee beyond Jor., 10. 40.
7. The places beyond, ra virfptKtiva, 2 Co. IO. 1 6.
S.Over, virfp (ace.) hitper.
aCo. 8. 3 [beyond] (their) power, .willing of thems.
[See also Go, measure, pass, regions, stretch.]
EZYOJTD the time
Over, ^ al.
Lev. 15 25 if it run beyond the time of her separation
BE -ZAI,, *J3 shining, high.
1. One whose posterity to the number of 323 returned
from exile with Zerubbabel, B.c 536.
Ezra 2. 77 children of B , three hundred twenty and
Neh. 7. 23 children of B., three hundred twenty and
2. A family that, with Nehemiah, sealed the covenant,
B.C., 445.
Neh. 10. 18 Hodijah, Ilashum, B.
BE ZAL EEL, ^$3 God is protection.
1. The artificer to whom was confided the design and
execution of the works of art required for the taberna&
amp;lt;-le in the wilderness. His charge was chiefly in all
works of metal, wood, and stone, Aholiah having charge
of the textile fabrics. Bezaleel, however, was chief in
both department!, B.C. 1491.
2 See, I have called by name B. the son of
35. 30 the LORD hath called by name B. the son
36. i Then wrought B. and Aholiah, and every
36. 2 Moses called B. . . unto the work to do it
37. i B. made the ark of shittim wood
38. 22 B. . .made all . . LORD commanded MOMS
i Oh. 2. 20 Hur begat I ri, and l. ri begat B.
a Ch. i. 5 Moreover the brasen altar. . B. . .had
2. Son of Pahath-moab, and one of those who had taken
a strange wife, B.C. 445.
Ezra 10. 30 of . .sons of Pahath-moab. .B., and Binn.
BE -ZEK, pia breach.
I. Ths residence of Adonibezek (" lord of Bezek ")
Judah, inhabited by Canaauites and I erizzites.
Judg. i. 4 and they slew .in B. ten thousand men
i. 5 And they found Adonl-bezek in B.
2 The place where Saul numbered his forces before
piling to the relief of Jabesh Gilead, somewhere in the
c< utre of the country near the Jordan valley, a day s
march from Jabesh. There were two places of this
name 17 miles from Neapolis (Shechem), on the road to
i Sa. ii. 8 And when he numbered them in B.
BE -ZER, -ya strong.
1. A city of Reuben, in the downs, or mixhor, one of
the three cities of refuge on the E. of the Jordan, and
allotted to the Merarites. Now Besheir.
Dent. 4. 43 B. in the wilderness, in th j plain country
Josh. 20. 8 they assigned B. in the wilderness upon
21. -*6 of the tribe of Reuben.B.with her suburbs
i Ch. 6. 78 of the tribe of Reuben, B. . . with her sub.
2. A son of Liph, one of the heads of Asher, B C. 1540.
1 I ll. 7. 37 15., and Hod, and Shamnia, and Shilshah
BICH -RJ, ^23 youth, first born.
Ancestor of Sheba who rose against David, B.C. 1022.
2 Sa. 20. i Sheba, the son of B., a Benjamite
20. 2 every man of Israel, .followed, .son of B.
20. 6 N >w shall .. the son of B. do us more harm
20. 7, n to pursue after Sheba the son of B.
20. 10 Joab. .pursued after Sheba the son of B.
20. 21 the son of B. . .hath lifted up his hand
20. 22 they cut oft the head of. .the son of B.
BID, to
1.7V say, * amar.
Gen. 43. 17 the man did as Joseph bade ; and the
Num 14. 10 the congregation bade stone them with
1 5. 38 bid them that they make them fringes
Josh. 6. 10 until the day I bid you shout ; then shall
ii. 9 did unto them as the LORD bade him
1 Sa. 9. 27 Kid the servant pass on before us
24. 10 and . .bade, .kill thee ; but. .spared thee
2 Sa. i. 18 he bade them teach the children of Judah
2. 26 how long, .ere thou bid the people return
16. ii let. .curse ; for the LORD hath bidden him
2 Ki. 4. 24 slack not (thy) riding, .except I bid thee
10. 5 we. .will do all that thou shalt bid us
Esth. 4. 15 Esther bade, .return Mordccai (this ans.)
2. Tu speak, ~gj dabar.
Jon. 3. 2 preach.. the preaching that I bid thee
3. To speak, iy< dabar, 3.
Gen. 27. 19 I have done according as thou badest me
2 Ki. 5. 13 the prophet had bid thee. .great thing
2 Ch. 10. 12 came, .as the king bade, saying, Come
4. To set up, command, niy tsavah, 3.
Exod 1 6. 24 laid it up till the morning, as Moses bade
Ruth 3. 6 according to all. .her mother-in-law bade
2 Sa. 14. 19 thy servant Joab, he bade me, and he put
5. To separate, sanctify, cnp qadash, 5.
Zeph. i. 7 prepared a sacrifice, he hath bid his
fi.To say, tiirov eipon.
Matt 16. 12 Then understood they how that he bade
23. 3 All . . whatsoever they bid you observe
Luke 10. 40 sister, .bid her therefore that she help me
Acts ii. 12 the Spirit bade me go with them, nothing
22. 24 bade that he should be examined by
7. To call, Ka\eu baled.
Matt 12. 3 call them that were bidden to the wedding
22. 4 Tell them which are bidden, Behold, I
22. 8 they which were bidden were not worthy
22. 9 as many as ye shall find, bid to the mar.
Luke 7. 39 the Pharisee which had bidden him saw
14. 7 put forth a parable to those . . were bidden
14. 8 When thou art bidden of any . .to a wed.
14. 8 honourable man than thou be bidden of
14. 9 he that bade thee and him come and say
14- 10 when thou art bidden, go and sit down
14. 10 when he that bade thee cometh, he may
14. 12 Then said he also to him that bade him
14. 16 A. .man made a great supper, and bade
14. 17 to say to them that were bidden, Corny
14. 24 none of those men which were bidden
1 Co. 10. 27 If any of them that believe not bid you
S.To command. Kt\tvu> keleuo.
Matt 14. 28 bid me come unto thee on the water
9. To say, \{y& leyt.
2 Jo. 10 receive, .not. .neither bid him God speed
ii he that biddeth him God speed is
10. To put toward, Trpoardffffta prostasso.
Matt. i. 24 the angel of the Lord had bidden him
BID again, to
To call in return, o.vriKa\f<a antikaleo.
Luke 14. 12 lest they also bid thee again, and a
BID farewell, to
To arrange offrom, atroraaao^ai apolassomai.
Luke 9. 61 let me first go bid them farewell which
Acts 18. 21 bade them farewell, saying, I must by all
BIDDEN, that are
To call, invite, N^IJ qara.
i Sa. 9. 13 afterwards they eat that be bidden
9. 22 place among them that were bidden
J/earing, hearkening, nyyy2 mishmaath.
1 Sa. 22. 14 who (is so) faithful, .goeth at thy bidding
BID -KAU, ~"2 servant of Kar.
A raptain of Jehu, originally his fellow-officer, who
executed the sentence on Jehoram, son of Ahab, B c
2 Ki. 9. 25 Then said(Jehu)to B.his captain, Take up
I. Bier, .-rpp inittah.
2 Sa. 3. 3 1 And king David (himself) followed the bier
2. Bier, aop&s soros.
Luke 7. 14 he came and touched the bier : and they
BIO -THA, NH:? given by fortune.
One of the chamberlains of Ahasuerus, B.C. 519.
Esth. i. 10 B. . .served in the presence of Ahasuerus
BIG -THAN, BIG-THA -NA, jri?3,K;np. A chamberlain who conspired against Ahasuerus, B.C.
Esth. 2.21 B. ..sought to lay hand on. .Aliasiierus
6. 2 B. . . sought to lay hand on . . Ahasueru s
i?3 luippy, or of the people.
1. A chief who came up with Zerubbabel, B.C. 336.
Ezra 2. 2 Which came with Zerubbabel . . B. , Kehu,
Neh. 7. 7 Who came with Zerubbabel.. Ii., Nehum
2. One whose posterity came up with Zerubbabel, I). C.
Ezra 2. 14 children of B. , two thousand fifty and six
Neh. 7. 19 children of B., two thousand threescore
3. One whose descendants came up with Ezra, B.C. 536.
Ezra 8. 14 Of the sons also of B. ; Uthai, and Zabbud
4. Patronymic of a family that, with Nehemiah, sealed
the covenant, B.C. 445.
Neh. 10. 16 Adonijah, B., Adin
BIL -DAD, T^J lm-d Adad, or son of contention.
One of Job s three friends, a Shuhite, descended from
Shuah, Abraham s son by Keturah, and dwelling in the
E. of Arabia, B.C. 1520.
Job 2. ii they came every one. .B. the Shuhite
8. i Then answered B. the Shuhite, rml said
18. i Then answered B. the Shuhite, and said
25. i Then answered B. the Shuhite, and said
42. 9 B. the Shuhite.. Zophar the Naainathite
BIL -EAM, Dj^a place of conquest.
Levitical city in Manasseh, \\ . of Jordan. (Bela,neh.)
i Ch. 6. 70 out of . .Manasseh. .B. with her suburbs
BIL -GAH, ,1^3 lursling forth, i.e., firstborn.
1. A priest in David s time, the head of the 15!!! course
in the tabernacle service, B.C. 1015.
i Ch 24. 14 The fifteenth to B. . .sixteenth to Immer
2. A priest who came up with Zerubbabel, B.C. 536.
Neh. 12. 5 Miamin, Maadiah, B.
12. 18 Of B , Shammua ; of Shemaiah.Jehonath.
BIL -GAI, ^3 bursting forth.
Perhaps the same as Bilgah, No. 2.
Neh. 10. 8 Maaziah, B., Shemaiah : these (were) the
BH -HAH, ^77-3 tender.
1. The handmaid of Laban s younger daughter Rachel,
and mother of Dan and Naphtali, B.C. 1753.
Gen. 29. 29 Laban gave to Rachel.. B.. to be her maid
3- 3 Behold my maid B., go in unto her
30. 4 she gave him B. her handmaid to wife
30. 5 B. conceived, and bare Jacob a son
30. 7 B., Rachel s maid, conceived again, and
35. 22 Reuben, .lay. . B. his father s concubine
35. 25 sons of B., Rachel s handmaid ; Dan, and
37. 2 the lad (was) with the sons of B., and
46. 25 These (are) the sons of B., wnich Laban
i Ch. 7. 13 Jezer, and Shallum, the sous of B.
2. A town in Simeon, apparently that called Balah in
Josh. 19. 3.
i Ch. 4. 29 And at B., and at Ezem, and at
BIL -HAN, jn^a tender.
From the same root as Silhah. The final n is a Horiio
termination, as in Akan, Alvan, Aran, Dishan, Eshban,
Hemdan, <fec. Compare these with the Etruscan etia,
Gr. o (7)1, a, v, Ac.
1. A son of Ezer, son of Seir the Horite, B.C. iCSo.
Gen. 36. 27 children of Ezer (are) these ; B. . . Zaavan
i Ch. i. 42 sons of Ezer ; B., and Zavan
2. A son of Jediael, son of Benjamin, B.C. 1650.
i Ch. 7. 10 sons also of Jediael ; B. : and
7. 10 the sous of 13. ; Jeush, aud Benjamin
\.Book, toriting, i|;p sepher.
Deut 24. i let him write her a bill of divorcement
24. 3 write her a bill of divorcement, and
Isa. 50. i Where (is) the bill of your mother s div.
Jer. 3. 8 I had. .given her a bill of divorce ; yet
1.A little book or scroll, fci&\iov biblion.
Markio. 4 Moses suffered to write a bill of divorce
3. Writing, ypdfj./j.a gramma-
Luke 16. 6 Take thy bill, and sit down quickly, and
1 6. 7 he said . . Take thy bill, and write foursco.
1 . .-1 heap, *? gal.
Psa. 42. 7 thy waves and thy billows are gone over
l.A breaker, n;^a mishbar.
Jon. 2. 3 thy billows and thy waves passed over
BIL -SHAN, 1^73 searcher.
A prince of the Jews who came up with ZerubbabeL
B.C. 536.
Ezra 2. 2 came with Zembbabel. .Mordecai, B.
Neh. 7. 7 AVho came.. Zerubbabel.. Mordecai, B.
BIH -HAL, Vrca circumcised.
A son of Japhlet, in the line of Asher, B C. 1600.
i Ch. 7. 33 sons of Japhlet; 1 asach. .B.. .Ashvatb.
BIND, to
I. To bind, d?K alarn, 3.
Gen. 37. 7 we. .binding sheaves in the field, and, lo
2.7*0 bind, gird, ipN asar.
Gen. 42. 24 Simeon, and bound him before theireyes
49. ii Binding his foal unto the vine, and his
Num 30. 2 swear, .oath to bind his soul with a bond
30. 3 bind . . by a bond . . in her father s house
30. 4, 5 bond wherewith she hath bound her
30. 6, 8 of her lips, wherewith she bound her
30! 7, ii her bonds wherewith she bound her
30. 9 vow. .wherewith they have bound their
30. 10 or bound her soul by a bond with an oath
is. 10 To bind Samson are we come up, to do to
15. 12 We are come down to bind thee, that we
15. 13 we will bind thee fast, and deliver thee
15. 13 they bound him with two new cords
16. 5 that we may bind him to afflict him
16. 7 If they bind me with seven green withs
16. 8 withs. .and she bound him wiili them
16. ii If they bind me fast with new ropes
16. 12 Delilah, .bound him therewith, and said
16. 21 bound him with fetters of brass ; and he
2 Ki. 17. 4 king of Assyria, .bound him in prison
25. 7 bound him with fetters of brass, and
2 Ch. 33. 1 1 bound him with fetters, and carried him
36. 6 bound him. .fetters, to carry him to Bab.
Job 36. 13 wrath ; they cry not when he biudeth
Psa 105. 22 To bind his princes at his pleasure, and
118. 27 bind the sacrifice with cords, .unto the
149. 8 To bind their kings with chains, and
Jer. 39. 7 bound him with chains, to carry him to
52. ii king of Babylon bound him in chains
Eze. 3. 25 shall bind thee with them, and thou
Hos. 10. 10 when they shall bind themselves in their
3. To gird, nsx aphad.
Lev. 8. 7 the ephod, and bound (it) unto him.
4. To wrap round., B;n chabash.
Job 40. 13 Hide them, .bind their faces in secret
Eze. 24. 17 bind the tire of thine head upon thee
30. :r to put a roller to bind it, to make it
5. To wrap round, Pan chabash, 3.
Job 28. ii He bindeth the floods from overflowing
6. To gird, ~D yasar, 3.
Hos. 7. 15 I have bound (and) strengthened their
7. To bi :id, fetter, ns? kepliath, 3.
Dan. 3. 20 most mighty men. .to bind Shadrach
3. 21 these men were bound in their coats
3. 23 these three men. .fell down bound into
3. 24 Did not we cast three men bound into
8. To tie, bind, i}% anad.
Job 31. 36 Surely I would, .bind it. .a crown to me
9. To bind, ipv aqad.
Ten. 22. 9 bound Isaac his son, and laid him on the
10. To press, compress, nis tsur.
2 Ki. 5. 23 bound two talents of silver in two bags
Eze. 5. 3 Thou shalt also . . bind them in thy skirts
II. To compress, press, "ny tsarar.
Prov 26. 8 As he that biudeth a stone in a
30. 4 who hath bound the waters in a garment?
12.7o bhid (as a conspirator), iy\) qashar.
Deut. 6. 8 bind them for a sign upon thine hand
ii. 18 bind them for a sign upon your hand
Josh. 2. 18 bind this line of scarlet thread in the
2. 21 she bound the scarlet line in the window
Job 39. 10 Canst thou bind the unicorn with, .band
41. 5 or wilt thou bind him for thy maidens ?
Prov. 3. 3 bind them about thy neck ; write them
6. 21 Bind them continually upon thine heart
7. 3 Bind them upon thy fingers, write them
Jer. 51. 63 thou shalt bind a stone to it, and cast it
IB. To bind, npfj qashar, 3.
Job 38. 31 Canst thou bind the sweet influences of
Isa. 49. 1 8 thou shalt surely . .bind them (on thee)
1 4. To entangle, bind, ori rakas.
ExodaS. 28 they shall bind the breastplate by the
39. 21 they did bind the breastplate by his
15. 7*0 yoke, bind, crn ratham.
Mic. i. 13 bind the chariot to the swift beast : she
16. To fetter, Sstr/xeuco desmeud.
Matt 23. 4 they bind heavy burdens and grievous to
Acts 22. 4 binding and delivering into prisons both
17 . To fetter, Sto^ie cu desmeo.
Luke 8. 29 was kept bound with chains and . .fetters
18. To bind, fasten, tie, 5eo> deo.
Matt 1 2. 29 except he first bind the strong man?
13. 30 bind them in bundles to burn them ; but
14. 3 Herod had laid hold on John, and bound
16. 19 thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound
18. 18 ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in
22. 13 Bind him hand and foot, and take him
27. 2 when they had bound him, they led
Mark 3. 27 except he will first bind the strong man
5. 3 no man could bind him, no, not with
5. 4 he had been often bound with fetters
6. 17 bound him in prison for Herodias sake
15. i bound Jesus, and carried.. away, and
15. 7 bound with them that had made insur.
Lukei3. 16 whom Satan hath bound, lo, these, .years
Johnn. 44 bound hand and foot with grave clothes
18. 12 Then the band, .took Jesus, and bound
18. 24 Annas had senthini bound unto Caiaphas
Acts 9. 2 might bring them bound unto Jerusalem
9. 14 authority, .to bind all that call on thy
9. 21 might bring them bound unto the chief
12. 6 Peter was sleeping ..bound with two
20. 22 I go bound in the spirit unto Jerusalem
21. ii bound his own hands and feet, and said
21. ii So shall the Jews at Jerusalem bind the
21. 13 I am ready not to be bound only, but also
21. 33 commanded be bound with .. chains
22. 5 to bring them ..bound unto Jerusalem
22. 29 was afraid .. because he had bound him
24. 27 Felix, willing to show . . a . . left Paul bound
Bom. 7. 2 the woman . . is bound by the law to . . hus.
1 Co. 7. 27 Art thou bound unto a wife ? seek not to
7. 39 The wife is bound by the law as long as
2 Ti. 2. 9 bonds ; but the word of God is not bound
Rev. 9. 14 are bound in the great river Euphrates
20. 2 Satan, and bound him a thousand years
19. To stretch out before, irporfivu proteinfj.
Acts 22. 25 as they bound him with thongs, Paul
BIND about, to
1. To gird, iix azar.
Job 30. 18 it bindeth me about as the collar of my
2. To bind around, irepiSfw perideo.
Johnik 44 his face was bound about with a napkin
BIND on, to
bind under, viroStu hupodeo.
Acts 1 2. 8 Gird thyself, and bind on thy sandals
BIND sheaves, to
To bind, 15^ tt /nar, 3.
Psa. 1 29. 7 nor he that bindeth sheaves his bosom
BIND up, to
l.To bind up, gird, rjn chabash.
Job 5. 18 For he maketh sore, and bindeth up ; he
Isa. 30. 26 LORD bindeth up the breach of his people
61. i sent me to bind up the broken hearted
Eze. 34. 4 have ye bound up (that which was) broken
34. 1 6 will bind up (that which was) broken
Hos. 4. 19 The wind . . bound her up iu her wings
2. To bind up, gird, 1731? chabash, 3.
Psa. 147. 3 He healeth . . and bindeth up their wounds
3. To straiten, congress, "fix tsur.
Deut 14. 25 Then shalt thou. .bind up the money in
4.7*0 straiten, compress, ~ny tsarar.
Job 26. 8 He bindeth up the waters in his thick
Isa. 8. 16 Bind up the testimony, seal the law among
5. To bind fast, KaraSeca katadeo.
Luke 10. 34 went., and bound up his wounds, pouring
BIND with, to
To bind along with, (rvvStu sundeo.
Heb. 13. 3 them that are iu bonds, as bound with
1. Binding, obliging, ifg, ipx issar, esar.
Tum 30. 1 3 every binding oath to afflict the soul, her
2.Lip, edge, n#y saphah.
Exod28. 32 it shall have a binding of woven work
[See also Curse, execration, oath.]
BI -NEA, n^:3, xj^3 wanderer.
A sou of Moza, a descendant of Saul, B.C. 900.
1 Ch. 8. 37 Moza begat B. : Rapha (was) his son
9. 43 Moza begat B. ; and Rephaiah his son
BIN-NU -I, ^3 fantilyship.
1. A Levite appointed to the oversight of the weighing
of the gold and silver vessels that Ezra brought up
from Babylon, B.C. 536.
Ezra 8. 33 with them (was). . Noadiah the son of B.
2. One of the family of Pahath-moab, B.C. 445.
Ezra 10. 30 of the sons of Pahath-moab; Bezaleel . . B.
3. One of the family of Bani, B.C. 445.
Ezra 10. 38 And Bani, and B., Shimei.
4. One of the family of Henadad, B.C. 460.
Neh. 3. 24 After him repaired B. . .another piece
10. 9 B. of the sons of Henadad, Kadmiel
6. One whose descendants came up with Zerubbabel.
He is called Bani in Ezra 2. 10, B.C. 536.
Neh. 7. 1 5 The children of B . . six hundred forty and
6. A Levite who came up with Zerubbabel, B.C. 536.
Neh. 12. 8 Moreover the Levites : Jeshua, B.
l.Fowl, bird, nty oph.
Gen. 40. 17 the birds did eat them out of the basket
40. 19 the birds shall eat thy flesh from off thee
2 Sa. 21. 10 neither the birds of the air to rest on
Eccl. 10. 20 a bird of the air shall carry the voice, and
Isa. 16. 2 as a wandering bird cast out of the nest
Jer. 4. 25 all the birds of the heavens were fled
5. 27 As a cage is full of birds, so (are) their
12. 4 the beasts are consumed, and the birds
Hos. 9. ii their glory shall fly away like a bird
2.A ravenous bird, irj? at/it.
Jer. 12. 9 speckled bird, the birds round about (are)
3.^4 sparrow, nisit tsippor.
Gen. 7. 14 every fowl after his kind, every bird of
15. 10 divided them.. the birds divided he not
! Lev. 14. 4 that is to be cleansed two birds alive
14. 5 one of the birds be killed in an. .vessel
14. 6 As for the living bird, he shall take it
Lev. 14. 6 dip. .the living bird in the biood of the b
14. 7 shall let the living bird loose into the
14. 49 shall take to cleanse the house two birds
14. 50 he shall kill the one of the birds in an
14. 51 living bird . . iu the blood of the slain bird
14. 52 shall cleanse. . with the blood of the bird
14. 52 running water, and with the living bird
14. 53 shall let go the living bird out of the city
Deut 14. ii (Of) all clean birds ye shall eat
22. 6 If a bird s nest chance to be . . in any tree
Job 41. 5 Wilt thou play with him as. .a bird?
Psa. ii. i say ye . . Flee (as) a bird to your mountain ?
104. 17 Where the birds make their nests
124. 7 Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the
Prov. 6. 5 as a bird from the hand of the fowler
7. 23 as a bird hasteth to the snare, and
26. 2 As the bird by wandering, as the swallow
27. 8 As a bird that wandereth from her nest
Eccl. 9. 12 as the birds that are caught in the snare
12. 4 he shall rise up at the voice of the bird
Isa. 31. 5 As birds Hying, so will the LoRl> of hosts
Lam. 3. 52 Mine enemies chased me sore, like a bird
Eze. 39. 4 I will give thee unto the ravenous birds
Hos. ii. ii They shall tremble as a bird out of
Amos 3. 5 Can a bird fall in a snare upon the earth
4. Bird, 1S tsephar.
Dan. 4. 33 and his nails like birds (claws)
5.0wner of a wing, ^5 ^3 baal kanaph.
Prov. 1. 17 the net is spread in the sight of any bird
Q.Bird (domestic or wild), upvfov orneon.
Rev. 18. 2 cage of every unclean and hateful bird
7. Flying, winged animal, irtr(iv6v peteinon.
Matt. 8. 20 the birds of the air. .nests ; but the Son
13. 32 that the birds of the air come and lodge
Luke 9. 58 birds of the air. .nests ; but the Son of
Rom. i. 23 to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and
Jas. 3. 7 every kind of beasts, and of birds, and
8. Feathered, winged animal, TITT]V&V plenon.
1 Co. 15. 39 one. .flesh of men. .another of birds
BIRD, ravenous
A ravenous bird, (lies) is".y ayit (tsippor}.
Isa. 46. ii Calling a ravenous bird from the east
Eze. 39. 4 I will give thee unto the ravenous birds
BIR -SHA, i gna thick, strong.
A king of Gomorrah in the time of Abram, B.C. 1917.
Ge. 14. 2 made war with . . B. king of Gomorrah
l.T o bear, bring forth, yield, iS; yalad.
Hos. 9. ii glory shall fly away . .from the birth
2. Cutting out, ifiias mekurah.
Eze. 1 6. 3 Thy birth and thy nativity (is) of the
3. Breaking forth, ist?!? mashber.
2 Ki. 19. 3 for the children are come to the birth
Isa. 37. 3 for the children are come to the birth
4. Generations, nin?in toledoth.
Exod28. 10 their names, .according to their birth
5. Birth, a being born, ytvtr-h genete.
John 9. i he saw a man which was blind . . birth
6.Birth, nativity, yfwricns genntsis.
Matt. i. iSthe [birth] of Jesus Christ was on thiswise
Luke i. 14 and many shall rejoice at his [birth]
BIRTH, bring to the
7*0 break forth, ~\yy shabar, 5.
Isa. 66. 9 Shall I bring to the birth, and not causa
BIRTH, one s
To be born, brought forth, ~br yalad, 2.
Eccl. 7. i the day of death than, .of one s birth
BIRTH, untimely
Fallen thing, SBJ nephel.
Job 3. 16 Or as an hidden untimely birth I had not
Psa. 58. 8 the untimely birth of a woman . .may
Eccl. 6. 3 an untimely birth (is) better than he
I. Day of the birth, rn fn cv yarn hulledeth. [.yalad}.
Gen. 40. 20 third day .. Pharaoh s birthday, that he
2.Natal festivities, ytvfffia genesia.
Matt 14. 6 when Herod s birth day was kept, the
Mark 6. 21 Herod, on his birth day, made a supper to
1. Status of a first born, .TTC3 bekorah.
Gen. 25. 31 said, Sell me this day thy birthright
25. 32 what profit shall this birthright do to
25. 33 and he sold his birthright unto Jacob
25. 34 thus Esau despised (his) birthright
27. 36 said . .he took away my birthright ; and
43. 33 firstborn according to his birthright
i Ch. 5. i his birthright was given unto the sons
5. i not to be reckoned after the birthright
5. 2 but the birthright (was) Joseph s
2. Rights of a first born, trpuror^Kia prijtotokia,
Heb. 12. 1 6 who for. .meat sold his birthright
BIR-ZA -vrTH, nina olive well.
A grandson of Beriah son of Asher.
i Ch. 7. 31 Heber, and Malchiel. .the father of B
BISH -LAM, cSc-3 in peace.
A commissioner of Artaxerxes in Canaan at tlie time
of Zerubbabel s return from exile. He wrote against
the rebuildera of the temple, B.C. 536.
Ezra 4. 7 in the days of A. wrote B., Mithmlath
Vcerseer, superintendent, tiriffitoiros episkojws.
Phil. i. i Paul. .to.. the bishops and deacons
i Ti. 3. 2 A bishop then must be blameless, the
Titus i. 7 For a bishop must be blameless, as the
i Pe. 2. 25 are now returned unto the . . Bishop of
BISHOP, office of a
Occrxii/ht, JTTHrKoini episkope.
i Ti. 3. i If a man desire the office of a bishop, he
Oversight, 4-iriffKoir-l] episkope.
Acts i. 20 and, His bishopric let another take
I.Bridie, curb, Jna metheg.
Psa. 32. 9 whose . . be held ill with bit and bridle
2. The bit of a bridle, curb, \a\tv6\ chalinos.
Jas. 3. 3 Behold, we put bits in the horses mouths
BITE, to
1.7*0 bite, "HVi nashak.
Gen. 49. 17 Dan. .a serpent, .that biteth the horse
Nuni2i. 9 if a serpent had bitten any man, when
Prov.23. 32 At the last it biteth like a serpent, and
Eccl. 10. 8 breaketh an hedge, a serpent shall bite
10. 1 1 serpant will bite without enchantment
Amos 5. 19 if a man did flee, .and a serpent bit him
9. 3 I command the serpent, and he shall bite
Mic. 3. 5 my people err, that bite with their teeth
2. To bite (violently), TJPJ nashak, 3.
Numzi. 6 fiery serpents .. they bit the people
Jer. 8. 17 and they shall bite you, saith the LORD
3. To bile, irritate, SaKvta dakno.
Gal. 5. 15 But if ye bite and devour one another
EITH-TAH, n;ri3 daughter o/Jn.h, worshipper.
Daughter of I haraoh and wife of Mered, a descendant
of Judah, about the time of the Exodus. Her name
seems to imply her conversion, as Mered s other wife
is called "the Jewess," B.C. 1400.
1 Ch. 4. 18 these (are) the sons of B. . .which Mered
BITH -RON, i nrian (the) broken or divuied place.
A district in the Arabah or Jordan valley on the E side.
It was iu Gad between Mahanaim and the Jordan.
2 Sa. 2. 29 Abner and his men . . went through all B.
BI-THYN -IA, BtOwla.
The original inhabitants of this ancient province were,
according to the traditional account, expelled by some
Thracian tribes, of which the Bithyni were the most
numerous. The Megarians formed a colony at Astacus,
B.C. 7jc, which became a nourishing city. Bithynia
was incorporated with the Lydiau empire by Croesus
about B.C. 560. (Bithynia is included in the modern
Anatolia.) In 541 B.C. it succumbs with Lydia to
Persia; 431 or 436, Dydalsus, orDaedalsus, chief of the
Bithynia, seizes Astacus, and founds the kingdom of
Bithyuia ; 409, the Bithyniaus deliver to Alcibiades the
property of the Chalcedonians intrusted to their safe
keeping: 401, they vigorously oppose the retreat of
the Ten Thousand : 333, they defeat Galas, one of the
generals of Alexander the Great; 315, Zipoetes wars
with Astacus and Chalcedon; 81, Lysinmchus, the j
Thruciau, sends an army to subdue Bithynia, but his
troops are defeated and his generals slain ; 278, Nicomedes,
king of Bithyuia, invites the Gauls into Asia,
as; I assigns Galatia as their teritory, 264, Nicomedes
I. founds Nicomedia; 228, Zielas having planned the
massacre of the chiefs of Galatia, is detected and slain
by them; 216, Prusias I. defeats the Gauls; i(>7,
Prusias II. visits Rome; 156, war between the kings
of Bithynia and Pergamus; 88, war between Nico
medes III., of Bithynia, and Mithridates, king of Pontus;
74, death of Nicomedes III., who bequeaths Bi
thynia to the Roman people. In A it. 63. Bithynia and
Pontus are united; 103, Pliny becomes governor; 104,
complains of the Christians in his province; 260,
ravaged by the Goths; 1074, seized by the Seljukiai!
Turks; 1231, first settlement of the Tartars in Bithy
nia; 1298, the Ottomans found a new empire in l;itli>.
nia; 1330, Orchan conquers Nicomedia, and subdues
the whole of Bithynia.
Acts 16. 7 they assayed to go into B.
i Pe. i. i to the strangers scattered throughout.. B.
To bite, Tjtfj nashak.
Nnm 21. 8 every one that is bitten . . shall live
BITTEN, hunger
Zlunyry, 2j~> r-j.eb.
Job 18. 12 IIu strength shall be hunger bitteu
1 . Hitter, T3 mar.
Gen. 27. 34 he cried with a. .exceeding bitter cry
Exodis. 23 o the waters, .for they (were) bitter
.Num. 5. 18 shall have in hisliand the bitter water
5. 19 be thou free from this bitter water
5. 23 shall blot (them) out with the bitter water
5. 24 cause the woman to drink the bitter
5. 27 shall enter into her, (and become) bitter
Esth. 4. i and cried with a loud and a bitter cry
Job 3. 20 misery, and life unto the bitter (in) soul
i sa. 64. 3 to shoot; tiit ir arrows, (even) bitter words
Prov. 5. 4 But her end is bitter as wormwood
27. 7 to the hungry soul every bitter thing is
Eccl. 7. 26 And I mid more bitter than death the
Isa. 5. 20 put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
Jer. 2. 19 see that (it is) an evil, .and bitter, that
4. 18 this (is) thy wickedness, because it is b.
Eze. 27. 31 bitterness of heart (and) bitter wailing
Amos 8. 10 and the end thereof as a* bitter day
Hub. i. 6 the Chaldeans, (that) bitter and hasty
2. To be bitter, rna marah.
3 Ki. 14. 26 the LORD saw. .(that it was) very bitter
3. Bitterness, *T? ineri.
Job 23. -2 Even to-day (is) my complaint bitter : my
4. Very bitter, "!*T? meriri.
Deut 32. 24 with burning heat, and with bitter
s. Bitterness, .Tin? merorah.
Deut 32. 32 grapes of gall, their clusters (are) bitter
$. Bitternesses, D TP merorim.
Exodi2. 8 with bitter (herbs) they shall eat it
Num. 9. 1 1 with nnleaveiled bread and bitter (herbs)
7. Pointed, sharp, iriitpSs pikros.
Jas. 3. 1 1 at the same place sweet (water) and bitter
3. 14 if ye have bitter envying and strife
BITTER, to be
1. To be bitter, TIIJ tnarar.
Isa. 24. 9 strong drink shall be bitter to them
2.7*0 -make sharp, pointed, irutpaivo) pikraino.
Col. 3. 19 love (your) wives, and be not bitter
Rev. 10. 10 as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter
BITTER, to make
1.7*o embitter, ~na marar, 3.
Exod. i. 14 they made their lives bitter with hard
2. To make sharp, pointed, iriKpatixa pikraino.
Rev. 8. u waters, because they were made bitter
10. 9 it shall make thy belly bitter, but it
BITTER, most
Bitternesses, G~insn tamrurim.
Jer. 6. 26 for) an only son, most bitter lamentation
BITTER things
Bitterness, .Tina merorah.
Job 13- 26 For thou writest bitter things against me
1.7*o curse, "PN arar.
Judg. 5. 23 curse ye bitterly the inhabitants thereof
2. Bitter, I? mar.
Isa. 33. 7 ambassadors, .shall weep bitterly
Eze. 27. 30 shall cry bitterly, and shall cast up
3. To embitter with weeping, ^23 -n,p [marar].
Isa. 22. 4 Look away from me ; I will weep bitterly
i. Pointedly, sharply, irtKp&s %)ikius.
Matt26. 75 And he went out, and wept bitterly
Luke22. 62 And Peter went out, and wept bitterly
BITTERLY, to deal
7*o embitter, make bitter, Tie marar, 5.
Ruth i. 20 the Almighty hath dealt very bitterly
Bitternesses, D ^npn tamrurim.
Hos. 12. 14 Ephraim provoked, .anger most bitterly
Hedgehog, porcupine, "lisp qippod.
Isa. 14. 23 make it a possession for the bittern
34. ii the cormorant and the bittern shall
Zeph. 2. 14 the bittern shall lodge in the upper
I. Bitterness, ion memer.
Prov. 1 7. 25 and bitterness to her that bare him
2. Bitternesses, C-n?1
? mammerorim.
Job 9. 18 but fllleth me with bitterness
S.Bitter, t} mar.
1 Sa. i. 10 And she (was) in bitterness of soul, and
15. 32 Surely the bitterness of death is passed
2 Sa. 2. 26 it will be bitterness in the latter end !
Job 7. ii I will complain in the bitterness of my
10. i I will speak in the bitterness of my soul
21. 25 another dieth in the bitterness of his
Isa. 38. 15 all my years in the bitterness of my soul
Eze. 3. 14 I went in bitterness, in the heat of my
27. 31 they shall weep for thee with bitterness
^.Bitterness, rna marah.
Prov. 14. 10 The heart knoweth his own bitterness
5. Bitterness, nnnp meriruth.
Eze. 21. 6 with bitterness sigh before their eyes
6. Bitternesses, C"no merorim.
Lam. 3. 15 He hath filled me with bitterness, he
7. Sharpness, bitterness, irtitpiajrikria.
Aoto 8. 23 that thou art iu the gall of bitterness
Bom. 3. 14 mouth (is) full of cursing and bittu i.cs- 4. 31 Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger
Heb. 12. 15 lest any root of bitterness springing up
BITTERNESS, to be in
1 . 7*o be bitter, TIB marar.
Lam. i. 4 her virgins are aftiicted . . (is) in bitterness
2.7*0 make bitter, Tip marar, 5.
Zech 12. 10, 10 shall be in bitterness for him, aa one
7*o become bitter, -na marar, 5.
Isa. 38. 17 Behold, for peace I had great bitterness
BIZ-JOTH -JAH, .Trti 12 _pZacc of Jail s olives.
A town in the S. of Judah, near Beer-sheba.
Josh. 15. 28 Hazur-shual, and Beer-sheba, and B.
BLZ -THA, Nnj? eunuch.
The second of the seven eunuchs of Ahasuerus, B.C. 51^
Esth. i. 10 B. . .that served in the presence of . .king
I. Middle, pr N ishon.
Prov. 7. 9 iii the evening, in the black and dark
2. Black, sv:arthy, ~tny shtichor.
Lev. 13. 31 and. .no black hair in it ; then the priest
13. 37 (that) there is black hair grown up therein
Song i. 5 I (am) black, but comely, O ye daughters
5. ii his locks (are) bushy, .black as a raven
Zech. 6. 2 in the second chariot black horses
6. 6 The black horses which (are) therein
3. Very brown, blackish, rnrnnp shecharchoreth.
Song i. 6 Look not upon me, because I (am) black
4. Black, fj.t\as melas.
.Matt. 5. 36 thou canst not make one hair, .black
Rev. 6. 5 I beheld, and lo a black horse : and he
6. 12 the sun became black as sackcloth of hair
BLACK, to be
1.7*0 be dark, wn chashak.
Lam. 4. 8 Their visage is blacker than a coal ; they
2.7*0 be contracted, dark, -c$ kamar, 2.
Lam. 5. 10 Our skin was black like an oven because
3.7*0 be covered, dark, Tip qadar.
Jer. 4. 28 For this shall, .the heavens, .be black
8. 21 I am black ; astonishment hath taken
14. 2 they are black unto the ground ; and the
4.7*0 become dark, covered, Tip qadar, 1 .
i Ki. 18. 45 the heaven was black with clouds and
5.7*0 burn, be brown, iny shachar.
Job 30. 30 My skin is black upon me, and my bouea
BLACK marble
Glowing substance, rnnb sochereth.
Esth. i. 6 upon a pavement of red. .black marble
7*o be covered, dark, Tip qadar.
Job 6. 16 Which are blackish by reason of the ic*
1. Obscurations, bitternesses, D TIP? kimrmm.
Job 3. 5 let the blackness of the day terrify it
1.Rednesst flame, nnnf parur.
Joel 2. 6 all faces shall gather blackness
Nah. 2. 10 the faces of them all gather blackness
3. Darkness, nnip qadruth.
Isa. 50. 3 I clothe the heavens with blackness, and
4..1 thick cloud, yvdcpus gnophos.
Heb. 12. 18 that burned with fire, nor unto blackness
5. Thick darkness, 6<pos zophos.
Jude 13 to whom is reserved the blackness of
I. Flaming weapon, arrS lahab.
Judg. 3. 22 tiie haft also went in after the blade; and
3. 22 the fat closed upon the blade, so that he
2. Blade, stalk, xopro^ chortos.
Matt 13. 26 But when the blade was sprung up, and
Mark 4. 28 first the blade, then the ear after that
BLADE, shoulder
Shoulder, n*<tr shikmah.
Job 31. 22 let mine arm fall from my shoulder blade.
.1 swelling. nyay;s a.babuoth.
Exod. 9. 9, 10 a boil breaking forth (with) blains
BLAKE, without
Blameless, afj.ufj.os amomos.
Eph. i. 4 that we should be holy and without blame
7*o blame, yuayiao/uou momaomai, uwafouai.
2 Co. 8. 20 no man should blame us in this abund.
BLAME, to bear the
To miss the mark, err, sin, xpn chata.
Gen. 43. 9 then let me bear the blame for ever
44. 32 I shall bear the blame to my father for
BLAMED, to be
1 . 7*o know (something) against one, KaTayivuiffKta.
Gal. 2. ii withstood him. .because he was to be bL
2.7*0 blame, /j.u/ m maomai,
a Cc. 6. 3 no offence . . that the ministry be not bL
1. Innocent, free, pj naqi.
Gen. 44. 10 my servant ; anu yc shall be blameless
Josh. 2. 17 We (will be) blameless of this tliinc oath
".Blameless, &nf/j.irTos amemptos.
Luke i. 6 walking in all. .the ordinances, .blameless
Phil. 2. 15 That ye may be blameless and harmless
3. 6 the righteousness . .in the law. blameless
3. Blamelessly, d/ie /
i"rTa s amemptos.
1 Th. 5. 23 soul and body be preserved blameless
4. Blameless, d/xciijUTjTos amometos.
2 Pe. 3. 14 that ye may be found of him . .blameless
5. Causeless, guiltless, avaiTios anaitios.
Matti2. 5 profane the sabbath, and are blameless ?
Q.Not accused or called in, avfyK\i)Tos aneflldetos.
i Co. i. 8 blameless in the day of our Lord Jesus C.
i Ti. 3. 10 the office of a deacon, being, .blameless
Tit. i. 6 If any be blameless, the husband of one
i. 7 a bishop must be blameless, as the
? .Not laid hold on, avixi^Trros anepileptos.
i Ti. 3. 2 A bishop then must be blameless, the
5. 7 give in charge, that they may be blameless
To be innocent, free, nijj naqah, 2.
Judgi,. 3 Now shall I be more blameless than the
I. To bless, declare blessed, T^ barak, 3.
1 Ki. 21. 10 Thou didst blaspheme God and the king
21. 13 Naboth did blaspheme God and the king
2. To revile, cut into, <pa gadaph, 3.
2 Ki. 19. 6 which the servants, .have blasphemed
19. 22 Whom hast thou reproached and bias.
Psa. 44. 16 him that reproacheth and blasphemeth
Isa. 37. 6 wherewith the servants, .blasphemed
37. 23 Whom hast thou reproached and bias.
Eze. 20. 27 in this your fathers have blasphemed
3. To cut into, expose, i^n charaph, 3.
Isa. 65. 7 and blasphemed me upon the hills
4. To pierce, 3|3j naqab.
Lev. 24. ii Israelitish woman s son blasphemed the
24. 16 that blasphemeth the name of the LORD
24. 16 when he blasphemeth the name, .shall be
6. To speak injuriously, Aa<r4>i7/ue &> blasphemed.
Matt. 9. 3 the scribes said . . This (man) blasphemeth
Mark. 3. 28 wherewith soever they shall blaspheme
3. 29 he that shall blaspheme against the Holy
Lukei2. 10 unto him that [blasphemeth] against the
Johnio. 36 Sayyeofhim..Thoublasphemest; because
Acts 13. 45 by Paul, contradicting and blaspheming
1 8. 6 they opposed themselves.and blasphemed
26. ii punished, .and compelled, .to blaspheme
Rom. 2. 24 for the name of God is blasphemed among
1 Ti. i. 20 that they may learn not to blaspheme
6. i that the name of God . . be not blasphemed
Titus 2. 5 that the word of God be not blasphemed
Jas. 2. 7 Do not they blaspheme that worthy name
Rev. 13. 6 he opened his mouth, .to blaspheme his
1 6. 9 men were scorched . . and blasphemed the
1 6. ii blasphemed the God of heaven because
16. 21 men blasphemed God because of the
BLASPHEME, (to give occasion) to
To pierce, sting, f>q naats, 3.
2 Sa. 12. 14 thou hast given .. occasion blaspheme
Psa. 74. 10 shall the enemy blaspheme thy name for
74. iS the foolish people have blasphemed thy
To pierce, sting, fN} naats, 7.
Isa. 52. 5 myname ..every day (is) blasphemed
I. Tit speak injuriously, ^Aacr^Tj/ueco blasphemed.
Acts 19. 37 nor yet blasphemers of your goddess
^.Injurious speaker, /JAao-^/ios biasphemos.
i Ti. i. 13 Who was before a blasphemer, and a
2Ti. 3. 2 lovers of their own selves.. blasphemers
Piercings, niiis: neatsoth.
E/e. 35. 12 I have heard all thy blasphemies
Speaking injuriously, &\a.<r$-r]fj.os blasphemes.
Acts 6. ii We..heardhimspeakblasphemouswords
6. 13 This man speak [blasphemous] words
To speak injuriously, |8Aa<r<T;/xea> blasphemed.
Luke 22. 65 many other things blasphemously cpake
I. Piercing, nyK) neatsah.
3 Ki. 19. 3 This day (is) a day of trouble ..and bias.
Isa. 37. 3 This day (is) a day of trouble., and of bl.
2. Injurious speaking, /SAacnprjfila blasphemia.
Matti2. 31 All manner of sin and blasphemy shall
12. 31 the blasphemy (against) the (Holy) Ghost
15. 19 out of the heart proceed ..blasphemies
26. 65 now ye have heard his blasphemy
Mark 2. 7 Why doth this (man) thus speak [hlasph.]?
3. 28 blasphemies ..they shall blaspheme
7. 22 an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness
14. 64 Ye have heard the blasphemy: what think
Luke 5. 21 Who is this which speaketh blasphemies?
Johnio. 33 we stone thee not ; but for blasphemy
Col. 3. 8 anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy
Kev. 2. 9 the blasphemy of them, which say they
13. i upon his heads the name of blasphemy
13. 5 speaking great things and [blasphemies]
13. 6 he opened his mouth in blasphemy
17. 3 a woman ..full of names of blasphemy
BLASPHEMY, to speak
To speak injuriously, fj\a<r<t>t)H(cj blasphemed.
Matts6. 65 He hath spoken blasphemy ; what further
1. Breath, blast, ruyp) neshamah.
2 Sa. 22. 16 at the blast of the breath of his nostrils
Job 4. 9 By the blast of God they perish, and by
Psa. 18. 15 at the blast of the breath of thy nostrils
2. Wind, spirit, rn ruach.
Exodis. 8 with the blast of thy nostrils the waters
2 Ki. 19. 7 Behold, I will send a blast upon him, and
Isa. 25. 4 when the blast of the terrible ones (is) as
37. 7 I will send a blast upon him, and he
I. Grain, young seed, ffyytf shedemcch.
Isa. 37. 27 aud. .blasted before it be grown up
2. To blight, blast, ]iv> shadaph.
Gen. 41. 6 aeven thin ears and blasted with the east
41. 23 seven ears, .blasted with the east wind
41. 27 the seven empty ears, blasted with the
3. Blighted, blasted, nyip shedephah.
2 Ki. 19. 2i .aid. .blaated before it be grown up
Blight, blasnng, fisryp shiddaphon.
Deut 28. 2* with the sword, and with blasting, and
1 Ki. 8. 37 if there be pestilence, blasting, mildew
2 Ch. 6. 28 if there be pestilence, if there be blasting
Amos 4. 9 I have smitten you with blasting and
Hag. 2. 17 I smote you with blasting and with
A chamberlain of Herod Agrippa I., A.D. 35.
Acts 12. 20 having made B. the king s chamberlain
BLAZE abroad, to
To speak throughout, Sia(prj/j.i^a diaphemizo.
Mark i. 43 he went out. .to blaze abroad the matter
Voice, sounat, *?ip qol.
1 Sa. 15. 14 What, .then this bleating of the sheep
Shriekings, pipings, nip !?* sheriqoth.
Judg. 5- 16 Whyabodest thou. .to hear the bleatings
1. Spot, DiND mum.
Dan. i. 4 Children in whom (was) no blemish, but
2.S2}ot, trio mum.
Lev. 2*. 17 Whosoever (lie be), .that hath, .blemish
21. 18 whatsoever man. .that hath a blemish
21. 21 that hath a blemish, .he hath a blemish
21. 23 nor come nigh, .because he hath a blemish
22. 20 whatsoever hath a blemish, .shall ye
22. 2t perfect, .there shall be no blemish
22. .5 their corruption (is) in them, .blemishes
24. 19 if a man cause a blemish in his neighbour
24. 20 as he hath caused a blemish in a man, so Num 19. 2 heifer without spot, wherein . . no blemish
Deut 1 5. 21 if there be. .blemish therein, .ill blemish
17. i wherein is blemish,(or) any evil favoured.
2 Sa. 14. 25 from the sole of his foot, .no blemish in
3. White spots, ^^ teballul.
Lev. 21. 20 that hath a blemish in his eye, or be
i.Spot, blemish, /uoj/uoy momos.
2 Pe. 2. 13 Spots, .and blemishes, sporting themsel.
BLEMISH, without
I. Perfect, complete, CV?n tamim.
Exodi2. 5 Your lamb shall be without blemish, a
29. i Take one youug bullock, .without blemish
Lev. i. 3 let him offer a male without blemish
i. 10 he shall bring it a male without blemish
3. i, 6 he shall offer it without blemish
4. 3 bring, .a young bullock without blemish
4. 23 kid of the goats, a male without blemish
4. 28 kid of the goats, a female without blemish
4. 32 he shall bring it a female without blemish
5. 15, 18 shall bring, .a ram without blemish
6. 6 he shall bring. ,n ram without blemish
9. 2 Take thee a young calf, .without blemish
9.33 calf and a lamb . . without blemish
14. 10 shall take two he lambs without blemish
14. 10 lamb of the first year without blemish
22. 19 at your own will a r<ale without blemish
23. 12 offer, .an he lamb without blemish
23. 18 offer, .seven lambs without blemish
Num. 6. 14 lamb of the first year without blemish
6. 14 ram without blemish, .without blemish
28. 19, 31 they shall be. .you without blemish
29. 2 seven lambs of the first . . without blemish
29. 8 they shall be unto you without blemish
29. 13 lambs, .they shall be without blemish
29. 20, 23, 29, 32, 36 flrct year, without blemish
ze. 43. 22 thou shalt offer a kid. .without blemish
43. 23 offer a young bullock v/ithout blemish
43. 23, 25 a ram out of the flock without blemish
45. 18 take a young bullock without blemish
Eze. 45. 23 seven bullocks, .rams without blemish
46. 4 lambs without blemish . . ram without bL
46. 6 without blemish, .be without blemish
46. 13 lamb of the first year without blemish
2. Spotless, blameless, faunas amomos.
Eph. 5. 27 should be holy and without blemish
i Pe. i. 19 a lamb without blemish and v/ithout
I. To declare happy, vx ashar, 3.
Job 29. ii When the ear heard (me,), .ii bieseed me
Song 6. 9 The daughters saw her and blessed her
2.7*0 declare blessed, T5? barak, 3.
Gen. i. 22 God blessed them, saying, Be fruitful
1. 28 God blessed them, and God said unto
2. 3 God blessed the seventh day, aud
5. 2 blessed them, and called their name
9. i God blessed Noah and his sons, and said
12. 2 I will bless thee, and make thy name
12. 3 I will bless them that bless thee. and
14. 19 And he blessed him, aud said
17. 16 I will bless her. .yea, I will bless her
17. 20 I have blessed him, and will make him
22. 17 That in blessing I will bless thee, and in
24. i the LORD had blessed Abraham in all
24. 35 the LORD hath blessed my master greatly
24. 48 blessed the LOUD God of my master Abr.
24. 60 they blessed Rebekah, and said unto her
25. ii after the death of A., that God blessed
26. 3 I will be with thee, and will bless thee
26. 12 Isaac sowed, .and the LORD blessed him
26. 24 fear not, for I (am) with thee, and . .bless
27. 4 that my soul may bless thee before T die
27. 7 that I may eat, and bless thee before the
27. 10 that he may bless thee before his death
27. 19 eat of my venison, that thy soul, .bless
27. 23 And he discerned him not. .so he blessed
27. 25 I will eat. .that my soul may bless thee
27. 27 blessed him.. which the LORD, .blessed
27. 29 that curseth thee. .that blesseth thee
27. 30 Isaac had made an end of blessing Jacob
27. 31 eat of . .venison, that thy soul may bless
27. 33 before thou earnest, and have blessed
2 7- 34. 38 Bless me, (even) me also, O my father!
27. 41 blessing wherewith his father blessed
28. i blessed him, and charged him, and said
28. 3 God Almighty bless thee, and make thee
28. 6 When Esau saw that Isaac had blessed
30. 27 learned, .that the LORD hath blessed me
30. 30 the LORD hath blessed thee since my
31. 55 his sons and his daughters, and blessed
32. 26 I will not let thee go, except thou bless
32. 29 And he blessed him there
35. 9 God appeared unto Jacob, .and blessed
39. 5 the LORD blessed the Egyptian s house
47. 7 brought in Jacob, .and Jacob blessed
47. 10 Jacob blessed Pharaoh, and went out
48. 3 God A Imighty appeared . . and blessed me
48. 9 Bring them . . unto me, and I will bless
48. 15 he blessed Joseph, and said, God, before
48. 16 The Angel which redeemed me. .bless
48. 20 blessed them. .In thee shall Israel bless
49. 25 the Almighty who shall bless thee with
49. 28 their father spake unto them, .blessed
Exodi2. 32 as ye have said, and be gone ; and bless
20. ii wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath
20. 24 I will come unto thee, and I will bless
23. 25 he shall bless thy bread, and thy water
39. 43 so had they done it : and Moses blessed
Lev. 9. 22 Aaron lifted up his hand, .and blessed
9. 23 Aaron . .came out, and blessed the people
Num. 6. 23 On this wise ye shall bless the children
6. 24 The LORD bless thee, and keep thee
6. 27 children of Israel ; and I will bless them
22. 6 I wot that he whom thou blessest
23. 1 1 behold, thou hast blessed (them) altog.
23. 20 I have received, .to bless : and. .blessed
23. 25 Neither curse them at all, nor bless them
24. i saw that it pleased the Lord to bless Isr.
24. 9 he that blesseth thee, and cursed (is) he
24. 10 thou hast altogether blessed . .these three
Deut. i. ii the LORD, .bless you, as he hath promised
2. 7 For the LORD thy God hath blessed thee
7. 13 he will, .bless thee. .he will also bless
8. 10 thou shalt bless the LORD thy God for
10. 8 and to bless in his name, unto this day
12. 7 wherein the LORD thy God hath blessed
14. 24 when the LORD thy God hath blessed
14. 29 that the LORD thy God may bless thee in
15. 4 for the LORD shall greatly bless thee in
15. 6 the LORD thy God blesseth thee, as he
15. 10 the LORD thy God shall bless thee in all
15. 14 the LORD thy God hath blessed thee thou
15. 18 the LORD thy God shall bless thee in all
16. 10 as the LORD thy God hath blessed thee
16. 15 the LORD thy God shall bless thee in all
21. 5 chosen . . to bless in the name of the LORD
23. 20 that the LORD thy God may bless thee in
24. 13 sleep in his own raiment, and bless thee
24. 19 that the LORD thy God may bless thee in
26. 15 Look down . .and bless thy people Israel
27. 12 stand upon mount Gerizim to bless the
28. 8 he shall bless thee in the land which the
28. 12 and to bless all the work of thine hand
30. 16 the LORD thy God shall bless thee in the
33. i wherewith Moses, .blessed the children
33. ii Bless, LORD, his substance, and accept
Josh. 8. 33 that they should bless the people of Isr.
14. 13 Joshua blessed him, and gave unto Caleb
17. 14 forasmuch as the LORD hath blessed me
22. 6 Joshua blessed them, and sent them
Josh 22. 7 when Joshua sent them away . . he blessed
22. 33 the children of Israel blessed God, and
24. 10 therefore he blessed you still : BO I
Judg. 5. 9 among the people. .Bless ye the LORD
13. 24 the child grew, and the LORD blessed
Ruth 2. 4 they answered him, The LOUD bless thee
i Sa. 2. 20 Eli blessed Klkanah and his wife, and
9. 13 because he doth bless the sacrifice
a Sa. 6. ii LORD blessed Obed-edom, and all his
6. 12 LORD hath blessed, .house of Obed rddin
6. 18 he blessed the people in the name of the
6 20 David returned to bless his household
7. 29 let it please thee to bless the house of thy
8. 10 to salute him, and to bless him, because
13. 25 howbeit he would not go, but blessed him
19. 39 the king kissed Bar/.illai, and blessed
21. 3 that ye may bless the inheritance of the
; Ki. i. 47 the king s servants came to bless our lord
8. 14, 55 blessed all the congregation of Israel
8. 66 they blessed the king, and went unto
Ch. 4. 10 Oh that thou wouldest bless me indeed
13. 14 the LORD blessed the house of Obed-edom
16. 2 blessed the people in the name of the
17. 27 to bless the house, .for thou blessest
03. 13 separated, .to bless in his name for ever
26. 5 Peulthai the eighth : for God blessed him
29. 10 David blessed the LORD before all the
29. 20 And all the congregation blessed the LORD
2Ch. 6. 3 and blessed the whole congregation of
20. 26 for there they blessed the LORD : therefore
30. 27 priests the Levites arose and blessed the
31. 8 they blessed the LORD, and his people
31. 10 for the LoitD hath blessed his people ; and
Neh. 8. 6 And Ezra blessed the LORD, the great
9. 5 Stand up . . bless the LORD your God for
9. 5 and blessed be thy glorious name
ii. 2 And the people blessed all the men, that
Job i. 10 Thou hast blessed the work of his hands
31. 20 If his loins have not blessed me, and (if)
42. 12 So the LORD blessed the latter end of Job
Psa. 5. 12 For thou, LORD, wilt bless the righteous
10. 3 blesseth the covetous, (whom) the LORD
16. 7 I will bless the LORD, who hath given me
26. 12 in the congregations will I bless the LORD
28. 9 Save thy people, and bless thine inherit.
29. 1 1 the LORD will bless his people with peace
34. i I will bless the LOUD at all times : his
45. 2 therefore God hath blessed thee for ever
49, 18 Though while he lived he blessed his soul
62. 4 they bless with their mouth, but they
63. 4 Thus will I bless thee while I live : I will
65. 10 thou blessest the springing thereor
66. 8 O bless our God, ye people, and make the
67. i God be merciful unto us, and bless us
67. 6 God. .our own God, shall bless us
67. 7 God shall bless us ; and all the ends of
68. 26 Bless ye God in the congregations, .the
96. 2 Sing unto the LORD, bless his name ; shew
100. 4 be thankful unto him, (and) bless his
103. i, 2, 22 Bless the LORD, O my soul
103. 20 Bless the LORD, ye his angels, that excel
103. 21 Bless ye the LORD, all (ye) his hosts ; (ye)
103. 22 Bless the LORD, all his works in all places
104. i Bless the LOKD, O my soul. O LORD my
104. 35 Bless thou the LORD, O my soul
107. 38 He blesseth them also, so that they are
109. 28 Let them curse, but bless thou : when
115. 12 he will bless (us); he will bless.. he will
115. 13 He will bless them that fear the LORD
115. 18 we will bless the LORD from this time
118. 26 we have blessed you out of the house of
128. 5 The LORD shall bless thee out of Zion
129. 8 we bless you in the name of the LORD
132. 15 I will abundantly bless her provision
134. i bless ye the LORD, all (ye) servants of the
134. 2 Lift up your hands, .and bless the LORD
134. 3 The LORD, .bless thee out of /ion
135. 19, 20 bless the LORD, .bless the LORD
145. i I will bless thy name for ever and ever
145. 2 Every day will I bless thee ; and I will
145. 10 and thy saints shall bless thee
145. 21 let all flesh bless his holy name for ever
147. 13 he hath blessed thy children within thee
Prov. 3. 33 but he blesseth the habitation of the just
27. 14 He that blesseth his friend with a loud
30. ii ami doth not bless their mother
Isa. 19. 35 Whom the LORD of hosts shall bless
51. 2 I called him alone, and blessed him
61. 9 the seed (which) the LORD hath blessed
66. 3 he that burneth . . (as if) he blessed an idol
.Ter. 31. 23 The LORD bless thee, o habitation of
Hag. 2. 19 brought forth . from this day will I bless
3.7*0 declare blessed, TJ? bfrak, 3.
Dan. 2. 19 Then Daniel blessed the God of heaven
2. 20 Blessed be the name of God for ever ami
4. 34 I blessed the most high, and I praised
4.7*0 speaJi well of, t!>\oytu> euJn /.-r,.
Matt. 5. 44 Love your enemies, [bless] them that
14. 19 looking up to heaven, he blessed, and
26. 26 Jesus took bread, and [blessed] (it), and
Mark 6. 41 blessed, and brake the loaves, and Kavt-
8. 7 he blessed, and commanded to set them
10. 16 put (his) hands upon them, and [blessed]
14. 22 Jesus took bread, and blessed, and brake
Luke i. 28 Then took he him up . .and blessed God
2. 34 Simeon blessed them, and said unto Mary
6. 28 Bless them that curse you, and pray for
q. 16 looking up to heaven, he blessed them
24. 30 took bread, and blessed (it), and brake
24. 50 he lifted up his hands, and blessed them
24. 51 it came to pass, while he blessed them
Lukc?4. 53 [cuutinually. .praising and blccsing God]
Acts 3. 26 his Son Jesus, sent him to bless you, in
Rom 12. 14 Bless them which persecute you : bless
i Co. 4. 12 being reviled, we bless; being persecuted
10. 16 The cup. .which we bless, is it not the
14. 16 Else, when thou shalt bless with the spirit
Gal. 3. 9 they which be of faith are blessed with
Eph. i. 3 Father of our Lord, .who hath blessed us
Heb. 6. 14 blessing 1 will bless thee, and multiplying
7. i met Abraham returning, .and blessed
7. 6 and blessed him that had the promises
7. 7 the less is blessed of the better
11. 20 By faith Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau
ii. 21 By faith Jacob, .blessed both the sons of
Jas. 3. 9 Therewith bless we God, even the Father
i Pe. 3. 9 but contrariwise blessing ; knowing that
BLESS self, to -
To Mess oneself, think oneself blessed, "I? barak, 7.
Deut 29. 19 that he bless himself in his heart, saying
Isa. 65. 16 who blesseth himself, .shall bless himself
Jer. 4. 2 the nations shall bless themselves in him
BLESSED, (most)
\.llappy, very happy, "?.?!< ashere.
Psu. i. i Blessed (is) the man that walketh not in
2. 12 Blessed (are) all they that put their trust
32. i Blessed (is he whose) transgression (is)
32. 2 Blessed (is) the man unto whom the LORD
33. 12 Blessed (is) the nation whose God (is)
34. 8 blessed (is) the man (that) trusteth in him
40. 4 Blessed (is) that man that maketh the
41. i Blessed (is) he that considereth the poor
65. 4 Blessed (is the man whom) thou choosest
84. 4 Blessed (are) they that dwell in thy house
84. 5 Blessed
the man whose strength (is)
84. 12 blessed (is) the man that trusteth in thee
89. 15 Blessed (is) the people that know the
94. 12 Blessed (is) the man whom thou chasten.
106. 3 Blessed (are) they that keep judgment
112. i Blessed (is) the man (that) feareth the
119. i Blessed (are) the undefined in the way
119. 2 Blessed (are) they that keep his testimon.
128. i Blessed (is) every one that feareth the
Prov. 8. 32 blessed (are they that) keep my ways
8. 34 Blessed
the man that lieareth me
20. 7 The just .his children (are) blessed after
Eccl. 10. 1 7 Blessed (art) thou, O land, when thy king
Isa. 30. 18 blessed (are) all they that wait for him
32. 20 Blessed (are) ye that sow beside all waters
56. 2 Blessed (is) the man (that) doeth this
Dan. 12. 12 Blessed (is) he that waiteth, and cometh
2.7*0 bless, T5? barak.
Gen. 9. 26 Blessed (be) the LORD God of Sheni ; and
14. 19 Blessed (be) Abram of the most high God
14. 20 blessed (be) the most high God, which
24. 27 Blessed (be) the LORD God of my master
24. 31 Come in, thou blessed of the LORD
26. 29 thou (art) now the blessed of the LORD
27. 29 and blessed (be) he that blesseth thee
27. 33 I have eaten, .yea. .he shall be blessed
ExodiS. 10 Jethro said, Blessed (be) the LORD, who
Nurri22. 12 thou shalt not curse, .they (are) blessed
24. 9 Blessed (is) he that, .and cursed (is) the
Deut. 7. 14 Thou shalt be blessed above all people
28. 3 Blessed (shalt) thou (be), .blessed (shalt)
28. 4 Blessed (shall be) the fruit of thy body
28. 5 Blessed (shall be) thy basket and thy
28. 6 Blessed (shalt) thou (be), .blessed (shalt)
33. 20 Blessed (be) he that eulargeth Gad : he
33. 24 (Let) Asher (be) blessed with children ; let
Judgi 7. 2 said, Blessed (be thou) of the LORD, my
Ruth 2. 19 blessed be he that did take knowledge of
2. 20 Blessed (be) he of the LORD, who hath
3. 10 Blessed (be) thou of the LORD, my
4. 14 the women said . . Blessed (be) the LORD
1 Sa. 15. 13 Saul said unto him, Blessed (be) thou of
23. 21 Saul said, Blessed (be) ye of the LORD
25. 32 Blessed (be) the LORD God of Israel
25. 33 blessed (be) thy advice, and blessed (be)
25. 39 Blessed (be) the LORD, that hath pleaded
26. 25 Blessed (be) thou, my son David : thou
2 Sa. 2. 5 Blessed (be) ye of the LORD, that ye have
18. 28 Blessed (be) the LORD thy God, which
22. 47 The LORD liveth ; and blessed (be) my
i Ki. i. 48 Blessed (be) the LORD God of Israel
2. 45 king Solomon (shall be) blessed, and the
5. 7 rejoiced greatly, and said, Blessed (be)
8. 15 Blessed (be) the LORD God of Israel
8. 56 Blessed (be) the LORD, that hath given
10. 9 Blessed be the LORD thy God, which
1 Ch. 16. 36 Blessed (be) the LORD God of Israel for
29. 10 Blessed (be) thou, LORD God of Israel
2 Ch. 2. 12 Blessed (be) the Lord God of Israel, that
6. 4 Blessed (be) the Lord God of Israel, who
9. 8 Blessed be the LORD thy God, which
Ezra 7. 27 Blessed (be) the LORD God of our fathers
I sa. 18. 46 The LORD liveth ; and blessed (be) my
28. 6 Blessed (be) the LORD, because he hath
31. 21 Blessed (be) the LORD ; for he hath
41. 13 Blessed (be) the LORD God of Israel from
66. 20 Blessed (be) God, which hath not turned
68. 19 Blessed (be) the LORD, (who) daily loadeth
68. 35 \into (his) people. Blessed (be) God
72. 18 Blessed (be) the LORD God, the God
72. 19 blessed (be) his glorious name for ever
89. 52 Blessed
(be) the LORD for evermore
106. 48 Blessed (be) the LORD God of Israel from
115. 15 Ye (are) blessed of the LORD which made
1 18. 26 Blessed (be) he that cometh in the name
119. 12 Blessed
(art) thou, O LORD : teach me
124- 6 Blessed (be) the LORD, who hath not
Psa. 135. 21 Blessed be the LORD out of Zion, which
144. i Blessed (be) the LORD my strength, which
Prov. 5. 18 Let thy lountain be blessed : and rejoice
Isa. 19. 25 Blessed (be) Egypt my people, and Assyr.
65. 23 they (are), .of the blessed of the LORD
Jer. 17. 7 Blessed (is) the man that trusteth in the
20. 14 was born: let not the day. .be blessed
Eze. 3. 12 Blessed (be) the glory of the LORD from
Zech ii. 5 they that sell them say, Blessed (be) the
3. To bless, T33 berak.
Dan. 3. 28 Blessed (be) the God of Shadrach
4.7*0 speak well of, f\t\oyu> eulogeo.
Matt iM. 9 Blessed (is) he that cometh in the name
23. 39 Blessed (is) he that cometh in the name
25. 34 Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit
Marki i. g Blessed (is) lie that cometh in the name of
ii. 10 Blessed (be) the kingdom of our father
Luke i. 28 with thee : [blessed (art) thou among]
i. 42 women, and blessed is the fruit of thy
13. 35 Blessed (is) he that cometh in the name
19. 38 Blessed (be) the King that cometh in the
John 12. 13 Blessed (is). .King of Israel that cometh
5. Well-spoken of, fv\oyr)Tos eulogetos.
Marki4. 61 Art thou the Christ. .Son of the Blessed?
Luke i. 68 Blessed (be) the Lord God of Israel ; for
Rom. i. 25 than the Creator, who is blessed for ever
9. 5 who is over all, God blessed for ever
2 Co. i. 3 Blessed (be) God, even the Father of our
ii. 31 The God and Father, .which is blessed
Eph. i. 3 Blessed (be) the God and Father of our
i Pe. i. 3 Blessed (be) the God and Father of our
Q.Happy, fj.a.Kapios makarios.
Matt. 5. 3 Blessed (are) the poor in spirit : for
5. 4 Blessed (are) they that mourn ; for they
5. 5 Blessed (are) the meek : for they shall
5. 6 Blessed (are) they which do hunger and
5. 7 Blessed (are) the merciful : for they shall
5. 8 Blessed fare) the pure in heart : for they
5. 9 Blessed (are) the peacemakers : for they
5. 10 Blessed (are) they which are persecuted
5. ii Blessed are ye when (men) shall revile
ii. 6 blessed is (he), whosoever shall not be
13. 16 blessed (are) your eyes, for they see ; and
1 6. 17 Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-jona : for
24. 46 Blessed (is) that servant whom his lord
Luke T. 45 And blessed (is) she that believed : for
6. 20 Blessed (be ye) poor : for yours is the
6. 21 Blessed (are ye) that hunger now : for ye
6. 21 Blessed (are ye) that weep now : for ye
6. 22 Blessed are ye when men shall hate you
7. 23 blessed is (he), whosoever shall not be
10. 23 Blessed (are) the eyes which see the
11. 27 Blessed (is) the womb that bare thee, and
11. 28 blessed (are) they that hear the word of
12. 37 Blessed (are) those servants, whom the
12. 38 and find (them) so, blessed are those
12. 43 Blessed (is) that servant, whom his lord .
14. 14 thou shalt be blessed ; for they cannot
14. 15 Blessed (is) he that shall eat bread in the
23. 29 Blessed (are) the barren, and the wombs
John 20. 29 blessed (are) they that have not seen
Acts 20. 35 It is more blessed to give than to receive
Rom. 4. 7 Blessed (are) they whose iniquities are
4. 8 Blessed (is) the man to whom the Lord
1 Ti. i. ii the glorious gospel of the blessed God
6. 15 (who is) the blessed and only Potentate
Titus 2. 13 Looking for that blessed hope, and the
Jas. i. 12 Blessed (is) the man that endureth
i. 25 this man shall be blessed in his deed
Rev. i. 3 Blessed (is) he that readeth, and they
14. 13 Blessed (are) the dead which die in the
1 6. 15 Blessed (is) he that watcheth,,and keepeth
19. 9 Blessed (are) they which are called unto
20. 6 Blessed and holy (is) he that hath part in
22. 7 blessed (is) he that keepeth the sayings
22. 14 Blessed (are) they that do his command.
7. For a blessing, n?~rt? li-berakah.
Psa. 21. 6 hast made him most blessed for ever
37. 26 and lendeth ; and his seed (is) blessed
Prov 10. 7 memory of the just (is) blessed : but the
BLESSED, to be
1.7*0 be happy, ig N ashar, 4.
Psa. 4:. 2 he shall be blessed upon the earth : and
2. To be blessed, 113 barak, 2.
Gen. 12. 3 in thee shall all families, .be blessed
18. 18 nations of the earth shall be blessed in
28. 14 in thy seed shall all . . families . . be blessed
3. To be (declared) blessed, T?? barak, 4.
Xum 22. 61 wot . . he whom thou blessest (is) blessed
Deut 33 13 Blessed of the LORD (be) his land, for
Judg 5. 24 Blessed above women, .blessed shall she be
2 Sa. 7. 29 let the house of thy servant be blessed
i Ch. 17. 27 LORD, and (it shall be) blessed for ever
Job i. 21 blessed be the name of the LORD
Psa. 37. 22 blessed of him shall inherit the earth
112. 2 generation of the upright shall be blessed
113. 2 Blessed be the name of the LORD from
128. 4 thus shall the man be blessed that feareth
Prov. 20. 21 but the end thereof shall not be blessed
22. 9 that hath a bountiful eye shall be blessed
4. To bless oneself, rn? barak, 7.
Gen. 22. 1 8 in thy seed shall all. .be blessed
26. 4 in thy seed shall all. .be blessed
Psa. 72. 17 shall be blessed in him : all nations
5. Be well spoken of by, tvfv\oyeopat eneulogeomai,
Acts 3. 25 shall all the kindreds, .be blessed
Gal. 3. 8 In thee shall all nations be blessed
BLESSED, to call
1 . To declare 7i,appy, I^N ashar, 3.
Gen. 30. 13 for the daughters will call me blessed
Psa. 72. 17 all nations shall call him blessed
Prov.31. 28 children arise tip, and call her blessed
.Mai. 3. 12 all nations shall call you blessed : for ye
I.To make or declare It-ippy, [lOKapifa makarixd.
Luke i. 48 all generations shall cull me blessed
Happiness, //.a/capttrjuJj mdkarifmos.
Horn. 4. 6 David also describeth the blessedness of
4. 9 (Cometh) this blessedness then upon the
Gal. 4. 15 Where is then the blessedness ye spake
I. Blessing, riTj3 berakah.
Gen. 12. 2 name great ; and thou shalt be a blessing
27. 12 bring a curse upon me, and not a blessing
27. 35 brother, .hath taken away thy blessing
27. 36 now he hath taken away my blessing
27. 36 Hast thou not reserved a blessing for me ?
27. 38 Hast thou but one blessing, my father?
27. 41 Esau hated Jacob because of the blessing
28. 4 give thee the blessing of Abraham, to
33. ii Take, I pray thee, my blessing that is
39. 5 the blessing of the LORD was upon all
49. 25 shall bless thee with blessings of heaven
49. 25 blessings of the deep that lieth under
49. 25 blessings of the breasts, and of the womb
49. 26 blessings of thy father have prevailed
49. 26 above the blessings of my progenitors
49. 28 every one according to his blessing he
Exod 32. 29 that he may bestow upon you a blessing
Lev. 25. -21 I will command my blessing upon you in
Deut ii. 26 I set before you this day a blessing and a
ii. 27 A blessing, if ye obey the commandments
11. 29 thou shalt put the blessing upon mount
12. 15 according to the blessing of the LOUD thy
16. 17 according to the blessing of the LORD thy
23. 5 thy God turned the curse into a blessing
28. 2 all these blessings shall come on thee
z3. 8 LORD shall command the blessing upon
30. i come upon thee, the blessing and the
30. 19 set before you. .blessing and cursing
33. i And this (is) the blessing, wherewith
33. 23 and full with the blessing of the LORD
Josh. 8. 34 all the words of the law, the blessings
15. 19 Who answered, Give me a blessing ; for
Jmlg. i. 15 she said unto him, Give me a blessing
1 Sa. 25. 27 this blessing, .let it even be given unto
2 Sa. 7. 29 with thy blessing let the house of thy
2 Ki. 5. 15 therefore .. take a blessing of thy servant
Meh. 9. 5 is exalted above nil blessing and praise
13. 2 our God turned the curse into a blessing
Job 29. 13 blessing of him that was ready to perish
Psa. 3. 8 the LORD : thy blessing (is) upon thy
21. 3 thou preventest him with the blessings
24. 5 He shall receive the blessing from the
109. 17 as he delighted not in blessing, so let it
129. 8 The blessing of the LORD (be) upon you
133. 3 there the LORD commanded the blessing
i?rov. 10. 6 Blessings (are) upon the head of the just
10. 22 The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich
11. ii By the blessing of the upright the city
11. 26 blessing (shall be) upon the head of him
24. 25 and a good blessing shall come upon
28. 20 faithful, .shall abound with, blessings
Isa. 19. 24 a blessing in the midst of the land
44. 3 my blessing upon thine offspring
65. 8 Destroy it not ; for a blessing (is) in it : so
Eze. 34. 26 a blessing, .shall be showers of blessing
44. 30 that he may cause the blessing to rest in
Joel 2. 14 repent, and leave a blessing behind him
Zech. 8. 13 I save you, and ye shall be a blessing
Mai. 2. 2 I will curse your blessings ; yea, I have
3. 10 heaven, and pour you out a blessing
2. Good speech or utterance, fv\oyia euloc/ia.
Rom 15. 29 I. .come in the fulness of the blessing
i Co. 10. 16 The cup of blessing which we bless, is it
Gal. 3. 14 That the blessing of Abraham might
Eph. i. 3 all spiritual blessings in heavenly
Heb. 6. 7 the earth, .receiveth blessing from God
12. 17 he would have inherited the blessing
Jas. 3. 10 Out of the same . .proceedeth blessing
1 Pe. 3. 9 that ye should inherit a blessing
Rev. 5. 12 receive, .honour, and glory, and blessing
5. 13 that are in them, heard I saying. Blessing
7. 12 Amen : Blessing, and glory, and wisdom
I. Closed, contracted, 11 j; ivver.
Exod. 4. ii who maketh the dumb . .or the blind ?
Lev. 19. 14 put a stumbling block before the blind
21. 18 a blind man, or a lame, or he that hath
Deut. 15. 27 lame, or blind, (or have) any ill blemish
27. 18 Cursed (be) he that maketh the blind to
28. 29 as the blind gropeth in darkness, and
2 Sa. 5. 6 Except thou take away the blind and
5. 8 smiteth the Jebusites . . and the blind
5. 8 The blind and the lame shall not come
Job 29. 15 I was eyes to the blind, and feet (was) I
Psa. 1 46. 8 The LORD openeth (the eyes of) the blind
Isa. 29. 18 the eyes of the blind shall see out of
35. 5 the eyes of the blind shall be opened, and
42. 7 To open the blind eyes, to bring out the
42. 16 I will bring the blind by a way (that) they
42. 18 ye deaf, .look, ye blind, that ye may see
42. 19 Who (is) blind, but my servant? or deaf
42. 19 who (is) blind as. .perfect, and blind as
56. 10 His watchmen (are) blind : they are all
Isa. 59. 10 We grope for the wall like the blind, and
Jer. 31. 8 with them the blind and the lame, the
Lam. "4. 14 They have wandered (as) blind (men) in
Mai. i. 8 if ye offer the blind for sacrifice, .not evil
2. Blindness, rnjy amcreth.
Lev. 22. 22 Blind, or broken, or maimed, or having a
3. Blind, rv((>\6s tuphlos.
Matt ii. 5 The blind receive their sight, and the
12. 22 one possessed with a devil, blind and
12. 22 the [blind] and dumb both spake and saw
15. 14 they be blind leaders of the blind. And
15. 14 if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall
15. 30 having with them, .lame, blind, dumb
15. 31 the lame to walk, and the blind to see
21. 14 the blind and the lame came to him in
23. 16 Woe unto you, (ye) blind guides, which
2^. 17 fools, and blind ! for whether is greater
23. 19 fools, and blind ! for whether (is) greater
23. 24 blind guides, which strain at a gnat, and
23. 26 blind Pharisee, cleanse first that, .within
Markio. 46 blind Bartimeus. .sat by the highway
Luke 4. 1 8 recovering of sight to the blind, to set at
6. 39 Can the blind lead the blind? shall they
7. 21 and unto many, .blind he gave sight
7. 22 how that the blind see, the lame walk
14. 13 call the poor, the maimed, .the blind
14. 21 bring in hither the poor, .and the blind
John 5. 3 In these lay a great multitude, .of blind
9. i he saw a man which was blind from
9. 2 or his parents, that he was born blind ?
o. 8 which . . had seen him that he was [blind]
9. 18 that he had been blind, and received his
9. 19 Is this your son, who. .was born blind?
9. 20 is our son, and that he was born blind
9. 24 Then . . called they the man that was blind
9. 25 I know, that, whereas I was blind, now I
9. 32 opened the eyes of one. .born blind
9. 39 that they which see might be made blind
9. 40 and said unto him, Are we blind also ?
9. 41 If ye were blind, ye should have no sin
10. 21 Can a devil open the eyes of the blind?
11. 37 man, which opened the eyes of the blind
Acts 13. ii thou shalt be blind, not seeing the sun
Bom. 2. 10 thou thyself art a guide of the blind, a
2 Pe. i. 9 But he that lacketh these things is blind
Rev. 3. 17 knowest not that thou art. .blind, and
BUND, to
1. To blind, close, m_j? avar, 3.
Exod23. 8 the gift blindeth the wise, and perverteth
Deut 1 6. 19 for a gift doth blind the eyes of the wise
2. To veil, conceal, cfy alam, 5.
1 Sa. 12. 3 have I received, .bribe to blind n;ine eyes
3. To blind, -rvfyXAw tuphloo.
John 12. 40 He hath blinded their eyes, and hardened
2 Co. 4. 4 the god of this world hath blinded the
1 Jo. 2. ii because, .darkness hath blinded his eyes
4. To harden, irwpdw poroo.
Rom. 1 1. 7 obtained it, and the rest were blinded
2 Co. 3. 14 But their minds were blinded : for until
Blind, Tvcp\o5 tuphlos.
Matt. 9. 27 two blind men followed him, crying, and
9. 28 the blind men came to him : and Jesus
20. 30 two blind men sitting by the way side
Mark 8. 22 and they bring a blind man unto him
8. 23 And he took the blind man by the hand
10. 49 they call the blind man, saying unto him
10. 51 The blind man said unto him, Lord, that
LukeiS. 35 a certain blind man sat by the way side
John 9. 6 he anointed the eyes of the [blind] man
9. 17 They say unto the blind man again
Blind, ~ft]} ivver.
Zeph. i. 17 that they shall walk like blind men
BLIND people
Blind, ~\jj% ivver.
Isa. 43. 8 Bring forth the blind people that have
BLIND, he that was
The blind one, 6 Tv<p\6s ho tuphlos.
John 9. 13 They brought.. him that.. was blind
To cover round about, irfpiKaXinrrca perikalupto.
Luke22. 64 when they had blindfolded him, they
1. Coverings, veilings, D T^P sanverim.
Gen. 19. ii that (were) at the door, .with blindness
2 Ki. 6. 1 8 Smite this people . . with blindness
6. 18 And he smote them with blindness ace.
I.Closing, ]ny irraron.
Deut 28. 28 LORD shall smite thee with, .blindness
Zech 12. 4 will smite every horse, .with blindness
3. Hardness, Trc&piatns piirosis.
Rom ii. 25 blindness in part is happened to Israel
Eph. 4. 18 because of the blindness of their heart
\.Blood, DI dam.
Gen 4. 10 the voice of thy brother s blood crieth
4. ii to receive thy brother s blood from thy
9. 4 the life thereof, (which is) the blood
9. 5 surely your blood of your lives will I
g. 6 sheddeth man s blood, .shall his blood be
Gen. 37.
Exod. 4
22 lleuben said unto them, Shed no blood
26 if we slay, .and conceal his blood?
31 goats, and dipped the coat in the blood
22 behold, also his blood is required
. ii and his clothes in the blood of grapes
. 9 the water, .shall become blood upon the
17 waters., and they shall be turned to blood
19 waters . . that they may become blood
19 there may be blood throughout all the
20 all the waters, .were turned to blood
21 there was blood throughout all the land
7 they shall take of the blood, and strike
13 the blood shall be to you for a token upon
13 when I see the blood, I will pass over you
22 dip (it) in the blood that (is) in the basin
22 strike the lintel, .with the blood that
23 when he seeth the blood upon the lintel
2 smitten that he die . .no blood . . for him
3 blood, .for him ; (for) he should make
1 8 Thou shalt not offer the blood of my
6 And Moses took half of the blood, and
6 half of the blood he sprinkled on the altar
8 Moses took the blood, and sprinkled (it)
8 and said, Behold the blood of the coven.
12 thou shalt take. .the blood of the bullock
12 pour all the blood beside the bottom of
16 thou shalt take his blood, and sprinkle
20 take of his blood . . sprinkle the blood
21 thou shalt take of the blood that
10 with the blood of the sin offering of
25 Thou shalt not offer the blood of my
5 bring the blood, and sprinkle the blood
1 1 Aaron s sons, shall sprinkle his blood
15 the blood thereof shall be wrung out at
2 the priests shall sprinkle the blood upon
8 Aaron s sons shall sprinkle the blood
13 sons of Aaron shall sprinkle the blood
17 that ye eat neither fat nor blood
5 priest, .shall take of the bullock s blood
6 the priest shall dip his finger in the blood
6 sprinkle of the blood seven times before
7 the priest shall put . . of the blood upon
7 pour i-.ll the blood of the bullock at the
16 priest, .shall bring of the bullock s blood
17 shall dip his finger (in some) of the blood
18 he shall put. .of the blood upon the horns
18 pour out all the blood at the bottom of
25, 30, 34 the priest shall take of the blood
25 shall pour out his blood at the bottom of
30, 34 shall pour out all the blood thereof
9 he shall sprinkle of the blood of the sin
9 the rest of the blood shall be wrung out
27 when there is sprinkled of the blood
30 whereof (any) of the blood is brought
2 the blood thereof shall he sprinkle
14 that sprinkleth the blood of the peace
26 Moreover ye shall eat no manner of blood
27 that eateth any manner of blood, even
33 that offereth the blood of the peace off.
15 he slew (it); and Moses took the blood
15 poured the blood at the bottom of the alt.
19, 24 Moses sprinkled, .blood upon the altar
23 he slew (it) ; and Moses took of the blood
24 Moses put of the blood upon the tip of
30 of the blood which (was) upon the altar
9 sons of Aaron brought the blood unto
9 he dipped his finger in the blood, and put
9 poured out the blood at the bottom of the
12, 18 Aaron s sons presented, .the blood
18 the blood of it was not brought in within
4 she shall then continue in the blood of
5 she shall continue in the blood of her
7 cleansed from the issue of her blood
6 shall dip . . the living bird in the blood
14, 25 the priest shall take, .of the blood
17 upon the blood of the trespass offering
28 upon the place of the blood of the
51 dip them in the blood of the slain bird
52 cleanse the house with the blood of the
19 her issue in her flesh be blood, she shall
25 if a woman have an issue of her blood
14, 18 shall take of the blood of the bullock
14 mercy seat shall he sprinkle of the bloou
15 bring his blood within the veil, and
15 do with that blood as. .with the blood
18 of the blood of the goat, and put (it) upon
19 he shall sprinkle of the blood upon it
27 whose blood was brought in to make
4 blood shall be imputed unto that man
4 he hath shed blood ; and that man shall
6 the priest shall sprinkle the blood
10 that eateth any manner of blood
10 against that soul that eateth blood
11 the life of the flesh (is) in the blood
11 it (is) the blood (that) maketh.. atonement
12 Xo soul of you shall eat blood
12 neither shall any stranger, .eat blood
13 shall even pour out the blood thereof
14 the blood of it (is) for the life thereof
14 Ye shall eat the blood of no manner of
14 the life of all flesh (is) the blood thereof
16 neither shalt thou stand against the blood
26 Ye shall not eat (any thing) with the blood
9 his blood (shall be) upon him
ii, 12, 13, 16, 27 their blood (shall be) upon
18 hath uncovered the fountain of her blood
17 thou shalt sprinkle their blood upon the
4 take of her blood, .and sprinkle of herb
5 her blood, with her dung, shall he burn
24 eat.. and drink the blood of the slain
19 the revenger of blood himself shall slay
21 the revenger of blood shall slay the mur.
N mil 35. 24 between . . slayer and the revenger of blood
35. 25 out of the hand of the revenger of blood
35. 27 the revenger of blood find him without
35. 27 and the revenger of blood kill the slayer
35. 27 he shall not be guilty of blood
35- 33 *or blood it dettleth the land : and
35. 33 the land cannot be cleansed of the blood
35! 33 but by the blood of him that shed it
Deut 12. 16 Only ye shall not eat the blood
12. 23 be sure that thou eat not the blood
12 23 for the blood (is) the life
12. 27 the flesh aud the blood, upon the altar of
12. 27 the blood of thy sacrifices sliall be
15. 23 thou shalt not eat the blood thereof
17. 8 between blood and blood, between plea
19. 6 Lest the avenger of the blood pursue the
19. 10 That innocent blood bo n,.t shed in thy
19. 10 an inheritance, and (so) blood be upon
19. 12 into the hand of the avenger of blood
19. 13 thou shalt put away . . innocent blood
21. 7 say, Our hands have not shed this blood
21. 8 lay not innocent blood unto thy people
21. 8 And the blood shall be forgiven them
21. 9 shalt thou put away the . . innocent blood
22. 8 that thou bring not blood upon thine
32. 14 didst drink the pure blood of the grape
32. 42 I will make mine arrows drunk with blood
32. 42 with the blood of the slain and of the
32. 43 he will avenge the blood of his servants
Josh. 2. 19 his blood (shall be) upon his head, and
i. 19 his blood (shall be) on our head, if (any)
20. 3 your refuge from the avenger of blood
20. 5 if the avenger of blood pursue after him
so. 9 die by the hand of the avenger of blood
Judg. 9. 24 their blood be laid upon Abimelech their
xSa. 14. 32 the people did (them) with the blood
14. 33 the LORD, in that tliey eat with the blood
14. 34 sin not. .in eating with the blood. And
19. 5 wilt thou sin against innocent blood, to
25. 26 withholdeu thee from coining to . . blood
25. 31 either that thou hast shed blood causeless
25. 33 kept me. .from coining to. .blood, aud
26. 20 let not my blood fall to the earth before
a Sa, i. 16 David said . .Thy blood (be) upon thy
1. 22 From the blood of the slain, from the
3. 27 died, for the blood of Asahel his brother
3. 28 ever from the blood of Abner the son of
4. ii shall I not. .now require his blood of
14. ii the revengers of blood to destroj any
16. 8 hath returned upon thee all the blood
so. 12 Amasa wallowed in blood in the midst of
73. 17 blood of the men that went in jeopardy
I Ki. 2. 5 and shed the blood of war in peace, an.1
2. 5 and put the blood of way upon his girdlo
2. 9 bring thou down to the grave with blood
2. 31 mayest take away the innocent blood
2. 32 LORD shall return his bloo.l upon his own
a. 33 Their blood shall therefore return upon
2. 37 thy blood shall be upon thine own head
18. 28 till the blood gushed out upon them
21. 19 the blood, .shall dogs lick thy blood
22. 3; the blood ran out of the wound into the
22. 38 the dogs licked up his blood ; and they
9 Ki. 3. 22 Moabites saw the water, .red as blood
3. 23 they said, This (is) blood : the kings are
9. 7 I may avenge the blood of rny servants
9. 7 the blood of all the servants of the LORD
9 26 I have seen yesterday the blood of Naboth
9. 26 the blood of hU s ins, saith the LORD
9. 33 of her blood was sprinkled on the wall
16. 13 sprinkled the blood of his peace offerings
16. 15 sprinkle upon it all the blood of the
16. 15 and all the blood of the sacrifice : and
21. 16 Manaasehshed innocent blood very much
24. 4 the innocent blood . . with innocent blood
i Ch.ii. 19 shall I drink the blood of these men that
22. 8 Thou hast shed blood abundantly, and
32. 8 because thou hast shed much blood upon
28. 3 thou. .a man of war, and hast shed blood
aCli. i ). 10 between blood and blood, between law
24. 25 for the blood of the sons of Jehoiada
29. 22 the priests received the blood, and
29. 22 sprinkled the blood, .sprinkled the Mood
29. 24 made reconciliation with their bloixl
30. 16 the priests sprinkled the blood, .of the
Job 16. 18 O earth, cover not thou my blood, and let
39. 30 Her young ones also suck up blood : and
Psa. 9. 12 When he maketh inquisition for blood
16. 4 their drink uiferinns of blood will I not
30. 9 What profit .in my lil md, when I go.. to
50. 13 flesh of bulls, or drink the blood of goats .
58. 10 wash his feet in the blood of the wicked
68. 23 That thy foot may be dipped in the
72. 14 precious sln .l their blood he in his sight
78. 44 had turned their rivers into blood ; and
79. 3 Their blooil have they shed like water
79 10 the revenging of the blood of thv servants
94. 21 They, .enirl-- MI the innocent blood
105. 20 He turned their waters into blood
106. 38 shed innocent blood . .bloil nf their sons
106. 38 and the land was polluted with blood
Prov. i. ii let us lay wait for blood, let us lurk
i. 16 their feet, .make haste to shed blood
i. 18 they lay wait for their (own) blood
6. 17 and hands that slu-.l innocent blood
12. 6 The words .(are) to lie in wait for I.I.HH!
28. 17 A man that doeth \iulence to the blood
30. 33 wringing of the nose brinu etl: forth blood
ISft. i. ii I delight in it in the blood of bulloi k -
i. 15 will not hear: your hands are full of blood
4. 4 shall have purged the blood of Jerusalem
9. 5 noise, and garments rolled in blood ; but
Isa. 15. 9 waters of Dimon shall be full of blood
26. 21 the earth also shall disclose her blood
33. 15 stoppeth his ears from hearing of blood
34. 3 mountains shall be melted with their bl.
34. 6 sword of the LORD is tilled with blood
34. 6 with the blood of lambs and goats, with
34. 7 their land ahull be soaked with blood
49. 26 shall be drunken with thi ir own blood
59. 3 For your hands are defiled with blood
59. 7 they make haste to shed innocent blood
66. 3 (as if he offered) swine s blood ; he that
Jer. 2. 34 Also in thy skirts is found the blood of
7. 6 shed not innocent blood in this place
19. 4 have tilled this place with the blood of
22. 3 neither shed innocent blood in this place
22. 17 for to shed innocent blood, and for
26. 15 shall surely bring innocent blood upon
46. 10 made druuk with their blood : for the
48. 10 that keepeth back his sword from blood
51. 35 blood upon the inhabitants of Chaldea
Lam. 4. 13 that have shed the blood of the just in
4. 14 have polluted themselves with blood, so
Eze. 3. 18, 20 his blood will I require at thine hand
5. 17 pestilence and blood shall pass through
9. 9 the land is full of blood, and the city i. ill
14. 19 pour out my fury upon it in blood, to cut
1 6. 6 saw thee polluted in thine own blood, I
16. 6 iu thy blood, Live . . iu thy blood
16. 9 I throughly washed away thy blood from
16. 22 when thou. .wast polluted in thy blood
16. 36 by the blood of thy children, which thou
16. 38 women that break wedlock and shed bl.
16. 38 will give thee blood in fury and jealousy
18. 10 If he beget a sun. .a shedder of blood
18. 13 surely die; his blood shall be upon him
19. 10 Thy mother (is) like a vine in thy blood
21. 32 thy blood shall be in the midst of the
22. 3 The city sheddeth blood in the midst of
22. 4 Thou art become guilty iu thy blood that
22. 6 every one were in thee. .to shed blood
22. 9 are men that carry talcs to shed blood
22. 12 have they takea gifts to shed blood ; thou
22. 13 at thy blood which hath been in the midst
22. 27 wolves ravening the prey, to shed blood
23. 37 blood (is) in their hands, and with their
23. 45 after the manner of women that shed bl.
23. 45 adulteresses, and blood (is) in their hands
24. 7 her blood is in the midst of her ; she set
24. 8 have set her blood upon the top of a rock
28. 23 I will send into her pestilence, and blood
32. 6 I will also water with thy blood the land
33. 4 his blood shall be upon his own head
33. 5 not warning ; his blood shall he upon him
33. 6 his blood will I require at the watchman s
33. 8 liis blood will I require at thine hand
33. 25 Ye eat with the blood . . and shed blood
35. 6 prepare thee unto blood, and blood shall
35. 6 sith thou hast not hated blood, even bl.
36. 18 poured my fury upon them for the blood
38. 22 I will plead against him. .with blood
39. 17 that ye may eat flesh, and drink blood
39. 18 drink the blood of the princes of the
39. 19 drink blood till ye be drunken, of my
43. 18 make it. .to sprinkle blood thereon
43. 20 thou shalt take of the blood thereof, and
44. 7 offer my bread, the i at and the blood, and
44. 15 to olfer unto me the fat and the blood
45. 19 the priest shall take of the blood of the
Hos. i. 4 I will avenge the blood of Jezreel upon
4. 2 they break out, and blood toucheth blood
6. 8 Gilead (is) a city . . polluted with blood
12. 14 therefore shall he leave his blood upon
Joel 2. 30 in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars
2. 31 the moon into blood, before the great and
3. 19 they have shed innocent blood in their
3. 21 I will cleanse their blood (that) I have
Jon. i. 14 and lay not upon us innocent blood : for
Mic. 3. 10 build up Ziou with blood, and Jerusalem
7. 2 they all lie in wait for blood ; they hunt
Hab. 2. 8 because of men s blood, and (for) the
2. 12 Woe to him that buildeth a town with bl.
2.17 made them afraid, because of men s blood
Zeph. 1.17 their blood shall be poured out as dust
Zceh. 9. 7 will take away his blood out of his m. >i:t!i
9. 1 1 for thee also, by the blood of thy covenant
^..Strength, ns: netsach.
Isa. 63. 3 their blood shall be sprinkled upon my
3. Blood, aiua haima.
Matt 16. 17 flesh and blood hath not revealed (it)
23. 30 not have been partakers, .in the blood
23. 35 upon you may come all the righteoui bl,
23. 35 blood of righteous Abel unto the blood
26. 28 For this is my blood of the new testanu u .
27. 4 I have betrayed the innocent blood. Am!
27. 6 to put. .because it is the price of blood
27. 8 called. The field of blood, unto this day
27. 24 I am innocent of the blood of this just
27. 25 His blood (be) on us, and on our children
Mark 5. 25 which had au issue of blood twelve years
5. 29 the fountain of her blood was dried up
14. 24 This is my blood of the new testament
Luke 8. 43 a woman, having an issue of blood twelve
8. 44 immediately her issue of blood stanched
ii. 50 That the blood of all the prophets .. may
ii. 51 From the blood of Abel, unto the blood
13. i whose blood Pilate had mingled with
22. 20 cup (is) the new testament in my biood
22. 44 [his sweat was as it were, .blood]
John 1.13 Which were born, not of blood, nor of
6. 53 and drink his blood, ye have no life in you
6. 54 cutcth my flesh uaci driukcth my blood
John 6. 55 For. .my blood is drink indeed
6. 56 eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood
19. 34 forthwith came there out blood and
Acts i. 19 that is to say, The tield of blood
2. 19 blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke
2. 20 the moon into blood, before that great
5. 28 intend to bring this man s blood upon us
1 5. 20 (from) things strangled, and (from) blood
15. 29 from meats offered to idols, and from bl.
17. 26 And hath made of one [blood] all nations
18. 6 V our blood (be) upon your own heads
20. 26 that I (am) pure from the blood of all
20. 28 he hath purchased with his own blood
21. 25 from blood, and from strangled, and from
22. 20 when the blood of thy martyr Stephen
Rom. 3. 15 Their feet (arc) swift to shed blood
3- 25 propitiation through faith in his blood
5. 9 bciug now justified by his blood
i Co. 10. 16 is it not the communion of the blood of
ii. 25 cup is the new testament in my blood
ii. 27 shall be guilty of the body and blood
15. 50 that flesh and blood cannot inherit
Gal. 1. 16 I conferred not with flesh and blood
liph. i. 7 we have redemption through his blood
2. 13 are made nigh by the blood of Christ
6. 12 we wrestle not against ilesh and blood
Col. i. 14 [we have redemption through his blood
i. 20 made peace through the blood of his cross
Heb. 2. 14 children arc partakers of ilesh and Hood,
0. 7 high priest, .not without blood, which
9. 12 blood o! goats, .by hii; own blood
9. 13 if the blood of bulls and of goats, and the
9. 14 How much more shall the blood of Christ
9. 1 8 the first, .was dedicated without blood
9. 19 he took the blood of calves and of goats
g. 20 This (is) the blood of the testament whLh
9. 21 he ^prinkied with blood both the taber.
9. 22 things arc by the law purged with blood
9. 25 high priest entereth. .with blood of
10. 4 that the blood of bulls and of goats
10. 19 to enter into the holiest by the blood of
jo. 29 hath counted the blood of the covenant
11. 28 passover, and the sprinkling of blood
12. 4 \ e ha; e not yet resisted unto bloort
12. 24 the blood of sprinkling, that speakcth
13. ii whose blood is brought into the sanctuary
13. 12 sanctify the people with his own blood
13. 20 through the blood of the everlasting cov.
i Pe. i. 2 sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ
1. 19 with the precious blood of Christ, as of
1 Jo. i. 7 the blood of Jesus Christ, .cleanseth us
5. 6 by water and blood, .by water and blood
5. 8 the spirit, and the water, and the blood
Rev. i. 5 washed us from our sins in his own blood
5. 9 hast redeemed us to God by thy biocd
6. 10 dost thou not. .avenge our blood on
6. 12 and the moon became as blood
7. 14 made them white in the blood of the
8. 7 hail and fire mingled with blood, and
8. 8 the third part of the sea became blood
11. 6 have power, .to turn them to blood
12. ii overcame him by the blood of the Lamb
14. 20 blood came out of the winepress, evea
16. 3 and it became as the blood of a dead
16. 4 upon the rivers, .and they became blood
16. 6 they have shed the blood . .blood to drink
17. 6 blood of the saints, and with the blood
18. 24 in her was found the blood of prophets
19. 2 hath avenged the blood of his servants
19. 13 clothed with a vesture dipped in blood
BLOOD, diseased with an isiue of -
To run with blood, atnopfrotca ha.imorrhoe t.
Matt. 9. 20 which was diseased with an issue of blood
BLOOD, shedding of
Outpouring of blc,,ul,a.lfjM.r(K-x.vffia haimalekchusia.
Heb. 9. 22 without shedding of blood is no remission
BLOOD guiltiness
Blood, Di dam.
Psa. 51. 14 Deliver me from blood guiltiness. O God
BLOOD thirsty
Man of blood, D l efijx enosh dam.
Prov.29. 10 The Mood thirsty hate the upright
Of Mood, CH (lam.
Exod. 4. 25 a bloody husband (art) thoti to me
4. 26 then she said, A bloody husband(taou art)
2 Sa. 16. 8 because thou (art) a bloody man. 16. -
21. i for Saul, and for (his) bloody house
Psa. 5. 6 LORD will abhor the bloody and deceitful
26. 9 Gather not . . my life with bloody men
55. 23 bloody and deceitful men shall noc live
59. c and save me from bloody men
139. 19 depart from me therefore, ye bloody
Eze. 7. 23 the land is full of bloody crimes, and
22. 2 wilt thou judge the bloody city? yea
24. 6 Woe to the bloody city, to the pot whose
24. 9 saith the LOI:I> God : Woe to the bloody
Nah. 3. i Woe to the bloody city ! it (is) all full of
Dysentery, Svo-evrtpia diiscnteria.
Acts 28. lay sick of a fever and of a bloody flux
To shine, sprout, ps tsuis, 5.
Nurn 17. 8 bloomed blossoms, and yielded almonds
I. Blossom, flower, j .: nets.
Gen. 40. io blossoms shot forth ; and the clusters
2.Sprout, blossom, rn? perach.
Isa. 5. 24 their blossom shall go up as dust
Z.Shining, sprouting, f$ tsits.
Num 17. 8 brought forth buds.and bloomed blossoms
l.To break forth, rn-> parach.
Num 17. 5 man s rod, whom I . . choose, shall blossom
Isa. 35. i desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the
35. 2 It shall blossom abundantly, and rejoice
llab. 3. 17 Although the tig tree shall not blossom
2. To shine, sprout, px tsuis.
Eze. 7. io the rod hath blossomed, pride hath bud.
3. To cause to sprout, ps tsuts, 5.
Isa. 27. 6 Israel shall blossom and bud, and fill
I. Spot, C .vo mum.
.lob 31. 7 if any blot hath cleaved to mine hands
Z.Spot, cm mum.
i rov. 9. 7 rebuketh a wicked (man getteth). .a blot
BLOT out, to
l.To rub or wipe off, nnp machah.
Exod32. 32 if not, blot me, I pray thee, out of thy
32. 33 him will I blot out of my book
Num. 5. 23 he shall blot (them) out with the bitter
Deut. 9. 14 blot out their name from under heaven
25. 19 shalt blot out the remembrance of Amalek
29. 20 shall blot out his name from under
2 Ki. 14. 27 said not that he would blot out the name
1 sa. 51. i multitude, .blot out my transgressions
51. 9 and blot out all mine iniquities
Isa. 43. 25 I, (even) I, (am) he that blotteth out thy
44. 22 I have blotted out, as a thick cloud, thy
2. To cause to be wiped away, nnp machah, 5.
Jer. 18. 23 neither blot out their sin from thy sight
S.To smear out, eaAej0;y exaleipho.
Acts 3. 19 that your sins may be blotted out
Col. 2. 14 Blotting out. .handwriting of ordinances
Rev. 3. 5 I will not blot out his name out of the
BLOTTED out, to be
To be wiped away, nnp machah, 2.
Neh. 4. 5 let not their sin be blotted out from
Psa. 69. 28 Let them be blotted out of the book of
109. 13 posterity, .let their name be blotted out
109. 14 not the sin of his mother be blotted out
] .Smiting, ns? makkah.
Jer. 14. 17 broken, .with a very grievous blow
2. Strife, .Ti^n titjrah.
Psa. 39. io I am consumed by the blow of thine
BLOW, to
Shouting, nj. i~p teruah.
Num 31. 6 and the trumpets to blow in his hand
BLOW, to
l.To sound shrill,
"isiiq chatsotser, Sa. [V.L. ixn
chatsar, 5. ]
i Ch. 15. 24 did blow with the trumpets before the
2. To blow or breathe, ~cn naphach.
Isa. 54. 16 the smith that bloweth the coals in the
Eze. 22. 20 to blow the fire upon it, to melt (it)
22. 21 blow upon you in the fire of my wrath
Hag. i. 9 brought (it) home, I did blow upon it
2>.To breathe, blow, ":vj nashab.
Isa. 40. 7 the spirit of the LORD bloweth upon it
4. To breathe, blow, fjwj nashaph.
Exodi5. 10 Thou didst blow with thy wind, the sea
Isa. 40. 24 he shall also blow upon them, and they
L.To breathe, blow, rns puach, f>.
Eze. 21. 31 I will blow against thee in the fire of my
6. To come upon, f.wiyii epiginomai.
Acts 28. 13 after one day the south wind blew, and
7. To blow, breathe, -rrvtia pneo.
Matt. 7. 25 the Hoods came, and the winds blew
7. 27 the winds blew, and beat upon that house
Lukei2. 55 when (ye see) the south wind blow
John 3. 8 The wind bloweth where it listeth
6. 18 arose, by reason of a great wind that blew
Rev. 7. i the wind should not blow on the earth
BLOW an alarm, to
To cry out, make, a noise, i "> run, 5.
Num 10. 9 ye shall blow an alarm with the trumpets
BLOW, to cause to
l.To journey, j pi nasa, 5.
Psa. 78. 26 He caused an east wind to blow in the
2. To cause to blow, 3C>j nashab, 5.
Psa. 147. 1 3 he causeth his wind to blow, .the waters
BLOW (a trumpet), to
To strike, strike up, ypn taqa. Num io. 3 wheu they shall blow with them, all the
io. 4 if they blow (but) with one (trumpet)
jo. 5 When ye blow an alarm, then the camps
io. 6 When ye blow an alarm
Num 10. 6 shall blow an alarm for their journeys
10. 7 yc shall blow, but ye shall not sound an
io. 8 sons of Aaron . . shall blow witli the trum.
10. io ye shall blow with the trumpets over
Josh. 6. 4 the priests shall blow with the trumpets
6. 8 passed on. .and blew with the trumpets
6. 9 before the priests that blew with the tr.
6. 13 went on continually, and blew with the tr.
6. 1 6 when the priests blew with the trumpets
6. 20 when (the priests) blew with the trumpets
Judg. 3. 27 he blew a trumpet in the mountain of E.
6. 34 carne upon Gideon, and he blew a trumpet
7. 18 When 1 bio w..tlieu blow ye. .also on every
7. 19 they blew the trumpets, and brake the
7. 20 the three companies blew the trumpets
7. 22 the three hundred blew the trumpets
1 Sa. 13. 3 Saul blew the trumpet throughout all the
2 Sa. 2. 28 Joiib blew a trumpet, and all the people
18. 16 Joab blew the trumpet and the people
20. i he blew a trumpet, and said, We have
20. 22 he blew a trumpet, and they retired from
1 Ki. i. 14 and blow ye with the trumpet, and say
.,. hey blew the trumpet ; and all the
2 Ki. q. 13 >lew with trumpets, saying, Jehu is king
11. 14 the people of the land, .blew with trum.
Psa. 81. 3 Blow up the trumpet in the new moon
Isa. 1 8. 3 when he bioweth a trumpet, hear ye
Jer. 4. 5 say, Blow ye the trumpet in the land
6. i blow the trumpet in Tekoa, and set up a
51. 7.7 blow the trumpet among the nations
Eze. 7. 14 They have blown the trumpet, even to
33. 3 blow the trumpet, and warn the people
33. 6 and blow not the trumpet, and the people
Hos. 5. 8 Blow ye the cornet in Gibeah. .the trum.
Joel 2. i Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and
2 15 Blow the trumpet in Zion, sanctify a fast
Zech. 9. 14 the Lord GOD shall blow the trumpet
BLOW softly, to
To bloio by degrees, viroTrvfw hupopneo.
Acts 27. 13 the south wind blew softly, supposing
BLOW upon, to
To cause to breathe, bloio, n S puach, 5.
Song 4. 16 come, thou south ; blow upon my garden
To strike, strike up, ypn taqa.
Josh. 6. 9, 13 going on, and blowing with the trum.
BLOWING cf trumpets
Shouting, n^np teruah.
Lev. 23. 24 a memorial of blowing of trumpets, an
BLOWING the trumpets
Shouting, nj^iifi teruah.
Num 29. i it is a day of blowing the trumpets unto
To be breathed on, n$i naphach, 4.
Job 20. 26 a fire not blown shall consume him
BLOWN, to be
To be struck, i pri taqa, 2.
Isa. 27. 13 the great trumpet s-hall be blown
Amos 3. 6 Shall a trumpet be blown in the city
Blue or violet, n^ri/i tekeleth.
Exod25. 4 blue, and purple, and scarlet, and fine
26. i (of) fine twined linen, and blue, and
26. 4 thou shalt make loops of blue upon the
26. 31 thou shalt make a veil (of) blue.and purple
26. 36 thou shalt make an hanging . .(of) blue
27.16 an hanging of twenty cubits, (of) blue, and
28. 5 they shall take gold, and blue, and purple
28. 6 shall make the ephod (of) gold, (of) blue
28. 8 of gold, (of) blue, and purple, and scarlet
28. 15 gold, (of) blue, and (of) purple, and (of)
28. 28 bind the breastplate . . with a lace of blue
28. 31 make the robe of the ephod all
(of) blue
28. 33 thou shalt make pomegranates (of) blue
28. 37 thou shalt put it on a blue lace, that it
35. 6 blue, and purple, and scarlet, and fine
35. 23 with whom was found blue, and purple
35. 25 of blue, aud of purple, (and) of scarlet
35. 35 of the embroiderer, in blue, and in purple
36. 8 (of) fine twined linen, and blue, aud
36. ii he made loops of blue on the edge of one
36. 35 he made a veil (of) blue, and purple, and
36. 37 an hanging for the taoernacle. .(of) blue
38. 18 the hanging, .(was) needlework, (of) blue
38. 23 an embroiderer in blue, and in purple
39. i of the blue, and purple, and scarlet
39. 2 he made the ephod (of) gold, blue, and
39. 3 to work (it) iu the blue, and in the purple
39. 5, 3 (of) gold, blue, and purple, and scarlet
39. 21 bind the breastplate . . with a lace of blue
39. 22 made the robe of the ephod .. all (of) blue
39. 24 made.. pomegranates (of) blue, and purple
39. 29 a girdle (of) fine twined linen, and blue
39. 31 they tied unto it a lace of blue, to fasten
Num. 4. 6 spread over (it) a cloth wholly of blue
4. 7 table, .they shall spread a cloth of blue
4. 9 they shall take a cloth of blue, and cover
4. 1 1 altar they shall spread a cloth of blue
4. 12 put (them) in a cloth of blue, and cover
15. 38 put upon the fringe . .a ribband of blue
2 Ch. 2. 7 iron, and in purple, and crimson.and blue
2. 14 in blue, and in fine linen, and in crimson
3. 14 he made the veil (of) blue, and purple
Esth. i. 6 white, green, and blue (hangings), fasten.
8, 15 in royal apparel of blue and white, and
Jer. io. 9 blue and purple (is) their clothing : they
Eze. 23. 6 clothed with blue, captains and rulers
27. 7 blue and purple from the isles of Elishah
27. 24 in blue clothes, and broidered work, and
BLUE (marble)
White (marble], vy shesh.
Esth. i. 6 pavement of., blue, and white, and black
Stripe, wound, rni3n chabburah.
Prov.2o. 30 the blueness of a wound cleanseth away
BLUNT, to be
To be weak, blunt, nrg qahah, 3.
Eccl. io. io If the iron be blunt, and he do not whet
l.To be cut into, caused to blush, c^a kalam, 2.
Ezra 9. 6 I am ashamed and blush to lift up my
Jer. 8. 12 at all ashamed, neither could they blush
l.To cut in, cause to blush, nSj kalam, 5.
Jer. 6. 15 at all ashamed, neither could they blush
20-AN-ER -GES, Boavtpyfs sons ofrage, soon angry.
Surname of the two sons of Zebedee, James and
John. It had reference to their fiery zeal, signs of
which may be seen in Luke o. 54, and Mark 9. 38.
Mark 3. 17 he surnamed them B., which is. The sons
Boar, swine, v:ri chazir.
Psa. So. 13 boar out of the wood doth waste it, and
I. Board, rnV luach.
Exod27- 8 Hollow with boards shalt thou make it
38. 7 he made the altar hollow with boards
Song 8. 9 we will enclose her with boards of cedar
Eze. 27. 5 They have made all thy (ship) boards oi
LRib, side, slope, Ay tsela.
i Ki. 6. 15 he buift the walls, .with boards of cedar
6. 16 both the floor and the walls vith boards
3.Board, plank, en13 qeresh.
Exod26. 15 thou shalt make boards forthe tabernacle
26. 16 length of a board, .breadth of one board
26. 17 in one board . .for all the boards of the
26. 18 make the boards . .twenty boards on the
26. 19 sockets of silver under the twenty boards
26. 19 under one board, .under another board
26. 20 on the north side . . twenty boards
26. 21 under one board, .under another board
26. 22 for the sides . . thou shalt make six boards
26. 23 two boards shalt thou make for the
26. 25 eight boards . . one board, .another board
26. 26 five for the boards of the one side of the
26. 27 bars for the boards, .bars for the boards
26. 28 the middle bar in the midst of the boards
26. 29 thou shalt overlay the boards with gold
35. ii his boards, his bars, his pillars, and his
36. 20 he made boards for the tabernacle
36. 21 length of a board . .breadth of a board
36. 22 One board had . . make for all the boards
36. 23 he made boards . . twenty boards for the
36. 24 twenty boards . .one board, .anotherboard
36. 25 the other ... lie made twenty boards
36. 26 sockets under one board, .another board
36. 27 for the sides . . he made six boards
36. 28 two boards made he for the corners of
36. 30 there were eight boards, .every board
36. 31 five for the boards of the one side of the
36. 32 five bars for the boards, .for the boards
36. 33 middle bar to shoot through the boards
36. 34 he overlaid the boards with gold, and
39. 33 his taches, his boards, his bars, and his
40. 18 set up the boards thereof, and put in
Num . 3. 36 custody and charge, .(shall be) the boards
4. 31 boards of the tabernacle, and the bars
4. A row, "iTi s? scderah.
i Ki. 6. 9 covered the house with beams and boards
5. Board, plank, travis sanis.
Acts 27. 44 And the rest, some on boards, and some-
To make great, V]f gadal, 5.
Eze. 35. 13 Thus with your mouth ye have boasted
BOAST (against), to
l.To praise greatly, V^n halal, 3.
Psa. io. 3 the wicked boasteth of his heart s desiro
44. 8 In God we boast all the day long, and
2. To praise oneself, ^n halal, 7.
1 Ki. 20. ii Let not him. .boast himself as he that
Psa. 49. 6 boast themselves in the multitude of
52. i Why boasteth thou thyself in mischief
Prov.2o. 14 he is gone his way, then he boasteth
3. To make heavy, or honourable, 132 kabad, 5.
2Ch. 25. 19 thine heart lifteth thee up to boast
4. To boast against, katakauchaomai.
Rom. ii. 18 Boast not against, .if thou boast, thou
5. To boast, kauchaomai.
2 Co. 7. 14 if I have boasted any thing to him of you
9. 2 for which I boast of you to them of M.
io. 8 though I should boast somewhat more
io. 13 we will not [boast] of things without (our)
io. 15 Not boasting of things without (our)
10. 16 not to boast in another man s line of
Eph. a. o. Not of works, lest any man should boast
6. To say, lay out, allege, \tyia lego.
Acts 5. j6 Theudas, boasting himself, .somebody
BOAST great things, to
To boast tjreat tilings, fj.fya\avxt<i> meralaucfied.
Jas. > 5 is a little member, and boasteth great th.
BOAST, to make
To praise oneself, 7%) kalal, 7.
Psa. 34. 2 My soul shall make her boast in the LORD
BOAST self, to
1. To say or speak of oneself, Tpx amar, 7.
Psa. 94. 4 the workers of iniquity boast themselves?
2. To praise oneself, Vjn halal, 7.
Psa. 49. 6 boast themselves in the multitude of
52. i Why boastest thou thyself in mischief
97. 7 Confounded be all. .that boast thrmsrlv.
Provi s- 14 Whoso boasteth himself of a false gift
27. i Boast not thyself of tomorrow
3. To speak of oneself, lift oneself up, T?; yamar, 7.
Isa. 61. 6 in their glory shall ye boast yourselves
4.7V) beautify oneself, ~tN$ paar, 7.
Isa. 10. 15 .Shall the ax boast itself against liim
5.7*0 boast, Kavxa-op.a.1 kauchaomai.
a Co. ii. 16 that I may boast myself a little
BOAST, to make one i
To boast, Kavx<io/ kauchaomai.
Rom. 2. 17 in the law, and makest thy boast of God
2. 23 Thou that makest thy boast of the law
Taking on great airs, &.\a<av alazon.
Kom. i. 30 proud, boasters, inventors of evil things
aTi. 3. 2 lovers of their own selves, .boasters
1.A taking on of great airs, a.\a^ovfla alazoneia.
Jas. 4. 16 ye rejoice in your boastings : all such
^.Boasting, KOUXW* kavchema.
2 Co. 9. 3 lest our boasting of you should be in
3. Boasting (act of), Kavxyvis kauchesis.
Rom. 3. 27 Where (is) boasting then ? It is excluded
a Co. 7. 14 even so our boasting, which
8. 24 show, .the proof, .of our boasting on
9. 4 ashamed in this same confident [boasting]
ii. 10 no man shall stop me of this boasting
ii. 17 foolishly, in this confidence of boasting
1.A (little) boat, TrXoiapio; ploiarion.
John 6. 22 saw that there was none other boat there
6. 22 went not with his disciples into the [boat]
6. 23 there came other [boats] from Tiberias
1.A skiff, ffKatpr) skaphe.
Acts 27. 16 we had much work to come by the boat
27. 30 when they had let down the boat into
27. 32 cut off the ropes of the boat
BOAT, ferry
Ferry boat, "n^j; abarah.
2 Sa. 19. 1 8 there went over a ferry boat to carry
BO -AZ, lysjteetness, strength.
1. A Bethlehemite, of the tribe of Judah, who became
the husband of Ruth the Moabitess, and was an ances
tor of David, B.C. 1312. In the N.T. he is called Booz.
Ruth 2. i Naomi, .kinsman, .and his name (was) 15.
2. 3 part of the field (belonging) unto B., who
2. 4 behold, B. came from Beth-lehem, and
2. 5 Then said B . . Whose damsel (is) this?
2. 8 Then said B . . abide here . . by my maidens
2. ii B. .said unto her, It hath fullybeen showed
2. 1 4 B. said . . come thou . . and eat of the bread
2. 158. commanded his young men, saying
2. 19 man s name with whom I wrought . . (is) B.
2. 23 she kept fast by the maidens of B.
3. 2 now (is). .B. of our kindred, with whose
3. 7 when B. had eaten and drunk, .he went
4. i Then went B. up to the gate, and sat
4. i the kinsman of whom B. spake came by
4. 5 Then said B. . .thou buyest the field of the
4. 8 the kinsman said unto B., Buy(it)forthee
4. -9 B. said . . I have bought all that (was)
4. 136. took Ruth, and she was his wife
4. 21 Salmon begat B., and B. begat Obed
i Ch. 2. ii Nashon begat Salina, and Salma begat B.
a. 12 B. begat Obed, and Obed begat Jesse
Matt. i. 5 Salmon begat B. of K:n-liali
Luke 3. 32 B., which was. .of Salmon, which was. .of
2. One of Solomon s brascn pillars erected at the temple
porch. It stood on the left side, and was 17$ cubits
1 K i. 7. 2 1 set up the .. pillar, and . . the name . B.
2 Ch. 3. 1 7 he . . called the name of that-on . . left B.
BO-CHE -RU, n?S youth.
Son of Azel, a Benjamitc of the family of Saul the son
of Kish. The LXX. render it irpocroTOKos, firstborn,
in both passages. B.C. 860.
i Ch. 8. 38 Azel had six sons . . Azrikam, B. , and
Q. 44 Azel had six sons. .Azrikam, B., and
BO -CHZM. D-aSn the weepers.
A place W. of the Jordan, above Gilgal.
Judg. 2. i an angel . . came up from Gilgal to B.
2. 5 they called the name of that place B.
I. Body, ffw/xo soma.
2 Co. 10. 10 bodily presence (is) weak, and (his)
l.liiulily, tfu. fJ.dTlK6s SvllliltikOS.
Luke 3. 22 the Holy Ghost descended in a bodily
i Ti. 4. 8 bodily exercise profiteth little ; but
Z.Bodily, ff(af^.ariKfi>s sdtnatikSs.
Col. 2. 9 all the fulness of the Godhead bodily
1. Belly, jo} beten.
Deut28." 4 Blessed (shall be) the fruit of thy body
28. ii plenteous, .in the fruit of thy body
28. 18 Cursed (shall be) the fruit of thy body
28. 53 thou shall eat the fruit of thine, .body
30. 9 fruit of thy body, and in the fruit of thy
Job 19. 17 the children s (sake) of mine own body
Psa. 132. ii Of the fruit of thy body will I set
Mic. 6. 7 fruit of my body (for) the sin of my soul ?
Z.Flcsh, ly? bas ir.
Isa. 10. 18 of his fruitful field, both soul and body
Eze. 10. 12 their whole body, and their backs, and
3. hack, 23. gab.
Job 13. 12 ashes, your bodies to bodies of clay
4. Back, 13 gev.
Isa. 51. 23 thou hast laid thy body as the ground
5. Back, .113 gerah.
Job 20. 25 It is drawn, and cometh out of the bod}
6. Buck, rn? geviyyah.
Gen. 47. 18 there is riot ought left . . but our bodies
i Sa. 31. 10 they fastened his body to the wall
31. 12 went all night, and took the body of Saul
31. 12 the bodies of his sons from the wall
Neh. 9. 37 also they have dominion over our bodies
Eze. i. ii their wings, .two covered their bodies
i. 23 which covered, on that side, their bodies
Dan. 10. 6 His body also (was) like the beryl
7. Back, n$?3 guphah.
i Ch. 10. 12 They, .the body of Saul, .the bodies of his
8. What is palpable, material, DB"| geshem.
Dan 3. 27 upon whose bodies the fire had no power
3. 28 the king s word, and yielded their bodies
4. 33 his body was wet with the dew of heaven
5. 21 his body was wet with the dew of heaven
7. 1 1 his body destroyed, and given to the
9. Carcase, fallen object, n^rij nebelah.
Deut2i. 23 His body shall not remain all night
10. Soul, breathing creature, rsj nephesh.
Lev. 21. ii Neither shall lie go in to any dead body
Num. 6. 6 he shall come at no dead body
19. 13 Whosoever toucheth the dead body of any
Hag. 2. 13 If (one that is) unclean by a dead body
II. Bone, substance, D2fj? etsem.
Kxod 24. 10 as it were the body of heaven in (his)
Lam. 4. 7 they were more ruddy in body than
12. Flesh, that which is thick, IN? sheer.
Prov. 5. ii when thy llesh and thy body are consumed
IS.Thigh, Tj-v yarek.
Judg. 8. 30 threescore and ten sons of his body
14. Sheath, .iru nidneh.
Dan. 7. 15 in my spirit m the midst of (my) body
15. Body, ffta^a. si>ma.
Matt. 5. 29, 30 thy whole body should be cast into
6. 22 The light of the body is the eye
6 22 thy whole body shall be full of light
6. 23 thy whole body shall be full of darkness
6. 25 nor yet for your body, what ye shall put
6. 25 and the body than raiment ?
10. 28 fear not them which kill the body
10. 28 to destroy both soul and body in hell
14. 12 his disciples came, and took up the [body]
26. 12 hath poured this ointment on my body
26. 26 and said. Take, eat ; this is my body
27. 52 many bodies of the saints which slept
27. 58 went to Pilate, and begged the body of
27. 58 Pilate commanded the [body] to be deliv.
27. 59 when Joseph had taken the body, he
Mark 5. 29 felt in (her) body that she was healed
14. 8 she is come aforehand to anoint my body
14. 22 Jesus, .said, Take, eat : this is my body
15. 43 Joseph . .craved the body of Jesus
15. 45 centurion, he gave the [body] to Joseph
Luke ii. 34 The light of the body is the eye
11. 34 thy whole body also is full of light
ii. 34 thy body also (is) full of darkness
11. 36 If thy whole body . .(be) full of light
12. 4 Be not afraid of them that kill the body
12. 22 neither for the body, what ye shall put
12. 23 and the body (is more) than raiment
17. 37 Wheresover the body (is), thither will the
22. 19 This is my body, which is given for you
23. 52 This (man), .begged the body of Jesus
23. 55 beheld the sepulchre, and how his body
24. 3 found not the body of the Lord Jesus
24. 23 when they found not his body
John 2. 21 he spake of the temple of his body
19. 31 that the bodies should not remain upon
19. 38 that he might take away the body of
19. 38 and took the body of Jesus
19. 40 Then took they the body of Jesus
20. 12 feet, where the body of Jesus had lain
Acts 9. 40 turning (him) to the body said, Tabitha
Rom. i. 24 to dishonour their own bodies between
4. 19 considered not his own body now dead
6. 6 that the body of sin might be destroyed
6. 12 Let not sin. .reign in your mortal body
7. 4 are become dead to the law by the body
7. 24 who shall deliver me from the body of
8. 10 the body (is) dead because of sin ; but the
8. 1 1 shall also quicken your mortal bodies
8. 13 if ye. .mortify the deeds of the body
8. 23 adoption, .the redemption of our body
12. i that ye present your bodies a living
12. 4 as we have many members in one body
12. 5 we, (being) many, are one body in Christ
1 Co. 5. 3 I. .as absent in body, but present in
6. 13 the body (is) not for iornicatiou, but for
6. 13 and the Lord for the body
6. 15 Know ye not that your bodies are the
6. 16 know ye not that he. .is one body?
6. 18 Every sin. .is without the body : but he
6. 18 sinneth against his own body
6. 19 know ye not that your body is the temple
6. 20 glorify God in your body, and in your
7. 4 The wife hath not power of her own body
7. 4 husband hath not power of his own body
7. 34 that she may be holy both in body and in
9. 27 I keep under my body, and bring (it) into
10. 16 is it not the communion of the body of
10. 17 For we. .are one bread, (and) one body
11. 24 Take, eat : this is my body, which is
ii. 27 shall be guilty of the body and blood of
11. 29 himself, not discerning the Lord s body
12. 12 as the body is one, and bath many mrmb.
12. 12 members of that one body, .are one body
12. 13 Spirit are we all baptized into one body
12. 14 the body is not one member, but many
12. 15 I am not the hand, I am not of the body
12. 15 is it therefore not of the body?
12. 16 I am not the eye, I am not of the body
12. 16 is it therefore not of the body?
12. 17 If the whole body (were) an eye, where
12. 18 set. .every one of them in the body
12. 19 all one member, where (were) the body?
12. 20 many members, yet but one body
12. 22 much more those members of the body
12. 23 those (members) of the body, which we
12. 24 God hath tempered the body together
12. 25 there should be no schism in the body
12. 27 Now ye are the body of Christ, and
13. 3 though I give my body to be burned
15. 35 and with what body do they come?
15. 37 thou sowest not that body that shall be
15. 38 God giveth it a body as it hath pleased
15. 38 and to every seed his own body
15. 40 celestial bodies, and bodies terrestrial
15. 44, 44 natural body. . spiritual body
2 Co. 4. 10 Always bearing about in the body
4. 10 might be made manifest in our body
5. 6 whilst we are at home in the body
5. 8 willing, .to be absent from the body, and
5. 10 may receive the things, .in (his) body
12. 2 whether in the body . . or . . out of the body
12. 3 whether in the body, or out of the body
Gal. 6. 17 I bear hi my body the marks of the Lord
Eph. i. 23 Which is his body, the fulness of him
2. 16 reconcile b:>th unto God in one body by
4. 4 one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are
4. 12 for the edifying of the body of Christ
4. 16 body fitly joined, .increase of the body
5. 23 Christ, .he is the saviour of the body
5. 28 to love their wives as their own bodies
5. 30 I or we are members of his body, of his
Phil. i. 20 Christ shall lie magnified in my body
3. 21 Who shall change our vile body, that
3. 21 like unto his glorious body
Col. i. 18 he is the head of the body, the church
i. 22 In the body of his flesh through death
1. 24 afflictions of Christ, .for his body s sake
2. ii in putting off the body of the sins of
2. 17 a shadow, .but the body (is) of Christ
2. 19 from which all the body by joints and
2. 23 humility, and neglecting of the body
3. 15 to the which, .ye are called in one body
i Th. 5. 23 (Ipray God)yourwhole, .bodybepreserd.
Heb. 10. 5 but a body hast thou prepared me
10. 10 through the offering of the body of Jesus
10. 22 having, .our bodies washed with pure
13. 3 as being yourselves also in the body
13. ii the bodies of those beasts," whose blood
Jas. 2. 16 things which are needful to the body
2. 26 as the body without the spirit is dead
3. 2 able also to bridle the whole body
3. 3 and we turn about their whole body
3. 6 the tongue, .defileth the whole body
i Pe. 2. 24 Who. .bare our sins in his own body
Jude 9 he disputed about the body of Moses
16. Surface of a body, frame, person, xp^s chros.
Acts 19. 12 So that from his body were brought unto
BODY, dead
1. Carcase, .1^5: nebelah.
Psa. 79. 2 The dead bodies of thy servants have
Isa. 26. 19 (together with) my dead body shall they
Jer. 26. 23 cast his dead body into the graves
34. 20 their dead bodies shall be for meat
36. 30 his dead body shall be cast out
2.Fallen thing, carcase, irrcJ/io ptiJma.
Rev. ii. 8 And their dead bodies . . in the street
11. 9 they, .shall see their dead bodies
ii. 9 they, .shall not suffer their dead bodies
BODY, of the same
Joined In one body, ffvff<r<apos sussdmos.
Eph. 3. 6 Gentiles should be.. of the same body
BO -HAN, jna stumpy.
A Reubenite, after whom a stone was named which
formed part of the boundary between Judah and ben
jamin, B.C. 1714.
Josh. 15. 6 the border went up to the stone of B.
1 8. 17 and descended to the stone of B.
Burning, inflammation, prnf* shechin.
Exod. 9. 9 it. . shall be a boil breaking forth
9. 10 it became a boil breaking forth (with)
9. ii could not stand, .because of the boils
9. u the boil was upon the magicians
Lev. 13. 18 The flesh also, in which, .was a boil
13. 19 in the place of the boil there be a
13. 20 plague of leprosy broken out of the boil
13. 23 if the bright spot stay, .it (is) a. .boil
2 Ki. 20. 7 they took and laid (it) on the boil
Job 2. 7 Satan . . smote Job with sore boils
Isa. 38. 21 lay (it) for a plaister upon the boil
BOIL, to
1 . To boil, hv$ bashal, 3.
Lev. 8. 31 Boil the flesh(at) the door of the tabernacle
1 Ki. 19. 21 boiled their flesh with the instruments
2 Ki. 6. 29 we boiled my son, and did eat him
Eze. 46. 20 the place where the priests shall boil
46. 24 These (are) the places of them that boil
46. 24 the ministers of the house shall boil
2. To bubble up,ruri rathach, 4.
Job 30. 27 My bowels boiled, and rested not
BOIL, to make to
1. To (cause to) bubble up, nrn rathach, %.
Eze. 24. 5 Take the choice, .make it boil well
2. To cause to bubble up, nrn rathach, 5.
Job 41. 31 Be maketh the deep to boil like a pot
BOILING places
Cooking hearths, niVf3P mebashsheloth.
Eze. 46. 23 (it was) made with boiling places under
Strong, la^vpos ischuros.
Matti4. 30 when he saw the wind boisterous
BOLD, to be
I. To be confident, nua batach.
Prov. 28. i the righteous are bold as a lion
2.7"o be warm, zealous, daring, Bapptoa tharrlieo.
2 Co. 10. i being absent am bold toward you
10. 2 that I may not be bold when I am present
3. To use, free utterance, Trappri<ndo[
1 Th. 2. 2 we were bold in our God to speak
4.70 be bold, roAjuacc tolmao.
2 Co. 10. 2 wherewith I think to be bold against some
11. 21 whereinsoever any is bold. .1 am bold
Phil. i. 14 many, .are much more bold to speak
BOLD, to be much
To have muchfree utterance, %\u> troXK^virapp^ffiav.
Phm. 81 might be much bold in Christ to enjoin
BOLD, to be very
To be rery bold, a.iroro\/j.d<a apotolmao.
Fvom 10. 20 Esaiasis very bold, and saith, I was found
BOLD, to wax
To usefreeutterance, irapp-i)<rido/j.aiparrhesiazomai.
Acts 13. 46 Paul and Barnabas waxed bold, and said
I. Confidence, nt?3 betach.
Gen. 34. 25 Simeon. .Levi. .came upon the city boldly
I.To be warm, zealous, daring, 6appeca tharrheo.
Heb. 13. 6 So that we may boldly say, The Lord (is)
3. Free utterance, irappiiffia parrhesia.
John 7. 26 he speaketh boldly, and they say nothing
Eph. 6. 19 that I may open my mouth boldly
Heb. 4. 1 6 Let us therefore come boldly unto the
4.To be bold, ro\fj.dca tolmao.
Marki5. 43 Joseph .. came, and went in boldly unto
BOLDLY, to preach
To usefreeutterance, irappfjffid^onatparrhesiazomai.
Acts 9. 27 how he had preached boldly at Damascus
BOLDLY, to speak
To usefree utterance, TrappTifftdfanaiparrhesiazomai.
Acts 9. 29 he spake boldly in the name of the Lord
14. 3 abode they speaking boldly in the Lord
18. 26 he began to speak boldly in the synagogue
iq. 8 spake boldly for the space of three months
Eph. 6. 20 that therein I may speak boldly, as I ought
BOLDLY, the more
The more boldly, ToA/rrjpoTepoc tolmeroteron.
Rom 15. 15 I have written the more boldly unto you
1. Strength, iy oz.
Eccl. 8. i the boldness of his face shall be changed
2.Free utterance, Trapprtffia parrhesia.
Acts 4. 13 when they saw the boldness of Peter and
4. 29 with all boldness they speak
Acts 4. 31 they spake the word of God with boldness
Eph. 3. 12 In whom we have boldness and access
Phil. i. 20 (that) with all boldness, as always
i Ti. 3. 13 great boldness in the faith whicli is in
Heb. jo. 19 Having therefore, brethren, boldness to
1 Jo. 4. 17 that we may have boldness in the day of
BOLDNESS of speech
Free utterance, napfavia parrhesia.
2 Co. 7. 4 Great (is) my boldness of speech toward
The calix offlowers, S^yaf gibol.
Exod. 9. 31 barley, .in the ear. .the flax, .boiled
I. Place of the head, nic^n? meraashoth.
i Sa. 19. 13 put a pillow of goats (hair) for his bolster
19. 16 a pillow of goats (hair) for his bolster
26. 7 Saul lay . .and his spear, .at his bolster
26. ii take thou now the spear, .at his bolster
26. 1 6 cruse of water that (was) at his bolster
I.Place of the head, rris>?n raashoth.
1 Sa. 26. 12 took the spear, .from Saul s bolster
BOLT, to
To bind up,h%} naal.
2 Sa. 13.17 Put now this . . out . . and bolt the door
13. 18 Then his servant, .bolted the door after
I. Bond, log, "ipx issar, esar.
Num 30. 2 If a man . . bind his soul with a bond
30. 3 If a woman . . bind (herself) by a bond
3o. 4 her father hear . . her bond . . every bond
30. 5 not any of her vows, or of her bonds
30. 7 her vows shall stand, and her bonds
30. 10 if she. .bound her soul by a bond
30. 1 1 all her vows shall stand, and every bond
30. 12 or concerning the bond of her soul
30. 14 then he establisheth all her. .bonds
I.Bond, TD D musar.
Job 12. 18 He looseth the bond of kings, and girdeth
3. Bond, "ipiD moser.
Psa.n6. 1 6 thy servant, .thou hast loosed my bonds
Jer. 5. 5 these have altogether, .burst the bonds
27. 2 Make thee bonds and yokes, and put
30. 8 I will . . burst thy bonds, and strangers
Nah. i. 13 now will I. .burst thy bonds in sunder
4. Tradition, rrpo masoreth.
Eze. 20. 37 I will bring you into the bond of the
5. What is unloosed, a chain, a\vffis halusis.
Eph. 6. 20 For which I am an ambassador in bonds
6.Band, bond, fetter, Setr/uoy desmos.
Luke 1 3. 1 6 be loosed from this bond on the
Acts 20. 23 saying that bonds and afflictions abide
23. 29 to have nothing laid, .worthy . .of bonds
26. 29 altogether, .as I am, except these bonds
26. 31 This man doeth nothing worthy.. of bonds
Phil. i. 7 as both in my bonds, and in the defence
i. 13 So that my bonds in Christ are manifest
i. 14 many, .waxing confident by my bonds
1. 16 supposing to add affliction to my bonds
Col. 4. 1 8 Remember my bonds. Grace (be) with you
2 Ti. 2. 9 Wherein I suffer trouble .. unto bonds
Phm. 10 whom I have begotten in my bonds
13 have ministered unto me in the bonds
Heb. 10. 34 had compassion of me in my [bonds]
ii. 36 others had trial, .of bonds and imprison.
7.Joint bond, ffvvSf(Tfj.os sundesmos.
Acts 8. 23 I perceive .. thou art. .(in) the bond of
Eph. 4. 3 unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace
Col. 3. 14 charity, which is the bond of perfectness
S.Slave, servant, Sot/Aoy doulos.
i Co. 12. 13 Jews or Gentiles, whether, .bond or free
Gal. 3. 28 there is neither bond nor free, there
Eph. 6. 8 receive of the Lord, whether (he be) bond
Col. 3. ii Barbarian, Scythian, bond (nor) free
Rev. 13. 16 he causeth all, both, .free and bond
19. 18 flesh of all. .free and bond, both small
BONDS, to be in
1. To bind, Sew deo.
Col. 4. 3 Christ, for which I am also in bonds
2. One bound, Se cr^iox desmios.
Acts 25. 14 There is a certain man left in bonds by
Heb. 13. 3 Remember them that are in bonds
1 . Servitude, Jinny abduth.
Ezra 9. 8 give us a little reviving in our bondage
9. 9 God hath not forsaken us in our bondage
Neh. 9. 17 a captain to return to their bondage
2. Service, nTnj;. abodah.
Exod. i. 14 made their lives bitter with hard bondage
2. 23 Israel sighed by reason of the bondage
2. 23 came, .unto God by reason of the bondage
6. 6 I will rid you out of their bondage
6. 9 they hearkened not. .for cruel bondage
Deut26. 6 Egyptians, .laid upon us hard bondage
Neh. 5. 1 8 the bondage was heavy upon this people
Isa. 14. 3 give thee rest .. from the hard bondage
3. Servant, n3j; ebed.
Exod 13. 3 ye came . . out of the house of bondage
13. 14 brought us . . from the house of bondage
20. 2 brought . . out of the house of bondage
Deut. 5. 6 brought thee.. from the house of bondage
6. 12 brought thee. from the house of bondage
8. 14 brought thee. .from the house of bondage
13. 5, 10 brought you. .of the house of bondage
Josh 24. 17 land of Egypt, from the house of bondage
Judg. 6. 8 brought you.. out of the house of bondage
4. Slavery, service, bondage, Soi/Af/a dmdeia.
Rorn. 8. 15 have not received the spirit of bondage
8. 21 creature, .be delivered from the bondage
Gal. 4. 24 gendereth to bondage, which is Agar
5. i entangled again with the yoke of bondage
Heb. 2. 15 were all their lifetime subject to bondage
BONDAGE, to be in
To be in slavery, $ov\fvw douleuo.
John 8. 33 We . . were never in bondage to any man
Acts 7. 7 to whom they shall be in bondage
Gal. 4. 9 ye desire again to be in bondage?
4. 25 and is in bondage with her children
BONDAGE, to be under
To enslave, $ov\6co douloo.
1 Co. 7. 15 A brother or a sister is not under bondage
BONDAGE, to bring into
1 . To tread down, c 32 kabash.
Neh. 5. 5 we bring into bondage our sons and our
2. To enslave, Sov\6u douloo.
Acts 7. 6 that they should bring them into bondage
2 Pe. 2. 19 of the same is he brought in bondage
3. To enslave thoroughly, KaraSov\6<a katadouloo.
2 Co. ii. 20 if a man bring you into bondage, if a
Gal. 2. 4 that [they might bring us into bondage]
BONDAGE, to be brought unto
To be trodden down, t?33 kabash, ".
Neh. 5. 5 daughters are brought unto bondage
To enslave, SouAooi douloo.
Gal. 4. 3 Even so we . . were in bondage under the
BONDAGE, to keep in
To enslave, 13% abad, 5.
Exod. 6. 5 whom the Egyptians keep in bondage
1. Handmaid, ncx amah.
Lev. 25. 44 Both thy bond men and thy bond maida
25. 44 ye buy bond men and bond maids
2.Maid-servant, nnsv shiphchah.
Lev. 19. 20 whosoever lieth . .with . . a bond maid
j.A young female slave, iraiSiffKri paidiske.
Gal. 4. 22 A. had two sons ; the one by a bond maid
I. Slave, servant, i3j? ebed.
Gen. 43. 18 take us for bond men, and our asses
44. 9 we also will be my lord s bond men
44. 33 let thy servant abide, .a bond man
Lev. 25. 42 they shall not be sold as bond men
25. 44 thy bond men and thy bond maids
25. 44 shall ye buy bond men and bond maids
26. 13 that ye should not be their bond men
Deut. 6. 21 We were Pharaoh s bond men in Egypt
7. 8 redeemed . . out of the house of bond men
15. 15 remember that thou wast a bond man
16. 12 remember that thou wast a bond man
24. 18 remember that thou wast a bond man
24. 22 remember that thou wast a bond man
28. 68 sold, .for bond men and bond women
Josh. 9. 23 none of you . . freed from being bond men
1 Ki. 9. 22 of Israel did Solomon make no bond men
2 Ki. 4. i to take, .my two sons to be bond men
2 Ch. 28. 10 to keep, .for bond men and bond women
Ezra 9. 9 For we (were) bond men ; yet our God
Esth. 7. 4 But if we had been sold for bond men
Jer. 34. 13 forth, .out of the house of bond men
2. Slave, servant, SoOAoj doidos.
Rev. 6. 15 every bond man, and every free man
BOND MEN, to be
To be a slave, serve, 13JJ abad.
Lev. 25. 46 they shall be your bond men for ever
Service of a servant, 13J7 rniy. abodath ebed.
Lev. 25. 39 compel him to serve as a bond servant
Forced service ofa bondman, 13j? D? mas obed [abad}.
1 Ki. 9. 21 did . .levy a tribute of bond service
\.Handmaid, ncx amah.
Gen. 21. 10 Cast out this bond woman and her son
21. 10 the son of this bond woman shall not be
21. 12 grievous, .because of thy bond woman
21. 13 And also of the son of the bond woman
2. Maid servant, .in?? shiphchah.
Deut 28. 68 sold . for bond men and bond women
2 Ch. 28. 10 to keep, .bond men and bond women
Esth. 7. 4 been sold for bond men and bond women
3. A young female slave, iroiSur/fTj paidiske.
Gal. 4. 23 he (who was) of the bond woman was
4. 30 Cast out the bond woman and her son
4. 30 son of the bond woman shall not be heir
4. 31 we are not children of the bond woman
I. Skin, bone, body, substance, D^f gerein.
Job 40. 1 8 His bones (are) like bars of iron.
Pro v.i 7. 22 a broken spirit drieth the bones
25. 15 a soft tongue breaketh the bone
Dan. 6. 24 and the lions, .brake all their bones
2. Bone, substance, cyj? etsem.
Qeii. 2. 23 This (is) now bone of my bones
29. 14 Surely thou (art) ray bone and mv flesh
50. 25 ye shall carry up my bones from hence
Exodi2. 46 neither shall ye break a bone thereof
13. 19 Moses took the bones of Joseph with
13. 19 ye shall carry up my bones away hence
Num. 9. 12 leave none, .nor break any bone of it
19. 1 6 whosoever toucheth . . a bone of a man
19. 18 upon him that touched a bone, or one
24. 8 shall break their bones, and pierce
Josh.24. 32 the bones of Joseph, which .. Israel
Judg. 9. 2 remember also that I (am) your bone
19. 29 he.. divided her. .with her bones, into
1 Sa. 31. 13 they took their bones, and buried (them)
2 Sa. 5. i we (are) thy bone and thy flesh
19. 12 ye (are) my bones and my flesh
19. 13 (Art) thou not of my bone, and of my
21. 12 the bones of Saul and the bones of Jona.
21. 13 the bones of Saul, and the bones of Jona.
21. 13 the bones of them that were hanged
21. 14 the bones of Saul and Jonathan
i Ki. 13. 2 men s bones shall be burnt upon thee
13. 31 lay my bones beside his bones
aKi. 13. 21 the man. .touched the bones of Elisha
23. 14 filled their places with the bones of men
23. 16 took the bones out of the sepulchres
23. 18 Let him alone, let no man move his bones
23. 1 8 they let his bones alone, with the bones
23. 20 he. .burned men s bones upon them
i 12 They, .buried their bones under the oak
11. i Behold, we (are) thy bone and thy flesh
a Ch. 34. 5 he burnt the bones of the priests upon
Job 2. 5 touch his bone and his flesh, and he
4. 14 which made all my bones to shake
10. ii hast fenced me with bones and sinews
19. 20 My bone cleaveth to my skin and to my
20. 1 1 His bones are full (of the sin) of his
21. 24 his bones are moistened with marrow
30. 17 My bones are pierced in me in the night
30. 30 my bones are burned with heat.
33. 19 the multitude of his bones with strong
33. 21 his bones (that) were not seen stick out
40. 1 8 His bones (are as) strong pieces of brass
Psa. 6. 2 O LORD, heal me ; for my bones are
22. 14 all my bones are out of joint : my
22. 17 I may tell all my bones : they look
31. 10 iniquity, and my bones are consumed
32. 3 my bones waxed old through my roaring
34 20 He keepeth all his bones : not one of
35. 10 All my bones shall say, LORD, who (is)
38. 3 neither (is there any) rest in my bones
42. 10 (As) with a sword in my bones, mine
51. 8 the bones, .thou hast broken may rejoice
53. 5 God hath scattered the bones of him
102. 3 mj bones are burned as an hearth
102. 5 By reason . . my bones cleave to my skin
109. 1 8 so let it come, .like oil into his bones
141. 7 Our bones are scattered at the grave s
Trov. 3. 8 It shall be. .marrow to thy bones
12. 4 she . .(is) as rottenness in his bones
14. 30 but envy the rottenness of the bones
15. 30 a good report maketh the bones fat
16. 24 Pleasant words (are), .health to the bones
Keel. ii. 5 thou knowest not. .how the bones
Isa. 38. 13 so will he break all my bones
58. ii the LORD shall, .make fat thy bones
66. 14 your bones shall flourish like an herb
Jer. 8. i bring out the bones of the kings
8. i bring out. .the bones of his princes
8. i bring out. .the bones of the priests
8. i bring out. .the bones of the prophets
8. i and the bones of the inhabitants
20. 9 burning fire shut up in my bones
23. 9 my bones shake : I am like a drunken man
Lam. i. 13 From above, .he sent fire into my hones
3. 4 made old ; he hath broken my bones
4. 8 their skin cleaveth t<> thrir bones
Eze. 6. 5 I will scatter your bones round about
24. 4 fill (it) with the choice bones
24. 5 burn also the bones under it
24. 5 let them seethe the bones of it tli< 1 1 in
24. 10 flesh, .and let the bones be burned
32. 27 their iniquities shall be upon their bonrs
37. i midst of the valley . (was) full of bones
37. 3 Son of man, can these bones live t
37. 4 Prophesy upon these bones, and say
37. 4 O ye dry tones, hear the w ord of the
37. 5 saith the Lord GOD unto these bone*
37. 7 the bones came together, bone to his bone
37. 1 1 these bones are the whole house of Israel
37. 1 1 Our bones are dried, and our hope Is lost
39. 15 when (any) seeth a man s bone, then
Amos 2. i l>ecause he burned the bones of the kinj:
6. 10 to brills out the bones out of the house
Mic. 3. 2 and tli. i; i|,.sh from off their bones
3. 3 they break their bones, and chop them in
Hab. 3. 16 rottenness entered into my bones
S.Reed, cane, t:p qnneh.
Job 31. 22 and mine arm be broken from the bone
4. Bone, oyrtov osleon.
Matt 23. 27 are within full of dead (men s) bones
Luke 14. 39 (or a spirit hath not flesh and bones
Johni9- 36 A bone of him shall not be broken
Eph. 5. 30 [For we are members of. .his bones]
Hub. ii. 22 gave commandment concerning his bones
BONE, ancle
Ancle-bone, <r<f>vp6v sphuron.
Acts 3. 7 his feet and ancle bones received strength
[See also Cheek, gnaw, break.]
BONES, to break
To break the bone, cyy atsam, 3.
Jer. 50. 17 king of Uabylon hath broken his bones
\.Turbans, hill-shaped, niyjJO migbaoth.
Exod 28. 40 thou shall make for them girdles, and b.
29. 9 and put the bonnets on them
39. 28 and goodly bonnets (of) flue linen
Lev. 8. 13 Moses, .put bonnets upon them ; as the
2. Tires, ornaments, IN? peer.
Isa. 3. 20 The bonnets, and the ornaments of the
Eze. 44. 18 They shall have linen bonnets upon their
Books must have been co-eval with the commencement
of writing, and the " Preacher " complained that, in his
day, of making many books there was no end. Among
those mentioned in Scripture, but which have not been
preserved, are : The Wars of the Lord, Jasher or the
I pright, Samuel on the Kingdom, Chronicles of David,
Acts of Solomon, Solomon s Natural History, History
of the Kings, Samuel the Seer, Nathan the Seer, Shemaiah
the Seer, Gad the Seer, Ahijah the Shilouite, Visions
of Iddo, Jehu the Son of Hanani, Sayings of the Seers,
and doubtless many others, which were genuine and
authentic works, though not perhaps inspired.
l.Wonis, ~\y} dabar.
1 Ch. 29. 29 book of Samuel, .book of Nathan, .book
2 Ch. 9. 29 (are) they not written in the book of N.
12. 15 (are) they not written in the book of S.
20. 34 they (are) written in the book of Jehu
33. 1 8 they (are written) in the book of the kings
2. Book, writing, i^p sepher.
Gen. 5. i This (is) the book of the generations of
Exod 17. 14 Write this (for) a memorial in a book
24. 7 took the book of the covenant, and read
32. 32 blot me, 1 pray thee, out of thy book
32. 33 him will I bloc out of my book
Num. 5. 23 priest shall write these curses in a book
21. 14 it is said in the book of the wars of the
Deut 17. 1 8 write him a copy of this law in a book
28. 58 all the words of this law. .in this book
28. 61 which (is) not written in the book of this
29. 20 the curses that are written in this book
29. 21 that are written in this book of the law
29. 27 the curses that are written in thia book
30. 10 written in this book of the law
31. 24 made an end of writing, .in a book
31. 26 Take this book of the law, and put it
Josh. i. 8 This book of the law shall not depart
8. 31 as it is written in the book of the law of
8. 34 all that is written in the book of the law
10. 13 (Is) not this written in the book of Jasher
18. 9 described it . . into seven parts in a book
23 6 to do all that is written in the book of the
24. 26 Joshua wrote these words in the book
i Sa. 10. 25 Then Samuel, .wrote (it) in a book , and
2Sa. i. 18 behold, (it is) written in the book of J.
1 Ki. ii. 41 written in the book of the acts of Solomon
14. 19, 29 written in the book of the Chronicles
S- 7. 23, 3 (are) they not written in the book of
16. 5, 14, 20, 27 written in the book of the Chro.
22. 39, 45 written in the book of the Chronicles
2 Ki. i. 18 (are) they not written in the book of the
8. 23 (are) they not written in the book of the
10. 34 fare) they not written in the book of the
12. 19 (are) they not written in the book of the
13. 8, 12 written in the book of the Chronicles
14. 6 which is written in the book of the law
14. 15, 18, 28 written in the book of the Chroni.
15. 6, 31 the book of the Chronicles of
16. 19 (are^ they not written in the book of the
20. 20 (are) they not written in the book of the
21. 17, 25 (are) they not written in the book of
I have found the book of the law in the
22. 8 Hilkiah gave the book to Shaphan, and
22. 10 the priest hath delivered me a book
22. 1 1 the king had heard the words of the book
22. 13 enquire. .concerning the words of. .book
22. 13 hearkened unto the words of this book
22. 16 all the words of the book which the king
23. 2 he read . . the words of the book of the
23. 3 the words . . that were written in this book
23. 21 (it is) written in the book of this covenant
23 24 (which were) written in the book that
23. 28 (are) they not written in the book of the
24. 5 (are) they not written in the book of the
i Ch. 9. i written in the book of the kings of Israel
3 Ch. 16. ii they (are) written in the book of the
17. 9 the book of the law of the LORD with
20. 34 mentioned in the book of the kings
24. 27 they (are) written in the story of . .book
25. 4 as (it is) written in the law iii the book
25. 26 (are) they not written in the book of
27. 7 they (are} written in the book of the
28. 26 they (are) written in the book of the
32 32 in the book of the kings of Judah and
34. 14 the priest found a book of the law of the
34. 15 I have found the book of the law in the
34. if. Hilkiah delivered the book to Shaphan
2 Ch. 34. 1 6 Shaphan carried the book to the king
34. 18 Hilkiah the priest hath given, .a book
34. 21 enquire, .concerning the words of. .book
34. 21 after all that is written in this book
34. 24 the curses that are written in the book
34. 30 he read . . all the words of the book
34. 31 words, .which are written in this book
35. 12 as (it is) written in the book of Moses
35. 27 they (are) written in the book of the
36. 8 they (are) written in the book of the
Xeh. 8. i they spake . . to bring the book of the law
8. 3 the people (were attentive) unto the book
8. 5 Ezra opened the book, in the sight of all
8. 8 So they read in the book, in the law of
8. 1 8 he read in the book of the law of God
9. 3 read in the book of the law of the LORD
12. 23 The sons of Levi . .(were) written in. .book
13. i read in the book of Moses in. .audience
Esth. s. 23 it was written in the book of the
6. i he commanded to bring the book of
9. 32 confirmed, .and it was written in. .book
10. 2 (are) they not written in the book of the
Job 19. 23 oh that the) were printed in a book !
31. 35 (that) mine adversary had written a book
Psa. 40. 7 in the volume of the book (it is) written
69. 28 Let them be blotted out of the book of
139. 16 in thy book all (my members), .written
Ecc. 12. 12 of making many books (there is) no end
Isa. 29. ii is become unto you as. .words of a book
29. 12 the book is delivered to him that
29. 18 shall the deaf hear the words of the book
30. 8 note it in a book, that it may be for the
34. 16 Seek ye out of the book of the LORD
Jer. 25. 13 all that is written in this book, which
30. 2 Write thee all the words, .in a book
32. 12 the witnesses that subscribed the book
36. 2 Take thee a roll of a book, and write
36. 4 Baruch wrote, .upon a roll of a book
36. 8 reading in the book the words of the
36. 10 Then read Baiuch in the book the words
36. ii When Michaiah. .had heard out. .book
36. 13 Baruch read the book in the ears of the
36. 18 I wrote (them) with ink in the book
36. 32 wrote therein, .all the words of the book
45. i he had written these words in a book
51. 60 Jeremiah wrote in a book all the evil
51. 63 hast made an end of reading this book
Eze. 2. 9 and, lo, a roll of a book (was) therein
Dan. 9. 2 I Daniel understood by books the number
12. i that shall be found written in the book
12. 4 :;hut up the words, and seal the book
Nah. i. i The book of the vision of Nalium the E.
Mai. 3. 1 6 a book of remembrance was written
3. Book, writing, -p sephar.
Ezra 4. 15 That search may be made in the book
4. 15 so shalt thou find in the book of the
6. 18 as it is written in the book of Moses
Dan. 7. 10 was set, and the books were opened
i.Book, writing, .TIED siphrah.
Psa. 56. 8 wanderings., (are they) not in thy book?
5.A (little) book, roll, scroll, /3ij3Aiop biblion.
Luke 4. 17 there was delivered unto him the book
4. 17 when he had opened the book, he
4. 20 he closed the book, and he gave (it) again
John 20. 30 which are not written in this book
21. 25 world, .could not contain the books
Gal. 3. 10 all things which are written in the book
2 Ti. 4. 13 bring (with thee) .the books, (but)
Heb. 9. 19 sprinkled both the book, and . . the people
10. 7 (in the volume of the book it is written
Rev. i. ii What thou seest, write in a book, and
5. i I saw. .a book written within and on the
5. 2 Who is worthy to open the book, and to
5. 3 no man . . was able to open the book
5. 4 no man was found . . to open . . the book
5. 5 Lion, .hath prevailed to cTpeu the book
5. 7 he came and took the [book] out of the
5. 8 when lie had taken the book, the four
5. 9 Thou art worthy to take the book, and to
1 7. 8 whose names were not written in the book
20. 12 books were opened ; and another book
20. 12 which were written in the books
21. 27 which are written in the Lamb s book
22. 7 that keepeth the sayings, .of this book
22. 9 which keep the sayings of this book
22. 10 Seal not the sayings, .of this book
22. 18 that heareth the words, .of this book
22. 1 8 plagues that are written in this book
22. 19 things which are written in this book
6. Book, roll, 0i0Aos biblos.
Matt. i. i The book of the generation of Jesus
Marki2. 26 have ye not read in the book of Moses
Luke 3. 4 As it is written in the book of the words
20. 42 David himself saith in the book of Psalms
Acts i. 20 it is written in the book of Psalms, Let
7. 42 as it is written in the book of the Prophets
19. 19 which used curious arts brought, .books
Phil. 4. 3 whose names (are) in the book of life
Rev. 3. 5 not blot out his name out of the book
13. S whose names are not written in the [book]
20. 15 who. .was not found written in the book
22. 19 man shall take away from . .the [book] of
22. 19 take away his part out of the [book] of
BOOK, little
A little book, Pi&\apiltiov biblaridion.
Rev. 10. 2 he had in his hand a [little book] open
10. 8 Go. .take the [little book] which is open
10. 9 I . . said . . Give me the little book
10. 10 I took the little book out of the angel s
Booth, n^p sukkah.
Gen. 33. 1 7 Jacob, .made booths for his cattle
Lev. 23. 42 Ye shall dwell in booths seven days
23. 42 all .. Israelites born shall dwell in booths
23. 43 I made the children, .to dwell in booths
Neh. 8. 14 children of Israel should dwell in booths
8. 15 Go forth unto the mount, .make booths
8. 16 So the people went forth, .made, .booths
8. 17 made booths, and sat under the booths
Job 27. 18 as a booth (that) the keeper maketh
Jon. 4. 5 Jonah, .there made him a booth, and sat
1. Prey, spoil, )3, l? baz.
Jer. 49. 32 their camels shall be a booty, and the
2. Prey, rhp?,p malqoach.
Numsi. 32 the booty, .the rest of the prey which
3. Spoil, if)!?!? meshissah.
Hab. 2. 7 thou shalt be for booties unto them ?
Zeph. i. 13 their goods shall become a booty, and
BO -OZ, Bo^CThe
Greek mode of writing Boaz.
Matt. i. 5 Salmon begat B. of Kachab, and B.
Luke 3. 32 Obed, which was (the son) of B., which
\.Enclosure, enclosed place, S?33 gebul.
Gen. 10. 19 the border of the Cahaanites was from
23. 17 the borders round about, were made
47. 21 the borders of Egypt even to the (other)
Exod. 8. 2 I will smite all thy borders with frogs
34. 24 and enlarge thy borders : neither shall
Num2o. 16 a city in the uttermost of thy border
20. 17 left, until we have passed thy borders
20. 21 passage through his border : wherefore
21. 13 the border of Moab, between Moab and
21. 15 of Ar, and lieth upon the border of
21. 22 (high) way, until we l)e past thy borders
21. 23 to pass through his border ; but Sihon
21. 24 the border of the children of Ammon
22. 36 border of Arnon, which (is) in the utmost
33. 44 in Ije-abarim, in the border of Moab
34. 3 south border shall be the outmost coast
34. 4 your border shall turn from the south to
34. 5 the border shall fetch a compass from
34. 6 western border.. foraborder.. west border
34. 7, 9 this shall be your north border
34. 8 goings forth of the border shall be to
34. 9 the border shall go on to Ziphron, and
34. 10 east border from Hazar-enan to Shepham
34. ii the border shall descend, and shall reach
34. 12 the border shall go down to Jordan, and
35. 26 the border of the city of his refuge
35. 27 the borders of the city of his refuge, and
Deut. 3. 16 the border even unto, .(is) the border
12. 20 God shall enlarge thy border, as he hath
Josh 12. 2 (is) the border of the children of Ammou
12. 5 the border of the. .the border of Sihon
13. 3 unto the borders of Ekron northward
13. 4 unto Aphek, to the borders of the Am. s
13. 10 unto the border of the children of Am.
13. ii Gilead, and the border of the Geshurites
13. 23 border of the. .and the border (thereof)
13. 26 from Mahanaimunto the border of Debir
13. 27 Jordan and (his) border, (even) unto the
15. i to the border of Edom the wilderness
15. 2 And their south border was from the
15. 5 east border (wasV .(their) border in the
15. 6 the border went up. .the border went up
15. 7 tiie border went up., the border passed
15. 8 the border went up . .the border went up
15. o the border was drawn . .the border was
15. 10 the border compassed from Baalah west.
15. ii the border went out. .the border was
15. ii the goings out of the border were at the
i<;. 12 the west border (wan) to the great sea
15. 47 and the great sea, and the border (thereof)
16, 2 along unto the borders of Archi to Atar.
16. 5 the border of the. .even the border of
1 6. 6 the border went out. .the border went
16. 8 The border went out from Tappuah
17. 7 and the border went along on the right
17. 8 but Tappuah on the border of Mauasseh
17. 10 and the sea is his border ; and they met
18. 12 their border on the . .and the border went
18. 1 5 the border went, .the border descended
18. 14 the border was drawn (thence), and
18. 15 and the border went out on the west, and
18. 16 the border came down to the end of the
iS. 19 the border passed, .the border were at
19. 10 and the border of their inheritance was
19. ii their border went up toward the sea
19. 12 unto the border of Chisloth-tabor, and
79. 14 the border compasseth it on the north
19. 18 their border was toward Jezreel, and
19. 22 outgoings of their border were at Jordan
19. 25 their border was Helkath, and Hali, and
IQ. 46 and Eakkon, with the border before
22. 25 made Jordan a border between us and
24. 30 they buried him in the border of his
Judg. 2. 9 they buried him in the border of his
ii. 18 the border of Moab. .the border of Moab
i Sa. 6. 12 after them unto the border of Beth-she.
10. 2 in the border of Benjamin, at Zelzah; and
13. 18 the way of the border that looketh to
1 Ki. 4. 21 and unto the border of Egypt : they
2 Ki. 3. 21 armour, .upward, and stood in the border
1 8. 8 Gaza, and the borders thereof, from the
2 Ch. 9. 26 Philistines, and to the border of Egypt
Psa. 78. 54 them* to the border of his sanctuary
147. 14 peace (in) thy borders, (and) ftlleth thee 25 will establish the border of the widow
Isa. 15. 8 gone round about the borders of Moab
19. 19 pillar at the border thereof to the LORD
54. 12 and all thy borders of pleasant stones
60. 18 within thy borders: but thou shalt
Jer. 15. 13 for all thy sins, even in all thy borders
17. 3 for sin, throughout all thy borders
31. 17 ehall come again to their own border
Eze. n. 10 judge you in the border of Israel ; and
ii. ii I will judge you in the border of Israel
27. 4 Thy borders (are) in the midst of the
29. 10 Syene even unto the border of Ethiopia
43. 13 a cubit, .and the border,thereof by the
43. 17 thereof ; and the border about it (shall be)
43. 20 and upon the border round about : thus
45. i in all the borders thereof round about
45. 7 from the west border unto, .east border
47. 13 This (shall be) the border whereby ye
47. 15 this (shall be) the border of the land
47. 16 the border of Damascus and the border
47. 17 the border from the sea. .the border of
47. 17 northward, and the border of Hamatli
47. 18 Jordan, from the border unto the east
47. so sea from the border, till a man come over
48. i the border of Damascus northward, to
48. 2 the border of Dan, from the east side unto
48. 3 the border of Asher, from the east side
48. 4 the border of Maphtali, from the east side
48. 5 the borderof Manasseh, from the east side
48. 6 the border of Kphraim, from the east side
48. 7 the border of Reuben, from the east side
48. 8 the border of Judah, from the east side
48. 12 most holy by the border of the Levites
48. 13 the border of the priests the Levites
48. 21 the east border., toward the west border
48. 22 the border of Judah, and the border
48. 24 the border of Benjamin, from the east side
48. 25 the border of Simeon, from the east side
48. 26 the border of Issachar, from the east side
48. 27 the border of Zebulun, from the east side
48. 28 And by the border of Gad, at. .the border
Joel 3. 6 might remove them far from their border
Amos i. 13 that they might enlarge their border
6. 2 their border greater than your border?
Obad. 7 thee (even) to the border : the men that
Mic. 5. 6 and when he treadeth within our borders
Zeph. 2. 8 (themselves) against their border
Hal. i. 4 The border of wickedness, and, The people
i. 5 be magnified from the border of Israel
1. Enclosed place, n^>n? gebulah.
Psa. 74. 17 Thou hast set all the borders of the earth
3. Circle, circuit, ffyfy gelilah.
Josh. 13. 2 all the borders of the Philistines, and
22. 10 they came unto the borders of Jordan
22. ii land of Canaan, in the borders of Jordan
4. Hand, space, power, T yad.
2 Sa. 8. 3 went to recover his border at the river
i Ch. 7. 29 by the borders of the children of Man.
5. Thigh, n:rr yarekah.
Gen. 49. 13 and his border (shall be) unto Zidon
Q. Wing, r
jj3 kanaph.
Numis. 38 make them fringes in the border of their
15. 38 upon the fringe of the borders
7. Enclosing, rnssp misgereth.
Exod2g. 25 thou shalt make unto it a border of
25. 25 shalt make a golden crown to the border
25. 27 Over against the border shall the rings
37. 12 he made thereunto a border of au
37. 12 a crown of gold for the border thereof
37 14 Over against the border were the rings
1 Ki. 7. 28 the work of the bases . . had borders
7. 28 the borders (were) between the ledges
7. 29 on the borders that (were) between the
7. 31 upon the mouth of it (were), .borders
7. 32 under the borders (were) four wheels
7. 35 the ledges thereof and the borders
7. 36 on the borders thereof, he graved cherub.
2 Ki. 16. 17 king Ahaz cut off the borders of the
8.Height, hill, n^j naphah.
Josh ii. 2 in the borders of Dor on the west
9.End, extremity, j P qets.
2 Ki. 19. 23 enter into the lodgings of his borders
Isa. 37. 24 I will enter into the height of his border
Jer. 50. 26 Come against her from the utmost border
lO.End, extremity, ns qatseh.
Exodi6. 35 they came unto the borders of the land
19. 12 into the mount, or touch the border
Josh. 4. 19 in Gilgal, in the east border of Jericho
11. Lip, edge, HE saphah.
Exod28. 26 thou shalt put them . . hi the border
39. 19 and put (them), .upon the border of it
Judg. 7. 22 the host fled, .to the border of Abel-M.
12. Outgoings, nixyin totsaoth.
i Ch. 5. 16 they dwelt in Gilead. .upon their borders
13.^4 row, liR tor.
Song i. ii We will make thee borders of gold
l&.Frontier, marches, borders, fj.fQupioi/ methonon.
Mark 7. 24 went into the [borders] of Tyre and Sidon
15. Tassel, fringe, extremity, KpdvireSov kraspedon.
Matt23. 5 they, .enlarge the borders of their garni.
Mark 6. 56 that they might touch . . but the border
Luke 8. 44 came behind, .and touc ied the border
16. Goal, boundary, border, limit, opiov horion.
Matt 4. 13 which is. .in the borders of Zabulonand
BORDER, utmoit
End, extremity, \ p. qets.
Jer. 50. 26 Come against her from the utmost border
BORDER, to (be)
To be an enclosure, f?33 gabal.
Josh 18. 20 Jordan was the border of it on the east
Zech. 9. 2 Hamatli also shall border thereby
BORE, to
1. To bore, pierce, npj nagab.
2 Ki. 12. 9 the priest took a chest, and bored a holo
Job 41. 2 or bore his jaw through with a thorn ?
2. To perforate, yyi ratsa.
Exod 21. 6 his master shall bore his ear through with
1. To beget, bear, bring forth, -\h; yalad.
Job 14. i Man (that is) born of a woman (is) of few
15. 14 and (he which is) born of a woman, that
25. / can he be clean (that is) born of a woman .
2. One born, T^>; yalid.
Gen. 14. 14 trained (servants), born in his own house
17. 12 he that is born in the house, or bought
17. 13 He that is born in thy house, and he
17. 23 Abraham took, .all that were born in his
17. 27 the men of his house, born in the house
Lev. 22. ii and he that is born in his house
3. One born, ii^ yillod.
Exod. i. 22 Every son that is born ye shall cast
Josh. 5. 5 the people (that were) born in the wild.
2 Sa. 5. 14 that were born unto him in Jerusalem
12. 14 the child also (that is) born, .shall surely
Jer. 16. 3 concerning the daughters that are born
4. Birth, rnViD molcdeth.
Lev. 18. 9 born at home, or born abroad, .their
BORN at or in
By birth, -rep ytvei to genei,
Acts 18. 2 found a certain Jew. .born in Pontus
18. 24 a certain Jew. .born at Alexandria
[See also Country, firstborn, land, new, servant.]
BORN, to be
I.To be born, begotten, brought forth, i1
?; yalad, 2.
Gen. 21. 5 -vhen his son Isaac was born unto him
Xuni26. 60 unto Aaron was born Nadab and Abihu
2. Sa. 3. 2 unto David were sons horn in Hebron
5. 13 there were . . sous and daughters born
14. 27 unto Absalom there were born three sons
i Ki. 13. 2 a child shall be born unto the house of
1 Ch. 2. 3 three were born unto him of the daughter
2. 9 The sons also of Hezron, that were born
3. i which were born unto him in Hebron
3. 4 six were born unto him in Hebron
3. 5 these were born unto him in Jerusalem
7. 21 whom the men of Gath (that were) born
20. 8 These were born unto the giant in Gath
22. 9 Behold, a son shall be born to thee
26. 6 unto Shemaiah his son were sons born
Ezra 10. 3 the wives, and such as are born of them
Job i. 2 there were born unto him seven sons
3. 3 Let the day perish wherein I was bom
ii. 12 though man be born (like) a wild ass s
15. 7 thou the first man (that) was born?
38. 21 Knowest thou. .because thou wast, .born
Psa. 22. 31 They shall come, .that shall be born
78. 6 the children (which) should be born
Prov.i?. 17 and a brother is born for adversity
Keel. 4. 14 also (he that is) born, .becometh poor
Isa. 66. 8 shall a nation be born at once ?
Hos. 2. 3 set her as in the day that she was born
2.To be born or begotten, 1^; yalad, 4.
Gen. 4. 26 to Seth, to him also there was born a son
6. i daughters were born unto them
10. 21 elder, even to him were (children) born
10. 25 unto Eber were born two sons : the name
24. 15 Eebekah came out, who was born to B.
35. 26 which were born to him in Padan-aram
36. 5 were born unto him in the land of Canaan
41. 50 unto Joseph were born two sons beforetha
46. 22 which were born to Jacob : all the souls
46. 27 which were bom him in Egypt . .two souls
.TudgiS. 29 Dan their father, who was born unto Is.
Ruth 4. 17 There is a son born to > aomi ; and they
2 Sa. 1
3. 5 There were born to David in Hebron.
21. 20 and he also was born to the giant.
21. 22 These four were born to the giant in Gath
i Ch. i. 19 unto Eber were born two sons: the name
Job 5. 7 man is born unto trouble, as the sparks
Psa. 87. 4 behold Philistia. . this . . was born there.
87. 5 This and that man was born in her: and
87. 6 (that) this (man) was b.irn there
Isa. 9. 6 unto us a child is born, unto us a son
Jer. 20. 14 Cursed (be) the day wherein I was born
20. 15 saying, A man child it born unto thee
22. 26 I will cast thee . . where ye were not born
3. To be brought forth, ~f? , yalad, 6.
Eze. 16. 4 in the day thou wast born thy navel
16. 5 person, in the day that thou wast born.
4. To beget, bring forth, ytvvdca gcnnao.
Matt. i. 16 of whom was born Jesus . . called Christ.
2. i when Jesus was boru in Bethlehem of
Matt. 2. 4 of them where Christ should IK: born
19. 12 were so born from (their) mother s womb
26. 24 been good, .if he had not been born
Mark 14 21 good were it. .if he lif.d IU-V.T been born
Luke i. 35 that holy thing which shall be born of
John i. 13 Which were born, not of blood, nor of the
3. 3 Except a man be born again, he cannot
3. 4 can a man be born . . and be born ?
3. 5 Except a man be bom of water and
3. 6 is born of the flesh, .born of the spirit
3. 7 I said unto thee, Ye must he born again
3. 8 so is every one that is born of the Spirit
8. 4 1 We be not born of fornication ; we have
9! 2 who did sin. .that he was born blind ?
o. 19 Is this your son, who ye say was born
9. so We know, .that he was born blind
9. 32 opened the eyes of one that was born
9. 34 Thou wast altogether born in sins, and
16. 21 for joy that a man is born into tin u..rl i
18. 37 To this end was I born, and for this ran.-.-
Acts 2. 8 in ourown tongue, wherein we were born:
7. 20 In which time Moses was born, and w.-. -
32. 3 I am verily a man. .a Jew, born in Tarsus
32. 28 And Paul said. But I was (free) born
Rom. 9. ii (the children) being not yet born, neither
Gal. 4. 23 he. .was boru after the flesh ; but he of
4. 29 he that was born after the flesh persecuted
Heb. 1 1. 23 By faith Moses, when he was born
i Jo. 2. 29 every one that doeth righteousness is born
3. 9 is born of God . .because he is born
4. 7 every one that loveth is born of God, and
5. i Whosoever believeth .. is born of God : and
5! 4 whatsoever is born of God overcometh
5. 18 whosoever is born of Ood siuneth not
5.7*0 bring forth children, riKru tiklo.
Matt. 2. 2 Where is he that is born king of the Jews ?
Luke 2. 1 1 unto you is born this day, in the city of
Rev. 12. 4 to devour her child as soon as it was boru
BORN again, to be
To beget anew, avaytwdw anagennad.
i Pe. i. 23 Being born again, not of corruptible seed
BORN out of due time, one
Abortion, an untimflij birth, ?Krpa>/ia ektrSma.
i Co. 15. 8 as of one born out of due time
BORN, that is
Begotten, born, ytvvi]T&s gennetos.
Matt 1 1. ii Among them that are born of women
Luke 7. 28 Among those that are born of women
BORN, as they be
From the. belly, IB?? mibbeten.
Psa. 58. 3 they go astray as soon as they be born
BORN (in the land)
An aboriginal, inborn, native, n-yx ezrach.
Exod 12. 19 whether, .a stranger, or born in the land
12. 48 shall be as one that is born in the laud
Lev. 23. 42 Israelites born shall dwell in booths
24. 1 6 stranger, aa he that is born in the land
Num. 9 14 for him that was born in the land
15. 30 born in the land, or a stranger, the same
BORN of or in the country
An aboriginal, inborn, native, rrnx ezrach.
Numis. 13 All that are born of the country shall do
Eze. 47. 22 shall be unto you as born in the country
BORN among you or home born
Aboriginal, inborn, native, rnm ezrach.
Exod 12. 49 One law shall he to him that is homeborn
Lev. 19. 34 l>e unto you as one born among you
Num 15. 29 him that is Iwrn among the children of
Josh. 8. 33 stranger, as he that was boru among them
BORN (one)
A son, j3 ben.
Gen. 15. 3 lo, one born in my house is mine heir
Eccl. 2. 7 and had servants born in my home
BORNE, to be
To be lifted up, borne, Kjf} nasa, 2 or 1 .
Exod 25. 14 that the ark may be borne with them
25. 28 that the table may be borne with them
Isa. 66. 12 ye shall be borne upon (her) sides
Jer. 10. 5 they must needs be borne, because they
BORNE, are
To bear, carry, B?j? amas.
Isa. 46. 3 which are borne (by me) from the belly
BORNE, grievous to b -
// /. to be borne, SufffJaiffTaKTos dusbastaktos.
Matt ? v 4 heavy burdens and [grievous to be borne.
Luke ii. 4 . hide, .with burdens grievous to be borne
BORNE up, to be
To be supported, "7? samak, 2.
Judgi6. 29 and on which it was borne np
I. To be joined, (to another], Tn 1
? lavah.
Deut28. 12 thou shall lend . .thou shalt not borrow
Neh. 5. 4 We have borrowed money for the king s
Psa. 37. 21 The wicked borroweth, and payeth not
2. To interweave, Bjy abat.
IH-iit 15. 5 thou shalt lend, .thou shalt not borrow
3. To ask, *?K? shaal.
Exod. 3. 22 every woman shall borrow of her
n. 2 let every man borrow of his neighbour
12. 35 they borrowed of the Egyptians jrwt is
22. 14 if a man borrow (ought) of his neighbour
2 Ki. 4. 3 said, Go, borrow thee vessels abroad
[. To put out at usury, Savtifa daneizu.
Matt. 5. 42 from him that would borrow of thee
BORROW a few, to
To make feic, vyc niaat, 5.
a Ki. 4. 3 empty vessels ; borrow not a few
To ask, *H& shoal.
2 Ki. 6. 5 Alas, master ! for it was borrowed
To be joined, n^>
l rov.22. 7 the borrower (is) servant to ; Isa. 24. 2
1 . Hidden place, 3h rhob.
Job 31. 33 hiding mine iniquity in my bosom
2. Inlet, p n cheq. [V.L. pin choq],
Psa. 74. ii pluck (it) out of thy bosom
13. Inlet, p*n cheq.
Gen. 16. 5 I have given my maid into thy bosom
Exod. 4. 6 Put now thine hand into thy bosom
4. 6 he put his hand into his bosom
4. 7 Put thine hand into thy bosom again
4. 7 he put his hand into his bosom again
4. 7 plucked it out of his bosom, and, behold
Numn. 12 Carry them in thy bosom, as a. .father
Ueut 13. 6 the wife of thy bosom, or thy friend
28. 54 be evil toward, .the wife of his bosom
j8. 56 evil toward the husband of her bosom
Ruth 4. 16 Naomi took the child, .in her bosom
2 Sa. 12. 3 one little ewe lamb, .lay in his bosom
12. 8 thy master s wives into thy bosom
1 Ki. i. 2 let her lie in thy bosom, that my lord
3. 20 and laid it in her bosom
3. 20 laid her dead child in my bosom
17. 19 he took him out of her bosom . .and laid
Psa. 35. 13 my prayer returned into mine own bosom
79. 12 unto our neighbours, .into their bosom
89. 50 I do bear in my bosom, .all the mighty
Prov. 5. 20 and embrace the bosom of a stranger?
6. 27 Can a man take fire in his bosom, and
17. 23 wicked, .taketh a gift out of the bosom
21. 14 a reward in the bosom strong wrath
Eccl. 7. 9 anger resteth in the bosom of fools
Isa. 40. 1 1 he shall . . carry . . in his bosom . . shall
65. 6 but . . even recompense into their bosom
65. 7 will I measure . . work into their bosom
Jer. 32. 18 Thou, .recompensest. .into the bosom of
Lam. 2. 12 poured out into their mothers bosom
Mic. 7. 5 keep.. from her that lieth in thy bosom
4. Lap, \yr\ chetsen.
Psa. 129. 7 nor he that bindeth sheaves his bosom
5. Lap, hollow thing, n-Vj tsallachath.
Prov. 1 9. 24 slothful, .hidc-th his hand in. .bosom
26. 15 slovnful hideth his hand in .bosom
6.7Josom, hollow thing, K&\TTOS kolpos.
Luke 6. 38 good . . shall men give into your bosom
16. 22 beggar, .carried, .into Abraham s bosom
16. 23 seeth Abraham, .and Lazarus in his bosom
John i. 18 which is in the bosom of the Father, he
13. 23 there was leaning on Jesus bosom one of
BO -SOR, Borrdp the father of Balaam.
The Greek form of writing Beor.
2 Pe. 2. 15 Balaam (the son) of B., who loved
Arch, protuberance, 33 gab.
Job 15. 26 He runneth , .upon the thick bosses of his
Inflammation, ] rty shechin.
Deut28. 27 The LORD will smite thee with the botch
28. 35 LORD shall smite, .with a sore botch
l.Together, in; yachad.
Psa. 4. 8 I will both lay me down in peace
2. Two, O ff shenayim.
Gen. 2. 25 they were both naked, the man and his
3. 7 the eyes of them both were opened, and
9. 23 laid (it) upon both their shoulders
19. 36 Thus were both the daughters of Lot
21. 27 and both of them made a covenant
si. 31 because there they sware both of them
22. 6 and they went both of them together
22. 8 so they went both of them together
27. 45 why should I be deprived . .of you both
31. 37 that they may judge betwixt us both
40. 5 they dreamed a dream both of them
48. 13 Joseph took them both, Ephraim
Exod22 . 1 1 oath of the LORD be between them both
26. 24 thus shall it be for them both ; they
32. 15 tables (were) written on both their sides
36. 29 thus he did to both of them in both the
Lev. 16. 21 Aaron shall lay both his hands upon the
30. ii, 12 both of them shall surely be put to
ao. 13 both of them have committed an abom.
ao. 18 both of them shall be cut off from
Num. 7. 13 both, .full of flue flour mingled
7. 19, 25 both of them full of fine flour
So m v. 31, 37, 43, 49, 55. 61, 67, 73, 79.
12. 5 LOUD, .called, .and they both came forth
25. 8 thrust both of them tl rough, the man of
Deutig. 17 Then both the men, between whom the
22. 22 then they shall both of them die
22. 24 ye shall bring them both out unto the
23. 18 both these (are) abomination unto the
Judg 19. 6 did eat and drink both of them together
19. 8 afternoon, and they did eat both of them
Ruth i. 5 Mahlon and Chilion died also both of
i Sa. 2. 34 in one day they shall die both of them
3. 1 1 both the ears of every one that heareth
5. 4 both the palms of his hands (were) cut olf
9. 26 they went, .both of them, he and Samuel
14. n both of them discovered themselves unto
20. 1 1 they went out both of them into the field
20. 42 forasmuch as we have sworn both of us
25. 43 they were also both of them his wives
2Sa. 9. 13 Mephibosheth. .was lame on both his feet
17. 18 they went both of them away quickly
1 Ki. 6. 25 both the cherubim (were) of one measure
2 Ki. 2. ii parted them both asunder ; and Elijah
21. 12 whosoever heareth of it, both his ears
Esth. c. 23 they were both hanged on a tree : and it
Job 9. 33 daysman, might lay his hand upon us both
Prov.i7. 15 they both (are) abonination to the L< RD
20. 10 both of them (are) alike abomination to
20. 12 LORD hath mado even both of them
24. 22 who knoweth the ruin of them both?
27 3 fool s wrath (is) heavier than them both
29. 13 the LORD lighteneth both their eyes
Eccl. 4. 3 better (is he) than both they, which hath
11. 6 whether they both (shall be) alike good
Isa. i. 31 they shall both burn together, and none
7. 16 shall be forsaken of both her kings
8. 14 a rock of offence to both the houses of
Jer. 46. 12 mighty, .they are fallen both together
Eze. 15. 4 the fire devoureth both the ends of it
23. 13 I saw that, .they (took) both one
Dan. n. 27 both tl^ese kings hearts, .to do mischief
Zech. 6. 13 the counsel of peace, .between them both
3. Both (of two), a./j.<t>6r(poi amphoteroi.
Matt. 9. 17 into new bottles, and both are preserved
13. 30 Let botli grow together until the harvest
15. 14 if the blind lead, .both shall fall into the
Luke i. 6 they were both righteous before God
1. 7 they both were, .well stricken in years
5. 7 filled both the ships, so that they began
5. 38 into new bottles; and [both] are preserved
6. 39 shall they not both fall into the ditch ?
7. 42 to pay, he frankly forgave them both
Acts 8. 38 they went down both into the water
23. 8 spirit ; but the Pharisees confess both
Eph. 2. 14 he is our peace, who hath made both one
2. 16 that he might reconcile both unto God
2. 18 through him we both have access by one
4. Two, Svo duo.
John 20. 4 they ran both together : and the other
Rev. 19. 20 both were cast alive into a lake of fire
5. Each of the, (Kaffros TUV hekastos ton.
Heb. ii. 21 Jacob, .blessed both the sons of Joseph
BOTH... and, (also)
l.Unto, Sxe?.
Jer. 36. i6they were afraid, both one and other
2.Also. ..also, Q3...D3 gam. ..gam.
Gen. 24. 25 We have both straw and provender
44. 16 both we, and (he) also with whom the cup
3. And... and, i...i,
Num. 9. 14 one ordinance, both for the stranger, and
Psa. 76. 6 both the chariot and horse are cast into
4. On, upon, Vy al.
Exod35. 22 they came, both men and women, as many
5.And., and, KO.I ..Kaikai...kai.
Matt 10. 28 is able to destroy both soul and body in
12. 22 blind and dumb both spake and saw
Mark 6. 30 [both] what they had done, and what they
7. 37 he maketh both the deaf to hear, and
Luke 2. 46 both hearing them, and asking them
5. 36 then both the new maketh a rent, and
21. 1 6 shall be betrayed both by parents, and
22. 33 with thee, both into prison, and to death
John 2. 2 And both Jesus was called, and his
4. 36 both he that soweth and he that reapeth
7. 28 Ye both know me, and ye know whence
9. 37 Thou hast both seen him, and it is he
11. 48 take away both our place and nation
n. >;7 Now [both] the chief priests.and the Ph.
12. 28 I have both glorified (it), and will glorify
15. 24 they both seen and hated both me and
Acts 2. 29 that he is both dead and buried, and
26. 29 were both almost, and altogether such as
Rom ii. 33 both of the wisdom and knowledge of God!
14. 9 to this end Christ both died, and rose
14. 9 be Lord both of the dead and living
i Co. 4. ii unto, .present hour we both hunger and
6. 13 God shall destroy both it and them v. 14
7. 29 that both they that have wives
7. 34 may be holy both in body and in spirit
Phil. 2. 13 which worketh in you both to will and
4. 9 things, which ye have both learned ant<
4. 12 I am instructed [both] to be full and to be
4. 12 both to abound and to suffer need
1 Th. 2. 15 Who both killed the Lord Jesus and
5. 15 good, [both] among yourselves, and to all
2 Th. 3. 4 that ye both do and will do the thins; s
1 Ti. 4. TO For., we [both] labour and suffer reproach
4. 16 in doing this thou shalt both save thyself
Titus i. 9 by sound doctrine both to exhort and to
Phm. 16 both in the flesh, and in the Lord?
2 Pe. 3. 18 To him (be) glory both now and for ever
2 Jo. 9 he hath both the Father and the Son
Rev. 13. 15 the image of the beast should both speak
6. And., and, re. ../cat te...kai.
Matt22. jo as many as they found, both bad and
Acts i. i all that Jesus began both to do and teach
i. 8 lie witnesses unto me both in Jer. and
i. 13 where abode both Peter and James, and
4. 27 both Herod and Pontius Pilate, with
8. 12 were baptized, both men and women
B 38 into the water, both Philip and the
10. 30 he did both in the land of the Jews and
34. i both of the Jews and also of the Greeks
14! 5 both of the Gentiles, and also of the
15. 10 word of the Lord, .both Jews and Greeks
20. 21 Testifying both to the Jews, and also to
21. 12 both we, and they of that place, besought
22. 4 delivering into prisons both men and
24. 15 resurrection, .both of the just and unjust
25. 24 both at Jerusalem, and. .here, crying
26. 22 witnessing both to small and great
28. 23 both out of the law of Moses, and. .the
Horn. i. 12 by the mutual faith both of you and me
i. 14 I am debtor both to the Greeks and
i. 14 both to the wise, and to the unwise
3. 9 we have before proved both Jews and
i Co. i. 2 Christ our Lord, both theirs and our s
1. 24 them which are called, both Jews and
Eph. i. 10 [both] which are in Leaven, and which are
Phil, i . 7 both in my bonds, and in the defence
Heb. 2. 4 both with signs and wonders, and with
2. n both he that sanctifleth and they who
5. i may offer both gifts and sacrifices for
5. 14 exercised to discern both good and evil
6. 19 Which, .we have. . both sure and stedfast
9. 9 in which were offered both gifts and
9. 19 sprinkled both the book, and all the
10. 33 both by reproaches and afflictions
7. And... and, re... re te...te.
Acts 26. 16 minister and a witness both of these
8.And. ..and, Tf...Se
Acts 5. 14 multitudes both of men and women
BOTH the haads
Tlie two fists, crjen chophnayim.
Eccl. 4. 6 than both the hands full (with) travail
BOTH parties
Two, B xp shenayiin.
Exod22. 9 the cause of both parties shall come
BOTH twain
Two, cis? siienayim.
Eze. 21. 19 both twain shall come forth out of one
I.Hollow thing, bottle, 3ix ob.
Job 32. 19 it is ready to burst like new bottles
2. Hollow thing, bottle, piap3 baqbuq.
Jer. 19. i Go and get a potter s earthen bottle, and
19. 10 Then shalt thou break the bottle in
3. Heat, npr; chemah.
Hos. 7." 5 have made (him) sick with bottles or
^.Bottle, thrift shut up, rran chemeth.
Gen. 21.14 took bread and a bottle of water, and
21.15 tne water was spent in the bottle, and
21. 19 she went, and filled the bottle with
Hab. 2. 15 Woe unto him. .that puttest thy bottle
5. Bottle, -so nod.
Josh. 9. 4 wine bottles, old, and rent, and bound
9. 13 these bottles of wine which we filled
Judg. 4. 19 she opened a bottle of milk, and gave
i Sa. 16. 20 a bottle of wine, and a kid, and sent
Psa. sf . 8 put thou my tears into thy bottle
iic,. 83 I am become like a bottle in the smoke
6. Bottle, ^i nebel.
1 Sa. i. 24 one ephah of flour, and a bottle of wine
ic>. 3 and another carrying a bottle of wine
25. 18 two hundred loaves, and two bottles of
2 Sa. it. i summer fruits, and a bottle of wine
Job 38. 37 who can stay the bottles of heaven
Jer. 13. 12, 12 Every bottle shall be filled with wine
48. 12 I will send, .and break their bottles
i.Bottle vf skin, afficos askos.
Matt. o. i- new wine into old bottles: else the bottles
9. 17 bottles perish, .new wine into new bottles
Mark 2. 22 old bottles, .wine doth burst the bottles
2. 22 bottles will be marred, .[new bottles]
Luke 5. 37 no man putteth new wine into old bottles
5. 37 burst the bottles, .the bottles shall perish
5. 38 new wine must be put into new bottles
1. Lower pc.i l. rvyiN arith.
Dan. 6. 24 or ever they carne at the bottom of the
2.Lap, hollow part, p n cheq.
Eze. 43. 13 even the bottom, .a cubit, and. .breadth
43. 14 from the bottom (upon) the ground . . to
43. 17 the bottom thereof, .a cubit about ; and
3. Foundation, iia^ yesod.
Exod2o. 12 pour all the blood beside the bottom of
Lev. 4. 7 the blood of the bullock at the bottom of
4. 18, 25 blood at the bottom of the altar of
4. 30, 34 blood thereof at the bottom of the al.
5. 9 tne rest of the blood, .at the bottom of
8. 15 poured the blood at the bottom of the
9. 9 poured out the blood at the bottom of
4. Depth, place of shadows, n^xZJ metsolah.
Exodis. 5 they sank into the bottom as a atone
5. Depth, shadoioy place, n^sp inetsulfah.
Zech. i. 8 the myrtle trees that (were) in the bottom
6. Cutting, extremity, 3Xj3 qetseb.
Jon. 2. 6 I went down to the bottoms of the
7. Soil, pavement, J fPp qarqa.
Amos 9. 3 though they be . .in the bottom of the sea
8 Couch covering, HTET rephidah.
Song 3. 10 lie made. .the bottom thereof (of) gold
Q.Jioot, tnv shoresh.
Job 36. 30 and covereth the bottom of the sea
10. Downward, beneath, narta katiJ.
Matt 27. 51 rent in twain from the top to the bottom
Markis. 38 from the top t;> the bottom
Very deep, &/3vffffos abussos.
Rev. 9. i was given the key of the bottomless
9. 2 [he opened the bottomless pit ; and there]
Very deep place, &/3y<7<ros abussos.
Rev. 9. ii a king, .the ai.gel of the bottomless pit
ii. 7 that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit
17. 8 shall ascend out of the bottomless pit
20. i having the key of the bottomless pit and
20. 3 cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut
I. Summit, TpK amir.
Isa. 17. 6 berries in the top of the uppermost bough
2. Son, |3 ben.
Gen. 49. 22 (is) a fruitful bough, .a fruitful bough
3. Thicket, forest, ehft choresh.
Isa. 17. 9 strong cities be as a forsaken bough
4. Twig, shoot, nay? seappah.
Eze. 31. 6 fowls .. made their nests in his boughs
31. 3 fir trees were not like his boughs, and the
5. Twig, shoot, nsyip sarappah.
Eze. 31. 5 his boughs were multiplied, and his
6. Branch, *\iy anaph.
Lev. 23. 40 and the boughs of thick trees
1 sa. 80. 10 the boughs thereof (were like) the goodly
Eze. 17. 23 it shall bring forth boughs, and bear
Dan. 4. 12 fowls of the heaven dwelt in the boughs
7. Branch, ornament, rnxb porah.
Eze. 31. 12 his boughs are broken by all the rivers
8. Branch, ornament, TJN3 purah.
Isa. 10. 33 the LORD . . shall lop the bough with terror
9. Fruit, 15 peri.
Lev. 23. 40 ye shall take . .the boughs of goodly trees
10.A cutting, branch, TSJJ qatsir.
Job 14. 9 bud, and bring forth boughs like a plant
Psa. 80. ii She sent out her boughs unto the sea
Isa. 27. 1 1 When the boughs thereof are withered
\\.Interwoven twig, "it? sok.
Judg. 9. 49 people . . cut down every man his bough
\2. Interwoven twig, n^\\y sokah.
Judg. 9. 48 cut down a bough from the trees, and
BOTJGH, thick
1. Thick, dense object, ri2St
Eze. 31. 3 and his top was among the thick boughs
31. 10 shot up his top among the thick boughs
31. 14 shoot up their top among the thick boughs
2. Outspread, entangled bough, yyv sobek.
2 Sa. 1 8. 9 the mule went under the thick boughs
Pointed twigs, D jipjp sansinnim.
Song 7. 8 I will take hold of the boughs thereof
BOUGHS, to go over the
To glean thoroughly, nxc paar, 3.
Deut 24. 20 thou shalt not go over the boughs
A purchase, acquisition, n:p.P miqnah.
Gen. 17. 12 or bought with money of any stranger
17. 27 bought with money of the stranger, were
Lev. 25. 51 out of the money that he was bought for
27. 22 a field which he hath bought, which
BOUGHT, to be
To be gained, acquired, .ijjj qanah, 2.
Jer. 32. 43 fields shall be bought in this land, whereof
BOUGHT, he that is
A purcliase, acquisition, njpo miqnah.
Gen. 17. 13 he that is bought with thy money, must
17. 23 all that were bought with his money
Exod 12. 44 every man s servant that is bought for
I. Bound, girdvl, TDX asir.
Psa. 107. 10 Such as sit. .bound in affliction and iron
2. Enclosed place, Sina gebul.
Exod 23. 31 I will set thy bounds from the Red sea
Job 38. 20 thou shouldest take it to the bound thereof
Psa. 104. 9 hast set a bound that they may not pass
Jer. 5. 22 have placed the sand (for) the bound of
Hos. 5. 10 were like them that remove the bound
3. Enclosed place, .171:3 yebulah.
Deut 32. 8 lie set the bounds of the people according
Isa. 10. 13 I have removed the bounds of the people
4. Statute, limit, ph choq.
Job 14. 5 thou hast appointed his bounds that he
26. 10 He . . compassed the waters with bounds
5.Bent, bending, bowed down, r.j? kephath, 3.
Dan. 3. 23 fell down bound into the midst, .burning
3. 24 Did not we cast three men bound into
6. Thread, cord; bound to, h n^pathil.
Xum 19. 15 which hath no covering bound upon it
7. To bind, tie, 15? i3 qashar.
Prov.22. 15 Foolishness (is) bound in the heart of a
BOUND, to be
1. To be bound, "CN asar, 2.
Gen. 42. 19 let one of your brethren be bound in the
Judg 16. 6 wherewith thou mightest be bound to
16. 10, 13 wherewith thou niightest be bound
2. To be bound, "ipx asar, 4.
Isa. 22. 3 thy rulers.. are bound by the archers
3.7V? be bound, bent, ns? kephath.
Dan. 3. 21 these men were bound in their coats, and
4. To fetter, prn rathaq, 4.
Nan. 3. 10 all her great men were bound in chains
f>. To press, "njp tsarar.
1 Sa. 25. 29 the soul of my lord shall be bound in the
6. To be twisted together, ipt saqad, 2.
Lam. 1.14 The yoke of my transgressions is bound
7. To owe, b$>fiXa> opheilo.
2 Til. i. 3 We are bound to thank God always for
2. 13 we are bound to give thanks alway to
BOUND, to be kept
To bind, 8e<r,uc
fc! desmeo.
Luke 8. 29 he was kept bound with chains and in
BOUND, those which are
One bound, TON asi/:
Psa. 68. 6 he bringeth out those which are bound
I. To be straitened, pressed together, Tjy tsarar, 4.
Josh. 9. 4 wine bottles, old, and rent, and bound up
2. To bind, tie, iff,? qashar.
Gen. 44. 30 his life is bound up in the lad s life
BOUND up, be
For the ivound (or binding up), "flip? le-mazor.
Jer. 30. 13 that thou mayest be bound up: thou hast
BOUND up, to be
1. To be wrapped around, e>3n chabash, 4.
Isa. i. 6 have not been closed, neither bound up
Eze. 30. 21 it shall not be bound up to be healed, to
2. To press, "ny tsarar.
Exodi2. 34 their kneading troughs being bound up
Hos. 13. 12 The iniquity of Ephraim (is) bound up
BOUND about, to be
To bind around, irepiSfdi perideo.
John ii. 44 his face was bound about with a napkin
BOUND -with, to be
1.7*0 be laid round about, trtp tKe^toi perikeimai.
Acts 28. 20 for the hope of Israel I am bound with
2. To be bound with, <n<i 8eo/xaj sundeomai.
Heb. 13. 3 that are in bonds, as bound with them
BOUND, utmost
Mark, limit, "wn taacah.*
Gen. 49. 26 the utmost bound of the everlasting hills
Set limit, opoBfffla horothesia.
Acts 17. 26 determined, .the bounds of their habit*.
BOUNDS (about), to set
To make an enclosure, V;3 gaba.l, 5.
Exod 19. 12 set bounds unto the people round about
19. 23 Set bounds about the mount, and sanctify
1. Good, aio iob.
Prov.22. 9 He that hath a bountiful eye shall be
2.Rich, easy, free, 1ii? shoa.
Isa. 32. 5 nor the churl said (to be) bountiful
Good or fair speech, blessing, ev\oyla eulogia.
2 Co. 9. 6 soweth bountifullyshall reap . . bountifully
To deal (with any one), "?23 gamal.
Psa. 13. 6 he hath dealt bountifully with me
1 1 6. 7 LORD hath dealt bountifully with thee
119. 17 Deal bountifully with thy servant
142. 7 thou shalt deal bountifully with me
108 BOWL
> /",/( I /, air\or-ri<t haplotes.
2 Co. 9. it enriched.. every thing to all bountifulness
1. Ifand, power, v yacL
1 Ki. 10. 13 Solomon gave her of his roy.".l bounty
2.Good speech, blessing, ev\oyia culogia.
2 Co. 9. 5 make up beforehand your bounty
BOUNTY (matter of)
Good speech, blessing, tv\oyia eulogia.
2 Co. 9. 5 might be ready, as (a matter of) bounty
l.Jiow, n^jj qesheth.
Gen. 9. 13 I do set my bow in the cloud, and it
9. 14 that the bow shall be seen in the cloud
9. 16 the bow shall be in the cloud ; and I
27. 3 take, .thy quiver ami thy bow
48. 22 with my sword and with my bow
49. 24 his bow abode in strength, and the arms
Josh 24. 12 not with thy sword, nor with thy bow
1 Sa. 2. 4 The bows of the mighty men (are) broken
18. 4 even to his sword, and to his bow
2 Sa. i. 1 8 teach the children of Judah . .the bow
i. 22 the bow of Jonathan turned not back
22. 35 a bow of steel is broken by mine arms
i Ki. 22. 34 a. . man drew a bow at a venture, and
3 Ki. 6. 22 wouldest thou smite, .with thy bow?
9. 24 Jehu drew a bow with his full strength
13. 15 Elishasaiduntohim.Takebowandarrows
13. 15 and he took unto him bow and arrows
13. 16 Put thine hand upon the bow ; and he
1 Ch. 5. 18 to shoot with bow, ami skilful in war
12. 2 armed with bows, and could use both
12. 2 stones and (shooting) arrows out of a bow
2 Ch. 14. 8 that bare shield and drew bows, two
17. 17 with him armed men with bowand shield
18. 33 a . .man drew a bow at a venture, and
26. 14 Uzziah prepared .. bows, and slings (to)
Xeh. 4. 13 I even set the people, .with, .their bows
4. 16 the other half of them held, .the bows
Job 20. 24 the bow of steel shall strike him through
29. 20 my bow was renewed in my hand
Psa. 7. 12 he hath bent his bow, and made it ready
ii. a the wicked bend (their) bow, they make
1 8. 34 a bow of steel is broken by mine arms
37. 14 The wicked have. . bent their bow, to cast
37. 15 heart, and their bows shall be broken
44. 6 I will not trust in my bow, neither
46. 9 breaketh the bow, and cutteth the spear
76. 3 There brake lie the arrows of the bow
78. 9 armed, .carrying bow?, turned back in
78. 57 were turned aside like a deceitful bow
Isa. 5. 28 Whose arrows, .sharp, ant , all their bows
7. 24 With arrows and with bows shall (men)
13. 18 bows also shall dash the young men to
21. 15 drawn sword, and from the bent bow
41. 2 he gave, .as driven stubble to his bow
66. 19 that draw the bow, (to) Tubal, and Javan
Jer. 6. 23 They shall lay hold on bow and spear
9. 3 they bend their tongues (like) their bow
46. 9 Lydians, that handle (and) bend the bow
49- 35 I wiN break the bow of Elam, the chief
50. 14 all ye that bend the bow, shoot at her
50. 29 all ye that iend the bow, can*.p ai;:iin.-,t
50. 42 They shall hold the bow and the lance
51. 3 let the archer bend his bow, and against
51. 56 every one of their bows is broken : for
Lam. 2. 4 He hath bent his bow like an enemy
3. 12 He hath bent his bow, and set me as a
Eze. i. 28 the bow that is in the cloud in the day of
39. 3 I will smite thy bow out of thy left hand
39. 9 the shields, .the bows and the arrows
Bos. i. 5 I will break the bow of Israel in the
i. 7 will not save them by bow, nor by sword
2. 18 I will break the bow and the sword and
7. 16 they are like a deceitful bow : their
Amos 2. 15 shall he stand that handleth the bow
Hah. 3. 9 Thy bow was made <;uite naked . .to the
Zech. 9. 10 and the battle Iww shall be cut off
9. 13 filled the bow with Ephraim, and raited
10. 4 Out of him came forth, .the battle bow
2. A bow, r6ov toxon.
Rev. 6. z he that sat on him had a bow ; and a
BOW, to
1.7*0 bend, Jn? kara.
Judg. 5. 27 he bowed, .he bowed . . where he bowed
1 Ki. it.. :8 the knees which have not bowed unto
Esth. 3. 2 the king s servants, .bowed, Mordecaib.
3. 5 Hainan saw that Mordecai bowed not
Psa. 22. 29 they that go down to the dust shall bow
72. 9 They that dwell . .shall bow before him
Tsa. 45. 23 unto me every knee shall bow, every
2. To incline, .793 natah .
Gen. 49. 15 bowed his shoulder to bear, and bcvami-
Judgi6. 30 he bowed himself with (all his) might
a Sa. 32. 10 He bowed the heavens also, and came
Psa. 18. 9 He bowed the heavens also, and came
3.710 cause to incline, .T?J natah, 5.
2 Sa. 19. 14 he bowed the heart of all the men of
Psa. 144. 5 Bow thy heavens, O LORD, and come
Prov. 5. i bow thine ear to my understanding
4.7V) bow the head, "n;; qn<l<:d.
i Ki. i. 16 Bath-sheba bowed, and did obeisance
i. 31 Bath-sheba bowed with (her) face to tha
5. To bow down, n<? shachach.
Prov. 14. 19 The evil bow before the good ; and the
Hab. 3. 6 the perpetual hills did bow : his ways
6. To bend, Kafjitrrca kamptS.
Rom ii. 4 who have not bowed the knee to. .Baal
14. ii it is written, .every knee shall bow tome
Eph. 3. 14 I bow my knees unto the Father of our
Phil. 2. 10 the name of Jesus every knee should bow
7. To incline, n\ivia /:lino.
Johnig. 30 he bowed his head, and gave up the ghost
8. To put, place, s^t, ridynt tithJmi.
Markis. 19 and bowing, .knees worshipped him
BOW down, to
1.7V> bend, double, r
\y$ kaphaph.
Isa. 58. 5 to bow down his head as a bulrush
2 . To bend down . y~$ kara.
Judg. 7. 5 every one that boweth down upon his
7. 6 the rest of the people bowed down upcn
Job 31. 10 and let others bow down upon her
Psa. 95. 6 O come, let us worship and bow down
Isa. 10. 4 Without me they shall bow down under
46. i Bel boweth down, Xebo stoopeth, their
46. 2 They stoop, they bow down together
65. 12 ye shall all bow down to the slaughter
3.7b cause to incline, naj natah, 5.
2 Ki. IQ. 16 LORD, Itow down thine ear, and hear
Psa. 31. 2 Bow down thine ear to me ; deliver me
86. i Bow down thine ear, O LORD, hear me
Prov. 22. 17 Bow down thine ear, and hear the words
4. To bow down, xty? shachah.
Isa. 51. 23 Bow down, that we may go over : and
f>. To bow oneself down, niyy shachah, 7.
Gen. 27. 29 Let people serve, .nations bow down to
27. 29 let thy mother s sons bow clown to thee
49. 8 thy father s children shall bow down
Exod23. 24 Thou shalt not bow down to their gods
Lev. 26. i neither, .set up. .image, .bow down unto
Num25. 2 the people did eat, and bowed down to
Dent. 5. 9 Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto
Judg. 2. 19 to bow clown unto them ; they ceased
Isa. 49. 23 they shall bow down to thee with (their)
6. To bow down, ~ny shachach.
Psa. 35. 14 I bowed down heavily, as one that
7. To be bowed down, rtr? shachach, 2.
Isa. 2. 9 the mean man boweth down, and the
S.To incline, K\IVIO klino.
Luke 24. 5 bowed down (their) faces to the earth
9. To bend together, ffvyKajJiirrta suflkampto. Rom ii. 10 and bo\v clown their back alway
EOW down the head, to
To stoop down, TIJJ qadad.
Gen. 24. 26 the man bowed down his head, and
24. /,3 I bowed down my head, and worshipped
43. 28 they bowed dowji their heads, and made
Xuni22. 31 he bowed down his head, and fell flat
1 Ch. 29. 20 bowed down their heads, and worshipped
BOW clown self, to
To bow oneself (to God or man), nyy shachah, 7.
Gen. 23. 12 Abraham bowed down himself before the
37. 10 come to bow down ourselves to
42. 6 bowed down themselves before him
Exod i!. 8 bow down themselves unto me, saying
20. 5 Thou shalt not bo\v down thyself to them
2 Ki. 5. i3 I bow down myself in the house of Rim.
2 Ch. 25. 14 bowed down himself before them, and
Isa. 60. 14 despised thee shall bow themselves down
BOW self, to
1. To be bent double, p
f>3 kaphaph, 2.
Mic. 6. 6 bow myself before the high God? shall I
2. To bow down, jn? kara.
1 Sa. 4. 19 bowed herself and travailed; forherpains
2 Ch. 7. 3 bowed themselves with their faces to the
29. 29 all. .present with him bowed themselves
Job 39. 3 bow themselves, .they cast out their sor.
3. To bend or curve oneself, rny_ avath, 7.
Eccl. 12. 3 strong men shall bow themselves, and
4.7V> bow oneself (to God or man}, r,ny shachah, 7.
Gen. 1 8. 2 and bowed himself toward the ground
19. i bowed himself with his face toward the
23. 7 Abraham stood up, and bowed himself to
33. 3 bowed himself to the ground seven time*
33. 6 theirchildren.and they bowed themselves
33. 7 Leah, .with her children, .bowed them.
33. 7 came. .near, .and they bowed themselves
43. 26 bowed themselves to "him to the earth
47. 31 Israel bowed himself upon the bed s
48. 12 bowed himself with his face to the earth
Josh 23. 7 serve . . nor bow yourselves unto them
23. 16 served other god?, and bowed yourselves
Juovj. 2. 12, 17 and bowed themselves unto them
Ruth 2. 10 she. .bowed herself to the ground, and
i Sa. :o. 41 bowed himself three times : and they
24. 8 David stooped . . and bowed himself
25. 23 fell, .and bowed herself to the ground
25. 41 bowed herself on (her) face to the earth
28. 14 stooped with (his) face, .and bowed him.
288. 9. 8 he bowed himself, and said, What (is) thy
14. 22 Joab fell, .on his face, and bowed himself
14- 33 bowed himself on his face to the ground
18. 21 Cuslu bowed himself unto Joab, and ran
2 Sa. 24. 20 bowed himself before the king on his
1 Ki. i. 23 bowed himself before the king with his
i. 47 the king bowed himself upon the bed
1. 53 came and bowed himself to king Solomon
2. 19 king rose, .and bowed himself unto her
2 Ki. 2. 15 bowed themselves to the ground before
4. 37 bowed herself to the ground, and took
5. 18 I bow myself in the house of Rimmon
17. 35 nor bow yourselves to them, nor serve
1 Ch. 21. 21 bowed himself to David with (his) face
BOW the head, to
To stoop down, bow the head i~j? qadad.
Exod. 4. 31 they bowed theirheads and worshipped
12. 27 people bowed the head and worshipped
34. 8 bowed his head toward the earth, and
2 Ch. 20. 18 Jehoshaphat bowed his head, .to the
29. 30 they bowed their heads and worshipped 8. 6 bowed their heads, and worshipped the
BOW the knee, to
1. Salute I give a blessing I ~,^)f abrek.
Gen. 41. 43 they cried before him, Bow tho knee
2. To fait, on the knees, yovvtrfrfto gonupeteo.
Matt 27. 29 they bowed the knee before him
BOWED do-sm, to be
1. To he bent double, f]?| kaphaph.
Psa. 57. 6 my soul is bowed down : they have
145. 14 and raiseth up all. .bowed down
146. 8 LOKD raiseth them that are bowed down
2. To be bent, n$ ivah, 2.
Isa. 21. 3 I was bowed down at the hearing. .1 was
3. To be bowed down, i"tr shuach.
Psa. 44. 25 our soul is bowed down to the dust
4. To bow down, nr,y shachach.
Psa. 38. 6 I am troubled ; I am bowed down greatly
Isa. 2. ii haughtiness of men shall be bowed down
2. 17 loftiness of man shall be bowed down
BOWED together, to be
To bow together, crv/Kvirrca sttykupto.
Luke 13. ii there was a woman, .bowed together
\.Bowels, D j;p meim.
Gen. 15. 4 shall come forth out of thine own bowels
25. 23 people shall be separated from thy bowels
Xuiu. 5 . 22 this water, .shall go into thy bowels
a Sa. 7. 12 which shall proceed out of thy bowels
16. ii my son, which came forth of my bowela
20. 10 shed out his bowels to the ground, and
2 Ch.2i. 15 of thy bowels, until thy bowels fall out
21. 18 LORD smote him in his bowels with an
21. 19 his bowels fell out by reason of his
32. 21 they that came forth of his own bowels
Job 20. 14 his meat in his bowels is turned
30. =7 My bowels boiled, and rested not : the
Psa. 22. 14 melted in the midst of my bowels
71. 6 took me out of my mother s bowels
Song 5. 4 and my bowels were moved for him
Isa. 16. ii my bowels shall sound like an harp
48. 19 the offspring of thy bowels like the gravel
49. i from the bowels of my mother hath he
63. 15 the sounding of thy bowels and of thy
Jer. 4. 19 My bowels, my bowels ! I am pained
31. 20 therefore my bowels are troubled for him
Lam. i. 20 my bowels are troubled ; mine heart
2. ii my bowels are troubled, my liver is
Eze. 3. 3 fill thy bowels with this roil that I give
7. 19 they shall not. .fill their bowels
I.Heart, 3~ij? qercb.
Psa. 109. 18 let it come into lus bowels like v.-ater
3. Womb, feelings ofpity, Q rrn rachamim.
Gen. 43. 30 his bowels did yearn upon his brother
1 Ki. 3. 26 her bowels yearned upon her son, and
4. Bowels, ffirXayxva. stilaQchna.
Acts i. iS he burst, .and all his bowels gushed out
2 Cor. 6. 12 ye are straitened in your own bowels
Phil. i. 8 I long after you all in the bowels of Jesus
2. i of the Spirit, if any bowels and mercies
Col. 3. 12 Put on therefore, .bowels of mercies
Phm. 7 the bowels of the saints are refreshed by
12 receive him that is mine own bowels
co the Lord : refresh my bowels in the Lord
BOWELS (of compassion)
Bowels, cTTrAcsyx 1 * sptnj)fhna.
i Jo. 3. 17 shuttcth up his bowels (of compassion)
To incline, nip: natah.
Psa. 62. 3 as a bowing wail.. a tottering fence
To incline, rrs?} natah.
Psa. 17. ii set their eyes bowing down to the earth
1. Bowl, calix, K 33 gaUa.
Exod 25. 31 his bowl?, his knops. .shall be of the
25. 33 Three bowls made like unto almonds
25. 34 in the candlestick, .four bowls made like
37. 17 his bowls, his knops. .were of the same
37. 19 Three bowls made after the fashion of
37. 19 and three howls made like almonds
37. 20 in the candlestick, .four bowls made liko
2.Cniise, "?5 gol.
Zech. 4. i with a bowl upon the top of it, and liu
3. Cruise, rbi gullah.
\ Ki. 7. 41 bowls of the chapiters that (were) y. 41.
7. 42 to cover the two bowls of the chapiters
Eccl. 12. 6 or the golden bowl be brokeu, or the
Zech. 4. 3 one upon the right, .of the bowl, and the
^.Sprinkling pan, J3"ip mizraq.
Num. 7. 13 oue silver bowl of seventy shekels, after
So in v. 19, 25, 31, 37, 43, 40, 55, 61, 67, 73, 79.
7. 84 twelve silver bowls, twelve spoons of
7. 85 each bowl seventy : all the silrer vessels
2 Ki. 25. 15 fire pans, and the bowls, .such things as
i Ch. =8. 17 the bowls, and the cups ; and for the
Jer. 52. 1 8 the bowls, and the spoons, and all the
52. 19 the bowls, and the caldrons, and the
Amos 6. 6 That drink wine in bowls, and anoint
Zech. 9. 15 they shall be filled like bowls, .as the
14. 20 shall be like the bowls before the altar
5. Basin, dish, q? saph.
1 Ki. 7. 50 the bowls, and the snuffers, and the
2 Ki. 12. 13 ior the house of the LORD bowls of silver
6.A little cup or bowl, rsp sephel.
Judg.6. 38 it was so. .a bowl full of water
Sacrificial bowls, ni jsjo menaqqiyyoth.
Exod. 25. 29 thou shalt make the. .bowls thereof, to
37. 16 his bowls, and his covers to cover withal
I-i um. 4. 7 the bowls, and covers to cover withal
To cast (with) the bow, nyjj nzn ramah qesheth.
Jer. 4. 29 noise of the horsemen and bowmen
Stretchings of a bow, r\y% iqo? mctachave qesheth.
Gen. 21. 16 as it were a bow shot; for she said, Let
Cruet, flask, ^.5 pak.
2 Ki. 9. i take this box of oil in thine hand
9. 3 take the box of oil, and pour (it) on his
BOX (tree)
The. slmrbin cedar, nic N?) teashshur.
Isa. 41. 19 I will set in the desert, .the box tree
6c. 13 the pine tree, and the box together, to
BOX, (alabaster)
Alabaster box, aKafraff-rpov alabastron.
Matt26. 7 a woman having an alabaster box of very
Marki4. 3 a woman having an alabaster box of
14. 3 she brake the box, and poured (it)
Luke 7. 37 brought an alabaster box of ointment
I. One born, t^ yeled.
Joel 3. 3 have given a boy for an harlot, and sold
Zecli 8. 5 streets of the city shall be full of boys
2.A youth, "li J naar.
Gen. 25. 27 the boys grew : and Esau was a cunning
BO -ZEZ, j sia height, shining.
A rock near the ravine of Michmash, not far from
Cibeah of Benjamin. It was one of the two sharp
rocks (" teeth of the cliff") between which Jonathan
entered the garrison of the Philistines. It lay on the
N. side, and may be the hills at the bottom of the Wady
Swcinit just below iiukmds.
1 Sa. 14. 4 and the name of the one (was) 3.
BOZ -KATH, np?3 height.
A city of Judah, in the Shephelah or plain. In 2 Ki.
22. i it is spelt Boscath.
Josh.i5. 39 Lachish, and B., and Eglon
2 Ki. 22. i mother, .the daughter of Adaiah of B.
BOZ -RAH, n"j i.7 fortification, restraint, sheepfold.
1. The city of Jobab, son of Zerah, one of the early kings
of Edom. Now called el-Dasaireh.
Gen. 36. 33 Jobab the sou of Zerah of B. reigned
1 Ch. i. 44 Jobab the son of Zerah of B. reigned
Isa. 34. 6 for the LOKD hath a sacrifice in B.
63. i cometh from Edom, with, .garments. .B.?
Jer. 49. 136. shall become a desolation . . and a curse
49. 22 Behold, he shall. . spread his wings over B.
Amos i. 12 a tire, .shall devour the palaces of B.
Mie. 2. 12 I will put them together as the sheep of B.
2. Bozrah, in the plain country of Moab.
Jer. 48. 24 upon Kerioth, and upon B., and upon
I.Arm band, "nj^K etsadah.
2 Sa. i. 10 the bracelet that (was) on his arm, and
2. Hook, ring, nn chach.
Exod35. 22 brought bracelets, and ear rings
3. Thread, cord, S n.^ pathil.
Gen. 38. 18 Thy signet, and thy bracelets, and thy
38. 25 these, the signet, and bracelets, and staff
i.bracelet, TDy tsamid.
Gen. 24. 22 two bracelets for her hands of ten
24. 30 saw the . . bracelets upon his sister s hands
24. 47 I put. .the bracelets upon her hands
N uni3i. 50 jewels of gold, chains, and bracelets
Eze. 16. iil put bracelets upon thy hands
23. 42 which put bracelets upon their haiuU
5. Twisted ornaments, rtnv sheroth.
Isa. 3. 19 The chains, and the bracelets, and the
I. Buck thorn, "ox atad.
Judg. 9. 14 Then said all the trees unto the bramble
9. 15 the bramble said unto the trees, If in
9. 15 let fire come out of the bramble, and
2. Thistle, thorn bush, nin clioach.
Isa. 34. 13 nettles and brambles in the fortresses
The bramble bush, fj &O.TOS he bates.
Luke 6. 44 nor of a bramble bush gather they grapes
I. Summit, T3X amir.
Isa. 17. 9 an uppermost branch, which they left
?.. Branch, 13 bad.
Eze. 17. 6 brought forth branches, and shot forth
19. 14 tire is gone out of a rod of her branches
Eos. ii. 6 shall consume his branches, and devour
S.Son, |3 ben.
Psa. 80. 15 the branch, .thou madest strong for thy
^.Daughter, n3 bath.
Gen. 49. 22 (whose) branches run over the wall
5. Twig, shoot, ~~r\s\ zemorah.
Num. 13. 23 a branch witli one cluster of grapes
Eze. 8. 17 lo, they put the branch to their nose
15. 2 a branch which is among the trees of
6. Twig, shoot, ~*PJ zamir.
Isa. 25. 5 the branch of the terrible ones shall be
7. Suckling, njjjv yoneqeth.
Job 8. ID his branch shooteth forth in his garden
15. 30 the ilame shall dry up his branches
Psa. 80. ii She sent out. .her branches unto the
IIos. 14. 6 His branches shall spread, and his
8. Rending branch, =p kaph.
Lev. 23. 40 ye shall take . .branches of palm trees
9. Bending branch, ns? kippah.
Job 15. 32 and his branch shall not be green
Isa. 9. 14 head and tail, branch and rush
19. 15 which the head or tail, branch or rush
10. Shoot, nv.4 netser.
Isa. ii. i a Branch shall grow out of his roots
14. 19 cast out. .like an abominable branch
60. 21 the branch of my planting, the work
Dan. ii. 7 out of a branch of her roots shall (one)
11. Twig, 1 yiJ saiph.
Isa. 17. 10 shall he . . consume the brandies thereof
Yl.Lefif, ascending sprout, rrj;; aleh.
Neh. 8. 15 fetch olive branches, and piu3 branches,
and myrtle, branches, and palm
branches, and branches
Prov.n. 28 righteous shall flourish as a branch
IS. Bough, branch, *\iy, *]&, anaph.
Eze. 17. 8 that it might bring forth branches
31. 3 the Assyrian, .a cedar, .with, .branches
36. 8 ye shall shoot forth your branches, and
Mai. 4. i shall leave them neither root nor branch
Dan. 4. 14 Hew down, .and cut off his branches
4. 14 and the fowls from his branches
4. 21 upon whose branches the fowls, .had
14.^1 leafif sapling, .TINS porah.
Eze. 31. 5 his branches became long, because of
31. 6 under his branches did all the beasts of
31. 8 chesnut trees were not like his branches
31. 13 all the beasts, .shall be upon his branches
15.^4 sprout, nsx tsemach.
Isa. 4. 2 In that day shall the branch of the LOKD
Jer. 23. 5 I will raise unto.. a righteous Brancli
33. 15 will I cause the Branch of righteousness
Zech. 3. 8 I will bring forth my servant the BRANCH
6. 12 Behold.. whose name (is) The BRANCH
16.^1 reed, cane, njj? ganeh.
Exod2$. 31 his branches, his bowls, his knops, and
25. 32 six branches shall come out of the sides
25. 32 three branches, .and three branches
25. 33 a knop and a flower in one branch
25. 33 three bowls, .in the other branch
25. 33 so in the six branches that come out of
25. 35 a knop under two branches of the same
25. 35 a knop under two branches of the same
25. 35 a knop under two branches of the same
2 5- 35 according to the six branches that
25. 36 Their knops and their branches shall be
37. 17 his branch, his bowls, his knops. and his
37. 18 six branches going out of the sides
37. 18 three branches, .out of the one side
37. 18 three branches, .out of the other side
37. 19 Three bowls made, .in one branch
37. 19 three bowls made, .in another branch
37. 19 so throughout the six branches going out
37. 21 a knop under two branches of the same
37. 21 a knop under two branches of the same
37. 21 a knop under two branches of the same
37. 21 according to the six branches going out
37. 22 Their knops and their branches were of
17.^4 cutting, branch, TXJJ qatsir.
Job 18. 16 and above shall his branch be cut off
29. 19 dew lay all night upon my branch
18. .4 twig, rbsy shibboleth.
Zech. 4. 12 \Vhat.. two olive branches which through
19.^1 branch of a palm tree, frcuov baion.
John 12. 13 Took branches of palm trees, and went
20. A young slip or shoot, KAaSoy klados.
Matt 13. 32 birds, .come and lodge in the branches
21. 8 others cut down branches from the trees
24. 32 When his branch is yet tender, and
Mark 4. 32 shooteth out great branches, so that the
13. 28 When her branch is yet tender, and
Luke 13. 19 the fowls, .lodged in the branches of it
Horn. 1 1. 16 if the root(l/e)holy, so (are) the branches
ii. 17 if some of the branches be broken off, and
ii. 18 Boast not against the branches. But if
ii. 19 Thou wilt say then, The branches were
ii. 21 if God spared not the natural branches
21. .4 cutting, slip, K\T)HO, klema.
John 15. 2 Every branch iu me that beareth not
15. 4 As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself
15. 5 I am the vine, ye (are) the branches
15. 6 he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered
22. Branch, leaves, a-roiBois stoibas.
Markn. 8 others cut down [branches] off the trees
BRANCH, highest
A high branch, rrex tsammereth.
Eze. 17. 3 and took the highest branch of the cedar
17. 22 I will also take of the highest branch of
BRANCH, vino
Tivig, slioot, ""nic? zemorah.
Nah. 2. 2 and marred their vine branches
BRANCH, outmost
^4 branch, sprout. *] j/o saiph.
Isa. 17. 6 in the outmosc fruitful branches thereof
BRANCH, tender
Suckling, rj3iv yoneqeth.
Job 14. 7 the tender branch thereof will not cease
BRANCH, thick
Thick branches, JV>~$t. aboth.
Eze. 19. ii her stature was. .among, .thick branches
1. Waving branches, nv / n daliyyotli.
Jer. ii. 16 olive tree, .the brandies of It are broken.
Eze. 17. 6 whose branches turned toward him, and
17. 7 shot forth her branches toward him, that
17. 23 in the shadow of the branches thereof
19. n the multitude of her brandies
31. 7 fair, .in the length of his brr.nehes
31. 9 I have made him fair by. .his branches
31. 12 in all the valleys his branches are fallen
"2. Tendrils, twigs, ni^ D} netishoih.
Isa. 18. 5 and take away, .cut down the branches
3. Twigs, branches, shoots, D NS^. ophaim.
Psa 104. 12 the fowls, .sing among the branches
4. Shoots of a vine, Q j ~!V sarigim.
Gen. 40. 10 And in the vine (were) three branches
40. 12 The three branches (are) three daj s
Joel i. 7 the branches thereof are made white
5. Stretching out, sending forth, nin^ sheluchoth.
Isa. 16. 8 her branches are stretched out, they are
BRANCHES, full of
To abound in branches, n^ aneph.
Eze. 19. 10 she was fruitful and full of brandies
I. Burning brand, ~"x ud.
Zech. 3. 2 not this a brand plucked out of the fire ?
I.Burning torch, T31
? lappid.
Judg 15. 5 when he had set the brands on fire, he
To cause to fly or move s^viftly, fy uph, 3.
Eze. 32. 10 when I shall brandish my sword before
Brass, copper, r*vr\i nechosheth.
Exod27. 4 make four brasen lings in the four corners
35. 16 The altar, .with his brasen grate, his
38. 4 he made for the altar a brasen grate of
38. 10 their brasen sockets twenty : the hooks
38. 30 the braseu altar, and the braseu grate for
39. 3Q The brasen altar, and his grate of brass
Lev. 6. 28 if it be sodden in a brasen pot, it shall
Nuin 16. 39 Elea/ar the priest took the brasen censers
1 Ki. 4. 13 great cities with walls ar.d brasen bars
7. 30 every base had four brasen wheels, and
8. 64 the braseiialtartl;at(was)before the LORD
14. 27 made in their stead brasen shields, and
2 Ki. 16. 14 he brought also the brasen altar, which
16. 15 the brasen altar shall be for me to enquire
16. 17 took down the sea from off the brasen
18. 4 brake in pieces the brasen serpent that
25. 13 the brasen sea that (was) in the house of
1 Ch. 1 8. 8 Solomon made the brasen sea, and the
2 Ch. i. 5 the brasen altar, that Bezaleel the son of
i. 6 went up thither to the brasen altar
6. 13 Solomon had made a brasen scaffold, of
7. 7 the brasen altar, .was not able to receive
Jer. i. 18 brasen walls against the whole land
15. 20 I will make thee. .a fenced brasen wall
52. 17 the brasen sea that (was) in the house of
52. 20 twelve brasen bulls t hat (were) under the
Eze. 9. 2 went in, and stood beside.. brasen altar
BRASEN vessel
Copper or bronze vessel, xa.\Klov chalkion.
Mark 7. 4 cups and pots, braseu vessels, and of
Brass was much used by the ancient Hebrews, and made
into altars, bars, fetters, gates, greaves, helmets, house
hold vessels, idols, instrumentsof music, lavers, mirrors,
pillars, sacred vessels, shields, sockets for pillars. &c.
I. Brass, copper, vm) nachush.
Job 6. 12 (Is) my strength, .(is) my flesh of brass
2. Brass, copper, ny\n) nechushaJi.
Lev. 26. 19 heaven as iron, and your earth as brass
Job. 28. 2 and brass (is) molten (out of) the stone
40. 18 His bones(are as) strung pieces of brass
41. 27 He esteemeth. .brass as rotten wood
Isa. 45. 2 I will break in pieces the gates of brass
48. 4 an iron sinew, and thy brow brass
Mic. 4. 13 I will make thy hoofs brass ; and
3. Brass, copper, rrq nechash.
Dan. 2. 32 his belly and his thighs of brass
2. 35 Then was. .the brass, .broken to pieces
2 39 another third kingdom of brass, which
2. 45 it brake in pieces the iron, the brass, tlie
4. 15, 23 with a band of iron and brass, in the
5. 4 gods, .of brass, of iron, of wood, and of
5. 23 gods of silver, and gold, of brass, iron
7. 19 whose teeth, .iron, and his nails (of) brass
4. Brass, copper, rn^rtj nechosheth.
f!en. 4. 22 an instructor of every artificer in brass
Exod2s- 3 take of them ; gold, and silver, and brass
26. ii thou shalt make fifty taches of brass, and
26. 37 thou shalt cast five sockets of brass for
27. 2 and thou shalt overlay it with brass
27. 3 the vessels, .thou shalt make (of) brass
27. 4 make for it a grate of network (of) brass
27. 6 make staves, .overlay them with brass
27. 10, 1 1 and their twenty sockets (of) brass
27. 17 hooks, .of silver, and theirsocketsof brass
27. 18 twined linen, and their sockets (of) brass
27. 19 all the pins of the court, (shall be of) brass
v>. 18 Thou shalt also make a laver (of) brass
30. 18 his foot (also of) brass, to wash (withal)
31. 4 work in gold, and in silver, and in brass
35. 5 let him bring, .gold, and silver, and brass
35. 24 did offer an offering of silver and brass
35. 32 work in gold, and in silver, and in brass
36. 18 he made fifty taches (of) brass to couple
36. 38 but their five sockets (were of) brass
38. 2 and he overlaid it with brass
38. 3 the vessels thereof made he (of) brass
38. 5 for the four ends of the grate of brass
38. 6 and overlaid them with brass
38. 8 And he made the laver (of) brass
38. 8 and the foot of it (of) brass
38. 1 1 their sockets of brass twenty ; the hooks
38. 17 the sockets for the pillars (were of) brass
38. 19 their sockets (of) brass four; their hooks
38. 20 all the pins of the tabernacle . . brass
38. 29 tUe brass of the offering (was) seventy
Nuni2i. 9 Moses made a serpent of brass, and put
21. 9 when he beheld the serpent of brass
31. 22 Only the gold, and the silver, the brass
Deut. 8. 9 out of whose hills thou mayest dig brass
28. 23 heaven, .over thy head shall be brass
33. 25 Thy shoes, .iron and brass ; and as thy
Josh. 6. 19 vessels of brass and iron, (are) consecrated
6. 24 the vessels of brass and of iron, they put
22. 8 with silver, and with gold, and with brass
i Sa. 17. 5 an helmet of brass upon his head, and
17. 5 coat (was) five thousand shekels of brass
17. 6 greaves of brass upon his legs
17. 6 a target of brass between his shoulders,
17. 38 put an helmet of brass upon his head
a Sa 8. 8 king David took exceeding much brass
8. 10 vessels of gold, and vessels of brass
21. 16 three hundred(shekels)of brass in weight
x Ki. 7. 14 worker in brass, .to work, .in brass
7. 15 he cast two pillars of brass, of eighteen
7. 16 he made two chapiters (of) molten brass
7. 27 he made ten bases of brass ; four cubits
7. 30 every base had. .wheels, .plates of brass
7. 38 Then made he ten lavers of brass
7. 45 vessels . . for the house of the LORD .. brass
7. 47 neither was the weight of the brass found
a Ki.25- 13 the pillars of brass that (were) in the
25. 13 carried the brass of them to Babylon
25. 14 and all the vessels of brass wherewith
25. 16 the brass of all these vessels was without
25. 17 the chapiter upon it (was) brass ; and the
25. 17 the chapiter round about, all of brass
t Ch. 15.19 the singers .. to sound .. cymbaU of brass
18. 8 brought David very much brags
18. 8 and the pillars, and the vessels of brass
1 8. 10 of vessels of gold and silver and brass
22. 3 and brass in abundance without weight
22. 14 brass and iron without weight; for it is
22. 16 Of the gold, the silver, and the brass, and
29. 2 and the brass for (things) of brass, the
29. 7 of brass eighteen thousand talents, and
e Ch. 2. 7 in gold, and in silver, and in brass
2. 14 in gold, and in silver, in brass, in iron
4. i he made an altar of brass, twenty
4. 9 overlaid the doors of them with brass
4. 16 for the house of the LORD, of bright brass
4. 18 weight of the brass could not be found
12. 10 king Rehoboam made shields of brass
24. 12 brass to mend the house of the LORD
1*88.107. 16 he hath broken the gates of brass, and
laa. 60. 17 For brass I will bring gold, and for
Isa. 60. 17 and for wood brass, and for stones iron
Jer. 6. 28 brass and iron ; they (are) all corruptcrs
52. 17 pillars of brass that (were) in the house
52. 17 carried all the brass of them to Babylon
5_>. 18 the spoons, and all the vessels of brass
52. 20 brass of all these vessels was without
52. 22 a chapiter of brass (was) upon it ; and the
f,2. 22 the chapiters round about, all (of) brass
Eze. "i. 7 sparkled like the colour of burnished brass
18 all they (are) brass, and tin, and iron
20 they gather silver, and brass, and iron
11 that the brass of it may be hot, and may
13 and vessels of brass in thy market
3 man . . like the appearance of brass
6 his feet like in colour to polished brass
i the mountains (were) mountains of brass
bronze, yaA/coy chalkos.
9 Provide neither gold . . silver, nor brass
i I am become (as) sounding brass, or a
12 vessels of. .precious wood, and of brass
Dan. 10.
Zech. 6.
5. Copper,
Matt 10.
1 Co. 13.
Rev. 18.
BRASS, fine
White, copper, xoA/ccAi )3aj ov chalkolibanon.
Rev. 1. 15 his feet like unto tine brass, as if
2. 18 and his feet (are) like flue brass
Of copper, x<i\Kfos chalkeos, %a\coCs.
Rev. 9. 20 idols of gold, and silver, and brass
BRASS, fetters of
Brass, copper, nsn: nechosheth.
Judg 16. 21 bound him with fetters of brass ; and
2 Ki. 25. 7 bound him with fetters of brass, and
Beauty, rnri (n^xcn tipharah), tiphereth.
Isa. 3. 1*8 take away the bravery of. .tinkling orn.
BRAWLER, not a
Notfighting, not striving, &naxos cnnachos.
1 Ti. 3. 3 patient, not a brawler, not covetous
Titus 3. 2 speak evil of no man, to be no brawlers
Contention, strife, JVip madon [v.L. D
^"]t? midyanini],
Prov.2i. 9 than with a brawling woman in a wide
25. 24 than with a brawling woman and in a
BRAY, to
To bray, pnj nahaq.
Job 6. 5 Doth the wild ass bray when he hath
30. 7 Among the bushes they brayed ; under
BRAY (in a mortar), to
To butt, pound, vny kathash.
Prov.27. 22 Though thou shouldest bray a fool in a m.
I. Breach, rent, leak, pi3 bcdeq.
2 Ki. 12. 5 let them repair the breaches of the house
12. 5 wheresoever any breach shall be found
12. 6 the priests had not repaired the breaches
1 2. 7 Why repair ye not the breaches of the
12. 7 deliver it for the breaches of the house
T 2. 8 neither to repair the breaches of the
12.12 hewed stone to repair the breaches of the
22. 5 to repair the breaches of the house
2.Cleft, valley, yp^ baijia.
Isa. 22. 9 the breaches of the city of David
3. Gulf, incision, n?P miphrats.
Judg. 5. 17 Asher. .abode in his breaches
I. To break through, j l? parats (pass. part. ).
Neh. 4. 7 that the breaches began to be stopped
5. A breaking forth, ]"\3 perets.
Gen. 38. 29 hast thou broken forth ? (this) breach
Judg 21. 15 the LoRDhad made a breach in the tribes
2 Sa. 5. 20 upon mine enemies . . as the breach of
6. 8 LORD had made a breach upon Uzzah
i Ki. ii. 27 Solomon, .repaired the breaches of the
i Ch. 13. ii LORD had made a breach upon Uzzah
Neh. 6. i there was no breach left therein
Job 16. 14 breaketh me with breach upon breach
Psa. 106. 23 stood before him in the breach, to
Isa. 30. 13 this iniquity shall be to you as a breach
58. 12 be called, The repairer of the breach
Amos 4. 3 ye shall go out at the breaches, every
9. 1 1 close up the breaches thereof ; and I will
6. Breach, 12?* sheber.
Lev. 24. 20 Breach for breach, eye for eye, tooth for
Psa. 60. 2 heal the breaches thereof ; for it shaketh
Prov. 15. 4 perverseness therein (is) a breach in the
Isa. 30. 26 LORD bindeth up the breach of his people
Jer. 14. 17 great breach, with a very grievous blow
Lam. 2. 13 for thy breach (is) great like the sea
BREACH, to be made a
To be cleft, yjp? baqa, 4.
Eze. 26. 10 into a city wherein is made a breach
BREACH, to make a
1. Cleave through, y$$ baqa, 5 ; Isa. 7. 6.
2. Break through, pp parats ; i Ch. 15. 13. BREACH of promise
Removal, alienation, nxup tcnuah.
Num 14. 34 ye shall know my breach of promise
Droppings, D P P"] resisim.
Amos 6. ii will smite the great house with breaches-
1. Food, bread, sustenance, cn$> lechem.
Gen. 3. IQ sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread
14. 18 Melchizedek. .brought forth bread and
:8. 5 I will fetch a morsel of bread, and
21. 14 took bread, and a bottle of water, and
25. 34 Jacob gave Esau bread and pottage of
27. 17 she gave the savoury meat and the bread!
28. 20 give me bread to eat, and raiment to put
31. 54 and called his brethren to eat bread
31. 54 they did eat bread, and tarried all night
37. 25 they sat down to eat bread : and they
30. 6 ought, .save the bread which he did eat
41. 54 in all the land of Egypt there was bread
41. 55 people cried to Pharaoh for bread: and
43. 25 heard that they should eat bread there
43. 31 refrained himself, and said, Set on bread
43. 32 the Egyptians might not eat bread with
45. 23 laden with corn and bread and meat
47. 12 all his father s household, with bread
47. 13 no bread in all the land ; for the famine
47. 15 Give Us bread : for why should we die
47. 17 Joseph gave them bread (in exchange)
47. 17 he fed them with bread for all their
47. 19 buy us and our land for bread, and we
49. 20 Out of Asher his bread (shall be) fat, and
Exod. 2. 20 call him, that he may eat bread
16. 3 when we did eat bread to the full !
16. 4 I will rain bread from heaven for you
16. 8 in the morning bread to the full ; for
16. 12 the morning ye shall be filled with bread
1 6. 15 This (is) the bread which the LORD hath
16. 22 they gathered twice as much bread
16. 29 on the sixth day the bread of two days
1 6. 32 they may see the bread wherewith I
1 8. 12 to eat bread with Moses father-in-law
23. 25 he shall bless thy bread, and thy water
29. 2 unleavened bread, and cakes unleavened
29. 23 loaf of bread, and one cake of oiled bread
29. 32 the bread that (is) in the basket, (by) the
29. 34 if ought, .of the bread, remain unto the
34. 28 he did neither eat bread, nor drink
40. 23 he set the bread in order upon it before
Lev. 7. 13 he shall offer, .his offering leaveiled bread
8. 26 out of the basket of unleavened bread
8. 31 there eat it with the bread that (is) in
8. 32 that which remaineth. .of the bread shall
21. 6 the bread of their God, they do offer
21. 8 he offereth the bread of thy God : he shall
21. 17 approach to offer the bread of his God
21. 21 come nigh to offer the bread of his God
21. 22 He shall cat the bread of his God. .of tlio
22. 25 shall ye offer the bread of your God of
23. 14 ye shall eat neither bread, nor parched
23. 18 ye shall offer with the bread seven lambs
23. 20 with the bread of the flrstfruits. .a wave
24. 7 it may be on the bread for a memorial
26. 5 ye shall eat your bread to the full, and
26. 26 I have broken the staff of your bread
26. 26 ten women shall bake your bread in one
26. 26 they shall deliver (you) your bread again
Num. 4. 7 and the continual bread shall be thereon
14. 9 they (are) bread for us : their defence is
15. 19 when ye eat of the bread of the land, ye
21. 5 no bread, neither (is there any) water
21. 5 and our soul loatheth this light bread
28. 2 my bread for my sacrifices made by fire
Deut. i*. 3 man doth not live by bread only, but by
8. 9 thou shalt eat bread without scarceness
9. 18 I did neither eat bread nor drink water
1 6. 3 Thou shalt eat no leavened bread with it
23. 4 Because they met you not with bread
29. 6 Ye have not eaten bread, neither have
Josh. 9. 5 all the bread of their provision was dry
9. 12 our bread we took hot (for) our provision
Judg. 7. 13 a cake of barley bread tumbled into the
8. 5 Give, I pray you, loaves of bread unto
8. 6 we should give bread unto thine army ?
8. 15 give bread unto thy men (that are) weary !
13. 16 I will not eat of thy bread : and if thou
19. 5 Comfort thine heart with a morsel of b.
19. 19 there is bread and wine also for me, and
Ruth i. 6 had visited his people in giving them b.
2. 14 come thou hither, and eat of the bread
1 Sa. 2. 5 full have hired out themselves for bread
2. 36 a piece of silver and a morsel of bread
2. 36 that I may eat a piece of bread
9. 7 for the bread is spent in our vessels
10. 3 another carrying three loaves of bread
10. 4 give thee two (loaves) of bread ; which
16. 20 an ass (laden) with bread, and a bottle
21. 3 give (me) five (loaves of) bread In mine
21. 4 common bread, .there is hallowed bread
21. 6 was no bread there but the shewbread
21. 6 to put hot bread in the day when it
22. 13 thou hast given him bread, and a sword
25. ii Shall I then take my bread, and my water
28. 20 he had eaten no bread all the day, nor all
28. 22 let me set a morsel of bread before thee
30. ii gave him bread, and he did eat ; and
30. 12 for he had eaten no bread, nor drunk
2 Sa. 3. 29 falleth on the sword, or that lacketh b.
3. 35 if I taste bread, or ought else, till the
6. 19 a cake of bread, and a good piece (of flesh)
9. 7 thou shalt eat bread at rny table contin.
9. 10 thy master s son shall eat bread, .at my
12. 17 neither did he eat bread with them
12. 20 they set bread before him, and he did
2 Sa. 12. 21 was dead, thou didst rise and eat bread
1 6. i upon them two hundred (loaves) of bread
16. 2 bread and summer fruit for the young
1 Ki. 13. 8 neither will I eat bread nor drink water
13. g Eat no bread, nor drink water, nor turn
13. 15 Come home with me, and eat bread
13. 16 neither will I eat bread nor drink water
13. 17 Thou shalt eat no bread nor drink water
13. 18 that he may eat bread and drink water
13. 19 he went back, .and did eat bread
13. 22 hast eaten bread and drunk water in
13. 22 Eat no bread, and drink no water ; thy
13. 23 to pass, after he had eaten bread, and
17. 6 ravens brought him bread and flesh
17. 6 bread and flesh in the evening ; and he
17. ii Bring me, I pray thee, a morsel of bread
18. 4, 13 fed them with bread and water
21. 4 turned away, .and would eat no bread
21. 5 so sad, that thou eatest no bread?
21. 7 Arise, .eat bread, and let thine heart be
22. 27 feed him with bread of affliction, and
2 Ki. 4. 8 she constrained him to eat bread
4. 8 he turned in thither to eat bread
4. 42 brought the man of God bread of the
6. 22 Set bread and water before them, that
18. 32 a land of bread and vineyards, a land of
25. 3 there was no bread for the people oi the
25. 29 he did eat bread continually before him
1 Ch.i2. 40 brought bread on asses, and on camels
1 6. 3 to every one a loaf of bread, ami a good
2 Ch.iS. 26 feed him with bread of affliction and
Ezra 10. 6 he came thither, he did eat no bread, nor
3S eh. 5. 14 my brethren have not eaten the bread of
5. 15 had taken of them bread and wine
5. 18 for all this required not I the bread
9. 15 gavest them bread from heaven for
13. 2 they met not. .with bread and with water
Job 15. 23 He wandereth abroad for bread, (saying)
-.22. 7 thou hast withhoklen bread from the
27. 14 offspring shall not be satisfied with bread
5 the earth, out of it cometh bread ; and
20 So that his life abhorreth bread, and
1 1 did eat bread with him in his house
4 who eat up my people . .they eat bread
25 have I not seen, .his seed begging bread
9 familiar friend, .did eat of my bread
4 who eat up my people . . they eat bread
20 can he give bread also? can he provide
5 Thou feedest them with the bread of
4 grass ; so that I forget to eat my bread
9 I have eaten ashes like bread, and
15 bread, .strengtheneth man s heart
1 6 land : he brake tlte whole staff of bread
40 satisfied them with the bread of heaven
2 sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows
15 I will satisfy her poor with bread
17 they eat the bread of wickedness, and
26 (a man is brought) to a piece of bread
5 Come, eat of my bread, and drink of the
17 and bread, .in secret is pleasant
9 honoureth himself, and lacketh bread
1 1 his land shall be satisfied with bread
13 thou shalt be satisfied with bread
17 Bread of deceit (is) sweet to a man ; but
9 for he giveth of his bread to the poor
6 Eat thou not the bread of. .an evil eye
21 If. .enemy be hungry, give him bread
19 He that tilleth. .land shall have, .bread
21 for a piece of bread, .man will
27 and eateth not the bread of idleness
7 Go thy way, eat thy bread with joy
ii neither yet bread to the wise
i Cast thy bread upon the waters : for thou
Isa. 3. i the staff, the whole stay of bread
3. 7 in . .house (is) neither bread nor clothing
4. i We will eat our own bread, and wear
21. 14 prevented with their bread him that fled
28. 28 Bread, .is bruised ; because he will not
}o. 20 LOUD give you the bread of Diversity
30. 23 bread of the increase of the earth, and
33. 16 bread shall be given him, his waters
36. 17 to a land, .of bread and vineyards
44. 15 he kindleth (it), and baketh bread ; yea
44. 19 I have baked bread upon the coals
51. 14 not die. .nor that his bread should fail
55. 2 do ye spend money for. . not bread ?
55. 10 seed to the sower, and bread to the eater
58. 7 (Is it) not to deal thy bread to the hungry
Jer. 5. 17 eat up thine harvest, and thy bread
37. 21 should give him daily a piece of bread
37. 21 until all the bread. . were spent
38. 9 for (there is) no more bread in the city
41. i they did eat bread together in Mizpah
42. 14 see no war. .nor have hunger of bread
52. 6 there was no bread for the people of
52. 33 he did continually eat bread before him
Lam. i. ii All her people sigh, they seek bread
4. 4 young children ask bread . . no man
5. 6 the Assyrians, to be satisfied with bread
5. 9 We gat our bread with . . our lives
Eze. 4. 9 vessel, and make thee bread thereof
4. 13 eat their defiled bread among the Gentiles
4. 15 thou shalt prepare thy bread therewith
4. 16 I will break the staff of bread in Jerus.
4. 1 6 they shall eat bread by weight, and with
4. 17 That they may want bread and water
5. 16 and will break your staff of bread
12. 18 Son of man, eat thy bread with quaking
12. 19 shall eat their bread with carefulness
13. 19 handfuls of barley and for. .bread
14. 13 will break the staff of the bread thereof
16. 49 fulness of bread, and abundance of idle.
Psa. 14.
Prov. 4.
Eccl. 9.
Eze. 1 8. 7, 1 6 hath given his bread to the hungry
24. 17 Forbear, .eat not the bread of men
24. 22 cover, .lips, nor eat the bread of men
44. 3 the prince, he shall sit in it to eat bread
44. 7 ye offer my bread, the fat and the blood
Dan. 10. 3 I ate no pleasant bread, neither came
Hos. 2. 5 that give (me) my bread and my water
9. 4 unto them as the bread of mourners
9. 4 their bread for their soul shall not come
Amos 4. 6 want of bread in all your places : yet
7. 12 there eat bread, and prophesy there
8. ii in the land, not a famine of bread
Obad. 7 (they that eat) thy bread have laid a
Hag. 2. 12 with his skirt do touch bread, or pottage
Mai. i. 7 Ye offer polluted bread upon mine altar
2. Bread, loaf (of -wheat), &pros artos.
Matt. 4. 3 command that . . stones be made bread
4. 4 Man shall not live by bread alone ; 6. ii.
7. 9 son ask bread, will he give him a stone?
15. 2 wash not. .hands when they eat bread
15. 26 not meet to take the children s bread
15- 33 Whence should we have so much bread
16. 5 his disciples, .had forgotten to take bread
1 6. 7 (It is) because we have taken no bread
16. 8 because ye have brought no bread?
16. ii I spake (it) not to you concerning bread
16 12 he bade. .not. .of the leaven of [bread]
26. 26 Jesus took bread, and blessed (it), and
Mark 3. 20 that they could not so much as eat bread
6. 8 no scrip, no bread, no money in. .purse
6. 36 the villages, and buy themselves [bread]
6. 37 buy two hundred pennyworth of bread
7. 2 saw some of his disciples eat bread with
7. 5 but eat bread with unw.-ishen hands?
7. 27 not meet to take the children s bread
8. 4 with bread here in the wilderness?
8. 14 had forgotten to take bread
8. 16 saying, (It is) because we have no bread
8. 17 reason ye because ye have no bread
14. 22 Jesus took bread, and blessed, and brake
Luke 4. 3 command this stone that it be. .bread
4. 4 man shall not live by bread alone, but
7. 33 John, .came neither eating [bread] nor
9. 3 nor scrip, neither bread, neither money
ii. 3 Give us day by day our daily bread
ii. ii If a son shall ask bread of any of you
14. i to eat bread on the sabbath day, that
14. 15 Blessed (is) he that shall eat [bread] in
15. 17 servants of my father s have bread
22. 19 he took bread, and gave thnnks, and brake
24. 30 he took bread, and blessed (it), and brake
24. 35 known of them in breaking of bread
John 6. 5 Whence shall we buy bread, that these
6. 7 Two hundred penny worth of bread is
6. 23 the place where they did eat bread
6. 31 He gave them bread from heaven to eat
6. 32 Moses gave you not that bread from
6. 32 giveth you the true bread from heaven
6. 33 the bread of God is he which cometh down
6. 34 Lord, evermore give us this bread
6. 35 Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of
6. 41 I am the bread which came down from
6. 48 I am that bread of life
6. 50 This is the bread which cometh down
6. 51 I am the living bread, .this bread
6. 51 the bread that I will give is my flesh
6. 58 This is that bread which came down
6. 58 he that eateth of this bread shall live for
13. 18 He that eateth bread with me hath
21. 9 they saw. .fish laid thereon, and bread
21. 13 Jesus then cometh, and taketh bread
Acts 2. 42 in breaking of bread, and in prayers
2. 46 and breaking bread from house to house
20. 7 disciples came together to break bread
20. it When he. .had broken bread, and eaten
27. 35 he took bread, and gave thanks to God
1 Co. 10. 16 The bread which we break, is it not the
10. 17 For we. .many are one bread, .one body
10. 17 we are all partakers of that one bread
11. 23 night in which .. betrayed took bread
ii. 26 as often as ye eat this bread, and drink
ii. 27 whosoever shall eat this bread, and drink
ii. 28 so let him eat of (that) bread, and drink
2 Co. 9. 10 the sower, both minister bread for. .food
2 Thj 3. 8 Neither did we eat any man s bread
3. 12 with quiet ness they work, and eat. .bread
BREAD, leavened
\.Any thing pungent, leavened, j on cliamets.
Exodi2. 15 whosoever eateth leavened bread from
13. 3 there shall no leavened bread be eaten
13, 7 no leavened bread be seen with thee
23. 18 of iny sacrifice with leavened bread
Deut 16. 3 Thou shalt eat no leavened bread with it
2.Any thing leavened, -litip scor.
Deut 16. 4 there shall be no leavened bread seen
BREAD, shew
1. Bread set in array, nznjlQ en) lechem maareketh.
1 Ch. 9. 32 the shewbread, to prepare (it) every
23. 29 for the shewbread and for the fine flour
28. 16 gold for the tables of shewbread, for
2 Ch. 2. 4 for the continual shewbread, and for
13. ii the shewbread also, .upon the pure table
29. 18 vessels thereof, and the shewbread table
Neh. 10. 33 For the shewbread, and for the continual
2. Bread set before (God), D J? nn^ lechem panim.
Exod25. 30 thou shalt set upon the table shewbread
35. 13 table., all his vessels, and the shewbread,
39. 36 the vessels thereof, and the shewbread
i Sa. 21. 6 was no bread there but the shewbread
1 Ki. 7. 48 table of gold, whereupon the shewbread
2 Ch. 4. 19 and the tables whereon the shewbread
3. Face, presence, D j panim.
Nuin 4. 7 upon the table of shewbread they
4. Loaves of setting out, Uproi rJjr irpoOefffcas,
Matt.i2. 4 entered, .and did eat the shewbread
Mark 2. 26 went, .and did eat the shewbread
Luke 6. 4 did take and eat the shewbread, and
5. Setting forth of the loaves, TrpdQfffts TUV &prwi>.
Heb. 9. 2 wherein, .the table, and the shewbread
BREAD, unleavened
1.Any thing squeezed together, ny? matstsah.
Gen. 19. 3 bake unleavened bread, and they did eat
Exodi2. 8 fleshinthatnight..andunleaveHedbread
12. 15 Seven days, .eat unleavened bread
12. 17 ye shall observe, .unleavened bread
12. 1 8 at even, ye shall eat unleavened bread
12. 20 habitations shall ye eat unleavened bread
13. 6 Seven days, .eat unleavened bread
13. 7 Unleavened bread shall be eaten seven
23. 15 keep the feast of unleavened bread
23. 15 thou shalt eat unleavened bread seven
29. 23 unleavened bread that (is) before . . Lt RD
34. 18 The feast of unleavened bread, .keep
34. 18 seven days.. eat unleavened bread
Lev. 6. 16 with unleavened bread shall it be eaten
8. 2 Take . . a basket of unleavened bread
8. 26 out of the basket of unleavened bread
23. 6 feast of unleavened bread unto the LORD
23. 6 Seven days ye . . eat unleavened bread
Num. 6. 15 a basket of unleavened bread, cakes
6. 15 wafers of unleavened bread anointed
6. 17 with the basket of unleavened bread
9. 1 1 eat it with unleavened bread dnd
28. 17 seven days shall unleavened bread be
Deut 1 6. 3 shalt thou eat unleavened bread
16. 8 Six days thou shalt eat unleavened bread
16. 16 in the feast of unleavened bread, and iu
1 Sa. 28. 24 and did bake unleavened bread thereof
2 Ki. 23. 9 they did eat of the unleavened bread
2 Ch. 8. 13 in the feast of unleavened bread, and in
30. 13 to keep the feast of unleavened bread
30 21 kept the feast of unleavened bread seven
35. 17 the feast of unleavened bread seven days
Ezra 6. 22 kept the feast of unleavened bread seven
Eze. 45. 21 days ; unleavened bread shall be eaten
2.A ny thing unleavened, &v/j.os azumos.
Matt 26. 17 Now the first, .of the. .unleavened bread
Marki4. T *wo days was. .of unleavened bread
14. 12 the first day of unleavened bread, when
Luke 22. i the feast of unleavened bread drew nigh
22. 7 Then came the day of unleavened bread
Acts 12. 3 Then were the days of unleavened bread
20. 6 after the days of unleavened bread
i Co. 5. 8 with the unleavened (bread) of sincerity
BREAD, daily
Necessary or sufficient food, fipros faioiKnos
Matt. 6. ii Give us this day our daily bread
1. Breadth, 3iJ"ip merchab.
Hab. i. 6 march through the breadth of the land
2. Openness, vis petliai.
Ezra 6. 3 the breadth thereof threescore cubits
Dan. 3. i the breadth thereof six cubits : he set
3. Breadth, broad place, 3rn rachab.
Job 38. 18 Hast ihou perceived the breadth of the
4. Width, breadth, snl rochab.
Gen. 6. 15 the breadth of it fifty cubits, and the
13. 17 walk through the land, .the breadth of it
Exod 25. 10, 17 a. cubit and a half the breadth thereof
25. 23 a cubit the breadth thereof, and a cubit
26. 2, 8 the breadth of one curtain four cubits
76. 16 a cubit and a half, .the breadth of one
27. 12 the breadth of the court on the west side
27. 13 the breadth of the court on the east side
27. 18 the breadth fifty everywhere, and the
28. 16 and a span, .the breadth thereof
30. 2 a cubit the breadth thereof ; foursquare
36. 9 the breadth of one curtain four cubits
36. 15 four cubits, .the breadth of one curtain
36. 21 breadth of a board one cubit and a half
37. i, 6 cubit and a half the breadth of it
37. 10 a cubit the breadth thereof, and a cubit
37. 25 the breadth of it a cubit, .foursquare
38. i five cubits, .breadth thereof, .foursquare
38. 1 8 the height in the breadth, .five cubits
39. 9 a span the breadth thereof, .doubled
Deut. 3. ii four cubits the breadth of it, after the
1 Ki. 6. 2 the breadth thereof twenty, .and the
6. 3 according to the breadth of the house
6. 3 ten cubits, .the breadth thereof before
6. 20 twenty cubits in breadth, and twenty
7. 2 the breadth thereof fifty cubits, and the
7. 6 the breadth thereof thirty cubits : and the
7. 27 four cubits the breadth thereof, and three
2 Ch. 3. 3 cubits, and the breadth twenty cubits
3. 4, 8 the breadth of the house, twenty cubits
3. 8 the breadth thereof twenty cubits ; and
4. i twenty cubits the breadth thereof, and
Job 37. 10 the breadth of the waters is straitened
Isa. 8. 8 fill the breadth of thy land, O Iinuianuel
Eze. 40. 5, ii he measured the breadth of the
40. 13 the breadth (was) five and twenty cubits
40. 19 he measured, .breadth,from the forefront
40. 20 length thereof, and the breadth thereof
21. 25, 36 thehreadtli five ami twenty cubits
48 the breadth of the gate (was) three cubits
49 aud the breudtli t-U \> M i 11! its; and
1 the breudth of the tabernacle
2 the breudth of the door (was) ten cubits
2 and he measured, .the breadth, twenty
3 the breadth of the door seven cubits
4 and the breadth twenty cubits, before
5 the breadth of (every) side chamber four
7 the breudth of the house, .upward
ii thv.- breadth of the place that was left
14 the breadth of the lace of the house, and
2 sad the breadth (was) fif ty cubits
4 a walk of ten cubits breadth inward
13 the breadth n i-uhit,aiid the border thereof
1 4 the breadth.. the breadth (i/iu-) cubit
1 an oblation, .the breadth, .ten thousand
3 the breadth of ten thousand : and in it
5 the ten thousand ot bre:idth, shall also
8 five and twenty thousand, .breadth
9 The oblation, .ten thousand in breadth
10 toward the west ten thousand in breadth
10 toward the east ten thousand in breadth
13 and ten thousand in breadth : all the
13 and the breadth ten thousand
15 thousand that are left in the breadth
2 to see what (is) the breadth thereof
2 and the breadth thereof ten cubits
, width, irAaros plalos.
18 what (is) the breadth, and length, and
9 they went up on the breadth of the earth
10 the length is as large as the breadth
16 The length, and the breadth, and the
Eze. 40.
4 -
4 -
Zech. 2.
6. Breadth
Eph. j
Kev. 20.
1. Fiat, spread out hand, n^D tephach.
i Ki. 7. 26 it (was) an handbreadth thick, and the
aCh 4. 5 the thickness of it (was) an handbreadth
Psa. 39. 5 hast made my days (as) an handbreadth
2.Flat, spread out hand, n;b tophach.
Exod25. 25 make uuto it a border of an handbreadth
37. 12 he made, .a border ot" an handbreadth
Eze. 40. 5 by the cubit and an handbreadth : so he
43- 3 s) a cubit aud an handbreadth
Treadiny of the sole of the footer} <]3 ii-\3[midrak].
Deut. 2. 5 no, not so much as a foot breadth
1.7c> break tlie bone or substance, D lj aaram, 3.
Nuni24. 8 shall break their bones, and pierce
Eze. 23. 34 thou shall break the sherds thereof, and
2. To crush, rrjj garas.
Psa. 119. 20 My soul breaketh for the longing (that)
3. To crush, cnj garas, 5.
Lam. 3. 16 He hath also broken my teeth with gravel
4.7*o flash by treading, e*n dush.
Job. 39. 15 that the wild beast may break them
5.7o beat thin, 197 daka, 3.
Psa. 89. 10 Thou hast broken Rahali in pieces
6. To beat thin, n?} dakah, 3.
Psa. 51. 8 bones, .thou hast broken may rejoice
7. To be, happen, n;rr hai/ah, 2.
Dan. 2. i spirit was troubled, and his sleep brake
8. To more tumultuouslif, crn hamam.
Isa. 28. 28 nor break (it with) the wheel of his cart
9.7*0 destroy, pull dcncn, C^ri haras.
Psa. 58. 6 Break their teeth, O God, in their mouth
10. To put down, nrn chathath, 5.
Isa. 9. 4 thou hast broken the yoke of his burden
H. To disallow, tfj MO, 5.
Psa. 141. 5 shall not break my head : for yet my
12.7*0 dash, rsj naphats.
Judg. 7. 19 brake the pitchers that (were) iu their
13.7*0 dash, J C} naphats, 3.
Jer. 48. 12 empty his vessels, .break their bottles
14.7*o draw asunder, pnj nathaq, 3.
Judg 16. o And he brake the withs as a thread
16. 12 he brake them from off his arms like a
Psa. a. 3 Let us break their bands asunder
Isa. 58. 6 aud that ye break every yoke ?
I .". 7"o terrify, H arats.
Job 13. 25 Wilt thou break a leaf driven to and fro ?
10.7*0 breathe, flmv, ns puach.
Song 2. 17 I ntil the day break, and the shadows
4. 6 Until the day break, aud the shadows
1 7. 7*o break, violate, -i S pit.; 5.
Eze. 17 19 my covenant that he hath broken, even
18.2*0 break in pieces, Cs? patsam.
Psa. 60. 2 thou hast broken it : heal the breaches
li>. T<> break in pieces, nyy patsach, 3.
Mic. 3. 3 they break their bones, and chop them
20. To break forth, \~y) parats.
2 Ch. 20. 37 the LORD bath broken thy works
Job 16. 14 He breaketh mo with breach upon breach
Eccl. 10. 8 whoo breaketh an hedge, a serpent sha .!
21.7V> break, pi? paraq.
Gen. 27. 40 thou shall breuk his yoke from off thy
22. 7*0 break o/, -09 purar, 5.
Gen. 17. 14 that soul, .hath broken my covenant
Lev. 20. 15 (but) that ye break my covenant
26. 44 to break my covenant with them : for
NIMH 15. 31 and hath broken his commandment
li.-ut ji. 16 break my covenant which I have made
31. 20 then will they, .break my covenant
Judg. 2. i I will never break my covenant with you
1 Ki. 15. 19 break thy league with Baasha king of
2 C h. 16. 3 break thy league with Baasha king of
Isa. 24. 5 have, .broken the everlasting covenant
33. 8 he hath broken the covenant : he hath
Jer. 1 1. 10 house of .Itidah have broken my covenant
14. 21 remember, break not thy covenant with
31. 32 which my covenant they brake, although
33. 20 If ye can break my covenant of the day
Ete. 16. 59 despised the oath in breaking the coven.
17. 15 shall he break the covenant, and be
17. 16 whose covenant he brake, (even) witli him
17. 18 despised the oath by breaking the coven.
44. 7 they have broken my covenant because
Zech ii. 10 I might break my covenant which I
n. 14 that 1 might break the brotherhood
23.7*0 spread out, v~l$ pares.
Lam. 4. 4 no man breaketh (it) unto them
24. 7*o break, yyj raa.
Psa. 2. 9 Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron
Jer. 15. 12 Shall iron break the northern iron ; 2. 16
25. 7*o break, yjr) rea, 3.
Dan. 2. 40 as iron that breaketh all these, shall it
26.7V/ be broken in pieces, fi"j ratsats, 2.
Eze. 29. 7 thou didst break, and rend all their
27. 7*o dash in pieces, fvj ratsat-s, 5.
Judg. 9. 53 millstone, .and all to brake his skull
28. 7*0 break, shiver, t^y shabar.
Gen. 19. 9 and came near to break the door
Exodi2. 46 neither shall ye brake a bone thereof
Lev. ii. 33 shall be unclean; and ye shall break it
26. 13 I have broken the bands of your yoke
26. 19 I will brake the pride of your power
26. 26 I have broken the staff of your bread
Num. 9. 12 leave none, .nor break any bone of it
Judg. 7. 20 blew the trumpets, and brake, .pitchers
Psa. 10. 15 Break thou the arm of the wicked
29. 5 The voice of flie LOUD breaketh the cedars
69. 20 Reproach hath broken my heart
105. 16 he brake the whole staff of bread
Prov. 6. 15 suddenly shall he be broken without
25. 15 a soft tongue breaketh the bone
Isa. 14. 5 Lom> hath broken the staff of the wicked
14. 25 That I will break the Assyrian
30. 14 he shall break it as the breaking
42. 3 A bruised reed shall he not break, and
Jer. 2. 20 I have broken thy yoke . .burst thy bands
5. 5 these have altogether broken the yoke
19. 10 Then sbalt thou break the bottle
19. ii. will I break, .as (one) breaketh
28. 2 I have broken the yoke of the king of
28. 4 for I will break the yoke of the king of
28. 10 the prophet took the yoke, .and brake it
28. 1 1 Kven so will I break the yoke of J.
28. 12 the prophet had broken the yoke from off
28. 13 Thou hast broken the yokes of wood ; but
30. 8 I will break his yoke from off thy neck
48. 38 I have broken Mnab like a vessel
49. 35 I will break the bow of Elani, the chief
Eze. 4. 16 I will break the staff of bread in Jerusa.
5. 16 and will break your staff of bread
14. 13 will break the staff of the bread thereof
27. 26 the east wind hath broken thee in the
30. 18 I shall break there the yokes of Egypt
30. 21 I have broken the arm of Pharaoh king
30. 22 I. .will break his arms, the strong
30. 24 I will break Phar.-ioh s arms, and he
34. 27 I have broken the bands of their yoke
Hos. i. 5 I will break the bow of Israel in the valley
2. 18 I will break the bow and the sword
An:os 1.5! will break also the bar of Damascus
Nan. i. 33 now will 1 break his yoke from oil thee
29. 7*o be broken, shivered, tyy shabar, 2.
Eze. 29. 7 thou brakest, and madest all their loins
30. 7*o break, shiver, tyy shabar, 3.
Exod. 9. 2s and brake every tree of the field
32. 19 cast the tables, .and mike them beneath
34. i the first tables, which thou brakest
34. 13 break their images, and cut down their
Deut. 9. 17 and brake them before your eyes
10. 2 in the first tables which thou brakest
12. 3 overthrow their altars, and break their
3 Ki. 18. 4 He removed the high places, and brake
Job ag. 17 I brake the jaws of the wicked, and
Psa. }. 7 thou hast broken the teeth of the ungodly
29. 5 LORD breaketh the cedars of Lebanon
46 9 he breaketh the bow, and cuttcth . .spear
48. 7 Thou brakest the ships of Tarshish with an
74. 13 thou brakest the heads of the dragons in
76. 3 There brake he the arrows of the bow
105. 33 and brake the trees of their coasts
107. 16 For he hath broken the pates of brass
Isa. 21. 9 her gods he hath broken unto the ground
38. 13 so will he break all my bones
Jer. 43. 13 shall break also the images of Beth-shem.
52. 17 the Chaldeans brake, and carried all th<i
Lam. 2. 9 he hath destroyed and broken ht-r bare
3. 4 made old ; he hath broken n:y bones
Dan. 8. 7 smote the rum, and brake his two horns
31.7*0 bruise, qir sh //////.
Job 9. 17 Kor he breaketh me with a tempest
32. To pierce, profane, VSri chalal, 3.
Psa. 55. 20 he hath broken his covenant
89. 31 If they break my statutes, aud keep not
89. 34 .My covenant will I not break, nor
33. 7*o pierce, profane, S^n chalal, 5.
X1111130. 2 he shall not break his word, he shall
34. 7*o break, J?yi raa.
Jer. 2. 16 children, .have broken the crown of thy
35. 7*o break throughout, Siapfriiyvvfj.i diarrhegnumi.
Luke 5. 6 multitude of fishes : and their net brake
8. 29 fetters ; and he brake the bauds, and
36. 7*0 break down, Kardyvvfii katagnumi.
Matt 12. 20 A bruised reed shall he not brke
John 19. 31 that their legs might be broken
19. 32 the soldiers, .brake the legs of the first
19. 33 when they came to Jesus . . they brake not
37. 7*o break down, KaraK\dw kataHao, K\dfa kJaz>~>.
Mark 6. 41 blessed, and brake the loaves, and gave
Luke 9. 1 6 he blessed them, and brake, and gave to
38. 7*0 break, K\dw klao.
Matt 14. 19 he blessed, and brake, and gave the
i5. 36 gave thanks, and brake (them), aud gave
26. 26 Jesus took bread, .blessed (it), and brake
Mark 8. 6 seven loaves, and gave thanks, and brake
8. 19 when I brake the five loaves among
14. 22 Jesus took bread, aud bleased, and brake
Luke 22. 19 took bread, and gave thanks, and brake
24. 30 took bread, and blessed (it), and brake
Acts 2. 46 breaking bread from house to house
20. 7 disciples came together to brake bread
20. ii he.. had broken bread, and eaten, and
27. 35 when he had broken (it), he began to eat
i Co. 10. 16 The bread which we break, is it; n. 24.
39.7*0 loose, \vw hid.
Matt. 5. IQ Whosoever, .shall break one of thc32
Johi!. 5. 18 ; 7. 23 ; 10. 35 ; cts2/. 41 ; Eph. 2. 14.
40. To l-reak or burst, f>riyvvfj.i rheanumi.
Matt 9. 17 old bottles ; else the bottles break
41. To break together, ffvvQpvirTu sunthruplo.
Acts 21. 13 What mean ye to weep and to break
42.7b rub together, awrptfiw sunlribo.
Marki4. 3 she brake the box, and poured (it) on his
[See also Bones, covenant, neck, pieces, truce,
BREAK again, to
7*o repeat to break, "i?nS 3 C*
[shi>b, parar, 5].
Ezra 9. 14 Should we again break thy command m.
BREAK asunder, to
7*o Irreak, violate, T\$ parar.. 3.
Job 16. 12 ease, but he hath broken me asunder
BREAK away, to
7*0 break forth of, or for oneself, p? p&rats, 7.
1 Sa. 25. 10 many servants, .that break away
BREAK clods, to
7*o harrow, break up, Tty sadad, 3 a.
Isa. 28. 24 doth he. .break the clods of his ground?
Hos. 10. ii Jacob shall break his clods
BREAK down, to
1 . To beat, smite, o^n halam.
Psa. 74. 6 now they break down the carved work
Isa. 16. 8 the heathen have broken dowu the
2. 7*o crush, cryi haras.
Job 12. 14 he breaketh down, and it cannot be built
Jer. 45. 4 that which I. .built, .will I break down
Eze. 13. 14 So will I break down the wall
26. 4 they shall . .break down her towers
26. 12 they shall break down thy walls, and
3. To break doion, fnj nathats.
Lev. 14. 45 he shall break down the house, the
Judg. 8. 9 lie spake. .1 will break down this towe;-
2 Ki. 10. 27 they brake down the image of Baal
10. 27 brake down the house of Baal, and
11. 18 the house of Baal, and brake it dowu
23. 7 he brake down the houses of the
23. 8 brake down the high places of the gates
23. 15 altar and the high place he brake down
25. 10 brake down the walls of Jerusalem round
2 Ch. 23. 17 house of Baal, and brake it down
Isa. 22. 10 houses have ye broken down to fortify
Jer. 31. 28 to break down, and to throw down, and
39. 8 and brake down the walls of Jerusalem
52. 14 brake down all the walls of Jerusalem
Eze. 26. 9 with his axes he shall break down thy
4.7*0 break doim, frq nathats, 3.
a Ch. 33. 3 his father had broken down
34. 4 they brake down the altars of Baalim in
34. 7 when he had broken down the altars and
36. 19 brake down the wall of Jerusalem, am4
Eze. 16. 39 and shall break down thy high places
5.7b behead, cause to drop, r^y araph.
Hos. 10. 2 he shall break down their altars, he shall
6. To break forth or down, pp parnts.
2 Ki. 14. 13 brake down the wall of Jerusalem from
a Ch. 25. 23 brake down the wall of Jerusalem from
26. 6 br;ik>- down the wall of Gath, and the
Neh. 4. 3 he shall even break down their stone
Psa. 80. 12 Why hast thoti (then) broken down her
89. 40 Thou hast broken down all his hedges
Cccl. 3. 3 a time to break down, and a time to
Isa. 5 . -- break down the wall thereof, and it shall
7. To run, cause to run, PT ruts.
2 Ki. 23. 12 brake (them) down from thence, and
8.7To break, shiver, ~\yp shabar, 3.
Exod 23. 24 thou shalt . . quite break down their
Deut. 7. 5 their altars, and break down their
2 Ch. 14. 3 brake down the images, and cut down
BREAK forth, to
1. To be broken up, cleft, let go, J?p? baqa, 1.
Isa. 58. 8 shall thy light break forth as the morning
2.To come forth (with force], n guach.
Job 38. 8 the sea with doors, when it brake forth
S.To break forth, n$$ patsach.
Isa. 14. 7 is quiet : they break forth into singing
44. 23 break forth into singing, ye mountains
40. 13 break forth into singing, O mountains
54. i break forth into singing, and cry aloud
55. 12 the hills shall break forth before you into
4. To break forth, flourish, rna pfn-aclt.
Exod. 9. 9 a boil breaking forth (with) blains upon
9. 10 it became a boil breaking forth (with)
5. To break forth in, p? parats.
Gen 38. 29 she said, How hast thou broken forth ?
Exod to. 22 lest the LORD break forth upon them
n> 24 LORD, lest he break forth upon them
2 Sa. 5. 20 LORD hath broken fortli upon mine
Isa. 54. 3 thou shalt break forth on the right hand
6. To be opened up, nn$pathach, 2.
Jer. i. 14 an evil shall break forth upon all the
7. To break, burst, p-fiywpi rheynumi.
Gal. 4. 27 break forth and cry, thou that
BREAK forth into joy
To break forth, nyBpatsach.
Isa. 52. 9 Break forth into joy, sing together, ye
BREAK in, to
To break forth, in, ]-iy parais.
1 Ch. 14. ii God hath broken in upon mine enemies
Psa. 106. 29 the plague brake in upon them
BREAK in pieces, to
1. To bruise, K?? daka, 3.
Job iq. 2 and break me in pieces with words ?
Psa. 72. 4 and shall break in pieces the oppressor
94. 5 They break in pieces thy people, LORD
2. To beat small, pjyi deqaq, 5.
Dan. 2. 34 of iron and clay, and brake them to pieces
2. 40 iron breaketh in pieces and subdueth
2. 40 shall it break in pieces and bruise
2. 44 it shall break in pieces and consume
2 45 that it brake in pieces the iron, the
6. 24 brake all their bones in pieces or ever
7 . 7 it devoured and brake in pieces, and
7. 19 devoured, brake in pieces, and stamped
7. 23 shall tread it down, and break it in pieces
3. To beat down or out, nnp kathath, 3-
2 Ki. 1 8. 4 brake in pieces the brasen serpent that
i.To dash in pieces, f9i naphats, 8.
Jer. 5 1 . 20 with thee will I break in pieces the nations
51. 21 with thee will I break in pieces the horse
51. 21 with thee will I break in pieces the chariot
51. 22 With thee also will I break in pieces man
51. 22 with thee will I break in pieces old and
51. 22 with thee will I break in pieces the young
51. 23 I will also break in pieces with thee the
51. 23 with thee will I break in pieces the husb.
51. 23 with thee will I break in pieces captains
5. To break in pieces, piD puts, 3a.
Jer. 23. 29 hammer (that) breaketh the rock in pieces
6. To break, afflict, yy] raa.
Job 34. 24 He shall break in pieces mighty men
7. To break, shiver, ~\yy shabar, 3.
1 Ki. 19. ii brake in pieces the rocks, before the LORD
2 Ki. ii. 18 and his images brake they in pieces
23. 14 he brake in pieces the images, and cut
25. 13 Chaldees break in pieces, and carried the
2 Ch. 23. 17 brake his altars and his images in pieces
31. i and brake the images in pieces, and cut
34. 4 he brake in pieces, and made dust
Psa. 74. 14 Thou brakest the heads of leviathan in p.
Isa. 45. 2 I will break in pieces the gates of brass
8. To rub together, crvvrpiftw suntribd.
Mark 5. 4 the fetters broken in pieces : neither
BREAK into, to
To cleave, J?p3 baqa.
2 Ch. 21. 17 came up into Judah, and brake into
BREAK of day, at
] . To become light, IIK or, 2.
2 Sa. 2. 32 they came to Hebron ai Veak of daj-
"l.Shinimj, avy-fi auge.
Acts 20. 1 1 a long while, even till break of day
BREAK off, to
1. To break off, rend, pn-i paraq, 3.
Exod 32. 2 Break off the golden earrings which
2.7V) break o/ of themselves, p~\$ parcq, 7.
Exod32. 3 the people brake ott the golden earrings
32. 24 hath any gold, let them break (it) off
Dan. 4. 27 break olf thy sins by righteousness
3. To break offfrom, fKK\du ekklao.
Rom ii. 17 if some of the branches be broken off
ii. 19 The branches were broken off, that I
ii. 20 because of unbelief they were broken off
BREAK out, to
1. To be broken up, y$$ baqa, 2.
Isa. 35. 6 in the wilderness shall waters break out
59. 5 that which is crushed breaketh out into
".To go forth, NV yatsa.
Exod 22. 6 If fire break out, and catch in thorns
3. To break down or out, pn^ nathats.
I sa. 58. 6 break out the great teeth of the young
4. To break forth, flourish, rnp paracfi.
Lev. 13. 12 if a leprosy break out abroad in the skin
14. 43 it the plague come a^ain, and break out
5. To prosper, n"?> tsaleach.
Amos 5. 6 lest he break out like fire in the house
BREAK ranks, to
To break, embarrass, B3JJ abat, 3.
Joel 2. 7 and they shall not break their ranks
BREAK sore, to
To bruise, nyj dakah, 3.
Psa. 44. 19 though thou hast sore broken us
BREAK (the day), to
To go up, ascend, n^ alah.
Gen. 32. 26 said, Let me go, for the day breaketh
BREAK through, to
1. To cleave, rend, yp_3 baqa.
2 Sa. 23. 16 the three mighty men brake through the
i 1 8 the three brake through the host of the
2. To cleave through, J/pj baqa, 5.
2 Ki. 3. 26 break through, .unto the king of Edom
3. To break or throw dowu, 0~\n haras.
Exod 19. 21 lest they break through unto the LORD
19. 24 the priests and the people break through
1. To dig through, Swpvffffca diorusso.
Matt. (>. 19 where thieves break through and steal
6. 20 where thieves do not break through nor
Luke 12. 39 suffered his house to be broken through
BREAK to shivers, to - -
To rub together, ffwrpifrto suntribd.
Rev. 2. 27 vessels, .shall they be broken to shivers
BREAK up, to
1 . To till, break vp, TJ nir.
Jer. 4. 3 Break up your fallow ground, and sow
Hos. to. 12 break up your fallow ground : for (it is)
2. To break forth, \~typarats.
2 Ch. 24. 7 that wicked woman, had broken up the
Mic. 2. 13 they have broken up, and have passed
3. To break, shiver, ~\yp shabar.
Job. 38. 10 brake up for it my decreed (place), and
4. To dig through, Siopixrcrw diorusso.
Matt 24. 43 suffered his house to be broken up
5. To dig out, ^opvcrrru exorusso.
Mark 2. 4 when they had broken (it) up, they let
6. To loose, \vo> lu t.
Acts 13. 43 when the congregation was broken up
1. To break forth, \~!$ parats.
Mic. 2. 13 The breaker is come up before them
1. Going beyond, trespasser,\s parabates.
Rom. 2. 25 if thou be a breaker of the law, thy
BREAKER, covenant
Jfot put together, faithless, affvvdfros asunthetos.
Rom. i. 31 Without understanding, covenant break.
BREAKER, truce
Not offering libation, HcrirovSos aspondos.
2 Ti. 3. 3 Without natural affection, truce breakers
1. To go up, rfjy alah.
Gen. 32. 24 a man with him until the breaking of the
2. To break, violate, ~n? parar, 5.
Eze. 16. 59 despised the oatli in breaking the coven.
17. 18 despised the oath by breaking the coven.
3. Breaking, 135* sheber.
Job 41. 25 by reason of breakings they purify them.
Isa. 30. 13 whose breaking cometh suddenly at an
30. 14 as the breaking of the potter s vessel
^.Breaking, pi?? shibbaron.
Eze. 21. 6 Sigh . . with the breaking of (thy) loins
5. Breaking, K\dcns eclasia.
Luke 24. 35 was known of them In breaking of bread
Acts 2. 42 in breaking of bread, and in prayers
6. Going beyond, trespass, irapdBaT^ parabasis.
Hum. ?. 23 through breaking the law dishonourest
To dig down, ~f-p qur, 3a.
Isa. 72. 5 breaking down the walls, and of crying
I,Breaking forth, t^yn mstshber.
Hos. 13. 13 stay long In. .the breaking forth of child.
2.Breaking forth, \~ perets.
i Ch. 14. ii like the breaking forth of waters
Breaking forth, ]~yi perets.
Job 30. 14 (upon hie) as a wide breaking in
Psa.i44. 14 no breaking iu, nor going out ; tha.
Digging through, rnnrts machtereth.
Exod22. 2 If a thief be found breaking up.
I. Breast, "n dad.
Prov. 5. 19 let her breasts satisfy thee at all times
Eze 23. 8 they bruised the breasts of her virginity
2. Breasts, p~iQ chadin.
Dan. 2. 32 his breast and his arms of silver
3. Breast, njn chazeh.
Exod2g. 26 thou shalt take the breast of the ram of
29. 27 thou shalt sanctify the breast of the wave
Lev. 7. 30 the fat with the breast, it shall he bring
7. 30 that the breast may be waved (for) a
7. 31 the breast shall be Aaron s and his
7. 34 the wave breast and the heave shoulder
8. 29 Moses took the breast, and waved it
9. 20 they put the fat upon the breasts, and he
9. 21 the breasts and the right shoulder
jo. 14 the wave breast and heave shoulder shall
10. 15 The heave shoulder and the wave breast
Num. 6. 20 with the wave breast and heave shoulder
18. 18 as the wave breast and as the right
l.Heart, 33*? lebab.
Nah. 2. 7 doves, taberiug upoo their breasts
5. Veins, sinews, pay. atin.
Job 21. 24 His breasts are full of milk and his bon>3i
6. Breast, i?* shad.
Gen. 49. 25 blessings of the breasts and of the wornV
Job 3. 12 why the breasts that I should suck?
Psa. 22. 9 make me hope . . upon my mother s breasts
Song i. 13 he shall lie all night betwixt my breasts
4. 5 Thy two breasts (are) like two young roes
7. 3 Thy two breasts (are) like two young roes
7. 7 and thy breasts to clusters (of grapes)
7. 8 thy breasts shall be as clusters of the
8. i my brother, that sucked the breasts of
8. 8 We have a . . sister, and she hath no breasts
8. 10 I (am) a wall, and my breasts like towers
Isa. 28. 9 from the milk . . drawn from the breasts
Lam. 4. 3 Even the sea monsters draw out the b.
Eze. 16. 7 breasts are fashioned, and thine hair is
23. 3 there were their breasts pressed, and
23. 34 shalt . . pluck off thine own breasts
Hos. 2. 2 her adulteries from between her breasts
9. 14 give, .a miscarrying womb and dry breasts
Joel 2. 16 and those that suck the breasts; Jet the
7. Breast, ~iv shod.
Job 24. 9 They pluck the fatherless from the breast
Isa. 60. 16 thou. .shalt suck the breast of kings
66. ii satisfied with the breasts of her
8. Breast, firm part, vrriBot stethos.
Luke 18. 13 smote upon his breast, saying, God be
23. 48 all. .smote their breasts, and returned
John 1 3. 25 He then lying on Jesus breast saith untc
21. 20 which also leaned on his breast at suppei
Rev. 15. 6 having their breasts girded with sjoldeu
I. Bag, covering on the breast, ]t?n choshen.
Exod2 5. 7 stones to be set. .in the breastplate
28. 4 a breastplate, and an ephod, and a robe
28. 15 make the breastplate of judgment with
28. 22, 23 thou shalt make upon the breastplate
28. 23 rings on the two ends of the breastplate
28. 24 two rings . . on the ends of the breastplate
28. 26 upon the two ends of the breastplate
28. 28 shall bind the breastplate by the rings
28. 28 breastplate be not loosed from the ephod
28. 29 breastplate of judgment upon his heart
28. 30 in the breastplate of judgment the Urim
29. 5 the ephod, and the breastplate, and gird
35. 9, 27 for the ephod, and for the breastplate
39. 8 he made the breastplate (of) cunning work
39. 9 they made the breastplate double
39. 15 they made upon the breastplate chains
39. 16 rings in the two ends of the breastplate
39. 17 two rings on the ends of the breastplate
39. 19 on the two ends of the breastplate
39. 21 they did bind the breastplate by his
39. 21 that the breastplate might not be loosed
Lev. 8. 8 he put the breastplate upon him
8. 8 he put in the breastplate the Urim and
2.Coat of mail, ]!"!& shiryan.
Isa. 59. i-j put ou righteousness as a breastplate
3. Breastplate, cuiras
Eph. 6. 14 having on .. breastplate of righteousness
i Th. 5. 8 on the breastplate of faith and love
Rev. 9. 9 they had breastplates, .breastplates of
9. 17 breastplates of nrc, and of jacinth, and
1. Breath, soul, O$) nephesh.
Job 41. 21 His breath kindleth coals, and a flame
2.Breath, K^i, r\%?) neshamah, nishma.
Gen. 2. 7 breathed into his nostrils the breath
7. 22 in whose nostrils, .the breath > No. 3.)
i Ki. 17. 17 that there was no breath left in him
Job 27. 3 AH the while my breath (is) in me
33. 4 breath of the Almighty hath given me life
34. 14 gather, .his spirit and his breath
37. 10 By the breath of God frost is given
Isa 2. 22 man, whose breath (is) iu his nostrils
30. 33 the breath of the LORD, .doth kindle it
42. 5 he that giveth breath unto the people
Dan. 5. 23 the God iu whose hand thy breath (is)
10. 17 neither is there breath left in me
S.Rreath, air, wind, spirit, nvt ruach.
Oen. 6. 17 all flesh, wherein (is) the breath of life
7. 15 all flesh, wherein (is) the breath (* No.J^
7. 22 in whose nostrils (was) the breath of life
3 Sa. 22. 16 the blast of the breath of his nostrils
Job 4. 9 by the breath of his nostrils are they
9. 18 He will not suffer me to take my breath
12. 10 In whose hand (is), .the breath of all
15. 30 by the breath of his mouth shall he go
17. i My breath is corrupt, my days are extinct
19. 17 My breath is strange to my wife, though
Psa. 18. 15 the blast of the breath of thy nostrils
33. 6 all the host of them by the breath of his
104. 29 thou takest away their breath, they die
135. 17 neither is there (any) breath in their
146. 4 His breath goeth forth, he returneth to
Eccl. 3. 19 they have all one breath : so that a man
Isa. ii. 4 with the breath of his lips shall he slay
30. 28 his breath, as an overflowing stream
33. 1 1 your breath, (as) fire shall devour you
Jer. 10. 14 falsehood, and (there is) no breath in
51. 17 falsehood, .(there is) no breath in them
Lam. 4. 20 The breath of our nostrils, the anointed
Eze. 37. 5 I will cause breath to enter into you, and
37. 6 put breath in you, and ye shall live ; and
37. 8 above : but (there was) no breath in them
37. 9 Come from the four winds, O breath
37. 10 the breath came into them, and they
Hab. i. 19 no breath at all in the midst of it
4. Wind, breath, irvoi\ pnoe.
Acts 17. 25 he giveth to all life, and breath, and all
BREATH, that hath
Breath, " Cy j neshamah.
Psa. 150. 6 Let every thing that hath breath praise
I. To breithe. out, nj) naphach.
Gen. 2. 7 breathed into his nostrils the breath of
Eze. 37. 9 Come. .O breath, and breathe upon these
2.Breath, ~y?) neshamah.
Josh. 1 1. 11 there was not any left to breathe
ii. 14 neither left they any to breathe
BREATHE on, to
To breathe into, t/j.<pucrdu emphusaS.
John 20. 22 when he had said this, he breathed on
BREATHE out, to
To blow iu or icith, iftirvfta empnen, [tvTrvtw.]
Acts 9. i breathing out threatening* and slaughter
BREATHE out, iuch u
Breathing out, 05, yapheach.
Puu 37. 12 risen, .and such as breathe out cruelty
Breath, Tpy J nes/Munftn,
Josh. 10. 40 utterly destroyed all that breathed, as
i Ki. 15. 29 he left not. .any that breathed, until
Breath, -"i^j nrshamah.
Deut 20. 16 thou shalt save.. nothing that breathetl
Breathiny, nan revachah.
Lam. 3. 56 hide not thine ear at my breathing
Breeches, trousers, D?OUQ*tbiMyMi.
ExodjS. 42 linen breeches (n ( ,,\er their nakedne-j
39. 28 linen breeches (of) line twined linen
Lev. 6. 10 linen breei lies shall he put upon his ties!
16. 4 he shall have the linen breeches upon
Eze. 44. 18 shall have linen breeches upon their loins
Son, J3 ben.
Deut 32. 14 rams of the breed of Italian, and goats
BREED worm*, to - -
TI> /come hiijh, t/row up, en rum.
Exoil 16. 20 it bred worms, and stank : and Moses
BREED abundantly, to
To sicarm, creep, v-vy sharats.
Oen. 8. 17 th:.t they may breed abundantly in the
Ueerrunning, possession, pjtft) niimshaq.
Zeph. 2. 9 the breeding of nettles, and salt pits
.Hn-thren, C nx achim.
Gen. 9. 22 and told his two brethren without
9. 2^ servant, .shall he be unto his brethren
13. 8 and thy herdmen ; for we (be) brethren
16. 12 dwell in the presence of all his brethren
19. 7 1 pray you, brethren, do not so wickedly
34. 27 me to the house of my master s brethren
25. 18 died in the presence of all his brethren
37. 29 bow down to thee : be lord over thy bre.
27. 37 all his brethren have I given to him for
30, 4 Jacob said . . My brethren, whence (be) ye !
V. 23 he took his brethren with him, and
31. 25 his brethren pitched in the mount of
31. 32 let him not live : before our brethren
31. 37 before my brethren and thy brethren
31. 46 Jacob said unto his brethren, Gather
31. 54 and called his brethren to eat bread
34. 1 1 said unto her father and unto her breth.
34. 25 Dinah s brethren, took each man his
37. 2 was feeding the Hock with his brethren
37. 4 his brethren saw that their father loved
37 . 4 more than all his brethren, they hated
37. 5 and he told (it) his brethren : and they
3 y. 8 his brethren said . . Shalt thou indeed reign
37. 9 another dream, and told it his brethren
37. 10 told (it) to bis father, and to his brethren
37. 10 Shall I, and thy mother, and thy brethren
37. ii And his brethren envied him; but his
37. 12 his brethren went to feed their father s
37. 13 Do not thy brethren feed (the flock) in
37. 14 see whether it be well with thy brethren
37. 16 he said, I seek my brethren : tell me
37. 17 Joseph went after his brethren, and found
37. 23 when Joseph was come unto his brethren
37. 26 Judah said unto his brethren, What
37. 27 our flesh. And his brethren were content
37. 30 he returned unto his brethren, and said
38. i Judah went down from his brethren, and
38. ii Lest, .he die also, as his brethren (did)
42. 3 Joseph s ten brethren went, .to buy corn
42. 4 Jacob sent not with his brethren
42. 6 Joseph s brethren, .bowed down
42. 7 Joseph saw his brethren, and he knew
42. 8 Joseph knew his brethren, but they knew
42. 13 they said, Thy servants (are) twelve bret.
42. 19 let one of your brethren be bound in the
42. 28 he said unto his brethren, My money is
42. 32 \Ve (be) twelve brethren, sons of our father
42. 33 leave one of your brethren (here) with me
44. 14 Judah and his brethren came to Joseph s
44. 33 let the lad go up with his brethren
45. i made himself known unto his brethren,
45. 3 Joseph said unto his brethren, I (am)
45. 3 his brethren could not answer him
45. 4 Joseph said unto his brethren, Come
45. 15 he kissed all his brethren, and wept
45. 15 after that his brethren talked with him
45. 16 Joseph s brethren are come : and it
45. 17 Say unto thy brethren, This do ye ; lade
45. 24 So he sent his brethren away, and they
46. 31 Joseph said unto his brethren, and
46. 31 My brethren, and my father s house
47. i My father and my brethren, and their
47. 2 he took some of his brethren, .five
47. 3 1 haraoh said unto his brethren, What
47. 5 Thy father and thy brethren are come
47. 6 make thy father and brethren to dwell
47. ii Joseph placed his father and hisbrethren
47. 12 Joseph nourished his father, and his b.
48. 6 the name of their brethren in their
48. 22 given to. .one portion above thy brethren
49. 5 Simeon and Levi (are) brethren
49. 8 thou (art he) whom thy brethren shall
49. 26 him that was separate from his brethren
50. 6 all the house of Joseph, and his brethren
50. 14 he, and his brethren, and all that went
50. 15 Joseph s brethren saw that their father
5,0. 17 the trespass of thy brethren, and their
=o. 18 his brethren also went and fell down
50. 24 Joseph said unto his brethren, I die : and
Exod. i. 6 Joseph died, and all his brethren, and
3. ii he went out unto his brethren, and looked
s. ii an Hebrew, one of his brethren
4. 1 8 Let me go. .unto my brethren which
Lev. 10. 4 Come near, carry your brethren
10. 6 let your brethren . . bewail the burning
31. 10 the high priest among his brethren, upon
25. 46 over your brethren the children of Israel
25. 48 one of his brethren may redeem him
Num. 8. 26 shall minister with their brethren, in
1 6. 10 all thy brethren the sons of Levi with
18. 2 thy brethren also of the tribe of Levi
18. 6 I have taken your brethren the Levites
20. 3 when our brethren died before the LORD
25. 6 brought unto his brethren a. .woman
37. 4 a possession among the brethren of our
37. 7 inheritance among their father s brethrei
27. 9 give his inheritance unto his brethren
37. 10 liis inheritance unto his father s brethren
97. 10 if he have no brethren, then ye shall
37. ii if his father have no brethren, then yo
32. 6 Shall your brethren go to war
Deut. i. 16 Hear (the causes) between your brethren
i. 28 our brethren have discouraged our heart
s. 4 to pass through the coast of your bivtl i reti
a. 8 when we passed by from our brethn 11
3. 18 pass over armed before jour brethren
Deut. 3. 20 LORD have given rest unto your brethren
10. 9 Levi hath no part, .with his brethren
13. 7 one of thy brethren within any of thy
17. 15 from among thy brethren shalt thou set
17. 20 be not lifted up above his brethren
18. 2 have no inheritance among their brethren
18. 7 as all his brethren the Levites (do)
18. 15 Prophet from the midst of. .thy brethren
18. 18 a Prophet from among their brethren
20. 8 return unto his house, lest his brethren s
24. 7 be found stealing any of his brethren
24. 14 of thy brethren, or of thy strangers
25. 5 If brethren dwell together, and one of
33. 9 neither did he acknowledge his brethren
33. 16 him (that was)sepan|ted from his brethren
33. 24 let him be acceptable to his brethren
Josh. i. 14 ye shall pass before your brethren armed
1. 15 t/ ntil the LORD have given your brethren
2. 13 father, .my mother, and my brethren
2. 18 bring thy father .. mother, and. .brethren
6. 23 father, and. .mother, and. .brethren
14. 8 my brethren that went up with me
1 7. 4 an inheritance among our brethren
17. 4 uii inheritance among the brethren
22. 3 Ye have not left your brethren these
22. 4 God hath given rest unto your brethren
22. 7 the (other) half, .among their brethren
22. 8 the spoil of your enemies with . . brethren
Judg. 8. 19 he said, They (were) my brethren, .the
9. i his mother s brethren, and communed
9. 3 his mother s brethren spake of him in toe
9. 5 he went . . and slew his brethren .the
9. 24 aided him in the killing of his brethren
9. 26 the sou of Ebed came with his brethren
9. 31 the son of Ebed,and his brethren, be come
9. 41 Zebul thrust out Gaal and his brethren
9. 56 wickedness, .in slaying his. .brethren
it. 3 Jephthah fled from his brethren, and
14. 3 among the daughters of thy brethren
16. 31 his brethren and all the house, .came
18. 8 they came unto their brethren to Zorah
18. 8 their brethren said unto them, What (say)
18. 14 the five men. .said unto their brethren
19. 23 Nay, my brethren, (nay), I pray you
20. 13 hearken to the voice of their brethren
21. 22 their brethren come unto us to complaiji
Ruth 4. 10 dead be not cut off. .among his brethren
1 Sa. 16. 13 anointed him in the midst of hisbrethren
17. 17 Take now for thy brethren an ephah of
17. 17 and run to the camp to thy brethren
17. 18 look how thy brethren fare, and take
1 7. 22 and came and saluted his brethren
20. 29 let me get away . .and see my brethren
22. i his brethren and all his father s house
30. 23 Ye shall not do so, my brethren
2 Sa. -2. 26 return from following their brethren ?
3. 8 to his brethren, and to his friends
15. 20 take back thy brethren : mercy and truth
19. 12 Ye (are) my brethren, ye (are) my bones
19. 41 Why have our brethren, .stolen thee
1 Ki. i. 9 called all his brethren the king s sons
12. 24 Ye shall not. .flght against your brethren
2 Ki. 9. 2 make him. .arise up from among his I iret.
10. 13 Jehu met with the brethren of Ahaziah
10. 13 We (are) the brethren of Ahaziah
23. 9 eat of the. .bread among their brethren
i Ch. 4. 9 Jabez was more honourable, .hisbrethren
4. 27 his brethren had not many children
5. 2 Judah prevailed above his brethren
5. 7 his brethren by their families, when
5. 13 their brethren, of the house of their
6. 44 their brethren the sons of Merari (stood)
6. 48 Their brethren also the Levites (were)
7. 5 their brethren among all the families of
7. 22 and his brethren came to comfort him
8. 32 these also dwelt with their brethren in
9. 6 their brethren, six hundred and ninety
9. 9 brethren, according to their generations
9. 13 their brethren, heads of the house of
9. 17 Talmon, and Ahiman, and their brethren
g. 19 the son of Korah, and his brethren, of
9. 25 their brethren (which were) in their
9. 32 of their brethren, of the sons of the
9. 38 they also dwelt with their brethren
9. 38 at Jerusalem, over against their brethren
12. 2 (even) of Saul s brethren of Benjamin
12. 32 all their brethren (were) at their
12. 39 their brethren had prepared for them .
13. 2 let us send abroad unto our brethren
15. 5 his brethren an hundred and twenty
15. 6 his brethren two hundred and twenty
15. 7 his brethren an hundred and thirty
15. 8 and his brethren two hundred
15. 9 Eliel the chief, and his brethren foursc.
15. 10 the chief, and his brethren an hundred
15. 12 ye and your brethren, that ye may
15. 16 chief of the Levites to appoint their bre.
15. 17 of his brethren, Asaph the son of
15. 17 of the sons of Merari their brethren
15. 18 with them their brethren of the second
16. 7 into the hand of Asaph and his brethren
if). 37 he left there. .Asaph and his brethn n
16. 38 Obed-cdom with their brethren, three
16. 39 the priest, and his brethren the priests
23. 22 their brethren the sons of Kish took
23. 32 charge of the sons of Aaron their brethren
24. 31 cast lots over against their brethren
24. 31 over against their younger brethren
35. 7 the number of them, with their brethren
25. 9 who with his brethren and sons (were)
So in v. ii, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19,
20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 35, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31.
i Ch. 23. 10 his sons, and his brethren, (were) twelve
i>6. 7 Obed, Elzabad, whose brethren (were)
26. 8 they, and their sons, and their brethren
26. 9 Meshelemiah had sons and brethren
26. ii the sons and brethren of Hosah (were)
26. 25 his brethren by Eliezer ; Kehabiah
26. 26 Shelomith and his brethren (were) overall
26. 28 hand of Shelomith, and of his brethren
26. 30 Ilashabiah and his brethren, men of
26. 32 his brethren, men of valour, (were) two
27. 18 Elihu, (one) of the brethren of David
28. 2 Hear me, my brethren, and my people
< Ch. 5. 12 their brethren, (being) arrayed in white
ii. 4 shall not. .fight against your brethren
ii. 22 the chief, (to be) ruler among his brethren
19. 10 to you of your brethren that dwell in
19. 10 upon you, and upon your brethren
21. 2 he hail brethren the sous of Jehoshaphat
21. 4 slew all his brethren with the sword, and
21. 13 hast slain thy brethren of thy father s
82. 8 the sons of the brethren of Ahaziuh
28. 8 carried away captive of their brethren
28. ii ye have taken captive of your brethren
28. 15 their brethren : then they returned to
29. 15 they gathered their brethren, and sanct.
29. 34 their brethren the Levites did help them
30. 7 your brethren, which trespassed against
30. 9 your brethren, .(shall find) compassion
31. 15 to give to their brethren by courses
35. * the fathers of your brethren the people
35. 6 sanctify yourselves, .prepare your breth.
35. 9 Shemaiah and Nethaneel, his brethren
35. 15 their brethren the Levites prepared for
Ezra 3. 2 the son of Jozadak, and his brethren
3. 2 the son of Shealtiel, and his brethren
3. 8 the remnant of their brethren the priests
3. 9 Jeshua (with) his sons and his brethren
3. 9 their sons and their brethren the Levites
6. 20 for their brethren the priests, and for
8. 17 to his brethren the Nethinima, at the
8. 1 8 Sherebiah, with his sons and his brethren
8. 19 Merari, his brethren, and their sons
8. 24 ten of their brethren with them
10. 18 the son of Jozadak, and his brethren
Neh. i. 2 Hanaui, one of my brethren, came
3. i high priest rose up, with his brethren
3. 18 After him repaired their brethren
4 2 he spake before his brethren and the
4. 14 fight for your brethren, your sons, and
4. 23 neither I, nor my brethren, nor my serv.
5. i a great cry. .against their brethren the
5. 5 our ttesh (is) as the flesh of our brethren
5. 8 We. .have redeemed our brethren the
5. 8 will ye even sell your brethren?
5.10! likewise . . my brethren, and my servants
5. 14 my brethren have not eaten the bread
to. 10 their brethren, Shebaniah, Hodijah
10. 29 They clave to their brethren, their nobles
11. 12 their brethren that did the work of the
ii. 13 his brethren, chief of the fathers, two
ii. 14 their brethren, mighty men of valour
ii. 17 Bakbukiah . . second among his brethren
11. 19 porters: Akkub, Talmon. .their brethren
12. 7 of the priests and of their brethren
12. 8 Judah. .Mattaniah. .he and his brethren
12. 9 their brethren, (were) over against them
12. 24 with their brethren over against them
12. 36 his brethren, Shemaiah, and Azarael
13. 13 office (was) to distribute unto their bret.
Eeth. 10. 3 accepted of the multitude of his brethren
Job 6. 15 My brethren have dealt deceitfully as a
19. 13 He hath put my brethren far from me
42. ii Then came there, .all his brethren
42. 15 them inheritance among their brethren
lisa. 22. 22 I will declare thy name unto my brethren
69. 8 become a stranger unto my brethren
122. 8 For my brethren, .sakes, I will now say
133. i how pleasant (it is) for brethren to dwell
IYov. 6. 19 he that soweth discord among brethren
17. 2 shall have part, .among the brethren
19. 7 the brethren of the poor do hate him
Isa. 66. $ Your brethren that hated you. .shall be
66. 20 they shall bring all your brethren (for)
Jer. 7. 15 I have cast out all your brethren
12. 6 thy brethren, and the house of thy father
29. 16 your brethren that are not gone forth
35. 3 I took Jaazaniah . . and his brethren
41. 8 he . . slew them not among their brethren
49. 10 his seed is spoiled, and his brethren
Eze. ii. 15 Son of man, thy brethren
11. 15 thy brethren, the men of thy kindred
Hos. 2. i Say ye unto your brethren, Amini ; and
13. 15 Though he be fruitful among (his) breth.
Mic. 5. 3 remnant of his brethren shall return
^.Brethren, )
nx achin.
Ezra 7. 18 what, .shall seem good, .to thy brethren
3.Brethren, aSf\cf)oi adelplwi.
Matt. i. i Jacob begat Judas and his brethren
i. ii Josias begat Jechonias and his brethren
4. 18 Jesus, walking by the sea. .saw two bret.
4. 21 going, .thence, he saw other two brethren
5. 47 if ye salute your brethren only
12. 46 mother and his brethren stood
12. 47 thy mother and thy brethren stand
12. 48 my mother? and who are my brethren?
12. 49 Behold my mother and my brethren !
13. 55 his brethren, James, and Joses, and Simon
19. 29 that hath forsaken houses, or brethren
sc. 24 with indignation against the. .brethren
83. 25 there were with us seven brethren
Matt23. 8 Master. .Christ; and all ye are brethren
25. 40 one of the least of these my brethren
28. 10 Be not afraid : go tell my brethren that
Mark 3. 31 There came then his brethren and his
3. y2 thy mother and thy brethren without
3. 33 Who is my mother, or my brethren 1
3. 34 Behold my mother and my brethren !
10. 29 man that hath left house, or brethren
10. 30 houses, and brethren, and sisters, and
12. 20 Now there were seven brethren : and the
Luke 8. 19 Then came to him. .his brethren
8. 20 Thy mother and thy brethren stand
8. 21 My mother and my brethren are these
14. 12 call not thy friends, nor thy brethren
14. 26 hate not his father, .and brethren
16. 28 For I have five brethren ; that he
18. 29 There is no man that hath left, .brethren
20. 29 There were therefore seven brethren : and
21. 16 betrayed both by parents, and brethren
22. 32 thou art converted, strengthen thy breth.
John 2. 12 he, and his mother, and his brethren
7. 3 His brethren . . said unto him, Depart
7. 5 neither did his brethren believe in him
7. 10 when his brethren were gone up, then
20. 1 7 Touch me not . . but go to my brethren
21. 23 Then went this. . abroad among the bret.
Acts i. 14 Mary the mother of Jesus, .with his bret.
1. 16 brethren, this scripture must needs have
2. 29 Men (and) brethren, let me freely speak
2. 37 Men (and) brethren, what shall we do?
3. 17 brethren, I wot that through ignorance
3. 22 A prophet. .unto you of your brethren
6. 3 brethren, look ye out among you seven
7. 2 Men, brethren, and fathers, hearken
7. 13 Joseph was made known to his brethren
7. 23 came into his heart to visit his brethren
7. 25 he supposed his brethren would have
7. 26 Sirs, ye are brethren ; why do ye wrong
7. 37 God raise up unto you of your brethren
9. 30 when the brethren knew, they brought
10. 23 certain brethren fromJoppa accompanied
11. i brethren that were in Judea heard
ii. 12 these six brethren accompanied me
11. 29 send, .the brethren which dwelt in Judea
12. 17 show these things unto, .the brethren
13. 15 brethren, if ye have any word, .say on
13. 26 brethren, children . . stock of Abraham
13. 38 Be it known unto you. .brethren, that
14. 2 minds evil affected against the brethren
15. i certain men . .taught the brethren
15. 3 caused great joy unto all the brethren
15. 7 Peter rose up, and said. .Men. .brethren
15. 13 Men (and) brethren, hearken unto me
15. 22 and Silas, chief men among the brethren
15. 23 The apostles and elders and brethren
15. 23 greeting unto the brethren which are of
15. 32 exhorted the brethren with many words
15. 33 were let go in peace from the brethren
15. 36 Let us go again and visit our brethren
15. 40 recommended by the brethren unto the
1 6. 2 was well reported of by the brethren
1 6. 40 when they had seen the brethren, they
17. 6 they drew, .brethren unto the rulers
17. 10 the brethren immediately sent away Paul
17. 14 immediately the brethren sent away Paul
18. 18 Paul, .then took his leave of the brethren
18. 27 the brethren wrote . .the disciples to
20. 32 And now, brethren, I commend you to
21. 7 we . . saluted the brethren, and abode with
21. 17 when we were come, .brethren received
22. i Men, brethren, and fathers, hear ye my
22. 5 I received letters unto the brethren, and
23. i brethren, I have . . in all good conscience
23. 5 I wist not, brethren, that he was the
23. 6 Men (and) brethren, I am a Pharisee, the
28. 14 we found brethren, and were desired to
28. 15 when the brethren heard of us, they
28. 17 brethren..! have committed nothing
28. 21 neither any of the brethren . . spake any
Rom. i. 13 I would not have you ignorant, brethren
7. i Know ye not, brethren, for I speak to
7. 4 my brethren, ye also are become dead to
8. 12 brethren, we are debtors, not to the flesh
8. 29 the firstborn among many brethren
9. 3 accursed from Christ for my brethren
10. i Brethren, my heart s desire and prayer to
11. 25 I would not, brethren, that ye should be
12. i I beseech, .brethren, by the mercies of
15. 14 also am persuaded of you, my brethren
15. 15 brethren, I have written the more boldly
15. 30 I beseech you, brethren, for the Lord
16. 14 Salute, .the brethren which are with
to. 17 I beseech you, brethren, mark them wh.
I Co. i. 10 I beseech you, brethren, by the name of
i. ii hath been declared unto me of you, my b.
1. 26 For ye see your calling, brethren, how
2. i I, brethren, when I came to you, came
3. i I, brethren, could not speak unto you as
4. 6 brethren, I have in a figure transferred
6. 5 be able to judge between his brethren ?
6. 8 wrong, and defraud, and that, .brethren
7. 24 Brethren, let every man . .therein abide
7. 29 this I say, brethren, the time (is) short
8. 12 when ye sin so against the brethren, and
9. 5 the brethren of the Lord, and Cephas?
10. i Moreover, brethren, I would not that ye
11. 2 Xow I praise you, brethren, that ye
11. 33 brethren, when ye come together to eat
12. i brethren, I would not have you ignorant
14. 6 brethren, if I come unto you speaking
14. 20 Brethren, be not children in understand.
14. 26 brethren ? when ye come together, every
1 Co. 14. 39 brethren, .forbid not to speak with tone.
15. i brethren, I declare unto you the gospel
15. 6 was seen of above five hundred brethren
15. 50 brethren, that flesh and blood cannot
15. 58 my beloved brethren, be ye gtedfast
16. ii for I look for him with the brethren
16. 12 to come unto you with the brethren
16. 15 I beseech you, brethren, (ye know the)
16. 20 All the brethren greet you. Greet ye one
2 Co. i. 8 we would not, brethren, have, .ignorant
8. i brethren, we do you to wit of the grace
8. 23 Whether (any do enquire), .our brethren
9. 3 Yet have I sent the brethren, lest our
9. 5 thought it necessary to exhort . . brethren
ii. 9 brethren which came from Macedonia
13. ii brethren, farewell. Be perfect, be of good
GaL i. 2 all the brethren which are with me, unto
i. ii brethren, that the gospel which was
3. 15 Brethren, I speak after the manner of
4. 12 Brethren, I beseech you, be as I (am)
4. 28 we, brethren, as Isaac was, are the child.
4. 31 brethren, we are not children of the
5. 1 1 brethren . . why do I yet suffer persecution
5. 13 brethren, ye have been called unto liberty
6. i Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a
6. r8 Brethren, the grace of our Lord Jesus
Eph. 6. 10 Filially, my brethren, be^strongin. .Lord
6. 23 Peace (be) to the brethren, and love
Phil. i. 12 I would ye should understand, brethren
1. 14 many of the brethren in the Lord
3. i Finally, my brethren, rejoice in the Lord
v 3. 13 Brethren, I count not myself to have
3. 17 Brethren, be followers together of me
4. i Therefore, my brethren dearly beloved
4. 8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are
4. 21 brethren which are with me greet you
Col. i. 2 To the. .faithful brethren in Christ, .at
4.15 Salute the brethren which are in Laodicea
1 Th. i. 4 Knowing, brethren beloved, your election
2. i yourselves, brethren, know our entrance
2. 9 ye remember, brethren, our labour and
2. 14 ye, brethren, became followers of the
2. 17 we, brethren, being taken from you for a
3. 7 brethren, we were comforted over you in
4. i webeseechyou, brethren, and exhort(yoiO
4. 10 toward all the brethren which are in all
4. 10 we beseech you, brethren, that ye increase
4. 13 not have you to be ignorant, brethren
5. i of the time, and the seasons, brethren
5. 4 ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that
5. 12 brethren, to know them which labour
5. 14 brethren, warn them that are unruly
5. 25 Brethren, pray for us
5. 26 Greet all the brethren with an holy kiss
5. 27 epistle be read unto all the holy brethren
2 Th. i. 3 to thank God always for you, brethren
2. i we beseech you, brethren, by the coming
2. 13 thanks alway to God for you, brethren
2. 15 brethren, stand fast, and hold the tradi.
3. i brethren, pray for us, that the word of
3. 6 we command you, brethren, in the name
3. 13 ye, brethren, be not weary in well doing
1 Ti. 4. 6 If thou put the brethren in remembrance
5. i entreat, .the younger men as brethren
6. 2 not despise, .because they are brethren
2 Ti. 4. 21 Linus, and Claudia, and all the brethren
Heb. 2. 1 1 he is not ashamed to call them brethren
2. 12 I. .declare thy name unto my brethren
2. 17 behoved, .to be made like, .(his) brethren
3. i holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly
3. 12 Take heed, brethren, lest there be in any
7. 5 according, .law, that is, of their brethren
10. 19 Having, .brethren, boldness to enter into
13. 22 I beseech you, brethren, suffer the word
Jas. i. 2 My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall
1. 16 Do not err, my beloved brethren
1. 19 my beloved brethren, let every man be
2. i My brethren, have not the faith of our
2. 5 Hearken, my beloved brethren, Hath not
2. 14 My brethren, though a man say he hath
3. i My brethren, be not many masters
3. 10 my brethren, these things ought not so
3. 12 Can the fig tree, my brethren, bear olive
4. 1 1 Speak not evil one of another, brethren
5. 7 Be patient, .brethren, unto the coming
5. 9 Grudge not one against another, brethren
5. 10 Take, my brethren, the prophets, who
5. 12 above all things, my brethren, swear not
5. 19 Brethren, if any of you do err from the
2 Pe. i. 10 brethren . . make your calling and election
i Jo. 2. 7 Brethren, I write no new commandment
3. 13 Marvel not, my brethren, if the world
3. 14 death, .life because we love the brethren
3. 16 to lay down (our) lives for the brethren
3 Jo. 3 I rejoiced . . when the brethren came
5 whatever thou doest to the brethren, and
10 neither doth he. .receive the brethren
Rev. 6. ii ; 12. 10 ; 19. 10 ; 22. 9.
4. Brotherhood, aSe\(f)6Tijs adelphotes.
1 Pe. 5. 9 your brethren that are in the world
False or lying broth-er, ^tv8<i8t\<f>ospseudaddphos.
2 Co. ii. 26 perils in the sea. among false brethren
Gal. 2. 4 because of false brethren unawares
BRETHREN, love as
Loving a brother, <f)i\d.8e\<t>os philadelphos.
i Pe. 3. 8 love as brethren, (be) pitiful, (be)
BRETHREN, love of -
Love of brethren, <*>iAa5fAia Philadelphia.
i Po. i. 22 unto unfeigned love of the lin.-tlin.-u
l.A covering, 133 kopher.
i Sa. 12. 3 of whose hand have I.received (any) bribe
Amos ). 12 they afflict tlie just, they take a bribe
Z.Brilte, reward, ine shuchad.
1 Sa. 8. 3 took liri .n-s. ami perverted judgment
Paa. 26. 10 their right hand is full i bribes
Isa. 33. 15 shaketh his hands from holding of bribes
Bribe, "ntf shoe/tad.
Job 15. 34 consume the tabernacles of bribery
l>>ick, (from, its whiteness), -i;?? lebenah.
Ue-i ii. 3 Go to, let us make brick, and bum
11. 3 they had brick for stone, and slime had
Exod. i. 14 with hard bondage, in mortar, and in hr.
5. 7 Ye shall .. give . . straw to make brick
5. 8 the tale of the bricks, which they did
5. 10 and they say to us. Make brick : and
5. 18 yet shall ye deliver the tale of bricks
5. 19 Ye shall not iniuish . .from your bricks
Isa. 9 10 bricks are fallen down, but we will build
BRICK, altar* of
Anything made of brick, nj3^ lebenah.
Isa. 65. 3 bumeth incense upon altars of brick
BRICK, making
To make bricks, JO
1 lulwn.
L xud.j. 14 not fulfilled, .task in making brick
Place fur making bnck, fjS
? malbcn.
2 Sa. 12. 31 made them pass through the brick kiln
Jer 43. 9 hide them in the clay in the brick kiln
N ah. 3. 14 tread the mortar, make strong the brick k.
l.The complete or perfect one, njg knllah.
Isa. 49. 18 bind them (on thec), as a bride (Joeth)
61. 10 as a bride adorneth (herself) with her
62. 5 the bridegroom rejoiccth ovor the bride
Jer. 2. 32 Can a maid forget, .(or) a bride her attire?
7. 34 the bridegroom, and the voice of the bride
16 9 the bridegroom, and the voiceof the bride
25. 10 the bridegroom, and the voiceof the bride
33. 11 the bridegroom, ami the voice of the bride
Joel 2. 16 go forth, .and the bride out of her closet
Z.Bride, vvnQij nvmphe.
John 3. 29 He that hath the bride is the bridegroom
Hev. 18. 23 the voice of the bridegroom and of the b.
21. 2 as a bride adorned for her husband
91. 9 I will show thee [the bride], the Lamb s
22. 17 And the Spirit and the bride say, Come
lii nli chamber, vun<put> numphZn.
Matt. 9. 15 the children of the bride chamber mourn
Murk 2. 19 the children of the bride chamber fast
Luke 5. 34 ye make the children of the bride cham.
1.0nc who contracts affinity, fpn ch it/iati.
Psa. 19 5 bridegroom coming out of his chamber
Isa. 61. 10 as a bridegroom decketh (himself) with
62. 5 the bridegroom rejoiceth over the bride
Jer. 7. 34 the bridegroom, and the voice of the bride
16. 9 the bridegroom, and the voiceof the bride
25. 10 the bridegroom, and the voice of the bride
33. 1 1 the bridegroom, and the voice of the bride
Joel 2. 16 let.. bridegroom go forth, .and the bride
Z.Jindegrtioin, niu<pios nuniphios.
Matt. 9. 15 as long as the bridegroom is with them ?
9. 15 when the bridegroom slcill be taken from
25. i and went forth to meet the bridegroom
25. 5 While tin1 bridegroom tarried, they all
25. 6 Kehold, the bridegroom cometh ; go ye
25. 10 they went to buy, the bridegroom came
Mark 2. 19 (fast while the hrideuTiiom is with them?]
2 19 as long as they have the bridegroom with
2. 20 when the bridegroom shall l>e taken away
Luke 5. 34 fast while the bridegroom is with them?
5. 35 when the bridegroom shall !>e taken away
John 2. 9 the governor called the bridegroom
3 29 He that Irith the bride is the bridegroom
3. 29 but the friend of the bridegroom, which
3. 29 rejoiceth .because of the bridegroom !
Rev. 18. 2} the voice of the bridegroom, .shall be
\.AIuzde, cisrrp -inachsom.
Psa. 39. i I will keep my mouth with a bridle, while
2.Bridle, bit, Jrn metheg.
2 Ki. 19. 28 I will put . my bridle ir. thy lips
Prov.26. 3 for the horse, a bridle for the ass, and a
Isa. 37. 29 will I put. .my bridle in thy lips
3.7? I H, fjn resen.
Job 30.*! i they have also let loose the bridle
41. 13 come ,to him) with his double bridle ?
Psa. 32. 9 whosenio!ithiiii;st!>eheldin with..brid.
Isa. -,o. 28 and. .a bridle in the jaws of the people
4.11it of a bridle, \a\iv6s chulim>s.
K*)V. 14. ;o blood came out., unto thj horse bridles
75RIDL2, ta -
To lead icilk a bit, yaAMwyvy^w chalinaySyeu.
Jas. i. 26 hridlcth not his tongue, but deceiveth
3. 2 (and) able also to bridle tin- whole body
Throuijli a few (ironls), Si o\tywi>
di oliaOn.
i Pe. 5. i? I suppose, 1 have written brielly, exhorting
BRIEFLY comprehended, to be
7V be brought up into a head, avaKfipa.\aio<>/j.u.i.
liom 1 3. 9 it is briefly comprehended in this saying
1. finer, p~in chedeq.
Mic. 7. 4 The best of them (is) as a brier ; the most
Z.Brier, thorn, p
sp sillon.
Eze. 28. 24 there shall be no more a pricking brier
Z.Thorn, nettle, i^p sirpad.
Isa. 55. 13 instead of the brier shall come up the
4. Brier, diamond point, adamant, ~r~y shamir.
Isa, 5. 6 there shall come up briers and thorns
7. 23 it shall (even) be for briers and thorns
7. 24 the land shall Itecome briers and thorns
7. 25 shall not come thither the fear of briers
9. 18 it shall devour the briers and thorns, and
10. 17 burn and devour his thorns and his brier.-!
27. 4 who would set the briers, .against me in
32. 13 Upon the land . .shall come up., briers ;
5.A triple-pointed plant, rplftoKos tribolos.
Heb. 6. 8 that which bearcth thorns and briers
1. Threshing instruments, C
JjT!5 bnrqanim.
Judg.8. 7, 16 thorns of the wilderness and with briers
2. Briers, C inp sarabhn,
Eze. 2. 6 though briers and thorns (be) with thee
Coat of mail, brigandine, frip siryon.
Jer. 46. 4 furbish, .(and) put on the brigand ines
51. 3 lifteth himself up in his brigandiue
1.Light, bright, TIN or.
Job 37. ii he scattereth his bright cloud
^.Bright, T.t? bahir.
Job 37. 21 see not the briglit light which (is) in the
^.Lightning, brightness, jrj7 baraq.
Eze. 21. 15 made bright, (it is) wrapped up for the
4. Flame, blade, ^lahab.
Nah. 3. 3 The horseman lifteth up both the bright
^-Light-giver, light -giving, TINS maor.
Eze. 32. 8 All the bright lights ol heaven will I make
G. To polish, ens marat, 4.
1 Ki. 7. 45 and all these vessels, .(were of) bright
7. To scour, iwlish. jrn maraq.
2 C h. 4. 16 for the house of the LORD, of briglit brass
S.S/iining, nil nogah.
Eze. i. 13 the fire was bright, and out of the fire
9. Prepared, bright, sh ining, nie^ ashot/i.
Eze. 27. 19 bright iron, cassia, and calamus, were:::
10. P;-fpared, shining, n&yesheth.
Song 5. 14 his belly (is as) bright ivory overlaid (with)
ll.Brighii shining, Aa/uirpos lampros.
Acts 10. 30 beiiuld, a man stood before me in bright
Rev. 22. 16 (and) the bright and morning star
12. Shining, <f>wrttv6s phiiteinos.
Matt 17. 5 While he . . spake, behold, a [bright] cloud
BRIGHT cloud
Brightness, lightness, i in chaziz.
Zech. 10 i (so) the LORD shall make bright clouds
Freckled tput, rnnj bahereth.
Lev. 13. 2 a scab, or bright spot, and it be in the
13. 4 If the bright spot (be) white in the skin
1 3. 19 the place of the boil there be . . a bright s.
13. 23, 28 if the bright spot stay in his place
13. 24 (flesh) that burneth have a white bright s. i
13. 25 the hair in the bright spot be turned
13. 26 (there be) no white hair in the bright spot I
13. 38 skin of their flesh bright spots, .bright s.
1 3. 39 (if) the bright spots in the skin of their i
14. 56 a rising, and for a scab, and for a bright s.
BRIGHT, to make
1.7V) cleanse, TTJ barar, 5.
Jer. 51. ii Make bright the arrows; gather the
2.7V) make bright or sharp, S"?5 qalal. 3.
Eze. si. 21 he made (his) arrows bright, he consulted
1. Brightness, shining, -irri loliar.
Eze. 8. 2 as the appearance of brightness, as the
Dan. 1 2. 3 they . . shall shine as the brightness of the
1. Clearness, appearance, vi ziv.
Dan. 2. 31 This great image, whose brightness (was) -
4. 36 mine honour and brightness returned
^.Shining (as of a city), rtyo? yiphah..
Eze. 28. 7 and they shall defile thy brightness
a8. 17 thy wisdom by reason of thy brightness
i. Precious, rare, ijj, yaqar.
Job 31. 76 or the moon walking (in) brightness
." ..sA in ing (of fire, sun, moon, apear), fill noguh.
2 Sa. 22. 13 through the brightness before him were
Psa. 18. 12 At the brightness, .his thick clouds passed
Isa. 60. 3 and kings to the brightness of thy rising
60. ii) for brightness shall the moon give light
62. i righteousness . .go forth as brightness
Eze. i. 4 a brightness (was) about it, and out of the
i. 27 fire, and it had brightness round about
1. 28 so (was) the appearance of the brightnesi
10. 4 full of the brightness of the LOKDS glory Amos 5. 20 even very dark, and no brightness in it J
Uab. 3. 4 And (his) brightness was as the light : ha
G.Shinings, brightnesses, rrtfuj negohoth.
Isa. 59. 9 for brightness, (but) we walk in darkness
7 .Reflexion. a.ira.iiya.crfjia. apaugasma.
Heb. i. 3 Who being the brightness of (hi<) glory
&. Manifestation, firnpavfia epiphaneia.
2 Th. 2. 8 destroy with the brightness of his coining
0. Shining, brilliancy, \afj.irpoTri^ lamprotts.
Acts 26. 13 light .above the brightness of the sun
l.Knd, edge, border, TX^ qatsfli.
Josh. 3. 15 were dipped in the brim of the water
2. Lip, ns saphah.
1 Ki. 7. 23 ten cubits from the one brim to theother
7. 24 And under the brim of it round a%out
7. 26 and the brirn thereof was wrought
7. 26 like the brim of a cup, with flowers of
2 Ch. 4. 2 a molten sea of ten cubits from brim to b.
4. 5 (was) an handbreadth, and the brim of
4. 5 like the work of the brini of a cup, with.
BRIM, up to the
L p unto the upper part, teas 6.v<i> heos and.
John 2. 7 And they.filled them up to the brim
1. Bitumen, pitch, *~ln?2 gophrith.
Gen. 19. 24 Then the LORD rained, .brimstone and
Deut 20. 2 ? (that) the whole land thereof (is) brimst.
Job 18. 15 brimstone shall be scattered upon his
Psa. ii. 6 t : pon the wicked heshall rain, .brimstone*
Isa. 30. 33 breath of the LORD, like a stream of brim.
34. o and the dust thereof into brimstone
Eze. 38. 22 and great hailstones fire and brimstonft
I.Divine ftre, or sulphur, 0(\ov theion.
Lukei7. 29 ^ rained fire and brimstone from heaven
Rev. 9. 17 out of theirmouths issued flre. .am! brim.
9. 18 by the smoke, and by the brimstono
14. 10 he shall be tormented with, .brimstone
19. 10 into a lake, .burning with brimstone
20. 10 cast into the lake of fire and brimstone
?i. 8 which burneth with fire and brimstone
Like as of sulphur, OttuSris theiodes.
Rev 9. 17 having breastplates of flre andbrimstou?
1.7V.) add, gather, f]px asnph.
Deut 22. 2 tliou shalt bring it unto thine own houss
Josh. 2 18 thou shalt bring thy father and thy
2. To cause to come, , nnx atha, atliiili, f>.
Isa. 21. 14 The inhabitants, .brought water to him
Dau. 3. 13 Nebuchadnezzar, .commanded to bring
3.13 Then they brought these men before
5. 2 commanded to bring the golden, .vessels
5. 3 Then they brought the golden vessels
S- 13 the king my father brought out of Jewry!
i;. 23 they have brought the vessels of his
6. 16 the king commanded, and they brought
6. 24 brought those men which had accused
3.7V) cause to come in, xia bo, 5.
Gen. 2. 19 brought (them) unto Adam to see what
2. 22 made he a woman, and brought her unto
4. 3 Cain brought of the fruit of the ground
4. 4 he also brought of the firstlings of hU
6. 17 I.dobringafloodof waters upon theearth
6. 19 of every living thing, .shalt thou bring
18. 19 the LORI> may bring upon Abraham that
20. 9 thou hast brought, .and on my kingdom
24. 67 And Isaac brought her into his mother
26. 10 thou shouldest have brought guiltiness
27. 4 make me savoury meat, .and bring (it)
27. 5 to hunt (for) venison, (and) to bring (It)
27. 7 Bring me venison, and make me. .meat
27. 10 And thou shalt bring (it) to thy father
27. 12 I shall bring a curse upon me, and not .
37. 14 he went, .and brought (them) to his
27. 25 and he brought him wine, and he drank
27. 31 and brought it unto his father, and said
27. 33 he that hath taken venison, and brought
39. 13 and kissed him, and brought him to hU
29. 23 he took Leah his daughter, and brought
30. 14 and brought them unto his mother Leah
31. 39 was torn (of beasts) I brought not unto
37. 2 and Joseph brought unto his father their
37. 28 sold Joseph, .and they brought Joseph
37. 32 they sent the coat . . and . . brought (it) to
39. 17 The Hebrew servant, which thou hast h
Gen. 42 20 But briny your youngest brother unto
42. 34 And bring your youngest brother unto
42. 37 Slay my two sous, if I bring him not to
43. 2 which they had brought out of Egypt
43. 9 if I bring him not unto thee, and set
43. 16 Bring (these) men home, and slay, and
43. 17 the man brought the men into Joseph s
43. 24 the man brought the men into Joseph s
43. 26 they brought him the present which (was)
44. 32 If I bring him not unto thee, then I shall
46. 7 mid all his seed, brought he with him into
46. 32 and they have brought their flocks, and
47. 14 and Joseph brought the money into
47. 17 And they brought their cattle unto
JSlod 2. 10 and she brought him unto Pharaoh s
6. 8 And I will bring you in unto the land
10. 4 to-morrow will I bring the locusts into
11. i Yet will I bring one plague (more) upon
13. 5 when the LORD shall bring thee into the
13. ii And it shall be, when the LORD shall
18. 19 that thou mayest bring the causes unto
18. 22 (that) every great matter they shall bring
18. 26 the hard causes they brought unto Moses
19. 4 (how) I bare you . . and brought you unto
22. 13 (then) let him bring it (for) witness
23. 19 thou shalt bring into the house of. .Loni)
23. 20 to bring thee into the place which I have
32. 2 Break off the golden earrings, .and bring
32. 3 brake off the golden earrings . . and bro.
32. 21 thou hast brought so great a s)n upon
34. 26 thou shalt bring unto the house of the
35. 5 whosoever (is) of a willing heart, let him
35. 25 and brought that which they had spun
35. 21 they brought the LORD S offering to the
35. 22 brought bracelets, and earrings, and
35. 23 every man. .whom was found . .brought
35. 24 Every one that did offer . . brought the
35. 24 every man with whom was. .brought (it)
35. 27 And the rulers brought onyx stones, and
35. 29 The children, .brought a willing offering
36. 3 the children, .had brought for the work
36. 3 And they brought yet unto him free offer.
36. 5 The people bring much more than enough
36. 6 the people were restrained from bringing
39. 33 And they brought the tabernacle unto
40. 21 And he brought the ark into the tabernacle
lev. 2. 2 And he shall bring it to Aaron s sons the
2. 8 And thou shalt bring the meat offering
4. 4 And he shall bring the bullock unto the
4. 5 and bring it to the tabernacle of the
4. 14 and bring him before the tabernacle of
4. 16 the priest, .shall bring of the bullock s
4. 23 he shall bring his offering, a kid of the
4. 28 then he shall bring his offering, a kid of
4. 32 if he bring a lamb, .he shall bring it
5. 6 he shall bring his trespass offering unto
5. 7 then he shall bring for his trespass, which
5. 8 And he shall bring them unto the priest
5. ii But if he be not able to bring two turtle
5. 12 Then shall he bring it to the priest
5. 15 then he shall bring for his trespass unto
5. 18 And he shall bring a ram without blemish
6. 6 And he shall bring his trespass offering
7. 29 He. .shall bring his oblation unto the
7. 30 His own hands shall bring the offerings
7. 30 the fat with the breast, it shall he bring
10. 15 shall they bring with the offerings made
12. 6 she shall bring a lamb of the first year
14. 23 And he shall bring them on the eighth
15. 29 and bring them unto the priest, to the
16. 12 sweet incense, .and bring (it) within the
16. 15 shall he kill the goat . .and bring his blood
17. 4 And bringeth it not unto the door of the
17. 5 may bringtheirsaerifices, which they offer
17. 5 even that they may bring them unto
17. 9 And bringeth it not unto the door of the
18. 3 whither I bring you, shall ye not do
19. 21 And he shall bring his trespass offering
20. 22 whither I bring you to dwell therein
23. 10 then ye shall bring a sheaf of the first
23. 14 that ye have brought an offering unto
23. 15 ye brought the sheaf of the wave offering
23. 17 Ye shall bring out of your habitations
24. ii And they brought him unto Moses
26. 25 And I will bring a sword upon you, that
26. 41 and have brought them into the land of
Num. 5. 15 Then shall the man bring his wife unto
5. 15 and he shall bring her offering for her
6. 10 on the eighth day he shall bring two
6. 13 he shall be brought unto the door of the
6. 12 and shall bring a lamb of the first year
7. 3 brought their offering before the LORD
14. 3 hath the LORD brought us unto this land
14. 8 then he will bring us into this land, and
14. 16 the LORD was not able to bring this
14. 24 him will I bring into the land wherein to
15. 18 When ye come into the land whither I
15. 25 and they shall bring their offering, a sac.
16. 14 Moreover thou hast not brought us into
18. 13 which they shall bring unto the LORD
20. 4 have ye brought up the congregation
20. 5 to bring us in unto this evil place ?
20. 12 ye shall not bring this congregation into
31. 12 And they brought the captives, and the
31. 54 and brought it into the tabernacle of the
32. 17 until we have brought them unto their
Deut. 6. 10 when the LORD, .shall have brought thpe
6. 23 that he might bring us in. to give us the
7. i thy God shall bring ihee into the land
7. 26 Neither shait thou bring an abomination
8. 7 the LORD thy God bringeth thee into a
5. 28 to bring them into the land which he
Deut 12. 6 thither yu shall bring your burnt offerings
12. ii thither shall ye bring all that 1 command
21. 12 Then thou shalt bring her home to thine
23. 1 8 Thou shalt not bring the hire of a whore
26. 2 which thou shalt bring of thy land that
26. 9 And he hath brought us into this place
26. 10 behold, I have brought the first fruits of
29. 27 to bring upon it all the curses that are
30. 5 And the LORD thy God will bring thee
31. 20 For when I shall have brought them
31. 21 before I have brought them into the land
31. 23 for thou shalt bring. .Israel into the land
33. 7 and bring him unto his people : let his
Josh. 7. 23 they took them out. .and brought them
1 8. o and bring, .hither to me, that 1 may cast
23. 15 so shall tiie LORD bring upon you all evil
24. 7 brought the sea upon them, and covered
24. 8 I brought you into the land of the Amor.
Judg. i. 7 And they brought him to Jerusalem
2. i and have brought you unto the land
7. 25 and brought the heads of Orel) and Zeeb
18. 3 and said unto him, Who brought thee
19. 3 and she brought him into her father s
19. 21 So he brought him into his house
21. 12 and they brought them unto the camp to
1 Sa. i. 22 and (then) I will bring him, that he may
i. 24 brought him unto the house of the LORD
1. 25 they slew a bullock, and brought the
5. i brought it from Eben-ezer unto Ashdod
5. 2 they brought it into the house of Dagon
7. i brought it into the house of Abinadab
9. 7 behold, (if) we go, what shall we bring
9. 7 not a present to bring to the man of God
9. 22 and brought them into the parlour
10. 27 they despised him, and brought him no
;5. 15 They have brought them from the Amal
15. 20 and have brought Agag the king of Ama
16. 17 Provide me now a man. .and bring, .to
17. 54 And David took the head .and brought
17. 57 brought him before Saul, with the head
1 8. 27 David brought their foreskins, and they
19. 7 And Jonathan brought David to Saul
20. 8 for thou hast brought thy servant into a
20. 8 for why shonldest thou bring me to thy
21. 14 wherefore (then) have ye brought him to
21. 15 that ye have brought this, to play the
25. 27 which thine handmaid hath brought unto
25. 35 David received, .which she had brought
27. ii David saved neither man. .to bring
2 Sa i. 10 have brought them hither unto my lord
3. 13 except thou first bring Michal, Saul s
4. 8 And they brought the head of Ish-bosheth
7. 18 what (is) my house, .thou hast brought
8. 7 took the shields . . and brought them
14. 10 Whosoever saith (ought) unto thee, bring
14. 23 and brought Absalom to Jerusalem
17. 14 that the LORD might bring evil upon Ab
23. 16 and took (it), and brought (it) to David
1 Ki. i. 3 Abishag. .and brought her to the king
2. 40 and Shimei went, and brought his
3. i and brought her into the city of David
V 24 And the king said, Bring me a sword
4. 28 Barley also and straw, .brought they unto
9. 9 The LORD brought upon thenxall this evil
9. 28 fetched, .gold, .and brought (it) to king
10. 25 And they brought every man his present
14. 10 I will bring evil upon the house of Jerob.
17. 6 the ravens brought him bread and flesh
20. 39 a man turned aside, and brought a man
21. 21 Behold, I will bring evil upon thee
21. 29 I will not bring the evil in his days
21. 29 in his son s days will I bring the evil
2 Ki. 4. 20 when he had taken him, and brought
4. 42 and brought the man of God bread of
5. 6 he brought the letter to the king of Israel
5. 20 receiving at his hands that which he
o. 8 They have brought the heads of the king s
o. 24 (If) any . . whom I have brought into yours
t. 4 and brought them to him into the house
7. 24 the king, .brought (men) from Babylon
9. 25 have I brought it to pass, that thou
0. 20 he made a pool, .and brought water into
1. 12 I (am) bringing (such), .upon Jerusalem
2. 16 Behold, I will bring evil upon this place
2. 20 evil which I will bring upon this place
3. 8 he brought all the priests out of the
3. 30 his servants earned him. .and brought
4. 16 even them the king of Babylon brought
1 Ch. 5. 26 and brought them unto Halah. . Habor
0. 12 and brought them to Jabesh, and buried
1. 2 he that leddest out and broughtest in Is
i. 18 and took (it), and brought (it) to David
1. 19 (the jeopardy of) their lives they brought
2. 40 Moreover they . . brought bread on asses
3. 5 bring the ark of God from Kirjath-jearim
3. 12 How shall I bring the ark of God (home)
6. i they brought the ark of God, and set
7. 1 6 what (is) mine house, that thou hast b.
8. 7 David took the shields . . and brought
2 bring the number of them to me, that I
4 they of Tyre, brought much cedar wood
19 to bring the ark of the covenant of the
2 Ch. 2. 16 and we will bring it to thee in flotes by
7. 22 hath he brought all this evil upon them
8. 1 8 took, .talents of gold, and brought (them)
Q. 10 the servants of Solomon, which brought
9. 10 And the servants . .brought algum trees
9. 12 beside (that) which she had brought
9. 14 Beside (that which) chapmen, .brought
9. 14 all the kings of Arabia, .brought gold and
9. 24 And they brought every man his present
15. ii they offered, .of the spoil (which) they b.
2 Ch. 15. 18 he brought into the house of God the
17. 1 1 (some) of the Philistines brought Jeliosh
17. ii and the Arabians brought him flocks
22. 9 they caught him . .and brought him to
24. 1 1 the chest was brought unto the king s
24. 14 they brought the rest of the money before
25. 12 and brought.thern unto the top of the
25. 14 that he brought tho gods of the children
25. 23 and brought him to Jerusalem, and brake
28. 5 a great multitude . . and brought (them)
28. 8 and brought the spoil to Samaria
28. 13 Ye shall not bring in the captives hither
28. 15 brought them to Jericho, the city of
28. 27 but they brought him not into the
29. 21 they brought seven bullocks, and seven
29. 31 come near and bring sacrifices and
29. 32 number, .which the congregation brought
31. 10 Since (the people) began to bring the
32. 23 And many brought gifts unto the LORD
33. it the LORD brought upon them thecaptains
34. 24 Behold I will bring evil upon this place
34. 28 all the evil that I will bring upon this
36. 10 Nebuchadnezzar, .brought him to
36. 1 8 all (these) he brought to Babylon
Ezra 3. 7 to bring cedar trees from Lebanon to the
8. 17 that they should bring unto us ministers
8 1 8 they brought us a man of understanding
8. 30 to bring (them) to Jerusalem unto the
Nell. i. 9 bring them unto the place that I have
8. i to bring the book of the law of Moses
8. 2 And Ezra the priest brought the law
8. 16 the people went forth, and brought
9. 23 children also, .broughtest them into the
10. 31 And (if) the people of the land bring
10. 34 to bring (it) into the house of our God
10. 35 And to bring the first fruits of our
10. 36 the firstborn of our sons, .to bring to the
10. 37 we should bring the first fruits of our
10. 39 the children of Israel, .shall bring the
11. i to bring one of ten to dwell in Jerusalem
1 2. 27 they sought the Levites . . to bring them to
13. T 2 Then brought all Judah the tithe of the
13. 15 which they brought into Jerusalem on
13. 16 which brought fish, and all manner of
13. 1 8 and did not our God bring all this evil
13. 19 there should no burden be brought in on
Esth. i. i i To bring Vashti the queen before the
3. 9 to bring (it) into the king s treasuries
6. i to bring the book of records of the Chron.
6. 14 to bring Haman unto the banquet that
Job 12. 6 whose hand God bringeth (abundantly)
14. 3 bringest me into judgment with thee?
42. ii all the evil that the LORD had brought
Psa. 43. 3 let them bring me unto thy
66. 1 1 Thou broughtest us into the net
78. 54 And he brought them to the border of his
78. 71 he brought him to feed Jacob his people
105. 40 (The people) asked and he brought quails
Prov.2i. 27 (when) he bringeth it with a wicked mind?
31. 14 she bringeth her food from afar
Eccl. 3. 22 for who shall bring him to see what shall
11. 9 for all these (things) God will bring thee
12. 14 God shall bring every work into judgment
Song i. 4 The King hath brought me into his
2. 4 He brought me to the banqueting house
3. 4 until I had brought him into mymother s
8. 2 (and) bring thee into my mother s house
8. ii every, .was to bring a thousand (pieces)
Isa. i. 13 Bring no more vain oblations ; incense is
7. 17 The LORD shall bring, .upon thy people
14. 2 the people shall take them, and bring
31. 2 Yet he also (is) wise, and will bring evil
37. 26 have I brought it to pass, .thou shouldest
43. 5 I will bring thy seed from the east, and
43. 6 bring my sons from far, and my daughters
43. 23 Thou hast not brought me the small
46. 1 1 I have spoken (it), I will also bring it to
48. 15 I have brought him, and he shall make
49. 22-they shall bring thy sons in (their) arms
56. 7 Even them will I bring to my holy
5 8. 7 that thou bring the poor that are cast
60. 17 Fo
66. 4 and will bring their fears upon them
66. 20 And they shall bring all your brethren
66. 20 as the children of Israel bring an offering
Jer. 2. 7 And I brought you into a plentiful
3 14 and two of a family, and I will bring you
4 61 will bring evil from the north, and a
5. is Lo, I will bring a nation upon you from
6. 19 behold, I will bring evil upon this people
IT 81 will bring upon them all the words of
ii ii Behold, I will bring evil upon them
ii 23 for I will bring evil upon the men of
15 81 have brought upon them against the
17. 1 8 bring upon them the day of evil, and
17. 26 bringing burnt offerings, and sacrifices
17. 26 bringing sacrifices of praise, unto the
18. ?2 thou shalt bring a troop suddenly upon
19. 3 Behold, I will bring evil upon this plat e
19. 15 Behold. I will bring upon this city, .all
23. 12 for I will bring evil upon them, (even) th
24. i and had brought them to Babylon
25. 9 and will bring them against this land
25. 13 And I will bring upon that land all my
26. 23 and brought him unto .fehoiakim the
27. ii the nations that bring their neck under
27. 12 Bring your necks under the yoke of the
31. 8 I will bringthem from the north country
32. 42 Like as I have brought all this great evil
32. 42 so will I bring upon them all the good
te a cas
0. 9 the ships of Tarshish first, to bring thy
0. ii (men) may bring unto thee the forces of
0. For brass I will bring. . I will bring
Jer. 33. ii (and) of them that shall bring the
35 i and bring them into the house of the
35. 17 Behold, I will bring upon.I tulah anil u
36. 31 I will bring upon them, and upon the
37. 14 so Irijah took Jeremiah, and brought him
39. 16 Behold, I will bring my words upon this
40. 3 Now the LORI> hath brought (it), and
41. 5 to bring (them) to the house of the Loitl>
42. 17 from the evil that I will bring upon them
44 2 all the evil that I have brought upon Jer.
45. 5 for, behold, I will bring evil upon all
48. 44 for I will bring upon it, (even) upon
49. 5 Behold, I will bring a fear upon thee
49. 8 for I will bring the calamity of Ksau upon
49. 32 I will bring their calamity from all sides
49. 36 And upon Klam will I bring the four
49. 37 I will bring evil upon them, (even) my
51. 64 from the evil that I will bring upon her
Lam. i. 21 thon wilt bring the day (that) thon hast
lize. 5. 17 and I will brim: the swm-d upon thee
6. 3 I, (eveu) I, will bring a sword upon you
7. 24 I will bring the worst of the heathen
8. 3 and brought me in the visions of God to
8. 7 And he brought me to the door of the
8. 14 Then he brouuht me to the door of the
8. 16 And he brought me into the inner court
n. i the spirit lifted me up, and brought me
11. 81 will bring a sword upon you, saith the
n. 24 the spirit took me up, and brought me
12. 13 I will bring him to Babylon (to) the land
14. 17 Or (if) I bring a sword upon that land
14. 22 concerning the evil that I have brought
14. 22 (even) concerning all that 1 have brought
17. 20 he shall be taken, .and I will bring him
19. 4 they brought him with chains unto the
19. 9 and brought him to the king of Babylon
iq. 9 they brought him into holds, that his
20. 10 1 caused them to go forth, .and brought
20. 15 that I would not bring them into the
20. 28 (For) when I had brought them into the
20. 3; I will bring you into the wilderness of the
20. 37 I will bring you into the bond of the
20. 42 when I shall bring you into the land of
23. 22 aud I will bring them against thee on
26. 7 I will bring upon Tyrus Nebuchadrezzar
27. 26 Thy rowers have brought thee into great
28. 7 Behold . . I will bring strangers upon thee
29. 8 Behold, I will bring a sword upon thee
32. 9 I shall bring thy destruction among the
33. 2 When I bring the sword upon a land
34. 13 and will bring them to their own land
36. 24 and will bring you into your own land
37. 12 and bring you into the laud of Israel
37. 21 and bring them into their own land
38. 16 and I will bring thee against my laud
38. 17 which prophesied, .that I would bring
39. 2 and will bring thee upon the mountains of
40. i the hand, .was upon me, and brought me
40. 2 In the visions of God brought he me into
40. 3 And he brought me thither, and, behold
40. 17 Then brought he me into the outward
40. 28 And he brought me to the inner court
40. 32 And he brought me into the inner court
40. 35 And he brought me to the north gate
40. 48 And he brought me to trie porch of the
41. i he brought me to the temple, aud
42. i he brought me fortli into the outer courl
43. 5 the spirit took me up, aud brought me
44. 4 Then brought he me the way of the north
44. 7 In that ye. .brought (into my sanctuary)
46 19 After he brought me through the entry
Dan. i. 2 he brought the vessels into the treasure
i. 3 that he should bring (certain) oi the
i. 18 then the prince of the eunuchs brought
9. 12 he hath confirmed his words, .by bringing
9. 14 hath the LORD watched, .and brought it
9. 24 and to bring in everlasting righteousness
ii. 6 and they that brought her, and he that
Amos 4. i which say. .Bring, and let us drink
4. 4 and brim; your sacrifices every morning
Mic. i. 15 Yet will I bring an heir unto thee, ()
Zeph. 3. 20 At that time will I bring you (again)
Hag. i. 8 Go up to the mountain, and bring wood
i. o when ye brought (it) home, I did blow
Zech. 8. 8 I will bring them, and they shall dwell
10. 10 and I will bring them into the land of
13. 9 I will bring the third part through the
Mai. i. 13 and >e brought (that Which was) torn, air
i. 13 thin ye broiiuht an offering: should I
3. 10 Bring ye all the tithe- int., the storehous
4. 7*0 cut o/, bring over, i yuz.
K until. 31 and brought emails from the sea, and let
>. To carry away captive, iSa yalalt, f>.
3 Ki. 17. 27 Carry, .one of the priests whom ye bro.
(5.7*0 cause to flow or go, Sj; yabal, 5.
Psa. 60. 9 Who will bring me (into) the strong city .
68. 29 Because of thy temple ^liall kin^s brin-
76. ii let all that be round about him bring
108. 10 Who will bring me into the strong city .
Zeph 3. 10 the daughter of my dispersed, shall bring
".TV cause to flow or go, S;* ybul, ?>.
Ezras. M "l brought them into the temple of
6. 5 and brought unto Babylon, be restored
8. To give, 3.T yahab.
Ruth 3 . 15 Bring me the veil that (thou hast) upon
Job 6. 22 Did I say, Bring unto me? or, Give a
9. To cause to go, ijS; i/alak, !>.
Deut 28. 36 the LORD shall bring thee, and thy king
i Ki. i. 38 and caused Solomon . . and brought him
2 Ki. 6. 19 and I will bring you to the man whom
25. 20 and brought them to the king of Babylon
9 Ch, 35. 24 and they brought him to Jerusalem, and
Isa 42. 16 I will bring the blind by a way (that)
Jer 52. 26 and brought them to the king of Babylon
Ijim. 3. 2 He hath led me, and brought (me into)
Eze. 40. 24 After that he brought me toward the
43. i Afterward he brought me to the gate
7. 6 Then he brought me, aud caused me to
Hos 2. 14 I will allure her, and bring her into the
0.7*0 take, receice, njjS luqach.
Gen. 48 9 Bring them, I pray thee, unto me, and I
Exod25. 2 that they may bring me an ottering
27. 20 that they bring thee pure oil olive beaten
Lev 9. 5 brought (that) which Moses commanded
12. 8 then she shall bring two turtles, or two
24. 2 that they bring unto thee pure oil olive
Xum ii. 16 and bring them unto the tabernacle
13. 20 be ye of good courage, and bring of the
19. 2 that they bring thee a red heifer without
23. 14 he brought him into the field of Zophim
23. 27 I pray thee I will bringthee unto another
23. 28 And Balak brought Balaam unto the top
Deut 30. 12 and bring it unto us, that we may hear it
30. 13 and bring it unto us, that we may hear it
Judg 14. ii that they brought thirty companions to
i Sa. 21. 8 for I have neither brought my sword nor
30. 1 1 they found an Egyptian . . and brought
1 Ki. 3. 24 the king said, Bring me a sword. And
17.11 Bring me, I pray thee, a morsel of bread
20. 33 Then he said, Go ye, bring him. Then
2 Ki. 2. 20 Bring me a new cruse . .and they brought
3. 15 But now bring me a minstrel. And it
4. 41 But he said, Then bring meal : and he
i Ch.iS. 8 Likewise from Tibhath. .brought David
11. [/ or the Hebrew see Able to bring i/iif/cr Able.]
Lev. 5. 7 And if he lie not able to bring a lamb
12. 8 And if she be not able to bring a lamb
12.7*0 touch, reach to, y;j naga, i>.
Isa. 75. 12 lay low, (and) bring to the ground, (even)
26. 5 he bringeth it (even) to the dust
13.7*0 dmv) niyh, yx na,gash, 5.
Exocbi. 6 Then his master shall bring him mito
21. 6 he shall also bring him to the door
Lev. 2. 8 he shall bring it unto the altar
8. 14 And he brought the bullock for the sin
1 Sa. 14. 34 And all the people brought every man
28. 25 And she brought (it) before Saul
2 Sa. 13. ii when she had brought (them) unto him
17. 28 Brought beds, and basins and earthen
1 Ki. 4. 21 they brought presents, and served Solo.
2 Ki. 4. 5 upon her sons, whobrought(the vessels)
4. 6 she said unto her sou, Bring me yet a
Isa. 45. 21 Tell ye, and bring (them) near; yea let
14. To thrust, mj-nadach, 5.
2 Sa. 15. 14 bring evil upon us, aud smite the city
15.7*0 lead on, :n} nahag, 3.
Kxod 10. 13 and the LOKI> brought an east wind
Psa. 78. 26 by his power he brought in the south
10. To lead., nnj nachah, 5.
Turn 23. 7 Hal.-ik the king of Moab hath brought me
i Sa. 22. 4 And he brought them before the king
Psa 107. 30 he bringeth them unto their desired
Prov.iS. 16 and bringeth him before great men
17.7*0 cause to journey, J?pj nasa, 5.
Kxod 15 22 So Moses brought Israel from the Red
i Ki. 5. 17 and they brought great stones costly
Psa 80. 8 Thou hast brought a vine out of Egypt
IS. 7*o lift uj}, K$) nasa.
(ieu. 45. 19 take you wagons, .and bring your father
Exod 10. 13 when.. the east wind brought theJocusta
Deut 28. 49 The LORD shall bring a nation against
1 Sa. 4. 4 that they might bring from thence the
2 Sa. 6. 3 and brought it out of the house of Abin
6. 4 they brought it out of the house of Abiu.
8. 2 (so) the Moabites. .brought gifts
8. 6 Syrians became servants, .(and) brought
1 Ki. io. ii the navy., brought in from Ophir great
10. 22 bringing gold, and silver, ivory, and apes
2 Ki. 14. -.-o And they brought him on horses ; and lit
1 Ch. 16. 29 bring an offering, aud come before him
18. 2 Moabites. .servants (and) brought gifts
18. 6 the Syrians, .servants, (and) brought gifts.
18. ii that he brought from all (these) nations
2 Ch. 9 21 the ships of Tarshish, bringing gold, am:
25. 28 And they brought him upon horses, and
Job 40. 20 Surely the mountains bring him forth
Psa. 72. 3 The mountains shall bring peace to the
Psa. 96. 8 bring an offering, and come intohis court:
i?6. 6 lie .doubtless come again, .bringing his
Isa. 60. 6 all they, .shall come: they shall bring
19. To cause to bear, K^J naw, 5.
2Sa. 17. 13 then shall all Israel bring ropes to that
20.7*0 (jire, ]nj natlinn.
i Sa. 9. 23 Bring the portion which I gave thee
11.12 bring the men, that we may put them to
i Ki 8. 32 condemning the wicked, to brine his wa.
i Ch. 14. 17 the LORD brought the fear of 2 Ch. 17. 5
Job 14. 4 Who can bring a clean (thing) out of an
Psa. i 3 that bringeth forth his fruit in his MMO
Prov.29 25 The fear of man bringeth a snare : but
Isa. 40. 23 That hringeth the princes to nothing
Jer. 23. 40 I will bring an everlasting reproach
26. 15 ye shall surely bring innocent blood
Eze. 21. 29 tobring-theeupon the necks of (them)
28. 18 and I will bring thee to ashes upon the
Dan. i. 9 Now God had brought Daniel into favour
Zeph. 3. 5 every morning doth . . bring his judgment
21.7*0 cause to turn aside, I D sur, 5.
1 Ch. 13. 13 So David brought not the ark (home)
22. To cause to
2><iss ocer, 15;* abar, 5.
2 Sa. 19. 41 and have brought the kjng and Eze. 47.3,4
23. To cause to go up, n^ alah, 5.
Geu. 50. 24 and bring you out of this land unto the
Exod. 32. 7 thy people, which thou broughtest out of
Deut.28. 61 them will the LORD bring upon thee
Josh. 7. 24 and they brought them unto the valley of
Judg 1 6. 1 8 the lords, .came up unto her and brought
1 Sa. 2. 19 and brought (it) to him from year to
2 Ki. 17. 4 brought no present to the king of Assyria
2Ch. 36. 17 Therefore he brought upon them the
Psa. 81. io the LORD thy God. which brought thee
Jer. 33. 6 I will uring it health and cure, and 1 will
Hos. 12 13 Andny a prophet the LOUD brought Israel
4. 7*o cause to step, tyif tsaad, 5.
Job 18 14 and it shall bring him to the king of terrors
5.7*0 cause to draio near, 2-$ qarab, 5.
Exod2g. 3 bring them in the basket, with the bulloqk
29. 4 thou shalt bring unto the door of the
79. 8 thou shalt bring his sons, and put coats
29. io thou shalt cause a bullock to be brought
40. 12 thou shalt bring Aaron and his sons
40. 14 thoushaltbringhissons, and clothe them
Lev. i 2 If any man of you bring an offering
i. 2 ye shall bring your offering of the cattle
i. 5 aud the priests . . shall bring the blood
i. io he shall bring it a male without blemish
i. 13 and the priests shall bring (it) all, and
i. 14 then he shall bring his ottering of turtle
1. 15 the priest shall bring it unto the altar
2. 4 if thou bring an oblation of a meat offering
2. n JS o meat offering, which ye shall bring
4. 3 then let him bring for his sin. .a young
8. 6 Moses brought Aaron aud his sous
8. 13 Moses-brought Aaron s sons, and put coats
8. 18 Arid he brought the ram for the burnt
8. 22 he brought the other ram, the ram of
8. 24 he brought Aaron s sons, aud Moses put of
9. 9 Aud the sons of Aaron brought the blood
9. 15 And he brought the people s offering
9. 16 And he brought the burnt offering
9. 17 And he brought the meat offering, and
16. 9 And Aaron shall bring the goat
16. ii Aaron shall bring the bullock of the sin
16. 20 when he hath made an end. .he shall bring
27. 9 whereof men bring an offering unto the
Num. 5. 9 every offering . . which they bring unto the
5. 16 Aud the priest shall bring her near
6. 16 the priest shall bring (them) before the
7. 3 they brought them before the tabernacle
8. 9 thou shalt bring the Levites before the
8. io And thou shalt bring the Levites before
9. i -( because he brought not the offering of the
15. 4 bring a meat offering of a tenth deal
15. 9 Then shall he bring with a bullock a meat
15. 27 then he shall bring a she goat of the first
15. 10 thou shalt bring for a drink offering half
15. 33 they, .brought him untoMosesand Aaron
16. 17 and bring ye before the LORD every man
1 8. 2 bring thou with thee, that they may be
18. 15 Every thing, .which they bring unto the
25. 6 and brought unto his. .a Midianitish
27. 5 Aud Moses brought their cause before the
28. 26 when ye bring a new meat offering unto
31. 50 We have therefore brought au oblation
Deut. i. 17 bring (it) unto me, aud I will hear it
Josh. 7. 16 and brought Israel by their tribes
7. 17 And he brought, .and he brought the
7. 18 And he brought his household man by man
8. 23 the king of Ai they took alive, and brought
Judg. 3. 17 And he brought the present unto Eglon
2 Ki. 16. 14 And he brought also the brasen altar
26.7*0 cause to meet, ."pp qarah, 5.
Gen. 27. 20 Because the LOKD thy God brought (it) to
27.7*0 cause to ride, 23-3 rakab, 5.
Esth. 6 9 bring him on horseback through the
28.Tojntt, place, set, cVr sum.
Exod 8. 12 frogs which he had brought against
> 5. 26 which 1 have brought upon the Egyptians
Deut -22. 8 that thou bring not blood upon thine
Psa. 89. 40 thou hast brought hiss, to ruin Isa. 23. 13.
29.7*0 cause to turn back, 3itr shub, 5.
Deut28 60 he will bring upon thee all the diseases of
1 Sa. 6. 7 and bring their calves home from them
2 Ki.2o ii and he brought the shadow ten degive.-
2 Ch. 34 . 16 and brought the king word back agaiu
Job 30. 23 For I know (that) thou wilt bring me (to)
Psa. 72. 10 The kings of Tarshish. .shall bring pres.
94. 23 And he shall bring upon them their
Prov.2o. 26 and bringeth the wheel over them
Jou. 1.13 the men rowed hard to bring (it) to . land
30.7*0 put, place, set, n"y
; shith.
Isa. 15. 9 for I will bring more upon Dimon, lions
31.7*0 send forth or atcay, nV shalach, 3.
Obad. 7 All the men . . have brought thee . to the
32. 7*o put, place, set, r\yy shajjhath.
Psa. 22. 15 and thou hast brought me into the dust
[See also Desolation, distress, evil, fruit, hastily,
hither, horseback, low. more, neai, nought,
pass, remembrance, reproach, safe, salvation,
straight, tidings.]
33. To lead oil, ay<a ago.
Matt 21. 2 loose (them), aiut bring (them) unto me
21. 7 And brought the ass, and the colt, and
Markn. 2 ye shall find a colt tied, .lining] (him)
ii. 7 they [brought] the colt to Jesus, and cast
Luke 4. 9 he brought him to Jerusalem, and set
4. 40 all they that had . . brought them unto
10. 34 brought him to an inn, and took cure
19. 27 But those mine enemies, .bring hither
19. 30 loose him, and bring (him hither)
19. 35 And they brought him to Jesus
John i. 42 he brought him to Jesus. And when
7. 45 they said unto them, Why have ye not
8. 3 [the scribes . . brought unto him a woman]
9. 13 They brought to the Pharisees him that
10. 16 them also I must bring, and they shall
19. 4 Behold, I bring him forth to you, that
19. 13 he brought Jesus forth, and sat down in
Acts 5. 26 Then went the captain . . and brought
5. 27 when they had brought them, they set
6. 12 and caught him, and brought (him) to
9. 2 he might bring them bound unto Jerusa.
9. 21 he might bring them bound unto the
9. 27 Barnabas took him, and brought (him)
11. 26 when he had found him, he brought him
17. 5 and sought to [bring] them out to the
17. 15 they that conducted Paul brought him
17. 19 took him and brought him unto Areop.
18. 12 and brought him to the judgment seat
19. 37 For ye have brought hither these men
20. 12 And they brought the young man alive
21. 16 and brought with them one Mnasou
22. 5 to bring them which were there bound
23. 10 to take him by force, .and to bring (him)
23. 1 8 he took him, and brought (him) to the
23. 1 8 to bring this young man unto thee
23. 31 took Paul, and brought (him) by night
1 Th. 4. 14 even so them also, .will God bring with
2 Ti. 4.11 Take Mark, and bring him with thee
Heb. 2. 10 in bringing many sous unto glory, to
34. To lead up, avdyw anago.
Luke 2. 22 they brought, .to Jerusalem, to present
Acts 9. 39 When he was come, they brought him
16. 34 And when he had brought them into his
35. To lead away, andyta apago.
Acts 23. 17 Bring this young man unto the chief
36. To bear aioay, airo^epco apophero.
i Co. 16. 3 to bring your liberality unto Jerusalem
37. To bear upon or unto, eiri<ptpie epiphero.
Acts 19. 12 from his body [were brought] unto the
25. iS they [brought] none accusation of such
38. To lead or bring down, Ka.ra.jca katago.
Luke 5. ii And when they had brought their ships
39. To take care, of, provide, bring, KO^I^CD kotnizo.
Luke 7. 37 a woman, .brought an alabaster box of
40. To take, receive, \a/j./3dv(t> lambano.
Matt 16. 8 reason ye. .because ye have [brought] no
41. To hold near, afford, Trapex parecho.
Acts 16. 16 which brought her masters much gain
19. 24 brought no small gain unto the crafts.
42. To lead toward, irpoo-dyca prosago.
Luke 9. 41 and sufferyou? Bring thy son hither
Acts 16. 20 And brought them to the magistrates
i Pe. 3. 18 just for the unjust, that he might bring
43. To bear toward, irpoa-tpfpci) prosphero.
Matt25. 20 he. .came and brought other five talents
Markio. 13 disciples rebuked those that brought
44. To bear, carry, <p(pa> phero.
Matt 14. ii And his head was brought in a charger
14. ii and she brought (it) to her mother
14. 1 8 He said, Bring them hither to me
17. 17 how long shall I suffer you ! Bring him
Mark i. 32 they brought unto him all that were
2. 3 bringing one sick of the palsy, which
6. 27 and commanded his head to be brought
6. 28 And brought his head in a charger
7. 32 And they bring unto him one that was
8. 22 and they bring a blind man unto him
9. 17 Master, I have brought unto thee my
9. 19 how long shall I suffer you? Bring him
9. 20 And they brought him unto him : and
12. 15 Why tempt ye me ? bring me a penny
12. 16 And they brought (it). And he saith
15. 22 And they bring him unto the place
Luke 5. 18 And, behold, men brought in a bed a
15. 23 bring hither the fatted calf, and kill (it)
24. i bringing the spices which they had
John 4. 33 Hath any man brought, .(ought) to eat?
18. 29 What accusation bring ye against this
19. 39 > icodemus. .brought a mixture of myrrh
21. 10 Bring of the fish which ye have now caught
Acts 4. 34 as many as were possessors . . brought
4. 37 Having, .brought the money, and laid
5. 2 his wife . . brought a certain part, and laid
5. 16 There came also a multitude, .bringing
14. 13 the priest, .brought oxen and garlands
t Ti. 4. 13 when thou comest, bring (with thee). .the
> Pe. 2. ii ; 2 Jo. 10 ; Rev. 21. 24 ; 21. 26.
45. To do, trottta poieo.
Acts 24. 17 I came to bring alms to my nation, and
BRING on horseback, to
To cause to ride, 33"j rakab, 5.
Esth. 6. 1 1 brought him on horseback through
BEING (a cloud), to
To cloud, darken, [j^ anan, 3.
Gen. 9. 14 it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud
BRING about, to
To bring round about, 335 sabab, 5.
1 Sa. 5. 10 They have brought about the ark of. .God
2 Sa. 3. 12 to bring about all Israel unto thee
BRING again, to
1 . To (jo, ^n halak.
Ezra 6. 5 be restored, and brought again unto
2. To bring round about, 339 sabab, 5.
i Ch. 13. 3 let us bring again the ark of our God
3. To turn back, a?r shub.
Isa. 52. 8 when the LORD shall bring again Zion
Jer. 30. 3 I will bring again the captivity of my
30. 1 8 I will bring again the captivity of Jacob
31. 23 when I shall bring again their captivity
48. 47 Yet will I bring again the captivity
Eze. 16. 53 I shall bring again their captivity
29. 14 I will bring again the captivity of Egypt
Am. 9. 14 I will bring again the captivity of my
4. To bring back, aw shub, 3a.
Isa. 49. 5 his servant, to bring Jacob again to him
Jer. 50. 19 I will bring Israel again to his habitation
Eze. 39. 27 I have brought them again from the
5. To bring back, 3?w shub, 5.
Gen. 14. 16 brought again his brother Lot, and his
24. 5 I needs bring thy son again unto
24. 6 thou bring not my son thither again
24. 8 only bring not my son thither again
28. 15 I. .will bring thee again into this land
37. 14 Go, I pray thee. .and bring me word ag.
42. 37 I will bring him to thee again
43. 21 we have brought it again in our hand
44. 8 we brought again unto thee out of the
48. 21 God shall, .bring you again unto the land
Exoclij. 19 the LORD brought again the waters
Mum 17. 10 Bring Aaron s rod again before the testi.
22. 8 Lodge here . . I will bring you word again
Dent i. 22 bring us word again by what way we
i. 25 And they . .brought us word again
22. i in any case bring them again unto
28. 68 shall bring thee into Egypt again
Josh 14. 7 I brought him word again as (it was)
22. 32 returned, .and brought them word again
Judg 19. 3 to speak friendly . .(and)to bring her again
i Sa. 6. 21 The Philistines have brought again the
2. Sa. 3. 26 messengers . .brought him again from
14. 21 bring the young man Absalom again
15. 8 the LORD shall bring me [v.L. shub 1.]
15. 25 he will bring me again, and show me. .it
1 Ki. 2. 30 Beuaiah brought the king word again
8. 34 bring them again unto the land
12. ?i bring the kingdom again to Kehoboam
20. a departed and brought him word again
2 Ki 22. o the scribe . . brought the king word again
22. 20 And they brought the king word again
1 Ch. 21. 12 I shall bring again to him that
2 Ch. 6. 25 bring them again unto the land which
ii i he might bring the kingdom again
12. i r the guard, .brought them again into the
24. 19 he sent prophets, .to bring them again
33. 13 brought him again to Jerusalem into his
34. 28 So they brought the king word again
Neh. 9. 29 thou mightest bring them again unto
13. 9 thither brought I again the vessels of the
Job 10. 9 and wilt thou bring me into dust again !
Psa 68. 22 I will bring again from Bashau ; I will
Prov iq. 24 so much as bring it to his mouth again
26. 15 it grieveth him to bring it again to his
Isa 38. 8 I will bring again the shadow of the
46. 8 bring (it) again to mind, O ye transg.
49. 5 formed me . . to bring Jacob again to him
Jer. 12. 15 and will bring them again every man
15. 19 return, then will I bring thee again
16. 15 I will bring them again into their land
23. 3 I. .will bring them again to their folds
24. 6 I will bring them again to this land
28. 3 will I bring again into this place all
28. 4 1 will bring again to this place . . Jeconiah
28. 6 bring again the vessels of the LORD S
29. 14 I will bring you again unto the place
32. 37 I will bring them again unto this
41. 16 the eunuchs, .he had brought again
49. 6 will bring again the captivit.v of. . Ammon
49. 39 I will bring again the cap. [v.L. shub 1.]
Eze. 34. 4 have ye brought again that which was
34. 16 I will, .bring again that which was
39. 25 I bring again the captivity of Jacob
47. i he brought me again unto the door
Joel 3 i shall bring again the cap. [V.L. shub l.f
Zech 10. 10 I will bring them again also out of the
6.7V) lead up, back, or again, avdy<a anago.
Heb. 13. 20 that brought again from the dead our
7. To turn away from, 4wo<TTpt- <pco apostrephd.
Matt.27. 3 brought [again] the thirty pieces of silver
BRING against, to
To bring or bear upon, eVi<f>e
p<D epiphero.
Jude 9 he . . durst not bring against him a railing
BRING away, to
1.7*0 consume away, ijjs baar, 3.
Deut 26. 13 I have brought away the hallowed things
2. To laid away, JHj nahag.
1 Sa. 23. 5 brought away theircattle.andsmote them
BRING away captive, to
To carry captive, n$y shabah.
2 Ki. 5. 2 Syrians.. had brought away captive.. a
BRING back, to
1. 7*0 turn back to, 3ie> shub.
Psa. 14. 7 the LOUD bringeth back the captivity of
53. 6 When God bringeth back the captivity of
85. i thou hast brought back the captivity of
2. To bring back, :PE> shub, 5.
Gen. 14. 16 he brought back all the goods, an.l also
Exod23. 4 thou shalt surely bring it back to him
Mum 13. 26 and brought back word unto them
2 Sa. 17. 3 I will bring back all the people
19. ii the last to bring the king back
19. 12 are ye the last to bring back the king?
1 Ki. 13. 18 Bring him Ytack with thee into thine
13. 20 unto the prophet that brought him back
13. 23 the prophet whom he had brought back
13. 26 the prophet that brought him back from
13. 29 laid it upon the ass and brought it back
14. 28 the guard . . brought them back into
2 Ch. 19. 4 brought them back unto the LORD God
Job 33. 30 To bring back his soul from the pit
Eze. 44. i he brought me back the way of the gate
BRING down, to
1.7*0 bring down, TV yarad, 5.
Gen. 39. i Ishmeelites, which had broughthim down
42. 38 ye bring down my grey hairs with sorrow
43. 7 he would say, Bring your brother down ?
43. 22 other money have we brought down in
44. 21 Bring him down unto me, that I may set
44. 29 ye shall bring down my grey hairs with
44. 31 thy servants shall bring down the grey
45. 13 ye shall haste and bring down my father
Deut. i. 25 and brought (it) down unto us, and
21. 4 bring down the heifer unto a rough
Judg. 7. 4 bring them down unto the water, and I
7. 5 he brought down the people unto the
16. 21 the Philistines, .brought him down
1 Sa. 2. 6 he bringeth down to the grave, and
30. 15 Canst, .bring me down to this company?
30. 15 I will bring thee down to this company
30. 16 when he had brought him down, behold
2 Sa. 22. 48 It(is)God. .that bringethdown the people
1 Ki. i. 33 ride upon mine, .and bring him down
1. 53 they brought him down from the altar
2. 9 his hoar head bring thou down to the
5. 9 My servants shall bring (them) down
17. 23 Elijah, .brought him down out of
18. 40 Elijah brought them down to the brook
2Ki. ii. 19 they brought down the king from
2 Ch. 23. 20 he. .brought down the king from
Psa. 55. 23 thou.. O God, shalt bring them down
59. ii scatter them by thy power; and bring. .Q.
Isa. 43. 14 I have, .brought down all their nobles
63. 6 I will bring down their strength to the
Jer. 49. 16 I will bring thee down from thence
51. 40 1 will bring them down like lambs
Eze. 26. 20 I shall bring thee down with them
28. 8 They shall bring thee down to the pit
Hos. 7. 12 I will bring them down as the fowls of
Amos 3. TI he shall bring down thy strength from
9. 2 thence will I bring them down
Obad 3 Who shall bring me down to the ground:
4 will I bring thee down, saith the LORD
2. 7*o cause to bend, J?3? kana, 5.
Deut. 9. 3 he shall bring them down before thy face
Psa. 107. iz Therefore he brought down their heart
Isa. 25. 5 Thou shalt bring down the noise of
3. To cause to"touch, yy naga, 5.
Eze. 13. 14 bring it down to the ground, so that the
4. To cause to bow, nrr^ shachach, 5.
Isa. 25. 12 high fort of thy walls shall he bring down
s6. 5 he bringeth down them that dwell on
5. To humble, ^-.y shaphel, 5.
2 Sa 22. 28 (that) thoumayest bring (them) down
Psa 1827 For thou wilt . . bring down high looks
Isa 25. ii and he shall bring down their pride
Eze. 17. 24 I the LORD have brought down the high
6. To lead down, icardya katago.
Acts Q 30 they brought him down to Cesarea, and
22. 30 the chief priests.. brought Paul down
23 15 that he bring him down unto you
23 20 that thou wouldest bring down Paul
Rom 10! 6 that is, to bring Christ down (from above)
BRING forth, to
I. To cause to come in, NIS bo, 5.
Zech. 3 8 will bring forth my servant The Branch
2.7*0 ripen, make ready, Vc:3 bashal, 5.
Gen. 40. 10 the clusters, .brought forth ripe grapes
3.7*0 cause to yield tender grass, K^ dasha, 5.
Gen. i. ii God said, Let the earth bring forth grass
4.7o be pained, travail in birth, "?3fl chabal, 3.
Song 8. 5 there thy mother brought thee forth
S. 5 there she brouaht thee forth (that) bare
i>.To be pained, travail in birth,
u n chul.
ISA. 45. 10 What hast them brought forth?
6. To beget, bear, i 1
?; yalad.
(Jen. 3. 16 in sorrow thou shall bring forth children
30. 39 the Hocks conceived, and brought forth
2 Ki. 19. 3 (there is) not strength to bring forth
Job 15. 35 They conceive mischief, and bring forth
39. i when the wild gouts of the rock bring f.
39. x knowesl thou the time when they bring f.
Psa. 7. 14 he. .hath conceived, .and brought forth
I rov 27. i thou knowest not what a day may bring f.
Isa. 26. 1 8 we have as it were brought forth wind
33. ii Ye shall conceive chaff; ye shall bring
37. 3 (there is) not strength to bring forth
51. 18 all thesons(whoin)>he hath brought forth
65. 23 They shall not. . bring forth for trouble
66. 7 Before she travailed, she brought forth
66. 8 she brought forth her children
Jer. 2. 27 Thou hast brought me forth: for they
Hos. 9. 16 shall bear no fruit ; yea, though . . bring f.
Mic. 5. 3 she which travailelh hath brought forth
Zeph. 2. 2 Before the decree bring forth, (before)
7. To cause to bear or bring forth i1
?; yalad, 5.
Isa. 59. 4 they conceive mischief, and bring forth
8.7V> let go out, ttfl yalsa.
Deuti4. 22 the field bringeth forth year by year
9. To cause to go out, xy; yatsa, 5.
On. i. 12 the earth brought forth grass, (and)
i. 24 Let the earth bring forth the living
8. 17 Bring forth with thee every living thing
14. 1 8 Melchizedek. .brought forth bread and
15. 5 he brought him forth abroad, and said
19. 16 they brought him forth, and set him
19. 17 they had brought them forth abroad
24. 53 the servant brought forth jewels of
38. 24 Bring her forth, and let her be burnt
Exod. 3. 10 thou inayest bring forth my people
3. it I should bring forth the children of
3. 12 When thou hast brought forth, .people
7. 4 bring forth mine armies, (and) my people
8. 18 to bring forth lice, but they could not
12. 39 dough which they brought forth out of
13. 16 the LORD brought us forth out of Egypt
16. 3 ye have brought us forth into this
16. 32 I brought you forth from the land of
19. 17 Moses brought forth the people out of
29. 46 I (am) the LORD . . that brought them f.
32. ii which thou hast brought forth out of the
Lev. 24. 14 Bring forth him that hath cursed
24. 23 they should bring forth him that had
25. 38 I (am) the LORD, .which brought you f.
25. 42 they (are) my servants, which I brought f .
25. 55 they (are) my servants whom I brought f.
26. ic bring forth the old because of the new
26. 13 I (am) the LORD, .which brought you f.
26. 45 their ancestors, whom I brought forth
Numi7. 8 house of Levi was budded . . brought forth
19. 3 bring her forth without the camp
20. 8 thou shall bring forth to them water
20. 16 an angel, .hath brought us forth out of
24. 8 God brought him forth out of Egypt
Dent. i. 27 he hath brought us forth out of the land
4. 20 the LORD . . brought you forth out of the
6. 12 the LORD, which brought thee forth out
9. 12 people, .thou hast brought forth, .have
9. 26 thou hast brought forth out of Egypt
14. 28 thou shall bring forth all the tithe of
6. i thy God brought thee forth out of Egypt
17. 5 shall thou bring forth that man or that
22. 15 bring forth (the tokens of) the damsel s
26. 8 the I."iii> br. >ught us forth out of Egypt
29. 25 ho brought them forth out of the land
Josh 10. 23 they . . brought forth those five kings
Judg. 6. 8 brought you forth out of the house of
6. 18 I come unto thee, and bring forth tny
19. 22 Bring forth tho man that came into
19. 25 brought her forth unto them ; and they
1 Sa. 12. 8 Moses and Aaron, which brought forth
2 Sa. 12. 30 he broughl forth the spoil of the city
12. 31 he brought forth the people lhat (were)
22. 20 He brought me forth also into a large
22. 49 bringeth me forth from mine enemies
r Ki. 8. 16 I brought forth my people, .out of Kgypt
8. 51 (be) thy people . .which thou broughtest f.
9. 9 the LORD their God, who brought forth
a 22 Bring forth vestments for all the
10. 22 And he brought them forth vestments
10. 26 they brought forth tho images out of the
11. 12 he brought forth the king s son, and put
23. 4 bring forth out of the temple, .all the
aCh. 1. 17 And they, .brought forth out of Kgypt
6. 5 I brought forth my people out of the
7. 22 the LORD, .which bronprt them forth
Ezra i. 7 the king brought forth the vessels of the
i. 7 which Nebuchadnezzar had brought f.
i. 8 Even those did Cyrus . . bring forth by
Neh. 9. 7 theLoRD..who..broughtesthimforthout
Job 10. 18 then hast thou brought me forth out of
28. 1 1 (the thing that is) hid hringeth he forth to
Psa. 18. 19 He brought me forth also inlo a large
37. 6 he shall bring forth thy i i. lit IHIUM
104. 14 he may bring forth food ,,ut of the earth
105. 37 He brought them f..rth also with silver
105. 43 And he brought forth hi* people with
ProY.3o. 33 Surely Ihechurniim of milk bringeth forth
30. 33 and the wringing of the nose bringeth f.
30. 33 no the forcing of wrath bringeth forth
Isa. 42. i he shall bring forth judgment to
Isa. 42. 3 he shall bring forth judgment unto truth
43. 8 Bring forth the blind people thai have
43. 17 Which hringeth forth the chariot und
61. ii as the earth bringeth forth her bud
65. 9 I will bring forth a seed out of Jacob
Jer. 10. 13 he. .bringeth forth the wind out of
n. 4 I brought them forth out of the land
20. 3 Pashur brought forth Jeremiah out of
32. 21 And hast brought forth thy people Israel
34. 13 1 brought them forth out of the land
50. 25 The LORD, .hath brought forth the
51. 10 The LORD hath brought forth our right.
51. 16 he. .bringeth forth the wind out of his
51. 44 1 will bring forth out of his mouth
52. 31 Jehoiachin. .brought him forth out
Eze. ii. 7 I will bring you forth out of the midst
12. 4 shall thou bring forth thy stuff by day
12. 7 I brought forth my stuff by (lay
12. 7 I brought (it) forth in the twilight
20. 6 bring them forth of the land of Egypt
20. 9 made myself known, .in bringing them f.
20. 22 in whose sight I brought them forth
28. 18 I bring forth a fire from the midst of thee
38. 4 I will bring thee forth, and all thine
42. i he brought me forth into the outer court
42. 15 he brought me forth toward the gate
46. 21 he brought me forth into the outer court
Dan. 9. 15 God. .hast brought thy people forth out
Hos. 9. 13 Ephrnim shall bring forth his children
Mic. 7. 9 he will bring me forth to the light
Hag. i. ii (that) which the ground bringeth forth
Zech. 4. 7 he shall bring forth the head stone
5. 4 I will bring it forth, sailh Ihe LORD of
10. To cause to draw nigh, ^ 3j nagash, 5.
2 Ch.29. 23 they brought forth the he goats (for) the
Isa. 41. 21 bring forth your strong (reasons), saith
41. - 2 Let them bring (them) forth, and show us
11. To sprout, briny forth, 2U nub.
i rov 10. 31 The mouth of the just bringeth forth
12. To lift up, bear, tiy) nasa.
Eze. 17. 23 it shall bring forth boughs, and bear fruit
Hag. 2. 19 and the olive tree, hath not brought forth
13 To give, jru nathun.
Isa. 43. 9 let them bring forth their witnesses
1 4. To do, make, yield, rtyy asah.
Gen. 41. 47 plenteous years the earth brought forth
Lev. 25. 21 it shall bring forth fruit for three years
Job 14. 5 it will bud, and bring forth boughs like
Isa. 5. 2 and it brought forth wild grapes
5. 4 brought it forth wild grapes ;
Jer. 12. 2 they grow, yea, they bring forth fruit
Eze. 17. 6 it became a vine, and brought forth
17. 8 It was planted, .that it might bring forth cleave through, nh$palach, 3.
Job 39. 3 They bow themselves, they bring forth
16. To bear fruit, TJ? parah.
Isa. 45. 8 let them bring forth salvation, and let
1 7. To spring up, n$y tsamach.
Eccl. 2. 6 to water.. the wood that bringeth forth
18. To cause to spring up, n?y tsamach, 5.
Gen. 3. 1 8 Thorns also and thistles shall it bring f.
1 9. To cause to draw near, n^ij qarab, 5.
J udg. 5. 25 she brought forth butter in a lordly dish
20. To set, make even, rii-f shavah, 3.
Hos. 10. i he bringeth forth fruit unto himself
21. To lead, lead <>, &yu agO.
Acts 25. 17 commanded the man to be brought forth
25. 23 Festus command. Paul was broughtforlh
22. To lead up or again, avdyu> anago.
Acls 12. 4 intending after Easter to bring him forth
23. To bear forth young, airoKvtu apokueo.
Jas. i. 15 when lust hath conceived, it bringeth f.
24. To bud, sprout, $\a.<rra.v<a blastanS.
Jas. 5. 1 8 the earth brought forth her fruit
25. To give, 5f5o>jti didumi.
Matt 1 3. 8 into good ground, and brought forth fruit
26. To cast forth, lK&a.\\a ekballo.
Matti2. 35 good Ireasure of the heart, bringeth forth
12. 35 the evil treasure, bringeth forth evil
13. 52 bringeth forlh. .oul of his treasure (things)
27. To beget, bear, ytvvdu gennao.
Luke i. 57 should be delivered; and she brought f.
8. To bear or bring forth, tKQtptt ekphero.
Lukeis. 22 Bring forth the best robe, and put (it) on
Acts 5. 1 5 they brought forth the sick into the streets
29. To lead out, tdyu exago.
Acts 5. 19 opened the prison doors, and brought f.
30. To lead down. Hardyw katagS.
Acts 23. 28 I brought him forth into their council
31 . To do, make, irottu poieo.
Matt. 3. 8 Bring forth . . fruits meet for repentance
3. 10 every tree which bringeth not forth good
7. 17 every good tree briniMh forth good fruit
7. 17 a corrupt tree hrinjMh forth evil fruit
7. 18 A K<! tree cannot I. ring forth evil frull
7. 18 neither (can) a corrupt tree bring forth
Matt. 7. 19 Every tree that bringeth net forth good
13. 23 (it). . also beureth fruit :md briuueth forth
13. 26 the blade was sprung up, and brought f.
71. 43 a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof
Luke 3. 8 Bring forth . . fruits w orthy of repentance
3. 9 every tree, .which briugeth nol forth
6. 43 a good tree bringeth not forth corrupt
6. 43 doth a corrupt tree bring forth good
32. To lead forward, trpodyw proagG.
Acts 12. 6 Herod would have brought him forth
25. 26 I have brought him forth before you
33. To bear forward, irpotytpu prophero.
Luke 6. 45 bis heart brii)j.fih forth that which is
6. 45 his heart bringeth forth that which is
34. To bring forth, TKT tiklO.
Matt. i. 21 And she shall bring forth a son
i. 23 Behold, a virgin, .shall bring forth a SOD
1. 25 And knew her not till she had brought f.
Luke i. 31 behold, thou shall, .bring forth a son
2. 7 she broughl forth her first born son
Heb. 6. 7 the earth .. bringeth forth herbs meet for
Jas. i. 15 sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth
Rev. 12. 5 And she brought forth a man child
12. 13 persecuted the woman which brought f.
35. To bear, fy pw phero.
Mark 4. 8 And other fell, .and brought forth
John 12. 24 if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit
15. 2 that it may bring forth more fruit
15. 5 the same bringeth forth much fruit
15. 16 I have chosen you. .go and bring forth
[See also First child, fruit, new fruit, thousands.
BRING forth abundantly
To swarm, fy? sharats.
Gen. i. 20 Let the waters bring forth abundantly
i. 21 the waters brought forth abundantly
9. 7 bring forth abundantly in the earth
Exod. 8. 3 the river shall bring forth frogs abund.
BRING forth children, to
Tn beget, l>ear, 17; yalad.
Isa. 23. 4 I travail not, nor bring forth children
BRING forth fruit, to
To burst forth, 313 nub.
Psa. 92. 14 They shall still bring forth fruit in old
BRING forth in abundance, to
To swarm, Y~1V sharats.
Psa. 105. 30 Their land brought forth frogs in abund.
BRING forth plentifully, to
To bear well, evtyoptw cuphoreo.
Luke 12. 16 of a rich man brought forth plentifully
BRING forth, to labour to
To break forth, rna gnach.
Mic. 4. 10 Be in pain, and labour to bring forth
BRING forth, to be made to
To be pained, or in travail, bin chul, 6.
Isa. 66. 8 Shall the earth be made to bring forth
BRING forth, to make to
To cause, to bear, ~^ yalad, 5.
Isa. 55. 10 the rain, .makethit bring forth and bud
BRING forth, to cause to
To cavse to bear, "fji yalad, 5.
Isa. 66. 9 to the birth, and not cause to bring forth 7
66. 9 shall I cause to bring forth, and shut
BRING forth young, to
To beget, bear, ~h", yalad.
Eze. 31. 6 all the beasts.. bring forth their young
BRING hither, to
To (jive, |n} nathan.
I sa. 81. 2 Take a psalm, and bring hither thetimb..
BRING home (again), to
T turn back., y.v shub, 5.
Kuth i. 21 Lord hath brought me home again empty
Judg ii. 9 If ye bring me home again to fight
Job ,59. 12 Wilt thou believe, .he will bring home
BRING forward on one s journey, to
To send foricanl, itpoirtfj.Trca propempd.
3 John 6 bring forward on their journey after a
BRING in, to
1. To cau-se to go or come in, J03 bo, 5.
Gen. 39. 14 he hath brought in an Hebrew unto us
47. 7 Joseph brought in Jacob his father
Exodis. 17 Thou shall bring them in, and plant
16. 5 shall prepare (that) which they bring in
23. 23 Angel shall go before thee, and bring in
26. 33 thou niayest bring in thither within the
40. 4 thou shall bring in the table, and set in
40. 4 thou shalt bring in the candlestick
Lev. 6. 21 (when it is) haken, thou shall bring it in
Num 14. 31 little ones, .them will I bring in, and
27. 17 which may bring them in ; that the
Dent. 4. 38 bring Ihee in, to give thee .their land
9. 4 the LORD hath brought medn to possess
ii. 29 the LORD thy God hath brought thee in to
1 Sa. 16. 12 he sent and brought him in. Now he
2 Sa. 3. ?2 Joab came, .and brought in a great spoil
5. 2 he that leddest out and broughtest in
6. 17 they brought in the ark of the LORD, and
p. 10 thou shalt bring in (the fruits), thai thy
i Ki. 7 51 Solomon brought in the things, .his father
8. 6 the priests brought in the ark of the
10. ii the navy, .brought infromOphir. .almug
15. 15 he brought in the things which his father
1 Ch. 9 28 they should bring them in and out by
2 Ch. 5. i Solomon brought in (all) the things that
5 7 priests brought in the ark of the covenant
15. 18 he brought into the house of God the
14. 6 hast thou not required . .Lev. to bring in
24 9 to bring in to the LORD the collection
24. 10 the people . . brought in, and cast into
19 4 he brought in the priests and the Levites
29 31 the congregation brought in sacrifices and
30. 15 Levites. . brought in the burnt offerings
3 1 5 the children . . brought in . . the first fruits
31. 6 they also brought in the tithe of oxen
31 12 brought in the offerings and the tithes
Neh 13 15 bringing in sheaves, and lading asses ; as
i? 15 which they brought into Jerusalem on
Jer. 17. 21 bring (it) in by the gates of Jerusalem
17. 24 bring in no burden through the gates
35. 4 I brought them into the house of the
Dan. i 18 the king had said he should bring them in
9. 24 to bring in everlasting righteousness
Hag. i. 6 Ye have sown much, and bring in little
2. To cause to come up or in, S^ alal, 5.
Dan 2 24 bring me in before the king, and I will
2. 25 Arioch brought in Daniel before the king
4. 6 to bring in all the wise (men) of Babylon
5 7 The king cried aloud to bring in..astrolo.
3. To lead to or into, flcrdyu eisago.
Luke 2 27 the parents brought in the child Jesus
14. 21 bring in hither, .poor, and the maimed
JohniS 16 Then, .that other disciple.. brought in
Acts 7. 45 also our fathers, .brought in with Jesus
Heb. i. 6 again, when he bringeth in the first beg.
4. To bear to or into, tlfjtpv eisphero.
Luke 5 18 they sought (means) to bring him in
5. 19 find by what, .they might bring him in
BRING in privily, to
To lead in sideways, trape iffayu pareisago.
2 Pe. 2. i false teachers, .privily shall bring in dam.
BRING in upon, to
To lead upon, tirdyca epagil.
2 Pe. 2 5 a preacher, .bringing in the flood upon
BEING into, to
l.To lead in, toivard, fiffdyca eisago.
Luke?2. 54 they, .brought him into the high priest s
Acts 9, 8 led . .and brought (him) into Damascus
21. 28 and further brought Greeks also into
21 29 that Paul had brought into the temple
2. To bear in, toward, tlfftytpu eisphero.
1 Ti. 6. 7 For we brought nothing into (this) world
Heb 13. ii blood is brought into the sanctuary by
[See also Bondage, contempt, sware, subjection.]
BRING low, to
1 . To cause to bend, y}3 kana, 5.
2 Ch 28 19 For the LORD brought Judah low because
Job 40. 12 Look on every one. .(and) bring him low
2. To cause to bend or bow, jn? Lara, 5.
Judg ii. 35 Alas, .thou hast brought me very low
3. To make humble, ^stf shaphel, 5.
1 Sa 2. 7 The LORD, .bringeth low and lifteth up
Prov 29. 23 A man s pride shall bring him low : but
BRING near to
1. To bring near, 3~\j qarab, 3.
Isa 46. 13 I bring near my righteousness ; it shall
2. To cause to draw near, a^ij qarab, 5.
Num 3 6 Bring the tribe of Levi near, and
16 9 bring you near to himself, to do the
16. 10 he hath brought thee near (to him), and
3. To cause to draw near, a^p qcreb, 5.
Dan. 7, 13 and they brought him near before him
BRING on the way, to
1 . To send on, rby shalach, 3.
Gen. 18. 16 Abraham went, .to bring them ou the way
2. To send forward, irpoiri^iria propempo.
Acts 15. 3 being brought on their way by the church
21 5 they all brought us on our way, with
Rom 15. 24 for I trust, .to be brought on my way
2 Co. i. 16 to be brought on my way toward Judea
BRING on the journey, to
To send forward, irpo-ntfj-irta propempo.
i Co. 1 6. 6 that ye may bring me on my journey
Titus 3. 13 Bring Zenas the lawyer., on their journey
BRING out, to
l.To cause to come forth, xy; yatsa, 5.
Gen. 15. 7 I (am) the LORD that brought thee out
19. 5 bring them out unto us, that we may
19. 8 let me, I pray you, bring them out unto
19. 12 bring (them) out of this place
40. 14 make mention of me. .and bring me out
43. 23 And he brought Simeon out unto them
48. 12 Joseph brought them out from between
Exod. 6.61 will bring you out from under the
6. 7 which bringeth you out from under the
6. 13 bring the children, .out of the land
6. 27 to bring out the children, .from Egypt
jr. 5 bring <jut the children, .from among
Exo<]i2. 42 the LORD, .bringing them out from the
12. 51 LORD did bring the children of Israel out
13. 3 the LORD brought you out from this
13. 9 the LORD brought thee out of Egypt
1 3. 14 the LOUD brought us out from Kgypt
16. 6 the LORD hath brought you out from the
18. i the LORD had brought Israel out of Kgypt
20. 2 1 (am) the LORD . . which . . brought thee out
32. 12 For mischief did he bring them out
Lev. 19. 36 I (arn) the LORD, .which brought you out
23. 43 I brought them out of the land of Egypt
Num 15. 41 I (am) the LORD, .which brought you out
17. 9 And Moses brought out all the rods
23. 22 God brought them out of Egypt ; he hatii
Deut. 4. 37 he . . brought thee out in his sight
5. 61 (am) the LORD . . which brought thee out
5. 15 the LORD thy God brought thee out
6. 23 he brought us out from thence, that he
6. 21 and the LORD brought us out of Egypt
7. 8 the LORD brought you out with a mighty
7. 19 whereby the L. thy God brought thee out
9. 28 the land whence thou broughtest us out
9. 28 he hath brought them out to slay them
13. 5 the LORD, .which brought you out of
13. 10 the LORD, .which brought thee out of
21. 19 shall his father, .bring him out to the
22. 21 Then they shall bring out the damsel
22. 24 bring them both out unto the gate
24. ii the man. .thou dost lend shall bring out
Josh. 6. 22 Go. .and bring out thence the woman
6. 23 brought out Rahab, and her father, and
10. 22 bring out those five kings unto me out
10. 24 they brought out those kings unto Joshua
24. 5 them : and afterward I brought you out
24. 6 I brought your fathers out of Egypt
Judg. 2. 12 forsook the LORD, .which brought them o
6. 19 and brought (it) out unto him under the
6. 30 Bring out thy son, that he may die
2 Sa. 10. 16 Hadarezer sent, and brought out the
13. 18 his servant brought her out, and bolted
1 Ki. 8. ii he brought them out of the land of Egypt
8 53 thou broughtest our fathers out of Egypt
10. 29 did they bring (them) out by their means
2 Ki.23. 6 he brought out the grove from the house
1 Ch. 9. 28 they should bring them in and out
20. 2 he brought . . much spoil out of the city
20. 3 he brought out the people that (were) in
2 Ch. i. 17 so brought they out (horses) for all the
9. 28 they brought unto Solomon horses out
16. 2 Then Asa brought out silver and gold out
23. ii Then they brought out the king s sou, and
23. 14 the priest brought out the captains of
29. 1 6 priests, .brought out all the uncleanness
34. 14 when they brought out the money that
Job 12. 22 He. .bringeth out to light the shadow of
Psa. 25. 17 O bring thou me out of my distresses
66. 12 thou broughtest us out into a wealthy
68. 6 he bringeth out those which are bound
78. 1 6 He brought streams also out of the rock
107. 14 He brought them out of darkness and
107 28 he bringeth them out of their distresses
135. 7 he bringeth the wind out of his treasuries
136. ii brought out Israel from among them for
143. ii Quicken me .. bring my soul out of trouble
Isa. 40. 26 these (things), that bringeth out their host
42. 7 bring out the prisoners from the prison
Jer. 7 22 I brought them out of the land of Egypt
8. i they shall bring out the bones of the
31. 32 to bring them out of the land of Egypt
38. 23 So they shall bring out all thy wives and
Eze ii 9 I will bring you out of the midst thereof
20. 14 in whose sight I brought them out
20. 34 I win bring you out from the people, and
20. 41 when I bring you out from the people
34. 13 I will bring them out from the people
47. 2 Then brought he me out of the way of the
Amos 6 10 bring out the bones out of the house
2. To lead out, 070.- exago.
Acts 7. 36 He brought them out, after that he had
7. 40 Moses, which brought us out of the land
12. 17 the Lord had br.ought him out of
13. 17 with an high arm brought he them out
16. 39 they came, .and brought (them) out, and
3. To lead fonoard, itpodyca proagd.
Acts 16. 30 brought them out, and said, Sirs, what
BRING over, to
l.To carry into exile, nV? gelah, 5.
Ezra 4. 10 whom the great. . Asnapper brought over
2. To cause to pass over, isy abar, 5.
Xnm.3-. 5 bringusnotover Jordan; Jos. 7.7; 2Sa. 2.8.
BRING saf -
Save through, 5<a<rco> diasozO.
Acts 23. 24 and bring him safe unto Felix the governor
BRING through, to
To cause to pass over, "ijj^ abar, 5.
Eze. 47. 3, 4 he brought me through the waters; .-7. 4
BRING to, to
l.To bear in to, fiff<ptpo> eisphero.
Acts 17. 20 thou bringest certain strange things to
2.7*0 bear toward, irpoatytpw prospherd.
Matt. 5. 23 if thou bring thy gift [to] the altar, and
9. 2 they brought to him a man sick of the
f). 32 brought to him a dumb man possessed
17. 16 I brought him to thy disciples, and they
Markio. 13 they brought young children to him, that
[See also Birth, honour, nothing, nought, shame.]
BRING to pass, to
1. To do, n?y asah.
Gen. 41. 32, 50. 20; Psa. 37. 5, 7.
2 To execute, ijy abad.
Isa. 28, 21 and bring to pass his act, his strange act
BRING together, to
1 . To gather, f3jj qabats, 3.
Isa. 62. 9 they that have brougnt it togL ther shall
2.7*0 bear together, trvfj.<t>ipia sumpherO.
Acts 19. 19 Many of them, .brought their books tog.
BRING unto, to
7*o bear toward, irpoa<ptpw prosphero.
Matt. 4. 24 they brought unto him all sick people
8. 1 6 they brought unto him many that were
12. 22 Then was brought unto him one possessed
14. 35 brought unto him all that were
18. 24 one was [brought unto] him which owed
19. 13 then were there brought unto him little
22. 19 they brought unto him a penny
Lukei2 ii when they [bringyou] unto the synagogues
18. 15 they brought unto him also infants, that
23. 14 Ye have brought this man unto me, as
BRING up, to
1.7*0 be faithful, steady, a nurse, }"}}} aman.
2 i them that brought up Ahab s (children)
Esth. 2. 7 he brought up Hadassah, that (is), Esther
2. To make great, nourish, ^J gada!
, 3.
2 Ki. io. 6 the great men . . which brought them up
Isa. 49. 21 who hath brought up these? Behold, I
51. 18 of all the sons (that) she hath brought up
Hos. 9 12 Though they bring up their children
3.7*0 bear, i1
?; yalad.
2 Sa 21. 8 two sons, .whom she brought up for
4. 7*o cause to come out, xy; yatsa, 5.
Numi3. 32 they brought up an evil report of the
14. 36 by bringing up a slander upon the land
14. 37 men that did bring up the evil report
Deut 22. 14 bring up an evil name upon her. and
22. 19 he hath brought up an evil name upon a
5.7*0 go up, nSj; alah, (1), 5.
Gen. 46. 4 I will also surely bring thee up (again)
6.7*0 cause to go up, n^ alah, 5.
Exod 3. 8 I am come down, .to bring them up
3. 17 I will bring you up out of the affliction
8. 7 brought up frogs upon the land of Egypt
17. 3 thou hast brought us up out of Egypt, to
32. i the man that brought us up out of the
32. 4 which brought thee up out of the land of
32. 8 These, .have brought thee up out of the
32. 23 this Moses, the man that brought us up
33. 12 thousayest unto me, Bring up this people
33. i the people which thou hast brought up
Jfumi4. 13 thou broughtest up this people in thy
16. 13 thou hast brought us up out of a land
20. 25 Take Aaron . .and bring them up unto
21. 5 Wherefore have ye brought us up out
22. 41 Balak. .brought him up into the high
Deut 20. i God (is) with thee, which brought thee up
Josh 2. 6 she had brought them up to the roof of
24 17 he (it is) that brought us up and our
24. 32 the children of Israel brought up out of
Judg 6. 8 I brought you up from Egypt, .out of the
6.13 Did not the LORD bring us up from Egypt ?
15. 13 they, .brought him up from the rock
16. 8 the lords, .brought up to her seven 16. 31
i Sa. 2. 6 he bringeth down, .and bringeth up
2. 14 all that the flesh hook brought up the
8. 8 I brought them up out of Egypt even
io. 18 I brought up Israel out of Egypt, and
12. 6 the LORD, .that brought your fathers up
19. 15 Bring him up to me in the bed, that I
28. 8 bring me (him) up whom I shall name
28. ii Whom shall I bring up unto thee?
28. ii And he said, Bring me up Samuel
28. 15 Whyhast thou disquieted, .to bring me up
3 Sa. 2. 3 David bring up, every man with his
6. 2 to bring up from thence the ark of God
6. 12 So David, .brought up the ark of God
6. 15 So David .. brought up the ark of the
7. 6 I brought up the children of Israel out
21. 13 he brought up from thence the bones of
1 Ki. 8. i they might bring up the ark of the cove.
8. 4 they brought up the ark of the LORD
8. 4 even those did . .the Levites bring up
1 2. 28 thy gods . . brought thee up out of the
2 Ki. 17. 7 the LORD, .had brought them up out of
17. 36 the LORD, who brought you up out of the
25. 6 took the king, and brought him up to
1 Ch. 13. 6 David went, .to bring up thence the ark
15. 3 David gathered all Israel, .to bring up
15. 12 ye may bring up the ark of the LOKD
15. 14 the priests, .bringup the ark of the LORD
15. 25 David, .went to bring up the ark of the
15. 28 all Israel brought up the ark of the
17. 5 I brought up Israel unto this day
2 Ch. i. 4 the ark.. had David brought up
5. 2 bring up the ark of the covenant
5. 5 and they brought up the ark and the tab.
5. 5 these did the priests, .bring up
8. ii Solomon brought up the daughter of
Ezra i ti bring up with (them of) the captivity
4. 2 king of Assur, which brought us up
>eh. p 1 8 This (is) thy god that brought thee up
jb. 38 briug up the tithe of the tithes unto
12. 31 I brought up the princes of Judah upon
Psa. 30. 3 thou hast brought up my soul from
40. 2 He brought me up also out of an horrible
71. 20 bring me up agaiu from the depths
Isa. 8. 7 the LORD bringeth up upon them the
63. ii Where (is) he that brought them up
Jer. 2. 6 Where (is) the LORD that brought us up
ii 7 I brought them up out of the land
16. 14 15 The LORD liveth, that brought up
23. 7 The LORD liveth, which brought up
a-}. 8 the LORD liveth, which brought up
27. 22 I bring them up, and restore them
39. 5 they brought him up to Nebuchadnezzar
Eze. 16. 40 They shall also briug up a company
19. 3 And she brought up one of her whelps
23. 46 I will bring up a company upon
26. 19 I shall bring up the deep upon thee
29. 4 I will bring thee up out of the midst
32. 3 they shall bring thee up in my net
37. 6 I will . . briug up flesh upon you
37. 13 I have, .brought you upout of yourgraves
Amos 2. 10 I brought you up from the land of Egypt
3. i I brought up from the laud of Egypt
8. 10 I will bring up sackcloth upon all
9. 7 Have not 1 brought up Israel out
Jon. 2. 6 yet hast thou brought up my life
Mic. 6 4 I brought thee up out of the land of Eg.
7. To make great, nourish, Hy-j rabah, 3.
Lam. 2. 22 brought up hath mine enemy consumed
8.7*0 make high, en rum, 3er.
Isa. i. 2 I have nourished and brought up
33. 4 neither do I nourish, .(nor) bring up
9. To feed or nourish up, dvarp(<pw anatrepho.
Acts 22. 3 I am. .brought up in this city
10.7V) bear up, dvcuptpu anaphero.
Matt 17. i Jesus, bringeth them up into an high
11. TII nourish fully, iicTptQa) ektrepho.
Eph. 6. 4 bring them up in the nurture and admo.
12. To feed o/- nourish, rpf<t>o> treph i.
Luke 4. 16 Nazareth, where he had been brought up
BRING up again, to
To lead up, back, again, avdyia anago.
Rom. 10. 7 Who. .is, to bring up Christ again from
BRING up delicately, to
To fondle, f}$ panuq, 3.
Prov. 29. 21 He that delicately bringeth up his serva.
BRING upon, to
To lead upon, tirdyw epago.
Acts 5. 28 intend to bring this man s blood upon us
3 Pe. 2. i the Lord, .bring upon themselves swift
To b> steady, faithful, a nurse, }x aman.
2 Ki. 10. 5 the bringers up (of the children), sent to
1.7"o bear, K?) nasa.
2 Ch. 9. 21 once came the ships, .bringing gold, and
Psa. 1 36. 6 come again, .bringing his sheaves
2.7*0 lead, &yu> ago.
Heb. 2. 10 it became him. .in bringing many sons
3. 7*o bear, carry, <ptpta pher<~>.
Mark ;?. 3 bringing one sick of the palsy, which was
Luke24. i bringing the spices which they had
Acts 5. 16 There came also a multitude, .bringing
A leading in ttpoii, twfiffayiiiyri epeisagoge.
Heb. 7. 19 the bringing in of a better hope (did) : by
[See aluo Birth, bondage, captivity, child, contempt,
desolation, honour, light, low, nothing, nought, per
fection, power, remembrance, safe, salvation, shame,
snare, subjection, tidings, word.]
1. End, border, .Tjp qatseh.
Josh. j. 8 ye are come to the brink of the water of
2. Lip, edge, n$ aapfmli.
Gen. 41. 3 and stood by . .upon the brink of the
Exod. i. 3 laid (it) in the tlax* by the river s brink
7. 15 thou shall stand by the river s brink
]>eut. .. 36 by the brink of the river of Arnon, and
Eze. 47. 6 caused me to return to the brink of the
1. /Iroad, wide, 2rn rachab.
Xeh. 3. 8 they fortified Jerusalem unto the broad
12. 38 tower of the furnaces even unto the broad
Job ii. 9 The measure . .(is), .broader thau the sea
Psa. 119. 96 thy commandment (is) exceeding broad
Jer. 51. 58 The broad walls of Babylon shall be
Z.Brfadth, width, arn rochab.
1 " I;;, i five cntiits long, and five cubits broad
i Ki. 6. 6 five cubits broad . . six cubits broad
6. 6 the third (was) seven cubits broad
a Ch. 6. 13 of five cubits long, and five cubits broad
Eze. 40 6 the gate, (which was) one reed broad, and
Ere. 40. 6 other, (gate, which was) one reed broad
40 7 (every) little chamber, .one reed broad
40. 29, 33 and five anil twenty cubits broad
40. 30 arches round, .(were), .five cubits broad
40. 42 a cubit and an half broad, and one cubit
40. 47 cubits long, and an hundred cubits broad
41. i the posts, six rubits broad on the one
41. i six cubits broad on the other side, (which)
41.12 toward . .west (was) seventy cubits broad
42. 1 i as long as they, (and) as broad as they
42. 20 hundred(reeds)long. .five hundred broad
43. 16 the altar (shall be) twelve (cubits), .broad
43 17 fourteen (cubits) long and fourteen broad
45. 6 five thousand broad, and five and twenty
46. 22 joined of forty (cubits), .and thirty broad
3. Beat out plates, D i ijH riqquim.
Nunn6. 38 let them make them broad plates (for) a
4. Broad on both hands, OH; jrri [rachab yad].
Isa. 33. 21 (will be) unto us a place of broad rivers
5. Easy, u ide, fupi/xupos euruchoros.
Matt. 7. 13 broad (is) the way, that leadeth to
BROAD, to be made
To beat out, expand, i p~j raqa, 3.
Numi6. 39 they were made broad (plates for) a
BROAD, to make
7*o make broad, wide, spacious, ir\arvt><a platuno.
Matt 23 5 they make broad their phylacteries, and
BROAD place
1. Broad or wide place, 3rn rachab.
Job 36. 16 out of the strait (into) a broad place
2. Broad or wide place, nirp rechob.
Jer. 5. i seek in the broad places thereof, if ye
Broad or wide place, 2irr> rechob.
Song 3. 2 in the streets, and in the broad ways I
>iah. 2. 4 they shall justle oue. .in the broad ways
\.Varieyated, "tCjJ~! riqniah.
Eze. 16. 18 tookest thy broidered garment?, and
26. 1 6 put off their broidered garments : they
2. Chequer work, tesselated stuff, f 3t?n tashbets.
Exod28. 4 a broidered coat, a mitre, and a girdle
Twined or plaited u ork, trXtyfia. plegma.
i Ti. 2. 9 not with broidered hair, or gold, or
Variegated work, ncpn riqmah.
Eze. 16. 10 I clothed thee also with broidered work
16. 13 (of) fine linen, and silk, and broidered w.
27. 7 Fine linen with broidered work from Eg.
27. 16 with emeralds, purple, and broidered w.
27. 24 in blue clothes, and broidered work, and
Prepared by fire, oirr6s optos.
Luke24. 42 they gave him a piece of broiled fish
I. Brought down, nn chath.
1 Sa. 2. 4 The bows of the mighty men (are) broken
2.7*0 be weak, pained, nxj kaah, 2.
Psa. 109. 16 he might even slay the broken in heart
3. Broken, bruised, nn? maroach.
Lev. 21 20 or scabbed, or hath his stones broken
4. Smitten, ?} nake.
Prov 15. 13 sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken
17. 22 but a broken spirit drieth the bones
5.7*0 snap asunder, | C} naphats.
Jer. 22. 28 (Is) this man Coniah a despised broken
6.7*0 draw or pidl asunder, pro nathaq.
Lev. 22. 24 Ye shall not offer, .that which is. .broken
7.7*0 break through, jnj parats.
2 Ch.32. 5 he . . built up all the wall that was broken
8. Breakage, nyi roah.
Prov 25. 19 in time of trouble (is like) a broken tooth
9.7*0 dash in pieces, pyj ratsats.
Isa. 36. 6 in the staff of this broken reed, on Egypt
Hos. 5. 1 1 Ephraim (is) oppressed (and) broken in
10.7*0 shiver, shatter, ~vyy shabar.
Lev. 22. 22 Blind, or broken, or maimed, or having
Psa 147. 3 He healetli the broken in heart, and
11.7*0 be shivered, shattered, tyy shabar, 1.
Fsa. 34. 18 The LORD U nigh unto, .a broken heart
51. 178 broken spirit : a broken and a contrite
Jer. 2.13 hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns
Eze. 27 34 In the time (when) thou shalt be broken
30 22 the strong, and that which was broken
34. 4 have ye bound up (that which was) broken
34. 16 I. .will bind up (that which was) broken
Dan. 8. 22 that being broken, whereas four stood
Zech ii. 16 nor heal that that is broken, nor feed
12.7*0 shiver, shatter, "en tebar.
Dan. 2. 42 (o) the kingdom shall be partly, .broken
BROKEN (meat)
Fragment, /cAaoyxa klasma.
M att 1 5. 37 and they took up of the broken (meat)
Mark 8. 8 they took up of the broken (meat)
BROKEN, to be
1 . 7*o be lost, destroyed, IJK abad.
Psa. 31.12 out of mind ; I am like a broken vessel
2. 7*o be bruised, KJJ daka, 4.
Job 22. 9 arms of the fatherless have1 been broken
Isa. 19. 10 they shall be broken in the purposes
3.7*0 smite, strike, o^n halam.
Judg 5 22 the horse hoofs broken by the means of
4. To be brought down, nrn chathath, 2.
Isa. 7. 8 five years shall Ephraim be broken
5.7*0 bring down, nnri chathath, 3.
Jer. 51 56 every one of their bows is broken
6.7*o bring down, nnj nachath, 3.
2 Sa. 22. 35 a bow of steel is broken by mine arms
Psa. 18. 34 a bow of steel is broken by mine arms
7. To strike out, yrq natha, 2.
Job 4. 10 the teeth of the young lions are broken
8. 7*o draw or pull asunder, pnj nathaq, 2.
Judgi6. 9 as a thread of tow is broken
Eccl. 4. 12 a threefold cord is not quickly broken
Isa. 5 27 nor the latchet of their shoes be broken
33. 20 neither shall any of the cords, .be broken
Jer. 10. 20 and all my cords are broken : my children
9. 7*o become bare, exposed, -nj; arar, la.
Jer 51 58 The broad walls, .shall be. .broken
10.7*0 break off, p-\$ paraq, 7.
Eze. 19. 12 her strong rods were broken and withered
ll.Tb be broken, violated, ~n$ parar, 6.
Jer 33. 21 (Then) may also my covenant lie broken
Zech ii. ii And it was broken in that day
12.7*0 be excited, y:~> raga.
Job 7. 5 my skin is broken, and become loathsome
13.7*0 break, be broken, yyj ran.
Jer. ii. 16 and the branches of it are broken
14. 7*o dash in pieces, j
jp, ratsats.
Eccl. 12. 6 or the golden bowl be broken
15. 7*o be dashed in pieces, } ST ratsats, 2.
Eccl. 12. 6 or the wheel broken at the cistern
16.7*0 be shivered, shattered, -tyy shabar, 2.
Lev. 6. 28 But the. .vessel, .shall be broken
15. 12 the vessel of earth.. shall be broken
i Sa. 4. 18 and his ueck brake, and he died
1 Ki.22. 48 for the ships \verebroken at Ezion-geber.
2 Ch.2o. 37 And the ships were broken, that they were
Job. 24. 20 wickedness shall be broken as a tree
31. 22 mine arm I e broken from the bone
38. 15 and the high arm shall be broken
Psa. 34, 20 Hekeepethall his bones: not one. .broken
37. 15 and their bows shall be broken
37. 17 the arms of the wicked shall be broken
124. 7 the snare is broken, and we are escaped
Prov 6. 15 suddenly shall he be broken without
Eccl. 12. 6 or the pitcher be broken at the
Isa. 8. 15 many among them shall, .be broken
14. 20, the rod of him that smote thee is broken,
28. 13 and fall backward, and be broken
Jer. 14. 17 virgin daughter of my people is broken
23. 9 Aline heart within me is broken
48. 17 How is the strong staff broken
48. 25 and his arm is broken, saith the LORD
50. 23 How is the hammer, .broken ! how is B.
51. 30 her dwelling-places; her bars are broken
JSze. 6. 4 and your images shall be broken
6. 6 and your idols may be broken
6. 9 ; 26. 2 ; 31. 12 ; 32. 28 ; Dan. 8. S ; 8. 25 ;
ii. 4 ; IT. 22 ; Jon. i. 4.
17. To be broken, K\ klaoniai.
1 Co. n. 24 this is my body which is broken for you
18. 7*o be wholly broken, (rwrpifto^ai suntribjmai.
John 19. 36 A bone of him shall not be broken
19. To be rent, ffxio( schizomai.
John 21. ii for all. .yet was not the net broken
20. 7*0 be crushed together, ffwd\ sunthlaomai.
Matt 21. 44 [shall fall on this stone shall be broken]
Luke2o 1 8 shall fall upon that stone shall be broken
I.A removing, keeping off, rip? massach.
2 Ki. ii. 6 of the house, that it be not broken down
2.7*0 break through, p2 parats.
Neh. 2. 13 walls of Jerusalem, .were broken down
Prov 25. 28 spirit (is like) a city (that is) broken down
BROKEN down, to be
1.7*0 be broken or torn dmon, D"in haras, 2.
Prov 24. 31 the stone wall thereof was broken down
Eze 30. 4 and her foundations shall be broken down
Joel i. 17 the barns are broken down ; for the com
2. 7*o be brought down, nnn chathath.
Jer. 48. 20 Moab is confounded; for it is broken dawn
48. 39 shall howl,(saying).How is it broken down
3. To be torn down, {Ti} nathats, 2.
Jer. 4. 26 all the cities thereof were broken iown
4.7*0 be torn down, fty nathats, 6.
Lev ii. 35 And every (thimcV . shall be broken dowa
b.Tn be broken through, \~$ parats, 4.
.Neh. i. 3 the wall of Jerusalem also (is) broken d.
6. To break oneself to pieces, yyi rua, 7a.
Isa. 24. 19 Tlie earth is utterly broken down, the
BROKEN in pieces
l.To be cleaved through, yp? baqa, 2.
2 011.25. 12 that they all were broken in pieces
2. To be brow/ht down, nnri chathath.
Isa. 8. Q <) ye people, and ye shall be broken in p.
8. 9 yourselves, and ye shall be broken in p.
Jer. 50. 2 Merodach is broken in pieces ; her idols
50. 2 her images are broken in pieces
3. To be beaten down, nn^ kathatJi.
Isa. 30 14 the potter s vessel that is broken in pieces
l.Sinall fragments, D S^tp shebu.bim.
Hos. 8. 6 the calf of Samaria shall be broken in p.
BROKEN off, to be
l.To be drawn asunder, pru nathaq, 2.
Job 17. ii days are past, my purposes are broken off
2. To be broken, shattered, -\y? shabar, 2.
Isa. 27. ii boughs, .withered . .shall be broken off
BROKEN out, to be
To break out, rn? parach.
Lev. 13. 20 a plague of leprosy broken out of the
13. 25 it(is)a leprosy broken out of the burning
BROKEN, to be sore
To be bruised, nyj dakah, 2.
Psa 38. 8 I am feeble and sore broken : I have
BROKEN to pieces, to be
l.To be bruised small, p" duq.
Dau. 2. 35 the silver, and the gold, broken to pieces
2. To be brow/ht down, nnn chathath, 2.
1 Sa. 2. ioTheadversaries..shallbebrokentopieces
BROKEN up or through, to be
1. To be cleft through, yp? baqa, 2.
Gen. 7. ii the fountains of the great deep broken up
2 Ki. 25. 4 the city was broken up, and all the men
Prov. 3. 20 his knowledge the depths are broken up
Jer. 52. 7 Then the city was broken up, and all the
2. To be cleft through, yp? baqa, 6.
Jer 39. 2 the ninth (day), .the city was broken up
3. To be gone up, ^y, alah, 2.
Jer. 37 1 1 the army of the Chaldeans was broken up
4. Jo dig through, Stopvffffu diorusso.
Matt 24. 43 not. .suffered his house to be broken up
Luke 12. 39 not. .suffered his house to be broken thr.
\.A breach of the foot, jrj ~ay sheber regel.
Lev. 21. 19 Or a man that is broken footed
2.A breach of the hand, i; 13?* sheber yad.
Lev. 21. 19 Or a man that is. .broken handed
I.Broken <>f heart, 31
? iypi nishbar leb [shabar].
Isa. 6 1. i sent me to bind up the broken hearted
2. Rubbed together s to the heart, ffvvrfrpi/
rV KapSiav snntetrimmenos ten kardian.
Luke 4. 18 [hath sent me to heal the broken hearted]
Nest, brood, voffaiti nossia.
Luke 13. 34 as a hen. .her [brood] under (her) wings
Brooks were abundant in Canaan The chief of those
mentioned are : Arnon, Besor, Gaash, Cherith, Eshcol,
Kidron Kishon. Zered, the Willows ; which see.
l.A breaking forth, p ?K aphiq.
Psa. 42. i the hart panteth after the water brooks
2.A shining brook, TIN; yeor.
Isa. 19. 6 the-brooks of defence shall be emptied
19. 7 The paper reeds by . . brooks . . the brooks
19. 7 every thing sown by the brooks, shall
19, 8 they that cast angle into the brooks shall
3.A small brook, Spv? mikal.
2 Sa. 17. 20 They be gone over the brook of water
&.A stream (in a valley), Vr^ nachal.
Gen. 32. 23 he took them and sent them over, .brook
Lev. 23. 40 of thick trees and willows of the brook
Num 13. 23 they came unto the brook of Eshcol and
13. 24 The place was called the brook Eshcol
zi. 14 What he did. .in the brooks of Arnon
21. 15 at the stream of the brooks that goeth
Deut. 2. 13 up, (said I), and get you over the brook
2. 13 and we went over the brook Zered
2. 14 until we were come over the brook Zered
8. 7 a good land ; a land of brooks of water
9. 21 I cast the dust thereof into the brook
1 Sa. 17. 40 five smooth stones out of the brook, and
30. 9 So David went . . and came to the brook B.
30. 10 they could not go over the brook Besor
30. 21 whom they had made . . abide at the brook
2 Sa. 15. 23 the king, .passed over the brook Kidron
23. 30 Benaiah . . Hiddai of the brooks of Gaash
t Ki. 2. 37 thou goest out, and passest over, .brook
15. 13 her idol, and burnt (it) by the brook Kid.
17. 3 hide thyself by the brook Cherith, that
17. 4 be, (that) thou shalt drink of the brook
1 Ki. 17. 5 lie went and dwelt by the brook (, lierith
17. o bread and flesh, .and he drank of the br.
17. 7 it came to pass, .that the brook dried up
18 5 </o into the laud, .and unto all brooks
18. 40 Elijah brought them down to the brook
2 Ki. 23. 6 without Jerusalem, unto the brook Kid.
23. 6 burnt it at the brook Kidrou. .stamped
23. 12 cast the dust of them into the brook Ki.
1 Ch.n 32 Hurai of the brooks of Gaash, Abiel the
2 16 and burnt (it) at the brook Kidron
20. 16 shall find them at the end of the brook
29. 1 6 to carry (it) out abroad into the brook K.
30. 14 and cast (them) into the brook Kidron
32. 4 the brook that ran through the midst
Neh. 2. 15 Then went I up in the night by the brook
Job 6. 15 brethren, .dealt deceitfully as a brook
6. 15 as the stream of brooks they pass away
20. 17 He shall not see. .the brooks of honey
22. 24 (gold) of Ophir as. .stones of the brooks
40. 22 the willows of the brook compass him
Psa. 83. 9 as (to) Sisera, as (to) Jabin, at the brook
i io. 7 He shall drink of the brook in the way
Prov.iS. 4 well spring of wisdom (as) a flowing br.
Isa. 15. 7 shall they carry away to the brook of
Jer. 31. 40 all the fields unto the brook of Kidrou
5. Winter flowing, ^ei/xoppos cheimarrhos.
JohmS. i forth with his disciples over the brook
1. Broth, soup, PT? maraq.
Judg. 6. 19 he put the broth in a pot, and brought
6 20 Take the flesh, .and pour out the broth
2. /iroth, soup, Pip maraq [v.l.. p~J9^ray].
Isa. 65. 4 broth of abominable (things is in) their
1. Brother, rm ach.
Gen 4. 2 she again bare his brother Abel. And
4. 8 Cain talked with Abel his brother : and
4. 8 Cain rose up against Abel his brother
4. 9 LORD said . . Where (is) Abel thy brother?
4.9! know not : (Am) I my brother s keeper ?
4. io voice of thy brother s blood crieth unto
4. ii to receive thy brother s blood from thy
4. 21 his brother s name (was) Jubal : he was
9. 5 at the hand of every man s brother will
io. 21 Unto Sheni also, .the brother of Japheth
io. 25 and his brother s name (was) Joktan
12. 5 Abram took. .Lot his brother s son, and
14. 12 they took Lot, Abram s brother s son
14. 13 brother of Eshcol, and brother of Aner
14. 14 Abram heard that his brother was taken
14. 16 brought again his brother Lot, and his
20. 5 even she herself oaid, He (is) my brother
20. 13 that I said unto her. .He (is) rny brother
20. 16 I have given thy brother a thousand
22. 20 hath also born children unto thy brother
22. 21 Huz his first born, and Buz his brother
22. 23 Milcah did bear to Nahor, Abraham s br.
24. 15 Milcah, the wife of Nahor, Abraham s br.
24. 29 Rebekah had a brother, and his name
24. 48 to take my master s brother s daughter
24. 53 he gave also to her brother and to her
24. 55 her brother and her mother said, Let the
25. 26 after that came his brother out, and his
27. 6 thy father speak unto Esau thy brother
27 1 1 Behold. Esau my brother (is) a hairy man
27. 23 his hands were hairy, as his brother
27. 30 Esau his brother came in from his
27 35 he said, Thy brother came with subtilty
27. 40 thy sword shalt thou. .serve thy brother
27. 41 then will I slay my brother Jacob
27. 42 Behold, thy brother Esau, as touching
27. 43 flee thou to Laban my brother to Harau
27 44 until thy brother s fury turn away
27. 45 Until thy brother s anger turn away from
28. 2 daughters of Laban thy mother s brother
28 5 brother of Rebekah, Jacob s and Esau s
29 io Rachel . . daughter . . his mother s brother
29. 10 the sheep of Laban his mother s brother
29 io the flock of Laban his mother s brother
29. 12 Jacob told . .he (was) her father s brother
29. 15 Labau said. .Because, .(art) my brother
32. 3 to Esau his brother, unto the land of Seir
32. 6 saying. We came to thy brother Esau
32. 1 1 Deliver me . . from the hand of my brother
32 1 3 to his hand a present for Esau his brother
32. 17 When Esau my brother meeteth thee
33. 3 bowed, .until he came near to his brother
33 9 Esau said, I have enough, my brother
35 i fleddest from the face of Esau thy brother
35. 7 when he fled from the face of his brother
36 6 went, .from the face of his brother Jacob
37 26 What profit (is it) if we slay our brother
37. 27 for he (is) our brother (and) our flesh
38. 8 Go in unto thy brother s wife, and marry
38 8 and raise up seed to thy brother
38. 9 when he went in unto his brother s wife
38. 9 that he should give seed to his brother
38. 29 as he drew back his hand . .his brother
38. 30 And afterward came out his brother
42. 4 But Benjamin, Joseph s brother, Jacob
42. 15 except your youngest brother come
42. 16 Send, .and let him fetch your brother
42 20 But bring your youngest brother unto me
42 21 We (are) verily guilty concerning our br.
42. 34 And bring your youngest brother unto me
42. 34 will I deliver you your brother, and ye
42. 38 son shall not c;o. .ior his brother is dead
43. 3,5 except your brother (be) with you
43 4 If thou wilt send our brother with us, we
Gen. 43. 6 tell, .man whether ye had yet a brother?
43- 7 (Is) your father, .have ye (anot.) brother?
43. 7 that he would say, Bring your brother
43. 13 Take alsoyourbrother, and arise, go again
43. 14 he may send away your other broil!, r
43. 29 lifted up his eyes, and saw his brother B.
43. 29 and said, (In) this your younger brother
43. 30 for his bowels did yearn upon his brother
44. 19 Have ye a father, or a brother?
44. 20 and his brother is dead, and he alone is
44. 23 Except your youngest brother comedown
44. 26 if our youngest brother be with us
44. 26 except our youngest brother (be) with us
45. 4 And he said, I (am) Joseph your brother
45. 12 and the eyes of my brother Benjamin
45. 14 lie fell upon his brother Benjamin s neck
48. 19 but truly his younger brother shall be
Exod. 4. 14 (Is) not Aaron the Levite thy brother?
7. i and Aaron thy brother shall be thy prophet
7. 2 and Aaron thy brother shall speak unto
28. i take thou unto thee Aaron thy brother
28. 2 make holy garments for Aaron thy brother
28. 4 make holy garments for Aaron thy brother
28. 41 thou shalt put them upon, .thy brother
32. 27 in and out. .and slay every man his bro.
32. 29 even every man upon . .his brother ; that
Lev. 16. 2 LORD said. .Speak unto Aaron thy broth.
18. 14 shalt not uncover, .thy father s brother
18. 16 Thou shalt not uncover, .thy brother s wife
18. 16 it (is) thy brother s nakedness
19. 17 Thou shall not hate thy brother in thine
20. 21 And if a man shall take his brother s wife
20. 21 hath uncovered his brother s nakednesi
21. 2 But for his kin . .and for his brother
25. 25 If thy brother be waxen poor, and hath
25. 25 shall he redeem that which his brother
25. 35 And if thy brother be waxen poor, and
25. 36 fear thy God, that thy brother may live
25. 39 And if thy brother (that dwelleth) by thee
25. 47 and thy brother (that dwelleth) by him
Num. 6. 7 He shall not make himself, .for his bro.
20. 8 gather . . together, thou and Aaron thy br.
20. 14 saith thy brother Israel, Thou knowest
27. 13 as Aaron thy brother was gathered
36. 2 of Xelophehad our brother unto his
Deut. i. 16 judge righteously between, .his brother
13. 6 If thy brother, the son of thy mother, or
15. 2 he shall not exact (it). . of his brother
15. 3 but (that) which is thine with thy brother
15. 7 nor shut thine hand from thy poor brother
15. 9 thine eye be evil against thy. .brother
15. ii open thine hand wide unto thy brother
15. 12 (And) if thy brother, an Hebrew man, or
17. 15 a stranger, .which (is) not thy brother
19. 18 hath testified falsely against his brother
19. 19 had thought . . have done unto his brother
22. i Thou shalt not see thy brother s ox. .go
22. i thou shalt in any case bring, .unto thy br
22. 2 And if thy brother (be) not nigh unto thee
22. 2 it shall be with thee until thy brother
22. 3 and with all lost thing of thy brother s
22. 4 Thou shalt not see thy brother s ass or
23. 7 shalt not abhor . . for he (is) thy brother
23. 19 shalt not lend upon usury to thy brother
23. 20 unto thy brother thou shalt not lend upon
25. 3 then thy brother should seem vile unto
25. 6 succeed in the name of his brother
25. 7 if the man like not to take his brother s
25. 9 Then shall his brother s wife come unto
28. 54 his eye shall be evil toward his brother
32. 50 as Aaron thy brother died in mount Hor
Josh. 15. 17 And Othniel . .the brother of Caleb, took
Judg. i. 3 And Judah said unto Simeon his brother
i. 13 And Othniel . .Caleb s younger brother
1. 17 And Judah went with Simeon his brother
3. 9 (even) Othniel . . Caleb s younger brother
9. 3 for they said He (is) our brother
9. 1 8 made A. . . king . . because he (is) your brot.
9. 21 for fear of Abimelech his brother
9. 24 be laid upon Abimelech their brother
20. 23, 28 the children of Benjamin my brother ?
21. 6 repented them for Benjamin their bro.
Ruth 4. 3 which (was) our brother Elimelech s t
1 Sa. 14. 3 the son of Ahitub, I-chabod s brother
17. 28 Eliab his eldest brother heard when he
20. 29 my brother he hath commanded me (to)
26. 6 Abishai the son.. Zeruiah brother to Joab
2 Sa. i. 26 I am distressed for thee my brother Jon.
2. 22 I hold up my face to Joab thy brother
2. 27 every one from following his brother
3. 27 died for the blood of Asahel his brother
3. 30 So Joab. .Abishai his brother slew Abner
3. 30 because he had slain their brother Asahel
4. 6 Rechab and Baanah his brother escaped
4. 9 David answered Rechab. .his brother
10. io he delivered unto the hand of . . his brother
i 3. 3, 32 the son of Shimeah, David s brother
13. 4 Ilove Tamar my brother Absalom s
13. 7 Go now to thy brother Amnon s house
13. 8 So Tamar went to her brother Amnon s
13. io brought (them), .to Amnon her brother
13. 12 Nay, my brother, do not force me ; forno
13. 20 And Absalom her brother said unto her
13 20 Hath Amnon thy brother been with thee
13. 20 he (is) thy brother ; regard not this thing
13. 20 Tamar remained, .in her brother A. s
13. 26 I pray thee let my brother Amnon go
14. 7 Deliver him that smote his brother
14. 7 for the life of his brother whom he slew
1 8. 2 Abishai the son of Zeruiah Joab s brother
20. 9 Joab said, (Art) thou in health, my bro.
20. io Joab and Abiabai his brother pursued
aSa. 21. 21 Jonathan, .the brother of David, slew
23. 18 And Abishai the brother of Joab, the son
23. 24 Asahel, the brother of Joab (was) one of
iKi. i. 10 and Solomon his brother, he called not
2. 7 I fled because of Absalom thy brother
2. 15 the kingdom . . is become my brother s: for
2. 21 Let Abishag. .be given to Adonijah thy br
2. 22 for he (is) mine elder brother ; even lor
9. 13 What cities, .thou hast given me. my br.
13. 30 theymournt d. .(saying), Alas, my brother!
20. 32 hesaid,(Is)he yet alive? he (is)my broth
20. 33 and they said, Thy brother Ben-hadad
a Ch. i. 19 Peleg. .his brother s name(was) Joktan
2. 32 the sons of Jada the brother of Shammai
2. 42 the sons of Caleb the brother of Jerahmeel
4. ii Chelub the brother of Shuah begat Mehir
6. 39 his brother Asaph, who stood on his right
7. 16 the name of his brother (was) Sheresh
7 35 And the sons of his brother Helem; Zop.
8. 39 And the sons of Eshek his brother (were)
ii. 20 And Abishai the brother of Joab, he was
n. 26 Asahel the brother of Joab, Klhanan the
ii. 38 Joel the brother of Xathan, Mibhar the
ii. 45 the son of Shimri, and Joha his brother
19. ii unto the hand of Abishai his brother, and
19. 15 likewise fled before Abishai his brother
20. 5 Klhanan. .slew Lahmi the brother of
20. 7 Jonathan the son of Shimea, David s bro.
24. 25 The brother of Michah (was) Isshiah : of
26. 22 of Jehieli ; Zetham, and Joel his brother
27. 7 fourth (captain). .(was)Asahel the brother
*Ch. 31. 12 and Shimei his brother (was) the next
31. 13 hand of Cononiah and Shimei his brother
36. 4 made Eliakim his brother king over Judah
36. 4 Necho took Jehoahaz his brother, and
36. 10 and made Zedekiah his brother king
Ken. 5. 7 Ye exact usury, every one of his brother
7. 2 That I gave my brother Hanani, and
Job i. 13, 18 wine in their eldest brother s house
22. 6 For . . hast taken a pledge from thy brother
50. 29 I am a brother to dragons, and a . . to owls
Psa. 35. 14 behaved, .as. .(he had been) my. .brother
49. 7 Xone. .can by any means redeem his br.
50. 20 Thou sittest(and) speakest against thy br.
IV.v.17. *7 an(l a brother is born for adversity
8. 9 He. .is brother to him that is a great
8. 19 A brother offended (is harder to be won)
18 24 there is a friend, .closer than a brother
27. 10 neither go into thy brother s house in the
27. 10 better (is) a neighbour, .than a brother
Eccl 4. 8 yea. he hath neither child nor brother
Song 8. i Oh that thou (wert) as my brother, that
Isa. 3. 6 When a man shall take hold of his brother
9. 19 710 man shall spare his brother
19. 2 fight every one against his brother
41. 6 and (every one) said to his brother, Be of
Jer. 9. 4 and trust ye not in any brother : for every
9. 4 brother will utterly supplant, and every
22. 18 Ah my brother ! or, Ah my sister ! they
23. 35 shall ye say. .every one to his brother
31. 34 teach, .every man his brother, saying
14. 9 none should serve himself of . . his brother
34. 14 let ye go every man his brother an Heb.
34. 17 every one to his brother, and every man
Eze. 18. 18 spoiled his brother by violence, and did
33. 30 and speak, .every one to his brother,saying
38. 21 every man s sword, .against his brother
44. 25 for brother, or for sister that hath had
Hos 12. 3 He took his brother by the heel in the
Amos i. ii because he did pursue his brother with
Obad. 10 For (thy) violence against thy brother
12 shouldest not have looked on. .thy brother
Mic. 7. 2 they hunt every man his brother with a
Hag. 2. 22 every one by the sword of his brother
Zech. 7. 9 and show mercy., every man to his brother
7. 10 none of you imagine, .against his brother
Mai. i. i(Was)not Esau Jacob s brother ? saith the
2. 10 why. .every man against his brother
2. Friend, y-\ rea.
Deut24. 10 When thou dost lend thy brother any
3. Of the same, womb, a brother, relative, aSeA^o s.
Matt. 4. 18 Andrew his brother, casting a net into
4 21 James, .and John his brother, in a ship
5. 22 That whosoever is angry with his brother
5. 22 whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca
5. 23 that thy brother hath ought against thee
5. -24 first be reconciled to thy brother, and
7. 3 the mote that is in thy brother s eye, but
7. 4 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let
7. 5 to cast out the mote out of thy brother s
10. 2 Peter, and Andrew his brother
10. a James . . of Zebedee, and John his brother
10. 21 the brother shall deliver up the brother
12. 50 the same is my brother, and sister. And
14- 3 ir Herodias sake, his brother Philip s
17. i Jesus taketh. James. .John his brother
15 Moreover, if thy brother shall trespass
if he. .hear, .thou hast gained thy brother
. 21 how oft shall my brother sin against me
8. 35 n ye. .forgive not every one his brother
z. 24 " man die .his brother shall marry his
22. 24 and raise up seed unto his brother
,5 having no issue, left . . wife unto, .brother Mirk i. 16 he saw Simon, and Andrew Lis brother
1. 19 he saw James, .an. Junn his brother, who
3. 17 And Jaitifs. .and John the brother of Ja
3. 35 the same is my brother, and my sister
5. 37 Peter, and James, and John the brother
6. 3 the brotber of James, and Joses, and of
6. 17 for Rorodtu sake, his brother Philip s
6. 18 lawful for thee to have thy brother s wife
Mark;.. 19 If a man s brother die, and leave (his)
12. 19 that his brother should take his wife
12. iy and raise up seed unto his brother
13. 12 Now the brother shall betray the brother
Luke 3. i and his brother Philip tetrarch of Iturea
3. 19 being reproved, .for Herodias his brother
6. 14 Simon, .and Andrew his brother, James
6. 41 the mote that is in thy brother s eye
6. 42 how canst thou say to thy brother, Brot.
6 42 pull out the mote, .in thy brother s eye
12. 13 Master, speak to my brother, that he
15. 27 And he said unto him. Thy brother is
15. 32 for this thy brother was dead, and is
17. 3 If thy brother trespass against thee
20. 28 If any man s brother die, having a wife
20. 28 that his brother should take his wife
20. 28 and raise up seed unto his brother
John i. 40 One., was Andrew, Simon Peter s brother
1. 41 He first flndeth his own brother Simon
6. 8 Andrew, Simon Peter s brother, saith
ii. 2 It was (that) Mary, .whose brother Laz.
ii. 19 to comfort them concerning their brother
ii. 11,32 Lord, if thou hadst been here, mybr.
11. 23 Jesus saith unto her, Thy brother shall
Acts 9. 17 putting his hands on him, said, Brother
12. 2 he killed James the brother of John with
21. 20 Thou seest, brother, how many thousands
22. 13 said unto me, Brother Saul, receive thy
Rom 14. 10 But why dost thou judge thy brother?
14. 10 or why dost thou set at nought thy brother
14. 13 or an occasion to fall, in (his) brother s
14. 15 if thy brother be grieved with (thy) meat
14. 21 nor (any thing) whereby thy brother
16. 23 chamberlain, .saluteth. .Quartusabroth.
1 Co. i. i Paul, .an apostle, .and Sosthenes. .broth.
5. 1 1 if any man that is called a brother be a
6. 6 But brother goeth to law with brother
7. 12 If any brother hath a wife that believeth
7. 15 A brother or a sister is not under bondage
8. ii shall the weak brother perish, for whom
8. 13 Wherefore, if meat make my brother to
8. 13 lest I make my brother to offend
16. 12 As touching (our) brother Apollos, I
2 Co. i. i and Timothy (our) brother, unto the
2. 13 because I found not Titus my brother
8. 18 And we have sent with him the brother
8. 22 we have sent with them our brother
12. 18 I desired Titus, .(him) I sent a brother
Gal. i. 19 saw I none, save James the Lord s brother
Eph. 6. 21 a beloved brother and faithful minister
Phil. 2. 25 Epaphroditus,my brother.and companion
Col. i. i Paul, .and Timotheus (our) brother
4. 7 Tychicus. .(who is) a beloved brother
4. 9 Onesimus, a faithful and beloved brother
1 Th. 3. 2 And sent Timotheus, our brother, and
4. 6 no(man)gobeyondanddefraudhisbrother
2 Th. 3. 6 withdraw yourselves from every brother
3. 15 but admonish (him) as a brother
Phm. i Paul . . and Timothy (our) brother, unto
7 the bowels, .refreshed by thee, brother
16 a brother beloved, specially to me, but
20 brother, let me have joy of thee in the
Heb. 8. ii they shall not teach, .man his brother
13 23 Know ye that (our) brother Timothy is
Jas. i. 9 Let the brother of low degree rejoice in
2. 15 If a brother or sister be naked, and
4. ii He that speaketh evil of (his) brother
4. n and judgeth his brother, speaketh evil of
1 Pe. 5. 12 By Silvanus, a faithful brother unto you
2 Pe. 3. 15 even as our beloved brother Paul also
i Jo. 2. 9 He that, .hateth his brother, is in dark.
2. 10 He that loveth his brother abideth in the
2. n he that hateth his brother is in darkness
3. 10 neither he that loveth not his brother
3. 12 that wicked one, and slew his brother
3. 12 works were evil, and his brother s right.
3. 14 He that loveth not (his) [brother] abideth
3. 15 Whosoever hateth his brother is a murd.
3. 17 But whoso, .seeth his brother have need
4. 20 say, I love God, and hateth his brother
4. 20 for he that loveth not his brother whom
4. 21 he who loveth God love his brother also
5. 16 If any man see his brother sin a sin
Jude i Jude, the servant, .and brother of James
Rev. i. 9 I John, who also am your brother, and
[See also Father s brother, husband s brother.]
Deceased brother s widow, nc3! yebemeth.
Deutss- 7 n ike not to take his brother s wife
25. 7 then let his brother s wife go up to the
25. 9 Then shall his brother s wife come unto
\. Unity, "inx achavah.
Zech ii. 14 that I might break the brotherhood
^.Brotherly relation, oS*A<oVijr adflphotes.
i Pe. 2. 1 7 Honour all . . Love the brotherhood
I ! rather, nx ach.
Amos i. 9 remembered not the brotherly covenant
BROTHERLY kindne*s or love
ttri thrrly love, <f>i\aSf\<t>ia Philadelphia. Rom 12. 10 kindly affectioned. .with brotherly love
1 Th. 4. 9 as teaching brotherly love ye need not
Heb. 13. i Let brotherly love continue
2 Pe. i. 7 And to godliness brotherly kindness
i. 7 and to brotherly kindness charity
BROUGHT, to be [See BRUTO. ]
1.7V) be ijatkered, *JPK asaph, 2.
Exod. 9. 19 shall not be brought home, the hail shall
2. To be caused to come, NS atha, 6.
Dan. 6. 17 a stone was brought, and laid upon the
3. To come in, Kia bo.
Neh. 9. 33 thou (art) just in all that is brought upon
4. To be caused to come in, NIS bo, 6.
Gen. 33. ii Take, .my blessing that is brought to
Lev. 6. 30 whereof (any) of the blood is brought
10. 18 the blood of it was not brought in within
13. 2 he shall be brought unto Aaron the
13. 9 then he shall be brought unto the priest
14. 2 He shall be brought unto the priest
Psa. 45. 14 that follow her shall be brought unto
Jer. 10. 9 Silver spread into plates is brought from
Eze. 23. 42 with the men. .(were) brought Sabeans
30. 1 1 the nations, shall be brought to destroy
40. 4 show (them) unto thee (art) thou brought
5. To be caused to flow or go, *?yt yabal, 6.
Job 21. 32 Yet shall he lie brought to the grave, and
Psa. 45. 14; 43. 15; Isa. 18. 7; 5-;. 7 ; .Ter. n. i>
ft To be led, & agomai.
Matt. 10. 1 8 ye shall be brought before governors nnd
I.uke 18. 40 ; Acts 5. 21 ; 22. 24 ; 25. 6.
7. To be taken, received, npS laqach, 2.
Esth. 2. 8 Esther was brought also unto the king s
8. To lead on, 3?) nnhag.
Isa. 60. 1 1 and (that) their kings (may be) brought
9. To cause to go up or in, b jy, alal, 5.
Dan. 6. 18 neither were instruments, .brought
10. To be draicn near, 3-3 jj qarab, 2.
Exod 22. 8 the master of the house shall be brought
Josh. 7. 14 therefore ye shall be brought according
II. To become, yivofj.a.i ginomai.
Acts 5. 36 and all . .were scattered, and brought to
1 2. To come, epxMat erchomai.
Mark 4. 21 Is a candle brought to be put under a
13. To set or place, iffrrj^i histemi.
Mark 1 3. 9 ye shall be brought before rulers and
[See also Low, nought, secretly, silence.]
BROUGHT again or back, to be
1. To be caused to turn back, 3 E* shub, 6.
Gen. 43. 12 the money that was brought again in the
Exodio. 8 Moses and Aaron were brought again
Jer. 27. 16 vessels . . shall now shortly be brought aga,
2. To be brought back, 3?e> shub, 36.
Eze. 38. 8 the land (that is) brought back from the
BROUGHT, before it was
A removing, J?p5 massa.
i Ki. 6. 7 made ready before it was brought thither
BROUGHT, to cause to be
To cause to come near, 3^^ qarab, 5.
Exod2Q. 10 thou shalt cause a bullock to be brought
BROUGHT down, to be
1. To be caused to come down, TV yarad, 6.
Gen. 39. i Joseph was brought down to Egypt ; and
Isa. 14. ii Thy pomp is brought dowu to the grave
14. 15 Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell
Eze. 31. 18 yet shalt thou be brought down with the
Zech 10. ii pride of Assyria shall be brought down
2. To be bent, n? kara.
Psa. 20. 8 They are brought down and fallen ; but
3.7*0 become lou; nn^ shachach, 2.
Isa. 5. 15 the mean man shall be brought down
4.7*0 be humbled, S?^ shaphel.
Isa. 29. 4 thou shalt be brought down, (and) shalt
5. To cause to come doicn, KaTa0i&dfa katabibazo.
Mattn. 23 And thou. .shalt be [brought down] to
BROUGHT before, to be
To set or place alongside of, iropitrTTj/ui paristemi.
Acts 27. 24 Paul ; thou must be brought before Cwsar
BROUGHT unto, to be
To bear, <ptpw phcro.
i 1 e. i. 13 for the grace that is to be brought unto
BROUGHT forth, to be
1 7*o be pained, be in travail, Vin chul, 4&.
Prov. 8. 24 When, .no depths, I was brought forth
8. 25 before the hills was I brought forth
2. 7*o be caused to flow or go, ^y, yabal, 6.
Job 21. 30 they shall be brought forth to the day of
3. To be begotten, born, 1^ yalad, 2.
Lev. 22. 27 a bullock, or a sheep, .is Brought forth
4. 7*o be begotten, born, i1
?; yalad, 4.
Psa. 90. 2 Before the mountains vi ere broughtforth
5. 7Y> be caused to come forth, xy; yatsa, 6.
Gen. 38. 25 When she (was) brought forth, she sent
Jer. 38. 2 all the women, .(shall be) brought forth
Eze. 14. 22 a remnant that shall be brought forth
38. 8 but it is brought forth out of the nations
47. 8 (which being) brought forth into the sea
6. To give along or over, irapa5i5a>/xt paradidiimi,
Mark 4. 29 l!ut when the fruit is brought forth
BROUGHT in, to be
1.7*0 be gathered, ^px asaph, 2.
Num. 1 2. 15 journeyed not till Miriam was brought in
2. To be caused to come in, xi3 bo, 6.
Gen 43. 18 at the first time are we brought in
Lev. 16. 27 whose blood was brought in to make
3. To be caused to go up, ^jj, alal, 6.
Dan. 5. 13 Theu was Daniel brought in before, .king
5. 15 the astrologers, have been brought in
BROUGHT in unawares
Led in sideways, Tra.pii<ra,KTos pareisaktos.
Gal. 2. 4 of false brethren unawares brought in
BROUGHT into, to be
To be caused to come in, N13 bo, 6.
Gen. 43 18 they were brought into Joseph s house
2 Ki.i2. 4 All the money, .that is brought into the
12. 9 all the money (that was) brought into the
12. 13 the money (that was) brought into the
12. 16 money, .was not brought into the house
j2. 4 the silver which is brought into the house
2 Ch 34. 9 the money that was brought into the
34. 14 the money that was brought into the
BROUGHT into subjection, to be
To be bent, y^ kana, 2.
Psa 106. 42 they were brought into subjection under
BROUGHT low, to be
I.To be or become low, njj; anah,
Isa 25. 5 the branch, .shall be brought low
2.7*0 be little, small, -ijp tsaar.
Job 14. 21 His sous come . . and they are brought low
S.To become low, nny shachach, 1, 2.
Psa 107. 39 they are miniahed and brought low
Eccl 12. 4 all the daughters, .shall be brought low
4.7*0 be low, humble, *?y shaphel.
Isa. 212 lifted up, and he shall be brought low
5. To make low, rairfiv6<a tapeinoo.
Luke 3. 5 mountain and hill shall be brought low
Outgoing, produce, K>i3 motsa.
1 28 Solomon had horses brought out of Egypt
2 Ch. i 16 Solomon had horses brought out of Egypt
BROUGHT to pass, to be
1.7*0 be, become, n;n hayah, 2.
Eze 21. 7 it coraeth, and shall be brought to pass
2. To become, yivofjiai ginomai.
1 Co 15 54 then shall be brought to pass the saying
BROUGHT to, to be
Change of house, /j.troiKfffia metoikesia.
Matt i 12 And after they were brought to Babylon
BROUGHT together, to be
7 o be gathered, ^px asaph, 2.
Eze 29 5 thou shalt not be brought together, nor
BROUGHT under, to be
To be bent, bowed down, y}$ kana, 2.
2 Ch 13 18 the children of Israel were brought under
BROUGHT up. to be
1. Under care, n^CKa be-omnah.
Esth. 2. 20 as when she was brought up with him
la. Educate, J2X aman (pass. part. ).
Lam. 4. 5 they that were brought up in scarlet
2. To be or become great, ^la gadal.
2 Ch. 10. 8, 10. 10 ; Job 31. 18.
3. To be born, 1?>; yalad. 4.
Gen 50 23 the children, .were brought up upon
4 To be brought up. rthy, alah, 2.
Ezra. i. ii that were brought up from Babylon
5. To be brought up, nhy alah, 6.
Js ah. 2. 7 And Huzzab .. shall be brought up
BROUGHT up, one
Nourished, a workman, JiDN ainon.
Prov. 8 30 by him, (as) one brought up (with him)
BROUGHT up with
Nourished with, (rvvrpofyos suntrophos.
Acts 13. i which had been brought up with Herod
1. Forehead, nyo metsach.
Isa. 48. 4 an iron sinew, and thy brow brass
2.firoiv, eyebrmu, o<f>pvs ophrus.
Luke 4. 29 and led him unto the brow of the hill
Brown, dusky, Din chum.
Gen. 30. 32 and all the brown cattle among the sheep
30. 33 every one that (is) not . . brown among the
30. 35 and all the brown among the sheep
30. 40 and all the brown in the flock of Labau
1. Stripe, (.Tjon), Tiian chabburah.
Isa. i. 6 (but) wounds, and bruises, and putrifying
2. Breach, nat? s/ieber.
Jer. 30. 12 Thy bruise (is) incurable, (and) thy wound
ah. 3. 19 (There is) no healing of thy bruise
1 . To bruise, N^n daka, 3.
Isa. 53. 10 Yet it pleased the LOUD to bruise him
2.7*0 bruise small or thin, pjy daqaq.
Isa. 28. 28 nor bruise it (with) his horsemen
3.7*0 do, make, nyy asah, 1, 3.
Eze. 23. 3 there they bruised the teats of their
23. 8 they bruised the breasts of her 23. 21.
4.7*0 break, yyi rea .
Dan. 2. 40 shall it break in pieces and bruise
5.7*0 bruise, ]? shuph.
Gen. 3. 15 bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise
6.7*0 break, break in pieces, 6pav<a thrauo.
Luke 4. 1 8 to set at liberty them that are bruised
7. To rub tojetlier, avvrpi/Sca suntribo.
Matt 12. 20 A bruised reed shall he not break, and
Luke 9. 39 and, bruising him, hardly departeth from
Kom, 16. 20 the God of peace shall bruise Satan
1.7*0 press, squeeze, crush, ijyo inaak.
Lev. 22. 24 Ye shall not offer, .that which is bruised
2. To break in pieces, f<n
2 Ki. 18. 21 trustest upon the staff of this bruised
BRUISED, to be
1. To be bruised, Nin daka, 4.
Isa. 53 5 (he was) bruised for our iniquities : the
2.7*0 be made thin, pjTj daqaq, 6.
Isa. 28. 28 Bread (corn) is bruised ; because he will
7*o do, make, nyy asah.
Eze. 23. 21 in bruising thy teats by the Egyptians
1. Ifearing, report, nyosy shemuah.
Jer. 10. 22 Behold, the noise of the bruit is come, and
2.Report, y2B> shema.
Nah. 3. 19 all that hear the bruit of thee shall clap
Speechless, irrational, &\oyos alogos.
2 Pe. 2. 12 But these, as natural brute beasts, made
J ude 10 what they know naturally, as brute beasts
BRUTISH, to be, or become
1.7*0 consume (or act like a brute}, if? baar.
Psa. 94 8 Understand, ye brutish among the people
Jer. 10. 8 they are altogether brutish and foolish
Eze. 21. 31 deliver thee into the hand of brutish
2. 7*o become like a brute, "tya baar, 2.
Isa. 19 ii the wise counsellors, .is become brutish
Jer. 10. 14 Every man is brutish in (his) knowledge
10 21 For the pastors are become brutish, and
51 17 Every man is brutish by (his) knowledge
BRUTISH person
7*o consume or act like a brute, nya baar.
Psa. 49. 10 likewise the fool and the brutish person
92. 6 A brutish man knoweth not ; neither
Prov. 12. i but he that hateth reproof (is) brutish
30. 2 Surely I (am) more brutish than (any)
Bucket, pail, ^ ^ deli, doli.
Num. 24. 7 He shall pour the water out of his buckets
Isa. 40 15 the nations (are) as a drop of a bucket
I. Shield, |3S ma-gen.
2 Sa 22. 31 he (is) a buckler to all them that trust
1 Ch. 5. 18 men able to bear buckler and sword, and
2 Ch. 23. 9 bucklers, and shields, that (had been)
Job 15. 26 upon the thick bosses of his bucklers
Psa. 1 8. 2 my buckler, and the horn of my salvation
18. 30 he (is) a buckler to all those that trust in
Prov. 2. 7 (he is) a buckler to them that walk
Song 4. 4 whereon there hang a thousand bucklers
Jer. 46. 3 Order ye the buckler and shield, and
2. Buckler, target, JTinb socherah.
Psa. 91. 4 his truth (shall be thy) shield and buckler
^.Shield (of a larger size), njx tsinnah.
Psa. 35. 2 Take hold of shield and buckler, and
Eze. 23. 24 (which) shall set against thee buckler and
26. 8 and lift up the buckler against thee
38. 4 (even) a great company (with) bucklers
39. 9 both the shields and the bucklers, the
4. Javelin, nzh romach.
i Ch.ia. 8 that could handle shield and buckler
1. Outgoing, outcome, xyb motsa.
Job 38. 27 to cause the bud of the tender herb
2. Blossom, flower, rn^ perach.
Numi7- 8 brought forth buds, and bloomed blossoms
Isa. 18. 5 For afore the harvest, when the bud is
3. Sprout, shoot, n??f tsemach.
Isa. 61. ii For as the earth bringeth forth her bud
Eze. 16. 7 I have caused thee to multiply as the bud
Hos. 8. 7 it hath no stalk ; the bud shall yield no
BUD, to
1.7*o cause to shine, send out buds, p: nuts, f>.
Song 6. ii to see whether., the pomegranates budded
2.7o break forth, sprout, blossom, rnj i>arach.
Gen. 40. 10 it (was) as though it budded, (and) her
1 --i 27. 6 Israel shall blossom and bud, and till the
Eze. 7. 10 the rod. .blossomed pride hath budded
3.7o cause to sprout or break forth, rr<$ parach, 5.
Job 14. 9 through the scent of water it will bud
4.7*0 cause to sprout, rrpy tsamach, 5.
Isa. 55. 10 maketh it bring forth and bud, that it
5.7*0 bud, sprout, &\a.>miv<a blastano.
Heb. 9. 4 Aaron s rod that budded, and the tables
BUD forth, to
7*o cause to shine, send out buds, pi nuts, f>.
Song 7. 12 Let us see if. .the pomegranates bud forth
BUD (forth), to cause or make to - -
7*o cause to sprout, ncy tsamach, 5.
Eze. 29. 21 will I cause the horn.. to bud forth, and
Psa. 132. 17 will I make the horn of David to bud
BUDDED, to be
7*o break forth, sprout, or blossom, m_ jjarach.
Num 17. 8 the rod of Aaron for. .Levi was budded
7*o buffet with the fist, Ko\a<pifa Io1aphi~ij.
Matt 26. 67 they spit in his face, and buffeted him
Marki4. 65 to cover his face, and to buffet him, and
1 Co. 4. ii and are buffeted, and have no certain
2 Co. 12. 7 the messenger of Satan to buffet me. lest
i Pe. 2. 20 if, when ye be buffeted for your faults, ye
1.7*0 build vp, .133 lanah.
Gen. 4. 17 he builded a city, and called the name of
8. 20 Noah builded an altar unto the LORD : and
10. ii Out of that land went, .and builded Nin.
11. 4 Go to, let us build its a city, and a tower
ii. 5 tower, which the children of men builded
11. 8 and they left off to build the city
12. 7, 8 there builded he an altar unto the LORD
13. 18 and built there an altar unto the LOUD
22. 9 Abraham built an altar there, and laid
26. 25 he builded an altar there and called
33 17 and built him an house, and made booths
35. 7 he built there an altar, and called the
Exod. i. ii they built for Pharaoh treasure cities
17. 15 Moses built an altar, and., the name of it
20. 25 thou shalt not build it of hewn stone
24. 4 builded an altar under the hill, and
32 5 when Aaron saw (it), he built an altar
Num 2; i. 29 Balaam said. .Build me here seven
23 14 he brought him . .and built seven altars
32. 16 We will build sheep folds here for our
32. 24 Build you cities for your little ones, and
32. 34 the children of Gad built Dibon, and At.
32. 37 the children of Reuben built Heshbon
32. 38 gave other names, .which they builded
Deut 6. 10 to give thee . cities, which thou buildedst
8. 12 and hast built goodly houses, and dwelt
20. 5 What man (is there) that hath built a
20. 20 thou shalt build bulwarks against the
22. 8 When thou bulkiest a new house, then
25. 9 that will not build up his brother s house
27. 5 there shalt thou build an altar unto the
27. 6 Thou shalt build the altar of the LORD
28. 30 thou shalt build an house, and thou shalt
Josh. 6 26 that riseth up and buildeth this city
8. 30 Then Joshua built an altar unto the
19. 50 and he built the city and dwelt therein
22. 10 built there an altar by Jordan, a great
22. ii have built an altar over against the land
22. 16 in that ye have builded you an altar, that
22. 19 in building you an altar beside the altar
22. 23 we have built us an altar to turn from
22. 26 Let us now prepare to build us an altar
22. 29 to build an altar for burnt offerings, for
24. 13 I have given you. .cities which ye built
Judg. i. 26 and built a city, and called the name
6. 24 Gideon built an altar there unto the
6. 26 build an altar unto the LORD thy God
18. 28 And they built a city, and dwelt therein
21. 4 the people rose early, and built there an
Ruth 4. ii which two did build the house of Israel
1 Sa. 2. 35 I will build him a sure house ; and he
7. 17 and there he built an altar unto the Loi .D
14. 35 And Saul built an altar unto the LOKD
14. 35 the same was the first altar that he built
2 Sa. 5. 9 David built round about from llillo and
5. ii and they built David an house
7. 5 Shalt thou build me an house for me to
7. 7 Why build ye not me an house of cedar?
7. 13 He shall build an house for my name
7 27 I will build thee an house : therefore
24. 21 to build an altar unto the LORD, that
24. 25 David built there an altar unto the LORD
i Ki. 2. 36 Build thee an house in Jerusalem, and
3. i he had made an end of building his own
5. 3 David, .could not build an house unto
5. 5 I purpose to build an house unto the
5. 5 he shall build an house uuto my name
i Ki. 5. 18 they prepared timber, .stones to build
6. 2 the house which kiii^ Solomon built for
6. 5 he built chambers round about. (against)
6. 9 So he built the house, and tlnished it
6. 10 (then) he built chambers against all the
6. 12 this house which thou art in building
6. 14 Solomon built the house, and finished it
6. 15 he liuilt the walls of the house within
6 16 he built twenty cubits on the sides of the
6. 16 he even built (them) for it within, (even)
6. 36 he built the inner court with three rows
6. 38 So was he seven years in building it
7. i Hut Solomon was building his own house
7. 2 He built also the house of the forest of
8. 13 I have surely built thee an house to
8. 16 I chose no city out of. . Israel to build au
8. 17 David my father to build an house for
8. 18 it was in thine heart to build an house
8. 19 Nevertheless thou shall not build the
8. 19 he shall build the house unto my name
8. 20 and have built an house for the name of
8. 27 much less this house that I have builded
8. 43 this house, which I have builded, is
8. 44 the house that I have built for thy name
8. 48 the house which I have built for thy
9. 3 hallowed this house which thou hast built
9. 10 when Solomon had built the two houses
9. 15 for to build the house of the LORD, and
9. 17 Solomon built Uezer, and Beth-boron the
9. 19 that which Solomon desired to build in
9. 24 had built for her : then did he build M.
9 25 upon the altar which he built unto the
10. 4 and the house that he had built
11. 7 Then did Solomon build an high place
ii. 27 Solomon built Millo, (and) repaired the
1 1 38 I will be with thee, and build thee a sure
11. 38 as I built for David, and will give Israel
12. 25 Jeroboam built Shechem . .and built Pen
14 23 For they also built them high places.
15 17 And Baasha. .went up. and built Ramah
15. 21 he left off building of Ramah, and dwelt
15. 22 timber, .wherewith Baasha had builded
15. 22 and king Asa built with them Geba of
15. 23 and the cities which he built
16. 24 And he bought, .and built on the hill
16 24 called the name of the city which he built
16. 32 which he had built in Samaria
16. 34 In his days did Kiel, .build Jericho
18. 32 And with the stones he built au altar
22. 39 and all the cities that he built
a Ki 14. 22 He built Klath, and restored it to Judah
15. 35 He built the higher gate of the house of
16. ii And Urijah the priest built au altar
16. 18 covert for the sabbath that they had built
17. 9 they built them high places in all their
21. 3 For he built up again the high places
21. 4 he built altars in the house of the LORD
si. 5 he built altars for all the host of heaven
23. 13 which Solomon, .had builded for Ashtor.
25. i they built forts against it round about
i Ch. 6 10 in the temple that Solomon built in Jer.
6 32 until Solomon had built the house of the
7. 24 Sherah. who built Beth-horon the nether
8 12 and Shamed, who built Ouo and Lod
ii. 8 And he built the city round about
14 i masons and carpenters, to build him
17. 4 Thou shalt not build me an house to dwell
17. 6 Why have ye not built me an house of
17. 10 I tell thee that the LORD will build thee
17. 12 He shall build me an house, and I will
17. 25 that thou wilt build him an house
21. 22 that I may build au altar therein unto
21 26 David built there an altar unto the LORD
22. 2 he set masons, .to build the house of God
22. 6 charged him to build an house for the
22. 7 it was in my mind to build an house unto
32. 8 thou shalt not build an house unto my
22. 10 He shall build an house for my name
22. 1 1 and build the house of the LORD thy God
22. 19 build ye the sanctuary of the LORD God
28. 2 I (had) in mine heart to build an house
28. 2 and had made ready for the building
28. 3 Thou shall not build an house for my
28. 6 he Kb. ill Imild my house and my courts
28. 10 the LORD hath chosen thee to build an
29. 16 all this store, .we have prepared to build
29 19 and to do all. .and to build the palace
Ch. 2. . i Solomon determined to build an house
2. 3 and didst send him cedars to build
2. 4 I build an house to the name of the LORD
2. 5 And the house which I build (is) great
2. 6 But who is able to build him an house
a. 6 that I should build him an house
2. 12 that might build an house for the LORD
3. i Solomon began to build the house of the
3. 2 And he began to build in the second (day)
6. 2 I have built an house of habitation for
6. 5 I chose no city, .of Israel to build an
6. 7 to build an house for the name of the
6. 8 as it was in thine heart to build an house
6. 9 thou shalt not build . .he shall build
6. 10 and have built the house for the name of
6. 18 much less this house which I have built !
6. 33 this house, which I have built, is called
6. 34 the house which I have built for th\-name
6. 38 toward the house which I have built
8. i wherein Solomon bad built the house of
8. 2 the cities. .Solomon built them, and
8. 4 And he built Tadmor. .he built in Ham.
8. 5 Also he built Iteth-horon the upper
8. 6 Solomon <le>ired to build in Jerusalem
8. 1 1 unto the house that he had built for her
2 Ch. 8. 12 which he had built before the porch
9. 3 and the house that he had built
ii. 5 Rehoboam. .built cities for defence in J.
11. 6 He built even Beth-lehem, and Etam
14. 6 And he built fenced cities in Judah
14! 7 Let us build . .So they built and prospered
16. i Baasha. .came up. .and built Ramah
16. 5 Baasha heard . .he left on" building of R.
:6. 6 timber, . wherewith Baashawasa-building
16. 6 he built therewith Geba and .Mizpah
17. 12 he built in Judah castles, and cities of
20. 8 have built thee a sanctuary therein for
26. 2 He built Kloth, and restored it to Judah
26. 6 built cities alxmt Ashod, and among the
26. 9 I zziah built towers in Jerusalem at the
26. 10 Also he built towers in the desert, and
27. s He built the high gate of the house of
27. j and on the wall of Ophel he built much
27. 4 lie built cities in the mountains of Judah
27. 4 in the forests he built castles and towers
32. 5 built up all the wall that was broken
33. 4 Also he built altars in the house of the
33. 5 he built altars for all the host of heaven
33. 14 after this he built a wall without the
33. 15 all the altars that he had built in the
33. 19 the places wherein he built high places
35. 3 the son of David king of Israel did build
36. 23 he hath charged me to build him
Ezra i. 2 he hath charged me to build him an
i. 3 build the house of the LOUD God of Israel
1. 5 to go up to build the house of the LORD
3. 2 his brethren . . builded the altar of the
4. i the children . . builded the temple unto
4 . 2 Let us build with you : for we seek your
4. 3 Ye have nothing to do with us to build an
4 . 3 but we ourselves together will build unto
4. 4 the people, .troubled them in building
Neh. 2. 5 send me unto J udah . . that I may build it
2. 17 let us build up the wall of Jerusalem
2. 18 And they said, Let us rise up and build
2. 20 we his servants will arise and build: but
3. i his brethren . . builded the sheep gate
3 2 next unto him builded the men
3. 2 next to them builded Zaccur the son of
3. 3 But the fish gate did the sons . . build, who
3. 13 they built it, and set up the doors
3. 14 he built it, and set up the doors
3. 15 he built it, and covered it, and set up the
4. i Sanballat heard that we builded the wall
4. 3 Even that which they build, if a fox go up
4. 6 So built we the wall ; and all the wall
4. jo we are not able to build the wall
4. 17 They which builded on the wall
4. 18 sword girded by his side, and (so) builded
6. i our enemies, heard that I had builded
6. 6 for which cause thou buildest the wall
12. 29 for the singers had builded them villages
Job 3. 14 With kings.. which built desolate places
20. 19 he hath, .taken away, .which he builded
27. 1 8 He buildeth his house as a moth
Psa. 28 5 he shall destroy them, and not build them
51. 18 build thou the walls of Jerusalem
69. 35 For God will save Zion, and will build the
78. 69 And he built his sanctuary like high
83. 4 build up thy throne to all generations
102. 1 6 When the LORD shall build up Zion
127. i Except the LORD build the house
127. i they labour in vain that build it
147. 2 The LORD doth build up Jerusalem
Prov. 9. i Wisdom hath builded her house, she hath
14 i Every wise woman buildeth her house
24. 27 in the field ; and afterwards build thine
Eccl. 2. 4 I builded me houses; I planted rue viue.
3. 3 to break down, and a time to build up
9. 14 besieged it, and built great bulwarks
Song 8. 9 we will build upon her a palace of silver
Isa. 5. 2 and built a tower in the midst of it
9. 10 but we will build with hewn stones
45. 13 he shall build my city, and he shall let go
58 12 (they that), .shall build the old waste
60. 10 And the sons, .shall build up thy walls
61. 4 And they shall build the old wastes
65. 21 And they shall build houses, and inhabit
65. 22 They shall not build, and another inhabit
66. i where (is) the house that ye build unto
Jer. i. 10 to throw down, to build, and to plant
7. 31 And they have built the high places
18. 9 a kingdom, to build and to plant (it)
19. 5 They have built also the high places of
22. 13 Woe unto him that buildeth his house
22. 14 I will build me a wide house
24. 6 I will build them, and not pull
29. 5, 28 Build ye houses, and dwell, .and plant
31. 4 Again I will build thee, and thou shalt
31. 28 so will I watch over them, to build, and
32. 31 from the day that they built it even unto
32. 35 they built the high places of Baal
33. 7 and will build them, as at the first
35. 7 Neither shall ye build house, nor sow seed
35. 9 Nor to build houses for us to dwell in
42. 10 abide in this land, then will I build you
45. 4 (that) which I have built will I break
52. 4 and built forts against it round about
Lam. 3. 5 He hath builded against me, and
Eze. 4. 2 lay siege against it, and build a fort against
ii. 3 (It is) not near ; let us build houses : this
13. 10 one built up a wall, and, lo. others daubed
16. 24 thou hast also built unto thee an eminent
16. 25 Thou hast built thy high place at every
16. 31 thou buildest thine eminent place in the
17. 17 building forts, to cut off many persons
21. 22 to cost a mount, (and) to build a fort
Eze. 28. 26 they . .shall build houses, and plant viue.
36. 36 I the LORD build the ruined (places)
Dan. 9. 25 the commandment to. .build Jerusalem
Hos. 8. 14 Israel hath forgotten, .and buildeth
Amos 5. 1 1 ye have built houses of hewn stone
9. 6 (It is) he that buildeth his stories in the
9. 1 1 I will build it as in the days of old
9. 14 aud they shall build the waste cities
Mic. 3. 10 They build up Zion with blood
Hab. 2. 12 Woe to him that buildeth a town with
Zeph. i. 13 they shall also build houses, but. .inhabit
Hag. i. 8 bring wood, and build the house ; and
Zech. 5. ii To build it an house in the laud of Shinar
6. 12 he shall build the temple of the LORD
6. 13 Even he shall build the temple of the
6. 15 and build in the temple of the LORD
9. 3 Tyrus did build herself a stronghold
Mai. i. 4 we will return and build the desolate
i. 4 They shall build, but I will throw down
2. To build up, rqa benah.
Ezra 4. 12 building the rebellious and the bad city
5. 2 and began to build the house of God
5. 3 Who hath commanded you to build this
5. 9 Who commanded you to build this house
5. 1 1 which a great king of Israel builded and
5. 13 Cyrus made a decree to build this house
5. 17 of Cyrus the king to build this house of
6. 7 build this house of God in his place
6. 8 for the building of this house of God
6. 14 And the elders of the Jews builded, and
6. 14 and they builded, and finished (it)
Dan. 4. 30 that I have built for the house of the
3. To thoroughly prepare or make ready, Kara-
(TKfvdfa kata-skeuazo.
Heb. 3. 3 inasmuch as he who hath builded the
3. 4 For every house is builded by sonic f man)
3. 4 but he that built all things (is) God
4. To build a house, ot/coSo/xeco oikodomeij.
Matt. 7. 24 which built his house upon a rock
7. 26 which built his house upon the sand
16. 18 upon this rock I will build my church
21. 33 digged a winepress in it, and built a
23. 29 because ye build the tombs of the
26. 61 I am able to. .build it in three days
27. 40 Thou that, .buildest (it) in three days
Marki2. i digged, .the winefat, and built a tower
14. 58 within three days I will build another
15. 29 Ah ! thou that, .buildest (it) in three days
Luke 4. 29 of the hill whereon their city was built
6. 48 He is like a man which built an house
6. 49 built an house upon the earth ; against
7 . 5 and he hath built us a synagogue
ii. 47 for ye build the sepulchres of the prophets
11. 48 they, .killed, .and ye build their sepulch.
12. 18 I will pull down my barns, and build
14. 28 For which of you, intending to build a
14. 30 Saying, This man began to build, and -was
17. 28 they sold, they planted, they builded
Acts 7. 47 But Solomon built him an house
7. 49 what house will ye build me? saith the
Romis. 20 I should build upon another, .foundation
Gal. 2. 18 For if I build again the things which I
u ii.ii or DC again, 10
. To return and build, n)2i 3? shub u-bunah.
2 01.33. 3 For he built again the high places
BUILD, to begin to
To build up, ma banah.
i Ki. 6. i that he began to build the house of the
BTJILD thereon or thereupon, to
To bi<
BUILD together, to
To build a hnuse together, ffvvoiKoop.t<>>.
Eph. 2. 22 In whom ye also are builded together
BUILD up, to
1.7*0 build upon, eiroiKoooiJ.t<a epoikodomeo.
Acts 20. 32 which is able to [build you up]
Col. 2. 7 Rooted and built up in him
2. To build a house, o Jo5o/ixta> oikodomeo.
i Pe. 2. 5 Ye also, .are built up a spiritual house
BUILD up on or upon, to
I.Jo build upon, 6iroico8ojue&> epoikodoif>~>.
1 Co. 3. 12 Now if any man build upon, .foundation
Eph. 2. 20 And arc built upon the foundation of the
2.7*0 build upon, fVotco5o^*w epoikodomeo.
Jude 20 building up yourselves on your most
BUILD, to be about to
To build vp, n^ bnnah.
2 Ch 2. 9 for the house which I am about to build
BUILDED. to be
To be builded, :? bena, 2.
Ezra 4. 13 Be it known now. .if this city be builded
Ezra 4. 16 We certify that, if this city be builded
4. 21 and that this city be not builded
5. 8 which is builded with great stones
5. 1 1 build the house that was builded these
5. 15 let the house of God be builded in his
6. 3 Let the house be builded, the place
BUILDED or built, to be
1 . To build, nj^ banah.
.Tudg 6. 28 was offered upon the altar (that was) b.
Neh. 7. 4 few therein, and the houses . . not builded
Psa 122. 3 Jerusalem is builded as a city that is
Song 4. 4 the tower of David builded for an armoury
2. To be built, nja banah, 2.
Nunii3. 22 Now Hebron was built seven years before
21. 27 let the city of Sihon be built and prepared
Deut 13. 16 it shall be an heap, .it shall not be built
i Ki. 3. 2 there was no house built unto the . . LORD
6. 7 was built of stone made ready before it
i Ch. 2. 19 into the house that is to be built to the
22. 5 the house (that is) to be builded for the
22. 19 that is to be built to the name of the LORD
Neh. 7. i Now it came to pass, when the wall was b
Job 12. 14 he breaketh down, and it cannot be built
22. 23 If thou return, .thou shalt be built up
Psa. 89. 2 Mercy shall be built up for ever : thy
Prov 24. 3 Through wisdom is an house builded
Isa. 25 2 a palace, .it shall never be built
44. 26 to the cities of Judah, Ye shall be built
44. 28 saying to Jerusalem, Thou shalt be built
Jer. 12. 16 then shall they be built in the midst of
30. 18 the city shall be builded upon her own
31. 4 and thou shalt be built, O virgin of Israel
31. 38 that the city shall be built to the LORD
Eze. 26. 14 thou shalt be built no more
36. 10 inhabited, and.. wastes shall be builded
36. 33 the cities, and the wastes shall be builded
Hag. i. 2 time that the Lord s house should be built
Zech. i. 16 my house shall be built in it
8. 9 that the temple might be built
1.7*0 build up, n}3 banah.
1 Ki. 5. 18 Solomon s builders and Hiram s b.
2 Ki.i2. ii and they laid it out to. .the builders
22. 6 Unto carpenters, and builders, and
2 Ch. 34. ii Even to the . . builders gave they (it)
Ezra 3. 10 when the builders laid the foundation of
Neh 4. 5 have provoked . . to anger before the b.
4. 18 For the builders, every one had his sword
Psa 1 18. 22 The stone . . the builders refused is
Eze 27. 4 thy builders have perfected thy beauty
2. To build a house, o /co5o,uea> oikodomeO.
Matt 21. 42 The stone which the builders rejected
Mark 1 2. 10 The stone which the builders rejected
Luke2o 17 The stone which the builders rejected
Acts 4 ii the stone .. set at nought of you [builders]
i Pe. 2 7 the stone which the builders disallowed
3.Artificer, Tex /t/T J s technites.
Heb. ii. 10 whose builder and maker is God
1. Building, ?VJ3 binyah.
Eze. 41 13 and the building with the walls thereof
2. Building, j t}3 binyan.
Ezra 5. 4 names of the men that make this building
Eze 40. 5 he measured the breadth of the building
41. 12 the building that (was) before .. separate
41. 12 ; 41. 15 ; 42. i ; 42. 5 ; 42. 10.
3. Building, oi/coSo/i^ oikodome.
Matt.24. i. to show him the buildings of the temple
Marki3. i, 2 ;
i Co. 3. 9 ; 2 Co. 5. i ; Eph. 2. 21.
4.Beam work, "niJD meqareh.
Eccl 10 1 8 By much slothfulness.. building decayeth
b.Th/.ny built in, eVSoyinjcri? endomesis.
Rev. 21. 18 the building of the wall of it was (of)
$. Making, creation, /mem ktisis.
Heb 9. ii that is to say not of this building
BUILDING, to be in
1,7*0 be built, nja banah, 2.
i Ki 6. 7 when it was in building . . while it was in b.
2 To build up, N}3 bena, 7.
Ezra 5. 16 and since that, .hath it been in building
3.7*0 build a house, olKoboutw oikodomefi.
John 2. 20 Forty and six years was. .in building
BUK -KI, pa mouth of Jah.
1. Son of Abishua and father of Uzzi. the fifth from
Aaron in the line of the high priests. B.C. 1350.
i Ch 6. 5 Abishua begat B., and B. begat Uzzi
6. 51 B. his son, Uzzi his son, Zerahiah his
Ezra 7 4 the son of Uzzi. the son of B.
2. A prince of Dan, and one of the ten chosen to appor
tiou the land among the tribes, B.C 1451.
Nuni34. 22 the prince of the tribe of . .Dan, B.
BUK-KT-AH, njjsa mouth of Jah.
A Kohathite Levite, son of Heman and a musician in
the temple, the leader of the sixth course in the
service, B.C. 1015.
i Ch,25. 4 sons of Heman ; B., Mattaniah, Uzziel
95. 13 The sixth to B., (he), his sons.. brethren
BUL, Si 3 rain-god.
The month from the first new moon of November till
the first one of December.
i Ki. 6. 38 in the month B. . . was the house finished
I. Mighty one, V3X abbir.
Psa. 50. 13 Will I eat the flesh of bulls, or drink the
68. 30 the multitude of the bulls, with the calves
Isa. 34. 7 and the bullocks with the bulls
Jer. 50. 1 1 ye are grown . . . and bellow as bulls
2. Son of the herd, ~ip3"]2 ben baqar.
Jer. 52. 20 twelve brasen bulls tlmt (were) under the
3. Bullock, bull, ~>3, 1? par.
Gen. 32. 15 ten bulls, twenty she asses, and ten foals,
Psa. 22. 12 Many bulls have compassed me
4. Ox, lir shor.
Job 21. 10 Their bull gendereth, and faileth not
5. Bull, beeve, ravpos tauros.
Heb. 9. 13 if the blood of bulls and of goats
10. 4 the blood of bulls . . should take away sins
BULL, wild
Bull, gazelle, wild goat, Kin to.
Isa. 51. 20 as a wild bull in a ne.
I. Steer, young bullock, Say egel.
Jer. 31. 18 and I was chastised, as a bullock
46. 21 in the midst of her like fatted bullocks
2. Bullock, bull, 1$, is par.
Exod2g. 3 with the bullock and the two rams
29. 10 thou shalt cause a bullock to be brought
29. 10 put their hands upon the. .bullock
29 ii kill the bullock before the LORD
29. 12 thou shalt take the blood of the bullock
29. 14 But the flesh of the bullock
29. 36 thou shalt offer every day a bullock
Lev. 4. 4 he shall bring the bullock unto the door
4. 4 the bullock s head, and kill the bullock
4. 5 take of the bullock s blood
4. 7 pour all the blood of the bullock
4. 8 take off . . the fat of the bullock
4. ii And the skin of the bullock
4. 12 the whole bullock shall he carry forth
4. 1 5 lay their hands upon the head of the b.
4. 15 the bullock shall be killed before
4. 16 the priest shall bring of the b. s
4. 20 he shall do with the bullock as he did
4. 20 with the bullock for a sin offering
4. 21 he shall carry forth the bullock
4. 21 burn him as he b. the first bullock
8. 2 and a bullock for the sin offering
8. 14 he brought the bullock for. .sin offering
8. 14 hands upon the head of the bullock
8. 17 the bullock, his hide, and his flesh
16. 6 And Aaron shall offer his bullock
16. 1 1 And Aaron shall bring the bullock
16. ii shall kill the bullock of the sin offering
16. 14 he shall take . . . blood of the bullock
16. 15 he did with the blood of the bullock
16. 18 of the blood of the bullock
16. 27 tl<e bullock for the sin offering, .was
Num. 7. 87 the burnt offering (were) twelve bullocks
7. 88 the peace offerings . . twenty and four bull
8. 12 lay their hands upon the .. bullocks
23. 2 Balaam offered on (every) altar a bullock
23. 4 I have offered upon every altar a bullock
23 14 he. .offered a bullock and a ram
23. 29 prepare me here seven bullocks
23. 30 Balak . . offered a bullock and
28. 12 mingled with oil. for one bullock
28. 14 half an bin of wine unto a bullock
28. 20 three tenth deals, .offer for a bullock
28 28 three tenth deals unto one bullock
29. 3 three tenth deals for a bullock
29 q three tenth deals to a bullock
29 14 every bullock of the thirteen bullocks
29. 18, 21, 24, 27 30, 33 for the bullocks., and for
29. 20 eleven bullocks, .fourteen lambs
29. 23 on the fourth day ten bullocks
29. 26 on the fifth day nine bullocks
29 29 on the sixth day eight bullocks
29. 32 on the seventh day seven bullocks
29. 36 one bullock, one ram, seven lambs
29. 37 for the bullock, .and for the lambs
Judg. 6. 25 Take thy father s, .the second bullock
6. 26 take the second bullock, and offer
6. 28 and the second bullock was offered
i Sa. i. 24 with three bullocks, and one ephah
i. 25 they slew a bullock, and brought
i Ki. 18. 23 Let them therefore give us two bullocks
18 23 choose one bullock for themselves
1 8. 23 I will dress the other bullock
18. 25 Choose you one bullock for yourselves
18. 26 they took the bullock which was given
18. 33 he . . cut the bullock in pieces
1 Ch.i5. 26 they offered seven bullocks and seven
29. 21 after that day, even a thousand bullocks
2 Ch.29. 21 And they brought seven bullocks
30. 24 to the congregation a thousand bullocks
30. 24 to the congregation a thousand bullocks
Ezra 8. 35 twelve bullocks for all Israel, ninety
Job 42. 8 Take unto you now seven bullocks and
Psa. 50. 9 I will take no bullock out of thy house
51 19 then shall they offer bullocks upon thine
69. 31 better than an ox (or) bullock that bath
Isa. i. ii I delight not in the blood of bullocks
34. 7 the bullocks with the bulls . . shall be
Jer. 50. 27 Slay all her bullocks ; let them go down
Eze. 39. 18 Ye shall eat the flesh, .goats, of bullocks
43. 21 take the bullock also of the sin offering
43. 2-2 they did cleanse (it) with the bullock
45. 22 shall (the) prince prepare for himself . .ab
45. 23 seven bullocks and seven rams without
45. 24 he shall prepare, .an ephah for a bullock
46. 7 he shall prepare, .an ephah fur a bullock
46. ii the meat offering shall be. .a bullock
3. Ox, -lit? shor.
Lev. 4. 10 it was taken off from the bullock
9. 4 Also a bullock . . for peace offerings
9. 18 He slew also the bullock and the r;im
9. 19 the fat of the bullock and of the ram
22. 23 Either a bullock or a lamb that hath
22. 27 When a bullock, or a sheep . . is brought
Numis. ii for one bullock, or for one rain
Deut 15. 19 no work with the firstling of thy bullock
17. i Thou shalt not sacrifice, .(any) bullocv
33. 17 His glory . .the firstling of his bullock
Hos. 12. ii they sacrifice bullocks in Gilgal
4. Ox, -r,n tor.
Ezra 6. 9 both young bullocks ; 6. 17; 7. 17
5. Son of the herd, lijarrja ben hab-baqar.
Lev. i. 5 And he shall kill the bullock before the
Num. 15. 8,9; 2 Ch.29. 22,32; 35. 7; Ps. 66. 15; 13.65. 25
BULLOCK, young
1. Bullock, son of the herd, "i2?~]3 15 par ben baqar.
Exod2g. i Take one young "bullock and two rams
Lev. 4. 3 let him bring.. a young bullock without
4. 14 congregation shall offer a young bullock
16. 3 shall Aaron come with a young bullock
23. 18 the first year, .one young bullock and
Num. 7. 15, 21, 27, 33, 39, 45 One young bullock, one
7. 51, 57, 63, 69, 75, 81 One young bullock, one
8. 8 another young bullock shalt thou take
8. 8 let them take a young bullock with 15. 24.
28. ii, 19, 27 two young bullocks, and one ram
29. 2, 8 one young bullock, one ram, and seven
29. 13 thirteen young bullocks, .(and) fourteen
29. 17 twelve young bullocks, .fourteen lambs
2 Ch. 13. 9 consecrate himself with a young bullock
Eze. 43. 19 give, .a young bullock for a sin offering
43. 23 offer a young bullock ; 43. 25 ; 45. 18 ; 46. 6
2. Bullock of the ox, iwn n par hash-slior.
Judg. 6. 25 Take thy father s young bullock
I. Bulrush, rush, fisix aijmon.
Isa. 58. 5 (is it) to bow down his head as a bulrush
2. Papyrus, rush, NCJ gome.
Exod. 2. 3 she took for him an ark of bulrushes
Isa. 18. 2 even in vessels of bulrushes upon the
1. Strong object, Sn chel.
Isa. 26. i (God) appoint (for) walls and bulwarks
2. Strong object, n^ jj chelah.
Psa. 48. 13 Mark ye well her bulwarks, consider her
3. Fortress, lisp matsod.
Eccl. 9. 14 and built great bulwarks against it
4. Fortress, nisD matsor.
Deut 20. 20 thou shalt build bulwarks against
5. Corner, n$9 pinnah.
2 Ch.26. 15 be on the towers and upon the bulwarks
I. Bundle, .TJJX aguddah.
Exodi2. 22 nd ye shall take a bunch of hyssop
I.Bunch, nvs. j dabbesJieth.
Isa. 30. 6 carry . . their treasures upon the bunches
1. Thing compressed, "in* tseror.
Gen. 42. 35 behold, every man s bundle of money
42. 35 and their father saw the bundles of
i Sa. 25. 29 bound in the bundle of life
Song i. 13 A bundle of myrrh (is) my well beloved
1. Bundle, SfVju?; desme.
Matt 1 3. 30 bind them in bundles to burn them
3. Fulness, multitude, ic\ri6os plfthos.
Acts 28. 3 when Paul had gathered a bundle of
BU -NAH, rn?3 understanding.
Son of Jerahmeel of the family of Pharez, B.C. 1540.
i Ch. 2. 25 sons of Jerahmeel. .were. .B., and Oren
BUN -NI, 33 my understandinfj.
1. A Levite who helped Ezra in teaching the people the
law of Moses, B.C. 536.
Neh. 9. 4 Then stood up . . Shebaniah, B., Sherebiah
2. Another Levite, ancestor of Shemaiah, B.C. 445.
Neh ii. 15 of the Levites. .Hashabiah, the sou of B.
3 .A family of the Jews that, with Nehemiah, sealed the
covenant, B.C. 445.
Neh. 10. 15 [The chief of the people]. .B., Azsad
I. Bundle, ."nig aguddah.
Isa. 58. 6 to undo the heavy burdens
2. Burden, load, thing lifted up, NS*D massa.
Exod23. 5 the ass of him . .lying under his burden
Num. 4. 15 Thehc (things are) the burden of the sons
4. 19 every one to his service, and to his burden
4. 24 the service of tiie families, .for hurdeus
4. 27 IB all their burdens, and in all their
4. 27 appoint unto them in charge all . . burdens
4. 31 And this (is) the charge of their burden
4. 32 instruments of the charge of their burden
4. 47 the service of the burden in the taber.
4. 49 his service, and according to his burden
ii. ii thou layest the burden of all this people
ii. 17 they shall bear the burden of the people
lieut. i. 12 can I myself alone boar your, .burden
3 Sa. 15. 33 then thou shall be a burden unto me
19. 35 thy servant be yet a burden unto my lord
2 Ki. 5. 17 be given to thy servant two mules burden
8. 9 forty camels burden, .came and stood
9. 25 the LOUD laid this burden upon him
aCh. 24. 27 the greatness of the burdens (laid) upou
35. 3 (it shall) not (be) a burden upou (your)
Nell. 13. 15 and all (manner of) burdens
13. 19 there should no burden be brought in
Job 7. 20 so that I am a burden to myself?
1 sa. 38. 4 an heavy burden they are too heavy for me
Isa. 13 i The burden of Babylon which Isaiah the
14. 28 In the year. . Ahaz died was this burden
15. i The burden of Moab
17. i The burden of Damascus
19. i The burden of Egypt
21. i The burden of the desert of the sea
21. ii The burden of Dumah
21. 13 The burden upou Arabia
22. i The burden of the valley of vision
22. 25 the burden that (was) upon it shall be cut
23. i The burden of Tyre
30. 6 The burden of the beasts of the south
46. i (they are) a burden to the weary (beast)
46. 2 they could not deliver the burden
Jr. 17. 21 bear no burden on the sabbath day
17. 22 Neither carry forth a burden out
17. 24 bring in no burden through the gates
17. 27 the sabbath day, and not to bear a burden
23. 33 What is the burden, of the LORD?
23. 33 What burden? I will even forsake you
23 34 Thu burden of the LORD, I will even punish
23. 36 the burden of the LORD shall ye mention
23. 36 every man s word shall be his burden
23. 38 since ye say. The burden of the LOUD
23. 38 The burden of the LORD . . I have sent
23. 38 Ye shall not say, The burden of i he LORD
ze. 12. 10 This burden (concerneth) the prince
Hos. 8. 10 a little for the burden of the king of
Xah. i. The burden of .Nineveh. The book of
The burden which Habakkuk. .did see
The burden of the word of the LORD in
The burden of the word of the LORD for
The burden of the word of the LORD
Zeeh. 9.
1, Hftiny up, ^Kix,? massaak.
Isa. 30. 27 and the burden (thereof is) heavy
4,fSurden, lifting up, nx$c maseth.
Lam. 2. 14 Thy prophets, .have seen.. false burdens
Amos 5. ii ye take from him burdens of wheat
Zeph. 3 18 (to whom) the reproach of it (was) a burd.
f). fiurden bearer, ^55, V^p sebel, sabbai.
1 Ki. 5. 15 threescore and ten th that bare burdens
Neh. 4. 17 and they that bare burdens, with those
Psa Si. 6 I removed his shoulder from the burden
6. fiurden. bearer, *?3b sobel.
Isa. 9. 4 thou hast broken the yoke of his burden
10. 27 his burden shall be taken away from olf
14 25 then shall, .his burden depart from
7. JSiirden, -T^39 sebalah.
ilxod i. ii to afflict them with their burdens
2. ii hia brethren, and looked on their burdens
5. 4 Wherefore, .get you unto your burdens
5. 5 ye make them rest from their burdens
6. 6 I will bring you out. .under the burdens
6. 7 bring you out from under the burdens
8. To yive, 2n; yahab.
Psa. 55. 22 Cast thy burden upon the LORD
9. Weif/ht, apus baros.
Matt 20. 12 to us, which have borne the burden and
Acts 15. 28 the Holy Ghost, .lay. .no greater burden
Gal. 6. 2 Bear ye one another s burdens, and so
Rev. i 24 I will put upon you none other burden
10. Freight (of a ship), yoyuos gomos.
Acts 21. 3 there the ship was to unlade her burden
11. Load (to be borne), <popriov phortion.
-Matt 1 1. 30 my yoke (is) easy, and my burden is light
23. 4 For they bind heavy burdens and griev.
Luke 1 1. 46 for ye lade men with burdens grievous
11. 46 and ye yourselves touch not the burdens
Oal. 6. 5 For every man shall bear his own burden
BURDEN, to -
To icriyh (tuirti, Kara0aptw katabaret.
2 Co. 12. 16 be it so, I did not burden you: nevertheless
BURDEN, to be a
To In-come a burden, Sjp sabal, 7.
Eccl. 12. 5 the grusshopi>cr shall be a burden, and
BURDEN ilvei, to
Tii burden, load, oyy amas.
X. -i-li 1 2. 3 all that burden themselves with It shall
Pressure, 0\"i\j/is thlipsis.
a Co. 8. 13 not that other men be eased, and ye b.
To be burdened, bareomai.
2 Co. 5. 4 we.. in (this) tabernacle, .being burdened
hmtble burdens, cnyyt) mishpethayim.
Gen. 49. 14 a strong ass crouching between two burd.
BURDENS, to bear
/linden bearer, *?3P sabbai.
2 Ch. 2. 2 ten thousand men to bear burdens
BURDENS, bearer of
Burden bearer, *?;p sabbai.
2 Ch. 2. 18 ten thousand, .(to be) bearers of burdens
34. 13 (they were) over the bearers of burdens
Neh. 4. 10 The strength of the bearers of burdens
.1 burden, ireiijht, npcy.? maamasah.
Zech 12. 3 I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone
1. To become a burden, iv ftdpei eli/ai \barot\
1 Th. 2. 6 when we might have been burdensome
2. To lie torpid against, Ka-ravapKita katanarke~>.
2 Co. 12. 13 I myself was not burdensome to you?
12. 14 and I will not be burdensome to you
3. Without weight, apap-fii
2 Co. ii. 9 kept myself from being burdensome
I.tturial, grave, Tjiap qeburah.
2 Ch.26. 23 the burial which (belonged) to the kings
Eccl. 6. 3 and also (that) he have no burial
Isa. 14. 20 shalt not be joined with them in burial
Jer. 22. 19 He shall be buried with the burial of an
2. To entomb, TO tvi-a.<pta.ffa.i[entaphiazo].
Matt 26. 12 she did (it) for my burial
Tu bury, 155 qabar.
1 Ki. 13. 31 it came to pass, after he had buried him
Eccl. 8. 10 And so I saw the wicked buried
BURIED (with), to be
1. To be buried, iJi? qabar, 2.
Gen. 15. 15 thou shalt be buried in a good old age
35. 8 and she was buried beneath Beth-el under
35. 19 and was buried in the way to Ephrath
Nuimo. i Miriam died there, and was buried there
Deut 10. 6 Aaron died, and there he was buried
Judg. 8. 32 and was buried in the sepulchre
10. 2 and died, and was buried in Shamir
10. 5 Jair died, and was buried in Camon
12. 7 and was buried in (one of) the cities
12. 10 Then died Ibzan, and was buried at Beth.
12. 12 and was buried in Aijalon in. .Zcbuluu
12. 15 And Abdon. .died, and was buried
Ruth 1.17 Where thou diest, will I die. .be buried
2 Sa 17. 23 was buried in the sepulchre of his father
1 Ki. 2 10 and was buried in the city of David
2. 34 and he was buried in his own house
11. 43 was buried in the city of David his father
14. 31 and was buried with his fathers in tin;
15. 24 and was buried with his fathers in the
16. 6 So Baasha slept, .and was buried in Tir.
16. 28 So Omri slept . . and was buried in Samaria
22. 50 was buried with his fathers in the city
2 Ki. 8. 24 was buried with his fathers in the city
13. 13 and Joash was buried in Samaria
14. 16 was buried in Samaria with the kings of
14. 20 he was buried at Jerusalem with his
15. 38 was buried with his fathers in the city
16. 20 and was buried with his fathers in the
21. 18 and was buried in the garden of his own
2 Ch. 9 31 he was buried in the city of David
12. 16 and was buried in the city of David
21. i and was buried with his fathers in the
35. 24 and was buried in (one of) the sepulchres
Job 27. 15 Those that remain, .shall be buried in
Jer. 8. 2 they shall not be gathered, nor be buried
1 6. 4 they shall not . . neither shall they be bur.
16. 6 ; 20. 6 ; 22. 19 ; 25. 33.
"2. To be entombed, thaptomai.
Acts 2. 29 David that he is both dead and buried
3. To be buried, "133 qabar, 4.
Gen. 25. 10 there was Abraham buried, and Sarah
4 . To bur;/, 1317 qabar.
2 Ki.2i. 26 he was buried in his sepulchre
5. To be buried with, vwddirTouai sunthaptomai.
Rom. 6. 4 we are buried with him by baptism into
2. 12 Buried with him in baptism, wherein
To bury, 133 r/abar, 3.
Eze. 39. 15 till the buriers have buried it in the
BURN, to
1 . To consume, be consumed, -tyj baar.
Kxl. 3. 2 and, behold, the bush burned with flre ^um ii. i the flre of the LORD burnt among them
ii. 3 the flre of the LORD burnt nmonc them
Deut. 4. ii and the mountain burned with tin
5. 23 for the mountain did burn with flre
9. 15 and the mount burned with flre
Cstn. i. 12 Vashti refused, and his anger burned in
Job i. 16 and hath burued up the sheep, and the
Pga. 39. 3 while I was musing the flre burned
79. 5 shall thy jealousy burn like flre?
83. 14 As the fire burneth a wood, and as the
89. 46 How long, .shall thy wrath burn like
Isa. i. 31 and they shall both burn together
9. 18 For wickedness burneth as the fire : it
10. 17 and it shall burn and de\our his thorn*
30. 27 the name of the LOUD, .burning (with)
34. 9 the land, .shall become burning pitch
42. 25 yet he knew not ; and it burned him
62. i the salvation . . as a lamp (that) burneth
Jer. 4. 4 and burn that iioue can quench (it)
7. 20 it shall burn, and shall not be
20. 9 as a burning flre shut up in my IK n-js
21. 12 and burn that none can quench (it)
Lam. 2. 3 he burned against Jacob like a flaming
Eze. i. 13 their appearance (was) like burning coal*
Hos. 7. 6 in the morning it burueth as a flaming
Mai. 4. i the day. .that shall burn as an oven
2. To consume, "1^3 baar, 3.
Lev. 6. 12 the priest shall burn wood uu it every
2 Ch. 4. 20 they shpuld burn after the mam er
13. ii lamps thereof, to burn every evening
Neh. 10. 34 burn upon the altar of the LORD our God
Isa. 4. 4 of judgment, and . . . spirit of burning
40. 16 Lebanon (is) not sufficient to burn
44. 15 Then shall it be for a man to burn
Eze. 39. 9 and they shall burn them with flre
39. 10 for they shall burn the weapons with firs
3. To be consumed, 1^5 baar, 4.
Jer. 36. 22 (there was a flre) on the hearth burning
4.7*0 cause to consume, ty3 baar, 5.
2 Ch. 28. 3 and burnt his children in the flre
Kze. 5. 2 Thou shalt burn with fire a third part
Nah. 2. 13 and I will burn her chariots in the smoke
5. To be hot, heated, rrjn charah.
Gen. 44. 18 and let not thine anger burn against
6.7*0 be hot, Tin charar.
Eze. 24. 1 1 that the brass of it may be hot . . may bum
7.7*0 burn up, n?;, 5.
Jer. 51. 30 they have burned her dwelling places
8.7*0 burn steadily, ip; yaqad.
Deut 32. 22 and shall burn unto the lowest hell
Isa. 65. 5 in my nose, a flre that burneth all the
9.7b be made steadily to burn, ip; yaqad, 6.
Lev. 6. 9 the flre of the altar shall be burning in
6. 12 the fire upon the altar shall be burning
6. 13 The fire shall ever be burning upon the
Jer. 15. 14 for a fire is kindled, .(which) shall burn
17. 4 for ye have kindled a flre. .shall burn for
10.7*0 set inflame, flame, v>rh lahat, 3.
Joel i. 19 and the flame hath burnt all the trees
2. 3 and behind them a flame burneth
11.7*0 lift up, K]?} nasa.
2 Sa. 5. 21 and David and his men burnt them
1 2. To set on fire, pip) nasaq, 5.
Eze 39. 9 and shall set on fire and burn the
l-j. To burn, ^5 sarajph, 3.
Amos 6. 10 and he that burneth him, to bring out
14. To set on fire, n?x tsuth, 5.
Isa. 27. 4 I would go through them, I would burn
15.7b be kindled, rn|3 qadach.
Isa. 64. 2 As (when) the melting fire burneth, the
16. 7*o burn (as) incense, Tgi? qatar, 3.
i Sa. 2.16 Let them not fail to burn the fat presently
Jer. 44 21 The incense that ye burnt in the cities
17.7*0 cause to burn (as) incense, -,7 qatar, 5.
Exod29. 13 the fat that (is) upon them, and burn
29. 18 And thou shalt burn the whole ram
29. 25 burn (them) upon the altar for a burnt
30. 7 And Aaron shall burn thereon sweet
30. 20 to burn offering made by fire unto the
40. 27 And he burned sweet incense thereon
Lev. i. 9 and the priest shall burn all on the altar
i. 13 the priest shall bring (it) all, and burn (it)
i. 15 and wring ott his head, and burn (it)
1. 17 the priest shall burn it upon the altar
2. 2 the priest shall burn the memorial of it
2. 9 shall burn (it) upou the altar, .an offering
211 for ye shall burn no leaven, nor any
2. 16 the priest shall burn the memorial of it
3. 5 Aaron s sons shall burn it on the altar
3. ii the priest shall burn it upon the altar
3. 16 the priest shall burn them upon the altar
4. 10 the priest shall burn them upon the altar
4 19 he shall take all his fat. .and burn (it)
4. 26 he shall burn all his fat upon the altar
4. 31 the priest shall burn (it) upon the altar
4. 35 the priest shall burn them upon the altar
5. 12 a memorial, .and burn (it) on the altar
6. 12 and he shall burn thereon the fat
6. 15 and shall burn (it) upon the altar
7. 5 the priest shall burn them upon the altar
7. 31 the priest shall burn the fat upon the
8. 16 and Moses burned (it) upon the altar
8. 20 and Moses burnt the head, and the pieces
8. 21 and Moses burnt the whole ram
8. 28 and burnt (them) on the altiir upon the
9. 10 But the fat. .he burnt upon the altar
9. 13 and he burnt (them) upon the altar
9. 14 and burnt (them) upon the burnt offering
9. 17 burnt(it) upon the altar, beside the bun.fc
Lev. 9. 20 and he burnt the fat upon the altar
16. 25 the fat. .shall he burn upon the altar
17. 6 burn the fat lor a sweet savour unto the
Num. 5 26 (even) the memorial, .and burn (it)
18. 17 and shalt burn thuir fat (for) au ottering
1 Sa. 2. 15 before they burnt the fat, the priest s
2 . 16 Let them not fail to burn the fat present.
2. 28 to burn incense, to wear an ephod before
2 Ki. 16. 13 he burnt his burnt offering and his
16. 15 Upon the great altar burn the morning
2 Ch. 2. 4 (and) to burn before him sweet incense
13. ii And they burn unto the LORD every
29. 7 have not burnt incense nor offered
18. To burn, heat, r\~iy saraph.
Gen. ii. 3 let us make brick, and burn them throu.
Exodi2. 10 that which remaineth. .ye shall burn with
29. 14 shalt thou burn with fire without the
29. 34 thou shalt burn the remainder with fire
32. 20 and burnt (it) in the fire, and ground (it)
Lev. 4. 12 and burn him on the wood with flre
4. 21 and burn him as he burned the first bull.
8. 17 he burnt with fire without the camp
8. 32 that which remaineth . . shall ye burn with
9. ii the flesh and the hide he burnt with fire
13. 52 He shall therefore burn that garment
13. 52 it shall be burnt in the flre
13. 55 thou shalt burn it in the flre ; it (is) fret
16. 27 and they shall burn in the flre their skins
16. 28 he that burneth them shall wash his
NuniiQ. 5 (one) shall burn the heifer in his sight
19. 5 her dung, shall he burn
19. 8 he that burneth her shall wash his clothes
31. 10 they burnt all their cities wherein they
Deut. 7. 5 and burn their graven images with fire
7. 25 The graven images of their gods shall ye b.
9. 21 the calf which ye had made, and burnt it
12. 3 and burn their groves with flre ; and ye
32. 31 they have burnt in the flre to their gods
13. 16 and shalt burn with flre the city
Josh. 6. 24 And they burnt the city with flre
7. 25 and burned them with flre, after they
8. 28 Joshua burnt Ai, and made it an heap for
ir. 6 and burn their chariots with fire
ii. 9 and burnt their chariots with fire
ii. ii and he burnt Hazor with flre
ii. 13 Israel burnt none of them, saveHazoronly
ii. 13 save Hazor only; (that) did Joshua burn
Judg. 9. 52 and went hard unto the door, .to burn it
,12. i we will burn thine house upon thee with
14. 15 we burn thee and thy father s house with
15. 6 and burnt her and her father with flre
18. 27 smote them . .and burnt the city with fire
jSa. 30. i the Amalekites. .burnt it with fire
30. 14 and we burnt Ziklag with flre
31. 12 and came to Jabesh, and burnt them
1 Ki. 9. 16 and taken Gezer, and burnt it with fire
15. 13 idol, and burnt (it) by the brook Kidron
16. 18 and burnt the king s house over him with
2 Ki. 10. 26 the images . . of Baal, and burned them
17. 31 and the Sepharvites burnt their children
23. 4 and he burned them without Jerusalem
23. 6 and burned it at the brook Kidron
23. ii and burned the chariots of the sun with
23. 15 burned the high place, (and), .burned the
23. 16 and burned (them) upon the altar, and
23. 20 and burned men s bones upon them
25. 9 And he burnt the house of the LORD
25. 9 every great (man s) house burnt he with
2 16 and burnt (it) at the brook Kidron
34. 5 And he burnt the bones of the priests
36. 19 And they burnt the house of God, and
36. 19 and burnt all the palaces thereof with flre
Psa. 46. 9 he burneth the chariot in the flre
Isa. 44. 16 He burneth part thereof in the fire
44. 19 I have burnt part of it in the flre
47. 14 Behold, .the flre shall burn them
Jer. 7. 31 to burn their sons and their daughters
19. 5 to burn their sons with fire (for) burnt
21. 10 and he shall burn it with flre
32. 29 and burn it with the houses upon whose
34. 2 Babylon, and he shall burn it with flre
34. 5 so shall they burn (odours) for thee ; and
34. 22 and take it, and burn it with fire
36. 25 that he would not burn the roll ; but he
36. 27 after that the king had burnt the roll
36. 28 which, .the king of Judah hath burnt
36. 29 Thus saith the LORD ; Thou hast burnt
36. 32 king of Judah had burnt in the flre
37. 8 and take it, and burn it with flre
37. 10 they rise up. .and burn this city with fire
38. 18 and they shall burn it with flre, and thou
39. 8 And the Chaldeans burned the king s
43. 12 he shall burn them, and carry them away
43. 13 the houses of the gods, .shall he burn
5 1. 32 the reeds they have burned with flre
52. 13 And burned the house of the LORD
52. 13 and all the houses, .burned he with flre
Eze. 5. 4 and burn them in the flre . . thereof
16. 41 they shall burn thine houses with fire
43. 21 and he shall burn it in the appointed
Amos 2. i because he burned the bones of the king
19. 7^ burn, forth, flame up, e /cKaio/tat ekkaiomai.
Rom. i. 27 woman, burned in then- lust one
20. To burn, Kaio/ kaiomai.
Luke 12. 35 your loins . . and (your) lights burning
24. 32 Did not our heart burn within us, while
John 5. 35 He was a burning and a shining light
Heb. 12. 18 the mount, .that burned with fire
Rev. 4. s (there were) seven lamps of fire burning
Rev. 8. 8 a great mountain burning with fire was
8. 10 a great star from heaven, burning as it
19. 20 both were cast . . into a lake of tire burning
21. 8 part in the lake which burneth witli fire
21. To burn down, KaraKaiw katakaio.
Matti3. 30 bind them in bundles to burn them ; but
13. 40 the tares are gathered and [burned]
Luke 3. 17 the chart" he will burn with ttre
Acts 19. 19 brought their books together, and burned
i Co. 3. 15 If any man s work, .be burnt, he shall
Heb. 13. ii those beasts.. are burnt without the
Rev. 17. 16 and shall eat her flesh, and burn her
22. To be on fire, irvpoofji.a.i puroomai.
1 Co. 7. 9 for it is better to marry than to burn
2 Co. ii. 29 who is offended, and I burn not?
Rev. 1. 15 fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace
BURN, to cause to
To cause to go up, nhy alah, 5.
Exod27. 20 to cause the lamp to burn always
Lev. 24. 2 to cause the lamps to burn continually
BURN incense (upon) to
1. To burn (as) incense, nap qatar, 3.
1 Ki.22. 43 and burn incense yet in the high places
2 Ki.i2. 3 and burnt inceuse in the high places
14. 4 and burnt incense on the high places
15. 4 and burnt incense still on the high places
15. 35 and burnt inceuse still in the high places
16. 4 and burnt incense in the high places
17. ii they burnt incense in all the high places
18. 4 the children of Israel did burn incense
22. 17 and have burned incense unto other gods
23. 5 to burn incense in the high places in the
23. 5 them also that burned incense unto Baal
23. 8 where the priests had burned inceuse
2 Ch.25- 14 bowed down, .and burned incense unto
28. 4 and burnt incense in the high places
28. 25 he made high places to burn incense unto
Isa. 65. 3 and burneth incense upon altars of brick
65. 7 which have -burnt inceuse upon the
Jer. i. 16 and have burned incense unto other gods
7. 9 and burnt inceuse unto Baal, and walk
ii. 13 ye set up altars, .to burn incense untoB
18. 15 they have burned incense to vanity
19. 4 and have burned incense in it unto other
19. 13 they have burned incense unto all the
44. 3 to anger, in that they went to burn incense
44. 5 to burn no incense nuto other gods
44. 8 burning inceuse unto other gods in the
44. 15 their wives had burned incense unto
44. 17 burn incense unto the queen of heaven
44. 18 we left off to burn incense to the queen
44. 19 we burned incense to the queen of heaven
44. 21 The incense that ye burned in the cities
44 23 Because ye have burned incense, and
44. 25 we have vowed, to burn incense to the
Hos. 4. 13 burn incense upon the hills, under oaks
ii. 2 they went, .and burned incense
Hab. i. 16 they sacrifice, .and burn incense
2. To burn(as)incense,~i&i} qatar, 5 (zCh. 34.2$, V.L.3).
Exod3o. 7 Aaron shall burn thereon sweet incense
30. 8 at even, he shall burn incense upon it
i Ki. 3. 3 he sacrificed and burnt incense
9. 25 he burnt incense upon the altar that
11. 8 all his strange wives, which burnt incense
12. 33 he offered upon the altar, and burnt inc.
13. i Jeroboam stood by the altar to burn inc.
13. 2 priests of the high places that burn inc.
1 Ch. 23. 13 he and his sons for ever, to burn incense
2 Ch. 26. 16 burn incense upon the altar of incense
26. 18 priests, .are consecrated to burn incense
26. 18 Uzziah. .burn incense nnto the LORD
26. 19 and (had) a censer in his hand to burn in
28. 3 he burnt incense in the valley of the son
29. ii that ye should minister, .and burn inc.
32. 12 worship before one altar, andburn incense
34. 25 they have burned incense unto other gods
Jer. 48. 35 and him that bnrneth incense to his gods
Hos. 2. 13 visit upon her the days, .she burned inc.
3. To offer incense, 6vu.idu> thv.miad.
Luke i. 9 his lot was to burn incense when he
4. To cause to remember, i3j zakar, 5.
Isa. 66. 3 he that burneth incense, (as if) he blessed
BURN sacrifice, to
To cause to burn (as) incense, nap qatar, 5.
2 Ch. 2. 6 save only to burn sacrifice before him ?
BURN up, to
I. To eat, consume, Vax akal.
2 Ki. i. 14 and burnt up the two captains of the
2. To cause to flame, nrtS lahat, 3.
Psa. 97. 3 and burneth up his enemies round ab.
106. 18 the flame burned up the wicked
Mai. 4. i the day that cometh shall burn them up
3. To burn, *\~fy saraph.
Psa. 74. 8 burned up all the synagogues
Eze. 23. 47 and burn up their houses with flre
i.To blow in, burn, t/j.irpr)6w empretho.
Matt22. 7 the king heard, .and burned up their city
5. To burn doum, KaraKaiw katakaio.
Matt. 3. 12 but he will burn up the chaff with
2 Pe. 3. 10 works that are therein shall be burned up
Rev. 8. 7 the third part of trees was burnt up
8. 7 and all green grass was burnt up
BURN upon, to
A place for burning incense on, T^pp miqtar.
Exod3o. i make an altar to burn incense upon
BURN utterly, to
To burn down, KaraKalta katakaio.
Rev. 18. 8 she shall be utterly burned with flre
BURNED or burnt, to be
I. To be consumed, 1%} baar.
Exod 3. 3 I will. .see. .why the bush is not burnt
Judgis. 14 his arms became as flax that was burnt
2. To be hot, heated, ,~yj charar.
Job 30. 30 my bones are burned with heat.
Isa. 24. 6 the inhabitants of the earth are burned
3. To become hot, heated, ~ryj charar, 2.
Psa. 102. 3 my bones are burned as an hearth
Jer. 6. 29 The bellows are burnt, the lead
Eze. 15. 4 the ends, .the midst of it is burnt
15. 5 flre hath devoured it, and it is burned?
24. 10 spice it well, and let the bones be burnt
4. To burn, n^ yatsath.
Isa. 33. 12 (as) thorns cut up shall they be burned
Jer. 49. 2 her daughters shall be burnt with fire
51. 58 her high gates shall be burnt with fire
5. To be burnt, ns; yatsath, 2.
Neh. i. 3 and the gates, .are burnt with flre
2. 17 and the gates, .are burnt with flre
Jer. 2. 15 cities are burned without inhabitant
6. To be marked, nij kavah, 2.
Prov. 6. 28 hot coals, and his feet not be burnt i
Isa. 43. 2 when thou walkest. .shalt not be burned
1. To lift up, up) nasa.
Nah. i. 5 and the earth is burned at his presence
8. To go up, rhy alah.
Lev. 2. 12 but they shall not be burnt on the altar
9. To scorch, nny tsarab, 2.
Eze. 20. 47 all faces from the south . . shall be burned
10. To be made to burn (as) incense, nap qatar, 6.
Lev. 6. 22 a statute, .it shall be wholly burnt
11. To burn, be burned, fpy saraph.
Lev. 20. 14 they shall be burnt with flre, both he and
i Sa. 30. 3 came to the city, and, behold, .burnt
1 Ki. 13. 2 and men s bones shall be burnt upon thee
Neh. 4. 2 the heaps of. .rubbish which are burn^?
Psa. 80. 16 burnt with fire, .cut down : they perish
Isa. i. 7 desolate, your cities (are) burnt with
12. To be burnt, rtfy saraph, 2.
Gen. 38. 24 Bring her forth, and let her be burnt
Lev. 4. 12 ashes are poured out shall he be burnt
6. 30 sin offering, .it shall be burnt in the fire
7. 17 thejemainder of the flesh. . shall be burnt
7. 19 the flesh, .it shall be burnt with flre
13. 52 leprosy ; it shall be burnt in the flre
19. 6 if ought remain, .it shall be burnt in the
21. 9 profaneth .she shall be burnt with fire
Josh. 7. 15 he. .shall be burnt with fire, he and all
2 Sa. 23. 7 they shall be utterly burned with fire in
i Ch.i4. 12 commandment, and they were burned
Prov. 6. 27 take fire, .and his clothes not be burnt?
Jer. 38. 17 this city shall not be burnt with flre
Mic. i. 7 all the hires thereof shall be burnt with
13. To be burned, ^~iy saraph, 4.
Lev. 10. 16 Moses, .sought, .and, was burnt
14. To burn, icaiw kaio.
John 15. 6 cast (them) into. .fire, .they are burned
i Co 13. 3 and though I give my body to be burned
15.A burning, Kavcns kausis.
Heb. 6. 8 beareth thorns., whose end(is)to be burned
BURNED, to cause to be
To burn, r
{fy saraph.
Jer. 38. 23 thou shalt cause this city to be burnt
BURNED up, to be
I. To be burned, n^; yatsath, 2.
Jer. 9. 10 they are burnt up, so that none can
9. 12 the land perisheth (and) is burnt up
1.A burning, nfllp serephah.
Isa. 64. ii Our holy, .house, .is burnt up with flre
A marked place, ni?p mikrah.
Lev. 13. 24 the quick (flesh) that burneth have a
I. Fire, B>N esh.
Gen. 15. 17 and a burning lamp that passed between
2. To pursue, burn after, pVj dalaq, P^ delaq.
Prov. 26. 23 Burning lips and a wicked heart fare)
Dan. 7. 9 his wheels (as) burning flre
3. To burn steadily, ip ycqad.
Dan. 3. 6 cast into the midst of a burning fiery
3. ii cast into the midst of a burning fiery
3. 15 cast, .into the midst of a burning fiery
3. 17 God. .is able to deliver us from, .burning
3. 20 cast (them) into the burning fiery furn.
3. 27 cast into the midst of the burning fiery
3. 23 into the midst of the burning fiery furn.
3. 26 to the mouth of the burning fiery furnace
\.Steadily burning, Kip; yeqeda.
Dan. 7. ii his body destroyed., given to. .burn ing I!
5. .4 burning, lip: t/eqod.
Isa 10. 16 shall kindle a burning like the burning
6. Marking, rns keriyyah.
Exod2i. 25 Burning for burning, wound lor wound
T.Mark, marking, ? ki.
Isa. 3. 24 instead, .well sel hair baldness, .burning
^.Steadily burning, npto nwqed.
Isa. 33. 14 shall dwell with everlasting burnings?
9. Steadily burning, moqedah.
Lev. 6. 9 because of the burning upon the altar all
10. Mark, ,1150 mikvah.
Lev. 13. 24 flesh, in the skin whereof . .a hot burning
13. 25 it (is) a leprosy broken out of the burning
13. 28 burning, .an inflammation of the burning
ll.Scorching, ryff tsarebeth.
Lsr. 13. 23 (and) spread not, it (is) a burning boil
Prov.i6. 27 in his lips (there is) as a burning lire
\1.Burning, nj-ijf serephah.
Lev. 10. 6 let your brethren, .bewail the burning
Nuin 16. 37 take up the censers out of the burning
19. 6 cast (it) into the midst of the burning
Deut 29. 23 whole land, .brimstone, .(and) burning
2 Ch 16. 14 they made a very great burning for him
21. 19 made no burning for him
21. 19 like the burning of his fathers
Isa. 9. 5 shall be with burning (and) fuel of lire
Amos 4. ii a firebrand plucked out of the burning
13. Burning, irupoxm puriisis.
Rev. 18. 9 when, .sliall see the smoke of her burning
f8. 18 cried when . .saw. .smoke of her burning
Burning ague or fever, nrrip qaddachath.
Lev. 26. 16 I will even appoint, .the burning ague
"[.Burning coal, rorra gacheleth.
Prov.26. 21 (As) coals (are) to burning coals, and
%. Flame, burning heat, r
ff~l rcsfieph.
Hab. 3. 5 burning coals went forth at his feet
BURNING, extreme
Extreme burning, ~rrin eharchur.
Deut 28. 22 LORD sliall smite, .an extreme burning
Flame, burning heat, fff~i resheph.
Deut 32. 24 devoured with burning heat, and with
Lamp, flame, TS7 lappid.
Job 41. 19 Out of his mouth go burning lamps
Burnings, niEfiy? misraphoth.
Isa. 33. 12 the people shall be (as) the burnings of
Jer. 34 5 shall die in peace : and with, .burnings
Polished, V^>J7 qalal.
Eze. i. 7 they sparkled like the colour of burnished
\.Kmaciated, dried up, nja mazeh.
Deut 32. 24 (They shall be) burnt with hunger
2. Burning, ^fV serephah.
Num 19. 17 they shall take of the ashes of the burnt
Jer. 51. 25 will make thee a burnt mountain
BURNT, that were
To burn, ]~i? saraph.
J umi6 39 wherewith they that were burnt had
Burnt offerings as well as " meat offerings, "and
" peace
offerings," were mere voluntary offerings (unlike " sin "
and "trespass" offerings, which were compulsory),
which, however, were to be presented in a uniform
systematic manner, as laid down in Lev. i.-iji. The
first three express generally the idea of " homage, selfdedication,
and thanksgiving," the latter tico that of
"propitiation." The animals that might be used for
burnt offerings. might he from thcflm-k or herd, or from
the fowls, and were to be entirely burnt, their blood
sprinkled on the altar, and their skins given to the
priest for clothing. They were to be offered every
morning and evening, every sabbath day, the first day
of every month, the seven days of unleavened bread,
and the day of Atonement They were offered at the
consecriitiininf tliepriests, Levites, kin--. s;i, -red places,
the purification of women, Nazarites, lepers, aftermercies,
before war, and with sounding of trumpet* at
\.That which goes up, rhy, rfcy olah, alah.
Gen. 8. 20 and offered burnt offerings on the altar
it. 2 and offer him there for a burnt offerim:
aa. 3 and clave the wood for the burnt offering
33. 6 Abraham took the wood of the burnt off.
22. 7 but where (is) the lamb for a burnt offer.
22. 8 God will provide . . a lamb for a burnt off.
Gen. 22. 13 and offered him up for a burnt offering
Exodio. 25 give us also sacrifices and burnt offerings
18. 12 Jethro. .took a burnt offering, .sacrifices
20. 24 and shall sacrifice thereon thy burnt offer.
24. 5 sent young men . . which offered burnt off.
29. 18 it (is) a burnt offering unto the LOKD
29. 25 burn (them) upon the altar for a burnt off.
29. 42 a continual burnt offering throughout
30. 28 the altar of burnt offering with all his
31. 9 And the altar of burnt ottering with all
32 6 they rose, .and offered burnt offerings
35. 1 6 The allar of burnt offering, with his
38. i he made the altar of burnt offering
40. 6 thou shall set the altar of the burnt offer.
40. 10 anoint the altar of the burnt offering
40. 29 he put the altar of burnt offering
46. 29 and offered upon it the burnt ottering
Lev. i. 4 put. .hand upon the head of the burnt off.
i. t. And he shall flay the burnl offering
4. 7 at the bottom of the altar of. .burnt off.
4. 10 burn them upon the altar of. .burnt off.
4. 18 at the bottom of the altar of. .burnt off.
4. 24 where they kill the burnt offering before
4. 25 upon the horns of the altar of burnt off.
4. 25 at the bottom of the altar of the burnt off.
4. 29 slay., sin offering, .place of the burnt off.
4. 30 upon the horns of the altar of burnt off.
4. 33 in the place where they kill the burnt off.
4. 34 upon the horns of the altar of burnt off.
5. 7 and the other for a burnt offering
5. 10 shall offer the second (for)a burnt offering
6. 9 This (is) the law of the burnt offering
6. 9 It (is) the burnt offering, because of the
6. 10 the fire hath consumed with the burnt off.
6. 12 and lay the burnt offering in order upon
6. 25 In the place where the burnt offering is
7. 2 In the place where they kill the burnt off.
7. 8 the priest that offereth any. .burnt offer.
7. 8 the priest shall have, .skin of., burnt off.
7. 37 This (is) the law of the burnt offering
8. 18 he brought the ram for the burnt offering
8. 28 burnt, .on the altar upon the burnt offer.
9. 2 Take thee. .a ram for a burnt offering
9. 3 a lamb .without blemish, for a burnt off
9. 7 Go. .and offer, .thy burnt offering
9. 12 And he slew the burnt offering ; and A.
9. 13 And they presented the burnt offering
9. 14 and burnt (them)upon the burnt offering
9. 16 he brought the burnl offering, and offered
9. 22 from offering of. .the burnt offering
9. 24 consumed upon the altar the burnt offer.
10. 19 Behold, .they offered, .their burnt offer.
12. 6 she shall bring a lamb, .for a burnt offer,
i-j. 8 the one for the burnt offering, and the
14. 13 where he shall kill the. .burnt offering
14. 19 afterward he shall kill the burnt offering
14. 20 the priest shall offer the burnt offering
14. 22, 31 one. .sin offering, .other a burnt off .
J 5- J
5> 3 one - -shi offering, .other, .a burnt off.
16. 3 offering, and a ram for a burnt offering
16. 5 offering, and one ram for a burnt offering
16. 24 come forth, and offer his burnt offering
16. 24 and the burnt offering of the people
1 7. 8 that offereth a burnt offering or sacrifice
22. 18 which they will offer, .for a burnt offer.
23. 12 for a burnt offering unto the LORD
23. 18 they shall be (for) a burnt offering unto
23. 37 a burnt offering, and a meat offering
Num. 6. 1 1 one . . a sin offering . . other . . a burnt offer.
6. 14 one he lamb, .for a burnt offering
6. 1 6 his sin offering, and his burnt offering
7. 15, 21 one lamb, .for a burnt offering
[So in v. 27, 33, 39, 45, 51, 57, 63, 69, 75, 81.]
7. 87 All the oxen for the burnt offering (were)
8. 12 and the other (for) a burnt offering, unto
10. 10 with the trumpets over your burnt offer.
15. 3 will make an offering by fire, .a burnt off.
15. 5 shall thou prepare with the burnt offer.
15. 8 when thou preparest. .(for) a burnt offer.
15. 24 the congregation shall offer, .a burnt off.
23. 3 Stand by thy burnt offering, and 1 will
23. 15 Stand here by thy burnt offering, while
23. 17 he stood by his burnt offering, and the
28. 3 two lambs, .(for) a continual burnt offer.
28. 6 a continual burnt offering, which was
28. 10 (This is) the burul offering of every sabli.
28. 10 beside the continual burnt offering, and
28. 1 1 ye shall offer a burnt offering unto the
28. 13 (for) a burnt offering of a sweet savour
28. 14 this (is) the burnt offering of every month
28. 15 beside the continual burnt offering, and
28. 19 a sacrifice made by fire (for) a burnt offer.
28. 23 Ye shall offer these beside the burnt off.
28. 23 which (is) for a continual burnt offering
28. 24 it shall be offered beside the . . burnt off.
28. 27 ye shall offer the burnt offering for a
28. 31 Ye shall offer (them) beside, .burnt off.
29. 2 ye shall offer a burnt offering for a sweet
29. 6 Beside the burnt offerinz of the month
29. 6 and the daily burnl offering
29. 8 Bui ye shall offer a burnl offering unto
29. it and the continual burnt offering
29. 13 ye shall offer a burnt offering, a sacrifice
29. 16 beside the continual burnt offering, his
29. 19, 22, 25, 28 beside the continual burnt off.
29- 3 . 34. 38 beside the continual burnt offering
29. 36 ye shall offer a burnt offering, a sacrifice
29. 39 for your burnt offerings, and for your
Deut 1 2. 6 thither ye shall bring your burnt offerings
12. M your burnt offerings, and your sacrifices
12. 13 Take heed, .thou offer not thy burnt off.
12. 14 there thou shall offer thy burnt offerings
Deut 1 2. 27 And thou shall offer thy burnt offerings
27. 6 thou shall offer burnt offerings thereon
Josh. 8. 31 and they offered thereon burnt offerings
22. 23 or if to offer thereon burnt offering or
22. 26 not for burnl offering, nor for sacrifice
22. 27 before him with our burnt offerings
22. 28 which our fathers made, not for burnt off.
22. 29 to build an altar for burnt offerings
Judgu 31 and I will offer it up for a burnt offering
13. 16 and if thou wilt offer a burnl offering
13. 23 he would nol have received a burnt off.
20. 26 and offered burnt offerings, .before the
21. 4 and offered burnt offerings and peace
.1 Sa. 6. 14 and offered the kino a buint offering
6. 15 and Ihe men . . offered burnt offerings
7. 9 and offered . . a burnt offering wholly unto
7. 10 Samuel was offering up the burnt offering
10. 8 I will come. . to oiler burnl offerings
13. 9 Bring hither a burnt offering to nie, and
13. 9 And he offered the burnt ottering
13. 10 made an end of offering the burnt offering
13. 12 I forced myself . .andotltreila burnt offer.
15. 22 Hath the LOUD.,delight in burnt offerings
aSa. 6. 17 and David offered burnt offerings and
6. 18 made an end of offering burnt offerings
24. 24 neither will I offer burnt offerings unto
24. 25 and offered burnt offerings and peace
1 Ki. 3. 4 a thousand burnt offerings did Solomon
3. 15 offered up burnt offerings, and offered
8. 64 for there he offered burnt offerings
8. 64 altar., (was) too little to receive Ihe bt. off.
9. 25 in a year did Solomon offer burnt offering
2 Ki. 3. 27 and offered him. .a burnt offering upon
5. 17 thy servant vill..(fier neither burnt off.
10. 24 -when they went in to otter, .burnt offer.
10. 25 made an end of offering the burnt offer.
16. 13 And he burnt his burnt offering and his
16. 15 burn the morning burnt offering, and the
16. 15 with the burnt offering of all the people
16. 15 upon it all the blood of the burnt offering
i Ch. 6. 49 ottered upon the altar of the burnt offer.
16. 2 made an end of offering, .burnt offering
16. 40 To offer burnt offerings unto the I.OKD
16. 40 upon the altar of the burnt offering
21. 23 I give, .the oxen, .for burnt offerings
21. 24 nor offer burnt offerings without cosl
21. 26 and offered burnt offerings and peace
21. 26 by fire upon the altar of burnt offering
21. 29 and the altar of the burnt offering
22. i this (is) the altar of the burnt offering
29. 21 offered burnt offerings unto the LORD
2 Ch. i. 6 and offered a thousand burnt offerings
2. 4 and for the burnt offerings morning and
4. 6 things as they offered for the burnt offer.
7. i and consumed the burnt offering and the
7. 7 for there he offered burnt offerings
7. 7 was not able to receive the burnt offerings
8. 12 Then Solomon offered burnt offerings
23. 18 to offer the burnt offerings of the LORD
24. 14 they offered burnt offerings in the house
29. 7 not burned incense nor offered burnt off.
29. 18 We have cleansed . .the altar of burnt off.
29. 24 the burnt offering and the sin offering
29. 27 to offer the burnt offering upon the altar
29. 27 And when the burnt offering began, the
29, 28 (this continued) until the burnt offering
29. 31 as many as were of a free heart, burnt off.
29. 32 And Ihe number of the burnt offerings
29. 32 all these, .for a burnt offering
29. 34 so that could not flay all the burnt offer.
29. 35 And also the burnt offerings (were) in
29. 35 the drink offerings for. .burnt offerings
30. 15 brought in the burnt offerings into the
31. 2 priests and the Lev for burnt offerings
31. 3 the king s portion . . for the burnt offer.
31. 3 the morning and evening burnt offerings
31. 3 and the burnt offering for the sabbaths
35. 12 And they removed the burnt offerings
35. 14 priests, .in offering of burnl offerings
35. 16 lo offer burnt offerings upon the altar of
Ezra 3. 2 builded the altar . . to offer burnt offerings
3. 3 Ihey offered burnt offerings thereon unto
3. 3 (even) burnt offerings morning, .evening
3. 4 and.. the laily burnt offerings by number
3. 5 afterward, .the continual burnt offering
3. 6 began they to offer burnt offerings unto
6. 9 for the burnt offerings of the God of
8. 35 the children . . offered burnt offerings
8. 35 all (this was) a burnl offering unlo the
Neh. 10. 33 for the continual burnt offering of the
Job i. 5 offered burnt offerings, .the number of
42. 8 offer up for yourselves a burnt offering
Tsa. 40. 6 burnl offering and sin offering hast thou
50. 8 I will not reprove thee for. .thy burnt off.
51. 16 thou delightest not in burnt offering
51. 19 burnt offering and whole burnt offering
66. 13 go into thy house with burnt offerings
Isa. i. ii I am full of the burnt offerings of rams
40. 16 Ihe beasts thereof, .for a burnt offering
43. 23 Thou hasl nol brought, .thy burnt offering
56. 7 their burnt offerings and their sacrifices
61. 8 I hate robbery for burnt offering ; and I
Jer. 6. 20 your burnt offerings (are) not acceptable
7. 21 Put your burnt offerings unto yoursacri.
7. 22 I spake not. .concernins burnt offerings
14. 12 and when they offer burnt offering and
17. 26 And they shall come, .bringing burnt off.
19. 5 to burn their sous with fire (for) burnt off.
33. 18 want a man before me to offer burnt off.
Eze. 40. 38 where they washed the burnt offering
40. 39 to slay thereon the burnt otferinp; and
40. 42 the four tables, .for the burnt offering
Eze. 40. 42 wherewith they slew the burnt offering
43. 18 to offer burnt offerings thereon, and to
43. 24 they shall offer them up . . a burnt offering
43. 27 priests shall make your burnt offerings
44. ii they shall slay the burnt offering and
45. 15 for a meat offering, and for a burnt offer
45. 17 the prince s part (to give) burnt offerings
45. 17 he shall prepare, .the burnt offering
45. 23 seven days, .he shall prepare a burnt off.
45. 25 shall he do. .according to the burnt offer.
46. 2 the priests shall prepare his burnt offer.
46. 4 And the burnt offering, .six lambs
46. 12 the prince shall prepare a. .burnt offering
46. 12 he shall prepare his burnt offering
46. 13 Thou shalt daily prepare a burnt offering
46. 15 every morning, (for) a continual burnt off.
Hos. 6. 6 the knowledge, .more than burnt offer.
Amos 5. 22 Though ye offer me burnt offerings and
Mic. 6. 6 come before him with burnt offerings
2. Whole burnt offering, 6\oKavT<a/j.a holokautoma.
Heb. 10. 6 In burnt offerings and (sacrifices) for sin
10. 8 Sacrifice and offering and burnt offerings
1. Whole, complete, V^s kalil.
Psa. 51. 19 with burnt offering, and whole burnt off
2. Whole burnt offering, d\oKavr<i>ij.a. holokautoma.
Mark 12. 33 is more than all whole burnt offerings
That which goes up, nSy olah.
Exod3o. 9 Ye shall offer no strange, .burnt sacrifice
Lev. i. 3 If his offering (be) a burnt sacrifice of the
i. 9 on the altar, (to be) a burnt sacrifice, an
i. 10 if his offering (be), .for a burnt sacrifice
i. 13 it (is) a burnt sacrifice, an offering made
i. 14 if the burnt sacrifice for his offering
i. 17 it (is) a burnt sacrifice, an offering made
3. 5 upon the burnt sacrifice, which (is) upon
8. 21 a burnt sacrifice for a sweet savour
9. 17 beside the burnt sacrifice of the morning
Num23. 6 lo, he stood by his burnt sacrifice, he
Judg. 6. 26 offer a burnt sacrifice with the wood of
2 Sa 24. 22 behold, .oxen for burnt sacrifice, and
1 Ki 18. 33 with water, and pour (it) on. .burnt sac.
18. 38 the fire, .consumed the burnt sacrifice
2 Ki. 16. 15 the king s burnt sacrifice, and his meat
1 Ch. 16. i they offered burnt sacrifices, .peace offer.
23. 31 to offer all burnt sacrifices unto the LORD
2 011.13. ii they burn, .burnt sacrifices and sweet
Psa. 20. 3 Remember, .and accept thy burnt sac.
66. 15 I will offer unto thee burnt sacrifices of
Whole, perfect, VV3 kalil.
Deut 33. 10 whole burnt sacrifice upon thine altar
I. To draw asunder, pm nathaq, 3.
Jer. 2. 20 I have broken thy yoke, .burst thy bands
5. 5 these have altogether, .burst the bonds
30. 8 I will break . . and will burst thy bonds
Nah. i. 13 and will burst thy bonds in sunder
2. To rend, burst, f>r)yw/j.i rhegnumi.
Mark 2. 22 else the new wine doth burst the bottles
Luke 5. 37 else the new wine will burst the bottles
BURST asunder, to
To sound, ring, break, Acc/ceto lakeo (or Aaa/ca)).
Acts i. 18 falling headlong, he burst asunder in the
BURST out, to
To burst through, fi? parats.
Prov. 3 10 thy presses shall burst out with new wine
BURST, to be ready to
To be cleft, rent, yp3 baqa, 2.
Job 32. 19 it is ready to burst like new bottles
A breaking, nrpp mekittah.
Isa. 30. 14 there shall not be found in the bursting
BURY, to
I. To bury, 1315 qabar.
Gen. 23. 4 that I may bury my dead out of my sight
23. 6 in the choice of our sepulchres bury thy
23. 6 but that thou mayest bury thy dead
23. 8 that I should bury my dead out of my
23. ii give I it thee : bury thy dead
23. 13 take (it) of me, and I will bury my dead
23. 15 what (is) that, .bury therefore thy dead
23. 19 after this, Abraham buried Sarah his wife
25. 9 his sons Isaac and Ishmael buried him
35. 29 his sons Ksau and Jacob buried him
47. 29 bury me not, I pray thee, in Egypt
47. 30 and bury me in their burying place
48. 7 and I buried her there in the way of
49. 29 bury me with my fathers in the cave
49. 31 There they buried Abraham and Sarah
49. 31 there they buried Isaac, .there I buried
50. 5 in niy grave. .there shalt thou bury me
50. 5 let me go up, I pray tliee, and bury my
50. 6 Pharoah said, Go up and bury thy father
50. 7 And Joseph went up to bury his father
50. 13 buried him in the cave of the field of
50. 14 to bury his father, after he had buried
Mumn 34 because there they buried the people
Deut2i. 23 thou shalt in any wise bury him that
34. 6 he buried him in a valley in the land of
Josh 24. 30 they buried him in the border of his
24. 32 bones of Joseph, .buried they in Shechem
24. 33 buried him in a hill (that pertained to)
Judg. 2. 9 they buried him in the border of his
16. 31 buried Kim between Zorah and Eshtaol
1 Sa. 25. i buried him in his house at Kamah
28. 3 Israel had lamented him, and buried him
31. 13 buried (them) under a tree at Jabesh
2 Sa. 2. 4 the men of Jabesh-gilead. buried Saul
2. 5 kindness., unto Saul, and have buried him
2. 32 buried him in the sepulchre of his father
3. 32 And they buried Abner in Hebron
4. 12 took the head of Ish-bosheth, and buried
21. 14 the bones, .buried they in the country of
1 Ki. 2. 31 Do as lie hath said . . and bury him
13. 29 the old prophet came, .to bury him
13. 31 it came to pass, after he had buried him
13. 31 bury me in the sepulchre wherein the
14. 13 Israel shall mourn for him, and bury him
14. 18 they buried him ; and all Israel mourned
15. 8 they buried him in the city of David
22. 37 and they buried the king in Samaria
2 Ki. 9. 10 dogs shall eat J. . .and., none to bury (her)
9. 28 buried him in his sepulchre with his
9. 34 see now this cursed (woman), and bury
9. 35 they went to bury her ; but they found
jo. 35 and they buried him in Samaria
12. 21 they buried him with his fathers in the
13. o and they buried him in Samaria : and
13. 20 And Elislia died, and thej buried him
13. 21 it came to pass, as they were burying a
15. 7 they buried him with his fathers in the
21. 26 he was buried in his sepulchre in the
23. 30 and buried him in his own sepulchre
1 12 buriedltheir bones under the" oak in Jabesh
2 Ch. 9. 31 he was buried in the city of David his
14. i and they:buried him in the city of David
16. 14 they buried him in his own sepulchres
21. 20 they buried him in the city of David
22. 9 when they had slain him, they buried
24. 16, 25 they buried him in the city of David
24. 25 buried him not in the sepulchres of the
25. 28 buried him with his fathers in the city of
26. 23 they buried him with his fathers
27. 9 they buried him in the city of David
28. 27 buried him in the city . .in Jerusalem
32. 33 they buried him in the chiefest of the
33. 20 and they buried him in his own house
Psa. 79. 3 and (there was) none lo bury (them)
Jer. 7. 32 they shall bury in Tophet, till there be
19. ii and they shall bury (them) in Tophet
19. ii till (there be) no place to bury
Eze. 39. ii there shall they bury Gog, and all his
39. 12 shall the house of Israel be burying of
39. 13 all the people of the land anall bury
39. 15 till the buriers have buried it in the
2.To bury, 1317 qabar, 3.
Nuni33. 4 For the Egyptians buried all. .first-born
i Ki.n. 15 Joab. .was gone up to bury the slain
Jer. 14. 16 and they shall have none to bury them
Eze. 39. 14 passing through the land, to bury with
Hos. 9. 6 gather them up, .Memphis shall bury
d.l o entomb, Ivrcufudfa entaphiazo.
John 19. 40 as the manner of the Jews is to bury
i.To bury, Qdirrta thaptO.
Matt. 8. 21 suffer me first to go and bury my father
8. 22 Follow me ; and let the dead bury their
14. 12 disciples, .took up the body, and buried
Luke 9. 59 suffer me first to go and bury my father
9. 60 Jesus said. .Let the dead bury their dead
16. 22 the rich man also died, and was buried
Acts 5. 6 and carried (him) out, and buried 2. 29.
5. 9 the feet of them which have buried thy
5. 10 carrying, .forth, buried (her) by her iius.
i Co. 15. 4 that he was buried, and that he rose
BURY in, to
Burial, rcxpri taphe.
Matt2?. 7 the potter s field, to bury strangers in
All nations that believe in the resurrection of the body
have been caref .i to preserve the remains of the de
ceased as long as possible, as in the case of the ancient
Egyptians and Jews, Christians and Mohammedans ;
while the Hindoos burn them, and the Parsees expose
them to be devoured by birds of prey.
Entombment, eVTatpiaOjuJy tntaphidsinos.
Marki4. 8 come, to anoint my body to the burying
John 12 7 against the day of my burying hath she
1. Burial, grave, rrjuj? qeburah.
Gen. 47. 30 and bury me in their burying place
2. Burial place, "op, qeber.
Gen. 23. 4 give me a possession of a burying place
23. 9, 20 for a possession of a burying p)ace4Q.3o.
50. 13 for a possession of a burying place of E.
Judg 16. 31 Zorah and Eshtaol, iu the burying place
1. Thorny bush, njp seneh.
Exod. 3 2 flame of fire out of the midst of a bush
3. 2 the bush burned with fire, and the bush
3. 3 I will. see. .why the bush is not burnt
3. 4 God called unto him out of the . .bush
I)eut33. 16 good will of him that dwelt in the bush
2. Plant, shrub, F," iy siach.
Job 30. 4 Who cut up mallows by the bushes
30. 7 Among the bushes they brayed
^.Commendable pastures, O VSnj nakalolim.
Isa. 7. 19 and upon all thorns, and upon all bushes
4.Bramble bush, /Soros batos.
Marki2. 26 how in the bush God spake unto him
Luke2o. 37 even Moses showed at the bush, when he
Acts 7. 30 of the Lord in a flame of fire in a bush
7. 35 Angel which appeared to him in the bush
BUSH, bramble
Bramble bush, PO.TOS batos.
Luke 6. 44 nor of a bramble bush gather they grapes
A (dry) measure, fioStos modios.
Matt. 5. 15 a candle, and put it under a bushel
Mark 4. 21 Is a candle brought, .put under a bushel
Luke ii. 33 No man. .putteth (it), .under a bushel
Hanging, Jlowing, D Wif>ri tallallim.
Song 5. ii his locks (are) bushy, (and) black as a
1. Word, matter, "ai dahar.
Deut 24. 5 neither, .be charged with any business
Josh. 2.14 Our life . . if ye utter not this our business
2. 20 And if thou utter this our business, then
JudgiS. 7, 28 had no business with (any) man
i Sa. 21. 2 The king hath commanded me a business
21. 2 Let no man know, .of the business
21. 8 because the king sbusiness required haste
2. Work, "I K^O melakah.
Gen. 39. n went into the house to do his business
1 Ch.2&. 30 on this side Jordan, .in all the business
2 Ch.i3. 10 and the Levites. .upon (their) business
17. 13 he had much business in the cities of Ju.
Xeh. ii. 16 the oversight of the outward business of
ii. 22 the singers, .over the business of the
13. 30 the priests, .every one in his business
Esth. 3. 9 those that have the charge of. .business
Psa. 107. 23 that do business in great waters
Prov. 22. 29 Seest thou a man diligent in his business ?
Dan. 8. 27 I rose up, and did the king s business
3. Work, deed, rtipJ.o maaseh.
i Sa. 20. 19 when the business was. .and shaltremain
4. Travail, j;jy inyan.
Eccl. 5. 3 cometh through, .multitude of business
8. 16 the business that is done upon the earth
5. The things of, TO. ta.
Luke 2. 49 I must be about my Father s business i
6. Deed, business, irpayfjia. prwjma.
Rom 16. 2 assist her in whatsoever business she
7. Speed, ffirovSr] spoude.
Kom.i2. ii >Jot slothful in business; fervent in
8. Use, need, necessity, xpf ta chreia.
Acts 6. 3 whom we may appoint over this business
BUSINESS, one s own
One s own things, TO. ISia, ta idia.
i Th. 4. ii that ye study, .to do your own business
BUSY, to be
To do, nyy asnh.
i Ki.2o. 40 as thy servant was busy here and there
BUSY body
Working around, trfpifpyos periergos.
1 Ti. 5 13 not only idle, but tattlers, .busy bodies
BUSY body, to be a
To work all around, periergazomai.
2 Th. 3 ii working not at all, but are busy bodies
BUSY body in other men s matters
Overseer of another, d.X\o-Tp<.ofn(ffnoiros.
i Pe. 4 15 or (as)a busy body in other men s matters
I. But, ^>ix abal.
2 Ch. i 4 But the ark of God had David brought
Ezra 10. 13 But the people (are) many, and (it is) a
Dan. 10. 7 but a great quaking fell upon them
10. 21 But I will shew thee that which is noted
2. Yet, nevertheless, CTX ulam.
Gen 28. 19 but the name of that city (was). .Luz
i Ki. 20. 23 but let us fight against them in the plain
Job i. ii But put Jorth thine hand now, and touch
2. 5 But put forth thine hand .touch his bone
11. 5 But oh that God would speak, and open
12. 7 But ask now the beasts, and they shall
13. 4 But ye (are) forgers of lies, ye (are) all
Z.Only, TIN ak.
Gen. 9. 4 But flesh with the life, .the blood thereof
Judg. 7 19 and they had but newly set the watch
^.Surely, j3i<
Job. 32. 8 But (there is) a spirit in man : and the
Psa. 82. 7 But ye shall die like men, and fall like
Zeph 3 7 but they rose early, (and) corrupted all
5.A Iso, f]N aph.
Psa. 44. 9 But thou hast cast off, and put us to
G.Only, DSN epJics.
Num23. 13 thou shalt see but the utmost part of
7. Except, without, "rfra billi.
Gen. 21. 26 neither yet heard I (of it), but to-day
^.Nevertheless, 0^3 beram.
Ezra 5. 13 But in the first year of Cyrus the king
Dan. 2. 28 But there. .God in heaven that revealeth
.Ewii, also, 03 gam.
Job. 12. 3 But I have understanding as well as you
10. That which, "I di.
Dan. 2. 9 But if ye will not make known unto me
11. Except, n^t ztdah.
i Ki. 12. 20 there was none that followed, .but the
Hos. 13. 4 and thou shall know no god but me
12. For, ? ki.
Gen. 17. 15 but Sarah (shall) her name (be)
13. Therefore, jn^ token.
Ezra 5. 12 But after that our fathers had provoked
Dan. 2. 30 But for (their) sakes that shall
14. Yet, still, Tiy od.
Gen. 35. 16 there was but a little way to come to Eph.
15. Only, pn raq.
Exod 8. 29 but let not Pharaoh deal deceitfully any
16. If not, xVcx imlo.
Gen. 24. 38 But thou shall go unto my father s house
17. you; but, further, 8e de.
Matt. i. 20 but while he thought on these tilings
2. 19 But when Herod was dead, behold, an
2. 22 But when he heard that Archelaus did
3. 7 but when he saw many of the Pharisees
[This particle occurs about 2700 times in N. T.J
IS. But, a\\d alia.
Matt. 4. 4 but by every word that proceedeth
[This particle occurs about 630 times ; Phil. 2. 7, etc.]
19. For, yap gar.
1 Pe. 4. 15 But let none of you suffer as a murderer
2 Pe. i. a But he that lacketh these things is blind
20. But, but now, 5e de.
Matt. 5. 22 But I say unto you, That whosoeveris an.
\Seealgo 10. 17, 33 ; 12.28,36; 13.16; 23.5; 26. 56; etc.J
2 1 . // not, lav ^ ean trie.
Markio. 30 But he shall receive an hundredfold now
John 5. 19 The Son can do nothing of himself, but
Gal. 2. 16 by the works of the law, but by the faith
22. If not, el n-fi ei me.
Matt. 5. 13 good for nothing, but to be cast out
11. 27 no man knoweth the Son, but the Father
12. 4 neither for them . . but only forthe priests?
12. 24 but by Beelzebub the prince of the devils
12. 39 but the sign of the prophet Jonas
14. 17 We have here but five loaves, and two
15. 24 I am not sent but unto the lost sheep
16. 4 there shall no sign be given . . but the sign
17. 21 [this kind goeth not out bul by prayer]
19.17 [there is none good but one, (that is,) G od]
21. 19 and found nothing Ihereon, but leaves
24. 36 angels of heaven, but my Father only
Hark 2. 7 who can forgive sins but God only?
2. 26 which is not lawful to eat but for the pr.
6. 4 A prophet is not without honour, but in
g. 29 This kind can come forth by nothing but
10. 18 (there is) none good but one, (that is) God
xi. 13 when he came to it, he found nothing but
13. 32 Knoweth. .neither the Son, but the Father
Luke 5. 21 Who can forgive sins but God alone?
6. 4 which it is not lawful to eat but for the
11. 29 there shall no sign be given it, but the
John 3. 13 but he that came down from heaven
10. 10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal
14. 6 no man oometh unto the Father, but by
17. 12 and none of them is lost, but the son of
19. 15 answered, We have no king but Cesar
Acts ii. 19 preaching the word to none but unto the
Rom. -. 7 Nay, I had not known sin but by the law
11. 15 what (shall) the receiving, .but life from
13. i For there is no power but of God : the
13. 8 Owe no man anything, but to love one
14. 14 but to him that esteemeth any thing to
i Co. i. 14 that I baptized none of you but Crispus
2. ii the things of God knoweth no man, but
7. 17 But as God hath distributed to every man
8. 4 and that (there is) none other God but
10. 13 bnt such as is common to man
12. 3 no man can say. .but by the Holy Ghost
2 Co. 2. 2 but the same which is made sorry by me?
12. 5 of myself I will not glory, but in mine
Gal. i. 7 but there be some that trouble you, and
Eph. 4. 9 what is it but that he also descended first
Phil. 4. 15 no church communicated with me. .but
Heb. 3. 18 they should not enter into his rest, but to
i Jo. 2. 22 Who is a liar but he that denieth that
5. 5 but he that believeth that Jesus is the
Rev. 9. 4 but only those men which have not the
14. 3 no man could learn that song but the
19. 12 a name, .no man knew but he himself
21. 27 but they which are written in the Lamb s
23. Without, if not, iicr^ tl p-f) e.ktos ei me.
i Ti. 5. 19 but before two or three witnesses
24.7Vii, (AXA H (oZF) fc
i Co. 3. 5 [but] ministers by whom ye bel. ; Lu. 9.
25. And, Kat kai.
John i. 20 but confessed, I am not the Christ
Acts 16. 7 but the Spirit suffered them not
i Jo. 2. 27 But the anointing which ye have received
26. Indeed, yet, nfvroi mfntoi.
John2i. 4 but the disciples knew not that it was J:
27. Only, p6vov monon.
Matt. 9. 21 If I may but touch his garment, I shall
IS. Not, fff) mi.
Acts 4. 20 For we cannot but speak the things
20. 20 but have showed you, and have taught
29. Then, therefore, olv oun.
Lukc2i. 7 .Master, but when shall these things be?
John 8. 5 [such should be stoned : but what sayest]
9. 18 But the Jews did not believe concerning
Acts 23. 21 But do not thou yield unto them; for
25. 4 But Festus answered, that Paul should
SO.But, Tr\-f)vplen.
Malln. 22 hut I say unto you, it shall be more
ii. 24 But I say unto you, That it shalllje more
18. 7 but woe to that man by whom the offence
Marki2. 32 and there is none other but he
Luke 6. 24 But woe unto you that are rich
6. 35 But love ye your enemies, and do good
10. 14 But it shall be more tolerable for Tyre
19. 17 But those mine enemies, .bring hither
22. 21 But, behold, the hand of him thai
22. 22 but woe unto that man by whom he is
23. 28 but weep for yourselves, and for your
John 8. 10 [and saw none but the woman, he said]
Acts 27. 22 shall be no loss of. .life, .but of the ship
Rev. 2. 25 But that which ye have, .hold fast
BUT and if
l.Nmv or but if, tav Se can de.
Matt. 24 48 But and if that evil servant shall say
Lukei2. 45 But and if that servant say in his heart
20. 6 But and if we say, Of men ; all Ihe people
2. But even if, a\\ d Kai alP ei kai.
i Pe. 3. 14 But and if ye suffer for righteousness sake
BUT either
Or, $ e.
Acts 17. 21 but either to tell, or to hear some new
I. If, *K illu.
Estli. 7. 4 But if we had been sold for bond men
1.But even if, oAA. fl Kai aW ei kai.
1 Co. 7. 21 but if thou mayest be made free, use (it)
S.Now even if, jj5 Kai ei de kai.
2 Co. 4. 3~But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them
BUT now
Now, Tavvv tanun.
Acts 17. 30 but now commandeth all men every
BUT only
Nevertheless, D?N ephes.
Nuni22. 35 but only the word that I shall speak unto
BUT rather
I. Lut rather, dAA. ^ all e.
Luke 1 2. 51 I tell you, Nay; but rather division
2. But, Tr\-f]v plen.
Luken. 41 But rather give alms of such things as ye
12. 31 But rather seek ye the kingdom of God
BUT that
Not, fj.ii me.
Luke 1 7. i It is impossible but that offences will
BUT, if
Even if, K&V kan.
Mark 5. 28 If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be
6. 56 they might touch if it were but the border
BUT, nay
Indeed then, fievovvyt menounge.
Rom. 9. 20 [Nay but,] man, who art thou that
BUT, no more
No more than, ov irXciW # mi pleion e.
Luke 9. 13 We have no more but five loaves and two
BUT, though
Yet, nevertheless, 8/ homos.
Gal. 3. 15 Though, .but a man s covenant, yet
BUT, yet
No more than, ov IT\dovs % ou pleious e.
Acts 24. 1 1 that there are yet but twelve days since I
To give to drink, np? shaqah, 5.
Gen. 40. i the butler, .and (Ms) baker had offended
40. 2 wroth . . against the chief of the butlers
40. 5 the butler and the baker of the king of
40. 9 the chief butler told his dream to Joseph
40. 13 the former manner when thou wast his b.
40. 20 he lifted up the head of the chief butler
40. 21 he restored the chief butler unto his
40. 23 Yet did not the chief butler remember
41. 9 Then spake the chief butler unto Pharaoh
Butlership, n$y? mashqeh.
Gen. 40. 21 restored., chief butler unto his butlership
1. Curdied milk, cream, cheese, .txpn chemah.
Gen. 1 8. 8 he took butter, and milk, and the calf
Deut32. 14 Butter of kine, and milk of sheep, with
Judg. 5. 25 she brought forth butter in a lordly dish
2 Sa. 17. 29 honey, and butter, and sheep, and cheese
Job 20. 17 He shall not see the. .brooks of. .butter
Prov.3o. 33 the churning of milk bringeth forth butler
Isa. 7. 15 Butter and honey shall he eat, that hu
7. 22 he shall eat butter : for butter and honey
2. Curdled milk, cream, cheese, ncn chemah.
Job 29. 6 When I washed my steps with butler
3. Buttered pieces, nksrr? machamaoth.
Psa. 55. 21 of his mouth were smoother than butter
l.JJip, nj, r ?P
1 Ch. 19. 4 cut off their garments . . by their buttocks
2. Seat, bottom, nv sheth.
2 Sa. 10. 4 cut off their garments, .to their buttocks
Isa. 20. 4 even with . . bullocks uncovered, lo the
BUY, to
1. To prepare, provide, rnj karah.
Deut. 2. 6 ye shall also buy water of them for money
Hos. 3. 2 So I bought her to me for fifteen . . of silve;
2. To take, receive, npV laqach.
Neh. 5. 3 That we might buy corn, because of the
10. 31 (thai) we would not buy it of them on
Prov.3i. 16 She considereth a field, and buyelh it
3. To obtain, acquire, N^ qena.
Ezra 7. 17 That thou mayest buy speedily with this
4. To acquire, obtain, njij qanah.
Gen. 33. 19 he bought a parcel of a field, where he
39. i Potiphar. .bought him of the hands of
47. 19 buy us and our land for bread, and we
47. 20 Joseph bought all the land of Egypt for
47. 22 Only the land of the priests bought he
47. 23 I have bought you this day and your land
49. 30 which Abraham bought with the field of
50. 13 which Abraham bought with the field for
Exod2i. 2 If thou buy an Hebrew servant, six years
Lev. 22. ii But if the priest buy (any) soul with his
25. 14 or buyest. .of thy neighbour s hand, ye
25. 15 According to. .thou shall buy of thy
25. 28 in Ihe hand of him that hath bought it
25. 30 him lhat bought it, throughout his gener.
25. 44 of them shall ye buy bond men and bond
25. 45 of them shall ye buy, and of their families
25. 50 that bought him from the year that he
27. 24 field shall return . . of whom it was bought
Deut 28. 68 there ye shall be sold, .no man shall buy
32. 6 (is) not he thy father (that) hath bought
Josh. 24. 32 in a parcel of ground which Jacob bought
Ruth 4. 4 Buy (it) before Ihe inhabitants, and
4. 5 What day thou buyest the field of the
4. 5 thou must buy (it) also of Ruth the Moab.
4. 8 the kinsman said unto Boaz Buy (it) for
4. 9 that I have bought all that (was) Elim.
2 Sa. 12. 3 which he had bought and nourished up
24. 21 David said, To buy the threshing floor of
24. 24 but I will surely buy (it) of thee at a price
24. 24 David bought the threshing floor and the
1 Ki. 16. 24 he bought Ihe hill Samaria of Shemer
2 Ki. 12. 12 to buy timber and hewed stone to repair
22. 6 to buy timber and hewn stone to repair
1 Ch.2i. 24 but I will verily buy it forthe full price
2 Ch.34. ii buy hewn stone, and timber for couplings
Neh. 5. 16 I continued in the work, .neither bought
Prov 23. 23 Buy the truth, and sell (it) not
Isa. 43. 24 Thou hast bought me no sweet cane
Jer. 32. 7 Buy thee my field that (is) in Anathoth
32. 7 for Ihe right of redemption, .thine to buy
32. 8 Buy my field, I pray thee, that (is) in An.
32. 8 the redemption (is) thine ; buy it for
32. 9 I bought the field of Hauameel my uncle s
32. 25 Buy thee the field for money, and take
32. 43 And fields shall be bought in this land
32. 44 Men shall buy fields for money, and
Amos 8. 6 That we may buy the poor for silver
5. To break, buy corn, ~\yy shabar.
Gen. 41. 57 all countries came into Egypt, .to buy
42. 2 get you down thither, and buy for us
42. 3 Joseph s ten brethren went down to buy
42. 5 the sons of Israel came to buy. .among
42. 7 From the land of Canaan to buy food
42. 10 Nay, my lord, but to buy food are thy
43. 2 Go again, buy us a little food
43. 4 we will go down and buy thee food
43. 20 came indeed down at the first time to buy
43. 22 other money have we brought . . to buy
44. 25 our father said, Go again . . buy us a little
47. 14 for the corn which they bought
Deut. 2. 6 Ye shall buy meat of them for money
Isa. 55. i he that hath no money ; come ye, buy
55. i come, buy wine and milk without money
6. To use the market place, ayopdfa agorazo.
Matt 13. 44 selleth all that he hath, and buyeththat
13. 46 went and sold all that he had, and bought
14. 15 go into the villages, and buy themselves
21. 12 cast out all them that, .bought in the
25. 9 go ye rather to them that sell, and buy
25. 10 while they went to buy, the bridegroom
27. 7 bought with them the potter s field, to
Mark 6. 36 that they may go. .and buy themselves
6. 37 Shall we go and buy two hundred penny
11. 15 to cast out them that sold and bought in
15. 46 he bought fine linen, and took him down
16. i Mary Magdalene, .had bought sweet
Luke 9. 13 except we should go and buy meat for
14. 1 8 I have bought a piece of ground, and I
14. 19 another said, I have bought five yoke of
BUY 133
Luke 17. 28 they did eat, they drank, they bought
19.45 [to cast out them that sold . . and . . bought]
22. 36 let him sell his garment, and buy one
Jolm 4. 8 were gone away unto the city to buy meat
6. 5 Whence shall we buy bread, that these
13. 29 Buy. .that we have need of against the
1 Co. 6. 20 ye are bought with a price : therefore
7. 23 bought with a price ; be not ye the
7. 30 they that buy, as though they possessed
2 Pe. 2. i even denying the Lord that bought them
Rev. 3. 18 I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in
13. 17 that no man might buy or sell, save he
18. 1 1 for no man buyeth their merchandise
7. To buy, purchase, oneomai.
Acts 7. 1 6 the sepulchre that Abraham bought for
BUY and sell, to
To go on in, e/j.iropevofj.a.1 emporeuomai.
Jas. 4. 13 continue there a year, and buy and sell
To acquire, obtain, n^jj qanah.
Prov2o. 14 (It is) naught, (it is)naught,saith the buyer
Isa. 24. 2 as with the buyer, so with the seller
Eze. 7. 12 let not the buyer rejoice, nor the seller
BUZ, 113 contempt.
1. Second son of Milcah and Nahor the brother of Abra
ham. His family probably settled in Arabia Petraea
B.C. 1880.
Gen. 22. 21 Huzhis firstborn, andB. his brother, and
2. A man of the tribe of Gad.
i Ch. 5. 14 Jcshishai, the son of Jahdo, the son of B.
BTJ-ZI, M13 contemned of Jah.
An Aaronite, father of Ezekiel the prophet, B.C. 595.
Eze. i. 3 The word . . came . . unto Ezekiel . . son of B.
BTJZ -ITE, "nsri the one belonging to Buz.
An inhabitant of a region called Buz, Jer. 25. 23.
Job 32. 2 wrath of . . the son of Barachel the B.
32. 6 Elihu the son of Barachel the B. answered
\.Behind, TIN achar.
Deut ii. 30 by the way where the sun goeth down
2. Unto, to, at, -^v. el.
Gen. 24. 1 1 to kneel down without the city by a well
ft. Near, Ssx etsel.
Gen. 39. 10 that he hearkened not unto her, to lie by
39. 1 6 And she laid up his garment by her
Judg 19. 14 by Gibeah, which (belongeth) to Benjamin
i Sa. 5. 2 brought it into the house, .and set it by
20. 19 and shalt remain by the stone Ezel
1 Ki. i. 9 which (is) by En-rogel, and called all
2. 29 and, behold, (lie is) by the altar. Then
4. 12 which (is) by Zartanah beneath Jezreel
13. 24 the ass stood by it, the lion also stood by
13. 25 the lion standing by the carcase : and they
13. 28 and the lion standing by the carcase
2 Oh. 9. 18 and two lions standing by the stays
Neh. 2. 6 king said unto me . . queen also sitting by
3. 23 of Maaseiah the son of Ananiah by his
4. 3 Now Tobiah the Ammonite (was) by him
4. 12 when the Jews which dwelt by them came
4. 18 he that sounded the trumpet (was) by me
Prov. 8. 30 Then I was by him, (as) one brought up
Jer. 35. 4 which (was) by the chamber of the princes
41.17 the habitation of Chimham, which is by
Eze. i. 15 one wheel upon the earth by the living
i. 19 living creatures went, the wheels went by
10. 9 behold, the four wheels by the cherubim
10. 9 one wheel by one cherub, and another, .by
10. 16 the cherubim went, the wheels went by
33. 30 children . . still are talking against thee by
39. 15 then shall he set up a sign by it, till the
40. 7 by the porch of the gate within
43. 61 heard (him) speaking . . the man stood by
43. 8 their post by my posts, and the wall
Amos 2. 8 upon clothes laid to pledge by every
4. With, nx eth.
Gen. 49. 25 and by the Almighty, who shall bless thee
5. Through, at, tya bead.
i Sa. 4. 18 he fell from off the seat backward by the
Q.From, out of, jp min.
Song 5- 4 My beloved put in his hand by the hole
7. Over, "ny eber.
i Ki. 7. 20 over against the belly which (was) by the
8. Unto, ~\y ad.
i Sa. 25. 22 if I leave of all that (pertain) to him, by
9. On, against, ^ al.
Gen. 14. 6 unto El-paran, which (is) by the wilderness
10. With, ay im.
Gen. 23. ii and Isaac dwelt by the well Lahai-roi
Dan. 7. 2 Daniel . . said, I saw in my vision by night
11. From with, cyp meim.
Gen. 41. 32 because the thing (is) established by God
12. With, -vsy immad.
Deut. 5. 31 But as for thee, stand thou here by me
IS. Heel, consequence, 3j5.y eqeb.
Prov 22. 4 By humility, (and) the fear of the LORD
14. By the hand of, T3 be-yad.
Exod 9. 35 as the LORD had spoken by Moses
Judg. 3 1 5 by him the children of Israel sent a present
i Sa. 16. 20 and sent, .by David his son unto Saul
28. 15 answered, .neither by prophets, nor by
28. 17 the LOKD hath done to him as he spake by
1 Ki. 12. 15 which the LORD spake by Ahijah the
15. 29 which he spake by his servant Ahijah
16. 12 which he spake against Baasha by Jehu
16. 34 which he spake by Joshua the son
17. 16 the word of the LORD, which he spake by
2 Ki. 9. 36 which he spake by his servant Elijah
10. 10 LORD hath done (that) which he spake by
17. 13 the LORD testified against Israel, . .by all
17. 13 which 1 sent to you by my servants the
17. 23 as he had said by all his servants
21. 10 the LORD spake by his servants the pro.
24. 2 which he spake by his servants the pro.
1 Ch. ii. 3 according to the word of the LORD by
2 Ch. 23. 18 Jehoiada appointed the offices, .by the
29. 25 the conimandment of the LORD by his pro.
34. 14 the priest found a book, .(given) by Moses
36. 15 the LORD God. .sent to them by his
Ezra 9. ii Which thou hast commanded by thy
Neh. 8. 14 which . . LORD had commanded by Moses
10. 29 which was given by Moses the servant of
Esth. i. 12 at the king s commandment by (his)
1. 15 the commandment., by the chamberlains?
3. 13 the letters were sent by posts into all the
8. 10 and sent letters by posts on horseback
Psa. 63. 10 They shall fall by the sword ; they shall
Isa. 20. 2 At the same time spake the LORD by Isa.
37. 24 By thy servants hast thou reproached the
Jer. 37. 2 which he spake by the prophet Jeremiah
46. 6 fall toward the north by the river Euph.
50. i The word that the LORD spake, .by Jere.
Eze. 38. 17 of whom I have spoken in old time by
Dan. 9. 10 which he set before us by his servants
Hag. i. 3 came the word of the LORD by Haggai
2. i, 10 came the word of theLoRDby. .prophet
Zech. 7. 7 the LORD hath cried by. .former proph.
7. 12 the Lord, .hath sent, .by the former pro.
Mai. i. i the word of the LORD to Israel by Malac.
15.From, air6 apo.
Matt. 7. 16 Ye shall know them by their fruits
7. 20 Wherefore [by] their fruits ye shall know
Acts 9. 13 Lord, I have heard by many of this man
t2. 20 their country was nourished by the king s
2 Co. 3. 18 from glory to glory, .as by the Spirit of
7. 13 because his spirit was refreshed by you
Heb. 5. 8 yet learned he obedience by the things
Jude 23 hating even the garment spotted by the
Rev. 1 8. 15 merchants, .which were made rich by
16. With a regard to, ets eis.
Matt. 5. 35 neither by Jerusalem ; for it is the city
Acts 7. 53 Who have received the law by the
17. Out of, *K ek.
Matt 1 2. 33 for the tree is known by (his) fruit
12. 37 For by thy words thou shalt be justified
12. 37 by thy words thou shalt be condemned
T 5- 5 by whatsoever thou mightest be . .by me
Mark 7. n by whatsoever thou mightest be. .by me
Luke 6. 44 For every tree is known by his own fruit
John 3. 34 God giveth not the Spirit by measure
Acts 19. 25 Sirs, ye know that by this craft we have
Horn. i. 4 according to the Spirit, .by the resurrect.
1. 17 as it is written, The just shall live by
2. 27 shall not uncircumcision which is by
3*20 by the deeds of the law there shall no
3. 30 which shall justify the circumcision by
4. 2 For if Abraham were justified by works
5. i being justified by faith, we have peace
5. 16 the judgment (was) by. .to condemnation
9. io when Rebecca also had conceived by one
9. 32 Wherefore? Because (they soughtit)notby
9. 32 but as it were by the works of the law
10. 17 So then faith (cometh) by hearing, and
2 Co. 2. 2 but the same which is made sorry by me ?
7. 9 that ye might receive damage by us in
8. 14 by an equality, .now at this time your
11. 26 perils of robbers, (in) perils by. .country.
11. 26 perils by the heathen, (in) perils in the
13. 4 yet he liveth by the power of God
13. 4 we shall live with him by the power of
Gal. 2. 16 a man is not justified by the works of
2. 16 by the faith of Jesus Christ, even
2. 1 6 by the works of the law, for by the works
3. 2 by the works of the law, or by the hear.
3. 5 by the works of the law, or by the hearing
3. ii The just shall live by faith
3. 21 verily righteousness should have been by
3. 22 that the promise by faith, .might be
3. 24 that we might be justified by faith
4. 22 one by a bond maid, the other by a free
5. 5 through the Spirit wait for the hope . .by
Titus 3. 5 Not by works of righteousness which we
Heb. io. 38 Now the just shall live by faith : but if
Jas. 2. 18 I will show thee my faith by my works
2. 21 Was not Abraham our father justified by
2. 22 and by works was faith made perfect?
2. 24 by works a man is justified, and not by
2. 25 was not Rahab the harlot justified by
i Pe. 2. 12 they may by. .good works, .glorify God
i Jo. 3. 24 hereby we know, .by the Spirit which he
Rev. 9. 1 8 [by] the fire, and [by] the smoke, and [by]
18. Tn, by, with, eV en.
Matt. 5. 34 Swear not at all : neither by heaven
5. 35 Nor by the earth ; for it is his footstool
5. 36 Neither shalt thou swear by thy head
12. 24 This (fellow) doth not cast out devils, .by
12. 27 If I by Beelzebub cast out devils, by
12. 28 But if I cast out devils by the Spirit of
Matt 14. 13 he departed thence by ship into a desert
17. 21 [this kind goeth not out but by prayer]
21. 23 By what authority doest. .these things?
21. 24 I. .will tell you by what authority I do
21. 27 Neither tell I you by what authority I
22. i Jesus answered, .them again by parables
23. 16 swear by the temple, .swear by the gold
23. 18 swear by the altar. . sweareth by the gift
23. 20 swear by the altar, sweareth by it, and by
23. 21 swear by the temple, sweareth by., and by
23. 22 swear by heaven, sweareth by. .and by
Mark 3. 22 by the prince of the devils casteth he out
4. 2 he taught them many things by parables
5. 21 when Jesus was passed over again by
8. 3 if I send them away, .they will faint by
8. 27 by the way he asked his disciples, saying
9. 29 This kind can come forth by nothing but by
9. 33 What was it that ye disputed, .by the way?
9- 34 [by] the way they had disputed among
ii. 28 By what authority doest thou these
ii. 29 I will tell you by what authority I do
11. 33 Neither do I tell you by what authority
12. i he began to speak unto them by parables
12. 36 David himself said by the Holy Ghost
14. i scribes sought how they might take, .by
Luke i. 77 To give knowledge of salvation, .by the
2. 27 he came by the Spirit into the temple
4. i was led by the Spirit into the wilderness
11. 19 if I by Beelzebub cast out devils, by whom
20. 2 by what authority doest thou these things .
20. 8 Neither tell I you by what authority I do
24. 32 while he talked to us by the way, and
John 13. 35 By this shall all. .know that ye are my
16. 30 by this we believe that thou earnest forth
Acts i. 3 after hispassionbymany infallible proofs
4. 7 By what power, or by what name, have
4. io by the name of Jesus Christ, .(even) by
4. 30 By stretching forth thine hand to heal
7- 35 [by] the hand of the Angel which appeared
13. 39 by him all that believe are justified
13. 39 from which ye could not be justified by
17. 31 by (that) man whom he hath ordained
20. 19 which befell me by the lying in wait of
Rom. i. io by the will of God to come unto you
5. 9 being now justified by his blood, we shall
5. io we shall be saved by his life
5. 15 more the grace of God, and the gift by
io. 5 which doeth those things shall live by
14. 14 I know, and am persuaded by the Lord
15. 16 the offering, .being sanctified by the Holj
15. 19 by the power of the Spirit of God
1 Co. i. 4 the grace of God which is given you by
1. 5 Thatin everythingye are enriched by him
3. 13 because it shall be revealed by flre
6. 2 if the world shall be judged by you, are
6. 1 1 ye are justified . . by the Spirit of our God
7. 14 sanctified by the wife, .sanctified by the
12. 3 no man speaking by the Spirit of God
12. 3 no man can say. . Jesus isthe Lord, but by
12. 9 faith by the same . .healing by the same
12. 13 by one Spirit are we all baptized into one
14. 6 except I shall speak to you either by
14. 6 or by knowledge, or by prophesying, or by
16. 7 For I will not see you now by the way
2 Co. i. 12 not with fleshly wisdom, but by the grace
6. 6 By pureness, by knowledge, by long-suff.
6. 6 by kindness, by the Holy Ghost, by love
6. 7 By the word of truth, by the power of
7. 6 God .. comforted us by the coming of T.
7. 7 by the consolation wherewith he was
io. 12 they measuring themselves by themselves
io. 15 we shall be enlarged by you according to
Gal. 2. 17 while we seek to be justified by Christ
2. 20 I live by the faith of the Son of God
3. ii But that no man is justified by the law
5. 4 whosoever of you are justified by the
Eph. -2. 13 are made nigh by the blood of Christ
2. 1 8 we both have access by one Spirit
3. 5 as it is now revealed . .by the Spirit
3. 21 Unto him (be) glory in the church liy
4.14 by the sleight of men, (and) cunning craft
4. 21 ye have heard him, and. .been taught by
5. 26 with the washing of water by the word
Phil. 4. 19 according to his riches in glory by Christ
Col. i. 16 For by him were all things created, that
i. 17 and by him all things consist
1. 21 and enemies in. .mind by wicked works
2. ii putting off., by the circumcision of Christ
1 Th. 3. 3 no man should be moved by these afflict.
4. i we beseech you . . and exhort (you) by the
4. 15 this we say unto you by the word of the
2 Th. 3. 16 the Lord . .give you peace always by all
i Ti. i. 18 that thou by them mightest war a good
Titus i. 9 that he may be able by sound doctrine
Phm. 6 by the acknowledging of every good thing
Heb. i. i spake in time past unto the fathers by the
i. 2 these last days spoken unto us by (his)
io. io By the which will we are sanctified
10. 19 to enter into the holiest by the blood of
11. 2 For by it the elders obtained a good
1 Pe. i. 5 Who are kept by the power of God
3. 19 By which also he went and preached
5. io hath called us unto his eternal glory by
2 Pe. i. 13 to stir you up by putting (you) in rememb.
i Jo. 5. 2 By this we know that we love the children
5. 6 This is he that came by water and blood
5. 6 came by water . . not by water only, but by
Jude i to them that are sanctified by God the
Rev. 5. 9 hast redeemed us to God by thy blood
9. 20 the rest, .which were not killed by these
io. 6 And sware by him that liveth for ever
18. 23 for by thy sorceries were all nations
19. Upon, iirl (dat.) epi.
Matt. 4. 4 Manual!not live by bread alone, but [by]
Luke 4. 4 man shall not live l>y bread alone, but [b> |
John 5. 2 there is at Jerus., by the sheep (market)
Rom 10. 19 I will provoke you to jealousy by (them
10. 19 (and) by a foolish nation I will anger you
Phil. 3. q the righteousness which is of God by faith
20.Through, by means of, Sid (gen.) dia.
Matt. i. 22 which was spoken of the Lord by the
2. 5 for thus it is written by tin- prophet
2. 15 which was spoken of the Lord by the
2. 23 fulfilled which was spoken by. .prophets
4. 14 which was spoken by Ksaias tin- prophet
8. 17 which was spoken by Ksaias tin- prophet
8. 28 so that no man might pass by that way
12. 17 which was spoken by Esaias the prophet
13. 35 fultilled which was spoken by the prophet
18. 7 woe to that man by whom the olleii -e
21. 4 fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet
24. 15 desolation, spoken of by Daniel the
26. 24 woe unto that man by whom the Son of
27. 9 which was spoken by Jeremy the prophet
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Zl.Through, on account of, Sid (ace.) dia.
Mattis. 3 Why do ye also transgress, .by your
15. 6 of God of none effect by your tradition
John 6. 57 I live by the Father, .he shall live by me
Rom. 8. 1 1 by his Spirit that dwelleth in you
Heb. 6. 7 meet for them by whom it is dressed
Rev. 12. ii overcame him by the blood. .and by the
13. 14 And deceiveth them. .by. .those miracles
22. />"( // through, over against, Kard (gen.) kata.
Matt 26. 63 I adjure thee by the living God, that
Heb. 6. 13 he could swear by no greater, he sware by
6. 16 For men verily swear by the greater ; and
ZS.Doirn through, according to, Kard (ace.) kata.
Luke 10. 4 and salute no man by the way
10. 31 by chance there came down a certain
John 10. 3 and he calleth his own sheep by name
19. 7 We have a law. and by our law he ought
Acts 27. 2 we launched, meaning to sail by the
28. 16 Paul was suffered to dwell by himself
Rom. 2. 7 To them who by patient continuance in
4. 16 (it is) of faith, that (it might be) by grace
11. 24 the olive tree, which is wild by nature
t Co. 7. 6 by permission . .not of commandment
12. 8 the word of knowledge by the same Spirit
14. 27 (let it be) by two, or at the most . .three
14. 31 For ye may all prophesy one by one
2 Co. 8. 8 I speak not by commandment, but by
Gal. 2. 2 I went up by revelation, .communicated
Eph 3. 3 by revelation he made known unto me
3. 7 given unto me by the effectual working
2 Th. 2. 3 Let no man deceive you by any means
i Ti. i. i an apostle of Tesus Christ by .. command.
5. 21 without preferring, .doing nothing by
Heb. 7. 22 By so much was Jesus made a surety of
9. 22 almost all things are by the law purged
10. 8 which are offered ly i\v, law
11. 7 heir of the righteousnc>i which is by
3 John 14 Greet the friends l.y name
24. Alongside of, irapd (dat.) para.
Luke 9. 47 Jesus . .took a child, and set him by
Johnig. 25 there stood by th cross < f Jesus his
1 Co. 16. 2 let every one of you lay Ly him in store
25Alongside of, irapd (ace.) para.
Matt. 4. 18 Jesus, walkii.g by the sea of Galilee, saw
Mark i. 16 as he walked by the sea of Galilee
Luke 5. i it came to pass, that, .he stood by the
5. 2 And saw two ships standing by the lake
Heb. 1 1. 12 as the sand which is by the sea shore
26. T< >ioard, to, at, irpSs (ace.) pros.
Mark 4. i multitude was by the sea on the land
ii. 4 found the colt tied by the door without
Luke22. 56 certain maid beheld him as he sat by
Acts 5. 10 carrying, .forth, buried (her) by her
27.0cer, for ths, sake of, virep (gen.) huper.
2 Th. 2. i by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ
28. Under, vir6 (gen.) hupo.
Matt. 2. 17 Then was. .that which was spoken [by]
3. 3 this is he that was spoken of [by] the
2. 31 that which was spoken unto you by God
87. 35 [that it might be. .which was spoken by]
Mark 5. 4 the chains had been plucked asunder by
13. 14 [abomination of desolation, spoken of by]
Luke 2. 18 things which were told them by the
2. 26 it was revealed unto him by the Holy
3. 19 being reproved by him for Herodias his
5. 15 to be healed [by] him of their infirmities
9. 7 Herod . .heard of all that was done [by]
13. 17 all the glorious things that were done by
16. 22 was carried by the angels into Abraham s
21. 16 ve shall be betrayed both by parents
23. 8 hoped to have seen some miracle done by
John 8. 9 [being convicted by. .conscience]
Acts 4. 36 Joses, who by the apostles was surnamed
10. 22 was warned from God by an holy angel
13. 4 they, being sent forth by the Holy Ghost
13- 45 spake against those things, .spoken by
15! 3 being brought on their way by the church
15. 40 being recommended by the brethren unto
16. 2 Which was well reported of by the bre.
24. 21 I am called in question [by] you this day
25. 14 There is a certain man left in bonds by
27. ii those things which were spoken by Paul
Rom. 3. 21 being witnessed by the Law and the
15. 24 to be brought on my way thitherward [by]
1 Co. i. ii by them, .of Chloe, that there are
2 Co. 3. 3 to be the epistle of Christ ministered by
8. 19 which is administered by us to the glory
8. 20 this abundance which is administered by
Kph. 2. ii by that which is called the circumcision
5. 13 all. .made manifest by the light
Phil. i. 28 in nothing terrified by your adversaries
Col. 2. 1 8 vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind
2 Tim 2: 26 who are taken captive by him at his will
Heb. 2. 3 confirmed unto us by them that heard
3. 4 For every house is builded by some (man)
2 Pe. i. 21 (as they were) moved by the Holy Ghost
3. 2 which were spoken before by the holy
Rev. 9. 18 [By] these three was the third part of
BY and by
1. At once, |at/T7Js exautes.
Mark 6. 25 thou give me by and by. .the head of
2. Straightway, evOfcas eutheos.
Luke 17 7 which of you. .say unto him by and by
21. 9 but the end (is) not by and by
3. Straightway, evOvs euthus.
Matt1 3. 21 when tribulation, .ariseth. .by and by he

BY selves
I. Separately, i;
? le-ftad.
2 Sa. 10. 8 the Syrians. .by themselves in the field
2. Apart, ^tapls clwris.
Johii2o. 7 wrapped together in a place by itself
3. A lone, p6vos monos.
Mark 9. 2 leadeth them up. .apart by themselves
Luke24. 12 beheld . .linen clothes laid [by themselves]
BY... side
Alongside of, irapd (ace.) para.
Mattij. i Jesusout of the house, and sat by. .sea si.
1 3. 4 when he sowed, some . . fell by the way si.
13. 19 This is he which received seed by. .way si.
20. 30 behold, two blind men sitting by. .way si.
Mark _>. 13 he went forth again by the sea side
4. i he began again to teach by the sea side
4. 4 as he sowed, some fell by the way side
4. 15 And these are they by the way side
10. 46 blind Bartimeus . . sat by the highway side
Luke 8. 5 as he sowed, some fell by the way side
8. 12 Those by the way side are they that hear
18. 35 a certain blind man sat by the way side
Acts. 10. 6 whose house is by the sea side
10. 32 in the house of (one) Simon . . by the sea si.
16. 13 we went out of the city by a river side
BY reason of
1. Unto, ^ el.
Eze. 21. 12 terrors by reason of the sword shall be
2. On, upon, Sy al.
Eze. 28. 1 7 hast corrupted thy wisdom by reason of
3. Through, on account of, Sid (ace.) dia.
John 12. ii Because that by reason of him many o!
Rom. 8. 20 ; Heb. 5. 14 ; 2 Pe. 2. 2.
BY this time, By that
Already, tfbi] edf.
John ii. 39 Lord, by this time he stinketh
Till, during, ly ad.
Exod22. 26 thou shall deliver it unto him by that
BY way of
In, by, with, iv en.
2 Pe. 3. i I stir up your pure minds by way of
BY wayt
Crooked ways, ni^py. nirrjN orachoth aqalqall>th.
Judg. 5. 6 the travellers walked through by ways

BY word
1. Word, nVp millah.
Job 30. 9 am I their song ; yea, I am their by word
1. Similitude, V? inashal.
Psa. 44. 14 Thou makest us a by word among the
Z. Similitude, Vrp meshol.
Job 17. 6 He hath made me also a by word of the
i. Sharp saying, nyxy sheninali.
I)eut28. 37 an astonishment, .uud u by word
1 Ki. 9. 7 Israel shall be a proverb and a by word
2 Ch. 7. 20 and will make it (to be), .a by word
[See alto Called, charge, close, come, company, con
straint, course, divide, fifties, force, fraud, go, hand,
hard, heel, thereof, highway, hold, hundreds, inherit
ance, interpretation, know, lay, lest, means, one,
order, pass, protest, reason, roots, sail, set, sevens,
side, sit, soothsaying, space, stand, take, trade, way,

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    God the Spirit’s Goals:

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