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RAA -MAH, najn trembling, (i Ch., NSJn).
1. The fourth son of Cush eldest son of Ham. B.C. 2250.
Gen 10. 7 Havilah, and Sabtah, and R., and Sabte.
10. 7 and the sons of R. ; Sheba, and Dedan
1 Ch. i. 9 Havilah, and Sabta, and R., and Sabte.
i. 9 And the sons of R. ; Sheba, and Dedan
2. A place in the S.E. of Arabia, or on the Persian
Eze. 27. 22 The merchantsof ShebaandR., they(w).

RA-AM -IAH, .TOjn Ja,h causes trembling.
A chief that returned with Zerubbabel. B.C 536.
Nell. 7. 7 Nehemiah, Azariah, R., Nahamani, Mor.

RA-AM -SES, Dppyi sow of the sun.
A treasure city built by the Israelites, i.e. Belbeis or
Pelusium, a day s journey N.E of Cairo, on the Syro
Egyptian road, and capital of the province Schaikyyah.
Exod i. ii they built for Pharaoh .. Pithom and R.

RAB -BATH, RAB -BAH, na-}, rn-j great.
l.Chief city of Ammon, on the N. of Arnon, now Amman,
twenty-two miles E. of Jordan, and fourteen N.E. of
Deut 3. ii (is) it not in R. of the children of Ammon?
Josh. 13. 25 coast was. .unto Aroer that (is) before R.
2 Sa. ii. i and they, .besieged R. But David tarried
12. 26 Joab fought against R. of the children of
12. 27 I have fought against R., and have taken
12. 29 David gathered, .people, .and went toR.
17. 27 Nahash of R. of the children of Ammon
1 Ch.2o. i Joab led forth the. .army, .besieged R.
20. i And Joab smote R., and destroyed it
Jer. 49. 2 cause an alarm of war to be heard in R.
49. 3 cry, ye daughters of R., gird you with sa.
Eze. 21. 20 that the sword may come to R of the A.
25. 5 And I will make R. a stable for camels
Amos i. 14 But I will kindle a flre in the wall of R.
2. A city in Judah, near Kirjath-jearim. 60 Kirjath-baal.. Kirjath-jearim, and R. ;two

A great man, teacher, (from Ch. 3-1), f>a&$i rabbi.
Matt23. 7 greetings . . be called of men, Rabbi, [Rab.]
23. 8 be not ye called Rabbi : foroneisyourM
John i. 38 Rabbi, which is to say, being interpreted
i. 49 Rabbi, thou art the Son of God ; thou art
3. 2 Rabbi, we know that thou art a teacher
3. 26 Rabbi, he that was with thee beyond Jo.
6. 25 they said. .Rabbi, when earnest thou hi.?
RAB -BITH, n 3-iri the great place. A city in Issachar, near Kishion and Abez ; now called
Josh.ig. 20 And R., and Kishion, and Abez
My rabbi, (Aramaic j;ri), pafifiowi rhabbouni.
John2 o. 16 and saith. .Rabboui ! which is to say, II.
RAB -MAG, -3i head of the Magi.
An officer of Nebuchadnezzarkingof Babylon. E.O. 588.
Jer. 39. 3 R., with all the residue of the princes of
39. 13 R., and all the king of Babylon s princes
RAB-SA -RIS, ong-an head of the eunuchs.
1. Anofficerof Nebuchadnezzarkingof Babylon B C. 588.
Jer. 39. 3 R.. with all the residue of the princes of
39. 13 R. .and all the king of Babylon s princes
2. An officer of Sennacherib king of Assyria. B.C. 710.
2 Ki. 18. 17 the king of Assyria sent Tartan, and R.
RAB-SHA -KEH, np^an head of the cup bearers.
An officer of Sennacherib king of Assyria in the days
of Hezekiah. B.C. 710.
2 Ki.iS. 17 the king of Assyria sent.. R., from Lachish
18. 19 R. said unto them, Speak ye now to Hez.
18. 26 Then said Eliakim.. unto R., Speak, I pray
1 8. 27 But R. said unto them, Hath my master
18. 28 Then R. stood, and cried with a loud voice
18. 37 Eliakim. .and told him the words of R.
19. 4 LORD thy God will hear, .the words of R
19. 8 So R. returned, and found the king. .wa.
Isa. 36. 2 And the king of Assyria sent R. from La.
36. 4 And R. said unto them, Say ye now to H.
36. 1 1 Then said Eliakim .. unto R. , Speak, I pray
36. 12 But R. said, Hath my master sent me to
36. 13 Then R. stood, and cried with a loud vo.
36. 22 Then came Eliakim . . and told him the w.
37. 4 LORD thy God will hear the words of R.
37. 8 So R. returned, and found the king of A
Vain, empty, (Aramaic Kj3"?.) pcucd rhaka.
Matt. 5. 12 whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca
I. Path, way, custom, rnx orach.
Psa. 19. 5 rejoiceth as a strong man to run a race
1.A race, pnp merots.
Eccl. 9. ii the race (is) not to the swift, nor the ba.
Z.A race course, contest, a.yiS>v agon.
Heb. 12. i let us run with patience the race that is
4.A race course, stadium, furlong, <rrd.5tov stadion.
i Co. 9. 24 they which run in a race run all, but one
RA-CHAL, ?;-; place of traffic.
A city in Judah, near Eshtemoa.
i Sa. 30. 29 And to (them) which (were) in R., and to
RA -CHEL, jrn, Pax^A. a lamb.
Younger daughter of Labau, and the best beloved wife
of Jacob, to whom she bare Joseph and Benjamin. She
died at Ephratah, B.C. 1729. Her tomb is said to be about
a mile N. of Bethlehem ; but from i Sa. 10.2 it would seem
to have been at Zelzah. In Jer. 31. 15 English Rahel.
Gen. 29. 6 behold, R. his daughter cometh with the
29. 9 R. came with her father s sheep ; for she
29. 10 when Jacob saw R. the daughter of Laban
29. ii And Jacob kissed R., and lifted up his v.
29. 12 Jacob told R. that he (was) her father s b.
29. 16 and the name of the younger (was) R.
29. 17 but R. was beautiful and well favoured
29. 1 8 And Jacob loved R. ; and said, I will serve
29. 1 8 I will serve thee seven years for R. thy
29. 20 And Jacob served seven years for R.
29. 25 did not I serve with thee for R.? wherefore
29. 28 and he gave him R. his daughter to wife
29. 29 And Laban gave to R. his daughter Bil.
29. 30 And he went in also unto R.
29. 30 and he loved also R. more than Leah
29. 31 he opened her womb: but R. (was) barren
30. i when R. saw that she bare J. no children
30. i R. . .said unto Jacob, Give me children, or
30. 2 And Jacob s anger was kindled against R.
30. 6 R. said, God hath judged me. .and hath
30. 7 And Bilhah, R. s maid, conceived again
30. 8 R. said, With great wrestlings have I w.
30. 14 Then R. said to Leah, Give me, I pray thee
30. 15 And R. said, Therefore he shall lie with
30. 22 God remembered R., and God hearkened
30. 25 it came to pass, when R. had born J.
31. 4 And Jacob sent and called R. and Leah
31. 14 And R. and Leah answered and saidunto
31. 19 R. had stolen the images that (were) her
31. 32 For Jacob knew not that R. had stolen
31. 33 Then went he out. .and entered into R. s
31. 34 Now R. had. .put them in the camel s fu.
33. i he divided the children unto Leah, and..R.
33. 2 And he put . . R. and Joseph hindermost
33. 7 and after came Joseph near and R., and
35. 16 and R. travailed, and she hadhardlabour
35. 19 And R. died, and was buried in the way
35. 20 that (is) the pillar of R. s grave unto this
35. 24 The sons of R. ; Joseph and Benjamin
35. 25 the sons of Bilhah, R. s handmaid ; D.
46. 19 Thesonsof R., Jacob s wife ; Joseph, and
46. 22 These (are) the sons of R., which wereb.
46. 25 Bilhah, which Laban gave unto R. his d.
48. 7 R. died byme in the land of Canaan in the
Ruth 4. ii The Lord make the woman, .like R. and
i Sa. 10. 2 thou shalt find two men by R. ssepulchre
Jer. 31. 15 R. weepingforher children, refused to be
Matt 2. 18 R. weeping (for) her children, and would
RAD -DAI, ^n Jah subdues.
Fifth son of Jesse the father of David. B.C. 1060.
1 Ch. 2. 14 Nethaueel the fourth, R. the fifth
A rafter, gallery, a rn rahit.
Song i. 17 The beams, .(are) cedar, (and)our rafters
RAG (rotten)
I. Cloak, garment, covering, "U3 beged.
Isa. 64. 6 all our righteousnesses (are) as filthy rags
Z.Rotten rags, D rAtJ melachim.
Jer. 38. ii, 12 old cast clouts and old rotten rags
3.Rents, pieces, rags, Q ini? qeraim.
Prov 23. 21 drowsiness shall clothe (a man) with rags
RA -GATT, "Payav. See Reu.
Father of Saruch, an ancestor of Jesus.
Luke 3. 35 Saruch, which was (the son) of R., which
I. Pride, rising, excellency, rNN3 geuth.
Psa. 89. 9 Thou rulest the raging of the sea : when
2. Indignation, insolence, Dyi zaam.
Hos. 7. 16 shall fall, .for the rage of their tongue
3. Wrath, rage, raging, r\y] zaaph.
2 Ch.i6. 10 (he was) in a rage with him because of this
18. 9 in a rage (that) reacheth up unto heaven
Jon. i. 15 and the sea ceased from her raging
4. Heat, fury, poison, nsrt chemah.
2 Ki. 5. 12 So he turned, and went away in a rage
Prov. 6. 34 jealousy (is) the rage of a man ; therefore
5. Wrath, transgression, rnaj; ebrah.
Job 40. 1 1 Cast abroad the rage of thy wrath : and
Psa. 7. 6 Arise . . because of the rage of mine enem.
6. Anger, tjn regaz.
Dan. 3. 13 Then Nebuchadnezzar in. .rage and fury
7. To show self angry, irj ragaz, 7.
2 Ki. ;.,. 27 and thy coming in, and thy rage against
19. 28 thy rage against me and thy tumult is c.
Isa. 37. 28 and thy coining in, and thy rage against.
37. 29 thy rage against me, and thy tumult, is
8. Trembling, trouble, anger, rage, 13
! rogez.
Job 39. 24 He swalloweth the ground with, .rage
9. Rural, rustic, wild, &ypios agrios.
Jude 13 Raging waves of the sea, foaming out their
10. Rushing, raying, K\v5uv kludOn.
Luke 8. 24 rebuked the wind and the raging of the
RAGE, to
1. To show selffoolish, V^rr halal, la.
Jer. 46. 9 rage, ye chariots ; and let the mighty men
Nah. 2. 4 The chariots shall rage in the streets, they
2.7To roar, sound, make a noise, njn hamah.
Psa. 46. 6 The heathen raged, the kingdoms were
Prov 20. i strong drink (is) raging; and whosoever
3. To show self wroth, nay abar, 7.
Prov 14. 16 A wise (man)feareth..but the fool rageth
4. To be angry, troubled, Tin ragaz.
Prov 29. 9 whether he rage or laugh, (there is) no r.
5. To assemble, vr> ragash.
Psa. 2. i Why do the heathen rage, and the people
6. To snort, rage, typvdtrvu phruasso.
Acts 4. 25 Why did the heathen rage, and the people
RA-GTJ -EL, bwjn Jah is friend.
Father in law of Moses, called also Jethro and Reuel.
B.C. 1530.
Num 10. 29 Moses said unto Hobab, the son of R.
RA -HAB, arn tumult.
A poetic and symbolic name for Egypt.
Psa. 87. 4 I will make mention of R. and Babylon
89. 10 Thou hast broken R. in pieces, as one that
Isa. 51. 9 (Art) thou not it that hath cut R., (and)
RA -HAB, RA -CHAB, arn Paoj8, Poxo/3 breadth.
l.A woman in Jericho who received and concealed the
two spies. B.C. 1452.
Josh. 2. i came into an harlot s house, named R.
2. 3 And the king of Jericho sent unto-R., sa.
6. 17 R. the harlot shall live, .because she hid
6. 23 young men. .went in, and brought out R.
6. 25 And Joshua saved R. the harlot alive, and
Heb. n. 31 the harlot R. perished not with them that
Jas. 2. 25 Likewise also, was not R. the harlot justi.
2.The wife of Salmon, and mother of Booz. See Salmon.
Matt. i. 5 And Salmon begat Booz of Rachab ;
RA -HAM, Wlpity, love.
Son of Shema the son of Hebron, descended from Caleb-.
1 Ch. 2 44 And Shema begat R. the father of Jork.
RAIL (on), to
1. To reproach, i\~yj charaph, 3.
2 Ch.32. 17 letters to rail on the LORD God of Israel
1. To flee ravenously, B y it.
i Sa. 25. 14 salute our master; and he railed on them
3. To speak injuriously, /3Aa<r</>7j;ue
eo blasphemes.
Mark 1 5. 29 they that passed by railed on him, wag.
Luke23. 39 And one of the malefactors. . railed on him
1. Injurious speaking, ySXatr^Tjyu/a blasphemia.
1 Ti. 6. 4 cometh envy, strife, railings, evil surm.
Jude 9 not bring against him a railing accusation
2. Injurious speaker, f3\dff<(>ri/j.os blasphemes.
2 Pe. 2. ii bring not railing accusation against them
3. Reviling, \oi8opia loidoria.
i Pe. 3. 9 or railing for railing : but contrariwise
4.Reviler, \oi5opos loidoros.
i Co. 5. ii or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extort.
1. Cloak, garment, covering, 1J3 beged.
Gen. 24. 53 jewels of gold, and raiment, and gave (th.)
27. 15 took goodly raiment of her eldest son Esau
27. 27 and he smelled the smell of his raiment
28. 20 give, .bread to eat, and raiment to put on
Lev. ii. 32 or raiment, or skin, or sack, whatsoever
Nuni3i. 20 purify all (your) raiment, and all that is
Deut 24. 17 nor take a widow s raiment to pledge
Judg. 8. 26 raiment that (was) on the kings of Midian
1 Sa. 28. 8 put on other raiment, and he went, and
2 Ki. 5. 5 (pieces) of gold, and ten changes of rai.
7. 8 and gold, and raiment, and went and hid
Esth. 4. 4 she sent raiment to clothe Mordecai, and
2. Covering, mo? kesuth.
Exod2i. 10 her raiment, and her duty of marriage
3. Clothing, v\J? lebush.
Isa. 14. 19 the raiment of those that are slain, thrust
4.Lo7ig robe, 115 mad.
Judg. 3. 16 he did gird it under his raiment upon hi*
5. Clothing, raSp malbush.
Job 27. 1 6 Though he . .prepare raiment as the clay
Isa 63 3 sprinkled.. and I will stain all my raim.
Eze. 16. 13 thy raiment (was of) flue linen, and silk
6. Outer garment, rtchV salmah.
Exod22. 9 raiment, (or) for any manner of lost thing
22. 26 take thy neighbour s raiment to pledge
Deut 24 n that he may sleep in his own raiment, and
Josh 22 8 and with iron, and with very much raiment
2 Ch. 9. 24 raiment, harness, and spices, horses, and
7. Raiment, garment, a doth, .T?S(7 simlah.
Gen. 41. 14 changed his raiment, and came in unto V.
45. 22 hegave each man changesof raiment ; but
45. 22 gave, .of silver, and five changes of raim.
Exod 3. 22 of silver, and jewels of gold, and raiment
12. 35 of silver, and jewels of gold and raiment
22. 27 it (is) his raiment for his skin : wherein
Deut. 8. 4 Thy raiment waxed not old upon thee, n.
10 18 and loveth. .in giving him food and rai.
21. 13 she shall put the raiment of her captivity
22 3 so shall thou do with his raiment; and
Ruth 3 . 3 put thy raiment upon thee, and get thee
^.Clothing, garment, trivfj.* endutna.
Matt. 3. 4 John had his raiment of camel s hair, and
6. 25 more than meat, and the body than rai.
6. 28 And why take ye thought for raiment?
28. 3 was like lightning, and his raiment white
Lukei2. 23 is more than meat, and the body . .than r.
9. A robe, raiment, ivO-ris esthes.
Jas. 2. 2 there come in also a poor man in vile ra.
lO.G arment, Ipa-riov himation.
Matt ii. 8 A man clothed in soft [raiment]? Behold
17. 2 transfigured, .and his raiment was white
27. 31 put his own raiment on him, and led him
Mark 9. 3 his raiment became shining, exceeding w.
Luke 7. 25 A man clothed in soft raiment? Behold
23. 34 And they parted his raiment, and cast lots
John 19. 24 They parted my raiment among them, and
Acts 18. 6 he shook (his) raiment, andsaid unto them
22. 20 and kept the raiment of them that slew
Rev. 3. 5 the same shall be clothed in white raim.
3. 18 white raiment, that thou mayest be clot.
4. 4 clothed in white raiment ; and they had
11. Garment, raiment, lnaTi<r/j.6s himatismos.
Luke 9. 29 and his raiment (was) white (and) glister.
12..4 corerinif, crKtVao-jua skepasma.
i Ti. 6. 8 having food and raiment let us be there.
RAIMENT (of needlework), change of
l.Costly apparel, rrtu^TO mo.cholatsoth.
Zech. 3. 4 I will clothe thee with change of raiment
2. Embroidery, nop1 riqmah.
Psa. 45. 1 4 shallbe brought., in raiment of needlew.
I.Heavy rain, shower, DP3 geshem.
Gen. 7. 12 the rain was upon the earth forty days and
8. 2 and the rain from heaven was restrained
Lev. 26. A I will give you rain in due season, and the
1 Ki. 17. 7 because there had been no rain in the 1.
17. 14 (that) the LORD sendeth rain upon the e.
18.41 for (there is) a sound of abundance of rain
18. 44 get thee down, that the rain stop thee not
18. 45 there was a great rain. And Ahab rode
2 Ki. 3. 17 neither shall ye see rain ; yet that valley
Ezra 10. 9 sat. .tremblingbecause of. .the great rain
10. 13 a time of much rain, and we are not able
Job 37. 6 the earth ; likewise to the small rain
Psa. 68. 9 didst send a plentiful rain, whereby thou
105. 32 He gave them hail for rain, (and) flaming
Prov 25. 14 (is like) clouds and wind without raiu
25. 23 The north wind dri veth away rain ; so (d.)
Eccl. ii. 3 If the clouds be full of rain, they empty
12. 2 uor the clouds return after the raiu
Song 2. ii For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is o.
Isa. 44. 14 he planteth an ash, and the raiu doth n.
55. 10 as the rain conieth down, and the snowf.
Jer. 5. 24 that giveth rain, both the former and the
14. 4 there was no rain in the earth, the plow.
Eze. i. 28 that is in the cloud in the day of rain
38. 22 an overflowing rain, and great hail stones
Hos. 6. 3 he shall come unto us as the rain, as the
Joel 2. 23 will cause to come down for you the rain
Amos 4. 7 Ihavewithholdentherain from you, when
Zech 10. i give them showers of rain, to every one g.
14. 17 not come up. .upon them shall be no rain
2. Sprinkling rain, rnio moreh.
Psa. 84. 6 make it a well; the rain also fllleth the p.
Joel 2. 23 the former rain, .the former rain, and the
S.Rain, 191? matar.
Exod. 9. 33 the rain was not poured upon the earth
9. 34 the rain and the hail and the thunders
Deut 1 1. 1 1 (and) drinketh water of the rain of heaven
ii. 14 I will give (you) the rain of your land in his
11. 17 that there be no rain, and that the land
28. 12 give the rain unto thy land in his season
28. 24 The LORD shall make the rain of thy land
32. 2 My doctrine shall drop as the rain, my s.
1 Sa. 12. 17 he shall send thunder and rain ; that ye
12. 18 the LORD sent thunder and rain that day
2 Sa. i. 21 neither Get there be) rain upon you, nor
23. 4 out of the earth by clear shining after r.
i Ki. 8. 35 there is no rain because they have sinned
8. 36 give rain upon thy land, which thou hast
17. i there shall not be dew nor rain these yea.
1 8. i Go. .and I will send rain upon the earth
* Ch. 6. 26 there is no rain, because they have sinn.
6. 27 send rain upon thy land, which thou hast
7. 13 U I shut up heaven that there be no rahi
Job 5 10 Who giveth rain upon the earth, and se.
28. 26 he made a decree for the rain, and a way
29. 23 they waited for me as for the rain ; and
36. 27 they pour down rain according to the va.
37. 6 and to the great rain of his strength
38. 28 Hath the rain a father? or who hath be.
Psa. 72. 6 He shall come down like rain upon the
i 35. 7 he maketh lightnings for the rain : he br.
147. 8 who prepareth rain for the earth, who m.
Prov.26. i as rain in harvest; so honour is not see.
28. 3 a sweeping rain which leaveth no food
Isa. 4. 6 and for a covert from storm and from rain
5. 6 the clouds that they rain no rain upon it
30. 23 Then shall he give the rain of thy seed
Jer. 10. 13 make;h lightnings with rain, and brlnge.
51. 16 maketh lightnings with rain, and brin.
Zech 10. i Ask ye of the LOUD rain in the time of the
4. Violent rain, j3ooxi7 broche.
Matt. 7. 25, 27 tne rain descended, and the floods ca.
5.A shower of rain, foros huetos.
Acts 14. 17 gave us rain from heaven, and fruitful se.
28. 2 because of the present rain, and because
Heb. 6. 7 the rain that cometh oft upon it, and br.
Jas. 5. 7 until he receive the early and latter [rain]
5. 18 the heaven gave rain, and the earth bro.
RAIN, first, former, latter, small
I, Sprinkling rain, rni yoreh.
Deut. 1 1. 14 That I will give (you), .the first rain, and
2. To cast forth sprinkling showers, .TV yarah.
Hos. 6. 3 come., as the., former rain unto the earth
^.Gathered rain, ripSa malgosh.
Deut ii. 14 the latter rain, that thou mayest gather
Job 29. 23 opened their mouth . . for the latter raiu
Prov.i 6. 15 his favour (is) as the cloud of the latter r.
Jer. 3. 3 there hath been no latter rain ; and thou
Hos. 6. 3 come.. as the latter.. rain unto the earth
Joel 2. 23 and the latter raiu in the first (month)
Zech 10. i Ask ye. .iu the time of the latter raiu
4. Showers, c^yp seiriin.
Deut 32. 2 asthesmallrainuponthetenderherb.aud
RAIN, to cause or send
1. To cause or send or give rain, C? J gasham, 5.
Jer. 14. 22 Are there (any), .that can cause rain? or
2. To cast forth sprinkling showers, .TV yarah, 5.
Hos. 10. 12 till he come and rain righteousness upon
3. To cause or send or give rain, ~u?n matar, 5.
Gen. 2. 5 had not caused it to rain upon the earth
7.4! will cause it to rain upon the earth forty
19. 24 Then the LORD rained uponSodom and u.
Exod 9. 18! will cause it to rain a very grievous hail
9. 23 LORD rained hail upon the land of Egypt
16. 4 I will rain bread from heaven for you; and
Job 20. 23 shall rain (it) upon him while he is eating
38. 26 To cause it to rain on the earth, (where)
Psa. n. 6 Upon the wicked he shall rain suares, fire
78. 24 had rained down manna upon them to eat
78. 27 He rained flesh also upon them as dust
Isa. 5. 6 the clouds that they rain no rain upon it
Eze. 38. 22 will rain upon him, and upon his bands
Amos 4. 7 I caused it to rain upon one city, and
4. 7 caused it not to rain upon another city
4. 7 piece whereupon it rained riot withered
4. To rain, fipex brecho.
Matt. 5. 45 sendeth rain on the just and on the
Lukei7- 29 rained fire and brimstone from heaven
Jas. 5. 17 that it might not rain ; and it rained not
5. To rain rain, /3p xw forty brecho hueton.
Rev. ii. 6 it rain not in the days of their prophecy
A rainbow, Ipis iris.
Rev. 4. 3 (there was) a rainbow round ahout the t.
10. i a rainbow (was) upon his head, and his
RAINED upon, (to be)
l.Its rain (?), ape*: [A.V. as if gasham, 4].
Eze. 22. 24 nor rained upon in the day of indignation
2. To be rained on, it?C matar, 2.
Amos 4. 7 one piece was rained upon, and the piece
RAINY, very
Heavy shower, "H^p sagrir.
Prov 27. 15 A continual dropping in a very rainy day
RAISE (again, together, up), to
1. To make erect, ^pj zaqaph.
Psa. 145. 14 raiseth up all (those that) be bowed down
146. 8 LORD raiseth (them that are) bowed do.
2. To lift up, KV"J nasa.
Exod23. i Thou shalt not raise a false report : put
Hab. i. 3 there are (that) raise up strife and conte.
3. To exalt, raise up, V^tJ salal.
Job 19. 12 raiseuptheir way against me, and encamp
30. 12 they raise up against me the ways of their
4. To awake up, lift up, v,y ur, 3a.
Job 3. 8 who are ready to raise up their mourning
Song 8. 5 I raised thee up under the apple tree : th
Isa. 15. 5 for.. they shall raise up a cry of destruc.
Zech. 9. 13 raised up thy sons, O Zion, against thy sons
5. To awake up, ~ny ur, 5.
Ezra i. 5 with all (them) whose spirit God had rai
Isa. 41. 2 Who raised up the righteous (man) from
*i. 25 1 have raised up (one) from the
Isa 45. >3
I have raised him up in righteousness, and
Jer. 50. 9 I will raise, and cause to come upagainst
51. i I will raise up against Babylon, and aga.
si. ii LORD hath raised up the spirit of the kings
Eze. 23. 22 I will raise up thy lovers against thee
Joel 3. 7 I will raise them out of the place whither
6. To stir up, vy ir.
Hos. 7. 4 (who) ceaseth from raising after he hath
7. To cause to go or come up, .T?y alah, 5.
1 Ki. 5. 13 king Solomon raised a levy out of all Is.
9. 15 reason of the levy which. .Solomon raised
2 011.32. 5 raised (it) up to the towers, and another
8. To cause to stand still, i?jj amad, 5.
Exod. 9. 16 I raised thee up, for to show (in) thee my
Psa. 107. 25 raiseth the stormy wind, which lifteth up
9. Jo make bare, Tjy arar, 3a.
Isa. 23. 13 they raised up the palaces thereof . .he br.
10. To raise up, C?p qum, 3.
Isa. 44. 26 I will raise up the decayed places thereof
58. 12 thou shalt raise up the foundations of ma.
61. 4 they shall raise up the former desolations
11. To cause to rise up, Cip qum, 5.
Gen. 38. 8 marry her, and raise up seed to thy bro.
Deut 18. 15 Godwillraise upuntothee a prophet from
18. 18 I will raise them tip a prophet from amo.
25. 7 to raise up unto his brother a name in I.
Josh. 5. 7 children, (whom) he raised up in their st.
7. 26 they raised over him a great heap of stones
8. 29 and raise thereon a great heap of stones
Judg. 2. 16 LORD raised up judges, which delivered
2. 18 when the LORD raised them up judges, t.
3. 9 LORD raised up a deliverer to the childr.
3. 15 the LORD raised them up a deliverer, Eh.
Ruth 4. 5, 10 to raise up the name of the dead upon
1 Sa. 2. 8 He raiseth up the poor out of the dust
2. 35 I will raise me up a faithful priest, (that)
2 Sa. 12. 1 1 I will raise up evil against thee out of
12. 17 to raise him up from the earth: but he
i Ki.i4. 14 LORD shall raise him up a king over Isnu
i Ch.i7. ii I will raise up thy seed after thee, which
Psa. 41. 10 and raise me up, that I may requite them
113. 7 He raiseth up the poor out of the dust
Isa. 14. 9 it hath raised up from their thrones all
29. 3 I will camp. .1 will raise forts against th.
49. 6 my servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob
Jer. 23. 5 will raise unto David a righteous branch
29. 15 hath raised us up prophets in Babylon
30. 9 their king, whom I will raise up unto th,
50. 32 and fall, and none shall raise him up
Eze. 34. 29 will raise up for them a plant of renown
Hos. 6. 2 he will raise us up, and we shall live in
Amos 2. ii I raised up of your sons for prophets, and
5. 2 forsaken . .(there is) none to raise her up
6. 14 I will raise up against you a nation, O
9. ii In that day will I raise up the tabernacle
9. ii I will raise up his ruins, and I will build
Mic. 5. 5 we raiseagainsthimseven shepherds, and
Hab. i. 6 I raise up the Chaldeans, (that) bitter and
Zech.n. 16 I will raise up a shepherd in the land
12. To set or place up again, IrlmHU anistemi.
Matt 22. 24 marry . .and raise up seed unto his brot.
John 6. 39 should raise it up again at the last day
6. 40, 44, 54 will raise him up at the last day
Acts 2. 24 Whom God hath raised up, having loosed
2. 30 [would raise up Christ to sit on his throne]
2. 32 Jesus hath God raised up, whereof we all
3. 22 prophet shall the Lord your God raise up
3. 26 having raised up his Son Jesus, sent him
7 ! 37 prophet shall the Lord your God raise up
13. 33 in that he hath raised up Jesus again ; as
13. 34 he raised himup from the dead, (now)no
17. 31 in that he hath raised him from the dead
13. To raise or rouse up, tytipw egeiro.
Matt. 3. 9 God is able of these stones to raise up c.
10. 8 [raise the dead],cast out devils : freely ye
Luke i. 69 hath raised up an horn of salvation for
3. 8 God is able of these stones to raise up ch.
John 2. 19 Destroy, .in three days I will raise it up
5. 2 1 Father raiseth up the dead, and quickeneth
12. i Lazarus was. .whom he raised from the
12. 9 Lazarus, .whom he had raised from the
12. 17 when he called, .and raised him from the
Acts 3. 15 prince, .whom God hath raised from the
4. 10 whom God raised from the dead by him
5. 30 God of our fathersraised up Jesus, whom
10. 40 Him God raised up the third day, andsh.
12 7 and raised him up, saying. Arise up qui.
i5. 22 [he raised up] unto them David to be th.
13. 23 God. .raised unto Israel a Saviour, Jesus
13 30 But God raised him from the dead
13 37 But he, whom God raised again, saw no
26 8 incredible with you.that God should raise
Rom. 4. 24 raised up Jesus our Lord from the dead
8 ii ofhinithatraisedupJesus fromthedead
8. 1 1 he that raised up Christ from the dead s.
10 9 that God hath raised him from the dead
1 Co. 6. 14 God hath both raised up the Lord, and
15. 15 raised up Christ : whom he raised not up
2 Co. i. 9 trust.. in God which raiseth the dead
4. 14 raised up the Lord Jesus shall raise up
Gal. i. i the Father, who raised him from the dead
Eph. :. 20 he raised him from the dead, and set (him)
Col. 2. 12 God, who hath raised him from the dead
i Th. 1. 10 he raised from the dead, (ev<>n) .!us. w
Heb. ii. 19 God (was) able to raise (him) up, even from
Jas. 5. 15 the Lord shall raise him up ; and if he have
i Pe. i. 21 that raised him up from the dead, ancl
14. To raise up upon, tireyeipu epegeirS.
Acts 13. 50 raised persecution against Paul and Bar.
15. To set or put up out, i^aviffrri/j.i exanistemi.
Marki2. 19 take, .and raise up seed unto his brother
Luke2o. 28 take, .and raise up seed unto his brother
16. To raise up out, t^tydpca exegeiro.
Bom. 9. 17 have I raised thee up, that I might show
1 Co. 6. 14 and will also raise up us by his own power
1 7. To raise up together, ffvvtytipta sunegeiro.
Kph. 2. 6 hath raised (us) up together, aud made (us)
RAISE up self, great height, to
I. To make high, go up high, njj gabah, 5.
2 Ch.33. 14 raised it up a very great height, and put
2. To cause to rise up, O p qum, 5.
Dan. 7. 5 it raised up itself on one side, and (it had)
3. Rising, swelling, r& seth.
Job 41. 25 When he raiseth up himself, the mighty
RAISE to life again, to
A setting or raising up, avda-raffis anastasis (gen. )
Heb. ir. 35 received their dead raised to life again
RAISED (again, up,) to be
1. To be awaked up, iiy ur, 2.
Job 14. 12 not awake, nor be raised out of their sleep
Jer. 6. 22 a great nation shall be raised from the
25. 32 a great whirlwind shall be raised up from
50. 41 kings shall be raised up from the coasts
Zech. 2. 13 he is raised up out of his holy habitation
2.7*0 be caused to rise, O p qum, 6.
2 Sa. 23. i the man (who was) raised up on high, the
3.7*0 raise up thoroughly, Sifysipw diegeiro.
Matt. i. 24 Joseph, [being raised] from sleep, did as
4. To raise up, tyfipca egeiro.
Matt ii. 5 the dead are raised up, and the poor have
16. 21 killed, and be raised again the third day
17. 23 and the third day [he shall be raised again]
Luke 7. 22 dead are raised, to the poor the Gospel
9. 22 and be slain, and [be raised] the third day
20. 37 that the dead are raised, even Moses sh.
Rom. 4. 25 and was raised again for our justification
6. 4 Christ was raised up from the dead by the
6. 9 being raised from the dead dieth no more
7. 4 to him who is raised from the dead, that
1 Co. 15. 16 dead rise not, then is not Christ raised
15. 17 if Christ be notraised, your faith (is) vain
15. 35 How are the dead raised up? and with
15. 42 It is sown in corruption ; it is raised in in.
15. 43 sown in dishonour; it is raised in glory
15. 43 sown in weakness ; it is raised in power
15. 44 it is raised a spiritual body. There is a
15. 52 the dead [shall be raised] incorruptible
2 Ti. 2. 8 Christ of the seed of David was raised
RAISER of taxes
(One) sending a collector, bji: T3J7.0 [abar].
Dan. ii. 20 stand up in his estate a raiser of taxes
To make a concourse, iroitui ^Trurvffra.a iv \_poieo\.
Acts 24. 12 neither [raising upl the people, neither
RAISINS, bunches or clusters of
Dried fruits, D pusic tsimmuqim.
1 Sa. 25. 18 an hundred clusters of raisins, and two
30. 12 cake of figs, and two clusters of raisins
2 Sa. 16. i an hundred bunches of raisins, and an
i Ch. 12. 40 bunches of raisins, and wine, and oil, and
RA -KEM, friendship, Djri.
Son of Sheresh grandson of Manasseh. B.c 1400.
i Ch. 7. 16 and his sons (were) ITlam and R.
RAK -KATH, nj31 bank, flowing.
A fenced city in Kaphtali for Manasseh, near Hammath
and Chinneroth ; supposed by the Rabbins to have been
afterwards the site of Tiberias. Now called Kerak.
Josh 19. 35 And the fenced cities (are) Ziddim . . R. , a.
RAK -KON, jii-nn well watered.
A city in Dan, near Joppa; now called Oyun Kara.
Josh. 19. 46 And Me-jarkon, and R., with the border
RAM, D"J high.
1. Father of Aminadab, and son of Hezron son of Pharez.
B.C. 1620.
Ruth. 4. 19 And Hezron begat R., and R. begat Amm.
i Ch. 2. 9 The sons also of Hezron. .Jerahmeel. .R.
a. 10 And R. begat Amminadab ; and Aminina.
2.Son of Jerahmeel brother of Ram. B.C. 1600.
i Ch. 2. 25 And the sons of Jerahmeel. .were R. the
2. 27 the sons of R. the first born of Jerahmeel
3. Head of the family of Elihu, who reasoned with Job.
B.C. 1880.
Job 32. 2 Barachel the Buzite, of the kindred of R.
l.A rain, S?N ayil.
Gen. 15. 9 a ram of three years old, and a turtledove
22. 13 a ram caught in a thicket by his horns
22. 13 took the ram, and offered him up for a
31 . 38 and the rams of thy flock have I not eaten
32. 14 goats, two hundred ewes, and twenty ra.
25. 5 rams skins dyed red, and badgers skins
26. 14 for the tent(of) rams skins dyed red, and
29. i young bullock, and two rams without bl.
29. 3 bring . . with the bullock and the two rams
i^. 15 Thou shalt also take one ram ; and Aaron i
Exod2g. 15, 19 their hands upon the head of the ram
29. 16 thou shalt slay the ram, and thou shalt
29. 17 thou shalt cut the ram in pieces, and w.
29. 18 thou shalt burn the whole ram upon the
29. 19 thou shalt take the other ram; and Aaron
29. 20 Then shalt thou kill the ram, and take of
29. 21 thou shalt take of the ram the fat, and
29. 22 shalt take, .for it (is) a ram of consecrat.
29. 26 breast of the ram of Aaron s consecration
39. 27 tho ram of the consecration, (even) of (t.)
29. 31 shalt take the ram of the consecration
29. 32 his sons shall eat the flesh of the ram
35. 7 ranis skins dyed red, and badgers skins
35. 23 and red skins of rams, and badgers skins
36. 19 for the tent (of) rams skins dyed red, and
39. 34 the covering of rams skins dyed red, and
Lev. 5. 15, 1 8 ram without blemish out of the flock
5. 16 with the ram of the trespass offering, and
6. 6 a ram without blemish out of the flock
8. 2 two rams, and a basket of unleavened b.
8. 1 8 he brought the ram for the burnt offering
8. 1 8 laid their hands upon the head of the ram
8. 20 he cut the ram into pieces ; and Moses b.
8. 21 Moses burnt the whole ram upon the al.
8. 22 he brought the other ram, the ram of co.
8. 22 laid their hands upon the head of the ram
8. 29 of the ram of consecration it was Moses
9. 2 ram for a burnt offering, without blent.
9. 4 a bullock and a rain for peace offerings
9. 18 the ram (for) a sacrifice of peace offerings
9. 19 the fat of the bullock and of the ram, the
16. 3 bullock, .and a ram for a burnt offering
16. 5 kids, .and one ram for a burnt offering
19. 21 shall bring, .a ram for a trespass offering
19. 22 with the ram of the trespass offering be.
23. 1 8 one young bullock, and two rams : they
Num. 5. 8 beside the ram of the atonement, where.
6. 14 ram without blemish for peace offerings
6. 17 the ram (for) a sacrifice of peace offerings
6. 19 shall take the sodden shoulder of the ram
7. 15 One young bullock, one ram
[So in verse 21, 27, 33, 39, 45, 51, 57 , 63, 69, 75, 81.]
7. 17 peace offerings, two oxen, five rams
[So in verse 23, 29, 35, 41, 47 , 53, 59 , 65, 71, 77, 83.]
7. 87 the rams twelve, the lambs of the first
7. 88 the rams sixty, the he goats sixty, the la.
15. 6 for a ram, thou shalt prepare (for) a meat
15. ii done, .forone ram, or for a lamb, or akid
23. i prepare me here seven oxen and seven r.
23. 2, 4, 14, 30 on (every) altar a bullock and a r.
23. 29 prepare me. .seven bullocks and seven r.
28. ii, 15, 27 one ram, seven lambs of the first
28. 12 offering, mingled with oil, for one ram
28. 14 the third (part) of an hin unto a ram, and
28. 20 shall ye offer, .two tenth deals for a ram
28. 28 with oil. .two tenth deals unto one ram
29. 2, 8, 36 one ram, (and) seven lambs of the first
29. 3, 9, with oil. .(and)two tenth dealsfora ram
29. 13, 17, 20, 23, 26, 29, 32 two rams, (and) fou.
29. 14 tenth deals to each ram of the two rams
29. 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 37 for the ram, and for
Deut32. 14 rams of the breed of Bashan, and goats
1 Sa. 15. 22 (and) to hearken than the fat of rams
2 Ki. 3. 4 an hundred thousand rams, with the w.
1 26 they offered seven bullocks and seven rams
29. 21 a thousand rams, (and) a thousand lambs
2 Ch.i3. 9 with a young bullock and seven rams, (the)
17. ii seven hundred rams, and seven thousand
29. 21 seven rams, and seven lambs, and seven
29. 22 when they had killed the rams, they spr.
29. 32 anhundredrams,(and)twohundred lambs
Ezra 8. 35 ninety and six rams, seventy and seven
10. 19 (they offered) a ram of the flock for their
Job 42. 8 take unto you now. .seven rams, and go
Psa. 66. 15 burnt sacrifices, with theincenseof rams
114. 4 mountains skipped like rams, (and) the
114. 6 Ye mountains, (that) ye skipped like rams
Isa. i. 1 1 I am full of the burnt offerings of rams
34. 6 with the fat of the kidneys of rams : for
60. 7 rams of Nebaioth shall minister unto thee
Jer. 51. 40 I will bring them down, .like rams with
Eze. 27. 21 occupied with thee in lambs, and rams
34. 17 I judge., between the rams and the he g.
39. 1 8 drink the blood, .of rams, of lambs, and
43. 23 and a ram out of the flock without blem.
43. 25 a ram out of the flock, without blemish
45. 23 seven rams without blemish daily the se.
45. 24 an ephah for a ram, and an hin of oil for
46. 4 burnt offering, .(shall be), .a ram without
46. 5 meat offering (shall be) an ephah for a ram
46. 6 six lambs, and a ram ; they shall be with.
46. 7 he shall prepare, .an ephah for a ram, and
46. ii an ephah to a ram, and to the lambs as he
Dan. 8. 3 there stood before the river a ram which
8. 4 I saw the ram pushing westward, and no.
8. 6 came to the ram that had (two) horns, wh.
8. 7 close unto the ram. .and smote the ram
8. 7 there was no power in the ram to stand
8. 7 none that could deliver the ram out of his
8. 20 ram which thou sawest having (two) ho.
Mic. 6. 7 LORD be pleased with thousands of rams
2.A ram, na^ dt.tar.
Ezra 6. 9 boi,h young bullocks, and rams, and lambs
6. 17 two hundred rams, four hundred; 7. 17.
la. Ram, (rams horn), Snr yobel.
Josh. 6. 5 they make a long (blast) with the rarn s h.
3.^4 stout ram, 13 kar.
Eze. 4. 2 set (battering) rams against it ; 21. 22.
4. He goat, ram, chief, i\Fiy attud.
Gen. 31.10 rams which leaped upon the cattle (were) r.
Gen. 31. 12 rams which leap upon the cattle (are) ri.
RA -MA, Payua, from Heb. .ilp-j height.
A city in Benjamin ; same as succeeding.
Matt. 2. 1 8 In R. was there a voice heard, lamentat.
RA -MAH, .-!=-jn the height.
1. A city in Benjamin, half an hour \V. of Gibeon, and
forty stadia or two hours or five miles N. of Jerusalem ; nowcalled el-Ram. It formed the frontier hold between
Israel and Judah, i Ki. 15. 17.
Josh. 1 8. 25 Gibeon, and R., and Beeroth
Judg. 4. 5 the palm tree of Deborah between R. and
19. 13 let us draw near to one of these places. .R.
1 Ki. 15. 17 Baasha king of Israel went, .and built Ii.
15. 21 he left off buildingof R., and dwelt in T.
15. 22 and they took away the stones of R., and
2 Ch.i6. i Baasha king of Israel came, .and built R.
16. 5 he left off building of R., and lethiswork
16. 6 and they carried away the stones of R.
Ezra 2. 26 The children of R. and Gaba, six hundred
Neh. 7. 30 The men of R. and Gaba, six hundred tw.
ii. 33 llazor, R., Gittaim
Isa. 10. 29 R. is afraid ; Gibeah of Saul is fled
Jer. 40. i captain of the guard had let him go. .R.
Hos. 5. 8 Biowye., the trumpet in K.: cry aloud (at)
2. A city in Napthali, near Adamah and Hazor; now
called Rameh.
Josh.ig. 29 And(then)the coast turneth toR., and to
19. 36 And Adamah, and R., and Hazor
3. A city in Ephraim (also called Ramathaim Zophim),
where Samuel the prophet dwelt, and near Bethel.
1 Sa. 1. 19 theyroseup..andcametotheirhousetoR.
2. ii And Elkanah went to R. to his house
7. 17 And his return (was) to R.; for there (was)
8. 4 Then all the elders of Israel . . came . . R.
15. 34 Then Samuel went to R.; and Saul went
16. 13 So Samuel rose up, and went to R.
19. 18 So David fled . .and came to Samuel to R.
19. 19 Behold, David (is) at Naioth in R.
19. 22 Then went he also to R., and came to a
19. 22 (one)said, Behold, (they be) at Naioth in R.
19. 23 And he went thither to Naioth in R.
10. 23 he went on. .until he came to Naioth inR.
20. i And David fled from Naioth in R., and
22. 6 Saul abode in Gibeah under a tree in R.
25. i theIsraelites..buriedhiminhishouseatR
28. 3 Israel had lamented him, and buried..inR.
Jer. 31. 15 A voice was heard in R. , lamentation, (an.)
4. A contraction of Ramoth-GiVead.
2 Ki. 8. 29 wounds which the Syrians had given. .R.
2 Ch.22. 6 of the wounds which were given him at R.
RA -MATH, re-} height.
A city in Simeon called Ramoth " of the south ;
" now
called Kurnab.
Josh.ig. 8 R. of the south. This (is) the inheritance
RA-MA-THA-IM ZO -PHIM, D sis D:ns^ri. A city in Mount Ephraim, where Samuel the prophet
dwelt, and more commonly called simply Ramah.
i Sa. i. i Now there was a certain man of R., of mo.
An inhabitant of Ramah in Benjamin
i Ch. 27. 27 And over, .vineyards (was)Shimei the R.
RAM-ATH LE -HI *nS rcn high place of thejaw bone.
A place in Judah, near Dan.
Judgis. 17 hecastaway the jawbone. . and called .. R.
RA-MATH MIZ -PEH.nDsan noplace ofwatch toroer.
A city of Gad in Gilead, fifteen miles N.W. of Rabbath
Ammon, at the Jabbok.
Josh. 13. 26 And from Heshbon unto R., andBetonim
RA-ME -SES, DDOj;-i son of the sun. See Raamses.
A city or district in Goshen, on the E. of the Nile.
Perhaps Pelusium or Belbeis.
Gen. 47. ii Joseph, .possession, .in the land of R.
Exod 12. 37 the children of Israel journeyed from R.
Num 33. 3 And they departed from R. in the first in.
33. 5 And. .children of Israel removed fromR.
RAM -IAH, ,vp-i Jah is high.
A son of Parosh who had taken a strange wife. B.C. 456.
Ezra 10. 25 of the sons of Parosh ; R., and Jeziah, and
RA -MOTH, JVCN i, ncn heights.
l.A Levitical city of Gilead in Gad, the same as Ramoth-
Oilead and R&molh-mizpeh.
Deut. 4. 43 and R. in Gilead, of the Gadites; and G.
Josh.2o. 8 and R. in Gilead out of the tribe of Gad
21. 38 And out of the tribe of Gad, R. ; 1 10.22.3.
i Ch. 6. 80 And out of the tribe of Gad ; R. in Gilead
2. A Levitical city in Issachar, perhaps the same as
Jarmuth in Josh. 21. 29, and Remath in Josh 19. 21.
i Ch. 6. 73 And R. with her suburbs, and Anem with
3. One of the sons of Bani that had taken a strange wife.
B.C. 456.
Ezra 10. 29 of the sons of Bani Meshullam. .andR.
RA-MOTH GIL -EAD, l^a ncn.
A city of Gad in Gilead ; sometimes simply called
Ramoth. In i Ki. 22. 3 the Heb. is Ramoth Gilead.
i Ki. 4. 13 The son of Geber, in R. ; to him (pertained)
22. 4 Wilt thou go with me to battle to R. ?
22. 6 Shall I go against R. to battle, or shall I
22. t2 saying, Go up to R., and prosper
3". 15 Micaiah, shall we go against R. to battle
1 Ko. 22. 20 that he may go up and fall at R.T
aa. 29 Jehoshaphat. .king of Judah went. .toR.
2 Ki. 8. 28 went., to the war against R.
9. i Gird up thy loins, .and go to R.
9. 4 the young man the prophet, went to R.
9. 14 NewJoram had kept R., he and all Israel
a Ch.iS. 2 persuaded him to go up (with him) to R.
18. 3 Wilt thou go with me to R. ?
18. 5 Shall we go to R. to battle, orshall I for.?
18. ii saying, Go up to R.,aud prosper; for the
18. 14 shall we go to R. to battle, orshall I fo.?
18. 19 that he may go up and fall at R.t
1 8. 28 Jehosh. the king of Judah went up to R.
22. 5 to war against llazael king of Syria at R.
BA -MOTH, (South), 2JJ niD-J.
A city of Simeon in the Kegeb or south country. See
1 Sa. 30. 27 and to (them) which (were) iii south R.
Army, force, bulwark, Vn, rn chel.
Lam. 2. 8 made the rampart and the wall to lament
Nah. 3. 8 whose rampart (was) the sea, (and) her w.
RAMS horn j-
Ram s Iwrn, ^sv yobel.
Joeh. 6. 4 shall bear, .seven trumpets of rams horns
6. 6 bear seven trumpets of rams horns before
6. 8 bearing the seven trumpets of rams horns
6. 13 bearing seven trumpets of rams horns be.
To run to and fro, p|7^ shaqaq.
Prov.28. 15 (As) a roaring lion, and a ranging bear; (so
RANGE (for pots)
1. Abundance, range, "tin] yethur.
Job 39. 8 The range of. the mountains (is) his past.
2.Range or row, ri~nw sederah.
2 Ki.ii. 8 he thatcbmeth within the ranges, let him
ii. 15 Have her forth without tlie ranges : and
2 Oh. 23. 14 Have her forth of the ranges : and whoso
3. Double range for pots, cyy? kirayim.
Lev. ii. 35 (whether it be) oven, or ranges for pots
I.Pat/i, way, custom, traveller, rnx orach,
Joel 2. 7 and they shall not break their ranks
2.Fat, firm, N"!? bari.
Gen. 41. 5 came up upon one stalk, rank and good
41. 7 seven thin ears devoured the seven rank
3.Rank, arrangement, 13-3^5 maarakah.
i Ch.i2. 38 All these men of war, that could keep rank
4.Stef>, foot, time, cjj? paam.
i Ki. 7. 4,5 and light(was) against light (in) three r.
5.A row, company, trpaaia. prasia,
Mark 6. 40 sat down in ranks, by hundreds, and by
BANK, to keep
To keep rank, be in order, ~ny adar.
i Ch. 12. 33 fifty thousand, which could keep rank : (th.)
1.A covering, IBS kopher.
Exod3o. 12 then shall they give every man a ransom
Job 33. 24 saith, Deliver him. . I have found a ransom
36. 18 then a great ransom cannot deliver thee
Psa. 49. 7 None (of them) can. .give to God a rans.
Prov. 6. 35 He will not regard any ransom ; neither
13. 8 The ransom of a man s life (are) his riches
21. 18 wicked (shall be) a ransom for the righ.
Isa. 43. 3 I gave Egypt (for) thy ransom, Ethiopia
^.Freedom, jv-is pidyon.
Exodai. 30 then he shall give for the ransom of hisl.
S.A corresponding price, avTiKwrpov anlilutron.
i Ti. 2. 6 gave himself a ransom for all, to be test.
4.A price, ransom, \vrpov lutron.
Matt 20. 28 and to give his life a ransom for many
Markio. 45 to minister, and to give his life a ransom
I. To free, "?NI gaol.
Isa. 51. 10 depths of the sea a way for the ransomed
Jer. 31.11 ransomed him from the hand of (him that
V.Tofree, rnp padah.
Isa. 35. 10 And the ransomed of the LORD shall ret.
Hos. 13. 14 I will ransom them from the power of the
RA -PHA, N;P, n$-i fearful.
1. The fifth son of Benjamin. B.C. 1700.
i Ch. 8. 2 Nohah the fourth, and R. the fifth
2. A Benjamite of Saul s family. B.C. 710.
1 Ch. 8. 37 R. (was) his son, Eleasah his son, Azel his
3. An ancestor of certain Philistine warriors slain in the
days of David, and here translated " the giant."
2 Sa. 21. 16, 18 which (was)of the sons of the giant
21. 20 and he also was born to the giant
21. 22 These four were born to the giant in Gath
x Ch. 20. 4 Sippai, (that was) of the children of the g.
20. 6 and he also was the son of the giant
ao. 8 These were born unto the giant in Gath
RA -PHTJ, K<S-\ feared.
A Benjamite, father of Palti, one of those sent out to
spy the land of Canaan by Moses. B.C. 1500.
Num 13. 9 the tribe of Benjamin, Palti the son of R.
Rare, precious, Yj?: yaqqir.
Dan. 2. 1 1 rare thing that the king requireth ; and
RASE, to
To make naked or bare, ."ny arah, 3.
Psa. 137. 7 Rase (it), rase (it, even) to the foundation
BASH, (to be), rashly
l.To trouble, hasten, Sn? bahel, 3.
Eccl. 5. 2 Be not rash with thy mouth, and let not
2.7*0 be hasty, hastened, ino mahar, 2.
Isa. 32. 4 heart also of tlie rash shall understand k.
3. Precipitate, irpoirfrris propetes.
Acts 19. 36 ought to be quiet, and to do nothing ras.
1. A knife, razor, ~\%R taar.
Num. 6. 5 there shall no razor come upon his head
Psa. 52. a mischiefs; like a sharp razor, working de.
Isa. 7. 20 LORD shave with a razor that is hired . . by
Eze. 5. i take thee a barber s razor, and cause (it)
2.A razor, niio morah.
Judg 13. 5 no razor shall come on his head : for the
16. 17 There hath not come a razor upon mine
i Sa. i. ii and there shall no razor come upon his
.1 word, matter, thing, i;n dabar.
Exodi6. 4 gather a certain rate every day, that I
1 25 horses, and mules, a rate year by year
2 Ki.25. 30 a daily rate for everyday, all the days of
2 Ch. 8. 13 after a certain rate every day, offering ac.
9. 24 spices, horses, and mules, a rate year by
RATHER (than), (be, have, the)
\.And not, rxi ve-al.
Prov 17. 12 meet a man, rather than a fool in his folly
2. To choose, "in? bachar.
Psa. 84. 10 I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house
3. Than, tf e.
Matt 1 8. 8 rather than having two hands or two feet
18. 9 rather than having two Lu. 12. 51 ; 18. 14.
4. To will, wish, Bt\<a thelo.
i Co. 14. 19 I had rather speak five . .than ten thous.
5. More, rather, fj.a\\ov mallon.
Mattio. 6 go rather to the lost sheep of the house
10. 28 rather fear him which is able to destroy
25- 9 8 J e rather to them that sell, and buy
27. 24 prevail nothing, but (that) rather a turn.
Mark 5. 26 was nothing bettered, but rather grew w.
15. ii should rather release Barabbas unto them
Lukeio. 20 [rather] rejoice, because your names are
John 3. 19 men loved darkness rather than light, b.
Acts 5. 29 said, We ought to obey God rather than
Rom. 8. 34 yea rather, that is risen again, who is ev.
14. 13 but judge this rather that no man put a
1 Co. 5. 2 are puffed up, and have not rather mou.
6. 7 Why do ye not rather take wrong? why
6. 7 not rather (suffer yourselves to) be defr.
7. 21 if thou mayest be made free, use (it) rat.
9. 12 (are) not we rather? Nevertheless we h.
14. i desire spiritual (gifts), but rather that ye
14. 5 but rather that ye prophesied : for grea.
2 Co. 2. 7 So that contrariwise ye (ought) rather to
3. 8 ministration of the spirit be rather glori.
5. 8 willing rather to be absent from the body
12. 9 gladly therefore will I rather glory in my
Gal. 4. 9 after that ye have known God, or rather
Eph. 4. 28 but rather let him labour, working with
5. 4 nor jesting, .but rather giving of thanks
5. :i have no fellowship with, .but rather rep.
Phil. i. 12 have fallen out rather unto the furthera.
1 Ti. i. 4 rather than godly edifying which is in fa.
6. 2 rather do (them) service, because they are
Phm. 9 Yet for love s sake I rather beseech (thee)
Heb.ii. 25 Choosing rather to suffer affliction with
12. 9 shall we not much rather be in subjection
12. 13 turned out of the way; but let it rather
2 Pe. i. 10 Wherefore the rather, brethren, give di.
Q.More abundantly. 7rpi<r<roTepa>s jierissoteros.
Heb. 13. 19 But I beseech (you) the rather to do this
1 . To sing, rattle, n\~\ ranah.
Job 39. 23 quiver rattleth against him, the glittering
2,A shaking, trembling,rushing, rattling, vx~\ raash.
Nah. 3. 2 noise of the rattling of the wheels, and of
1. A raven, iny oreb.
Gen. 8. 7 sent forth a raven, which went forth to
Lev. ii. 15 Every raven after his kind
Deut 14. 14 And every raven after his kind
i Ki.i7. 4 have commanded the ravens to feed thee
17. 6 ravens brought him bread and flesh in the
Job 38.41 Whoprovidethfor the raven his food? wh.
Psa. 1 47. 9 He giveth. .to the young ravens which cry
Prov.3o. 17 the ravens of the valley shall pick it out
Song 5. ii his locks (are) bushy, (and) black as a ra.
Isa. 34. 1 1 the owl also and the raven shall dwell in
2. A raven or crow, <$pa korax.
Lukei2. 24 Consider the ravens : for they neither sow
l.To tear, pp taraph.
Gen. 49. 27 Benjamin shall ravin (as) a wolf : in the
Psa. 22. 1 3 They gaped., (as) a ravening and a roaring
Eze. 22. 25 like a roaring lion ravening the prey : th.
22. 27 Her princes, .(are) like wolves ravening
2.A torn thing, prey, rapine, fiBiip terephah.
Nah. 2. 12 holes with prey, and his dens with ravin
\.A ravenous bird or fowl, try ayit.
Isa. 46. 1 1 Calling a ravenous bird from the east, the
Eze. 39. 4 I will give thee unto the ravenous birds
2. A burglar, destroyer, f*$ parits.
Isa. 35. 9 nor (any) ravunous beast shall go up the.
Z.A snatching at or away, prey, apira-fi] harpage.
Luken. 39 inward part is full of ravening and wick.
4. Snatching, ravenous, oprraf harpax.
Matt. 7. 15 but inwardly they are ravening wolves
RAVISH (the heart), to
l.To embolden, give heart, ajS labab, 3.
Song. 4. 9, 9 Thou hast ravished my heart
2. To ajftict, humble, njy anah, 3.
Lam. 5. 1 1 They ravished the women in Zion, (and) the
1.7*0 err, go astray, magnify self, nyp shagah.
Prov. 5.19 and be thou ravished always with her love
5. 20 why wilt thou . .be ravished with a strange
2. To be ravished, a:^ shakab, 2 [v.L. *?:? shagal, 2].
Isa. 13. 16 shall be spoiled, and their wives ravished
Zech 14. 2 the houses rifled, and the women ravished
I. Living, alive, "n chai.
Lev. 13. 10 (there be) quick raw flesh in the rising
13. 14 when raw flesh appeareth in him, he shall
13. 15 see the raw flesh, .the raw flesh (is) uncle.
13. 16 Or if the raw flesh turn again, and be ch.
1 Sa. 2. 15 not have sodden flesh of thee, but raw
2.Raw, NJ na.
Exodi2. 9 Eat not of it raw, nor sodden at all with
REACH (forth, to, unto, up), to
I. To cause to flee or reach, rnj barach, 5.
Exod26. 28 the middle bar. .shall reach from end to
2.7*0 smite, nnp machah.
Num 34. 1 1 shall reach unto the side of the sea of C.
3. 7*o reach, come, arrive, nipa, xpp meta, metah.
Dan. 4. 1 1 height thereof reached unto heaven, and
4. 20 whose height reached unto the heaven, a.
4. 22 reacheth unto heaven, and thy dominion
4. 7*o touch, come upon, strike, yi) naga.
Jer. 4. 10 whereas the sword reacheth unto the soul
4. 1 8 because it reacheth unto thine heart
48. 32 they reach (even) to the sea of Jazer : the
51. 9 for her judgment reacheth unto heaven
5. To cause to reach, attain, overtake, tyi nasag. 5.
Lev. 26. 5 reach unto the vintage .. reach unto the
6.7*0 touch, come upon, meet with, J?J? Pa9a-
Josh 19. ii reached to Dabbasheth, and reached to the
19. 22 reacheth to Tabor, and Shahazimah, and
19. 26 reacheth to Carmel westward, and to Sh.
19. 27 reacheth to Zebulun, and to the valley of
19. 34 reacheth to Zebulun. .and reacheth to A.
7. To reach out, give, Bjy tsabat.
Ruth 2. 14 he reached her parched (corn), and she did
8. 7*o cause to touch or come upon, yj} naga, 5.
Gen. 28. 12 top of it reached to heaven : and behold
2 Ch. 3. ii reaching to the wall, .reaching to the wi.
3. 12 reaching to the wall of the house ; and
28. 9 slain them in a rage (that) reacheth up
Job 20. 6 Though, .his head reach unto the clouds
Isa. 8. 8 he shall reach (even) to the neck : and the
Zech 14. 5 valley of the mountains shall reach unto
9. To send forth, rhy shalach, 3.
Prov 3 1. 20 she reacheth forth her hands to the n.
10.7*0 folloic, a.Ko\ov6tu akoloutheo.
Rev. 1 8. 5 For her sins [have reached] unto heaven
II. 7*o reach out, stretch out toward, firfKTfivo/^ai.
Phil. 3. 13 reaching forth unto those things which
12. 7*o come iipon,arriveat,f<piKvtofaai ephikneomai.
2 Co. 10. 13 to us, a measure to reach even unto you
10. 14 as though we reached not unto you : for
13.7*0 bear, carry, <f>fp<a phe-ro.
Johii2o. 27 Reach hither thy finger, .reach hither thy
READ, to (be)
1.7*0 call, read, tqij qara.
Exod24. 7 read in the audience of the people: and
Deut 17. 19 shall read therein all the days of his life
31. ii thou shalt read this law before all Israel
Josh. 8. 34 afterward he read all the wordsof the law
8. 35 which Joshua read not before all the con.
2 Ki. 5. 7 when the king of Israel had read the let.
19. 14 Hezekiah received the letter, .and read it
22. 8 gave the book to Shaphan, and he read it
22. jo And Shaphan read it before the king
22. 16 book which the king of Judah hath read
23. 2 read in their ears all the words of the book
2 Ch.34. 1 8 And Shaphan read it before the king
2 Ch.34. 24 which they have read before the king of
34. 30 read in their ears all the words of the book
Neh. 8. 3 read therein before the street that (was)
8. 8 So they read in the book, in the law of
8. 18 he read in the book of the law of God
9. 3 read in the book of the law of the LORD
Isa. 29. ii, i2 Head this, I pray thee: and hesaith
34. 16 Seek ye out of the book, .and read ; noone
37. 14 received the letter ... and read it : and II.
Jer. 29. 29 Zephaniah the priest read this letter in
36. 6 read in the roll, .shalt read them in the
36. 8 reading in the book the words of the LORD
36. 10 Then read Baruch in the book the words
36. 13 Baruch read the hook in the ears of the
36. 14 the roll wherein thou hast read in the e.
36. 15 read it in our ears. So Baruch read (it)
36. 21 Jehudi read it in the ears of the king, and
36. 23 when Jehudi had read three or four leaves
51^61 shalt see, and shalt read all these words
Hab. 2. 2 plain, .that he may run that readeth it
2. To be called, read, rji? qara, 2.
Neh. 13. i On that day they read in the book of Mo.
Esth. 6. i Chronicles; and they were read before the
3.7V> call, read, K-JJJ qera.
Ezra 4. 18 The letter, .hath been plainly read before
4. 23 letter (was) read before Rehuni, and Shi.
Dan. 5. 7 Whosoever shall read this writing, and s.
5. 8 but they could not read the writing, nor
5. 15 that they should read this writing, and
5. 1 6 now if thou canst read the writing, and
5. 17 yet I will read the writing unto the king
4. To /enow well, read, dvayivuxncu anagindskO.
Matt 12. 3 Have ye not read what David did, when
12. 5 Or have ye not read in the law, how that
19. 4 Have ye not read, that he which made(t.)
21. 1 6 Yea ; have ye never read, Out of the mo.
21. 42 Did ye never read in the Scriptures, The
22. 31 have ye not read that which was spoken
24. 15 whoso readeth, let him understand
Mark 2. 25 Have ye never read what David did, when
12. 10 have ye not read this scripture ; Thestone
12. 26 have ye not read in the book of Moses, how
13. 14 let him that readeth understand, then let
Luke 4. 16 the sabbath day. and stood up for to read
6. 3 Have ye not read so much as this, what
10. 26 What is written in the law? how readest
John 1 9. 20 This title then read many of the Jews ; for
Acts 8. 28 sitting in his chariot read Esaiasthe pro.
8. 30 heard him read the prophet Esaias, and
8. 30 Understandest thou what thou readest?
8. 32 place of the Scripture which he read was
13. 27 prophets which are read every sabbath day
15. 21 being read in the synagogues every sabbath
15. 31 when they had read, they rejoiced for the
23. 34 when the governor had read (the letter), he
2 Co. i. 13 none other things, .than what ye read or
3. 2 written in our hearts, known and read of
3. 15 even unto this day, when Moses is read
Eph. 3. 4 Whereby, when ye read, ye may underst.
Col. 4. 1 6 And when this epistle is read among you
4. 16 cause that it be reatl also in the church
4. 16 that ye likewise read the (epistle) from
1 Th. 5. 27 that this epistle be read unto all the
Rev. i. 3 Blessed (is)he thatreadeth, and they that
5. 4 [to read] the book, neither to look thereon
1.A calling, reading, NIP.B miqra.
Neh. 8. 8 and caused (them) to understand the re.
2.7/0 call, read, NTR qara.
Jer. 51. 63 when thou hast made an end of reading
3.A reading, knowing again, avdyvwffis anagnosis.
Acts 13. 15 the reading of the law and the prophets
2 Co. 3. 14 the same veil untaken away in the read.
1 Ti. 4. 13 give attendance to reading, to exhortation
READINESS (of mind)
1. Ready, iroi/aos hetoimos.
2 Co. 10. 6 a readiness to revenge all disobedience
I.Readiness, forwardness, irpodun ia. prothumia.
Acts 17. ii received the word with, .readiness of m.
2 Co. 8. ii as(there was) a readiness to will, so(there
READY (mind)
1.7V) make haste, enjoy, cnn chush.
Num32. 17 we ourselves will go ready armed before
2.Good, aits tob.
Isa. 41. 7 saying, It (is)ready for the soldering : and
3.To be formed, prepared, ready, p3 kun, 2.
Exodig. ii be ready against the third day : for the
19. 15 Be ready against the third day : come not
34. 2 be ready in the morning, and come up in
Josh. 8. 4 not very far from the city . . be ye all ready
Job 12. 5 He that is ready to slip with (his) feet (is
15. 23 the day of darkness is ready at his hand
18. 12 destruction (shall be) ready at his side
Psa. 38. 17 For I (am) ready to halt, and my sorrow
4. Ready, hasting, TTO mahir.
Ezra 7. 6 (was) a ready scribe in the law of Moses
Psa. 45. i my tongue (is) the pen of a ready writer
5. To fold, Kycmatsa.
2 Sa. 18. 22 seeing that thou hast no tidings ready
C.Ready, prepared, Tnj; athid [v.L.iiny Est. 8.13].
Esth. 3. 14 that they should be ready against that day
8. 13 the Jews should be ready ajrainst that day
Job 3. S who are ready to raise up their mourning
15. 24 prevail, .as a king ready to the battle
7. Ready, prepared, Tnj^ athid.
Dan. 3. 15 if ye be ready that at what time ye hear
8. Nigh, tyyvs efjgus.
Heb. 8. 13 that which decayeth. .(is) ready to vanish
9. Ready, tVoifios hetoimos.
Matt 22. 4 all things (are) ready : come unto the m.
22. 8 The weddingisready, butthey whichwere
24. 44 be ye also ready : for in such an hour as
25. 10 they that were ready went in with him to
Luke 1 2. 40 Be ye therefore ready also : for the Son
14. 17 to say. .Come; for all things are now re.
22. 33 I am ready to go with thee, both into pri.
John 7. 6 not yet come: but your time is alway ready
Acts 23. 15 we, or ever he come near, are ready to kill
23. 21 now are they ready, looking for a promise
2 Co. 9. 5 the same might be ready, as (a matter of)
Titus 3. i Put them in mind, .to be ready to every
1 Pe. i. 5 salvation ready to be revealed in the last
3. 15 (be) ready always to (give) an answer to
10. Readiness, forwardness, iti
po8v/*ia. prothumia..
2 Co. 8. 19 same Lord, and (declaration of) your r. m.
11. Readily, froths hetoimos.
Acts 21. 13 I am ready not to be bound only, but also
2 Co. 12. 14 I am ready to come to you ; and I will
1 Pe. 4. 5 him that is ready to judge the quick and
12. To be about to, /j.t\\u mello.
Luke 7. 2 centurion s servant...was sick, and read)
Acts 20. 7 preached . . ready to depart ou the morrow
13.Reu.cly, prompt, wpoOv/jLos prothumos.
Mark 14. 38 The spirit truly (is) ready, but the flesh
Rom. i. 15 I am ready to preach the gospel to you
[See also Armed, burst, dressed, fall, forgive, made,
make, offered, prepared, quickly.]
READY, to be or become
l.To be ready, make, Jin hun, 5.
Deut. i. 41 And., ye were ready to go up into the hill
2. To form, prepare, make ready, p3 kun, 3<z.
Isa. 51. 13 oppressor, as if he were ready to destroy
3. To move, slip, fail, ttio mot.
Prov24- ii drawn unto death, and. .ready to be slain
4. To show self ready, iny athad, 7.
Job 15. 28 houses, .which are ready to become hea.
5. Hasten, "inn maher, 2.
Isa. 32. 4 the tongue . . shall be ready to speak plain.
6. To be about to, /j.f\\ta melW.
Rev. 3. 2 things which remain, that are ready, 12.4
7. To make ready beside, wapaffKevdfa paraskeuazij.
2 Co. 9. 2 Achaia was ready a year ago ; and ; 9. 3.
READY, to make or be made
1. To gird, ~\^ asar.
Gen. 46. 29 joseph made ready his chariot, and went
Exodi4. 6 he made ready his chariot, and took his
2 Ki. 9. 21 Make ready. And his chariot was made r.
2. To form, prepare, establish, p3 kun, 3rt.
Psa. 7. 12 he hath bent his bow, and made it ready
ii. 2 they make ready their arrow upon the st.
21. 12 thou shalt make ready (thine arrows) upon
3. To prepare, establish, p3 kun, 5.
Gen. 43. 16 made ready ; for (these) men shall dine
43. 25 they made ready the present against Jos.
1 Ch. 28. 2 God, and had made ready for the building
2 Ch. 35. 14 they made ready for themselves, and for
Eze. 7. 14 blown the trumpet, even to make all re.
4. To bring near, Tp qarab, 3.
Hos. 7. 6 have made ready their heart like an oven
5. To make ready, trot/j.dca hetoimazij.
Matt 26. 19 the disciples, .made ready the passover
Marki4. 15 a large upper room, .there make ready for
14. 16 his disciples, .made ready the passover
Luke i. 17 to make ready a people prepared for the
9. 52 entered into a village, .to make ready for
17. 8 Make ready wherewith I may sup, and g.
22. 12 a large upper room, .there make ready
22. 13 And they went, and., made ready the pa.
Acts 23. 23 Make ready two hundred soldiers to goto
Rev. 19. 7 and his wife hath made herself ready
6. To make ready beside, irapaffKtvdfa paraskeuazo.
Acts 10. 10 while they made ready, he fell into a tr.
READY to our hand, made
Ready, eroi/uos heloimos.
2 Co. 10. 1 6 another man s line, .made ready to ourh.
READY, more
Near, anp qarob.
Eccl. 5. i be more ready to hear than to give the s.
READY to distribute
Ready to give over or share with, (v/AtrdSoros.
i Ti. 6. 18 ready to distribute, willing to communi.
RE-A -IAH, RE-A -IA, n;;o Jah sees.
1. Son of Shobal son of Judah. B.C. 1670.
i Ch. 4. 2 And R. the son of Shobal begat Jahath
2. Grandfather of Beerah prince of Reuben when Israel
was carried away to Assyria. B.C. 1500.
i Ch. 5. s Micah his son, Reaia his son, Baal his
3. One of the Nethinim whose descendants returned
with Zerubbabel. B.C. 536.
Ezra 2. 47 the children of Gahar, the children of R.
Neh. 7. 50 The children of R., the children of lleziu
1. Kingdom, ia^j maleku.
Ezra. 7. 13 anil (of)hi priests and Levites, in my rea.
7. 23 there be wrath against the realm of the
Dan. 6. 3 thought to set him over the whole realm
^.Kingdom, nn r,? malekuth.
2 Ch. 20. 30 the realm of Jehoshaphat was quiet ; for
Dan. i. 20 (and) astrologers that (were) in all his re.
9. i made king overthe realm of the Chaldea.
ii. 2 shall stir up all against the realm of Ore.
REAP (wholly, down), to
l.To finish, nVa kalah, 3.
Lev. 19. 9 thou shalt not wholly reap the corners of
2. To shorten, reap, I2fi? qatsar.
Lev. 19. 9 when ye reap the harvest of your land, th.
23. 10 When ye. .shall reap the harvest thereof
23. 22 when ye reap the harvest of your land
23. 22 not make clean riddance . . when thou re.
25. s thou shalt not reap, neither gather the g.
25. 1 1 neither reap that which groweth of itself
Ruth 2. 9 thine eyes (be) on the field that they dor.
1 Sa. 8. 12 and to reap his harvest, and to make his
2 Ki. 19. 29 reap, and plant vineyards, and eat the fr.
Job 4. 8 they that, .sow wickedness, reap the same
24. 6 They reap (every one) his corn in the field
Psa. 1 26. 5 They that sow in tears shall reap in joy
Prov.22. 8 He that soweth iniquity shall reap vanity
Eccl. ii. 4 he that regardeth the clouds shall not re.
Isa. 17. 5 reapeth the ears with his arm ; and it bh.
37. 30 reap, and plant vineyards, and eat the fr.
Jer. 12. 13 They have sown wheat, but shall reap th.
Hos. 8. 7 they shall reap the whirlwind : it hath no
10. 12 reap in mercy ; break up your fallow gro.
10. 13 ye have reaped iniquity ; ye have eaten the
Mic. 6. 15 thou shalt not reap ; thou shalt tread the
3. To reap, mow, gather together, apdu amao.
Jas. 5. 4 labourers who have reaped down your
4. To reap, gather in the harvest, Otplfa therizo .
Matt. 6. 26 neither do they reap, nor gather into ba.
25. 24 reaping where thou hast not sown, and
25. 26 I reap where I sowed not, and gather wh.
Luke 12. 24 they neither sow nor reap; which neither
19. 21 thou. .reapest that thou didst not sow
19. 22 taking up. .and reaping that
John 4. 36 he that reapeth receiveth wages, and ga.
4. 36 he that soweth and he that reapeth may
4. 37 saying true, One soweth, and another re.
4. 38 I sent you to reap that whereon ye best.
1 Co. 9. 1 1 a great thing if we shall reap your carnal
2 Co. 9. 6 He which soweth sparingly snail reap also
9. 6 he which soweth bountifully shall reap
Gal. 6. 7 whatsoever a man soweth. .shall he alsor
6. 8 For he . . shall of the flesh reap corruption
6. 8 he . . shall of the spirit reap life everlasting
6. 9 in due season we shall reap, if we faint
Jas. 5. 4 cries of them which have reaped are en.
Rev. 14. 15 Thrust in thy sickle and reap: forthetime
14. 15 is come for thee to reap; for the harvest
14. 16 thrust in his sickle, .and the earth was r.
l.To shorten, reap, 155 qatsar.
Ruth 2. 3 gleaned in the field after the reapers : and
2. 4 said unto the reapers, The LORD (be) with
2. 5, 6 servant that was set over the reapers
2. 7 let me glean and gather after the reapers
2. 14 shesatbesidethereapers: andhereached
1 Sa. 6. 13 reaping their wheat harvest in the valley
2 Ki. 4. 18 he went out to his father to the reapers
Amos 9. 13 that the plowman shall overtake the re.
2.A reaper, dtpto-rris theristes.
Matt 13. 30 I will say to the reapers, Gather ye toge.
13. 39 is the end of the world ; and the reapers
REAR (up), to
1. To set up, a$3 natsab, 5.
2 Sa. 18. 18 taken and reared up for himself a pillar
2. To cause to rise, D p qum, 5.
Exod 26. 30 thou shalt rear up the tabernacle accor.
40. 18 Moses reared up the tabernacle, and fas.
40. 1 8 put in the bars thereof, and reared up his
40. 33 ne reared up the court round about the
Lev. 26. i neither rear you up a standing image
3 Sa. 24. 18 Go up, rear an altar unto the LORD in the
1 Ki. 16. 32 he reared up an altar for Baal in the house
2 Ki. 21. 3 he reared up altars for Baal, and made a
2 Ch. 3. 17 he reared up the pillars before the temple
33. 3 he reared up altars for Baalim and made
3. To lift, raise or rouse up, tytlpw egeiro.
John 2. 20 this temple . .wilt thou rear it up in three
REARED up, to be
l.To cause to rise, np qum, 5.
Num. 9. 15 the day that the tabernacle was reared up
2. To be caused to rise, Dip qum, 6.
Exod 40. 17 came to pass, .tabernacle was reared up
1.A word, "\y* dabar.
i Ki. 9. 15 this (is) the reason of the levy which. .S.
2. Reason, device, reckoning, psyn cheshbon.
Eccl. 7. 25 and to seek out wisdom, and the reason
3. Taste, discretion, oya taa.m.
Prov 26. 16 than seven men that can render a reason
4. Knowledge, understanding, jnio manda.
Dan. 4. 36 my reason returned unto me ; and for the
5. Understanding, skllfv.lness, njp tebunah.
Job 32. ii I gave ear to your reasons, whilst ye sea.
6. Agreeable, pleasing, grateful, apfffro* arcstos.
Acts 6. 2 It is not reason that we should leave the
7.A word, Xoyos logos.
i Pe. 3. 15 a reason of the hope that is in you with
REASON (together, with), to
I. To be reasoned with, ro; yakach, 2.
Isa. i. 1 8 Come now.and let us reason together, saith
2.7V> reason, reprove, decide, n?; yakach, 5.
Job 13. 3 I would speak. .IdesiretoreasonwithGod
15. 3 Should he reason with unprofitable talk .
3. To be judged, B5? shaphat, 2.
1 Sa. 12. 7 I may reason with you before the LORD of
4. To discourse, reason, Sia\(yo/ dlalegomai.
Acts 17. 2 reasoned with them out of the Scriptures
1 8. 4 reasoned in the synagogue every sabbath
18. 19 entered into the synagogue, and reasoned
24. 25 as he reasoned of righteousness, temper.
5. To reckon, reason thoroughly, SiaXoyifrpai.
Matti6. 7 they reasoned among themselves, saying
16. 8 why reason ye among yourselves, because
21. 25 they reasoned witli themselves, saying
Mark 2. 6 sitting there, and reasoning in their he.
2. 8 that they so reasoned within themselves
2. 8 Why reason ye these things in your hearts .
8. 16 they reasoned among themselves, saying
8. 17 Why reason ye because ye have no bread?
Luke 5.21 scribes and the Pharisees began to reason
5. 22 he. .said. . Why reason ye in your hearts .
20. 14 they reasoned among themselves, saying
6. To reckon, \oyio/ logizomai.
Mnrkii. 31 [they reasoned] with themselves, saying
7. To seek together, discuss, a-vfrrfca suzeteo.
Marki2. 28 having heard them reasoning together
Luke 24. 15 while they communed (together) and re.
8.7*0 reckon together. <rv\\oyl(o[uu suIlogizomai.
Luke 20. 5 they reasoned with themselves, saying, If
REASON of, by
1. From, out of, by reason of, JD min.
Exod. 2. 23 their cry came up unto God by reas. of
2. With, cy im.
2 Ch.2i. 19 his bowels fell out by reason of his sick.
3. Before, at the front of, \}cS li^thene.
Gen. 41. 31 shall not be known in the land by reas. of
Exod 3. 7 heard their cry by reason of their taskm.
8. 24 land was corrupted by reason of the swarm
I)eut. 5. 5 ye were afraid by reason of the fire, and
Psa. 44. 1 6 For. .by reason of the enemy and avenger
4. Before, in the presence of, ^3j?, ^3i5. qobel, qebel.
Dan. 5.10 by reason of the words of the king and his
b.Jiecause of, Sid (ace.) din.
John 12. it by reason of him many of the Jews went
Rom. 8. 20 by reason of him who hath subjected (the
Heb. 5. 3 [by reason hereof] lie ought, as for the p.
5.14 who by reason of use have their senses ex.
2 Pe. 2. 2 by reason of whom the way of truth shall
G.Oul of, * ek.
Rev. 8. 13 by reason of the other voices of the tru.
9. 2 darkened by reason of the smoke of the
18. 19 were made rich, .by reason of her costli.
7. For the sake of. ivtKa. heneka.
2 Co. 3.10 had . . by reason of the glory that excelleth
REASON would
According to reason, Kara, \6yov, Acts 1 8. 14.
Rational, reasonable, \oyin6s logikos.
Rom 12. i sacrifice. . (which is) your reasonable ser.
1. Reproof, correction, nroin tokachath.
Job 13. 6 Hear now my reasoning, and hearken to
1.A reckoning throu{jhout,$ia\oyiau.6s dialogismos.
Luke 9. 46 there arose a reasoning among them, w.
3.A seeking together, eru}T7;<m suzetesis.
Acts 28. 29 [had great reasoning among themselves]]
RE -BA, V3"3 sprout, o/spring.
A king of Midian, slain by Israel while they were in the
plains of Moab. B.C. 1456.
Nuni3i. 8 Evi, and Rekem, and Zur, and Hur. .R.
Josh. 13. 21 Hur, and R., (which were), dukes of Sihon
BE-BEC -CA, Pe&tKKa.. Same as the succeeding.
Rom. 9. 10 R. also had conceived by one, (even) by our
RE-BEK -AH, n;;:r} flattering.
Daughter of Bethuel the nephew of Abraham. She
became wife of Isaac, and mother of Esau and Jacob.
B.C. 1838.
Gen. 22. 23 And Bethuel begat R. : these eight Milcah
24. 15 R. came out, who was born to Bethuel, son
24. 29 R. had a brother, and his name (was>Laban
24. 30 and when he heard the words of R. hiss.
24. 45 R. came forth with her pitcher on her sh.
24. 51 Behold, R. (is) before thee, take (her), and
14. 53 servant brought forth jewels, .to R.: he
24. 58 And they called R., and said unto her
14. 59 And they sent away R. their sister, and
->4. 60 And they blessed R., and said unto her
24 61 And R. arose, and her damsels, v. 61, 64.
Gen. 24. 67 Isaac, .took R., and she became his wife
25. 20 Isaac, .took R. to wife, the daughter of B.
25. 2 1 the Lord was entreated . . and R. his wife c.
25. 28 And Isaac loved Esau, .but R. loved Jacob
26. 7 the men of the place should kill me for R.
26. 8 behold, Isaac (was) sporting with R. his w.
26. 35 were a grief of mind unto Isaac and to R.
27. $ R. heard when Isaac spake to Esau his s.
27. t> And R. spake unto Jacob her son, saying
27. ii And Jacob said to R. his mother, Behold
27. 15 R. took goodly raiment of her eldest son
27. 42 And these words of Esau . . were told to R.
27. 46 And R. said to Isaac, I am weary of my 1.
28. she went . . unto Laban . . the brother of R.
29. 12 Jacob told Rachel, .that he(was) R. sson
35. 8 But Deborah, R. s nurse, died, andshe was
49. 31 there they buried Isaac and K. his wife
1.2*0 rebel, Tip marad.
Eze. 20. 38 I will purge out from among you the re.
2.2*0 be or make bitter, provoke, rebel, Tip marah.
N inn 20. 10 Hear now, ye rebels; must we fetch you
3.A son of rebellion, T? J| ben meri.
Num 17. 10 to be kept for a token against the rebels
REBEL (against), to
1 . To rebel, ~np marad.
Gen. 14. 4 and in the thirteenth year they rebelled
Numi4. 9 Onlyrebelnotye against the LORD, neith.
Josh 22. 16 ye might rebel this day against the LORD
22. 1 8 (seeing) ye rebel to day against the LORD
22. 19 rebel not against the LORD, nor rebel ag.
22. 29 God forbid that we should rebel against
2 Ki. 18. 7 he rebelled against the king of Assyria.and
1 8. 20 whom dost thou trust.that thou rebellest a.
24. i then he turned and rebelled against him
24. 20 Zedekiah rebelled against the king of Ba.
2 Ch.i3. 6 Jeroboam .. hath rebelled against his lord
36. 13 he also rebelled against king Nebuehad.
Neh. 2. 19 What (is) this, .will ye rebel against the
6. 6 the Jews think to rebel : for which cause
9. 26 rebelled against thee, and cast thy law
Job 24. 13 They are of those that rebel against the
Isa. 36. 5 whom dost thou trust, that thou rebell. a.
Jer. 52. 3 Zedekiah rebelled against the king of B.
Eze. 2. 3 a rebellious nation that hath rebelled ag.
17. 15 he rebelled againsthim in sendinghis am.
Dan. 9. 5 have rebelled, even by departing from thy
9. 9 God . . though wehave rebelled against him
2. 7*0 be or make bitter, provoke, rebel, rno marah.
Num 20. 24 ye rebelled against my word at the water
27. 14 ye rebelled against my commandment in
i Sa. 12. 15 rebel against the commandment of the L.
Psa. 5. 10 Destroy, .for they have rebelled against
105. 28 He sent darkness, .they rebelled notaga.
Isa. i. 20 ye refuse and rebel, ye shall be devoured
63. 10 they rebelled, and vexed his Holy Spirit
Lam. i. 1 8 have rebelled against his commandment
i. 20 I have grievously rebelled : abroad the s.
3. 42 We have transgressed and have rebelled
Hos. 13. 16 she hath rebelled against her God: they
3. To make bitter, provoke, rebel, Tip marah, 5.
Deut. i. 26, 43 rebelled against the commandment of
9. 23 ye rebelled against the commandment of
Josh. i. 1 8 that doth rebel against thy commandment
i Sa. 12. id. rebel against the commandment of the
Psa. 107. 1 1 they rebelled against the words of God
Eze. 20. 8 they rebelled against me, and would not
20. 13 But. .rebelled against me in the wildern.
20. 21 the children rebelled against me : they w.
4. 7"o turn aside, mo sur.
Hos. 7. 14 they assemble themselves, .they rebel ag.
5. To transgress, rebel, yy$ pasha.
1 Ki.i2. 19 Israel rebelled against the house of David
2 Ki. i. i Moab rebelled against Israel after the de.
3. 5 king of Moab rebelled against the king
3. 7 The king of Moab hath rebelled against
2 19 Israel rebelled against the house of David
Isa. i. 2 brought up children..they have rebelled a.
1. 7*o rebel, Tip merad.
Ezra 4. ig rebellion and sedition have been made th.
2. Rebellion, TVS mered.
Josh. 22. 22 in rebellion, or if in transgression against
3. Rebellion, bitterness, ~.D meri.
Deut 31. 27 For I know thy rebellion, and thy stiff n.
i Sa. 15. 23 For rebellion (is as) the sin of witchcraft
Neh. 9. 17 in their rebellion appointed a captain to
Prov. 17. ii An evil (man)seeketh only rebellion; th.
4.A turning aside, rnp sarah.
Jer. 28. 16 thou hast taught rebellion against the L.
29. 32 he hath taught rebellion against the LORD
5. Transgression, yy$ pesha.
Job 34. 37 For he addeth rebellion unto his sin ; he
REBELLIOUS, (to be most)
1. To rebel, Tip marad.
Eze. 2. 3 to a rebellious nation that hath rebelled
^.Rebellious, ~~]1) marad.
Ezra 4. 12 building the rebellious and the bad city
4. 15 this city (is) a rebellious city, and hurtful
3. Rebellion, nn-ip marduth.
i Sa. 20. 30 Thou son of the perverse rebellious (wo.)
4. To be or make bitter, provoke, rebel, .TIE marah.
Deut 21. 1 8 a man have a stubborn aud rebellious son
21. 20 This our sou (is) stubborn and rebellious
Psa. 78. 8 be. .a stubborn and rebellious generation
Isa. 50. 5 I was not rebellious, neither turned away
Jer. 4. 17 she hath been rebellious against me, saith
5. 23 this people hath. . a rebellious heart ; they
5. To make bitter, provoke, rebel, TIC marah, 5.
Deut. 9. 7, 24 Ye have been rebellious against the L.
31. 27 ye have been rebellious against the LORD
6. Rebellion, "V? meri.
Isa. 30. 9 tliis (is) a rebellious people, lying child.
Eze. 2. 5 forbear, for they (are) a rebellious house
2. 6 be not afraid . . though they (be) a rebell.
2. 7 will forbear ; for they (are) most rebelli.
2. 8 rebellious like that rebellious house : open
3. 9 fear them not . . though they (be) a rebel.
3. 26, 27 for they (are) a rebellious house
12. 2 thou dwellest in the midst of a rebellious
12. 2 hear not : for they (are) a rebellious house
12. 3 consider, though they (be) a rebelliousho.
12. 9 hath not the house of Israel, the rebelli.
12. 25 in your days, O rebellious house, will I say
17. 12 Say nowto the rebellious house, Know ye
24. 3 utter a parable unto the rebellious house
44. 6 And thou shall say to the rebellious
7. 7*0 turn aside, ~n$ sarar.
Psa. 66. 7 let not the rebellious exalt themselves
68. 6 but the rebellious dwell in a dry (land)
68. 18 (for) the rebellious also, that the Ix)RDG.
Isa. i. 23 Thy princes (are). rebellious, and cpmpa.
30. i Woe to the rebellious children, saith the
65. 2 I have spread out my hands . . unto a reb.
! I. Rebuke, rnj/? gearah.
2 Sa. 22. 16 at the rebuking of the LORD, at the blast
Psa. 1 8. 15 foundations, .were discovered at thy reb.
76. 6 At thy rebuke, O God of Jacob, both the
80. 16 perish at the rebuke of thy countenance
104. 7 At thy rebuke they fled ; at the voice of
Prov 13. i but a scorner heareth not rebuke
13. 8 riches: but the poor heareth not rebuke
Eccl. 7. 5 better to hear the rebuke of the wise, than
Isa. 30. 17 attherebukeof one ; at the rebukeof five
50. 2 at my rebuke I dry up the sea, I make the
51. 20 fury of the LORD, the rebuke of thy God
66. 15 to render, .his rebuke with flames of lire
2. Reproach, n^in cherpah.
Isa. 25. 8 the rebuke of his people shall he take a.
Jer. 15. 15 that for thy sake I have suffered rebuke
3. Rebuking, rnj JD migereth.
Deut 28. 20 cursing, vexation, and rebuke, in all that
4. Reproof, correction, nrgin tokechah.
2 Ki. 19. 3 day of trouble, and of rebuke, and blasp.
Isa. 37. 3 day of trouble, and of rebuke, and of bla.
Hos. 5. 9 Ephraim shall be desolate in the day of r.
5. Reproof, correction, n-jin tokachath.
Psa. 39. 1 1 When thou with rebukes dost correct man
Prov 27. 5 Open rebuke (is) better than secret love
Eze. 5. 15 anger and in fury and in furious rebukes
25. 17 vengeance upon them with furious rebuk.
REBUKE, without
Without blemish, spotless, blameless, tuudiwifm.
Phil. 2. 15 without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked
1 . 7*0 rebuke, ij?3 gaar.
Gen. 37. 10 his father rebuked him, and said untohim
Ruth 2. 16 she may glean (them), and rebuke her not
Psa. 9. 5 Thou hast rebuked the heathen, thou ha.
68. 30 Rebuked the company of spearmen, the
106. 9 He rebuked the Red sea also, and it was
119. 21 Thou hast rebuked the proud (that are)
Isa. 17. 13 (God) shall rebuke them, and they shall
54. 9 would not be worth with thee, nor rebu.
Nali. i. 4 He rebuketh the sea, and maketh it dry
Zech. 3. 2 The LORD rebuke thee, O Satan ; even the
3. 2 LORD that hath chosen Jerusalem rebuke
Mai. 3. ii will rebuke the devourer for your sakes
2.7*o reason, reproof, decide, n?; yakach, 5.
Gen. 31. 42 Godhathseen..andrebuked(thee)yester.
Lev. 19. 17 thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neigh,
i Ch.ii. 17 God of our fathers look, .and rebuke (it)
Psa. 6. i rebuke me not in thine anger, neither ch.
38. i rebuke me not in thy wrath : neither ch.
Prov. 9. 7 he that rebuketh a wicked (man getteth)
9. 8 rebuke a wise man", and he will love the*
24. 25 to them that rebuke (him) shall be delig.
28. 23 He that rebuketha man. afterwards shall
Isa. 2. 4 and shall rebuke many people; and they
Amos 5. 10 They hate him that rebuketh in the gate
Mic. 4. 3 rebuke strong nations afar off ; and they
3. 7*o strive, plead, 3- rib.
Neh. 5. 7 I rebuked the nobles, and the rulers, and
4. To strike upon, blame, chide, reprore, firtir\-fiTru.
i Ti. 5. i Rebuke not an elder, but entreat (him) as
5.2*0 convince, convict, JA^yyv elecho.
1 Ti. 5. 20 Them that sin rebuke before all, that ot.
Titus 1.13 rebuke them sharply, that they may be
2. 15 and exhort, and rebuke with all authority
Heb. 12. 5 nor faint when thou art rebuked of him
Rev. 3. 19 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten
6.2*0 have a reproof, *xo> t\tyiv echo eletjxin.
2 Pe. 2. 16 But was rebuked for his iniquity : the dn.
7. To set a weight upon, chide, ^wirijuaw epitimau.
Matt. 8. 26 rebuked the winds and the sea ; and there
16. 22 began to rebuke him, saying, Be it far fr.
17. 18 Jesus rebuked the devil, and he departed
19. 13 children., and the disciples rebuked them
20. 31 the multitude rebuked them, because they
Mark i. 25 Jesus rebuked him, saying, Hold thypeace
4. 39 rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea
8. 32 Peter took him, and began to rebuke him
8. 33 he rebuked Peter saying, Get thee behind
q. 25 he rebuked the foul spirit, saying unto him
10. 1 3diseiplesrebuked those that brought(them)
Luke 4. 35 Jesus rebuked him, saying, Hold thy pea.
4. 39 and rebuked the fever; and it left her
4. 41 he, rebuking (them), suffered them not to
5. 24 rebuked the wind and the raging of the
9. 42 And Jesus rebuked the unclean spirit, and
9. 55 rebuked them, and said, Ye know not wh.
17. 3 brother trespass against thee, rebuke him
18. 15 when (his) disciples saw (it), they rebuked
18. 39 they which went before rebuked him, that
19. 39 said unto him, Master, rebuke thy discip.
23. 40 the other answering rebuked him, saying
2 Ti. 4. 2 rebuke, exhort, with alllongsufferingand
.hide 9 durst not . .but said, The Lord rebuke thee
Instruction, chastisement, 1D?D musar.
Hos. 5. 2 though I (have been) a rebuker of them
To turn back, aic* shub, 5.
Lam. 3. 21 This I recall to my mind, therefore have
1. To gather, npx asaph, 3.
Judgip. 18 there (is) no man that receiveth me to
2. To lay hold, seize, pin chazag, 5.
2 Ch. 4. 5 received and hell three thousand baths
3. To receive a portion, p*?n chalaq.
Josh 18. 2 which had not yet received their inherit.
4. To contain, bear, Via kul, 5.
1 Ki. 8. 64 too little to receive the burnt offerings
2 Ch. 7. 7 was not able to receive the burnt offer.
5. To take, receive, npb laqach.
Gen. 4. ii receive thy brother s blood from thy hand
33. 10 then receive my present at my hand ; for
38. 20 to receive (his) pledge from the woman s
Exod29. 25 thou shalt receive them of their hands
32. 4 he received (them) at their hand, and fa.
36. 3 they received of Moses all the offering
NumiS. 28 which ye receive of the children of Israel
23. 20 I have received (commandment) to bless
34. 14 have received (their inheritance); andh.
34. 15 The two tribes and the half tribe have r.
Deut. 9. 9 When I was gone up into the mount to r.
Josh. 1 3. 8 Gadites have received their inheritance
18. 7 have received their inheritance beyond
Judgi3. 23 would not have received a burnt offering
i Sa. 10. 4 which thou shalt receive of their hands
12. 3 of whose hand have I received (any) bribe
25. 35 So David received of her hand (that) wh.
1 Ki. 10. 28 merchants received the linen yarn at a
2 Ki. 5. 16 before whom I stand, I will receive none
5. 26 time to receive money, and to receive ga.
12. 7 now therefore receive no (more) money
12. 8 priests consented to receive no (more) m.
19. 14 Hezekiah received the letter of the hand
2 Ch. i. 1 6 merchants received the linen yarn at a p.
Job 4. 12 a thing was. .brought, .and mine ear rec.
22. 22 Receive, I pray thee, the law from his m.
27. 13 (which) they shall receive of the Almighty
35. 7 If thou be righteous, .what receiveth he
Psa. 6. 9 LORD hath heard . . will receive my prayer
49. 15 redeem my soul, .for he shall receive me
68. 18 thou hast received gifts formen ; yea, (fort
73. 24 guide me. .and afterward receive me (to)
75. 2 When I shall receive the congregation I
Prov. i. 3 receive the instructionof wisdom, justice
2. i Myson, if thou wiltreceivemy words, and
4. 10 Hear, O my son, and receive my sayings
8. 10 Receive my instruction, and not silver
10. 8 wise in heart will receive commandments
21. ii when the wise is instructed, he receiveth
24. 32 I looked upon (it, and) received instruct.
Isa. 37. 14 Hezekiah received the letter from the h.
40. 2 for she hath received of the LORD S hand
Jer. 2. 30 they received no correction : your own s.
5. 3 they have refused to receive correction
7. 28 obeyeth not. .nor receiveth correction : t.
9. 20 let your ear receive the word of his mouth
17. 23 they might not hear, nor receive instruc.
32. 33 yet they have not hearkened to receive
35. 13 Will ye not receive instruction to hearken
Eze. 3. 10 words that I shall speak unto thee receive
16. 61 when thou shalt receive thy.sisters, thine
18. 17 hath not received usury nor increase, hath
36. 30 ye shall receive no more reproach of fa.
Hos. 10. 6 Ephraim shall receive shame, and Israel
14. 2 receive (us) graciously : so will we render
Mic. i. ii Pass ye. .he shall receive of you his stan.
Zeph. 3. 2 received not correction ; she trusted not
3. 7 thou wilt receive instruction ; so their d.
Mai. 2. 13 receiveth (it) with good will at your hand
6. To find, N?n matsa.
Gen. 26. 12 received in the same yearau hundredfold
7. To lift up, y) nasa.
Deut 33. 3 sat down at thy feet ; (every one) shall r.
i Ki. 5. 9 be discharged there, and thou shalt rece.
Psa. 24. 5 He shall receive the blessing from the L.
8. To take, receive, Sjjj qabal, 3.
1 Ch.iz. 18 Then David received them, and made them
2 Ch.29- 22 priests received the blood, and sprinkled
Esth. 4. 4 sackclothfrom him : but he received(it)uot
Job 2. 10 shall we receive good. .and. .not receive
Prov 19. 20 Hear counsel, and receive instruction, th.
9. To take, receive, *?;p qcbal, 3.
Dan. 2. 6 ye shall receive of me gifts and rewards
10. To weigh out, pay, spend, Sjj? shaqal.
2 Sa. 18. 12 Though I should receive a thousand (sh.)
11. To receive again or back, oi aSfxoyucu anadech.
Acts 28. 7 received us, and lodged us three days co.
Heb. ii. 17 he that had received the promises offered
l 2.7 o hold off or away, or fully, oWxw apecho.
Luke 6. 24 woe unto you. .for ye have received your
Phm. 15 that thou shouldest receive him for ever
13. Receive in, welcome, diroSt xo/ucu apodechomai.
Acts 18. 27 exhorting the disciples to receive him: w.
28. 30 and received all that came in unto him
14.TO receive or take lack, airoKaiJ.^ apolambanu.
Luke 6. 34 lend(tothem)ofwhornyehope[toreceive]
15. 27 because he hath received him safe and s.
16. 25 thou in thy life time receivedst thy good
18. 30 Who shall not [receive] manifold more in
23. 41 for we receive the due reward of our de.
Rom. i. 27 receiving in themselves that recompence
Gal. 4. 5 that we might receive the adoption of s.
Col. 3. 24 Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive
2 John 8 lose not. .but that we receive a full rew.
3 John 8 We therefore ought [to receive] such, that
15. To receive, 8exMa( dechomai.
Matt 10. 14 whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear
10. 40 He that receiveth you, receiveth me ; and
10. 40 he that receiveth me, receiveth him that
10. 41 He that receiveth. .and he that receiveth
11. 14 if ye will receive (it), this is Elias, which
18. 5 whoso shall receive one such, .receiveth
Mark 6. n whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear
9. 37 Whosoever shall receive one. .receiveth
9. 37 whosoever shall receive me, receiveth not
10. 15 Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom
Luke 8. 13 receive the word with joy; and these have
9. 5 whosoever will not receive you, when ye
9. ii [received] them, and spake unto them of
9. 48 receive this child in my name receiveth
9. 48 whosoever shall receive me receiveth him
9. 53 they did not receive him, because his face
10. 8, 10 whatsoever city ye enter, and they re.
16. 4 they may receive me into their houses
16. 9 they may receive you into everlast, 18. 17.
John 4. 45 Galileans received him, having seen all
Acts 3. 21 Whom the heaven must receive until the
7. 38 who received the lively oracles to give u.
7. 59 and saying, Lord Jesus, receive my spirit
8. 14 Samaria had received the word of God, t.
11. i heard that the Gentiles had also received
17. ii in that they received the word with all
21. 17 when we were come to Jerusalem, .[rece.]
22. 5 from whom also I received letters unto the
28. 21 We neither received letters out of Judea
1 Co. 2. 14 receiveth not the things of the spirit of
2 Co. 6. i beseech (you) also that ye receive not the
7. 15 with fear and trembling ye received him
8. 4 with much entreaty that [we would rec.]
ii. 16 if otherwise, yet as a fool receive me, that
Gal. 4. 14 but received me as an angel of God, (ev.)
Phil. 4. 18 having received of Epaphroditus the thi.
Col. 4. 10 Marcus . . if he come unto you, receive him
1 Th. i. 6 having received the word in much afflic.
2. 13 ye received (it) not (as) the word of men
2 Th. 2. 10 because they received not the love of the
Heb. 11.31 when she had received the spies with pe.
Jas. i. 21 receive with meekness the ingrafted word
16. To give, SiS(a/j.i didomi.
Rev. 13. 16 caused all. .to receive a mark in their ri.
17. To receive into, eiVSexo/xat eisdechomai.
2 Co. 6. 17 touch not the unclean, .and I will receive
18. To receive on or upon, eir<5exM al epidechomai.
3 John 9 pre-eminence among them, receiveth us
10 neither doth he himself receive the bret.
19. To bring, KO/J.L& komizo.
Matt 25. 27 at my coming I should have received mi.
2 Co. 5. 10 that every one may receive the things (d.)
Kph. 6. 8 same shall he receive of the Lord, whether
Heb. 10. 36 done the will of God, ye might receive the
ii. 19 from whence also he received him in afl.
ii. 39 having obtained a good report, .received
1 Pe. i. 9 Receiving the end of your faith, (even) the
5. 4 ye shall receive a crown of glory that fa.
2 Pe. 2. 13 shall receive the reward of unrighteous.
20.7*0 take, receive, Aa/ujSavco lambano.
Matt. 7. 8 For every one that asketh receiveth ; and
10. 8 cast out devils : freely ye have received
10. 41 shall receive a prophet s reward ; and he
10. 41 man shall receive a righteous man s rew.
13. 20 heareth. .and anon with joy receiveth it
17. 24 they that received tribute (money) came
19. 29 receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit
20. 7 [whatsoever is right, (that) shall ye rece.]
20. 9 whentheycame. .they received everymau
20. 10 received more ; and they likewise received
20. ii when they had received (it), they murni.
21. 22 ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive
21. 34 that they might receive the fruits of it
23. 14 ye shall receive the greater damnation]
Matt 25. 16 Then he that had received the five talents
25. 18 he that had received one went and digged
25. 20 so he that had received five talents came
25. 22 [He also that had received] two talents c.
25. 24 Then he which had received the one tal.
Mark 4. 16 immediately receive it with gladness
10. 30 But he shall receive an hundredfold now
11. 24 believe that ye receive (them), and ye sh.
12. 2 that he might receive from the husband.
12. 40 these shall receive greater damnation
15. 23 gave him to drink, .but he received (it) not
Luken. :o For everyone that asketh receiveth; and
19. 12 went into a far country to receive for hi.
19. 15 returned, having received the kingdom, t.
20. 47 the same shall receive greater damnation
John i. 12 But as many as received him, to them g.
1. 16 of his fulness have all we received, and g.
3.11 testify that we have seen : and ye receive
3. 27 man can receive nothing, except it be gi.
3. 32 and no man receiveth his testimony
3. 33 He that hath received his testimony hath
4. 36 he that reapeth receiveth wages, and ga.
5. 34 But I receive not testimony from man
5. 41 I receive not honour from men
5. 43 ye receive me not. .him ye will receive
5. 44 How can ye believe, which receive hono.
6. 21 Then they willingly received him into the
7. 23 If a man on the sabbath day receive cir.
7. 39 they that believe on him should receive
10. 18 This commandment have I received of
12. 48 He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not
13. 20 receiveth whomsoever I send receiveth
13. 20 receiveth me receiveth him that sent me
13. 30 He then having received thesopwent im.
14. 17 cannot receive, because it seeth him not
16. 14 for he shall receive of mine, and shall s.
16. 24 ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy
17. 8 they have received (them), and have kno.
18. 3 having received a band (of men) and offi.
19. 30 When Jesus therefore had received the
20. 22 saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy G.
Acts i. 8 receive power, after that the Holy Ghost
2. 33 having received of the Father the prom.
2. 38 ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Gho.
3. 5 expecting to receive something of them
7. 53 Who have received the law by the dispo.
8. 15 prayed for them, that they might receive
8. 17 them, and they received the Holy Ghost
8. 19 lay hands, he may receive the Holy Ghost
9. 19 when he had received meat, he was stre.
10. 43 whosoever believeth in him shall receive
10. 47 have received the Holy Ghost as well as
16. 24 Who, having received such a charge, th.
17. 15 receiving a commandment unto Silas and
19. 2 Have ye received the Holy Ghost since
20. 24 ministry which I have received of the L.
20. 35 It is more blessed to give than to receive
26. 10 having received authority from the chief
26. 18 that they may receive forgiveness of sins
Rom. i. 5 By whom we have received grace and ap.
4. ii received the sign of circumcision, a seal
5. ii by whom we have now received the ato.
5. 17 much more they which receive abundance
8. 15 For ye have not received the spirit of bo.
8. 15 but ye have received the spirit of adopt.
13. 2 they that resist shall receive to themsel.
1 Co. 2. 12 Now we have received, not the spirit of
3. 8 every man shall receive his own reward
3. 14 If any man s work abide., he shall receive
4. 7 what hast thou that thou didst not rece.?
4. 7 now if thou didst receive (it), why dost
4. 7 thou glory, as if thou hadst not received
9. 24 run all, but one receiveth the prize? So
14. 5 that the church may receive edifying
2 Co. ii. 4 receive another, .which ye have not rec.
11. 24 Of the Jewsflve times received I forty(st)
Gal. 3. 2 Received ye the spirit by the works of the
3. 14 that we might receive the promise of the
Col. 4. 10 touching whom ye received commandm.
Heb. 2. 2 received a just recompence of reward
7. 5 who receive the office of the priesthood
7. 8 here men that die receive tithes; but there
7. 9 who receiveth tithes, payed tithes in Ab.
9. 15 they which are called might receive the
0. 26 if we sin wilfully after that we have re.
1. 8 which he should after [receive] for an in.
i. ii Through faith also Sara herself received
i. 13 not [having received] the promises, but h.
1. 35 Women received their dead raised to life
Jas. i. 7 let not that man think that he shall rec.
1. 12 receive the crown of life, which the Lord
3. i knowing that we shall receive the greater
4. 3 Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask
5. 7 until he receive the early and latter rain
1 Pe. 4. 10 every man hath received the gift, (even so)
2 Pe. i. 17 For he received from God the Father ho.
1 Jo. 2. 27 But the anointing which ye have received
3. 22 whatsoever we ask, we receive of him, b.
5. 9 If we receive the witness of men, the wi.
2 Jo. 4 as we have receivedacommandment from
10 receive himnotinto(your) house, neither
Rev. 2. 17 no man knoweth saving he that receiveth
2. 27 broken to shivers : even as I received of
3. 3 Remember therefore how thou hast rece.
4. ii Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory
5. 12 Worthy is the Lamb., to receive power, and
14. 9 receive (his) mark in his forehead, or in
14. ii whosoever receiveth the mark of his name
17. 12 received no kingdom as yet; but receive
18. 4 and that ye receive not of her plagues
19. 20 deceived them that had received the mark
20. 4 neither had received (his) mark upon their
21.2V) take along with, share, ^tToAoft/3o^o) metal.
Heb. 6. 7 For the earth . . receiveth blessing from God
22. To receive beside, wopaSe xOjuai paradechomai.
Mark 4. 20 guchubearthe word, and receive (it), and
Acts 16. 21 which are not lawful for us to receive, n.
22. 18 they will not receive thy testimony con.
i Ti. 5. 19 Against an elder receive not an accusation
Heb. 12. 6 scourgeth every sou whom he receiveth
23. To take or receive beside, irapaKa^dvu parala.
Mark 7. 4 things there be which they have received
John i. ii came unto his own, and his own received
14. 3 come again, and receive you unto myself
i Co. ii. 23 For I have received of the Lord that wh.
15. i which also ye have received, and wherein
15. 3 first of nil that which I also received, how
Gal. i. 9 any other gospel, .than that ye have rec.
i. 12 For I neither received it of man, neither
Phil. 4. 9 which ye have both learned, and received
Col. 2. 6 As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus
4. 17 ministry which thou hast received in the
1 Th. 2. 13 when ye received the word of God which
4. i that as ye have received of us how ye ou.
2 Th. 3. 6 after the tradition which he received of
Heb. 12. 28 we receiving a kingdom which cannot be
24. To receive to (one s self), irpocr8 xo,ua prosdech.
Lukeis. 2 This man receiveth sinners, and eateth
Romi6. 2 That ye receive her in the Lord, as beco.
Phil. 2. 29 Receive him therefore in the Lord with
25. To take or receive to (one s self), irpo<T\a^di ta.
Acts 28. 2 received us every one, because of the pr.
Rom. 14. i Him that is weak in the faith receive ye
14. 3 not judge him. .for God hath received
15. 7 receive ye one another, as Christ also re.
Phm. 12 therefore [receive] him that is mine own
17 If thou count me therefore a partner, re.
26. To receive under (one s roof}, uiroStxoM01 hupo.
Lukeio. 38 certain woman named Martha received
19. 6 and came down, and received him joyfu.
Acts 17. 7 Whom Jason hath received: and these
Jas. 2. 25 when she had received the messengers
27. To take or receive under, inroha/uQdvu hupolam.
Acts i. 9 a cloud received him out of their sight
28. To haveplace for, contain, receii-e,x<apf<achored.
Matt 19. 12 He that is able to receive (it), let him re.
2 Co. 7. 2 Receive us; we have wronged no man
[See also Comfort, damage, law, mercy, seed, sight,
strength, tithes.]
RECEIVE (again, for), to
1. To take or recei refrom, cbroA.a^Sai w apolambano.
Luke 6. 34 lend to sinners, to receive as much again
2. To bring, KU/J.I{W komizS.
Col. 3. 25 But he that doeth wrong shall receive for
RECEIVE ashes, to
To remove ashes, }t ^ dashen, 3.
Exod27. 3 shalt make his pans to receive his ashes
RECEIVE gladly), to
To receive in, welcome, airo5ex/tca * apodechomai.
Luke 8. 40 people (gladly) received him : for they
Acts 2.41 Then they that gladly received his word
15. 4 [they were received] of the church, and
RECEIVE, can, to be room to
To have place, contain, receive, xuptw chiireo.
Mattig. ii All (men) cannot receive this saying, save
Mark 2. 2 insomuch that there was no room to rec.
RECEIVED (up), to be --
1. To be gathered,
|CK asaph, 2.
Numi2. 14 and after that let her be received iu(ag.)
2. To take up, ava\afi./3dv(a analambano.
Marki6. 19 [he was received up into heaven, and sat]
Acts 10. 16 vessel was received up again into heaven
i Ti. 3. 16 believed on in the world, received up into
3.-4 taking or receiving back, avd\-rj\^ts analepsis.
Luke 9, 51 was come that he should be received up
4. To take, receive, Aoju/Javio lambnno.
i Ti. 4. 4 nothing to be refused, if it be received
5.A receiving or sharing with, fj.frd\rj^ts,-\rjfj.i^if.
1 Ti. 4 3 which God hath created to be received
1 . To take, receive, npS laqach.
2 Ki. 5. 20 spared Nanman. .in not receiving at his
2. To weigh out, pay, spend, Vpy shaqal.
Isa. 33. 18 where (is) the receiver? where (is) hethat
8. A receiving, reception, XTJI^IS lepsis.
Phil. 4. 15 as concerning giving and receiving, but
4.A receiving to (one s xeff), irpocr\ri^is proslepsis.
Rom ii. 15 what (shall) [the receiving] (of them be)
RE -CHAB, 3pt companionship.
1. A son of Rimmon the Beerothite : with the help of
his brother Baanah he assassinated Ish-bosheth son of
Saul in his bed, and were put to death for it by David.
B.C. 1048.
2 Sa. 4. 2 and the name of the other R., the sons of
4. 5 And the sons of Rimmon . . R. and Baanah
4. 6 and R. and Baanah his brother escaped
4. 9 David answered R. and Baanah his brother
2. Father of Jehonadab, B.C. 930, and founder of a tribe
whom he charged to abstain from wine, live intents, &c.:
and who are still found N.E. of Medina.
2 15 he lighted on Jehonadab the son of R. (c.)
10. 23 Jehu went, and Jehonadab the son of R.
Jer. 35. o Jonadab the son of R. our father comma.
35. 8 obeyed the voice of Jonadab. .son of R.
35. 14 The words of Jonadab the son of R., that
35. 16 the sons of Jonadab the son of R. have p.
35. 19 Jonadab the son of R. shall not want a m.
3. A descendant of Hemath a Kenite. B.C. 930.
i Ch. 2. 55 Hemath, the father of the house of R.
4. Father of Malchiah, a chief man who returned from
exile and helped to repairthe wall after JSehemiah came.
B.C. 455.
Neh. 3. 14 dung gate repaired Malchiah the son of R.
The tribe or family of the preceding Rechab, and of
Jonadab or Jehonadab his son.
Jer. 35. 2 Go unto the house of the R., and speak
35. 3 Then I took, .the whole house of the R.
35. 5 And I set before . . the R. pots full of wine
35. 18 Jeremiah said unto the house of the R.
RE -CHAH, npl dtclivity.
A city in Judah, not yet identified.
1 Ch. 4. 12 These (are) the men of R.
1. To reckon, zyn chashab, 3.
Lev. 25. 50 he shall reckon with him that boughthim
27. 18 priest shall reckon unto him the money
27. 23 Then the priest shall reckon unto him the
2 Ki. 12. 15 Moreover they reckoned not with the men
2. To number, write, cypher, nsj saphar.
Eze. 44, 26 they shall reckon unto him seven days
3. To visit, inspect, lay a charge on, ip paqad.
Num. 4. 32 by name ye shall reckon the instruments
4. To make equal, compare, place, rryp shavah, 3.
Isa. 38. 13 I reckoned till morning, (that,) as a lion
5. To reckon, \ logizomai.
Luke22. 37 he was reckoned among the transgressors
Rom. 4. 4 is the reward not reckoned of grace, but
4. 9 we say that faith was reckoned to Abrah.
4. 10 How is it then reckoned? when he was in
6. n Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be
8. 18 For I reckon that the sufferings of this p.
6. To take account together, ffvvaipta \Ayov [sunairo].
Matt 25. 19 lord of those servants coineth, and reck.
7. To take up together, ffvvaipta sunairo.
Matt 18. 24 when he had begun to reckon, one was b.
RECKONED (by genealogies), to be
1. To be reckoned, yyn chashab, 2.
Num 18. 27 your heave offering shall be reckoned un.
283, 4. 2 forBeerothalsowasreckonedtoBenjamin
2. To reckon self, 3 ;n chashab, 7.
Num 23. 9 shall not be reckoned among the nations
3. Be reckoned genealogically, err yachash, 7.
1 Ch. 5. i the genealogy is not to be reckoned after
5. 7 genealogy of their generations was reck.
5. 17 All these were reckoned by genealogies
7. 5 reckoned in all by their genealogies four.
7. 7 were reckoned by their genealogies twen.
9. i all Israel were reckoned by genealogies
9. 22 These were reckoned by their genealogy
2 Ch.3i. 19 were reckoned by genealogies among the
Ezra 2. 62 those that were reckoned by genealogy
8. 3 were reckoned by genealogy of the mules
Neh. 7. 5 might be reckoned by genealogy ; 7. 64.
RECKONING, (to be made)
l.Tc be reckoned, lyn chashab, 2.
2 Ki. 22. 7 there was no reckoning made with them
2. Inspection, visitation, charge, rnr>5 pequddah.
i Ch.23. if therefore they were in one reckoning, ac.
To give beside, TrapaSiSca/j-i pcradidomi.
Acts 14. 26 whence they had been recommended to
15. 40 being recommended by the brethren unto
RECOMPENCE (of reward)
\.Recompence, deserving, deed, "??D? gemul.
Prov 12. 14 recompence of a man s hands shall be re.
Isa. 35. 4 vengeance, (even) God (with) a recompe.
59. 18 fury to his adversaries, recompence to his
59. 1 8 to the islands he will repay recompence
66. 6 that rendereth recompence to his enemies
Jer. 51. 6 he will render unto her a recompence
Lam 3. 64 Render unto them a recompence, OLoRP
Joel. 3. 4 will ye render me a recompence? and if
3. 4, 7 return your recompence upon your own
3. Recompence, deserving, deed, fAl gemulnh.
Jer. si. 56 God of recompences shall surely requite
4.Recompence, CiVi? shillum.
Isa. 34. 8 of recompences for the controversy of Zion
Hos. 9. 7 the days of recompence are come ; Israel
5. Recompence, c jv shillem.
Deut32. 35 To me (belongeth) vengeance and recom.
G.Change, exchange, recompence, .-risen trmiirah.
Job 15. 31 Let not. .for vanity shall be his recomp.
7 . Retaliation,recompence, avrait 6^0^0. antapodoiiui.
Luke 1 4. 12 bid thee. .and a recompence be made thee
Rom ii. 9 stumbling block, and a recompence unto
S.A corresponding reward, invrifiiffQiaantimisthia.
Rom. i. 27 recompence of their error which was meet
2 Co. 6. 13 Now for a recompence in the same, I speak
9.A giving away or back a reward, fj.i<T0cnro$offia.
Heb. 2. 2 if. .received a just recompence of reward
10. 35 which hath great recompence of reward
1 1. 2t> respect unto the recompence of the reward
RECOMPENSE (again), to
l.To recompense, do, Spj yamal.
2 Sa. 19. 36 why should the king recompense it me
Joel 3. 4 if ye recompense me, swiftly(and)speedily
l.To give, \tynatlian.
2 Ch. 6. 23 recompensing his way upon his own head
Eze. 7. 3 and will recompense upon thee all thine
7. 4 I will recompense thy ways upon thee, and
7. 8 recompense thee for all thine abominat.
7. 9 I will recompense thee according to thy
9. 10 will recompense their way upon their head
ii. 21 I will recompense their way upon their
16. 43 will recompense thy way upon (thine) h.
17. 19 it will I recompense upon his own head
22. 31 their own way have I recompensed upon
23. 49they shall recompense yourlewdnessupou
3. To turn back, air shub, 5.
Num. 5. 7 he shall recompense his trespass with the
5. 8 if the man have no kinsman to recompense
2 Sa. 22. 21 to the cleanness of my hands, .he recoin.
22. 25 LOUD hath recompensed me according m
Psa. 1 8. 20 to the cleanness of my hands, .he recom.
18. 24 LORD recompensed me according to my
Hos. 12. 2 according to his doings will lie recomp.
i. To finish, complete, recompense, cSy* shalam, 3.
Ruth 2. 12 The LORD recompense thy work, and a
Job 34. 33 he will recompense it, whether thou re.
Prov 20. 22 Say not thou, I will recompense evil; (but)
Isa. 65. 6 will recompense, even recompense into
Jer. 16. 18 I will recompense their iniquity and their
25. 14 I will recompense them according to their
32. 18 recompenses! the iniquity of the fathers
50. 29 recompense her according to her work
5. To give away, back, fully, oiroSi Seo/ii apodid&mi.
Rom. 12. 17 Recompense to no man evil for evil
6. Give in return, avrairo^oifi.1 antapodldumi.
Lukei4. 14 they cannot recompense thee ; for thou
14. 14 be recompensed at the resurrection of the
Rom. 1 1. 35 it shall be recompensed unto him again
2 Th. i. 6 to recompense tribulation to them that
Heb. 10. 30 I will recompense, saith the Lord. And
1. To be caused to turn back, yxJ shub, 6.
Num. 5. 8 let the trespass be recompensed unto the
2. To becompleted,repaid,recompensed,L7y shalam,4.
Prov ii. 31 the righteous shall be recompensed in the
Jer. 18. 20 Shall evil be recompensed for good? for
RECONCILE (self), to
l.To cover, make atonement, 153 kaphar, 3.
Lev. 6. 30 isbrought..toreconcile..intheholy(place)
16. 20 when he hath made an end of reconciling
Eze. 45. 20 so thou shalt do . . so shall ye reconcile the
2. To make self pleasing, mp, ratsah. 1.
1 Sa. 29. 4 wherewith should he reconcile himself
3. To change thoroughly from, airoKaraKXaTTta.
Eph. 2. 16 he might reconcile both unto God in one
Col. i. 20 by him to reconcile all things unto him.
i. 21 And you, that were, .enemies, .hath her.
4. To change thoroughly, Kara.\\d(TV<*> katallass i.
2 Co. 5. 18 who hathreconciledustohiniself by Jesus
5. 19 reconciling the world unto himself, not
l.To be changed throughout, SiaAXarTojuai diallatt.
Matt. 5. 24 be reconciled to thy brother, and then
2. To change thoroughly, Kara\\d(rcrtt> kotallass<~>.
Rom. 5. 10 we were reconciled to God by the death
5. 10 being reconciled, we shall be saved by his
1 Co. 7. ii let her. .be reconciled to (her) husband
2 Co. 5. 20 we pray . . in Christ s stead, be ye reconc.
A thorough change, KaTa\\ayri kafallage.
Rom ii. 15 if the casting away of them (be) the reci .
2 Co. 5. 18 hath given to us the ministry of reconcil.
5. 19 hath committed unto us the word of rec.
RECONCILIATION (for), to make
l.To offer or receive, a sin offering, K$r. chata, 3.
2 Ch.29- 24 they made reconciliation with theirblood
2. To cover, make atonement, 155 kaphar, 3.
Lev. 8. 15 sanctified it, to make reconciliation upon
Eze. 45. 15 to make reconciliation for them, saith the
45. 17 to make reconciliation for the house of I.
Dan. 9. 24 to make reconciliation for iniquity, and
3. To appease, propitiate, l\dffKonat hilaskvmai.
Heb. 2. 17 make reconciliation for the sins of the
I. A record, j n;1
!, ;~i;rt dokran. dikron.
Ezra 4. 15 made in the book of the records of thy f.
4. 15 so shnlt thou find in the hook of the rec.
6. 2 and therein (was) a record thus written
2.A memorial, J nji zikkaron.
Kstli. 6. i to bring the book of records of the C.
3. ..4 testimony, witness, "in^ sahed.
Job 16. 19 my witness (is) iu heaven, and my record
4.A martyr, witness, pdprvs mart us.
2 Co. 1.23! call God for a record upon my soul, that
Phil. i. 8 God is niyrecord, how greatly I longafter
5. Testimony, witness, paprvpia
John 1. 19 this is the record of John, when the Jews
8. 13 said unto him. .thy record is not true
8. 14 my record is true : for I know whence I
19. 35 his record is true : and lie knoweth that
i Jo. 5. 10 he believeth not the record that God gave
5. ii this is the record, that God hath given to
3 John 12 good report, .and ye know that our record
RECORD, to (bear, call, take to)
1. To cause to remember, 137 zakar, 5.
Exod 20. 24 In all places where I record my name I
1 Ch. 16. 4 to record, and to thank and praise the
2. To cause to testify, ~ny ud, 5.
Deutso. 19 I call heaven and earth to record this day
31. 28 call heaven and earth to record against t.
Isa. 8. 2 I took unto me faithful witnesses to rec.
3. To write, 3np kathab.
Neh. 1 2. 22 (were) recorded chief of the fathers: also
4. To bear testimony or witness, fj.aprvpt(a martureo.
John i. 32 John bare record, saying, I saw the spirit
i. 34 I saw, and bare record that this is the Son
8. 13 said. .Thou bearest record of thyself; thy
8. 14 said. .Though I bear record of myself, (yet)
12. 17 The people, .that was with him. .bare rec.
19. 35 And he that saw (it) bare record, and his
Rom 10. 2 I bear them record that they have a zeal
2 Co. 8. 3 Forto(their)power, I bear record, yea, and
Gal. 4. 15 for I bear you record, that, if. .possible, ye
Col. 4. 13 I bear him record, that he hath a great
1 Jo. 5. 7 [there are three that bear record in hea.]
3 John 12 we (also) bear record ; and ye know that
Rev. i. 2 Who bare record of the word of God, and of
5. To testify orbearwitness.uaprvpo/ marturomai.
Acts 20. 26 I take you to record this day, that I (am)
To cause to remember, 131 zakar, 5.
2 Sa. 8. 16 Jehoshaphat the sou of Alihud (was) rec.
20. 24 Jehoshaphat the son of Alihud (was) rec.
1 Ki. 4. 3 Jehoshaphat the son of Alihud, the reco
2 Ki.iS. 18, 37 and Joah the son of Asaph the recorder
1 Ch.iS. 15 Jehoshaphat the son of Alihud, recorder
2 Ch-34. 8 and Joah the son of Joahaz the recorder
Isa. 36. 3 the scribe, and Joah, Aaaph s son, the r
36. 22 scribe and Joah the son of Asaph, the rec.
To remember, ~OJ zakar.
Nah. 2. 5 He shall recount his worthies : they shall
RECOVER (gelf, strength), to
l.To gather, |px asaph.
2 Ki. 5. 3 prophet, .would recover him of his lepr
5. 6 thou mayest recover him of his leprosy
5. 7 that this man doth send unto me to rec
5. ii strike his hand over the place, and reco.
2. To brighten up, encourage, J^J balag, 5.
Psa. 39. 13 that I may recover strength, before I go
3. To live, revive, .i;n chayah.
2 Ki. i. 2 enquire, .whether I shall recover of this
8. 8, Q saying, Shall I recover of this disease
8. 10 Thou mayest certainly recover . howbeit
8. 14 He told me. .thou shouldest surely reco.
20. 7 took and laid (it) on the boil, and he ree.
Isa. 38. 9 when he had been sick, and was recovered
38. 21 lay [it] foraplaister. .and heshallrecover
4. To keep safe, recover, cSn chalam, 5.
Isa. 38. 16 so wilt thou recover me, and make me to
5. Life preserver, quickening, rrnp michyah
2 Ch.i4. 13 that they could not recover themselves
6. To snatch away, deliver, spoil, *?*} natsal, 5.
Judgn. 26 did ye not recover(them)within that time
1 Sa. 30. 8 overtake (them), arid without fail recover
30. 1 8 David recovered all that the Amalekites
30. 22 not give, .of the spoil that we have reco.
Hos. 2. 9 and will recover my wool and my flax (g.)
7. To keep in, restrain, detain, i$jf atsar.
2 Ch.i3. 20 Neither did Jeroboam recover strength
8. To get, acquire, possess, n;j3 qanah.
Isa. ii. ii torecoverthe remnant of his people, wh.
9. To cause to turn back, 3 B> shub, 5.
1 Sa. 30. 19 was nothing lacking. .David recovered all
2 Sa. 8. 3 recover his border at the river Euphrates
2 Ki. 13. 25 beat him, and recovered the cities of Is.
14. 28 he recovered Damascus, andHamath, (w.
16. 6 Rezin king of Syria recovered Elath to S.
Jer. 41. 16 of the people whom he had recovered from
10. To become sober again, d.vavf)(p<i> ananepho.
2 Ti. 2. 26 they may recover themselves out of the
11. 2*o hold well, fXu Ka\ces echo katis.
Marki6. 18 [hands on the sick, and they shall recover]
1.7*0 be or become strong, pm chazaq.
Isa. 30. i that he had been sick, and was recovered
2. To go up, nhy alah.
Jer. 8. 22 why. .is not the health of. .my people re.
RED (marble, wine), redness
1. Red, ruddy, DTK adorn.
Gen. 25. 30 Feed me, I pray thee, with that same red
Nuniig. 2 that they bring thee a red heifer without
2 Ki. 3. 22 saw the water on the other side, .red as
Isa. 63. 2 Wherefore (art thou)red in thine apparel
Zech. i. 8 behold a man riding upon a red horse, and
i. 8 and behind him. .red horses, speckled and
6. 2 In the first chariot, .red horses, and in the
Z.Red, ruddy, JOIN, jinix admoni.
Gen. 25. 25 the first came out red, all over like an
3. Refreshed, fiery, fyhsn chaklili.
Gen. 49. 12 His eyes, .red with wine, and his teeth
1. Refreshment, fierceness, niV San chakliluth.
Prov 23. 29 who hatli wounds, .who hath redness of
5. Fermented, isn chemer.
Isa. 27. 2 sing ye unto her, A vineyard of red wine
6. Fiery, red, irvppo s purrhos.
Rev. 6. 4 there went out another horse (that was) r.
12. 3 a great red dragon.having seven heads and
7. White or shining marble, an3 bahat.
Esth. i. 6 a pavement of red, and blue, and white
RED SEA, I D D: yam suph.
The sea between Egypt and Arabia : the Hebrew name
is Yam, Suph, the "sea of weeds." The upper part of it
has two arms : the western one being called the Gulf of
Suez, which is 190 miles long ; while the eastern one is
called the Gulf of Alcaba, and is about 112 miles in
length. The head of the former (over which Israel
passed), is said to have retired 50 miles since the birth
of Christ. The name Red is perhaps a translation of
Exodio. 19 And the LORD, .cast them into the R. sea
[See under Sea, for other passages.]
RED, to be (made)
1. To be made red, DTK adam, 4.
Exod25. 5 rams skins dyed red, and badgers skins
26. 14 make a covering, .(of) rams skins dyedr.
35. 7 rams skins dyed red, and badgers skins
35. 23 and red skins of rams, and badgers skin
36. 19 made a covering., (of) rams skins dyed red
39. 34 the covering of rams skins dyed red, and
Nah. 2. 3 The shield of his mighty men is made red
l.To make red, DTK adam, 5.
Isa. 1. 18 though they be red like crimson, they shall
3. To show self red, DIN adam, 7.
Prov.23. 31 Look not thou upon the wine when it is r.
4. To be red (or foam, ferment), 1513 chamar.
Psa. 75. 8 and the wine is red ; it is full of mixture-
5. To be fire-coloured, iruppdfa purrhazo.
Matt 16. 2 (It will be) fair weather ; for the sky is red
16. 3 foul weather to day ; for the sky is red and
REDDISH (somewhat)
Reddish, very red, c^ix adamdam.
Lev. 13. 19 a bright spot, white, and somewhat red.
13. 24 bright spot, somewhat reddish, or white
13. 42 if there be. .a white reddish sore : it (is) a
13. 43 (if) the rising of the sore (be) white reddish
13. 49 if the plague be greenish or reddish in the
14. 37 with hollow strakes, greenish or reddish
REDEEM (self), to
l.To free (by avenging or repaying), ^M gaal.
Gen. 48. 16 The angei which redeemed me from all
Exod. 6. 6 will redeem you with a stretched out arm
15. 13 led. .the people (which) thou hast redee.
Lev. 25. 25 come to redeem it, then shall he redeem
25. 26 if the man have none to redeem it, and hi.
25. 48 After, .one of his brethren may redeem
25. 49 his uncle or his uncle s son, may redeem
27. 13 if he will at all redeem it, then he shall
27. 15 if he that sanctified it will redeem his ho.
27. 19 if he. .will in any wise redeem it, then he
27. 20 if he will not redeem the field, orif he ha.
27. 31 if a man will at all redeem, .of his tithes
Ruth 4. 4 If thou wilt redeem (it), redeem (it) ; but
4. 4 if thou wilt not redeem (it, then) tell me
4. 4 none to redeem (it), .he said, I will rede.
4. 6 I cannot redeem (it) for myself, lest I mar
4. 6 redeem thou my right. .1 cannot redeem
Psa. 69. 1 8 Draw nigh unto my soul, (and) redeem
72. 14 He shall redeem their soul from deceit
74. 2 thine inheritance, (which) thou hast red.
77. 15 Thou hast with (thine) arm redeemed thy
03. 4 Who redeemeth thy life from destruction
106. 10 redeemed them from the hand of the en.
107. 2 whom he hath redeemed from the hand
43. r for I have redeemed thee, I have called
44. 22 return unto me ; for I have redeemed thee
44. 23 LORD hath redeemed Jacob, and glorified
48. 20 LORD hath redeemed his servant Jacob
52. 9 for the LORD, .he hath redeemed Jerusa.
63. 9 in his pity he redeemed them ; and he b.
Lam. 3. 58 hast pleaded, .thou hast redeemed my 1.
Hos. 13. 14 I will redeem them from death: O death
Mic. 4. 10 LORD shall redeem thee from the hand of
2. To be freed, ^ gaal, 2.
Lev. 25. 49 or, if he be able, he may redeem himself
S.Freedom, redemption, aj>N3 geullah.
Lev. 25. 26 if the man . . himself be able to redeem it
Lev. 25. 29 he may redeem it within a whole year a.
25. it) (within) a full year may he redeem it
25. 32 cities, .may the Levites redeem at any ti.
l.To free, redeem, .119 padah.
Exodi3. 13 every firstling of an ass thou shall redeem
13. 13 if thou wiltnot redeem it, then thou shalt
13. 13 the first born of man. .shalt thou redeem
13. 15 all the first born of my children I redeem
34. 20 the firstling of an ass thou shalt redeem
34. 20 if thou redeem (him) not, then shalt thou
34. 20 the first born of thy sons thou shalt red.
Lev. 27. 27 he shall redeem (it) according to thine eg.
NuimS. 15 first born of man shalt thou surely rede.
18. 15 firstling of unclean beasts shalt thou re.
18. 1 6 And. .from a month old shalt thou redeem
18. 17 firstling of a goat, thou shalt not redeem
Deut. 7. 8 redeemed you out of the house of bond
9. 26 which thou hast redeemed through thy
13. 5 redeemed you out of the house of bond.
15. 15 God redeemed thee : therefore I comman.
21. 8 thy people Israel, whom thou hast rede.
24. 1 8 God redeemed thee thence : therefore I
2 Sa. 4. 9 who hath redeemed my soul out of all a.
7. 23 God went to redeem for a people to him.
7. 23 which thou redeemedst to thee from Eg.
i Ki. i. 29 hath redeemed my soul out of all distress
i Ch.i7. 21 God went to redeem (to be) hfs own peo.
17. 21 whom thou hast redeemed out of Egypt
Neh. 1. 10 thou hast redeemed by thy great power
Job 5. 20 he shall redeem thee from death ; and in
6. 23 or, Redeem me from the hand of the mi.
Psa. 25. 22 Redeem Israel, O God, out of all his tro.
26. ii But. .redeem me, and be merciful unto
31. 5 thou hast redeemed me, O LORD God of
34. 22 LORD redeemeth the soul of his servants
44. 26 Arise, .and redeem us fur thy mercies 8.
49. 7 None, .can by any means redeem his bro.
49. 15 God will redeem my soul from the power
71. 23 and my soul, which thou hast redeemed
130. 8 he shall redeem Israel from all his iniq.
Isa. 29. 22 thus saith the LORD, who redeemed Abr.
Jer. 15. 21 1 will redeem thee out of the hand of the
31. ii LORD hath redeemed Jacob, and ransom.
Hos. 7. 13 though I have redeemed them, yet they
Mic. 6. 4 redeemed thee out oi the house of serva. 8 for I have redeemed them: and they sh.
5. Separation, redemption, nn? peduth.
Isa. 50. 2 Is my hand shortened, .that it cannot re.
6. To break off, rend, deliver, pi? paraq.
Psa. 1 36. 24 hath redeemed us from our enemies : for
7. To acquire, get, njjj qanah.
Neh. 5. 8 have redeemed our brethren the
8. To acquire at the forum, ayopdfa agorazo.
Rev. 5. 9 hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out
14. 3 And. .which were redeemed from the ea.
14. 4 These were redeemed from among men
9. To acquire out of the forum, t^ayopd^w exagorazfi.
Gal. 3. 13 Christ hath redeemed us from the curse
4. 5 To redeem them that were under the law
Eph. 5. 16 Redeeming the time, because the days are
Col. 4. 5 Walk in wisdom . . redeeming the time
10.7V) loose by a price, \vrp6u>
Luke24. 21 he which should have redeemed Israel
Titus 2. 14 that he might redeem us from all iniquity
i Pe. i. 18 ye know that ye were not redeemed with
11 . Tomake a loosing, Troitca XvrptaffLV poiedlutrosin.
Luke i. 68 he hath visited and redeemed his people
REDEEMED, to (let) be
l.To be or become freed, jNJ gaal, 2.
Lev. 25. 30 if it be not redeemed within the space of
25. 54 if he be not redeemed in these (years), th.
27. 20 the field, .shall not be redeemed any mo.
27. 27 or if it be not redeemed, then it shall be
27. 28 no devoted thing, .shall be sold or rede.
27. 33 if he change it. .it shall not be redeemed
Isa. 52. 3 and ye shall be redeemed without money
2. To be freed, redeemed, .119 padah, 2.
Lev. 19. 20 not at all redeemed, nor freedom given
27. 29 None, .devoted of men, shall be redeemed
Isa. i. 27 Zion shall be redeemed with judgment
3. To free, redeem, rri$ padah, 5.
Exod2i. 8 If she pleasenot. .lether be redeemed: to
4. Freed or redeemed ones, D"n$ peduyim.
Num. 3. 48 the odd numberof themisto be redeemed
REDEEMED that are or were to be)
1 . To free by avenging or repaying, SNJ gaal. 2 Let the redeemed of the LORD say (so)
Isa. 35. 9 No lion, .but the redeemed shall walk (th.)
62. 12 The holy people, The redeemed of the L.
63. 4 and the year of my redeemed is come
l.To free, redeem, .119 padah.
Num 18. 16 those that are to be redeemed from a m.
Isa. 51. ii Therefore the redeemed of the LORD shall
5. Freed ones, D"n$ peduyim [V.L. c"ie Num. 3.51],
Num.3. 46 for those that are to be redeemed of the
3. 49 them that were redeemed by the Levite
3. sigavethe money of them that were redeem.
To free (by avenging or repaying), "?NJ gaal.
Job 19. 25 For I know (that)my redeemerliveth, and
Psa. 19. 14 Let., acceptable, .my strength, and my re.
78. is they remembered, .the high God their re.
Prov 23. ii their redeemer (is) mighty ; he shall plead
Isa. 41. 14 and thy redeemer, the holy one of Israel
43. 14 Thus saith the LORD, your redeemer, the
44. 6 Thus saith the LORD, .and his redeemer
44. 24 Thus saith the LOKD, thy redeemer, and
47. 4 our redeemer, the LORD of hosts (is) hisn.
48. 17 Thus saith the LORD, thy redeemer, the h.
49. 7 Thus saith the LORD, the redeemer of Is.
49. 26 thy redeemer, the mighty one of Jacob
54. 5 thy redeemer the holy one of Israel
54. 8 will I have mercy on thee, saith. .thy re.
59. 20 the redeemer shall cometoZion, and unto
60. 16 and thy redeemer, the mighty one of Ja.
63. 16 thou, O LORD, (art) our Father, our red.
Jer. 50. 34 Their redeemer (is) strong ; The LORD of
REDEMPTION (price of), redeeming
1. Right or price of redemption, H^NJ gcullah.
Lev. 25. 24 ye shall grant a redemption for the land
25. 51 lie shall give again the price of his rede.
25. 52 give him again the price of his redempt.
Ruth 4. 7 concerning redeeming, and concerning c.
Jer. 32. 7 for the right of redemption (is) thine to
32. 8 right of inheritance (is) thine, and the re.
ii. Separation, redemption, n\i$ peduth,
Psa. in. 9 He sent redemption unto his people : he
130. 7 and with him (is) plenteous redemption
^.Separation, redemption, Di i? pidi/om.
JN um. 3. 49 Moses took the redemption money of them
4. Separation, redemption, p"|9 pidyon.
Psa. 49. 8 the redemption of their soul (is) precious
5. A loosing away, air o\vrpwens apolutrOsis.
Luke2i. 28 look up. .for your redemption drawethni.
Kom. 3. 24 through the redemption that is in Christ
8. 23 adoption, (to wit), the redemption of our
1 Co. i. 30 made unto us. .sanctifteation, and rede.
Eph. i. 7 In whom we have redemption through h.
1. 14 until the redemption of the purchased p.
4. 30 whereby ye are sealed unto the day of re.
Col. i. 14 In whom we have redemption through h.
Heb. 9. 15 for the redemption of the transgressions
6...-1 loosing, \vTpcixris lutriisis.
Luke 2. 38 to all them that looked for redemption in
Heb. 9. 12 entered, .having obtained eternal redem.
To be over and above, irepiafffvu jierisseiiv.
2 Co. 4. 15 grace might, .redound to the glory of God
1. A reed, DJK again.
Jer. 51. 32 \he reeds they have burned with fire, and
2.A stalk, cane, reed, beam, n:^ qaneh.
1 Ki. 14. 15 LOUD shall smite Israel, as a reed is sha.
2 Ki.iS. 21 trustestuppn thestatf of this bruised reed
Job 40. 21 He lieth. .in the covert of the reed, and
Isa. 19. 6 dried up : the reeds and Hags shall wither
35. 7 where each lay, (shall be) grass, with re.
36. 6 trustest in the staff of this broken reed
42. 3 bruised reed shall he not break, and the
Eze. 29. 6 because they have been a staff of reed to
40. 3 flax in his hand, and a measuring reed
40. 5 breadth. .one reed ; and the height, one r.
40. 6 (which was) one reed broad, and the other
40. 6 threshold (of the gate, which was) one r.
40. 7 chamber (was) one reed long, and one re.
40. 7 threshold of the gate, .(was) one reed
40. 8 also the porch of the gate within, one re.
41. 8 foundations, .a full reed of six great cub.
42. 16 He measured, .with the measuring reed
42. 16 with the measuring reed round about
42. 17, 18, 19 hundred reeds, with the measuring
3..-1 stalk, reed, cane, KoAeejtos kalamos.
Matt 1 1. 7 What went ye out. .to see? A reed shaken
12. 20 bruised reed shall he not break, and sm.
27. 29 they put (it) upon his head, and a reed in
27. 30 took the reed, and smote him on the head
27. 48 put (it) on a reed, and gave him to drink
Markis. 19 they smote him on the head with a reed
15. 36 put (it) on a reed, and gave him to drink
Luke 7. 24 What went ye out. .to see? A reed shaken
Rev. ii. i there was given me a reed like unto a rod
21. 15 he that talked with me had a golden reed
21. 16 he measured the city with the reed, twe.
REEL (to and fro), to
\.Toreelto and fro, 33n chagag.
Psa. 107. 27 They reel to and fro, and stagger like a
2.7*0 move, stagger, yi: nua.
Isa. 24. 20 shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and
RE-E-LA -IAH, n;S;n Jah causes trembling.
One of the principal men that returned with Zerubbabel.
B.C. 536.
Ezra 2. 2 Xehemiah, Seraiah, R., Mordecai
REFINE, (well) refined, refiner, to
1.7*0 be refined, ppi zaqaq, 4.
i Ch.28. 18 for the altar of incense refined gold by w.
29. 4 seven thousand talents of refined silver
Isa. 25. 6 marrow, of wines on the lees well refined
2. 7*0 refine, try, purify, ifiy tsaraph.
Isa. 48. 10 I have refined thee, but not with silver; I
/ech.i 3 . 9 through the fire, and will refine them as
3. To refine, try, purify, r\-\y tsaraph, 3.
Mai. 7 . 2 for he (is) like a refiner s fire, and like fu.
3. 3 shall sit (as) a refiner and purifier of silver
REFUTED, to be
To refine, try, purify, fiy tsaraph.
Zech. 13. 9 as silver is refined, and will try them as
.1 making thoroughly right, 8t6pQu(rtt diorthdsis.
Heb. 9. 10 imposed (on them) until the time of refo.
7*0 be instructed, chastised, ip; yasar, 2.
Lev. 26. 23 if ye will not be reformed by me by these
REFRAIN, (self, from), to
1. To refrain or force self, pjx aphaq, 7.
Gen. 43. 31 refrained himself, and said, Set on bread
45. i Joseph could not refrain himself before
Esth. 5. 10 Nevertheless Hainan refrained himself
Isa. 42. 14 I have been still, (and) refrained myself
64. 12 Wilt thou refrain thyself for these (thi.)
2.7*0 refrain, can chatam.
Isa. 48. 9 for my praise will I refrain for thee, that
3. 7*o darken, keep back,
tyn chasak.
Job 7. ii Therefore I will not refrain my mouth; I 19 sin : but he that refraineth his lips(is) w.
Jer. 14. 10 they have not refrained their feet ; there.
4. 7*o shut, restrain, N^>J
Psa. 40. 9 I have not refrained my lips, O LORD, t.
1 19. ioi I have refrained my feet from every evil
5. To withhold, keep back, y)O mana.
Prov. i. 15 My son. .refrain thy foot from their path
Jer. 31. 16 Refrain thy voice from weeping, and thi.
6. To keep in, restrain, detain, ~\$y atsar.
Job 29. 9 princes refrained talking, and laid (their)
7. 7*o be or keep far off, prn rachaq.
Ecel. 3. 5 time to embrace, and a time to refrain fr.
8.7*0 set offfrom, a<f>i(TTrnj.i ajthistemi.
Acts 5. 38 Refrain from these men, and let them al.
9. To cease, refrain, pauomai.
1 1 e. 3. 10 let him refrain his tongue from evil, and
REFRESH (self), to
1. 7*o be refreshed, e>3} naphash, 2.
2 Sa. 16. 14 came weary, and refreshed themselves
2. 7*o support, refresh, lyp saad.
i Ki. 13. 7 Come home with me, and refresh thyself
3.7*0 cause to turn back, 3ii? shub, 5.
Prov 25. 13 for he refresheth the soul of his masters
i. To give rest again, avairaixa anapa. Ud.
1 Co. 16. 18 For they have refreshed my spirit and yo.
2 Co. 7. 13 because his spirit was refreshed by you
Phm. 20 Yea, brother, .refresh my bowels in the
5. To cool or refresh again, ivafyvx<a anapsucho.
2 Ti. i. 16 for he oft refreshed me, and was not ash.
6.7*0 obtain much attention, rvyxo.i u firt/j.e\fias.
Acts 27. 3 liberty to go unto his friends to refresh him
REFRESHED (with), to be
1.7*0 be refreshed, rsi naphash, 2.
Exod23. 12 and the stranger may be refreshed
31. 17 seventh day he rested, and was refreshed
2. 7*o have breath, be refreshed, rrn ravach.
i Sa. 16. 23 so Saul was refreshed, and was well, and
Job 32. 20 I will speak, that I may be refreshed
3. To give rest again, avairavca anapauo.
Phm. 7 bowels of the saints are refreshed by thee
4. Torestagainu-ith,a-vva.vairavo/j.aisuna)iapauomai
Rom. 15. 32 [come unto you. .and may with you be r.]
1. Refreshing, n^ng margeah.
Isa. 28. 12 this (is) the refreshing : yet they would
1.A cooling or refreshing again, avd\l/uts anapsu.
Acts 3. 19 when the times of refreshing shall come
REFUGE, (place of)
\.A refuge, place, of refuge, ~pnj machseh.
Psa. 14. 6 of the poor, because the LORD (is) his re.
46. i God (is) our refuge and strength, a very
62. 7 rock of my strength, (and) my refuge, (is)
62. 8 pour out your heart. .God (is)a refuge for
71. 7 unto many : but thou (art) my strong ref.
91. 2 my refuge and my fortress : my God ; in
91. 9 thou hast made the LORD (which is) my r.
94. 22 and my God (is) the rock of my refuge
104. 18 high hills (are) a refuge for the wild goats
142. 5 Thou (art) my refuge (and) my portion in
Prov 14. 26 and his children shall have a place of re.
Isa. 4. 6 for a place of refuge, and for a covert from
25. 4 refuge from the storm, a shadow from the
28. 15 for we have made lies our refuge, and un.
28. 17 the hail shall sweep away the refuge of
2. Flight, place offlight, oijij manos.
2 Sa. 22. 3 my refuge, my saviour ; thou savest me fr.
Psa. 59. 16 for thou hast been my defence and refuge
142. 4 refuge failed me; no man cared for my so.
Jer. 16. 19 refugein the day of affliction, the Gentiles
3. Habitation, den, .ijiyp meonah.
Deut33. 27 eternal God (is thy) refuge, and undenie.
4. Asylum, rrfugr, restricted place, e^fp miqlat.
Nuni35. 6 six cities for refuge, which* ye shall appo.
35. ii appoint you cities to be cities of refugo
12 they shall be unto you cities for refuge
35. 13 shall give, six cities shall ye have for ref.
35. 14 of Canaan, (which)shallbecitisof refuge
35. 15 These six cities shall be a refuge, (both)
35. 25 shall restore him to the city of his refuge
35. 20, 27 the border of the city of his refuge
35. 28 have remained in the city of his refuge
35. 32 him that is fled to the city of hia refuge
Josh 20. 2 Appoint out for you cities of refuge, wh.
20. 3 shall l)e your refuge from the avenger of
21. 13, 21, 27, 32, 33 a city of refuge for the sla.
i Ch. 6. 57 Hebron, (the city) of refuge, and Libnah
6. 67 they gave unto them, (of) the cities of re.
High place, tower, 2)yo misgab.
Psa. 9. 9 will be a refuge for the oppressed, a ref.
46. 7, 1 1 the God of Jacob (is) our refuge. Se.
48. 3 God is known in her palaces for a refuge
REFUGE, to make
To take refuge, .1917 chasah.
Psa. 57. i shadow of thy wings will I make my ref.
REFUSE, (to)
1.7*0 refuse, j>o maun, 3.
Gen. 37. 35 he refused to be comforted.: and he said
39. 8 he refused, and said unto his master s w.
48. 19 his father refused, and said, I know (it) Exod. 4. 23 if thou refuse to let him go, behold, I w.
7. 14 Pharaoh s heart(is) hardened, herefuseth
10. 3 How long wilt thou refuse to humble th.
16. 28 How long refuse ye to keep my comman.
22. 17 If her father utterly refuse to give her u.
*N~um2o. 21 Thus Edom refused to give Israel passage
22. 13 LORD refuseth to give me leave to go with
22. 14 said, Balaam refuseth to come with us
Deut25. 7 My husband s brother refuseth to raise up
1 Sa. 8. 19 the people refused to obey the voice of S.
28. 23 But, he refused, and said, I will not eat
2 Sa. 2. 23 he refused to turn aside : wherefore Ab.
13. 9 he refused to eat. And Amnon said, Have
1 Ki.2o. 35 And the man refused to smite him
21.15 which he refused to give thee for money
2 Ki. 5. 16 he urged him to take (it); but he refused
Neh. 9. 17 refused to obey, neither were mindful of
Esth. 1. 12 Vashti refused to come at the king s com.
Job 6. 7 The things (that) my soul refused to tou.
Psa. 77. 2 sore ran . . my soul refused to be comforted
78. 10 kept not. .and refused to walk in his law
Prov. i. 24 I have called, and ye refused ; I have
21. 7 destroy, .because they refuse to do judg.
21. 25 killeth him; for his hands refuse to lab.
Isa. i. 20 if ye refuse and rebel, ye shall be devou.
Jer. 3. 3 thou hadst a whore s forehead, thou ref.
5. 3 they have refused . .have refused to retu.
8. 5 they hold fast deceit, they refuse to ret.
9. 6 they refuse to know me, saith the LORD
11. 10 forefathers, which refused to hear my w.
15. 18 incurable, (which) refuseth to be healed
25. 28 if they refuse to take the cup at thine h.
31. 15 refused to be comforted for her children
50. 33 held them fast ; they refused to let them
Hos. ii. 5 shall be his king, because they refused to
Zech. 7.11 they refused to hearken, and pulled away
^.Refusing, fND maen.
Exod. 8. 2 if thou refuse to let (them) go, behold, I
9. 2 if thou refuse to let (them) go, and wilt
10. 4 Else, if thou refuse to let my people go
Jer. 38. 21 if thou refuse to go forth, this (is) the w.
Z. Refusing, DUNO meanim.
Jer. 13. 10 This evil people which refuse to hear my
4. 7*0 loathe, despise, reject, BNC maas.
i Sa. 16. 7 Look not. .because. .1 have refused him
Job 34. 33 whether thou refuse, or whether thou ch.
Psa. 78. 67 he refused the tabernacle of Joseph, and
118. 22 The stone., the builders refused is become
Isa. 7. 15, 16 know to refuse the evil, and choose
8. 6 as this people refuseth the waters of Shi.
Eze. 5. 6 they have refused my judgments and my
5. To forsake, 3]y azab. 17 but he that refuseth reproof erreth
6.7*0 make free, void, refuse, y~% para.
Prov. 8. 33 Hear instruction, .be wise, .refuse it not
13. 18 shame (shall be) to him that refuseth ins.
15. 32 He that refuseth instruction despiseth his
7. To deny, disown, apvio^ai arneomai.
Acts 7. 35 This Moses whom they refused, saying, W,
Heb. ii. 24 refused to be called the son of Pharaoh s
8.7*o ask off, deprecate, paraitemnai.
Acts 25. n I refuse not to die : but if there be none
i Ti. 4. 7 refuse profane and old wives fables, and
5. ii the younger widows refuse: forwhenthey
Heb. 12. 25 See that ye refuse not him that speaketh
12. 25 who refused him that spake on earth, much
1.7*0 loathe, despise, reject, DN2 maas.
Lam. 3. 45 Thou hast made us. .refuse in the midst
2. 7*o be melted, waited, Dps masas, 2.
i Sa. 15. 9 vile and refuse, that they destroyed utte.
3. fiefuse, flakes, S#j mappal.
Amos 8. 6 may buy. .and sell the refuse of the wh.
1 . To be loathed, despised, rejected, DM? maas, 1.
lia. 54. 6 a wife of youth, when thou waat refused
2. What is to be cast aicay, OITO/SATJTOJ apobletos.
i Ti. 4. 4 nothing to be refused, if it be received
REGARD of, in
On account uf the matter of, mrrr^H al dibrath.
Eccl. 8. 2 and (that) in regard of the oath of God
REGARD, to (have)
l.?*o understand, consider, attend, pa bin.
Psa. 28. 5 Because they regard not the works of th
94. 7 neither shall the God of Jacob regard (il
Prov 29. 7 (but) the wicked regardeth not to know
Ban. ii. 37 Neither shall he regard the God. .nor re
1. To understand, consider, attend, pa bin, 7a.
Job 30. 20 1 stand up, and thou regardest me (not)
3. To seek, inquire, require, shy darash.
Job 3. 4 let not God regard it from above, neithe
4. To let the eye spare, ] .y Din [ayin].
Gen. 45. 20 Also regard not your stuff ; for the good
0.2*0 think, reckon, esteem, iyn chashab.
Isa. 13. 17 which shall not regard silver; and (as for
33. 8 he hath despised the cities, he regardeth
6. 7*o know, jn; yada.
Prov 12. 10 righteous (man) regardeth the life of his
7. To set the taste or desire, oyp O ty sum teem,
Dan. 3. 12 these men, O king, have not regarded thee
6. 13 regardeth not thee., O king, nor the dec
8. To (cause to) behold, B3} nabat, 5.
Isa. 5.12 but they regard not the work of the LORE
Lam. 4. 16 he will no more regard them : they respe. Amos 5. 22 neither will I regard the peace offerings
Hab. i. 5 regard, and wonder marvellously: for (i;
9. To discern, 15} nakar, 3.
Job 34. 19 nor regardeth the rich more than the poor?
10. 2*o lift up, Kty) nasa.
Deutio. 17 which regardeth not persons, nor taketh
28. 50 which shall riot regard the person of the
2 Ki. 3. 14 were it not that I regard the presence of
Mai. i. 9 will he regard your persons? saith the L.
11. To face, front, look, n# panah.
Lev. 19. 31 Regard not them that have familiar spir.
Job 36. 21 Take heed, regard not iniquity: for this
Psa. 102. 17 He will regard the prayer of the destitute
Mai. 2. 13 insomuch that he regardeth not the offe.
12. To lift up the face, D J? ttiy) nasa phanim.
Prov. 6. 35 He will not regard any ransom ; neither
13. To give attention, zy^ qashab, 5.
Prov. i. 24 stretched out my hand, and no man reg.
I i. Attention, atfji qesheb.
i Ki.iS. 29 nor any to answer, nor any that regarded
15.2*0 see, no raah.
i Oh. 17. 17 hast regarded me according to the estate
Psa 66. 18 If I regard iniquity in my heart, the LORD
106 44 Nevertheless he regarded their affliction
Eccl ii. 4 he that regardeth the clouds shall not r.
16. To set, put, place, n\er sum, 5.
Job 4. 20 they perish for ever without any regarding
17. To set the heart, aS (nn? or) oy sum (or shith) leb,
Exod. 9. 21 he that regarded not the word of the Lo
1 Sa. 4. 20 she answered not, neither did she regard
25. 25 I pray thee, regard this man of Belial, (e.)
2 Sa. 13. 20 he (is) thy brother; regard not this thing
18. 2*o behold, look, IIB> shur.
Job 35. 13 vanity, neither will the Almighty regard
1 9. To hear, hearken, yoy shamea.
Job 39. 7 neither regardeth he the crying of the d.
20. 2*0 observe, watch, take heed, keep, igy shamar.
Psa. 31. 6 I have hated them that regard lying van
Prov. 5. 2 That thou mayest regard discretion, and
13. 18 that regardeth reproof shall be honoured
15, 5 but he that regardeth reproof is prudent
Eccl. 5. 8 higher than the highest regardeth ; and
21.2*0 look, glance at, nyy shaah.
Exod. 5. 9 labour therein ; and let them not regard
22.2*0 see, perceive, understand, $\tiru blepd.
Matt22. 16 for thou regardest not the person of men
Markia. 14 for thou regardest not the person of men
23.2 o turn self in or away, ivrptironai entrepomai.
LukeiS. 2 which feared not God, neither regarded
18. 4 Though I fear not God, nor regard man
24.2*0 look upon, cVt.SAtVa epiblepij.
Luke i. 48 For he hath regarded the low estate of
25. 7*o hold toward, irpofffxw 2)rosecho.
Acts 8. ii to him they had regard, because that of
26.2*0 think, set the mind, Rom <f>povf<a phroned. 14. 6 He that regardeth the day. regardeth (it)
14- 6 [he that regardeth not. .doth not regard]
REGARD, not to
1. To be careless, o,ue\eo> ameleii.
Heb. 8. 9 and I regarded them not, saith the Lord
".To consult amiss, irapa/3ov\evonai parabouleuom.
2. 30 [not regarding] his life, to supply your 1.
RE -GEM, B?} friendship, association. A son of Jahdai, of the family of Caleb son of Jephun- neth. B.C. 1470.
x Ch. 2. 47 And the sons of Jahdai ; R.. and Jotham
RE-GEM ME -LECH, !)Ss Orj.
One whom the people sent into the temple to pray and
to consult the priests and prophets regarding a day of
humiliation in memory of the destruction of the temple
B.C. 518.
Zech. 7. 2 they had sent. .Sherezer and R., and
A re-creation, regeneration, va.\iyy(v(ffia. paliyge.
Muttig. 28 in the regeneration, when the Son of man
Titus 3. 5 by the washing of regeneration, and ren.
REGION that lieth (round about)
l.A cord, line, coast, ^an, San chebel.
Deut. 3. 4 all the region of Argob, the kingdom of
3. 13 all the region of Argob, with all Bashan
i Ki. 4. 13 the region of Argob, which (is) in Bashai
2. An elevated place, nsj naphah.
1 Ki. 4. 1 1 in all the region of Dor ; which had Tap
S.A climate, region, district, K\t,ua klima.
2 Co. ii. 10 of this boasting in the regions of Achaia
Gal. i. 21 I came into the regions of Syria and Cil.
4.The place all around, irtpix^pos perichoros.
Matt. 3. 5 Then went out. .all the region round ab.
Mark i. 28 throughout all the region round about G
6. 55 ran through that whole region [round a.
Luke 4. 14 fame, .through all the region round abou
7. 17 and throughout all the region round abou
Acts 14. 6 and unto the region that lieth round abou
5.A place, region, field, x<upa.
Matl. 4. 1 6 to them which sat in the region and sha
Luke 3. i of the region of Trachonitis, and Lysanias
Acts 8. i throughout the regions of Judea and Sa
13. 49 was published throughout all the region
1 6. 6 throughout Phrygia and the region of Ga.
l.A writing, ana kethab.
Ezra 2. 62 These sought their register (among) those
Neh. 7. 64 These sought their register (among) those
2.A book, letter, account, isp sepher.
Neh. 7. 5 I found a register of the genealogy of them
RE-HAB -IAH, n;an-i, n;arn Jah is a widener.
Eldest son of Eliezer son of Moses. B.C. 1390.
i Ch.23. 17 And the sons of Eliezer (were) R. the ch.
23. 17 but the sons of R. were very many
24. 21 concerning R. : of the sons of R.
26. 25 And his brethren by Eliezer ; R. his son
1.2*0 speak, ~\y* dabar, 3.
i Sa. 8. 2 1 he rehearsed them in the ears of the LORD
2.2*0 bring forward, tell, declare, ij} nagad, 5.
1 Sa. 17. 31 they rehearsed (them) before Saul ; and
3. 2*o sit, place, put, Blip sum.
Exod 17. 14 Write, .and rehearse, .in the ears of Jos.
4.2*0 give, give forth, ny? tanah, 3.
Judg. 5. ii rehearse the righteous acts of the LORD
5. To tell back or again, ava.yye\\ca anaygello.
Acts 14. 27 rehearsed all that God had done with them
REHEARSE from the beginning, to
2*o begin, commence, & archomai.
Acts ii. 4 Peter rehearsed . . from the beginning, and
lE -HOB, arn width.
.. A Levitical city in Asher, near the source of the
Jordan, the farthest place northward to which the
spies went ; now called Hunin.
umi3. 21 w ent up, and searched the land, .unto R.
Josh. 19. 28 And Hebron, and R., and Hamnion, and
19. 30 Ummah also, and Aphek, and R.: twenty
21. 31 Helkath with her suburbs, and R. with
Judg. 1.31 NeitherdidAsherdriveouttheinh...ofR.
2 Sa. 10. 8 and the Syrians, .of R. . .(were) by thems
1 Ch. 6. 75 Hukok with her suburbs, and R. with her
2. Father of Hadadezer, king of Zobah in the days of
David. B.C. 1040.
2 Sa. 8. 3 David smote also Hadadezer. .son of R.
8. 12 and of the spoil of Hadadezer, son of R.
3. A Levite that with Nehemiah sealed the covenant.
B.C. 445.
Neh. 10. ii Micha, R., Hashabiah
RE-HO-BO -AM, ajjarn freer of the people. Son and successor of Solomon, from whom the ten
ribes revolted. B.C. 975.
i Ki. ii. 43 and R. his son reigned in his stead
12. i And R. went to Shechem : for all Israel
12. 3 And Jeroboam . . came, and spake unto R.
12. 6 And king R. consulted with the old men
12. 12 Jeroboam, .came to R. the third day, as
12. 17 the cities of Judah, R. reigned over them
12. 18 Then king R. sent Adorani, who(was)over
12. 18 R. made speed to get him up to his cha.
12. 21 And when R. was come to Jerusalem, he
12. 21 to bring the kingdom again to R. the son
12. 23 Speak unto R., the son of Solomon, kin"
7 the heart of this people turn, .unto R
12. 27 they shall kill me, and go again to R. king
14. 21 R. the son of Solomon reigned in Judah
14. 21 R.( was) forty and one years old when he
14. 25 it came to pass, in. .fifth year of king R.
14. 27 king R. made in their stead brasen shie
14. 29 Now the rest of the acts of R. . .(are) w
i Ki.i 4. 30 And there was war between R. and Jero
14. 31 And R. slept with his fathers, and was
15. 6 And there was war between R. and Jero.
1 Ch. 3. 10 And Solomon s son(was)R., Abia his son
2 Ch. 9. 31 and R. his son reigned in his stead
10. i And R. went to Shechem: for to Shechem
10. 3 Jeroboam and all Israel. . spake to R., say.
10. 6 king R. took counsel with the old men
10. 12 all the people came to R. on the third day
10. 13 and king R. forsook the counsel of the old
10. 17 the cities of J., R. reigned over them
10. 18 R. sent Hadoram that (was) over the trib.
10. 1 8 R. made speed to get him up to (his) cha.
11. i And when R. was come to Jerusalem, he
ii. i he might bring the kingdom again to R.
n. 3 Speak unto R. the son of Solomon, king
ii. 5 And R.dweltin Jerusalem, and built citi.-< n. 17 So they, .made R. the son of Solomon st
11. 18 And R. took him Mahalath the daughter n. ai And R. loved Maachah the daughter of A.
n. 22 R. made Abijah the son of Maachah the
12. i when R. had established the kingdom., he
12. 2 came to pass . . in the fifth year of king R.
12. 5 Then came Shemaiah the prophet to R
12. 10 Instead of which king R. made shields of
12. 1380 king R. strengthened himself in Jeru
12. 13 R. (was) one and forty years old when he
12. 15 Now the acts of R... (are)., written in the
12. 15 (there were) wars between R. and Jerob
12. 16 And R. slept with his fathers, and was b.
1 3. 7 against R. the son of Solomon,when R. was
Matt. i. 7 And Solomon begat R. ; and R. begat A.
RE-HO -BOTH, narn, nlarn enlargement.
1. A city in Assyria, built in Nimrod, near Nineveh and
Calab, on the Euphrates.
Gen. 10. ii Asshur. .builded Nineveh, .the city R. 1
36. 37 and Saul of R. . .reigned in his stead
i Ch. i. 48 Shaul of R. by the river reigned in his st.
2. A well which Isaac digged, perhaps Ruchaibah
three miles S. of Elusa.
Gen. 26. 22 and he called the name of it R. ; and he
RE -HUM, cirri pity.
1. A chief man that returned with Zerubbabel. B.C. 536.
Ezra 2. 2 Bilshan, Mispar, Bigvai, R., Baauah
Neh. 12. 3 Shechaniah, R., Meremoth
2. A chancellor of Artaxerxes. B.C. 522.
Ezra 4. 8 R. the chancellor, .wrote a letteragainst
4. 9 Then (wrote) R. the chancellor, and Shi.
4. 17 (Then) sent the king an answer unto R.
4. 23 Artaxerxes letter (was) read before R., and
3. A Levite that helped to repair the wall. B.C. 445.
Neh. 3. 17 after him repaired the Levites, R. the son
4. A person that with Nehemiah sealed the covenant
B.C. 445.
Neh. 10. 25 R., Hashabnah, Maaseiah
RE -I, in Jah is a friend.
A friend of David when Adonijah attempted to become
king. B.C. 1015.
i Ki. i. 8 But Zadok. .and R. . . were not with Adon.
1.2*0 reign, be a king, jSp malak.
1 Ki. 6. i in the fourth year of Solomon s reign over
2 Ki. 24. 12 took him in the eighth year of his reign
25. i in the ninth year of his reign, in the tenth
1 Ch. 4. 31 These (were) their cities unto the reign
2 Ch. 16. 13 in the oneand fortieth yearof his reign
17. 7 in the third year of his reign he sent to
29. 3 He, in the first year of his reign, in the fl.
34. 3 in the eighth year of his reign, while he
34. 8 in the eighteenth year of his reign, when
36. 20 servants, .until the reign of the kingdom
Esth. i. 3 In the third year of his reign, he made a
Jer. i. 2 came., in the thirteenth year of his reign
51. 59 he went, .in the fourth year of his reign
52. 4 in the ninth year of his reign, in the tenth
Dan. 9. 2 In the first year of his reign, I Daniel un.
2.Kingdom, ?aS? maleku.
Ezra 4. 24 ceased unto the second year of the reign
6. 15 sixth year of the reign of Darius the king
Dan. 6. 28 in the reign of Darius, and in the reign of
.Kingdom, maS? malekuth.
1 Ch.26. 31 In the fortieth year of the reign of David
29. 30 With all his reign and his might, and the
2 Ch. 3. 2 second month, in the fourth year of his r.
15. 10 in the fifteenth year of the reign of Asa
15. 19 five and thirtieth year of the reign of Asa
16. i In the six and thirtieth year of the reign
16. 12 in the thirty and ninth year of his reign
29. 19 Ahaz in his reign did cast away in histran.
35. 19 In the eighteenth year of the reign of J.
Ezra 4. 5 until the reign of Darius king of Persia
4. 6 And in the reign of Ahasuerus, in the be.
4. 6 beginning of his reign, wrote they (unto
7. i in the reign of Artaxerxes king of Persia
8. i chief . .in the reign of Artaxerxes the king
Neh. 12. 22 priests, to the reign of Darius the Persian
Esth. 2. 16 was taken, .in the seventh year of his re.
Jer. 49. 34 in the beginning of the reign of Zedekiah
52. 31 in the (first) year of his reign lifted up the
Dan. i. i In the third year of the reign ofJehoiakim
2. i in the second year of the reign of Nebuc.
8. i In the third year of the reign of king Be.
4. Kingdom, reign, na^?? mamlakah.
Jer. 27. i In thebeginningofthereignof Jehoiakim
28. i in the beginning of the reign of Zedekiah
^.Kingdom, nSt?9 mamlakidh.
Jer. 26. i In Ihe beginning of the reign of Jehoiakun
6. Leadership, j]y/j.ovia hegemonia.
Luke 3. i in the fifteenth year of the reign of Tibe.
REIGN (over, with), to
1. 7*0 reign, be a king, 371? malak.
Gen 16. 31 the kings that reigned in the land of Ed.
36 31 before there reigned any king over the c.
36 32 And B lB. the son of Beor reigned in Edom
36 33 Jobab me son of Zerah of Bozrah reigned
-6 34 Husham of the land of Temani reigned in
36 35 Husham died, and Hadad .. reigned in his
36 36 Samlah of Masrekah reigned in his stead
36 37 Saul of Rehoboth (by) the river reigned
36 38 Baal-hanan the son of Achbor reigned in
36 39 Hadarreigned in his stead : and the name
37 . 8 Shalt thou indeed reign over us? or shalt
Exodis. 1 8 The LORD shall reign forever and ever
Josh 13 io, 21 king of the Amorites, which reigned
13. 12 which reigned in Ashtaroth and in Edrei
Judg 4 2 Jabin king of Canaan, that reigned in Ha.
q 8 said unto the olive tree, Reign thou over
o. io, 12, 14 said. .Come thou, (and) reign over
1 Sa 8. 7 rejected me, that I should not reign over
8 9 manner of the king that shall reign over
8 ii the manner of the king that shall reign
ii 12 Who (is) he that said, Shall Saul reign ov.
2 12 said . . Nay ; but a king shall reign over us
1214 and also the king that reigneth over you
13. i Saul reigned one year, .when he had rei.
16 i have rejected him from reigning over Is.
2 Sa 2 io Ish-bosheth, Saul s son. .reigned two ye.
3 21 that thou mayest reign over all that thine
5 4 thirty years old .. (and ) he reigned forty y.
5 . 5 In Hebron he reigned over Judah seven
5. 5 he reigned thirty and three years overall
8. 15 David reigned over all Israel ; and David
io. i and. .his son reigned in his stead
[So in i Ki. n. 43; 14- 20, 31 ; 15- 8, 24 ; 16. 6, 28 ; 22.
40, 50 ; 2 Ki. 8. 15, 24 ; io. 35 ; 12. 21 ; 13. 9, 24 ; 14. 16,
29; 15- 7i 22> 38 ! l6- 20 > *9- 37! 20- 2I 2I " l8 24
6 ; i Ch. 19. i ; 29. 28 ; 2 Ch. 9. 31 ; 12. 16 ; 14. i ; 17- ;
ai. i ; 24. 27; 26. 23 ; 27. 9; 28. 27; 32. 33 ; 33- .
2 ; 3. 8.J
2 Sa. 15. io ye shall say, Absalom reigneth in Hebron
16. 8 Saul, in whose stead thou hast reigned
i Ki. i. ii the son of Haggith doth reign, and David
i 13 17, 30 thy son shall reign after me, and
1. 13 saying., why then doth Adonijah reign?
i. 18 Adonijah reigneth ; and now, my lord the
1. 24 Adonijah shall reign after me, and he sh.
2. ii And the days that David reigned over Is.
2. ii seven years reigned he in Hebron, and th.
2. ii and three years reigned he in Jerusalem
2. is set their faces on me, that I should reign
6. i in the fourth year of Solomon s reign over
ii 24 dwelt therein, and reigned in Damascus
ii. 25 he abhorred Israel, and reigned over Sy.
ii. 37 thou shalt reign according to all that
11. 42 reigned in Jerusalem over all Israel
1 2. 1 7 the cities of Judah,Rehoboam reigned over
14 iq how he warred, and how he reigned, beh.
14. 20 the days which Jeroboam reigned (were)
14 21 Rehoboam the son of Solomon reigned in
14. 21 he reigned seventeen years in Jerusalem
15. i the eighteenth year, .reigned Abijam over
15. 2 Three years reigned he in Jerusalem, and
15. 9 twentieth year of Jeroboam . . re. Asa over
15 io forty and one years reigned he in Jerusa.
15. 25 And Nadab. .reigned over Israel two ye.
15 28 did Baasha slay him, and reigned in his
15. 2q when he reigned, (that) he smote all the
16. io and killed him. .and reigned in his stead
16 15 did Zimri reign seven days in Tirzah. And
16. 22 prevailed, .so Tibni died, and Omri reig.
16 23 began Omri. .six years reigned he in Tir.
1 6 29 Ahab the son of Omri reigned over Israel
-2. 42 he reigned twenty and five years in Jeru.
-2 51 Ahaziah. .reigned two years over Israel
a Ki i 17 Jehoram reigned in his stead, in the sec.
; i Jehoram the son of Ahab . . reigned twelve
3 . 27 son, that should have reigned in his stead
8 17 and he reigned eight years in Jerusalem
io 36 the time that Jehu reigned over Israel in
ii. 3 And Athaliah did reign over the land
1 2 i forty years reigned he in Jerusalem. And
14! i reigned Amaziah the son of Joash king of
14 2 reigned twenty and nine years in Jerusa.
15 2 he reigned two and fifty years in Jerusa.
15 8 did. .reign over Israel in Samaria six mo.
15 io 14, 30 slew him, and reigned in his stead
is 1 3 and he reigned a full month in Samaria
is 25 and he killed him, andreigned in his room
15. 33 and he reigned sixteen years in Jerusalem
16 2 and reigned sixteen years in Jerusalem
1 8. 2 he reigned twenty and nine years in Jer.
21. i reigned fifty and five years in Jerusalem
21. iq and he reigned two years in Jerusalem
2. i reigned thirty and one years in Jerusalem
23. 31 and he reigned three months in Jerusalem
23. 33 Pt him. .that he might not reign in Jer.
23 36 and he reigned eleven years in Jerusalem
24. 8 he reigned in Jerusalem three months
24. 18 and he reigned eleven years in Jerusalem
i Ch. i. 43 these (are) the kings that reigned in the
i. 43 before (any) king reigned over the children
i 44 Jobab the son of Zerah of Bozrah reigned
i. 45 Husham of the land of the Temanites re.
x. 46 Hadad the son of Bedad .. reigned in his
-. 47 Samlah of Masrekah reigned in his stead
48 Shaul of Rehoboth by the river reigned m
1 Ch i 49 And . . the son of Achbor reigned in his st.
i. 50 Hadad reigned in his stead : and the name
i 4 there he reigned seven years and six mo.
4 in Jerusalem he reigned thirty and three
16 31 say among the nations, The LORD reigneth
18 14 So David reigned over all Israel, and ex.
20 26 Thus David the son of Jesse reigned over
29 27 And the time that he reigned over Israel
20 27 seven years reigned he in Hebron, and
29 27 thirty and three (years) reigned he in Je.
2 Ch 113 Solomon came, .and reigned over Israel
q 30 And Solomon reigned in Jerusalem over
io 17 cities of Judah, Rehoboam reigned over
12. 13 Rehoboam strengthened himself, .and r.
12. 13 he reigned seventeen years in Jerusalem
13 2 He reigned three years in Jerusalem. His
20 31 AndJehoshaphatreignedoverJudah,(He
20. 31 he reigned twenty and five years in Jer.
21. 5 and he reigned eight years in Jerusalem
21 20 he reigned in Jerusalem eight years, and
22. i the son of Jehoram king of Judah reigned
22. 2 and he reigned one year in Jerusalem
22 12 and Athaliah reigned over the land
23. 3 the king s son shall reign, as the LORD h.
24. i and he reigned forty years in Jerusalem
25 i he reigned twenty and nine years in Jer.
26 3 he reigned fifty and two years in Jerusa.
27 i and he reigned sixteen years in Jerusalem
27 8 and reigned sixteen years in Jerusalem
28 t andhereigned sixteen years in Jerusalem
29 i he reigned nine and twenty years in Jer.
33 i reigned fifty and five years in Jerusalem
33 21 Amon. .reigned two years in Jerusalem
i. i reigned in Jerusalem one and thirty years
36. 2 and he reigned three months in Jerusalem
36 5 and he reigned eleven years in Jerusalem
36. 9 reigned three months and ten days in Je.
36. ii and reigned eleven years in Jerusalem
Esth i. i Ahasuerus which reigned from India even
Job 34. 30 That the hypocrite reign not, lest the pe.
Psa 47 8 God reigneth over the heathen : God sit.
03 i The LORD reigneth ; he is clothed with
06 io Say among the heathen, .the LORD reign.
07 i The LORB reigneth ; let the earth rejoice
qo i The LORD reigneth ; let the people trem
146. io The LORD shall reign for ever, .thy God
Prov. 8. 15 By me kings reign, and princes decree j.
30. 22 For a servant when he reigneth ; and a
Eccl 4 14 Forout of prison he cometh to reign, whe.
Isa 24 23 when the LORD of hosts shall reign in m.
32 i a king shall reign in righteousness, and
37. 38 and Esar-haddon his son reigned in his
52 7 that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth
Jer 22 1 1 which reigned instead of Josiah his fath.
22 15 Shalt thou reign, because thou closest (t.)
23 5 aKing shall reign and prosper, and shall
33 21 that he should not have a son to reign u
37! i Zedekiah the son of Josiah reigned inste.
52. i and he reigned eleven years in Jerusalem
Mic. 4. 7 LORD shall reign over them in mount Zion
2. 7*0 rule, Vo mashal.
Deutis. 6 thou shalt reign over, .they shall not rei
Josh. 12. 5 reigned in mount Hermon, and in Salcah
Judg q. 2 that all . . reign over you, or that one rei
i Ki 4. 21 Solomon reigned overall kingdoms from
1 Ch 29 12 thoureignest over all ; and in thine hand
2 Ch! 9. 26 he reigned over all the kings from the ri
S.To rule, rrn radah.
Lev. 26. 1 7 they that hate you shall reign over you
4. To restrain, ivy atsar.
i Sa. 9. 17 Behold, .this same shall reign over my p
5. 7*o be a prince, "fto sur,
Judg. 9. 22 When Abimelech had reigned three years
6. To be first or chief, &px<*
Rom. 1 5. 12 he that shall rise to reign over the Gent
7.7*0 reign, be a king, QafftXevw basileuo.
Matt. 2. 22 when he heard that Archelaus did reign
Luke i 33 he shall reign over the house of Jacob fo
19. 14 We will not have this, .to reign over us
10. 27 which would not that I should reign ove
Rom 5 14 death reigned from Adam to Moses, even
5. 17 if by one man s offence death reigned by
5. 17 they, .shall reign in life by one, Jesus C.
5. 21 That as sin hath reigned unto death, evei
5. 21 so might grace reign through righteous.
6. 12 Let not sin therefore reign in yourmorta
i Co 4 8 ye have reigned as kings without us : anc
4 8 I would to God ye did reign, that we als<
15 25 he must reign, till he hath put all enemies
Rev 5. io kings and priests : and we shall reign on
11. 15 saying, .and he shall reign for ever and e
ii 17 taken, .thy great power, and hast reignec
19 6 for the Lord God omnipotent reigoieth
20 4 and reigned with Christ a thousand year
20. 6 and shall reign with him a thousand year
22. 5 and they shall reign for ever and ever
8.70 have a kingdom, fxw ^affl^avecfll> hasileia
Rev. 17. 18 whichreigneth over the kings of the eartl
9.7*0 reign or be a king with, ffv/<n\tvu sumba
1 Co 4 81 would . . that we also might reign with
2 Ti. 2. 1 2 If we suffer, we shall also reign with (him
REIGN, to begin to, make to
1.7*0 bf a king, reign, ~V? malak.
2 Sa. 2. io when he began to reign.
[So in 5. 4; i Ki. 14. 21; 16. u; 22. 42; 2 Ki. 8. 17, 26
ii. 3i ; 14. 2; 15. 2, 33; 16. a; 18. a; 21. i, 19; 22. i; 23
1, 36 ; 24. 8, 18 ; 25. 27 ; 2 Ch. 12. 13 ; 20. 31 ; ax. 5, 20;
2. 2 ; 24. i ; 26. 3 ; 27. i, 8 ; 28. i ; 33. i, 21 ; 34. i ; 36. ?,
i Ki is 2 5
Nadab the son of Jeroboam began to reign
22 41 Jehoshaphatthesonof Asa began to reign
22 51 the son of Ahab began to reign over Israel
a Ki 3. i the son of Ahab began to reign over Israel
8. 1 6 J . the son of Jehoshaphat . . began to reign
g. 25 did . . the son of Jehoram . . begin to reign
Q 29 the eleventh year, .began Ahaziah to reign
ii i Jehoash began to reign : and forty years
15 i began Azariah son of Amaziah. .to reign
is 13 Shallum the sou of Jabesh began to reij- n
15! 17 began Menahem the son of Gadi to reign
15! 23 Pekahiah theson of Menahem began to r.
is 27 Pekah the son of Remaliah began to reign
1 5 32 began Jotham the son of Uzziah . . to reign
16. i son of Jotham king of Judah began to re.
17 i began Hoshea the son of Elahto reign in
18. i son of Ahaz king of Judah began to reign
2 Ch 25. i twenty and five . .(when) he began to reign
29. i Hezekiah began to reign (when he was)
2.7*0 cause to reign, make a king, "^ malak, 5.
Ch. i. 8 and hast made me to reign in his stead
1. Loins, C ^n chalatsayim.
Isa. ii. 5 and faithfulness the girdle of his reins
2. Kidneys, reins, riv^j kelayoth.
Job 16. 13 he cleaveth my reins asunder, and doth
19 27 (though)my reins be consumed within me
Psa. 7. 9 righteous God trieth the hearts and reins
16. 7 my reins also instruct me in the night se.
26. 2 Examine me . .try my reins and my heart
73. 21 was grieved, and I was pricked in my re.
139 13 For thou hast possessed my reins : thou
Prov 23. 16 my reins shall rejoice when thy lips speak
Jer ii 20 that triest the reins and the heart, let me
12. 2 in their mouth, and far from their reins
17 io (I) try the reins, even to give every man
20 12 seest the reins and the heart, let me see
Lam. 3 . 13 caused the arrows, .to enter intomy reins
3. Reins, kidneys, vpp6s nephros.
Rev. 2. 23 he which searcheth the rems and hearts
1.7*0 loathe, despise, reject, DX? maas.
iSa 8 7 not rejected thee, but they have rejected
io 19 ye have this day rejected your God, who
is 23 26 thou hast rejected the word of the L.
is 23 he hath also rejected thee from (being) k.
is 26 LORD hath rejected thee from being king
16 i seeing I have rejected him from reigning
2 Ki 17 15 they rejected his statutes, and his cove.
17 20 LORD rejected all the seed of Israel, and
Jer 2 37 LORD hath rejected thy confidences, and
6. 19 not hearkened . . to my law, but rejected
6 ?o because the LORD hath rejected them
7 20 LORD hath rejected and forsaken the gen.
8 9 they haye rejected the word of the LORD
14 io Hast thou utterly rejected Judah? hath
Lam. 5. 22 thou hast utterly rejected us ; thou art
Hos. 4. 6 hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject
2. 7"o put away or aside, aflerew atheteo.
Mark 6. 26 for their sakes. .he would not reject her
7 q Full well ye reject the commandment of
Luke 7. 30 lawyers rejected the counsel of God agai.
John1 2. 48 He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not
Z.To disapprove of, a.-iro^um^u apodokimazo.
Matt 21. 42 stone which the builders rejected, the
Mark 8 31 must suffer many things, and be rejected
12 io stone which the builders rejected is bee.
4. To spit out, tKTTTvw ekptuo.
Gal. 4. 14 despised not, nor rejected ; but received
5 To ask of, deprecate, impairto/ paraiteomai.
Titus 3. io heretic after the. .second admonition re.
I. To cease, leave of, forbear, 7JQ chadel.
Isa. 53. 3 He is despised and rejected of men, a man
I.Not approved of, aS^Kt^os adokimos.
Heb. 6. 8 But that which beareth thorns (is) reje.
REJOICE (greatly^, to
l.To spring about, rejoice, bejoyful,
>, ^ ff ul, ail.
i heavens be glad, and let the earth rejoice
Psa 2 ii Servethe LORD with fear, and rejoice with
q 14 daughter of Zion : I will rejoice in thy s.
!? 4 those that trouble me rejoice when I am
if 5 my heart shall rejoice in thy salvation
14 7 Jacob shall rejoice, (and) Israel shall be
i&! 9 my heart is glad, and my glory rejoiceth
21. i in thy salvation how greatly shall he rej.
3 i. 7 I will be glad and rejoice in thy mercy
32 1 1 Be glad in the LORD, and rejoice, ye rig.
51. 8 bones (which) thou hast broken may rej.
S3. 6 Jacob shall rejoice, (and) Israel shall be
80. 16 In thy name shall they rejoice all the day
07. i let the earth rejoice ; let the multitude of
97. 8 daughters of Judah rejoiced because of
Fm. 1 18. 24 LORD hath made ; we will rejoice and be
Prov. 2. 14 Who rejoice to do evil, .delight in thefr
23. 24 The father of the righteous shall greatly
23. 25 glad, and she that bare thee shall rejoic
Jsa. 9. 3 as (men) rejoice when they divide the sp
29. 19 poor among men shall rejoice in the Hoi
35. i desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the
35. 2 It shall blossom abundantly, and rejoic<
41. 16 thou shalt rejoice in the LORD, (and) sha
65. 1 8 But be ye glad and rejoice for ever (in tha
65. 19 will rejoice in Jerusalem, and joy in my
Hos. 10. 5 priests thereof (that) rejoiced on it, for
Zech. 9. 9 Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion ; sh
10. 7 their heart shall rejoice in the LORD
2. To gvrd on joy, Va "un chagar gil.
Psa. 65. 12 and the little hilis rejoice on every side
8. To rejoice, .Tin chadah.
ExodiS. 9 Jethro rejoiced for all the goodness whic
4.Joy, rejoicing, fciis>p masos.
Isa. 8. 6 and rejoice in Rezin and Remaliah s soi
62. 5 (as) the bridegroom rejoiceth over the b
5. To rejoice, exult, ty afaz.
Psa. 28. 7 therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth, an
60. 6 I will rejoice, I will divide Shechem, an
68. 4 Sing unto God . . and rejoice before him
108. 7 I will rejoice, I will divide Shechem, aiu
PTOV23- 16 my reins shall rejoice when thy lips speal
Isa. 23. 12 Thou shalt no more rejoice, O thou oppr
Jer. ii. 15 when thou doest evil, then thou rejoices
15. 17 I sat not in the assembly, .nor rejoiced
50. ii Because ye wereglad, because ye rejoiced
51. 39 make them drunken, that they mayrejo
Hab. 3. 1 8 Yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will joy
Zeph. 3. 14 be glad and rejoice with all the heart, O
6. To rejoice, exult, D^ alas.
Job 20. 1 8 restitution (be), and he shall not rejoice
7. To rejoice, exult, fiv, alats.
i Sa. 2. i my heart rejoiceth in the LORD ; mine h
i Ch.i6. 32 let the fields rejoice, and all that (is) th
Psa. 9. 2 I will be glad and rejoice in thee : I wil
68. 3 let them rejoice before God ; yea, let them
Prov ii. 10 When it goeth well, .the city rejoiceth
28. 12 When righteous (men) do rejoice, (there
8. To cry aloud, rejoice, Sny tsahal.
Esth. 8. 15 the city of Shushan rejoiced and was glad
9. To sing, cry aloud, ]n ranan.
Isa. 61. 7 confusion they shall rejoice in their por.
10. To sing, cry aloud, ]n ranan, 3.
Psa. 20. 5 We will rejoice in thy salvation, aud in
33. i Rejoice in the LORD, O ye righteous ; (for)
63. 7 in the shadow of thy wings will I rejoice
71. 23 My lips shall greatly rejoice when I sing
89. 12 Tabor and Hermon shall rejoice in thyn.
90. 14 that we may rejoice and be glad all our
96. 12 then shall all the trees of the wood rejoice
98. 4 make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing
11. To {cause to) sing or cry aloud, \n ranan, 5.
Deut.32. 43 Rejoice.O ye nations, (with) his people
12. To enjoy, rejoice, iytp, w\v sus, sis.
Deut 28. 63 as the LORD rejoiced . . so the LORD will
30. 9 rejoice overthee for good, as he rejoiced
39. 21 He paweth in the valley, and rejoiceth in
19. 5 rejoiceth as a strong man to run a race
35. 9 soul shall be joyful, .it shall rejoice in
40. 1 6 Let all those that seek thee rejoice and
68. 3 before God ; yea, let them exceedingly rej.
70. 4 Let all those that seek thee rejoice and
119. 14 I have rejoiced in the way of thy testim.
119. 162 I rejoice at thy word, as one that find.
Isa. 61. 10 I will greatly rejoice in the LORD, myso.
62. 5 the bride, (so) shall thy God rejoice over
64. 5 Thou meetest him that rejoiceth and wo.
66. 10 rejoice for joy with her, all ye that mourn
66. 14 when ye see (this), your heart shall rejoice
Jer. 32. 41 I will rejoice over them to do them good
Lam. 4. 21 Rejoice and be glad, O daughter of Edom
Zeph. 3. 17 he will rejoice overthee with joy ; he will
13. To laugh, deride, play, rejoice, pny sachaq.
Prov 31. 25 and she shall rejoice in time to come
1 4. To laugh, deride, play, rejoice, prff sachaq, 3.
Prov. 8. 30 daily (his) delight, rejoicing always before
8. 31 Rejoicing in the habitable part of his ea.
15. To shine, rejoice, joy, be glad, noy sameaeh.
Lev. 23. 40 ye shall rejoice before the LORD your God
Deut 12. 7 ye shall rejoice in all that ye put your h.
12. 12 ye shall rejoice before the LORD your God
12. 18 thou shalt rejoice before the LORD thy G.
14. 26 shalt rejoice, thou, and thine household
16. IT thou shalt rejoice before the LORD thy G.
T6. 14 thou shalt rejoice in thy feast, thou, and
26. ii thou shalt rejoice in every pood (thing)
27. 7 eat there, and rejoice before the LORD thy
33. 18 Rejoice, Zebulun, in thy going out; and
Judg. 9. 19 rejoice ye. .and let him also rejoice in you
19. 3 when the father. . saw him, he rejoiced to
1 Sa. a. i enlarged .. because I rejoice in thy salva.
6. 13 and saw the ark. and rejoiced to see (it)
ii. 15 and all the men of Israel rejoiced greatly
19. 5 thou sawest (it), and didst rejoice : wher.
2 Sa. i. 20 lest the daughters f the Philistines rej.
i Ki. 5. 7 rejoiced greatly, and said, Blessed (be) the
a Ki. 1 1 . 20 all the people of the land rejoiced, and the
i Ch. 16. 10 let the heart of them rejoice that seek t
29. 9 people rejoiced .. the king also rejoiced w.
2 Ch. 6. 41 and let thy saints rejoice in goodness
15. 15 all Judah rejoiced at the oath : for thej
23. 21 all the people of the land rejoiced : and
24. 10 princes and all the people rejoiced, anc.
29. 36 Hezekiah rejoiced, and all the people, tha
30. 25 the strangers, .that dwelt in Judah, rej(
Neh. 12. 43 rejoiced, .and the children rejoiced : so
Job 21. 12 take the timbrel and harp, and rejoice a
31. 25 If I rejoiced because my wealth (was) g
31. 29 If I rejoiced at the destruction of him tl
Psa. 5.11 all those that put their trust in thee rej
31. 7 I will beglad and rejoice in thy mercy : fo
33. 21 For our heart shall rejoice inhim; becaus
35. 15 But in mine adversity they rejoiced, an
35. 19 Let not them, .wrongfully rejoiceoverme
35. 24 Judge me. .and let them not rejoice ove
38. 16 lest (otherwise) they should rejoice over
40. 16 Let all those that seek thee rejoice and b
48. 1 1 Let mount Zion rejoice, let the daughter
58. 10 righteous shall rejoice when he seeth th
63. 1 1 king shall rejoice in God ; every one tha
66. 6 flood on foot : there did we rejoice in hin
85 6 revive us . . that thy people may rejoice i
96. 1 1 Let the heavens rejoice, and let the eart
97. 12 Rejoice in the LORD, ye righteous; and
104. 31 ever: the LORD shall rejoice in his work
105. 3 the heart of them rejoice that seek the L
106. 5 that I may rejoice in the gladness of thy
107. 42 The righteous shall see (it), and rejoice
109. 28 be ashamed ; but let thy servant rejoice
149. 2 Let Israel rejoice in him that made him
Prov. 5. 1 8 and rejoice with the wife of thy youth
13. 9 light of the righteous rejoiceth : but the
23. 15 thine heart be wise, myheart shall rejoio
24. 17 Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, am
29. 2 righteous are in authority, the people re
Eccl. 3. 12 no good in them, but for (a man) to rejo
3. 22 than that a man should rejoice in hisowr
4. 16 they also that come after shall not rejoic<
5. 19 take his portion, and to rejoice in his la
ii. 8 live many years, (and) rejoice in them al
ii. 9 Rejoice, O young man, in thy youth, anc
Song i. 4 we will be glad and rejoice in thee ; we
Isa. 14. 8 Yea, the fir trees rejoice at thee, (and) the
14. 29 Rejoice not thou, whole Palestina.because
25. 9 we will be glad and rejoice in his salvation
65. 13 my servants shall rejoice, but ye shall be
66. 10 Rejoice ye with Jerusalem, and be glad
Jer. 31. 13 Then shall the virgin rejoice in the dance
Eze. 7. 12 let not the buyer rejoice, nor the seller
25. 6 rejoiced in heart with all thy despite ag.
35. 14 When the whole earth rejoiceth, I will
Hos. 9. i Rejoice not, O Israel, for joy, as (other)
Joel 2. 21 Fear not, O land ; be glad and rejoice: for
2. 23 Be glad then. .andrejoiceintheLoRDyour
Obad. 12 neither shouldest thou have rejoiced over
Mic. 7. 8 Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy
Hab. i. 15 therefore they rejoice and are glad
Zech. 2. 10 Sing and rejoice, O daughter of Zion : for
4. 10 for they shall rejoice, and shall see the
10. 7 their heart shall rejoice as through wine
16. To make joyful, or glad, np^ sameaeh, 3.
Psa. 19. 8 statutes of the LORD (are) right, rejoicing
86. 4 Rejoice the soul of thy servant ; for unto
Prov 15. 30 The light of the eyes rejoiceth the heart
27. 9 Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart
29. 3 Whoso loveth wisdom rejoiceth his father
Jer. 31. 13 Then shall the virgin rejoice in the dance
.T. Rejoicing, joy, nnp? simchah.
Judgi6. 23 to offer a great sacrifice, .and to rejoice
Neh. 12. 44 for Judah rejoiced for the priests and for
Eze. 35. 15 As thou didst rejoice at the inheritance
8. To leap muchfor joy, exult, aya\\idta agalliao.
Luke i . 4 7 my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour
10. 21 In that hour Jesus rejoiced in spirit, and
John 5. 35 ye were willing for a season to rejoice in
8. 56 Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my
Acts 16. 34 he set meat before them, and rejoiced, be.
i Pe. i. 6 Wherein ye greatly rejoice, though now
i. 8 rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of
Rev. 19. 7 Let us be glad and rejoice, and give hon.
9. To make glad, wellpleased, tv<ppa.ivo> euphraino.
Acts 2. 26 Therefore did my heart rejoice, and my t.
7. 41 rejoiced in the works of their own hands
Rom 15. 10 saith, Rejoice, ye Gentiles, withhis people
Gal. 4. 27 Rejoice, (thou) barren that barest not, b.
Rev. 12. 12 rejoice, (ye) heavens, and ye thatdwellin
1 8. 20 Rejoice over her, (thou) heaven, and (ye)
0. To boast, Kavxdo/j.a.1 kauchaomai.
Rom. 5. 2 wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of
Phil. 3. 3 rejoice in Christ Jesus, and have no con.
Jas. i. 9 Let the brother of low degree rejoice in
4. 1 6 But now ye rejoice in your boastings : all
.A matter, cause of boasting, Kavx n^f kauchema.
Phil. 2. 1 6 that I may rejoice in the day of Christ, t.
2. To rejoice, be glad, xa/pw chairo.
Matt. 2. 10 they rejoiced with exceeding great joy
5. 12 Rejoice, and be exceeding glad ; for great
1 8. 13 he rejoiceth more of that (sheep), than of
Luke i. 14 and many shall rejoice at his birth
6. 23 Rejoice ye in that day, and leap for joy
10. 20 in this rejoice not. .but rather rejoice, be.
13. 17 people rejoiced for all the glorious things
15. 5 he layeth (it) on his shoulders, rejoicing
19. 37 disciples began to rejoice and praise God
John 3. 29 rejoiceth greatry because of the bridegr.
4. 36 soweth and he that reapeth may rejoice
14. 28 If ye loved me, ye would rejoice, because .
John 1 6. 20 world shall rejoice : and ye shall be sorr.
16. 22 see you again, and your heart shall rejo.
Acts 5. 41 rejoicing that they were counted worthy
8. 39 and he went on his way rejoicing
15. 3 when they had read, they rejoiced for the Rom 12. 12 Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation
12. 15 Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and w.
1 Co. 7. 30 they that rejoice, as though they rejpked
13. 6 Rejoiceth not in iniquity.lmt.. in the truth
2 Co. 2. 3 sorrow from them of whom I ought to r.
6. 10 As sorrowful, yet alway rejoicing; as po.
7. 7 toward me ; so that I rejoiced the more
7. 9 Now I rejoice, not that ye were made so.
7. 1 6 I rejoice therefore that I have confidence
Phil. i. 1 8 I therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice
2. 28 when ye see him again, ye may rejoice
3. i Finally, my brethren, rejoice in the Lord
4. 4 Rejoice in the Lord, .again I gay, Rejoice
4. 10 But I rejoiced in the Lord greatly, that
Col. i. 24 Who now rejoice in my sufferings for you
i Th. 5. 16 Rejoice evermore
1 Pe. 4. 13 But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers
2 John 4 rejoiced greatly that I found of thy child.
3 John 3 For I rejoiced greatly when the brethren
Rev. ii. jo shall rejoice over them, and make
REJOICE, to cause or make to
l.To (cause to) sing, cry aloud, \)-i ranan, 5.
Psa. 65. 8 thou makest the outgoings .. to rejoice
2. To make to rejoice, make joyful, rpp sameaeh, 3.
2 Ch.2o. 27 had made them to rejoice over their ene.
Neh. 12. 43 God had made them rejoice with great
Psa. 30. i hast not made my foes to rejoice over me
Jer. 31.13 and make them rejoice from their sorrow
Lam. 2. 17 hath caused (thine) enemy to rejoice over
3. To cause to rejoice, ncy sameaeh, 5.
Psa. 89. 42 thou hast made all his enemies to rejoice
REJOICE, rejoiced (that or which)
I. Rejoicing, exulting, iSj; alez.
Isa. 5. 14 and he that rejoiceth, shall descend into
2. Rejoicing, exulting, r^y alliz.
Isa. 13. 3 (even) them that rejoice in my highness
24. 8 noise of them that rejoice endeth, the joy
Zeph. 3. ii them that rejoice in thy pride, and thou
3. Rejoicing, ns^f sameaeh.
Deuti6. 15 hands, therefore thou shalt surely rejoice
1 Ki. i. 40 rejoiced with great joy, so that the earth
2 Ki. ii. 14 all the people of the land rejoiced, and
2 Ch.23- 13 all the people of the land rejoiced, ands.
Job 3. 22 Which rejoice exceedingly, (and) are glad
Psa. 35.26 brought to confusion together that rejoice
Prov. 2. 14 Who rejoice to do evil, (and) delight in
29. 6 but the righteous doth sing and rejoice
Eccl. 2. 10 for my heart rejoiced in all my labour, and
Amos 6. 1 3 Ye which rejoice in a thing of nought, whi.
REJOICE against, in, with, to
1. Toboast against, Karaxavxo-ouaikatakauchaomai.
Jas. 2. 13 and mercy rejoiceth against judgment
2. To rejoice together unth, trvyx&ipv sugchairo.
Luke i. 58 Showed great mercy, .andtheyrejoicedw.
15. 6, 9 saying . . Rejoice with me ; for I have fo.
i Co. 12. 26 honoured, all the members rejoice with
13. 6 not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth
Phil. 2. 17 if I be offered . . I joy and rejoice with yo.
2. 1 8 same cause also do ye joy and rejoice with
..Joy, rejoicing, V 3 gil.
Psa. 45. 15 With gladness and rejoicing shall they
2. Joy, rejoicing, r& | gilah.
Isa. 65. 18 I create Jerusalem a rejoicing, and her
.Rejoicing, exulting, rVy alliz.
Zeph. 2. 15 This (is) the rejoicing city that dwelt ca.
.Rejoicing, exultation, why. alitsuth.
Hab. 3. 14 rejoicing (was) as to devour the poor sec.
.Loud cry, proclamation, singing, rtfi rinnah.
Psa.io7. 22 let them, .declare his works with rejoic.
118. 15 voice of rejoicing and salvation (is) in the
126. 6 shall doubtless come again with rejoicing
.Rejoicing, np^ sameaeh.
1 Ki. i. 45 and they are come up from thence rejoic.
. Rejoicing, joy, nnpj? simchah.
2 Ch.23. 18 withrejoicingandwithsinging, (asit was
Jer. 15. 16 the joy and rejoicingof mine heart : for I
.Joy, rejoicing, gladness, \\jy\f sason.
Psa. 1 19. in Thy testimonies, .(are) the rejoicing of
.Shout, shouting, blowing, njjnn teruah.
Job 8. 21 Till he fill, .thy lips with rejoicing
O.A matter or subject of boasting, /cat/xw kauch.
2 Co. i. 14 that we areyour rejoicing, even as ye also
Gal. 6. 4 then shall he have rejoicing in himself al.
Phil. i. 26 That your rejoicing may be more abund.
Heb. 3. 6 if we hold fast the. .rejoicing of the hope
1. Boasting, Kaiixflffit kauchesis.
1 Co. 15. 31 I protest by your rejoicing which I have
2 Co. 1. 12 For ourrejoicing is this, the testimony of
i Th. 2. 19 For what (is) our. .crown of rejoicing?
Jas. 4. 16 But now ye rejoice, .all such rejoicing is
RE KEM, DgT friendship.
A prince of Midian, slain by Phinehas when in the
ains of Moab. B.C. 1452.
8 Evi, and R., and Zur, and HUT, and Reba
Josh 13. 21 Evi, and R., and Zur, and Hur, and Reba
2. A son of Hebron, and father of Sharnmai. B.C. 1490.
i Ch. 2. 43 Korah, and Tappuah, and R., and Shema
2. 44 father of Jorkoam, and R. begat Shaniniai
3. A city in Benjamin, near Irpeel ; now called Ain-
Josh 18. 27 And R., and Irpeel, and Taralah
I. Release, rest, nri;n hanachah.
Esth. 2. 18 and he made a release to the provinces
2. Release, nyy? shemitiah.
Deut 15. i end of. .seven years thou shall make a r
15. 2 the manner of the release . .the LORD S re.
15. 9 The seventh year, the year of release, is
-,:. jo in the solemnity of the year of release, in
1.7V) release, Jet go, throw down, 0"? shamat.
Deut 15. 2 Every creditor, .shall release (it) ; he sh.
"1. To (cause to) release, o?y shamat, 5.
Deut 15. 3 with thy brother thine hand shall release
J. To loose away, or off,> apoluo.
Matt27- 15 governor was wont to release unto the p.
27. 17 Whom will ye that I release unto you ? B.
27. 21 Whether of the twain will ye that I rele.
27. 26 Then released he Barabbas unto them
Markis. 6 Now at (that) feast he released unto them
15. 9 Will ye that I release unto you the king
15. ii that he should rather release Barabbas
15. 15 released Barabbas unto them, and deliv.
Luke23. 16 I will therefore chastise him, and release
23. 17 [For of necessity he<must release one un.]
23. 1 8 Away with this (man), and release unto
23. ;o Pilate therefore, willing to release Jesus
23. 25 released unto them him that for sedition
John 1 8. 39 custom, that I should release unto you
1 8. 39 will ye therefore that I release unto you
19. 10 knowest thou not that I have power .to r.
19. 12 Pilate sought to release him : but the J.
Thorough service, ministration, Sicutovla diakoma.
Acts ii. 29 determined to send relief unto the bret.
1. To declare happy, or upright, "jy
ashar, 3.
laa. 1. 1 7 relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless
2.7"o take or keep firm hold, prn chazaq, 5.
Lev. 25. 35 thou shalt relieve him ; (yea, though he
3.7*0 cause to stand, ~\W ud, 3.
Psa.i46. 9 The LORD, .relieveth the fatherless and
4. To cause to turn back, 3?r shub, 5.
Lam. i. ii pleasant things for meat to relieve the s.
1. 16 comforter that should relieve my soul is
i. 19 they sought their meat to relieve their s.
5. To suffice for, tirapKtia eparke~>.
i Ti. 5. 10 if she have relieved the afflicted, if she
5. 16 let them relieve them, and let not the c.
5. 16 it may relieve them that are widows in.
RELIGION \&ee Jews .]
Outward religious service, dpriffKfia threskeia.
Acts 26. s most atraitest sect of our religion I lived
Jas. i. 26 deceiveth his own heart, this man s reli.
i. 27 Pure religion and undefiled before God
1. Religious, superstitious, Oprjfficos threskos.
Jas. i. 26 If any man among you seem to be religious
2. To venerate, worship, adore, <r* /3oMo sebomai.
Acts 13. 43 many of the Jews and religious proselytes
RELY, to
To be sujiported, lean on, \yy shaan, 2.
a Ch.i3. 18 they relied upon the LORD God of their
16. 7 Because thou hast relied on the king of
6. 7 not relied on the LOUD thy God, therefore
16. G because thou didst rely on the LORD, he
REMAIN, (things which), to
1. To draw self up, sojourn, ) gur.
Judg. 5. 17 why did Dan remain in ships? Asher co.
2. To sit doum or still, IV, yashab.
Gen. 38. ii Remain a widow at thy father s house
Numss. 28 Because he should have remained in the
Deut2i. 13 shall remain in thine house, and bewail
Josh. j. 14 shall remain in the land which Moses g.
1 Sa. 20. 19 go down quickly, .and shalt remain by the
23. 14 remained in a mountain in the wilderness
24. 3 his men remained in the sides of the cave
2 Sa. 13. 20 Tamar remained desolate in her brother
i Ki.u. 16 For six months did Joab remain there w.
i Ch. 13. 14 ark of God remained with the family of
Isa. 32. 16 righteousness remain in the fruitful field
44. 13 beauty of a man ; that it may remain in
65. 4 Which remain among the graves, and lo
Jer. 17. 25 Jerusalem ; and this city shall remain for
30. 18 palace shall remain after the manner th.
37. 16 and Jeremiah had remained there many
37. 21 Jeremiah remained in the court of the p.
38. 2 He that remaineth in this city shall die
38. 13 Jeremiah remained in the court of the p.
51. 30 they have remained in (their) holds : their
51. 62 to cut it off, that none shall remain in it
Lam. 5. 19 Thou, O LORD, remainest forever; thy t.
Eze. 3. 15 remained there astonished among them
3. To be left, in; yathar, 2.
Exodio. 15 there remained not any green thing in
12. 10 that which remaineth of it until the mo.
29. 34 if ought of the flesh, .remain unto them.
Lev. 8. 32 that which remaineth of the flesh and of
10. 12 Take the meat offering that remaineth of
19. 6 if ought remain until the third day, itsh.
27. 18 money according to the years that rema.
Josh.iS. 2 there remained among the children of I.
21. 20 which remained of the children of Koha.
21. 26 of the children of Kohath that remained
Jinlgzi. 7, 1 6 shall we do for wives for them that r.
1 Ki.iS. 22 I only, remain a prophet of the LORD; but
Prov. 2. 21 in the land, and the perfeet shall remain
Isa. 4. 3 (he that) remaineth in Jerusalem, shall
Jer. 27. 19 residue of the vessels that remain in this
27. 21 concerning the vessels that remain (in)
Eze. 39. 14 bury with the passengers those that rem.
Dan. 10. 13 I remained there with the kings of Persia
Amos 6. 9 if there remain ten men in one house, that
4. All the days of, *p: *?3 kol yeme.
Gen. 8. 22 While the earth remaineth, seed time and
5. To pass the night, J S, p 1
? lun, lin.
Exod23. 18 neither shall the fat of my sacrifice rem.
Deuti6. 4 even, remain all night until the morning
21. 23 His body shall not remain all night upon
Job 19. 4 have erred, mine error remaineth with
41. 22 In his neck remaineth strength, and sor.
Psa. 55. 7 would I wander far off , (and) remain in
Zech. 5. 4 it shall remain in the midst of his house
6. To rest, be at rest, rn: nuach.
Prov2i. 16 shall remain in the congregation of the d.
7.7*0 be over and above, superfluous, ^J, adajth.
Exodi6. 23 that which remaineth over lay up for you
26. 12 remnant that remaineth of the curtains of
26. 12 curtain that remaineth shall hang over
26. 13 that which remaineth in the lengthof the
8. To stand still, t?y amad.
2 Ki.ij. 6 there remained the grove also in Samaria
Eccl. 2. 9 also my wisdom remained with me
Isa. 10. 32 As yet shall he remain at Nob that day
66. 22 earth, which I will make, shall remain b.
66. 22 so shall your seed and your name remain
Jer. 48. ii therefore his taste remained in him, and
Dan. 10. 17 straightway there remained no strength in
Hag. 2. 5 so my spirit remaineth among you : fear
9. To rise up, mp qum.
Josh. 2. ii neither did there remain any more courage
10. To remain over, ~riy sarad.
Josh 10. 20 rest (which) remained of them entered
\\.Rtmnant, remaining one, i 1f sarid.
Num. 24. 19 shall destroy him that remaineth of the
Deut. 2. 34 destroyed the men. .we left none to rem.
Josh. 3. 22 so that they let none of them remain or
10. 28 heletnoneremain:andhedidtothekiugof
10. 30 he let none remain in it ; but did unto the
Judg. n. 13 he made him that remaineth have domin.
Job 27. 15 Those that remain of him shall be buried
Jer. 42. 17 none of them shall remain or escape from
44. 14 So that none . . shall escape or remain, that
47. 4 to cut off. .every helper that remaineth
Lam. 2. 22 so that, .noneescaped nor remained : tho.
Obad. 14 delivered up those of his that did remain
12. To remain, be left, ix-^ shaar.
i Sa. 16. ii There remaineth yet the youngest, and
13. To remain, be left, nx;? shaar, 2.
Gen. 7. 23 Noah only remained (alive), and they that
14. 10 they that remained tied to the mountain
Exod 8. 9 (that) they may remain in the river only?
8. ii depart, .they shall remain in the river
8. 31 from his people : there remained not one
10. 5 which remaineth unto you from the hail
10. 19 there remained not one locust in all the
14. 28 there remained not so much as one of them
Lev. 25. 52 if there remain but few years unto the ye.
Num. 1 1. 26 there remained two (of the) men in the c.
Deut. 3. ii For only pg king of Bashan remained of
19. 20 those which remain shall hear, and fear
Josh ii. 22 in Gath, and in Ashdod, there remained
13. i there remaineth yet very much land to be
13. 2 This (is) the land that yet remaineth : all
13. 12 who remained of the remnant of the giants
23. 4 remain, to be an inheritance for your tribes
23. 7 these that remain among you ; neither
23. 12 these that remain among you, and shall
Judg. 7. 3 two thousand; and there remained ten th.
i Sa. ii. ii that they which remained were scattered
16. ii There remaineth yet the youngest, and
1 Ki. 22. 46 remnant of the Sodomites, which remain.
2 Ki. 7. 13 five of the horses that remain, which are
10. it So Jehu slew all that remained of the ho.
10. 17 slew all that remained unto Ahab in Sam.
24. 14 none remained, save the poorest sort of
25. 22 people that remained in the land of Judah
Ezra i. 4 whosoever remaineth in any place where
9. 15 for we remain yet escaped, as (it is) this
Job 21. 34 in your answers there remaineth falseh. ?
Jer. 8. 3 remain of this evil family, which remain
24. 8 that remain in this land, and them that
34. 7 for these defenced cities remained of the
37. 10 there remained (but) wounded men among
38. 4 hands of the men of war that remain in
39. 9 remnant of the people that remained in
39. 9 with the rest of the people that remained
41. 10 all the people that remained in lOspth
52. 15 residue of the people that remained in the
Eze. 6. 12 he that remaineth and is besieged shall
17.21 they that remain shall be scattered toward
Dan. 10. 3 there remained no strength in me : for my
Zech 9. 7 but he that remaineth, even he, (shall be)
12. 14 All the families that remain, every family
1 4. Remnant, rest, posterity, n"t>p sheerith.
Jer. 44. 7 to cut off . .to leave you none to remain
15.7*0 tabernacle, ]:y shaken.
Lev. 16. 16 remaineth among them in the midst of
Eze. 31. 13 shall all the fowls of the heaven remain
16.7*0 watch, ip? shaqad.
Job 2 1 . 32 brought to the grave, and shall remain in
17. 7*o leave off, a.irt>\tiir<a apoleipo.
Heb. 4. 6 Seeing therefore it remaineth that some
4. 9 There remaineth therefore a rest to the
10. 26 there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins
18.7*0 remain throughout, $ taut via diamenO.
Luke i. 22 beckoned unto them, and remained spe.
Heb. i. ii They shall perish ; but thou remaineat
\S).The things Irft, TO. \onrd ta loipa.
Rev. 3. 2 strengthen the things which remain, that
20.7Vie thing Ifft is, rb \otirov ftrnv to loipon estin.
i Co. 7. 29 it remaineth, that both they that have w.
21.7*0 remain, pivia menfi.
Matt 1 1. 23 it would have remained until this day
Lukeio. 7 in the same house remain, eating and dr.
John i. 33 see the spirit descending, and remaining
9. 41 say, We see ; therefore your sin remaineth
15. ii that my joy [might remain] in you, and
15. 16 your fruit should remain ; that whatsoe.
19. 31 bodies should not remain upon the cross
Acts 5. 4 Whiles it remained, was it not thine own?
27. 41 stuck fast, and remained unmoveable, but
1 Co. 7. 1 1 if she depart, let her remain unmarried
15. 6 of whom the greaterpart remain unto th.
2 Co. 3. ii much more that which remaiueth (is) gl.
3. 14 for until this day remaineth the same veil
9. 9 his righteousness remaineth for ever
Heb. 12. 27 things which cannot be shaken may rem.
i Jo. 2. 24 remain in you, ye also shall continue in
3. 9 for his seed remaineth in him : and he ca.
22.Tobe left all around, irfpi\(iiro/jia.i perileipomai.
1 Th. 4. 15, 17 we which are alive (and) remain unto
23. 7*o be over and above, ireptarfff via perisseud.
M. itt 14. 20 took up of the fragments that remained
Luke 9. 17 was taken up of fragments that remained
John 6. 12 Gather up the fragments that remain, th.
REMAIN, to let or cause to
1.7*0 cause to be abundant, TTV yathar, 5.
Exodi2 10 ye shall let nothing of it remain until the
Num33. 55 that those which ye let remain of them
2. To cause to tabernacle, ]?y shaken, 5.
Eze. -32. 4 will cause all the fowls, .to remain upon
REMAIN long, over and above, to
I. To be old, aged, I?
; yashan, 1.
Deut. 4. 25 ye shall have remained long in the land
2.7*0 be over and above, irfpiffffevu perisseuQ.
John 6. 13 which remained overand above unto them
1.7*0 be left, to remain, in; yathar, 2.
Exod29- 34 thou shalt burn the remainder with fire
Lev. 6. 16 the remainder thereof shall Aaron and his
7. 16 on the morrow also the remainder of it s.
7. 17 the remainder of the flesh of the sacrifice
2. Remnant, n lN? sheerith.
2 Sa. 14. 7 (neither) name nor remainder upon the e.
Psa. 76. 10 remainder of wrath shalt thou restrain
REMAINING, (to bel
1.7*0 set up or station self, 3$; yatsab, 7.
2 Sa. 21. s we should be destroyed from remaining
1. To be left over, irv yathar, 2.
Josh. 21. 40 which were remaining of the families of
S.Remaining one, remnant, T^fy sarid.
Deut. 3. 3 until none was left to him remaining
Josh 10. 33 until he had left him none remaining
10. 37 he left none remaining, according to all
10. 39 he left none remaining : as he had done
10. 40 he left none remaining, but utterly dest.
11. 8 smote.. until they left them none remain.
2 ii slew, .until he left him none remaining
Job 18. io neither, .any remaining in his dwellings
Obad. 18 there shall not be (any) remaining of the
4. 7*o tabernacle, ] V shaken.
Num. 9. 22 tarried upon the tnbernacle, remaining
RE-MAL -IAH, VC$V] Jnh increases.
Father of Pekah who slew Pekahiah and reigned in his
stead. B.C. 769.
2 25 But Pekah the son of R. . . conspired against
15. 27 Pekah the son of R. began to reign over
15. 30 a conspiracy against Pekah the son of R.
15. 32 In the second year of Pekah the sou of R.
15. 37 the LORD began to send against, .son of R.
16. i In the seventeenth year of . . the son of R,
16. 5 Pekah son of R. . . came up to Jerusalem
2 Ch.28. 6 Pekah the son of R. slew in Judah an h.
Isa. 7. i Pekah the son of R. . . went up toward J.
7. 4 for the fierce anger . . of the son of R.
7. 5 Because Syria, .and the son of R., have
7. 9 and the head of Samaria (is) R. s son
8. 6 this people . . rejoice in Rezin and R. s son
Healing, N9~5 marpe.
2 Ch. 36. 16 wrath, .arose, .till (there was) no remedy
Prov. 6. 15 suddenly shall he be broken without re.
29. : shall, .be destroyed, and that without re.
REMEMBER (earnestly), to
1. To remember, imprint, "CJ zakar.
Gen. 8. i Ood remembered Noah, and every living
9. 15 I will remember my covenant, which (is)
9. 1 6 I may remember the everlasting covenant
19. 29 God remembered Abraham, and sent Lot
30. 22 God remembered Rachel, and God heark.
40. 23 Yet did not the chief butler remember J.
42. 9 And Joseph remembered the dreams wh.
Exod. 2. 24 God remembered his covenant with Abr.
6. 5 heard, .and I have remembered my cove.
13. 3 Remember this day, in which ye came out
20. 8 Remember the sabbath day, to keep it h.
32. 13 Remember Abraham, Isaac, and Israel
Lev. 26. 42 Then will I remember my covenant with
26. 42 I remember ; and I will remember the 1.
26. 45 But I will for their sakes remember the
Num. 1 1. 5 We remember the fish which we did eat
15. 39 remember, .the commandments of the L.
15. 40 may remember, and do all my command.
Dcut. 5. 15 remember that thou wast a servant in
7. 18 shalt well remember what the LORD thy
8. 2 thou shalt remember all the way which
8. 18 thou shalt remember the LORD thy God
9. 7 Remember, (and) forget not, how thou p.
9. 27 Remember thy servants, Abraham, Isaac
15. 15 thou shalt remember that thou wast a
16. 3 thou mayest remember the day when thou
16. 12 thou shalt remember that thou wast a bo.
24. 9 Remember what the LORD thy God did un.
24. 18, 22 thou shalt remember that thou wast a
25. 17 Remember what Amalek did unto thee by
32. 7 Remember the days of old, consider the
Josh. i. 13 Remember the word which Moses the s.
Judg. 8. 34 Israel remembered not the LORD their God
9. 2 remember also that I (am) your bone and
16. 28 remember me, I pray thee, and strengthen
1 Sa. i. ii rememberme, and not forget thine hand.
i. 10 his wife ; and the LORD remembered her
25. 31 my lord, then remember thine handmaid
2 Sa. 14. ii let the king remember the LORD thy God
19. 19 neither do thou remember that which thy
2 Ki. 9. 25 rememberhow that, when I and thou rode
20. 3 remember now how I have walked before
1 Ch.i6. 12 Remember his marvellous works that he
2 Ch. 6. 42 remember the mercies of David thy serv.
24. 22 the king remembered not the kindness
Neh. i. 8 Remember, I beseech thee, the word that
4. 14 remember the LORD, (which is) great and
13. 14, 22 Rememberme, O my God, concerning
13. 29 Remember them, O my God, because they
13. 31 Remember me, O my God, for good
Esth. 2. i he remembered Vashti, and what she had
Job 4. 7 Remember, I pray thee who (ever) perish.
7. 7 remember that mylife (is) wind : mine eye
10. 9 Remember, I beseech thee, that thou h.
11. 1 6 (and) remember (it) as waters (that) pass
14. 13 appoint me a set time, and remember me
21. 6 when I remember I am afraid, and trem.
36. 24 Remember that thou magnify his work
41. 8 Lay thine hand upon him, remember the
Psa. 9. 12 he remembereth them : he forgetteth not
20. 3 Remember all thy offerings, and accept
22. 27 the ends of the world shall remember
25. 6 Remember, O LORD, thy tender mercies
25. 7 Remember not the sins of my youth, nor
35. 7 remember thou me for thy goodness sake
42. 4 I remember these (things), I pour out my
42. 6 I rememberthee from the land of Jordan
63. 6 I remember thee upon my bed, (and) m.
74. 2 Rememberthy congregation (which)thou
74. 18 Remember this, .the enemy hath reproa.
74. 22 remember how the foolish man reproach.
77. 3 I remembered God, and was troubled : I
77. ii I will remember the works of the LORD
77. ii surely I will remember thy wonders of old
78. 35 they remembered that God (was) their
78. 39 For he remembered that they (were but)
78. 42 They rememberednot hishand, (nor) the
79. 8 remember not against us former iniquities
88. 5 the dead . . whom thou rememberest no
89. 47 Remember how short my time is : where.
89. 50 Remember, LORD, the reproach of thy s.
98. 3 He hath remembered his mercy and his
103. 14 he knoweth. .remembereth that we (are)
103. 18 to those that remember his commandm.
105. 5 Remember his marvellous works that he
105. 8 He hath remembered his covenant for e.
105. 42 For heiremembered his holy promise, (and)
106. 4 Remember me, O LOUD, with the favour
106. 7 they remembered not the multitude of thy
106. 45 he remembered for them his covenant, and
109. 16 Because that he remembered not toshow
119. 49 Remember the word unto thy servant, up.
119. 52 I remembered thy judgments of old, O
119. 55 I have remembered thy name () LORD, in
132. i LORD, remember David . . all his afflictions
136. 23 Who remembered us in our low estate: for
137. i yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion
137. 6 If I do not remember thee, let my tongue
137. 7 Remember, O LORD, the children of Edom
143. 5 I remember the days of old ; I meditate
Prov 31. 7 Let him drink . . and remember his misery
Eccl. 5. 20 he shall not much remember the days of
9. 15 no man remembered that same poor man
ii. 8 let him remember the days of darkness
Eccl. 1 2. i Remember now thy Creator in the days
laa. 38. 3 Remember now, () LORD, I beseech thee
43. 1 8 Remember ye not the former things, nei.
43. 25 I, (am) he that, .will not remember thy
44. -T lirmcmhcr these, O Jacob and Israel ; for
46. 8 Remember this, and show yourselves men
46. 9 Remember the former things of old : for
47. 7 neither didst remember the latter end of
54. 4 shalt not remember the reproach of thy
57. ii hast not remembered me, nor laid (it) to
63. ii Then he remembered the days of old, M.
64. 5 (thwse that) remember thee in thy ways
64. 9 neither remember iniquity for ever: be.
2. 2 I remember thee, the kindness of thy yo.
3. 16 neither shall they remember it, neither
14. 10 he will now remember their iniquity, and
14. 21 remember, break not thy covenant with
15. 15 remember me, and visit me, and revenge
17. 2 their children remember their altars and
1 8. 20 Remember that I stood before thee to sp.
31. 20 I do earnestly remember him still : there.
31. 34 and I will remember their sin no more
44. 21 did not the LORD remember them, and
51. 50 remember the LORD afar off, and let Jer.
7 Jerusalem remembered in the days of her
i . 9 she remembereth not her last end ; ther.
2. i remembered not his footstool in the day
3. 19 Remembering mine affliction and my m.
5. i Remember, O LORD, what is come upon
Eze. 6. 9 they that escape of you shall remember
16. 22, 43 thou hast not remembered the days
16. 60 I will remember my covenant with thee
16. 61 Then thou shalt remember thy ways, and
16. 63 thou mayest remember, and be confoun.
20. 43 there shall ye remember your ways, and
23. 27 thou shalt not . . remember Egypt any mo.
36. 31 Then shall ye remember your own evil
Hos. 7. 2 they consider not. .(that) I remember all
8. 13 now will he remember their iniquity, and
9. 9 he will remember their iniquity, he will
Amos i. o and remembered not the brotherly cove.
Jon. 2. 7 I remembered the LORD : and my prayer
Mic. 6. 5 remember now what Balak king of Moab
Hab. 3. 2 revive thy work . . in wrath remember me.
Zech. 10. 9 they shall remember me in far countries
Mai. 4. 4 Remember ye the law of Moses myservant
t* V.L. as No. 2.]
2. To cause to remember, imprint, n?J zakar, 5.
Gen. 41. 9 saying, I do remember my faults this day
Psa. 20. 7 we will remember the name of the LORD
Song i. 4 we will remember thy love more than w.
3. To look after, inspect, ip? paqad.
1 Sa. 15. 2 I remember (that) which Amalek did to
4. To remind again,}<rK(i) anamimnesko.
2 Co. 7. 15 he remembereth the obedience of you all
a. To be mindful, mimneskomai.
Heb. 13. 3 Remember them that are in bonds, as bo.
6. To remember, fivao^ai mnaomai.
Matt. 5. 23 there rememberest that thy brother hath
26. 75 Peter remembered the word of Jesus, wh
27. 63 we remember that that deceiver said, wh.
Luke i. 72 To perform, .and to remember his holy c.
16. 25 Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime
23. 42 remember me when thou comest into thy
24. 6 remember how he spake unto you when
24. 8 And they remembered his words
John 2. 17 And his disciples remembered that it was
2.22; 12. 16; Acts ii. 16 ;
i Co. ii. 2; Heb. 8.
12 ; 10. 17 ; Jude 17.
7. To remember, ftv^ovevta mnemoneuo.
Matt.i6. 9; Mark 8. 18; Luke 17. 32; John 15. 20
16. 4, 21; Acts 20. 31, 35; Gal. 2. 10; Eph. 2. n; Col. 4.
18 ; i Th. i. 3 ; 2. y ; 2 Th. 2. 5 ; 2 Ti. 2. 8 ; Heb. 13. 7 ;
Rev. 2. 5; 3. 3; 18. 5.
8. Toremindgradually,i>iroii.ifi.v r\ffK<ahupom imntsk<~>.
Luke22. 61 Peter remembered the word of the Lord
3 John 10 I will remember his deeds which he doeth
REMEMBERED, (to make) to be
l.Tobe remembered, imprinted, "i?J zakar, 2.
Numio. 9 ye shall be remembered before the LORD
Esth. 9. 28 these days (should be) remembered and
Job 24. 20 he shall be no more remembered ; and
Psa. 109. 14 Let the iniquity of his fathers be remem.
Isa. 23. 16 sing, .that thou mayest be remembered
65. 17 the former shall not be remembered, nor
ii. 19 that his name may be no more remembe.
3. 20 his righteousness . . shall not be remembe.
21. 32 thou shalt be no (more) remembered : for
25. 10 the Ammonites may not be remembered
33 13 all his rishteousnesses shall not be reme.
Hos. 2.17 they shall no more be remembered by th.
Zech.i 3. 2 they shall no more be remembered; and
2. To cause to remember, imprint, n?J zakar, 5.
Psa. 45. 17 I will make thy name to lie remembered
Eze. 21. 24 have made your iniquity to be remembe.
3. Remembrance, i;i, "C! zeker. 4 hath made his wonderful works to be re.
REMEMBRANCE (again) of
I. Remembrance, i;i, I;T zeker.
Exodi?. 14 I will utterly put out the remembrance
Deut25. 19 thou shalt blot out the remembrance of
32. 26 1 would make the remembrance of them
Job 18. 17 His remembrance shall perish from the e.
Psa. 6. 5 For in death (there is) no remembrance
30. 4 give thanks at the remembrance of his h.
34. 16 to cut off the remembrance of them from
Psa. 97. 12 give thanks at the remembrance of big
102. 12 and thy remembrance unto all generations
112. 6 the righteous shall be in everlasting rem.
Isa. 26. 8 desire of (our) soul (is), .to the reiiienii.r.
^Remembrance, memorial, jiij! zikkaron.
Job 13. 12 Your remembrances (are) like unto ashes
Eccl. i. ii no remembrance of former, .neither, .re.
2. 1 6 no remembrance of the wise more than
Isa. 57. 8 Behind, .hast thou set up thy reincmhra.
Mai. 3. 16 a book of remembrance was written befo
3.A remembering again, avdfivriffis anamnesis.
Lukez2. 19 saying, .this do in remembrance of me
i Co. 1 1. 24 Take, eat. .this do in remembrance of me
ii. 25 as oft as ye drink (it), in remembrance of
Heb. 10. 3 (there is) a remembrance again (made) of
4. To remember, /j.vdouai mnaomai.
Luke i. 54 holpen his servant Israel, in remembr. of
5. Remembrance, mention, memory, fivfia m
Phil. i. 3 I thank my God upon every remembrance
1 Th. 3. 6 ye have good remembrance of us always
2 Ti. i. 3 have remembrance of thee in my prayers
Q.Rememfjrance, memory, fj.vfinri mneme.
2 Pe. i. 15 have these things always in remembrance
T. Remembrance,recollection, virofivrio-ts hupom nesis.
2 Ti. i. 5 call to remembrance the unfeigned faith
2 Pe. 1.13 stir you up by putting (you) in remembra.
3. i I stir up your pure minds by way of rem.
REMEMBRANCE, to bring or call to
1.7*0 remember, n;j zakar.
Psa 77. 6 call to remembrance my song in the night
Eze. 23. 19 in calling to remembrance the days of
2. To cause to remember, i;i zakar, 5.
Num. 5. 15 an offering, .bringing iniquity to remem.
i Ki. 17. 18 come unto me to call my sin to remeiub.
Psa. 38. title. A psalm of David, to bring to remem.
70. title. (A psalm) of David, to bring to remem.
Eze. 21. 23 but he will call to remembrance the ini.
29. 1 6 which bringeth (their) iniquity to remem.
3. To inspect, visit, ip? paqad.
Eze. 23. 21 Thus thou calledst to remembrance the 1.
4. 7*o remind again, avafj.ifj.fria Koi anamimnesko.
Mark 1 1. 21 Peter calling to remembrance saith unto
1 Co. 4. 17 who shall bring you into remembrance of
Heb. 10. 32 But call to remembrance the former days
5. To remind gradually, vTro/uiyuyrjcncw hupomim.
John 1 4. 26 and bring all things to your remembrance
REMEMBRANCE, to be, come, have, keep, put, in
1. To lie remembered, "CJ zakar, 2.
Psa. 83. 4 name of Israel may be no more in remem.
Eze. 21. 24 that ye are come to remembrance, ye shall
2. To cause to remember, ~c; zakar, 5.
2 Sa. 18. 18 no sou to keep my name in remembrance
Lam. 3. 20 My soul hath (them) still in remembrance
Isa. 43. 26 Put me in remembrance : let us plead to.
3.7*0 be mindful again,;ffK<a anamimnesko.
2 Ti. i. 6 Wherefore I put thee in remembrance t.
4. To remember, /uraojtai mnaomai.
Acts 10. 31 alms are had in remembrance in the sight
Rev. 1 6. 19 great Babylon came in remembrance be.
5.7*0 be privately mindfid, virofjufivriffKw httpomim.
2 Ti. 2. 14 Of thesethingsput(them)inremembraiic
2 Pe. i. 12 negligent to put you always in renu-mbr.
Jude 5 I will therefore put you in remembrance
6. To place under, suggest, uiroT/077/u.i htipotith&mi,
i Ti. 4. 6 If thou put the brethren in remembrance
RE -METH, n:ri height.
A Leviticalcityin Issachar, near Engannim ; now called
Josh 19. 21 And R., and En-gannim, and En-haddah
1.--1 sending away, &<f>ris aphesis.
Matt 26. 2 8 is shed for many for the remission of sins
Mark i. 4 baptism of repentance for the remission
Luke i. 77 knowledge of salvation, .by the remission
Acts 2. 38 be .y^v...^
10 43 believeth in him shall receive remission of
Heb 9. 22 without shedding of blood is no remission
10. 1 8 Now where remission of these (is, there
2.A sending orer, passing by, irdpteris paresis.
Rom. 3. 25 declare his righteousness for the remission
REMIT, be remitted, to
7*o send fncai/, &</>tV" aphiemi.
John 20. 2 3 Whose soever sins ye remit, [they are re.]
REM -MON, pe~!. See Rimmon.
A city hi Judah or Simeon, near Ain and Ether ; now
called Roinaneh.
Josh 19. 7 Ain, R., and Ether, and Ashan ; four cities
REM-MON ME-THO -AR, -ixrcn psn.
A city in Zebulun, N. of Nazareth, now called Ritmmanah.
Josh 19. 1 3 And from thence. .goethouttoR.,toNenh
1 . A fter, after parts, "irm achare.
i" Ki. 14. 10 will take away the remnant of the house
2. Latter end, JVmN acharith.
Eze. 23. 25 and thy remnant shall fall by the sword
3. To be left over, in; yathar, 2.
Lev. 2. 3 remnant of the meat offering (shall be) A.
14. 1 8 remnant of the oil that (is) in the priest s
1 Ch. 6. 70 for the family of the remnant of the sons
4. What is left over, in; yether.
Deut. 3. 1 1* remained of the remnant of giants; ben.
28. 54 toward the remnant of his children which
Josh 12. 4 of the remnant of the giants, that dwelt
13. 12 who remained of the remnant of the gia.
23. 12 cleave unto the remnant of these nations
2 Sa. 21. 2 but of the remnant of the Amorites ; and
1 Ki. 12. 23 Speak, .to the remnant of the people, sa.
22. 46 remnant of the sodomites, which remain.
2 Ki.25- ii with the remnant of the multitude, did N.
Job 22. 20 but the remnant of them the fire cousu.
Jer. 39. 9 remnant of the people that remained in
Mic. 5. 3 then the remnant of his brethren shall r.
Hab. 2. 8 all the remnant of the people shall spoil
Zepti. 2. 9 the remnant of my people shall possess
5. Loose or spread out part, rng serach.
Kxnil. .. 12 remnant that remaineth of the curtains
6. Escape, escaping, np ^9 peletah.
Eze. 14. 22 therein shall be left a remnant that shall
7 .Remaining one, remnant, T"ty sarid.
Isa. i. 9 had left unto us a very small remnant, we
Joel 2. 32 in the remnant whom the LORD shall call
S.Tobe left, to remain, it<y shaar, 2.
2 Ki. 19. 30 remnant that is escaped of the house of
2 Ch.3o. 6 he will return to the remnant of you that
Neh. i. 3 remnant that are left of the captivity th.
Isa. 37. 31 remnant that is escaped of the house of
9.Remnant, rest, IMF shear.
Ezra 3. 8 remnant of their brethren the priests and
Isa. io. 20 remnant of Israel, and such as are escaped
10. 21 remnant shall return, (even) the remnant
10. 22 remnant of them shall return : the consu.
11. ii second time to recover the remnant of his
ii. 16 there shall be an highway for the remnant
14. 22 cut off from Babylon the name, and rem.
16. 14 the remnant (shall be) very small (and)
17. 3 kingdom from Damascus, and the remn.
Zeph. i. 4 will cut off the remnant of Baal from this
10. Remnant, residue, nnx-f sl>eerith.
2 KA.ig. 4 wherefore lift up (thy) prayer for the re.
19. 31 out of Jerusalem shall go forth a remnant
21. 14 forsake the remnant of mine inheritance
2 Ch.34- 9 of all the remnant of Israel, and of all J.
Ezra 9. 1 4 (there should be)no remnant nor escaping ?
Isa. 14. 30 with famine, and he shall slay thy remnant
15. 9 lions, .upon the remnant of the land
37. 4 wherefore lift up (thy) prayer for the re.
37. 32 out of Jerusalem shall go forth a remnant
46. 3 all the remnant of the house of Israel, w.
6. 9 They shall throughly glean the remnant
ii. 23 there shall be no remnant of them : for I
23. 3 I will gather the remnant of my flock out
25. 20 and Ekron, and the remnant of Ashdod
31. 7 save thy people, the remnant of Israel
40. 1 1 king of Babylon had left a remnant of J.
40. 15 be scattered, and the remnant in Judah
41. 16 all the remnant of the people whom he
42. 2 pray for us. .(even) for all this remnant
42. 15 hear the word of the LORD, ye remnant
42. 19 O ye remnant of Judah ; Go ye not into
43. 5 took all the remnant of Judah, that were
44. 12 will take the remnant of Judah, that have
44. 14 So that none of the remnant of Judah, w.
44. 28 all the remnant of Judah, that are gone
47. 4 the remnant of the country of Caphtor
47. 5 Ashkelon is cut off (with) the remnant of
5. io whole remnant of thee will I scatter into
11. 13 wilt thou make a full end of the remnant
25. i6and destroy the remnant of the sea coast
Amos i. 8 remnant of the Philistines shall perish
5. 15 will be gracious unto the remnant of Jo.
9. 12 That they may possess the remnant of E.
2. 12 I will surely gather the remnant of Israel
4. 7 I will make her that halted a remnant, and
5. 7 remnant of Jacob shall be in the midst of
5. 8 remnant of Jacob shall be among the G.
7. 1 8 passeth by the transgression of the remn.
Zeph. 2. 7 coast shall be for the remnant of the ho.
3. 13 The remnant of Israel shall not do iniquity
Hag. i. 12 with all the remnant of the people, obeyed
i. 14 spirit of all the remnant of the people ; and
Zech. 8. 6 marvellous in the eyes of the remnant of
8. 12 I will cause the remnant of this people to
11. Remnant (?), n tc sheruth [v.L. .Tjy sharah, 3].
Jer. 15. ii Verily it shall be well with thy remnant
12. What is left fully, KaTa\ifj./j.a kataJeimma.
Rom. 9. 27 sand of the sea, [a remnant] shall be sav.
13. What is left, AI/x/xa leimma.
Rom ii. 5 there is a remnant according to the elec.
^.Remaining, left, \oiwos loipos.
Matt 22. 6 remnant took his servants, and entreated
Rev. ii. 13 remnant were affrighted, and gave glory
12. 17 went to make war with the remnant other
19. 21 remnant were slain with the sword of him
REMNANT, to leave a
To let or cause to be over, in; yathar. 5.
Eze. 6. 8 Yet will I leave a remnant, that ye may
REMOVE (away), to
I. To remove, .1^3 galah.
Eze. 12. 3 remove by day. .thou shalt remove from
2.7V) cause to remove, rhi galah, 5.
2 Ki.i;. 26 nations which thou hast removed, and
1 Ch. 8. 6 and they removed them to Manahath
8. 7 he removed them, and begat Uzza and A.
3. To roll, SSa galal.
Psa. 119. 22 Remove from me reproach and contempt
4. To remove, B*iD mush.
Zech. 3. 9 remove the iniquity of that land in one d.
14. 4 half of the mountain shall remove toward
5. To (cause to) remove, trio mush, 5.
Isa. 46. 7 from his place shall he not remove : yea
Mic. 2. 3 from which ye shall not remove your ne.
2. 4 how hath he removed (it) from me ! turn.
6. To move, iu nud.
Jer. 4. i wilt put away . . then shalt thou not rem.
50. 3 they shall remove, they shall depart, both
50. 8 Remove out of the midst of Babylon, and
7. To cause to move, iu nud, 5.
Psa. 36. ii let not the hand of the wicked remove me
8. To move, shake, yo nun.
Exod2o. 1 8 when the people saw (it), they removed
9. To remove, Jpj nasar/, 5.
Deut 19. 14 Thou shalt not remove thy neighbour s
27. 17 Cursed (be) he that removeth his ueighb.
Pro\ 22. 28 Remove not the ancient landmark,which
23. io Remove not the old landmark ; and enter
Hos. 5. io princes, .were like them that remove the
10. To remove, journey, ypj nasa.
Exodi4. 19 removed and went behind them ; and the
Sum 12. 16 afterward the people removed from Haz.
21. 12, 13 From thence they removed, and pitc.
33. 5 children of Israel removed from Rameses
33- 7>9i I0 Ir > *4> 6, 21 And they removed from
[So in v. 24, 25, 26, 28, 32, 34, 36, 37, 46, 47.]
Josh. 3. i Joshua rose early, .and they removed from
3. 3 then ye shall remove from your place, and
3. 14 when the people removed from their tents
II. To cause to remove or journey, ypi nasa, 5.
Job 19. io mine hope hath he removed like a tree
Eccl. io. 9 Whoso removeth stones shall be hurt th.
12. To cause to reach, att rin, overtake, Jifi nasag, 5.
Job 24. 2 (Some) remove the landmarks : they vi.
13. Tobe,go,turn or briny round about, 3JO sabab,2.
Num 36. 7 remove from tribe to tribe ; for every one
36. 9 Neither shall the inheritance remove from
14. To turn or bring round about, 339 sabab, 5.
2 Sa. 20. 12 removed Amasa out of the highway into
15. To cause to turn aside, ~AD sur, 5.
Gen. 8. 13 removed the covering of the ark, and Io.
30. 35 removed that day the he goats that were
48. 17 to remove it from Ephraim s head unto M.
Exod. 8. 31 removed the swarm (of flies) from Pharaoh
Judg. 9. 29 then would I remove Abimelech. And he
1 Sa. 18. 13 Therefore Saul removed him from him, and
2 Sa. 6. io So David would not remove the ark of the
1 Ki. 15. 12 removed all the idols that his fathers had
15. 13 even her he removed from (being) queen
2 Ki. 16. 17 removed the laver from off them ; and t.
17. 1 8 removed them out of his sight : there was
17. 23 Until the LORD removed Israel out of his
1 8. 4 removed the high places, and brake the
23. 27 I will remove, .as I have removed Israel
24. 3 to remove (them) out of his sight, for the
2 Ch.i5. 16 removed her from (being) queen, because
33. 8 Neither will I any more remove the foot
35. 12 removed the burnt offerings, that they
Job 12. 20 He removeth away the speech of the tru.
27. 5 till I die I will not remove mine integrity
Psa. 39. io Remove thy stroke away from me : I am
81. 6 I removed his shoulder from the burden
119. 29 Remove from me the way of lying; and
Prov. 4. 27 Turn not. .remove thy foot from evil
Eccl. ii. :o Therefore remove sorrow from thy heart
Isa. io. 13 I have removed the bounds of the people
Jer. 32. 31 that I should remove it from before my
Eze. 21. 26 Remove the diadem, and take off the cr.
45. 9 remove violence and spoil, and execute
16. To cause to move, remove, persuade, nio suth,5.
Job 36. 16 Even so would he have removed thee out
1 7. To cause to pass over, ijj; abar, 5.
Gen. 47. 21 removed them to cities from (one) end of
8. To cause to pass on or by, rny. adah, 5.
Dan. 2. 21 he removeth kings, and setteth up kings
19. To remove, transcribe, leave off, pny. athaq, 5.
Gen. 12. 8 he removed from thence unto a mountain
26. 22 removed from thence, and digged another
Job 9. 5 Which removeth the mountains, and they
20. TV) shake, tremble, vy~l raash.
Isa. 13. 13 earth shall remove outof herplace, in the
21. 7V> move, shake, Kivtw kineo.
Rev. 2. 5 will remove thy candlestick out of hig pi.
22. To set over or beyond, ^tei<TTi)fjn methistemi.
Acts 13. 22 when he had removed him, he raised up
i Co 13. 2 that I could remove mountains, and have
23. To go up over or beyond, utra&alvu metabaino.
Matt 17. 20 Remove hence, .and it shall remove: and
24. THput mer or beyond, ^frariOij^i metatithemi.
Gal. i. 61 marvel that ye are so soon removed fr.
25. To bear away, irapa<f>tpca parapheri.
Luke22. 42 if thou be willing, remove this cup from
REMOVE a tent, to
To move a tent, *?rm ahal.
Gen. 13. 18 removed (his) tent, and came and dwelt
REMOVE far (away or off), to
1.7*0 cast off, njt zanach.
Lam. 3. 17 thou hast removed my soul far off from
2. To put far off, prn rachaq, 3.
Isa. 6. 12 LORD have removed men far away, and
26. 15 thou hast removed (it) far (unto) all the
29. 13 but have removed their heart far from
S.Toputfar off, prn rachaq, 5.
Psa. 103. K (so) far hath he removed our transgresai.
Prov. 5. 8 Remove thy way far from her, and come
30. 8 Remove far from me vanity and lies ; give
Jer. 27. io remove you far from your land ; and that
Joel 2. 20 But I will remove far off from you the n.
3. 6 that ye might remove them far from their
REMOVE into, to
To make a change of dwelling, ptroiKifa metoikizo.
Acts 7. 4 removed him into this laud, wherein ye
I. To be removed, .1^3 galah, 2.
Isa. 38. 12 is removed from me as a shepherd s tent
^..Removal ( ! ill-treatment), nyy zaavah [In Jer.
V.L. n;-ii]. Deut 2g. 25.
Jer. 15. 4 cause them to be removed into all kingd.
24. 9 will deliver them to be removed into all
29. 1 8 will deliver them to be removed to all the
34. 17 I will make you to be removed into all the
Eze. 23. 46 and will give them to be removed and sp.
3.7*0 remove, n:; yagah, 5.
2 Sa. 20. 13 When he was removed out of the highway
4. To be covered or removed, ]jj kanaph, 2.
Isa. 30. 20 yet shall not thy teachers be removed into
5. To move, xlij), fail, Bio mot, 1, 5.
Psa. 104. 5 the earth, (that) it should not be removed
125. i cannot be removed, (but) abideth for ever
Prov. io. 30 The righteous shall never be removed: but
Isa. 54. io shall depart.and the hills be removed ; but
54. io shall the covenant of my peace be remo.
6. To exchange, change, ~ftD mur, 5.
Psa. 46. 2 though the earth be removed, and though
7. To remove, depart, eho mush.
Isa. 22.25 shall the nail that is fastened . . be removed
8. To move, wander or flee away, "nj nadad.
Isa. io. 31 Madmenah is removed ; the inhabitants
9.7*0 move or bemoan self, 11: nud, 7a.
Isa. 24. 20 shall be removed like a cottage ; and the
10. Separation, impurity, rnj niddah.
Eze. 7. 19 gold shall be removed : their silver and
11. .4 removal, rnu nidah.
Lam. i. 8 therefore she is removed : all that honou.
12. To pluck up, ypj nasa.
Isa. 33. 20 not one of the stakes, .shall ever be rem.
13.7*0 turn aside, "iiD sur.
i Sa. 6. 3 known to you why his hand is not remo.
Amos 6. 7 and the banquet . . shall be removed
14.7*0 be removed, old, pny, athaq.
Job 14. 18 and the rock is removed out of his place
18. 4 shall the rock be removed outof his place
15.7*0 lift up, carry away, alpu airij.
Matt 21. 21 say unto this mountain, Be thou removed
Markn. 23 say unto this mountain, Be thou removed
Separation, impurity, rru niddah.
Eze. 36. 17 as the uncleanness of a removed woman
REMOVING (to and fro)
1. Removal, exile, rtylgoldk.
Eze. 12. 3 prepare thee stuff for removing, and
12. 4 bring forth . . as stuff for removing : and
2.7*0 turn aside, 11D sur.
Isa. 49. 21 a captive, and removing to and fro? and
3. 7*o cause to turn aside, TO sur, 5.
Gen. 30. 32 removing from thence all the speckled
4.A putting over, nfraOtffis metathesis.
Heb. 12. 27 signifleth the removing of those thing!
REM -PHAN, "Ptfjidtav.
An idol worshipped by Israel in the wilderness ; perhape
the same as Chiun (Amos 5. 26) or Saturn.
Acts 7. 43 Yea, ye took up. .the star of your god R.
REND (off or in pieces), be rent, to
1 . 7*o cleave, rend, yp? baqa.
Eze. 29. 7 didst break, and rend all their shoulder
2. 7*o cleave, rend, yp^i baqa, 3.
Eze. 13. ii shall fall; and a stormy wind shall read
13. 13 I will even rend (it) with a stormy wind
3. To rend, onp param.
Lev. io. 6 Uncover not your heads, neither rend yomr
21. io shall not uncover his head, nor rend his
4. To break off, n? jmraq.
Psa. 7. 2 Lest he tear my soul like a lion, rending
5. To break off, pi? paraq, 3.
i Ki.ig. ii great and strong wind rent the mountains
6. To rend away, cut out, JT!i3 qara.
Gen. 37. 29 Joseph (was) not in the pit ; and he rent
37. 34 Jacob rent his clothes, and put sackcloth
44. 13 Then they rent their clothes, and laded
Lev. 13. 56 then he shall rend it out of the garment
Nunii4. 6 Joshua the son of Nun, and Caleb, .rent
Josh. 7. 6 Joshua rent his clothes, and fell to the e.
Judgn. 35 rent hisclothes, and said, Alas, mydaugh.
i Sa. 15. 28 The LORD hath rent the kingdom of Israel
28. 17 for the LORD hath rent the kingdom out
a Sa. i. ii David took hold on his clothes, and rent
3. 31 Kend your clothes, and gird you with sa.
13. 19 rent her garment of divers colours that
i Ki.ii. ii I will surely rend the kingdom from theo
-i. 12 I will rend it out of the hand of thy son
ii. 13 I will not rend away all the kingdom ; (butt
ii. 30 caught the new garment, .and rent it (in)
ii. 31 will rend the kingdom out of the hand of
14. 8 rent the kingdom away from the house of
21. 27 rent his clothes, and put sackcloth upon
2 Ki. 2. 12 he took hold . .and rent them in two pie
5. 7 rent his clothes, and said, (Am) I God, to
5. 8 heard that the king of Israel had rent his
5. 8 Wherefore hastthou rent thy clothes? let
6. 30 rent his clothes ; and he passed by upon
ii. 14 Athaliah rent her clothes, and cried, Tr.
17. 21 For he rent Israel from the house of Dav.
19. i rent his clothes, and covered himself with
22. ii when the king had heard, .he rent his cl.
22. 19 hast rent thy clothes, and wept before me
1 Ch.23- 13 Athaliah rent her clothes, and said, Tre.
34. 19 heard the words of the law, that he rent
34. 27 didst rend thy clothes, and weep before
Ezra 9. 3 rent my garment and my mantle, and pi.
9. 5 having rent my garment and my mantle
Esth. 4. i Mordecai rent his clothes, and put on sa.
Job i. 20 Then Job arose, and rent his mantle, and
2. 12 rent every one his mantle, and sprinkled
Eccl. 3. 7 A time to rend, and a time to sew ; a time
Isa. 37. i rent his clothes, and covered himself with
64. i Oh that thou wouldest rend the heavens
Jer. 4. 30 though thou reutest thy face with paint.
36. 24 Yet they were not afraid, nor rent their g.
Hos. 13. 8 will rend the caul of their heart, and there
Joel 2. 13 rend your heart, and not your garments
l.To cleave, rend, yyy shasa, 3.
Judgi*. 6 he rent him as he would have rent a kid
8. To burst through, rend thoroughly, ^iap{>-i]ffff(a.
Matt26. 65 Then the high priest rent his clothes, say.
Marki4. 63 Then the high priest rent his clothes, and
Acts 14. 14 rent their clothes, and ran in among the
9. To rend all around, irfpt^ri-yvvfjuperirrhegnumi.
Acts 1 6. 22 and the magistrates rent off their clothes
10. To rend, burst, firjyvv/j.1 rhegnumi.
Matt. 7. 6 trample . .and turn again and rend you
II To tear, lacerate, ffirapdffffu sparasso.
Mark 9. 26 cried, and rent him sore, and came out of
12. To rend, tear, ffxiCu schizo.
Matt27. 51 veil of the temple was rent in twain from
27. 51 the earth did quake, and the rocks rent
Markis. 38 veil of the temple was rent in twain from
Luke 23. 45 the veil of the temple was rent in the m.
John 19. 24 Let us not rend it, but cast lots for it, w.
RENDER (again), to
l.To give, \T\) nathan.
2 Ch. 6. 30 render unto every man according unto all
2. To cause to turn back, aia* shub, 5.
Num 18. 9 which they shall render unto me, (shall be)
Deut32. 41 I will render vengeance to mine enemies
32. 43 will render vengeance to his adversaries
Judg.g. 56 Thus God rendered the wickedness of A.
9. 57 all the evil . . did God render upon their
1 Sa.26. 23 render to every man his righteousness
2 Ki. 3. 4 rendered unto the king of Israel an hund.
2 Ch.32. 25 Hezekiah rendered not again according to
Job 33. 26 he will render unto man his rfghteousness
Psa. 28. 4 of their hands ; render to them their des.
79. 12 renderuntoourneighbourssevenfoldinto
94. 2 Lift up thyself, .render a reward to the
116. 12 What shall I render unto the LORD (for)
Prov24. 12 shall (not) he render to (every) man acco.
24. 29 will render to the man according to his
26. 16 than seven men that can render a reason
Isa. 66. 15 render his anger with fury, and his rebu.
Lam. 3. 64 Render unto them a recompence, O LORD
Zech. 9. 12 even to day do I declare (that) I will ren.
3. To finish, complete, Q1
?^ shalam, 3.
Job 34. 1 1 For the work of a man shall he render un.
Psa. 38. 20 They also that render evil for good are
56. 12 vows (are) upon me, God : I will rend.
62. 12 for thou renderest to every man according
Isa. 66. 6 voice of the LORD that rendereth recom.
Jer. 51. 6 he will render unto her a recompence
51. 24 I will render unto Babylon and to all the
Hos. 14. 2 so will we render the calves of our lips
Joel 3. 4 will ye render me a recompence? and if
4.To give back in return, avrairoSiScafii amiapodid.
i Th. 3. 9 what thanks can we render to God again
6. To give back, airoSiSwfj.i apodidomi.
Mattel. 41 shall render him the fruits in their seasons
Matt22. 21 Render therefore unto Cesar the things
Marki2. 17 Render to Cesar the things that are Ces.
Luke2o. 25 Render therefore unto Cesar the things
Rom. . 6 Who will render to every man according
13. 7 Render therefore to all their dues : tribu.
i Co. 7. 3 render unto the wife due benevolence : and
i Th. 5. 15 See that none render evil for evil unto an.
i Pe. 3. 9 Not rendering evil for evil, or railing for
To (cause to) turn back, aw shub,5 [V.L. 1].
Provi2. 14 recompence. .shall be rendered unto him
1. To renew, repair, enn chadash, 3.
1 Sa.n. i4let us goto Gilgal.and renew the kingdom
2 Ch.i5. 8 renewed the altar of the LORD that (was)
Job 10. 17 Thou renewest thy witnesses against me
Psa. 51. 10 Create in me a clean heart, .and renew a
104. 30 and thou renewest the face of the earth
Lam. 5. 21 we shall be turned; reuaw our days as of
2. To change, pass on, ^Vri chalaph, 5.
Isa. 40. 31 they that wait upon the LORD shall renew
41. i let the people renew (their) strength : let
3. To make new again, anakainizo.
Heb. 6. 6 If they shall fall away, to renew them a.
RENEWED, to be
l.To renew self, be renewed, enn chadash, 7.
Psa. 1 03. 5 so that) thy youth is renewed like the ea.
2. To change, pass on, renew, ]Sn chalaph, 5.
Job 29. 20 and my bow was renewed in my hand
3. To make new again, avaxaivou anakainoO.
2 Co. 4. 16 yet the inward (man) is renewed day by
Col. 3. 10 which is renewed in knowledge after the
4. To be renewed again, avavtoouai ananeoomai,
Eph. 4. 23 And be renewed in the spirit of youfmind
A making new again, AvaKaivcaffts anakainosis.
Rom 12. 2 but be ye transformed by the renewing of
Titus 3. 5 regeneration, and renewing of the Holy
To speak off or away, aireiirov apeipon.
2 Co. 4. 2 have renounced the hidden things of dis.
RENOWN, renowned
l.To be shining, praised, S?ri halal, 4.
Eze. 26. 17 renowned city, which wast strong in the
2. To call, N"jjj qara.
Eze. 23. 23 great lords and renowned, all of them ri.
3. To be called, Tjjj qara, 2.
Isa. 14. 20 seed of evil doers shall never be renowned
4. To call, Nij3 qara (pass, partic.) [v.L. K ip],
Num. i. 16 These (were) the renowned of the congr.
5.A name, DB> shem.
Gen. 6. 4 men which (were) of old, men of renown
Numi6. 2 famous in the congregation, men of ren.
Eze. 16. 14 thy renown went forth among the heathen
16. 15 playedst the harlot because of thy renown
34. 29 I will raise up for them a plant of renown
39. 13 it shall be to them a renown, the day that
Dan. 9. 15 and hast gotten thee renown, as at this
1.A rope or rent thing, n^i?} niqpah.
Isa. 3. 24 instead of a girdle a rent ; and instead of
2. To rend, D"5? param.
Lev. 13. 45 his clothes shall be rent, and his head b.
3. To rend away, cut out, JHj? qara.
1 Sa. 4. 12 his clothes rent, and with earth upon his
2Sa. i. 2 his clothes rent, and earth upon his head
13. 31 servants stood by with their clothes rent
15. 32 came to meet him with his coat rent, and
2 Ki. 1 8. 37 came, .to Hezekiah, with (their) clothes r.
Isa. 36. 22 came . . to Hezekiah with (their) clothes r.
Jer. 41. 5 their beards shaven, and their clothes r.
4:.A rent, dissension, a-)(\.ffu.a. schisma.
Matt. 9. 16 taketh from the garment, and the rent is
Mark 2. 21 taketh away from the old, and the rent is
RENT (asunder, in pieces), to be
l.To be cleft, yp? baqa, 2.
i Ki. i . 40 that the earth rent with the sound of them
Job 26. 8 the waters, .the cloud is not rent under
Eze. 30. 16 and No shall be rent asunder, and Noph
2. To be cleft, VCJ baqa, 4.
Josh. 9. 4 wine bottles, old, and rent, and bound up
3. To cleave self, be cleft, J?p? baqa, 7.
Josh. 9. 13 behold, they be rent : and these our garm.
4. To be torn, r\~y} taraph, 4.
Gen. 37. 33 Joseph is without doubt rent in pieces
5. To be rent away, jn;? qara, 2.
Exod 28. 32 shall have a binding, .that it be not rent
39. 23 a band round, .that it should not rend
i Sa. 15. 27 he laid hold upon the skirt, .and it rent
i Ki. 13. 3 the altar shall be rent, and the ashes that
13. 5 The altar also was rent, and the ashes p.
RENT, to make a
To rend, ffxifa schizo.
Luke 5. 36 the newmaketh a rent, and the piece that
REPAIR ( earnestly), to
1. To repair a breach, pip badaq.
2 Ch-34. 10 wrought, .to repair and amend the house
2. To build, n}5 banah.
Judg2i. 23 and repaired the cities, and dwelt in them
2 Ch. 33. 16 he repaired the altar of the LORD, and s.
3. To renew, enn chadash, 3.
2 Ch.24. 4 was minded to repair the house of the L.
24. 12 hired masons and carpenters to repair the
Isa. 61. 4 they shall repair the waste cities, the de
4. To strengthen, harden, fix, pin chazaq, 3.
2 Ki. 12. 5 let them repair the breaches of the house
12. 6 the priests had not repaired the breaches
12. 7 AV hy repair ye not the breaches of the h.
12. 8 neither to repair the breaches of the ho.
12. 12 to repair the breaches of the house of the
12. 14 repaired therewith the house of the LORD
22. 5 give . . to repair the breaches of the house
22. 6 timber and hewn stone to repair the ho.
2 Ch.24. 5 to repair the house of your God from year
29. 3 opened the doors . . and repaired them
32. 5 repaired Millo (in) the city of David, and
34. 8 to repair the house of the LORD his God
Neh. 3. 19 next to him repaired Ezer the son of Je.
5. To strengthen, pin chazaq, 5.
Neh. 3. 4 next unto them repaired Meremoth the L
3. 4 next unto them repaired Meshullam the)
3. 4 next unto them repaired Zadok the son of
3. 5 next unto them the Tekoites repaired, but
3. 6 the old gate repaired Jehoiada the son of
3. 7 And next unto them repaired Melatiah
3. 8 Next unto him repaired Uzziel the son of
3. 8 Next unto him also repaired Hananiah the
3. 9 next unto them repaired Rephaiah the .
3. 10 next unto them repaired Jedaiah the son
3. 10 next unto him repaired Hattush the son
3. ii repaired the other piece, and the tower
3. 12 next unto him repaired Shallum the son
3. 13 The valley gate repaired Hanuu, and the
3. 14 the dung gate repaired Malchiah the son
3. 15 the gate of the fountain repaired Shallum
3. 16 After him repaired Nehemiah the son of
3. 17 after him repaired the Levites, Rehum
3. 17 Next unto him repaired Hasbabiah, the
3. 1 8 After him repaired their brethren, Baval
3. 20 Baruch the son of Zabbai earnestly repai.
3. -2 1 After him repaired Meremoth the son of
3. 22 after him repaired the priests, the men of
3. 23 After him repaired Benjamin and Hashub
3. 23 After him repaired Azariah the son of M.
3. 24 After him repaired Binnui the son of H.
3. 27 After them the Tekoites repaired another
3. 28 From above the horse gate repaired the
3. 29 After them repaired Zadok the son of Im.
3. 29 After him repaired also Shemaiah the son.
3. 30 After him repaired Hananiah the son of
3. 30 After him repaired Meshullam the son of
3. 31 After him repaired Malchiah the goldsm.
3. 32 repaired the goldsmiths and the mercha.
Q.Strength, firm hold, n^in chozqah.
2 Ki. 12. 12 all that was laid out for the house to re.
7. To keep living or alive, n;n chayah, 3.
i Ch.n. 8 built, .and Joab repaired the rest of the
8. To shut up or in, 1:9 sagar.
i Ki. ii. 27 repaired the breaches of the city of David
9. To cause to stand still, 13% amad, 5.
Ezra 9. 9 to repair the desolations thereof, and to
10. To heal, N$T rapha, 3.
1 Ki. 18. 30 and he repaired the altar of the LORD
REPAIRER, repairing
l.To wall or hedge, ~nj gadar.
Isa. 58. 12 The repairer of the breach, The restorer
2. Foundation, lio yesod.
2 Ch.24. 2 7 the repairing of the house of God, behold
REPAY, be repayed, to
l.To finish, complete, repay, chy shalam, 3.
Deut. 7. 10 repayeth them that hate him to their face
7. 10 he will not be slack .. he will repay him to
Job 21. 31 who shall repay him (what) he hath done
41. ii Who hath prevented me, that I should r.
Prov 13. 21 but to the righteous good shall be repaid
Isa. 59. 18 he will repay, .he will repay recompence
2. To give back in return, avTcnro$i$<ofj.t antapodid.
Rom 12. 19 Vengeance (is) mine; I will repay, saith
3. To give back or away, airoSitiaui apodidomi.
Luke 10. 35 more, when I come again, I will repay
4. To pay away or back, airorivta apotino.
Phm. 19 I will repay (it) : albeit I do not say to
To do a thing twice, repeat, rtyy shanah.
Prov 17. 9 but he that repeateth a matter separateth
REPENT (self), to
l.To be penitent, comforted, eased, onj nacham, 2.
Gen. 6. 6 it repented the LORD that he had made
6. 7 for it repenteth me that I have made th.
Exodi3. 17 the people repent when they see war, and
32. 12 and repent of this evil against thy people
32. 14 the LORD repented of the evil which he
Judg. 2. 1 8 it repented the LORD because of their gr
21. 6 Israel repented them for Benjamin their
21. 15 And the people repented them for Benj.
i Sa. 15. ii It repenteth me that I have set up Saul
15. 29 strength of Israel will not lie nor repent
15. 29 for he (Is) not a man, that he should repe.
15. 35 the LORD repented that he hud made Saul
a Sa. 24. 16 the LORD repented him of the evil, and
i Ch.2i. 15 he repented him of the evil, and said to
Job 42. 6 Wherefore I abhor, .and repent in dust
Psa. 90. 13 let it repent thee concerning thy servants
106. 45 repented according to the multitude of
no. 4 The LORD hath sworn, and will not repent
Jer. 4. 28 I have purposed (it), and will not repent
8. 6 no man repented him of his wickedness
18. 81 will repent of the evil that I thought to
18. 10 I will repent of the good where with I said
20. 16 which the LORD overthrew, and repented
26. 3 that I may repent me of the evil which I
26. 13 the LORD will repent him of the evil that
26. 19 LORD repented him of the evil which he
31. 19 I repented ; and after that I was instru
42. 10 I repent me of the evil that I have done
Eze. 24. 14 neither will I repent : according to thy
Joel 2. 13 of great kindness, and repenteth him of
2. 14 (if) he will return and repent, and leave
Amos 7. 3 LORD repented for this : It shall not be
7. 6 LORD repented for this: This also shall not
Jon. 3. 9 God will turn and repent, and turn away
3. 10 God repented of the evil that he had said
4 . 2 Knew that thou . . repentest thee of the e.
Zech. 8. 14 provoked me to wrath, .and I repented
2.To comfort self, be penitent, cnj nacham, 7.
Num23. 19 neither the son of man, that he should r.
Deut 32. 36 repent himself for his servants, when he
Psa. 135. 14 he will repent himself concerning his se.
3.7*0 turn back, y*v shub.
1 Ki. 8. 47 repent, and make supplication unto thee
Eze. 14. 6 Repent, and turn . . from your idols ; and
18. 30 Repent, and turn, .from all your transg.
4. To be careful or concerned loith, fj.frafj.(\o^ai.
Matt 2 1. 29 said, I will not: but afterward he repen.
21. 32 repented not afterward, that ye might b.
27. 3 repented himself, and brought again the
2 Co. 7. 8 I do not repent, though I did repent
Heb. 7. 21 The Lord aware and will notrepent, Thou
5. To have another mind, ji.tTai>ot<a metanoeo.
Matt. 3. 2 Repent ye : for the kingdom of heaven is
4. 17 Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at
n. 20 to upbraid .. because they repejited not
n. 21 they would have repented long ago in sa.
12. 41 they repented at the preaching of Jonas
Mark 1. 15 saying, .repent ye, and believe the gospel
6. 12 And they, .preached that men should re
Lukeio. 13 they had a great while ago repented, sit.
ii. 32 they repented at the preaching of Jonas
13. 3, 5 except ye repent, ye shall all likewise
15. 7, 10 joy. .over one sinner that repenteth
16. 30 if one went unto them, .they will repent
17. 3 rebuke him ; and ii he repent, forgive him
17. 4 turn again to thee, saying, I repent; thou
Acts 2. 38 Repent, and be baptized every one of you
3. 19 Repent ye therefore.and be converted th
8. 22 Repent therefore of this thy wickedness
17. 30 commandeth all men everywhere to repent
26. 20 they should repent and turn to God. and
2 Co. 12. 21 have not repented of the uncleanness, and
Rev. 2. 5 repent, and do the first works ; or else I
2. 5 remove thy candlestick, .except thou re
2. 16 Repent; or else I will come unto thee q
2. 21 repent of her fornication ; and she repen.
2. 22 I will cast . . except they repent of their d.
3. 3 Remember, .and hold fast, and repent
3. 19 chasten : be zealous therefore, and repent
9. 20 repented not of the works of their hands
9. 21 Neither repented they of their murders
16. 9 and they repented not to give him glory
16. ii blasphemed, .and repented not of their
I. Penitence, comfort, cni nocham.
Hos. 13. 14 repentance shall be hid from mine eyes
2.A change of mind, /j.frdvota metanoia.
Matt. 3. 8 Bring forth .. fruits meet for repentance
3. ii I., baptize youwith water unto repentance
9. 13 come to call the. .sinners [to repentance]
Mark i. 4 baptism of repentance for the remission
2. 17 I came, .to call, .sinners [to repentance]
Luke 3. 3 baptism of repentance for the remission
3. 8 Bring forth, .fruits worthy of repentance
5. 32 I came, .to call, .sinners to repentance
15. 7 just persons, which need no repentance
24. 47 repentance and remission of sins should
Acts 5. 31 give repentance to Israel, and forgiveness
11. 18 Then hath God., granted repentance unto
13. 24 the l>aptismof repentance to all the people
19. 4 baptized with the baptism of repentance
20. 21 repentance toward God, and faith toward
26. 20 turn, .and do works meet for repentance
Kom. 2. 4 goodness of God leadeth thee to repenta.
a Co. 7. 9 ye sorrowed to repentance : for ye were
7. 10 godly sorrow worketh repentance to sal.
2 Ti. 2. 25 peradventure will give them repentance
Heb. 6. i foundation of repentance from dead works
6. 6 to renew them again unto repentance
12. 17 he found no place of repentance, though
2 PC. 3. 9 but that all should come to repentance
REPENTANCE (without), not to be repented of
Not to 6, careful or concerned loith. d^tTo/itATjToy. Romn. 29 gifts and calling, .(are) without repenta.
2 Co 7. 10 to salvation not to be repented of : but
I. To be penitent, comforted, nnj nacham, 2.
Jer. 15. 6 destroy thee ; I am weary with repenting
^.Comforts, repentings, D Z^nj nichumim.
Hos. ii. 8 How., my repentings are kindled together
REPETITIONS, to uie vain
To speak emptily, Barro\oyfta battologeo.
Matt. 6. 7 when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as
RE PHA -EL, Sx;-i God is a healer.
A Kohathite, son of Shemaiah the first born of Obededom,
and a gatekeeper of the tabernacle. B.C. 1020.
i Ch.26. 7 The sons of Shemaiah ; Othni, and R. , and
RE -PHAH, nsi healing, support.
A grandson of Kphraim, through Beriah. B.C. 1680.
i Ch. 7. 25 And R. (was) his son, also Resheph, and
RE-PHA-I AH, rvp Jah heals.
1. A head of a family of the house of David. B.C. 500.
i Ch. 3. 21 the sons of R., the sons of Arnan, the sons
2. A captain of Simeon when they smote the Amalekites.
B.C. 715.
i Ch. 4. 42 Xeariah, and R., and t zziel, the sons of I.
3. A son of Tola, son of Issachar. B.C. 1400
i Ch. 7. 2 And the sons of Tola ; Uzzi, and R., and
4. A Benjamite called in i Ch. 8. 37 Rapha B.C. 900
1 Ch. 9. 43 R. his son, Eleasah his son, Azel his son
5. One who helped to repair the wall of Jerusalem after
Nehemiah came from Shushan. B.C. 445.
Neh. 3. 9 And next unto them repaired R. the son
RE-PHA -IM(S), D N?-) strong.
1. A race dwelling around the S. of Jerusalem, and
eastward beyond Jordan, in Bashan, Ammon and Moab,
in Ashteroth Karnaim and Shaveh Kiriathaim; variously
called Zamzummim, Zuzim, and Emim ; also Anakim.
Gen. 14. 5 the kings, .smote the R. in Ashteroth K.
15. 20 theHittites, and the Perizzites, and the R.
2. A valley S.W. of Jerusalem, and N. of Bethlehem,
now called el-Bukaa. This was the boundary between
Judah and Benjamin, Josh. 15. 8.
2 Sa. 5. 18 Philistines . . spread themselves in the . . R.
5. 22 Philistines, .spread themselves in the. .R.
23. 13 the Philistines pitched in the valley of R.
i 15 Philistines encamped in the valley of R.
1 4. 9 Philistines . . spread themselves in the . . R.
Isa. 17. 5 he that gathereth ears in the valley of R.
RE-PHI -DIM, C TC-i plains.
A station of Israel where, after leavingAlush, they fought
with Amalek; near Horeb, between the wilderness of
Sin and of Sinai, here they murmured for water, and
Moses struck a rock in Horeb, and supplied their need.
Exodi7. i all.. Israel journeyed, .and pitched in R.
17. 8 came Amalek, and fought with Isr. in R.
19. 2 For they were departed from R. , and were
Nuni3 3 . 14 they removed from A lush., encamped atR.
33. 15 And they departed from R., and pitched
1. To fill, Ufull, N*?? male.
Gen. i. 28 Be fruitful . .and replenish the earth, and
9. i Be fruitful, and multiply, aud replenish
2.7V) fill, make full, uha male, 3.
Isa. 23. 2 thou whom the merchants, .have replen.
Jer. 31. 25 I have replenished every sorrowful soul
I. To fill, be full, K1
?? male.
Isa. 2. 6 because they be replenished from the east
2. To be filled, x1
:!? male, 2.
Eze. 26. 2 I shall be replenished . .she is laid waste
27. 25 and thou wast replenished, and made v.
REPLY against, to
To judge back in return, avra-iroKpivoij.a.1 antapok.
Rom. 9. 20 but. .who art thou that repliest against
1. Word, iyj dabar.
1 Ki. 10. 6 It was a true report that I heard in mine
2 Ch. 9. 5 (It was) a true report which I heard in
I.Xame, cv shem.
Neh. 6. 13 they might have (matter) for an evil rep.
3. What is heard, nyioy shemuah.
i Sa. 2. 24 (it is) no good report that I hear : ye make
Prov 15. 30 (and) a good report maketh the bones fat
Isa. 28. 19 a vexation only (to) understand the rep.
53. i Who hath believed our report ? and to w.
4. Hearing, report, y$v shema.
Exod23. i Thou shalt not raise a false report : put
Deut. 2. 25 who shall hear report of thee. and shall
Isa. 23. 5 As at the report concerning Egypt, (so)
23. 5 shall they be sorely pained at the report
Jer. 50. 43 The king of Babylon hath heard the rep.
5. Hearing, a rumour, CLKOI\ akoe.
John 12. 38 who hath believed our report? and to w.
Rom. 10. 16 saith, Lord, who hath believed our report?
^.Testimony, witness, paprvpia marluria.
i Ti. 3. 7 he must have a good report of them which
REPORT, (evil)
A bad report, $valuta dusphemia.
a Co. 6. 8 By honour and dishonour by evil report
REPORT (to have or obtain), good or honest
\.A good report, fi><prtfj.ia euphemia.
a Co. 6. 8 By honour and dishonour, by. .good rep.
2. Well reported, sounding well, tfyrinos euphenws
Phil. 4. 8 whatsoever things (are) of good report; if
3.7*o testify, bear witness, nap-rvptu martunt.
Acts 6. 3 seven men of honest report, full of the H.
10. 22 of good report among all the nation of the
22. 12 havingagood report of all the Jews which
Heb ii. 2 For by it the elders obtained a good repo.
11. 39 having obtained a good report through f.
3 John 12 Demetrius hath good reportof all. .and of
1. To say, iK amar.
Neh. 6. 19 they reported his good deeds before me
2.7"o bring forward, tell, declare, ijj nagad, 5.
Jer. 20. 10 Report, (say they), and we will report it
3.7V) tell or announce again,^gello.
i Pe. i. 12 the things which are now reported unto
4. 7"o tell off or away, airayyt\\<a apaygelid.
Acts 4. 23 reported all that the chief priests and eL

REPORTED, to be slanderously
To speak injuriously, &\a<r<j>-rintu blasphemed.
Rom. 3. 8 as we be slanderously reported, and as
1.7*0 say, 17K amar.
Esth. 1.17 they shall despise .. when it shall be rep.
2.7"o be heard, ysy shamea, 2.
Neh. 6. 6 It is reported among the heathen, and G.
6. 7 and now shall it be reported to the king
3. 7"o hear, hearken, O.KOVW akouo.
i Co. 5. i It is reported commonly (that there is) fo.
REPORTED of, to be well
7*o testify, bear witness, paprvptu martureS.
Acts 16. 2 Which was well reported of by the bret.
i Ti. 5. 10 Well reported of for good works; if she
1. Reviling, jna gidduph.
Isa. 43. 28 given Jacob to the curse, and Israel to re.
2. Disgrace, shame, ten chesed.
Prov. 14. 34 exalteth a nation : but sin (is) a reproack
3. 7*o reproach, ^n charaph, 3.
Psa. 57. 3 save me (from) the reproach of him that
4. Reproach, ri^nr, cherpah.
Gen. 30. 23 and said, God hath taken away my repro.
34. 14 We cannot . . for that (were) a reproach un.
Josh. 5. 9 This day have I rolled away the reproach
i Sa. ii. 2 and lay it (for) a reproach upon all Israel
17. 26 and takethaway the reproach from Israel
25. 39 that hath pleaded the cause of my repro.
Neh. i. 3 remnant, .(are) in great affliction and re
2. 17 let us build . .that we be no more a rep.
4. 4 turn their reproach upon their own head
5. 9 the reproach of the heathen our enemies
Job 19. 5 and plead against me my reproach
Psa. 15. 3 taketh up a reproach against his neighb.
22. 6 a reproach of men . . despised of the peop.
31. n I was a reproach among all mine enemies
39. 8 make me not the reproach of the foolish
44. 13 Thou makest us a reproach to our neigh.
69. 7 for thy sake I have borne reproach ; sha.
69. 9 the reproaches of them that reproached
69. 10 soul with fasting, that was tomy reproach
69. 19 Thou hast known my reproach, and my
69. 20 Reproach hatli broken my heart, and I
71. 13 let them be covered (with) reproach and
78. 66 And .. he put them to a perpetual reproach
79. 4 We are become a reproach to our neighb.
79. 12 render, .sevenfold into, .bosom their re.
89. 41 All. .spoil him : he is a reproach to his
89. 50 Remember, Lord, the reproach of thy se.
109. 25 I became also a reproach unto them: (wh.)
119. 22 Remove from me reproach and contempt
119. 39 Turn away my reproach which I fear; for
Prov. 6. 33 and his reproach shall not be wiped away
18. 3 (then) cometh also, .with ignominy repr.
4. i called by thy name, to take away our re.
30. 5 nor profit, but a shame, and also a repr.
51. 7 fear ye not the reproach of men, neither
54. 4 and shalt not remember the reproach of
6. 10 word of the LORD is unto them a reproach
20. 8 the wordof the LORD was made a reproach
23. 40 I will bring an everlasting reproach upon
24. 9 a reproach and a proverb, a taunt and a
29. 18 a reproach, among all the nations whither
31.19 because I did bear the reproach of my y.
42. 18 astonishment, and a curse, and a reproach
44. 8 a reproach among all the nations of the
44. 12 astonishment, and a curse, and a reproach
49. 13 a desolation, a reproach, a waste, and a c.
51. 51 because we have heard reproach : shame
Lam. 3. 30 smitethhim: he is filled full with reproach
3. 61 Thou hast heard their reproach, O LORD
5. i () LORD, .consider, and behold our repr.
Eze. 5. 14 I will make thee waste, and a reproach
5. 15 So it shall be a reproach and a taunt, an
16. 57 as at the time of (thy) reproach of the da,
21. 28 Thus saith the Lord..concerning their re.
22. 4 I made thee a reproach unto the heath. 11
36. 15 neither shalt thou bear the reproach of
36. 30 ye shall receive no more reproach of fain.
Dan. 9. 1 6 thy people (are become) a reproach to all
ii. 18 shall cause the reproach offered by him
ii. 1 8 without his own reproach he shall cause
Hog. 12. 14 his reproach shall his Lord return unto
Joel 2. 17 give not thine heritage to reproach, that
2. 19 make you a reproach among the heathen
Alic. 6. 1 6 ye shall bear the reproach of my people
Zeph. 2. 8 I have heard the reproach of Moab, and
3. 1 8 (to whom) the reproach of it (was) a bur.
5. Blushing, shame, n^S kelimmah.
Job 20. 3 I have heard the check of my reproach, and
6. Lightness, confusion, JiVjj qalon.
1 rov 22. 10 Cast out the scorner, and . . reproach shall
7. Dishonour, arijuia atimia.
2 Co.n. 21 1 speak asconcerningreproach, as though
8. Reproach, insult, oj/fi5ier/uds oneidismos.
Rom 15. 3 The reproaches of them that reproached
1 Ti. 3. 7 lest he fall into reproach and the snare
Heb. 10. 33 made a gazing stock both by reproaches
ii. 26 Esteeming the reproach of Christ greater
13. 13 Let us go forth, .without. . bearing his re.
9. Reproach, disgrace, vtxiSos oneidos.
Luke i. 25 to take away my reproach among men
10. Contumely, insult, uBpis hubris.
2 Co. 12. 10 in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities
REPROACH, to (bring or suffer)
1. To revile, nna gadaph, 3.
Numis. 30 the same reproacheth the LORD ; and that
2. To make ashamed, confound, "ign chapher, 5.
Provig. 26 that causeth shame, and bnngeth reproa.
3. To reproach, f\~yj charaph.
Job 27. 6 my heart shall not reproach (me) so long
Psa. 69. 9 the reproaches of them that reproached
119. 42 to answer him that reproacheth me: for
Prov 27. 1 1 that I may answer him that reproacheth
4. To reproach, f\~m charaph, 3.
2 Ki.ig. 4 king, .hath sent to reproach the living G.
19. 22 Whom hast thou reproached and blasph.
19. 23 By thy messengers thou hast reproached
Xeh. 6. 13 an evil report, that they might reproach
Psa. 42. 10 mine enemies reproach me ; while they
44. 16 of him that reproacheth and blasphemeth
55. 12 (it was) not an enemy (that) reproached me
74. 10 how long shall the adversary reproach ?
74. 18 Remember this, .the enemy hath reproac.
79. 12 wherewith they have reproached thee. O
89. 51 Wherewith thine enemies have reproached
89. 51 they have reproached the footsteps ofth
102. 8 enemies reproach me all the day; and th.
Vrovi4. 31 He that oppresseth the poor reproacheth
17. 5 Whoso mocketh the poor reproacheth his
Isa. 37. 4, 17 hath sent to reproach the living God
37. 23 Whom hast thou reproached and blasph.
37. 24 thou reproached the LORD, and hast said
Zeph. 2. 8 whereby they have reproached my people
2. 10 they have reproached and magnified (them)
5. Thy reproachfrom (the foolish), ]s n-in [cherpah],
Psa. 74. 22 how the foolish man reproacheth thee d.
6. To cause to blush, D5j kalam, 5.
Ruth 2. 15 Let her glean even, .and reproach her not
Job 19. 3 These ten times have ye reproached me
7. To reproach, oi>ti$iw oneidizo.
Luke 6. 22 shall reproach (you), and cast out your
Rom. 15. 3 The reproaches of them that reproached
i Ti. 4. 10 we both labour and [suffer reproach], be.
i Pe. 4. 14 If ye be reproached for the name of Chr.
S.To insult, treat with contumely, v&pifa hubrizo.
Luken. 45 Master, thus saying thou reproachest us
I. Reproach, ."i^in cherpah.
Job 16. 10 smitten me upon the cheek reproachfully
2. Because of reviling, x^-P 1 " AoiSopisj [charin],
1 Ti. 5 i4give none occasion. .to speak reproachfu.
1.7"o loathe, despise, reject, ONp maas, 2.
Jer. 6. 30 Reprobate silver shall (men) call them
2. Disapproved, aStJKiuo; adokimos.
Rom. i. 28 gave them over to a reprobate mind, to
2 Co. 13. 5 Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?
13. 6 ye shall know that we are not reprobates
13. 7 which is honest, though we be as reprob.
2 Ti. 3. 8 men of corrupt minds, reprobate concer.
Titus i. 16 disobedient, and unto every good work re
I. Rebuke, rny} c/earah.
Job 26. ii tremble and are astonished at his reproof
Prov.i 7. 10 reproof entereth more into a wise man
2. Reproof, correction, nnrin tokachath.
Psa. 38. 14 and in whose mouth (are) no reproofs
Prov. i. 23 Turn you at my reproof: behold, I will p.
i. 25 But ye. .would none of my reproof
i. 30 my counsel; they despised all my reproof
5. 12 instruction, and my heart despised repro.
6. 23 reproofs of instruction (are) the way of life
10. 17 but he that refaiseth reproof erreth
12. i but he that hateth reproof (is) brutish
-j. 18 he that regardeth reproof shall be honou.
15. 5 but he that regardeth reproof is prudent
1 i;. 10 (and) he that hateth reproof shall die
1 5. 31 ear that heareth the reproof of life abideth
Prov 15. 32 that heareth reproof getteth understand.
29. 15 rod and reproof give wisdom :but a child
3. Conviction, t\(yxos elei)c)uis.
2 Ti. 3. 16 profitable for doctrine, for [reproof], icr
1. To rebuke, iyj gaar.
Jer. 29. 27 why hast thou not reproved Jeremiah of
2. To reason, reprove, decide, n;; yakach, 5.
Gen. 21. 25 reproved A bimelech because of a well of
2 Ki. 19. 4 will reprove the words which the LORD
1 Ch. 16. 21 yea, he reproved kings for their sakes
Job 6. 25 words ! but what doth your arguing repr.
6. 26 Do ye imagine to reprove words, and the
13. 10 He will surely reprove you, if ye do seer.
22 4 Will he reprove thee for fear of thee? will
40. 2 he that reproveth God, let him answer it
Psa. 50. 8 will not reprove thee for thy sacrifices or
50. 21 I will reprove thee, and set (them) in or.
105. 14 yea, he reproved kings for their sakes
141 5 let him reprove me ; (it shall be) an exc.
Prov. 9. 8 Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate thee
15. 12 scorner loveth not one that reproveth him
19. 25 reprove one that hath understanding,(and)
25. 12 (so is) a wise reprover upon an obedient
30. 6 lest he reprove thee, and thou be found
Isa. ii 3 neither reprove after the hearing of his
IT. 4 reprove with equity for the meek of the
29 21 lay a snare for him that reproveth in the
37. 4 will reprove the words which the LORD
Jer. 2. 19 and thy backslidings shall reprove thee
Eze 3. 26 shall not be to them a reprover : for the
Hos 4. 4 Yet let no man strive, nor reprove anot.
3. To instruct, correct, 15, yasar.
Prov. 9. 7 He that reproveth a scorner getteth to
4. To convict, t\iyx& ele^cho.
Luke 3. 19 being reproved by him for Herodias his
John 3 20 light, lest his deeds should be reproved
16. 8 he will reprove the world of sin. and of
Eph. 5. ii have no fellowship, .but rather reprove
5. 13 But all things that are reproved are made
2 Ti. 4. 2 reprove, rebuke, exhort, with alllongsu.
REPROVED, to be (often)
l.To be reasoned with, n?; yakach, 2.
Gen. 20. 16 and with all (other): thus she was repro.
2.Reproof, correction, nn?in tokachath.
Prov 29. i He that, being often reproved, hardeneth
Hab. 2. i what I shall answer when I am reproved
REPUTATION, (.to be of, have in, make of no)
l.One rare, precious^ IjV yaqar.
Eccl. 10. i hfmthat is In reputation for wisdom (and)
2. To think, seem, SOKCW dokeii.
Gal. 2. 2 privately to them which were of reputa.
3.7"o have or hold in honour, (x<a i/Ti/uoi [?r7w].
Phil. 2. 29 all gladness; and hold such in reputation
4. To empty, xtvAw kenoo.
Phil. 2. 7 But made himself of no reputation, and
5. Honourable, prized, TI/J.IOS timios.
Acts 5. 34 had in reputation among all the people
REPUTED, to be
To think, reckon, devise, 3e>n chashab.
Dan. 4. 35 the inhabitants of the earth (are) reputed
1 . Request, desire, nan< aresheth.
Psa. 21. 2 hast not withholden the request of his lips
2. Request, inquiry, n^jjg baqqashah.
Ezra. 7. 6 king granted him all his request, accord.
Esth. 5. 3 what (is) thy request? it shall be evengiv.
5. 6 what (is) thy request? even to the half of
5. 7 Then answered Esther, and said, .my re.
5. 8 if it please the king, .to perform my req.
7. 2 what (is) thy request? andit shall be perfo.
7. 3 petition, and my people at my request
9. 12 what (is) thy request further? and it shall
3-4 word, "lyi dabar.
2 Sa. 14. 15 king will perform the request of hishand.
14. 22 king hath fulfilled the request of his serv.
^.Asking, request, demand, nSxif> sheelah.
Judg. 8. 24 would desire a request of you, that ye w.
Job 6. 8 Oh that I might have myrequest; and that
Psa 106. 15 he gave them their request ; butsentlean.
5. Request, petition, a1rrjfj.a aitema.
Phil. 4. 6 let your requests be made known unto God
6. Supplication, Strjffis deesis.
Phil. i. 4 in every prayer of mine., making request
REQUEST, to (make)
l.To seek, pray, xy^i bea.
Dan. 2. 49 Then Daniel requested of the king,andhe
2. To seek, inquire, rp? baqash, 3.
Neh. 2. 4 For what dost thou make request? So I
Esth. 4. 8 to make request before him for her people
7. 7 Human stood up to make request for his
Dan. i . 8 requested of the prince of the eunuchs th.
3. To ask, demand, httip shoal.
Judg. 8. 26 of the golden ear rings that he requested
i Ki. 19. 4 he requested for himself that he might die
i Ch. 4. ;o God granted him that which he requested
4. To be in want of, to supplicate, S(o/ devmai.
Rom. i. \o Making request if by any means now at
1. To say, T?K amar.
Ruth 3. ii I will do to thee all that thou requires!
2. To choose, try, fix on, in? bachar.
2 Sa. 19. 38 and whatsoever thou slialt require of me
3. To seek, inquire, rp| baqash, 3.
Gen. 31. 39 ofmy hand didst thou require it, (whether)
43. 9 of my hand shall thou require him : if I
Josh 22. 23 thereon, let the LORD himself require (it)
1 Sa. 20. 16 Let the LORD even require (it) at the hand
2 Sa. 4. ii shall I not therefore now require his bl.
1 Ch.2i. 3 why then doth my lord require this thing?
Neh. 5. 12 will require nothing of them ; so will we
5. 18 yet for all this required not I the bread
Esth. 2. 15 she required nothing but what Hegai the
Eccl. 3 . 15 and God requireth that which is past
Isa. i. 12 who hath required this at your hand, to
Eze. 3. 18 but his blood will I require at thine hand
3. 20 but his blood will I require at thine hand
33. 8 but his blood will I require at thine hand
4. To seek, inquire, require, v~n darash.
Gen. 9. 5 surely your blood of your lives will I re.
9. 5 at the hand of every beast will I require
9. 5 hand of every man s brother will I require
Deuti8. 19 speak in my name, I will require(it)of him
23 21 for the LORD thy God will surely require
2 Ch.24. 6 Why hast thou not required of the Leviteg
24. 22 said, The LORD look upon (it), and require
Psa. 10. 13 said in his heart, Thou wilt notrequire (it)
Eze. 20. 40 there will I require your offerings, and the
33. 6 his blood will I require at the watchman s
34. 10 and I will require my flock at their hand
Mic. 6. 8 what doth the LORD require of thee, but to
5. [See haste].
1 Sa. 21. 8 because the king s business required haste
6. To ask, demand, htfty shaal. 12 what doth the LORD thy Go. 1 require oft.
2 Sa. 3. 13 but one thing I require of thee, that is, T.
12. 20 when he required, they set bread before
Ezra 8. 22 For I was ashamed to require of the king
Psa. 40. 6 and sin offering hast thou not required
137. 3 theythat carried us away captive required
Prov 30. 7 Two (things) have I required of thee; deny
7. To ask, demand, hxy sheel.
Ezra 7. 21 whatsoever Ezra, .shall require of you, it
Dan. 2. ii rare thing that the king requireth; and
8. To ask, airfou aiteo.
Luke23. 23 requiring that he might be crucified : and
i Co. i 22 For the Jews require a sign, and the Gr.
9. Request, petition, O TTJ/UOI aitema.
Luke23. 24 gave sentence that it should be as they re.
TO. To become, yivopai ginomai.
i Co. 7. 36 need so require, let him do what he will
11. To do, irpdffirw prasso.
Luke 19. 2 3 might have required mine own with usury t
1. To be sought, en? darash, 2.
Gen. 42 22 therefore, behold, also his blood is requi.
2. To ask off or away, avairfta apoiteo.
Lukei2. 20 this night thy soul shall be required of
3. To seek out, ttcfarfia ekzeteij.
Luken. 50 That the blood, .may be required of thig
ir. 51 It shall be required of this generation
4. To seek, -r\ri<a
Lukei2. 48 of him shall be much required ; and to w.
i Co. 4. 2 Moreover it is required in stewards, that
REQUIRED (shall require), as [it]
In its day, iai 3 [be}.
1 Ki. 8. 59 at all times, as the matter shall require
iCh.i6. 37 continually, as every day s work required
2 Ch. 8. 14 the duty of every day required ; Ezra 3. 4.
1 . To recompense, do, Ssj gamal.
Deut32. 6 Do ye thus requite the LORD O foolish p
2. To give, jri} nathan.
Psa. 10. 14 to requite (it) with thy hand : the poor
3. To do, make, tyy asah.
2 Sa. 2. 6 and I also will requite you this kindness
4. To cause to turn back, 3?B shub, 5.
Gen. 50. 15 will certainly requite us all the evil which
1 Sa. 25. 21 and he hath requited me evil for good
2 Sa. 16. 12 will requite me good for his cursing thig
2 Ch. 6. 23 judge thy servants, by requiting the wic
5. To finish, complete, repay, chy shalam, 3.
Judg. i. 7 as I have done, so God hath requited me
2 Ki. 9. 26 and I will requite thee in this plat, saith
Psa. 41. 10 and raise me up, that I may requite them
Jer 51. 56 LORD God of recompences shall surely r.
6. To give back a recompence, airoSfSw/xi auoiBos.
i Ti. 5. 4 requite their parents: for that is good
REREWARD, (to be)
1. Behind, last, furthest, pnnN acharon.
i Sa. 29. 2 men passed on in the rereward withAchish
l.To gather, ]pi< asaph.
Isa. 58. 8 the glory of the LORD shall be thy rereward
3. To gather, ICX asaph, 3.
Num 10. 25 the rereward of all the camps throughout
Josh. 6. o rereward came after the ark, (the priests)
Josh. 6. 13 the rereward came after the ark of the L.
Isa. 52. 12 and the God of Israel (will be) your rere.
I. To yi& ease, vv; yasha, 5.
Deut 28. 31 and thou shalt have none to rescue (them)
2.7*0 snatch away, Sj natsal, 5.
i Sa. 30. 1 8 carried away ; and David rescued his two
Hos. 5. 14 I will take away, and none shall rescue
3. To snatch away, Syj netsal, 5.
Dan. 6. 27 Heilelivereth andrescueth, and he work.
4. To free, rnp padah.
1 Sa. 14. 45 So the people rescued Jonathan, that he
5. To cause to turn back, 3W shub, 5.
Psa. 35. 17 rescue my soul from their destructions
6. To take away, lift up out of, i^aiptw exaireO.
Acts 23. 27 then came I with an army, and rescued
Eye, appearance, \\y ayin.
Zech. 5. 6 This (is) their resemblance through all the
l.[J3e] like the form of, ixh? [loar].
Judg. 8. 18 each one resembled the children of a king
2. To liken, Ofioi6u> homoioo.
Luke 1 3. 1 8 like? and whereunto shall I resemble it?
RES EN, JCT fortress.
A city between Nineveh and Caleb, now called Kuyyundshite,
once Mcspila.
Gen. 10. 12 And R. between Nineveh andCalah: the
RESERVE, be reserved, to
I. To keep back, lay up, Vyi< atsal.
Gen. 27. 36 Hast thou not reserved a blessing forme?
2.7*o darken, keep back, restrain, i\yn chasak.
Job 38. 23 Which I have reserved against the time ?
3. To be kept back, ?{
yn chasak, 2.
Job 2i. 30 That the wicked is reserved to the day of
4. To cause to be abundant, in; yathar, 5.
Ruth 2. 18 gave to her that she had reserved after
2 Sa. 8. 4 but reserved of them (for) an hundred ch.
i Ch. 1 8. 4 but reserved of them an hundred chariots
5. To take, npS laqach.
Judg 2 1. 22 because we reserved not to each man his
6. To keep, iBj natar.
Jer. 3. 5 Will he reserve (his anger) forever? will
Nah. i. 2 and he reserveth (wrath) for his enemies
7. To leave, lt<y shaar, 5.
Jer. 50. 20 for I will pardon them whom I reserve
8. To keep, "vyp shamar.
Jer. 5. 24 he reserveth unto us the appointed weeks
9. To leave thoroughly, Ka.Ta.\tiira> kataleipo.
Rom ii. 4 I have reserved to myself seven thousand
10. To keep, rjjpiu tere<~i.
Acts 25. 21 when Paul had appealed to be reserved
x Pe. i. 4 that fadeth uot away, reserved in heaven
2 Pe. 2. 4 darkness, [to be reserved] unto judgment
2. 9 reserve the unjust unto the day of judgm.
2. 17 to whom the mist of darknessis reserved
3. 7 reserved unto nre against the day of jud.
Jude 6 he hath reserved in everlasting chains.un .
13 to whom is reserved the blackness of dar.
RE -SHEPH, f]Bn haste.
A son of Rephah. grandson of Sarah the daughter of
Ephraim. B.C. 1680.
i Ch. 7. 25 And Rephah (was) his son, also R., and
I. Latter end, posterity, n^rjx acharith.
Eze. 23. 25 and thy residue shall be devoured by the
2. To be over and above, in; yathar. 2.
Eze. 34. 1 8 ye must foul the residue with your feet
48 1 8 residue in length over against the oblat.
48. 21 residue (shall be) for the prince, on the
3. What is over and above, in; yether.
Exodio. 5 they shall eat the residue of that which
Isa. 38. 10 1 am deprived of the residue of my years
44. 19 shall I make the residue thereof an abo
Jer. 27. 19 concerning the residue of the vessels that
29. i sent from Jerusalem unto the residue of
52. 15 residue of the people that remained in the
Eze. 34. 18 must tread down with your feet the resi
Zech 14. 2 residue of the people shall not be cut off
^.Remnant, rest, iwr shear.
Neh. ii. 20 residue of Israel, of the priests (and) the
Isa. =i. 17 residue of the number of archers themi
a8. 5 diadem of beauty, unto the residue of his
Dan. 7. 7 stamped the residue with the feet of it
7. 19 and stamped the residue with his feet
Mai. 2. 15 Yet had he the residue of the spirit. And
6. Remnant, residue, n lhtp sheerith.
Isa 44. 17 residue thereof he maketh a god, (even)
Jer. 8. 3 chosen rather than life by all the residue
15- 9 residueof themwilll deliverto the sword
24. 8 residue of Jerusalem, that remain in this
39- 3 residue of the princes of the king of Bab.
41. 10 Ishmael carried away captive all the res.
8 wilt thou destroy all the residue of Israel
36. 3 might be a possession unto the residue of
30. 4 derision to the residue of the heathen that
Eze. 36. 5 spoken against the residue of the heathen
Zeph. 2. 9 residueof my people shall spoil them, and
llug. 2. 2 Speak, .to the residue of the people, say
Zech. 8. 1 1 But now I (will) not (be) unto the residue
6. Thoroughly left, KaraA-onrcs kataloipos.
Acts 15. 17 That the residue of men might seek after
7 .Left, \otir6s loipos.
Marki6. 13 [they went and told (it) unto the residue]
1.7*0 oppose, accuse, hate, ]i)y satan.
Zech. 3. i Satan standing at his right hand to resist
2.7*0 set over aya-inst, avdiffrrjut anthistemi.
Matt 5. 39 That ye resist not evil ; but whosoever 8.
Luke2i. 15 shall not be able to gainsay nor resist
Acts 6. 10 they were not able to resist the wisdom
Rom. 9. 19 nnd fault ? for who hath resisted his will
13. 2 resisteth the ordinance . .and they that r.
2 Ti. 3. 8 so do these also resist the truth : men of
Jas 4. 7 Resist the devil, and he will nee from you
i Pe. 5. gWhom resist stedfast in the faith, know.
3.To set dourn over against, avrixaeiaTn^i antika
Heb.i2. 4 Ye have not yet resisted unto blood striv
4. To fall over against, avniriirrw antipiptd.
Acts 7. 51 ye do always resist the Holy Ghost : asyo.
5. To set self in array over against, avrndg-ffo/^ai Rom 13. 2 Whosoever therefore resisteth the power
Jas. 4. 6 God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace
5. 6 killed the just ; (and) he doth not resist
1 Pe. 5. 5 God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace
To begin to know, yivtaffnw ffinosko.
Luke 16. 4 I am resolved what to do, that, when I
1 . To go or come in, Kia bo.
Psa 71. 3 whereunto I may continually resort : thou
2. To set self up, 3$; yatsab, 7.
2 Ch.n 13 Israel resorted to him out ol all their co.
3. To be squeezed, gathered together, pjjj qabats, 2.
Neh. 4. 20 resort ye thither unto us : our God shall
4. To come, ( erch&mai.
Mark 2. 13 all the multitude resorted unto him, and
Johnio. 41 many resorted unto him, and said, John
5. To pass through together, sumpor.
Markio. i people resort unto him again : and, as he
6. To lead together, crvvayu sunago.
John 18. 2 Jesus ofttimes resorted thither with his
7. To come together, sunerchomai.
Johni8. 20 temple, whither the Jews always resort
Acts 1 6. 13 spake unto the women which resorted
RESPECT (of persons) Utiout
1...4 cceptance (ofpersons), KVO masso
2 Ch. 19. 7 nor respect of persons, nor taking of gifts
2. A part, particular, /uepos meros.
2 Co. 3. 10 had no glory in this respect, by reason of
Col. 2. 16 or in respect of an holy day, or of the new
3.A cceptance effaces, irpoffanro\i)ty(a.pros<>polepsia. Rom. 2. 1 1. For th<ve is no respect of persons with God
Eph. 6. 9; Col. 3. 25; Jas. 2. i.
4. Without acceptance of faces, a.irpoauiro\^iTr<i>s.
1 Pe. i. 17 the Father, who without respect of per.
RESPECT to (personi), to have
To accept faces, -irpo<r<u-no\riirrf<a prosopolSpteo.
Jas. 2. 9 But if ye have respect to persons, ye com.
RESPECT to, to (have)
1.7*0 know, be acquainted with, yi; yada.
Exod. 2. 25 God looked, .and God had respect unto
2.7*o (cause to) look attentively, Bj} nabat, 5.
Psa. 74. 20 Have respect unto the covenant : for the
119. 6 when I have respect unto all thy comma.
119 15 meditate in thy precepts, and have resp.
3. To discern, 13} nakar, 5.
Deut. i. 17 Ye shall not respect persons in judgment
16. 19 thou shalt not respect persons, neither t.
Prov24. 23 not good to have respect of persons in ju.
28. 21 To have respect of persons (is) not good
4. 7*o lift up, Kf} nasa.
Lev. 19. 15 thou shalt not respect the person of the
2 Sa.i4. 14 neither doth God respect(any) person: yet
Lam. 4. 16 respected not the persons of the priests
5. To face, front, look, nj$ panah.
Lev 26. 9 For I will have respect unto you, and m.
Nunu6. 15 Respect not thou their offering- I have
1 Ki. 8 28 Yet have thou respect unto the prayer of
2 Ki.i3. 23 had respect unto them because of his co.
2 Ch. 619 Have respect therefore to the prayer of
Psa 40. j 4 respecteth not the proud, nor such as tu.
6.7*0 see, no raah.
Job 37. 24 he respecteth not any (that are) wise of h.
Psa. 138. 6 yet hath he respect unto the lowly : but
Isa. 17. 7 shall have respect to the Holy One of Is.
17. 8 neither shall respect (that) which his flu.
22. ii neither had respect unto him that fashion.
7. 7*o glance, look, nyy shaah.
Gen. 4. 4 had respect unto Abel and to his offering
4. 5 to his offering he had not respect. And
Psa. 1 19. 117 have respect unto thy statutes contiuu.
8. 7*o look away, djro#Aeir apoblepo.
Heb. ii. 26 for he had respect unto the recompence
9.7*0 look upon, lirtft\firu epiblepO.
Jas. 2. 3 ye have respect to him that weareth the
RESPECTER of persons
Acceptor offaces, irpoaruiro\-(]vr^^ prosopolejites.
Acts 10. 34 perceive that God is no respecter of per.
RESPITE, (to give)
\.Breathing, respite, nnn revachah.
Exod. 8. 15 when Pharaoh saw that there was respite
2.7*0 let fall or go, desist, .15-7 raphah, 5.
i Sa. ii. 3 Give us seven days respite, that we may
REST (of)
1. Silence, p^ dorni.
Isa. 62. 7 give him no rest, till he establish, and till
2.7*0 be over and above, in; yathar, 2 (partic.).
Gen. 30. 36 and Jacob fed the rest of Laban s flocks
fcxod28. 10 six names of the rest on the other stooe
Lev. 14. 29 rest of the oil. that (is) in the priest s hand
Josh. 17. 2 There was also (a lot) for the rest of the
17. 6 rest of Manasseh s sons had the land ol
21. 5 rest of the children of Kohath (had) by
ai. 34 rest of the Levites, out of the tribe of Ze.
1 Ki.20. 30 rest fled to Aphek, into the city ; and(th.)
2 Ki. 4. 7 and live thou and thy children of the rest
i Ch. 6. 77 Unto the rest of the children of Merart
24. 20 rest of the sons of Levi (were these) : Of
3. What is over and above, irr yether.
Lev. 14. 17 of the rest of the oil that (is) in his hand
Nuni3i. 32 rest ot the prey which the men of war had
Deut. 3. 13 rest of Gilead, and all Baahan, (being) the
Josh.i 3. 27 rest of the kingdom of Sihon king of He.
Judg. 7. 6 rest of the people bowed down upon their
1 Sa. 13. 2 rest of the people he sent every man to,his
2 Sa. 10. 10 rest of the people he delivered into the
12. 28 Mow therefore gather the restof the peo.
i Ki.n. 41 And the rest of the acts of
[So in 14. 19; 2 Ki. 8. 23 ; 12. 19; 13. 12; 14. 18; 15. 6,
ii, 15, 21,26, 31; 20. 20 ; 2 Ch. 13. 22.]
i Ki. 14 29 Now the rest of the acts of
[So in 15. 7, 31 ; 16. 5, 14, 20, 27; 22. 39, 45 ; 2 Ki. i. 18;
I0- 341 I 3-8; 14. 15, 28; 15. 36; 16. 19; 21. 17, 25; 23.
28 ; 24. 552 Ch. 20. 34 ; 25. 26 ; 26. 22 127. 7 ; 32. ;
33-18; 35-26; 36.8.]
1 restof all the acts of Asa, and all his mig.
2 Ki. 25. ii Now the rest of the people (that were) left
i Ch.ig. ii And the rest of the people he delivered
Neh. 2. 16 neither had I as yet told (it) to. .the rest
4. 14, 19 said unto the nobles, .and to the rest
6. i rest of our enemies, heard that I had bu.
6 14 rest of the prophets, that would have put
Psa. 17 14 leave the rest of their (substance) to theto-
Jer. 39. 9 with the rest of the people that remained
52. 15 carried away captive..the rest of the run.
Eze. 48. 23 As for the rest of the tribes, from the east
4. Place of rest, rest, nup manoach.
Gen. 8. 9 But the dove found no rest for the sole of
Deut 28. 65 neither shall the soul of thy foot have re.
Ruth 3. i shall I not seek rest for thee that it may
Psa.n6. 7 Return unto thy rest, O my soul ; for the
Lam. i. 3 she fludeth no rest : all her persecutors
S.Place of rest, rest, nrnjzj menuchah.
Gen. 49. 15 saw that rest (was) good, and the land
Deut 12. 9 For ye are not as yet come to the rest and
Ruth i. 9 LORD grant you that ye may find rest, each
i Ki. 8. 56 that hath given rest unto his people Isr.
i Ch. 22. 9 who shall be a man of rest ; and I will
28. 2 build an house of rest for the ark of the
Psa. 95. ii that they should not enter into my rest
132. 8 Arise, O LORD, into thy rest ; thou, and
132. 14 This (is) myrest forever: here will I dw.
Isa. ii. 10 to it shall the Gentiles seek : and his rest
28. 12 This (is) the rest (wherewith) ye may ca.
66. i unto me ? and where (is) the place of myr.1
Jer. 45. 3 I fainted in my sighing, and I find no re.
Mic. 2. 10 for this (is) not (your) rest ; because it is
Zech. 9. i Damascus(8hallbe)the rest thereof: when
6. Remaining, ini yother.
i Sa. 15. 15 and the rest we have utterly destroyed
7. Rest, ylno margoa.
Jer. 6. io walk therein, and ye shall find rest for
8. [See have rest.]
Esth. 9. 16 had rest from their enemies, and slew of
9.^4 coming dou-n, settling, nn; nachath.
Job 17 16 when (our) rest together (is) in the dust
Prov 29 9 whether he rage or laugh, (there is) no r.
Eccl. 6. 5 this hath more rest than the other
Isa. 30. 15 In returning and rest shall ye be saved
lO.Rest, intermission, npspugah.
Lam. 2. 18 give thyself no rest ; let not the apple of
ll.Reinaininff one, T~)(F sarid.
Josh. io. 20 rest (which) remained of them entered in.
1 2. Cessation, sabbath, pna?* shabbathon.
Exodi6. 23 Tomorrow (is) the restof the holy sabbath
31. 15 but in the seventh (is) the sabbath of rest
35. 2 sabbath of rest to the LORD : whosoever
Lev. 16. 31 sabbath of rest unto you, and ye shall af.
23. 3 but the seventh day (is) the sabbath of r.
23. 32 unto you a sabbath of rest, and ye shall
25. 4 the seventh year^shall be a sabbath of rest
H- 5 (for) it is a year of rest onto the land
^.Completeness, peace, QiV? shalom.
Past. 38. 3 neither (is there any) rest in my bones b.
14. To be left, remain, IN? shaar, 2.
Lev. 5. 9 rest of the blood shall be wrung out at
Zech.ii. 9 let the rest eat every one the flesh of an.
Ib.Remnant, rest, iKf shear.
1 Ch.n. 8 and Joab repaired the rest of the city
16. 41 rest that were chosen, who were expressed
2 Ch. 9. 29 Now the rest of the acts of Solomon, first
24. 14 they brought the rest of the money before
Ezra 4. 3 rest of the chief of the fathers of Israel
4. 7 rest of their companions, unto Artaxerxes
4. 9 and the rest of their companions ; the I)
4. 10 restof the nations, .and the rest(that are)
4. 17 rest of their companions, .and . the rest
6. 16 the rest of the children of the captivity
7. 18 to do with the rest of the silver and the
Ken. 10. 28 rest of the people, the priests, the Levites
11. i the rest of the people also cast lots, tobr
Esth. 9. 12 what have they done in the rest of the ki.
Isa. 10. 19 the rest of the trees of his forest shall be
Dan. 2.18 should not perish with the rest of the wise
7. 12 As concerning the rest of the beasts, they
16. Remnant, residue, n-iwp sheerith.
1 Ch. 4.43 they smote the rest of the Amalekitesthat
12. 38 all the rest also of Israel (were) of one h.
Neh. 7. 72 (that) which the rest of th<; people gave
17. .A ceasing again, resting up,<ns anapa.
Matt ii. 29 and ye shall find rest unto your souls
12. 43 walketh through dry places, seeking rest
Luke 1 1. 24 walketh through dry places, seeking rest
Rev. 14. it they have no rest day nor night, who w.
18. A sending up or back, avtffts anesis.
2 Co. 2. 13 I had no rest in my spirit, because I found
7. 5 our flesh had no rest, but we weretroub.
2 Th. i . 7 And to you who are troubled rest with us
19. Peace, concord, tiprivri eirene.
Acts 9. 31 Then had the churches rest throughout
20. Remaining or left upon or over, tir(\onros epil.
i Pe. 4. 2 ..That he no longer should live the rest of
21. .4 place of resting dowii,Ka.Ta.ira\,cns katapausis.
Acts 7 49 what house, .what (is) the place of my r.
Heb. 3 ii I sware. .They shall not enter into my r.
3. 1 8 that they should not enter into his rest
4. i being left (us) of entering into his rest, any
4. 3 into rest . . If they shall enter into my rest
4. 5 (place) again, If they shall enter into myr.
4. 10 For he that is entered into his rest, he also
411 labour therefore to enter into that rest
22. Remaining, left, \onros loipos.
Matt 27. 49 The rest said, Let be, let us see whether
Luke 12 26 least, why take ye thought for the rest?
24. 9 told all these things unto, .all the rest
Acts 2. 37 said unto Peter and to the rest of the ap.
5. 13 of the rest durst no man join himself to
27 44 And the rest, some on boards, and some
Rom ii. 7 election hath obtained it, and the rest w.
i Co 7. 12 But to the rest speak I, not the Lord : If
ii. 34 And the rest will I set in order when I c.
Rev. 2. 24 But unto you I say, and unto the rest in
9. 20 rest of the men, which were not killed by
20. 5 But the rest of the dead lived not again
23.A sabbath rest, cra.&&aTiffn6s sabbatismos.
Heb. 4. 9 There rernaineth therefore a rest to the
BEST, to
1.7*0 lay hold, mK achaz.
i Ki. 6. 10 they rested on the house with timber of
2. To be still, keep silence, 0157 damam.
Job 30. 27 My bowels boiled, and rested not; thed.
Psa. 37. 7 Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for
3. To cease, forbear, leave off, Sin chadal.
Job 14. 6 Turn from him, that he may rest, till he
4.7*0 rush (on), fall (on), Sin chul.
a Sa. 3. 29 Let it rest on the head of Joab, and on all
5. To hold one s peace, keep silent, v~in charash, 5.
Zeph. 3. 17 he will rest in his love ; he will joy over
6. As No. 7.
Esth. 9.17 fourteenth day of the same rested they
9. 1 8 the fifteenth (day) of the same they rested
7. To be at rest, rna nuach.
Gen. 8. 4 And the ark rested in the seventh month
Exodio. 14 locusts, .rested in all the coasts of Egypt
20. ii rested the seventh day : wherefore the
23. 12 that thine ox and thine ass may rest, and
Numio. 36 when it rested, he said, Return, O LORD
ii. 25 when the spirit rested upon them, they
ii. 26 spirit rested upon them ; and they (were)
Deut. 5. 14 maid servant may rest as well as thou
Josh. 3. 13 soles of the feet . . shall rest in the waters
2 Sa. 21. 10 suffered neither the birds of the air to r.
2 Ki. 2. 15 The spirit of Elijah doth rest on Elisha
Esth. 9. 22 As the days wherein the Jews rested from
Psa. 125. 3 For the rod of the wicked shall not rest
Provi4 . 33 Wisdom resteth in the heart of him that
Eccl. 7. 9 for anger resteth in the bosom of fools
Isa. 7. 19 shall rest all of them in the desolate val.
ii. 2 spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him, the
25. TO shall the hand of the LORD rest, and Moab
57. 2 they shall rest in their beds, (each one)
Dan. 12. 13 for thou shalt rest, and stand in thy lot
Hab. 3. 16 that I might rest in the day of trouble
8. To rest, be quiet, VJT raga, 2 .
Jer. 47. 6 Put up thyselt into thy scabbard, rest, and
9. To (cause to) rest, give quietness, yri raga, 5.
Isa. 34 14 screech owl also shall rest there, and find
10. To be at ease, quiet, rest, ]tty shaan, 3a.
J ob 318 prisoners rest together ; they hear not the
11. 7*0 cease, rest, keep sabbath, r\yy shabath.
Gen. . 2 rested on the seventh day from all his w.
2. 3 because that in it he hud rested from all
Exodi6. 30 So the people rested on the seventh day
23. 12 on the seventh day thou shalt rest ; that
31. 17 seventh day he rested, and was refreshed
34. 21 bufron the seventhday thou shalt rest : in
34. 21 earing time and in harvest thou shalt rest
Lev 26. 34 then shall the land rest, and enjoy her sa.
26. 35 it shall rest; because it did not rest in yo.
12. 7*o tabernacle, |3^ shaken.
Mum 10. 12 cloud rested in the wilderness of Paran
Psa. 16. 9 rejoiceth : my flesh also shall rest in hope
55. 6 (for then) I would fly away, and be at rest
13. 7*o lean or rely on, ]yy shaan, 2.
2 Ch.i4. n help us, O LORD our God ; for we rest on
Job 24. 23 whereon he resteth, yet his eyes (are) up.
14. To be quiet, have rest, Bj3p shaqat.
Josh. 1 1. 23 their tribes. And the land rested from
Isa. 62. i and for Jerusalem s sake I will not rest
15.7*0 cause quiet or rest, Bp^ shaqat, 5.
laa. 57. 20 troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose
16. 7*o have a resting again, or back, txa<nv.
Rev. 4. 8 and they rest not day and night, saying
o rest again or back, anapauomai.
Mark 6. 31 rest a while : for there were many coming
i Pe. 4. 14 for the spirit of glory and of God resteth
Rev. 6. 1 1 that they should rest yet for a little season
14. 13 that [they may rest] from their labours
18. 7*0 keep quiet, rest, i)orvx<*fa hesuchazo.
Luke23. 56 rested the sabbath day, according to the
19. To rest down or thoroughly, cease, Karairavo/LL
Heb. 4. 4 God did rest the seventh day from all his
20. 7"o tabernacle down or thoroughly, KaraarKTiv
Acts 2. 26 moreover also my flesh shall rest in hope
REST, to cause, give, have, let, make, take
1. Resting, place of rest, m:o manoach.
1 Ch. 6. 31 David set over., after that the ark had rest
;2. To be at rest, rtu nuach.
Neh. 9. 28 after they had rest, they did evil ; Est.g. 16
Isa. 23. 12 Chittim ; there also shalt thou have no r.
3. 7*o cause to rest, TO nuach, 5.
Exod33. 14 shall go (with thee), and I will give thee r.
Deut. 3. 20 Until the LORD have given rest unto youi
12. 10 giveth you rest from all your enemies ro.
25. 19 LORD thy God hnth given thee rest from
Josh, i 13 LORD your God hath given you rest, and
i. 15 the LORD have given your brethren rest
21. 44 LORD gave them rest round about, accor.
22. 4 now the LORD your God hath given rest
23. i after that the LORD had given rest unto
2 Sa. 7. i LORD had given him rest round about from
7.11 caused thee to rest from all thine enemies
i Ki. 5. 4 my God hath given me rest on every side
1 Ch. 22. 9 give him rest from all his enemies round
22. 1 8 hath he (not) given you rest on every side?
23. 25 LORD God of Israel hath given rest unto
2 Ch. 14. 6 And . .because the LORD had given him r.
14. 7 and he hath given us rest on every side
15. 15 and the LORD gave them rest round about
20. 30 quiet ; for his God gave him rest round
Prov 29. 17 Correct thy son, and he shall give thee rest
Isa. 14. 3 LORD shall give"thee rest from thy sorrow
28. 12 ye may cause the weary to rest ; and this
63. 14 the spirit of the LORD caused him to rest
Eze. ;. 13 and I will cause my furyto:rest upon them
j 6. 42 will I make my fury toward thee to rest
21. 17 cause my fury to rest : I the LORD have
24. 13 till I have caused my fury to rest upon
44. 30 may cause the blessing to rest in thine
4. 7"o be caused to rest, have rest, rm nuach, 6.
Lam. 5 5 persecution : we labour, (and) have no rest
5. 7*0 cause to lie down, fy\ rabats, 5.
Song i. 7 where thou makest (thy flock) to rest at
6.7*0 (cause to) rest, give quietness, yJl raga, 5.
Isa. 51. 4 make my judgment to rest for a light of
Jer. 31. 2 Israel, when I went to cause him to rest
50. 34 that he may give rest to the land, and di.
7. 7*o cause to cease or rest, njy shabath, 5.
Exod. 5. 5 and ye make them rest from their burdens
8. 7*o release, let go, eC7 shamat.
Exod23. " But the seventh (year) thou shalt let it r.
9. 7*o be quiet, have, rest, vjyp shaqat.
Josh. 14. 15 And the land had rest from war
Judg. 3. it land had rest forty years. And Othniel
3. 30 And the land had rest fourscore years
5. 31 And the land had rest forty years
2 Ch.i4. 6 for the land had rest, and he had no war
Job 3. 26 I was not in safety, neither had I rest, n.
Isa. 18. 4 will take my rest, and I will consider in
10. 7*o cause quiet or rest, toff? shaqat, 5.
Psa. 94. 13 That thou mayeat give him rest from the
II. To rest again or back, avair&vu, -quai. Matt 1 1 . 28 Come unto me . . and I will give you reft
26. 45 Sleep on now, and take (your) rest : beh.
Murk 1 4 41 Sleep on now, and take (your) rest: it to
1 2. 7*o rest down or thoroughly, a VO/ULCU katapau.
Heb. 4. 8 For if Jesus had given them rest, tha
REST, to be at or in
1. 7*o be at rest, nij nuach.
Job 3. 13 should have slept : then had I been at r.
3. 17 troubling; and there the weary be at rest
Isa. 14. 7 whole earth is at rest, (and) is quiet : they
2.7*0 be at rest, nhy shelah.
Dan 4. 4 J>iebuchadnezzar was at rest in mine home
3.7*0 be quiet, have rest, Bp^ shaqat.
Ruth 3. 18 for the man will not be in rest until he
Jer. 30. 10 shall be in rest, and he quiet, and none
46. 27 Jacob shall return, and be in rest and at
Zech. i. ii all the earth sitteth still, and is at rest
Eze. 38. n 1 will go to them that are at rest, that
REST in, on, or upon, to
1.7*0 lean or rely on, jy? shaan, 2.
Job 24 23 whereon heresteth. yet his eyes(are) upon
2.7*0 rest back upon, epanapauomai.
Lukeio. 6 your peace shall rest upon it : if not, It
Rom. 2. 17 restest in the law, and makest thy boast
3.7*0 tabernacle on, i-ma>(^v6ia episkenoo.
2 Co. 12. 9 that the power of Christ may rest upon
REST, taking of
A lying down to sleep, KuiVT<m koimesis.
Johun. 13 that he had spoken of taking of rest in si.
REST content, to
7*o be willing, inclined, naK abah.
Prov. 6. 35 neither will he rest content, though thou
REST in a tent, to
7*o encamp, pitch, njn chanah.
Num 9. 18 as long.. they rested in their tents
9. 23 rested in the tents, and at the comman.
REST selves, to
1 To lay or support self, be supported, Tjcg samak,Z.
2 Ch 32. 8 people rested themselves upon theworda
2. 7*o bear or rely on, ]yy shaan, 2.
Gen. 1 8. 4 wash your feet and rest yourselves under
REST, resting place, place of
\.Rest, place of rest, nijp manoach.
Isa. 34. 14 there, and find for herself a place of rest
2. Rest, place of rest, nnup menuchah.
> um 10 33 to search out a resting place for them
Isa. 32. 18 sure dwellings, and in quiet resting places
B.Rest, nu nuach (infin.).
2 Ch. 6. 41 arise, .into thy resting place, thou, and
4.Lying or crouching down, f^T rebels.
Prov.24. 15 Lay not wait, .spoil not his resting place
Jer. 50 6 they have forgotten their resting place
1. Exchange, restitution, -Tjop temurah.
Job 20. 18 according to (his) substance (shall) ther
2. A putting down again,restoration,airaKaTd(Tra<Tis.
Acts 3. 21 until the times of restitution of all things
To make whole, complete, 07? shalam, 3.
Exod22. 3 (for) he should make full restitution : if
22. 5 and of the best . . shall he make restitution
22. 6 kindled the fire shall surely make restit.
12. 12 shall make restitution unto the owner th.
RESTORE (again, to life), to
1.7*o make alive, rrr!jchayah, 5.
2 Ki. 8. 1,5 woman, whose son he had restored to L
8. 5 how he had restored a dead body to life
8. 5 her son, whom Elisha restored to life
2.7b give, jrq nathan.
2 Ch. 8. 2 That the cities which Huram had restored
3.7*0 cause to go up, .iSy alah, 5.
Jer. 30. 17 For I will restore health unto thee, and I
4. To turn back, 3W shub, 3a.
Psa. 23. 3 He restoreth my soul : he leadeth me in
5. 7*o cause to turn back, 2?B> shub, 5.
Gen. 20. 7 restore the man (his) wife, .if thou restore
20. 14 gave (them) unto Abraham, and restored
40. 13 restore thee unto thy place : and thou s.
40. 21 restored the chief butler unto his butler.
41. 13 me he restored unto mine office, and him
42. 25 to restore every man s money into his sack
Lev. 6. 4 restore that which he took violentlyaway
2s. 27 restore the overplus unto the man to wh.
25 28 But if he be not able to restore (it) to him
Num.35. 25 shall restore him to the city of his refuge
Deut. 22. 2 and thou shalt restore it to him again
Judgn. 13 therefore restore those (lands) again pea.
17. 3 when he had restored the eleven hundred
17. 3 now therefore I will restore it unto thee
17. 4 Yet he restored the money unto his mot.
1 Sa. 12. 3 whose ox have I taken. . I will restore it
2 SSL. 9. 7 will restore thee all the land of Saul thy
16. 3 house of Israel restore me the kingdom
1 Ki. 20. 34 cities which my father took. .1 will rest
2 KI. 8. 6 Restore all that (was) her s, and all the
2 Ki. 14. 22 He built Elath, and restored it to Judah
14. 25 He restored the coast of Israel from the
2 Ch. 26. 2 He built Eloth, and restored it to Judah
Neh. 5. ii Restore, I pray you, to them, even this
5. 12 We will restore (them), and will require
Job 20. 10 and his hands shall restore their goods
ao. 18 That which he laboured for shall he res.
Psa. 51.12 Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation
69. 4 then I restored (that) which I took not a.
Isa. i. 26 I will restore thy judges as at the first, and
42. 22 they are. .for a spoil, and none saith, lie.
49. 6 to restore the preserved of Israel ; I will
Jer. 27. 22 will I bring them up, and restore them to
Eze. 18. 7 hath restored to the debtor his pledge
18. 12 hath not restored the pledge, andhatnll.
33. 15 (If) the wicked restore the pledge give ag.
Dan. 9. 25 commandment to restore and to build Je.
6. To make whole, complete, oVs/ shalam, 3.
Exod22. i he shall restore five oxen for an ox, and
22. 4 ox, or ass, or sheep, he shall restore dou.
Lev. 6. 5 he shall even restore it in the principal
24. 21 that killeth a beast, he shall restore it: and
2 Sa.i2. 6 shall restore the lamb fourfold, because he
Prov. 6. 31 (if) found, he shall restore sevenfold
Isa. 57. 1 8 restore comforts unto him, and to his m.
Joel 2. 25 I will restore to you the years that thelo.
7. To nice away or back, a.iro5iSw/j.t apodidomi.
Lukeig. 8 if I have taken any thing. .1 restore (him)
8. To place doion again, restore, avoKadia-Trt/an.
Matt 1 7. ii Elias truly shall first come, and restore all
Mark 9. 12 Elias verily cometh first, and restorethall
Acts i. 6 wilt thoti at this time restore again the
9. To make thoroughly right, Karaprifa katartizo.
Oal. 6. i ye which are spiritual restore such an one
RESTORED (again), to be
1.7*0 turn back, return, 3?E* shvJb.
Deut 28. 31 shall not be restored to thee : thy sheep
i Sa. 7. 14 cities, .were restored to Israel, from Ek.
i Ki.i3. 6 that my hand may be restored me again
13. 6 king s hand was restored him again, aud
2.7*0 be caused to turn back, 3"B> shub, 6.
Gen. 42. 28 My money is restored ; and, lo, (it is) even
3. To cause to turn back, 3in tub, 5.
Ezra 6. 5 be restored, and brought again unto the
4. To place down again, restore, tnroKa6i(rrt]fj.i.
Matti2. 13 it was restored whole, like as the other
Mark 3. 5 his hand was restored whole as the other
8. 25 was restored, and saw every man clearly
Luke 6. 10 his hand was restored whole as the other
Heb. 13. 19 that I may be restored to you the sooner
1. To turn back, 31e shub, 3a.
Isa. 58. 12 called . .The restorer of paths to dwell in
2.7*0 cause to turn back, ~"O shub, 5.
Ruth 4. 15 he shall be unto thee a restorer of (thy)
1.7*0 diminish, jnj gara.
Job 15. 4 easiest off fear, and restrainest prayer be.
15. 8 and dost thou restrain wisdom to thyself?
2. To gird, i:n chagar.
Psa. 76. 10 the remainder of wrath shalt thou restrain
3.7*0 make dim or faint, nri| kahah, 3.
i Sa. 3. 13 made themselves vile, and he restrained
4. To withhold, y;? inana.
Eze. 31. 15 restrained the floods thereof, and the gr.
5. To shut up, restrain, ~>$V atsar.
Gen. 16. 2 LORD hath restrained me from bearing : I
6.7*0 cause to rest thoroughly, Karairavcii katapauii.
Acts 14. 1 8 restrained they the people, that they had
I . To force self, be restrained, P5N aphaq, 1.
Isa. 63. 1 5 mercies toward me ? are they restrained ?
2.7*0 be fenced off, 1*2 batsar, 2.
Gen. ii. 6 now nothing will be restrained from them
3.7*0 be restrained, nVj kala, 2.
Exod36. 6 So the people were restrained from bring.
Gen. 8. 2 and the rain from heaven was restrained
Restraint, hindrance, ~hxy$ mattor.
i Sa. 14. 6 no restraint to the LORD to save by many
1. A standing or rising up, avdermais anastasis.
Matt22. 23 which say that there is no resurrection
22. 28 in the resurrection whose wife shall she
22. 30 Forinthe resurrection they neither marry
22. 31 as touching the resurrection of the dead
Marki2. i8 which say there is no resurrection; and
12. 23 In the resurrection therefore, when they
Luke 14.14 recompensed at the resurrection of the just
20. 27 which deny that there is any resurrection
20. 33 in the resurrection whose wife of them is
20. 35 resurrection from the dead, neither marry
20. 36 being the children of the resurrection
John 5. 29 resurrection of life .. resurrection of dam.
ii. 24 rise again in the resurrection at the last
ii. 25 Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection
Acts i . 22 to be a witness with us of his resurrection
2. 31 spake of the resurrection of Christ, that
4. a preached through Jesus the resurrection
Acts 4. 33 gave the apostleg witness of the resurrec.
17. 1 8 because he preached unto them, .the res.
17. 32 when they heard of the resurrection of the
23. 6 of the hope and resurrection of the drad
23. 8 the Sadducees say that there is no resur.
24. 15 there shall be a resurrection of the dead
24. 21 Touchingthe resurrection of.thedead I am
Rom. i. 4 declared . .by the resurrection from the d.
6. 5 be also (in the likeness) of (his) resurrec.
1 Co. 15. 12 that there is no resurrection of the dead .
15. 13 if there be no resurrection of the dead
15. 21 by man. .also the resurrection of the dead
15. 42 So also (is) the resurrection of the dead
Phil. 3. 10 the power of his resurrection, and 3. n.
2 Ti. 2. 18 saying that the resurrection is past alre.
Heb. 6. 2 of resurrection of the dead, and of eter.
ii. 35 that they might obtain a better resurrec.
i Pe. i. 3 by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from
3. 21 save us. .by the resurrection of Jesus Ch.
Rev. 20. 5 were finished. This (is) the first resurrec.
20. 6 he that hath part in the first resurrection
%.A raising, fyepiris er/ersis.
Matt 27. 53 came out of the graves after his resurrec.
3. .4 standing up out of, f^avdffraffi! exanastasis.
Phil. 3.11! might attain unto the resurrection of
l.T o take fast hold, pin chazaq, 5.
Judg. 7. 8 and retained those three hundred men
19. 4 the damsel s father, retained him ; and
Job 2. 9 Dost thou still retain thine integrity?
Mic. 7. 18 he retaineth not his anger for ever, beca.
2. To restrain, tih} kala.
Eccl. 8. 8 no man that hath power, .to retain the
3. 7*0 shut up, restrain, lyj; atsar.
Dan. 10. 8 was left alone., and I retained no strength
10. 16 O my lord.. I have retained no strength
11. 6 she shall not retain the powerof the arm
4. 7*0 hold up, ^cn tamak.
Prov. 3. 18 and happy (is every one) that retaineth
4. 4 Let thine heart retain my words : keep
ii. 1 6 retaineth honour; and strong (men) retain
5. 7"o have or hold, txu echo.
Rom. i. 28 teven as they did not like to retain God in
6.7*0 Jiold down or fast, Kart^<a katecho.
Phm. 13 Whom Iwould have retained with me,that
7. 7*0 lay fast hold of, Kpartu krateO.
Johii2o. 23 whose soever, .ye retain,theyare retained
l.T o turn, overturn, "jrt haphak.
Judg2o. 39 when the men of Israel retired in the ba.
2.7*0 cause to haste, nj; uz, 5.
Jer. 4. 6 retire, stay not; for I will bring evil from
3. 7*0 scatter, ps puts.
2 Sa. 20. 22 they retired from the city, every man to
4. To turn back, 3 ip shub.
2 Sa. ii. 15 retire ye from him, that he may be smit.
l.T o turn back, return, 3? shub.
Gen. 14. 17 after his return from the slaughter of C.
2. A return, iyv$ teshubah.
i Sa. 7. 17 And his return (was) to Ramah ; for there
1 Ki. 20. 22 at the return of the year the king of Syria
20. 26 it came to pass at the return of the year
RETURN (back or again), to
1. To return, 3i shub [v.L. atf; ?].
Eze. 35. 9 thy cities shall not return ; and ye shall
2. 7*0 be turned round about, compassed,^!} sabab,2.
2 Sa. 14. 24 Absalom returned to his own house, and
i Ch.i6. 43 and David returned to bless his house
3. 7*o face, front, look, nj panah.
Josh. 22. 4 return ye, and get you unto your tents
4. To turn back, return, 3 IE* shub.
Gen. 3. 19 till thou return unto the ground ; for out
3. 19 thou (art), and unto dust shalt thou ret.
8. 3 the waters returned from off the earth co.
8. 9 she returned unto him into the ark, for
8. 12 which returned not again unto him any
14. 7 And they returned, and came to En-mis.
16. 9 Return to thy mistress, and submit thy.
1 8. 10 I will certainly return unto thee accord.
18. 14 I will return unto thee, according to the
18. 33 and Abraham returned unto his place
21. 32 returned into the land of the Philistines
22. 19 Abraham returned unto his young men
31. 3 Return unto the land of thy fathers, and
31. 13 and return unto the land of thy kindred
31. 55 departed, and returned unto his place
32. 6 the messengers returned to Jacob, saying
32. 9 Return unto thy country, and to thy kin.
33. 1 6 Esau returned that day on his way unto
37. 29 Reuben returned unto the pit; and.beho.
37. -?o he returned unto his brethren, and said
38. 22 he returned to Judah, and said, I cannot
42. 24 returned to them again, and communed
43. 10 now we had returned this second time
44. 13 laded every man his ass, and returned to
50. 14 Joseph returned into Egypt, he, and his
Exod. 4. 18 returned to Jcthro his father in law, and
4. 18 return unto my brethren which (are) in K.
4. 20 Moses, .he returned to the land of Egypt
Exod. 4. 19 return into Egypt : for all the men are
4. 21 When thou goest to return into Egypt, see
5. 22 Moses returned unto tin- LORD, andsukl
13. 17 i>eradventure the people . .return to Egypt
14. 27 the sea returned to his strength when
14. 28 the waters returned, and covered the eh.
32. 31 Moses returned unto the LORD, and said
34. 31 all the rulers of the congregation returned
Lev. 25. 10, 13 ye shall return every man unto his p.
25. 10 ye shall return every man unto his family
35. 27 the man. .that he may return unto his p.
25. 28 and he shall return unto his possession
25. 41 shall return unto his own family, and
25. 41 and unto the possession, .shall he return
27. 24 shall return unto him of whom it was
> um 10. 36 Return, () LOKD, unto the many thousands
13. 25 they returned from searching of the land
14. 3 Were it not better for us to return intoE.
14. 4 Let us make a captain, and let us return
14. 36 who returned, and made all thecongreg.
16. 50 Aaron returned unto Moses unto the door
23. 5 Return unto 1 alak, and thus thou shalt
23. 6 he returned unto him, and, lo, he stood
24. 25 returned to his place : and Balak also
32. 18 We will not return unto our houses, until
32. 22 ye shall return, and be guiltless before the
35. 28 the slayer shall return into the land of his
Deut. i. 45 ye returned and wept before the LoRD;but
3. 20 shall ye return every man unto his posse.
17. 16 Ye shall henceforth return no more that
20. 5, 6, 7, 8 let him go aud return to his house
30. 2 And shalt return unto the LORD thy God
30. 3 will return and gather thee from all the
30. 8 thou shalt return, and obey the voice of
Josh. i. 15 ye shall return unto the land of your
2. 23 So the two men returned, and descended
4. 18 the waters of Jordan returned unto their
6. 14 they compassed the city once, and return.
7. 3 they returned to Joshua, and said unto
8. 24 the Israelites returned unto Ai, and smote
10. 15, 38, 43 Joshua returned, and all Israel wi.
10. 2 1 the people returned to the camp to J oshua
20. 6 then shall the slayerreturn, and come un.
22. 8 Return with much riches unto your tents
22. 9 the half tribe of Manasseh, returned, and
22. 32 returned from the children of Reuben, and
Judg. 2. 19 they returned, and corrupted (themselves)
7. 3 let him return and depart early from mo.
7. 3 there returned of the people twenty and
7. 15 returned into the host of Israel, and said
8. 13 Gideon the son of Joash returned from ba.
11. 31 I return in peace from the children of
ii. 39 she returned unto her father, who did w.
14. 8 after a time he returned to take her, and
21. 23 and returned unto their inheritance, and
Ruth i . 6 that she might return from the country of
i. 7 they went on the way to return unto the
i. 8 Go.return each to her mother s house : the
i. 10 we will return with thee unto thy people
i. 15 Behold., return thou after thy sister in L
1. 16 (or) to retuni from following after thee
i. 22 Naomi returned, and Ruth the Moabitess
1. 22 which returned out of the country of M.
1 Sa. i. 19 returned, and came to their house to R.
6. 1 6 the five lords, .returned to Ekron the fame
7. 3 If ye do return unto the LORD with all
9. 5 Come, and let us return ; lest my father
15. 26 I will not return with tliee : for thou hast
17. 15 David went and returned from Saul to fe.
17. 53 Israel returned fromchasing afterthePh.
17. 57 as David returned from the slaughter of
23. 28 Saul returned from pursuing after David
26. 21 return, my son David ; for I will no more
26. 25 David went on his way, and Saul returned
27. 9 And David., returned, and came to Achish
29. 7 return, and go in peace, that thou displea.
29. ii return into the land of the Philistines
2 Sa. i. 22 the sword of Saul returned not empty
2. 26 ere thou bid the people return from foil
2. 30 And Joab returned from following Abner
3. 16 said Abner. .Go, return. Andhe returned
6. 20 Then David returned to bless his househ.
8. 13 he returned from smiting of the Syrians
10. 5 said, Tarry at Jericho . . and (then) return
10. 14 Joab returned from the children of Am.
11. 4 with her. .and she returned unto her ho.
12 23 shall go to him, but he shall not return
12. 31 all the people returned unto Jerusalem
15. 19 return to thy place, and abide with the
15. 20 return thou, and take back thy brethren
15 27 return into the city in peace, and your
15. 34 if thou return to the city, and say unto
16. 8 The LORD hath returned upon thee all the
17. 3 the man whom thou seekest(is). .returned
17. 20 when they had sought, .they returned to
18. 16 the people returned from pursuing after
19. 14 they sent. . Return thou. and all thy ser.
19. 15 So the king returned, and came to Jordan
IQ. 39 Barzillai. .he returned unto his own place
20 22 Joab returned to Jerusalem ilnto the ki.
23. 10 the people returned after him only to sp.
i KI. * 33 Their blood shall therefore return upon
8. 48 And (so) return unto thee with all their
12. 24 return every man to Ins house ; for this
12. 24 and returned to depart, according to the
12. 26 Now shall the kingdom return to the ho.
13. 10 returned not by the way that he came to
13. 16 I may not return with thee, nor go in w.
13. 33 Jeroboam returned not from his evil way
19. 15 return on thy way to the wilderness of
19. 21 he returned back from him, and took a
22.17 let them return every man to his house
i Ki. 23. 28 If thou return at all in peace, the LORD
2Ki. 2. 25 and from thence he returned to Samaria
3. 27 they departed from him, and returned to
4. 35 he returned, and walked in the house to
5. 15 he returned to the man of God, he and
7. 15 the messengers returned, and told the k.
8. 3 the woman returned out of the land of
14. 14 took all the gold . . and returned to Sama.
1 8. 14 return from me : that which thou puttest
19. 7 shall return to his own land ; and I will
" Rab-shakeh returned, and found the king
9- 33 by the same shall he return, and shall not
19. 36 went and returned, and dwelt at Nineveh
20. 10 let the shadow return backward ten deg.
23. 20 he slew all the priests . . and returned to
i Ch. 19. 5 said, Tarry at Jericho . . and (then) return
20. 3 and all the people returned to Jerusalem
Ch. 6. 24 shall return and confess thy name, and
6. 38 If they return to thee withall their heart
10. 2 when Jeroboam . . heard . . Jeroboam retu.
11. 4 return every man to his house; for this
ii. 4 and returned from going againstJeroboam
14.15 smote also the tents . . and returned to Je.
18. 16 let them return, .every man to his house
18. 26 put . . in the prison . . until I return in peace
1 8. 27 If thou certainly return in peace, (then)
10.. i the king of Judah returned to his house
19. 8 did . . set . . when they returned to Jerus.
20. 27 Then they returned, every man of Judah
22. 6 And he returned to be healed in Jezreel
25. 10 and they returned home in great anger
25. 24 took) all the gold, .and returned to Sam.
28. 15 brought them to Jericho .. then they ret.
30. 6 he will return to the remnant of you that
30. 9 God (is) gracious . .if ye return unto him
31. i Israel returned every man to his posses.
32. 21 he returned with shame of face to his own
34. 7 And when he had broken down.. he retu.
34. 9 delivered the money, .and they returned
Nell. 2. 6 For how long, .and when wilt thou return
2. 15 and entered by the gate, .and (so) return.
4. 12 From all places whence ye shall return
4. 15 we returned all of us to the wall, every
9. 17 appointed a captain to return to their b,
9. 28 when they returned, and cried unto thee
Esth. 2. 14 she returned into the second house of the
7 . 8 the king returned out of the palace garden
9. 25 should return upon his own head, and that
Job i. 21 Naked came I out. .naked shall I return
6. 29 Return, I pray you, let it not be iniquity
6. 29 return again, my righteousness (is) in it
7. 10 He shall return no more to his house, ne.
10. 21 Before I go (whence) I shall not return
15. 22 not that he shall return out of darkness
16. 22 then I shall go the way . . I shall not return
17. 10 do ye return, and come now : for I cannot
22. 23 If thou return to the Almighty, thou shalt
33. 25 he shall return to the days of his youth
36. 10 commandeth that they return from iniq.
39. 4 they go forth, and return not unto them
Psa. 6. 4 Return, O LORD, delivermyssoul: ohsave
6. 10 let them return (and) be ashamed suddenly
7. 7 for their sakes therefore return thou on
7. 16 His mischief shall return upon his own
35. 13 my prayer returned into mine own bosom
59. 6 They return at evening: they make a noise
59. 14 let them return ; and let them make a n.
60. title. Joab returned, and smote of Edom in the
73. 10 his people return hither ; and waters of a
74. 21 let not theoppressed return ashamed: let
78. 34 they returned and enquired early after G.
80. 14 Return, we beseech thee, O God of hosts
90. 3 and sayest. Return, ye children of men
90. 13 Return, O LORD, how long? and let it re.
94. 15 judgment shall return unto righteousness
104. 29 thou takest away, .they die, and return
116. 7 Return unto thy rest, O my soul ; for the
146. 4 he returned to his earth ; in that very day
Prov. 2. 19 None that go unto her return again, nei.
26. n As adogreturnethtohisvomit, (so) a fool
26. 27 he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon
Eccl. i. 6 the wind returneth again according to his
i. 7 they return again [with inf. of halak]
4. i So I returned, and considered all the op.
4. 7 I returned, and I saw vanity under the s.
5. 15 naked shall he return to go as he came
9. ii I returned, and saw under the sun, that
12. 2 be not darkened, nor the clouds return
12. 7 Then shall the dust return to the earth
12. 7 spirit shall return unto God who gave it
Song 6. 13 Return, return, O Shulamite ; return, ret.
Isa. 6. 13 (it) shall return, and shall be eaten : as a
10. 21 The remnant shall return, (even) the rem.
10. 22 a remnant of them shall return : the con.
19. 22 they shall return, .to the LORD, and he
21. 12 if ye will enquire, enquire ye: return, come
35. 10 the ransomed of the LoRDshalljreturn.and
37. 7 he shall, .return to his own land ; and I
37. 8 Rabshakeh returned, and found the king
37. 34 by the same shall he return, and shall not
37. 37 went and returned, and dwelt at Nineveh
38. 8 So the sun returned ten degrees, by which
44. 22 return unto me; for I have redeemed thee
45- 23 the word isgone out. .and shall not return
51. ii the redeemed of the LORD shall return
55. 7 let him return unto the LORD, and he will
55. 10 returneth not thither, but watereth the
55. ii it shall not return unto me void, but it
63. 17 Return for thy servant s sake, the tribes
Jftr. 3. i shall he return unto her again? shall not
3. i yet return again to me, saith the LORD
3. 7 but she returned not. And her treacher.
Jer. 3. 12 Return, thou backsliding Israel, saith the
3. 22 Return, ye backsliding children, (and) I
4. i return, O Israel, saith the LORD, return
5. 3 O LORD . . they have refused to return
8. 4 saith . . shall he turn away , and not return ?
8. 5 they hold fast deceit, they refuse to return
12. 15 will return, and have compassion on them
14. 3 they returned with their vessels empty
15. 7 I will destroy . .they return not from th.
15. 19 If thou return, then will I bring thee again
15. 19 let them return unto thee; but return not
1 8. ii return ye now every one from his evil way
22. 10 shall return no more, nor see his native
22. n Shallum .. shall not return thither any
22. 27 to return, thither shall they not return
23. 14 that none doth return from his wickedness
23. 20 The anger of the LORD shall not return
24. 7 they shall return unto me with their wh.
30. 10 Jacob shall return, and shall be in rest
30. 24 fierce anger of the LORD shall not return
31. 8 Behold .. a great company shall return th.
35. 15 Return ye now every man from his evil
36. 3 may return every man from his evil way
36. 7 will return every one from his evil way
37. 7 shall return to Kgypt into their own land
40. 12 Even all the Jews returned out of all pi.
41. 14 returned, and went unto Johanan the son
44. 14 that they should return into the land of
44. 14 a desire to return . .none shall return but
44. 28 number that escape the sword shall retu.
46. 27 Jacob shall return, and be in rest and at
50. 9 their arrows, .none shall return in vain
Eze. i. 14 the living creatures ran and returned as
7. 13 the seller shall not return to that which
7. 13 multitude thereof, (which) shall not ret.
8. 17 and have returned to provoke me to anger
13. 22 he should not return from his wicked w.
16. 55, 55 shall return to their former estate
16. 55 then thou and thy daughters shall return
1 8. 23 not that he should return from his ways
21. 5 out of his sheath : it shall not return any
35. 7 that passeth out and him that returneth
35. 9 thy cities shall not return ; and ye shall
46. 9 he shall not return by the way of the gate
46. 17 after it shall return to the prince : but his
47. 7 Now when I had returned, behold, at the
Dan. 10. 20 return to flght with the prince of Persia
ii. 9 the king of the south shall return into his
1 1. 10 then shall he return, and be stirred up n. 13 the king of the north shall return, andsh
ii. 28 Then shall he return into his land with
ii. 28 and he shall do. .and return to his own 1.
ii. 29 he shall return, and come toward the so.
ii. 30 return, and have indignation against the
ii. 30 he shall even return, and have intellige. Hos. 2. 7 I will go and return to my first husband
2. 9 Therefore will I return, and take away
3. 5 Afterward shall the children of Israel re
5. 15 I will go (and) return to my place, till th.
6. i let us return unto the LORD : for he hath
6. 1 1 when I returned the captivity of my peo.
7. 10 they do not return to the LORD their God
7. 1 6 They return, (but) not to the most High
8. 13 and visit their sins they shall return to
9. 3 Ephraim shall return to Egypt, and they
ii. 5 He shall not return into the land of Egy. n. 5 his king, because they refuse to return
n. 9 I will not return to destroy Ephraim : for
14. i return unto the LORD thy God; for thou
14. 7 They that dwell under his shadow, .retu
. Joel 2. 14 (if) he will return and repent, and leave
Amos 4. 6, 8, 9, 10. n yet have yejnot returned unto
Obad. 15 thy reward shall return upon thine own
Mlc. i. 7 they shall return to the hire of an harlot
5. 3 the remnant of his brethren shall return
Zech. i. 6 they returned and said, Like as the LORD
7. 14 no man passed through nor returned ; for
9. 8 because of him that returneth ; and no op.
Mai. i. 4 will return and build the desolate places
3. 7 Return unto me, and I will return unto
3. 7 But ye said, Wherein shall we return?
3. 18 Then shall ye return, and discern between
5. To cause to turn back, 3?e> shub, 5.
Exod 19. 8 Moses returned the words of the people
Judg. 5. 29 yea, she returned answer to herself
1 Sa. 6. 3 in any wise return him a trespass offering
6. 4 offering which we shall return to him
6. 8 which ye return him . . a trespass offering
6. 17 the Philistines returned (for) a trespass
^ 25. 39 LORD hath returned the wickedness of N.
2 Sa. 16. 8 LORD hath returned upon thee all the bl.
24. 13 see what answer I shall return to himth.
1 Ki. 2. 32 LORD shall return his blood upon his own
2. 44 LORD shall return thy wickedness upon
2 6 What counsel give ye (me) to return ans.
io- 9 that we may return answer to this people
Esth. 4. 15 Esther bade (them) return Mordecai this
J oel 3. 4 speedily will I return your recompence
3. 7 return your recompence upon your own
6.7*0 do a second time, double, repeat, ntf shanah.
Prov26. ii As a dog. .(so) a fool returneth to his folly
7. To turn back, return, yr\ tub.
Dan. 4. 34 mine understanding returned unto me
4- 36 my reason returned unto me ; and for the
4. 36 mine honour and brightness returned un.
8.7"o cause to turn back, uin tub, 5.
Ezra 5. ii they returned us answer, saying, We are
9. To bend up or back, avaKa^irru anakampto.
Matt. 2. 12 that they should not return to Herod, th. ,
Acts 18. 21 I will return again unto you, if God will
Heb. ii. 15 have had opportunity to have returned
10. To loose ayain, ava\vta analuO.
Luke 1 2. 36 when he will return from the wedding
11. To turn round again, Acts avaffrpi<f>ta anastrephd. 5. 22 not in the prison, they returned, and toid
15. 16 After this I will return, and will build a.
12. To lead up or back upon, epanuaO. Matt 21. 18 as he returned into the city, he hungered
13. To> come back upon. iirantpxa^ai epanerc/iomai.
Lukeig. 15 when he was returned, having received
14. To turn upon, ^Triarpf^w ejnstrepho. Matt 12. 44 I will return into my house from 10. 13
24. 18 Neither let him. . which is in the field re Luke 2. 20 And the shepherds [returned], glorifying
17. n let him likewise, .return back, i Pe. 2. 25
15.7*0 be about to return, ^\\ia viro<TTpt (j>fiv. Acts 13. 34 no more to return to corruption, he said
16. To turn back, viroa-Tpttfxa hupostrepho.
Marki4 . 40 [when he returned, he found them asleepl Luke i. 56 Mary abode . . three months, and returned
2. 39 they returned into Galilee, to then- own
2. 43 as they returned, the child Jesus tarried
4. i returned from Jordan, and was led by the
4- 14 Jesus returned in the power of the spirit
7. 10 they that were sent, returning to the ho.
8. 37 into the ship, and returned back again
8. 39 Return to thine own house, and show how
8. 40 that, when Jesus was returned, the peo.
9. 10 the apostles, when they were returned"
10. 17 the seventy returned again with joy, say.
11. 24lwillreturnuntomyhousewhence I came
17. 18 There are not found that returned to give
19. 12 receive for himself a kingdom, and to re.
23. 48 people, .smote their breasts, and returned
33. 56 returned, and prepared spices andointm.
24. 9 returned from the sepulchre, and told all
24. 33 returned to Jerusalem, and found the el
24. 52 and returned to Jerusalem with great joy Acts 1. 12 Then returned they unto Jerusalem from
8. 25 returned to Jerusalem, and preached the
8. 28 Was returning, and sitting in his chariot
12. 25 Barnabas and Saul returned from Jerusa.
13. 13 departing from them returned to Jerusa.
13. 34 no more to return to corruption, he said
14. 21 returned again to Lystra, and (to) Iconi.
20. 3 purposed to return through Macedonia
21. 6 took ship ; and they returned home again
23. 32 left the horsemen, .and returned to the
Gal. i. 17 went into Arabia.and returned again unto
Heb. 7. i returning from the slaughter of the kings
RETURN an answer, to
7 o cause to turn back, return, 3?n tub, 5.
Ezra 5 . 5 they returned answer by letter concerning
RETURN, to cause or make to
1.7*0 cause to return, 3?B> shub, 5 [V.L. 1].
Jer. 33. 26 cause their captivity to return, and have
2.7"o cause to turn back, return, yv shub, 5.
Deut 17. 16 nor cause the people to return to Egypt
i Sa. 29. 4 Make this fellow return, that he may go
Jer. 29. 10 in causing you to return to this place
30. 3 will cause them to return to the land that
32. 44 for I will cause their captivity to return
33. 7 will cause . . captivity of Israel, to return
33. 1 1 For I will cause to return the captivity of
34. ii caused the servants, .to return, and bro.
34. 16 caused every man his servant, .to return
34. 22 cause them to return to this city ; and
37. 20 cause me not to return to the house of J.
38. 26 that he would not cause me to return to
42. 12 and cause you to return to your own land
Eze. 21. 30 Shall I cause (it) to return into his sheath?
29. 14 cause them to return (into) the land of P.
47. 6 caused me to return to the brink of the r
7*o turn back, return, y*y shub.
Gen. 43. 18 the money that was returned in our sacks
Lev. 22. 13 and is returned unto her father s house
Josh. 2. 16 until the pursuers be returned: and after.
2. 22 until the pursuers were returned : and the
1 Sa. 1 8. 6 David was returned from the slaughter of
24. i when Saul was returned from following
2 Sa. i. i David was returned from the slaughter of
3. 27 when Abuer was returned to Hebron, Joab
2 Ki. 9. 15 Joram was returned to be healed in Jez.
Jer. 43. 5 that were returned from all nations
Zech. i. 16 I am returned to Jerusalem with mercies
8. 3 I am returned unto Zion, and will dwell
Returning, turning back, n-sr shubah.
Isa. 30. 15 In returning and rest shall ye be saved ; in.
RE -TT, 1ST* friendship.
A son of Peleg, the fourth from Shem, and father of
Sherug. B.C. 2200.
Gen. ii. 18 And Peleg lived thirty years, and begat R.
ii. 19 Peleg lived afterhebegat R. twohundred
ii. 20 And R. lived two and thirty years, and
ii. 21 R. lived after he begat Serug twohundred
i Ch. i. 25 Eber, Peleg, R.
RE-TT -BEN, jawi behold a son. Pov$^v.
1. The eldest son of Jacob and Leah. B.C. 1752. Gen. 29. 32 Leah, .bareason, and. .called msnameR.
30. 14 And R. went in the days of wheat harvest.
Gen. 35. 22 R. went ami lay with Bilhah his father s
35. 23 The sons of Leah ; R., Jacob s first born
37. 21 R. heard (it), and he delivered him out of
37. 22 And R. said unto them, Shed no blood
37 29 And R. returned unto the pit ; and beho.
42! 22 And R. answered them, saying, Spake I
42. 37 And R. spake unto his father, saying, Slay
46 8 Jacob and his sons ; R., Jacob s first born
46. g And the sons of R. ; Hanoch, and 1 hallu
48. 5 as R. and Simeon, they shall be mine
49. 3 R., thou (art) my first born, my might, and
Exod. i. 2 R., Simeon, Levi, and Judah
6. 14 The sons of R. the first born of Israel
6. 14 these (be) the families of R.
Num. i. 20 And the children of R., Israel s eldest son
16. i Now Korah. .and On. .sons of R., took
26. 5 R. the eldest son of Israel
26. 5 the children of R. ; Hanoch, (of whom c.)
Deut ii. 6 he did unto., sons of Eliab, the son of R.
Josh 15. 6 went up to the stone of Bohan the son of R.
18. 17 to the stone of Bohan the son of R.
i Ch. 2. i These (are) the sons of Israel ; R., Simeon
5. i Now the sons of R. the first born of Israel
5. 3 The sons, (I say), of R. the first born of I.
2. H-is descendants and their territory E. of Jordan and
of the Salt Sea.
Knm. i. 5 of (the tribe of) R.; Elizurthe son of She.
i. 21 that were numbered, .of the tribe of R.
a. io south side (shall be) the standard . . of R.
a. io the captain of the children of R. (shall)
a. 16 All that were numbered in the camp of R.
7. 30 Elizur. .prince of the children of R., (did
io. 1 8 the standard of the camp of R. set forw.
13. 4 of the tribe of R., Shammua the son of Z.
32. i thechildrenof R. . .had a very great mult.
32. 2 the children of R. came and spake unto
32. 6 And Moses said . . to the children of R.
32. 25 and the children of R. spake unto Moses
32. 29 the children of R. will pass with you over
52. 31 and the children of R. answered, saying
32. 33 And Moses gave, .to the children of R.
32. 37 And the children of R. built Heshbon
34. 14 the children of R. . .have received (their
Deutz7. 13 R- 1 Gad, and Asher, and Zebulun, Dan, and
33. 6 Let R. live, and not die ; and let (not) his
Josh. 4. 12 the children of R. . .passed over armed b.
13. 15 Moses gavejunto the .. children of R. (in.)
13. 23 And the border of the children of R. was
13. 23 (was) the inheritance of the childrenof R.
18. 7 Gad, and R. . .have received their inheri.
20. 8 they assigned Bezer. .out of the tribe of R.
21. 7 children of Merari . . (had) out . . tribe of R.
21. 36 And out of the tribe of R., Bezer with her
22. 9. io, 1 1 the children of R. , and the children
22. 13 childrenof Israel sent unto the chil. of R.
22. 15 And they came unto the children of R.
22. 21 Then the children of R.. .answered and
22. 25 ye children of R. and children of Gad
2 2. 30 P. . . heard the words that the children of R.
22. 31 Phinehas. .said unto the children of R.
22. 32 Phinehas. .returned from, .childrenof R.
22. 33 wherein the children of R. and Gad
22. 34 And the children of R. .called the altar
Judg. 5. 15, 16 For the divisions of R. (there were)
1 Ch. 5. 18 The sons of R., and the Gadites, and half
6. 6j I ntothe sons of Merari (were given). .R.
6. 78 (were given them) out of the tribe of R.
Eze. 48. 6 the border of Ephraim . . a (portion for) R.
48. 7 by the border of R. . . a (portion for) Judah
48. 31 one gate of R., one gate of Judah, one g.
Rev. 7. 5 Of the tribe of R. (were) sealed twelve th.
The following are the chief localities in the territory of
Reuben : Abarim, Aroer, Ashdoth-Pisgah, Bamoth
(Baal). Beon, (Beth) Baal-Meon. Beth-Jeshimoth, Beth-
Peor, Bezer, Dibon, Elealeh, Heshbon, Jahaza, Kedemoth,
Kirjathaim, Medeba, Mephaath, Nebo, Sebam,
(Shibmah or Sibmah), Zareth-Shahar, &c.
BEUBENITES, J3 ton the Reubtnite.
The descendants of Reuben. With the tribe of Gad and
Manasseh they applied to Moses for an inheritance on
the E. of the Jordan, and obtained it; they were conse
quently the first of the ten tribes that were carried to
Assyria by Tiglath-pileser. B.C. 740.
Num26. 7 These (are) the families of the R.
Deut. 3. 12 the cities thereof, gave I unto the R.
3. 1 6 And unto the R. . .1 gave from Gilead even
4. 43 (Namely) Bezerin the wilderness.. oftheR.
29. 8 we. .gave it for an inheritance unto the R.
Josh. i. 12 to the R.,and to the Gadites. .spake Jos.
12. 6 Moses, .gave it(for)a possession unto the R.
13. 8 With whom the R. . .have received their
22. i Then Joshua called the R., and the Gadites
2 Ki. 10. 33 all the land of Gilead, the Gadites, and R.
i Ch. 5. 6 he (was) prince of the R.
5. 26 and he carried them away, even the R.
ii. 42 Adina the son of Shiza the R.
11. 42 a captain of the R., and thirty with him
12. 37 And on the other side of Jordan, of the R.
26. 32 whom king David made rulers over the R.
27. 16 the ruler of the R. (was) Eliezer the son
BETJ -EL, VNIJT; God is friend.
1. A son of Esau by Bashemath daughter of Ishmael.
B.C. 1750.
Gen. 36. 4 and Bashemath bare R.
36. 10 R. the son of Bashemath the wife of Esau
36. 13 And these (are) the sons of R.; Nahath
36. 17 And these (are) the sons of R. Esau s son
36. 17 these (are) the dukes (that came) of R.
i Ch. i. 35 The sons of Esau ; Eliphaz, R., and Jeush
i. 37 The sons of R.; Nahath, Zerah, Shammah
2. Father-in-law of Moses, called also Jethro and
Rogtiel. B.C. 1530.
Exod. 2. 1 8 And when they came to R. their father, he
3. Father of Eliasaph, a captain of Gad, called in Num.
i. 14 Deuel. B.C. 1530.
Num. 2. 14 and the captain. . (shall be) Eliasaph. .R.
4. A Beujamite in Jerusalem. B.C. 536.
1 Ch. 9. 8 Meshullam the son of Shephathiah. .R.
BE-TJ -MAH, nyw! pearl, cural.
A concubine of Nahor, Abraham s brother. B.C. 1860.
Gen. 22. 24 R. . .bare also.Tebah, andGaham, and Ta.
REVEAL (wlf), to
1. To uncover the ear, ]JK nSj galuh ozen.
2 Sa. 7. 27 hast revealed to thy servant, saying, 1 will
2. To uncover, remove, n^J galah.
Prov. 20. 13 He that goeth about (as) a talebearer re.
Amos 3. 7 revealeth his secret unto his servants the
3. To be uncovered, removed, .t^a galah, 2.
i Sa. 3. 21 for the LORD revealed himself to Samuel
4. To uncover, remove, n^J galah, 3.
Job 20. 27 The heavens shall re veal his iniquity ; and
Prov 1 1. 13 A tale bearer revealeth secrets : but he
Jer. ii. 20 for unto tnee have I revealed my cause
33. 6 will reveal unto them the abundance of
5. To uncover, remove, rn* gelah.
Dan. 2. 19 Then was the secret revealed unto Daniel
2. 22 He revealeth the deep and secret things
2. 28 there is a God in heaven that revealeth
2. 29 he that revealeth secrets maketh known
2. 30 this secret is not revealed to me for (any)
2.47 and a re vealer. .seeing thou couldest reveal
6. To uncover, unveil, a.iroKa\virTia apokaluptS.
Mattn. 25 because thou. .liast revealed them unto
11. 27 (he) to whomsoever the Son [will reveal]
16. 17 for flesh and blood hath not revealed (it)
Lukeio. 21 thank thee. .that thou. .hast revealed th.
io. 22 (he) to whom the Son will reveal (him)
i Co. 2. io But God hath revealed (them) unto us by
Gal. i. 16 To reveal his Son in me, that I might pr.
Phil. 3. 15 otherwise minded, God shall reveal even
I. To be uncovered, rh* galah, 2.
Deut 29. 29 but those (things which are) revealed (b.)
i Sa. 3. 7 neither was the word.. yet revealed unto
Isa. 22. 14 it was revealed in mine ears by the LORD
23. i from the land of Chittim it is revealed to
40. 5 glory of the LORB shall be revealed, and
53. i to whom is the arm of the LORD revealed 1
56. i and my righteousness to be revealed
Dan. io. i a thing was revealed unto Daniel, whose
2. To uncover, unveil, o.iroKa\virrui apokalupto.
Mattio. 26 nothing covered, that shall not be revealed
Luke 2. 35 thoughts of many hearts may be revealed
12. 2 nothing covered, that shall not be revealed
17. 30 the day when the Son: of man is revealed
John 1 2. 38 hath the arm of the Lord been revealed?
Rom. i. 17 therein is the righteousness of God reve.
1. 1 8 For the wrath of God is revealed from h.
8. 18 with the glory which shall be revealed in
1 Co. 3. 13 because it shall be revealed by fire; and
14. 30 If (any thing) be revealed to another that
Gal. 3. 23 faith which should afterwards be revealed
Eph. 3. 5 as it isnowrevealed unto hislioly apostles
2 Th. 2. 3 that man of sin be revealed, the son of pe.
2. 6 that he mis;ht be revealed in his time
2. 8 then shall that wicked be revealed, whom
1 Pe. i . 5 kept . . ready to be revealed in the last time
1. 12 Unto whom it was revealed, thatnot unto
5. i partaker of the glory that shall be revea.
B.An uncovering, &iroicaAt<iJ/i* apokalupsis.
2 Th. i. 7 when the LordsJesus shall be revealed fr.
i Pe. 4. 13 when his glory shall be revealed, ye may
4. To utter an oracle, xP1MaT C chrematizo.
Luke 2. 26 it was revealed unto him by the Holy Gh.
To remove, uncover, unveil, nj$ gelah (partic. ).
Dan. 2. 47 and a revealer of secrets, seeing thou co.
An uncovering, djroKa\m//is apokalupsis.
Rom. 2. 5 revelation of the righteous judgment of
16.25 according to the revelation of the mystery
1 Co. 14. 61 shall speak to you either by revelation
14. 26 every one of you. .hath a revelation, hath
2 Co. 12. i will come to visions and revelations of the
12. 7 through the abundance of the revelations
Gal. i. 12 but by the revelation of Jesus Christ
2. 2 I went up by revelation, and communica.
Eph. i. 17 way give unto you the spirit of. .revelat.
3. 3 How that by revelation he made known
i Pe. i. 13 brought unto you at the revelation of J.
Rev. i. i The revelation of Jesus Christ, which G.
Revelry, wantonness, (from Lat. cnmus], KW/XOJ.
Gal. 5. 2iEnvyinps,murders, drunkenness,revellings
i Pe. 4. 3 when we walked in . . revellings, banquet.
1. Vengeance, .19,7; neqamah.
Psa. 79. io the revenging of the blood of thy servants
Jer. 20. io and we shall take our revenge on him
Eze. 25. 15 Because the Philistines have dealt by re.
2-Locks of hair,princes of the people, riV}9 peraoth.
Deut32. 42 from the beginning of revenges upon the
3. Vengeance, full justice, ^/c8i /cT)<m ekdikisit.
s Co. 7. 1 1 yea, (what) revenge I In all (things) ye ha.
BEVENOE (elf), to
I. To avenge, cp; naqam.
Nan. i. 2 the LORD revengeth ; the LORD revengeth
2.7*0 be avenged, cjjj naqam, 2.
Jer. 15. 15 revenge me of my persecutors; take me
3. To avenge, exact full justice, l/cSiKcw ektlike-6.
2 Co. io. 6 having in a readiness to revenge all disob.
1. To free (by avenging or repaying], *?ht3 gaol.
Numss. 19 revenger of blood himself shall slay the
35. 21 revenger of blood shall slay the murderer
35. 24 between the slayer and the revenger of b.
35. 25 out of the hand of the revenger of blood
35. 27 revenger of blood find him without the b.
35. 27 revenger of blood kill the slayer ; he shall
a Sa. 14. ii wouldest not suffer the revengers of blood
Z. Avenger, exactor offull justice, 8iov ekdikos.
Rom 13. 4 revenger to (execute) wrath upon him that
I. Revenue or income, ch9*t appethom.
Ezra 4. 13 shalt endamage the revenue of the king
2. Increase, revenue, ,tKU? tebuah.
Prov. 8. 19 and my revenue than choice silver
15. 6 but in the revenuesof the wicked is trou.
16. 8 Better (is) a little, .than great revenues
Isa. 23. 3 harvest of the river, (is) her revenue; and
Jer. 12. 13 they shall be ashamed of your revenues
Modesty, decency, aitius aidiis.
Heb. 12. 28 serve God acceptably with [reverence] and
BEVEBENCE, to (do, give, b had in)
1. To fear, be afraid, reverence, K"v yare.
Lev. 19. 30 shall keep my sabbaths, and reverence my
26. 2 shall keep my sabbaths, and reverence my
2. To be feared, reverenced, n; yare, 2.
Psa. 89. 7 to be had in reverence of all (them that
3. To boic down self, ring shachah, la.
2 Sa. 9. 6 fell on his face, and did reverence. And
i Ki. i. 31 did reverence to the king, and said, Let
Esth. 3. 2 bowed, and reverenced Haman ; for the k.
3. 2, 5 Mordecai bowed not, nor did (him)reve.
4. To turn in to, reverence, iirrptiro^ai entrepomai.
Matt 21. 37 sent, .saying, They will reverence my son
Marki2. 6 sent, .saying, They will reverence my son
Luke2o. 13 it may be they will reverence(him) when
Heb. 12. 9 corrected (us), and we gave (them) rever.
5. To be terrified, affrighted, afraid^ <t>of}tofj.aiphobe,
Eph. 5. 33 the wife (see) that she reverence (her)hu.
To be feared, reverenced, K"v yare, 2.
Psa. in. 9 for ever : holy and reverend (is) his name
To cause to turn back, 3ie> shub, 5.
Num.23. 20 he hath blessed ; and I cannot reverse it
Esth. 8. 5 let it be written to reverse the letters de.
8. 8 writing which is written . . may no man re.
REVILE (again), to
1. To declare light, despised or vile, SViJ qalal, 3.
Exod 22. 28 Thou shalt not revile the gods, nor curse
2. To revile in return, avn\otSopt<a antiloidoreo.
i Pe. 2. 23 Who. .reviled not again ; when he suffer.
3. To speak injuriously, ft\aff(prj/j.fca blasphemed.
Matt 27. 39 they that passed by reviled him, wagging
4. To revile, rail, \oi9op4te loidoreo.
John 9. 28 Then they reviled him, and said, Thou art
Acts 23. 4 they that stood by said, Revilest thou G.
i Co. 4. 12 being reviled, we bless; being persecuted
i Pe. 2. 23 Who, when he was reviled . . when he suff.
5. To upbraid, revile, ovtiSifa oneidizii.
Matt. 5.11 Blessed are ye when (men) shall revile you
Markis. 32 they thatwere crucified with him reviled
1. Reviling, ]iia giclduph.
Isa. 51. 7 neither be ye afraid of their revilings
Zeph. 2. 8 the revilings of the children of Ammon
^.Reviling, railing, Xot&opos loidoros.
i Co. 6. io nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inhe.
l.To live, revive, n;i? chayah.
Gen. 45. 27 the spirit of Jacob their father revived
jHdgis. 19 and. .his spirit came again, and he revived
1 Ki. 17. 22 soul, .came into him anain, and he revived
2 Ki. 13. 21 when the man was let down, .he revived
2. To keep or make alive, revive, rvn chayah, 3.
Neh. 4. will they revive the stones out of the he.
Psa. 85. 6 Wilt thou not revive us again, that thyp.
138. 7 thou wilt revive me ; thou shalt stretch
Hos. 6. 2 After two days will he revive us : in the
14. 7 they shall revive (as) the corn, and grow
Hab. 3. 2 revive thy work in the midst of the years
3. To cause to live, rrri chayah, 5.
Isa. 57. 15 to revive the spirit, .and to revive the h.
4. To live again, revive, ava^aia anazad.
Rom. 7. 9 when the commandment came, tin reviv.
14. 9 Christ both died, and [rose, and revived]
Preservation or -means of life, n;np michyah.
Ezra 9. 8 give us a little reviving in our bondage
9. 9 give us a reviving, to set up the house of
REVOLT, revolted
A turning aside, rnip sarah.
Isa. i. 5 ye will revolt more and more. The whole
31. 6 from) whom the children, .have deeply re.
59. i38peakingoppressionand revolt, conceiving
To transgress, trespass, yy$ pasha.
2 Ki. 8. 20 In his days Edom revolted from under the
8. 22-Yet Edom revolted . Then Libnah revolted
2 Ch.31. 8, 10 the Edomites revolted from under the
21. 10 same time (also) did Libnah revolt from
To turn aside, TID sur.
Jer. 5. 23 But this people, .are revolted and gone
REVOLTER, revolting
1. To turn aside, TIJ sarar.
Jer. 5. 23 But this people hath a revolting, .heart
6. 28 They (are) all grievous revolters, walking
Hos. 9. 15 no more : all their princes (are) revolters
^.Turning aside, o er setim.
Hos. 5. 2 revolters are profound to make slaughter
I. Latter end, nnrjN acharith.
Prov. 24. 14 there shall be a reward, and thy expect.
24. 20 For there shall be no reward to the evil
2.^4 gift, .i}riN ethnah.
Hos. 2. i2 These(are)myrewardsthatmylovershave
B.A gift, Ijrjx, }#m ethnan.
Eze. 1 6. 34 that thou givest a reward, and no reward
Hos 9. i hast loved a reward upon every corn floor
4. Recompence, deed, *^ca gemul.
Psa. 94. 2 Lift up thyself . . render a reward to the
Isa. 3. ii reward of his hands shall be given him
Ouad. 15 thy reward shall return upon thine own
5. Eecompence, deed, nS*s| gemulah.
2 Sa. 19. 36 why . .recompense it me with such a rew.
6. What is lifted up, rttfyo maseth.
Jer. 40. 5 theguard gave him victuals and a reward
7. Wage, reward, rrpiyq maskoreth.
Ruth 2. 12 a full reward be given thee of the LORD
8.^1 gift, nn? mattath.
i Ki.i3. 7 Come home, .and I will give thee a reward
9. A largess, gift, i?p} nebizbah.
Dan. 2. 6 ye shall receive of me gifts and rewards
5. 17 give thy rewards to another; yet I will
10. Heel, consequence, 3|5y eqeb.
Psa. 19. 1 1 in keeping of them (there is) great reward
40. 15 Let them be desolate for a reward of their
70. 3 let them be turned back for a reward of
11.1 Vork, nVj79 peullah.
Psa. 109. 20 uiis (be) the reward of mine adversaries
12. Fruit, -19 peri.
Psa. 58. ii (there is) a reward for the righteous : ver.
13.Reward, 1?7 sakar.
Gen. 15. i thy shield, (and) thy exceeding great rew.
NuniiS. 31 it (is) your reward for your service in the
Psa. 127. 3 (and) the fruit of the womb (is his) reward
Eccl. 4. 9 they have a good reward for their labour
9. 5 neither have they any more a reward ; for
Isa. 40. 10 his reward (is) with him. and his work be.
62. 1 1 his reward (is) with him, and his work be.
14. Reward, 12^ seker.
Prov.n. 18 to him that soweth . .(shall be) a sure re.
15. Bribe, inr shochad.
Deutio. 17 regardeth not persons, nor taketh reward
27. 25 he that taketh reward to slay an innocent
Psa. 15. 5 nor taketh reward against the innocent
Prov.zi. 14 and a reward in the bosom strong wrath
Isa. 5. 23 Which justify the wicked for reward, and
45. 13 not for price nor reward, saith the LORD
Mic. 3. ii The heads thereof judge for reward, and
16.A completing, recompence, cflf?v shillum.
Mic. 7. 3 the judge (asketh) for a reward ; and the
17.^4 completion, recompence, rtdVp shillumah.
Psa. 91. 8 behold and see the reward of the wicked
18. Recompences, Q $fy0 shalmonim.
Isa. i. 23 followetli after rewards : they judge not
19.A giving back again, Col. d^oSo-m antapodosis. 3 , 24 receive the reward of the inheritance
0. Hire, wage, reward, we6s misthos.
au. s . jz great (i s ) your reward in heaven : for so
5- 4 what reward have ye? do not even the
6. * ye have no reward of your Father which is
.& 2, s, 16 I say unto you.They have their rew
, -i 4 1 He . . shall receive a prophet s reward : and
t>. 41 he . shall receive a righteous man s reward
42 y
erllv - he shall in no wise lose his reward
41 I say unto you, he shall not lose his rew
Luke 6. 23 your reward (is) great in heaven : for in
6. 35 your reward shall be great, and ye shall
Acts i. 18 this man purchased a field with the rew
Rom 4. 4 reward not reckoned of grace, but of debt
i Co. 3. 8 every man shall receive his own reward
3. 14 work abide.. he shall receive a reward
9. 17 I do this thing willingly, I have a re ware!
9. 1 8 What is my reward then? (Verily) that
1 Ti. 5. 18 and, The labourer(is) worthy of his re ward
2 Pe. 2. 13 shall receive the reward of unrighteous.
2 John 8 lose not. . but that we receive a full reward
Jude ii ran greedily after the error, .for reward
Rev. ii. 18 that thou shoultlest give reward unto thy
22. 12 my reward (is) with me, to give every man
REWARD, be rewarded, to (give)
1. To do, recompense, benefit, S?3 gamal.
1 Sa. 24. 17 rewarded me good, whereas I have rew.
2 Sa. 22. 21 The LORD rewarded me according to my
2 Ch.2o. ii they reward us, to come to cast us out of
Psa 7 . 4 If I have rewarded evil unto him that was
18. 20 The LORD rewarded me according to my
103. 10 nor rewarded us according to our iniqu.
Isa. 3. 9 they have rewarded evil unto themselves
2. To set, put, lay, o ip, Oer sum, sim.
Psa. 109. 5 they have rewarded me evil for good, and
3. To hire, reward, "\:y sakar.
Prov 26. 10 both rewardeth the fool, and rewardeth
4. There shall be reward to, ? ify V yesh sakar le.
2 Ch.i5. 7 Be ye strong., your work shall be rewarded
Jer. 31. 16 thy work shall be rewarded, saith the L.
5. To (cause to] turn back, 3)& shub, 5 [v.L. 1].
Psa. 54. 5 He shall reward evil unto mine enemies
6. To cause to turn back, nv shub, 5.
Prov 17. 13 Whoso rewardeth evil for good, evil shall
Hos. 4. 9 and 1 will, .reward them their doings
7. To bribe, hire, intp shachad.
Job 6. 22 Give a reward for me of your substance
8. To make whole, complete, repay, ohy shalam, 3.
Gen. 44. 4 Wherefore have ye rewarded evil for good?
Deut32. 41 If I whet. .1. .will reward them that hate
1 Sa. 24. 19 the LORD reward thee good for that thou
2 Sa. 3. 39 LORD shall reward the doer of evil accor.
Job 21. 19 he rewardeth him, and he shall know (it)
Psa. 31. 23 and plentifully rewardeth the proud doer
35. 12 They rewarded me evil for good, (to) the
137. 8 happy (shall he be) that rewardeth thee
Prov 25. 22 heap coals of fire. .LORD shall reward thee
9. To be made w/wle, complete, perfect, nVf shalam,4.
Prov 13 13 but he that feareth .. shall be rewarded
10. To give away or back, tnroSiSwfju apodidomi.
Matt. 6. 4, 6. 1 8 thy Father, .shall reward thee ope.
16. 27 he shall reward every man according to
2 Ti. 4. 14 Lord reward him according to his works
Rev. 18. 6 Reward her even as she rewarded you, and
.1 gicer of wages, /j.i<T6a,iroS6rris misthapodotSs.
Heb. ii. 6 he is a rewarder of them that diligently
RE -ZEPH, qsn stronghold.
A city in East Syrian Palmyrene. between Racca and
Emesa. near Haran and Go/an, and taken by Sennach
2 Ki.ig. 12 (as) Gozan, and Haran, and R.. and the
Isa. 37. 1 2 (as) Gozan, and Haran, and R. , and the ch.
REZ -IA, N;?-I Jah is pleasing.
An Asherite, a son of Ulla. B.C. 1452.
1 Ch. 7. 39 sons of Ulla; Arah, and Hannel, and R.
RE -ZIN, JTJ dominion.
1. The last king of Syria, in the days of Jothan king of
Judah, and slain by Tiglath pileser. B.C. 742.
2 Ki. 15. 37 the LORD began tosend. .R the king of S.
16. 5 R. king of Syria.. came up to Jerusalem to
16. 6 R. king of Syria recovered Elath to Syria
16. 9 the king of Assyria wentup. .andslew R.
Isa. 7. i R. the king of Syria, .went up toward J.
7. 4 fear not. .for the fierce anger of R. with
7. 8 For the . . head of Damascus (is) R. ; and w.
8. 6 and rejoice in R and Remaliah s son
9. ii the LORD shall set up the adversaries of R.
2. One of the Nethinirn whose descendants returned
with Zerubbabel. B c. 536
lEzr. 2 . 4 3 The chil.lren of R.. the children of Nek.
Neh. 7. 5o The children of Reaiah, the children of R.
RE -ZON, fin, prince, noble.
Son of Eliadah, and a subject of Hadadezer king of
Zobah, from whom he fled to Damascus, where he
founded a kingdom and opposed Solomon. B.C. 1000.
i Ki. 1 1. 23 God stirred him up . . R. the son of Eliadah
RHE-GI-TJM, P-nyiov breach.
A port in the S.W. of Italy, opposite Messina in Sicily;
here Paul landed on his way to Rome. It is now
called Reggio. and is the capital of Calabria.
Acts 28. 13 we fetched a compass, and came to R.
RHE -SA, P-rjird an ancestor of Jesus.
Luke 3. 27 of Joanna, which was (the son) of R . \vh.
RHO -DA, PoSij a rose.
A damsel in the house of Mary the mother of John
Mark, and who opened the door for Peter.
Acts 12. 13 And., a damsel came to hearken, named R.
RHO -DES, PoSoj.
An island in the Mediterranean Sea, W. of Lydia, and
75 miles E. of Crete. It is i2omilesiu circumference, and
was held by a branch of the Doric race about the time
of the Trojan war, B.C. 1184 ; in 408 its capital city was
built; in 431 it was compelled to pay tribute to Athens;
in 412 it changed sides ; in 396 it changed sides again;
In 390 the aristocrats recovered power; in 357-355 it
opposed Athens ; in 323 it submitted to Alexander; in
304 it was besieged by Demetrius Poliorcetes; in 1 08 it
fought against Mithridites; in 50 it helped Csesar
against Pompey, but in 42 it was subdued. In A.D. 330
it was made the capital of the Provincia Isularium ; in
616 it was taken by the Persians ; in 651 by the Saracens ;
in 1309 by the Knights of St John ; in 1480 it repelled Mohammed II ; in 1522 it was taken by Soliman II. It
was noted for its colossal statute of Apollos, 70
cubits or 105 feet high (built by Chares, a pupil of
Lysippus, and by Laches), which was completed B.C.
280 ; it was erected over the entrance of the harbour, and was overthrown by an earthquake. B.C. 224.
Acts 21. i we came, .unto R., and from *heuce unto
l.A rib, J^y, ala.
Dan. 7. 5 three ribs in the mouth of it between the
2.A rib, yhy tsela.
Gen. 2. 21 he took one of his ribs, and closed up the
2. 22 the rib, which the LORD God had taken
RI -BAI, 3 -i Jah contends.
Father of Ittai one of David s valiant men, from Gibeah
of Benjamin. B.C. 1070.
2 Sa. 23. 29 Ittai the son of R. out of Gibeah of . .Be.
i Ch.n. 31 Ithai the son of R. of Gibeah. .of Benja.
A thread, ribband, Vnp pathil.
JSumis. 38 they put upon the fringe . .a ribband of bl.
RTB -LAH, .-tan bare place. See Diblath.
A city on the Orontes N. of the Bikea; now called
. ii And the coast shall go down. . to R., on the
2 Ki.23. 33 Pharaoh-nechoh put him in bands at R.
25. 6, 20 brought, .to the king of Babylon to R.
25. 21 And the king of Babylon .. slew them at R.
Jer. 39. 5 they brought him . . to R. in the land of H.
39. 6 the;king. .slew the sons of Zedekiah in R.
52. 9 they took the king, .to R. in the land of
52. 10 he slew also all the princes of Judah in R.
52. 26 brought them to the king of Babylon to R.
52. 27 And the king, .put them to death in R.
RICH (man)
1. Rich, ivy ashir.
Exodso. 15 The rich shall not give more, and the poor
Ruth 3. 10 followedst not. .men, whether poor or r.
2Sa.i2. i There were two., in one city ; theonerich
12. 2 The rich, .had exceeding many flocks and
12. 4 there came a traveller unto the rich man
Job 27. 19 The rich man shall lie down, but he shall
Psa. 45. 12 the rich among the people shall entreat
49. 2 Both low and high, richandpoor, together
Prov 10. 15 The rich man s wealth (is) his strong city
14. 20 is hated, .but the rich (hath) many friends
1 8. ii The rich man s wealth (is) his strong city
1 8. 23 The poor useth entreaties; but the rich
22. 2 The rich and poor meet together : the L.
22. 7 The rich ruleth over the poor, and the b.
22. 1 6 he that giveth to the rich, (shall) surely
28. 6 perverse (in his) ways, though he (be) rich
28. 1 1 The rich man (is) wise in his own conceit
Eccl. 5. 12 the abundance of the rich will not suffer
10. 6 Folly is set in great dignity, and the rich
10. 20 curse not the rich in thy bed chamber: for
Isa. 53. 9 made his grave, .with the rich in his de.
Jer. 9 23 let not the rich (man) glory in his riches
Mic. 6. 12 the rich men thereof are full of violence
2. Rich, wide, bountiful, jnE> shoa.
Job 34. 19 nor regardeth the rich more than the poor
3. Rich, ir\ovcrtos ploitsios.
Matt 19. 23 That a rich man shall hardly enter into
19. 24 than for a rich man to enter into the kin.
27. 57 there came a rich man of Arimathea, na.
Markio. 25 than for a rich man to enter into the kin.
12. 41 and many that were rich cast in much
Luke 6. 24 woe unto you that are rich ! for ye have
12. 16 The ground of a certain rich man brought
14. 12 not., thy kinsmen, nor (thy) rich neighb.
16. i a certain rich man which had a steward
16. 19 a certain rich man, which was clothed in
16 21 crumbs which fell from the rich man s t.
16. 22 the rich man also died, and was buried
18 23 he was very sorrowful : for he was very r.
18 25 than for a rich man toenter into the kin.
io - a man named Zaccheus. .and he was rich
21 i saw the rich men casting their gifts into
2 Co 8 9 though he was rich, yet for your sakes he
Eph. 2. 4 God, who is rich in mercy, for his great
i Ti. 6. 17 Charge them that are rich in this world
Jas. i. 10 But the rich, in that he is made low : be.
1. ii so also shall the rich man fade away in his
2. 5 the poor of this world rich in faith, and
2. 6 Do not rich men oppress you, and draw
5. i Go to now. .rich men, weep and howl for
Rev. 2. 9 I know thy. .poverty, but thou art rich
3. 17 I am rich, and increased with goods, and
6. 15 the rich men, and the chief captains, and
13. 1 6 both small and great, rich and poor, free
4 To be or become rich, ir\ourf<a plottieO.
Luke i. 53 and the rich he hath sent empty away
RICH (richer), to be, be made, become, wax
1 Wealth, substance, sitjflciency, Jin hon.
Prov 28. 22 He that hastethto be rich hath an evil eye
2 To be heavy, weighty, honourable, i33 kabed.
Gen. 13. 2 Abram (was) very rich in cattle, in silver
3.To reach to, overtake, Jfrj nasay, 5.
Lev. 35. 47 if a sojourner or stranger wax rich by thee
4. To be rich, ivy ashar.
Job 15. 29 He shall not be rich, neither shall his su.
Hos. 12. 8 Vet I am become rich, I have fonnd me
5. To make rich, -ity ashar, 5.
Psa. 49. 16 Be not thou afraid when one is made rich
Prov2i. 17 that loveth wine and oil shall not be rich
33. 4 Labour not to be rich ; cease from thine
28. 20 he that maketh haste to be rich shall not
Jer 5 27 they are become great, and waxen rich
Daii. it. 2 the fourth shall be far richer than (they)
Zech. 1 1 . 5 Blessed (be) the LORD ; for I am rich : and
6. To be or become rich, ir\ovrfv plouteo.
Lukeis. 3i So (is) he that, .is not rich toward God
Rom. 10. 12 same Lord over all is rich unto all that
i Co. 4. 8 Now ye are full, now ye are rich, ye have
a Co. 8. Q that ye through his poverty might be rich
i Ti. 6. 9 they that will be rich fall into temptation
6. 1 8 that they be rich in good works, ready to
Eev. 3. 1 8 that thou mayest be rich ; and white rai.
1 8. 3 merchants of the earth are waxed rich th.
iS. 15 merchants .. which were made rich by her
1 8. 19 wherein were made rich all that had ships
RICH, to make (self)
1. To make rich, ity ashar, 5.
Gen. 14. 23 shouldest say, I have made Abram rich
i Sa. 2. 7 maketh poor, and maketh rich : he bring.
Prov 10. 4 but the hand of the diligent maketh rich
10. 32 The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich
2. To make self rich, ivy ashar, 7.
Prov 13. 7 fhere is that maketh himself rich,yet(ha.)
3. To make rich, ir\ovri<a ploutizo.
i Co. 6. 10 yet making many rich ; as having nothing
1. Substance, riches, [in hon. 14 I have rejoiced., as (much as) in all richei
Prov. 8. 18 (are) with me ; (yea), durable riches and ri.
n. 4 Riches profit not in the day of wrath : but
13. 7 maketh himself poor, yet (hath) great rl.
19. 14 House and riches (are) the inheritance of
34. 4 filled with, all precious an d pleasant riches
Eze. 27. 12 thy merchant., of all (kind of)riches; with
37. 18 for the multitude of all riches; in the wi.
27. 27 Thyriches, and thy fairs, thy merchandise
27. 33 enrich, .with the multitude of thy riches
2. Multitude, pan hamon.
Psa. 37. 1 6 better than the riches of many wicked
3. Force, might, rn chayil.
Job 20. 15 He hath swallowed down riches, and he
Psa. 62. 10 if riches increase, set not your heart (upon
73. 12 prosper in the world ; they increase (in)r.
Isa. 8. 4 riches of Damascus and the spoil of Sam.
10. 14 my hand hath found as a nest the riches
30. 6 they will carry their riches upon the sho.
61. 6 ye shall eat the riches of the Gentiles, and
Eze. 26. 12 they shall make a spoil of thy riches, and
28. 4 thou hast gotten thee riches, ,and hast go.
28. 5 traffic hast thou increased thy riches, and
28. 5 thine heart is lifted up because of thy ri.
4. Thing laid or treasured up, Jpn chosen.
Prov. 27. 24 For riches (are) not for ever : and doth the
6. What is over and above, .TJJV yithrah.
Jer. 48. 36 the riches (that) lie hath gotten are peris.
6. Goods, what is covered or concealed, D DJJ nekasim.
Josh. 22. 8 Return with much riches unto your tents
7. Riches, iyy osher.
Gen. 31. 16 For all the riches which God hath taken
i Sa. 17. 25 king will enrich him with great riches, and
i Ki. 3. 1 1 neither hast asked riches for thyself, nor
3. 13 have also given thee. .both riches and ho.
10. 23 exceeded all the kings, .for riches and foi
i Ch.2g. i2 Both riches and honour(come) of thee, and
29. 28 died, .full of days, riches, and honour: and
a Ch. i . 1 1 hast not asked riches, wealth, or honour
i. 12 give thee riches, and wealth, and honour
9. 22 passed all the kings, .in riches and wisdom
17. 5 he had riches and honour in abundance
1 8. i Jehoshaphat had riches and honour in a.
32. 27 had exceeding much riches and honour
Eath. i. 4 Whenhe showed the richesofhis gloriou
5. 1 1 told them of the glory of his riches, and
Psa. 49. 6 boas/ in the multitude of their riches
52. 7 trusted in the abundance of his riches
112. 3 Wealth and riches (shall be) in his house
Prov. 3. 16 (and) in her left hand riches and honour
8. 1 8 Riches and honour (are) with me ; (yea)
ii. 16 honour; and strong (men) retain riches
ii. 3B He that trustethin his riches shall fall
13. 8 The ransom of A man s life (are) his riche
14. 24 The crown of the wi8e(ia)their riches; (bu
22. i rather to be chosen than great riches,(and
22. 4 fearof the LORD, (are) riches, honour, anc
30. 8 give me neither poverty nor riches ; fee
Eccl. 4. 8 neither is his eye satisfied with richei
Eccl. 5. 13 riches kept for the owners thereof to th.
5. 14 But those riches perish by evil travail
5. 19 to whom God hath given riches and we.
6. 2 to whom God hath given riches, wealth
9. ii nor yet riches to men of understanding
Jer. 9. 23 let not the rich (man) glory in his riches
17. ii he that getteth richeg, and not by right
Dan. ii. 2 by his strength through his riches he sh.
.Acquisition, j;w qinyan.
Psa. 104. 24 made them all : the earth is full of.thy ri.
. What is collected, goods, substance, en^i rekush.
Gen 36. 7 For their riches were more than they that
2 Ch.2o. 25 found among them, .both riches with the
Dan. ii. 13 with a great army and with much riches
ii. 24 scatter among them the prey, .and riches
n. 28 he return into his land with great riches
0. Riches, bountifulness, y\v shua.
Job 36. 19 Will he esteem thy riches? (no), not gold
I. Riches, irAovroj ploutos.
Matt 1 3. 22 deceitfulness of riches, choke the word
Mark 4. 19 deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of
Luke 8. 14 choked with cares and riches and pleas.
Rom 2. 4 Or despisest thou the riches of his good.
9. 23 that he might make known the riches of
ii. 12 Now if the fall of them (be) the riches of
ii. 12 diminishing of them the riches of the G.
ii. 33 the depth of the riches both of the wisd.
2 Co. 8. 2 abounded unto the riches of their liber.
Eph. i . 7 sins, according to the riches of his grace
i. 1 8 riches of the glory of his inheritance in
2 7 might show the exceeding riches of hisgr.
3. 8 I should preach . . the unsearchable riches
3. 1 6 according to the riches of his glory, to be
Phil. 4. 19 supply all your need according to his ri.
Col. i. 27 would make known what (is) the riches
3. 3 unto all riches of the full assurance of un.
i Ti. 6. 17 nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the
Heb. ii. 26 reproach of Christ greater riches than the
Jas. 5. 3 Your riches are corrupted, and your gar.
Rev. 5.12 that was slain to receive power, and riches
18. 17 For in one hour so great riches is come to
.I.Ooods, XP^Ma chrema.
Markio. 33 How hardly shall they that have richei
10. 24 how hard is it for them that trust in ri.
Luke 1 8. 24 How hardly shall they that have riches
UCHES, hidden
Hidden treasures or riches, pop? matmon.
Isa. 45. 3 I will give thee . . hidden riches of secret
Richly, ir\oiiff(<as plousios.
Col. 3. 16 Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly
i Ti. 6. 17 who giveth us richly all things to enjoy
RID, to
1. To snatch at or away, deliver, 7*} natsal, 5.
Gen. 37. 22 that he might rid him out of their hands
Exod. 6. 6 will rid you out of their bondage, and I
Psa. 82. 4 Deliver the poor and needy : rid (them)
2. To open, .1^9 patsah.
Psa. 144. 7 rid me, and deliver me out of great waters
144. 1 1 Rid me, and deliver me from the hand of
3. To cause to cease or rest, r\yy shabath, 5.
Lev. 26. 6 and I will rid evil beasts out of the land
RIDDANCE, (to make clean)
\.To end, consume, rfo^kalah.
Zeph. i. 18 for he shall make even a speedy riddance
2. To make an end, consume, .1^9 kalah, 3.
Lev. 23. 22 shait not make clean riddance of the co.
A hidden saying, rrrn chidah.
Judgi4. 12 I will now put forth a riddle unto you : i!
14. 13 Put forth thy riddle. .that we may hear it
14. 14 could not in three days expound theTrid
14. 15 that he may declare unto us the riddle
14. 16 thou hast put forth a riddle unto the ch.
14. 17 told the riddle to the children of her pe
14. 18 If. .not. .ye had not found out my riddle
14. 19 gave., unto them which expounded then
Eze. 17. 2 Son of man, put forth a riddle, and speak
RIDE, to cause or make
To cause or make to ride, 2TJ rakab, 5.
Gen. 41. 43 he made him to ride in the second chariot
Deut32. 13 He made him ride on the high places of
1 Ki. i. 33 cause Solomon my son to ride upon mine
i. 38 caused Solomon to ride upon king David s
i. 44 caused him to ride upon the king s mule
2 16 So they made him ride in his chariot
Job 30. 22 thou causest me to ride (upon it), and d
Psa. 66. 12 Thou hast caused men to ride over our
Isa. 58. 14 cause thee to ride upon the high places o
Hos. 10. ii I will make Ephraim to ride; Judahshal
RIDE (on, upon, in a chariot), to
To ride, arj rakab.
Gen. 24. 61 they rode upon the camels, and followed
Lev. 15. 9 what saddle soever.he rideth upon that
Num 22. 30 upon which thou hast ridden ever since
Deut33. 26 rideth upon the heaven in thy help, and
Judg. 5 . 10 Speak, ye that ride on white asses, ye th
10. 4 thirty sons that rode on thirty ass colts
12. 14 that rode on threescore and ten ass colt
i Sa. 25. 20 it was (so, as) she rode on the ass, that
25. 42 hasted, and arose, and rode upon an ass
30. 17 young men, which rode upon camel*, anc
2 Sa. 16. 2 for the king s household to ride on ; and
18. 9 Absalom rode upon a mule, and the mule
19. 26 saddle me an ass, that I may ride thereon
32. ii rode upon a cherub, and did fly ; and he
i Ki. 13. 13 saddled him the ass: and he rode thereon
18. 45 And Ahab rode, and went to Jezreel
a Ki. 9. 16 So Jehu rode in a chariot, and went to J.
9. 35 when I and thou rode together after Ah.
Neh. 2. 12 with me, save the beast that I rode upon
Esth. 6. 8 and the horse that the king rideth upon
8. 14 posts that rode upon mules (and) camels
Psa. 18. 10 rode upon a cherub, and did fly; yea, he
45. 4 in thy majesty ride prosperously, because
68. 4 extol him that rideth upon the heavens
68. 33 To him that rideth upou the heavens of
Isa. 19. i the LOKD rideth upon a swift cloud, and
30. 16 We will ride upon the swift ; therefore shall
Jer. 6.23 they ride upon horses, set in array as men
50. 42 shall ride upon horses, (every one) put in
H*s. 14. 3 we will not ride upon horses; neitherwill
Amos 2. 15 neither shall he that rideth the horse de.
Hab. 3. 8 that, thou didst ride upon thine horses
Hag. 2. 22 overthrow the chariots, and those that r.
To ride, 3?1 rakab.
Gen. 49. 17 biteth the horse Reels, so that his rider
Exodis. i, 21 horse and his rider hath he thrown in.
Nurn 22. 22 Now he was riding upon his ass, and hi
2 Ki. 4. 34 slack not (thy) riding for me, except I bid
1 8. 23 if thou be able on thy part to set riders
Esth. 8. 10 riders on mules, camels, (and) young dr.
Job 39. 18 she scorneth the horse and his rider
Isa. 36. 8 if thou be able- on thy part to set riders
J er. 1 7. 35 riding In chariots and on horses, they, and
22. 4 riding in chariots and on horses, he, and
51. 21 breakin pieces the horse and his rider; and
51. 21 I break in pieces the chariot and his rid.
Eze. 23. 6 youngmen, horsemen riding upon horses.
23. 12 horsemen riding uponi.horses, all of them
23. 23 renowned, all of them riding upon horses
38. 15 all of them riding upon horses, a great c.
Hag. 2. 22 horses and their riders shall come down
Zech. i. 8 and behold a man riding upon a red horse
9. 9 riding upon an ass, and upon a colt the
10. 5 the riders on horses shall be confounded
12. 4 smite every horse, .and his rider with m.
A furrow, ridge, D^R telem.
Psa. 65. 10 Thou Waterest the ridges thereof abunda.
Prickly spelt or vetch, nc^| kussemeth.
Exod. 9. 32 But the wheat and the rye were not sm.
Isa. 28. 25 appointed barley, and the rye, in their p. T
RIFLED, to be
To be rifled, spoiled, robbed, oyy shasas, 2.
Zech 14. 2 city shall be taken, and the houses rifled
1. Truth, rtD emeth.
Gen. 24. 48"which had led me in the right way to take
Neh. 9. 33 for thou hast done right, but we have d.
Jer. 2. 21 planted thee a noble vine, wholly a right
2. Right offreeing or redeeming, n>X3 geullah.
Ruth 4. 6 redeem thou my right to thyself ; for I
S.Right hand or side, ]T?; yamin.
Gen. 48. 17 saw^thathis father laid his right hand up.
Exod 29. 22 the right shoulder; for it (is) a ram of
Lev. 7. 32 the right shoulder shall ye give unto th
7. 33 shall have the right shoulder for (his) part
8. 25 two kidneys, and their fat, and the right
8. 26 on the fat, and upon the right shoulder
9. 21 breasts and the right shoulder Aaron w.
NumiS. 18 as the wave breast and as the right shoul.
Judg. 3. 16 gird it under his raiment upon his right
3 . 21 took the dagger from his right thigh, and
7. 20 the trumpets in their right hands to blow
1 Sa. ii. 2 that I may thrust out all your right eye*
2 Sa. 20. 9 took Amasa by the beard with the right
i Ki. 7. 39 five bases on the right side of the house
7. 49 five on the right (side), and five on the left
Job 30. 12 Upon (my) right (hand)jrise the youth; th.
Psa. 73. 23 thou hast holden (me) by my right hand
121. 5 the LORD (is) thy shade upon thy right h.
Jer. 22. 24 were the signet upon my right hand, yet
Eze. 39. 3 cause thine arrows to fall out of thy right
Zech. 4. 3 one upon the right (side) of the bowl, and
4. ii these two olive trees upon the right (side)
n. 17 upon his right eye. .his right eye shall be
t.Right hand or side, } ?; yemini.
Eze. 4. 6 lie again on thy right side, and thou shalt
5. Right hand or side, fl? yemani.
Exod 20. 20, 20 upon the tip of the right ear of
29 20 thumb of their right hand, .right foot
Lev 8 23 put (it) upon the tip of Aaron s right ear
8. 23 and upon the thumb of his rigl.t hand
8 23 and upon the great toe of his right foot
8 24 the blood upon the tip of their right ear
8. 24 and upon the thumbs of their right hands
8. 24 and upon the great toes of theirright feet
14. 14, 17, 25, 28 right ear. .right, .right foot
14. 16 priest shall dip his right finger in the oil
14. 17 priest shall sprinkle with his right finger
1 Ki. 6. 8 The door, .(was) in the right side of the
7. 21 he set up the right pillar, and called the
7. 39 put five bases on the right side of the ho.
2 Ki. ii. ii from the right corner of the tempi* to tho
s Ch. 4. 10 set the sea on

s Ch. 4. 10 set the sea on the right lide of the ea.-
a Ch.23. I0 fi om tlie right side of the temple to the
Eze. 4. 6 lie again on thy riglitside, and thou shall
47. i from the right side of the house, at the
47. 2 behold, there rau out waters on the right s.
G.Onf rigid, upright, ~>y; yashar.
Kxodis. 26 and wilt do that which is right in his sit;.
Deut. 6. i3 thou shalt do (that which is) right and g.
12. 8 every man whatsoever(is) right in hisown
12. 25 (that which is) right iu the sight of the L.
So in 21. 9; i Ki. 15. 5 ; 2 Ki. 12. 2 ; 14. 3 ; 15. 3, 34; 16.
2 ; 18. 3 ; 22. 2; 2 Ch. 20. 32 ; 24. 2, 25. 2 ; 26. 4 ; 27. 2 ; 28.
i ; 29. 2 ; 34. 2.
Deut 12. 28 thou doest (that which is) good and right
13. 18 to do (that which is) right in the eyes of
32. 4 and without iniquity, just and right (is)
Josh. 9. 25 as it seemeth good and right unto thee to
Judgi7. 6 every man did (that which was) right in
21. 25 every man did (that which was) right in
i Sa. i2. 23 will teach you the good and the right way
1 Ki.n. 33 to do (that which is) right in mine eyes
11. 38 do (that is) right in my sight, to keep my
14. 8 to do (that) only (which was). right in mi.
15. ii Asa did(that which was)rightin the eyes
22. 43 doing (that which was) right in the eyes
2 Ki. 10. 15 Is thine heart right, as my heart (is) with
10. 30 done well in executing (that which is) ri.
2 Ch. 14. 2 Asa did (that which was) good and right
31. 20 wrought (that which was) good and right
Kzra 8. 21 to seek of him a right way for us, and for
Neh. 9. 13 gavest them right judgments, and true
Job 33. 27 perverted (that which was) right, and it
Psa. 19. S statutes of the LORD (are)right, rejoicing
33. 4 For the word of the LouD(is)right ; and all
107. 7 he led them forth by the right way, that
Prov. 8. 9 and right to them that find knowledge
12. 15 The way of a fool (is) right in his own eyes
14. 12 There is a way which seemeth right unto
16. 13 and they love him that speaketh right
16. 25 There is a way that seemeth right unto
2o.;ii his work (be) pure, and whether (it be) r
21. 2 Every way of a man (is) right in his own
21. 8 but (as for) the pure, his work (is) right
Jer. 3.-. 15 had done right in my sight, in proclaim.
Hos. 14. 9 for the ways of the LORD (are) right, and
7-Rn/ht, uprightness, iti"
Job 6. 25 How forcible are right words ! but what
Prov. 4. 1 1 taught thee . .1 have led thee in right pa.
8.7" ; be prepared, leady, established, pa kun, 2.
Job 42. 7 not spoken of me (the thing that is) right
42. 8 not spoken of me (the thing which is) ri.
Psa. 5 c. 10 and renew a right spirit within me
78. 37 For their heart was not right with him
9.S<), prepared, right, ]3 ken.
Num 27. 7 The daughters of Zelophehad speak right
IQ.Rightness, uprightness, |inp? kishron.
Eccl. 4. 4 every right work, that for this a man is
11. Upright place or thing, nisr p mishor.
Psa. 45. 6 sceptre of thy kingdom (is) a right sceptre
12. Judgment, right, cause, manner, &$iyo mishpat.
Geu. 18. 25 Shall not the judge of all theearth dori.?
Deut? t. 17 beginning of his strength: the right of the
Job 34. 6 Should I lie against my right? my wound
34. 17 Shall even he that hateth right govern?
35. 2 Thinkest thou this to be right, (that)thou
36. 6 the wicked : but giveth right to the poor
Psa. 9. 4 thou hast maintained my right and my
140. 12 cause of the afflicted, (and) the right of
Prov. 12. 5 The thoughts of the righteous (are) right
16. 8 Better, .than great revenues without rig.
Isa. 10. 2 to take away the right from the poor of
32. 7 words, even when the needy speaketh ri.
Jer. 5. 28 and the right of the needy do they not
17. ii he that getteth riches, and not by right
32. 7 for the right of redemption (is) thine to
32. 8 for the right of inheritance(is)thine, and
Lam. 3. 35 To turn aside the right of a man before
Eze. 21 . 27 until he come whose right it is ; and I w.
13. Straight forward, noj nakoach.
? Sa. 15. 3 See. thy matters (are) good and right; but
Prov 24 26 shall kiss (his) lips that giveth aright an.
Amos 3 10 For they know not to do right, saith the
14. Rightness, justice, pnx tsedeq.
Psa. 9. 4 thou satest in the throne judging right
17. i Hear the right, O LORD, attend unto my
119. 75 that thy judgments (are) right, and (that)
15. Rightness, justice, .ipi^ tsedaqah.
2 Sa. 19. 28 what right thereforehave I yet to cry any
Neh. 2 20 ye have no portion, nor right, nor memo.
Eze. 18. 5, 19, 21, 27 that which is lawful and right
33. 14, 16, 19 that which is lawful and right
16. Right (hand, foot, or side), 8ei<{s dexios.
Matt. 5. 29 if thy right eye offeud thee, pluck it out
5. 30 if thy right hand offend thee, cut if off, and
5. 39 whosoever shall smite thee on thy right
Luke 6. 6 was aman whose right handiwas withered
22. 50 smote a servant .. and cut off his right ear
JohmS. 10 Then Simon Peter, .cut off his right ear
21. ff Cast the net on the right side of the ship
Acts 3. 7 he took him by the right hand, and lifted
Rev. i. 16 he had in his right hand seven stars ; and
i. 17 laid his right hand upon me, saying unto
10. 2 set his right foot upon the sea, and (his)
13. 16 to receive a mark in their right hand, or
17. Right, just, Sitcaios dikaios.
Matt 20. 4 and whatsoever is right I will give you
Matt 20. 7 [whatsoever is right,(that)shall yo receive]
Lukei2. 57 of yourselves judge ye not what is ri^ht?
Acts 4. 19 Whether it be right in the sight of God to
Eph. 6. i Children, obey your parents., this is right
IS. Privilege, i^ovaia. exousia.
Heb. 13. 10 whereof they have no right to eat which
Rev. 22. 14 may have right to the tree of life, and may
19. Straight, upright, correct, fl>6vs euthus.
Acts 8. 21 thy heart is not right in the sight of God
13. 10 to pervert the right ways of the Lord
2 Pe. 2. 15 Which have forsaken the right way, and
20. Right, upright, erect, opOws orthos.
Lukeio. 28 Thou hast answered right: this do, and
RIGHT, to be, esteem, go on
1. To be right or upright, -\yi yashar.
i Ch.i3. 4 for the thing was right in the eyes of all
2. To esteem or go right, ~\Vl yashar, 3. 128 I esteem all (thy) precepts, .(to be) right
Prov. 9. 15 To call passengers who go right on their
3. To be right or upright, ip? kasher.
Esth. 8. 5 and the thing (seem) right before the king
RIGHT (early, forth, on)
\.Straightforward,over against,right on, nsi nokach.
Prov. 4. 25 Let thine eyes look right on, and let thine
2. To face, front, look, n^ panah.
Psa. 46. 5 God shall help her, (and that) right early
3. Face, D JJ panim.
Jer. 49. 5 shall be driven out every man right forth
RIGHT hand or aids
I. Right hand or side, J o; yamin.
Gen. 13. 9 or if (thou depart) to the right hand then
24. 49 I may turn to the right hand, or to the
48. 13 Ephraim in his right hand toward Israel s
48. 13 Manasseh.. toward Israel s right hand, and
48. 14 Israel stretched out his right hand, and
48. 1 8 Not so .. put thy right hand upon his head
Exodi4. 22, 29 wall unto them on their right hand
15. 6 Thy right hand, .thy right hand, O LORD
15. 12 Thou stretchedst out thy right hand, the
Nuni2o. 17 we will not turn to the right hand nor to
22. 26 no way to turn either to the right hand
Deut. 2. 27 will neither turn unto the right hand nor
5. 32 ye shall not turn aside to the right hand
17. ii thou shalt not decline, .(to) the right ha.
17. 20 turn not aside., (to) the right hand, or (to)
28. 14 not go aside, .(to) the right hand or (to)
33, 2 from his right hand (went) a fiery law for
Josh. i. 7 turn not from it (to) the right hand or(to)
17. 7 border went along on the right hand unto
23. 6 turn not aside therefrom (to) the right h.
Judg. 5. 26 right hand to the workmen s hammer
1 6. 29 of the one with his right hand, and of the
1 Sa. 6. 12 turned not aside (to) the right hand or (to)
2 Sa. 2. 19 turned not to the right hand nor to the
2. 21 Turn thee aside to thy right hand or to
16. 6 mighty men (were) on his right hand and
24. 5 on the right side of the city that (lieth)in
1 Ki. 2. 19 sat down, .and she sat on his right hand
22. 19 standing by him on his right hand and on
2 Ki. 12. 9 on the right side as one cometh into the
22. 2 turned not aside to the right hand or to i
23. 13 which (were) on the right hand of the m.
1 Ch. 6. 39 brother Asaph, who stood on his right h.
2 Ch. 3. 17 one on the right hand, and the other on
4. 6, 7, 8 five on the right hand, and five on
18. 18 standing on his right hand and (on) his
34. 2 declined (neither) to the right hand nor !
Neh. 8. 4 Maaseiah, on his right hand ; and on his
12. 31 went on the right hand upon the wall to.
Job 23. 9 he hideth himself on the right hand, th. \
40. 14 that thine own right hand .can save thee
Psa. 16. 8 is) at my right hand, I shall not be moved
16. ii at thy right hand, pleasures for evermore
17. 7 thou that savest by thy right hand them
18. 35 thy right hand hath holden me up, and
20. 6 with the saving strength of his right hand
21. 8 thy right hand shall find out those that
26. iolnwhosehands(is)mischief. .theirrighth.
44. 3 thy right hand, and thine arm, and the
45. 4 thy right hand shall teach thee terrible i
45. 9 upon thy right hand did stand the queen !
48. 10 thy right hand is full of righteousness
60. 5 save (with) thy right hand, and hear me !
63. 8 folio weth hard after thee : thy right hand
74. ii Why withdrawest thou. .thy right hand?
77. 10 the years of the right hand of the most
78. 54 mountain .his right hand had purchased
80. 15 vineyard which thy right hand hath pla.
80. 17 hand be upon the man of thy right hand
89. 13 strong is thy hand, .high is thy right ha.
89. 25 I will set. .his right hand in the rivers
89. 42 Thou hast set up the right hand of his ad.
91. 7 and ten thousand at thy right hand; (but)
98. i his right hand, and his holy arm, hath g.
108. 6 save (with) thy right hand, and answer me
109. 6 and let Satan stand at his right hand
109. 31 he shall stand at the right hand of the
no. i Sit thou at my right hand, until I make
no. 5 The Lord at thy right hand shall strike
118.15, 16 right hand of the LoRDdoeth valiantly
n8. 16 The right hand of the LORD is exalted
137. 5 If I forget thee. .let my right hand forget
138. 7 stretch forth .. thy right hand shall save ]
139. 10 Even there, .thyrighthand shall hold me i
142. 4 I looked on (my) right hand, and beheld i
Psa.i44. 8, n right hand (is) a right hand of falseh.
Prov. 3. 16 Length of days (is) in. .right hand ; (and)
4. 27 Turn not to the right hand nor to the left
27. 1 6 and the ointment of his righthand,(which)
Eccl. 10. 2 A wise man s heart (is) at his right hand
Song 2. 6 and his right hand doth embrace me
8. 3 and his right hand should embrace me
Isa. 9^20 he shall snatch on the right hand, and be
41. 10 with the right hand of my righteousness
41. 13 thy God will hold thy right hand, saying
44. 20 say, (Is there) not a lie in my right hand
45. i whose right hand I have holden, to subd.
48. 13 my right hand hath spanned the heavens
54. 3 thou shalt break forth on the right hand
62. 8 The LOKI hath sworn by his right hand
63. 12 That led (them) by the right hand of Mo.
Lam. 2. 3 he hath drawn back his right hand from
2. 4 stood with his right hand as an adversary
tze. i. 10 and the face of a lion on the right side
10. 3 the cherubim stood on the right side of
16. 46 sister, that dwelleth at thy right hand
21. 22 At his right hand was the divination for
Dan. 12. 7 when he held up his right hand and his
Jon. 4 . n their right hand and their lefthand; and
Hab. 2. 1 6 the cup of the LORD S right hand shall be
Zech. 3 . i standing at his right hand to resist him
12. 6 on the right hand and on the left : and
2. Right hand, side, U D?,
%iO? yemani, yemini.
2 Ch. 3. 17 called the name of that on the right hand
3. Right hand, side, Status dexios.
Matt. 6. 3 thy left hand know what thy right hand
20. 21 the one on thy right hand, and the other
20. 23 to sit on my right hand, and on my left
22. 44 Sit thou on my right hand, till I make
2-5. 33 he shall set the sheep on his right hand
25. 34 the king say unto them on his right hand
26. 64 see. .sitting on the right hand of power
27. 29 they put. .a reed in his right hand : and
27. 38 one on the right hand, and another on the
Markio. 37 one on thy right hand, and the other on
10. 40 to sit on my right hand and on my left
12. 36 Sit thou on my right hand, till I make
14. 62 sitting on the right hand of power, and
15. 27 the one on his right hand, and the other
16. 5 saw a young mau.sitting on the right side
16. 19 [upinto heaven, andsat on therighthand]
Luke i. n standing on the right side of the altar of
20. 42 The LORD said. .Sit thou on my right hand
22. 69 shall the Son of man sit on the right hand
23. 33 one on the right hand, and the other on
Acts 2. 25 he is on my right hand, that I should not
2. 33 being by the right hand of God exalted
2. 34 The LORD said . . Sit thou on my right hand
5. 31 Him hath God exalted with his right ha.
7. 55 Jesus standing on the right hand of God
7. 56 Son of man standing on the right hand of
Rom. 8. 34 who is even at the right hand of God, w.
2 Co. 6. 7 armour, .on the right hand and on thele.
Gal. 2. 9 they gave .. the right hands of fellowship
Eph. i. 20 and set (him) at his own right hand in the
Col. 3 . i where Christ sitteth on the right hand of
Heb. i. 3 on the right hand of the majesty on high
1. 13 Sit on my right hand, until I make thine
8. i who is set on the righthand of the throne
10. 12 this man. .sat down on the right hand of
12. 2 at the right hand of the throne of God
1 Pe. 3. 22 Who is. .onthe right hand ofGod; angels
Rev. i. 20 stars which thou sawestin my right hand
2. i holdeth the seven stars in his right hand
5. i I saw in the right hand of him that sat on
5. 7 took the book out of the right handof him
RIGHT hand, to go, turn, or use the
1. To turn to the right hand, [Qx arnan, 5.
Isa. 30. 21 when ye turn to the righthand, and when
2.2*0 go, turn, or use the right hand, [?; yamo.n, 5.
Gen. 13. 9 then I will go to the right ; or if (thou d.)
2 Sa. 14. 19 none can turn to the right hand or to the
i Ch. 12. 2 could use both the right hand and the
Eze. 21. 16 (either) on the right hand, (or) on the left
RIGHT thing
I. Upright things, uprightness, C ly p mesharim.
Prov. 8. 6 opening of my lips (shall be> right things
23. 16 rejoice when thy lips speak right things
Isa. 45. 19 I the LORD, .declare things that are right
2. Straightfonvardness, nnij nekochah.
Isa. 30. 10 Prophesy not unto us right things, speak RIGHTEOUS (man or cause)
1. Upright, right, v; yashar.
>Tuni23. I0 Let me die tne death of the righteous, and
Job 4. 7 Remember. . where were the righteouscut
23. 7 the righteous might dispute with him ; so
Psa. 107. 42 The righteous shall see (it), and rejoice
Prov. 2. 7 layeth up sound wisdom forthe righteous
3. 32 the LORD, .his secret (is) with the righte.
14. 9 but among the righteous (there is) favour
15. 19 but the way of the righteous (is) made p.
28. 10 Whoso causeth the righteous to go astray
^.Righteous, just, pn$ tsaddiq.
Gen. 7. i thee have I seen righteous before me in
1 8. 23 Wilt thou also destroy the righteous with
18. 24 there be fifty righteous within the city?
1 8. 24 for the fifty righteous that (are) therein
1 8. 25 That be far from thee.. to slay the righteous
1 8. 25 that the righteous should be as the wicked
1 8. 26 If I find in Sodom fifty righteous within
18. 28 there shall lack five of the fifty righteous
20. 4 Lord, wilt thou slay also a righteous na. ?
Exod. g. 27 LORD (is) righteous, and I and my people
Exod23. 7 the innocent and righteous slay thou not
23. 8 and perverteth the words of the righteous
Deut. 4. 8 judgments (so) righteous as all this law
16. 19 and pervert the words of the righteous
25. i then they shall justify the righteous, aud
1 Sa. 24. 1 7 Thou (art) more righteous than I; for thou
2 Sa. 4. 1 1 wicked men have slain arighteous person
1 Ki. 2. 32 two men more righteous aud better than
8. 32 justifying the righteous, to give him ace.
2 Ki. 10. 9 Ve(be)righteous : behold, I conspired ag.
2 Ch. 6. 23 by justifying the righteous, by giving him
12. 6 the princes, .said, The LORD (is) right.
Ezra 9. 15 O LORD God of Israel, thou(art)righteous
Neh. 9. 8 performed thy words ; for thou (art) righ.
Job 17. 9 The righteous also shall hold on his way
22. 19 The righteous sec (it), and are glad; and
32. i because he(was)righteous in his own eyes
36. 7 He withdraweth not his eyesfromtherig
Psa. i. 5 sinners in the congregation of the right
i. 6 the LORD knoweth the way of the right
5. 12 thou, LORD wilt bless the righteous; with
7. 9 righteous God trieth the hearts and reins
7. ii God judgeth the righteous, and God is an.
n. 3 be destroyed, what can the righteous do?
11. 5 The LORD trieth the righteous; but the
ii. 7 the righteous LORD loveth righteousness
14. 5 God (is)in thegeneration of the righteous
31. 18 and contemptuously against the righteous
32. 1 1 rejoice, ye righteous : and shout for joy
33. i Rejoice iu the LORD, O ye righteous
34. 15 The eyes of the LORD (are) upon the righ.
34. 19 Many (are) the afflictions of the righteous
34. 21 they that hate the righteous shall be des
37. 16 A little that a righteous man hath (is) bet
37. 17 but the LORD upholdeth the righteous
37. 21 the righteous snoweth mercy, and giveth
37. 25 yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken
37. 29 The righteous shall inherit the land, and
37. 30 The mouth of the righteous speaketh wi.
37. 32 The wicked watcheth the righteous, and
37. 39 the salvation of the righteous (is) of the
52. 6 The righteous also shall see, and fear, and
55. 22 he shall never suffer the righteous to be
58. 10 The righteous shall rejoice wheu heseeth
58. ii (there is) a reward for the righteous : ver.
64. 10 The righteous shall be glad in the LORD
68. 3 let the righteous be glad : let them rejoice
69. 28 and not be written with the righteous
72. 7 In his days shall the righteous flourish
75. 10 the horns of the righteous shall be exalted
92. 12 The righteous shall flourish like the palm
94. 21 They gather, .against the soul of the rig.
97. ii Light is sown for the righteous, aud gl.
97. 12 Rejoice iu the LORD, ye righteous; and
ji2. 4 gracious, and full of compassion, and ri.
112. 6 the righteous shall be in everlasting rem.
116. 5 Gracious (is) the LORD, and righteous ; yea
118. 15 voice. .(is) iu the tabernacles of the right.
118. 20 This gate, .into which the righteous shall
119. 137 Righteous (art) thou, O LORD, and upri.
125. 3 shall not rest upon the lot of the righteous
125. 3 the righteous put forth their hands unto
129. 4 The LORD (is) righteous : he hath cut asu.
140. 13 the righteous shall give thanks unto thy
141. 5 Let the righteous smite me ; (it shall be)
142. 7 the righteous shall compass me about; for
145. 17 The LORD (is) righteous in all his ways
146. 8 bowed downjjthe LORD loveth the righte.
Prov. 2. 20 thou mayest. .keep the paths of the righ.
10. 3 suffer the soul of the righteous to famish
io. ii mouth of a righteous (man is) a well of
10. 16 labour of the righteous (tendeth) to life
io. 21 The lips of the righteous feed many : but
io. 24 desire of the righteous shall be granted
io. 25 the righteous (is) an everlasting foundation
o. 28 The hope of the righteous (shall be) glad.
o. 30 The righteous shall never be removed; but
0. 32 The lips of the righteous know what isac.
1. 8 The righteous is delivered out of trouble
i. 10 When it goeth well with the righteous
i. 21 seed of the righteous shall be delivered
i. 23 The desire of the righteous (is) only good
i. 28 but the righteous shall flourish asa branch
i. 30 The fruit of the righteous (is) a tree of life
1. 31 the righteous shall be recompensed in the
2. 3 the root of the righteous shall not be mo.
2. 5 The thoughts of the righteous (are) right
2. 7 the house of the righteous shall stand
2. io A righteous (matt) regardeth the life of his
2. 12 the root of the righteous yieldeth (fruit)
2. 26 The righteous (is) more excellent than his
3. 5 A righteous (man) hateth lying : but a wi.
3. 9 The light of the righteous rejoiceth: but
3. 21 but to the righteous good shall be repaid
3. 25 The righteous eateth to the satisfying of
4. 19 the wicked at the gates of the righteous
4. 32 but the righteous hath hope in his death
5. 6 In the house of the righteous (is) much
5. 28 The heart of the righteous studieth to an.
1 5. 29 but he heareth the prayer of the righteous
1 3. 5 not good . . to overthrow the righteous in
8. io the righteous runneth into it, and is safe
i. 12 The righteous (man) wisely considereth
i . 1 8 wicked (shall be) a ransom for the righteous
i. 26 but the righteous giveth and spareth not
3. 24 The father of the righteous shall greatly
4. 15 Lay notwait, .against the dwelling f the ri.
4. 24 saithunto the wicked. Thou (art)righteo.
5. 26 A righteous man falling down before the
8. i flee, .but the righteous are bold as a lion
28. 12 Whenjrighteous . .do rejoice, (therels) gr.
5. 28 when they perish, the righteous increase
Prov 29. 2 When the righteous are in authority, the
29. 6 but the righteous doth sing and rejoice
29. 7 The righteous considereth the cause of
29. 1 6 but the righteous shall see their fall
ccl. 3. 17 God shall judge the righteous and the
7. 16 Be not righteous overmuch; neither make
8. 14 according to the work of the righteous
9. i the righteous, and the wise, and their w.
9. 2 one event to the righteous, and to the w.
Isa. 3. io Say ye to the righteous, that (it shall be)
5. 23 take away the righteousness of the right.
24. 16 have we heard songs, .glory to the right.
26. 2 that the righteous nation which keepeth
41. 26 that we may say, (He is) righteous? yea
53. ii by his knowledge shall my righteous ser.
57. i The righteous perisheth, and no man lay.
57. i the righteous is taken away from the evil
60. 21 Thy people also (shall be) all righteous
Jer. 12. i Righteous (art) thou, O LORD, when I p.
20. 120 LORD of hosts, that triestthe righteous
23. 5 will raise unto David a righteous
Lam. i. 18 The LORD is righteous; for I have rebel.
Eze. 3. 20 When a righteous (man) doth turn from
3. 21 warn the righteous (man), that the right.
13. 22 have made the heart of the righteous sad
1 8. 2o.the righteousness of the righteous shall
18. 24 when the righteous turneth away from
18. 26 When a righteous (mau) turneth away
21. 3, 4 will cut off from thee the righteous
23. 45 the righteous men, they sliall.judge them
33. 12 The righteousness of the righteous shall
33. 12 neither shall the righteous be able to live
33. 13 shall say to the righteous, (that) he shall
33. 18 righteous turneth from his righteousness
iD-a.min.. 9. 14 the LORD our God (is) righteous in all his y. j^ me Li\jmr uui \jud 1 iguieuua nil
Amos 2. 6 they sold the rightedfcs for silver, and
Hab. i. 4 wicked doth compass about the righteous
i. 13 (the mau that is) more righteous than he
Mai. 3. 18 discern between the righteous and the w.
S.Rightness, justice, pix tsedeq.
Psa. 35. 27 be glad, that favour my righteous cause
119. 7 shall have learned thy righteous judgm.
119. 62 thanks, .because of thy righteous judgm.
119. 106 that I will keep thy righteous judgments
119. 138 Thy testimonies, .(are) righteous aud
119. 160 thy righteous judgments (endureth)for
119. 164 I praise thee because of thy righteous
Prov 16. 13 Righteous lips (are) the delight of kings
Isa. 41. 2 Who raised up the righteous (mau) from
4. Right, righteous, just, SI KCUOJ dikaios.
Matt. 9. 13 I am not come to call the righteous, but
io. 41 a righteous man in the name of a righte.
io. 41 he. .shall receive a righteous man s rew.
13. 17 many prophets and righteous (men) have
13. 43 Then shall the righteous shine forth as
23. 28 Even so ye also outwardly appear righte.
23. 29 and garnish the sepulchres of the righte.
23- 35 righteous blood, .from the blood of righ.
25. 37 Theu shall the righteous answer him, say.
25.46 these shall go away . . but the righteous in
Mark 2. 17 came not tocallthe righteous, but sinners
Luke i. 6 they were both righteous before God, wa.
5. 32 came not to call the righteous, butsinne.
1 8. 9 trusted in themselves that they were rig.
23. 47 saying. Certainly this was a righteous m.
John 7. 24 appearance, but judge righteous judgm.
17. 25 O righteous Father, the world hath not
Rom. 3. io As it is written, There is none righteous
5. 7 For scarcely for a righteous man will one
5. 19 obedience of one shall many be made rig.
2 Th. i. 5 manifest token of the righteous judgme
1. 6 Seeing (it is) a righteous thing with God
1 Ti. 1.9 the law is not made for a righteous man
2 Ti. 4. 8 which the Lord, the righteous judge, sh.
Heb. ii. 4 he obtained witness that he was righteo.
Jas. 5. 16 prayer of arighteous man availeth much
1 Pe. 3. 12 the eyes of the Lord (are) over the right.
4. 1 8 if the righteous scarcely be saved, where
2 Pe. r. 8 that righteous man. . vexed (his)righteous
i Jo. 2. i have an advocate. .Jesus Christ the righ.
2. 29 If ye know that he is righteous, ye know
3. 7 he. .is righteous, even as he is righteous
3. 12 works were evil, and his brother s righte.
Rev. 1 6. 5 Thou art righteous, O LORD, which art
16. 7 Lord God Almighty, true and righteous
19. 2 Fortrueand righte<>us(are)hisijudgment8
22. ii let him be filthy still : and he that is rig.
RIGHTEOUS act or judgment
\.Rightness, justice, nijns tsedaqah
2. Right orjustjiulgment, tuctuoicptfladikawkruia Rom 2. 5 revelation of the righteous judgment of G
1. To be right, just,
Ge " "* "
i/ / tytttf, j MOC-) ) v tsitaaq.
ien. 38. 26 She hath been more righteous than I ; be.
ob 9. 1 5 though I were righteous, (yet) would I not
io. 15 (if)lberighteous,(yet)willl not lift up my
15. 14 born of a woman, that he should be right.?
22. 3 (Is it) any pleasure, .that thou art right.?
34. 5 For Job hath said. I am righteous : and G.
35. 7 Ifthouberighteous.whatgivestthouhim?
40. 8 condemn me, that thou mayest be right. ?
Psa. 19. 9 judgments of the LORD (are) true (and) r.
Eze. 1 6. 52 they are more righteous than thou : yea
I.To make right, just, 8titai6<a dikaiod.
Bev. 22. ii [lt him be righteous] still : and he that is
1. Upright place or thing, TPT? mishor.
Psa. 67. 4 for thou shall judge the people righteous.
Z.Upright things, uprightness, D"?y 9 mesharim.
Psa. 96. io he shall judge the people righteously
S.Rightness, justice, p~iy tsedeq.
Deut. i. 16 judge righteously between (every) man
PlOY.31. 9 Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and
Jer. ii. 20 LORD of hosts, that judgest righteously
l.Riyhtness, justice, n^x tsedaqah.
l*a- 33- 5 He that waiketh righteously, and speak.
H.Rightly, justly, Sixains dikaios.
Titus 2. 12 righteously, and godly, in this present wo.
i Pe. 2. 23 committed (himself), .that judgeth right.
\.Rightness, justice, p^Y tsedeq.
Lev. 19. 15 in righteousness shall thou judge thy ne.
Deut 33. 19 Ihey shall offer sacrifices of righteousness
Job 6. 29 return again, my righteousness (is) in it
8. 6 make the habitation of thy rightenUMirss
29. 14 I put on righteousness, and it clothed me
35. 2 saidst, My righteousness (is) more than G.
36. 3;and will ascribe righteousness to my
Psa. 4. i.Hear me. .O God of my righteousness: th.
4. 5 Offer the sacrifices of righteousness, and
7. 8 according to my righteousness, and acco.
7. 17 praise the LORD according to his righteo.
9. 8 he shall judge the world in righteousness
15. 2 waiketh uprightly, and worketh righteo.
17. 15 I will behold thy face in righteousness : I
18. 20 rewarded me according to my righteous.
18. 24 recompensed me according to my righte.
23. 3 leadeth me in the paths of righteousness
35. 24 Judge me . . according to thy righteousness
35. 28 my tongue shall speak of thy righteousness
37. 6 he shall bring forth thy righteousness as
40. 9 I have preached righteousness in the gr.
45. 4 because of truth and meekness (and) rig.
45. 7 Thou lovest righteousness, and hatest w.
48. io thy right hand is full of righteousness
50. 6 the heavens shall declare his righteousn.
51. 19 pleased with the sacrifices of righteousu.
52 . 3 lying rather than to speak righteousness
58. i Do ye indeed speak righteousness, con.
65. 5 terrible things in righteousness wilt thou
72- 2 shall judge thy people with righteousness
85. io righteousness and peace have kissed (each
85. ii righteousness shall look down from hea.
85. 13 Righteousness shall go before hJm, and sh.
94. 15 But judgment shall return unto righteou.
96. 13 shall judge the world with righteousness
97. 2 righteousness and judgment (are) the ha.
97. 6 The heavens declare his righteousness, and
98. 9 with righteousness shall he judge the w
118. 19 Open to me the gates of righteousness : 1
119. 123 and for the word of thy righteousness me
119. 1 42 an everlasting righteousness: and thy law
119. 144 The righteousness of thy testimonies (i)
119. 172 all thy commandments (are) righteousn.
132. 9 Let thy priests be clothed with righteou.
Prov. 2. 9 Then shalt thou understand righteousness
8. 8 All the words of my mouth (are) in right.
12. 17 speaketh truth showeth forth righteous.
25. 5 throne shall be established in righteousn.
Eccl. 3. 16 place of righteousness,(that)iniquity(was)
7. 15 just (man) that perisheth in his righteou.
Isa. i. 21 righteousness lodged in it; but now mu.
i. 26 shalt be called. The city of righteousness
ii. 4 with righteousness shall he judge the poor
ii. 5 righteousness shall be the girdle of his Io.
16. 5 seeking judgment, and hasting righteou.
26. Q inhabitants of the world will learn right.
26. io will he not learn righteousness : in the la.
32. i king shall reign in righteousness, and pr.
41. io uphold thee with the right hand of myri.
42. 6 I the LORD have called thee in righteous.
42. 21 is well pleased for his righteousness* take
45. 8 and let the skies pour down righteousness
45. 13 I have raised him up in righteousness, and
45. 19 I the LORD speak righteousness, I declare
51. i ye that follow after righteousness, ye that
51. 5 My righteousness (is) near: my salvation
51. 7 Hearken unto me, ye that know righteo.
58. 8 thy righteousness shall go before thee ; the
61. 3 they might be called Trees of righteousn.
62. i until the righteousness thereof go forth as
62. 2 the Gentiles shall see thy righteousness
64. 5 that rejoiceth and worketh righteousness
Jer. 23. 6 shall be called ; The LORD our righteous.
33. 16 shall be called, The LORD our righteous.
Eze. 3. 20 doth turn from his righteousness, and co.
Dan. 9. 24 and to bring in everlasting righteousness
Hos. 2. 19 I will betroth thee unto me in righteous.
io. 12 Sow to yourselves, in righteousness, reap
Zeph. 2. 3 seek righteousness seek meekness: it may
I.Rightness, justice, IJ iy tsedaqah.
Gen. 15. 6 and he counted it to him for righteousn.
30. 33 So shall my righteousness answer for me
Deut. 6. 25 it shall be our righteousness, if we observe
9. 4 For my righteousness the LORD hath bro.
9. 5 Not for thy righteousness, or for the up.
9. 6 land to possess it for thy righteousness
24. 13 it shall be righteousness unto thee before
1 Sa. 26. 23 LORD render to every man his righteous.
2 Sa. 22. 21 rewarded me according to my righteous.
22. 25 recompensed me according to my righteo.
i Ki. 3. 6 walked before thee . in righteousness, and
8. 32 to give him according to his righteousness
2 Oh. 6. 23 by giving him according to his righteous
Job 27. 6 My righteousness I hold fast, and will no
33. 26 he will render unto man his righteoiunee
35. 8 thy righteousness (may profit) the son <>l
Psa. 5. 8 Lead me. .in thy righteousness I >ecauKeo
ii. 7 For the righteous LoKD loveth righteous
22. 31 shalj declare his righteousness unto a pe
24. 5 receive, .righteousness from the God of
31. i ashamed .. deliver me in thy righteousnes
33. 5 He loveth righteousness and judgment
36. 6 Thy righteousness (is) like the great mo
36. 10 thy righteousness to the upright in hear
40. 10 I have not hid thy righteousness within
51. 14 tongue shall sing aloud of thy righteous.
69. 27 let them not come into thy righteousness
71. 2 Deliver me in thy righteousness, arid cause
71. 15 My mouth shall show forth thy righteou
71. 16 will make mention of thy righteousness
71. 19 Thy righteousness also, O God, (is) very
71. 24 My tongue also shall talk of thy righteo
72. i Give, .thy righteousness unto the king s
72. 2 shall judge thy people with righteousness
83. 12 thy righteousness in the land of forgetfu
8g. 16 in thy righteousness shall they be exaltet
98. 2 his righteousness hath he openly showet
09. 4 executest judgment and righteousness in
103. 6 executeth righteousness and judgment for
103. 17 his righteousness unto children s children
106. 3 he that doeth righteousness at all times
jo6. 31 counted unto him for righteousness unto
in. 3 and his righteousness endureth for ever
112. 3, 9 his righteousness endureth for ever
119. 40 precepts : quicken me in thy righteousn.
119. 142 Thy righteousness, .and thy law (is) the
143. i in thy faithfulness, .in thy righteousness
143. 1 1 for thy righteousness sake bring my soul
145. 7 utter . . and shall siug of thy righteousness
Prov. 8. 18 with me ; (yea), durable riches and righte.
8. 20 lead in the way of righteousness, in the
10. 2 but righteousness delivereth from death
11. 4 but righteousness delivereth from death
n. 5 righteousness of the perfect shall direct
ii. 6 righteousness of the upright shall deliver
ii. 18 but toTiim that soweth righteousness (shall
11. 19 As righteousness (teudeth) to life ; so he
12. 28 In the way of righteousness (is) life ; and
13. 6 Righteousness keepeth (him that is) uprig.
14. 34 Righteousness exalteth a nation : but sin
15. 9 loveth him that followeth after righteou.
:6. 8 Better (is) a little with righteousness, than
16. 12 the throne is established by righteousness
16. 31 it be found in the way of righteousness
21. 21 He that followeth after righteousness and
21. 21 flndeth life, righteousness, and honour
Isa. i. 27 and her converts with righteousness
5. 7 looked for. .righteousness, but behold a
5. 16 God. .shall be sanctified in righteousness
5. 23 take away the righteousness of the right.
10. 22 consumption, .shall overflow with right.
28. 17 righteousness to the plummet: and the
32. 16 and righteousness remain in the fruitful
32. 17 work of righteousness shall be peace ; and
32. 17 effect of righteousness, quietness and as.
33. 5 filled Zion with judgment and righteous.
45. 8 and let righteousness spring up together
45. 23 is gone out of my mouth (in) righteousness
45. 24 In the LORD have I righteousness and str.
46. 12 stouthearted, that(are)far from righteo.
46. 13 I bring near my righteousness ; it shall not
48. i mention . . not in truth, nor in righteous.
48. 18 thy righteousness as the waves of the sea
51. 6 my righteousness shall not be abolished
51. 8 but myrighteousness shall be for ever, and
54. 14 In righteousness shalt thou be established
54. 17 their righteousness (is) of me, saith the
56. i near to come, and my righteousness to be
57. 12 will declare thy righteousness, and thy
58. 2 a nation that did righteousness, and fors.
59. 16 and his righteousness, it sustained him
59. 17 For he put on righteousness as a breastpl.
60. 17 peace, and thine exactors righteousness
61. 10 covered me with the robe of righteousness
6 1. ii cause righteousness and praise to spring
63. i I that speak in righteousness, mighty to
64. 6 and all our righteousness (are) as filthy rags
Jer. 4. 2 in truth, in judgment, and in righteousn.
9. 24 judgment and righteousness in the earth
22. 3 Execute ye judgment and righteousness
33. 15 will I cause the branch of righteousness
33. 15 execute judgment and righteousness in
51. 10 LORD hath brought forth our righteous.
Eze. 3. 20 When a righteous (man) doth turn from
14. 14 their own souls by their righteousness
14. 20 deliver their own souls by their righteo.
1 8. 20 righteousness of the righteous shall be
18. 22 in his righteousness that he hath done he
1 8. 24, 26 turneth away from his righteousness
18. 24 All his righteousness that he hath done
33. 12 righteousness of the righteous shall not
33. 13 if he trust to his own righteousness, and
33. 13 all his righteousness shall not be remem.
33. 18 the righteous turneth from his righteous.
Dan. 9. 7 righteousness (belongeth)iunto thee, but
9. 16 according to all thy righteousness, I be.
9. 1 8 supplications before thee for our righte.
Hos. 10. 12 Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap Amos 5. 7 and leave off righteousness in the earth
5. 24 judgment run down as waters, and righ.
6. 12 the fruit of righteousness into hemlock
Hie. 6. 5 ye may know the righteousness of the L.
7. 9 light, (and) I shall behold his righteous.
-Zech. 8. 8 their God, in truth and in righteousness
Mai. 3. 3 they may offer, .an offering in righteous.
4. 3 shall the Sun of righteousness arise with
S.Rightness, justice, lijiy tsidqah.
Dan. 4. 27 break off thy sins by righteousness, and
1. Itightness, justice, SIKCUOCTWTJ dikaiosuni.
Matt. 3. 15 it becometh us to fulfil all righteousness
5. 6 do hunger and thirst after rightemisiu >-,
5. 10 they which are persecuted for rightriiii*
5. 20 except your righteousness shall exceed
6. 33 kingdom of God, and his righteousness
21. 32 came unto you in the way of righteousness
Luke i. 75 In holiness and righteousness before him
Johni6. 8 and of righteousness, and of judgment
16. 10 Of righteousness, because I go to my Fat.
Acts 10. 35 workuth righteousness, is accepted with
13. 10 enemy of all righteousness, wilt thou not
17. 31 he will judge the world in righteousness
24. 25 he reasoned of righteousness, temperance
Rom. i. 17 For therein is the righteousness of God re.
3. 5 commend the righteousness of God, what
3.21 But now the righteousness of God without
3. 22 Even the righteousness of God (which is)
3. 25 declare his righteousnessforthe remission
3. 26 declare, .at this time his righteousness
4. 3 was counted unto him for righteousness
4. 5 his faith is counted for righteousness
4. 6 unto whom God imputeth righteousness
4. 9 reckoned to Abraham for righteousness
4. it seal of the righteousnesspf the faitli which
4. ii righteousness might be imputed unto th.
4. 13 but through the righteousness of faith
4. 22 it was imputed to him for righteousness
5. 17 receive, .of the gift of righteousness shall
5. 21 so might grace reign through righteous.
6. 13 (as)instrumeutsofrighteousnessuntoGod
6. 16 whether, .of obedience unto righteousness
6. 1 8 ye became the servants of righteousness
6. 19 members servants to righteousness unto
6. 20 servants of sin, ye wre free from righte.
8. 10 the spirit (is) life because of righteous.
9. 28 [cut (it) short in righteousness : because]
9. 30 righteousness, have attained to righteou.
9. 30 even the righteousness which is of faith
9. 31 which followed after the law of righteou.
9. 31 hath not attained to the law [of righteo.]
10. 3 they being ignorant of God s righteous.
10. 3 going about to establish their own [rig.]
10. 3 submitted themselves unto the righteous.
10. 4 Christ (is) the end of the law for righteo.
10. 5 Moses describeth the righteousness which
10. 6 righteousness which is of faith speaketh
10. 10 with the heart man believeth unto right.
14. 17 righteousness, and peace, and joy in the
1 Co. i. 30 made unto us wisdom, and righteousness
2 Co. 3. 9 much more doth the ministration of rig.
5. 21 be made the righteousness of God in him
6. 7 by the armour of righteousness on the ri.
6. 14 for what fellowship hath righteousness
9. 9 poor:hisrighteousuessremainethforever
9. 10 increase the fruits of your righteousness
11. 15 transformed as the ministers of righteous.
Gal. 2.2i for if righteousness (come) by the law, th.
3. 6 it was accounted to him for righteousness
3. 21 righteousness should have been by the law
5. 5 for the hope of righteousness by faith
Eph. 4. 24 which after God is created in righteous.
5. 9 in all goodness and righteousness, and tr.
6. 14 having on the breast plate of righteousness
Phil. 1. 1 1 Being filled with the fruits of righteous.
3. 6 touching the righteousness which is in the
3. 9 not having uiineown righteousness which
3. 9 the righteousness which is of God by faith
i Ti. 6. ii follow after righteousness, godliness, fa.
a Ti. 2. 22 follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace
3. 16 for correction,forinstruction in righteous.
4. 8 laid up for me a crown of righteousness
Titus 3. 5 Not by works of righteousness which we
Heb. i. 9 Thou hast loved righteousness, and hated
5. 13 unskilful in the word of righteousness ; for
7. 2 by interpretation King of righteousness
ii. 7 became heir of the righteousness which
11. 33 wrought righteousness,obtained promises
12. ii yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteous.
Jas. i. 20 wrath of man worketh not the righteous.
2. 23 was imputed unto him for righteousness
3. 1 8 fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of
1 Pe. 2. 24 dead to sins, should live unto righteous.
5. 14 and if ye suffer for righteousness sake
2 Pe. i. i through the righteousness of God and our
a 5 preacher of righteousness, bringing in the
2. 21 to have known the way of righteousness
3. 13 new earth.whereindwelleth righteousness
i Jo. 2. 29 everyone that doeth righteousness is born
3. 7 he that doeth righteousness is righteous
3. 10 [whosoever doeth not righteousness is not]
Rev. 19. ii in righteousness he doth judge and make
.A judicial sentence, $iKaiti>fj.a dikaioma.
Rom. 2. 26 if the uncircumcision keep the righteous.
5. 18 even so by the righteousness of one (the
8. 4 That the righteousness of the law might
Rev. 19. 8 for the fine linen is the righteousness of
. Uprightly, justly, rightly, Stuaicas dikaios.
i Co. 1 5. 34 Awake to righteousness, and sin not; for
.Straightforwardness, rectitude, fvBvrrts cuthutes.
Heb. i. 8 sceptre of righteousness (is) the sceptre
To make righteous or just, p~y tsadaq, 5.
Dan. 12. 3 they that turn many to righteousness as
I. That, Ski.
Gen. 27. 36 Is not he rightly named Jacob? for he h.
Z, Rightly, opBwt orthos.
Luke 7. 43 said unto him, Thou hast rightly judged
20. 21 know that thou gayest and teachest righ,
Iliuur, --\$ perek.
Exod.i. 13 the children of Israel to serve with rigour
i. 14 bitter, .all their service, .(was)with rigour
Lev. 25. 43 Thou shaltnot rule over him with rigour
25. 46 not rule one over another with rigour
25. 53 not rule with rigour over him in thy sight RM -MON, pan, je-i pomegranate.
1. A city in Simeon, now called Um-er-Rumamim.
Josh 15. 32 Lebaoth, and Shilhim, and Ain, and R.
Zech 14. 10 the land shall be turned as a plain, .to R.
2.A rock in Benjamin near Gibeah, now called Rumtnon
or Rammun.
Judg2o. 45 they turned and fled . .unto the rock of R.
20. 47 six hundred men. .fled, .unto the rock R.
20. 47 and abode in the rock R. four months
21.13 children .. that (were) in the rock R., and
3. Father of two captains of Ish-bosheth, from Beeroth
in Benjamin.
2 Sa. 4. 2 Baanah, and . . Rechab, the sons of R.
4. 5 the sons of R. the Beerothite, Rechab and
4. 9 David answered . . the sons of R. the Beer.
4. A Syrian god, representing a certain aspect of
2 Ki. 5. 18 my master goeth into the house of R. to
5. 1 8 and I bow myself in the house of R. : when
5. 18 I bow down myself in the house of R.,the
5. A city in Simeon, near Tocheu.
i Ch. 4 32 their villages (were), Etam, and Ain, R.
6. A Levitical city in Zebulon. Heb. Rimmono.
i Ch. 6. 77 R. with her suburbs, Tabor with her sub.
RIM -MON PA -REZ, pv5 JSn.
The fifteenth station of Israel from Egypt, and fourth
from Sinai, between Rithrnah and Libnah.
Sum 33. 19 departed from Rithmah, and pitched at R.
33. 20 they departed from R., and pitched in L.
I. Rim, felloe, 33 gab.
Eze. 1. 1 S As for their rings, .their rings (were) full
2. Folding (of a door), cylinder, h hi galil.
Esth. i . 6 fastened . . to silver rings and pillars of m.
Song 5. 14 His hands (are as) gold rings set with the
B.Ring, nnjn tabbaath.
Gen. 41. 42 Pharaoh took off his ring from his hand
Exod 25. 12 thou shalt cast four rings of gold for
25. 12 two rings (shall be) in the one side of
25 12 and two rings in the other side of it
25. 14 into the rings by the sides of the ark
25. 15 staves shall be in the rings of the ark
25. 26 four rings of gold, and put the rings in
25. 27 against the border shall the ringt be
26. 24 shall be coupled together. . unto one ring
26. 29 rings (of) gold (for) places for the bars
27. 4 brasen rings in Che four corners thereof
27. 7 the staves shall be put into the rings
28. 23 upon the breast plate two rings of gold
28. 23 shalt put the two rings on the two ends
28. 24 the two rings (which are) on the ends of
28. 26 thou shalt make two rings of gold, and
28. 27 two (other) rings of gold thou shalt make
28. 28 by the rings thereof unto the rings of
30. 4 two golden rings shalt thou make to it
35. 22 and rings, and tablets, all jewels of gold
36. 29 coupled together at the head . . to one ring
36. 34 rings (of) gold (to he) places for the bar?
37. 3, 13 And he cast for it four rings of gold
37. 3 even two rings upon the one side of it
37. 3 and two rings upon the other side of it
37. 5 into the rings by the sides of the ark
37. 13 put the rings upon the four corners that
37. 14 against the border were the rings, the
37. 27 he mads two rings of gold for it under
38. 5 he cast four rings for the four ends of
38. 7 he put the staves into the rings on the
39. 16 two gold rings, and put the two rings in
39. 17 two rings on the ends of the breastplate
39. 19 they made two rings of gold, and put (th.)
39. 20 they made two (other) golden rings, and
39. 21 by his rings unto the rings of the ephoC
Num 31. 50 and bracelets, rings, ear rings, and tablets
Esth. i. 10 the king took his ring from his hand, and
3. 12 written, and sealed with the king s ring
8. 2 the king took off his ring, which he had
8. 8 Write ye also. .seal(it)with the king s ring
3. 8 the writing, .sealed with the king s ring
8. 10 sealed (it) with the king s ring and sent
Isa. 3. 2 1 The rings, and nose jewels
4..-1 finger ring, Sa/crvAios daktvliot.
Luke 15. 22 put a ring on his hand, and shoes on (hia)
RING again, to
To be moved, noisy, D ii hum, 2.
i Sa. 4. 5 great shout, so that the earth rang again
i Ki. i. 45 the city rang again. This (is) the noise th.
One who stands first, TTpurOVTUTTJS prdtostatis.
Acts 24. 5 a ringleader of the sect of the Nazarenes
Straked, notched, ipy aqod.
Gen 30 35 the he goats that were ringstraked and
3,0 39 brought forth cattle rmgstnikeil, ipeckled
30 40 toward the nngstraked aud all the brown
31. 8 The ringstraked shall be thy hire
31. 8 then bare all the cattle ringstraked
31 10 the cattle (were) ringstraked, speckled
31.12 all the rains which leap . .(are) ringstraked
REN -NAH, np a shout, strent/tli.
A son <>t Shimon, u descendant of Caleb son of
Jcphuiiueh H C 1400.
i Ch 4 20 the sons of Shimon (were) Ainnou, and R.
RINSE, to--
Tn overflow, rinse, ffiy shataph.
Lev. 15 u and hath not rinsed his hands in water
RINSED, to be
1.7V be overflowed, rinsed, rffi? shataph, 2.
Lev. 15. 12 every vessel of wood shall be rinsed ill
2. To be overflowed, rinsed, f]t$y shataph, 4.
Lev. 6. 28 he both scoured and rinsed in water
RIOT, rioting, riotous (livers)
1. To flow, si/nandei; be rile, S^i zalal.
I rov-23. 20 Be not .among riotous eaters of flesh
28. 7 a companion of riotous (men)shameth his
Z.Speudthriftness, extravagance, dcrctma asiitiu.
Titus i 6 children not accused of riot or unruly
1 Pe. 4 4 not with (them) to the same excess of riot
3.7/t a spendthrift manner, arruirus usfitits.
Lukeis. 13 wasted his substance with riotous living
4. Revelry, (Lat. comus), KWUO-. ko)nof.
Rom 13. 13 not in rioting ami drunkenness, not in
5. Luxurious living, expenditure, rpu4>7) tntphf.
2 I e. 2. 13 count it pleasure to riot in the day time
RIP up, be ripped up, to
I. To clen.ce throwjh, 1 P.? baqa.
Amos i 1 3 they have ripped up the women with child
2.7*0 cleave through, i p? baqa, 3.
2 Ki. 8. 12 and wilt, .rip up their women with child
15 16 women..that were with child he ripped up
3.7*0 be cleft through, Vj3? baqn, 4
Hos. 1 3. 16 their women with child shall be ripped up
RIPE, to be (fully)
1. To boil, ripen, seethe, Stf? bashal.
Joel 3. 13 the harvest is ripe: come get you down
2. To make or (jive ripe fruit, hyj. tmshal, 5.
Gen 40 jo clusters thereof brought forth ripe grapes
3. To bloom, itrrire at maturity, atc/nd^iii akmazo.
Rev. 14. 18 and gather, .for her grapes are fully ripe
1. To do, make ready or ripe, Ss; qamal.
Isa. 1 8 5 the sour grape is ripening in the flower
2. To dry up, wither, be ripe, ^oa<vui xeraino.
Rev 14 15 reap; for the harvest of the earth is ripe
EI -PHATH, nS"!-
A son of O >mer son of Japheth, and his descendants
the Celts who marched across the Kiphaen mountains
i.e. the Carpathian, into the farthest regions of Europe.
b.C. 2250. In i Ch. another reading is Diphath.
Gen. 10. 3 And the sons of Gotner , Ashkenaz, and R
1 Ch. i 6 AndthesonsofGomer: Ashchenaz and R
RISE (up, up again i. that should -
\.Tn arise, rnj zarach.
Gen 32. 31 the sun rose upon him and he halted upon
Deut33 2 The LORD, .rose up from Seir unto them
zSa. 23. 4 light of the morning (when) the sun riseth
2 Ch.26 19 the leprosy even rose up in his forehead
Job. 9. 7 commandeth the sun, and it riseth not
Isa. 58 jo theu shall thy light rise in obscurity
2. To go np, rp;j alah.
Juilg. 6. 21 there rose up tire out of the rock, and
Neh. 4. 21 from the rising of the morning till the 4 If the spirit of the ruler rise up against
Jer. 46 8 Kgypt riseth up like a flood, and (his)
47 2 waters rise up out of the north, and sh nil
Amos 8. 8 it shall rise up wholly as a flood ; and
9. 5 it shall rise up wholly like a flood, and
Jen 4. 7 when the morning rose the next day. ,-tnd
Zech.i4 13 rise up against the hand of his neighbour
3. To rise np, C?p qitm.
Gen. 4. 8 Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and
18. 16 the men rose up from thence, and looked
19 i and Lot seeing (them) rose up to meet them
21. 32 Abimelech rose up. and Phichol the chief
22. 3 Abraham rose up early in the morning
22. 19 they rose up and went together to Beer.
24. 54 they rose up in the morning ; aud he said
25. 34 he did eat and drink, and rose up, and
31 17 Jacob rose up and set his sons and his
31.21 he rose up and passed over the river, and
31. 35 that I cannot rise up before thee; forthe
32 22 he rose up that night, and took his two
37. 35 all his daughters rose up to comfort him
43. 15 rose up, and went down to Kgypt, aiwl st
46. 5 Jacob rose up from Beer-sheba : and the
10. 23 neither rose any from his place for three
12 30 I haraoh rose up in the night, he, aud all
Exodi2. 31 Rise up. (and) get you forth from among
15. 7 overthrown them that roseupagainst thee
2 Sa. 22. 40 them that rose up against me hast them
22. 49 high above them that rose up against me
Psa. 18. 39 subdued under me those that rose up ag.
18. 48 liftest me up above those that rise up ag.
44. 5 we tread them under that rise up against
74. 23 tumult of those that rise up against thee
Prov24 . 16 falleth seven times, and riseth up again
Jer. 51. i midst of them that rise up against me, a
Lam. 3. 62 The lips of those that rose up against me
2. To raise self up, C p qum, 7a.
lob 27. 7 that riseth up against me as the unright.
1 sa. 59. i defend me from them that rise up against
8. -In, upriser, D.pipp teqomem.
Psa.^g. 21 grieved with those that rise up against th.
4. To rise up against, ^iraviffrauai epanistamai.
Mattio. -! children shall rise up against (their) par.
Mark:3. 12 children shall rise up against (their) pur.
5.Xtantl together against,avvf<pi<mifju sunephistemi.
Acts 16. 22 the multitude rose up together against th.
RISE (up) betimes or early, to
1. To seek early or earnestly, ~<r\y shachar, 3.
Job 24. 5 rising betimes for a prey : the wilderness
2. To rise up early, c:y shakam, 5.
Gen. 19. 2 shall rise up early, and go on your ways
20. 8 Abimelech rose early in the morning, and
21. 14 Abraham rose up early in the morning, and
22. 3 Abraham rose up early in the morning, and
26. 31 they rose up betimes in the morning, and
28. 1 8 Jacob rose up early in the morning, and
31. 55 early in the morning Laban rose up, and
Exod. 8. 20 Rise up early in the morning, and stand
9. 13 Rise up early in the morning, and stand
24. 4 rose up early in the morning, and builded
g2. 6 they rose up early on the morrow, and off.
34. 4 Moses rose up early in the morning, and
Nunii4. 40 they rose up early in the morning, and gat
Josh. 3. i Joshua rose early in the morning ; and th.
6. 12 Joshua rose early in the morning, and the
6. 15 rose early, about the dawning of the day
7. 16 So Joshua rose up early in the morning
8. 10 Joshua rose up early in the morning, and
8. 14 hasted, and rose up early, and the men of
Judg. 6. 38 for he rose up early on the morrow, and
7. i rose up early, aud pitched beside the well
9. 33 thou shalt rise early, and set upon the city
21. 4 people rose early, and built there an altar
1 Sa. i. 19 rose up in the morning early, and worsh.
15. 12 rose early to meet Saul in the morning, it
17. 20 David rose up early in the morning, and
29. 10 Wherefore rise up early in the morn.
29. it men rose up early to depart in the morn.
2 Sa. 15. 2 Absalom rose up early, and stood beside
2 Ki. 3. 22 they rose up early in the morning, and the
6. 15 servant of the man of God was risen early
2 Gh.2o. 20 they rose early in the morning, and went
29. 20 Hezekiah the king rose early, and gathered
Job i. 5 rose up early in the morning, and offered
5. ii Woe unto them that rise up early in the
3. 7 but they rose early, (aud) corrupted all th.
RISE (up\ to make to
1. To cause to go up, nVy alah, 5.
Judg 20. 38 make a great flame . .to rise up out of the
2. To (cause to) rise, spring, grow up, afart\\ca.
Matt. 5. 45 he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and
RISEN (up, again, with), to be
1. To rise or grow up, HNJ gaah.
Eze. 47. 5 for the waters were risen, waters to swim
2. To rise up, rnj zarach.
Exod22. 3 If the sun be risen upon him, (there shall
Isa. 60. i and the glory of the LORD is risen upon
3. To go out or forth, tfjf yatsa.
Gen. 19. 23 sun was risen upon the earth when Lot en.
4. TQ rise up, C p qum.
Num3 2. 14 ye are risen up in your father s stead, an
Judg. 9. 18 ye are risen up against my father s house
Ruth 2. 15 when she was risen up to glean, Boaz co.
1 Sa. 25. 29 Yet a man is risen to pursue thee, and to
2 Sa. 14. 7 family is risen against thine handmaid
1 Ki. 8. 20 am risen up in the room of David my fat.
2 Ki. 6. 15 servant of the man of God was risen early
2 Ch. 6. 10 for I am risen up in the room of David my
13. 6 Yet Jeroboam . . is risen up, and hath reb.
21. 4 Now when Jehoram was risen up to the
Psa. 20. 8 fallen ; but we are risen, and stand upri.
27. 12 for false witnesses are risen up against me
54. 3 For strangers are risen up against me, and
86. 14 the proud are risen against me, and the
Prov.24. 16 falleth seven times, and riseth up again
Jer. 51. i midst of them that rise up against me
Lam. 3. 62 The lips of those that rose up against me
Eze. 7. 1 1 Violence is risen up into a rod of wickedn.
5.T raise up, Dip qum, 3a.
Mic. 2. 8 my people is risen up as an enemy : ye
6. T/> rise or spring up, kvarf\\ai anatcllo.
Jas. i. ii For the sun is no sooner risen with a bu.
7. To set up, hvitrrrifjii anistemi.
Mattiy. 9 Son of man [be risen again] from the dead
Mark 9. g till the Son of man were risen from the d.
16. 9 [when (Jesus) was risen early the first]
Luke 9. 8, 1 9 that one of the old prophets was risen a.
8.7*0 lift or raise tip, lytipta egeirO.
Matt 14. 2 he is risen from the dead; and therefore
26. 32 Hut after I am risen again, I will go bef.
27. 64 He is risen from the dead : so the last err.
28. 6 for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the
28. 7 tell his disciples that he is risen from the
Mark 6. 14 John the Baptist was risen fromthedead
6. 16 It is John, whom I beheaded : he is risen
14. 28 after that I am risen, I will go before you
16. 6 he is risen ; he is not here : behold the pi.
16. 14 [which had seen him after he was risen]
Luke 7. 16 That a great prophet is risen up among
9. 7 said of some, that John was risen from
13. 25 When, .the masterof the house is risen u{
24. 6 He is not here, but is risen : remember
24. 34 Lord is risen indeed, and hath appeared
John 2. 22 When therefore he was risen from the
21. 14 showed himself, .after that he was risen
Rom. 8. 34 that died, yea rather, that is risen again
i 0.15. 13 no resurrection, .then is Christ not risei
15. 14 if Christ be not risen, then (is) our preac
15. 20 Kut now is Christ risen from, .dead, (and
9. To raise together with, ffui/tyttpw sunegeiro.
Col. 2. 12 wherein also ye are risen with (him) th.
3. i If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those
RISETH, from whence it
Its rising, mrit? [shachar].
Isa. 47.11 thou shalt not know from whence it riseth
RISING (again, early, up, betimes)
1.A rising up, rni zerach.
Isa. 60. 3 and kings to the brightness of thy rising
2.Region of the rising of the sun, rriip mizrach.
Nuni2i. ii (is) before Moab, toward the sun rising
Deut. 4. 41, 47 this side Jordan, toward the sun rising
Josh. i. 15 this side Jordan toward the sun rising
12. i toward the rising of the sun, from the
13. 5 toward the sun rising, from Baal-gad un
19. 12 toward the sun rising unto the border of
19. 27 turneth toward the sun rising to Beth-D
19. 34 Judah upon Jordan toward the sun rising
Judg2o. 43 over against Gibeah toward the sun rising
Psa. 50. i from the rising of the sun unto the goiiij.
113. 3 From the rising of the sun unto thegoinj
Isa. 41. 25 from the rising of the sun shall he call
45. 6 they may know from the risingof the sun
59. 19 and his glory from the rising of the sun
Mai. i. ii from the rising of the sun, even unto the
3. To go up, rAj; alah.
Neh. 4. 21 from the rising of the morning till thes.
4. Uprising, no j? qimah.
Lam. 3. 63 their sitting down, and their rising up
5. Lifting or rising up, nwy seeth.
Lev. 13. 2 have in the skin of his flesh a rising, a
13. 10 (if) the rising (be) white in the skin, and
13. 10 (there be) quick raw flesh in the rising
13. 19 a white rising, or a bright spot, white
13. 28 it (is) a rising of the burning, and the
13. 43 the rising of the sore (be) white reddish
14. 56 for a rising, and for a scab, and for a
Q.To rise up early, c~tf shakam, 5.
2 Ch-36. 15 rising up betimes, and sending; because
Prov27. 14 He that blesseth his friend, .rising early
Jer. 7. 13 rising up early and speaking, but ye
7. 25 daily rising up early and sending (them)
ii. 7 rising early and protesting, saying, Obey
25. 3 I have spoken unto you, rising early aud
25. 4 prophets, rising early and sending (them)
26. 5 both rising up early, and sending (them)
29. 19 prophets, rising up early and sending (th.)
32. 33 rising up early and teaching(them), yet th.
35. 14 I have spoken unto you, rising early aud
35. 15 risingup early and sending (them), saying
44. 4 prophets, rising early, and sending (them)
7. To go up, ascend, avaftatvca anabainu.
Mark 9. 10 what the rising from the dead shouldmean
8. To rise or spring up, ij.vart\\ca anatellfi.
Marki6. 2 they came unto the sepulchre at the rising
9.A standing or rising up, hv<i<rTa.<ris anastasis.
Luke 2. 34 fall and rising again of many in Israel
RISING of the sun, sunnsing
Place of the rising of the sun, the east, rnip mizrach.
Num. 2. 3 east side toward the rising of the sun
34. 15 Jericho eastward, toward the sun rising
RISING up, no
jVo standing ;)(?), Dip^N alqum.
Prov.3o. 31 king, against whom (there is) no risingup
RIS -SAH, np-i heap of ruins.
The 1 7th Station of Israel from Egypt, and 6th from Sinai,
between Libnah and Kehelathah.
Nuni33. 21 removed from Libnah, and pitched at R.
33. 22 And they journeyed from R., and pitched
Statute, rtjjn chuqqah.
Num. Q. 3 according to all the rites of it, and accord.
RITH -MAH, ncrn broom.
The i4th station of Israel from Egypt, and 3d from
Sinai, between Hazeroth and Rimmon-parez ; perhaps
the same as Kadesh, Num. 13. 26. (Erthariahf).
Num33. 18 departed from Hazeroth. .pitched in R.
33. 19 And they departed from R., and pitched
1. Whu.tflows forth, a stream, canal, Syn,
Dan. 8. 2 saw in a vision, and I was by the river
!. 3 there stood before the river a ram which
8. 6 which I had seen standing before the riv.
2. A channel, stream, p ?K aphiq.
Song 5. 12 (the eyes) of doves by the rivers of waters
Eze. 6. 3 and to the hills, to the rivers, and to tlia
31. 12 are broken by all the rivers of the land
32. 6 and the rivers shall be full of thee
34. 13 upon the mountains of Israel by the rivers
35. 8 in all thy rivers, shall they fall that are
36. 4, 6 to the rivers, and to the valleys, to the
Joel i. 20 the rivers of waters are dried up, and the
3. 18 the rivers of Judah shall flow with waters
3. The Nile, a stream, lir (TK ; yvor.
Gen. 41. i dreamed : and, behold, he stood by the ri.
41. 2 there came up out of the river seven well
41. 3 kine came up after them out of the river
41. 3 (other) kiue upon the brink of the river
41. 17 behold, I stood upon the bankof the river
41. 1 8 there came up out of the river seven kine
Exod. i. 22 Every son. .ye shall cast into the river
2. 3 laid (it) in the flags by the river s brink
2. 5 came down to wash (herself) at the river
2. 5 maidens walked along by the river s side
4. 9 thou shalt take of the water of the river
4. 9 water which thou takest out of the river
7. 15 stand by the river s brink against he come
7. 17 upon the waters which (are) in the river
7. 1 8 the fish that (is) in the river shall die, and
7. 18 the river shall stink; and the Egyptians
7. 1 8 loathe to drink of the water of the river
7. 19 upon their rivers, and upon their ponds
7. 20 smote the waters that (were) in the river
7. 20 the waters that (were) in the river were
7. 21 the fish that (was) in the river died ; and
7. 21 and the river stank, and the Egyptians
7. 21, 24 could not drink of the water of the ri.
7. 24 Egyptians digged round about the river
7. 25 after that the LOKD had smitten the river
8. 3 river shall bring forth frogs abundantly
8. 5 over the rivers, and over the ponds, and
8. 9 (that) they may remain in the river only
8. 1 1 they shall remain in the river only
17. 5 thy rod, wherewith thou smotest the river
2 Ki. [>,. 24 dried up all the rivers of besieged places
Job 28. 10 He cutteth out rivers among the rocks
Psa. 78. 44 And had turned their rivers into blood
Isa. 7. 18 the uttermost part of the rivers of Egypt
23. 3 the harvest of the river, (is) her revenue
23. 10 Pass through thy land as a river, dau.
37. 25 dried up all the rivers of the besieged pi.
Eze. 29. 3 that lieth in the midst of his rivers
29. 3 My river (is) mine own, and I have made
29. 4 I will cause the fish of thy rivers to stick
29. 4 bring, .up out of the midst of thy rivers
29. 4 the fish of thy rivers shall stick unto thy
29. 5 thee and all the fish of thy rivers : thou
29. 9 said, The river (is) mine, and I have made
29. 10 (am) against thee, and against thy riven
30. 12 I will make the rivers dry, and sell the
Dan. 12. 5 on this side of the bank of the river, and
12. 5 other on that side of the bank of the river
12. 6, 7 which (was) upon the waters of the river
Nah. 3. 8 No, that was situate among the rivers ii all the deeps of the rivers shall dry up
i*A stream, canal, "?y yubal.
Jer. 17. 8 (that) spreadeth out her roots by the river
5. A river, in: nahar.
Gen. 2. 10 a river went out of Eden to water the ga.
2. 13 And the name of the second river (is) G.
2. 14 the name of the third river (is) Hiddekel
2. 14 the east of Assyria. And the fourth river
15. 18 have I given this land, from the river of
15. 18 unto the great river, the river Euphrates
31. 21 passed over the river, and set his face
36. 37 Saul of Rehoboth (by) the river reigned in
Exod23. 31 bounds, .from the desert unto the river
Nuni22. 5 the river of the land of the children of
24. 6 gardens by the river s side, as the trees
Deut. i. 7 unto the great river, the river Euphrates
ii. 24 from the river, the river Euphrates, even
Josh. i. 4 even unto the great river, the river Eup.
z Sa. 8. 3 recover his border at the river Euphrates
10. 16 the Syrians that (were) beyond the river
1 Ki. 4. 21 reigned overall kingdoms from the river
4. 24 all (the region) on this side the river
4. 24 over all the kings on this side the river
14. 15 and shall scatter them beyond the river
2 Ki. 5. 12 not Abana and Pharpar, rivers of Dama.
17. 6 in Habor (by) the river of Gozan, and in
18. ii in Hal>or(by)the riverof Gozan, and in the
23. 29 king of Egypt went, .to the river Euphr.
24. 7 had taken from . . the river Euphrates all
1 Ch. i. 48 Shaul of Rehoboth by the river reigned
5. 9 the wilderness from the river Euphrates
5. 26 and Habor, and Hara, aud to the river G.
18. 3 went tostablish his dominion by the river
19. 16 the Syrians that (were) beyond the river
2 Ch. 9. 26 reigned over all the kings from the river
Ezra 8. 15 gathered them together to the river that
8. 21 I proclaimed a fast there, at the river
8. 31 we departed from the river of Ahava on
8. 36 to the governors on this side the river
Neh. 2. 7 given me to the governors beyond the ri.
2. 9 I came to the governors beyond the river
3. 7 of the governor on this side the river
Job 40. 23 he drinketh up a river, (acd) hasteth not
Psa. 46. 4 (There is) a river, the streams wherof gh.
72. 8 from the river unto the ends of the earth
74. 15 the Hood : thoti driedst up mighty river*
78. 16 and caused waters to run down like river*
80. ii She sent out. .her branches unto thenvers
89. 25 I will set. .his right hand in the rivers
105. 41 they ran in the dry places (like) a river
107. 33 He turneth rivers into a wilderness, and
137. i By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat do.
Isa. 7. 20 by them beyond the river, by the king of
8. 7 up upon them the waters of the river
ii. 15 shall he shake his hand over the river
18. i which (is) beyond the rivers of Ethiopia
18. 2, 7 whose land the rivers have spoiled
19. 5 the river shall be wasted and dried up
19. 6 And they shall turn the rivers far away
27. 12 beat off from the channel of the river
33. 21 (will be) unto us a place of broad rivers
41. 18 I will open rivers in high places, and
42. 15 I will make the rivers islands, and I will
43. 2 the rivers, they shall not overflow thee
43. 19, 20 wilderness, (and) rivers in the desert
44. 27 saith . . Be dry, and I will dry up thy rivers
47. 2 uncover the thigh, pass over the rivers
48. 18 then had thy peace been as a river, and
50. 2 I make the rivers a wilderness : their fish
66. 12 I will extend peace to her like a river
Jer. a. 18 to do. .to drink the waters of the river
46. 2 was by the river Euphrates in
46. 6- toward the north by the river Euphrates
46. 7 whose waters are moved as the rivers?
46. 8 and (his) waters are moved like the rivers
46. 10 the north country by the river Euphrates
Eze. i. i among the captives by the river of Ohebar
1. 3 land of the Chaldeans, by the river Cheb.
3. 15 I came to them, .that dwelt by the river
3. 23 glory which I saw by the river of Chebar
10. 15 creature that I saw by the river of Cheb.
10. 20 living creature that I saw . . by the river
10. 22 faces which I saw by the river of Chebar
31. 4 her rivers running round about his plants
32. i and thou earnest forth with thy rivers
32. 2 and troubledst . . and fouledst their rivers
32. 14 and cause their rivers to run like oil
43. 3 the vision that I saw by the river Chebar
Dan. 10. 4 as I was by the side of the great rivers
Mic. 7. 12 from the fortress even to the river, and
Nah. i. 4 maketh it dry, and drieth up all the riv.
a. 6 The gates of the rivers shall be opened
Hab. 3. 8 VVas the LORD displeased against . . rivers
3. 8 (was) thine anger against the rivers? (w.)
3. 9 Thou didst cleave the earth with rivers
Zeph. 3. 10 From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia my
Zech. 9. 10 from the river (even) to the ends of the
5. A river, ">?} nehar.
Ezra 4. 10 the rest (that are) on this side the river
4. ii servants the men on this side the river
4. 16 have no portion on this side the river
4. 17 answer, .(unto) the rest beyond the river
4. 20 ruled over all (countries) beyond the riv.
5. 3, 6 Tatnai, governor on this side the river
5. 6 Apharsachites . .on this side the river
6. 6 Tatnai, governor beyond the river, Shet.
6. 6 Apharsachites, which (are) beyond the ri.
6. 8 goods, (even) of the tribute beyond the ri.
6. 13 Tatnai, governor on this side the river
7. 21 the treasurers which (are) beyond the ri.
7. 25 all the people that (are) beyond the river
l.A dividing brook in a valley, Snj nacha.l.
Lev. ii. 9 the waters, in the seas, and in the rivers
11. 10 and in the rivers, of all that move in Che
Num34. 5 from Azmon unto the riverof Egypt, and
Deut. 2. 24 pass over the river Arnon : behold, I have
2. 36 (is) by the brink of the riverof Arnon, and
2. 36 (from) the city that (is) by the river, even
2. 37 (nor) unto any place of the river Jabbok
3. 8 from the river of Arnon unto mount He.
3. 12 Aroer, which (is) by the river Arnon, and
3. 16 even unto the river Arnon half the valley
3. 16 and the border even unto the riverJabbok
4. 48 which (is) by the bank of the river Arnon
10. 7 to Jotbath, a land of rivers of waters
Josh. 12. i from the river Arnon nnto mount Herm.
12. 2 which (is) upon the bank of the river Ar.
12. 2 from the middle of the river, and from
12. 2 the river Jabbok, (which is)the border of
13. 9, 16 that (is) upon the bank of the river A.
13. 9, 16 city that (is) in the midst of the river
15. 4 went out unto the riverof Egypt ; and the
15. 7 which (is) on the south side of the river
15. 47 unto the riveiof Egypt, and the great sea
16. 8 Tappuah westward unto the river Kanah
17. 9 the river Kanah, southward of the river
17. 9 coast, .(was) on the north side of the river
19. ii and reached to the river that (is) before
Judg. 4. 7 will draw unto thee, to the river Kishon
4. 13 from Harosheth. .unto the river of Kish.
5. 21 The river, .thatancient river, theriverK.
a Sa. 17. 13 we will draw it into the river, until there
24. 5 (lieth) in the midst of the river of Gad
1 Ki. 8. 65 entering in of Hamath unto the river of
2 Ki. 10. 33 from Aroer, which (is) by the river Arnon
24. 7 taken from the river of Egypt unto the ri.
z Ch. 7. 8 entering in of Hamath unto the river of
Psa. 36. 8 make them drink of the river of thy pie.
Eccl. i. 7 All the rivers run into the sea; yet the
i. 7 nnto the place from whence the rivers
Jer. 31. 9 will cause them to walk by the rivers of
Lam. 2. 18 let tears run down like a river day and
Eze. 47. 5 river that I could not pass over, .river that
47. 6 caused me to return to the brink f the ri:
Eze. 47. 7 at the bank of the river (were) very many
47. 9 whithersoever the rivers shall come, shall
47. 9 every thing shall live whither the river co.
47. 12 by the river upon the bank thereof, on
Amos 6. 14 entering- in of Hemath unto the river of
Mic. 6. 7 be pleased, .with ten thousands of rivers
8.A brook in a valley, .1^1; nachnlnh.
Eze. 47. 19 waters of strife (in) Kadesh, the river to
48. 28 (and) to the river toward the great sea
9.A division, artificial water course, &$ ptleg.
Job 29. 6 and the rock poured me out rivers of oil
Psa. i. 3 shall be like a tree planted by the rivers
65. 9 the river of Ged, (which) is full of water
119. 136 Rivers of waters run down mine eyes, b.
Prov. 5. 16 dispersed abroad, (and) rivers of waters in
21. i The king s heart, .(as) the rivers of water
Isa. 30. 25 rivers (and) streams of waters in the day
32. 2 as rivers of water in a dry place ; as the sh
Lam. 3. 48 Mine eye runneth down with rivers of wa.
1 0. A division, a rtificialCrater course, nj
?^ pelaggah.
Job 20. 17 He shall not see the rivers, the floods, the
11.A flowing, a river, flood, irora.ft.6s potamos.
Mark i. 5 were all baptized of him in the river of J.
John 7. 38 out of his belly shall flow rivers of living
Acts 16. 13 we went out of the city by a river side
Rev. 8. 10 and it fell upon the third part of the riv.
9. 14 which are bound in the great river Eup.
16. 4 poured out his vial upon the rivers and
16. 12 poured out his vial upon the great river
22. i showed me a pure river of water of life
22. 2 on either side of the river, (was there) the
RIVER, little
A trench or conduit, nSy^i tealah.
Eze. 31. 4 sent out her little rivers unto all the trees
RIZ -PAH, n$-i variegated.
A daughter of Aiah and concubine of Saul, whom Abner
took after Saul s death, and whose two sons were given
up by David to the Gibeonites and hanged. B.C. 1070.
2 Sa. 3. 7 Saul had a concubine, whose name. .R.
21. 8 But the king took the two sons of R. the
21. 10 And R. the daughter of Aiah took sackc.
21. ii And it was told David what R. . .had done
ROAD, to make a
To strip off, 05*9 pashat.
i Sa. 27. 10 Whither have ye made a road to day? And
ROAR, to
1.7*0 meditate, mutter, run fiagah.
Isa. 31. 4 Like as the lion and the young lion roar.
2. To make a noise, npn hamah.
Psa. 46. 3 the waters thereof roar (and) be troubled
Isa. 51. 15 that divided thesea, whose waves roared
59. ii We roar all like bears, and mourn sore
Jer. 5. 22 though they roar, yet can they not pass
6. 23 their voice roareth like the sea ; and they
31. 35 when the waves thereof roar; The LORD
50. 42 their voice shall roar like thesea, and they
51. 55 when her waves do roar like great waters
3. To be disquieted, troubled, Dn^ naham.
Isa. 5. 29 like young lions ; yea, they shall roar, and
5 30 in that day they shall roar against them
4. To shriek, cry aloud or out, rny tsarach, 5.
Isa. 42. 13 shall cry, yea, roar; he shall prevail ag.
5. To roar, be troubled, Djfj roam.
i Ch.ifi. 32 Let the sea roar, and the fulness thereof
Psa. 96. ii let the sea roar, and the fulness thereof
98. 7 Let the sea roar, and the fulness thereof
6. To roar, JN? shaag.
Judg 14. 5 behold, a young lion roared against him
Job 37. 4 After it a voice roareth : he thundereth
Psa. 22. 13 gaped . .(as) a ravening and a roaring lion
38. 8 I have roared by reason of the disquiet.
74. 4 Thine enemies roar in the midst of thy
104. 21 The young lions roar after their prey, and
Isa. 5. 29 they shall roar like young lions ; yea, they
Jer. 2. 15 The young lions roared upon him, (and)
25. 30 The LORD shall roar from on high, and
25. 30 he shall mightily roar upon his habitation
51. 38 They shall roar together like lions they
Eze. 22. 25 like a roaring lion ravening the prey : they
Hos. ii. 10 roar like a lion : when he shall roar, then
Joel 3. 16 The LORD also shall roar out of Ziou, anil
Amos i. 2 LORD will roar from Zion, and utter his
3. 4 Will a lion roar in the forest when he hath
3. 8 lion hath roared, who will not fear? the
Zeph. 3. 3 Her princes within her (are) roaring lions
7. To sound, f/x* " ccheS,
Luke2i. 25 perplexity; the sea and the waves [roaring]
8. To low, bellow, roar, fivxdonai mukaomai.
Rev. 10. 3 cried with a loud voice, as (when) a lion
9. To roar, bellow, howl, bark, apvonai oruomai.
i Pe. 5. 8 your adversary the devil, as a roaring
1. To be disquieted, troubled, ort} naham.
Prov 28. 15 roaring lion, and a ranging bear ; (so is)
2. Disquietude, trouble, cnj naham.
Prov 19. 12 king s wrath (is) as the roaring of a lion
20. 2 fear of a king (is) as the roaring of a HOD
3. Disquietude, trouble, npn) nehamah.
Isa. 5. 30 against them like the roaring of the sea
4. Roar, roaring, nwy sheagah.
Job 3 . 24 my roarings are poured out like the water*
4. 10 The roaring of the lion, and the voice of
Psa. 22. i rne, (and from) the words of my roaring
32. 3 my bones waxed old through my roaring
Isa. 5. 29 Their roaring (shall be) like a lion, they
Eie. 19. 7 was desolate, .by the noise of his roaring
Zech ii. 3 voice of the roaring of young lions; for
ROAST, to roast,
1. To boil, ripen, cuok, V$ bashal, 3.
Deut 16. 7 thou shalt roast and eat (it) in the place
2 Ch.35. 13 roasted the passover with ftre according
2. To roast or singe, 737 charak.
Prov 12. 27 slothful (man) roasteth not that which he
S.To roast, n^ Isaiah.
i Sa. 2. 15 Give flesh to roast for the priest ; for he
Isa. 44. 16 he roasteth roast, and is satisfied : yea, he
44. 19 I have roasted flesh, and eaten (it): and
4. Roasting, S> tsali.
Exodi2. 8 roast with fire, and unleavened bread, and
12. 9 but roast (with) flre ;his head with his legs
Isa. 44. 16 roast, and is satisfied : yea, he warmeth
5. To parch, roast, burn, n^d qaln.h.
Jer. 29. 22 whom the king of Babylon roasted in the
ROB, to
1 . To take prey or spoil, TJJ bazaz.
Isa. 10. 2 and (that) they may rob the fatherless!
17. 14 that spoil us, and the lot of them that rob
Eze. 39. 10 rob those that robbed them, saith the L.
2. To snatch away, S]3 gazal.
Lev. 19. 13 not defraud thy neighbour, neither rob
Judg. 9. 25 robbed all that came along that way by
Prov. 22. 22 Rob not the poor, because he (is) poor, ne.
28. 24 Whoso robbeth his father or his mother
3. To surround, compass, ensnare, tip ud, 3 .
Psa. 1 19. 61 The bands of the wicked have robbed me
4. To circumvent, VJiJ qaba.
Mai. 3. 8 Will a man rob God ? Yet ye have robbed
3. 8 ye say, Wherein have we robbed thee : In
3. 9 for ye have robbed me.(even) this whole na.
5. To rifle, spoil, nyy shasah, 1, 3a.
1 Sa. 23. i the Philistines, .rob the threshing floors
Isa. 10. 13 robbed their treasures, and I have put do.
6. To spoil, rob, plunder, truAaw sulaS.
2 Co. 1 1. 8 robbed other churches, taking wages (of
ROB of children or whelps, to
1. To bereave, Sby shakol, 3.
Lev. 26. 22 which shall rob you of your children, and
2. Bereaved, Sap shakkul.
2 Sa. 17. 8 as a bear robbed of her whelps in the field
Prov 17. 12 Let a bear robbed of her whelps meet a
ROBBED, to be, that he had
\.To take as prey or spoil, tij bazaz.
Isa. 42. 22 But this (is) a people robbed and spoiled
2. To be taken as prey or spoil, IJJ bazaz, 4.
Jer. 50. 37 upon her treasures; and they shall be ro.
2>.A snatching away, rhn. gezelah.
Eze. 33. 15 give again that he had robbed, walk in the
ROBBER {See Churches.]
1. To take prey or spoil, i]j bazaz.
Isa. 42. 24 Jacob for a spoil, and Israel to the robbers
2 A breaker up, burglar, j"~)p parits.
Jer. 7. ii become a den of robbers in your eyes? Be.
Eze. 7. 22 for the robbers shall enter into it, and
18. 10 If he beget a son (that is) a robber, a she.
S.Son of a burglar, j"i$"[3 ben parits.
Dan. IT. 14 robbers of thy people shall exalt themse.
4.A designing one, noose, D^y tsammim.
Job 5. 5 the robber swallowethuptheir substance
13. 9 (and) the robber shall prevail against him
5. To spoil or waste., 17^ shadad.
Job 12. 6 tabernacles of robbers prosper, and they
Obad. 5 If thieves came to thee, if robbers by night
. Robber, plunderer, \rjffrits lestes.
John 10. i He that entereth not . .is a thief and a re.
10. 8 All . are thieves and robbers : but the sh.
18. 40 but Barabbas. Now Barabbas was a rob.
2 Co. ii. 26 perils of robbers, (in) perils by (mine own)
\.A snatching away, VT| gazel.
Psa. 62. 10 become not vain in robbery : if riches in.
Isa. 61. 8 hate robbery for burnt offering; and I w.
Eze. 22. 29 have used oppression, and exercised rob.
2. A breaking up or forth, p-i? pereq.
Nah. 3. i it (is) all full of lies (and; robbery ; the p.
3. Spoiling, waste, ~*r shod.
Prov 21. 7 robl>ery of the wicked shall destroy them
Amos 3. 10 store up violence and robbery in their pa.
4.A snatching away, apiroy/uoy harpagmos.
Phil. 2. 6 thought it not robbery to be equal with G.
ROBE, (long)
1. An ornamental mantle, TIN eder.
Mie. 2. 8 ye pull off the robe with the garment from
2. An ornamental mantle, rrnK addertth.
Jon. 3. 6 laid his robe from him, and covered (him)
^.Garment, cloth, izy beyed.
1 Ki.22. 10 having put on their robes, in a void piace
22. 30 but put thou on thy robes. And the king
2 Ch. 18. 9 clothed in (their) robes, and they sat in a
18. 29 go to the battle ; but put thou on thy ro.
4.A coat, tunic, runs, (njh? kethoneth], kuttoneth.
Isa. 22. 2t will clothe him with thy robe, and stren.
b.Itnbe, mantle, S^p meil.
Kxod28. 4 robe, and a broidered coat, a mitre, and
28. 31 shalt make the robe of the ephod all (of)
28. 34 upon the hem of the robe round about
29. 5 put upon Aaron the coat, and the robe of
39. 22 made the robe of the ephod (of) woven
39. 23 an hole in the midst of the robe, as the ho.
39. 24 made upon the hems of the robe pomegr.
39. 25 upon the hem of the robe, round about b.
39. 26 round about the hem of the robe to min.
Lev. 8. 7 clothed him with the robe, and put the ep.
1 Sa. 18. 4 Jonathan stripped himself of the robe th.
24. 4 and cut off the skirt of Saul s robe privily
24. ii see the skirt of thy robe in my hand : for
24. ii for in that I cut off the skirt of thy robe
2 Sa. 13. 18 with such robes were the king s daughters
i Ch.i5. 37 David (was) clothed with a robe of fine Ii.
Job 29. 14 my judgment (was) as a robe and a diad.|
Isa. 61. 10 covered me with the robe of righteousness
Eze. 26. 1 6 lay away their robes, and put off their br.
6. Garment, robe, raiment, ^<r#rjs esthes.
Luke23. ii arrayed him in a gorgeous robe, and sent
7. Garment, mantle, 1/j.dnov himation.
Johmg. 2 head, and they put on him a purple robe
19. 5 the crown of thorns, aiid the purple robe
8. A long garment, robe, CTTOA.TJ stole.
Lukeis. 22 Bring forth the best robe, and put (it) on
20. 46 which desire to walk in long robes, and
Kev. 6. 1 1 white robes were given unto every one of
7. 9 clothed with white robes, and palms in th.
7. 13 are these which are arrayed in white ro.?
7. 14 have washed their robes, and made them
9. A cloak, robe, loose garment, xA.a/xi/s chlamus.
Matt 27. 28 stripped him, and put on him a scarlet ro.
27. 31 they took the robe off from him, and put
EO-BO -AM, Po/Soa/x. See Rehoboam.
Son of Solomon and father of Abijah, kings of Judah.
B.C. 975.
Matt. i. 7 And Solomon begat R. ; and R. begat A.
ROCK, (ragged)
I.Flint, flinty rock, tPVpWj challamish.
Job 28. 9 He putteth forth his hand upon the rock
2. Rocks, D ?3 kephim.
Job 30. 6 To dwell in the cliffs . . and (in) the rocks
Jer. 4. 29 thickets, and climb up upon the rocks
3. Strong place, strength, liyy maoz.
Judg. 6. 26 build an altar, .upon the top of this rock
4. A cliff, rock, (from its elevation), y^g sela.
Nuni2o. 8 speak ye unto the rock before their eyes
20. 8 bring forth to them water out of the rock
20. 10 gathered, .together before the rock, and
20. 10 must we fetch you water out of this rock
20. 1 1 with his rod he smote the rock twice ; and
24. 21 and said, .thou puttest thy nest in a rock
Deut32. 13 suck honey out of the rock, and oil out of
Judg. i. 36 going up to Akrabbim, from the rock, and
6. 20 lay (them) upon this rock, and pour out
15. 8 went down and dwelt in the top of the ro.
15. ii went to the top of the rock Etam, and said
15. 13 bound, .and brought him up from the ro.
20. 45 fled toward the wilderness unto the rock
20. 47 unto the rock, .and abode in the rock R.
21. 13 children.. that(were)in the rockRimmon
1 Sa. 13. 6 hide themselves, .in rocks, and in high pi.
14. 4 rock on the one side, and a sharp rock on
23. 25 wherefore he came down into a rock, and
2 Sa. 22. 2 LORD (is) my rock, and my fortress, and
1 Ki 19. ii brake in pieces the rocks, before the LORD
2 Ch.25. 12 brought them unto the top of the rock, and
25. 12 cast them down from the top of the rock
Neb. 9. 15 water for them out of the rock for their
Job 39. i time when the wild goats of the rock br.
39. 28 on the rock, upon the crag of the rock
Psa. 18. 2 LORD (is) my rock, and my fortress, and
31. 3 For thou (art) my rock and my fortress
40. 2 set my feet upon a rock, (and) established
42. 9 I will say unto God my rock, Why hast
71. 3 for thou (art) my rock and my fortress
78. 1 6 He brought streams also out of the rock
104. 1 8 refuge for the wild goats, (and) the rocks
Prov.3o. 26 yet make they their houses in the rocks
Song 2. 14 my dove, (that art) in the clefts of the ro.
Isa. 2. 21 and into the tops of of the ragged rocks
7. 19 in the holes of the rocks, and upon all th.
22. 16 gravethan habitation for himself in aro.?
32. 2 the shadow of a great rock in a weary la.
33. 16 defence (shall be) the munitions of rocks
42. 1 1 let the inhabitants of the rock sing, let
57- 5 in the valleys under the clifts of the roc.?
Jer. 5. 3 made their faces harder than a rock ; th.
13. 4 and hide it there in a hole of the rock
16. 16 hunt them, .out of the holes of the rocks
23. 29 like a hammer (that) breaketh the rock in
48. 28 dwell in the rock, and be like the dove
49. 16 thou that dwellest in the clefts of the ro.
51. 25 roll thee down from the rocks, and mil
Kze. 24. 7 she set it upon the top of a rock ; she po.
24. 8 have set her blood upon the top of a rock
Kze. 26. 4 will also, .make her like the top of a rock
26. 14 I will make thee like the top of a rock : th.
Amos 6. 12 (Shall horses run upon the rock? will (one)
Obad. 3 thou that dwellest in the clefts of the ro.
5.A rock, (from its sharpness), "NX tsur.
Exodi?. 6 will stand before thee there upon the ro.
17. 6 smite the rock, and there shall come wa.
33. 21 by me, and thou shalt stand upon a rock
33. 22 that I will put thee in a clift of the rock
Num 23. 9 For from the top of the rocks I see him
Deut. 8. 15 brought thee forth water out of the rock
32. 4 (He is) the rock, his work (is) perfect ; for
32. 13 made him to suck, .oil of the flinty rock
32. 15 lightly esteemed the rock of his salvation
32. 18 Of the rock (that) begat thee thou artun.
32. 30 except their rock had sold them, and the
32. 31 For their rock (is) not as our rock, even
32. 37 Where(are) their gods, (their) rock in wh.
Judg. 6. 21 there rose up fire out of the rock, andco.
7. 25 slew Oreb upon the rock Oreb, and Zeeb
13. 19 took a kid. .and offered (it) upon a rock
i Sa. 2. 2 none., neither (is their) any rock like our
24. 2 his men upon the rocks of the wild goats
a Sa. 21. 10 spread it for her upon the rock, from the
22. 3 God of my rock ; in him will I trust : (he
22. 32 save the LORD? and who (is) a rock, save
22. 47 The LORD liveth ; and blessed (be)my ro.
22. 47 exalted be the God of the rock of my sal.
23. 3 The God of Israel said, the rock of Israel
i Ch.u. 15 went down to the rock to David, into the
Job 14. 18 and the rock, is removed out of his place
1 8. 4 shall the rock be removed out of his place
19. 24 they were graven, .in the rock for ever!
24. 8 and embrace the rock for want of a she.
28. 10 He cutteth out rivers among the rocks
29. 6 and the rock poured me out rivers of oil
Psa. 18. 31 save the LORD? or who (is)a rocksave our
1 8. 46 The LORD liveth ; and blessed (be) my ro.
27. 5 hide me ; he shall set me up upon a rock
28. i Unto thee will I cry, O LORD my rock ; be
31. 2 be thou my strong rock, for an house of
61. 2 lead me to the rock (that) is higher than
62. 2 He only (is) my rock and my salvation ; he
62. 7 rock of my strength, (and) my refuge, (is)
78. 15 He clave the rocks in the wilderness, and
78. 20 smote the rock, that the waters gushed
78. 35 they remembered that God (was) their ro.
81. 1 6 with honey out of the rock should I have
89. 26 my God, and the rock of my salvation
92. 15 my rock, and (there is) no unrighteousn.
94. 22 my defence ; and my God (is) the rock of
95. i let us make a joyful noise to the rock of
105. 41 opened the rock, and the waters gushed
114. 8 Which turned the rock (into) a standing
Prov.3o. 19 way of a serpent upon a rock, the way of
Isa. 2. 10 Enter into the rock, and hide thee in the
2. 19 they shall go into the holes of the rocks
2. 21 To go into the clefts of the rocks, and in.
8. 14 for a rock of offence to both the houses
10. 26 slaughter of Miclian at the rock of Oreb
17. 10 hast not been mindful of the rock of thy
48. 21 caused the waters to flow out of the rock
48. 21 clave the rock also, and the waters gush.
51. i look unto the rock (whence) ye are hewn
Jer. 1 8. 14 (which cometh) from the rock of the field
21. 13 I (am) against thee, O. .rock of the plain
Nah. i. 6 fury is poured out like fire, and the rocks
6.^1 rock, stone, irerpa petra.
Matt. 7. 24 man, which bailt his house upon a rock
7. 25 fell not : for it was founded upon a rock
16. 18 and upon this rockl will build mychurch
27. 51 the earth did quake, and the rocks rent
27. 60 tomb, which he had hewn out in the rock
Markis. 46 a sepulchre which was hewn out of a rock
Luke 6. 48 laid the foundation on a rock : and when
6. 48 [could not shake it ; for it was. .upon aro.]
8. 6 some fell upon a rock ; and as soon as it
8. 13 They on the rock (are they), which, when
Rom. 9. 33 lay . . a stumbling stone and rock of offence
i Co. 10. 4 rock that followed them ; and that rock
i Pe. 2. 8 a rock of offence, (even to them) which
Rev. 6. 15 dens and in the rocks of the mountains
6. 16 said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on
7. Rough or rugged places,rpa.-%*~t s r6irovs[trachus~\.
Acts 27. 29 fearing., we should have fallen upon rock
I. A rod, shoot, tvrig, sprout, "sen choter.
Prov 14. 3 In the mouth of the foolish (is) a rod of
Isa. it. i there shall come forth a rod out of the
2. A staff, "?j50 maqqel.
Gen. 30. 37 Jacob took him rods of green poplar, and
30. 37 made the white appear. the rods
30. 38 set the rods which he had pilled before
30. 39 the flocks conceived before the rods, and
30. 41 Jacob laid the rods before the eyes of the
30. 41 that they might conceive among the rods
Jer. i. ii And I said, I see a rod of an almond tree
48. 17 strong staff broken, (and) thebeautiful rod
Z.A rod, nan matteh.
Exod. 4 . VWhat (is).. in thine hand? And he said, Ar.
4. 4 caught it, and became a rod in his hand
4. 17 thou shalt take this rod in thine hand
4. 20 and Moses took the rod of God in his ha.
7. 9 Take thy rod, and cast (it) before Pharaoh
7. 10 Aaron cast down his rod before Pharaoh
7. 12 they cast down every man his rod, and
7. 12 but Aaron s rod swallowed up their rods
7-15 the rod which was turned to a serpent
Exod. 7.
Num1 7.
i Sa. 14.
Psa. no.
Isa. 10.
Eze. 7.
Mic. 6.
17 I will smite with the rod that (is) in mine
19 Take thy rod, and stretch out thine hand
20 lifted up the roil, and smote the waters
5 Stretch forth thine hand with thy rod
16 Stretch out thy rod, and smite the dust
17 Aaron stretched out his hand with his rod
23 stretched forth his rod toward heaven
13 Moses stretched forth his rod over the
16 lift thou up thy rod, and stretch out thine
5 thyrod, wherewith thou smotest the river
9 stand on the top of the hill with the rod
2 take of every one of them a rod according
2 the house of their fathers twelve rods
2 write thou every man s name upon his rod
3 upon the rod of Levi: for one rod (shall be)
5 the man s rod, whom I shall choose, shall
6 every one of their princes gave him a rod
6 to their fathers houses, (even)twelve rods
6 and the rod of Aaron (was) among their ro.
7 Moses laid up the rods before the LORD
8 the rod of Aaron for the house of Levi was
9 Moses brought out all the rods from before
9 they looked, and took every man his rod
10 Bring Aarons rod again before the testim.
8 Take the rod, and gather thou theassem.
9 Moses took the rod from before the LORD
11 and with his rod he smote the rock twice
27 the end of the rod that (was) in his hand
43 the end of the rod that (was) in mine hand
2 send the rod of thy strength out of Zion
6 (as) his rod (was) upon the sea, so shall he
10 the rod hath blossomed, pride hath bud.
1 1 Violence is risen uplinto a rod of wickedness
1 1 she had strong rods for the sceptres of
12 her strong rods were broken and withered
14 fire is gone out of a rod of her branchei
14 hath no strong rod (to be) a sceptre to rule
9 hear ye the rod, and who hath appointed
4.A sceptre, rod, &2V shebet.
Exod2i. 20 smite his servant, or his maid, with a rod
Lev. 27. 32 whatsoever passeth under the rod, thete.
2 Sa. 7. 14 I will chasten him with the rod of men
Job 9. 34 Let him take his rod away from me, and
21. 9 (are) safe from fear, neither (is) the rod of
Psa. 2. 9 Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron
23. 4 thou (art) with me ; thy rod and thy staff
74. 2 the rod of thine inheritance, (which) thou
89. 32 I visit their transgression with the rod
125. 3 the rod of the wicked shall not rest upon
Prov. 10.138 rod (is) for the back of him that is void
13. 24 He that spareth his rod hateth his son
22. 8 and the rod of his anger shall
22. 15 the rod of correction shall drive it far
23.13 (if) thou beatest him with the rod, he shall
23. 14 Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and sh.
26. 3 a bridle for the ass, and a rod for the fool s
29. 15 The rod and reproof give wisdom : but a
Isa. 9. 4 thou hast broken, .the rod of his oppres.
10. 5 the rod of mine anger, and the staff in
10. 15 the rod should shake (itself) against them
10. 24 he shall smite thee with a rod, and shall
11. 4 smite the earth with the rod of his mouth
14. 29 the rod of him that smote thee is broken
28. 27 with a staff, and, the cummin with a rod
30. 31 be beaten down, (which) smote with a rod
Jer. 10. 1 6 and Israel (is) the rod of his inheritance
51. 19 and (Israel is) the rod of his inheritance
Lam. 3. i seen affliction by the rod of his wrath
Eze. 20. 37 I will cause you to pass under the rod
21. 10 it contemneth the rod of my son, (as) ev.
21. 13 what if (the sword) contemn even the rod?
Mic. 5. i shall smite the judge of Israel with a rod
7. 14 Feed thy people with thy rod, the flock
5.A rod, staff, sceptre, o/35os rhabdos.
1 Co. 4. 21 shall I come unto you witharod.or in love
Heb. 9. 4 Aaron s rod that budded, and the tables
Rev. 2. 27 And he shall rule them with a rod of iron
11. i there was given me a reed like unto a rod
12. 5 was to rule all nations with a rod of iron
19. 15 and he shall rule them with a rod of iron
ROE, roebuck, (young)
1.A imld goat, roe, n^y; yaalah.
Prov. 5. 19 (be as) the iovinghind and pleasant roe
2. Young roe or hart, ."vsy tpy opher tsebiyyah.
Song 4. 5 (are) like two young roes that are twins
7. 3 (are) like two young roes (that are) twins
3. A roe, roebuck, 3V tsebi.
Deut 12. 15 as of the roebuck, and as of the hart
12. 22 Even as the roebuck and the hart is eaten
14. 5 the roebuck, and the fallow deer, and the
15. 22 shall eat it) alike, as the roebuck, and as
2 Sa. 2. 18 Asahel (was as) light of foot as a wild roe
i Ki. 4. 23 roebucks, and fallow deer, and fatted fo.
1 Ch.i2. 8 as swift as the roes upon the mountains
Prov. 6. 5 Deliver thyself as a roe from the hand
Song 2. 7 by the roes, and by the hinds of the field
2. 9 My beloved is like a roe or a young hart
2. 17 be thou like a roe or a young hart upon
3. 5 by the roes, and by the hinds of the field
8. 14 be thou like to a roe or to a young hart
Isa. 13. 14 And it shall be as the chased roe, and as a
RO-GE -UM, D Sfi fullers place.
A city in Gilead, in Gad or Manasseh.
2 Sa. 17. 27thatShobi..andBarzilIaitheGileaditeof R.
19. 31 BarzillaitheGileadite came downfrom B>
ROH -OAH, narrj outcry, alarm.
A son of SharaeV, grandson of lieriah son of Asher. B.C.
i Ch. 7. 34 Ahi, and R., Jehubbah, and Aram
1. Polished loriting table, j
vVa gillayon.
Isa. 8. i Take thee a great roll, and write in it with
2. A roll, volume, -"iVa;? megillah.
Ezra 6. -2 there was found at Achmetha . . a roll, and
Jer. 36. 2 Take thee a roll of a book, and write
36. 4 and Baruch wrote . . upon a roll of a book
36. 6 read in the roll, which thou hast written
36. 14 Take in thine hand the roll wherein thou
36. 14 son of N eriah took the roll in his lumcl
36. 20 they laid up the roll in the chamber of
36. 21 the king sent Jehudi to fetch the roll
36. 23 the roll was consumed in the fire that (was)
36. 25 that he would not bum the roll ; but he
36. 27 the king had burnt the roll, and the words
36. 28 Take thee again another roll, and write
36. 28 former words that were in the first roll
36. 29 Thou hast burnt this roll, saying,Why hast
36. 32 ThentookJeremiahanotherroll.andgavu
Eze. 2. 9 and, lo, a roll of a book (was) therein
3. i eat this roll, and go speak unto the house
3. 2 mouth, and he caused me to eat that roll
3. 3 fill thy bowels with this roll that I give
Zech. 5 . ! Then I turned, .and, behold, a flying mil
5. 2 I see a flying roll ; the length thereof, the
8. A book, scroll, njip sephar.
Ezra 6. i search wag made in the house of the rolls
ROLL (elve, away, back, down, to, together, unto), to
1. To roll, TftgalaL
Gen. 29. 3 rolled the stone from the well s mouth
29. 8 they roll the stone from the well s mouth
Josh. 5.9! rolled away the reproach of Egypt from
10. 18 Roll great stones upon the mouth of the
i Sa. 14. 33 Ye have transgressed : roll a great stone
Frov 26. 27 he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon
2. To roll, Vfl galal, 3a.
Jer. 51. zs roll thee down from the rocks, and will
3. To (cause to) roll, ^a galal, 5.
Gen. 29. 10 rolled the stone from the well s mouth,and
4. To roll self, %a galal, la.
Job 30. 14 in the desolation they rolled themselves
5. To press or roll self through, tify palash, 7.
Mic. i. 10 in the house of Aphrah roll thyself in the
6. To roll off or away, biroKv\i(a apokulizo.
Matt 28. 2 rolled back the stone from the door, and
Mark 16. 3 Who shall roll us away the stone from the
1 6. 4 they saw that the stone was rolled away
Luke24 . 2 they found the stone rolled away from tlie
7. To roll round or up, tihlfrcroc heilissr,, lAiWw.
Rev. 6. 14 as a scroll when it is rolled together ; and
8. To roll toward, irpoffKvXiui proskuliO.
Matt 27. 60 he rolled a great stone to the door of
Mark 1 5 . 4 6 and rolled a stone unto the door of the
ROLLED together, to be
I. To be rolled, S^a galal, 2.
Isa. 34. 4 shall be rolled together as a scroll, and
2. To be rolled, ^3 galal, 4a.
Isa. 9. 5 noise, and garments rolled in blood
ROLLER, rolling thing
1 . A rolling thing, wheel, ^a^a galgal,
Isa. 17. 13 like a rolling thing before the whirlwind
1.A bandage, ^Bn chittul.
Eze. 30. 21 put a roller to hind it, to make it strong
RO-MAM-TI E -ZER, iij: "fcryt highest help. A son of Heman, appointed by lot over the service of
song in the tabernacle in the days of David. ^ c.
i Ch.25. 4 R., Joshbekashah, Mallothi, Hothir, (and)
25. 31 Thefourand twentieth to R., (he), his sons
RO -MAK, PcDuaioy, belonging to Rome.
John ii. 48 R. shall come and take away. .our. .nat.
Acts 1 6. 21 which are not lawful for us. .being R.
16. 37 beaten us openly uncondemned, being R.
16. 38 feared, when they Heard that they were R.
22. 25 Is it lawful . . to scourge a man that is a R.
22. 26 saying, Take heed, .for this man is a R.
22. 27 Tell me, art thou a R. ? He said, Yea
22. 29 ofraid, after he knew that he was a R.
23. 27 rescued, .having understood, .he was a R.
25. 16 It is not the manner of the R. to deliver
28. 17 was I delivered., into the hands of the R.
The capital of Italy, on the Tiber, about fifteen miles
from its mouth ; founded about 750 B.C., and covered
seven hills; in 716 Romulus its founder was killed; in
615 the Capital was founded; in 578 the first Roman
money was coined ; in 566 the first census was taken
and its citizens were reckoned at 84,700; in 550 HJ
v s Tullius divided them into six classes, insti
tuted the Comitia Centuriata ; in 520 the Sibylline books
removed from Curaa to Rome; in 510 the Tarquins exilled
and consular government established; in 409 the
ictatorship is instituted ; 493 the Comitia Tribute in-
[titutcd ; in 486 the first law proposed ; in 4S i the
Decemviri appointed ; in 433 temple of in Apollo dedicated; 406 the army first receives regular pay ; in 403 all
bachelors taxed ; in 400 the first public banquet of the
gods celebrated ; in 390 Rome burnt by the Gauls in
387 the Capitoline games established ; in 362 M. im tins
leaps into the gulf; in 269 the first silver coinage .-trm k
at Rome; in 235 the temple of Janus closed; in 181
discovery of the Sacred Books of Numa Pompilius- in
167 the first public library opened ; in 102 the eagle becomes the standard; in 100 Julius Cicsar born- in
64 Pompey annexes Syria ; in 55 Ctcsar invades Britain
in 29 temple of Janus again closed; in 12 Augustus made Supreme Pontiff. In A.D. 17 Cappadocia annexed
to Rome; in 44 Judea annexed ; in 50 Caractacus carried
to Rome ; in 64 Rome nearly burnt by Nero ; in 65 Paul
Peter, Seneca, and Lucan put to death ; in 71 Titus and
\ .
>]. iH,in receive a triumph, and the temple of Janus
closed; in 75 the temple of peace completed; in nt-
135 war with the Jews; in 274 Aurelian founds the
temple of the Sun ; in 306 Constantine dies at York in
312 Constantine establishes Christianity as the religion
of the state ; in 330 it is again formally recognised at
Constantinople; in 360 Julian abjures Christianity; in
364 division into the Eastern and the Western Empires ;
in 410 Rome taken by Alaric; in 600, according to Gib
bon, Rome had reached it slowest point; in728itcomes
under the sovereignty of the Pope ; in 846 threatened
by the Arabs ; in 1 1 55 Arnold of Brescia burnt for heresy
and sedition; in 1278 Charles of Anjou compelled to
abdicate by the Pope; in 1309 the Pope removes to
Avignon ; in 1434 the Romans revolt against the Pope ;
in 1626 dedication of St Peter s at Rome; in 1773 the
Jesuits expelled ; in 1798 the Pope deprived of his tem
poral power; in 1814 he returns to Rome; in 1846 Pius
IX. elected Pope, and in 1878 Leo XIII.
Acts 2. 10 and strangers of R., Jews and proselytes
1 8. 2 commanded all Jews to depart from R.
19. 21 After I have been there, I must also see R.
23. ii so must thou bear witness also at R.
28. 14 found brethren, .so we went toward R.
28. 16 And when we came to R., the centurion
Rom. i. 7 To all that be in R., beloved of God, cal.
1. 15 ready to preach the gospel to you. .at R.
2 Ti. i. 17 But, when he was in R., he sought me out
ROOF (of the house, or mouth)
1 . Rnof or top, upper part, :a gag.
Deut22. 8 shaltmake a battlement for thy roof, that
Josh. 2. 6 brought them up to the roof of the house
2. 6 which she had laid in order upon the roof
2. 8 she came up unto them upon the roof
JudgiS. 27 upon the roof about three thousand men
2 Sa. ii. 2 walked upon the roof of the king s house
ii. 2 from the roof he saw a woman washing
1 8. 24 watchman went up to the roof over the
Neh. 8. 1 6 every one upon the roof of his house, and
Jer. 19. 13 upon whose roofs they have burned inc.
32. 29 houses upon whose roofs they have offered
Eze. 40. 13 roof of (one) little chamber to the roof of
2.A beam, iryip qorah.
Gen. 19. 8 came they under the shadow of my roof
3. The palate, mouth, Tjn cJiek.
Job 29. 10 tongue cleaved to thereof of their mouth
l sa.137. 6 my tongue cleave to thereof of my mouth
hong 7. 9 roof of thy mouth like the best wine for
Lam. 4 . 4 cleaveth to the roof of his mouth for thirst
Eze. 3. 26 tongue cleave to the roof of thy mouth
4.A coloring, fiat roof, a-Ttyrj stege.
-Matt. 8. 8 that thou shouldest come under my roof
Mark 2. 4 they uncovered the roof where he was
Luke 7. 6 that thou shouldest enter under my roof
ROOM (chief, highest, large, upper, uppermost, in the)
l.A place, standing ground, Dips maqom.
Gen. 24. 23 is there room (in) thy father s house for
24. 25 We have both straw, .and room to lodge
24. 31 prepared the house, and room for the ca.
2. A nest, jp qen.
Gen. 6. 14 rooms shalt thou make in the ark, and
3.Broad place, arps merchab.
Psa. 31. 8 thou hast set my feet in a large room
4. Under, instead of, nnn tachath. (i Ch. 4. 41.)
2 Sa. 19. 13 before me continually in the room of Jo.
5. Over against, in the place of, tort anti.
Matt. 2. 22 did reign in Judea in the room of his fa.
6. Successor, SiaSoxos diadochos.
Acts 24. 27 PorciusFestus came into Felix room : and
7.Foremost seat for reclining, irpuroK\iffia prfitok.
Matt 23. 6 love the uppermost rooms at feasts, and
Markia. 39 chief seats, .and the uppermost rooms at
Luke 14. 7 marked how they chose out the chief ro.
14. 8 sit not down in the highest room ; lest a
20. 46 love greetings . . and the chief rooms at f.
8. A place, TOTTOS topos.
Luke 2. 7 there was no room for them in the inn
14. 9 begin with shame to take the lowest room
14. 10 KO and sit down in the lowest room
14. 22 Lord, it is done, .and yet there is room
i Co. 14. 16 how, shall he that occupieth the room of
O.An upper chamber, \nrtp$ov huperoon.
Acts i. 13 they went up into an upper room, where
ROOM, to make
To make brn,l or wide., 3rn rac.hab, 5.
Gen. 26. 22 For now the LOKD hath made room for
Prov.iS. 16 man s gift maketh room for him. and
I. Root, srto shoresh.
Deut29. 1 8 a root that beareth gall and wormwood
Judg. 5. 14 Out of Ephraim (was there) a root of th
2 Ki.ig. 30 house of Jutlah shall yet again take root
Job 8. 1 7 His roots are wrapped about the heap
14. 8 Though the root thereof wax old in the
18. 16 His roots shall be dried up beneath, and
19. 28 seeing the root of the matti.-r is found in
28. 9 overt urneth the mountains by the roots
29. 19 My root (was) spread out by the waters
30. 4 cut up mallows, .and juniper roots ff.. r ) Prov. 1 2. 3 root of the righteous shall not be moved
12. 12 but the root of the righteous yieldeth fr
Isa. 5. 24 their root shall be as rottenness, and th.
ii. i and a branch shall grow out of his roots
11. 10 in that day there shall be a root of Jesse
14. 29 for out of the serpent s root shall come
14. 30 kill thy root with famine, and he shall
37. 31 house of Judah shall again take root do.
53.2 shall grow up .. as a root out of a dry gn >.
Jer. 17. 8 spreadeth out her roots by the river, and
kze. 17. 6 roots thereof were under him: so it bee.
17. 7 this vine did bend her roots towards him
17. 9 shall he not pull up the roots thereof, and
17. 9 people to pluck it up by the roots thereof
31. 7 branches : for his root was by great waters
Dan. ii. 7 But out of a branch of her roots shall (one)
Hos. 9. 16 Ephraim is smitten, their root is dried up
14. 5 grow as the lily, and cast forth his roots Amos 2. 9 yet I destroyed . . his roots from beneath
Mai. 4. i that it shall leave them neither root nor
2. .4 root, trie shoresh.
Dan. 4. 15 leave the stump of his roots in the earth
4. 23 yet leave the stump of the roots therecf
4. 26 leave the stump of the tree roots; thy ki.
3.A root, pifa rhiza.
Matt. 3. 10 now also the axe is laid unto the root of
13. 6 because they had no root, they withered
13. 21 Yet hath he not root in himself, but dur.
Mark 4. 6 because it had no root, it withered away
4. 17 have no root in themselves, and BO endu.
ii. 20 saw the fig tree dried up from the roots
Luke 3. 9 now also the ax is laid unto the root of the
8. 13 these have no root, which for a while be.
Rom. 1 1. 16 and if the root (be) holy, so (are) the bra.
ii. 17 partakest of the root and fatness of the
ii. 18 thoubearest not the root, but the rootth.
15. 12 There shall be a root of Jesse, and he that
i Ti. 6. 10 For the love of money is the root of all evil
Heb. 12. 15 lest any root of bitterness springing up
Rev. 5. 5 Root of David, hath prevailed to open the
22. 1 6 I am the root and the offspring of David
ROOT, (to cause) to take
1. To take root, try? sharash, 3.
Isa. 40. 24 their stock shall not take root in the earth
2. To be rooted out, take root, cn;; sharash, 3b.
Jer. 12. 2 planted them, yea, they have taken root
.To cause to take root, trtf sharash, 5.
Job 5. 3 have seen the foolish taking root : but
Psa. 80. 9 didst cause it to take deep root, and it fll.
Isa. 27. 6 He shall cause them . . to take root : Israel
ROOT out or up, to
1. To pluck up, cm nathash.
Deut2g. 28 LORD rooted them out of their land in an.
i Ki.i 4. 15 shall root up Israel out of this good land
Jer. 1. 10 to root out, and to pull down, and to de.
2. To root up or out, V~r$ sharash, 3.
Job 31. 12 and would root out all mine increase
Psa. 52. 5 and root thee out of the land of the living
3. To root out, ticpi^ota ekrizoij.
Matti3. 2 9 while ye gather up the tares, ye root up
ROOTED (out or up), to be
1. To be plucked out or up, npj nasach.
Prov. 2. 22 the transgressors shall be rooted out of it
2. To be broken off or away, pnj nathaq, 2.
Job 18. 14 His confidence shall be rooted out of his
3. To be uprooted, np^ aqar, 2.
Zeph. 2. 4 shall drive out . . Ekron shall be rooted i;p
4. To be rooted up or out, v~ff sharash, 4.
Job 31. 8 let me sow., let my offspring be rooted out
5. To root out, ti<pi6ci> ckrizoo.
lattis. 13 said. Every plant, .shall be rooted up
i!. TH 11,- rooted, pi6o(nai rhizoomai.
.\<\\. 3. 17 that ye, being rooted and grounded in love
Col. 2. 7 Kooted and built up in him, and stablis.
ROOTS, to pluck (or be plucked) up by the
1. To pluck up, c>y nathash.
2 Ch. 7. 20 Then will I pluck them up by the roots out
2. To be uprooted, T3J? aqar, 2.
Dan. 7. 8 three., horns plucked up by the roots: and
3. To root out, ti<pioei> ekrizofi.
Lnkei?. 6 Be thou plucked up by the root, and be
.) ude 12 fruit, twice dead, plucked up by the root*
I.Cord, line., rope, ^^n chebel.
2 Sn.i7. 3 then shall all Israel bring ropes to that
i Ki.2o. 31 put sackcloth onour loins, and ropes upon
20. 32 ropesou their heads, and came to the king
2. Thick band, rdtf, abofh.
JudgiO. ii If they bind me fast with new ropes that
16. 12 Delilah therefore took new ropes, and bo.
Isa. 5. 18 draw, .sin as it were with a cart rope
3.A rope Made of bulrushes, ffxot^iov schoinion.
Acts 27. 32 Then the soldiers cut otf the ropes of the
Meadow saffron or narcissus, n^V^n chabatstsdeth
Song 2. i the rose of Sharon, (anil) the lily of the va.
Isa. 35. i desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the r.
ROSK, vvn head.
A son of Benjamin. B.C. 1700.
Gun. 46. 21 And the sons of Benjamin (were). .R., II.
ROT, ;to make) to
1. To fall, Vj} naphal.
Num. 5. 21 LORD doth make thy thigh to rot, and thy
5. 27 belly shall swell, and her thigh shall rot
2. To cause to fall, S?3 naphal, 5.
Num. 5. 22 (thy) belly to swell, and (thy) thigh to rot
3. To rot, 35-3 raqab.
Prov. 10. 7 but the name of the wicked shall rot
Isa. 40. 20 chooseth a tree (that) will not rot ; he se.
ROTTEN, to be
To lie putrid, trj^ abash.
Joel i. 17 seed is rotten under their clods, the gar.
ROTTEN, (rags, thing,) rottenness
I.Rays, tatters, D n^p melachim.
Jer. 38. ii old cast clouts and old rotten rags, and
38. 12 now (these) old cast clouts and rotten rags
2.Rntteness, putridity, fcetor, po maq.
Isa. 5- 24 their root shall be as rottenness, and their
3. Rotten, 3jri raqab.
Job 13. 28 as a rotten thing, eonsumeth, as a garment
Prov. 12. 4 she that maketh ashamed (is) as rottenn.
14. 30 but euvy the rottenness of the bones
Hos . 5. 12 and to the house of Judah as rottenness
Hab. 3. 16 rottenness entered into my bones, and I
4. Rottenness, p3ijl riqqabon.
Job 41 27 iron as straw, (and) brass as rotten wood
ROUGH (places)
I. Mighty, jn>N, jnx ethan.
Deut2i. 4 bring down the heifer unto a rough valley
2. Rough, bristling, "Gp samar
Jer. 51. 27 cause the horses to come up as the rough
3. Gathered together, Jieaped up, C pri rekasim.
Isa. 40. 4 made straight, and the rough places plain
4.Sharj), hard, ntf jj qasheh.
Isa. 27. 8 he stayeth his rough wind in the day of
5. Hairy, -ryy sair. ,
Dan. 8. 21 And the rough goat (is) the king of Grecia
6. Hair, ~\jsf sear.
Zech.i3. 4 neither shall they wear a rough garment
"i.Rough, rugged, hard, uneven, rpaxvs trachus.
Luke 3 . 5 and the rough ways (shall be) made smooth
1. Strong, fierce, rj_ az.
Prov 1 8. 23 useth entreaties, .rich answereth roughly
2. Sharp, hard, nf jj qasheh.
Gen. 42. 7 Joseph . . spake roughly unto them ; and he
42. 30 spake roughly to us, and took us for spies
1 Sa. 20. 10 what (if) thy father answer thee roughly
T Ki. 12. 13 the king answered the people roughly, and
2 Ch. 10. 13 the king answered them roughly : and ki.
ROUND fthing)
1. To be scaly, Dgpn chaspas.
Exodi6. 14 a small round thing, (as) small as the hoar
2. Roundness, inp sahar.
Song 7 . 2 Thy navel (is like) a round goblet, (which)
3.Round, hty agol.
1 Ki. 7. 23 (it was) round all about, and his height
7. 31 the mouth thereof (was) round, (after) the
7. 31 with their borders, foursquare, not round
7. 35 a round compass of half a cubit high: and
10. 19 the top of the throne (was) round behind
2 Ch. 4. 2 he made a molten sea. .round in compass
[See also Beset, compass, go, inclose, tires like the moon
To go or compass round about, *]pj naqaph, 5.
Lev. 19. 27 Ye shall not round the corners of your
ROUND about
\.Like a circle, ing kad-dur.
Isa. 29. 3 I will camp against thee round about, and
2. Environs, round about, a circle, 3pp mesab.
i Ki. 6. 29 all the walls of the house round about
Job 37. 12 it is turned round about by his counsels
3. Round about, 3 3.p sabib.
Gen. 23. 17 that (were) in all the borders round about
35- 5 the cities that (were) round about them
41. 48 food of the field, which (was) round about
Exod. 7 . 24 Egyptians digged round about the river
1 6. 13 in the morning the dew lay round about
19. 12 set bounds unto the people round about
Exod25- 1 1 make upon it a crown of gold round about
25. 24 make thereto a crown of gold round about
25. 25 a border of an hand breadth round about
25. 25 crown to the border thereof round about
27. 17 the pillars roundabout the court(shallbe)
28. 32 of woven work round about the hole of it
33 pomegranates, .round about the hem the.
33 bells of gold between them round about
34 upon the hem of the robe round about
16 sprinkle (it) round about upon the altar
20 the blood upon the altar round about
3 and the sides thereof round about, and
3 make unto it a crown of gold round abo.
5 made a crown of gold to it round about
1 1 made thereunto a crown of gold round a.
12 a border of an hand breadth round about
12 a crown, .for the border thereof round a.
26 and the sides thereof round about, and
26 made unto it a crown of gold round about
1 6 hangings of the court round about (were)
20 tabernacle, and of the court round about
31 the sockets of the court round about, and
31 and all the pins of the court round about
23 a baud round about the hole, that it sho.
25 round about between the pomegranates
26 round about the hem of the robe to min
8 thou shalt set up the court round about
33 round about the tabernacle and the altar
5, ii sprinkle the blood round about upon
2 sprinkle the blood upon the altar round a.
8 blood thereof round about upon the altar
13 blood thereof upon the altar round about
2 blood thereof shall he sprinkle round ab.
15 upon the horns of the altar round about
19, 24 the blood upon the aitar round about
12 he sprinkled round about upon the altar
18 he sprinkled upon the altar round about
. 41 house to be scraped within round about
. 1 8 upon the horns of the altar round about
. 31 villages which have no wall round about
. 44 of the heathen that are round about you
. 50 shall encamp round about the tabernacle
. 53 the Levites shall pitch round about the
. 26 by the altar round about and the cords
. 37 the pillars of the court round about, and
. 26 which (is), .by the altar round about, and
. 32 the pillars of the court round about, and
. 24 and set them round about the tabernacle
31 on the other side, round about the camp
32 they spread (them), .round about thecamp
34 Israel that (were) round about them fled
. 4 company lick up all (that are) round about
33 (even) the cities of the country round ab.
12 land with the coasts thereof round about
2 suburbs for the cities round about them
4 and outward a thousand cubits round ab.
14 of the people which (are) round about you
10 rest from all your enemies round about
7 gods of the people which (are) round ab.
2 the cities which (are) round about him th.
19 rest from all thine enemies round about
12 coast of the children of Judah round ab.
20 the coasts thereof round about according
8 the villages that were round about these
1 1 with the suburbs thereof round about it
42 every one with their suburbs roundabout
44 And the LORD gave them rest round about
i rest, .from all their enemies round about
12 of the people that (were) round about th.
14 the hands of their enemies round about
21 stood every man in his place round about i
29 Israel set liers in wait round about Gibeah 1
21 into the camp (from the country) round a. i
5 and the people pitched round about him |
7 Abner and the people lay round about him I
9 into the land of the Philistines round ab.
9 And David built round about from Millo
i the LORD had given him rest round about
22. 12 he made darkness pavilions round about
1 KI. 3. i house .. and the wall of Jerusalem round a.
4. 24 he had peace on all sides round about him
4. 31 and his fame wasiu all nations round ab.
6. 5 he built chambers round about, (against)
6. 5 the walls of the house round about, (both)
6. 5 oracle : and he made chambers round ab.
6. 6 lie made narrowed rests round about, that
7. 12 the great court round about (was) with
7. 18 two rows round about upon the one net
7. 20 in rows round about upon the other ch.
7. 23 (it was) round all about, and his height
7. 23 thirty cubits did compass it round about
7. 24 under the brim of it round about (there
7. 24 ten in a cubit, compassing the sea round a.
7. 36 according to the. .additions round about
18. 35 the waterran roundabout the altar; and
2 Ki. 6. 17 horses and chariots of fire round about
ii. 8 ye shall compass the king round about
ii. ii round about the king, from the right co
17- 15 went after theheathen that (were) round a
25. i and they built forts against it round about
25. 4 Chaldees(were) against thecity round ab.
25.10 brake down the wall of Jerusalem round a
2 5- 17 pomegranates upon the chapiter round a
1 Ch. 4. 33 their villages that (were)round about the
6. 55 and the suburbs thereof round about it
9. 27 they lodged round about the house of God
10. 9 into the land of the Philistines round ab
11. 8 roundabout, even from Millo roundabout
22. 9 give him rest from all his enemies round a.
28. 12 and of all the chambers round about, of
2 Ch. 4. 2 thirty cubits did compass it round about
4- 3 oxen, which did compass it round about
1 6
Num. i.
Deut. 6
2 5
Josh. 15
2 3
Judg. 2
1 Sa. 14
2 Sa 5!
2 Ch. 4. 3 ten in a cubit compassing the sea round a
14. 14 they smote all the cities round about G.
15. 15 and theLoRPgave them rest round about
17. 10 of the lands that (were) round about Ju.
20. 30 quiet ; for his God gave him rest round a!
23. 7 Levites shall compass the king round ab."
23_;io set all the people, .by the king round ab]
34. 6 unto Naphtali, with their mattocks ro ab.
Neh. 12. 28 the plain country round about Jerusalem
12. 29 had builded them villages round about J.
Job 10. 8 and fashioned me together round al,.,ut
19. 12 and encamp round about my tabernacle
22. 10 snares (are) round about thee, and Midd
41. 14 his face? his teeth (are) terrible round
Psa. 3 . 6 have set (themselves) against me ro. abo.
18. ii his pavilion round about him (were) dark
27. 6 up above mine enemies round about me
34. 7 The angel of the LORD eiicainpeth round a.
44. 13 a derision to them that are round aLnut
50. 3 it shall be very tempestuous round about
76. ii let all that be round about him brii-" pr
78. 28 he let (it) fall, .round about their habftft.
79. 3 shed like water round about Jerusalem
79. 4 derision to them that are round about us
89. 8 or to thy faithfulness round about thee ?
97. 2 Clouds and darkness (are) round about
97. 3 and burneth up his enemies round about
125. 2 (As) the mountains (are) round about Je.
125. 2 so the LORD (is) round about his people
128. 3 thy children like olive plants round abo.
Isa. 42. 25 it hath set him on fire round about, yet
49. 1 8 Lift up thine eyes round about, and beh.
60. 4 Lift up thine eyes round about, and see
Jer. i. 15 against all the walls thereof round about
4. 17 As keepers.. are they against her round ab.
6. 3 pitch (their) tents against her round abo.
12. 9 the birds round about (are) against her
21. 14 it shall devour all things round about it
25. 9 and against all the nations round about
46. 5 (for) fear (was) round about, saith the L.
46. 14 the sword shall devour round about theo
50. 14 in array against Babylon round about
50. 15 Shout against her round about: she hath
50. 29 camp against it round about, let none th.
50. 32 and it shall devour all round about him
51. 2 for. .they shall be against her round ab.
52. 4 and built forts against it round about
52. 7 Chaldeans (were) by the city round about
52. 14 brake down all the walls of Jerusalem ro.a.
52. 22 pomegranates upon the chapiters round a.
52. 23 pomegranates. .(were)an hundred rounda.
Lam. i. 17 his adversaries (should be) round about
2 3 flaming fire, (which) devoureth round ab.
2. 22 Thou hast called, .my terrors round abo.
J-ze. i. 1 8 their rings (were) full of eyes round abo.
i. 27 the appearance of fire round about within
i. 27 I saw. .and it had brightness roundabout
i. 28 appearance of the brightness round about
4. 2 set (battering) rams against it round ab.
5. 5 and countries that are round about her
5. 6 than the countries that (are) round about
5. 7 than the nations that (are) round about
5. 7 of the nations that (are) round about you
5. 12 shall fall by the sword round about thee
5. 14 among the nations that (are) round about
5. 15 unto the nations that (are) round about
6. 5 I will scatter your bones round about your
6. 13 among their idols roundabout their altars
8. 10 pourtrayed upon the wall round about
10. 12 the wheels, (were) full of eyes round about
11. 12 of the heathen that (are) round about you
16. 37 I will even gather them round about aga.
16. 57 Syria, and all (that are) round about her
16. 57 daughters, .which despise thee round ab.
23. 24 and shield and helmet round about
27. ii The men. .(were) upon thy walls round ab.
27. ii their shields upon thy walls round about
28. 24 thorn of all (that are) round about them
28. 26 those that despise them round about them
31. 4 her rivers running round about his plants
32. 23 and her company is round about hergrave
32. 24 all her multitude round about her grave
32. 25, 26 her graves (are) round about Urn ; all
36. 4 residue of the heathen that (are) round ab.
36. 36 the heathen that are left round about you
37. 2 caused me to pass by them round about
40. 5 on the outside of the house round about
40. 14 the post of the court round about the gate
40. 16 to their posts within thegate round about
40. 16 and windows (were) round about inward
40. 17 a pavement made for the court round ab.
40. 25, 29, 33 and in the arches thereof round ab!
40. 30 the arches round about (were) five and tw.
40. 36 the windows to itround about : the length
40. 43 within (were) hooks .. fastened round ab.
41. 5 four cubits, ro.und about the house on ev.
41. 6 the house for theside chambers round ab.
41. 7 went still upward round about the house
41. 8 also the height of the house round about
41. 10 thewidenessof twenty cubits round about
41. ii and the breadth, .(was) five cubits round a.
41. 12 the wall., (was) five cubits thick round ab.
41. 1 6 the galleries round about on their three
41. 16 the door, cieled with wood round about
41. 17 and by all the wall round about, witfiin
41. 19 made through all the house round about
42. 15 toward the gate., and measured it round a.
42. 16, Breeds, with the measuring reed round a.
42. 28 it had a wall round about, five hundred
43. 12 the whole limit thereof round about (shall
43. 13 the border, .by the edge thereof round ab.
43. 20 and put (it), .upon the border round about
Eze. 45. i holy in all the borders thereof round ab.
45. 2 round about ; and fifty cubits round ab.
46. 23 a row. .round about in them, round about
46. 23 boiling places under the rows round ubout
48. 35 round about eighteen thnu.s;uid(measures)
Joel 3. ii and gather yourselves together round ab.
3. 12 sit to judge all the heathen round about
Amos r ii adversary.. eveu round about the land
Nah. 3. 8 the waters round about it, whose rampart
Zech. 2. 5 be to her a wall oi tire round about
7. 7 cities thereof round about her, when (m.)
12! 2 trembling unto all the people round abo.
12. 6 shall devour all the people round about
14. 14 wealth of all the heathen round about
4. Round about, KVK\of)tv kuklothen.
Rev. 4. 3 rainbow round about the throne, in sight
4. 4 round about the throne (were) four and
5. it heard the voice of many angels [round ai).]
5. A circle, KVK\OS kuklos,(dat).
Mark 3. 34 looked round about on them which sat
6. 6 went round about the villages, teaching
6. 36 they may go into the country round about
Luke 9. 12 into the towns and country round about
Rom 15. 19 from Jerusalem, and round about unto
Rev. 4. 6 round about the throne, (were) four bea.
7. 1 1 the angels stood round about the throne
6. From every quarter, on all sides, iravrodtv.
Heb. 9. 4 overlaid round about with gold, wherein
7. Surrounding, roundabout, irtpi^ perix.
Acts 5. 16 the cities round about unto Jerusalem
[See atso Come, country, dwell, go, hedge, look, region,
HOUND about, to come, compass, or stand
To be, go, turn round about, 239 sabab.
Gen. 37. 7 your sheaves stood round about, and ma.
Job 16. 13 His archers compass me round about; he
40. 22 the willows of the brook compass him ab.
Psa. 8S. 17 They came round about me daily like w.
ROUND about, to beset, close or %o
1. To go, turn, or be turned round about, 239 sabab,2.
Gen. 19. 4 compassed the house round, both old and
Judgig. 22 beset the house round about, (and) beat
2. To be, go, turn round about, 239 sabab, 3a.
Psa. 59. 6 noise like a dog, and go round about the
Jon. 2. 5 deptli closed me round about, the weeds
ROUND about, places
I. Environs, circle, 3p.p mesab.
2 Ki. 23. 5 places round about Jerusalem ; them also
2. Round about, 2*29 sabtb.
Eze. 34. 26 them and the places round about my hill
ROUSE up, to
To cause to rise up, D p qutn, 5.
Gen. 49. 9 as an old lion ; who shall rouse him up ?
1. A row, fa tur.
Exod 23. 17 four rows of stones : (the first) row (shall
28. 17 a carbuncle: (this shall be) the first row
28. 18 second row shall be an emerald, a sapph.
28. 19 third row a ligure, an agate, and an ame.
28. 20 fourth row a beryl, and an onyx, and a
39. 10 set in it four rows of stones : (the first) r.
39. 10 and a carbuncle : this (was) the first row
39. ii second row, an emerald, a sapphire, and
39. 12 third row, a ligure, an agate, and an am.
39. 13 fourth row, a beryl, an onyx, and a jasper
1 Ki. 6. 36 three rows of hewed stone, and a row of
7. 2 upon four rows of cedar pillars, with ce.
7. 3 that (lay) on forty five pillars, .(in) a row
7. 4 windows (in) three rows, and lisht (was)
7. 12 three rows of hewed stones, and a row of
7. 1 8 made the pillars, and two rows round ab.
7. 20 in rows round about upon the other cha.
7. 24 knops (were) cast in two rows when it
7. 42 two rows of pomegranates for one net w.
2 Ch. 4. 3 Two rows of oxen (were) cast, when it was
4. 13 two rows of pomegranates on each wreath
Eze. 46. 23 a row (of building) round about in them
2. A row, .TVB tirah.
Eze. 46. 23 boiling places under the rows round ab.
3. Array, arrangement, 13"$.? maarakah.
Lev. 24. 6 And thou shalt set them in two rows, six
4. Array, arrangement, ri3"y;.O maareketh.
Lev. 24. 6 six on a row, upon the pure table before
24. 7 put pure frankincense upon (each) row
5.A layer or row, Hpi? nidbak.
Ezra 6. 4 three rows of great stones, and a row of
6. A row, "PH tor.
Song 1. 10 Thy cheeks are comely with rows (of je.)
ROW, rowers, to
\.To dij, dig through, inn chnthar.
Jon. i. 13 Nevertheless the men rowed hard to br.
2. T > move to and fro, Br shut.
Eze. 27. 26 Thy rowers have brought thee into great
3. Tn drive or push forward, rme, f\avvca elatino.
Mark 6. 48 he saw them toiling in rowing ; for the
John 6. 19 So when they had rowed about five and
\.Kinidom, .i?>
?D melukah.
a Ki.2<;. 2j Ishmael. .of the seed royal, came, and ten
Isa. 62. 3 and a royal diadem in the hand of thy G.
Jer. 41. i Ishmael .of the seed royal, and the pri.
2. A king, ^ melek.
Gen. 49. 20 (shall be) fat, and he shall yield royal da.
i 13 which .Solomon gave her of his royal bo.
Dan. 6. 7 consulted together to establish a royal
3. Kingdom, no1
?!? malhtM.
Estli. i. 7 royal wine in abundance, according to the
i. 9 (in) the royal house which (belonged) to
i. it To bring Yashti. .with the crown royal
i. 19 let there go a royal commandment from
1. 19 let the king give her royal estate unto
2. 16 Esther was taken, .into his house royal
2. 17 he set the royalcrown upon her head, and
5. i Esther put on (her) royal (apparel), and st.
5. i upon his royal throne in the royal house
6. 8 Let the royal apparel be brought which
6. 8 the crown royal which is set upon his he.
8. 15 in royal apparel of blue and white, and
4. Kingdom, reign, njSp? mamlakah.
Josh 10. 2 Gibeon(was)agreat city, as one of thero.
1 Sa. 27. 5 why should thy servant dwell in the royal
2 Ki.n. i she arose and destroyed all the seed royal
2 Ch.22. 10 destroyed all the seed royal of the house
5. Belonging to Hie king, &affi\fios basileios.
1 Pe. a. 9 a chosen generation, a royal priesthood
6. Kingly, /3o<nAios basilikos.
Acts 12. 21 Herod, arrayed in royal apparel, sat upon
Jas. 2. 8 If ye fulfil the royal law according to the
ROYAL CITY, n;^sn TJ; city of the kingdom.
A part of the chief city of the Ammonites, called also
Kabbah and the city of Waters.
2 Sa. 12. 26 And Joab fought . . and took the royal city
A canopy, arched roof, ^tV,shaphrir[v.L.-ii~i3v].
Jer. 43. 10 he shall spread his royal pavilion over
RUB, to
To rub, break in pieces, tyd>xw psocho.
Luke 6. i and did eat, rubbing (them) in (their)hands
Dust, tsj, aphar.
Neh. 4. 2 the heaps of the rubbish which are burnt
4. 10 (there is) much rubbish ; so that we are
Coral, red pearl, gem, CU JS, C M9 peniyyim,peninim
Job 28. 18 for the price of wisdom (is) above rubies
Prov. 3. 15 She (is) more precious than rubies : and
8. n For wisdom (is) better than rubies ; and
20. 15 There is gold, and a multitude of rubies
31. 10 a virtuous woman, .herprice(is). .abover.
Lam. 4. 7 they were more ruddy in body than rubies
A rudder, broad flat oar, irrj5a.\iov pedalion.
Acts 27. 40 loosed the rudder bands, and hoised up
I. Red, ruddy, clx adorn.
Song 5. 10 My beloved (is) white and ruddy, the ch.
2. Red, jic-iN, jbix admoni.
1 Sa. 16. 12 Now he (was) ruddy, (and)withal of a be.
17. 42 he was (but) a youth, and ruddy, and of
RUDDY, to be
To be red, ruddy, or firm, DTK adam.
Lam. 4. 7 they were more ruddy in body than rubies
Private, uninstructed, iStwr-ris idiotes.
2 Co. 1 1. 6 But though (I be) rude in speech, yet not
An element, first step or principle,n-roixf^ov stoich.
Col. 2. 8 after the rudiments of the world, and not
2. 20 if ye be dead, .from the rudiments of the
Rue, ir-fiyavov peganon.
Luken. 42 ye tithe mint and rue, and all manner of
RU -FUS, Pottos (Lat. Rufus) red.
1. A son of Simon the Cyrenian who was compelled to
bear the cross after Jesus.
Markis. 21 Simon a Cyrenian. .the father of. .R.
2. A believer in Rome to whom Paul sends a salutation.
Rom.i6. 13 Salute R. chosen in the Lord, and his mo.
RU-HA -MAH, ncrn pitied.
A symbolic name of Israel.
Hos. 2. i Say ye unto, .your sisters, R.
I. A ruin, np in harisah.
Amos9. ii I will raise up his ruins, and I will build
^..Overthrow, ."irnp midcheh.
Prov 26. 28 and a flattering mouth worketh ruin
3. Downfall, nnnip mcchittah.
Psa. 89. 40 thou hast brought his strong holds to ruin
4. Ruin, stumbling stone, Stepp mikshol.
Eze. 1 8. 30 so iniquity shall not be your ruin
21. is that (their) heart may faint, and (their) r.
ft. \\ l i t h "i stumbled, a ruin, iWao makshtlah.
Isa. 3. 6 be thou our ruler, and (let) this ruin (be)
6. What has fallen, fall, .1^97 mappelah.
Isa. 23. 13 palaces thereof ; (and) he brought it to ra.
25. 2 hast made . . (of) a defenced city a ruin
7. What has fallen, nSpip mappeleth.
Eze. 27. 27 the midst of the seas in the day of thy r.
31. 13 Upon his ruin shall all the fowls of the
8. Ruin, calamity, T9 pid.
Prov 24. 22 and who knoweth the ruin of them both?
9. To dig down, KuravKdirTu kataskapto.
Acts 15. 16 I will build again the ruins thereof, and
10. Breakage, a breaking down, prryna rhegma.
Luke 6. 49 fell ; and the ruin of that house was great
RUIN of, to be the
To cause to stumble, S?5 kashal, 5.
2 Ch.28. 23 they were the ruin of him, and of all la.
RUINED, (to be)
1. To be broken or thrown dovrn, D^n haras, 2.
Eze. 36. 35 the waste and desolate and ruined cities
36. 36 I the LOKD build the ruined (places, and)
2. To stumble, Sf"? kashal.
Isa. 3. 8 For Jerusalem is ruined, and Judah is
1. What has fallen, n^ mappalah.
Isa. 17. i Behold, Damascus .. shall lie a ruinous
2.To become ruinous, bare, burnt up, ny; natsah, 2.
2 Ki.ig. 25 lay waste fenced cities into ruinous heaps
Isa. 37. 26 lay wasted fenced cities (into) ruinous he.
1. Restraint, *yV2 matsar.
Prov 25. 28 He that (hath) no rule over his own spirit
^.Beginning, pre-eminence, h.px h arche.
1 Co. 1 5. 24 he shall have put down all rule and all
3.A rule (of measure or of cond^lct), KO.VWV kanon.
a Co. 10. 13 the measure of the rule which God hath
10. 15 be enlarged by you according to our rule
Gal. 6. 16 as many as walk according to this rule
Phil. 3. 16 [let us walk by the same rule, let usaiiud
RULE (over), to (bear or have)
I.Tobe a king, reign, ~h$ malak.
Eze. 20. 33 with fury poured out, will I rule over you
2.Rule, dominion, n^Qp memsheleth.
Gen. i. 16 rule the day, and the lesser light to rule
Psa. 136. 8 The sun to rule by day : for his mercy
136. 9 The moon and stars to rule by night : for
3. To rule, bys mashal.
Gen. i. 18 to rule over the day and over the night
3. 16 thy husband . .he shall rule over thee
4. 7 (shall be) his desire, and thou shalt rule o.
24. 2 servant of his house, that ruled over all
Josh 12. 2 ruled from Aroer, which (is) upon the b.
Judg. 8. 22 Rule them over us, both thou and thy son
8. 23 I will not rule over you, neither shall my
8. 23 rule over you : the LORD shall rule over
2 Sa. 23. 3 He that ruleth over men (must be) just
2 Ch.2o. 6 rulest (not) thou over all the kingdoms
Psa. 59. 13 let them know that God ruleth in Jacob
66. 7 He ruleth by his power forever; his eyes
89. 9 Thou rulest the raging of the sea : when
103. 19 preparedhis throne, .his kingdom ruleth o.
106. 41 and theythat hated them ruled over them
Provi2. 24 The hand of the diligent shall bear rule
16. 32 he that ruleth his spirit than he that ta.
17. 2 A wise servant shall have rule over a son
19. 10 much less for a servant to have rule over
22. 7 The rich ruleth over the poor, and the bo.
29. 2 when the wicked beareth rule, the people
Eccl. 9. 17 than the cry of him that ruleth among fo.
Isa. 3. 4 their princes, and babes shall rule over
3. 12 (As for) my people, .women rule over them
19. 4 a fierce king shall rule over them, saith
28. 14 that rule this people which (is) in Jerus.
40. 10 his arm shall rule for him; behold, his
52. 5 They that rule over them make them to
63. 19 thou never barest rule over them; they
Jer. 22. 30 sitting upon the throne, .and ruling any
Lam. 5. 8 Servants have ruled over us: (there is) no.
Eze. 19. ii rods for the sceptres of them that bareru.
19. 14 hath no strong rod (to be) a sceptre to r.
Dan. ii. 3 that shall rule with great dominion, and
11. 4 according to his dominion which he ruled
Joel 2. 17 that the heathen should rule over them
Zech. 6. 13 shall sit and rule upon his throne : and
4.To rule, HIT radah.
Lev. 25. 43 Thou shalt not rule over him with rigour
35. 46 ye shall not rule one over another with
25. 53 the other) shall Tint rule with rigour over
1 Ki. 5. 16 which ruled over the people that wrought
9. 23 which bare rule over the people that wrc.
2 Ch. 8. 10 two hundred and fifty, that bare rule over
Psa. 1 10. 2 rule thou in the midst of thine enemies
Isa. 14. 2 and they shall rule over their oppressors
14. 6 he that ruled the nation in anger, is pers.
Jer. c. 31 and the priests bear rule by their means
Ere. 29. 15 they shall no more rule over the nations
34. 4 with force and with cruelty have ye ruled
5. To rule, in rud.
Hos. ii. 12 Judah yet ruleth with God, and is faithful
6. To be a prince, Tf? sarar.
Esth. i. 22 every man should bear rule in his own
PTOT. 8. 16 By me princes rule, and nobles, (even) all
Isa. 32. i Behold .. princes shall rule In judgment
7. To ride, have power or aut/iority, ohy shalat.
Neh. 5. 15 their servants bare rule over the people
lath. 9. i the Jews had rule over them that hated
Eccl. 2. 19 yet shall he have rule over all my labour
8. 9 one mau ruleth over another to his own
8.7V rule, B^i? shelet.
Dan. 2. 39~which shall hear rule over all the earth
S. Ruling, ruler, B V? shallit.
Ezra 4. 20 kings also over Jerusalem, which have ru.
l)au. 4. :;, 25, 32 that the Most High ruleth in the
4. 26 shalt have known that the heavens do rule
5. 21 till he kuew that the Most High God ruled
10. To judge, be a magistrate, B5^ shaphat.
Ruth i. i in the days when the judges ruled, that
11.7V) be first, pre-eminent, &px& archo.
Mark 10. 42 they which are accounted to rule over the
12. To act as judge or president, fipafifvca brabeuo.
Col. 3. 15 let the peace of God rule in your hearts
1 3. To lead, guide, govern, 7jyf6na.i hegeomai.
Heb. 13. 7 Remember them which have rule over you
13. 17 Obey them that have the rule over you
13. 24 Salute all them that have the rule over you
14. To shepherd, guide, govern, iroinaivw poimaino.
Matt. 2. 6 a governor, that shall rule my people Is.
Rev. 2. 27 And he shall rule them with a rod of iron
12. 5 who was to rule all nations with a rod of
19. 15 and he shall rule them with a rod of iron
15. To set or place over or before, Trpoitrr^^i proistemi
Rom 12. 8 he that ruleth, with diligence; he that
i Ti. 3. 4 One that ruleth well his own house, hav.
3. 5 if a man know not how to rule his own ho
3. 12 ruling theirchildrenandtheir ownhotuei
5. 17 Let the elders that rule well be counted
RULE, to cause or make to
1. To cause to rule, x~n radah, 5.
Isa. 41. 2 Who raised up . .and made (him) rule over
2. To cause to rule, hytf mashal, 5.
Dan. ii. 39 he shall cause them to rule over many, and
RULED, to be, or that
1. Ruler, rule, dominion, ^$30 mimsftal.
1 Ch.26. 6 that ruled throughout the house of their
2. To kiss or salute, p&) nashaq.
Gen. 41. 40 acording unto thy word shall all. .be ru.
RTJLER, (chief)
1. A shield, i?? magen.
Hos. 4. 18 her rulers (with) sname do love, Give ye
2. To rule, ^y^ mashal.
Gen. 45. 8 and a ruler throughout all the land of Eg.
Judg 15. ii that the Philistines (are) rulers over us
2 Ch. 7. 18 There shall not fail thee a man (to be) ru.
Psa. 105. 20 The king sent and loosed him; (even). ,r.
105. 21 He made him lord of his house, and ruler
Prov. 6. 7 Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler
23. i When thousittest to eat with a ruler, con.
28. 15 (so is) a wicked ruler over the poor people
29. 12 If a ruler hearken to lies, all his servants
29. 26 Many seek the ruler s favour : but (every)
Eccl. 10. 4 If the spirit of the ruler rise up against th.
Isa. 14. 5 hath broken .. the sceptre of the rulers
16. i Send ye the lamb to the ruler of the land
49. 7 to a servant of rulers, kings shall see and
Jer. 33. 26 I will not take (any) of his seedCto be) ru.
51. 46 and violence in the land, ruler against ru.
Mic. 5. 2 come forth unto me (that is) to be ruler in
Hab. i. 14 as the creeping things, (that have) no ruler
3. A leader, TJJ nagid.
1 Sa. 25. 30 shall have appointed thee ruler over Isr.
2 Sa. 6. 21 to appoint me ruler over the people of the
7. 8 to be ruler over my people, over Israel
i Ki. i. 35 I have appointed him to be ruler over Is.
1 Ch. 5. 2 and of him (came) the chief ruler; but the
9. ii the son of Ahitub, the ruler of the house
9. 20 the son of Eleazar was the rulerover them
ii. 2 thou shalt be a ruler over my people Isr.
17. 7 thou shouldest be ruler over my people
26. 24 And Shebuel. .(was) ruler of the treasures
27. 4 of his course (was) Mikloth also the ruler
27. 16 the ruler of the Reubenites (was) Eliezer
28. 4 for he hath chosen Judah (to be) the nil.
2 Ch. 6. 5 neither chose I any man to be a ruler ov.
ii. 22 Rehoboam made Abijah. .(to be) ruler
19.11 the son of Ishmael, the ruler of the house
31. 12 over which Cononiah the Levite(was)ru.
31. 13 and Azariahthe ruler of the house of God
35. 8 Zechariah and Jehiel, rulers of the house
Neh. ii. ii son of Ahitub, (was; the ruler of the ho.
4. One lifted up, .*iy\ nasi.
Exod 16. 22 rulers of the congregation came and told
22. 28 not revile the gods, nor curse the ruler of
34. 31 all the rulers of the congregation return.
35. 27 rulers brought onyx stones, and for the
Lev. 4. 22 When a ruler hath sinned, and done (so.)
Numi3. 2 send a man, every one a ruler among th.
5. Captain, ruler, judge, J Sjj qatsin.
Isa. i. 10 Hear the word of the LORD, ye rulers of
3. 6 Thou hast clothing, be thou our ruler
3. 7 nor clothing : make me not a ruler of the
22. 3 All thy rulers are fled together, they are
6. A head, vvh rosh.
Deut. 1.13 and I will make them rulers over you
Isa. 29. 10 prophets and your rulers, the seers hath
7. To rule, n-n radah.
Psa. 68. 27 There (is) little Benjamin (with) their ru.
8. Princes, D jn [razan],
Psa. ?.. 2 rulers take counsel together, against the
9. Officer, controller, "V? sar.
Gen. 47. 6 then make them rulers over my cattle
Exodi8.2i, 25 rulers of thousands, (and) rulers of hu.
18. 21, 25 rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens
Judg. 9. 30 when Zebul the ruler of the city heard
2 Ki. 10. i sent to Samaria, unto the rulersof Jezre.
ii. 4 fetched the rulers overhundreds, with thu
ii. 19 took the rulers over hundreds, and theca.
1 Ch. 21. 2 David said to Joab, and to the rulers of
27. 31 All these (were) the rulers of the substa.
29. 6 with the rulers of the king s work, offered
2 011.29. 20 gathered the rulers of the city, and went
Ezra 10. 14 Let now our rulers of all the congregation
Neh. 3. 9, 12, 16, 17, 18 the ruler of the half part of
3. 14 the ruler of partof Beth-haccerem; hebu.
3. 15 Shallum the son of Col-hozeh, the ruler
3 19 Ezer the son of Jeshua, the ruler of Miz.
4. 16 the rulers (were) behind all the house of
7. 2 gave . . Hananiah the ruler of the palace
11. i rulers of the people dwelt at Jerusalem
Esth. 3. 12 to the rulers of every people of every pr.
8. 9 deputies and rulers of the provinces wh.
9. 3 all the rulers of the provinces, and the Ii.
10.7*0 be an overseer, one in authority, iay shatar.
2 Ch.26. ii Maaseiah the ruler, under the hand of H.
II. Rule, authority, lia^p shilton.
Dan. 3. 2 all the rulers of the provinces, to come to
3. 3 rulers of the provinces, were gathered
IZ.Rule, ruling, B Vtf shallit.
Eccl. 10. 5 an error (which) proceeded from the ruler
Dan. 2. 10 therefore (there is)uo king, lord, nor ruler
5. 29 should be the third ruler in the kingdom
13. Prefects, D Jjp seganim.
Ezra 9. 2 hand of the princes and rulers hath been
Neh. 2. 16 rulers knew not whether I went, or what
2. 1 6 nor to the rulers, nor to the rest that did
4. 14 to the rulers, and to the rest of the people
4. 19 I said unto the nobles, and to the rulers
5. 7 rebuked the nobles, and the rulers, and
5. 17 hundred and fifty of the Jews and rulers
7. 5 gather together the nobles, and the rulers
12. 40 and I, and the half of the rulers with me
13. ii Then contended I with the rulers, and said
Jer. 51. 23 will I break in pieces captains and rulers
51. 28 all the rulers thereof, and all the land of
51. 57 her wise (men), her captains, and her ru.
Eze. 23. 6 clothed with blue, captains and rulers, all
23. 12 captains and rulers clothed most gorgeo.
23. 23 captains and rulers, great lords and ren.
14. Ruler, chief magistrate, &px&v archon.
Matt. q. 18 there came a certain ruler, and worship.
9. 23 when Jesus came into the ruler s house
Luke 8. 41 ruler of the synagogue : and he fell down
18. 18 certain ruler asked him, saying, Good M.
23. 13 when he had called together, .the rulers
23. 35 the rulers also with them derided (him)
24. 20 how the chief priests and our rulers del.
John 3. i There was a man. .a ruler of the Jews
7. 26 Do the rulers know indeed that this is the
7. 48 Have any of the rulers or of the Pharisees
12. 42 among the chief rulers also many believed
Acts 3. 17 that through ignorance . .(did) also your r.
4. 5 that their rulers, and elders, and scribes
4. 8 Ye rulers of the people, and elders of Is.
4. 26 rulers weregathered together against the
7. 27, 35 Who made thee a ruler and a judge
7. 35 tne same did God send to be a ruler and
13. 27 their rulers, because they knew him not
14. 5 also of the Jews with their rulers, to use
16. 19 drew.. into the market place unto the ru.
23. 5 Thou shalt not speak evil of the ruler of
Rom 13. 3 For rulers are not a terror to good works
15.^-1 leader, guide, rtyefj.tav hegemon.
Marki3. 9 ye shall be brought before rulers and ki.
Luke2i. 12 brought before kings and rulers for my
16. World-ruler, KOfffioKparoap kosmokrator.
Epn. 6. 12 against the rulers of the darkness of this
RTJLER, chief of the city, feast, synagogue
I. Chief of a city, iroKira.px ns politarches.
Acts 17. 6 drew Jason, .unto the rulers of the city
17. 8 troubled the. .rulers of the city, when
Z.Chief of afestive parti/, ttfyirptic> ivos architrik.
John 2. 9 Whenjthe ruler of the feast had.tasted the
3. Chief of a synagogue, apxiffvvdycayos archisun.
Mark 5. 22 there cometh one of the rulers of the sy.
5. 35 came from the ruler of the synagogue s
5. 36 he saith unto the ruler of the synagogue
5. 38 to the house of the ruler of the synagog.
Luke 8. 49 cometh one from the ruler of the synago.
13. 14 ruler of the synagogue answered with in.
Acts 13. 15 rulers of the synagogue sent unto them
1 8. 8 Crispus, the chief ruler of the synagogue
1 8. 17 Sosthenes, the chief ruler of the synago.
RULER, to be or make a
1.7*0 appoint, np? paqad, 5.
2 Ki. 25. 22 made Gedaliah.. ruler ; i Kings n. 28.
i Ch. 26. 32 whom king David made rulers over the R.
2.7*0 rule, have power, ohy shelet.
Dan. 5. 7, 1 6 shall be the third ruler in the kingdom
l.To cause to rule, ohy shelet, 5. Dan. 2. 38, 48.
i.To let down KaOiffTr)/j.t kathistSmi.
Matt. 24. 45, 47; 25. 21, 23; Luke 12. 42, 44.
To rule, *>yQ mashal.
2 88.23. 3 (must be) just, ruling in the fear of God
Jer. 22. 30 sitting upon the throne, .and ruling any
RU -MAH, .-cii height.
The native place of Pedaiah father of Zebudah the
mother of Jenoiakim king of Judah. B.C. 610.
2 Ki.23. 36 Zebudah, the daughter of Pedaiah of R.
Multitude, noise, pen hamon.
Jer. 47. 3 the rumbling of his wheels, the fathers
1. What is heard, report, tidings, nyny shemuah.
2 Ki.ig. 7 shall hear a rumour, and shall return to
Isa. 37. 7 shall hear a rumour, and return to his
Jer. 49. 14 I have heard a rumour from the LORD
51. 46 fear for the rumour, .a rumour shall both
51. 46 after that in(another)year(shallcome)ar.
Eze. 7. 26 rumour shall be upon rumour ; then sh.
Obad i. We have heard a rumour from the LORD
2. What is heard, report, rumour, 6.K<ni akoe,
Matt24. 6 ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wa.
Mark 1 3. 7 ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wa.
3. -4 word, \6yos logos.
Luke 7. 17 this rumour of him went forth througho.
Rump, tail, rr?N alyah.
Exod2g. 22 shalt take of the ram the fat, and the ru.
Lev. 3. 9 the whole rump, it shall he take oft hard
7. 3 rump, and the fat that covereth the inw.
8. 25 took the fat, and the rump, and all the
9. 19 ram, the rump, and that which covereth
RUN, to
l.To go in, Hi 2 bo.
Ezra 8. 15 the river that runneth to Ahavajand th.
2. To go on, 7|Srr halak.
Psa. 105. 41 waters gushed out; they ran in the dry
Eccl. i. 7 All the rivers run into the sea; yet the
Eze. 31. 4 with her rivers running round about his
3. To go on, i^n halak, 3.
Psa. 104. 10 into the valleys, (which) run among the
4.7*0 go on continually or habitually, nhn halak, 7.
Psa. 58. 7 Let them melt away as waters (which) run
5. To flow, 3 T zub.
Lev. 15. 25 or if it run beyond the time of her separ.
6. To be poured or spread out, 13} nagar, 2.
Psa. 77. 2 my sore ran in the night, and ceased not
7.7*0 come or fall up, come against, yi paga.
JudgiS. 25 lest angry fellows run upon thee, and th.
8. 7*o run, pn ruts.
Gen. 18. 2 he ran to meet them from the tent door
18. 7 Abraham ran unto the herd, and fetched
24. 17 servant ran to meet her, and said, Let me
24. 20 ran again unto the well to draw (water)
24. 28 damsel ran, and told (them of) her moth.
24. 29 Laban ran out unto the man, unto the we.
29. 12 Rebekah s son : and she ran and told her
29. 13 ran to meet him, and embraced him, and
33. 4 Esau ran to meet him, and embraced him
>"um 1 1. 27 there ran a young man, and told Moses
16. 47 ran into the midst of the congregation
Josh. 7. 22 Joshua sent messengers, and they ran un.
8. 19 they ran as soon as he had stretched out
Judg. 7. 21 and all the host ran, and cried, and fled
13. 10 woman made haste, and ran, and showed
1 Sa. 3. 5 ran unto Eli, and said, Here (am) I ; for
4. inhere ran a man of Benjamin out of the
8. n and (some) shall run before his chariots
10. 23 they ran and fetched him thence: andwh.
17. 22 ran into the army, and came and saluted
17. 48 ran toward the army to meet the Phii ;t.
17. 51 Therefore David ran, and stood upon the
20. 6 that he might run to Beth-lehem his city
20. 36 said. .Run. .(And) as the lad ran, he shot
2 i prepared him. .fifty men to run before
18. 19 Let me now run and bear the king tidings
18. 21 Cushi bowed himself unto Joab, and ran
1 8. 22 let me, I pray thee, also run after Cushi
18. 22 Joab said, Wherefore wilt thou run, my
18. 23 let me run. And he said unto him, Run
18. 23 Ahimaaz ran by the way of the plain, and
1 Ki. i. 5 prepared him . . fifty men to run before him
18. 46 ran before Ahab to the entrance of Jezr
19. 20 left the oxen, and ran after Elijah, and
2 Ki. 4. 22 that I may run to the man of God, and
4. 26 Run now, I pray thee, to meet her; and
5. 20 will run after him, and take somewhat of
Job 15. 26 He runneth upon him, (even) on (his) ne.
16. 14 breach ; he runneth upon me like a giant
Psa. 19. 5 (and) rejoiceth as a strong man to run a
59. 4 They run and prepare themselves without
119. 32 I will run the way of thy commandments
147. 15 sendeth forth.. his word runneth very sw.
Prov. i. 16 For their feet run to evil, and make haste
4. 12 when thou runnest, thou shalt not stum.
18. 10 the righteous runneth into it, and is safe
Song i. 4 Draw me, we will run after thee. The ki.
Isa. 40. 31 they shall run, and not be weary ; (and)
55. 5 nations (that) knew thee not shall run
59. 7 Their feet run to evil, and they make ha.
Jer. 12. 5 If thou hast run with the footmen, and
23. 21 have not sent these prophets, yet they r.
51. 31 One post shall run to meet another, and
Dan. 8. 6 ami ran unto him in the fury of his pow,
Joel 2. 4 and as horsemen, so shall they run
2. 7 They shall run like mighty men ; they
2. 9 they shall run upon the wall ; they shall
Amos 6. 12 Shall horses run upon the rock? will(one)
Hal). 2. 2 make (it) plain. .that he may run that re.
Han. i. 9 and ye run every man nnto his own hou.
Zech. 2. 4 Run, speak to this young man, saying, J.
9. To run, j
pn ruts, 3a.
,\uh. 2. 4 seem like torches, they shall run like the
10. To (cause to) run, pn ruts, 5.
i Sa.i;. 17 and run to the camp to thy brethren
11. To run, flow, in rur.
Lev. 15. 3 whether his flesh run with his issue, or
12. To run, xy-J ratsa.
Eze. i. 14 living creatures ran and returned as the
13. To overflow, rush, fjtpt? shataph.
2 Ch.32. 4 brook that ran through the midst of the
14. To run to and fro, pyy shat/aq.
Isa. 33. 4 to and fro of locusts shall he mn upon
>. To rush impetuously, hormao.
Acts 7. 57 stopped their ears, and ran upon him wi.
16. To run toward or to, trpoa-rpfx^ prostrecho.
.Mark 10. 17 there came one running, and kneeled to
17. To run together with, (rvvTptxw suntrecho.
Mark 6. 33 ran a foot thither out of all cities, and
18. To run, rptxta tree-hit.
Matt 27. 48 straightway one of them ran, and took a
28. 8 departed . . and did run to bring his disci.
Mark 5. 6 when lie saw Jesus afar off, he ran and
15. 36 one ran and tilled a sponge full of vinegar
Lukeis. 20 ran, and fell on his neck, and kissed him
24. 12 [Then arose Peter, and ran into the Sep.]
John2o. 2 Then she runneth, and cometh to Simon
20. 4 So they ran both together : and the other
Rom. 9. 16 nor of him that runneth, but of God that
i Co. 9. 24 Know., that they which run in a race run
9. 24 but one receiveth the prize? So run, that
9. 26 I therefore so run, not as uncertainly ; so
Gal. 2. 2 by any means I should run, or had run
5. 7 Ye did run well ; who did hinder you that
Phil. 2. 16 that I have not run in vain, neither lab.
Heb 12. i let us run with patience the race that is
Rev. 9. 9 of chariotsV)f many horses running to ba.
RUN (aground, along, away), to
l.To ijo on, rfahalak.
Exod. 9. 23 and the fire ran along upon the ground
2. To,flee, rnj barach.
i Ki. 2. 39 ran away unto Achish son of Maachah ki.
3. To dash against or upon, run aground, (iron f\\u.
Acts 27. 41 ran the ship aground: and the fore part
RUN idown, out, over, through), to
l.To (jo in, jtis bo.
Eze. 24. 16 nor weep, neither shall thy tears run do.
2. To t>e rolled, ^3 gahtl, 2.
Amos 5. 24 But let judgment ran down as waters, and
3. To run out, ps; yatsaq.
1 Ki 22. 35 blood ran out of the wound into the midst
4. To (jo or come down, TV yarad.
Psa. 119. 136 Rivers of waters run down mine eyes, be.
133. 2 ran down upon the beard, (even) Aaron s
Jer. g. 18 that our eyes may run down with tears
13. 17 run down with tears, because the LORD S
14. 17 Let mine eyes run down with tears night
Lain. i. 16 mine eye runneth down with water, bee.
2. 18 let tears run down like a river day and ni.
3. 48 -Mine eye runneth down with rivers of wa.
5. To flow, run out, nz$ pakah, 3.
Eze. 47. 2 behold, there ran out waters on the right
6. To step, tread, iyy tsaad.
Gen. 49.22 bough, .(whose)branchesrunoverthe wa.
7. To run, fn ruts.
2 Sa. 22. 30 For by thee I have run through a troop
Psa. 1 8. 29 For by thee I have run through a troop
8. Fulness, n;n revayah.
Psa. 23. 5 anointest my head . . my cup runneth over
9. To pour out, 4nxfu> ekcheo.
Matt. 9. 17 the bottles break, and the wine runneth
lO-To run down, Kararptxta katatrecho.
Acts 21. 32 ran down unto them : and when they saw
11. To run around about, irfpiTpixv perilfecho.
Mark 6. 55 ran through that whole region round about run over, overflow, virfpfKxvvo/jia.i huperek.
Luke 6. 38 and shaken together, and running over
RTTN (away or down), to cause or make to
1.7*0 cause to go on, &; yalak, 5.
Eze. 32. 14 Then will I., cause their rivers to run like
2. To cause to run doum, TV yarad, 5.
I"Ba. 78- 16 and caused waters to run down like rivers
3.7t< cause to run, pi ruts, 5.
Jer. 4 g. to but T will suddenly make him run away
Q. 44 but I will make them suddenly run away
RUN before, greedily, in, to, thither to, to
l.To pour out, iKx^vta ekchunQ.
Jude 1 1 ran greedily after the error of Balaam
2. To leap or rush in, tla-irrtodta eispedaS.
Acts 14. 14 and [ran in] among the people, crying
3. To run to or into, tlarpix<* eistrecho.
Acts 12. 14 but ran in, and told how Peter stood be.
4.7*0 run toward or to, irpotrrptx^ prostrecho.
Mark q. 15 were greatly amazed, and running to (him)
Acts 8. 30 Philip ran thitherto(him), and heard him
5. 7*o run forward or before, wporpexo) protrecho.
Luke 19. 4 ran before, and climbed up into a sycam.
RUN to and fro, upon, to
1.7*0 push against, strip off, epp pasliat.
Judg 9. 44 two (other) companies ran upon all (the
2. To go to and fro, eie> shut, 3.
2 Ch.i6. 9 For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro
Jer. 5. i Run ye to and fro through the streets of
Dan. 12. 4 many shall run to and fro, and knowledge Amos 8. 12 they shall run to and fro to seek the wonl
/ech. 4. 10 which run to and fro through the whole
3. To <jo to and fro, B> shut, la.
Jer. 49. 3 lament, and run to and fro by the hedges
4. To (jo or run to ami fro, or along, pyy shaqaq.
Joel 2. 9 They shall run to and fro in the city; they
RUN together, under, violently, with, to
1.7*0 rush impetuously, 6pfjLa.o/ hormaomai.
Matt. 8. 32 whole herd of swine ran violently down
Mark 5. 13 herd ran violently down a steep place into
Luke 8. 33 herd ran violently down a steep place into
2. There was a concourse, fyti/ero o-vvtipon-fi.
Acts 21. 30 people ran together: and they took Paul
3.7*0 run together with, vvvrpfx^ suntrecho.
Acts 3. ii all the people ran together unto them in
1 Pe. 4. 4 they think it strange that ye run not with
4.7*0 run under or belou; virorpfxta hupotrechu.
Acts 27. 16 running under a certain island which is
RUNNING i together, to and fro, to come)
\.Living, " chai.
Lev. 14. 5, 50 in an earthen vessel over running wa.
14. 6 the bird (that was) killed over the runn.
14. 51 dip them, .in the running water, and sp.
14. 52 cleanse the house, .with the running wa.
15. 13 bathe his flesh in running water, and shall
Nuniig. 17 running water shall be put thereto in a
2. Running, nyrj.nywj mcrutsah.
2 Sa. 1 8. 27 running of the foremost is like the runn.
3., I running to and fro, pys mashshaq.
Isa. 33. 4 as the running to and fro of locusts shall
4. 7*0 run, }n ruts.
2 Sa. 18. 24 looked, and behold a man running alone
1 8. 26 the watchman saw another man running
18. 26 said, Behold (another) man running alone
2 Ki. 5. 21 ; 2 Ch. 23. 12 ; Prov. 6. 18.
5. To run together, tinffvvTptxw, Mark. 9. 25.
RUNNING issue, to have a
To ilim; issue, 2 T zub.
Lev. 15. 2 When any man hath a running issue out
22. 4 What man. .hath a runningissue, he shall
To flow on, St} na-Ml.
I rov. 5. 15 and running waters out of thine own well
l.,l reed, j
tOiN agmon.
Isa. 9. 14 the LOUD will cut off. .branch and rush
19. 15 which the head or tail, branch orrush, may
2. A rush, reed, K?a gome.
Job 8. ii Can the rush grow up without mire? can
Isa. 35. 7 where each lay, (shall be), .reeds and ru.
RUSH, to
l.To push against, strip off, Be;
j pashat.
Judg. 9. 44 rushed forward, and stood in the entering
20. 37 the liers in wait hasted, and rushed upon
2. 7*o be wasted, desolate, y shaah, 1.
Isa. 17. 13 The nations shall rush like, .many waters
3.7*0 overflow, rush, r^ shataph .
Jer. 8. 6 turned to his course, as the horse rusheth
4. 7*o rush impetuously, 6pudofuu hormasmiai.
Acts 19. 29 they rushed with one accord into the th.
RUSHING (to make a)
l.-l shaking, trembling, rushing, E>m raash.
Jer. 47. 3 at the rushing of his chariots, (and at) the
Eze. 3. 12 heard behind me a voice of a great rush.
3. 13 (I heard) also, .a noise of a great rushing
2. Wasting, desolation, noise, ]\Ky shaon.
Isa. 17. 12 the rushing of nations, .like the rushing
17. 13 The nations., like the rushing of many wa.
3. 7*o be wasted, desolate, HKp shaah, 2.
Isa. 17. 12 of nations, (that) make a rushing like the
4. 7*o bear on, rnrry, <p(pu, pherfi.
Acts 2. 2 a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all
"[.Eating, a devouring, jSpwiw brdsis.
Matt. 6. 19 where moth and rust doth corrupt, and
6. 20 where neither moth nor nut doth corrupt
I.Metallic runt, ifa ios.
Jas. 5. 3 the rust of them shall be a witness against
RUTH, nr, PovO friendship.
A Moabitess who became the wife of Malilon, elder
->n "f Elimelech and Naomi, and afterwards of Koaz,
to whom she bare Obed father of Jesse father of Lavid
B.C. 1312.
Ruth i. 4 one (was)Orpah. .the name of theotherR.
i. 14 Orpah kissed her. .but R. clave unto her
1. 16 And R. said, Entreatme not to leave thee
1. 22 So Naomi returned, anclR. the Moabitess
2. 2 R. the Moabitess. . Let me now go to the
2. 8 Then said Boaz unto R., Hearest tln.ii not
a. 21 And R. the Moabitess said, He said unto
2. 22 And Naomi said unto R. her daughter in
3. 9 And she answered, I (am) R. thim- hand.
4. 5 thou mustbuy (it) also of R, theMoabitess
4. 10 R. the Moabitess. .have I purchased to
4. 13 So lioaz took R., and she was his wife
Matt. i. s Booz begat Obed of R ; and Obed begat J.

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    The Adversary’s Goals:

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      QUESTION: Do you Believe the Devil Succeeds?___ Or Fails?___

    God the Father’s Goals:

    SCRIPTURE: "For God sent NOT His Son into the world TO CONDEMN the world, but that THE WORLD though Him might BE SAVED! John 3:16 John 3:17 SCRIPTURE: "Beloved, be NOT ignorant of this ONE THING, ...The Lord is... NOT WILLING that ANYshould perish, but that ALL should come to REPENTANCE. 2 Pet 3:9
      QUESTION: Do you Believe Father God Succeeds?___ Or Fails?___

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    SCRIPTURE: "For the Son of Man is come to seek and to SAVE that which is lost!" Luk 19:10 "For I came NOT to judge the world, but to SAVE the world. John 12:47 SCRIPTURE: "And I, if I be lifted up from the Earth, I WILL DRAW ALL men unto Me." John 12:32
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    God the Spirit’s Goals:

    SCRIPTURE: Jesus declares: "'I ’WILL’' send Him (Holy Spirit) unto you, and when He is come 'He ’WILL’' testify of Me: John 14:26 SCRIPTURE: "He ’WILL’ reprove the world [convict, convince, correct] of sin, of righteousness, and of judgment: John 16:7 SCRIPTURE: (1)Of Sin, because they believe not on me; ... (2) Of Righteousness, because I go to my Father; ...(3)Of Judgment, because the 'Prince of this World' IS JUDGED![A] John 16:8-10
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    [12] “MEDIPEDIA™" – Female Progesterone Deficiency, EARLY-SYMPTOMS, PART-1
    [13] “MEDIPEDIA™" - Female Progesterone Deficiency, EARLY-SYMPTOMS, PART-1
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    [46] “MEDIPEDIA™" – Can You Really HEART ATTACK PROOF Yourself by Diet
    [47] “MEDIPEDIA™" – ANTI-AGING SECRETS: Dietary-Secret-to-ANTI-AGING-HORMONE(Very Brief!)
    [49] “MEDIPEDIA™" – BIBLE HEALTH: ANTI-AGING SECRETS: Moses Said His "Natural Force" was NOT Abated!
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    [37] “BIBLIPEDIA™" - "Hall of Faith" Christian Activist Ministers, 20th Cent."
    [38] “BIBLIPEDIA™" –The Early Christian-Church Outlaws Homosexuality!
    [40] “BIBLIPEDIA™" – GOD-GIVEN Rights, Guaranteed in Bible: Called “Civil & Human” Rights
    [41] “BIBLIPEDIA™" - "Rush Limbaugh Quotes" on Christ and Christianity!
    [42] “BIBLIPEDIA™" - "TALK-RADIO REPUBLICANS, "Republican Power and Catholics!"
    [43] “BIBLIPEDIA™" - "GREAT COMMISSION MANDATE!" Some Sobering Questions;
    [44] “BIBLIPEDIA™" - "Hall of Faith" Christian Activist Ministers 20th Century"
    [45] “BIBLIPEDIA™" –The Early Christian-Church Outlaws Homosexuality!
    [47] “BIBLIPEDIA™" – GOD-GIVEN Rights Guaranteed in Bible: Called “Civil & Human” Rights
    [48] “BIBLIPEDIA™" - "Rush Limbaugh Quotes" on Christ and Christianity!
    [49] “BIBLIPEDIA™" - "TALK-RADIO REPUBLICANS, "Republican Power and Catholics!"
    [50] “AMERIPEDIA™" - George Washington Used 30-THEOLOGICAL TERMS, 3000 Times!


      *Cambridge Theological Seminary USA & Global has no connection or relationship to Cambridge University in England, EXCEPT . . .

      . . . we at "CAMBRIDGE in the USA!" are carrying on their "Christian Values of nearly 1,000 Years!" . . . as they have long since become secular humanists, agnostics and atheists: "Anti-Christ" in almost every way, and contrary to every Scripture.

      Cambridge Theological Seminary USA, with the tremendous growth in Global Ministry has had to undergo radical restructuring - as China, alone - swallows up time an resources helping start 400 Churches a month, plus India, and even hostile Muslim Nations!

      Under re-construction and growing greatly, we plan to have the full program in operation again in 2014;

      Pray for us, please!


    *Cambridge Theological Seminary:

      Cambridge Theological Seminary is a "Church" and recognizes no agency or religious institution apart from the local Church:

      FACT! Jesus Christ only claimed ONE INSTITUTION as His Own, HIS CHURCH! (Matt 16:18); Thus Scripturally, we recognize no religious institution apart from Christ's Church, be it a SEPARATE Bible College, Seminary, University, Mission Board, TV-RADIO Media Ministry, etc., etc.,


        And any Christian Day School, Christian Bible School, Seminary (training Ministers), that is NOT CHURCH is NOT SCRIPTURAL.

      FACT! Jesus - as leader of His Church here on Earth - TRAINED MINISTERS as part of HIS CHURCH . . . Jesus did NOT ordain a "separate" institution, or set up a "different" way, with "other" goals, and it's "own" authority, to train-educate Ministers!

      FACT! If a Bible School or Seminary is NOT a Church, it is NOT Scriptural School, and has NO RIGHT to train-educate Ministers, Christian School Teachers!

      FACT! If a Church is NOT Teaching Doctrine, Training and Ordaining Ministers, it is NOT a Scriptural Church - NOT a True Church - regardless what the IRS declares according to 501-C-3!

        (PS. Church is also NOT a Singing-and-Entertainment Center!);

      FACT! "Doctor" has NOTHING to do with medicine (except in modern American slang and pop" culture;

      FACT: "Doctor" in the Greek is "Master Teacher" and was used by Jesus many times!

      FACT! Old Testament Scholars were "Doctor's of the Law" over 3,000 years BEFORE modern Schools "copied" the word "Doctor" from the Bible!

      FACT! Likewise the word "Degree!"

      FACT: Thus "Doctor" and "Degree" are both Scriptural Concepts and words of Doctrine preceding the MODERN STATE UNIVERSITIES by millennia!

      FACT: That Harvard and Yale, Cambridge an Oxford CHOOSE to copy these terms from the Holy Scriptures, DOES NOTE preclude Christ's Church from retaining - and using - what has ALWAYS been ours!

    Go thou and teach likewise!

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    DEAR FRIEND ..... PLEASE take a FEW SECONDS ..... NOTE our "15 PROGRAMS BELOW ..... in which we may be able to ENHANCE YOUR MINISTRY CREDENTIALS ..... you may DESIRE to use them later ..... THANK YOU ..... MAY GOD BLESS YOU .....PLEASE PRAY for US ..... PLEASE TELL OTHERS ..... PRAY-FOR-US ...... and COME BACK OFTEN!
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