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[35] "AMERIPEDIA™" –

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Abraham Lincoln


Researching how Lincoln's Beliefs effected His Government;


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    Abe Lincoln: He may be the Greatest Democratically-Elected Leader ever!

    More books have been written about Honest Abe than any other human being except Jesus Christ.

    More statues have been erected to President Abraham Lincoln than any other person who ever lived . . . also excepting Jesus Christ!

    Of thousands of Presidential Monuments in the USA dedicated to the 44 presidents, one-third are dedicated to Lincoln, one-third to the Founding Fathers, and one-third to all the rest.

    On a world-wide stage, the difference is even more striking. The statues in memory to Lincoln exceed all other USA presidents combined, several times over.

    In fact, the books and statues to Lincoln exceed the books & statures for the other top-10 American Presidents - combined:


    What made Abe Lincoln so great? There is a 'Secret'! There is a great secret! Abraham Lincoln was the original "Mr. Republican!" (and founder of the Republican Party) Lincoln was a man extremely dedicated to the following:

      [1] Beliefs,

      [2] Principles,

      [3] Ideals . . .

      RATHER THAN . . . just winning elections.

    Thus Lincoln failed in more quests than he succeeded, and lost more elections than he won, but when he finally won, he had Proven Principles upon which to lead and govern greatly!

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Abraham Lincoln!


Abraham Lincoln and Jesus Christ, Compared for Students, Disciples:

The Mystery of Lincoln's Attraction!

Jesus Christ!

    Of whom 'Five-New-Books-Are-Written-About-Him-Every-Single-Day, with over 300-MILLION copies of His Words printed every year formally (in the western world) . . . (and 'mere-mortals boast of "BEST SELLING BOOKS that reach a Million or 10 in a "Life-Time?"). . .

    . . . and there are 24,000-Plus new Christian Titles in the USA each year, not to mention the many "Top-Sellers" that attract new readers year after year, plus the "Classics" that have been selling for centuries . . .

    . . . from the Pilgrim's Bible (now 450 years old), the KJV Bible (400 years old in 2011) Pilgrims Progress (the largest selling book of all time after the Bible, Matthew Henry's Commentary and Adam Clarke's Commentaries (on every preachers desk in the free world!)

    . . . and this 24,000 new Christian Books is just from the USA alone!


    Only God knows just how many Books are written about Jesus, how many copies of His Words, how many books about ministry, Church leadership, Christianity, etc., are written in the 230 nations of the world, especially with the greatest Christian growth taking place in Hispanic-Latino Nations, China, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

    At least one such researcher places the figures at 100 new books about Jesus every day, 100,000 new titles per year and a billion copies of the Words of Jesus EVERY YEAR, world-wide,

    Additionally, there has been 'A-New-Book-Written-About-Jesus-Every-Day . . . For-Over-A-THOUSAND-YEARS'; with more statues erected to 'His Honor' in every land, than anyone can tell . . . because they are neither counted, nor known, for multitude.

    What does this have to do with Abraham Lincoln?

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Abraham Lincoln


Abraham Lincoln, More Books about Him than Jesus Christ?

Lincoln: The World Studies Him!

    After Jesus Christ, however, there have been more books written about Abraham Lincoln than any other person who ever lived - 16,000 as of 2009:

    [Source Craig Symonds, Author of "Lincoln, His Admirers"].

    After Jesus, there have been more seekers, writers readers and admirers about Abraham Lincoln - the humble, countrified, never-attending-grade-school - much less college!

    Abraham Lincoln, somewhat 'ill-bred' (crude, some declared!) but born and raised in a 'three-sided-log cabin' (the fourth open to the elements, protected by a fire for the panthers and bears prowling at night;

    Yet Lincoln has been studied, written and red about more than any other human being:

      >> more than any King, Pharaoh, Caesar, or Czar;

      >> more than any Dictator, Emperor, President or Prime Minister;

      >> more than any Shah, Ayatollah, Imam or Generals of Armies;

      >> more than any Scientist, Philosopher, Musician, Sports or TV Star;

      >> In fact - according to some research - there have been more books about Lincoln than all other US Presidents: combined!

    Thus by so many searching-&-researching Lincoln’s Life, everything knowable should already be known:



    If you inquire about Abraham Lincoln's faith, you will find every position of faith possible thus attributed: Angry-Atheist, Super-Skeptic, Antagonistically-Agnostic, Doubting-Deist, Trusting-Theist, Effervescent-Evangelical, Fervently-Faithful . . . and ALL POSITIONS have a dozen personal "quotes" to prove their particular point of view.

"What is Truth?” Pilate asked Jesus!

To figure out this fascinating figure's faith, see "Abraham Lincoln: Journey of Faith" in the webpages listed above.


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Abraham Lincoln


Abraham Lincoln: Is he the Greatest "Christian Leader" of all Time?

Lincoln: The World Studies Him! Do You?

Abraham Lincoln

Books Written About Him;

More books written about Lincoln than all other US Presidents: COMBINED!

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