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Published 1915, Amplified & Edited 2010;

Contributors & Index:




I. Contributors 3163

II. General Index 3171

III. Scripture Texts . .■ 3407

IV. Hebrew and Aramaic Words 3448

V. Greek Words 3502

VI. Illustrations 3507

VII. Maps 3528



Alexander, Rev. Archibald, B.D., MA., D.D., Clergyman of United Free Church of Scotland; Late Lecturer on Christian Ethics in United Free College, Glasgow.

Creed (Creeds), Ethics, Logos.

Allen, George H., Ph.D., Editor of the "Forum Conche, or Fuero De Cuenca, the Mediaeval Charter and By-laws of the City of Cuenca, Spain"; Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Army (Roman), Italy, Procurator, Province, Roman Law, Rome, and other articles.

Anderson, Rev. Frederick Lincoln, M.A., D.D., Professor of New Testament Interpretation, New- ton Theological Institution, Newton Centre, Massachusetts. Temptation of Christ, Washing of Feet.

Angus, Rev. S., M.A., Ph.D., Professor of New Testament Theology and Church History in St. Andrew's College, University of Sydney, Aus- tralia.

Nabataeans, Nanaea, .Nero, Nicanor, Onias, Ptolemy, Roman Empire and Christianity, Tiberius, Tryphon, Vulgate, and other articles. Armstrong, William P., M.A., Professor of New Testament Literature and Exegesis in Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, New Jersey. Chronology of the New Testament. Banks, Edgar J., Ph.D., Formerly Professor of Ancient History in Robert College, Constanti- nople, Turkey, and Field Director of the Baby- lonian Expedition of the University of Chicago; Author of various publications; Greenfield, Massachusetts. Asia (Roman Province), Assos, Colossae, Diana (Artemis), HaUoarnassus, Hierapolis, Pam- phylia, Perga, Phrygia, Seven Churches (sepa- rate articles), Sherghat (Asshur), Troas, and other articles. Bauk, Rev. William, Professor of Church History, Eden Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri.

Balaam, Ishmael, Jubilee Year, Prince, Queen

Mother, Reign, Ruler, Sabbatical Year, and

other articles.

Bauslin, Rev. David H., D.D., Dean and Professor

of Historical and Practical Theology, Hamma

Divinity School, Wittenberg College, Springfield,


Gospel, Preacher (Preaching).

Bavinck, Herman, D.Th., Professor of Dogmatic Theology at the Free University in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. *

Death, Fall (The). Beecher, the late Rev. Willis Judson, M.A., D.D., Formerly Professor of Hebrew Language and Literature in Auburn Theological Seminary; Author and Writer for various publications; Auburn, New York. », -. ,

Abaddon, Abarim, Abi, Abiathar, Abijah, Achor, AduUam, Ahimelech, Chronicles (Books of), Ecclesiastes, Korah, Korahites, and many other articles.

Berry, George Ricker, D.D., Ph.D., Professor of Semitic Languages in Colgate University, Ham- ilton, New York.

Covenant in the Old Testament, and other


Bbtteridge, Rev. Walter R., M.A., D.D., Pro- fessor of Hebrew and Old Testament Inter- pretation in the Rochester Theological Seminary, Rochester, New York.

Creditor, Glory, Gods (Strange), Preparation (The), and other articles.

Bevan, Rev. Llewelyn D., LL.B., D.D., Prin- cipal of Parkin College, Adelaide, Kent Town, Australia.

Christ (Exaltation of), Christ (Offices of). Intercession, Intercession of Christ, Lamb of God, Prayers of Jesus.

Bishop, Rev. William S., M.A., D.D., Formerly

Professor of Dogmatic Theology, University of

the South at Sewanee, Tennessee; East Orange,

New Jersey.

Baptismal Regeneration (Anglican Standpoint).

Boyd, Rev. James Oscar, B.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Oriental and Old Testament Liter- ature in Princeton Theological Seminary, Prince- ton, New Jersey.

Abraham, Arabic Language, Isaac, Jacob, Laban, Lot, Rebekah, Sarah, and other articles.

Breslich, Arthur Louis, B.D., Ph.D., President of Baldwin-Wallace College and Nast Theo- logical Seminary, Berea, Ohio.

Amariah, Baasha, Bacchides, Bathsheba, Damage, Desire, Goel, Hallelujah, Ishbosheth, and many shorter articles.

Caldecott, Rev. W. Shaw, M.R.A.S., Member

of the Wesleyan Conferences of Great Britain

and South Africa; Bournemouth, England.

Ahaz, Altar, Amaziah, Athaliah, Jehoash,

Jeroboam II, Tabernacle (Historical), Temple

(Historical), and other articles.

Calder, William M., M.A., Professor of Greek and Lecturer in Christian Epigraphy in the University of Manchester, Manchester, Eng- land.

Antioch of Pisidia, Asia Minor, Cauda, Crete, Derbe, Iconium, Lycaonia, Lystra, Phoenix, Pisidia.

Carver, William Owen, M.A., D.D., Th.D., LL.D., Professor of Comparative Rehgion and Missions, and Associate Professor of New Testament Interpretation, in the Southern Bap- tist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky. Atonement, Keys (Power of). Propitiation, Truth, and a few shorter articles.

Caverno, Rev. Charles, M.A., D.D., LL.D., Author and retired Clergyman of the Congre- gational Church; Lombard, Illinois.

Beauty, Divorce in NT, Family, Polygamy,





Christie, Rev. William M., Missionary to Jews, Glasgow, and Examiner in Turkish, Glasgow University, Glasgow, Scotland.

Hamath, Inn, Nazirite, Seleucia, Syria, Zobah,

and other articles.

Clay, Albert T., Ph.D., LL.D., Laffan Professor of Assyriology and Babylonian Literature, Yale University, and Curator of the Babylonian Col- lection, New Haven, Connecticut.

Ashurbanipal, Babel (Babylon), Babylonia, Esar-haddon, Sargon, Sennacherib, Ur of the Chaldees.

Clippinger, Walter Gillan, B.A., D.D., Presi- dent of Otterbein University, and Lecturer on Psychology and Education, Westerville, Ohio. Blood, Dream (Dreamer), Ecce Homo, Friend (Friendship), Obedience, Rab-mag, Rab-saris, Rabshakeh, and a few other short articles.

CoBERN, Rev. Camden M., D.D., Ph.D., Professor

of EngHsh Bible and Philosophy of Religion in

Allegheny College, Meadville, Pennsylvania.

Alexandria, Calf (Golden), Ethiopia, Idolatry,

Images, Palestine (Recent Exploration),

Tahpanhes, Zerah (The Ethiopian).

CoHON, Rabbi Samuel S., B.A., Zion Temple, Chicago, Illinois.

Alliance, Aner, Aran, Ashhur, Ass, Barak, Ben-ammi.

CoNDER, the late Col. Claude Reignier, LL.D., M.R.A.S., Cheltenham, England.

Baal-zephon, Etham, Exodus (The), Goshen, Hittites, Migdol, Palestine, Pithom, Punon, Raamses, Shur, Sinai, Sucooth, Wanderings of Israel, Zoan.

Cotton, Rev. Jesse L., D.D., Professor of Old Testament Exegesis in the Presbyterian Theo- logical Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky. Hiram, Hobab, and other articles.

Cowan, Rev. Henry, D.D., Professor of Church History in the University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland.

Literature (Sub-apostohc Christian).

Crannbll, Rev. Philip Wendell, D.D., Presi- dent of Kansas City Baptist Theological Semi- nary, and Professor of Homiletics and Pastoral Theology, Kansas City, Kansas.

Clean, Cleanse, Defilement, Excommunication, Father, Genealogy, Hallow (Hallowed), Obe- dience of Christ, Worship, and other articles.

Crichton, Rev. James, B.D., M.A., Minister of the United Free Church, Chapelhall, Airdrie, Scotland.

Gedaliah, Gehazi, Hagar, Jair, Jareb, Jethro, Messiah, Sons of God (OT), and other articles.

Dau, W. H. T., Professor, Concordia Theological Seminary (Dogmatics, English Bible); Editor "The Theological Quarterly," St. Louis, Missouri. Baptism (Lutheran Doctrine), Baptismal Re- generation, Lord's Supper.

Davies, Rev. T. Witton, B.A., D.D., Ph.D., Professor of Semitic Languages in the University College at Bangor, North Wales.

Apocrypha and the Books of, Divination, Magic, Poetry (Hebrew), Witchcraft, and other articles.

Davies, Rev. William Walter, M.A., Ph.D.,

Professor of Hebrew, Ohio Wesleyan University,

Delaware, Ohio.

Absalom, Asa, Attitudes, Azariah, Divorce

in OT, Nabal, Nahash, and a number of shorter


Davis, Rev. John D., D.D., Ph.D., LL.D., Pro- fessor of Oriental and Old Testament Literature, Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, New Jersey. Antediluvian Patriarchs, Names (Proper).

Day, Alfred Ely, M.A., M.Sc, Professor of Natural Sciences in the Syrian Protestant College, Beirut, Syria. Geology, Natural Features, Zoology, and a large number of articles on related subjects.

DeMent, Rev. Byron H., Th.D., D.D., Professor Sunday School Pedagogy, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky. Repentance, Teaching, and other articles.

Dickie, Archibald Campbell, M.A., F.S.A., A.R.I.B.A., Architect and Assistant Secretary of Palestine Exploration Fund; London, Eng- land.

Arch, Architecture, Building, Cistern, City,

House, Ledge, Lodge, Loft.

Dickie, Rev. John, M.A., Professor of Systematic Theology and New Testament Language and Exegesis in Knox College, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Christian, Christianity (in Principle and

Essence) .

DooLAN, Rev. Leonard W., B.A., Th.D., Pastor of First Baptist Church, Bowling Green, Ken- tucky. Ornament, Superstition, and other articles.

DosKER, Rev. Henry E., M.A., D.D., LL.D., Professor of Church History in the Presbyterian Seminary of Kentucky, Louisville, Kentucky. Asmoneans, Between the Testaments, Bishop (General), Cross, Herod, Lord's Supper (His- torical), Nazarene, Strange Fire, and other articles.

Downer, Benjamin Reno, B.A., Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament, Kansas City Theo- logical Seminary, Kansas City, Kansas.

Cupbearer, Cushion, Dish, Door, Hangings,

Hearth, Home, and other articles.

Dunelm, Handley. (See Moule, H. C. G.)

DuNGAN, David Roberts, M.A., LL.D., Author; Des Moines, Iowa. Evil, Evil One, Evil Thing, Transgression, Trespass, Wickedness.

Eager, Rev. George B., M.A., D.D., LL.D., Pro- fessor of Biblical Introduction and Pastoral Theology in the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky.

Ablution, Abomination, Abstinence, Alms and Almsgiving, Anointing, Banking, Ban- quet, Barber, Basin, Basket, Beard, Bed, Bread, Burial, Buying, Cremation, Dress, Embalming, Marriage, Meals, and numerous other articles.

Easton, Rev. Burton.Scott, D.D., Ph.D., Pro- fessor of New Testament Exegesis, Western Theological Seminary, Chicago, Illinois. Assist- ant to the Managing Editor in the preparation of this Encyclopaedia. American Revised Version, Apostolic Age, Criticism (Graf-Wellhausen Hypothesis) , Grace, Hope, Hospitality, Kenosis, Judgment (Last), Parousia, Pauline Theology, Resurrection, Salvation, Saviour, Tongues (Gift of). Tongues (Confusion of). Tools, Trade, Versions (Georg- ian, Gothic, Slavonic), Wine, Wisdom, Zoroas- trianism; numerous briefer articles.



Edwakds, Rev. David Miall, M.A., Professor of

Doctrinal Theology and Philosophy of Rehgion

at the Memorial College (Congregational),

Brecon, South Wales.

Adoration, Affection, Affliction, Ananias,

Annas, Drink (Strong), Image, Iniquity, Joy,

Mediation (Mediator), Mystery, Ordination,

Raca, Savor, Seal, and other articles.

EisBLEN, Rev. Feedbrick C, D.D., Ph.D., Pro- fessor of Semitic Languages and Old Testament Exegesis, Garrett Biblical Institute, Evanston, Illinois.

Habakkuk, Nahum (Book of), Zephaniah

(Book of), and other articles.

EsTiis, Rev. David Fostee, M.A., D.D., Pro- fessor of New Testament Interpretation, Colgate University, Hamilton, New York.

Covenant (in NT), Priesthood (in NT), and

other articles.

Evans, Rev. ARTHtfR Walwtn, Lately Pastor of First Congregational Church, Springfield, Ohio. Daysman, Immanuel, Triumph, and other articles.

Evans, Morris 0., D.D., Ph.D., Minister of Lawrence Street Congregational Church, Cin- cinnati, Ohio; Formerly Lecturer on English Bible and Literature at the Independent College, Bangor, North Wales. Managing Editor of this Encyclopaedia.

Abel, Abolish, Accord, Adam (Books of). All, Anem, Aristobulus, Asiarch, Bank, Beholding, Bloody, Doxology, Gulf, Totemism, and numerous other signed and unsigned articles.

Evans, Rev. William, D.D., Lecturer and Asso- ciate Dean of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, California.

Covetousness, Debt, Extortion, Forerunner, Lying, Poverty, Sons of God (in NT), Wealth, and other articles. EwiNG, Rev. William, M.A., D.D., Minister of Grange United Free Church, Edinburgh, Scotland. Bashan, Bethsaida, Capernaum, Decapohs, Edom, Galilee, Gennesaret (Land of), Gilead, Hermon, Judah, Kenites, Midian, Peraea, Pisgah, Samaria, Shephelah, Tiberias, Traohoni- tis, and a large number of other articles (mainly topographical). Fairbanks, Arthur, Ph.D., Litt.D., Director of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massa- chusetts.

Greece (Rehgion in Ancient).

Farmer, Jones Hughes, B.A., LL.D., Dean in Theology and Professor of New Testament and Patristic Greek, McMaster University, Toronto, Canada.

Mark (John), Mark (Gospel of).

Farr, F. K., D.D., Professor of New Testament Exegesis and Introduction, Lane Seminary, Cincinnati, Ohio. Adam in OT and Apocrypha, Cain, Elijah, and other articles. Faulkner, Rev. John Alfred, M.A., D.D., Pro- fessor of Historical Theology, Drew Theological Seminary, Madison, New Jersey. Justification. FiNDLAY, Rev. Adam Fyfe, M.A., Minister of Bristo United Free Church, Edinburgh, Scotland. Apocryphal Acts. FiNDLAY, Rev. George Gillanders, M.A., D.D., Professor of New Testament Exegesis and Classics at Headingley College, Leeds, England. Galatians (Epistle to).

Fletcher, Lazarus, M.A., Ph.D., LL.D., F.R.S., Director Natural History Departments of the British Museum, London, S.W., England. Stones (Precious).

Forrester, Rev. Eldred John, B.A., D.D., Head of the Department of the Bible and Lecturer in American History, Mercer University, Macon, Georgia. Church Government, Esau, Innocence, Jeal- ousy, Reverence, and other articles.

Fortune, Prof. A.W., B.D., M.A., Department of

New Testament in the College of the Bible,

Lexington, Kentucky.

Alphaeus, Babylon in NT, Children of Israel,

Deutero-canonical Books, Eve in NT, and

other articles.

Fulton, A. S., M.A., Assistant in the Department of Oriental Printed Books and MSS, British Museum, London.

Havilah, Kedar, Nebaioth, Ophir, and other


Geden, Rev. Alfred S., M.A., D.D., Professor of Old Testament Languages and Literature and of Comparative Rehgion at the Wesleyan College, Richmond, Surrey, England.

Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Samuel, and the Books

corresponding to those names.

Genung, Rev. John Franklin, D.D., L.H.D., Ph.D., Professor of Literary and Biblical Inter- pretation, Amherst College, Amherst, Massa- chusetts. Adam in OTj Hezekiah and all succeeding kings of Judah, Job, Job (Book of), Proverb, Proverbs (Book of), and other articles.

Gerberding, Rev. G. H., M.A., D.D., Professor of Practical Theology in the Theological Seminary of the Evangehcal Lutheran Church, Maywood, Illinois.

Catechist (Catechumen), Rehearse, Search,

Train, and several brief articles.

GooDSPEED, Edgar J., Ph.D., Associate Professor of BibUcal and Patristic Greek, The University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois. Ostraca, Papyrus.

Grant, Rev. Alexander C, M.A., Missionary of the United Free Church of Scotland, Rajputana, India.

Eber, Elder (in NT), EU, and a few brief


Gray, Rev. James M., D.D., Minister in the Reformed Episcopal Church, Dean of Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, Illinois.

Bless, Desired of All Nations, Evangehst, Experience, Peter (Simon), and other articles.

GuMMEY, Rev. Henry Riley, Jr., M.A., D.D., Rector of St. James' Church, Chaplain to the Bishop of Pennsylvania, Downington, Penn- sylvania. Lord's Supper (Eucharist).

Harry, Joseph Edward, Ph.D., Professor of Greek, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Achaia, Almost, Antiochus I-VII, Areopagus, Athens, Corinth, Dionysus (Bacchus), Patmos, Searching the Scriptures, and other articles.

Hayes, Doremus Almy, Ph.D., S.T.D., LL.D., Professor of New Testament Interpretation, The Graduate School of Theology, Garrett Bibli- cal Institute, Evanston, Uhnois. James (Epistle of), Philippians (Epistle to).



Heidbl, William Arthur, M.A., Ph.D., Pro- fessor of Greek Language and Literature, Wes- leyan University, Middletown, Connecticut. Colony, Government, Greece (Graecia), Hel- lenism (Hellenist), Mediterranean Sea, Senate (Senator), and other articles.

HiRSCH, Rev. Frank E., M.A., D.D., LL.D., Formerly President Charles City College, Charles City, Iowa; Pastor of Dayton's Bluff (Ger.) Methodist Episcopal Church, St. Paul, Minne- sota.

Courts (Judicial), Crimes, Inheritance, Law (Judicial), Lawyer, Punishments, Scribes, Tribute, and numerous other articles.

HoDGB, Rev. Caspar Wistar, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, New Jersey.

Faithfulness, Foreknowledge, Imputation,


Hough, Rev. Lynn Harold, B.A., D.D., Pro- fessor of Historical Theology, Garrett Biblical Institute,' Evanston, Illinois. Servant of Jehovah (the Lord).

HovET, Rev. George Rice, M.A., D.D., Presi- dent of Virginia Union University, and Professor of Theology, Richmond, Virginia.

Doorkeeper, Firepan, Flagon, Hadad, and

other articles.

Hunter, Rev. S. F., M.A., B.D., Minister of St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church, Ipswich, Queens- land, and Lecturer in Old Testament Language and Exegesis in Emmanuel College, Brisbane, within the University of Queensland, Queens- land, Australia.

Ahava, Array, Asunder, Bar-Jesus, Bethabara, Eleazar, Epaphras, Lydia, Phihp (EvangeUst), and a large number of the shorter articles.

Hutchison, John, M.A., LL.D., Rector Emeritus of the High School of Glasgow, Scotland.

English Versions of the Bible, Apocryphal and Other Early Gospels, and numerous other articles.

Isaacs, Mrs. Ella Davis, M.A., Cincinnati, Ohio. Family Relationships (part), Feasts and Fasts, Fringes, Gershon (Gershonites), Linen, Sham- gar, and other articles. <

Isaacs, Nathan, LL.B., M.A., Ph.D., Professor of

Law, University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati

Law School, Cincinnati, Ohio. Assistant Editor

of this Encyclopaedia in the Hebrew Language.

Family Relationships (part). Gallery, Order,

Passover, Primogeniture, Rahab, Sceptre, Urim

and Thummim, and other articles.

IvERACH, Rev. James, M.A., D.D., Principal and Professor of New Testament Language and Liter- ature in the United Free Church College, Aberdeen, Scotland.

Gospels (The Synoptic), John (The Apostle),

John (Gospel of) .

Jacobs, Rev. Henry E., D.D., LL.D., Author and Editor of Commentaries, etc; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Absolution, Andronicus, Appeal, Barnabas, Brethren of the Lord, Chastening (Chastise- ment), Community of Goods, Confession, Heresy, Temperance, and numerous other articles.

Joy, Alfred H., Ph.B., M.A., F.R.A.S., Professor of Astronomy and Director of the Observatory, Syrian Protestant College, Beirut, Syria.

Cloud, Dew, Earthquake, Heat, Mirage, Rain, Snow, Weather, and similar articles.

Kaiser, Lewis, Professor of Old Testament and Life of Christ in the German Department of Rochester Theological Seminary, Rochester, New York. Book of Life, Cruelty, and other articles.

Kapp, Rev. Jacob W., M.A., D.D., Pastor of First English Lutheran Church, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Aeon, Atheism, Benediction, Boy, and other

articles. Kerr, Rev. Colin M., B.Sc, B.D., M.A., Ph.D., Minister of Church of Scotland at Kettms, Coupar Angus, Scotland; Formerly Professor of PoUtical Philosophy in Scottish Churches College, Calcutta.

Biographical articles on Andrew, Bartholomew,

Caiaphas, Gamaliel, Judas Iscariot, Nicodemus,

Thomas, and others. Kinsella, Arthur James, M.A., Instructor in Greek, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio. Assistant Editor of this Encyclopaedia in the Greek Language.

Demetrius, Samos, Samothrace, and other

articles. Knudson, Rev. Albert C, D.D., Ph.D., Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament Exegesis in Boston University School of Theology, Boston, Massa- chusetts.

Judges (Period of) .

Kurtz, Rev. Daniel Webster, M.A., D.D., President of McPherson College, MoPherson, Kansas.

Lord's Supper (according to the Church of the Brethren, otherwise called Dunkers), ■Trine (Triime) Immersion, Washing of Feet.

Kyle, Rev. Prof. Melvin Grove, D.D., LL.D., Permanent Lecturer on Biblical Archaeology in Xenia Theological Seminary; Archaeological Editor of the Sunday School Times, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Archaeology and Criticism, Ir-ha-heres, Joseph, Moses, Nile, On (Heliopolis), Pharaoh, Plagues of Egypt, Tell el-Amama Tablets, and other articles.

Lambert, Rev. J. C, M.A., D.D., Minister of the United Free Church of Scotland, Braeheads, Fen wick, Scotland.

Agape, Apostle, Beatitudes, Church, Healing (Gifts of). Holiness, Praise, Prayer, Sacra- ments, Spiritual Gifts.

Law, Rev. Robert, M.A., D.D., Professor of New Testament Literature, Knox College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Elect Lady, Johannine Theology, John (Epis- tles of) .

Lees, Rev. John A., Pastor of St. James' Congre- gational Church, Hamilton, Scotland.

Magog, Michael, Michal, Miriam, Naaman, Nadab, Nethinim, and many other articles.

Levertofp, Paul, B.D., Professor of Old Testa- ment and Talmudic Literature at Institutum Delitzschianum at Leipzig, Germany.

First-fruits, Judge, Oath, Proselyte, Sanhedrin,

Synagogue, Tithe, Vow, Witness.

Lewis, Charles Smith, B.A., B.D., Professor of New Testament in the Western Theological Seminary, Chicago, Illinois.

Colossians (Epistle to), Ephesians (Epistle to),

Philemon (Epistle to).

Lewis, Rev. Thomas, B.D., M.A., Principal of Memorial College (Congregational), Brecon, South Wales.

Blindness (Judicial), Curse, Fasting, Nursing, Ordinance, Prison, and other articles.



Lindsay, Rev. Jambs, B.Sc, M.A., D.D., F.R.S.L., F.R.S.E., F.G.S., M.R.A.S., Theological and Philosophic Author; Irvine, Scotland.

Anthropomorphism, Biblical Theology, Crea- tion, Creature, Eternal, Eternity, Predesti- nation.

LiNDSAT, the late Rev. Thomas M., M.A., D.D., LL.D., Principal and Professor of Church His- tory in United Free Church College, Glasgow, Scotland.

Baptism (Non-Immersionist View), Ministry.

LiTTMAN, Enno, Ph.D., Professor of Semitic Phi- lology in the University of Gottingen, Germany. Ethiopia Language.

LoNQACBB, Lindsay B., B.D., Ph.D., Professor, Department of Old Testament, Iliff School of Theology, University Park, Colorado. Nehushtan.

LoTZ, WiLHELM, D.Th., Ph.D., Professor of The- ology in the University of Erlangen, Erlangen, Germany.

Ark of the Covenant, and other articles.

Lowndes, Rev. Abthur, D.D., S.T.D., LL.D., Secretary of Christian Unity Foundation, New York City, New York. Bishop (Anglican View).

LuERiNG, Heinrich Ludwig Emil, Ph.D., Pro- fessor of Dogmatic Theology and New Testament Greek in the Martin Theological Seminary of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Contributor of articles on the various parts of

the body, and other subjects.

Macalister, Alexander, M.D., M.A., D.Sc,

LL.D., F.R.S., F.S.A., Professor of Anatomy

in Cambridge University, -Cambridge, England.

Balm, Blindness, Diseases, Healing, Leprosy,

Longevity, Medicine, and other articles of a

similar character.

Mack, Rev. Edward, M.A., D.D., McCormick Pro- fessor of Old Testament Interpretation, Union Theological Seminary, Richmond, Virgmia. As- sistant to the Managing Editor in the preparation of this Encyclopaedia.

Aaron, Chronology of OT, Covenant (Book of), God (Names of). Presbyter, Semites (Semitic ReHgion), and other articles.

Maclarbn, John J., D.C.L., LL.D., Justice of Court of Appeal, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Jesus Christ (Arrest and Trial of).

Mabais, Johannes I., B.A., D.D., Senior Pro- fessor of Theological Seminary of the Dutch Reformed Church at Stellenbosch, Capetown, South Africa.

Anthropology, Heart, Mind, Psychology, Soul,


Margolis, Max L., Ph.D., Professor of Biblical Philology, Dropsie College, Philadelphia, Penn- sylvania.

Abner, Caleb, Cherubim, College, Dagon, Dark Sayings, Deborah, and other articles.

Mastebman, Ernest W. G., M.D., F.R.C.S.,

F.R.G.S., Medical Superintendent of the English

Mission Hospital, Jerusalem, and Honorable

Secretary for Jerusalem and Palestine, for the

Palestine Exploration Fund; Jerusalem, Syria.

Botany, Jerusalem, and a large number of

articles on botanical, topographical, and other


Maunder, E. Walter, F.R.A.S., for forty years Superintendent of the Solar Department of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, London, England. Astrology, Astronomy, and other articles.

McAllister, Rev. J. Gray, B.A., D.D., Professor

of Biblical Introduction, Enghsh ]3ible and

Biblical Theology, Presbyterian Theological

Seminary of Kentucky, Louisville, Kentucky.

Hodesh, Hodevah, Hodiah, and other articles.

M'Caig, Rev. Archibald, B.A., LL.D., Principal and Theological Tutor, Pastors' College, London, S.E., England.

Covenant (The New), King (Christ as), Law in the New Testament, and other articles.

McConnell, Francis J., D.D., Ph.D., LL.D., Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Denver, Colorado. Redeemer (Redemption), Righteousness, Sin.

McGlothlin, Rev. William Joseph, M.A., D.D., Ph.D., LL.D., Professor of Church History in Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louis- ville, Kentucky.

Bondage, Sacrifice (Human), Servant.

McPheetebs, Rev. William Marcblltjs, D.D., LL.D., Professor of Old Testament Literature and Exegesis, Columbia Theological Seminary (Presbyterian), Columbia, South Carolina. Scorn, Simple, Sluggard, Theocracy, Trans- lation.

Meyer, Rev. Henry H., M.A., D.D., Editor Sunday School Publications for the Methodist Episcopal Church; Secretary Commission on Christian Education of the Federal Coimcil of Churches of Christ in America; Member Gesell- schaft fiir wissenschafthche Paedagogik (Ger- many); Cincinnati, Ohio, and New York City, New York. Education.

Millar, Rev. James, B.D., Minister of Church of Scotland, at New Cumnock, Ayrshire, Scotland. Amen, Asaph, Hymn, Instruments of Music, Music, Song, and related articles.

Miller, Rev. Russell Benjamin, M.A., B.D., Ph.D., Professor of Biblical Literature, Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio.

Communion, John the Baptist, Lord's Prayer, Sermon on the Mount, and other articles.

Moller, Pastor Wilhelm, Pastor Licentiat der Theologie, Wittenberg, Bz. Halle, Germany. Atonement (Day of), Azazel, Exodus (Book of), Ezekiel, Genesis, Leviticus.

Moorehead, the late Rev. William G., D.D., LL.D., Professor in the Xenia Theological Sem- inary, President of the Faculty, Chair of BibUcal Theology, Xenia, Ohio.

Jude, Millennium (Premillennial View), 1 Peter,

2 Peter, Priest, Priesthood, Tongues of Fire,

Type. MoBRO, William Charles, B.D., M.A., Ph.D., Head of Ministerial Department and Reeves Memorial Chair of Bibhcal Literature, Butler College, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Body (Spiritual), Forgiveness, Lawgiver, Way.

MosiMAN, Samuel K., M.A., B.D., Ph.D., Presi- dent Bluffton College, Instructor in Old Testa- ment Languages and Interpretation, Bluffton, Ohio.

Ahab, Ahaziah, Elah, Jehoram (Joram), Je- hoshaphat, Jeroboam I, Omri, Rehoboam, Zimri.



MouLE, Rt. Rev. Handlby Caer Gltn, D.D., Bishop of Durham, England. Elect, Election, Faith, Perseverance, Romans (Epistle to), Sinlessness, Unbelief, Unbeliever, Witness of the Spirit, World (General).

MuLLiNs, E. Y., D.D., LL.D., President Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Ken- tucky. Assistant Editor of this Encyclopaedia. Advocate, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Com- forter, Holy Spirit, Paraclete.

NicoL, Rt. Rev. Thomas, D.D., Professor of Di- vinity and BibUcal Criticism in the University of Aberdeen; Moderator of the Grand Assembly of the Church of Scotland; Aberdeen, Scotland. Armor (Arms), Army, Ben-hadad, Captivity, Chemosh, Dispersion (The), Latin Version (The Old), Ships and Boats, Syriac Versions, War (Warfare), and other articles.

NuELSBN, John L., D.D., LL.D., Bishop of Metho- dist Episcopal Church, Kilchberg bei Zurich, Switzerland. Assistant Editor of this Encyclo- paedia.

Conversion, Regeneration.

Oko, Adolph S., Librarian, Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Commentaries (Hebrew).

Orblli, the late Conrad von, Ph.D., Doctor of

Theology, Professor in Ordinary of Old Testament

and History of Religion at the University of

Basel, Basel, Switzerland.

Israel (History of the People), Israel (Religion

of), Jeremiah, Lamentations (Book of), Micah,

Prophecy (Prophets).

Orr, the late Rev. James, M.A., D.D., Professor of Apologetics and Theology at Theological College of United Free Church, Glasgow, Scotland. Editor-in-Chief of this Encyclopaedia.

Apostles' Creed, Apostolic Fathers, Baptismal Regeneration, Bible (The), Caesar, Candle- stick (Golden), Christianity (Historical and Doctrinal), Christa (False), Commentaries, Concordance, Criticism of the Bible, Endor (Witch of), Eschatology of the OT, Father (God The), God (Image of). Hands (Impo- sition of). Hell, Immortality, Infinite (Infini- tude), Jesus Christ, Knowledge, Man of Sin, Moses (Song of), Prison (Spirits in). Punish- ment (Everlasting), Revelation of John, Ser- pent Worship, Seventy Weeks, Synagogue (The Great), Tabernacle (A. Structure and History), Temple (A. Structure and History), Unquenchable Fire, World (Cosmological), and hundreds of short articles.

Patch, James A., B.S., Professor of Chemistry in the Syrian Protestant CoUege, Beirut, Syria. Agriculture, Brick, Brimstone, Colors, Crafts, Dyeing, Embroidery, Fishing, Fuller, Gardener, Metallurgy, Oil, Pottery, Shepherd, Weaving, and other articles.

Petrie, William Matthew Flinders, D.C.L., Ph.D., Litt.D., LL.D., F.R.S., F.B.A., Hon. F.S.A. (Scot.), Hon. A.R.I.B.A., M.R.I.A., M. Amer. Phil. Soc, Edwards Professor of Egyptology, University College, London, England. Egypt, Memphis.

Pinches, Theophilus Gold RIDGE, LL.D., M.R.A.S., Lecturer in Assyrian at University College, Lon- don, and Liverpool Institute of Archaeology; late of the Department of Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities, British Museum, London, England. Africa, Amraphel, Arioch, Babel (Babylon), Cyrus, Elam (Elamites), Hammurabi, Nineveh, Table of Nations, and several other articles.

Pollard, Rev. Edward Bagbt, M.A., D.D., Ph.D., Professor of Homiletics, Crozer Theological Seminary, Chester, Pennsylvania.

Familiar, Maid, Rabbi, Self-surrender, Tribu- lation, Usury,, and other articles.

Porter, H., Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of History

and Psychology in the Syrian Protestant College,

Beirut, Syria.

Easter, Money, Parthians, Phoenicia, Scythians,

Sidon, Syrians, Tammuz, Time, Tyre, Weights

and Measures, and other articles.

Pratt, Rev. Dwight Mallort, M.A., D.D., Min- ister of the Wabiut Hills Congregational Church, Cincinnati, Ohio. Agony, Apostasy, Beloved, Bishop (Congre- gational View), Catholic Epistles, Enchant- ment, Epistle, Spiritual, Spirituality, Woman, and other articles.

Prescott, W. W., M.A., Editor of the Protestant Magazine, Washington, District of Columbia. Sabbath (from the Standpoint of Seventh-day Adventists).

Press, S. D., Professor of Practical Theology and Systematic Theology, Eden Theological Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri. King (Kingdom), Rachel, Stephanas, Stephen.

Rapfett, William Edward, B.D., M.A., Ph.D., Professor of ReUgious Pedagogy and Sociology, Kansas City Baptist Theological Seminary, Kansas City, Kansas.

Crown, Ish-sechel, Lust, Market, Merchandise, Service, Slavery, Traffic, Treasure (Treasury), Wages, Wares, and other articles.

Rall, Rev. Harris Franklin, D.D., Ph.D., Pro- fessor of Systematic Theology, Garrett Biblical Institute, Evanston, Illinois. GuUt, Guiltless, Guilty, Justice, Sanctification.

Ramsay, Sir William M., D.D., D.C.L., LL.D., Litt.D., Formerly Professor of Humanity, Uni- versity of Aberdeen; Edinburgh, Scotland. Galatia.

Rbes, Rbv. Thomas, M.A., Principal and Professor of Theology, Independent CoUege (Congrega- tional), Bangor, North Wales.

Adoption, Authority (in Religion), Beelzebub, Blasphemy, Commandment (New), Doctrine, Dogma, Epicureans, God, Hebrews (Epistle to), PhUosophy, Stoics, and other articles.

Reeve, Rbv. Jambs Josiah, B.A., B.D., Th.D., Formerly Professor of Hebrew and Cognate Lan- guages and Old Testament Theology in the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary at Fort Worth, Texas; Chicago, Illinois. Ehsha, Gods, Gog, Goliath, Life, Priest (High), Sacrifice in OT, Tree of Life, and other articles.

Richardson, Ernest Gushing, Ph.D., Librarian

of Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey.

Alphabet, Book, Dictionaries, Ink, Ink-horn,

Libraries, Manuscripts, Print (Printing), Roll

(ScroU), Tablet, Writing, and other articles.

RiGGS, Rbv. James S., D.D., Professor of New Testament Theology and Literature, Auburn Theological Seminary, Auburn, New York. Canon of the New Testament.

Roberts, Rbv. David Francis, B.A., B.D., Min- ister of Maenofferen Calvinistic Methodist Church, Blaenau Ffestiniog, North Wales.

Boaz, Javan, Jerahmeel, Jeshurun, Jesse, Jezebel, Joab, Joash, Melchizedek, Nathan, Old Prophet, Queen of Sheba, Zimri, and numerous short articles.



Robertson, Rev. A. T., M.A., D.D., LL.D., Pro- fessor of New Testament Interpretation, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Ken- tucky.

Acts of the Apostles, Baptism (The Baptist Interpretation), Language of the New Testa- ment (Greek), Latin, Luke (The Evangehst), Luke (Gospel of), Paul.

RoBERTBON, Rev. James, M.A., D.D., LL.D., Emeritus Professor of Hebrew and Semitic Lan- guages at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. Ajnos, Hosea, Joel.

Robinson, Rev. George L., M.A., D.D., Ph.D., LL.D., Professor of Biblical Literature and English Bible in the McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago, Illinois.

Canon of Old Testament, Deuteronomy,

Haggai, Isaiah, Malachi, Samson.

Rogers, Robert William, Ph.D., Litt.D., LL.D., Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament Exegesis, Drew Theological Seminary, Madison, New Jersey.

Babylonia and Assyria (Religion of).

Rule, Rev. U. Z., now retired from benefice in diocese of Winchester; ordained in 1864 in diocese of Newfoundland; Forest Road, Worth- ing, England.

Law in the Old Testament.

RuTHERFURD, JoHN, B.D., M.A., Minister of Moor- park United Free Church, Renfrew, Scotland. Caesar's Household, Faithful Sayings, Gnosti- cism, Laodiceans (Epistle to), Onesiphorus, Pastoral Epistles, Persecution, Praetorian Guard, Rudiments, Timothy, Titus, Tychicus, and other articles.

Sampet, Rev. John Richard, B.A., D.D., LL.D., Professor of Old Testament Interpretation in the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louis- ville, Kentucky.

Ephod, Jonah, Jonah (Book of), Obadiah, Obadiah (Book of), Psahns (Book of). Sabbath, Song of Songs, Ten Commandments, and other articles.

Satce, Rev. Archibald Henry, D.D., Litt.D., LL.D., Professor of Assyriology m University of Oxford, Oxford, England.

Amorites, Anakim, Asherah, Ashtoreth, Assyria, Atargatis, Baal, Canaan (Canaanites), Gir- gashite, Hivite, Moabite Stone, Nineveh (Library of), Perizzite, and other articles.

Schenk, Rev. Charles E., D.D., Superintendent,

Cincinnati District, Methodist Episcopal Church,

Cincinnati, Ohio.

Earnest, Gideon, Jael, Moon, Poetry (New

Testament), Prophesyings (False), Sisera, and

other articles.

Schodde, Rev. George Henry, D.D., Ph.D., Professor in College and Theological Depart- ments of Capital University, Columbus, Ohio. Allegory, Interpretation, Matthew, Matthew (Gospel of). Parable.

Shaw, Rev. R. Dykes, M.A., D.D., Formerly Minister of Hope Park United Free Church, Edinburgh; General Secretary to the Presby- terian Alliance; Edinburgh, Scotland. 1 and 2 Corinthians.

SiTTERLY, Charles Fremont, S.T.D., Ph^^D-, Professor of Biblical Literature in Drew The- ological Seminary, Madison, New Jersey.

Text and Manuscripts of the New Testament.

Smith, W. Taylor, B.A., Private Student and Graduate of University of Manchester; Seven- oaks, England.

Acrostic, Agrapha, Games, Logia, Number.

Stalker, Rev. James, M.A., D.D., Professor of Church History, United Free Church College, Aberdeen, Scotland.

Accountability, Conscience, Ethics of Jesus, Kingdom of God (of Heaven), Son of God, Son of Man. i

Stearns, Wallace Nelson, B.D., Ph.D., Pro- fessor of Biblical History and Literature, Fargo College, Fargo, North Dakota.

Child (Children), Elder (in the OT), Gad ("Fortune"), Kings (Books of), and other articles.

Steele, the late Rev. Daniel, D.D., Author and Educator; First President of Syracuse Univer- sity; Milton, Massachusetts.

Sancti&cation (Wesleyan Doctrine).

Strack, Hermann L., D.D., Ph.D., Professor of Old Testament Exegesis and Semitic Languages, Berlin University, Berlin, Germany. Tahnud.

Stratton-Porter, Gene, Author and Illustrator;

Special Writer on Birds and Nature; Rome City,


The Birds of the Bible (under the various titles).

Cage, Feathers, Fowler, Gin, Nest, Snare, Trap,


Stuart, Rev. Charles M., M.A., D.D., Litt.D., LL.D., President, Garrett Biblical Institute, Evanston, Illinois.

Shame, Sign, Tempt, Temptation, Trans- figuration, Vision.

Sweet, Louis Matthews, M.A., S:T.D., Pro- fessor of Christian Theology and Apologetics, Bible Teachers' Training School, New York City, New York.

Accommodation, Demon (Demoniac), Gene- alogy of Jesus Christ, Mary, Quotations (New Testament), Satan, Tax (Taxing), Virgin- birth (of Jesus Christ), and other articles.

Thackeray, Henry St. John, M.A., Civil Servant, and Author of various works; Bucks, England. Septuagint.

Thomas, Rev. William Henry Griffith, D.D., Professor of Old Testament Literature and Exegesis, Wycliffe College, Toronto, Canada.

Adam in the New Testament, Ascension,

Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Thomson, the late Rev. Charles H., M.A., United Free Church of Scotland Missionary to the Jews at Constantinople; Glasgow, Scotland.

Antioch in Syria, Berothah, Damascus, and

other articles.

Thomson, Rev. J. E. H., M.A., D.D., Retired Missionary; Edinburgh, Scotland.

Alexander the Great, Antichrist, Apocalyptic Literature, Aramaic Language, Ebionism, Essenes, Pentateuch (Samaritan), Pharisees, Raphael, Sadducees, Targum.

TiLLETT, Rev. Wilbur F., M.A., D.D., S.T.D., LL.D., Dean of the Theological Faculty and Pro- fessor of Systematic Theology in Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee. Providence,



TiSDALL, Rev. W. St. Clair, D.D., Formerly C.M.S. Missionary in India and Persia; Vicar of St. George the Martyr's, Deal, Kent, England. Armenia, Armenian (Aryan) Religion, Com- parative Religion, Coptic Versions, Medes, Persia, Persian Religion (Ancient), and other articles.

Tod, Marcus Niebuhr, M.A., Fellow and Assistant Tutor of Oriel College, Orford, and University Lecturer in Greek Epigraphy, Oxford, England.

Cyprus, Macedonia, Philippi, Tarsus, Thessa-

lonioa, and other articles.

Trever, Rev. George Henry, M.A., D.D., Ph.D., Professor of New Testament Exegesis and Chris- tian Doctrine, Gammon Theological Seminary, Atlanta, Georgia.

Burden, Care, Citizenship, Cornelius, Day- spring, Lazarus, and other articles.

Umbach, the late Rev. S. L., D.D., noted for his extensive travels in Europe, Asia and Africa; Naperville, Illinois.

ShaUum (1st article), and several short articles.

Ungnad, Arthur, Ph.D., Professor of Oriental Philology at the University of Jena, Jena, Germany.

Qammurabi (Code of).

Urquhart, Rev. John, Author; Editor of the "Bible Investigator and Inquirer"; Member of the Victoria Institute; Melbourne, Austraha. Esther, Esther (Book of), Hadassah, Haman, Mordeoai, Vashti, Zeresh.

Van Pelt, Rev. J. R., B.A., S.T.B., Ph.D., Pro- fessor of Philosophy and Biblical Literature, Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, Iowa. ^

Bath Kol, Chemarim, Discrepancies (Biblical),

Doom, Duke, and other articles.

Vos, Rev. Geerhardus, D.D., Ph.D., Charles T. Haley Professor of Biblical Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, New Jersey. Eschatology of New Testament, Hades, Heavens (New) and Earth (New), Lake of Fire, Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omniscience, and other articles.

Wage, Vert Rev. Henry, D.D., Dean of Canter- bury, Canterbury, England. Miracle.

Walker, Rev. Rollin Hough, Ph.D., Jeffers Professor of the English Bible, Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio. 1 and 2 Thessalonians.

Walker, Rev. W. L., D.D., Congregational Min- ister (Retired); Glasgow, Scotland.

Compassion, Creature (Living), Duty, End, Fear, Fervent, Figure, Fool (Folly), Gesture, Good (Chief), Humility, Mercy, Name, Person (Personahty), Reason, Substance, Will (Voli- tion), and a large number of short articles.

Wallace, Rev. Henry, Pastor of Parkhead Con- gregational Church, Glasgow, Scotland.

Hilkiah, lohabod, Mephibosheth, Merab, Merari, Meshech, Phinehas, and other bio- graphical articles.

Warfibld, Rev. Benjamin Breckinridge, D.D., LL.D., LiTT.D., Professor of Didactic and Polemic Theology, Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. at Princeton, New Jersey.

Godhead, Inspiration, Person of Christ,

Revelation, Trinity.

Webb, Rev. Robert Alexander, B.A., D.D., LL.D., Professor of Apologetics and Systematic Theology, Presbyterian Theological Seminary of Kentucky, Louisville, Kentucky. Man (Natural), Man (New).

Weir, Rev. Thomas Hunter, B.D., M.A., M.R.A.S., Lecturer on Arabic in the University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland.

Arabia, Arabic Versions, Ethiopic Versions, Israel (Kingdom of), Judah (Kingdom of), Languages of the Old Testament, Saul, Solo- mon, Text of the Old Testament, and other articles.

Wenley, Robert Mark, M.A., Ph.D., D.Sc, LL.D., LiTT.D., D.C.L. Professor of Philosophy in the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Josephus (Flavins), Philo (Judaeus).

White, Rev. George Edward, M.A., D.D., Mis- sionary of the American Board; President of Anatoha College, Marsovan, Turkey.

Asia Minor (Archaeology of), Cappadocia,

Cilioia, Pontus.

Whitelaw, Rev. Thomas, M.A., D.D., Minister of King Street United Free Church, Kilmarnock, Scotland. Ithamar, Numbers (Book of). Tabernacle (in Criticism), Temple (in Criticism), Zadok.

Wiener, Harold M., M.A., LL.B., Barrister at Law; London, England.

Agrarian Laws, Altar (A. Critical), Hexateuoh, Levitioal Cities, Pentateuch, Priests and Levites, Sanctuary, Stranger and Sojourner (in OT), and other articles.

Williams, Charles B., M.A., B.D., Ph.D., Pro- fessor in the Chair of New Testament Greek and New Testament Theology, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas.

Sacrifice in the New Testament, Satan (Syna- gogue of), Tradition, Uncleanness, and other articles.

Wilson, Rev. J. Macartney, B.D., M.A., Min- ister of United Presbyterian Church, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Angels, Apocryphal Epistles, Birthright, Chief

Seats, Pilate (Pontius).

Wilson, Rev. Robert Dick, M.A., Ph.D., Pro- fessor of Semitic Philology and Old Testament Introduction, Princeton, New Jersey.

Arsaces, . t)aniel, Daniel (Book of), Ezra, Nebuchadnezzar, Nehemiah, Tirshatha, Zerub- babel, and other articles.

Wolf, Rabbi Horace J., Bachelor of Hebrew

Literature, M.A., Associate Rabbi of Berith

Kodish Congregation, Rochester, New York.

Afternoon, Day and Night, Samgar-nebo,

Segub, Shaphan, Sheshach, Tubal, Tubal-

cain, and numerous brief articles.

Wright, Rev. George Frederick, M.A., D.D., LL.D., F.G.S.A., Professor Emeritus in Oberhn College, Oberlin, Ohio.

Antediluvians, Arabah, Cities of the Plain, Dead Sea, Deluge of Noah, Eden, Euphrates, Jordan, Jordan Valley, Paradise, Tigris, and other articles.

Zenos, Rev. Andrew C, D.D., LL.D., Professor of Historical Theology, McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago, Illinois. Evolution. GENERAL INDEX

A , 1°; 90" (Richardson); 105°


Aalar (AUar) 1«; 97''

Aaron 1" (Mack)

Elder l^

Family ] »

cf Moses . . .' 2083'' (Kyle)

Moses' assistant 1 "

Priest l""

Priestly succession .... 2"

Rebellion l^

Rod of 2» (Mack)

cf Priest 2439^ (Moorehead)

Aaronites 2" (Beecher)

Ab (father) 2'' (Beecher)

cf Abba 4" (Harry)

cf Abi 6'" (Beecher)

Ab (month) 2^

Abacuc 2^

Abaddon (Heb) 2*' (Beecher)

cf ApoUyon 201'' (Sweet)

Abadias 3»

Abagarus 3"

cf Abgar 6'' (BresUch)

Abagtha 3"


cf Amana 113» (C. H. Thomson)

of Pharpar 2365''

Abanah 3"

cf Abilene 11" (C H. Thomson)

cf Amana 113" (C. H. Thomson)

Abarim 3'' (Beecher)

Abase 3'' (Hirsch)

Abate 4°

Abba 4» (Harry)

cf Ab (father) 2'' (Beecher)

Abda 4"

Abdeel 4"

Abdi 4" (Beecher)

Abdias 4»

cf Obadiah 2173" (Sampey)

Abdiel 4"

Abdon (person) 4" (Beecher)

cf Samson 2675" (Robinson)

Abdon (place) 4'' (Beecher)

Abednego 4'' (R. D. Wilson)

cf Shadrach 2746" (R. D. Wilson)

Abel (person) 5" (M. O. Evans)

And Cain 539" (Farr)

NT references 5"

cf Sacrifice 2638" (Reeve)

Shepherd and worship- per 5"

Abel (place) S"

Abel-beth-maaoah 5'' (Beecher)

cf Abel-maim 6"

Abel-cheramim 5''

cf Plain . . . . : 2406'' (Day)

Abel-maim 6"

cf Abel-beth-maacah, .5'' (Beecher) Abel-meholah 6" (Beecher)

cf Meholathite 2028"

Abel-mizraim 6" (Beecher)

Abel-shittim 6" (Beecher)

Abez 6''

cf Ebez 890"'

Abgar & (Breslich)

cf Abagarus 3"


cf Abagarus 3"

Abhor 6'' (Breshch)

cf Abomination 15'' (Eager)

Abi (father) 6'' (Beecher)

cf Ab (father) 2'' (Beecher)

cf Abi] ah . . 10" (Beecher)

Compounds of 7"

Abi (name) 6'"

Abia, Abiah 7''

cf Abijah 10" (Beecher)

Abi-albon 7'' (Beecher)

cf Abiel 9°

Abiasaph 7'' (Beecher)

Abiathar 7'' (Beecher) ; 85" (Beecher)

cf Ahimelech 85" (Beecher)

cf Ahitub 86'' (Beecher)

Biblical record of 7''

Critical opinion 8''

cf David 790" (Weir)

cf Ephod 962" (Sampey)

cf Priest, High 2441'' (Reeve)

cf Zadok 3129" (Whitelaw)

Abib 9' (Beecher); 541" (Por- ter)

cf Calendar 541" (Porter) ■

Abida 9"

Abidah 9"

Abidan 9"

Abide 9" (Pratt)

Abiel 9"

cf Abi-albon 7"

Abiezer 9" (Beecher)

cf lezer 1448"

cf Jeezer 1574"


cf Abiezer 9" (Beecher)




Abigail, Abigal 9'' (Mack)

cf Abraham 18" (Boyd)

cf Jesse 1623" (Roberts)

cf Zeruiah 3148" (Roberts)

Abihail 10" (Mack)

Abihu 10"

Abihud 10"

cf Abiud 13'>

Abijah 10" (Beecher)

cf Abi &>

cf Ahi ,83''

cf Ahiah SSi-

of Ahitub 86'' (Beecher)

Problems in connection with 10''

Record of reign 10"

cf Zacharias 3129'' (Easton)

Abijam (Abijah) 10'' (Beecher)


cf Abilene 11" (C. H. Thomson)

Abilene 11" (C. H. Thomson)

cf Abanah 3" (C. H. Thomson)

cf Lysanias 1943'' (Kerr)

Ability 11"

Abimael 11" (Beecher)

Abimelech ll'' (Mack) ; 36''

cf Achish 36" (Mack)

cf Gaal 1150"

Abinadab 12" (Beecher)

And the Ark 243" (Lotz)

cf Ben-abinadab 434"

Abinoam 12''

Abiram 12'' (Beecher)

cf Korah ISiei" (Beecher)

Abiron 12''

cf Abiram 12'' (Beecher)

Abisei 13''

Abishag 12'' (Beecher)

cf Abraham 18" (Boyd)

Abishai 13" (Mack) ; 15" (Mar-


cf Jesse 1623" (Roberts)

Abishalom 13"

cf Absalom 23" (W. W. Da vies)

Abishua 13"

Abishur 13''

Abissei 13''

Abisue IS""


cf Abisue 13''

Abital 13"

Abitub 13''

of Ahitub 86'' (Beecher)

Abiud 13''

cf Abihud 10"

cf Genealogy 1183'' (Crannell)

Abject 13''

Able 13"

Ablution 13'' (Eager)

Attitude of Jesua 14''

Biblical references .... 13''

Ceremonies of 14"

Abner 14'' (Margohs) ; 13"

cf Joab 1677'' (Roberts)


cf Abide 9" (Pratt)

Abohsh 15" (M. O. Evans)

Abomination IS"" (Eager)

Abhor e"" (Breslich)

Birds of 16" (Stratton-Porter)

cf Abomination .... 15'' (Eager)

cf Bu-ds, Unclean . . 477'' (Reeve) Clean and unclean ani- mals 16"

Of desolation 16'' (Hirsch)

Antiochus Epiph-

anes 17"; 159'' (Harry)

Historical back- ground 17"

cf Jupiter 1781" (Easton)

Suppression of wor- ship 17''

Term in Daniel .... 16''

cf Food 1121'' (Eager)

Ideas of 15''

Unclean foods. ....... 16"

Words used 15''

Abound, Abundance,

Abundant 17'' (Van Pelt)

About 18"

Abraham 18" (Boyd)

cf Abigail 9" (Mack)

cf Abishag 12'' (Beecher)

Book of

cf Apoc Literature. .161'' (J. E. H. Thomson)

Career IS"

Character 20"

Conditions of life 19"

Economic and social

conditions 19''

Faith of 1088"

Family of, in Genesis. . 1207" (MoUer) Interpretation of story 21''

cf Isaac 1493" (Boyd)

cf Jacob 1549" (Boyd)

Kindred 18''

of Lot 1930" (Boyd)

cf Machpelah 1959'' (Masterman)

cf Mamre 1973" (Masterman)

Myth and saga 22"

Name 18"

NT references 21"

cf Palestine 2210" (Conder)

Period of wandering. . . IS" Religion and morahty . 20" Rehgious significance

of 21"

Residences 19"

Sacrifice of 19"

cf Sarah 2691" (Boyd)

cf Semites, Semitic

Religion 2717" (Mack)

cf Table of Nations . . . 2899'' (Pinches)



Abraham's Bosom 22'= (Orr)

cf Eschatology of OT.972'' (Orr)

cf Gulf ISlQi^ (M. O. Evans)

cf Hades ISIS" (Vos)

cf Paradise . 2246" (Wright)

cf Sheol 2761» (Orr)


cf Abraham 18" (Boyd)

Abrech 221= (Mack)

Abroad 22'= (Jacobs)


cf Dispersion 855" (Nicol)

Abronah 23»

Absalom 23" (W. W. Davies); 794b


David's flight 23'=

Death and tomb 23''

Exile 23"

cf Joab 1678" (Roberts)

Rebellion 23"

cf Tamar 2907'' (Orr)

Tomb of 24"

cf Jerusalem 1612" (Masterman)

Absalom (Apoc) 24"

Absalon (Absalom,

Apoc) 24"

Absolution 24" (Jacobs)

cf Forgiveness 1132'' (Morro)

cf Keys, Power of ... . 1794" (Carver)

cf Remission 2557'' (Jacobs)

Abstinence 24*' (Eager)

Ascetics 25"

Degrees of 25"

cf Essenes 997'' (J. E. H. Thomson)

cf Fast, Fasting 1099" (T. Lewis)

cf Food 1121" (Eager)

Jesus' attitude 25''

Practice and teaching of apostles 26''

Public fasts 24''

Talmud 25''

cf Temperance 2929'' (Jacobs)

Abubus 26"

Abundance, Abundant . . 17" (Van Pelt)

Abuse 26"

Abyss 28" (T. Lewis); 314"

cf Astronomy 300" (Maunder)

cf Pit 2401" (T. Lewis)


cf Ethiopia 1031" (Cobern)

Acacia 27" (Masterman)

cf Mulberry Trees 2093" (Masterman)


cf Akatan 88"

Accaba 27"

cf Hagabah 1316"

Accad, Accadians

cf Agabus 69" (Edwards)

cf Babylonia 365" (Clay)

Accaron 27"

cf Ekron 916" (Porter)

Accept, Acceptable 27" (Pratt)

cf Respect of Persons 2561" (Easton)

Acceptance 27" (Pratt)

Access 27" (Pratt)

Accho (Acco) 28" (Porter)

Acco 28" (Porter)

Biblical references .... 28"

History 28"

Ptolemais 28"; 2499"

cf Sea, The Great 2707" (Ewing)

Accommodation 28" (Sweet)

Allegory 29"; 97" (Schodde)

cf Babylonia 358" (Clay)

Christ's method 33"

cf Demon 827" (Sweet)

Interpretation 29"; 1489" (Schodde)

Kenosis 1792" (Easton)

Prophecy and fulfil- ment 30"

Quotations in NT ... . 30"; 2516" (Sweet) Revelation 29"; 2573" (Warfield)

Accomplish 33"

Accord, According, Ac- cordingly 33" (M. O. Evans)

cf Deed 817" (Edwards)

Aocos 33"

Account, Accountability 33" (Stalker)

Accoz 34"; 89"

Accursed 34" (T. Lewis)

cf Anathema 130" (T. Lewis)

Accuser 35" (W. W. Davies)

Aceldama (Akeldama) ... 89" (Masterman)

Achaia 35" (Harry)

Achaicus 35"

cf Corinth 710" (Harry)

Achan 35" (Beecher)

cf Achor 37" (Beecher)

cf Ochran 2178"

Achar (Achan) 35" (Beecher)

Achaz 36"

Achbor 36" (Beecher)

Achiacharus 36"

cf Nasbas 2120" (Angus)

Achias 36"

Aohim 36"

Achior 36"

Achipha . .36"

cf Hakupha 1321"

Achish 36" (Mack); 11"

Achitob 36"

of Ahitub 86" (Beecher)

Achmetha 36" (Tisdall)

Aoho (Acco) 28" (Porter)

Achor 37" (Beecher); 35'"


Achsa 37"

Achsah .37" (Beecher)

Achshaph 37"

Achzib 37" (Mack; Porter)

Acipha (Achipha) 36"

Acitho, Acithoh 37"; 86" (Beecher)

Acknowledge 37"



Acquaint, Acquaintance . 37'' (Jacobs) Aora 38»

of Jerusalem 1595'= (Masterman)

Acrabattene (Akrabat-

tine) 89"

Acrabbim 38°

cf Akrabbim 89»

Acre (Acco) 28" (Porter)

Acre 38" (Beecher)

Acrostic 38" (Smith)

cf Alphabet 105" (Richardson)

Acts, Apocryphal 183'' (A. F. Findlay)

Acts of Andrew 192''

Acts of John igi"-

Acts of Paul 188''

Acts of Peter 190"

Acts of Thomas 193''

Authorship 187"

Ecclesiastical testi- mony 186"

Extra-canonical 184"

False and heretical. . . . 184"

General characteristics 184"

Influence 187''

cf Literature, Sub-apos.1896'' (Cowan)

Meaning of apocry- phal 183''

Origin 185"

cf PubKus 2501" (Kerr)

Relationship of differ- ent acts 187'

'Secret 184"

Soiirces IBS'"

cf Thaddaeus 2964" (Kerr)

Value 187"

As history 187"

As records of early

Christianity 187"

Acts of the Apostles 39" (A. T. Robertson);

466" (Orr)

Analysis 46''

Author 41"

Canonicity 41*'

Chronology : . 44"

Date 41''

Historical worth 44''

cf Luke, Evangelist. . . 1935'' (A. T. Robertson)

cf Luke, Gospel of 1937" (A. T. Robertson)

cf Mediation, Mediator 2022'' (Edwards)

Paul 41"; 42"; 42''; 43"; 46"

Purpose 45''

Relation to Ep. of Paul 43''

Relation to Josephus. .41''

Sources 42"

Speeches 42''

Text 39"

Title 39"

Unity 40"

"We" sections 40"; 41"

Acts of Pilate

cf Apocryphal Gospels 195" (Hutchison) Acts of Solomon 48"

Acua (Acud) 48"

Acub 48"

Acud 48"; 89"

Adab 364" (Clay)

Adad (Hadad) 1313" (Hovey)

Adadah 48"

Adadrimmon 48''

cf Hadadrimmon 1314" (Ewing)

Adah 48'' (Beecher)

Adaiah 48'' (Beecher)

Adalia 48''

Adam, Books of 54" (M. 0. Evans); 177"

(J. E. H. Thomson); 178'' (T. W. Davies)

Adam, City of 54" (Wright)

Adam and the Fall 1092" (Bavinck)

Family 1095"

cf Woman 3100" (Pratt)

Adam in NT 52'' (Thomas)

cf Adam in OT and

Apoc 48'' (Farr)

cf Adam in OT (Evo- lutionary Interpreta- tion) 49'' (Genung)

Adam in OT and Apoc . . 48'' (Farr)

cf Fall 1092" (Bavinck)

cf Sin 2798'' (McConnell)

Usual interpretation . . 48'' (Farr) ; 53'' (Thomas) ; 139" (Davis)

Adam in OT (Evolution- ary Interpretation) . . . 49'' (Genung)

cf Eve in OT 1040" (Genung)

cf Fall 1092" (Bavinck)

Adamah 54"

Adamant 54" (Day)

cf Stones, Precious . . . 2856" (Fletcher)

Adami 54"

Adami-nekeb 54'' (Beecher)

Adan (Addan) 54''

Adapa, Story of 373'' (Rogers)

Adar 54''


cf Addar 55"

Adarsa (Adasa) 54''

Adasa 54''

Adbeel 54''

Add 54'' (M. O. Evans)

cf Impart 1461''

cf Supply 2871'' (Easton)

Addan 54''

Addar 55"

cf Ard 238"

Adder 55" (Day)

cf Serpent 2736" (Day)

Addi 55"

Addict 55"

Addo 55"

cf Iddo 1447" (Crannell)

Addon (Addan) 54"

Addus 55"

Ader 55"

cf Eder 899" (Masterman)



Adiabene SS'' (Beecher)

Adida SS''

cf Hadid ISIS^

Adiel 59' (S. F. Hunter)

Adin 59^ (Beecher)

cf Adinu 56"

Adina 55''

Adino 56" (Beecher)

Adinu 56°

cf Adin SSI" (Beecher)

Adinus (ladinus) 1446"

Adithaim 56"

Adjuration 56" (Pratt)

cf Oath 2172'' (Levertoff)

Adlai 56"

Admah 56'' (Wright)

cf Shinab 2771" (Wolf)

cf Vale of Sid'^im 2784" (Wright)

Admatha 56''

Admin (Arni) 258''

Administer, Administra- tion 56'' (Pratt)

Admiration 56'' (Pratt)

Adna 56''

Adnah 57"

Ado 57" (Eager)

Adonai 57"

cf God, Names of ... . 1264'' (Mack)

Adonibezek 57"

Adonijah 57" (Beecher)

Adonikam 58"

Adoniram 58" (Beecher)

cf Hadoram (Joram) . . 1316" (Hovey) Adonis 58"

cf Tammuz 2908" (Porter)

Adonizedek 58" (Mack)

cf Jerusalem 1613'' (Masterman)

Adoption 58" (Rees)

cf Children of God . . .608" (Rees)

Christian experience . . 59"

As God's act 59''

Legal idea 58''

Paul's doctrine 58''

Ador, Adora 60"

Adoraim 60"

Adoram (Hadoram) 1316" (Hovey)

cf Jeroboam I 1593" (Mosiman)

Adoration 60" (Edwards)

cf Attitudes 330" (W. W. Davies)

cf Kiss 1813'' (W. L. Walker)

Adorn Oil" (Kapp)

cf Dress 875'' (Eager)

Adra (Arad) .221'' (Beecher)

Adrammelech, Anamme-

lech 61'' (Beecher); 129"

cf Gods 1270'' (Reeve)

cf Sharezer 2750" (Eiselen)

Adramyttium 62" (Banks)

Adria 62" (Allen)

Adriel 62''

Aduel 62"

Adullam o2" (Beecher)

cf Hereth 1377" (Masterman)

cf OdoUam 2178" •

Adullamite 63"

Adultery 63" (Margolis)

cf Crimes 745" (Hirsch)

cf Divorce in NT and

OT 865" (Cavemo); 863" (W.

W. Davies)

cf Family 1094" (Cavemo)

cf Jealousy 1572" (Forrester)

Adummim 64" (Beecher)

Advantage 64"


cf Millennium 2052" (Moorehead)

cf Parousia 2249" (Easton)

cf Person of Christ 2343" (Warfield)

Prophecy of 832" (Gray)

Advent, Second

In Didache 1899" (Cowan)

Adventure 64"

Adversary 64" (T. Lewis)

Adversity 64" (Pratt)

Advertise 64"

Advice, Advise, Advise- ment 65" (Breslich)

Advocate 65" (MuUins)

cf Comforter 679" (MuUins)

cf Holy Spirit 1406" (Mullins)

cf Paraclete 2245" (Mullins)

Adytum 65"

cf Temple 2930" (Caldecott; Orr)

Aedias 65"


cf Jerusalem 1595" (Masterman)

Aeneas 65"; 240" (Dosker)

Aenon 65" (Ewing)

cf Salim 2663" (Ewing)

Aeon 65" (Kapp)

cf Gnosticism 1240" (Butherfurd)

Aesora 65"

Affect, Affection 65" (Edwards)

cf Passion 2255" (Easton)

Affinity 66" (W. W. Davies)

cf Family 1094" (Cavemo)

cf Marriage 1996" (Eager)

Affirm, Affirmatives 66" (Hirsch)

Affliction 66" (Edwards)

Endurance of 67"

Meaning and purpose. 66"

cf Providence ....... .2476" (Tillett)

Source 66"

Affright 68"

Afoot 68"

Afore .■..68"

Afresh 68" (Edwards)

Africa 68" (Pinches)

cf Cush 767" (Pinches)

cf Ethiopia 1031" (Cobern)

cf Mizraim 2069" (Kyle)

After, Afterwards 68" (Jacobs)



Afternoon 68'' (Wolf)

cf Day Tg?"" (Gerberding)

Agaba 69»

cf Accaba 27''

Agabus 69» (Edwards)

Agade 69»

cf Acoad 365" (Clay)

Agag 69" (Mack)

Agagite 69" (Wolf)

cf Purim 2507" (Mack)

Again GQ^

Born again cf Regeneration. . . . 2546'" (Nuelsen)

Against 69'' (Jacobs)

Agape 69"' (Lambert)

cf Lord's Supper 1928b (Kiirtz)

Agar 70''

Agarenes 70''

cf Hagrites 1319" (Mack)

Agate cf Stones, Precious . . .2856" (Fletcher)

Age 70" (W. L. Walker)

cf Everlasting 1041° (Orr)

Age, Old Age 71" (W. L. Walker)

Regard for 71"


, Rock of 71''

ba 71"; 27"

Aggaeus 71"

Agia (Apoc) 71"

cf Hattil 1343"

Agone 71"

Agony 71" (Pratt)

Mental !..72"

Physical 72"

Spiritual 72"

Agrapha 72" (Smith)

cf Logia 1910" (Smith)

Agrarian Laws 74" (Wiener)

cf Levitical Cities 1869" (Wiener)

cf Priests and Levites 2446" (Wiener)

Agree 75" (Kapp)

Agriculture 75" (Patch)

cf Blasting .486" (Patch)

cf Furrow 1150" (Patch)

cf Gleaning 1234" (Patch)

cf Harrow 1341" (Patch)

cf Harvest 1341" (Patch)

cf Husbandry 1442" (Patch)

cf Irrigation 1492" (Patch)

cf Mill 2052" (Patch)

cf Reaping 2534" (Patch)

cf Seed 2712" (Easton)

cf Sheaf 2752" (Patch)

cf Sheep 2756" (Day)

cf Stubble 2867"

cf Threshing 2975" (Patch)

cf Tools 2998" (Easton)

cf Vine 3049" (Masterman)

cf Weaving 3077" (Patch)

cf Wheel 3082" (Easton)

Agriculture — continued

cf Winepress 3086" (Easton)

Agrippa (Herod) 1378" (Dosker)


cf Nero 2135" (Angus)

Ague 78" (Macalister)

cf Fever 1107" (Macalister)

Agur 78" (Genung)

cf Jakeii 1559" (Crichton)

cf Proverbs, Book of. .2471" (Genung) Ah

cf Ahi 83"

Ah, Aha 78" (Mack); 1311"

Ahab 78" (Mosiman)

And archaeology 80"; 294"

And Benhadad 779" (C. H. Thomson)

Building operations . . . 79"

Death of 80"

And Elijah 79"

Foreign policy 78"

cf Israel, History of the

People 1521" (Orelli)

cf Jehoshaphat 1582" (Mosiman)

cf Jezebel 1675" (Roberts)

Military career 79"

Moabite Stone 2071" (Sayce)

Murder of Naboth 79"

Reign of 78"

Religious policy 79"

Ahab and Zedekiah 80" (S. F. Hunter)

Aharah 80"; 86" (Beecher)

Aharhel 80"

Ahasai (Ahzai) 87"

Ahasbai 80"

Ahasuerus 80" (R. D. Wilson)

cf Xerxes 3126" (Easton)

Ahava 81" (S. F. Hunter)

Ahaz 81" (Caldecott)

cf Dial of Ahaz 841" (Maunder)

Fall of Damascus 82"

Isaiah's tablet 81"

Ahaziah 82" (Mosiman)

cf Chronology of OT . . 635" (Mack)

Eighth king of Israel . . 82"

cf Jehoahaz 1575" (Gflnung)

Sixth king of Judah . . 83"

Ahban 83"

Aher 83"

cf Ahiram 86" (Beecher)

Ahi, Ah 83"; 6"

cf Abijah 10" (Beecher)

cf Names, Proper . . . .2113" (Davis)

Ahiah 83"

Ahiam 83"

Ahian 83"

Ahiezer 83"

Ahihud 83"

Ahijah 83" (Beecher)

cf Ahimelcch 85"

Ahikam 81" (Beecher)

cf Uriah 3040" (Easton)



Ahilud 84''

Ahimaaz 84'' (Beeoher)

Ahiman 84'' (Beecher)

Ahimelech 85" (Beecher)

cf Ahijah 83'' (Beecher)

of Abiathar 7'' (Beecher)

cf Ahitub 86'' (Beecher)

Ahimoth 85''

Ahinadab 85''

Ahinoam SS*" (Beecher)

Ahio 85'' (Beecher)

cf Ostraca 2202'' (Goodspeed)

Ahira 86°

Ahiram 86" (Beecher); 80''

cf Aher 83''

cf Ehi 916"

Ahiramite 86''

Ahisamach 86"

Ahishahar 86"

Ahishar 86"

Ahithophel 86" (Beecher)

Ahitob 86''

Ahitub 86'' (Beecher)

cf Abiathar 7'' (Beecher)

cf Abitub 13"

cf Acitho 37''

cf Ahijah 83'' (Beecher)

cf Ahimelech 85" (Beecher)

Ahlab 87"

Ahlai 87"

Ahoah 87"

Ahohite 87"

Aholah (Oholah) 2181"

Aholiab (Oholiab) 2181"

AhoUbah (OhoHbah) . . . .2181" (W. W. Davies) Aholibamah (Oholiba-

mah) 2181"

Ahumai 87"

Ahura Mazda (Persian

Religion) 2332" (Tisdall)

Ahuzzam 87"

Ahuzzath 87"

Ahzai 87"

Ai 87" (Mack)

Aiah 88"

Aiath 88"; 87"

Aid 88" (Pratt)

Aida 55"

cfHadid 1315"

Aija 88"; 87"

Aijalon 88" (Mack)

Aijeleth Hash-shahar

of Song 2830" (Millar)

Ail 88"

Aim 88"

Ain 88" (W. W. Davies)

cf Ayin 342" (W. W. Davies)

Air 88" (T.Lewis)

Airus 88"

Ajah 88"

cf Aiah 88"

Ajalon (Aijalon) 88" (Mack)

Akan 88"

cf Beeroth Bene-jaakan 424"

Akatan 88"

cf Hakkatan 1321"

Akeldama 89" (Masterman)

cf Hinnom, Valley of, 1393" (Masterman) Akkad, Akkadians

cf Babylonia 365" (Clay)

Akkos 89"; 34"

cf Hakkoz 1321" '

Akkub 89"

cf lacubus 1446"

cf Jacubus 1557"


cf Jerusalem 1613" (Masterman)

Akrabattine 89"

Akrabbim 89"

Pass of

cf Sela 2713"(Ewing)

Alabaster 80"

cf Box 512"

Alameth 89"

cf Alemeth 90"

Alammelech 89"

cf Allammelech ..... .97"


cf Music 2094" (Millar)

Alarm 89" (W. W. Davies)

Albeit 89"

Alcimus 89" (Mack)

Alcove 89"

Alema 89"

Alemeth 90"

cf Alameth 89"

cf Allemeth 98"

Aleph 90" (Richardson)

cf Alphabet 103" (Richardson)


cf Beroea 440" (Ewing)

Alexander 90" (Rutherfurd)

cf Hymenaeus 1444" (Rutherfurd)

Alexander Balas 91" (Fortune); 1141"

Alexander the Great. . . .91" (J. E. H. Thomson); 456" (Dosker)

In Asia Minor 274" (Calder)

cf Macedonia 1957" (Tod)

Alexandria 93" (Cobem)

Alexandrian Judaism . 857" (Nicol)

Christian church in . . . 95"

Codex 94"

Jews in 93"

cf Septuagint 2723" (Thackeray)

cf Trade 3002" (Easton)

University of 95"

Alexandrian Library. . . .456" (Dosker)

Alexandrians 96"

Algum, Almug 96" (Masterman)

Aliah 97"

Alian 97"

Alien 97" (Hirsch)

cf Foreigner 1128"



Alienate 97» (Jacobs)

Alive 97" (Pratt)

All g?"" (M. O. Evans)

cf Pentateuch 2309'' (Wiener)

AUammelech 97^

AUar 97"'

AUay 97''

AUege 97''

Allegiance 97''

Allegory 97^ (Schodde)

cf Accommodation ... 29'' (Sweet)

cf Fable 1085^ (Easton)

Alleluia (Hallelujah) 1323» (Breslich)

Allemeth 98''

cf Alemeth QO"

AUiance 98'' (Cohon)

cf Covenant 727" (Berry)

Alhed 9Q^

Allom 99''

Allon m^

AUon-bacuth 99''

Allow, Allowance 99^ (Edwards)

Alloy 99''

cfTin 2985''

Allure 99'' (M. O. Evans)

Almighty 100"

cf God, Names of 1264'' (Mack)

Ahnodad 100"

cf Abimael 11" (Beeoher)

Almon 100"

cf Allemeth 98''

Almon-diblathaim 100"

Almond 100" (Masterman)

cf Bethel 443'' (Ewing)

cf Candlestick, Golden 553" (Orr)

cf Flourish 1120" (W. L. Walker)

Rod of 100''

Aknost lOOb (Harry)

cf Fain 1086'' (W. L, Walker)

Alms, Alms-giving 101'' (Eager)

cf Poor 2420" (W. L. Walker)

Almug (Algum) 96'' (Masterman)

Ahiathan 102''

Aloes 102'' (Masterman)

Aloft 103"

Along 103''

Aloth 103''

Alpha and Omega 103'' (Harry)

Alphabet 103'' (Richardson)

cf Acrostic 38" (Smith)

cf Cadhe 536"

cf He 1348"

cf Heth 1384'-

cf Jod 1688"

cf Kaph 1789"

cf Koph 1816''

cf Lamedh 1824"

cf Mem 2030"

cfNun 2170"

cf Pe 2293"

cf Phoenicia 2389" (Porter)

Alphabet — continued

cfResh 2561"

cfSamech 2674"

cf Shin, Sin 2771"

cf Taw 2918"

cf Teth 2950"

cf Text of OT 2958" (Weir)

cf Waw 3075''

cf Writing 3118'' (Richardson)

cfYodh 3126"

cf Zaym 3133"

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The Adversary’s Goals:

    SCRIPTURE: "The ‘Devil’ ... walketh about seeking whom he may DEVOUR." I Pet 5:8

    SCRIPTURE:"The ‘Thief’ (Devil) cometh not, but for to steal, to kill and to DESTROY." John 10:10

      QUESTION: Do you Believe Satan the Adversary Succeeds?___ Or Fails?___

God the Father’s Goals:

    SCRIPTURE: "For God sent NOT His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world though Him might be SAVED! See John 3:16 John 3:17

    SCRIPTURE: "Beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, ... The Lord is ... NOT willing that any should perish, but that ALL should come to repentance. II Pet 3:9

      QUESTION: Do you Believe God the Father Succeeds?___ Or Fails?___

God the Son’s Goals:

    SCRIPTURE: "For the Son of Man is come to seek and to SAVE that which is lost!" Luk 19:10 "For I came NOT to judge the world, but to SAVE the world. John 12:47

    SCRIPTURE: "And I, if I be lifted up from the Earth, I WILL DRAW ALL men unto Me." Joh 12:32

      QUESTION: Do you Believe God the Son (Jesus Christ): Succeeds?___ Or Fails?___ center>

God the Spirit’s Goals:

    SCRIPTURE: Jesus declares: "'I ’WILL’' send Him (Holy Spirit) unto you, and when He is come 'He ’WILL’' testify of Me: John 14:26

    SCRIPTURE: "He ’WILL’ reprove the world [convict, convince, correct] of sin, of righteousness, and of judgment: John 16:7

    SCRIPTURE: (1) Of sin, because they believe not on me; ... (2) Of righteousness, because I go to my Father; ...(3) Of judgment, because the 'Prince of this World' IS JUDGED![A] John 16:8-10

      QUESTION: Do you think God the Spirit Succeeds?___ Or Fails?___


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