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Cambridge-Cruden's Complete Concordance

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Cambridge-Cruden's Concordance of DeuteroCanonical Apocrypha:


Letter "N-R" Below

      LETTER "N"

        1 Mac. 5. 25. where they met with the If .

        1 Esd 1. 41. N. also took of the holy vessels

        Tob 14. 15. of N ineve which was taken by N. ' ,

        Jud 1.1. in the twelfth yearof the reign of N.

        2. 19. to go before king N. in the voyage

        3. 8. that all nations should worship N. only

        6. 4. saith king N. lord of all the earth

        11. 1. 1 never hurt any that was willing to serve.

        4. entreat thee well, as they do the servants ofM.

        7. as N . king of all the earth liveth

        12. 13. which servti in the house of N.

        Esth. 11. 4. one of the captives which N. carried

        Bar. 1. 9. N. king of Babylon, 6. 2.

        11. pray for the life of N . king of Babylon

        12. we shall live under the shadow of N.

        2 £td. 1. 40. I give for leaders, N. and Abacuc

        Eccl. 27. 2. as a n. slicks between the joinings

        Tob. 1. 17. and I gave my clothes to then.

        4. 16. give of thy garments to them that are n.

        2 Mac. 11. 12. many bein:: wounded, escaped n.

        1 Esd. 1. 48. made him swear by the n. of the Lord

        4. 63. the temple which is called by his 71.

        6. .33. the I>ord, whose n. is there called upon

        8. 78. be left us a n. in the place of thy sanctuary

        88. till thou hadst left us neither root, seed, nor n.

        2 iltrf. 4. 1. the ansel, whose n. was Uriel, gave me

        Tob. 3. 15. and that 1 never polluted my n. nor the

        n. of my father, in the land of my captivity

        5. 11. 1 would know, brother, thy kindred and n.

        11. 14. he saiil, blessed is thy n. for ever

        13. 1 1. shall come froin far to the n. of the lA. God

        Jud. 9. 7. breakest the battle, the Lord is thy n.

        Esth. 10. 8. assembled to destroy the n. of the .lews

        IVisd. 2. 4. and our n. shall be forgotten in time

        14. 21. ascribe to stocks the incommunicable jj.

        19. 18. in a psaltery, notes change n. of the tune

        Eccl. 6. 1. thereby "thou shalt inherit an ill n.

        22. for wisdom is according to her n.

        15. 6. shall cause him to inherit an everlasting n.

        17. 10. and the elect shall praise his hol^ «.

        22. 14. what is the n. thereof but a fool .'

        37. 1. a friend which is only a friend in n.

        26. and his n. shall be perpetual

        39. 9. his 71. shall live from generation to generat.

        11. he shall leave a greater n. than a thousagd

        15. magnify hisjt. and shew forth his praise

        40. 19. building of a city continueth a man's }l.

        41. 11. an ill 71. of sinners shall be blotted out

        12. have regard to thy n. for that shall continue

        13. but a g6o

        43. 8. the month is called after her n.

        44. 8. there be that have left a n. behind them

        14. bodies buried, but their n. liveth for ever

        45. 15. they should bless the people in his ?».

        47. 16. thy K. went far unto the islands

        50. 20. to give blessing, and to rejoice in his »».

        Bar. 2. 11. an

        32. they shall praise me, and think on my «.

        3. 5. but think upon thy power and thy »i.

        4. 30. he that gave thee that 71. will comfort thee

        1 AYar. 3. 14. he said, I will get me a n. and honour

        4. .33. let all those that know thy n. praise thee

        5. 57. let us also get us a 71. and go fight ag. heathen

        63. renowned, wheresoever their ». was heard oi

        6. 44. that he might get him a perpetual n.

        14. 10. that his honourable n. was renowned

        2 Mac. 12. 13. strong city, the n. of it was Caspis

        2 Fsd. 5. 26. of fowls thou hast n. thee one dove

        Tob. 3. 8. neither wast thou7j. after any of them

        If'isd. 14. 27. for worshipping of idols not to be it.

        Eccl. 24. 18. all my children, which are 71. of him

        36. 12. people, whom thou hast n. thy first-bom

        NAMES. 1 Esd. 6. 12. and we required the n. in writing

        8. 49. the catalogue of whose n. were shewed

        Eccl. C3. 10. who sweaitth and n. God continuallv

      NAM ING.
        Eccl.QS. 9. i;or use thysrlt tothejj. of the holy One

        C Mac. 1.13. whrn the l«i(ter came, they were slain

        in the temple ot N . by the deceit of N . pi iesls

        C Mac. C. C4. desire to look into the n. of the story

        C Esd. 7. 4. but put the case, the entrance were n. 7.

        13. 43. they entered bv the n. passai'es of tlie river


        Ecd. 47. 1. after him rose up N . to prohesy

        N A 1 I O N . 1 Esd. 6. 3:5. tlie destroy every king aiul n. 'fob. 1. 17. if isauany of my ?i.dead, 1 buried him C. 3. one of our n. is straiii^led and cast out 4. 111. forevery n. hath notcoiinsel, but Lord giveth Jud. 5. 10. that one could not number their 7l. 21. but if tliere be no iniquity in their ;j. 6.5. ven^'eance of tliis n. that came outof EL:ypt 19. O 1 ord Ciod, pity the low estate of our ii.

        15. 9. thou art the (ireat rejoicin;; of our n. Eith. 10. y. my n. is this Israel, which cried to God H isd. 10. 15. from the n. that oppressed them

        17. C. unrighteous thou^lit to oppress the holy n. Eccl. It). 6. in a rebellious n. wrath is on fire C8. 14. hath driven theui from n. to n.

        49. 5. he save their ylory to a strange n.

        50. 25. and the third is no n.

        Bar. 4. 15. ashaineless.'i. andof a stranse lanffuage Dan. A. 14. for we are become le>s than any «.

        1 Mac. 1. ;>4. they put therein a sinful »;.

        2. 10. what n. hath not had a part iu her kingdom .' 11. 4C. I will :;reatly hunour tliee an.t tliy ;;.

        13. 6. 1 will aven;;e my n. and the sanctuary

        14. 4. he sought tlie good of his n. in such wise

        6. and he enlarged the bounds of his n.

        29. put themselves in jeopardy, and resisting the enemies of their n. did their «. areat lionour

        16. 3. DOW 1 am old, uoout ami fmht for our ;j. C .Vac. 4. i.'. that had tendered Ids mvn n.

        10. brou!;ht his own «. to tlie Greekish fashion

        6. IC. not tcrdestrui t. but for a chasten in i; of our n, 31. not only to young men. I>ut to all Ids n.

        7. 10. think not tiiat our n. is forsaken ot God

        37. he would speedily be merciful to our n.

        38. the wrath untlv brouiiht ' n all our n.

        10. 8. should be kept of the wliole n. of the Jews

        11. C5. our mind is, that this «. shall be in rest 14. 9. be careful for the country and our )i.

        34. him tiiat was ever a defender of their n. NAriO-NS. t Esd. 1. 49. p.issed all the pollutions of all n.

        2 Eid. 3. 7. of whom came ;;. Irilns. people Toh. 3. 4. for A proverb of reproach to all n.

        13. 5. and he will ;:at!ier us out of all n.

        11. inanv n. shall come from far to the Lord

        14. 6. and all »j. shall turn and fear the Lord

        7. so shall all «. praise the 1 old, anrl his p.-ople Jud. Itj. 17. wo to the ». that rise uiJ aL'. my kindred Esth. 13. 4. that had laws contrary to all'?;.

        14. IC. O king of the ».aiid Lord of all power Wisd. 3.!!. they shall juds;e the «. and have dominion 6. C. vou that ilorv in the multitude of ?i.

        8. 14. and the n. shall be subject to me 10. 5. the ?i. Ill Their w icked lonspiracy

        IC. IC. shall accuse thee for the it. that perish £f(7. 4. 15. whoso gives ear to her, shall ju

        17. 17- in the division of the n. he set a ruler C9. 18. so that they wandered amon;,' strange n. 3t3. C. send thv f>-ar upon all?;, thatseek not thee

        39. 10. K. shall shew torth bis wisdom

        44. 'Jl. that he would bless the >i. in his seed

        40. 0. he made the battle to fall upon the «.

        50. 25. there be two manner of ?i. w hith 1 abhor jiar. 4. 6. ye were sold to 71. not for dtstructioii 0. 4. see gods ot gold, which cause ?;. to fear 51. itshall manifestly appear to ;;. and kiiji;s

        I .Mac. 1. 3. .Alexand'er took spoils of many ;;. 4. he ruled over countries, and h. and kings


        II isd. 0. CC. seek out from the beiiinninn of lier ;;. Ecct. 23. 14. and so thou cuise the dav of thy n.


        U isd. 13. 1. surely vain are all men bv n.

        10. 20. the water forgat his own qui lu hios: );.

        21. the icy meat, that wasof ?!. apt to melt

        N A TURKS.

        IVisd. 7. 20. to know the v. of living creatures

        .\\\\ A V 1',. Eccl. 40. 1. Jesus son of N . was valiant in wars

        .NALGUTV. /I isd. 12. 10. that tliey were a 7?. generation

        NAL'tiH 1 INLS.s. Wisd. 4. 12. the bewitching of n. doth obscure

        NAVU.AULK. C Vac. 5.21. in his pride to make the land ?:. NAVV.

        1 Mac. 1. 17. he entered into I'gvpt with a creat a.

        2 Mac. 12. 9. he set tire on the haven and the 11. 14. 1. Demetrius with a ijreat power and ».

        N A/ARI 1 l-.S. 1 Mac. .3. 49. and the N. they stirred up

        NKUA r.

        Eccl. A'. 23. there was also Jeroboam the son of N.

        M'.CI'..SSARY. Toh. 5. 14. wilt thou a drachm a

        1 Mac. U). 39. for the «. expenres of the sanctuary C Mac. 1. 18. we thouiibt it n. to certity you

        4. '.'3. to put him in mind of certain i;.iiKitters

        9. '.'l . I thought it n. to care for the safety of all 1.!. 20. Judas conveyed such things a» were n.

        m!ckssi rv.

        2 Esd. 4. 42. to escape the n. of the travail Toh. 4. 9. a good treasure a:.'.dnst the day of «. E-sth. 14. 16. thou knowest iny n. tor 1 abhor H'lsd. 17. 17. endured n. that couhl not be avoided


        Eccl. 20. 14. nor vet the envious for his n.

        .\\\\ECi:SSlllKS. 2 Esd. 13. 19. come into great perils, and many n.

        .NLCK. 1 E'd. 1. 4B. he rebelled, and hardened his n.

        3. 6. and lie;<.d-tiie,and cnain about his«. T'b. 11.9. Anna tell on the n. of her sou, 13. Jud. 13. 8. and she smote twice upon bis ;;.

        10.9. and the fauchion passed through tz. Esili. 15. 11. his sceptre, and laid it upon her n. i.ccl.6.Ci. and put thy ri. into her chain

        7. 23. and how down their n. from their youth ."0. 12. bow down his;(. while he is young .33. '-O. a yoke and collar do bow the ;;.

        51. 2o. i)ut your ?i. under the yoke Bar. 2. 33. tliey shall return from their stiff n. 4.25. but shortly thou shalt tread upon his it.

        s i:c K.-i.

        1 Mac. 1. 61. they banned intants about th.eir«.

        -NKEU. J! isd. 11. 5. they in their «. were benefited 13. 10. for it is an ima^e, and hath n. of help

        10. 25. according to the desire of them that had n. Eccl. 4. 3. defer not to give him that is in 7i.

        8. 9. learn to give answer as 71. requireth

        11. 12. another that is slow am! hath n. of help

        13. 0. if he have ;t. of thee he will ceceive thee 18. 25. when rich, think on poverty and 7(.

        23. 18. no boiiy secth me, what ;;. I" to fear ■ 29. 2. lend to "thy neii;hbour in time of his 71. 27. my brother cometh, 1 have 71. of my house

        32. 7. speak, young man. if there be 7t. of ihee

        33. 31. thou hast n. of him, as of thine own suul

        37. 8. and know befcre w hat 71. he hatli

        .38. 12. let him not go from thee, thou hast «.ofhim 39. 21. a man 7i. not to say, what is this r 31. they shall be ready on earth when 7;. is 42. 21. and he hath no 7i. of any counsellor

        1 .1/nc. 3. 28. be ready whenever be simuld 71. them

        12. 0. albeit we 71. none of these things

        2 \\\\ac. 2. 15. if ye have 71. tliereot, send to fetch

        14. 35. thou, O Lord of all, who hast 71. of nothing

        NEKDETll. Eccl. 40. 26. the fear ot the lord 71. not to seek help

        .NKKUFLL. Eccl. 39.33. he will give every 77. thing in season

        iNEEDV. Eccl. 4. 1. make not the ?;. eyes to wait Line: 5. turn not awav thine eves liom tlie 71. 31. 4. and when he leavefh otf. he is sti.l n.

        34. 21. the bread of the h. is their li;e 41. 2. acceptable is thv sentence to the 7i.

        >.EGLI,Cr. Eccl. 7. 10. and 7i. not to L'ive alms

        38. 10. cover his body, and 77. not his burial

        ^ EG LLC I LD. ING. Ji'isd. 3. 10. unijiidly which have 7j. the righfeons 2 Mac. 4. 14. despismu the temple, and 7i. sacrifices

        .\\\\E(.LIGE.\\\\ 1. Feci. .38. 9. my son, in thy sickness be not 77. Bar. 1. 19. we have been 71. in not hearini; him NEIIK-MIA-S, or NEEMIAS."

        1 Esd. 5. 8. with .lesus, N. and Zachaiias 4.-1. for unto them said N . and Atharias

        Eccl. 49- 13. among the elect was N. who raised up '2 Mac. 1. 18. gien when .\\\\ . ottered sacrihce CO. N. being sent from the king of Persia 21. !N . commanded the priests to sprinkle wood 23. the rest answering tliereunto as N. oid 31. N . coinmanded water to be poured on stones 33. tliat N. had purified the sacrihces therewith

        30. > . called thistliin;; Naphtliar.a cleansing

        2. 13. in the writings ami couimentaries of >.


        2 Esd. 15. 19. a man shall have no pity on his 77. J7td. 7.4. they saiil every one to his it. 10. 19.

        15. 2. no man that durst abide in sight ot ids 77. Eccl. 5. 12.if tliou ha;>t understanding', aiiswerthv 7;.

        0. 17. for as he is. so shall his 77. be also

        9. 14. as as thou canst, huks at thy 77.

        10. 0. bear not hatred to thy it. tor every wrong

        13. 15. and every man lovelh his 7;.

        17. 14. he gave commandment concerning' his 77.

        18. 13. the mercy of man is towards his ;/.

        19. 17. ailmonisli thv 77. bel'ort thou threaten him 22. 23. be taithtul to thv 71. in bis poverty

        27. 18. so hast thou lost the love of thv ),.

        19. so hast thou lettb.v 7/. go, and shalt not cet him

        28. 2. t'orgive thy 77. the hurt he hath done thee 7. remember commands, bear no malice to thv 77.

        29. 1. he that is mercitul will lend to his 77.

        2. lend to thy 71. in time of his need, ami pay thou thy 77. again in due season 14. an honest man is surety f(7r bis 71.

        20. help thv 77. according to thv power

        31. 15. judge of thy 7/. by thyself, be discreet

        31. rebuke not thy 7t. at wine, despise him not .S>«. 02, as they inti-ndeil to do to their 77.

        2 .Mac. 6. 8. there went a ilerree lo the 77. ciliis NElGlll'.ori!S.

        1 7v.frf.2.0. those, I sav, that are his 71. let them help

        2 Esd.O. 45. I wasi; of him. sii were all my 77. 10. 2. all my 7;. rose up to comfort me

        lob. 2. 8. but iiiv 77. mocke'd me. and said Eccl. 15.5. she"shall exalt him above his 77. 21. 22. a foolish man's f ot is .soon in his 71. house 25. 1, the unity of brethren the love of 77,

        18. her husband shall sit among his 77. 29. 5. for his 77. money he will speak submissly 34. 22. he that taketh away his 77. living Har. 4. 24. as77. of .'sion have seen your captivity 2 Mac.'). 25. the princes that are borderers ami 71.

        2s LRU I HALL Toh. 1.1. of the .seed of Asael, of the tribe of N. 2. which is called properly N. in Galilee

        4. all the tribe of N. fell from Jerusalem

        5. the house of my tatlier ?>'. sacrificed to T!aal

        7. .3. to whom they said, we are of the sons of X.

        M.VER. Wisd. 2. 2. we shall be as thoimh we had 71. been

        3. 15. the nx.t of wis-liim shall 71. tall away

        6. 12. wisdom is glurious, and 71. ladetli away

        N I N [AP0CRYPH4.

        iri'J. 7. 10. linht that correth tromberTt. soethout 14. she IS a treasure to men that 77. faileth

        15. 17. wbereas he lived once, but they 77.

        Eccl. 7.30. rememt)ei theend, thou shall 77. do amiss 12. 10. 77. trust tlune enemy, for as iron rusteth

        22. 0. stripes andcoirection isf wistloui are 77. outo."

        23. 7. keept- th it, shall 71. be taken m his lips

        1 1. the plat'ue shall '7. Oepart trom his house

        40. 23. a ;rieiid and com|)anion 77. meet amiss

        41. o. who are perished as tho' they had 71. been


        1 E'd. 5. .52. or the ?7. moons, and of all holy feasts 0. 9. building an house to the Lord, -reat and 77.

        25. one row ot 77. wood or that country

        2 i.j(/. 1.31. for \\\\ our 77. moons have 1 inisaken Jud. 8. 0. save tiie eves ot tiie 77. mO'Rs. an 1 the 77.

        moons, anil the leasts and solemn days of Israel

        16. 2. tune to hiui a 77. psalm, e.valt

        13. I will sin;; unto the Lord a 77. song

        Ii I'd. 7. 27. remaining, she maketh all things ?7. Eccl. 9. 10. forsake not an old triend, tor the 71. is not comparable to him, a jt. frieml is as n. win«

        24. 25. as 1 ygris in tlie time of the 77. fruit 30.0. shew 77. signs and make strange wonders

        1 -l/r7C. 4.47. they built a 71. altar as the former 49. they made'also 7;. holy vessels, and iTOught 53. ofitred on the j7. altar of burnt offering

        2 .Uiic. 2. 29. as the master-builder of a 71. house

        4. 11. he brought up 77. cust.ims against the law

        NEWLY. Jud. A. 3. were 7t. retuined tfiiiii the captivity fi ;.(.'. n. 18. beasts full ofrane. 77. created 2 Mac. 10.28. the sun being 7t. risen, they joined

        2 Mac. 0. 3. 71. was brought had happened N EA J'.

        1 Lsd. 3. 7. he shall sit 77. to Pariusforhis wisdom 'J'o/i. 1. 22. Sarcliediiiius appointed him 7;. to him .{77,/. 2. 4. called lloloiernes. who was 7i. to him E.'i/i. 13. 0. w ho is over the affairs, aiici is 77. to us

        10. 11. honoured as the 77. person onto the king

        2 J/<7c. 4. 41. taking handfuls ot liust that was 71.


        1 .Mac. 3. .38. chose N. and Ciorgias. miglity men 7. 20. then the king sent N.tmei f his prinVes

        27. so .\\\\. ( ame to Jtnisalem witii a great force 44. when N . saw that he was slain, they tied

        2 .Mac. 8. 9. then choosing .N.son of Patroclus

        14. being s( Id by the wicked N. before they met

        31. as fur that most ungracious >. . who brought 12.2. .N. governor of Cyprus would not sutler them 14.12. calling N. who had been master, telephauts

        14. tlien the heathen came to N . bv flocks 3ti. when Maccabeus saw that S. began to be churlish to hun, be withdrew himself from X. 15. 0. So .\\\\ . lieterniined to set up a monuirent

        28. they knew that N. lay dead in his harness 30. Judas comanded to strike off N . head

        32. he shewed them vile N. beail anil tlie hand

        33. he had cut out the tongue of ungodly N. :o. he hanged also N . head on the tower 37. tluis went It w iih N . and Horn tliat tiine

        N IGGARD. Eccl. 14. 3. riches are not comelv for a 77.

        10. a w icked eye is a 77. at his table 31. 24. against a 71. the city shall murmur

        Mt.(iAl;nNES.S. Eccl. 31. 24. testiiiionies nf his 7t. not be doubted

        MGII. Ercl. 12. 13. or any such as come '7. wild beasts 1!. 25. he shall pitch his tent n. to ht r 35. 17. tdl it come 77. he will mit be coniforled

        NIGlll. 1 E'd. 1.14. the priests offered fat until 77. T.'b.n. 9. so thex slei't both that 77. Jud. 0.21. called 011 the (iod of Israel all that 74,

        7. 5. tiiev reiu.iined and. watched all that 71. i;. ,33. you shall Stan. I this 77. in the gate

        11. 3. tliou shalt live this 77. and lu-reaffer 5. 1 will declare no lie to my lonl this 77.

        17- is religious, and serveth G . of heaven dav and 71. th> servant will go

        17. 2. and fettered with the bonds of a long 71. 5. mr stars endure to ligh.ten that hi-rrible 7j.

        I 11. but they sleeping the same sleep that 77.

        21. over them only was spread an b.eavv 77. 11'. 0. of that 77. were our fathers cert died

        14. that 77. w as in the midst of her su iff course J'.ccl. .'iO. 20. lodges wherever the 77. taketh him

        38. 27. every < ariieiiter that bih.nueth 71. and day 40. 5. his 77. sleep doth change Ins knowledge

        Vuir. 2. 25. they are cast out to the fr.'sts of the n.


        1 .Mac. A. 5. ill the mean seasi 11 came ( bv Ji.

        5. 29. from w hem e he rem.ned bv 71. ami went

        9. 13. tlie battle continued t'rom morning till 71. .'M. Eacchiiles, who shall take them all ill one 77.

        10. 4. who went out and rested that 11. in .Mo.lm

        2 .Mac. 8. 7- specially funk be .idvautage ot the n.

        12. 0. became and burnt the haven bv 71.

        1.!. 10. comuumded tocall on the Lord h. ami day

        15. he went into the king's tent by 71. and slew

        NUiil IS. '/',•/(. 10 7. she ceased not whole 77. to bewail ^.7)7. .3.47. O \\\\e 77. and da\\\\s, bless ye the Lord

        N I N 1 .. 2 E

        8. 8. 71. months doth thv woikmanshio emlure Eccl. '25.7. tliere be 71. things I have u'l'lged happy 2 Mac. 5. ■.'7. but hulas with 77. others withdrew

        7. '-". that bare thee m. mcnths in my womb 12. 10. when pone from thence 77. furlongs


        Toh. 1.3. my brethren, who came with me to X.

        10. when we were carried awav captives to N.

        17. or if I saw any cast about "the walls of N.

        22. Ac hiacharus entreating, 1 returned to N. 7.3.ot Naphthali. which are (aptives in .\\\\ .

        U. 1. went on bis way till they drew near to N. 071

        Apocrvphi.] not

        Toli. 14. 4. which Jonas the prophet spake of N. 8. now, my son,

        NOBILUY. Witii. 8. 3. slie magnified her n. the T.ord loved her i'«/.'.'2. lO.cliildren do stain the «. other kindred

        NOB I.E. Eecl. 10. CC. whether he be rich, n. of poor IB. 4. and wlio shall find out his n. acts .' 1 Alar. :i. .32. so he left Lysias a »». man to oversee 8. 2. their wars and ». acts which they h?d done S Mac. 6. 31. death for an example ot n. courage 12.42. liesidcs, n. .ludas exh<)rte

        NOI5LF.S. 1 Etrf. 1. .38. and he boimd Joacini and the n. B. 26. hath honoured me in the sisiht of king, and n. Jv.d. 2. C. so he called unto him all his m. Jiar. 1.4. in the hearini: of the n. and elders

        NOBLEST. IVisd. 18. 12. the n. offspring was destroyed

        NOE. 7'od. 4. 12. we are the children of N. Abraham

        NOISK. 1 Ktrf. 5. 66. came to know what the «. should mean C £irf. 5. 7. the sea shall make a ji. in the niyht Jiid. 14. 9. the people made a joylul »i. in their city

        19. there was a great n. throu;>hout their camp F.mA. 11. 5. behold, aji. of tumult with thunder yvisd. 1. 10. the n. of murmiirings is not hid 5. 11. parted with the violent n. and motion

        17. 18. or a melodious n. of birds amonj; branches 18. 10. a lamentable n. was carried abroad

        Keel. .38. 28. the n. of the hammer is ever in his ears 40. 13. the goods of the unjust siiall vanish with ».

        43. 17. the M. of thunder makes the earth tremble 4d. 9. there might be a sound and a n. made, that

        might be heard in the temple for a memorial 46. 17. with a great n. made his voice to be heard 50. 16. thcsonsof A. madeagreatn. to be heard

        1 Mae. 9. 13. tlie earth shook at the n. of the armies 41. the ». of their melody into lamentation

        NOISED. Jud. 10. 18. her coming was 71. among the tents


        Wi.«f.l7.4. but n. as of waters falling down, sounded


        2 Mac. 9. 9. his smell was n. to all his anny

        NONE. Jiid. 6. 4. n. of my wonls shall be in vain, 9. 9. 14. there is n. other that protectelh Israel 16. 14. there is n. that can resist thy voice Heel. 11. 28. judge ». blessed before his death .3<). 10. that say, that there is 71. other but me 39. 17- »• may say, what is this r why is that ? 18. anil n. can hnider when he will save

        44. 19. in glory was there n. like unto him

        45. 1.3. before nim there was n. such

        ,'51.7. I looked for succour, but there was n. Bar. 3. 23. ?i. of these have known way of wis

        6. 73. better is the just man that hath n. idols Bel A\\\\. and there is n. other besides thee

        1 Mac. 3.45. ». of her children went in or out 7. 17. bloodshed, and there was n. to bury them

        8. 14. yet for all this n. of them wore a crown 14. 12. sat under his vine, there was v. to fray them

        2 Mac. 5. 10. he had n. to mourn for him

        NORIH. 2 Kfrf. 15. 34. clouds from the n. to the south Jud. 16. 4. out of the moimtains from the n.

        NOIMHEKN. £ccl. 43. 17- so doth the 71. .storm and whirlwind

        NOSES. Wisd. 15. 15. which have not n. to draw breath

        NOSTRILS. Wisd. 2. 2. for the breath in our n. is as smoke


        2 Mac. 3. 26. two other young men n. in strength

        fi. 28. leave a n. example to such as be young

        14. 33. and I will erect a «. temple to Bacchus


        2 Mac. 14. 31. he was n. prevented by Judas' policy

        NOTES. Wisd. 19. 18. as n. change the name of the tune

        NOMADES. ZMac. 12. 11. the N. of Arabia being overcome NOTHING.

        1 E'd. 8. 7. he omitted 71. of the law of the Loid

        9. 51. and send part to them that have n.

        54. they went to give part to them that had n.

        2 End. 5. 12. then shall men hope, but n. obtain Tiih. 4. 17- but give n. to the wicked

        10. 5. now 1 care for n. my son, since I let thee go

        12. 11. surely X will keep close »j. from you i'.i(A. 10. 5. a dream, and n. thereof halh Vailed

        14. 11. give not thy sceptre to them that be n. Wisd. 2. 11. what teeble is found to be h. worth 4. 5. the fruit not ripe to eat, yea, meet for w. 7. 8. 1 esteemed riches 71. in comparison of her 8. 7. men can have 7!. more profitable in Iheir lives

        9. 6. without wisdom he shall be 71. reganled 11.24. thou abhorrestjj. which thou hast made 13. 10. resemblances of l)easts, or a stone good for n. 17. 12. fear is 71. but a Iwtraying of sucr

        £<•<■/. 6. 15. 71. doth countervail a faithful friend 8. 16. for blood is as 7j. in his sight

        10. 6. do 71. at all by injurious practices

        13. 4. but if thou have 71. he will forsake thee

        18. 6. works of L. there may be 71. taken frou) them 22. let 7». hinder thee to pay thy vow in time

        CO. 2.3. and maketh him his enemy for n. 23.27.71. better than the fear of the Lord, anil 71. is sweeter than to take heed to commandments 26. 14 71. so much woilh as a n)ind well instructed

        32. 19. do 71. without advice, then repent not



        Eecl. 33. 20. and without discretion do ti.

        39. 19. and 71. can be hid from his eyes 20. and there is 71. wnnderful before him

        40. 6. a little or 71. is his rest, and he is in sleep 7. awakelli, and marvel leth that the fear was n.

        41. 1. unto the man that hath 71. to vex him

        42. 21. to him may 71. be added, nor diminished 24. and he hath made 71. imperfect

        Bar. 6. 17. a vessel isM. worth when it is broken 26. they declare to men that they be n. worth

        28. but to the poor liiey give 7i. of it

        70. for as a scarecrow in a garden keepeth 71.

        1 Mac. 2. 63. and his thought is come to 71.

        2 Mac. 4. 25. bringing 71. worthy the priesthood

        7. 12. so that he 7». regarded the pains

        9. 7. howbeit, he 71. ceased from his bragging 12. 4. to live in (leace, and suspecting 7». 14. 35. O Lord ot'all things, who hast need of n. NOUGHT.

        1 E4d. ■«. 56. till they had brought them all to n.

        2 Esd. 2. .33. when 1 came to them, they set me at 71.

        8. 59. it was not his will men should come to 7«. Jwrf. 4. 1. spoiled temples, and brought them to 71.

        13. 17. brought to 71. the enemies of thy people £s//i. 13. 15. their eyes are on us to bring us to 71. Wisd. 1. 11. no word so secret that shall goforTt.

        16. they consumed to 71. and made a covenant Eecl. 40. 14. so shall transgressors come to 71.

        47.7. he brought to 71. the Philistines his adversaries

        NOURISH. 2 Esd. 2. 25. 71. thy children, O thou good nurse Toh. 2. 10. moreover Achiacharus did 71. me Eecl. 28. 5. if he that is but Hesh 71. hatred Bar. 4. 11. with joy did 1 71. them, but sent them

        1 15. he should 71. him up for the kingdom

        2 Mac. 10. 15. they went about to 71. war


        1 Esd. 4. 16. they 7«. them that planted vineyards

        2 Esd. 8. U that the thing Iksliioned may be 71.

        9. 46. and I 7». him with a great travel


        10. 14. he 71. war continually with the Jews

        NOURISH ETH. Wisd. 16. 25. was obedient to thy grace that 71.

        26. it is not the growing of fruits that 71. a man Eecl. 17. 18. his first-born he 7t. with discipline NUMBER.

        1 Esd. 2. 9. with many free gifts of a great 7j. 13. this was the 7i. of them, 1000 golden cups

        8. 63. all was delivered them by 71. and weight

        2 Esd. 2. 38. behold the 71. of tliose that be sealed

        3. 7. came trilH-s, people, and kindreds, out of ».

        29. when 1 had seen impieties without 71.

        4. .37. by 71. hath he numbered the times 16. 56. and he knowelh the 71. of them

        J7(d. 2. 20. for the multitude was without 71.

        5. 10. so that one could not 71. their nation Wisd. 4. 8. nor that is measured by 71. of years

        11. 20. all things in measure, and 71. and weight Eecl. I. 2. who can 71. the sand of the sea .'

        7. 16.71. not thyself among the multitude of sinners 16. 17. among such an infinite 71. of creatures 18. 5. who shall 71. the strength of his majesty ? 9. the 71. of a man's days at'most are 100 years .38. 29. who maketh all his work by 7t. 42. 7. deliverall things in 71. and weight 45. 11. after the 71. of the tribes of Israel 48. 2. and by his zeal he diminished their 71.

        Bar. 2. 29. multitude shall be turned into a small 71.

        Prayer of Maiiass. seemed above 7t. of sands of sea

        NUMBKRKD. Wisd. 5. 5. how is he ti. among the children of God !

        Eecl. 1. 9. he created her, and saw her, and 71. her 37. 25. the liays of the life of man may be «. NUMENIUS.

        1 Mac. 12. 16. we chose N. the son of Anfiochus


        2 Esd. 1. 28. prayed you, as aTi. her young babes 2. 25. O thou good 71. stalilish their feet

        NURSED. Wisd. 7. 4. 1 was 77. in swaddling clothes Bar. 4. 8. ye have grieved .lerusalem that 7». you

        NURTURE. U^isd. 3. 11. whoso despiseth 71. he is miserable £«/. 22.10. haughty through disdain aJi, i want of 7».

        NURTURED. Eecl. 21. 23. he thatis well 71. wil! stand without 22. 3. an evil 71. son is the dishonour of his father 31. 19. a little is sufficient for a man well ti. 40.29. a wise man well 71. will beware thereof

        NUUTUREDST. 2 Esd. 8. 12. thou ti. itinlhv law, and reformedst it

        NURTURE IH. E^cl. 18. 13. he reproveth, and n. and teachetb


        OATH. 1 Errf. 8. 93. let us make an o. to the T.ord

        96. Esilras took an a. of the chief of the priests Toi. 8. 20. Raguel had said to him l)y an 0. Jitd. 8. 11. touching this 0. which ye made

        ;iO. compelled us to bring an 0. on omselves Eecl. 44. 21. therefore he assured him by an o. Bar. 2. 34. the land which I promised with an o.

        1 Mne. 6. 61. the princes made an o. to them 62. but he brake his ». that he had made

        7. 18. for they have broken the covenant and o.

        2 Mac, 14. 33. and he made an o. in this manner

        OAIHS. Wisd. 18. 6. to what 0. they had given credence

        22. alleging o. and covenants made with fathers 2 Mae. 4. .34. who gave him his right hand with o. 7. 24. but also he assured him with 0. 15. 10. shewing him the breach of 0. OBEDIENT. 2 Esd. 1. 8. for they have not been o. to my law IVisd. 16 25. it wasn. to thy grace that nourisheth Eecl. 3. 0. he that is 0. unto the Lord shall be


        Eecl. 33. 28. if he be not 0. put on more heavy fetteitt 42. 23. for all uses, and they are all a. Bar. 2. 5. we have not beeno. to his voice 6. 60. being sent to do their ofhces, are 0. OBEY.

        1 £j

        5. 69. for we likewise, as you do, n. your Lord

        8. 94. as many as

        2 Esd. 1. 24. thou Judah wouldst not 0. me Jud. 2. 3. all that did not 0. the commanilment Eecl. 18. 3. gov. the world, and all things o. his will 2 Mac. 7. 30. I will noto. the king's commandment

        OBEYED. 1 Esd. 4. 12. be mightiest, when in such sort he iso.

        OBEYEIH. Eecl. 24. 22. that o. me shall never be confounded Bar. 3. 33. calleth it, and it 0. him with fear

        OBJECTEIH. Wisd. 2. 12.0. to our infamy the transgressings

        . OBLAIION. Dan. 3. 15. nor is there at this time 0. or incense

        OBLAIIONS. 1 Esd. 5. 52. and after that the continual n. Eecl. 7. 9- God will look on the multitude of my e. 50. 13. and the o. of the Lord in their hands

        1 Mac. 15. 5. how 1 confirm to thee all the 0.

        OBSCURE. Wisd. 4. 12. doth 0. things that are honest

        OB.SCDR1 lY. Esih. 11. 8. and lo, a day of darkness and 0. OBSERVE.

        2 Esd. 7. 21. they should 0. to avoid punishment Eecl. 4. 20. 0. the opportunity and beware of evil

        13. 13. «. and take heed, for thou walkestin peril

        18. 27. a wise man will fear, but a fool will not 0, 27. 12. if among the indiscreet, 0. the time

        1 Mae. 2. 67. take all those that o. the law

        2 Mae. 6. 8. that they should n. the same fashions

        OBSERVED. 2 Esd. 9. .32. our fathers 0. not thy ordinances E^cl. 19. 9. he heard and 0. thee and will hate

        OBTAIN. 2 Esd. 4. 24. and we are not worthy to 0. mercy 5. 12. then shall men hope, but nothing «.

        14. .34. and after death ye shall 0. mercy Wisd. 8. 13. by means ot her o. immortality

        21. perceived that I could not 0. her Eecl. 11. 10. thou shall not 0. nor escape bv fleeing

        15. 1. that hath knowledge of the law shafl u. her 1 Mac. 2. 64. for by it shall you 0. glory

        OBTAINED. 1 Esd. 6. 5. the elders of the Jews o. favour EstA. 16. 11. A man had so far forth o. favour Eecl. 46. 9. and his seed o. it for an heritage

        1 Mac. 2. 54.11. the covenant of everlasting f)riesthoo

        15.9. when we haveo. our kingdom we will lionoui

        2 Mac. 5. 7. howbeit he 0. not the principality 15. 5. he 0. not to have his wicked will done

        OBTAINETH. Eecl. 19. IB. and wisdom o. the love of God

        OBTAINING. Eecl. 10. 21. fear of Lord goeih before 0. of authority

        OCCASION. Wisd. 14. 21. this was an 0. to deceive the world I^rl. 4. 5. and give him noneo. to curse thee 23. refrain not w hen (liere is o. to do good OCCUPIED. Eecl. 12. 3. no good to him that is always 0. in evil .38. 25. and that is 0. in their labours 39. 1. he that is n. in the meditation of the law of the Most High, will be 0. in propliecies 2 Mac. 8. 27. they 0. themselves about the sabbath 10. 15. the Idumeans kept the Jews 0. OCCUPIEIH. 2 Esd. 16. 42. he that n. merchandise hath no profit

        ODIOUS. Wisd. 12. 4. thou hateilst it fordoing most 0. works

        ODOLLAM. 2 Mac. 12. 38. so Judas came iuto the city O.

        ODOUR. Eecl. 24. 15. 1 yielded a pleasant 0. like myrrh

        ODOURS. 2 Esd, 6. 44. there were 0. of wonderful smell

        OlFENCE. Jud. 12. 2. 1 will not eat thereof, lest there fic o. Wisd. 14. 31. that punisheth the 0. of the ungodly Eecl. 18. 27. a wise man will beware of ».

        19. 8. if thou canst without 0. reveal them not 23. 11. acknowledge not, he maketh a double o, .30. 13. lest his lewd behaviour t)e an 0. to thee 41 . 18. of an 0. before a judge and ruler

        1 Mac. 5. 4. who had been an i>. unto the people

        OFIENCES. Prayer of MaTtass. and 1 have multiplied 0.

        OFFEND. Wisd. 12. 2. therefore chastenestthou them thato. 15. 13. knoweth himself to o. above all others £fc/. 7. 7. 0. not against the multitude of a city 17- 25. make thy prayer before his face, and 0. lesl 19. 4. that sinneth siiall t>. against his own soul 23. 11. if he shall 0. his sin shall be upon him

        31. 10. who might c and hath not offended

        17. leave off, and be not unsatiable lest thou o, 30. drunkenness increaseth rage of a fool till he ff, OFFENDED.

        2 Esd. 12. 41 . what have we n. that thou forsaVest us f Wisd. 10. 8. that in the things wherein they a.

        12. 2. putting in remembraiice wherein they o. Eecl. 19. 16. who hath not o. with his tongue? 25.2. and I am greatly n. at their life 31. 10. who might offend and hath not o. ? .32. 15. but the hypocrite will be 0. thereat

        OFKENDEIH. Bar.t. 14. that cannot put to death one that 0. him


        Wild, 3. 12. he upbraideih us with our 0. the law


        1 Esd. 1 . 6. o. the passover in order and make ready

        9. 20. and to o. rams to make rec'-niilemcnt Eccl.T. 9. when I o. to God, he will accept it Bar. 1. 10. prepare ye manna, and o. 011 the altar

        2 Mac, 4. 40. he began first to 0. violence


        2 Mae. 7.37.but T u. up my body and life for the laws

        12. 4:i. he sent it to Jenisaleni too. a sin-offering

        Ol-FEKKU. Teb. 5. 13. we o. the first-born and tenths of fruits JlccI. 4G. 16. when he o, the suckinj; lamb ZMac. 1. 18. f;iven us when NeemiHS o. sacrifice

        3. 32. o. a sacrifice tor the health of the man

        10. 3. they o. a sacrifice after two years

        Ol-'lEKEIH. Wisd. 17. 1-. fear betraying the succours reason 0. JUcl.Xt. 1. he that taketli heed 0. a jieace oftering 2. he that requiteth a siood turn 0. tine flour OFFERING. 2 Eid. 10. 45. wherein there was no 0. made in her £cil. 14. 11. my son, give the Lord his due 0. 30. ly. wliat gond doeth tlie 0. to an idol ! 34.18. a thing wrongfully gotten, his o. isri

        50. 14. that he might adorn the 0. of .Most High 2 Mac. 4. C4. o. more than.Iason by :?i'C> talents

        14. 31. the priests that were i>. usual sacrifices OFFKKINGS.

        1 Esd.Ci. 31. that u. may be made to the most high G.

        2 Eirf. 10. 4t). Solomon buikied the city, ami ottered 0. ..Tvd. 16. 18. they offered their burnt-o. and gilts £rc/. .34. 19. is not pleased with the 0. of the wicked

        35. 1. he thatkeepeth the law, brings 0. enough

        OFFICE. 1 Esd. 5. .38. priests that usurped 0. of tlie prif sthood £cc/. 32. 'J. when done all thy 0. take thy place

        45. 15. should e.\\\\ecute the 0. of the priesthood

        OFFICES. Bar. 6. 60. being sent to lio their 0. are obedient

        OFFICERS. Eccl. 10.2. as the judge is himself, so are bis 0. 1 jVnr. 10. 33. I will that all my w. remit tributes 41. all the overplus which the o. paid not in

        13. 3". to write toouro. to confirm immunities

        OIL. 1 Esd.6. .30. and also corn, salt, wine, and «. Jyid. 10. 5. then she gave her maid a cruse of 0.

        11. 13. resolved to spend the tenths of wine and 0. Eccl. 39. 26. the blood of the grape, o. and clothing

        45.15. Moses anointed him witii holy i>. Sus. 17. she said, bring men. and washing-balls

        01 N I JlF.Nl', S. ^ Esd. 2. 12. thev shall have the treeof lite for an 0. Jud: 10. 3 she anointed herself with precious 0. IVisd.l.'t. \\\\i:t us till ourselves with costly wine and t).

        OLD. Tob. 3. 10. 1 shall bring his 0. age with sorrow to gr.

        14.13. where he became c with honour Jtid. 16. 23. she waxed o. in her husband's house £.fth. 13. 7. who of (1. and now are malicious Hisd. 4. 16. the years and ». age of the nnriuhteous

        8. 8. she knowefh things of ». and conjectureth

        12. 3. those 0. inhabitants of the holy land

        14. 6. lor in a. time when proud giants perished Eccl.e. 10. look at the generations of 0. and see

        6. 18. so Shalt thou bnd wisdom till thine 0. age

        8. 6. dishoniiur not a man in bis o. age, (or even

        soine of us wax 0. rejoice not over thy enemy

        9. 10. forsake not an 0. friend, for new is not com- parable, when wine is cshalt drink with pleas.

        11. 16. evil shall wax a. with them that glory in it £0. be stedlast in covenant, and wax 0. in thy work 14. 17. all Hesh waxetho. asa garment I'p. 7. he was not pacified towards tlie 0. giants 25. 2. 1 bate an 0. adulterer that doeth

        51. 8. then thought I upon thy acts of 0.

        Jiar. 3. 10. that thou art waxen o. in a stran;.'e country Sus. 52. O thou that art waxen 0. in wickedness

        1 Mac. 3.29. the laws which had been ofc. time 15.3. that I may restore it to the «. estate

        17. to renew the 0. friendship and leasjue 16. 3. but now I am 0. and ye are of asufticient age

        2 Mac. 5. 13. there was killing of young and 0.

        6. 21. for 0. acquaintance they had with the man £2. for the u. friendship with them, find favour OLIVE. .Tud. 15. 13. they put a garland of 0. upon her

        OLIVF.-TREE. Eccl. 50. 10. as a fair n.-cree budding forth fruit

        OLIVES. 2 Esd. 16. 20. as in an orchard of 0. on every tree are left three or four o. when vineyard gathered ONE. Tot. 4. 4. when dead, bury her by me in o. grave 6. 10. he also hath 0. only daughter, named Sara Esih. 15. 3. upon the 0. she leaned, as carrying Wisd. 7. 22. a spirit, holy, ii. only manifold 11.20. they have fallen down w'ith o. blast Eccl. 1.8. there is O. wise anil greatly to be feared

        6. 6. have but o. counsellor of a thousand

        7> 8. bind not 0. sin upon another, for in o. thou shalt not be unpunished 16. 3. 0. that is just is better than a thousand

        46. 4. and was not 0. day as long as two ?

        Van. 3. 2B. the three, as out of 0. mouth, praised G. Hvs. ,52. he called o. of them ami said unto him

        1 Mac. 3. .32. he left 0. of the blood royal to oversee

        4, 11. may know that there is (). that . man

        every year, and all were obedient to tliato. 9. 58. who shall take them all in 0. night ^ Mac. 1. 5. hear prayers, and be at 0. with vou

        7. 2. but ('.of them that spake first, said thus

        20. saw lier seven sons slain in the space of 0. day

        21. yea, she exhorted every 0. of them

        ON IAS.

        2 Mac. 3. 1. laws kept because of the godlinessofO. 5. when he could not overcmneO.

        4. 1. Simon slandered O. as if he terrified Ileliod. 4. O. seeing the danger of this contention 34. he prayed him to i-'etO. into his hands 36. because O. was slain without cause ' 15. 14. thenO. answered, saving, this is a lover

        OiSV.X. Eccl. 24. 15. I jielded a pleasant odour like 0.

        OPEN. 1 Esd. 4.31. the king gaped on her with 0. mouth


        Toi. 2. 10. my eyes being o. the sparrows muted 6. 4. 0. the fish, and take the heart and the liver 11.7. I know that thy father will 0. his eyes Jud. 4. 6. toward the u. country near Uothaim

        10. 9. they commanded the young men to o. to her

        11. 19. a dog shall not so much as 0. bis mouth

        13. U. o. 0. now the gate, our God is with us Ksth. 14. 10. 0. the mouths of the heathen Eecl. 8. 19- and 0. not thine heart to every man

        1.5. 5. in the midst oftongreg. shall sheo. his mouth 29. 24. a stranuei , thou darest not 0. thy mouth

        39. 5. and he will o. his mouth in prayer Bar. 2. 6. but to us and our fathers d. shame

        17. 0. tliine eyes and behold ; for the dead l)a7i. .3. 10. anil now we cannot 0. our mouths

        1 Mac. 3. 48. and they laid 0. the book of the law 5 48. howbeit they could not 0. unto him

        2 Mac. 1 . 4. God 0. your hearts in his law

        6. 18. Eleazar was constrained too. his mouth


        1 Fsd. 9. 46. when he o. the law they stood all up

        2 E'll. (■,. 20. books shall beo. before the brmament K. .12. for unto you is paradise <>. tree of life planted 0, 2H. 1 0. my mouth, and began to talk before God

        I'l'l). B. 13. so the maid 0. the door and went in .Ivii. 10. 9. the gates of the city to hi- o. to me Ed. 43. 14. turoii:;b this the treasures are 0. 51.25. 1 1>. my mouth and said, buy her for yours. ■S».v. 25. then ran the one and c. the garden door 2 .Mac. 12. 41. who had o. the things that were hid

        OPENinil. E rl. 20. 15. he fl. his mouth like a crier

        40. 14. while he D. bis hand he shall rejoice

        OPENLY. Eccl. 51. 13. I desired wisdom 0. inmv- prayer

        OPERATION. ]Visd. 7. 17. to know the 0. of the elements

        OPERATIONS. Eccl. 17. 5. thev received the use of the five 0. OPllFR. &e Gold. OPINION. Eccl. 3. 24. are deceived by their own vain o.

        OPPORTUMIY. Eccl. 4. 20. observe the n. and beware of evil

        12. Ifi. if he bnd o. he will not be satisfied

        19. 28. yet when he findeth o. he will do evil ■ 20. 7. a wise man will hold his tongue till he see 0. ."('.. 24. the wisdom of a learned man conieth by 0. 1 Mac. 11. 42. 1 will honour thy nation, if 0. serve

        15. 34. we having n. hold the inheritance

        OPPRESS. Jlisd. 2. 10. let us 0. the poor righteous man 17. 2. unrighteous thought to 0. the holy nation Eccl. 36. 9. let them perish thato. th.e people

        1 ;1/nc.8. 18. they saw that the Grecians did 0. Israel £ .Mac. 1. 28. punish them that 0. and do us wrong

        OPPRESSED. Jyd. 9. n.anhelper of the o. and upholder of weak

        16. 8. for tlie exaltation of those that were ii. U i.

        OPPRESSOR. Eccl. 4. 9. him that suffereth wrong from the 0.

        OPPR0liR10US.~ Eccl. 23. 15. the man that is accustomed to 0. words

        ORACLE. Eccl. .33. 3. the law is faithful to him as an 0.

        ORACLES. Eccl. 06. 14. fill Sinn with thine unspeakable 0. ORCHAKl).

        2 Esd. 16. 29. as in an o. of olives, on ever3' tree


        1 Esd. 8. 23. 0. indges and justices in all Svria

        2 E


        1 Esd. 6. 34. I Darius the king have 0. it be done 8. 49. the servants of the temple whom David 0.

        2 Esd. 7. IT. O Lord, thou hast n. in thy law

        8. 14. it is an easy thingto be 0. by commandment 'fi'lj. 1. 6. as it was 0. to all the people of Israel Eilli. 13. 6. bv Aman who is 0. over the affairs

        14. 9. they will abolish the thing thou bast o.

        U isd.O.'i.o. man thro' tbv wisdom to have dominion Eccl.'. 15. husfiaiidry which the Most High hath 0.

        48. 10. wliowastd. tor reproofs in their times 1 Mac. 3. .55. .ludas 0. captains over the people

        4. 59. P. that the days of the dedication be kept

        7. 49. moreover, thev o. to keep yearly this day


        1 Esd. 1. 6. ofi'erthe passoverino. and make ready m. the priests and I.evites stood in comely 0. 15. the sons of Asaph were in their 0.

        (!. 10. I have given 11. that such of the nation

        2 6. 45. ami the stars should be in n.

        13. 26. he shall ii. them that are left bihind

        14. 13. now therefore set thine house in o. li'isd. 7. 29. she is above all the 11. of stars

        8. 14. I shall set the people in 0. and nations

        9. .3.1'. the world according to etiuity and righteous. Eccl.1. 6. II. tbv wav aright, and trust in him .38. 10. II. thy hands'aright, and cleanse thy heart 4:i. 10. they will stand in their o. and never faint 47. 10. ami he set in 0. the solemn times

        1 Mac. 6. 40. they marched on safely and in 0.

        9. 55. nor could give 11. concerniughis house

        2 Mac. 3. 14. he entered into o. this matter

        4. 27. as for the money he took no good n. for it 7. 8. he received al

        ORDERED. Jl'orf. 11. CO. but thou hast o. all things in measure /.ci7. 10. 1. government of a prudent man is well 0.

        ORDEUEsr. ll'isd. 12. 15. thou 0. all things righteously

        ORDERING. U'tsd. 15. 1. gracious, and in mercy 0. all things Ercl. 26. 16. a good wife in the o. other house 32. 2. receive thy crown fortliy well i>. of the f' 1 Mac. 16. 14. takim; care bir the good tf.of them

        ORDINANCES. Eccl. 6. 37. let thy mind be upon the 0. of the Lord

        O W I [ApOCRYPHik.

        Bar. 2. 12. we have dealt unrighteously in all thy 0. 1 Mac. 1. 13. gave them licence to do after the 0. 2. 21. God forbid that we should forsake the 0. ORDINARY.

        1 Esd. 1.16. not lawful for any to go from hiso. serv, Eccl. 33. 9. some of them hath he made 0. davs


        2 Esd. 2. 33. a charge of the Tj5rd on mount O.

        ORNA.MEN 1. Eccl. 6. .30. for there is a golden 0. upon her 21. 21. learning is to a wise man as an o. of gold 43. 9. an o. giving light in the highest phices 45. 12. an II. of hi.nour, a costly work Prayer of Matiass. made earth'with all 0. thereof

        ORNAMENTS. Jud. 10. 4. and she put about her all her 0. Eccl. 45. 7. he beautified him with comely o.

        1 Mac. 1. 22. the golden o. hetore the teii'file

        2. 11. all her 0. are t^ken away, is a bond-slave

        2 Mac. 2. 2. images of silver and gold with their 0.

        5. 3. there wassetn glitterint; of golden i).

        ORPHAN. 2 Esd. 2. 20. defend the 0. clothe the naked Tod. 1. 8. because 1 was left an 0. by my rather

        ORPHANS. 2 Mac. 8. 28. had given spoils to the maimed and

        OS FA. 2 Esd. 13. 40. carried in the time of O. the king

        OSEAS. 2 Esd. 1. 39. T will give for leaders, O. Arr.oz

        OVEN. 2 Esd. 4. 48. behold, an hot burning u. passed b\' Vnti. 3. 23. servants ceased not to make the 0. hot £6. the angel of the Lord came down into the o. and smote the fiame of the fire out of the 0.

        ovFRc a:\\\\ie.

        2 E.'d. 11. 40. the I'ourth came and 0. all beasts Jlisd. 16. 10. not the teeth of venomous dragons 0. 18. 22. so he 0. the destroyer, not with strength

        2 Mac. £. £1. bein;: few thev u. the whole countrv OVERCOME.

        1 Esd. 3. 5. let every one speak, he that shall 0.

        2 Esd. 3. 21. the first Adam was 0. and so be all

        6. 28. corruption shall be o. and truth be declared

        7. 58. if he lie o. he shall suffer as thou hast said 13. 34. willing to come and o. him bv fi;;litii;g

        .hid. 5. 20. let us go up, and we shall'o. them llisd. 2. 4. and 0. with the heat thereof Eccl. 48. 13. no word could 0. him

        1 Mac. 2. 61. none that trust in him shall be 0.

        2 I\\\\Jac. 11. 13. that the Hebrews could not he 0.

        12. 11. so that the Nomades of Arabia being i).

        OVERFLOW. Jud. 2. 8. be filled with their dead till it 0.

        OVERLAID. Bar. 6. 39. their gods of wood, which are 0. 50.

        OVERMASIER. Eccl. 12. 5. give it not, lest he i>. thee thereby

        OVERMICH. Eccl. 26. 10. lest she abuse herself through i). libei ty

        OVERPASS. Eccl. 14. 14. let not part of a tood desire ;'. thf e 1 3Iac. 10. 41. all the 0. which olbcers paid not

        OVERS KE. 1 Esd. 7. 2. did very carefully 0. the holv works 1 Mac. 3. 32. be left Lysias to u. the affairs

        OVERSEEING. .Tiid. 8. 3. as he .stood 0. them that bound sheaves n isd. 7. 23. luiviny all power, o. all thin-s

        OVERSEER. 7'i'i'(. 1. 22. Achiacharus was o. of the accounts

        OVERSEERS. 1 Mac. 1. 51. he appointed r. over the people 10. .37. 1 will that their I-. be of themselves OVERSHADOW. Bar. 5. 8. every sweet smelling tree shall 0. Israel

        OVERSUilir. 1 Mac. 13. 39. as lor any ii. or fault committed

        OVERFAKEN. Jud. 11. 11. and their sin hath o. them

        OVERTHREW. Eccl. 10. 16. the l.ord 0, countries of the heathen

        OVERIIiROW. Wisd. 5. 23. ill dealings shall 0. the thrones Ercl. 8. 16. where there is no help he will ,>. thee

        13. 23. if be stumble, they will help ton. hiin


        5. 3. Judas gave them a great n. and abated courage

        OVERFIIROWING. Eccl. 13. 13. for thmi walkest in peril of thy 0.

        OVERJHROWN. Toll. 14.4. .Tonah spake of Nineve, that it should be 11. ./hi/. 7. 14. thev sliall be o. in the strn ts

        16. II. these lilted their voice, but they werei>. Ercl. 3. 24. evil suspicion has n. their judgment

        12. 12. lest when he bath n. thee, he stand up

        27. 3. his bouse shrill soon be n.

        28. 14. hath 1). the houses of great men

        OVF.U lOOK. 1 Mac. 12. .30. puisued after them, but o. tl-.em not

        0\\\\ 1 K\\\\\\\\ ITCH. Eccl. 8. 2. be not at variani e w itii rich, lest he i>.

        OVF.RXV ISF,. Eccl. 10. 26. be not i>. in doiin; tliy business

        OCGIl 1 EsF.

        Ercl. 15. 11. thou o. not to do the things be hateth


        1 .Mac. 12. 23. we do write back again to you, Oiat

        your cattle and -iood^ are i>. and ,'. are } ours OC 1 (iOlNtiS.

        2 Esd. 4. 7. <'r which are the o. of paradise

        OC l-ROADS. 1 Mac. 15. 41. might maken. on the ways of Judea

        OC IWARI). Eccl. 11.2. nor abhor a man for his 0. appearance

        OWE. 1 Mac. 13. 39. the crown-tax also which ye 0. us

        OWlNti. 1 Mac. n. 15, it isformonev he is 0. to the king 15. 8. il any thing be or shall be o. to the king

        'J X 673

        Apockypha.] par

        OWNERS. Toi. 2. 12. when she had sent them home to the o. 13. is it not stolen .' render it to the o. OX. Jad. 8. 1. the daughter of Merari.tbesonof O.


        PACIFY. Eccl. 48. 10. to ». the wrath of the Lord's judgment 2 Mac, 4.45. ifhe would p. the king towards him

        PAClFlliD. Eccl. 5. 6. he will be p. for multitude of my sins 16. 7. he was not p. towards the old siiants 34. ly. neither is he p. for sin by sacrifices 2 Mac, 13. 26. Lysias p. made them well affected

        PAIN. 2 Esd. 8. 59. thirst and p. are prepared for them

        9. 12. the same must know it after death by p.

        12. 26. one sliall die on his bed, and yet with p. Wisd. 10.9 but wisdom delivered tromp. those Eccl. 31. 2(1. but the p. of \\\\vatchiog and choler

        48. 19. they were in p. as women in travail 2 Mac. 7. 36. who have suffered a short p. 9. 5. a p. of the bowels that was remediless 9. whdst he lived in p. his Hesh fell away • 11. his p. increasing every moment

        PAINED. 2 Mac. 9. 7. the meml)ers of his body were muchiJ.

        PAINS. Eccl. 11. 11. one that laboureth and takethj). 38. 7. with such he taketh away theiry.

        1 Mac. 10. 15. of the p. that they had endured

        2 Mac. 2. 27. we will undertake this great p.

        6. 30. I endure sore p. in body by bemg beaten

        1 7. 12. for that he nothing regarded the p. 9. 18. but for all this his p. would not cease


        2 Esd. 7. 12. they are full of perils and very p. ZMac.2. 26. that have taken upon us this j). labour


        1 Mac. 3. 48. top. the likeness of their images

        2 Mac. 2. 29. uudertaketh to set it out and p. it

        PAINTERS. Wisd. 15. 4. image spotted, the p. fruitless labour

        PALACE. Est/i. 12. 1. two eunuchs, and keepers of the p. Ear. 6. 69. better be a pillar of wood in a p.

        PALATE. Eccl. 36. 19. as thep. tasteth divers kinds of venison

        PALES. Eccl. 22. 18. p. will never stand against the wind

        PALSY. 1 Mac. 9. 55. Alcimus was taken with a p. PAMPHYLIA.

        1 Mac. 15. 23. the same things wrote he to P.


        Eccl. 31. 20. j;. of the belly with an unsatiable man


        2 Mac. 7. 5. to be brousht and fried in the p.


        1 Esd. 1. 12. sod in pots and p. with a good savour

        2 Mac. 7. 3. the king commanded j). to be made hot

        PAPER. 2 Esd. 15. 2. and cause them to be written in p. Toi. 7. 14. took p. and did write an instrument

        PARABLES. Eccl. 1.25. thep. of knowledge are in wisdom 6. 35. let notp. of understanding escape thee

        13. 26. finding out of p. is a wearisome labour 18. 29. and they poured forth exquisite p.

        •38. 33. shall not be found where p. are spoken 39. 2. and where subtil p. are, he will be there

        3. and he will be conversant in dark p. 47. 15. and thou filledst it with dark p. 17. marvelled at thee for thy songs and p. PARCHED. Jud. 10. 5. she filled a bag with p. corn and figs

        PARCHETH. Eccl. 43. 3. at noon it p. the country, who can abide

        PARDON. Jf'isd. 6. 6. for mercy will soon j>. the meanest 12. 11. nor didst for fear of any give them p. 18. 2. they thanked them and besought them p. Prol. of Jes. to p. us wherein we come short JS«/. 20. 28. that pleaseth, shall get;;, for iniquity

        21. 1. do so no more, ask p. for thy former sins £8. 3. and doth he seek p. from the Lord ?

        5. who will entreat for p. for his sins ? PARDONED. Wisd. 13. 8. howbeit, neither are they to be p.

        PARDON EIH. 2 Esd, 7. 68. hep. for if he did not so of goodness

        PARENTS. Wisd. 4. 6. witnesses of wickedness against their p. 12. 6. thep. that killed Avith their own hands Eccl. 3. ^f he will do service to hisp. as to masters

        22. 9. they shall cover the baseness of their p. Sus. 3. her p. also were righteous, and taught her

        1 Mac. 10. 9. he delivered them to their p.

        2 Mac. 12. 24. because he had many of the Jews' p.

        PART. Ji(d. 7. 1. and all his people come to take his p. Wisd. 1. 16. they are worthy to take p. with it 2. 9. none go without his p. of voluptuousness Eccl. 44. 23. among the twelve tribes d id he p. them Bar. 6. 28. their wives lay up p. thereof in salt

        1 Mac. 2. 10. what nation hath not had a p. in her .'

        10. 20. we require thee to take our p.

        2 Mac. 8. 28. had given p. of spoils to the maimed

        PARTAKERS. Efth. 16. 5. caused many to be p. of innocent blood Wisd. 16. 3. might be made p. of a strange taste 18. 9. should be p. of the same good and evil 2 Mac, 4. 14. to be p. of the unlawful allowance 5.27. lest they should hep. of the pollution

        PARTED, ETH. Wisd. 5. 12. or like as when an arrow p. the air 1 Mac. 1. 6. and p. his kingdom among them

        PARTS. Eccl, 16. 26. he disposed the p. thereof 674


        2 Mac. 7. 4. to cut off the utmost p. of his body 9. 5. sore torments of the inner p, came on him

        PARTICULARS. 2 Mac, 2. 30. to go over things, and to be curious inp. 11. 20. but of the p. I have given order

        PARl'LY. Wisd. 17. 15. were p. vexed with monstrous appa- ritions, and p. fainted, their heart failing them PARTNERS. Eccl. 42. 3. of reckoning with p. and travellers

        P.4RTR1DGE. Eccl. 11. 30. as a p. taken and kept in a cage

        PASS. Wisd. 1. 8. neither shall vengeance p. by him 2. 4. our life shall p. as the trace of a cloud 7. and let no flower of the spring p. by us 6.22. and 1 will notp. over the truth Eccl. 23. 2. spare me not, and it p. not by my sins 42. 9. lest she p. away the flower of her age

        1 Mac. 5. 40. it Judas p. over first unto us

        2 Mac. 15. 36. in no case to let that day p.

        PASSABLE. 2 Mac. 5. 21. to make the sea p. by foot

        PASSED. Jud. 16. 9. and the fauchion p. through his neck Esth. 15. 6. then having p. through all the doors Wisd. 5. 9. those things are p. away as a shadow Eccl. 28. 19. hath not p. through the venom thereof 1 Mac, 3. 37. and havmgp. the river Euphrates

        PASS ETH. Wisd. 2. 5. our time is a very shadow that p. away 5. 10. as a ship that p. over the waves of water 14. p. away as the remembrance of a guest 7. 24. wisdom p. and goeth through all things Eccl. 25. 11. the love of the Lord p. all things


        Wisd. 14. 5. and p. the rough sea in a weak vessel


        1 Esd. 1.1. Josias held the feast of the p. in Jeru-

        salem, and offered the p. the fourteenth day

        12. they roasted the p. with fire, as appertaineth 20. such a p. was not kept in Israel smce Samuel

        PA St.

        2 Esd. 4. 5. or call me again the day that is p.

        45. shew me then whether there be more to come

        than is p. or more p. than is to come

        46. what is p. 1 know, what is to come I know not

        9. 1. when thou seest part of the signs p. Wisd. 11. 12. for the remembrance of things p. Eccl. 42. 19. he declareth the things that are p.

        PASTIME. Wisd. 15. 12. but they counted our life a p, Eccl. 32. 12. take thy p. and do what thou wilt Bar. 3. 17. had their p. with the fowls of the air

        PATH. 2 Esd. 14. 22. that men may find thy p. and live Bar. 3. 3L no man knoweth or thinketli of her p.

        PATHS. Toi. 4. 19. that all thy p. and counsels may prosper Bar. 3. 21. nor understood they the p. thereof

        PATHWAY. Wisd. 5. 10. nor the p. of the keel in the waves

        PATIENCE. Wisd. 2. 19. examine him with torture and despite- fulness, to know his meekness, and prove his p. Eccl. 2. 14. woe unto you that have lost p.

        3. 13. have p. with him, and despise him not 5: 11. be swift to hear, with p. give answer

        36. 13. the p. of the godly shall not be frustrate

        17. 24. he comforted those that fail in p.

        20. 32. necessary p. in seeking the Lord is better 29. 8. have thou p. with a man in poor estate 41. 2. to him that despaireth and hath lost p.

        PATIENT. 2 Esd, 7. 64. that h« is p. and long sufFerefh those Eccl. 1. 23. a p. man will bear for a time 2. 4. be p. when thou art changed to low estate

        18. 11. therefore is God p. with them

        35. 18. nor will the mighty be p. towards them

        PATIENTLY. Bar. 4. 25. suffer p. the wrath that is come from God 2 Mac. 6. 14. whom the Lord p. forbeareth to punish

        PATTERN. Eccl. 38. 28. his eyes look still upon the p. of thing

        PAVEMENT. Eccl. 20. 18. to slip on a p. is better than to slip with Bel 19. behold now the p. and mark well

        PAY. Eccl. 18. 22. let nothing hinder thee to p. thy vow 29. 2. p. thou thy neighbour again in season 6. and for honour he will p. him disgrace

        1 Mact 3. 28. he gave his soldiers p. for a year

        10. 36. of the Jews, to whom p. shall be given

        2 Mac. 8. 10. which the king was top. to the Romans

        PAfD. Tob. 2. 12. they p. her wages, and gave her a kid 1 Jl/ac. 10. 41. all the overplus which oUicersp. not in

        PAYETH. Eccl. 29. 6. hep. him with cursings and railings

        PAYMENTS. Bar. 3. 8. in our captivity, to be subject to p. 1 Mac. 11. 34. instead of p. which the king received

        PEACE. Toh. 13. 14. for they shall rejoice in thy p. Jud. 3. 1. they sent ambassadors to treat of p. 7. 24. in that you have not required p. of A.ssur Wisd. 3. 3. utter destruction ; but they are in p. 14. 22. those so great plagues called they p. Eccl. 1. 18. making p. and perfect health flourish 13. 18. what p. between the rich and the poor 26. 2. he shall fulfil the years of his life inp. 28. 9. maketh debate among them that be at p.

        13. such have destroyed many that were at p. .38. 8. trom him is p. over all the earth

        41. 14. my children keep discipline in p. 44. 14. their bodies are buried in p. but name lives 47. 16. and for thy p. thou wast beloved 50. 23. that p. may be in our days in Israel Bar. 3. 13. thou shouldst have dwelt in p. for ever

        14. where is the light of the eyes and p.

        4. 20. I have put off the clortiing of p.

        5. 4. for thy name be called the p. of righteousness


        1 Mac. 5. 54. until they had returned inp.'

        6. 49. but with them in bcthsura he made p.

        7. 13. the Assideans were the first that sought p.-

        8. 20. to make a confederacy and p. with you ' 22. might have a memorial of p. and confederacy

        9. 70- to the end he should make p. with him 10. 47. he was the first that entreated of true p. 66. Jonathan returned to Jerusalem with p. 11. 50. grant us p. and let tlie Jews cease 51. they cast away their weapons and made p.

        13. 37. we are ready to make a stedfastp. with yoi> 40. and let tliere be p. betwixt us

        14. 8. then did tJiey till their ground inp.

        11. he made p. in tJie land, and Israel rejoiced 16. 10. he returned into the land of Judea inp.

        2 Mac. 3. 1. the city was inhabited with all p. 5. 25. coming to Jerusalem, and pretending p. 10. 12. endeavoured to continue p. with them 12. 2. would not suffer tliem to five in p.

        4. accepted it, as being desirous to live in p.

        11. being overcome, besought Judas for p, 14. 6. Assideans will not let the realm be inp.

        PEACEABLE. 2 Esd, 11. 42. thou hast hurt thep. and loved liars- Esth. 16. 8. that our kingdom may be quiet and p». Eccl. 47. 13. Solomon reigned in a p. time

        1 Mac. 1. .30. and spake p. words to them

        5. 25. Nabathites came unto them in p. matmer

        2 Mac. 14. 22. so they made ap. conference

        PEACEABLY. Jud. 7. 15. because they met not thy person p. Eccl. 44. 6. living p. in their habitations Bar. 6. 3. I will bring you away p. from thence 1 Mac. 7. 15. so he spake unto them p. and sware- 29. came to Judas, they saluted one another p. 12. 4. they should bring them into the land p.

        PEACE-OFFERING. Eccl. 35. 1. that taketh heed ofif'ereth a p.-o#«ri»^ 47. 2. as is the fat taken from the p.-offerina

        PEEP. Eccl.Zl, 23. a fool will p. in at the door intohouscr


        1 I^d. 8. 24. by p. of money, or by imprisonment


        1 Esd. 4. 56. to give to all that kept the city p.

        PENTECOST. Tab. 3. 1. in the feast of p. whiich is the holy feast

        2 Mac. 12. 32. after the feast called p. they went

        PENURY. Wisd. 16. 3. these suflFeringsp. in ashort space

        4. it was necessary that on them should come p

        PEOPLE. Jud. 5. 3. he said to them, tell me now who thisp. »

        6. 18. then the p. fell down and worshipped God 14. 37. he leaped out to thep. and cried

        Esth. 10. 12. so God remembered hisp. andjustified' Wisd. 6. 2. give ear, you that rule the p.

        21. O ye kings of thep. honour wisdom 24. a wise king is the upholding of thep.

        9. 7. thou hast chosen me to be a king of thy p.

        12. and then shall I judge thy p. righteously 16. 2. dealing graciously with thine own p. '

        20. feedestthine ownp. with angels' food 18. 7- so of thy p. was accepted both the salvation> 19. 5. that thy p. might pass a wonderful way Eccl. 9. 17. the wise ruler of p. for his speech

        10. 2. as the judge of thep. is himself, so are

        8. the kingdom is translated from one p. to anotheri'

        16. 11. if there be one stiff-necked among the p.

        17. 17. he set a ruler over every p.

        24. 1. wisdom shall glory in the midst of her p. 6. in every p. and nation I got a possession

        12. and 1 took root in an honourable p.

        31. 9. wonderful things hath he done among hisp.-i 33. 18. hear me, O ye great men of the p. 35. 19. till he have judged the cause of his p.

        36. 9. and let them perish that oppress the p. .

        14. fill Sion with oracles, thy p. with glory

        37. 23. a wise man instructeth his p.

        41. 18. of iniquity before a congregation and p.

        42. 11. lest she make thee a reproach among thep..'

        44. 4. leaders of the p. by their counsels

        15. the p. will tell of their wisdom

        45. 3. he gave him a commandment for his p.!

        15. that they should bless thep. in his name

        16. to make reconciliation for his p.

        22. neither had he any portion among the p.

        46. 7. in that they withheld the p. from sin

        8. of six hundred thousand p. they two preserved

        13. Samuel anointed princes over his p. 20. to blot out the wickedness of the p.

        47. 4. did he not take away reproach from thep. f

        5. and to set up the horn of his p.

        6. so thep. honoured him with ten thousands

        23. even the foolishness of the p. and one who-

        turned away the p. through his counsel:

        49. 2. he behaved in the conversion of thep.

        15. not a man like unto Joseph, a stay of^thep.

        50. 5. how was he honoured in the midst of the p. .''

        17. then all thep. together hasted, and fell 19. and the p. besought the Lord by prayer

        Bar. 2. .30. because it is a stiff-necked p. 35. and they shall be my p. and I will no more- drive my p. of Israel out of the land given thein> 4.5. f)eofgoodcheer, myp. the memorial of Israel Sus. 7. now when the p. departed away at noon 47. then all the p. turned them towards him 50. wherefore all the p. turned again in haste

        1 Mac. 1. 41. wrote, that all should be one p.

        3. 43. let us restoie the decayed estate of our p. and let us fight for our p. and sanctuary 8. 15. in council consulting alway for the p.

        11. 21. ungodly persons who hated their own p. 3.3. determined to do good to thep. of the Jews ' 42. I will not only do this for thee and thy p.

        14. 2.3. it pleased thep. to entertain the men

        15. 40. Cendebeus began to provoke the p.

        2 Mac. 4. 48. that followed for the city and the p.

        5. 19. God did not choose the p. for the place's-

        sake, but the place for the p. saka

        6. 3. this mischief was grievous to the p. le.tbough he punbh, yet doth be not forsake bis^


        S Mac. 10. CI. 1\\\\» called tlie governors of the p. IC. 13. ami iiiliabittil bv;;. ot divers C(m:itries 42. exiinrted tlie p. to keep themselves IniMi sin

        13. 25. the /I. there were grieved lor tlie covenants 15. 14. who prayeth much, lor tlie p. ami city

        24. tliat come a^'ainst thy liolv v. to blaspiieme PKKAUVES 1 IKE. JfV.trf. 13. fi, for they p. err, seeking God

        1 SJac. 4. 10. it ;;. the Lord will have nitrcv on us

        9. 8. if;;, we mav be able to li'iht with tlicm


        ll''isd. It". IB. but themselves miirlit see and p. Jiar, 6. 4'J. how cannot nun p. that thev be no gods .'

        PKKCF.lVEl). 7(V.trf. 19. 18. which mav well be p. by the sisht £

        2 JV/ac . Q. ". wliich when .lereinv v. he blamed them

        PERDII'ION. Heel. IG. 9. he pitied not the people of ^.

        PEKFECr. li'iid. 4. 13. he htin^' made p. in a short time 15. 3. tor to know thee is;;, rifjhteousness iVf/. 1. IB. makini peace am! p. health'tlou.nsh 31. 10. ivlio hatli been tried, and found;). 34. a. the law sh.dl be f>undp. without lies

        44. 1". Noali was tbund p. in the time or wrath

        45. 8. lie put on him ;;. ijliirv, and strunstliened

        PEKII.CrKl). Jf'i.trf. 4. 10. and youth that is soon;;. ice/. ". 3-. that tliy blessing may be ;;. £3. CO. .so after tliev were ;;. he looked on them

        PEKIECl KIN. J^st/i. 15. 5. she was ruddy tl.rouuh tiie ;;. of beauty Jl'iid. 3. lt"i. they shall not come to their ^p.

        6. 15. to tl'.iiik thercfoie on her is ;;. of w isdom J->f/. 21. 11. the;;, of the fear of the Loid is wisdom

        34. 8. and wi.sdom is p. to a faithful mouth

        43. 7. a liuht decreasetli iu her;;.

        60. 11. when he was clotlied v.ith tile ». of gKry

        PKKl-KCl'LY. .Jud. 11. (>. God will brim; the thin.; ;;. to pass Eccl. 24. CH. the first man knew her r.ot.;;. 38. 28. and he wvitcheth to polish it b.

        PKIUOK.M.ANCK. JlccI. V). CO. in all wisdom is the p. of t!ie law 2 Mac. 11. 17. made request for p. of the contents PKUIOR.MEU.

        1 Eid. 8. 21. let all thin;;i be p. after the law

        2 Kid. 7. 24. and thev have not ;;. his works

        14. C5. till things be p. which thou slialt write Eccl.'i. 25. .so sf.alt tliou have p. a weighty matter

        PEKl T.ME. Toh. 0. 10. thou slialt take the ashes of p. Efcl. 4.1. 1. is like the com|)osition of tlie 7;. Har. 6. 43. w omen sitting' in ways, burn bran for p.

        PERU.. EccK 13. 13. walkest in ;;. of thy overthrowing 1 Mac. 11. 23. Jonathan put himselt in c.

        PERISH. Jnd. 0. 8. thou slialt not p. till thou be destroyed

        7. 11. shall not so much as one of thy people ;;. Esth. 11. 0. the righteous nation were'ready to^. IVtsd. 4. 10. and their memoiial siiall ;;.

        12. IC. will accuse tliee for the nations that p. 18. ly. did loreshew this, lest th.ev sliouM ;>. Eccl. 3. CO. tiiat loveth danger, shall ;;. therein 5. 7. thou shalt p. in the dav of veniieaiice

        8. 15. thou Shalt;;, with lun'i thiouuh his folly .30. '.'. let them p. that oppress tiie people

        41. 0. the inheritance of sinners' children shall p.

        44. IB. all titsh should p. no more hy the Hood 47. CC. neither shall anv of his works p.

        Bar. 3. 3. for thou endurest, ami we;;, utterly ] Mac. 3. '.'. he received such as were ready u'l p.

        0. 13. behold, 1 ;;. thro" great iirief in a strange land

        PERISHED. 1 27. many also have;;, and erred for women 3i;A. 14. 10. Aman tell into the snare and;;. Esi/i. 10. 21. the chosen people should have/;. li'iid. 10. 3. hep. in lory wlierewith he murdered 6. when um.'odly p. she delivered the riiihteoiis

        14. 0. in the old time, when the proud :;iaiits;;.

        10. 5. they p. with the stint's of cr(;oked serpents Eccl. 37. 31. by surteitini; have many p.

        44. y. who are p. as thfiusih they hail never been Bar. 3.28. they p. through their own foliviim .vs

        1 Mac. 13. 40. a number of them p. throimh lauune

        2 Mac. 5. y. thus he p. in astranue l.oid

        8. ly. an hundred fourscore five thousand p.

        PERISH Elll. 2 Esd.O. .37. notwithstandinu'. the law p. not Eccl. 17-28. thanksgiving p. from the dead

        PERJL RY. Hiid. 14. 25. so that there rei'jned tumults, p,

        PEIOIANENI. 2 Esd. ?,. 22. thus inf.rmitv was made p.


        2 Esd. 0. iy. manners are corruoted by a p. feed Jnd. 13. 20. God turn these to thee for a p. praise Eit/i. 11.5. thou tookest Israel for a p. inheritance /I isd. 10. 14. them to be liars, and gave him p.

        »lory 11. fi. instead of afountain of ap. runnini' river Ercl. 11. .33. lest he briuL' upon thee a p. blot .37. 20. a wise man's name shall be p. 41. 0. their posterity shall have a p. reproach ] Mac. (>. 44. that he might get him a p. name 12. 2y. made all their armour for a p. memory

        PERPEIL'AI.i.V. Eccl. 45. 13. but his cliildren's ( hildren p.

        PEKPI.E.XEI). 1 Mac. 3. 31. being greatly p. in his mind

        PERSECU IK. C Esd. 15. 31. conspirins in great power to p. them

        Pt.R.SECUlf'.l). Jvd. 10. 3. out of the hands of them that p. me II isd. 11.20. fallen down, beins p. of vengeance 10. 10. the uuKodly, with showers were they p. Eccl. 3(1. ly. so IS he thatisp. of the Lord £ar. 4. 25. lor thine enemy hath p. thee

        PERSECOi'lON. . Mac. 2. 43. they tliat Heii forp. Joioed them


        PER.SEPOI.IS. 2 ^fac. 0. 2. lie had entered the city called P. PERSIA.

        1 E.ul. 3. ')■ the three prime, of P. shall judge 8. i 0. made us gracious before the kin-sof P.

        1 Mi:c. 3. 31. he determined to go into P.

        0. 1. Iieard that Elyiiiais. in the country ol P.

        5. there came one who brought tidings into P.

        50. Pliilip was leturned out of P. and Meilia 14. 2. but when .Aisaces the king of P. heard

        2 Mac. 1. 13. for when the leader was come into P. ]o. t'lr when our fathers were led into P.

        33. this matter was t.dd to the kin;; of P. PF.R>IANS. 1 E'd. 1. 57. became servants, till the P. reisned Jiul. 10. 10. the P. quaked at her bol mess E.'t'i. 10. 23. satetv to us. and the well-afl'ected P. 1 Mac. 1. 1. had smitten Darius king of the P.

        PKKSO.N. Jud. 7. 15. because they met not thy p. peaceably IC. IC. for lo, it will be a shame for ourp. Ettii. 10. 11. honoured as tlie ne.\\\\t p. to the king n ;.v/. 0. 7. is Lord over all. sliall fear no man's p. Eccl. 4. CC. accept no p. against tliy soul 27. m-ither accept thep. of ilie miiihty

        7. 0. lest thou fear thep. of the minlity

        10. ,0.011 p. of the scribe shall he lay his honour 35. 13. will ni't accept any p. against a puur iiuiU 4C. 1. and accept no p. to sin thereby

        1 Mac. 14. 14. and everv wi( ked^. he took away

        PEKSO.NS. £■7/;. 10. 4. with the slorioiis wordsof lewd p. Eccl. CO. CC. hy acceptir,:.'of p. overthiows himself 35. IC. and w ith him is no respect of p. PKHSUADE.

        2 Mac. 11. U. promised that he would p. tlie king

        PKKSL'ADKD. 2 Fsd. 7. 01., toy over them tliat ,ire p. to salvation C Mac. 10. CO. thev with Simon were p. f'r money

        11. U.aiulp. them to 11-rce to all comtitions 13. Co. Lvsiasp. pacified, and made \\\\vell-


        1 EsJ. 5.73. by popu larp. tliev hindered the building

        PERTAIN. Eccl. CI. C.i. telling' such things asp. not to them

        2 Mac. 3. 0. wliicli did not p. 'to tiie sacrifices

        PER JAIN I NC;. 2 Mac. 14. 8. care 1 have of thini-s p. to the king

        PEKVERIED. .^■.7,'. o. th.ey p. thrir own mind, and turned away

        PES I ILKNCK. 2 Eld. 15. 40. I will send famine, sword, and p.

        PESI ILENl'. £>.'■;. 10. 7. done through thep. beh.2.vinurof them 1 -V/ac. 10.01. certainp. fellnwsoflsrae. assembled

        PETII'ION. C Esd. 8. C4. give ear to the p. ofthy creature

        1 Mac. 7. .37. house of praverand p. for thv people


        2 Mac. 4. 22. afterwar.i he went with his In st to P.


        1 Mac. 0.2. shields wliich Alexander son of P. left

        14. then called he lor P.oneot his friends

        03. where he found P. to be master of the city

        8. 5. how they had dL-comlited in battle P.

        C -U«c. 5. CC. he left governor, at .lerusalem, P, 0. 11. being discovere

        2 .1/fff. 4. CI. the cnionatioii of Ptnlemens P.

        10. 13.1eit C'vpiiis. that P. had ( omiiiittcd to Plll.NEES, PHINEAS. 2 Esd. 1. 2. the son o: P. the son of l.leazar

        1 Mac. ■■:. 20. as P. did to Zamhri the ^I'li of Salom 54. P. our father, in heiiiL' zealous, obtained

        Plim CilAN. 2.V(2C. 5. 22. at Jems. Philip t'or his country a P.

        PHYSICIAN. Feci. 10. 10. the p. ciittelh oil a Ions disease 38. 1. honour a;;, with honour due to him 3. the skill of tiie p. shall lilt up his he,.il IC. tlieii eivt place to thep. the Lord created him

        15. let him fall into the hand of the p.

        PHYSIC I A NS. Tub. 2. 10. 1 went to thep. but they helped me not

        PliYSU . Eccl. 18. 1'.). and use p. or ever thou be sick

        PIECES. C /'■(/. 1. .3C. ye have slain, and torn their bodies in;;. C. 14. lor 1 have broken the evil in p. and created C Mac. 15.33. they sli..ul I tdve it b\\\\ p. to tlie lov. Is

        PIERCE. C Mac. 11. 0. were ready top. thro" walls of iron

        PIERCED. Jud. 10. IC. the sons .if damsels have p. th.em thro'

        I'll RC El H.

        Eccl. 35. 17. the praver of the humble p. the clouds

        ' P I K KS.

        2 Mac. 5. o.shakiiiL' ol shields and a multitude ofp.

        PlLGRI.MAca,. 2 Esd. ?,.?,<). I will remember their p. and salvation

        Pll.tilUMS. 2 Eid. 10. 40. be even asp. upon the earth

        PILLED. E>li. 11. 13. the whiteness p. away from his eves

        PILLOW. 1 Esd. 3. 8. and laid it under kini; Darius hisp.

        IMN( H1N(;.~ Feci. 11. IB. waxetli rirh by his wariness and p.

        PIN. Eccl. 14. 24. shall also fasten a p. in her walls

        P I P E. Eccl. 40. 21. the p. and psaltery make sweet melody'

        PIT. ]Visd. 10. 13. she went down with him into the p. Feci. 12. 10. iinatiineth how to throw thee into a p. 21. 10. but at the eml thereof is the ;i.of hell 27. 20. whoso digt'eth a p. shall fall therein

        1 Mac 7. ly. he cast them into the great p.

        2 Mac. 1. ly. and hiii it in a hollow place of a p.

        PI ICM. Eccl. 13. 1. he that toucheth p. shall be defiled Dan. 3. 23. to make oveu hot witii rosin, p.

        P L E [ApocrvpH/U

        Bel 27. then Daniel took p. fat, and hair

        PI ICU. Eccl. 14. 25. he shall p. his tent nish unto her

        1 Mac. 5. 40 every man p. his tent where he was-

        2 Mac. 15. 17. they determineil not top. camp

        PIICHEU. . II lid. 11.2. they p. tents where there lay no way

        1 Mae. 3. 40. so thev came and v. by Emmaus


        2 Esd. I. ly. then had 1 p. on your mournings 15. ly. a man siiall have no p. on his neii;ht)Our

        Ty/}. 3. 15. p. taken ot me that hear no more reproach (1. 17. who will have p. on vou and save \\\\ou.- 8. 4. let us pray that (ioii would have p. 'on us 11. 15. for thou hast S'ouiged and taken p. on me ./•((/. 0. ly. and p. the low estate of our nation Eccl. 12. 13. who will p. a charmer that is bitten '

        14. so one that goeth to a sinner who will p. Bar. 3. C. have p. on us. because we have sinned 2 -l/'.-c. 4. ,37. was moved top. and uept 7- 27. have p. on ire that hare thee nine months

        PiriKD. F.eet. 10. 0. he p. not the people of perdition I'ar. 4. 15. ror reverenced old man, nor p. diild 2 .Mae. 3. 21. then it would have p. a man to see

        PlllElL. £(t/.C.11. Lord is long-sufiei ing and verve.

        PLACE. Fsih. 13. 3. had the second p. in the kin^ilom /I .■■'(.'. IC- CO. Ldvins the-n time and p. wherchy ly. CC. but di'ist assist them in every time and p. Eccl. 8. 10. go not with him into a solitary p. 10. 15. the I ord planted the lowly in theirp. IC. IC. .set him not by, lest he stand up in tliy p. 10.8. norspareit he thep. where Lotsoiourned ly. 17- give p. to tlie law of the ."Most High Cy. 27.give ;'. thou an honourable man 3C, 2. take thy p. that tliou mayest be nurry 41. ly. of theft iu regard ofp. where tliou sojouniest ■IB. 5. didst raise his soul from the p. of the dead Bar. 3. 15. w ho hath tound out her p. .•"

        24. and how larue is the p. of his possession Sus. 49. return again to the p. of iudiiment

        1 Mae. 10. 14. for it was their p. of reruge

        14. :;(<. they diii niudi hurt in the holy p.

        10. lo. came on Simon into the har.quetiuirp. C Mae.\\\\. 19. so that thep. was unknown to all men PLACED.

        2 Mac. 15. 20. the beasts were conveniently p.

        PLACES. Tuh. 5. 5. and knowest thou those p. well r Feel. 'J.', nor wander in the solitary p. thereof 24. 4. i dv>elt in hiiih p. my throne is in a pillar 33. IC. some of them he turned out of their p. -JO. 9. so that ne entered on the higlip. of the land Pl.AGCE. 2 F.d. 1.5. 12. Ecvpt shall be smitten with thep. 10. ly. beh.old lami.-eandp. tribulat. and amruish Ecel.'i:^. li. p. shall neve r depart tfom his house C5. 13. aWe me any p. but the p. of the heart Bar. 0. 18. when there Cometh any w ar or p. ■40. neither save themseUes from war nor p.

        1 Mac. 3. 2y. because ofp. he had bioui:lit on land

        2 Mac. y. 5. w ith an incurable and inv isihie p.

        PLAGLED. 1 ."l/«c, y. M. even at tliat time was /Mrimus p. C Mac. y. 11. beinirp. he hecan to have eti his pride

        ' PLAGCES. IVxd. 14 22. those so great p. called they peace /', .'. C. to hi iiiL: iqion ns L'rent p. sucli as never 7..0. /i. are come upon us the Lord priniounced

        3. 1. !■■>■ the widdi cause these p. cleaie to us

        C .L'«c.7-37- by turmenrs and p. thou ma ves' confers

        PLAIN. U':'d.'. CC. iind< filed, p. not subject lo hurt J eel. CI. HI. May of siiuiei-s is maile p. w itli stone ,3C. CI. be mit confident in a p. wav

        1 Mae.^)..'r:. into the meat;, before Uethsan 10. 11. in the p. of .lericho was Ptolemeus

        PI .\\\\1SI LR. (C.'.M.'. 10. IC. nor iiiollii vim; p. that restored health

        PLAL^IEKINC;. Feci. CC. 17. as a tail' ;'. on tlie wall of a gallery

        PLAN 1'. Feci. 10. 19. that love him, an honourable p. 40. 7. ail i tliat he mii;lit build up also ami p.

        2 -Mac. 1. C9. p. tliv piople in thv holy place

        "ri.ANIKD.' Feel. 10. 15. the Lord p. the lowly in their place

        PLAN is. IVi.'d.-. CO. to know th.e diversities ofp. 10. 7. ;'. hf.ii ing iruit, that never cuiie lo ripeness . PI.AIE. .T!:d. IC. 1. to bring her in his p. was set I;".. 11. thev LMVe to Judith all hi- p. and he ils 1 .Vac. 15. 3C. the cupboard .'f gold and siKerp.

        PLAIIS. Eccl. 50. 3. cistern was covered with p. ol br.iss

        PLAY. Feci. .30. O.p. with him. he will brimr to heaviness

        PLAYED. /V,7. C3.C3. she hath;-, the w h.ore in ailulterv 47. :;. hep. with lions as wdh kios. and with bears PLEADED. C .Mac. 4. 44. three men. p. the cause before him

        PI EASAN 1. Feel. ,32. 0. .so is iiii-lo

        PLEASE. Tel,. 3. 15. if it p. not thee that T should die

        4. .!. do that u hich shall p. her, grieve her not ;(;-,/. 14. ly. be willim; top. one in authority Fee/. 18. .31. if iiivest thv soul desires that p. fier

        19. 10. and thiy that d"o things that p. him

        20. C7. hath understandini;. will p. great men

        PLEASED. Tel,. 5. 10. so they were well p. then said he .hid.'. 10. these w

        15. 10. done much good, and CJod is p. therewitli li isd. 4. 10, be p. God, and was beloved of him

        14. for liis soul p. the I ord, therefore he hasted

        2x2 675

        Apocrypha.] POO

        Eccl. 34. 19. the Most High is aoip. with offerings 44. 16. Enoch p. the \\\\joTd, and was translated 48. 22. Ezekjas did the tJ)ing that p. the Lord

        1 Alttc. 1. 12. so this device p. Uiein well 8. 21. so that matter p. the Koinans well

        10. 4". but with Alexander they were well p. 14. 4. his authority and lionour p. them well

        47. then Simou was well p. to be higii priest

        2 Mac. 1.20. when it p. God, Neemias being sent

        11. 35. hath granted, therewith we are well p. 14. 35. wastp. tliat the temple should be among us

        PLEASEIH. Jud. 3. 3. our flocks and herds, use them as p. thee £ccl. 19. 21. master, I will not do as it p. thee 20. 28. he that p. great men shall get pardon 39. 18. at bis command is done whatever p. him

        PLEASING. Tob. 4. 21. do that which is p. in his sight JVtsd. 9. 10. that I may know what is p. to thee 17- IB. a p. tall of water running violently Keel. 48. 16. some did that which was p. to God

        Pl.EASUKE. Wisd. 1. 13. nor hath he p. in the destruction 7. 2. and the p. that came with sleep 8. 18. great p. it is to have her friendship heel. 9. 10. when old thou shall drink it with p.

        12. in the thing that the ungodly have p. in 11. 27. affliction maketh a man torgetp. 14. 5. he shall not take p. in his goods 18. .32. take not p. in much 'good cheer 19.5.whosotaketlip. in wickedness, be condemned £5. 21. and desire her not for p. 33. 13. a^ the clay is in the potter's hand to fashion it at p. so man is in hand of him that made him 37. 28. nor hath every soul p. in every thing

        41.4. why art thou against the p. of the Mostlligh?

        1 Mae. 4. 42. priests, such as had p. in the law

        2 Mae. 12. 11. promising to p. him otlierwise

        PLEASURES. Eccl. 19. 5. he that resisteth p. ciowneth life 1 Mac. 8. 30. think meet, they may do it at their p.


        Jud. 2. 18. p. of tictual for every man of the army


        1 Esd. 5. 73. by secret p. and popular persuasions

        PLOUGH. £ecl. 38. 25. how can he get wisdom that holdeth p..'

        PLOWETH. Eccl. 6. 19. come to her, as one that p. and sowetli

        POINT. Eccl. 31. 15. judge, and be discreet in every p.

        2 Mac. 2. 30. to stand on every p. and go over things 13. 10. being at the p. to be put from their law


        2 Mae. 12. 22. wounded witlip. of their own swords

        15. 12. and exercised in all p. of virtue


        2 Mac. 10. 13. that he p. himself, and died


        1 Mac. 8. 4. that by their p. they had conquered

        2 Mac. 13. 18. went about to take the holds by p. 14. 29. watched to accomplish this thing by p.

        31. he was notably prevented by Judas' p. POLICIES. Jud. 11. 8. we have heard of thy wisdom and p.

        POLISH. Eccl. 38. 28. and watcheth to p. it perfectly

        POLISHED, far. 6. 8. his tongue is p. by the workman POLLUTE.

        1 Mac. 1. 46. p. the sanctuary and holy people

        2 Mac. 6. 2. top. also the temple in Jerusalem


        1 Esd. 8. 83. is a land p. with the pollutions

        2 Esd. 15. 6. wickedness hath p. the whole earth U'oi. 2. 9. being p. and my face was uncovered

        3. 15. that I never p. mj- name nor name of my Jud. 9. 2. and p. her virginity to her reproach 1 Mac. 14. 36. they p. all about the sanctuary UMac. 5. 16. taking the holy vessels with p. hands

        POLLUl'ETH. Eccl. 40. 29. he p. himself with other men's meat

        POLLUTION, S. Jud. 9. 4. which abhorred the p. of their blood

        1 Mac. 13. 50. he cleansed the tower from p.

        2 Mac. 5. 27. lest they should be partakers of the p.

        POMEGRANATES. Eccl. 45. 9. he compassed him with p. and bells POMP.

        1 Mac. 10. 86. men of city met him with great p. •


        2 Esd. 4. 31. p. now by thyself, how great fruit Eccl. 21. 17. tliey shall p. his words in their hearts

        PONDEKED. Wisd. 8. 17. when 1 p. them in my heart

        POOLS. 2 Esd. 16. 60. p. upon the tops of the mountains POOR.

        1 Esd. 3. 19. the mind of the p. man and of the rich

        2 Esd. 15. 51. thou shalt be weakened as ap. woman Toi. 2. 2. bring what p. man soever thou findest

        4.7- neither turn thy face from any p.

        21. fear not, my son, that we are made p. Wisd. 2. 10. let us oppress the p. righteous man Eccl, 1.28. distrust not the Lord when thou art p.

        4. 1. my son, defraud not the p. of his living 4. neither turn away thy face troni a p. man 8. not grieve to bow down thine ear to the p,

        7. 32. and stretch thine hand unto the p.

        10.22. whether he be rich, noble, or p. 23. it is not meet to despise the p. man 30. the p. man is honoured for his skill

        11. 21. easj' on the sudden to make a p. man rich

        13. 3. the p. is wronged, and must entreat also

        18. what peace between the rich and the p. .'

        19. rich eat up the p. || 20. rich abhor the p.

        ^ 21. but a p. man is thrust away by his friends

        22. the p. man slept, and yet they rebuked him

        23. if p. man speak, they say, what fellow is tliis ?

        21 . 5. a prayer out of a p. man's mouth reacheth 25.2. my soul hates ap. man that is proud

        26. 4. a man be rich or p. if he have a good heart



        Eecl. 59- S.have thou patience with a man 9. help thep. for the commandment's sake 22. better is the life of a p. man in a cottage XI. 14. better is the p. being sound and strong 31. 4. tlief . laboureth in his p. estate, and is needy 34. 20. brmgs an offering of the goods of the p. .35. 13. will not accept any person against a p. man '<8. 19. the life of the p. is the curse of the heart Bar. 6. 28. but to thep. they give nothing of it 2 Mac. 4. 47. and those p. men he condemned

        POPULAR. 1 Esd. 5. 73. by their secret plots and p. persuasions


        1 Esd. 9.41. the broad court before the holy p.

        2 Mac. 1, 0. burnt the p. and shed innocent blood


        1 Esd. 1. 16. moreover the p. were at every gate

        PORIION. Esth. 13. 16. despise not thep. thou deliveredst IVisd. 2. 9. for this is our p. and our lot is this Eccl. 7. 31. give him his p. as it is commanded 11. 18. and this is thep. of his reward 14. 9. the covetous is not satisfied with his p.

        17. 17. but Israel is the Lord's p.

        24. 12. in thep. of the Lord's inheritance

        25. 19. let the^. of a sinner fall upon her

        26. 3. a good wife is a good p. which shall be given in thep. of them that fear the Lord 23. a wicked woman given as a p. to wicked man 41.9. and if you die, a curse shall be your p. 21. be ashamed to take away a p. or a gift 45. 22. nor had he any p. among the people, for the Lord himself is his p. and mheritance

        2 Mae. 1.26. preserve thy o«np. and sanctify it 14. 15. and who always helpeth his p.

        PORTIONS. Eccl. 44. 23. gave him an heritage, and divided hisp.

        50. 12. when he took p. out of the priests' hands

        POSSESS. Jud. 8. 22. a reproach to all them that p. us Eccl. 11.24. I have enough, and p. many things

        POSSESSED. Eccl. 36. 15. thou hast p. from the beginning

        POSSESSION. Jud. 16. 21. Judith remained in herown p. Wisd. 8. 5. if riches be ap. to be desired in life Eccl. 4. 16. his generation shall hold her inp. 24. 6. in every people and nation I got a p. 28. 24. look that thou hedge thy p. with thorns 51. 21. therefore have I gotten agoodp.

        POSSESSIONS. Eccl. 41. 1. to a man that liveth at rest in his p.

        POSSIBLE. If'isd. 16. 15. it is not p. to escape thine hand 2 Mac. 3. 6. it was p. to bring al I mto the king's hand

        14. 10. it is not p. that the state should be quiet

        POST. Wisd. 5. 9. passed away as a p. that basted by POSIEIIITY.

        1 Esd. 4. 53. have free liberty, as well they as theirp. Eccl. 45. 24. he and p. should have the dignity

        25. the inheritance should be to his p. alone 47. 22. nor will he abolish the p. of his elect Bar. 2. 15. Israel ami his p. is called by thy name

        2 Mac. 1. 20. did send of thep. of those priests

        POIENTATES. Eecl. 10. 24. judges and p. shall be honoured POTS.

        1 Esd. 1. 12. the sacrifices, thej- sod them in brass p.

        POI'TAGE. Bel 33. a prophet Habbacuc, who had madep.

        POITEK. Wisd. 15. 7. the p. tempering soft earth ; but what is the use of either sort, the p. himself is the judge Eccl. 27. 5. the furnace proveth the p. vessels .33. 13. as the clay is in thep. hand to fashion it 38. 29. so doth thep. sitting at his work

        POVEIMY. Eccl. 10. 31. honoured inp.howmuch more in riches dishonourable in riches, how much more in p.

        11. 12. is slow, wanting ability, and full of p. 14. life, death, p. and riches come of the Lord

        13. 24. p. is evil in the mouth of the ungodly

        18. 25. when thou art rich, think on p. and need 22. 23. be faithful to thy neighbour m his p. 26. 28. a man of war that suffereth p.

        29. 9. turn him not away because of his p. POWER.

        2 Esd. 1. 10. all hisp. have 1 smitten down

        Jud. 2. 12. as I live, and by the p. of my kingdom 9. 11. for thy p. sfandeth not in multitude 14. that thou art the God of all p. and might 11.7. as hisp. liveth, who hath sent thee, and the fowls of the air shall live by thy p. 13. 4. Lord God of all p. look at this present 11. God is with us to shew his p. in Jerusalem 19. which remember tliep. of God forever Wisd. 1. 3. his p. when it is tried reproveth unwise

        6. .3. p. is given you of the Lord, and sovereignty

        7. 23. stedfast, tree from care, having all p.

        25. forshe is the breath of thep. of God

        26. the unspotted miiTor of thep. of God

        9. ll.'and she shall preserve me in herp.

        10. 2. and gave him p. to rule all things

        11. 20. being scattered through the breath of thy p. 21. who may withstand thep. of thine arm .'

        12. 15. thinking it not agreeable with thy p.

        16. thy p. is the beginning of righteousness

        17. men will not believe thou art of a full p.

        18. but thou mastering thy p. judgest with equity ;

        for thou mayest use p. when thou wilt 1 4. 31 . it is not the p. of them by w horn they swear

        15. 2. if we sin we are thine, knowing thy p. 3. to know thy p. is the root of immortality

        16. 13. for thou hastp. of life and death

        19. it burneth in water above the p. of fire Eccl. 3. 20. for the p. of the Lord is great

        6. 26. and keep her ways with all thy p. 8. 13. be not surety above thy p. for if thou be 9. 1.3. keep far from the man that hath p. to kill 10. 4. the p. of the esuth is in the hand of the T«rd

        13. 2. burden not thyself above thy p. while Uvest


        Eeel. 15. 18. he is mighty inp. and behold, all things in. 4. to whom he hath given p. to declaie worts 46. 6. and u itii hailstones of mighty p.

        49. 5. therefore he gave their p. to others

        Bar. 1. 6. collection, according to every man's p, 3. 5. think on thy p. and thy name at this time

        6. 59. better to be a king iliat sheweth his p. 63. Uiese like to them neither in shew nor p.

        Prai/er of Manass. fear anil tremble before thy p.

        2 Mac. 3. 24. the Lord of spirits, and the prince ot

        all p. all were astonished at the p. of God

        28. manifestly they acknowledged the p. of God

        9. 8. shewing forth to all the manifest p. of God

        11. 4. not at all considering thep. of God

        12. 28. who witli hisp, breaks stiength of enemies

        POWERS. i)a». 3. 39. O all ye p. of the Lord, bless ye the Lord Proper of Manass. al 1 the p. of heavens praise tliee

        POWERFUL. Eccl. 16. IS. that hisp. works might be known

        POUR. Tob. 4. 17. p. out thy bread on burial of the just Eecl. 10. 13. he that hath it, shall p. out abominat. 16. 11. he is mighty to p. out displeasure 24. .33. I will yet p. out doctrine as prophecy .36. 7. raise up indignation, and p. out wratli 39. 6. he shal Ip. out wise sentences and give thanks 28. they p. out their force, and appease wrath POURED. Eecl. 18. 29. they p. forth exquisite parables

        50. 15. he p. of the blood of the grape, he p. out at

        the foot of the altar a sweet-smelling savour

        27. who out of his heart p. forth wisdom

        2 Mae. 1. 31. water to be p. on the great stones

        POURETH. Eccl. 18. 11. God p. forth mercy on them 35. 14. the widow, when she p. out her complaint

        43. 19. the hoar-frost as salt he p. on the earth

        PRACTICE, S. Eccl. 10. 6. do nothing at all by injurious p. 27. 9. truth will return to them that p. in her

        PRACTISED. 2 Mac. 14. 22. lest treachery be suddenly p.


        1 Esd. 2. 26. that city was p. against kings


        2 Esd. 13. 57. giving p. greatly to the Most High Tob. 3. 11. let all thy works p. thee for ever

        8. 15. thou art worthy to be praised with all pure and holy p. therefore let thy saints p. thee

        12. 6. bless God, p. him, p. him, it is good top. and

        exalt Goo, therefore be not slack to p. him

        13. 6. p. the Lord of might, and extol the King

        7. my soul shall p. the king of heaven and rejoice

        14. 7- so shall all nations p. Lord and confess God Jud. 13. 14. then said she, p. p. God, p. God 1 say

        20. God turn these to thee for a perpetual p.

        16. 1. the people sang after her this song of p. Esth. 13. 17. we may live, O Lord,andp. thy name,

        destroy not the mouths of them that p. thee Wisd. 15. 19. nor are they to be desired, but they went without the p. of God and his blessing Eccl. 11. 31. in things worthy p. will lay blame

        15. 9. p. is not seemly in the mouth of a sinner 10. for p. shall be uttered in wisdom

        17. 27. who shall p. the Most High in the grave?

        28. the sound in heart shall p. the I^id

        18. 28. and will give p. to him that found her 24. 1. wisdom shall p. hei^elf, and shall glory 27. 7. p. no man before thou hearest him speak 35. 2. he that giveth alms, sacrificeth p.

        39. 10. the congregation shall declare hisp.

        14. sing a song of p. and bless the Lord

        15. shew forth hisp. with the songs of your lips 35. p. ye the Ix)rd with the whole heart

        43. 11. look on the rainbow, and p. him that made it

        44. 1. let us now p. famous men, and our fathers

        51. 1. I will thank thee. I do give p. to thy name

        29. rejoice in his mercy, be not ashamed of liis p. Bar. 3. 6. thou art our God, thee, O Lord, will we p.

        7. that we should p. thee in our captivity Dan. 3. 35. p. and exalt him above all for ever

        And so to the end of the chapter. Prayer of Manass. 1 will p. thee for ever all davs of my life, all the powers of heaven do p. thee 1 Mac. 4. 33. let all p. thee with thanksgiving PIIAISED.

        1 Esd. 4. 62. they p. the God of their fathers

        2 Esd. 2. 42. they all p. the Lord with songs

        Tob. 8. 15. then Raguel p. God, and said, O God, thou art worthy to be p. with all holy praise Jud. 6. 20. comforted Achior, and p. him greatly Wisd. 10. 20. the righteous p. thy holy nahie Eccl. 47. 6. peoplep. him in the blessings of the Lord Van. 3. 29. blesse

        and exalted above all for ever, 30, 31, 32,

        .33, 34. Sus. 63. they p. God for their daughter Susanna

        1 Mac. 4. 24. went home, and p. the Lord in heaven

        2 Mae. 11. 9. then they p. the merciful God

        PRAISES. Esth. 14. 10. heathen to set forth thep. of the idols

        PRAISING. Toi. 11. 1. after this, Tobias went his way p. God

        16. Tobit went out, rejoicing and p. God

        14. 1. so Tobit made an end of p. God

        Wisd. 19. 9. p. thee, O Ld. who hadst delivered them Eecl. 39. 15. and inp. him you shall say thus Dan. 3. 1. and they walked in the fire, p. God

        1 Mac. 4. 55. worshipping and p. the God of heaven

        2 Mac. 12. 41. p. the Lord, the righteous judge

        15. 29. p. the Almighty in their own language


        Tob. 6. 17. rise up and p. to God, who is merciful 8. 4. let us p. that God would have mercy on us 12. 12. when thou didst p. and bury the dead

        Jud. 8. 31. therefore now p. thou for us, because y. 12. I p. thee, 1 p. thee, O Go

        Eccl. .37. 15. above all this, p. to the Most High 39. 5. and he will p. before the Most High


        PRAYED. Toi. S. 1. I did weep, and in sorrow/;, saying

        11. then she p. towards the window and said i>M. 14. 3. she p. unto tlie Lonl God of Israel Wisd.T. 7. I p- and understanding was given me 1 Mae. 11. 71. he cast eardi on his head and p. S Mae. 1. 8. then we p. to the Ix>rd and were heard S. 10. as when Moses p. to the Lord, the fire came down troni heaven, even so p. Solomon also

        9. 4. every oaep. that that apparition might turn 13. 12. Onias v. for the wliofe body of the Jews

        PRAYER. Toi. IS. 8. p. is ^ood with fasting and alms \\\\3. 1. then i'obit wrote up. of rejoicing, and said Jvd. 9. 12. King of every creature, hear thou my p.

        13. 10. they went according to their custom to ». EstA. 13. 8. Mardocheus made hisp. to the Lord IVitd. 13. 17. then malieth he p. for his goo

        7. 10. be not faint-heailed when thou makest thy p. it. 25. return, and make thy p. before his face 21. 5. a p. out of a poor man's mouth reacheth to > the ears of G(xl, and his judgment cometh

        m. 2fi. and doth the same, who will hear his p. 35. 13. he will hear the p. of the oppressed

        16. his p. shall reach uiito the clouds

        17. the p. of the humble pierceth the clouds 36. 17. O Lord, hear the p. of thy servants 39. 5. and he will open his mouth in p.

        6. he shall give thanks to the Lord in his p. So. 19. the people bejought the I/Ord by p. 61.11. 1 called on the Lord, and so my p. was heard

        13. when young, I desired wisdom 0|>enly in p. 1 J/af..'>.33. who sounded trumpets and cried with p.

        7. ^i. be an house of p. and petition for thy people

        S Mae. I. 23. the priests made a p. whilst sacrifice

        24. p. was after this manner, O Lord, Lord God

        10. 27. after the p. they took their weapons

        12. 42. betook themselves to p. and besought him 15. 22. in his p. he said after this manner

        26. encountered enemies » ith invocation and p.

        PRAYERS. Toi. 3. 16. so the p. of them both were heard

        12. 15. which present the p. of the saints Jttd. 4. 13. so God heard their p. and looked on their

        1.3. 3. for she said she would go forth to her p. Bar. 2. 14. hear our p. O I/ir

        1 Mae. 12. 11. in our p. to think on our brethren

        2 Mac. 1 .5. God hear you r p. and be at one wi th you

        PRAY EST. £ecl. 7. 14. make not much babbling when thou p. 18. 2.3. before thou p. prepare thyself 28. 2. so thy sins shall be forgiven when tbou p.

        PRAYEIH. Eccl. 34. 24. when one p. and another curseth

        PREACH. 2 Esd. 2. t 32. till T come and p. mercy unto them

        PRECEPIS. C Esd. 16. 76. the guide of them who keep my p. Toi. 6. 15. dost thou not remember the p. .'

        PRECIOUS. Toi. 13. 16. for Jerusalem hebuilt up wilhp. stones Jud. 10. 3. she anointed herself with p. ointment £3lh. 14.2. iusteadof p. ointments covered her head

        15. 6. robes all glittering with gold and p. stones IVisd. 7- 9. nor compared I to her any p. stones £cel. 9. 5. fall not by those things that are p. in her

        PREDECESSORS. Etth. 14. 5. thou tookest onr fathers from all their v.

        PRE-EMINENCE. Eeel. .33. 22. in thy works keep to thyself the p. 1 Mac. 11. 27- and gave him p. among his friends

        PREFERRED. W»*rf. 7. 8. 1 p. her before sceptres and thrones

        PREPARK. 1 Eld. 1.4. p. yon afteryour families and kindreds S Fjd. 14. 24. look thou p. thee many box-trees Toi. 5. 16. he said p. thyself for the journey

        11. 3. let us haste before, and p. the house Jud. 2. 7. that they p. for me earth and water

        12. 1. that they should p. for her of his meats Eecl. 2. 1. my son, p. thy soul for temptation 17. they tliat fear the Lord will p. their hearts 18. 23. before thou prayest p. thyself 33. 4. p. what to sav, so shall thou be heard

        PREPARED. I Eirf. 1. 13. they p. for themselves and priests

        14. the Levitesp. for themselves ami priests Toi. 2. 1. there was a good dinner p. for me

        5. 16. when his son had p. all things for journey Jud. 9. 6. we are here, for all thy ways are p.

        12. 19. she ate and drank what her maid had p. Esth. 11.7.attheircry all nations were p. to battle Wtsd. 9.H. which thou hast p. from the beginning

        16. 20. didst send bread p. without their labour Eecl. 49. 12. which wasp, for everlasting glorv

        PREPARKDST. Wisd. 16. 2. thou p. for them meat of a strange taste

        PREPAREIH. Eecl. 26. 28. Lord p. sirch an one for the sword

        PREPARING. Wild. 14. 1. again, one p. to sail, calleth on wood


        1 Esd, 1. 5. according as David the king of Israel v

        PRESENCE. '^

        Wild. 14. 17. whom men could not honour in p.

        £cc/.8.U. rise not in anger at p. of injurious persons

        PREsKNr. Wisd. 2. 6. let us enjoy the goo

        10. that being p. she may labour with me 11. 11. whether absent or p. Ihey were vexed

        14. 17. might flatter him absent as if he were p. Eecl. 1. 21. where it is p. it turneth away wrath

        27. 23. when thou art p. he will speak sweetly 31. 6. guld ruin of manv. their tiestruction wasp.

        PRKSK.N r. Toi, 12. 15. which s. the praversof the saints

        PRK.SF.NIS. Eetl. 90.29. p. and gifts blind the eyes of the wise



        Eeel. 34. 16. he is a p. from stumbling and help

        PRESERVE. Toi. 6. 17. thou shalt p. her, and she shall go Wisd. 9. 11. and she shall p. me in her power

        PRESERVED, ETH. Wisd. 10. 1. she p. the first formed father of world

        4. wisdom again p. it, and directed the course

        5. and she p. him blameless unto God

        11. 25. or have been p. if not called by thee 16. 26. but that it is thy word wbich p. them Excl. 2X). 2. he that confessetli shall be p. from hurt

        PRESS. Ecrl. 13. 10. p. not on him, lest thoii be put back 31. 31. p. not on him with urging him to drink

        PRESSED. Wisd. 17. 11. wickedness being p. with conscience Eecl. 46. 5. when the enemies p. upon him Bel 30. when tlie king saw that they p. him sore 2 Mac. 14. 9. our nation, which is p. on every side

        PRESUMED. 2 Mae. 3. 24. all thatp. to come in were astonished 5. 15. but p. to go into the most holy temple

        PRESU.MPl'ION. Esth. 13. 2. not lifted up with p. of my authority 2 Mae. 5. 18. this man had been put back from p.

        PRETKNO. Eecl. 12. 17. though he p. to help thee, yet undermine

        PREVAIL. Eecl. 29. 6. if he p. he shall hardly receive the half

        PREVENT. Wisd. 16. 28. we must p. the sun to give thanks

        PREVENTETH. Wisd. 6. 13. she p. them that desire her

        PREY. 1 Esd. 8. 77. for our sins, we were given up for a p. Jud. 5. 24. they shall be a p. to be devoured of all 9. 4. thou hast given their wives for a/i. 16. 5. that he would make my infants as a p. £«/. 27. 10. as the lion lieth in wait for the p. 1 Mae. 7. 47. they took the spoils and the p.

        PRICE. F-ccl. .33. 30. because thou hast bought him with ap. Bar. 6. 25. the things are bought for a most high p.

        PRICKED. Wisd. 16. 11. they werep. that they should rememb. Eecl. 12. 12. lest thou remember my wonls and hep.

        14. 1. who is not p. with the multitude of sins

        PRICKEIH. Eecl. 22. 19. he that p. the eye, will make tears

        PRIDE. Toi. 4. 13. for in p. is destruction and much trouble Jvd. 9. 9. behold their p. and send thy wrath Esth. 13. 12. it was not in p. that I did not bow

        14. not worship any but thee, nor will I do it in p. Wisd. 5. 8. what hath p. profited us ? or riches Eecl. 10. 7- P- is hateful before God and man

        13. p. is the beginning of sin, he that hath it 18. p. was not made for man, nor furious auger 21. roughness and p. is the losing thereof

        15. 8. she is far from p. liars cannot remember

        16. 8. but he abhorred them for their p. 26. 26. she that dishonoureth him in her p. 43. 1. the p. of the height, the clear firmament

        Bar. 4. 34. her p. shall be turned into mourning

        1 Mac. 2. 49. now hath p. and rebuke gotten strength .3. 20. they come against us in p. and iniquity

        2 Mac. 1. 28. punish them that v\\\\ ith p. do us wrong 5. 21. weening in his p. to make the land navigable 7. .36. shalt receive just punishment for thy p.

        9. 7. but still was filled with p. breathing out 11. he began to leave off his great p.

        15. 6. tiicanor in exceeding p. determined

        PRIEST. Eecl. 7. 31. fear the Lord, and honour the p.

        50. 1. Simon high p. son of Onias, who repaired 1 Mac. 2. 1. Mattathias a p. of the sons of Joarib

        7. 14. one that is a p. of the seed of A aron 15. 1. to Simon tlie p. and prince of the Jews

        .See High.


        1 Esd. 1. 2. having set the p. according to courses

        4. 53. the p. that went away should have liberty

        54. the p. vestments wherein they minister

        5. .59. the p. stood arrayed in their vestments

        8. 77- we with our p. were given up to the sword Jvd. 11. 13. which they had re^erveil for the p.

        Wisd. 12.6. with theirp.outof their idolatrous crew Eecl. 7. 29. fear the lord, and reverence his p.

        50. 12. he took the portions out of the p. hands Bar. 1.7. to the p. and all the people at Jerusalem 16. confusion of faces belongeth to our p.

        6. 10. the p. convey from their gods, gold, silver

        18. even so the p. make fast their temples 28. things sacrificed, their p. sell and abuse 31. the p. sit in their teinples, their clothes rent 33. the p. also fake off their garments

        48. the p. consult with themselves where may be

        55. when fire falleth their p. will flee away Dan. .3. 62. O yep. of the Lord, bless ye the Lord Bel 8. the king was wroth, and called for his p.

        10. now the_p. of Bel were threescore and ten

        15. in thy night came thep. with their wives 28. the king hath put the p. to

        1 Mac. 3. 49. they brought also the p. garments 51. thy p. are in heaviness and brought low

        4. 38. they saw the p. chambers pulled down 42. so he chose p. of blameless conversation

        5. 67. certainp. desiroustoshew their valour, slain

        7. 36. the p. entered in, and stood before the altar

        10. 42. because they appertain to the p. that mi-


        2 Mac. 1. 10. who was of the stock of the anointed p. 13. they were slain by the deceit of Nanea'sp.

        19. the p. that were then devout, took the fire

        20. Neemiasdid send of the posterity of those p. 23. the p. made a prayer while sacrifice

        .30. thep. sung psalms of thanksgiving

        3. 15. the p. prostrating themselves before the altar

        4. 14. the p. had no courage to ser\'e any more

        14. 34. then the p. lift up their hands to heaven

        15. 31. when he had set thep. before the altar

        PRO [Apocbtpha.

        PRIF^STHOOD. Eeel. 45. 7. he gave him the p. among the people 15. they should execute tlie office of the p. 24. should have die dignity of the p. for evet 1 Mae. 2. 54. the covenant of an everlasting p. 7. 21. but Alcimus contendeii for the high p. 11. 27. the king confirmed him in the high p. 16. 24. are written in the chronicles of his p. 2Afac. 2. 17. tliat gave them thep. and the sanctuary

        4. 24. he got the p. to himself, oflfering more 11.3. to set the high p. to sale every year

        14. 7- of my ancestor's honour, 1 mean the high p.

        PRIElll. Eecl. 14. 23. he that p. in at her windows sliall also

        PRINCK. Jud. 9. 10. the servant with the p. ami the p. with Eecl. 41. 17. be ashamed of a lie before a p. 48. 12. he was not moved with presence of any p. Dan, 3. 15. nor is there at tliistime p. or prophet 1 Mac. 3. 13. when Seron a p. of the army heard 9. 30. we have chosen thee this day to be our p.

        15. 1. unto Simon the priest and p. of the Jews 2. to .Simon high priest and p. of his nation

        2.V/ac.3.24. tJieP. of all power caused an apparition

        PRINCES. Eecl. 10. 14. hath cast down the thrones of proud p.

        39. 4. he shall appear before p. he » ill travail

        46. 18. he destroyed all the p. of the Philistines Bar. 2. 1. against our p. and the men of Israel

        3. 16. where are the p. of the heathen tiecome 1 Mac. 6. tiO. the king and the p. were content

        7.26. the king sent Nicanoroneof his honourablep.

        9. 37. daughter of one of the great p. of Chanaan PRINCELY.

        1 Esd. 4. 46. this is the p. liberality from tliee


        2 Mac. 4. 27. so Menelaus got thep.

        5. 7. howbeit, for all this he obtained not tlie p.

        PRISON. Eeel. 1.3. 12. he will not spare to put thee in^. 2 Mae. 13.21. when had gotten him, put him mp.

        PRISONER. Jud. 16. 9. her beauty took his mind p. 2 Mae. 14.27. that he should send Maccabeus p. 33. if you will not deliver me Judas as ap. PRI.SONERS. 2 Esd. 13. 40. ten tribes which were carried away p. Wisd. 17. 2. p. of darkness, and fettered with night

        1 .\\\\lae. 9. 70. that he should deliver them the p. 72. when he had restored unto him the p.

        15. 40. Cendebeus t>egan to take the people p.

        PRIVATE. Esth. 14. 16. 1 wear it not when I am p. by myself

        2 Mac. 4. 5. the good of all, both public and p.

        PRIVY. Wisd. 8. 4. she is p. to the mysteries of knowledge Sw. 18. they wentout themselves at p. doors Bel 13. under table they had made a p. entrance 21. who shewed him p. doors where they came 2 Mac. 1. 16. and opening ap. door of the loof 8.7. took advantage of night for such p. attempts PHIVILY'.

        1 Mac. 9. 60. he sent letters p. to his adherents

        2 Mac. 1. 19- the priests took the fire of the altar p 8. 1. they went p. into the towns and called


        1 Esd. 2. 29. those wickeil workers p. no furtlier


        2 Esd. 10. 19. so 1 p. to speak further unto her

        2 Mac. 6. 29. the speeches p. from a desperate mind

        P ROC ESS. 2 Esd. 11. 20. in v. of time the feathers stood up

        PKOCKSSION. 2ilfac. 6.7- were compel led to go in p. to Bacchu»

        PROCLAMAIION. 1 Esd. 2. 2. he made p. through all hiskingdom

        1 Mac. 5. 49. Judas commanded a p. to be inads


        2 Mac. 8. 11. p. a sale of the captive Jews

        PROCURE. 1 Mac!. 15. we will p. the harm neither of yoa 13. 17. he should p. to himself great hatred

        PROCURED. Esth. 16. 13. who continually p. our good


        1 Mae. 1. 48. with all manner of uncleanness and p.


        1 Mae, 1. 45. that they should p. the sabbaths 63. that they might not p. the holy covenant

        2. .34. neither will we p. the sabbath-day

        2 Mac. 5. 16. with p. hands pulling down things

        6. 5. the altar also was filled with p. things

        PROFANED. 2 Esd. 10. 22. the name named on us is almost p.

        1 Mac. 1.43. many of the Israelites p. the sabbath

        3. 51. thy sanctuary is trodden down and p.

        4. .38. when they saw altar p. they rent their clothes 54. and what day the heathen had p. it

        2 Mac. 8. 2. pity the temple p. of wicked men

        10. 5. the same day that the strangers p. the temple PROFANELY'. 2 E^i. 15- 8. their wickedness they p. commit

        PROFANKNESS. 2 Mac. 4. 13. through the exceediogp. of Jason

        PROFF.SS. Eecl. 3. 25. p. not the know ledge thou hast not

        PROFir. 2£frf. 7. 47.for whatp. for men to live in heaviness?

        49. what p. is it to us if there be promised us £fc/.5.8.they shall not p. thee in the day of calamity 1 1 . 23. say not, what p. is there of my sen ice i 13. 4. if tlio'i be for his p. he will use thee 20. 10. there is a gift that shall not p. thee 30. wisdom that is hid, and treasure that' is hoarded up, what p. is in them both ? 29. 11. it shall bring thee more p. than gold ,30. 2.3. sorrow hath killed, and there is nop. therein 34. 23. what p. have they then but labour ? 26. or what doth his humbling p. him .' 2 Mac. 2. 25. been careful that all might have p.

        PROFITABLE. Toi. 3. 6. it is p. for me to die rather than live


        Apocrypha.! PRO

        Toi. 4. 18. and despise not any counsel that is p. Wisd. 8. 7. can have nothing more p. in their life Eccl. 10. 4. he will .set over it one that is p.

        37. 28. for all thinijs are not p. for all men

        S Mac. 12. 12. that they would hep. in many things

        PROFITED. Wisd. 5. 8. what hath pride p. us, or riches Eccl. .33. 16. by the blessing of lx)rd I p. and filled 51. 17. I p. therein, therefore will I ascribe glory

        PKOKOUNDER. JS«/. 24. 29. her counsels p. than the great deep

        PKOGENITORS. Esth. 16. 16. who onlered the kingdom to our p.

        PROLOGUE. 2 Mae, 2. 32, it is a foolish thing to make a longp.

        PROLONG. £eel. 29. 5. he will p. the lime, and return words

        38. 14. they give for ease and remedy to p. life

        PROLOiNGETH. Eccl. 30. 22. the joy fulness of a man;?, his days 37. 31. but he tbattaketh heed p. his life

        PROMISED. Bar. 2. 34. which 1 p. with an oath to tlieir fathers

        1 Mac. U. C8. hep. him three hundred talents SMac. 2. 18. he. p. in the law, will have mercy onus

        4. 9. besides this he p. to assign 150 more

        7. 26. she p. him that she would counsel her son PROMISES.

        2 Esd. 5. 29. and they which did gainsay thy p. Wisd. 12. 21. hast sworn and made coven, ot goodp.

        1 Mac. 10. 15. had heard whatp. Demetrius had sent

        PROMISEIH. £eel. 20. 23. that for bashfulnessp. to his friend PROMISING.

        2 Esd. 3. 15. p. that thou wouldst never forsake 2 JUoc. 4. 8.p. to the king by intercession talents

        PROMOTE. Eccl. 20. 27. a wise man shall p. himself to honour

        PROMOTED. IMac. 11.26. kingp. him in sight of all his friends

        PRONOUNCED. Jwrf. 8. ll.thisoath which yep. between G. and you Bar. 2. 1. L. made good his word which he p. ag. us

        7. plagues which the Lord hath p. against us Sus. 53. for thou hast p. false judgment

        PRONOUNCETH. Wisd. 2. 16. hep. the end of the just to be blessed

        PROPKR. Wisd. 18.21. bringeth the shield of his p. ministry 19. 6. for the whole creature in his p. kind

        PROPERLY. Toi. 1. 2. Thisbe, which is called p. Naphtali

        PROPHECY. 2 Esd. 15. 1. behold, speak thou the words of p. Toi. 2. 6. remembering that p. of Amos, as he said Eccl. 49. 6. according to thep. of Jeremias

        PROPHECIES. Eccl. 39. 1. he will be occupied in p. 44. 3. giving counsel and declaring p.

        PROPHESY. S Esd. 8. 5. agreed to give ear, and art willing to p. Wisd. 14. 28. either mad when merry, orp. lies Eccl.i1. 1. and after him rose up Nathan top.


        1 Esd. 6. 1. Aggeus and Zacharias p. to the Jews

        Jitd. 6. 2. that tnou hast p. among us to-day

        Eccl. 46. 20. and after his death he p. and shewed


        1 Esd. 1. 20. since the time of thep. Samuel 28. not regarding the words of the p. Jeremy

        2 Esd. 1. 1. the second book of thep. Esdras 'Tob. 14. 4. which Jonas the p. spake of Nineve Wisd. 11.1. she prospered in the hand of the holy p. Eccl. 46. 13. Samuel thep. of the Lord, beloved

        15. by his faithfulness he was found a true p.

        48. 1. then stood up Elias the p. as fire

        49. 7. Jeremias, who nevertheless wasp, sanctified Ue/ ,33. there was in Jewry a p. called Habbacuc

        1 Mac. 4. 46. till there shoulcf come ap. to shew

        9. 27. since the time that a p. was not seen

        14. 41. until there should arise a faithful p.

        2 Mac. 2. 1. that Jeremy thep. commanded them 2. how that thep. havmg given them the law 4. thep. being warned of God, commanded

        15. 14. this is Jeremias the p. of God


        1 Esd. 1. 51. they made a sport of his p. 6. 1. the p. prophesied unto the Jews

        Tob. 4. 12. for we are the children of the p. 14. 5. as the p. have spoken thereof Wisd. 7. 27. she maketh them friends of God, and p. Eccl. 36. 15. raise up p. that have been in tliy name

        16. and let thy-p. be found faithful

        PROPITIATION. Wisd. 18. 21. even prayer and p. of incense Eccl. 5. 5. concerningp. be not without fear 35. 3. and to forsake unrighteousness is ap.

        PROPORTION ABLY. Wisd. 13. 5. p. the maker of them is seen PROSPER.

        2 Esd. 5. 12. shall labour, but their ways shall not p. Tob. 4. 19. that all thy paths and counsels may p.

        5. 16. his father said, God p. your journey Eccl. 15. 10. and the Lord will p. it

        38. 14. that he would p. that which they give

        PROSPERED. Wisd. 11. 1. she p. their works in hand of prophet

        1 Mac. 2. 47. and the work p. in their hand 3. 6. because salvation p. in his hand

        14. 36. for in his time things p. in his hands

        16. 2. things havep. so well in our hands

        2 Afac. 8.8. that things p. with him still more

        PROSPERITY. Eccl. 6. 11. but in thy p. he will be as thyself

        10. 5. in the hand of God is tiie p. of man

        11. 14. p. and adversity, life and death come of Ld. , 17. and his favour bringeth p. for ever

        25. in day of p. is a forgetfufness of affliction 12. 8. a friend cannot be known in p. 9. in the p. of a man enemies will be grieved 13. 26. is a token of a heart that is in p. 22. 23. that thou mayest rejoice in liisp. 678


        Eccl. 37. 4. which rejoiceth in the p. of a friend 41. 1. to the man that hath p. in all things

        1 Mac. 12.22. do well to write to us of your p.

        2 Mac. 9. 19. wisheth much joy, health, and p.

        PRO.SPEROUS. 1 Esd. 8. 50. to desire of him a p. journey for us Tob. 5. 21. and Ids journey shall be p. 10. 11. the God ot heaven give you a p. journey Ecct. 43. 90. the end of them hath p. success PROSPEROUSLY:

        1 Esd. 6. 10. tlie work goeth on p. in their hands Tob. 4. 6. thy doings shall p. succeed to thee


        2 Mac, 3. 15. but priests p. themselves before altar

        PROTECT. Wisd. 5. 16. and with his arm shall he p. them

        PROIECTETH. Jud. 9. 14. no other that p. the people of Israel


        1 Mac. 3.3. he made battlesp. the host with the sword

        PROTECTION. Eccl. 34. 16. he is their mighty p. and strong stay

        2 Mac. 13. 17. the p. of the Lord did help liim

        PROJECTOR. Jud. 9. 11. for thou art a p. of the forlorn 2 Mac. 11. 1. Lysias the king's p. and cousin 13. 2. Lysias his p. and ruler of his affairs

        PROTESTATIONS. Eccl. 46. 19. he made p. in the sight of the Lord

        PROUD. 2 Esd. 11. 44. Highest hath looked on the p. times Esili. 13. 1*. that 1 did not bow down top. Aman Wisd. 14. 6. in old time when thep. giants perished Eccl. 3. 28. in the punishment of thep. no remedy

        10. 9. why is earth and ashes p. ?

        14. the Lord cast down the thrones of p. princes

        15. the Ld. hath plucked up roots of thep. nations

        11. 30. as a partridge, so is the heart of the p.

        13. 1. he that hath fellowship with a p. man 20. as thep. hate humility, so doth the rich

        21. 4. the house of p. men shall be made desolate 23. 4. O God of my life, give me not a p. look

        8. the evil-speaker and p. shall fall thereby 25. 2. my soul hateth a poor man that is p. 27. 15. the strife of the p. is blood-shedding

        28. mockery and reproach are from the p.

        31. 26. so wine the hearts of the p. by drunkenness 32. 12. do what thou wilt, but sin not by p. speech

        18. but a p. man is not daunted with fear 35.18. he.have taken away the multitude of thep. 51. 10. he would not leave me in the time of thep.

        1 Mac. 2. 47. they pursued also after the p. men

        2 Mac. 9. 8. so p. was he beyond the condition 15. 32. liie hand that with p. brags he had stretched

        PROUDLY. Jud. 6. 17. spoken p. against the house of Israel Eccl. 48. 18. his hand Sion and boasted p.

        1 Mac. 1. 21. he entered p. into tlie sanctuary 24. having made great massacre and spoken p.

        7. .34. but he mocked them and spake p. 47. his hand which he stretched out so p.

        2 Mac. 9. 4. for he had spoken p. in this sort 12. that a man should not p. think of himself

        PROVE. Wisd. 2. 17. let us p. what shall happen in the end

        19. we may know his meekness, and p. patience Eccl. 6. 7- if thou wouldest get a friend, p. him first

        37. 27. my son, p. thy soul in thy life

        PROVED. Wisd.S. 5. for God p. and found them worthy Eccl. 44. 20. when he was p. he was found faithful

        PROVETH. Eccl. 27. 5. the furnace p. the potter's vessel 31. 26. the furnace p. the edge by dipping

        PROVERB. Tob. 3. 4. and for a p. of reproach to all nations

        PROVERBS. Eccl. 8. 8. but acquaint thyself with their p. 47. 17- the countries marvelled at thee for thy p.

        PROVIDE. 1 Mac. 10. 6. to p. weapons that he might aid him

        PROVIDED. Wisd. 1.3. 16. he p. for it, that it might not fall

        1 Mac. 10. 21. gathered forces, and p. much armour

        14. 10. he p. victuals for the cities, and set in them

        2 Mac. 4. 21. Antiochus p. for his own safety

        PROVIDENCE. Wisd. 14. 3. but thy p. O Father, govemeth it

        17. 2. they lay exiled from the eternal p.

        PROVISION. Jud.Q. 17. and goats without number for their p. 4. 5. they laid up victuals for the p. of war

        12. 3. if p. fail, how should we give thee the like.' 2 Mac. 6. 21. to bring flesh of his own p.

        12.27. wherein was great p. of engines and darts

        PROVOKE. Jud. 8. 14. p. not the IjOrd our God to anger

        11. 11. wherefore they will p. their God to anger Eccl. 4. 2. neither p. a man in his distress

        I Mac. 6. 34. they might p. elephants to fight 15. 40. Cendebeus began to p. the people PROVOKED.

        1 Esd. 6. 15. but when our fathers p. God to wrath

        2 Esd. 1. 7. they have p. me to wrath, and despised Bar. 4. 7. for ye p. him that made you

        PRUDENCE. Wisd. 8. 6. if p. work, who more cunning than she ? 7. teacheth temperance, p. justice, and fortitude 18. in the exercise of conference with her p. Eccl. 1. 4. the understanding of p. from everlasting 10. 3. through the p. of them that are in authority 19.22. nor at any time is the counsel of sinnersp. 25.9. well is him that hath found p. 34. 10. but he that hath travelled, is full of p.

        PRUDENT. Eccl. 3. 29. the heart of the p. will understand 6. 32. if thou apply thy mind, thou shalt be p. 10. 1. the government of a p. man is well ordered


        Jud. 16. 2. tune unto him a new p. exalt him

        PSALMS. 2 Mac, 1. 30. the priests sung p. of thanksgiving


        2 Jl/ac.l0.7.they him that had given success 38. this done, they praised tlie I^ord with p. 12. 37. he sung p. with a loud voice PSALIERY. 2Etd, 10. 22. our p. is laid on the ground, our son? Wisd. 19. 18. like as in a p. notes change the tune Eccl. 40.21. the pipe and p. make sweet melody

        PTOLEMAIS. 1 Mac.b. 15. they ot P. and of Tyrus are assembled 55. Simon his brother in Galilee before P.

        10. 1. Alexander went up and took P.

        58. Alexander celebrated her marriat^e at P. 61). who thereupon went honourably to P. 12. 48, they of P. shut the gates and took him PTOLEM EE.

        1 Mac. 1. 18. but P. was afraid of him and fled

        3. 38. then Lysias chose P. son of Dorymenes 10. 51. sent ambassadors to P. kingofEgypt

        11. 3. now as P. entered into the cities

        15. king P. brought forth his host and met him

        16. Alexander (led, but king P. was exalted •18. king P. also dying the third day after

        15. 16. Lucius consul, unto king P. greeting

        16. 16. P. and his men rose up and look weapons 18. then P. wrote these things, and sent to king

        21. and, quoth he, P. hath sent to slay thee also

        2 Mac. 4. 45. promised P. the son of Dorymenes

        46. P. taking the king aside into a gallery

        6. 8. there went out a decree by the suggestion of P.

        PTOLEMEUS. Esth. 11. 1. P. his son brought this epistle

        1 Mac. 16. 11. P. the son of Abubus madecaptain

        2 Mac. 1. 10. to Aristobulus king P. master

        4. 21. the coronation of king P. Philometor

        8. 8. he wrote unto P. the governor of Celosyria 10. 12. P. that was called Macron endeavoured

        PUBLIC. Eccl. .38. 33. they shall not be sought for inp.counsel

        1 Mac. 14. 23. to put copy of ambassage inp. records

        2 Mac. 4. 5. seeking the good of all, p. and private

        15. 6. to set up a p. monument of his victory

        PUBLISH. 2 Esd. 14. 26. some things shalt thou p. Esth. 16. 19. ye shall p. the copy of this letter PUBLISH LT).

        1 Esd. 9.53. the Levitesp. all things to the people


        2 Mac. 7. 34. be notp. up with uncertain hopes 11.4. but p. up with his ten thousand footmen

        PULL. 2 Esd. 1. 8.p. thou off then ths hair of thy head

        XVisd. 1. 12. and p. not on yourselves destruction 1 Mac. 4. 45. they thought it best to p. it down

        6. 62. he gave commandment to p. down the wall

        9. 55. as he began to p.down, Alcimus was plagued

        PULLED. 1 Esd. 6. 16. who p. down the house and burned it

        8. 71. I p. off the hair from off my head Jud. 10. 3. p. off the sackcloth which he had on Eccl. 28. 14. strong cities hath it p. down

        40. 16. the weed shall hep. up before all grass

        1 Mac. 1. 22. the ornaments, all which hep. off 31. he p. down the houses and walls thereof

        2. 25. commissioner he killed, the altar he p. down 45. then Mattathias p. down the altars 4. .38. they saw the priests' chambers p. down 5. 65. hep. down the fortress of if, and burnt towers 6. 7. they p. down the abomination he set up

        2 Mac. 7. 7. they had p. off the skin of his head

        10. 2. the altars and the chapels they p. down

        PULLEIH. Eccl. 34. 23. one buildeth, and another p. down

        PULLING. 2 Mac. 5. 16. with profane hands p. down tilings

        PULPIT. 1 Esd. 9. 42. Esdras stood upon a p. of wood

        PUNISH. Tob. 3. 3. p. me not for my sins and ignorances Wisd. 11. 10. the other thou didst condemn and p.

        12. 20. if thou didst p. the enemies of children 18. 8. wherewith thou didst p. our adversaries

        1 Mac.t. 7. let him p. them with all that aid them

        2 Mac. 1. 28. p. them that oppress us and do wrong

        6. 14. whom the Lord patiently forbears to p.

        16. tho' hep. with adversity, yet doth not forsake PUNISIIED. 2 Esd. 9. 13. how the ungodly shall hep. and when Jud. 11. 10. for our nation shall not be p. Wisd. 3. 4. for though they bep. in sight of men

        10. but the ungodly shall bep. according to

        11. 5. by what things their enemies were p.

        8. how thou hadstp. their adversaries 16. by the same also shall he be p.

        12. 14. for any of whom thou hadstp.

        15. condemn him that hath not deserved to be p. 27. look for what things they grudged when they were p. now beingp. in them when they saw it 14. 10. shall bep. together with him that made it .30. for both causes shall they be justly p.

        16. 1. by the like were they p. worthily

        9. for they were worthy to bep. by such

        18. 11. the master and the servant were p.

        22. but with a word subdued him that p. Eccl. 23. 21. this man shall bep. in the streets

        1 Mac. 14. 45. or break these things should bep.'

        2 Mac. 6. 13. not suffered long, but forthwith p.

        7. 7. they asked, wilt thou eat before thou bep. ?

        PUNISHETH. Jud. 7. 28. which p. us according to our sins Wisd. 1. 8. nor vengeance when it p. pass t)y him'

        14. 31. that p. always the offence of the ungodly

        PUNISHING. Eccl. 39. 30. p. the wicked to destruction

        PUNISHMENT. 2 7. 21. what they should observe to avoid p.

        47. what profit for men afterdealh to look for p.

        15. 12. F^ypt smitten with the plague and p. Wisd. 16.2. instead of whichp.dealing graciously

        24. against the unrighteous for their p.

        19. 4. they might fulfil thep. which was wanting Eccl. 3. 28. in p. of the proud there is no remedy

        8. 5. remember that we are all worthy of p.


        Eecl. IC. 6. keep, against the mighty day of their p. £ .War. 4. ;i8. thus the Loid rewarjed him his^. 48. thus they liid sooii sutler unjust p.

        6. Co. tlio' Ishoulil be lifclivered t'ronitlie p. of men

        7. 30. thou slialt receive just p. tor thy pride


        JVisd. 11. 13. when they heard tiy their own p. 19. 13. and p. came upi»n tiie sinners 2 Mac. 6. IC. judge these p. not to be tor destruction

        PL KK. Toi. 3. 14. tliat I am p. tnim all sin with man 13. It), thy towers and battlements witli p. gold liisd. 7. *3. p. and most SLd>tile spirits iff/. 21. 13. his icunsel is like ap. tountain of life £ar. 3. 30. who will hrin^ her furp. gold r

        PLKENES.-i. Jl isd. ~. 24. she coeth thro' all by reason of her p. J^-ccL 51. '20. and 1 found her in p.

        PL KGB. TuA. IC. 0. for alms shall p. awav all sia

        I'LKIFICA IION. C Mac. 1. 18. purposed to keep the p. of the temple

        PLUIl'lED. 2 ifac. 1. 33. Neemias had p. satrifices therewith

        2. 18. he delivered us and hathp. the place IC. 38. thevp. themselves as the custom was

        PL'KPLE. F-ccHO. 4. from him that weareth p. and a crown 45. It), with soUl, and blue silk and p. liar. 6. 12. thouijh they be covered with p. raiment 72. by the br.ght p. that rotteth upon them

        1 Mac.-i. 23. where they got gold and p. of the sea

        8. 14. none wai clothed in p. to be iiia;;nitied

        10. 20. he sent him a p. robe and a crown of gold 62. the king commanded to clothe him in p.

        2 Mac. 4. 38. he took awav Andronicus's p.

        PL HP\\\\).-^E. Jud.S. 14. can ye, search God. or comprehend his p.

        11. 11. be not defeated and frustrate of his p.

        13. 3. spake to liagoas according to the same p.

        1 Mac. 15. 3. my p. is to challenije itaaain

        2 Mac. 3. 8. but indeed tofullil the king's p.

        PUIIPO.SED. Jud. 9. 8. they have p. todehle thy sanctuary

        13. who have p. cruel things against thy covenant 11. 12. they p. to consume all those things ll'isd. 8. 9. I p. to take her to me to live with me £<■<•/. 51. 18. 1 p. to do after her, and 1 tollowed

        1 Mnc. 14. 31. enemies p. to invade their country - Mac. 1. 18. we are p. to keep the purilicatioii

        PL'liP()St;S. Jud. 11. 6. my lord shall not fail of his p. Kstli. 12. 2. he searched out their p. and learned 115. 9. both by chansing our p. and judging PL'U.-^L'E. Jud. 1 1. 4. ye shall p. them, and overthrow them

        2 Mac. 8. 26. thev would no loni;er p. them

        PLK.'^UED.' Wiid. 19. 3. and they p. them as fugitives

        3 Mac. 2. 4". they p. also alter the [iroud men

        3. 5. for hep. tlie wicked, and sought them out

        4. 9. when Pharaoh p. them with an army

        15. for they p. them unto Gazara and Idumea

        5. 22. he p. them to the gate of Ptolemids ()0. and p. them to the bonlers of .ludea

        9. 15. who p. them unto the mount Azotus 15. 11. being p. by king Antiochus, he tied

        2 Mac. 5. 8. lleeing from citv to city, p. of all men PL'U>LrN(;. '

        1 Mac. 4. 16. Judas returned again from p. them

        2 Mac. 12. 23. JuOas was verv earnest in p. tliem

        PUitVKYbK. Tob. 1. 13. before Eneinassar, so that I washis p.

        PL 1. 2 Esd. 3. 16. didst choose hini to thee, and p. bv Esau IVisd. 3. 9. that p. trust in him, shall understand Heel. 13. 6. smile on tliee, and p. thee m hope ^Ui. 51. p. these two aside one Horn another

        56. ,.o he p. him asi.le and commande.l to brin^ 2 Mac. 13. 10. at the point to he p. from their law

        PL' 1 i ING. Jud. 16. 17. in p. hre and worms in their flesh 2 Mac. 4. 11. and /;. down the uovernmeiits

        PVKA.MIUS. 1 Mac. 13. 28. he set up seven p. one against another


        QUAILS. 2 K


        1 Mac. 4. .'".2. let them 7. at tlieir destruction

        QLAKED. Jud. 16. 10. the Persi.ins q. at her boldness

        tOlAKEl n.

        C E'd. 16. 12. the earth q. and foundations thereof

        gl A.N 1 1 I Y.

        2 Eid. 4. 50. the q. w hich is pa-st did more exceed

        UL'AKKKLl.l.NG. Bed. 31. 29. excess makelh brawling and g.

        UUAK LEK.S. 1 Mac. 3. 36. should place strangers in all their q. 5. 9. the Israelites that were in their q.


        1 JUac. 4. 30. whodidst ?. the violence of the mighty

        UL ENCII.

        2 E.'d. 16. 4. a fire is sent, and who mav 17. it ? £sl/i. 14. 9. they will n. the glory of thy house


        IVisd. 11.4. their thii St was 17. out of the hard stone

        Ecel. 28. 12. if tlnii spit on it. it shall be q.

        23. and it shall burn in them, and not be q.


        11 iid. 16. 17. had force iu water that g. all tilings

        (JLENClIlNt^.. Wisd. 19. CO. the water forgat his own q. nature

        QU ESI ION. 1 Ejd. 6. 30. every year, without further q.



        2 Eid. 8. 55. therefore ask thou no more q.

        QUICK. Jl'isd. 7. 22. loving the thing that is good, q. 8. 11. 1 slirtll be loiind ofay, conceit in judgment Ecc/. 31. 22. mv son, in all thv works be g.

        QUICKEN. 2 Esd. 8. 13. and thou shalt q. it as thv work

        QUICKLY. JVisd. 3. 18. or if they die g. they have no hope 6. 15. whoso watcheth, shall?, be witliout care

        1 .Vac. 2. 40, they will g. root us out ot the earth 6. 27. wherefore if Ihuu dost not prev ent th.em g.

        2 .Vac. 14.44. but thev q. giving bacK, he fell

        QLIEl'. 2 E'd. 10. 3. when they had all left otT to cmrort me, to the end 1 mi^ht be?, then I rose and Hed Eit/i. 16.8. we must take care that our kingdom for time to come may be g. and peaceable for all men ll'i'd. 18. 14. while all things were in g. silence Eccl. 25 20. so is a wire full of words to a q. man 47. 13. .Solomon reigned in a peaceable timi-, was honoured, for God made all }, round about him

        1 Mac. 1. 3. that the earth was q. before him

        2 -Vac. 12. 2. N icanor would not sutler them to be g. 14. 10. not possible that the state sliouht bt- q.

        25. so he married, was?, and took part of life QUIELLY. Eccl. 28. 16. never find rest, and never dwell q. 2 .Vac. 11. 23. thev that are in our realm live g.

        QUir, 1 NE-->,S. 2 Esd. 2. 24. abide, take rest, for thy q. shall come

        QLIVEK. Eccl. 26. 12. by every heil;;e she will sit down, and open her q. against every arrow




        RABSACES. Eccl. 48. 18. Sennacherib came up and sent R.

        RACK. Eccl. 26. 21. thy ). thou leavest shall be magnified

        KAGE. Wisd. 11. 18. or unknown wild beasts full of r. Eccl. 31. 3 '. drunkenness increHseth the r. 36. 9. let him be consumed by the r. of the fire

        1 Mac. '. .35. w itli that he went out in a great r. 15. .36. but returned in a r. to the king

        2 .Vac. 4. 25. having the r. of a savage beast 40. the common people being filled with r.

        7. 3. then the king being in a r. commauiied

        10. 28. making their r. leader of their battle

        RAGES. Toi. 1. 14. 1 left at U. a city of Media, ten talents

        5. 5. he said to him, canst thou go with mc to R. .• 0. 9. and when thev were come near to R.

        K.AGUEL. T.'li. .3.7. Sara the daughter of R. was reproached

        6. lu. to-day we shalHodge with R. thy cousin

        7. 6. then R. leaped up. and kissed him, and wept

        9. he communicated the matter with R. and R.

        said to I'obias, eat, drink, and make merrv-

        8. 9. R. arose, and went and made a grave

        15. K. praised (iod, and said, thou art worthy 0. 3. R. hath sworn that 1 shall nut depart

        RAILINGS. Eccl. 29. 6. he payetli him with cursings and r.

        RAIN. 2 E'd. 4. .50. as the r. is more than the drops 8. 43. the seed perisheth if it receive not tliy r. in due season, or if there come too mucli r. Jud. 8. 31. pray for us, the Lord will s>nd ns r. Il'i'd. 16.22. lire sparkling iu the r. destroyeth fruits /'(■(/. 1. 2. who can luiml'er tlie drops of r. / .■)5. 20. as clouds of r. in the time ot drought 40. 13. goods shall vanish like a great tlum.lerin r. 49. 9. of the enemies under the ligiire of the r. Ear. 6. 53. nor can thev give r. unto men

        RAINI'.OW. Eccl. 4". II. look on r. anti praise him that made it :>0. 7. as r. gniug light in tiie tiright clouds

        RAI.\\\\S. If'isd. 16. 16. with!- r. were persecuted

        RAlM'.fll. Eccl. 1. 10. wisdom r. down skill and knowledtre

        RAINING. £a7. 43. 13. the heal t is astoniaiieil at the r. of it

        RAISE. 2 /;.-(.' 2. 16. those that be dead will 1 r. a^ain 12. 23. the .Most High shall r. up three kiiii^doms Eccl. 36. 7. r. up indignation, and pour out wi.itli 48. 5. who didst r. up a dead mall from death 2 Vac. 7. 0. the King of the world shall r. us up RAISI D.

        1 Esd. 2. 2. the Lord r. up the spirit of Cyrus 2'i. .lews were rebellious, and r. always wars

        8. 81. honoured the temple and r. iipdcsolate Sion

        2 Esd. 6. 21. and thev shall live and he r. up 7. 31. the world that awaketh shall not be r.

        Eccl. 49. 13. Neemias who r. up for us the walls that were fallen, and r. up our ruins .(■.•aiu Sus. 45. Lord r. up the spirit of a vouiil' voutli 1 .Vac. 14. :'.7. he r. up the walls of .lerusalem

        RAISE Lll. £(c/.34.17. he r. up the soul, and lighteneth the eves

        R A .M . Toi. 7. 8. after thev had killed a r. ot the Hock ' RA.MS.

        1 6. 29- for bullocks, and r. and lambs 7. 7. they ort'ered two hundred r. 4(H) lambs

        2 .Vac. 12. 15. without anv r. or eininus of war

        RAN. Toi. 11.9. Anna r. forth, and fell on neck ot her son

        10. 'lohit stumbled, but his son r. to him .Tud. 6. 16. and all their youth r. together ■Sus. 19. the two elders rose iij>, and r. to her

        1 Mac. 2. 24. he r. and slew liim upon the altar

        11. 72. put them to tliulit, and so they r. away

        2 Mac. 3. 18. others r. flocking out ot their houses ly. the virgins kept iu r. some to tlie gates

        2 Mac. 10. 16. so they r. with violence on t!ie holds 14.43. he r. l>.j|dly up to the wall, cast hinuclfdowa 45. yet he .-. througli the mi 1st ot the Unon" RANGED. .Tud. 2. 16. he r. them as a great army is ordered 2 Mac. 12. 20. Maccabeus r. hi* armv by bands

        RANKS. 1 Mac. 6. 38. being harnessed all over amidst the r.

        RAP 11. A EL. Toi. ."!. 17. and R. was sent to heal tlie'n both 5. 4. he rouii 1 R. that vvas an aimel

        8. 2. as he wtnt, lie rt-inembered the words of R.

        9. 1. then lobus cade 1 R. and Said to mm 5. so R. went out and Iodized with l.abael

        12. 15. 1 am R. one of tne seven hoiv an. els

        It A P 1 1 A N . ■ '

        1 Mac. 5. 37. Limotiieus encamoed against R.

        RA.S11. ■ Eccl. 9. 18. he that is r. in Ins talk shall be hated


        1 Mac. 8. .30. what tliey add or take away sh.ill he r.

        11. 31. we have /■. to them the borders o: Juilea

        R.Al 1 LING.

        1 Mac. 6. 41. all tliat heard the r. of the harness


        2 L'd. 10. 22. our virgins defiled and our wives r. Jud. 12. 16. Holofernes his heart was r. wi::i

        16. 9. her sandals r. his eves, liei beauty took


        2 Mac. 14. .37. R. one of tlie elders of Jerusalem

        REACH. Eccl. 31. 18. r. not thy iiaiid out first of all .'>5. 16. and his prayer sh.dl r. unto the clouds 2 Mac. 9. 10. tliat he could ;. to the stars of heavta

        REACHED. 2 Esd. 14. 5). and beliohi he r. me a full cup

        REACHEIH. JJ i>d.6. 1. wisdom r. tro 11 one end to another Eccl. 21. 5. a praver r. to the ears of God READ.

        1 Esd. 2. 30. king ,Arta.'ver.\\\\es his letters being r.' 3. 13. they delivered tliem to him, so he r. them

        15. and the writiuiis were r. berore them

        9. 41. he r. in the broad court be.ore the porch

        2 Esd. 14. 45. tile worthy and unwortliv mav r. it Ear. 1. 3. Barucli diil r. tlie words of this book

        14. ye shall r. this book which we have sent

        1 .Vac. 14. 19. which writings were r. before congre.

        2 Mac. 2. 25. they that will r. mii-'ht have deli!;ht 6. 12. now 1 beseech tliose that r. this bock

        8. 23. he appoimed Eleazar to r. the holy book 15. 39. delightetli the ears of them that r. tne story

        READER. 1 Esd. 8. 8. Esdras priest and r. of the law, 9. 19.

        READING. 1 Mac. 5. 14. while these letters were vet r. behold

        READY. lo'r. 14. 3. for I am r. to depart out of this life E>r/i. 11.9. nation troubled, and were r. to perish /I /,'(/. 7. 22. which cannot be letted, r. to lio good Eccl. 29. 26. and feed me of that thou hast r.' 39. 31. tiiey s!'.all be r. on earth wlu-n need is 51. 3. teetn of tiiem that were r. to ilevour me

        1 .Vac. 3. 9. he received such as were r. to i.>erisli

        17. we are r. to faint with fastim; all ilav

        2 .Vac. 3. .il. who lay r. to uive up the ghost

        6. X>. when I'.e vvas r. toiiie witii stripes

        7. 2. we are r. to die, rather than to transgress 14. so w hen he vvas r. to die, he said tlnis

        8. 21. when lie made ihem r. to die lor the laws

        READILY. 2 Mac. 14. 9. the cleinencv thou r. shewest to all

        KEADlS ESS.

        2 .Vac. 13. 12. Judascommauded thev should be in ;.


        1 E'd. 4. 49. he wrote lor .lews that went out of his r, 8. 10. the priests and Levitts liemg w itliin our r.

        2 K-d. 13. 31. one r. shall ti-ht against another

        1 .Vac. 3. 27. he gathered ail the loicesof his r. 6. 14. Philip, whom he made ruler over all his r.

        10. 3'. daysof iiecdom tor all .lews in my r. 52. forasmuch as 1 am come again to my r,

        1.';. 2y. .loppe and Gaz.da, cities of mv r.

        2 .i;.;c. 10. II. he set l.vsias over the afl'airs of his r.

        11. 23. thev that are I'n our r. live quieth

        14. 6. .-Xssideans will not let the r. lie in iieace 26., a traitor to his r. to be successor REALMS.

        1 Mac. I. 16. might have the dominion of tv,o ;


        2 E

        Eccl."!. 3. and thou shalt not r. them sevendold

        UE.APl.U. 1 Esd. 4. 6. when they r. that which they had sown Jud. 4. 5. for their fields were ot late r.

        RE APE Its. Bil S3, he was going into lield to bring it to the r.

        Rr.AIMNG. 1 Eld. 5. 62. for r. up the licnise of the I.oni

        RKA~-ON. Jl'isd. 11. 15. Ihev worshipped serpents void of r. 17. 12. but a betravingof the succours r. otfereth /:.<■/. .■!7. 16. let r. go before every en'erprise

        1 Mac. 12. 11. we remeinlwr vou m praver, as r. is

        RKAM)N AIU.E.

        2 Mac. 11. 14. them to a'.;ree to all r. conditions

        REASON El 11. Eccl. 14. 20. blessed is the man tliat r. of holy things

        REASON IN(i. H'isd. 2. 1. the um;odly said, r. with themselves Eccl. 27. 5. so the trial ot a man is in his r.

        REASON INtiS. ll'iid. 7. 20. the violence ot winds, and r. of men

        REBEL. 1 Esd. 2. 19. but they will also r. against kinizs Jud. 2. 11. but concerning them that r. spaie not

        HERELI.ED. 1 Esd. L 48. he forswore himself and r. Jud. 7. 15. because thev r. and met not thy person

        REBELLION. 1 Esd. 2. £7' the niea therein were given to r. 679

        Apocryi'ha.] REF


        1 Esd. 2. 18. Jerusalem, that r. and wicked city

        22. thou Shalt uniierstand that city was r.

        2 Esd. 1. 8. not obedient, but it is a r. people Eccl. 16. 6. in a r. nation wrath is set on tire

        47.21. out of Ephraiin ruled a r. Iiingdom

        HEBOUNDIMG. Wisd. 17. 19. or a r. echo from hollow mountains

        KEBUKE. 2 Esd. 10. 28. and my prayer is turned into r. Eccl. 11. 7. unilerstaiid lirst, and then r. .31.31, r. not thy neighbour at the wine 48. 7. wlio heardest the r. of the Lord in Sinai

        1 Mac. 2. 49. now hath pride and r. gotten strength

        REBUKED. Eccl. 13. 22. poor man slipt, and yet they r. him too

        RECEIVE. Tob, 5. 2. how can 1 r. the money ? I know him not Jud. 11.5. .fudith said, r. the wordsof thy servant IVisd. 6. 25. r. inslrui tion through my words 12.7- that the land might r. a worthy colony 17. 21. which should aiterwards r. them Eccl. 4. .'M. let not thy hand be stretched to r. (1. 2.3. give ear, my son, r. my advice 33. love to hear, thoushaltr. understanding 11. 34. T. a stranger into thy house, and he will dis- turb thee 12. 5. else thou shalt r. twice as much evil

        15. 2. r. him as a wife married of a virgin 18. 14. hath mercy on ihein that r. discipline 19. 19. shall r. fruit of the tree of immortality 29. 6. if he prevail, he shall hardly r. the half 32. 2. T. a crown fur thy well-ordering the feast 35. 12. not with gifts, for such he will not r. .36. 21. a woman will r. every man

        38. 2. and he shall r. honour of the king

        41. l.yea, unto him that is yet able tor. meat

        50. 3. the cistern to r, water was covered with brass 21. they miglit r. a blessing from the Most High

        51. 26. and let your soul r. instruction

        2 Mac. '. 11. from him I hope to r. them again 29. that I may r. thee again in mercy

        36. thou shalt r. just punishment for thy pride RECEIVED. 1 Esd. 6. 6. until such time as an answer was r. TobT. 17. she wept and r. the tearsof her daughter

        11. 16. they marvelled because he had r. his sight Jud. 3. 7. the country about r. them with dances Esth. 16. 10. and as a stranger r. of us

        Wisd. 3. 6. he r. them as a burnt otJ'ering

        16. 14. neither the soul r. up.cometh again 19. 16. whom they had r. w ith feastings

        Eccl. 17. 5. they r. the use of the five operations 23. 28. and to be r. of him is long life 29. 5. till he hath r.he will kiss a man's hand 51. 16. 1 r. her, and gat much learning 8 Mac. 7. 8. he r. the next torment in order

        RECEIVEST. Eccl. 42. 7- all that thou gavest out, or r. in RECEIVING.

        1 Mac. 16. 15. the son of Abubus ?. them deceitfully

        2 Mac. 10. 15. r. those that were banished from Jeru.

        RIXEPIACLES. Eccl. 39. 17- at the words of his mouth r. of waters

        RECITED. Eccl. 44. 5. such as r. verses in writing

        RECKONED. Eccl. 29. 4. many r. it found and put them to trouble

        1 Mac. 10.38. that they may be r. to be under one

        RECKONING. Tvb. 6. 15. make thou no r. of the evil spirit Eccl. 42. 3. of r. with partners anil travellers RECOMPENSE.

        2 Esd. 15. 21. so will 1 do and r. in their bosom 55. therefore shalt thou receive r.

        Eccl. 7. 28. how canst thou r. them the things

        12. 2. do good to the godly, thou shalt find a r. J4. 6. and there is a r. of his wickedness

        17. 2.3. it will render their r. on their heads 20. 10. there is a gift whose r. is double

        .36. 20. but a man of experience will r. him Bar. 6. 34. evil or good, they are not able to r. it 1 iUflf.2. 68. r. fully the heathen, and take heed 10. 27. we will r. you for all the things ye do

        RECOMPENSED. 1 Mac. 16. 17- in which lioing he r. evil for good

        RECOMPENSEIH. Ecel. 35. 11. for the Lord r. and will give thee RECONCILED.

        1 Esd. 4. 31. that she might be r. to him again

        2 Mac. 5. 20. the great Ixjrd bein" r. it was set up 8. 29. they oesought the mere ifuT Lord to be r.

        RECONCILEMENT. Ji.ccl. 27.21. and after reviling, there may ber.

        RECONCILIATION. r.ccl. 22. 22. fear not, for there may be a r. 45. 16. he chose him to make r. for his people

        23. Phinees stood up and made r. for Israel

        2 Mac. 12. 45. whereupon he made a r. for the dead

        RECORD. Esth. 12. 4. tlie king made a r. of these things

        RECORDED. 1 Esd. 1. 42. those things that are r. of him RECORDS.

        1 Mae. 14.23. a copy of their ambassage in public r.

        2 Mac. 2. 1. it is also found in the r.that Jeremy

        RECOVERED. Jud. 14. 7. but when they had r. him, he fell

        1 Mac. 2. 48. they r. the law out of the hand of the

        Gentiles 10.52. as I am come again, and have r. our country

        2 Mac. '1.11. r. again the temple and freed city

        RECOUNTED. 2 Mac. 8. 19. he r. what helps their fathers found

        RED. U'isd. 10. 18. she brought them through the R. sea

        REDRESS. Bar. 6. 54. nor can r. a wrong, being unable

        REEERRED. S Mac. 11. .36. touching things to be r. to the king

        REFORM. 2 Ejd. 14. .34. r. your hearts, ye shall be kept alive



        REFORMED. Wisd. 9. 18. for so the ways of them which lived on the earth wei e r. and men were taught the things 12.26. they that would not be r. by correction Ea:cI. 10. 25. he will not grudge when he is r. 23. 15. will never be r. all the days of his life

        REFORM EDST. 2 Esd. 8. 12. and thou r. it with thy judgment

        REFRAIN. Wisd. 1. 11. and r. your tongue from backbiting E^cl. 4. 23. T. not to speak when there is occasion 18 30. but r. thyself from thine appetites REFRESHED. 2 Esd. 11.46. that all the earth may ber. and return

        REFRESHETH. Eccl. 43. 22. a dew coming after heat, r. REFIJGE.

        1 Mac. 10. 14. for it was their place of r.

        2 Mac. 10. 28. having their r. also unto the Lord


        1 Esd. 2. 19. they will not only r. to give tribute Eccl. 6 23. receive advice, and r. not my counsel

        REFUSED. E^cl, 29.7.niany have r. to lend for others' ill dealing

        REFUSE. Tob. 5. 18. let it be as r. in respect of our child Wisd. 1.3. 12. after spending the r, of his work

        13. taking the very r. which served to no use Eccl. 27. 4. sifteth with a sieve, the r. remainetb


        2 Esd. 8. 27. r. not wicked inventions of the heathen

        15. 10. they shall not r. their kings or princes Tob. 3. 15. command some r. to be had of me Eccl. 10. 19. that r. not the law are dishonourable

        20. 7. but a babbler and a fool will r. no time 41. 12. r. thy name, for that shall continue

        REGARDED. Wisd. 3. 17- yet shall they be nothing r. 2 Mac. 7. 12. for that he nothing r. tlie pains

        REGARDEIH. Eccl. 34. 2. whoso r. dreams, is like him that

        REGARDING. Wisd. 10. 8. r. not wisdom, they gat this hurt

        REGIONS. . 1 Esd. 4. 28. do not all r. fear to touch him .'

        REGISIER. 1 Mac. 14. 22. did r. the things that they spake

        REGISTERED. 1 Mac. 8. 20. we mitrbt be r. your confederates

        REHEARSE. Eccl. 19. 7. »■. not to another what is told thee

        REJECT, ED. Jnd. 11.10. r. not his word, but lay it up in thy heart Wisd. 9.4. r. me not from among thy chihlren Eccl. 4. 4. r. not the supplication of the afflicted 20. 20. a wise sentence shall be r. when it comes

        REIGN. Wisd. 3. 8. and their Lord shall r. for ever 0.21. honour wisdom, thatyeinay r. for evermore

        REIGNED. Wisd. 14. 25. there r. in all men without exception Eccl. 47. 13. Solomon r. in a peaceable time 1 Mac. 1. 1. he r. in his stead, the first over Greece 7. Alexander r. twelve years, and then died 10. Anliochus r. in the 1.37th year of the kingdom 6. 2. Alexander who r. first among the Grecians 10. 1. by means whereof he r. there 11. 19. by this Demetrius r. in the 107th year 54. young Antiochus, who r. and was crowned 12.7. letters from Darius, who r. among you REINS.

        1 Mac. 2. 24. when Matlathias saw, his r. trembled

        REJOICE. Tob. 13. 7. my soul shall r. in his greatness

        14. love thee, for they shall r. in thy peace 14.7. those who love the Lord in truth shall r.

        Jud. 4. 12. the sanctuary for the nations to r. at Eccl. 8.7. r. not over thy greatest enemy 16. 2. though they multiply, r. not in them 22. 2.3. that thou mayest r. in his prosperity 26. 4. rich or poor, he shall at all times r. .30. 2. shall r. of him among his acquaintance 3. and before his friends he shall r. of him 35. 19. till he have made them to r. in his mercy .39. 31. they shall r. in his commandment 40. 20. wine and music r. the heart

        50. 20. to give the blessing and r. in his name

        51. 29. let your soul r. in his mercy Bar. 4. 12. let no man r. over me a widow

        2 Mac. 15. 11. which did not a little r. them

        RE.IOICED. Tob. 14. 15. before his death he r. over Nineve Wisd. 7. 12. 1 r. in them al I for wisdom goeth before Eccl. 30. 5. while he lived, he saw and r. in him Bar. 3. 34. the stars shined in their watches and r. 4. 31. miserable are they that r. at thy fall .33. for as she r. at thy ruin and was glad

        1 Mac. 7. 48. for this the people r. greatly

        14. 11. made peace, and Israel r. with great joy

        REJOICETH. Eccl. 26. 2. a virtuous woman r. her husband 37. 4. which r. in the prosperity of a friend


        2 Esd. 10. 22. our r. is at an end

        'Job. 11. 15. his son went in r. and told his father Eccl. 1 . 11. the fear of the Lord is a crown of r.

        18. and it enlargeth their r. that Inve him Bar. 4. 34. 1 will lake away the r. ot'ner multitude

        .37. lo, thy sons come r. in the glory of God 5. 5. r. in the remembrance of God

        RELEASE, ED. Prayer of Mnnnss. cannot liftmy head, nor have r. 1 Mac. 10.29. tor your sakes 1 r. all the Jews

        30. I r. it from this day forth

        42. even those thinss shall he r. they appertain RELIEF.

        1 Mac. 11. ,35. we discharge them of all for their r.

        2 Mac. 3. 10. for the r. of widows and fatherless

        RELIEVING. Eccl. 3. 14. r. thy father shall not be forgotten

        RELIGION. 1 Mac. 1. 43. the Israelites consented to his r.


        1 Mae. S.19.and fall away from the r.of their fathers 22. to ^o from our r. either on right band or left

        2 Mac. t). 24. were now gone to a strange r.

        8. 1. took all such as continued in the Jews' r. 14. 38. jeopard his body for the r. of the Jews

        RELIGIOUS. Jud. 11. 17. thy servant is r. and serveth God

        RELY. .

        Eccl. 15. 4. he shall r. on her and not be confouodet)


        1 Mac. 8. 12. with such as r. on them kept amity


        2 Esd. 13. 49. he shall defend his people that r. Jud. 11. 17. therefore, my lord, 1 will r. with thee Eccl. 23. 27. they that r. shall know there is

        42. 23. all these things live and r. for ever

        44. 11. shall continually r. a good inheritance 13. their seed shall r. for ever, and their glory

        45. 15. to his seed so long as the heavens should r. Bar. 2. 21. so shall ye r. in the land that 1 gave

        6. 3. ye shall r. in Babylon many years, a long

        REMAINED. Eccl. 48. 15. there r. a small people and a ruler

        REMAIN ETH. Eccl. 38. 19. in affliction also sorrow r.

        REMEDY. Wisd. 2. 1. in the death of a man there is no r. ' 16. 9. nor was there found any r. for their life Eccl. 3. 28. in punishment of proud there is no r.

        43. 22. a present r. of all is a mist coming speedily


        Esth. 16. 5. hath enwrapped them in r. calamities

        REM EM BE It.

        1 Esd, 3.23. they r. not what they have done

        4. 43. r. ihy row which thou hiist vowed to build.

        2 Esd. 2. 31. r. thy children that sleep

        8. .39. and I will r. also their pilgrimage Tob. 3. 3. r. me, and look on me, punish me not 4. 4. T. that she saw many dangers for thee

        19. therefore, my son, r. my commandments 6. 15. dost thou not r. precepts thy father gave thee ? 14. 10. r. how Aman handled Achiacharus Jud. 8. 26. r. what things he

        28. r.that thou wast begot of them

        36. r. the end and thou shalt never do amiss 8. 5. r. that we are all worthy of punishment

        7. rejoice not over enemy, but r. that we die allr 9. 12. r. shall not go unpunished to their grave

        13. r. that thou goest in the midst of snares

        12. 12. and thou at last r. my words

        14. 12. r. that death will not be long in coming

        15. 8. and men that are liars cannot r. her

        18. 25. thou hast enough, r. the time of hunger 23. 14. r. thy father and thy mother

        18. the Most High will not r. my sins 28. 6. r. thy end, and let ennuty cease, r. corruiv tion and death, abide in the commandments-

        7. r. the commandments and bear no malice 31. 13. r. that a wicked eye is an evil thing 36. 8. make the time short, r. the covenant 38. 20. drive it away, and r. the last end

        41. .3. r. them that have been before thee

        42. 15. I will nowr. the works of the I^rd Bar. 2. .30. in captivity they shall r. themselves

        33. they shall r. the way of their fathers .3. 5. r. not the iniquities of our forefathers 4. 14. r. ye the captivity of my sons and daughter*- Sus. 9. that they might not r. just judgments

        1 Mac. 4. 9. r. how our fathers were (lelivered 0. 12. I r. the evils that I did at Jerusalem

        7. .38. r. their blasphemies, and suffer them not 12. 11. we r. you in sacrifices we ofler

        2 Macs. 4. r. the wicked slaughter of infants

        15. 8. but to r. the help which they had received.

        REMEMBUANCE. 2 &rf. 1. .36. yet they shall call their sins to r. 12. 47. for the Highest hath yon in r. 'Job. 12. 12. 1 did bring the r. of your prayei^ IVisd. 2. 4. no man shall have our works in r. 11.12. a groaning for the r. of things past

        16. 6. to put them in r. of the commandment Eccl. 1 1 . 25. in affliction there is no r. of prosperity

        28. 1. he will surely keep his sins in r.

        38. 23. when the dead is at rest, let his r. rest

        41. 1. O death, how bitter is Iher. of thee!

        49. 1. the r. of .losias is like the composition

        5«. 16. for ar. before the Most High

        Bar. 5. 5. rejoicing in the r. of God

        1 .Mad. 51. call to r. what acts our fathers did

        2 Mac, 12. 42. the sin miaht wholly be put out of c

        REMEMBEHED. Tob. 1. 12. because I r. God with all my heart 4. 1 . in that day Tobit r. the money

        8. 2. as he went he r. the words of Raphael Eslb. 10. 12. so God r. his people and justified Eccl. 3. 15. in the day of affliction shall be r. Bar. 3.23. none of these haver, the p^ths of wisdom'

        4. 27. shall he r. of him that brought these things Bel. .38. Daniel said, thou hast r. me, O God 1 Mac. 5, 4. he r. the injury of the children of Beaik

        REMESIBEREIH. 1 Esd. 4. 21. he r. neither father nor mother

        REMEMBERING. Tob. 2. 6. r. that prophecy of Amos, as he said

        REMLSS. Eccl. 4. 29. and in thy deeds be not slack and r.

        REMOVE. rf'i>

        REND. Wisd. 4. 19. he shall r. them, and cast them down

        RENDER. Tob. 2. 13. is it not stolen? r. it to the owners Eccl. 17. 2.3. I will r. recompenceon their head* 33. 13. to r. to them as likelh him best

        REND EH ED. Wisd. 10. 17. 'he r. to the righteous a reward


        RENnERIXG. Etti. 16. 18. r. to him acconiing to his deserts

        RKNEW. 1 Mac. 1C.3. that you should r. the friendship 16. to r. the amitv that we had with thtm KENEWt'.D.

        1 dJac. 4. 57. the L'ates and the chambers they r. 5. 1. the nations henni that the sanctuary was r.

        IIENEWING. l^.Vac. 12. 10. to send tor the r. of brotherhood RENOUNCE.

        2 Esd. 14. 13. therefore now r. corruption

        KEN t) UN. £ccl. 3. 19. manv are in liii;h place and of r.

        RENOWNED. Jud. 11. C?. thou Shalt lie r. throuijh the whole earth Eccl. 30. ". he will keep the sayings uf r. men 44. .t. men r. for their power givmg counsel

        1 Mac. 3. y. was r. to tlie utmost part of tiie earth

        5. 6.!. Judas and his brethren were greatly r.

        6. 1. Elymais was a city greatly r. for riclies

        14. 10. so that his honoui able name was r.

        2 Mac. 2. £2. the temple r. all the world over

        RENT. 1 EsJ. 8. 71. as 1 heard these thines, T r. my clotlies Jvd. 14. 16. therefore he cried and r. his ijarmetits

        19. when heard tliese words, they r. their coats Bar. 6. 31. havinj; their clothes r. and heads

        shaven 1 Mac. 1. ,%. had r. in pieces the books of the law S Mac. 4. 38. took his purple, and r. off his clothes

        RKP.AIR. 1 Esd. 2. 18. r. the wallsof it, and lay foundation

        KEP.AIKEI). Eccl. 50. 1. who in his life r. the house asain 1 AJac. y. 50. he r. the strong cities in .luilea 6C. Ihev r. the decavs thereof, and made it strong 12. .37. they r. that which was called Caphenatha

        REP.A1RI>,G. 1 Mac. 10. 44. for r. the works of the sanctuary R EP A RA HON.

        1 Mac. 14. 34. all things en venient for the r. thereof


        2 Esd. 15. 20. to r. thiniis that they have done Tod. 4. 14. if ihou serve (iod, he will also r. thee Eccl. 4. 31. and shut when thou shouldest r.

        12. 6. Most Hiyh will r. ven^reance tothe unsiodly 29. 5. when he should r. he will prolong the time"

        REPAYEU. Eccl. 35. 18. he r. venseanco to the heathen

        REPAYETIE Eccl. 20. 12. much for little, an.i r. it seven-fold

        REPEN 1. 11 isd. 19. 2. they would r. and pursue them Eccl. 17.24. to them that r. he °i anted them return 21. 6. but he that t'earetli the Lord will r. 32. 19. do nothing without advice, and when thou hast once done, r. r.ot 33. 19. give not thy goods to another, Itst itr. thee Praier cf Marians, thou art the Ci^d ot thein that r.

        REPENTANCE. 2 Esd. 9. 11. when place of r. was open to them Il'isd. 12. 10. thou gavest them place of r. Eccl. 17. 22. giver, to his sons and daughters 18. 21. and in tiie time of sins shew r. 20. 3. how good is it w hen art reproved toshew r. ? 44. 16. an example ot r. to all generations Pros/, of ^Ja>las^. thou hast promised r. and forgive- ness, thou hast appiiir.ted r. to ii;e that am asinner REPEN lEU. £ff/.48.15. for all this the people r. not nor departed

        REPEM I SI. Prayer of Manas s. thou r. of tlie evils of men

        REPEN UN (J. rf isd. 5. 3. they r. and groaning for anguish of spirit

        REPEEMSIIKl). Eccl. 16.4. by one of nnderstHUdingsliallcity ber. .32. 13 who hath r. thee \\\\i ith his good things

        REPLIED. ToA. 2. 14. but slier, upon me, it was given as a gift

        REPORl. nVirf. 8. 18. in talking with her is a good r. Eccl. 31. 23. the r. of his good housekeeping Hus. 27. was never such a r. made ot Susaiiiia

        1 .Vac. 12. 23. to make r. to you on this wise

        15. .36. and made r. to him of these speeches

        2 Mac. 14. .37. Razis, a man of very good r.

        REPORIKD. 1 Esd. 1. 33. are r. in the books of the kind's Jud. 11. 8. It IS r. in all the earth, that thou only Eccl. 44 8. that thrir praises might be r.

        1 Mac. 5. 14. other nies^enaers, who r.on tills wise

        2 .Vnc 2. 13.thesaine things were r. in tlie writiii"s 11. 18. what things were meet to be r. to the kin-

        Rl.POSK. IVisd. 8. 16. I am come, 1 will r. myself with her

        REPROOF. li'isd. 11.7. for a tnanifest r. of that commandment Eccl. 20. 1. there is a r. that is not comely

        REPROOFS. £fW. 48. 10. who w ast ordained for r. in their times

        KEPROACII. Toi. 3. 4. for a proverb of r. to all nations 10. if 1 do this, it shall be a r. unto him

        13. take me out that I may hear no more the r. Jud. 4. 12. and the sanctuary to profanatiiii and r.

        5. 21. we become a r. before all the world

        8. 22. we shall lie a r. to all them that possess us

        9. 2. who polluteil her virginity to her r. Wisd. 4. 18. a r. among the dead lor evermore

        5. 3. this was he whom we had a proverb

        6. 1. thou Shalt inherit an ill name, sliatne and r. 9. being turned toeiimitv will iliscover thy r.

        23. 26. and her r. shall not be blotted out 27. 28. mockerv and r. aie from the proud 29. 23. that thou hear not the r. of thy house

        41. 6. their posterity shall have a perpetual r.

        42. 11. lest she make thee a r. anions the people

        14. than a woman whi< h bringeth shame and r. 47. 4. did he not take away r. trom the people ?

        Bar. 2. 4. to be as a r. and desolation among all


        Bar. 3. 8. thou hast scattered us for a r. and a curse

        6. 72. they shall be a r. in the country

        73. better is the just man, he shall be far from r. Dan. 3. lu. become a shame and r. to thy .servants

        1 Mac. 1. .39. her sabbaths were turned into r.

        4. 45. pull it down lest it should be a r. to them 58. for the r. of the heathen was put away REPRO.ACII. Eccl. S. 5. r. not a man that turneth from sin

        REPROACHED. Toi. 3. 7. Sara was r. by her father's maids Eccl. 41. "■ the children shall be r. for his sake

        REPROACH E.S. Toi. 3. 6. because I have heanl false r. have sorrow

        REPROACHFUL. 2ilfae.7.24. Antiochus suspecting it to be a r. speech

        REPROACHING. Eccl. 29. 28. r. ot the lender is grievous to a man


        2 E'd. 12. 32. he shall r. and upbraid them

        14. 1:>. set thy house in order, and r. thy people Jl'isd. 2. 14. he was made to r. our thoughts 18. 5. to r. them, thou tookest away their children Ecci. 20. 2. it is much better to r. than be angry 29. gifts stop up his mouth, that he cannot r. REPROVED. Jf'isd. 17. 7. their vaunting was r. with disgrace Eccl. 20. 3. when thou art r. to shew repentance

        21. 6. he that hateth to he r. is in way ot sinners .32. 17. a sinful man will not be r. but finds e.xcuse

        2 Mac. 4. 33. he r. him and withdrew himself

        REPROVE IH. Jf'iid. 1. 3. his power when tried, r. the unwise Eccl. IB. 13. he r. and nurtureth, and teacheth

        REPUTAllON, Sus. 64. Daniel had in great r. in sight of the people

        REUUE.Sr. 2 Mac. 9. 26. I r. you to remember the benefits 11. 17. lliev made r. for the performance KEiJUlKE.

        1 Esd. 4. 46. O king, this is that which I r.

        8. 22. that you r. no ta.\\\\, nor any imposition

        2 E>d. 1. ."2. whose blood 1 w ill r. of your hands Bar. 6. .35. though he keep it not, they will not r. it

        1 Mac.~. 12. a company of scribes to r. justice

        2 Mac. 11. 24. thev r. that we should sutler them


        1 Esd. 6. 12.. we r. ot them the naines in writing

        2 E^d. 13.21. I will open the thing that thou hast r. Jud. 7. 24. in that > ou liave not r. peace of Assur

        2 Mac. 7. 10. when he was r. he put out his tongue

        REQUIRETH. Eccl. 8. 9. learn to give answer as need r. 2 jU«c.6.27.shew mvself such an one asinine age r.

        REQUISITE, n isd. 16.4. it was r. on them should come poverty

        REQUITE. Eccl. 8. ly. lest he r. thee with a jlirewd turn 30. 6. cue that shall r. kindness to his friends

        REQUliEFH. Eccl. 3. 31 . he that r. good turns is mindful of that 35. 2. he that r. a gooii turn, ofl'ereth tine tiour

        R E.S F.MB LANCE. in>d. 14. 19. to make the r. of the best fashion Eccl. 34. 3. dreams is the r. of one thing to another

        RESFRVK. JnJ. 2. 10. if thev viehi.thou s'laltr. them for me

        kE.SKR\\\\ ED. Jnd. 11. 13. to spend first-fruits r. tor the priests 2 Mac. 4. 19. but to be r. tbrothcr charges

        RE.SIUUE. 2 Esd. 11. 4. was tireatei . yet resteii it witli the r.

        ly. so went it w ith all tlie r. one after another Jiid. 15. 6. the r. that dwelt at Rethiilia. ,-poiled

        1 .Mac. 3. 24. the r. tied into land ot Phili=tmes

        2 Mac. 8. 28. the r. tliev divided among tlieuistlves

        RF.SISI'. Jud. 11. 18. none of them that shall r. thee Est/i. 13. U. there is no man that canr. thee

        KE^lsr.ANCE. 1 Mac. 11. .38. saw that no r. was made against liim

        UEslSI 1.1). /!«/. 2. 25. and he killed all tliat r. him i Mac. 1-1. 7- neitlur was there anv that r. him Elll. ■ Eccl. 19. 5. but he tliatr. pleasures, crowneth life

        RESOL\\\\ 11). Jiid. II. 13. arer. to spend the first-fruits of corn Eci I. 3.1. 32. 1 was r. ami thouHht on these thiiii'S

        1 Mac. 1. 62. many r. not to eat any unclean thing

        2 Mtu-. 15.1. r. to set upon them on the sabbath-day

        RKstJLUlE. 2 Mac. 6. 20. are r. to stand against such things

        RFSdRl." Feci. 27. 9. the will r. unto their like 39. 5. will give his heart to r. early to the Lord

        RE-SORIED. Eslli. 14. 1. (pieeii I'.sther r. unto the Txird Hus. 4. .loacim was rich, and to him r. the Jews

        RF.sPFCl. Toi. 5. IK. let it be as refuse in r. of our child Hud. 4. 15. that be hath r. unto his < hoseii

        7. y. all gold m r. of her is as a littli sand ly. 15. but some r. shall be had ot those

        Eccl. 16. 3. t! list not iheir lite, nor r. their multitude .35. 12. and with him is no r. of persons 46. 14. and the Lord had r. unto Jacob

        RFSPFCIED. Jf'isd. 2. 20. for by his own saying he shall be r.

        R I'.sP 1 1 E, 1 Mac. 12.25. he gave them nor. to enter his country

        R F.S 1 . 1 Eld. 1. 58. the time ot her desolation shall she r. finrf. 4. 7. prevented with death, vet shall he be in r. Eccl. 6. 28. at the last thou shall find iier r. 11. 19. he saith, 1 have tomiil r. and now will eat 20. 21. when hetaketh r. he shall not be troubled

        22. 11. make little weeping for the dead, he is at r. 13. depart trom him, and thou shalt find r.

        24. 7. with all these I sought r. and in whose 8. he that made me caused my tabernacle to r. 11, likewise in Uie beloved city he gave nie r.

        REV [Apocryph*.

        iErc/. 28. 16. whosohearken. to it, shall nevertind r. 33. 25. if set servant to labour, thou shalt tiuU r. 3d. 24. a help like himself, and a pillar of r. .'its. 23. when dead is at r. let his remembrance r.

        40. 5. and in the time of r. upon his bed

        6. a little or nothing is his r. and afterward

        41. 1. to a man that liveth at r. in his possessions 44. 23. and made it r. on the head of Jacob

        51. 27. how 1 have gotten to me much r.

        1 .Vac. 7. 50. the land of .luda was in r. a while y. 57. the land of Judea was in r. two years

        2 Mac. 11. 25. that this nation shall be lu r.

        RESi ED. Jud. 10.21. Ilolofernes r. on his bed under a canopy Eccl. 47. 23. thus r. Solomon with his fathers

        1 Mac. 16. 4. who r. that niaht at Modin

        RFSFEIH. Eccl. 5. 6. his indiunatii 11 r. upon sinners 31. 3. when he r. he is tilled with his delicates It ES 1 O R F.

        2 Esd. 7. ,32. the earth shall r. those asleep in her 'J'i'i. Ill, 12. the Lord of heaven r. thee, my brother Eccl. 48. 10. wast ordained to r. the tribes ot Jacob Bar. 6. .•57. they cannot r. a blinil man to slight

        1 Mac. 3. 43. let US r. the decavtd estate of people

        15. 3. that I mav r. it to the old estate

        2 Mac. o. iti. he would r. all the holy vessels

        11. 25. we have determined to r. tiieir temple

        12. 25. that he w ould r. them without hurt

        14. 46. calling on the Lord to r. him those again RESTORED.

        1 Esd. 6. 26. should be r. to the house at Jerusalem '2 E>d. 12. 18. but shall be r. to his beginning

        I'oi. 2. 1. my wife -Anna was r. to me with mv son 14. 2. las sight, which was r. to him after 'eight

        vears Jl'isd. 16. 12. was not herb that r. them to health RESURKECITON.

        2 Esd. 2. 23. I will give thee the first place in my r. 2.1/ac.7- 14. as for thee, thou shalt have nor. tolife

        12. 43. in that he was mindful of the r.

        RE FA IN. Eccl. 41. 10. it is not ijood to r. al] shamefacedcess

        RETIKIN'O. 2 Mac. 5. 9. he pei islied, r. to the Lacedemonians

        RE FUR N.

        2 Esd. 16. 16. so the plagues shall not r. again

        Toi. 5. 15. if ye r. safe, 1 will add something

        20. he shall r. in salet>. thy eyes shall see him

        14. 5. they sl'all r. from all places of their captivity

        Eccl. 4. 18. then will she r. the straight way to hii'ij

        16. .'50. and they shall r. into it a^'ain

        17- 24. but to tliem that repent, he granted them r. 25. r. to the Lord, and forsake thy sins 27. 9. so will truth r. to them that practise in her 29. 5. r. words of grief, and complain of time 40. 1. till the day thty r. to the mother of all

        1 Mac. 3. 56. should r. every man to his own house

        10. 55. thou didst r. into the land of thy fatliers

        2 Mac. 5. 8- in the end he had an unhappy r.

        11. 29. declared, that voiir desire was to r. home

        REl URN ED. Ti. 2. 5. then T r. and washed myself

        9. the same night also I r. from the burial .Tiid. 5. 19. but now are they r. to their OoA H'ud.l. 1. any man known fo haver, from the grave Bar. 4. 28. so being r. seek him ten times nun e

        1 Mac. 2. 63. because he is r. into his dust

        5. 54. not one slain, until thev had r. in peace REI URNE'riL

        2 Esd. 16. 16. as an arrow r. not backward l\'>id. 15. 8. within a little wl.ile r. to the same

        16. 14. thesi'irit when it is ijoiie forth, r. not Eccl. 26. 28. one that r. trom righteousness to sin

        REV FA I.. 2 Ro/. 10. 38, the IIii:liest w ill r. manv secret thin"*- 14. 3. 1 did manit'estlv r. nuself to 'ioi. 12. 11. honourable to r. the works of Cod Eccl. 19. 8. if thou canst w ithout offence, r. them not

        REVEALED. Eccl. 1.6. to whom luth the root of wisdom been r.? 3. 10. but nivsteries are r. to the meek

        REVFALFIH. Eccl. 42. 19. he r. the steps of hidden things

        RFVKALINt;. E.ccl. 41. 23. be ashamed of r. of secrets

        RFVFLLINC;. 2 Mac. 6. 4. the temple was hlltit with riot and r.

        1U',\\\\ ELLIN t;s. JViid. 14. 23. while thev made r. of strange rites

        REVFNCrF. Ji'i'd. 5. 17. his weapon for the r. of his enemies /,■(■(/. 5. 3. for the Lord will surelv r. thy pride

        25. 14. and anv r. but the r. of eueinies

        48. 8. who anointed kiiiL'S to take r. and prophets KFVFNGFD. Jud. 1". 20. but thou hast r. our ruin l\\\\ lid. 12. 12. to be r. for the um igliteous man

        RFVKN(,E1H. Eccl. 28. 1. he that r. shall find vengeance froin L.


        2 Mac. 4. 8. and of anotiier r. eighty talents

        0. Id. would out of his own r. defray the charges


        2 Mac. 3. 3. Seleucus of his own r. bare the costs

        RFVFUENCE. 2 Esd. 15. 20. call the kings of the earth to r. me Jud. 10. 23. she fell down and did r. to him n ;.■(/. 2. 10. let us not r. the ancient gray hairs l-.ccl. 4 22. let not the r. of any man cause tiiee tall 7. 29 fear the Lord with thy soul, and r. his priests

        26. 24. an honest woman will r. her husband

        REVERENCED. Jud. 14. 7. he fell at ludith's feet and r. her Bar. 4. 15. who neither r. old man, nor pitied child

        REVFREND. 2 Mac. 15. 12. a gmvl man r. in conversation

        REVILING. Eccl. 22. 24. as smoke before hie, so r. before blood 27- 21. and after r. there mav be reconcilement

        REVlLlNtiS. £rc/. 27. 15. their r. are grievous to the ear 681



        REVIVED. 1 Mac. 13. 7. people heard these words, theirspirit r.

        REVOKED. 1 Mae. 11. 36. and nothing hereof shall be r.

        KEVOI.T. 1 Mac.C. 15. such as compelled the people to r. 13. 16. that when he is at liherty he may nut r.

        REVOLTED. Toi. 1. 5. all the tribes which together r. 1 Mac. 7. 24. he took vengeance ot'them that had r. SMac.l. 7. >■• from the huly land and kingdom

        5. 11. the king thouKht that Judea had t.

        REWARD. S Esd.Z. 35. be ready to tlie r. of the kingdom

        3. 33. and yet their r. appeareth not

        4. .35. when comelli the fruit of the floor of our r.? 7. 35. the work shall follow, the r. shall be shewed 8. 33. the just shall out of their own deeds re- ceive r.

        39. I will remember the r. that they shall have Jud. 7. 15. thus shall thou render them an evil r. IVisd. 5. 15. their r. also is with the Lord 10. 17. to the riahteous a r. of their labours £ccl. 2. 8. believe him, and your r. shall not fail

        31. 18. and this is the portion of his r.

        22. the blessing of the L. is in the r. of the godly 26. to T. a man according to his ways 17. 23. afterward he will rise up and r. them 36. 16. r. them that wait for thee, let thy prophets 51. 22. the Lord hath given me a tongue for my r. .30. in his time he will give you your r. S Mac. 5. 7. received shame for the r. of his treason 8. 33. so he received a r. for his wickedness

        15. 33. they should hang up the r. of his madness

        REWARDED. Tab. 14. 10. remember how he r. him again £sth. 12. 5. to serve in court, and for this he r. him

        IViid. 3. 5. a little chastised, they shall be greatly r. 1 Mac. 11. 53. nor r. him according to the benefits S Mac. 4. 38. thus the Lord r. him as he deserved

        KEWARDS. 1 Esd. 4. 39. there is no accepting of persons or r. 1 Mac. 2. IB. with silver and gold, and many r.

        10. 28. will grant you immunities, and give your.

        16. 19. he might give them silver, gold, and r.

        RICH. 1 Esd. 3. 19. mind of the poor man and r. to be one

        21. and it maketh every heart r.

        Eccl. 8. 2. be not at variance with a r. man

        10. 22. whether he be r. noble, or poor

        30. and the r. man is honoured for his riches

        11. 18. there is that waxeth r. by his wariness 2L it is easy on a sudden to make a poor man r.

        ' 13. 3. the r. man hath done wrong, yet threateneth

        22. when a r. man hath fallen, hath many helpers

        23. when a r. man speaketh, every man holdeth

        30. 14. than a r. man that is afflicted in body 31. 3. the r. hath great labour in gathering

        8. blessed is ihe r. that is without blemish 44. 6. r. men furnished with ability, living peaceab. 45. 8. he strengthened him with r. garments Sus. 4. now .loacim was a great r. man 1 Mac. 6. 2. that there was in it a very r. temple a Mac. 7. 24. make him both a r. and happy man

        RICHER. Wind. 8. 5. what is r. than wisdom that worketh Eccl. 13. 2. with one mightier and r. than thyself

        RICHES. JVisd. 5. 8. or what good hath r. brought us ? 8. 5. if r. be a possession to be desired in life 18. in the works of her hands are infinite r. Eccl. 10. 8. because of injuries, and r. got by deceit

        30. the rich man is honoured for his r.

        31. honoured in poverty, how much more in r. .' he that is dishonoured in r. how much in poverty !

        11. 14. poverty and r. come of the Lord

        13. 24. r. are good to him that hath no sin

        14. 3. r. are not comely for a niggard

        ■21. 4. to terrify and do wrong will waste r.

        24. 17. my flowers are the fruit of honour and r.

        28. 10. according to his r. his anger riseth

        30. 16. there is no r. above a sound body

        31. 1. watching for r. consumeth the flesh .3. the rich hath great labour in gathering r.

        37. 6. be not unmindful of him in thy r.

        40. 26. r. and strength lift up the heart Uar. 6. 35. they can neither give r. nor money 1 Mac. 4. 23. to spoil tents, where they got great r.

        6. 1. that Elymais was a city renowned for r.

        •2 Mac. 3. 6. multitude of their r. was innumerable

        RIDER. •2 Mac. 3. 25. a horse with a terrible r. upon him

        RIDER.S. Jud. 2. 5. horses with their r. twelve thousand

        RIDICULOUS. Eccl. 34. 18. he sacrificeth, his offering is r.


        1 Mac. 1. 61. they r. (heir houses, and slew them


        2 Esd. 10. 39. he hath seen that thy way is r. Tab. 3. 17- belonged to Tobias by r. of inheritance

        6. 11. for to thee doth the r. of her appertain Jvd. 8. 11. your words you have spoken are not r. Wisd. 9. 9. knew what was r. in thy commandments 10. 10. she guided him in r. paths, shewed him Eccl. 49. 9. and directed them that went r. Dan. 3. 4. thy ways are r. all thy judgments truth 1 Mac. 9. 15. who discomfited the r. wing

        RIGHT-AIMING. Wisd. 5. 21. r. thunderbolts shall go abroad

        KlGUl-/iand. . 1 Esd. 4. 29. sitting at the r.-hand of the king •2 Esd. 3.6. which thy r.-hand had planted

        16. 13. strong is his r.-hand that bendeth Wisd. 5. 16. with his r.-Aaarf shall he cover them Eccl. 12. 12. neither let him sit at thy r.-hand

        21. 19. doctrine to fools, like manacles on r.-hand 49. 11. Zorobabel was as a signet on the r.-hand Bar. 6. 15. he hath also in his r.-hand a dagger ■2 jVac. 4. .34. gave him his r.-hand with oaths 14. 33. he stretched out his r.-hand to the temple

        15. 15. Jeremias liolding forth his T.-hand




        1 Esd. 3. II. Noah, of whom came all r. men Tob. 2. 14. where are thy alms and thy r. deeds ?

        13. 9. he will have mer«y on the sons of the r. Esth. 11. 7. they might fight against Ihe r. people

        9. the whole r. nation was troubled

        14. 7. worshipped their gods, O Lord, thou artr. Wisd. 2. 12. let us lie in wait for the r.

        3. 1. the souls of the r. are in the hand of God

        10. the ungodly, which have neglected the r.

        4. 7. but though the r. be prevented with death

        16. the r. that is dead shall condemn the ungodly

        5. 15. but the r. live for evermore

        10. 4. wisdom directed the course of the r.

        5. she found out ther. and preserved him

        6. she delivered the r. man who fled from fire 10. when the r. fled from his brother's wrath 13. when the r. was sold, she forsook him not

        17. rendered to ther. a reward of their labours CO. therefore the ;. spoiled the ungodly

        12. 9. to bring the ungodly under the nand of r.

        15. as thou art r. thyself, thou orderest all

        16. 17. for the worlii fighteth for the r. 23. that the r. might be nourished

        18. 9. the r. chiliiren of good men did sacrifice 20. the tasting of death toucheth the r. also

        19. 17. as those were at the doors of the r. man Eccl. 18. 2. the Lord only is r. and none other 27. 29. that rejoice at Ihe fall of the r. be taken .35. 6. the otfering of the r. makes the altar fat

        44. 17. Noah was found r. in the time of wrath Bar. 2. 9. for the Lord is r. in all his works Dan. 3. 64. O ye spirits and souls of the r. bless the

        tovd Sics. 3. her parents also were r. and taught her Prayer of Manass. G. of our fathers and their r.seed

        2 Mac. 1. £4. who art strong and r. and merciful

        12. 6. and calling upon God the r. judge

        RIGHTEOUSNESS. 2 Esd. 5. 11. is r. that maketh a man righteous gone

        7. 44. r. is grown, and truth is sprung up

        8. .30. love them that put their trust in thy r. 32. to us, namely, that have no worksof r.

        Tob, 12. 8. a little with r. is better than much

        13. 8. and let all praise him for his r.

        14. 11. what alms doth, and how r. doth deliver Wisd. ]. 1. love r. ye that be judges of the earth

        15. for r. is immortal, but ungottly men called 2. 22. neither hoped they for the wages of r,

        5. 6. we have erred, and the light of r. hath not shined on us, the sun of r. rose not upon us

        18. he shall put on r. as a breast plate

        8. 7- if a man love r. her labours are virtues

        9. 3. order the world according to equity and r. 12. 16. for thy power is the beginning of r.

        14. 7. for blessed is the wood whereby r. cometh

        15. 3. for to know thee is perfect r. Eccl. 26. 28. one that turneth from r. to sin

        27. 8. if thou followest r. thou shalt obtain her

        44. 10. whose r. hath not been forgotten

        45. 26. give wisdom, to judge his people in r. Bar. 1. 15. to the Lord our (jod belongeth r.

        2. 17. the dead will give neither praise nor r. 5. 4. thy name shall be called the Peace of r.

        1 Mac. ,2. 52. and it was imputed to him for r.

        7. 18. there is neither truth nor r. in them


        2 Esd. 5. 42. I will liken my judgment to a r.

        RINGS. Jud. 10. 4. her chains, and her r. and ear-rings

        RISE. Tob. 6. 17. r. up both of you, and pray to God 12. 13. when thou didst not delay tor. up Jud. 16. 17. woe to nations that r. ag. my kindred Eccl. 8. 11. r. not up in anger at the presence

        17. 23. afterward he will r. up and reward them

        32. 11. r. up betimes, and be not the last


        1 Esd. 3. 9. when the king is r. some will give him Jud. 13. 5. the enemies which are r. against us

        2 Mac. 12. 44. tliey that were slain should have r.


        Eccl. 31. 20. he r. early , and his wits are with him


        1 Esd. 8. 73. r. from the fast with my clothes rent 9. 1. Esdras r. from the court of the temple

        2 Esd. 35. 20. which are from the r. of the sun Eccl. 43. 2. declaring at r. a marvellous instrument

        1 Mac. 6. 33. then the king r. very early, marched

        2 Mac. 4. 40. whereupon the common people r.

        RIOT. 2 Mac. 6. 4. for the temple was filled with r.

        RIOIOUSLY. Eccl. 14. 4. others that shall spend his goods r.

        RIPE. Wisd. 4. 5. the fruit unprofitable, not r. to eat Eccl. 26. 17. so is the beauty of the face in r. age

        RIVER. 2 Esd. 1. 2". tree in water, and made the r. sweet 5. 25. of all depths thou hast filled thee one r. Tub. 6. 1. they came in the evening to the r. Tigris E'lh. 10.6. a little fountain became a r. IVisd. 11. 6. a fountain of a perpetual running r.

        19. 10. how the r. cast up a multitude of frogs Eccl. 4. 26. and force not the course of the r.

        24. 30. 1 also came out as a brook from ar. 31. my brook became a r. and my r. became a sea

        39. 22. his blessing covered the dry land as a r.

        40. 13. the goods of unjust shall be dried upas a r.

        16. grow ing on every water and bank of a r. 44. 21. from the r. to the utmost part of land

        1 Mac. 11. 7. gone to the r. called Eleutherus RIVERS.

        1 Esd. 4. 23. goeth to sail on the sea, and upon r.

        2 Esd. 15. 41. many waters, that all fields may be

        full, and iill r. with abundance of great waters Eccl. 50. 8. as lilies by the r. of waters Dan. 3. 56. O ye seas and r. bless ye the Lord

        ROB. 1 Esd. 4. 23. he goeth his wav to r. and to steal

        ROBBED. 1 Esd. 4. 24. when he hath stolen, spoiled, and r.


        ROBBERS. Bar. 6. 18. lest their gods be spoiled with r. 57. nor able to escape either irom thieves or r. ROBE. Eccl. 6. 29. and her chains shall be a r. of glory 31. thou shalt put her on as a r. of honour 27. 8. thou shalt put her on as a glorious long r. 45. 7. and he clothed him with a r. of glory 8. with breeches, with a long r. and the epbod 50. 11. when he put on the r. of honour

        1 Mac. 6. 15. he gave him the crown and his r.

        10. 20. therewithal he sent him a purple r. 21. at the feast Jonathan put on the holy r.

        13. .37. the scarlet r. which ye sent to us

        ROBOA.M. Eccl. 47. 23. of his seed, he left behind him R.

        ROCK. Wisd. 11.4. water given them out of the flinty r, Eccl. 40. 15. are as unclean roots on a bard r. 48. 17. he digged the hard r. with iron

        2 Mac. 14. 45. and standing upon asteepr.

        ROCKS. 2 Esd. 16. 28. jiide themselves in thecleftsofr. Jud. 16. 15. r. shall melt as wax at thy presence

        ROD. Eccl. 30. 1. he causeth him oft to feel the r.

        ROE. Eccl. 27. 20. he is as r. escaped out of the snare

        ROLLING. Eccl. 33. 5. his thoughts are like a r. axle-tree RO.MANS.

        1 Mac. 8. 1. Judas had heard of the fame of the R. 21. so that matter pleased the R. well

        23. good success be to the R. and to the Jews 29. according to these articles did the R.

        12. 4. upon this the R. gave them letters 16. sent them to the R. to renew the amity

        14. 40. the R. had called the Jews their friends

        15. 16. Lucius consul of the R. to king Ptolemee

        2 Mac. 8. 10. which the king was to pay to the R. 36. to make good to the R. their tribute

        11. 34. the R. also sent unto them a letter ; the ambassadors of the r. send greeting to the Jews


        1 Mac, 1. 10. who had been an hostage at R.

        8. 17- send them to R. to make a league of amity

        19. they went to R. aver> great journey

        12. 3. so they went to R. and entered the senate 14. 16. when it was heard at R. Jonathan was dead

        24. after this Simon sent Numenius to R.

        2 Mac. 4. 11. who went ambassador to R.


        1 Esd. 6. 4. by whose appointment build ye this r. .'

        2 Mac. 1. 16. and opening a privy door of the r.

        ROO.M. Tob. 2. 4. I started up, and took him up into a r. Wisd. 13. 15. when he had made a convenient r.


        1 Esd. 8. 78. that there should be left us a r.

        87. and didst give unto us such a r.

        88. till thou hadstleft us neither r. nor name

        2 E

        5. 3. the land that thou seest r.ow to have r.

        28. on the one r. hast thou prepared others 8. 41. neither doth all that is planted take r.

        53. the r. of evil is sealed up from you Wisd. 3. 15. the r. of wisdom shall never fall away 15. 3. to know thy power is the r. of immortality Eccl. 1. 6. hath ther. of wisdom been revealed •

        20. the r. of wisdom is to fear the Lord

        3. 28. the plant of wickedness hath taken r, 2.3. 25. her children shall not take r. 24. 12. I took r. in an honourable people 47.22. wherefore he gave a remnant unto Jacob, and out of him he gave a r. unto Davia 1 Mac. 1. 10. there came out of them a wicked r.

        ROOIS. Wisd. 7. 20. divei'sities of plants and virtues of r. Eccl. 10. 15. I^rd plucked up the r. of the proud 40. 15. but are as unclean r. on a hard rock

        ROOT. Eccl. 49. 7- that he might r. out, afflict, and destroy

        1 Mac, 2. 40. they will now r. us out of the earth 3. 35. to destroy and r. out Ihe strength of Israel

        2 Mac. 8.9. tor. out the whole generation of tlie Jews 12. 7. to r. out all them of the city of Joppe '

        ROOTED. Wisd. 4.4. by force of winds they shall be r. out

        ROOIEIH. Eccl. 3. 9. the curse ot Ihe mother r. out foundations

        ROOTING. Wisd. 4. 3. nor take deep r. from bastard slips

        ROAR. Bar. 6. 32. tliey r. and cry before their gods

        ROARING. 2 Esd. 11 . .37. as a r. lion chased out of the wood 12. 31. the lion thou sawest r. and sfwaking Wisd. 17. 19. or a r. voice of most savage beasts

        1 Mac. 3. 4. like a lion's whelp r. for his pfey

        ROSE. Eccl. 39. 13. bud forth as a r. growing by the brook

        ROSE-BUDS. Wisd. 2. 8. let us crown nurselves witli r.-budi

        ROSE-PLANT. Eccl. 24. 14. I was exalted as a r.-plant in Jericho

        ROSE. JHsd. 5. 6. the sun of righteousness r. not on us ROS IS.

        2 Esd. 2. 19. mountains whereon grew r. and lilies

        ROSIN. Dan. 3. 23. make the oven hot with r. and pitch

        ROASIF.D. Tob. 6. 5. when they had r. the fish, they did eat it

        ROUGH. JVisd. 12. 9. or to destroy them with one r. word

        ROUGHLY. 2 Mac. 14. 30. heinlreate

        ROUGHNESS. Eccl. 10. 21. r. and pride is the losing thereof

        ROYAL. 1 Fsd.S. 15. sat down in the r. seat of judgment Witd. 18. 15. leaped down out of thy r. throne


        1 Mac. 3. 33. he left Lysias, one of the Mood r. 37. the kinij iteparted from Antioch his r. city

        6. 43. one of the beasts armed with r. harness S Mac. 4. 11. the r. privileges granted to the Jews

        RUB. Tob. 11. 8. being pricked therewith, be shall r.

        RUBBED. Tob. 11.12. when his eyes began to smart, he r. them

        RUDDV. Esth. 15. 5. she was r. through perfection of beauty


        Eccl. 8. 4. jest not with a r. man, lest be disgraced


        2 Mac. 12. 14. that they behaved themselves r.

        RUDENESS. Eccl. 21. 24. it is the r. of a man to hearken at door

        RUIN. 2 Esd. 3. l.'after r. of the city, I was in Babylon Jud. 5. 20. consider, that this shall be tlieir r.

        13. 20. hast not spared, but hast reven;;ed ourr. Eccl. 4. 19. she will give him over to his ownr.

        31. 6. gold bath been the r. of many

        RUINS. Eccl. 49. 13. Neemias, who raised up our r. again

        RULE. 1 Esd. 4. 2. that bear r. over sea and land 15. all the people ihat bear r. by sea and laud

        9. 4. as the elders that bear r. appointed Witd. 6. C. give ear, ye that r. the people Eccl. 19. 6. he^that can r. his tongue, shall live

        28. 22. it shall not have r. over them that fear God 44. 3. such as did bear r. in their kingdoms 1 Mac. 1.8. his servants bear r. every one in place 6. 27. neither Shalt thou be able to r. them

        RULEIH. 1 Eid. 4. 14. who is it then that r. them .'

        RULEk. Eccl. 9. 17. the wise r. of the people, for his speech

        10. 2. as the r. of the city is, such are all they 17. 17. he seta r. over every people, but Israel 41. 18. of an offence before a judge and r.

        1 Mac. 2. 17. thou art a r. and an honourable man 6. 14. whom he made r. over all his realm

        11. 57. 1 appoint thee r. over four governments

        2 Mac. 4.27. Sostratus r. of the castle required 13. 2. Lysias his protector, and r. of bis atfairs

        RULERS. Eccl. 33. 18. hearken ye r. of the congregation 46. 18. he destroyed the r. of the Tyrians

        1 Mac. 14. 20. the r. of the Lacedemonians


        2 Mac. 2. 28. lo follow the r. of an abridgment


        1 Mac, 6. 56. to take to him the r. of the aflFairs


        2 Mac. 5. 5. when there was gone forth a false r.


        1 Etd. 4.26. many have r. out of their wits for women IVisd. 3. 7- they shall shine and r. to and fro

        16. 29. and shall r. away as unprofitable water Eccl. 33. 31. if entreat him evil, and he r. from thee 35. 15. do not tears r. down the widow's cheeks ?

        2 Mac. 6. 11. others that had r. together into caves

        RUNNETH. Eccl. 43. 5. at his commandment it r. hastily

        RUNNING. JVisd. 17. 18. or a fall of water r. violently 19. or a r. that could not be seen of beasts 2 Mac. 5. 2. there were seen hoi-semen r. in the air 3. encountering and r. one against another 26. r. thro' the city with weapons, slew multitudes 9. 2. the multitude r. todelend themselves 12. 16. a lake adjoining, was seen r. with blood

        HUSH. 2 Esd. 15. 60. they shall r. on the idle city Jud. 15. 4. that all should r. on their enemies

        1 Mac. 4. 2. might r. in upon the camp of the Jews

        RUSHED. Jud. 15. 3. the children of Israel r. out upon them Sus. 26. the servants r. in at a privy door to see

        RUSHING. Jud. 15. 2. but r. out all together they fled

        2 Mac. 12. 37. and r. unawares upon Gorgias

        14. 43. tlie multitude also r. within the doors

        RUSr. Eccl. 12. 11. his r. not being altogether wiped away 29. 10. let it not r. under a stone to be lost £ttr, 6.12. cannot these gods save themselves from r.

        RUSIEIH. Eccl. 12. 10. for as iron r. so is bis wickedness


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