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Cambridge-Cruden's Complete Concordance

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By NewtonStein;

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The First Complete Bible Concordance: AD 1737


Letter "S-Z" Below

    LETTER "S"

      1 Mac 1. 43. sacrifice to idols, and profane the*. 2. 38. they rose against them in battle on the s.

      2 Mac. 5. 25. did forbear til! holy day of the s. 26. that were gone to the celebrating of the t.

      8. 26. for it was the day before the s.

      28. after s. when they had given of the spoils

      12. 38. they kept the s. in the same place

      1 Mac 2. .32. made war against them on the s.-day

      34. nor do commandment to profane ibe s.-day

      41. whoso will make battle with us on the s.-day

      2 Mac. 6. II. had run to keep the s. day secretly

      35. 1. resolved to set upon ihem on the s. day

      3. that had commanded the s.-day to be kept

      Jud 10. 2. house in which she abode in the t.-days

      2 Mac 6. 6. nor was it lawful to keep s.-days


      1 Esd 1. ,58. till the land had enjoyed her s.

      5. 52. the sacrifice of the s. and new moons

      Jud. 8.6. save the . and eves of the new moons

      1 Mac. 1.39. her s. were turned into reproach

      45. and that they should profane the s,

      Jud 4.10. and their servants put s. on their loins

      II. cast ashes on their heads, spread out their s.

      before the Ld. also they put s. about the altar

      Jud. 4. 14. the priests had their loins girt with s.

      9. 1. uncovered the j. wherewith she was clothed

      10. 3. she pulled off the s. which she had on

      Ecc. 25. 17. and darkeneth her countenance like f.

      Bar. 4. 20. I have put on me the s. of my prayer

      1 Mac. 2. 14. put on s. and mourned very sore

      3. 47. then they fasted that day and put on s.

      2 Mac 3. 19. the women girt with s. abounded

      10. 25. and girded their loins with s.

      2 Mac 6. 11. for the honour of the most s. day

      Tob 1. 4. that all the tribes should s. there

      Jud 16.16 all s. is too little for a sweetsavour

      If'isd. 18. 9. the children of good men did s . secretly

      Eccl. 7 31. and the s of sanctification

      31. 7. a stumbling-block to them that s. to it

      .35. 7. the s. of a just man is acceptable

      Dan. 3. 15. nor is tliere prince, or s. or oblation

      1 Mac. 1. 47. and s. swine's flesh and unclean beasts

      51. commanding the cities of Juda to s.

      59. they did s. upon the idol altar

      4. 53. and offered s. according to the law

      56. sacrificed the t. of deliverance and praise

      2 Mac. 1. 18. was given when Neemias offered s.

      23. made a prayer whilst the s. was consuming

      2. 9. he being wise offered the s. of dedication

      3. .32. offered a s. for the health of the man

      4. 19. to carry silver to the f. of Hercules ; which

      the bearers thought fit not to tiestow upon the s.

      20. this money was appointed to Hercules' s.

      6. 21. as if he did eat of flesh from the s,

      10. 3. they offered a s. after two years

      13. 23. Philip offered s. honoured the temple

      Tot. 1. 5. house of Nephthali s. to the heifer Baal

      Bar. 6. 28. for the things that are j. unto them

      1 Mac. 1. 43. many of the Israelites s. to idols

      4. 56. they f. the sacrifice of deliverance and praise

      1 Esd. 1. 12. the s. they sod them in brass pots

      5. 53. had made any vow, began to offer s. to God

      IVisd. 12. 4. works of witchcrafts and wicked s,

      14. 15. to those under him, ceremonies and s.

      23. whilst they slew their children in s.

      Eccl. .35. 12. and trust not to unrighteous s,

      45. 14. their f. shall be wholly consumed

      16. he chose him to offer s. to the lord

      Bar. 6. 29. women in childbed eat their s.

      1 Mac. 12. 11. we remember you in the s. we oflFer

      2 Mac. 1. 8. we offered also s. and fine flour

      33. Neemias had purified thef. therewith

      2. 10. the fire came down and consumed the s.

      3. 3. Seleucus bare all the costs belonging to the j.

      6. which did not pertain to the account of the s.

      4. 14. neglecting the s. hastened to be partakers

      6. 7. were brought by constraint to eat of the s,

      8. that they should be partakers of their s.

      9. 16. and defray the charges belonging to the r.

      14. 31. the priests that were offering their usual s.


      Eccl. 34. 18. he that s. of a thing wrongfully got

      35. 2. and he that giveth alms, j. praise

      2 Mac. 4. 39. when many s. had been committed

      1 Esd. 8. 71. I sat me down s. and very heavy

      2 Esd. 10. 8. now seeing we all mourn and are s.

      IVisd. 17. 4. and s, visions appeared to them


      Eccl, 19. 26. that hangeth down his head s.

      SAFE. 2 Esd. 1. 13. 1 gave you a large and f. passage Toi. 5. 15. if ye return s. I will add something

      21. journey prosperous, and he shall return s. 10. 6. hold thy peace, take no care, for he is-f.

      2 Mac. 3. 22. to keep things committed of bust s, SAFEGUARD.

      1 Esd. 8. 51. for s. against our adversaries

      Jud. 11. 3. be of good coinfort, thou art come fori.

      2 Mac. 13. 3. not for the s. of the country

      SAFELY'. 1 Esd. 4. 47. they should s. convey on their way Toi. 6. 4. heart, liver, and gall, and put them up s.

      1 Mac. 6. 40. they marched on s. and in order

      2 Mac. 3. 15. that they should s. be preserved

      SAFETY. Tob. 5. 20. take no care, he shall return in s.

      8. 21. half of his goods, and go in s. to his father 12. 3. he hath brought me again to thee in s.

      5. take half of all ye brought, and go away in s. Esth. 16. 23. hereafter there may be s. to us IVisd. 4. 17. to what end the I^rd hatli set him in s.

      1 Mac. 7. "JS. if ever I come in s. I will bum house 10. 83. the horsemen scattered in the field fled to

      Azotus, and went into their idol's temple for s. 14. 37. he fortified it for the s. of the country

      2 Mac. 4. 21. Antiochus provided for his own s.

      9. 21. I thought to care for the common s. of all

      SAIL. 1 Esd. 4. 23. a man goeth his way to r. on the sea IVisd. 14. 1. again, one preparing himself to s. Eccl. 43. 24. they that s. on the sea fell of danger

      1 Mac. 13. 29. be seen of all that s. on the sea

      SAlJilS. Toi, 8. 15. therefore let thy s. praise thee 12. 15. which present the prayers of the s. Wisd. 3. 9. for grace and mercy is to his s.

      4. 15. that his grace and merry is with his s,

      5. 5. and his lot is among the s. 18. 1. thy s. had a very great light

      5. had determine*! to slay the babes of the s.

      9. the s. shall be like partakers of gooti and evil Eccl. 42. 17. Lord hath not given power to the s,

      45. 2. he made him like to the glorious s.

      SAKE. Ec*l. 47. 12. and for his s. he dwelt at large Bar. 2. 14. and deliver us for thine own s. Dan. .3. 12. thy mercy not depart for thy beloved Abraham's s. for servant Isaac's s. and Israel'sf.

      2 Mac. 5. 19. God did not choose the people for the

      place's s, but the place for the people's s.

      SAT [Apocrypha.

      SAKES. Eccl. 40. 10. and for their s. came the flood Eccl. 44. 12. and their children for their t.

      . SALE. 2 Mac. 8. 11. proclaiming a s. of the captive Jews

      11. 3. set the high priesthood to f. every yeai'


      1 Esd. 6. 30. also com, s. wine and oil to be given

      2 Esd. 5. 9. s. water shall be found in the sweet Wisd. 10. 7. a standing pillar of f . is a monument Eccl. 22. 15. sand , and j . and a mass of iron

      39. 26. *. flour of wheat, for the use of man's life 43. 19. hoar-frost also as s. he poureth on earth Bar. 6. 28. their wives lay up part tbereof in t,

      SALTNESS. Eccl, 39. 23. he hath turned the waters into s. SALT-PITS.

      1 Mac. 11. 35. the s. and crown taxes we discharge


      2 Esd. 6. 25. shall escape, and see my s.

      7. 61. be joy over them that are persuaded to s. Esth. 1.3. 13. for the s. of Israel, to kiss the soles Wisd. 5. 2. amazed at the strangeness of his s. 16. 6. having a sign of s. to put them in remembr 18. 7. was accepted both the j. of the righteous

      and destruction of the enemies Eccl. 13. 14. and call upon him for thy s. Bar. 4. 24. they shall see your s. from our God 1 Mac, 3. 6. because s. prospered in his band

      SALUTE. Jud. 15. 8. came to see .ludith, and to s. her 1 Mac. 7. 33. came priests and eldeis to s. peaceably

      12. 17. commanded to go unto you, and to j. vou

      SALUTED. Tob. 5. 9. he came in, and they s. one another 1 Mac. 7. 29. they s. one another peaceably

      11. 6. where they *. one another, and locfped

      SAMARIA. 1 Esd. 2. 16. dwelling in S. and other places Jud. 1. 9. to all that were in S. and cities thereof Eccl. 50. 26. that sit upon the mountains of S.

      1 Mac. 3. 10. gathered a great host out of S.

      5. 66. thence he removed, and passed through S. 10. .30. out of the country of S. and Galilee

      2 Mac. 15. 1. were in the strong places about S.


      1 Esd. 1.20. since the time of the prophet S.

      2 Esd.l. 38. S. and David for the destruction

      SANCTIFICATION. Eccl. 7. 31. give the priest the sacrifice of t,

      SANCTIFY. 2 Mac.1.^. didst choose the fathers and .f. them 26. and preserve thine own portion and j. it SANCTIFIED. 2 Mac. 2. 8. that the place might be honourably s.

      SANCTITY. 2 Mac. 3. 12. to the inviolable s. of the temple SANCTUARY.

      1 Esd. 8. 78. be left us a name in the place of thy s.

      2 Esd. 7. 38. for them that should come to the s. 10. 21. for thou seest that our s. is laid waste

      12. 48. seek mercy for the low estate of your t.

      15. 25. go your way, defile not my s.

      Jud. 4. 12. the s, to profanation and reproach

      1.3. before the s. of the Lord Almighty £« 47. 13. he might prepare his s. for ever

      49. 6. they burned the chosen city of the s.

      50. 5. how was he honoured in coming out of s. !

      1 Mac. 1. 21. Antiochus entered proudly into the s 36. it was a place to lie in wait against the s.

      3. 45. the s. also was timlden down, aliens kept 58. that are assembled to destroy us and our s,

      4. 36. let us go cleanse and dedicate the s. 41. to fight, until he had cleansed the s.

      48. made up the s. and things within the temple 5. 1. heard that the s. was renewed as before

      10. 39. I give it as a free gift to the s. at Jerusa-

      lem for the necessary expenses of the .

      13. 3. what I have done for the laws and tbe s, 14. 15. he beautified the s. and multiplied

      48. should be set up within the compass of the .

      2 Mac. 4. 33. he withdrew himself into a s.

      34. he persuaded him to come fortli of the s. SAND. Wisd. 7. 9. gold in respect to her is as a little s. Eccl. 1. 2. who can number the s. of the sea f 18. 10. a gravel stone in comparison of the s. 22. 15. s. and salt, and a mass of iron is easier Dan. 3. 13. as the ;. that lieth on the sea-shore

      SANDS. Prayer of Manass, sinaed above number of j. of sea

      SANDALS. Jud. 10. 4. and she took s. upon her feet

      16. 9. her s, ravished his eves, her beauty took

      SANDY. £:f. 25.20. as climbing up ax. way is to feet of aged

      SAPPHIRES. Tob. 13. 16. Jerusalem shall be built up with t,

      SARA, Tob. 3.7. S. daughter of Raguel was reproached

      17. to give S. tbe daughter of Raguel to Tobias 6. 10. he also hath one only daughter, named S. 11. 17. when he came near to S. his daughter 12. 12. when thou didst pray, and S. thy daughter

      SARCHEDONUS. Tob. 1, 21. S. his son reiirned in his stead 22. and S. appointed him near unto bim SAT. 1 Ed. 3. 15. he s. him down in the royal seat 8.72. but I s. still full of heaviness till sacrifice 9. 45. he s. honourably in the first place of all 7'4. 2. 1. in the, which I s. down to eat

      11. 5. now Aniia s. looking about for her son E^th. 15. 6. who X. upon his royal throne Eccl. 11. 5. many kings have s. on the ground

      1 Mac. 1. 27. she that i. in the marriage-chamber

      8. 15. wherein .320 men s. in council daily

      14. 12. every man s. under his vine and hg-tree

      2 Mac. 3. 25. be that s. on the horse had harness

      SATISFIED. 1 Esd. 3. 3. and being t, were gone home Eccl. 12. 16. an enemy will not be *. with blood 682

      Apocrypha.] SCO



      SATISFIETH. £stA. 14. 8. it s. not that we are ia captivity

      SAVAGE. M'i.'rf. 17. 19 or a voice of most j. wild beasts S Mac. 4. 25. but having the rage ot a s. beast

      SAVE. Toi. 6. 17. who will have pity on you and f. you £stA. 13. 9. it' thou hast appointed to s. Israel Jiar. 4. 22. my hope is in tiod, that he will s. you 6. ."56. they can s. no man from death, nor deliver 49. which can neither s. them from war Pratier of Manasx. wilt s. me that am unworthy S Mac. 7.25. counsel the young man to s. his life 14. 3. seeing by no means he could s. himself SAVED. 2 Esd. 8. 3. many be created, but few shall be s. 41. sown in the woi Id, they sl)all not all be x. Tob. 14. 10. yet Achiacharns was s. Jud. 10. 15. thou hast J. thy life, in that thou hastedst £sth. 10. 9. my nation is Israel, which cried to God and were s. for the Lord hathx. his people 16. 13. as well of Mardocheus who j. our life Wisd. 14. 5. passing thro' sea in a weak vessel are s.

      16. 7. he was not s. by the thing that he saw 11. were quickly s. that they might be mindful

      Sns. 62. the innocent blood was s. the same day Prayer of Mayiass. to sinners, that they may be s. 1 iWac. 2.59. by believing were s. out of the flame S Mac, 3. 35. vows unto him that had s, his life

      SAVED.ST. Eccl. 51. 12. foi thou s. me from destruction

      SAVESl'. Eccl. 51. 8. and x. them out of the hands of enemies

      SAVETIl. Ecct. 2. 11. the Lord is full of compassion and mercy, forgivetli sins, and s. in time of afHiction 34. 13. for (heir hope is in him that s. them Sus.da. praised God, who s. them that trust in him

      1 Mac. 4. 11. one who deliveretli and s. Israel


      Eccl. 46. 1. his name great for s. the elect of God


      2 Esd. 2. .36. I testify my S. openly

      Jud. 9. 11. a S. of them that are without hope £sth. 15. 2. the beholder and x. of all tilings

      Wisd. 16.7. but by thee that art the S. of all £ccl. 24. 24. besides him there is no other S.

      51. 1. and 1 will praise thee. O God of my S. har. 4. 22. shall come from the Everlasting, our S. 1 Mac. 4. 30. blessed art thou, O S. of Israel SAVOUR.

      1 Esd. 1. 12. they sod them in pans with a good s.

      2 £irf. 2. 12. tree of life for an ointment of sweet j, Eccl. ."55. 6. the sweet s. is before the Most High

      .38. 11. give a sweet s. memorial of fine Hour .39. 14. and jive ye a sweet s. as frankincense 50. 15. a sweet-smelling s. to the most high King SAW.

      Td*. 1.17. in f. any of my nation dead or cast about 2.2. when I s. abundance of meat, I said to my son 4. 4. remember that she s. many dangers for thee 12. 21. when they arose, they s. him no more

      Jud. 10. 7. when they s. her countenance altered

      14. 6. he s. the head of Holofernes in a man's hand Esth. 15. 13. 1 s. thee, my lord, as an angel of God IVisd. 16. 7. was not saved by the thing that he s.

      17. 6. to be worse than the siiiht they j. not

      10. they died for fear, denying that they x. the air Eccl. 1. 9. he created her, j. her, and numbered her

      18. 12. he s. and perceived their end to be evil 30.5. while he lived, lie j. and rejoiced in him 45. 19. this the Lord s. and itdispleased him 48 11. blessed are they that s. thee, and slept

      Bar, 4. 9. for when she*, the wrath of God coming

      10. I f . the captivity of my sons and daughters Sus. 8. the two ehiers s. her going in every day

      .33. her friends, and all tliat.t. her, wept Bel .30. when the king s. that, they pressed him .35. Lord, I never j. Babylon, nor do I know SAW EST. Sus. 54. tell me, under what tree s. thou them ?

      SAWN. Wisd. 13. U, after he hath s. down a tree meet

      SCALE. Tob, 3. 17. to *. away the whiteness of Tobit's eyes

      SCANT. Jud. 11. 12. victuals fail, and all their water is j.

      SCARLET. £«. 45.11. with twisterl.t. the work of the workman

      SCATTER. Bar. 2. 29. among the nations, where I will i. them

      SCATTERED. Toh. 13. 3. for he hath s. us among them JVisd. 17. 3. they were s. under a dark vail

      SCATTER ETH. Eccl. 43. 17- as birds flying he s. the snow

      SCENTS. Wisd. 11. 18. or filthy s. of scattered smoke

      SCF.PIRE. Esth. 14. 11. O Lord, give not thy s. unto them

      15. 11. held up his golden i.anl laid it on her neck Wisd. 10. 14. she brought him the j. of the kingdom Eccl. .35. 18. and broken the s. of the unrighteous Bar. 6. 14. holdeth a s. as though he were a judge

      SCEPTRES. Wisd. 6. 21. if your tielight be in thrones and i. 7. 8. I preferred her before s. and thrones

      SCOLD. 27. a X. shall be sought out to drive away

      SCORN. 2 Esd. 8. 56. thought s. of his law, forsook his ways Jud. 12.12. if draw her not. she will laugh us to s. Wisd. 4. 18. but God shall laugh them to s. Eccl. 6. 4. shall make him to be laughed to.f. 7. 11. laugh no man to *. in the bitterness of soul 20. 17. of how many shall he be laughed to j.

      SCOKNING. Eccl.i\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\. 19. be ashamed r,f s. to give and take

      SCORPION, S. Eccl. 26. 7. hath hold of her, is as tlio' he held a >, 39. 30. teeth of wild beasts and s. punishing wicked 684

      SCOURGE. Toh. 13. 2. for he doth s. and hath mercy

      5. and he will s. us for our iniquities Jnd. 8. 27. the Lord doth s. them that come near Eccl. 26. 6. a s. of the tongue which communicateth 40. 9. famine, tribulation, and the s. happen to all

      SCOURGED. Toh. 11. 15. thou hast s. and hast taken pity on me Wisd. 16. 16. were *. by tlie strength of thine arm 2 Mac. 3. 34. seeing thou hast been s. from heaven

      5. 18. this man hal forthwith been .

      SCOURGES. 2 Esd. 16. 19. are sent as s. for amendment

      20. they shall not be alway mindful of the s. Tob. 13. 14. having been sorrowful for all thy s. Eccl. 23.2. who will setx. over my thoughts 2 Mac. 7. 1. were tormented with *. and whips

      SCOURGEST. Wisd. 12. 22. thou s. our enemies a thousand times

      SCRIBE. 1 Esd. 2. 25. to Semellius the s. and to the rest Eccl. 10. 5. on person of the s. shall lay his honour SCRIBES.

      1 Mac. 5. 42. he caused the s. remain by the brook 7- 12. a company off. to require justice

      2 Mac. 6. 18. Eleazar,one of the principal s.


      1 Mac. 12. 9. we have holy books of J. to comfort us


      2 Mac. 4. 47. before S. have been judged innocent

      SCYTIIOPOLIS. 2 Mac. 12. 29. from thence they departed to S.

      SCY'ITIOPOLITANS. 2 Mac. 12. 30. the S. dealt lovingly with them

      SEA. QEsd. 1. 13. I led you through the j. gavea passage

      16. 57. he measured the J. and what it contains Jud. 2. 24. river Arbonai, till you come to the s. Wisd. 5. 22. the water of the s. shall rage ag. them 14. 3. for thou hast made a way in the s.

      4. yea, though a man went to s. without art

      5. passing the rough s. in a weak vessel, are saved 19.7. out of the Red s. away without impediment

      Eccl. 1. 2. who can number the sand of the s.f 18. 10. as a drop of water unto the s. 24. 29. for her tnoughts are more than the s.

      31. my brook became a river, and my river a t. 29. 18. and shaken them as a wave of the s.

      40. 11. that of waters doth return into the s. 44. 21. would cause them to inherit from s. to t, 50. .3. the cistern, being in compass as the s. Bar. 3. .30. who hath gone over*, and found her? Dan. 3.13. as sand that lieth on the s. shore Prayer of Manass. above the sands of the s.

      1 Mac. 4. 23. got blue silk, and purple of the s.

      6. 29. there came from the isles of the s. bands

      7. 1. Demetrius came to a city of the x. -coast

      8. 23. good success to Jews by s. and by land

      32. we will ti°ht with thee by s. and by land 11. 1. like sand that lieth upon the s. shore

      8. Ptolemee having the dominion of the cities by the J, unto Selcuciaupon the s. coast

      14. 5. he made an entrance to the isles of the s.

      15. 38. made Cendebeus captain of the s. coast

      2 Mac. 5. 21. to make the s. passable by foot

      9. 8. thought he might command waves of the s.

      SEAS. Dan. 3. 56. O ye s. and rivers, bless ye the Lord

      SEAL. Bel 11. shut the door, and .t. it with thy signet SEALED.

      1 Esd. 3. 8. every one wrote his sentence and s. it

      2 Esd. 2. .38. those that hex. in the feastof the Lord

      8. 53. the root of evil is s. up from you

      Toh. 7. 14. an instrument of covenants, and s. it

      9. 5. Gabael brought forth bags which were s. Wisd. 2. 5. it is fast s. that no man comelh again Bel 14. they f. the door with the king's signet Prayer of Manass. hath shut up the deep, and s. it

      SEALS. Eccl. .38. 27. and they that cut and crave s. 45.11. with precious stones graven like x.setingold SEARCH.

      1 Esd. 2. 26. I commanded to make diligent s. 6.21. let s. be made among the records of Cyrus

      2 Esd. 16. 31. that s. their houses with the sword Jwrf. 8. 14. then how can you s. out God ?

      Esth. 16. 7. if yex. what hath been wickedly done Wisd. 6. 3. try works and s. out your counsels

      13.7. they s. himdiligentlv.and believe their sight Eccl. 3. 21. neither J. the things that are above

      6. 27. s. and seek, and she shall be made known

      SEARCHED. Esth. 12. 2. heard devices, and s. their purposes Wisd. 9- 16. the things in heaven, who hath s nut?

      1 Mac. 14. 14. law he s. out, and every conteumer


      Bar. 3. 23. authors of fables, and s. out of underst.


      2 Esd. 4. 26. the more thou s. the more mar\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\-el

      SEASONABLE. Eccl. 35. 20. mercy is s. in time of affliction

      SEASON. 2 Esd. 8. 41. the thina that is sown good in his *. 14.4. where 1 held him by me a long s. Wisd. 16. 6. they were troubled for a small s. Eccl. 20. 20. for he will not speak it in due s, 29. 2. pay thou thy neiahbour again in due s. 31. 28. wine measurably drunk and in s. brings 39. 16. shall be accomplished in due s. .33. he will give every needful thing in due s. 43. 6. he made the moon also to ser'e in her s.

      SEASONS. Wisd. 7. 18. turning of the sun, and change of. 8. 8. she foreseeth the events of x. and limes Eccl. 33. 8. and he altered s. and feasts

      SEAT. 1 Esd. 3. 15. he sat him down in the royal s. Wisd. 9. 12. and be worthy to sit in my father's*. Eccl. 7. 4. seek not of the king t!ii> s. ot honour 12. 12. set him not by, lest he seek to take thy s. 38. 33. they shall not sit on the judse's t.


      1 Esd. 1. .31. then he gat upon his s. chariot

      2. .30. ceased till the *. year of the reign of Darius

      3. 11. the s. wrote, the king is strongest

      5. 56. in the s. year, and s. month after coming 67. iu the first day of the s. month, in the .t. year

      after they were come to .lerusalem Esth. 13. 3. had honour of*, place in the kingdom

      2 Mac. 5. 1. prepared his s. voyage into Egypt 7. 7. brought the s. to make a mocking-stock


      Eccl. 23. 23. s. she hath trespassed against her husb.


      1 Esd. 5. 73. by s. plots and popular persuasions

      2 Esd. 10. ."Ui.the Highest will reveal many s. things Jnd. 2. 2. nobles, and communicated his s. counsel fVtsd. 1. 11. no word so s. that shall go for nought

      7. 21. such things as are either s. or manifest

      14. 23. or used s. ceremonies, or made revellings 17. 3. they supposed to lie hid in their s. sins Eccl. 3. 22. to see the things that are in s. 48. 25. he shewed s. things or ever they came

      1 Mac. 1. 53. and drove the Israelites into*, places 2. 31. gone down into *. places in the wilderness

      41. that were murdered in the *. places SECREILY. Wisd. 18. 9. children of good men did sacrifice *, Eccl. 20. 2. better to repi'ove, than to be angry *.

      2 Mac. 6. 11. to keep the sabbath-day *.

      SECRETS. Tob. 12. 7. it is good to keep close the . of a king, 11. Eccl. 1. .30. and so God discover thy *.

      4. 18. she will comfort him, and shew liim her .

      13. 11. and smiling on thee, will get out thy *.

      14. 21. he shall have understanding in her *. 22. 22. except for pride, or disclosing of *.

      27. 17. if ihou bewrayest his s. follow no more 39. 3. he will seek out the *. of grave sentences

      7. and in his *. shall he meditate Sus. 42. O everlasting God, that knowest the . 2 Mac. 13. 21. disclosed the *. to the enemies

      SECURELY. Eccl. 4. 15. that attendelh to her, shall dwell *.

      SECURITY. 2 Esd. 7. 53. paradise, wherein is *. and medicine Eccl. 5. 7. in thy *. thou shalt be destroyed

      SEDECIAS. Bar. 1. 8. S. the son of Josias king of Juda had made

      SEDITION. 2 Esd. 15. 16. for there shall be *. amongst men

      SEDITIOUS. 2 Mae. 14. 16. Assideans nourish war, and are .

      SEE. Eccl. 15. 7. and sinners shall not *. her 20. 7. will hold his tongue till he *. opportunity 37. 9. on other side, to s. what shall befall fhee 27. prove thy soul, and *. what is evil for it 42. 22. that a man may s. even to a spark Bar. 1. 20. floweth with milk, as it is to*, this day 4. 24. so shall they *. shortly your salvation 25. but shortly thou shalt .1. his destruction Svs. 20. the doors are shut that no man can *. us SEED.

      1 Esd. 8. 70. the hols' * is mixed with strange people 88. hadst left us neitlier root, *. nor name

      2 Esd. 3. 15. thou wouldest never forsake his *.

      8. 6. and thou give us *. to our heart and culture Wisd. 3. 16. the *. of unrighteous bed be rooted out

      7. 2. being compacted in blood of the *. of man 10. 15. she delivered the blameless *. from nation 12. 11. it was a cursed *. from the beginning 14. 6. left to all ages a *. of generation

      Eccl. 1. 15. she shall continue with their *. 10. 19. regard not the law, are a dishonourable & 44. 11. with their *. shall continually remain 12. their *. stands fast, and their children 21. that he would bless the nations in his *. 45. 15. to his*, so long as the heavens remain

      21. sacrifices, which he gave to him and his *.

      46. 9. his *. obtained it for an heritage

      47. 20. didst slain thy honour, and pollute thy s.

      22. not take away the *. of him that loveth him

      23. of his *. he left behind him Roboam

      Dan. 3. 1.3. wouldest multiply their*, as the Stan Siis. 56. O thou *. of Chanaan, and not Juda Prayer of Manass. anl of their righteous t. 2 Mac. 7. 17. how he will torment thee and thy *. SEEK.

      1 Esd. 6. 23. to s. among the records at Babylon

      8. 85. she shall never*, to have peace with them

      2 Esd. 12. 48. that I might *. mercy for low estate 14. 23. that they *. thee not for fort^' days

      Toh. 5. 3. *. thee a man which may go with Ihee

      11. he said, dost thou *. for a tribe or family i Wisd. 1. 1. ami in simplicity of heart *. him

      12. *. not death in the error of j-our life

      6. 12. wisdom is easily found of such as *. her 22. but I will *. her out from the beginning

      Eccl. 3. 21. 1. not the things that are too hard for thee 4. 11. wisdom layeth hold on them that *. her 12. they that *. to her early, shall be filled

      6. 27. *. and she shall be made known to thee

      7. 4. *. not of the Lord pre-eminence

      6. *. not to be judge, being not able to take 12. 12. set him not by, lest he *. to take thy seat 24. .34. 1 laboured for all them that *. wisdom

      28. 3. and doth he *. pardon from the I ord ? .32. 14. they that *. him early, shall find favour 33. 17. but for all them that *. learning

      21. that thy children should *. to thee 25. if let him go idle, he shall *. liberty 31. which way wilt thou go to*, him .' .36. 2. upon all nations that *. not after Ihee

      39. 1. he will *. out the wisdom of all tlie ancient 3. he will *. out secrets of grave sentences

      40. 26. the fear of the Ix)rd needeth not to *. help 51. 14. I will *. her out even to the end

      Bel 38. nor hast Ihou forsaken them that *. thee

      SEEKEIH. Wisd. 6. 14. who *. her early, have no ereat fravd Eccl. 27. 1. he that*, for abundance will turn 32. 15. be that *. the law shall be filled


      S Mae, S. 27. and s. the benefit of others SEEKING.

      Wisd. 6. 16. she goeth about s. such as are worthy

      8. 18. I went about s. how to take her to me

      13. 6. for they peradveiiture err, s. Gol £ccl. 14. 16. no s. of dainties in the grave

      20. K. necessary patience in s. the Lord

      51. 21. my .heart was troubled in s. her SEEMED.

      Wisd. 3. 2. in sight of the unwise they . to die S Mac. 1. 13. the army with him tUalt. invincible

      SEEN. Wisd. 13. 1. out of the good things that arej.

      17. 19- that could not be s. of skipping beasts Ecci. 16. 5. many things have I s. with my eyes

      42. 15. I will declare the things that I have s.

      43. 31. who hath s, him that he might tell us £ar. 2. 26. laid waste, as it is to be s. this day

      6. 61. the lightning breaking forth is easy to be s. Sus. 54. if thou hast t. her, tell me, under what 1 Mac. 4. 20. for the smoke that was s. declared

      13. 29. might be s. of all that sail on the sea

      S Mae. 3. 36. works, which he had s. with his eyes 6. 9. then might a man have s. present misery

      SELEUCIA. 1 Mae. 11. 8. unto S. upon the sea-coast

      SELEUCUS. 1 Mac. 7. !• Demetrius the son of S. departed S Mac. 3. 3. S. king of Asia bare all the costs 4.7. but after the death of S. Jason laboured

      5. 18. whom S. the king sent to view the treasury

      SELL. Bar. 6. 28. the things sacrificed, their priests .

      1 Mac. 13. 49. tliey could neither buy nor s.

      2 Mac. 5. 24. to s. the women and younger sort

      SELLING. £ccl. 27. 2. sin stick close between buying and s. 37. 11. consult not with a buyer of. 42. 5. and of merchants indinerent s.

      SENATE. S Mae. 4. 44, three men that were sent from the s.

      SEN A IE-house. 1 Mac. 8. 15. had made for themselves a s.-house

      SEND. Tob. 8. 12. s. one of the maids, and let her see

      10. 8. 1 will s. to thy father, and declare to him Jud. 6. 3. he will s. his power and destroy them

      9. 9. and s. thy wrath upon their heads

      11. 22. God hath done well to s. thee before IVisd. 9. 10. O s. her out of thy holy heavens

      11. 17. wanted not means to s. among them bears 12. 8. did f . wasps forerunners of thy host 25. thou didst j. a judgment to mock them 16. 20. thou didst . them from heaven bread Eccl. 24. .32. 1 will s. forth her light afar off , 33. 27. s. him to labour, that he be not idle 36. 2. and ;. thy fear upon all the nations Sus. 2). thou didst s. away thy maids from thee 29. s. for Susanna the daughter of Chelcias

      1 Mac. 11. 43. if thou s. me men to help me

      16. IB. that he should s. him an host to aid him

      2 Mac. 1. 4. open your hearts, and s. you peace

      6. 23. he willed them tos. him to the grave

      11. .34. ambassadors of the Romans s. greeting

      14. 27. commanded that he should s. Maccabeus

      SENNACHERIB. S Mac. 8. 19. they were delivered when under S. 15.22. anddidstslay in the host of S. 185,000

      SENSE. 2 E.rrf.l0.36.ismy .received, or my soul in a dream £ccl. 21. 18. knowledge of unwise, as talk without.

      SENf. Tob. 2. 12. when she had s. them home to the owners

      12. 20. for I go up to him that . me Ilccl. 28. 23. it shall be *. on them as a lion

      34. 6. if they be not, from the Most High

      SEN lENCE. Eccl. 20.20.a wise .shall be rejected when it cometh 41. 2. O death, acceptable is thy. to the needy Sus. 55. the angel of God hath received the.

      SENIENCES. 1 Esd. 3. 16. they shall declare their own . £ccl. 39. 6. he shall pour out wise . and give thanks

      SEPARATE. Wisd. 1. 3. for froward thoughts . from God Eccl. 6. 13. . tliyself from thine enemies, take heed

      SEPARAIED. 1 Esd. 7. 13. all they that had . themselves

      8. 54. then 1 12 of the chief of the priests Excl. 16. 16. be hath . his light from darkness


      1 Mac. 9. 19. buried him in the . of his fathers

      13. .30. this is the . which he made at Modin

      2 Mac. 5. 10. he hail no . with his fathers

      SKRPENT. Eccl. 12. 13. a charmer that is bitten with a. 21.2. flee from sin as from the face of a . 25. 15. there is no hea I above the head of a .

      SERPENTS. Wisd. 11. 15. they worshipped . void of reason 16.5. they perished with the slings of crooked .

      17. 9. being scared with hissing of . they died Ixcl. 39. 30. teeth of wild beasts, scorpions, and .

      SEKVANl'. 1 Esd. 4. 59. thme is the glory, and I am thy. Jud. 5.5. no lie shallcome out of the mouth of thy.

      9. 10. smite by the deceit of my lips the. with

      the prince, and the prince with the 11. 5. Judith said, receive the words of thy. 17. for thy . is religious and serveth God Wisd. 9. 5. I thy s. and the son of thy handmaid

      10. le.sheentcreilinto the soul of the, of the Lord IB. II. the master and the . were punished

      21. decldring that he was tliy . Eccl. 7. 20. thy, workelh truly, entreat him

      21. let thy soul love a good /. defraud him not 10. 25. unto the /.that is wise, shall they do service 19. 21. if a /. say to his master, I will not do 23. 6. give not over me thy /. to an impudent mind

      10. for as a /. that is continually beaten 33. 24. bread, correction, and work for a /.

      25. if thou set thy /. to labour shalt find rest


      26. so are tortures and torments for an evil /. .30. if thou have a /. let him be as thyself 31. if thou have a /. entreat him as a brother 37-11. consult not with an idle /.of business 42. 5. to make the side of an evil /. to bleed 2 Mac. 8. 35. became like a fugitive /. to Antioch

      SERVANTS. 1 Esd. 6. 13. we are the /. of the L. who made heaven Tob, 10. 10. Raguel gave /. and cattle and money Jttd. 10. 23. she did reverence, and his s. took her up Esth. 15. 16. and all his /. comforted her E^cl. 4. .30. be not frantic among thy /. 6. 11. in prosperity he will be bold over thy /. 23. 4. but turn away from thy /. a haughty mind 36. 17. O Lord, hear the prayer of thy /. Bar. 2. 20. as thou hast spoken by thy /. Dan. 3. 10. we are become a reproach to thy /,

      63. O ye /. of the Lord, bless ye the Lord Sus. 27. the /. were greatly ashamed

      1 Mac. 1. 6. wherefore he called his /.

      8. his /. bare rule everv one in his place

      2 Mac. J. 6. and he shall be comforted in his /.

      33. vet shall he be at one again with his/.

      34. lifting up thy hand against the /. of God

      8. 29. to be reconciled with his /. for ever


      1 Esd. 1. 4. now therefore /. the Lord your God Jud. 11. 1. never hurt any that was willing to/. Eu/i. 12. 5. command Mardocheus to /. in the court Wisd. 15. 7. the vessels that /, for clean uses Eccl. 2. 1. if thou come to /. the l/)rd, prepare

      23. 5. hold him up that is desirous always to /. thee 39- 4. he shall /. among great men, and appear 43- 6- he made the moon also to /. in her season

      2 Mac. 1. 3. God give you all an heart to /. him 4. 14. had no courage to /. any more at the altar

      SERVED. [use

      Wisd. 13. 13. the refuse among those that s. to no Eccl. 25. 8. that hath not /. a man more unworthy

      SERVETH. IVisd. 16. 24. for the creatuie that /. thee Eccl. 35. 16. he that /- the Lord shall be accepted

      SERVICE. Wisd. 15. 7. potter fashioneth every vessel for our /. Eccl. 3. 7- and he will do /. unto his patents 10.25. to servant shall they that are free do/.

      1 1. 23. say not, what profit is there of my /. .' 50. 14. and finishing the /. at the altar

      2 Mac. 3. 3. belongin? to the /. of the sacrifices


      Wisd. 14. 21. for men /. either calamity or tyranny

      19. 6. /. the peculiar commandments given to them


      Jud. 8. 23. our /. shall not be directed to favour


      1 Esd. 1. 3. to /. the ark in the house Solomon built

      2. 24. and if the walls thereof be /. up anew

      2 Esd. 3. 18. thou didst /. fast the earth Wisd. 13. 18. which cannot /. a foot forward Eccl. 2. 2. /. thy heart aright and constantly endure

      9. 2. to /. her foot upon thy substance

      15. 16. he hath /. fire and water before thee 17. 17. he /. a ruler over every people 22. 27. who shall /. a watch before my mouth ? 31. 16. eat those things which are/, before thee

      33. 25. if thou /. thy servant to labour, find rest 28. /- him to work as is fit for him

      34. 6. if not sent, /. not thy heart upon them 38. 29. who is alway carefully /. at his work

      1 Mac. 1. 54. they /. up the abomination on altar

      2 Mac. 5. 20. it was /. up with all glory

      SETIEI'H. Eccl. 10. 9. for such a one /. his own soul to sale 38. 28. he /. his mind to finish his work

      SETTING. 1 Esd. 4. 30. the crown, and .1. it upon her own head

      SETILED. Esth. 13. 7. so cause our aflTairs to be well /. Eccl. 22.17. a heart /.on a thought of understanding 42. 17. declare works, which the Loid firmly/.

      SEVEN. 1 Esd. 4. 63. and they feasted with gladness /. days 8. II. and to my /. friends the counsellors Tob.^. 1. which IS the holy feast of the /. weeks

      3. 8. thou hast had alreaily /. husbands 15. my /. husbands are already dead

      6- 13- that this maid hath been given to /. men 11. 19. Tobias' wedding was kept /. days with joy

      12. 15. 1 am Raphael, one of the /. holy angels Jud. 16. 24. and Israel lamented her/, days Eccl. 7. 3. thou shalt not reap them /.-fold

      20. 12. buyeth for little, and repayeth it /.-fold 22. 12. /.days do men mouin for him that is dead

      35. 11. give with a cheerful eye, for the Lord re- compenseth and will give thee /- times as much

      37. 14. wont to tell him more than /. watchmen 40. 8. and that is /.-fold more on sinners Bar. 6. 3. for long season, namely,/. generations Bel 32. and in the den there were /. lions

      1 Mac. 13. 28. moreover, he set up/, pyramids

      2 Mac. 7. 1./. brethren with their mother taken

      SEVEN rii. 1 Esd. 5. 53. from the first day of the /. month Eccl. 17. 5. in the /. place he imparted speech

      1 Mac. 6. 53. for it was /. year, and they in Jiidea

      2 Mac. 12. 38. when the /. day came, they purified 15. 4. who commanded the /. day to be kept


      1 Esd. 1. 58. nnlil the full term of /.years

      2 Esd. 14. 46. keep the /. last, that mayest deliver Jtut. 1. 2. made the height of the wall /, cubits


      1 Esd. 1. 11. according to the /. dignities of fathers

      2 Mac. 12. 2. but of the governors of /. places

      SEVERE. Wisd. 5. 20. /. wrath shall he sharpen for a sword 11. 10. but the other as a /. king thou didst condemn

      SHADOW. Wisd. 2. 5. for our time is a very /. that passeth 5. 9. all these thinps are passed away as a /. Eccl. 34. 2. is like him that catcheth at a s. Bar, 1,12. we shall live undertbe /. of Nabuchodon.

      SHE IApocrypha.

      SHADOWING. Wisd. 19. 7. namely, a cloud . the camp

      SHAKE. Eccl. 13. 7- forsake thee, and . his betd at tiiee

      SHAKEN. Wisd. 4- 4. yet they shall be . with the wind Eccl. 16. 19. and foundations of the earth shail be . 26. 7. an evil wife is a yoke . to and fro 29. 18. hath . them as a wave of the sea 43. 16. at bis sight the mountains are .

      SHAKING. Eccl. 22. 16. timber cannot be loosed with /. 2 Mac. 5- 3. horsemen in array with /. of shields 11. 8. one in white clothimj /. his armour SHAMIE. 2 Esd. 10. 22. our children are put to /. priests burnt Jud. 12. 12. for lo, it will be a /. lor our person 13. 16. hath not committed sin with me to s. me 14. 18. woman brought /. on house of Nabuchodon. Eccl. 4. 21. for there is a /. that bringeth sin 5. 13. /. is in talk, the tongue of a man is his fall

      14. for a foul /. is upon the thief

      6. 1. thou shalt inherit an ill name, /. reproach 13. 7. he will /. thee by his meats, and laugh 20. 26. the /. of a liar is ever with him

      26. 8. and she will not cover her ow n /.

      24. a dishonest woman contemneth /.

      42. 14- a woman which bringetli /. and reproach Bar. 2. 6. to us and to our fathers open s. Dan. 3. 10. we are become a .v. and reproach

      19- put us not to /. but deal with us after thy 2 Mac. 5.7. at last received /. for his treason 9. 2. he being put to flight, returned with /.

      SHAMKFACED. Eccl. 26. 15. a /. woman is a double grace

      25. but she that is /. will fear the Cord 32. 10. and before a /. man shall go favour

      41. 16. therefore be /. according to thy word

      24. so shalt thou be truly .. and find favour

      SIIAMEFACEDNESS. Eccl. 41. 16. tor it is not good to retain all x. '


      Wisd. 2. 20. let us condemn him with a /. death


      1 Mac.'. 34. he abused them /. and spake proudly

      2 Mac. 11. 12. and Lysias himself fled away /.

      SHAMELESS. Eccl. 26. 10. if thy daughter be /. keep her in

      25. a /. woman shall be accounted as a dog 40. .30. begging is sweet in the mouth of the /.

      42. 11. keep a sure watch over a /. daughter Bar. 4. 15. a /. nation, and of strange language

      SHAPE. Wisd. 18. 1. healing voice, and not seeing their /.

      SHARP. Wisd. 6. 5. for a /. judgment shall be to them 18. 16. unfeiiined commandment as a /. sword Eccl. 43. 19. it lietli on the top of /. stakes

      SHARPEN. Wisd. 5. 20. his wrath shall he /. for a sword

      SHAVEN. Bar. 6. 31. priests, having heads and beards /.

      SHED. 1 Mac. 1. 37. thus they /. innocent blood

      SHEDDEIH. Eccl. 28. 11. and an hasty fighting /. blood

      SHEEP. 1 Esd, 1. 8. gave two thousand and six hundred /. 9. they gave to the Levites five thousand /. SHEKELS. 1 Mac. 10. 42. the five thousand /. of silver

      SHELTER. Eccl. 14.26. shall set his children under her s,

      SHEPHERD. Tf isd. 17- 17- a /. or a labourer in the field Eccl. 18. 13. he bringeth again, as a /. bis Hock SHEW.

      1 Esd. 5. 37. nor could they /. their families

      2 Esd. 1.5./. my people their sinful deeds

      Tob. 14. 9. /. thyself merciful and just that it may Wisd. 5. 13. and we had no sign of virtue to /.

      12. 13. /. that thy judgment is not unright

      13. 10. which are gold and silver, to /. art in Eccl. 4. 18. comfort him, and /. him her secrets

      7. 24. /. not thy face cheerful toward him 16. 25. I will /. forth doctrine in weight 18. 21. and in the time of sins /.repentance 22. 19. maketh the heart to /. her knowledge 36. 6. /. new signs, and make strange wonders 39. 8. he shall /. forth what he hath learned

      15. /. forth his praise with songs of your lips 43. 1. the beauty of heaven with his glorious /. 44- 15. the congregation will /. forth their praise

      Bar. 3- -37- afterward did he /. himself on cartli 6. 38- they can /. no mercy to the widow Sus. 50. come sit down among us, and /- it us Pras/er of Manass. in me thou wilt /. thy goodness 2 Mac. 6. 27. 1 will /. myself such an one

      8. 4. he would /. his hatred against the wicked 12. 36. that he would /. himself tlieir helper


      1 Esd. 8. 78. now hath mercy been /. unto us Wisd. 10. 10. she /. him the kingdom of God

      18. 18. one and another /. the cause of his deatli Eccl. 3. 23. for more things are /. unto thee 14- 12. covenant of the grave is not /- unto thee 45. 3. and he /. him part of his glory 46.20. he prophesied, anl s. the king his end

      47. 23. Jeroboam, who /. Ephraim the way of sin

      48. 25. he /. what should come to pass for ever 49- 8. which was /. him on chariot of chenihims

      Bar. 3. -34- they /. light to him that made them Belli, the priests, who /. him the privy loors

      2 Mac.1. 8. the cloud, as it was /. under Moses .3. 7. when Apollonius had /. him of the money 15. 32. and /. them vile Niranor's head

      SHEWETH. Wisd. 1. 2. he /. himself to such as do not distrust 6. 16. /. herself favourably to them in the ways Eccl. 28. 4. he /. no mercy to a man like himself .37- 20- there is one that /. wisdom in words Bar, 6. 59. better to be a king that /. his powei 685

      ^FOCRYTHA.] S I G

      SHIELD. Jud. 9.7. fhey trnstin s. and spear, and bow Jiccl. 29. 13. than a niishty s. and strong spear 1 Mac. 15. 18. and they brought a s. otgold

      20. it seemed good to receive the f. of them

      SHIELDS. 1 Mac. 6. 2. in it a rich temple wherein were s. S Mac. 5.3.with shaking oi's. and drawing of swords 15. 11. not so much with defence of s. and spears

      SHINE. Wisd. 3.7. they shall s. and run to and fio £ccl. 24.32.1 will yet make doctrine to morning

      SHINED. Wisd. 5. 6. the light of righteousness not s. to us 17. 20. the whole world s. with cleai' light Sar. 3. 34. the stars s. in their watches

      1 Mac. 6. .39. the mountains s. like lamps of fire

      2 Mac. 1. 32. the light that .t. from the altar

      SHINING. Eccl. 43. 8. s. in the firmament of heaven 50. 7. as the sun s. upon temple of most High

      SHIP, S. Wisd. 5. 10. as a J. that passcth over the waves £ccl. 33. 2. an hypocrite is as a j. in a storm

      1 Mac. 8. 26. that aid them with money or s. 15.3. gathered soldiers, and prepared s. of war

      SHOE. JEccl. 46. 19. I have not taken so much as & s. SHOOK.

      2 Esd. 10. 26. so that the earth s. at the noise 8 Mac. 12. 12. whereupon they s. hands

      SHOOTING. Wisd. 11. 18. J. horrible sparks out of their eyes

      SHORN. To6. 1. 6. having that which was first s.

      SHORT. Wisd. 2. 1. they said, our life is j. and tedious 4. 13. he being made perfect in a s. time 9. 5. of a s. time, and too young for understanding

      15. 9. his care is not that his lite is s.

      16. 3. these suffering penury for a s. space Jiccl. 17. 2. he gave them few days, and a s. time

      31. 19. he fetcheth not his wind s. on his bed

      32. 8. let thy speech be s. comprehending much 36. 8. make the time s. remember the covenant 43. 27. we may speak much, and yet come s.

      2 Mac. 2. 32. and to be s. in the story itself 7.36. our brethren who have suffered a*, pain

      SHORTEN. Eccl. 30. 24. envy and wrath s. the life

      SHORTLY. Wisd. 14. 14. they shall come s. to an end Bar. 4. 24. so shall they see s. your salvation 25. but f. thou shall see his destruction SHOULDER. Eccl. 6. 25. bowdownthy f. and bear her 2 Mac. 12. 35. horseman of 1 hracia smote off his s. 15. 30. strike off N icanor's head with his s.

      SHOULDERS. 1 Esd. 1. 4. ye shall no more bear theark on your s. Eccl. 7. 31. trespass-offering, and gilt of the s. £ar. 2.21. bow down your j. to serve the king 6. 26. they are borne upon f. having no feet

      SHOUTED. Eccl. 50. 16. then s. the sons of Aaron and sounded

      SHOWER. Dan. 3. 42. O every s. and dew, bless ye the Lord

      SHOWERS. Wisd. 16. 10. with strange s. were they persecuted

      SHREWD. JEccl. 8. 19. lest he requite thee with a J. turn

      SHRUBS. 1 Mac. 4. 38. they saw s. growing in the courts

      SHRUNK. 1 Mac. 3. 6. the wicked s. for fear of him

      SHUT. Toi. 8. 4. after they were both * . in together Jud. 13. 1. and Bagoasi. his tent without Wisd. 18.4. who had kept thy sons s. up £ccH. 31. and s. when thou shouldst repay 29. 12. s. up alms in thy store-houses .30. 18. delicates poured upon a mouth s. up 48. 3. by the word of the Lord he s. up heaven 1 Mac. 3. 18. for many to be s. up in hands of few 4. 31. J. up this army m the hand of thy people 6. 18. they f. up the Israelites round about £ Mac. 1. 15. s. temple as soon as Antiochus came 4. 34. whom he s. up without regard of justice

      .SICHEM. £ccl. 50. 26. that foolish people that dwell in S.

      SICK. Wtsd. 17. 8. they that promised to drive troubles from a s. soul, were s. themselves of fear Eccl. 7. 35. be not slow to visit the j. 18. 19. and use physic or ever thou be s.

      21. humble thyself before thou be *.

      1 Mac. 1 . 5. and after these things he fell s.

      6. 8. lay down on his bed, and fell s. for grief

      SICKNESS. Eccl. 30. 17. death is better than continual s. 31. 22. be quick, so shall there nos. come to thee .37. .30. for excess of meats bi ingeth s. 38. 9. my son, in thy s. be not negligent

      2 Mac. 9. 22. having great hope to escape this s.

      SIDE, S. 1 Esd. 3. 9. of whose J. the king shall judge Wisd. 2. 24. they that do hold of his s. do find it

      17. 10. which could of no s. be avoided

      Eccl. 30. 12. beat him on the s. while he is achild 42. 5. to make the f. of an evil servant to bleed 1 Mac. 6. 38. they set them on this s. and that s.

      SIF.GE. 1 Mac. 6. 49. no victuals there to endure the s. 9. 64. then went he and laid s. against Bethbasi £ Mac. 10. 18. things convenient to sustain the*. 33. they laid s. against the fortress four days 11. 5. he itrew near to Bethsura, and laid s. to it „ , SIEVE.

      £ccl. 27. 4.when one sifteth with a s. refuse remains

      SIGH. £ccl. 25. 18. when he heartth it shall s. bitterly 686


      SIGHED. Sus. 22. then Susanna s. and said, I am straitened

      SIGHETH. Eccl. 30. 20. a eunuch embraceth a virgin, and s,

      SIGHING. Jud. 14. 16. Bagoas cried with weeping and x.

      SIGHT. Toi. 4. 11. that give it in the j. of the Most High 21. and do that which is pleasing in his s.

      11. 16. marvelled, because he had received his s.

      12. 6. hath done unto you in s. of all that live

      14. 2. fifty-eight years old when he lost his s. Jud. 5. 12. Egyptians cast them out of their s.

      15. 2. none durst abide in s. of his neighbour Wisd. 3. 2. in s. of the unwise, they seemed to die

      4. for though they be punished in the s. of men 8. 11. I shall be admired in the s. of great men 9- 9. wisdom knew what was acceptable in thy s,

      13. 7. search him diligently, and believe their s.

      15. 5. the s. whereof enticeth fools to lust after it

      16. 3. the ugly s. of the beasts sent among lliem

      17. 6. to be worse than the *. they saw not Eccl. 1. 29. be not a hypocrite in the s. of men

      2. 17. they will humble their souls in his s.

      7. 33. a gift hath grace in the s. of every man

      8. 16. for blood is as nothing in his s.

      11. 21. it is an easy thing in the s. of the Lord 38. 3. in s. of great men he shall be in admiration 43. 16. at his .«. the mountains are shaken

      45. 1. which found favour in the s. of all flesh

      3. he made him glorious in the s. of kings

      46. 6. because he fought in the s. of the Lord Bar. 1. 22. to do evil in the*, of the Lord our God 6'kj. 23. than to sin in the s. of the Lord

      SIGN, S. Esth. 14. 16. I abhor the i. of my high estate Wisd. 5. 11. no s. where she went is to be found 16. 6. be admonished, having a s. of salvation Eccl. ,37. 1". the countenance is a s. of changing 43. 6. a declaration of times, and a s. of world 7. from the moon is the s. of feasts, a lig'ht Bar. 2. 11. out of Egypt with x. and with wondei-s 6. 67. neither can they shew s. in the heavens

      SIGNET. Toi. 1. 22. Achiacharus was keeper of the J. Eccl. 17. 22. the alms of a man is as a f. with him 32. 6. as s. of an emerald set in a work of gold

      49. 11. even he was as a s. on the right hand Bel 11. and seal it with thine own s.

      1 Mac. 6. 15. gave him the crown, his robe, and s.

      SILENCE. Eccl. 20. 5. there is one that keepeth s. found wise 6. and some keep s. knowing his time 41. 20. of s. before them thatsalute thee iMac. 14.17. through the suddens, of his enemies


      Eccl. 26. 14. a X. and loving woman is a gift of Lord


      1 Mac. 4. 23. got much gold, and silver, and blue s.


      Jnd. 5. 9. they were increased with gold and s. Wisd. 7. 9. J. shall be counted as clay before her 13. 10. the works of men's hands, gold and s.

      Eccl. 26. 18. pillars are upon the sockets of s. 28. 24. look that thou bind up thy j. and gold 40. 25. gold and s. make the foot stand sure

      47. 18. and thou didst multiply s. as lead

      50. 16. the sons of Aaron sounded the s. trumpets Bar. 3. 17. they that hoarded up s. and gold

      18. they that wrought in s. and were careful 6.4. ye shall see in Babylon gods off. and gold 39. their gods which are overlaid with gold and s.

      2 Mac. 2. 2. when they see images of j. and gold

      SILVER-SMITHS. Wisd. 15. 9. butstriveth to excel gold-smiths and s.


      Jud. 9. 2. O Lord God of my Father S. to whom

      1 Mac. 2. 1. son of S. a priest of the sons of Joarib


      1 Mac. 15. 24. the copy hereof they wrote to S.

      32. when he saw the glory of S. he was astonished

      33. then answered .S. and said unto him

      16. 2. S. called his eldest sons, Judas and John

      13. Ptolemeus consulted against S. and his sons

      14. S. was visiting the cities in the country

      16. when S. and his sons had drunk largely, they came upon S. in banqueting-place andslew him

      2 Mac. 3. 4. one S. of the tribe of Benjamin 11. not as that wicked S. had misinformed

      4. 3. by one9f S. faction murders were committed

      4. Apollonius did rage, and increase S. matlice 6. the state continue quiet, and S. leave his folly

      8. 22. he joined S. and Joseph and Jonathan 10. 20. they that were with S. being led with

      SIMPLICITY. Wisd. 1. 1. and in s. of heart seek him SIN.

      1 Esd. 8. 76. we have been in great s. to this day •

      9. ll.seeingour J. in these things is spread far

      2 Esd. 9. .36. we that received the law, perish by *.

      15. 24. woe to them that s. and keep not my comm. 26. Lord knoweth all them that s. against him

      16. 63. knoweth them that s. and would hide s. Toi. 3. 14. that I am pure from all x. with man

      4. 5. let not thy will be set to s. or transgress 21. if thou fear God and depart from all 3.

      12. 9. for alms shall purge away all s.

      10. they that s. are enemies to their own life Jud. 5. 20. and they s. against their God, 11. 10. Wisd. 1.4. nor dwell in the body that is subject to j.

      10. 13. forsook not, but delivered him from s.

      15.2. if wef. we are thine, knowing thy power, but

      we will not s. knowing that we are thine Eccl. 3. 27. the wicked man shall heap s. upon s.

      4. 21. for there is a shame that bringetli *.

      5. 5. be not without fear to add j. unto *. 7.8. bind not one j. upon another

      10. 13. for pride is the beginning of x.

      13. 24. riches are good to him that hath no s. 15. 20. nor hath he given any man license to /.

      20. 3. for soshalt thou escape wilful s.

      21. 2. flee from s. as from the face of a serpent


      Eccl. 23. II. if he offend, his s. shall beupou him, if he acknowledge not his s. a double offenc* 13. to swearing, for therein is the word of s. 16. two sorts of men multiply s. and the third

      25. 24. of the wyman came the beginning of s.

      26. 28. that returneth from righteousness to *. 29. an huckster shall not be freed Irom s.

      27. 2. so s. sticks close between buying and selliDB 10. so s. for them that work iniquity

      13. and their sport is the wantonness of s.

      32. 12. take pastime, but j. not by proud speech .34. 19. nor is he pacified for s. by sacrifices 38. 10. leave off s. and order thy hands aright 42. 1. and accept no person to s. thereby

      46. 7- iuid they withheld the people from *.

      47. 23. there was also Jeroboam, who caused Israel to s. and shewed Ephraim the way of s.

      2 Mac. 6. 15. lest being come to the height of s. 12. 42. that the s. committed might be put out of remembrance Judas exhorted to keep from s, SINS.

      1 Esd. 8. 75. our s. are multiplied above our heads 86. for thou, O Lord, didst make our s. light

      9. 7. thereby to increase the s. of Israel

      Wisd. 4. 20. they cast up the accounts of their s.

      11. 23. and thou winkest at the s. of men

      12. 19. of hope that thou givest repentance for s. 17. 3. they supposed to lie hid in their secret t.

      Eccl. 1. 21. the tear of the Lord driveth away f.

      2. 11. the Lord forgiveth ,r. and savet'i in affliction

      3. 3. maketh an atonement for his s.

      14. instead of s. it shall be added to build the"

      15. thy s. shall melt away as ice in fair weather 5. 6. he will be pacified for the multitude of my #, 12. 14. one that is defiled with him in his s.

      14. 1. and is not pricked with the multitude off.

      16. 9. people, that were taken away in their x.

      17. 20. but all their s. are before the Lord 25. return to the Lord, and forsake thy x.

      18. 21. and in the time of x. shew repentance

      21. 1. do so no more, ask pardon for thy former *. 23. 2. they spare me not, and it pass not by my x.

      3. lest my s. abound to my destruction 12. and they shall not wallow in their x.

      18. the Most High will not remember my x.

      28. 2. forgive, so shall thy x. also be forgiven

      4. and doth he ask forgiveness of his own x.

      5. who will treat for pardon of his s. ?

      8. abstain from strife, thou shalt diminish thy x. 34. 26. so it is with a man that fasteth for his x. 47. 11. the Ijord took away his x. and exalted

      24. and their x. were multiplied exceedingly

      48. 15. neither departed they from their x.

      16. was pleasing to God, and some multiplied/. Dan. 3. 5. bring these on us because of our x.

      2 Mac. 5. 17. Lord was angry forawhile for thex , 18. had been formerly wrapped in manv s.

      6. 14. till they be come to the fulness of'tlieir x. 7. 32. for we suffer because of our x.

      12. 42. for the x. of those that were slain

      13. 8. as he committed many x. about the altar

      SINFUL. Toh. 13. 6. declare his majesty to a x. nation Hixrf. .3. 13. which hath not known the x. bed Eccl. 10. 23. nor convenient to magnify a x. man

      11. .32. and ax. man layeth wait for blood

      15. 12. for he hath no need of the s. man 27. 30. and the x. man shall have them both

      32. 17. a X. man will not be reproved, but findetb 1 Mac. 1. .34. and they put therein ax. nation

      2. 44. and tliey smote x. men in their anger SINNED.

      1 Esd. 1. 24. concerning those thatx. and did wicked.

      4. 27. many also have e.rred, and x. for women Toi. 3. 3. my fathers, who have s. before thee Jud. 5. 17- whilst they x. not before their God Esth. 14. 6. and now we have x. before thee

      Wisd. 12. 11. tor those things wherein they x. Eccl. 5. 4. say not I have x. and what hai-m happened

      21. 1. my son, hast thou x. ? do so no more 27. 1. many have s. for a small matter Bar. 1. 13. we have x. against the Lord our God Prayer of Manass. thou hast promised repentance to them that have s. thou hast not appointed repentance to the just, which have not x. but to me, for I have x. above the number of the sands of the sea ; 1 have x. O Lord, I have x.

      2 Mac. 7- 18. we suffer, having x. against our God

      SINNER. Eccl. 1. 25. godliness is an abomination to a x. 2. 12. woe to the x. that goeth two ways

      5. 9. so doth the x. that hath a double tongue

      6. 1. even so shall a s. that hath a double tongue

      8. 10. kindle not the coals of a x. lest thou be burned

      9. 11. envy not the glory of a x. knowest not his end

      12. 4. give to the godly and help not the x. 7. 14. so one that goeth to a x. and is defiled

      13. 17. what fellowship hath the wolf with the

      lamb ? so the x. with the godly

      15. 9. praise is notseendy in the mouth of ax.

      16. 13. the X. shall not escape with his spoils 20. 9. there is a s. that hath good success in evil 23. 8. the X. shall be left in his foolishness

      25. 19. let the portion of x. fall upon her

      29. 16. a X. will overthrow the estate of his surety

      33. 14. good is set against evil, so is the godly set

      against the x. and the x. against the godly Prayer of Manass. repentance to me that am a x. 1 Mac. 2. 48. nor suffered they the x. to triumph

      SINNERS. Wisd. 4.10. so that living among x. he was translated 19. 13. and punishments came upon the x. Eccl. 5. 6. his indignation resteth upon x.

      7. 16. number not thyself among the multitude of X, 11. 9. and sit not in judgment with x.

      16. had their beginning together with x.

      21. marvel not at the works of x. trust in the Lord

      12. 6. for the Most High hateth x. and will repay

      15.7. not attain to her, and s. shall not see her 19. 22. nor at any time is the counsel of x. prudenco 21. 6. hateth to be reproved, is in the way of x.

      10. the way of x. is made plain with stones



      SOL [Apocrypha.

      Eeel. 39. 85. so evil thin!» are created for t. 27. so to the s. ihey are turned into evil 40. 8. and that is seven-fold more upon 3. 41. 5. the children of 1. are abominable children 6. the inheritance of j. children shall perish 11. but an ill name of ;. shall be blotted out Ptai/er of Matuua. thy angry threatening toward t. is unportable ; hast appointed repentance to t. SlKMlTlH. Witi. 11. 16. might know wherewithal a man s. Eccl. 10.29. who will justify him that s. ag. hissoul 19. 4. he thatf. shall otfeud against hissoul 38. 15. he that s. before his Maker, let him fall

      SINNING. Ixcl. 18. 27. and in the day of s. he will beware

      19. 28. if tor want of power he be hindered from s.

      20. 21. there is that is hindered from .;. thro' want

      .SINAI. Eccl. 48. 7. who heardest rebuke of the Lord in S.

      SINCERE. Eccl. 5. 11. be swift to hear, and let tliv life be s.

      SING. Jud. 16. 1. .Tudith began to s. tliis thanksgiving

      13. I will s. to the Lord a new song Heel. 47. 9. and daily ». praises in their songs bi, 11. and 1 will s. praises with thanksgiving^

      SINGER. Eecl. 9. 4. use not company of a woman that is a ^ .


      1 Esd. 1. 15. the holy t. also were in their order

      £ccl. 47. 9. beset s. also before the altar

      50. 18. the t. also sang praises with their voices


      1 Esd. 5. 62. /. songs of thanksgiving to the Lord Wiid. 18. 9. fathers now s. out the songs of praise

      SINGULAR. Wisd. 14. 18. the s. diligence of the artificer SIGN.

      2 Esd. 3. 2. for I saw the desolation of S. 5. 25. thou hast hallowed S. to thyself

      6. 4. or ever the chimneys in S. were hot 10. 7. that S. our mother is full of heaviness Jud. 9. 13. purposed cruel things against top of S. Eeel. 24. 10. and so was I established in S. 48. 18. Sennacherib lift up his hand against S. 24. he comforted them that mourned in S. SIRNAME. 1 Mae. 2. 5. Jonathan whose j. was Apphus

      SIRNAMED. • 1 Mac. 1. 10. Antiochusf. Epiphanes, who had 6. 43. Eleazar also s. Savaran, perceiving

      SISIER. T06. 8. 4. Tobias said, s. arise, and let us pray 7. O Lord, I take not this my s. for lust SIT. 1 Esd. 3. 7. and he shall s. next to Darius 4. 42. art found wisest, thou shalt s. next to me Jud. 12. 15. that she might s. and eat upon them JVtsd. 9. 12. be worthy to s. in my father's seat Eccl. 9. 9. s. not at all with another man's wife, nor s. down with her in thine arms 11. 1. wistlom maketh him tos. among great men 9. and s. not in judgment with sinners 12. 12. neither let him s. at thy right hand 25. 18. her husband shall s. among his neighbours 26. 12. by every hedge will she s. down 31. 12. if thou s. at a bountiful table, be not greedy 32. 1. take diligent care forthem, so s. down 38. 33. they shall not s. high in the congregation, they shall not s. on the judges' seat 42. 12. and s. not m the midst of women Sus. 50. the elders said, come s. down among us

      SI IT EST. Eccl. 4. 9. deliver from the hand of the oppressor, be not faint-hearted when thou s. in judgment 23. 14. remember when thou s. among great men 31. 18. when thou s. among many, reach not

      SITTEIH. Wisd. 9. 4. give me wisdom that s. by thy throne Eccl. 33. 6. neigheth under every one that s. on him 40. 3. f.'om him that s. on a throne of glory Bar, 6.71. like a white thorn, that every bird j. on

      SUTING. 1 Esd. 4. 29. A pame f. at the right hand of the king IVisd. 6. 14. he shall find her s. at hisdoors Eeel. 1. 8. there is one wise, s. on his tlirone 38. 28. the smith also*, by the anvil 29. so doth the potter*, at his work, and turning Bar. 6. 43. the women also s. in the ways Bel 40. he looked in, and behold Daniel was s.


      Toi. 14. 3. called his son, and s. sons of his son

      Bel.3\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\. into the lions' den, where he was ^. days


      1 Esd. 7.5. inf. yearof Darius king of the Persians

      2 Esd. 6. 53. on the s. thou gavest commandment Eccl. 17. 5. in *. place he imparted understanding 2 Mae. 7. 18. after him also they brought the s.


      IVisd. 13.13. formed it by the s. of his understanding

      14. 2. and the workman built it by his s.

      19. he forced all his s. to make the resemblance

      Eccl. 1.19. wisdom raineth down s. ami knowledge

      10. 30. the poor man is honoured for his *.

      38. 3. the s. of the physician shall lift up his head

      6, he bath given me J. that he might be honoured


      Eeel. 21. 15. if a s. man hear wise word, will coicm.

      SKILFULLY. fVisd. 13. 11. be hath taken off all the bark s.

      SKIN. 2 Mac. 7. 7. and when they had pulled off the s.

      SKIPPETH. Eccl. 36. 26. a thief that s. from city to city

      SKIPPING. Wisd. 17. 19. sound ot stones, or running of * . beasts

      SLACK. S Esd. 16. 37. the plagues draw nigh, and are not s,

      38. when the child cometh forth, they s. not

      39. even so shall not the plagues be s. to come Toi. 12. 6. therefore be not s. to praise him Eccl, 4. 29. in thy deeds be not s. and remiss

      Eeel. 35. 18. Lord will not be s. till be hatti smitien

      SLACKNESS. 2 Esd. 5. 42. like as there is no s. of the last SLAIN.

      1 Esd. 1 . 50. people tliat were not s. with the sword

      4. 5. they slay, and are s. and transgress not

      2 Eld. 1. .32. whom ye have taken and s. and torn Toi. 1. 18. if the king Sennacherib had s. any

      Jud. 9. 3. wherefore thou gavest their rulers to be s. IVisd. 11. 7. whereby the infants were j.

      Bel 28. he hath s. the dragon, and put priests

      1 Mac. 2. 9. her infants are s. in the streets

      3. 11. many also fell down s. but the rest tied

      5. 12. come and deliver us, for many of us are s. 16. 21. told that his father anl brethren were s.

      2 Mac. 1. 13. they were s. in the temple of Nanea

      4. .36. because Onias was s. without cause

      7. 20. when she saw her seven sons s. in one day

      SLANDER. Eccl. 19. 15. admonish, for many times it is a «.

      26. 5. mine heait feareth the s. of a city

      27. 28. he will writhe his mouth and s. thy sayings 1 Mac. 11. 11. thus did he s. him, because he was

      SLANDEROUS. Eeel. 51. 2. and from the snare of the s. tongue

      SLAVES. Jud. 5. 11. brought them low, and made them s, 14. 13. for the s, have been bold to come down 18. these s. have dealt treacherously

      1 Mac. 3. 41. to buy the children of Israel for J.


      2 Mac. 8. 4. remember the wicked s. of infants


      1 Esd. 4. 5. they s. and are slain, and transgress not Wisd. 18. 5. determined to s. the babes of the saints

      Eccl. 47. 5. gave strength to s. that mighty warrior

      Siis. 53. the righteous shalt thou not s.

      Bel 26. I shall s. this dragon without sword or staff

      1 Mac. 5. 2. began to s. and destroy the people 9. 32. but Bacchides sought for to s. him 11. 10. daughter to him, for he sought to s, me 16. 21. Ptolemee hath sent to s. thee also

      SLAYETH. JFisd. 1. 11. the mouth that belieth s. the soul

      E^cl. 34. 22. that takefh neighbour's living s. him SLAYING.

      Eeel. 21. 2. as the teeth of a lion, s. souls of men

      1 Mac. 6. 45. s. on the right hand, and on the left

      2 Mae. 5. 13. there was s. of virgins and infants


      1 Esd. 3. 6. to drink in gold, and to s. upon gold

      2 Esd. 2. 31. remember thy children that s. Wisd. 7. 2. and the pleasure that came with s. 17- 14. but they sleeping the same s. that night

      Ercl. 13. 13. hearest these things, awake in thy t. 22. 7. as he that waketh one from a sound s. 31. 1. and the care thereof driveth away s.

      2. watching care, as a sore disease breaketh s.

      20, sound s. cometh of molerate eating 40. 6. he is in his f. as in a day of keeping watch

      42. 9. and the carer for her taketh away *.

      46. 19. before his long s. he made protestations

      1 Mac. 6. 10. the s. is gone from mine eyes

      SLEEPING. Wisd. 17. 14. they s. the same sleep that night SLENDERLY.

      2 Mac, 15. 38. but if I have done s, and meanly

      SLEPT. 2 10. 59. so I s. that night and another Toi. 8. 9. so they s. both that night Jud. 12. 5. and she s. till midnight and arose Eccl. 48. 11. they that saw thee and.i. in love

      SLEW. Eccl. 47. 4. s. he not a giant when he was but young

      1 Mac. 1. 2. Alexander s. the kings of the earth 61. they s. them that had circumcised them

      2. 24. he ran and s, him upon the altar .38. they rose up and s. them with their wives

      5. 51. who then s. all the males with the sword 16. 16. Ptolemee f. him and his two sons

      2 Mac. 4. .'58. there s. he the cursed murderer 5. 6. Jason s. his own citizens without mercy

      SLIDE. Eeel. 28. 26. beware thou j. not by it, lest thou fall

      SLING. Jud. 9. 7. thev trust in spear, and bow, and s. Eeel. 47. 4. lifted his hand with the stone in the s.

      SLINGS. 1 Mac. 6. 51. and pieces to cast darts and s,

      SLIP. Eccl. 20. 18. to s. on a pavement is better than to f. with the tongue, so fall of wicked shall come SLIPPED. Eeel. 25. 8. he that hath not s. with his tongue

      SLIPPETH. Eccl. 19. 16. there is one that j. in his speech 21. 7. a man of understanding knows when he j.

      SLIPPED. Eccl, 14. 1. the man tliat batli not ;. with his

      mouth A Mac. 9. 7. when .Tudas saw that his host s. away

      SLOTHFUL. Eccl. 22. 2. a s. man is compared to filth of dunghill 37. 11. consult not with the s, for any work

      SLOW. Wisd. 15. 15. as for their feet, they are s. to go Eeel. 7. .35. be not s. to visit the sick 51 . 24. wherefore are you s.? and what say you

      SLUMBER. Eeel. 22. 8. a tale to a fool speaketh to one in a /. 31. 2. watching care will not let a man s.

      SMALL. 1 Esd. 1. 54. the vessels of the Lord, great and s. Wisd. 6. 7. for he hath made the s. and great 14. 5. men commit their lives to a s. piece of wood 16. 6. they were troubled for a s. season Eeel. 5. 15. ignorant in a great matter or a s. 19. 1. he that contemneth s. things shall fall 27. 1. many have sinned for a s. matter

      43. 15. by his power the hailstones are broken s. 48. 15. there remained a s. people and a ruler

      Bar, 2. 29. great multitude turned into a .;. number

      Dan. 3. 23. not with rosin, pitch, tow, and s, wood

      1 Mac, 3. 16. went to meet him with a s, company 18. with a great multitude, or a s. company

      2 Mac. 1. 15. he was entered with a s. company

      3. 14. wherefore there was no s. agony through city 14. 8. for all our nation is in no s, misery

      SMART. Tob. 11. 12. when his eyes began to s. he rubbed


      Toi. 8. 3. which s. when the evil spirit smelled Eccl. 30. 19. for neither can it eat nor s. 2 Mac. 9. 9. the filthiness of his* . was noisome 12. when himself could not abide his own s. SMELLED. Tob. 8. 3. when evil spirit had s. he fled to Egypt

      SMELLING. Eccl. 50. 15. a sweet s. savour to the Most High

      SMILE. Eccl. 21. 20. a wise man doth scarce s. a little

      S.MILED. Bel 7. then Daniel s. and said, be not deceived


      Eeel. 13. 11. and s. on thee, will get out thy secrets


      1 Esd. 4. 8. if he command to s. thev s.

      2 £frf. 15. 11. and I will s. Egypt w-ith plagues Jvd. 9. 10. s. by the deceit of my lips the prince Eeel. 36. 10. s. in sunder the heads of the rulers

      SMITH. Eccl. 38. 28. the s. also sitting by the anvil

      SMIITE^. Jud, 13. 15. Ixird hath * . him by the hand of a woinai> Eccl. 13. 2. if the one be s. against the other .35. 18. till he hath s. in sunder the loins

      1 Mac. 1. 1. had s. Darius king of the Persians

      2 Mac. 12. 22. being s. with fear and terror

      SMOKE. Tob. 6. 7. we must make a s. thereof before the maiv 16. the liver thou shalt make a s. with it

      8. 2. the heart and liver he made a s. therewith Wisd. 2. 2. the breath in our nostrils is as s. Eccl. 22. 24. as the vapour and s. of a furnace Bar. 6. 21. their faces are black through the s.

      1 Mac. 4. 20. for tlie s. that was seen declared

      SMOTE. Jud. 5. 12. he s. the land of Egypt with plagues 13. 8. she s. twice upon his neck with all her might Dan. 3. 26. and j. the flame of fire out of the oven

      1 Mac. 2. 44. they s. sinful men in their anger

      2 Mac. 3. 25. s. at Heliodorus with his fore feet

      9. 5. God s. him with an incurable plague

      12. 35. a horseman coming on him s. off his shoulder

      SMOTEST. Jud, 9. 3. thou s. the servants with their lords

      SNARE. Wisd. 14. 11. and a s. to the feet of the unwise Eccl. 27. 29. they shall be taken in the s, 51. 2. and from the s. of tlie slanderous tongue 1 Mac. 1. 35. and so they became a sore f. 5. 4. who had been a s. and an offence to people

      SNARES. Tob, 14. 10. Manasses escaped the s. of death

      SNOW. Dan. 3. 46. O ye de ws and storms of s. bless the Ld. 50. O ye frost and s. bless ye the Lord

      1 Mac. 13. 22. but there fell a very great s.

      SOBERLY. Wisd. 9. 11. she shall lead me s, in my doings

      SOCKETS. Eccl. 26. 18. as golden pillars are on t. of silver SODOM.

      2 Esd, 2.8. remember what 1 did to S. and Gomorrab

      SODOMITES. 2 Esd. 7. 36. Abraham prayed first for the S. Wisd. 19. 14. for the S. did not receive thoee

      SODOMITISH. 2 Esd. 5. 7. the S. sea shall cast out fish

      SOFT. Jud. 12. 15. her maid laid s. skins on the giouiid Wisd. 2. 3. our spirit shall vanish as the s. air 15. 7. for the potter temperinir the s, earth SO.IOURNED. Jud. 5. 7. they s. heretofore in Mesopotamia Wisd. 19. 10. while they s. in the strange land Eccl. 16. 8. nor spared he the place where Lot s,

      SOJOURNEST. Eccl. 41. 19. in regard of the place where thou s.

      SOLD. Tob. 1.7. another tenth part I s. away and spent it Jud. 7. 25. but God hath s. us into their hands Wisd. 10. 13. when righteous was j. she forsook not Bar. 4.6. ye were J. tothe nations not for destruction

      1 Mac. 1. 15. and were f. to do mischief

      2 Mac. 4. .32. and some of them he s. into Tyms 5. 14. and no fewer s. than slain

      8. 14. others s. all they had left and withal besought the Lord, being s. by the wicked Nicanor SOLDIERS. 1 Fsd. 4. 6. likewise for those that are no s.

      1 Mac. 3. 28. and he gave his s. pay for a year 5. 50. so the s. pitched, and assaulted the city 6. 29. there came unto him bands of hired s.

      11. 3. he left in every one a garrison of s. to keep it SOLEMX.

      2 E.trf. 1. 31. your s. feastnlays have T forsaken .Tud. 8. 6. and j. days of the house of Israel Est/i. 16. 22. among your s. feasts keep it a high day Eccl. 47. 10. and he set in onier the s. times Bar. 1. 14. read this book upon the s, days

      SOLEMNLY. "Mac. 14. 4. which were used s. in the teropla

      SOLE.MN riY. Eccl. 50. 19. till the s. of the Lord was ended 2 Mac. 15. 36. not to let that day pass without s.

      SOLES. Esth. 13.13. have been content to kiss the s, of his feet

      SOLITARY. Eeel. 8. 16. go not with him into a s. place 9. 7. nor wander thou in the s. places thereof SOLOMON. 2 Esd. 7. 38. S. for them that come to the sanctuary Eccl. 47. 13. S. reigned in a peaceable time 687

      Apocrypha.] S O R

      Eeel. 47. 2S. thus rested S. with his fathers

      2 Afac. '.'. H. when S. desired the place niighthe

      ]0. evensn piayed S. also, and tire came down

      12. so b. kept those eight days SOLUTION. S Esd. 10. 43. of death of her son, this is the s.

      SONG, a Etd. 10. 22. our J. is put to silence, joy at an end Jtid. 16. 1. al! people sang afterher thisi. of praise

      1.J, I will sing unto the Lord a new s. O Lord £ccl. 39- 14. sing as. of praise, bless the Lord

      SONGS. 1 £j(/.5.C0. singing: f. of thanksgiving, praisins? Lord

      61. they sung with loul voices s. to the Lord £cci. 39. 15. shew forth his praise with s. of your lips

      47. H. with his whole heart he sungj. loved him 9- they might daily sine praises m their s. 17- the countries marvelled at thee for thy j.

      SON. Tot. 1. 22. and he was my brother's j. 3. 15. nor any s. of his alive to whom I may keep 4. 3. he said, my f. when 1 am dead bury me

      4. remember, my .t. she saw many dangers for thee

      5. my s. be mindful of Ixird our God all thy days

      12. beware of all whoredom, my s. take a wife 14. be circumspect, my s. in all things thou dost 19. therefure, my i. remember my commandment 21. fear not, my s. that we arc made poor

      £. 11. dost thou seek an hired man to go with thy s.

      14. and things necessary as to mine own s.

      17. Anna said, why hast thou sent away our s. ? 6. 14. 1 am the only s. of my father, I fear lest I die, for they have no other t. to bury them 7- 7. thou art the s. of an honest and good man 10. 4. my s. is dead, seeing he stayeth long

      5. 1 carefor nothing, my f. is the light of mine eyes

      7. my f. is dead, she ceaseth not to bewail hers. 11. 9. Anna fell on the neck of her s. and said, see- ing I have seen thee, my s. 1 am content to die

      10. Tobit stumbled but hisi. ran unto him

      13. when he saw his f. he fell upon his neck

      15. taken pity, for behold, 1 see my f. J'obias 14. 3. he called his s. and the sixsonsofhis s. and

      said to him, my s. take thy children Wisd. 2. 18. for if the just man he the s. of God

      10. 5. his tender compassion towards his s. £ccl. 2. 1. my s. if thou come to serve the Lord

      3. 12. niy s. help thy father in his age 6. 23. give ear, my j. receive my advice 32. my s. if thou wilt, thou slialt be taught s. sow not on the furrowspf unrighteousness 10.28. my s. glorify thy soul in meekness

      11. 10. my f. meddle not with many matters

      16. 24. my s. hearken to me, and learn knowledge

      18. 15. my j. blemish not thy good deeds

      21. 1. my s. hast thou sinned r do so no more 26. 19. my f . keep the tiower of thine age sound

      30. 2. he that ctiastiseth his s. shall have joy 3. he that teacheth his s. grieveth the enemy

      7. he that maketli too much of his s. shall bind up 13. chastise thy i. and hold him to labour

      31. 22. my*, hear me, and despise me not

      33. 19. give not thy s. and wife power over fhee 34. 20. as one thatkilleth the s. before his father 40. 28. my s. lead not a beggar's life, better to die

      48. 10. to turn the heart of the father to the f. Bar. 2. 3. a man should eat the flesh of his own s. I Mac. 1. 10. Epiphanes, f. of Antiochus the king

      3. 33. he left Lysias to bring up his .t. Antiochus 10. 54. I will be thy s. in law, and give gifts 13. 53. saw that John his s. was a valiant man 16. 11. Ptolemeusthe son of A bubus made captain S Afac. 7-26. promised that she would counsel herj.

      27. O my .f. have pity upon me that bare thee

      28. 1 beseech thee, my s. look upon the heaven 10. 10. who was the j. of this wicked man

      SONS. 1 Esd. 5. 35. the s. of the servants of Solomon 6. 21. upon the kingdom of the king and his j. 70. their s. have married with their daughters 84. ye shall not join your daughters to their s. nor shall ye take their daughters to your s. S Esd.l. 28. have 1 not prayed you as a father his j. T06. 1. 7. the first tenth I gave to the s. of Aaron

      21. not 55 days before two of his s. killed him Jud.5. 3. he said, tell me now, ye s. of Canaan Wisd. 9. 7. to be a judge of thy s. and daughters 12.21. with circumspection didst thou judge thyj. 16. 10. thy s. not the teeth of dragons overcame 4. to be imprisoned who kept thy s. shut up 1.3. acknowledged this people to be the s. of God Eccl. 3.2. confirmed authority of the mother over s.

      16. 1. neither delight in ungodly s.

      40. 1. a heavy yoke is upon the s. of Adam 50. 13. so were all the s. of Aaron in their glory &ts. 48. areyesuchfools, ye j.of Israel, to condemn

      1 Mac. 1.9. so did their s. after them many years 2. 20. yet will 1 and my s. walk in the covenant

      64. wherefore you, my s. be valiant, and shew 70. and his s. buried him in the sepulchre

      13. 16. and send two of his s. for hostages

      2 .Mac. 7. 20. when she saw her seven s. slain 41. last of all, after thei. the mother died

      . SOOIHSAYINGS. E^cl. 34. 5. divinations and s. and dreams are vain

      SOKE. Wisd. 10. 12. in a s. conflict she gave him victory Eccl. 31.2. care as a s. ilisease breaketh sleep 39. 28. which in their fury lay on s. strokes

      1 Mac. 2. 14. put on sackcloth, and mourned very s.

      2 Mac. 3. 26. who gave him many s. stripes

      9.5. s. torments of the inner parts came upon him

      SORROW. 1 Esd. 3. 20. a man remembereth neither s. nor debt 'Job. 3. 1. I did weep, and in my s. prayed, saying

      6. 14. and bring my father's life to the grave with s. £.sth. 13. 17. turn our s. into joy, that we may live £.ccl. 26. 6. a grief of heart, and s. is a woman that

      30. 12. l>e stubborn, and so bring .t. to thy heart 23. remove s. far from th^e, for .t. hath killed

      37. 12. who will s. with thee if thou shall miscarry

      38. 19. in affliction also s. remainetli



      1 Mac. 1. It. since departed, we have had much /.

      2 Mac. 3. 17. what J. lie had now in his heart 9. 9. while he lived in s. his flesh fell away

      .SORROWS. £cc/. 3. 27. an obstinate heart be laden with .;. 7. 27. and torget not the s. of thy mother SORROWFUL.

      1 Esd. 9. 52. this day is holy to I^ord, be not s. 5.3. Tub. .■J. 10. when she heard these, she was very s. 7. 7. when he heard I'obit was blind he was s,

      13. 14. who have been s. for all thy scourges Eccl. 4. 2. make not an hungry soul *. nor provoke

      30. 5. and when he died, he was nut s. SORRY.

      2 Esd. 8. 15. thy people, for whose sake I am s. lob. 9. 4. and it 1 tarry long, he will be very s. Eccl. 13. 5. he will make thee bare, and not be .r.

      SOVEREIGNIY. JVtsd. 6. 3. and s. is given from the Highest

      SOUGHl. 1 Esd. 2. 21. that it may be s. out in the books

      5. .39. was s. in the register, and was not found 'i'ob. 1. 19. that I was s. for to l)e put to death Wisd. 8. 2. I loved her and s. her out from my youth Eccl.iO. 27. a scold shall be s. out to drive away

      .■8. .33. they shall not be s, for in counsel

      39. 17. at a time convenient they shall all be j. out

      47. 25. they s. out all wickedness, till vengeance 51. 3. out of the hand of such as s. after my life

      15. from my youth up *. 1 after her

      1 Mac. 7. 13. Assideans were the first that s. peace

      SOUL. Wisd. 1.4. into a malicious 1. wisdom shall not enter

      11. the mouth that belieth.slayeth the s. 4. U. was he taken away, lest deceit t)eguile his j.

      14. his .r. pleased the Lord, therefore he hasted 9. 15. the corruptible body pressethdown the s. 10. 16. she entered into the s. of servantof the Lord 15. 11. his maker that inspired into him an active s.

      16. 14. nor the s. received up, cometh again 17.8. promised to drive away troubles from sick j.

      Eccl. 1. .30. lest thou bring dishonour on thy s. 2. 1. my son. prepare thy s. for temptation 4. 2. make not an hungry s. sorrowful

      6. if he curse thee in the bitterness of his s.

      17. until she may trust his f. and try him by laws

      20. be not ashamed when it coiicernetli tliy s. 22. accept no person against thy s.

      6. 2. that thy s. be not torn in pieces as a bull

      7. 11. laugh no man to scorn in bitterness of his s. 17. humble thy s. greatly, for vengeance is fire

      21 . let thy s. love a good servant, defraud him not

      9. 2. give not thy s. unto a woman, to set her foot 6. give not thy s. to harlots, that thou lose not

      10. 28. my son, glorify thy s. in meekness

      29. will justify him thatsinneth against hisownf.

      14. 4. he that gathereth by defraucnng his own s.

      16. give and take, and sanctify thy s.

      16. 17- for what is my s. among such a number ?

      19. 4. that sinneth, shall ofFena against his own s.

      20. 22. there is that destroyeth his own s.

      21. 27- curseth Satan, he cureeth his own s. 28. a whisperer defileth his s. and is hated

      .30. 23. love thine own s. and comfort thy heart .32. 23. in every good work trust thine own s. 33. 31. thou hast need of him, as of thine own s. 34. 15. blessed is the J. of him that feareth the Lord

      17. he raiseth up thes. and lighteneth the eyes 37- 27. prove thy s. and see what is evil for it

      28. nor hath every s. pleasure in every thing

      48. 5. raise his s. from the place of the dead

      51. 19. my s. hath wrestled with her, I was exact 20. I directed my s. to her, and 1 found her 26. and let your s. receive instruction

      29. let your s. rejoice in his mercy Bar. 2. 18. but the s. that is greatly vexed

      3. 1. O Lord, the s. in anguish crieth to thee

      2 Mac. 6. 30. but in s. am well content to suffer

      SOULS. Wisd. 3. 1. the j. of righteous are in hand of God

      13. she shall have fruit in the visitation off. 7. 27. and in all ages entering into holy s.

      11. 26. they are thine, O Lord, thou lover of j. 12.6. the parents that killed s. destitute of help 14. 11. are stumbling-blocks to the .s. of men

      26. defiling of s. changing of kind, disorder

      17. 1. therefore unnurtured s. have erred Eccl. 2. 17. will humble their s. in his sight

      21.2. as the teeth of a lion, slaying s. ot men 51. 24. what say you, seeing yoars. are thirsty r

      Bar. 2. 17. whose J. are taken from their bodies 6. 7. my angel with jou, I myself caring foryourf.

      Dan. 3. 64. O ye spirits and s. of the righteous

      1 Mac. 1. 48. should make their s. abominable SOUND.

      Wisd. 1. 9. the s. of his words come to the Lord

      17. 19- or a terrible s. of stones cast down

      Eccl. 45. 9. that there might be a s. and noise made 47. 10. that the temple might s. from morning

      SOUNDED. I Esd. 5. 62. and all the people s. trumpets

      65. yet the multitude f. marvellously, was heard IVisd. 17. 4. noises, as of waters, s. about them

      18. 10. there s. an ill-according cry of enemies Eccl. 50. 16. sons of Aaron s. the silver trumpets


      IVisd. 19. 13. notes change the tune, and yet are s.

      Eccl. 50. 18. with great variety of j. made melody


      1 Mac. 7. 45. s. an alarm after them with trumpets

      SOUND. Eccl. 17. 28. the s. in heart shall praise the Lord

      22. 7. ashe that waketh one from a s. sleep 26. 19. my son, keep the flower of thine age s. 30. 14. being f. and strong of constitution

      16. there is no riches above a s. body, and no joy SOUR.

      2 Mac. 14. 30. such s. behaviour came not of good


      1 Mae. 3,57. the camp pitched on j.of Emmaus


      2 Esd. 9. 31. for behold, I s. my law in you


      2 Esd. 16. 24. no man left to till earth, and t. it Eccl. 7. 3. s. not on furrows of unrighteousiies* 26. 20. s. it with thine own seed, trusting in SOWN.

      1 Esd. 4. 6. when they reaped that which they had t

      SOW El H.

      2 Esd. 8. 41. as the husbandman s. much seed

      16. 43. he that if he should uot reap

      SPACE. Wisd. 16. 3. these sutiering penury for a short s, 2 Mac. 14. 44. and a s. beiii^ made, he fell down

      SPAIN. 1 Mae. 8. 3. what they had done in the country of S.

      SPAKE. 1 Esd. 1. 51. and look when the Lord s. unto them

      3. 4. young men of the guard s. one to another 'Job. 14. 8. things which the prophet .lonas.>. Eccl, 13. 22. he s. wisely , and could have nu place

      SPA K. EST. Jud. 16. 14. for thou s. and they were made

      SPARE. 1 Esd. 4. 7. if he command to /. they s. Wiid. 2. 10. ungodly said, let us not i. the widottr Ecct. 13. 12. and he will not s. to do thee hurt 23. 2. that they s. me not for mine ignorances 1 Mac. 13. 5. thatl should s. mine own life

      SPARED. 1 Esd. 1. 50, because he s. them and his tabernacle

      53. who s. neither young man nor maid Jud. 13. 20. because thou hast not s. thy.self Eecl. 16. 8. nor i. he the place where L(>t sojourned

      17. 21. neitlier left nor forsook them, but.>. them

      SPAREDST. Wisd. 12. 8. nevertheless those thou /. as men

      SPA RES r. Wisd. 11. 26. but thou j. all, for they are thin*

      SPARTA. 1 Mac. 14. 16. wlien heard at Home, and as far as S.

      SPEAK. 1 Fjd. 3. 5. let every one of us s. a sentence 21. and it maketh to j. all things by talents

      4. 13. the third, this was Zorobabel, began \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\.os, .33. king looked, so he began to f. of the truth

      Tob. 6.10. 1 Willi, for her that she may be given thee

      12. now hear me, and I will s. to her father 7-8. f. of those things thou didst talk in the way Jud. 11.5. suffer thy handmaid to.(. in thy presence Esth. 15. 12. he embraced hei', and said, f. to me Wisd. 6. 9. to you therefore, O kings, do J s. 7- 15. God hath granted me to j. as 1 would 8. 12. when 1 s. they shall give good ear tome

      10.21. made the tongues that cannot .(.eloquent 13. 17. ashamed to j. to that which hath no life

      Eccl. 4.23. refrain not to s. w hen occasion to do good 25. in no wise*, against the truth

      13.6. he will x. thee fair, and say, what want, thou.' 23. but if poor man f. they say, what fellow is this'

      18. 19. learn before thou.t. and use physic or evei

      19. 14. and if he have, that he s. it not again

      20. 16. they that eat my bread s. evil of me 20. for he will not s. it in due season

      27. 7. praise no man before thou liearest him s. 32. 3. s. thou that art the elder, it beciimedi thee 43. 27. we may s. much, and yet come short

      1 Mac. 9. 55. so that he could no more s. any thing:

      SPEAKER. Eccl. 23. 8. the evil s. and proud shall fall thereby

      SPEAKETII. Wisd. 1.8. that s. unrighteous things cannot be hid Eccl. 12. 16. an enemy s. sweetly with his lips

      13. 22. rich mam. things not to bespoken, yet men 23. when rich man s. every man holds his tongue

      22.8. that telleth tale toa tool,*, to one in slumber 25. 9. he that *. in ears of them that will hear

      SPEAKING. Eccl. 6. 5. a fair s. tongue will increase greetings 41. 23. or of s. again what thou hast heard


      Jud. 11. 2. 1 would not have lifted up my s.

      ^ee Shield.


      Tob. 10. 12. T commit my daughter to fhee of J. trust

      Wisd. 3. 14. to him shall be given the s. gift of faith

      SPEECH. Jud. 9. 13. make my j. and deceit to be their wound Esth. 14. 13. give me eloquent.?, in my mouth

      16. 5. oftentimes the fair s. of those put in trust Eccl. 4. 24. for by s. wisdom shall be known

      ,9. 17. and the wise ruler of the people for his /.

      17. 5. s. an interpreter ofthe cogitations thereof 19. 16. there is one that slippeth in his .t.

      32. 8. let thy s. be short, comprehending much 12. take thy pastime, but sin not by proud s.

      2 Mac. 15. 39. so 1. finely framed delighteih the ears

      SPEECHES. Wisd. 8. 8. she knowetli the subtilties of s. Eccl. 36. 19. scan heart of understanding, false s.

      SPEECHLESS. Wisd. 4. 19. he shall rend them, that they be i. 2 Mac. 3. 29. he lay s. without all hope of lite SPEED.

      1 Esd. 6. 10. those works are done with great /. 8. 19. that they should give it him with s.


      Jud. 12. 14. whatever pleasetli him, T will do s.

      Esth. 16. 18. God s. rendering vengeance to him Wisd. 2. 6. let us j. use the creatures as in youth 4. 11. yea, s. was he taken away, lest wickedness 6.5. horribly and s. shall he come upon you

      Eccl. 16. 4. kmdred of wicked shall /. become desol.

      21. 5. and his judgment cometh s.

      43. 22. a present remedy of all is a mist coming s.

      2 Mac.l. 37. he would s. be merciful to our nation

      SPEND. 1 £«?. 4. 21. he sticks not to j. his life with his wife To*. 10.7. which Hasuel had sworn he should s. there Jud. 11.13. are resolved to .«. the first-fruits ot corn 12. 4. I shall not j. those thinssthat 1 have before Eccl. 9. 9. s. not thy money with her at t'le wine

      14. 4. for others that shall .t. his goods riotously

      SPENDING. Wisd. 13. 12. and after s. the refuse of his work



      1 £«/. 6. 30. as priests ill Jems, sisnifv to he daily .t.

      I JUac. 14. 32. Siiiiun .'. niucii of his own substance

      ^Pll;ll. ] Fid. C. C. the T.ord raiseil up the .■. of Ci rus Toi. ;>. ti. and conimami my >. to lie taken I'rcni me

      6. ■('• it' a devil Of an evil ... trouble anv make siiiuke

      14. lest 1 (lie, toi' a wicked s. lovetii her

      15. and make thou no reckoning ot the evil s. 8. 3. which smell when the c^il ... had smelled

      Jurf. 14. t'l. Achior tell down, and his .t. faileil

      16. 14. tliou didst send forth thv s. it createtl (hem jF.iM. 15. 8. then God clian^'ed the s. of the kin;;

      II isd. I. 5. the holy ■'. of d'lscipline will dee deceit (*). wistlom is a lovinir -f. an(i will not acquit

      7. for the ..-. of the Lord filleth the world S. 3. and our s. shall vanish as the soft air

      5. 3. they repcntin:; and i;roanin2 tor anguish of .r.

      7. 7. 1 called on God. the .(. of wisdom came tonie CC. tor in her is an understanding s. holy

      o. 17. except thou send thv Holy S- fro'n above IC. 1. thine incorruptible s. in all thniiis

      15. 11. he knew not him that breatheil in a Ir ing ,r.

      16. he that boirowed his own s. fashioned tlieui

      16. 14. the f. when iione toith, retnrneth not Heel. .34. 13. the ,t. of those that fear the Lord

      .38. C3. when his s. is departed from him .30. 6. shall be tilled with the s. of understanding 4K. IC. and Kliseus was tilled with his ... '24. he saw bv an excellent s. what should come liar. 3. 1. ) Lord, the troubled s. crielh unto thee ^ii.s. 45. raised up the holy f. of a young youth Jif/'M). throueh the vehemency of his s. set him 1 .Vac. 13. 7. tbe I)eople heard, their s. revived

      .s^'UiU.'^. H'isd. '. C3. free from care, pure and ir.ost subtile s.

      .spiKi ir..\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\r..

      Jlisd. 14. IC. idols was bpLjinning of f. fornication

      :?P 1 I . F.rcl. C8. IC, if thou .t. on it, it shall be quenched £ M,tc. 6. 19. he s. it fortli, and came to torment

      SPl II LL. Ecd. Co. CC. an harlot shall be accounted as s.

      .SPOIL. 1 Fsil. 4. 5. as well the .-. as all the things else 'J','). 3. 4. th(m hast delivered us for a ... 1 Mac. :'y. '^0. to destrov us and our wives and to s. us

      Sl'OI I, I'D. 1 r:.. 4. C4. when he hath stolen, s. and robbed Iijrf. li CD. liie liijhteons ... the uniiodly I'cc/. 3fi. C5. w here no hed.i;e is, the possession is s. 48. 15. till they we re .t. and carriei out ot their land Bar. 6. 18. lest their tods be s. w ith robbers

      1 Mac. t'l. C4. they slew, a-.d .t. our inheritance

      2 yiac.9. 16. holy temple, which before he had s.

      .SPOILS. 1 Mnc. 1. 3. Alexander took s. of many nations £ .M,u-. B. CH. had given pait of i. to the maimed 30. diviileil amoiiL' theuiselves n.any s. more, and made the widows and the aged also equal iu s.

      .'^POKEX. 1 Esil. 1. C8. th.e words ... by the mouth of the Lord

      3. 17. who had ... of the strength of wine

      4. 13. then the third, who had .t. of women y. 10. like asthou hast i. so will we do

      Jircl. 13. C'J. he speaketh things not to be .r, .'Ui. 17. vveep a dav or two, lest thou be evil s. of 33. tbev shall not be found w here parables are j-. Bar. C. CO. as thou hast s. by thy servants .>«,'. 47. w hat mean these words that thou hast s. ? Bel 9. for he hath s. blasphemy against Bel 1 .Mac. 1. C4. a L'reat massacre.'and .'•. very proudiv C .iy«c 1. CO. plant thy peO|de, as Moses hath .., " 3. 34. when they had s. these words, thev appeared

      6. 17. let this we have ... be for a warn'ini; to us y. 5. as soon as he had '. these words a pain came on

      SPOKl'. 1 i'.sd. 1. 51. they made a .r. of his prophets i,(i/. C7. l.i. theii .t. is in the wanlonness of sin

      .SPOT. nV../. 13. 14. and coveriiiL' every i. therein

      SPUI IKD. " /I lid. 15. 4. nor anv imaL'e ,c. w ith divers colours

      .^POISK. 7!;'.n'.8. C. 1 loved her. I desired to make hern:y.f.

      SPOll.-^. C Mac. 14. 45. his blond unshed out like s. of water

      .sPliKAl). 1 i:-ni.9. II. sef ill!.' our sill in these things is .c. far .!'•/. 4. 11. i. out their sackcloth before the Lord ;i lid. 17- CI. over them was ... an heavy night

      1 .l/«f . 4. 51. they ... ., lit the vails, and tinished works

      2 .Mac. 8, 7- bis manliness was ... every where

      SPKKADI.NG. IVitd. 17. 18. a noisi- ol birds among .t. branches

      .SPUI.NG. U lid. C. 7. and let no ttower of the s. pass by us


      S £.1'/. 4.7. bow many s. are in the beginning of the

      d^rp, or liow many i. are al'ove the tirmament

      13. 47. the Highest shall stay the s. of the stream


      2 Mac. l.Cl. I'.ecoiiiinanded the priests to j. the wood

      SI'HINM.I'.I). 2 Mac. 10. C5. they s. earth upun their heads

      J^PV. £cc/. n. 30. like as a ... uatchetli he for thv fall

      SPIKS. I Mac. le. C6. he sent s. also to their tents

      .surAKI'. 1 Mac. 10. 11. to build the walls with s. stones

      SI AB! ISlll 1). £ccl. 22. 10. so the heart that is s. by counsel

      -SI ALL. I'tii. a. 1". is he not the .t. of our hand in going ? lieh:6. I will slay the drauon without swoid or s.

      SI A I .S . Lcc/. CC. 10. do .t. the imbiiity of their kindred 33. CC. leave not a ... in thine hi'nour 47. CO. tliou didst i. thy lioiiDur and pdliite thy seed « Mac. 6. 25. and I shall set a j. to m.) old 'age



      2 Mac. 6. 10. to live s. witli such abomination

      Sr.AkL.s. Led. 43. 19. it lietli on the top of sliarp ..-.

      .STALLION. Ecci. 33. 0. a s. hoise is as a inockiiig fiienJ

      .SIA.MP. 1 Mac. 15. 6. also to coin nionev witii thine own s.

      Si.ANU.' 1 /.'..(/. 8. 00. we cannot s. any longrer before thee Jiid. ft. 4. footsteps shall not be able to s. before us

      8. IC. that s. insteaii of Gi«l amongst men 33. you shall .t. this night in the gate

      Jl'iid. 5. C3. a mighty wind shall .t. up against them 6. 7. nor shall he j". in awe of anv man's L'reatness IC. IC. or who shall come to i. against thee - KccL IC. IC. set him bv, lest he s. in thv place C1.C:5. he tliat is well nurtured will j. w"itiiout CC. 18. ))ales on an hi.:h place will never .'. against the winti, so a tearful heai t caniint .?. against tear .37. 13. let the counsel of thine ow ii heart s. •iO. C.'i. gohl and silver make the foot s. sure

      43. 10. they will s. in their order, ami not faint

      44. IC. the'ir seed .«. fast, and their children

      1 .l/(/c3.53. how shall we be able to .t. against them -

      10. 7C. thy foot is not able to ,.-. before our face .' C Mac. C. .30. to s. on every iioint and go over things

      SfANDKIlI. J'd. 9. 11. f r thv power s. not in niulritude Ii lid. 4. 8. is not that w hirli ..-. in len.'th of time 1 -Mac. 9. 41. it s. not w ith us to-dav, as in time past .SIANDING. "

      1 E'd. 1. 5. i. in the temple according to liiLT.ity .I'.d. 1.3. 4. tl:.-n .huiiih ,.-. bv his heil. s.d.l ii, heart

      n i,d.A. 4. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\et ... not last, they shall be sliakeii 10. 7. and a s. jiillar of salt is a mMniiuient 18. 16. and .f. up, tilled all tilings witii death C3, .t. between, he staved tlie wrath ami iiarted Sit-. 4S. so he .f. ill the midst of them, s.iid C Mac. 14. 45. he ran through and j. on a steep rock

      .STAR. Eccl. 50. 6. he was as the morning s. in a cloud

      SrAH,s, IVi'd.'. 19. the circuits of years and positions of x, C9. she is above all the order of .>•.

      10. 17. ami a light of .c in the night season

      13. C. but deemed it swift air. or the circle of the s. 17.5, nor briizht fianiesof.r. endure to lighten

      iVf/. 43.y.the beauty of heaven, the glorv of the j. 44. CI. that he wculd exalt Ids seed as the .(. liar. 3.34. the.t. shined in their watches and rejoiced

      6. 60. for the sun, moon, and ..', aie obedient Van. 3. 13. multiply their seed as the,., ol heaven

      41. O ye s. of heaven, bless ve the Loid

      2 Mac. 9. 10, thought he could leach to th.e s.

      .SIA IE. 2 ^^ac.A.6. was impossible ..-. should continue quiet

      9. C4. they knowing to whom the s. was left

      1 1. 19. if you keep yourselves loyal to the i.

      14. Co. was not well-atlected towards the s.

      .SIAILLINES.S. Jud. 9. 10. break down their ..-. by hand of a woman

      SIA 1 LKK. Ear. 3. Co. the giants, iliat were of so s.

      SI Al LIE. C Mac. 10.8. they ordained also by a common .f.

      Sl.AlUl LS.' C E'd. 1.C4. will give my name that they may keep i.

      7. 11. and when Adam transgiessed niv s.

      13. 4C. that they might there keep their' .(.

      Eccl. 45. 17. be gave authority in s. of judgments Si AY.

      1 Mac. C. 43. joined and were a s. unto them STAYED.

      rr/,.,/. 18.C3. stamling between, he .f. the wi.dli

      Ecc/. 15. 4. he shall be .t. upon her, and not moved SI AYLIIL

      'J'i/>. 10. 4. mv son is dead seeing he s. long SILAU.

      1 Fid. 1..34. people made him king in .f. of .losias

      J'r/'. l.Cl. s,.ich.Hi,.imshisson r.-igned iu liis ..-.

      .hid.V. IC. that stand in ... of Gnd among men

      I- •til. 14. C. ill ..'. of preci.ius ointmt ills, ashes

      H i-d. 5. 18. put on triir iudgmi-ut in ...of an 7. 10. and I cho. se to lun e her in .t. of li:;ht 1 1. 6. in ... lit a toimtain of a perpetual running 1);. 3. in ... wheieot thou -avcst tlieiii a pillar

      I a I. 4. 10. be iu ..■. of a husband to tli. ir mother 6. 1. in ... of a friend beccme not an eiiemv J. of them which live and iiive thanks

      /;«;-. 3. 19. and others are i-.-ire up. iu their ..-.

      1 .M,!,-. 3. 1. then Maccabeus 1. m- up in his ... 1 i. .it. ill ... ..1 p,i :i ellt- the kill;; leciived

      14. 17. thatsiiia u wa- ii:aliTii-h priest in his .'.

      M 1 AL. 1 E'd. 4. C3. a mail gceth his way to rob and to..-.

      SI IDLASf. •:.;. 13. 3. for his constant ;;ood will and ,.-. fidelity I (..7.C3. kind ti man, sine, tree Irom caie Eccl. 5. 10. be .. iu ibv understanding and thy word 11. Cu. be .«. in thv covenant, ami be onversaiit CC, C:'). abiOe ..-. to liiiii iu lime of his Iroiihle 1 .Mac. 13. 37. we are readv to make a ..-. i>eace

      SI LLP. C Mac. 14. 45. he ran, ami standing upon a ,(. roi k

      SUP. Eccl. 19. 115. the fear of Lord is first s. to be accepted

      SI LPS. Eccl, 6. 36. let thy font wear the ... of his loor 4C. 19. he revealeth the ..-. of hidden things

      SI K\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ AKDS. 1 Esd. 8. C'l. the commaudmeiits to the king's s.

      SI U KLl Ii. led. 10. IC. as an arrow that s. in a man's thiuli 27. C. as a nail s. fast between the joining ol shiiies

      SI 1( KS. 1 Eid. 4. CI. he s. not to spend his lite with his wile

      SllLL. Bar.Q. 30. not hear, because it is a ,t. -necked iicoi>lc 33, and they shall return from their s. ne( k SITLLLY. C Eld. 2. 47. stood so ^. lor the uanic of the Lord




      /I iid. 16. 5. perished with the s. of crooked serpents

      SI INK. C -Mac. 9. 10. uornan could endure to carry lor his J.


      C Mac. 15. 17. were able to ,. them up to valour

      SlIKKEI). 1 Eid. C. 9. wliose minds were s. up thereto 1 Mac. .-i. 49. and the Nazarites ihey *. up C -L«(-. 15, lu. when he had ... up their minds

      sriRKING. C Mac. 7. CI. .f. up her womanish thougiits

      SLtiLK. 1 Eid. 5. .37. neither could they shew their x. Toll. 5. 13. then 1 obit said, tli'ou art of an honest and goud ..-. my brother, th.ou art of a good j. 1 Mac. IC. CI. that they are tf the ?. of Abraiiam C .Mae. 1. 10. Was of the .1. of the anointed priests

      SiOCKS. lUid. 14, CI. men did ascrine unto stones and x.

      SI OLE. C Mac. 4. 3C. Menelaus s. certain vessels cf gold

      SKJLLN. 1 /■..(/. 4. C4. when he hath ... spoiled, and robbed 'Jah.-Z. l,->. 1 sai.i to her. is it notx. .' rin,:er it tothe owners, fur it is not lawtiil to eat anv tliiu" s. SIO.MACH. 1 Mac. 7. CI. w-itli anianlv ,.-. she said unto them

      Si ON 1'. Uiid. 11. 4. thirst was quenciied out of the i ard s J.ccl.6. CI. she will lie up. ,11 him as a ii;iL' ... CC. 1. a sIo:l.:ul man is couipared to a lilsiA i. .,nd every one will hisS lum out to 1.13 dis::race CO. whoso casteih a ... at the birds, fraveth them il9. 10. ano let it not rust under a ..-. to be lost 47. 4. he lifted lip his with the ..-. iu the sling 1 .Mac. C. 36. neitlier cast they a s. at them 10. 73. wl.L-re is neit!;er s. nor, nor ijlace

      SloNI.-IUAV. n lid. 5. CC. hail-stones shall be cast as out of a /.

      SI ONES. 1 Esd. 6, 9. building an house of hewn and costK- s Toi. 13. 17. streets siiall be paved v. itii ... of Jud. 1. C. built walls rouU'i about of... hewn 6. IC. from comin- up by casting of ,', a;;ainst them (1 lid. 17. 19. cr a terrhJe soiiiul of ..-. cast ..ox. 1, Eccl. CI. 10. tlie w-av of sinners is made plain with s. C7. C. as a nail s'icketli L^etween joinings vi i. 3C. CO. and stumble not among the..'. 1 .Vac. 4.43. who bare out the denied s.

      5. 47. thev stopped up the ijates with...

      6. 51. w ith instruments to cast lire and ,t.

      10. 11. to build .sioii round about with sijuarc s. C .Mac. I. 16. they threw j-. like thuiiiierbolts 31. the water to be poured on the great s, 4.41. someof Jheiii caught .t. some duis

      10. 3. striking s. thev took fire out of them


      1 Eid. 5. 59. tile priests ... arrayed in vestments 9. 46. he opened the law, thev .,■. all strai;;l;t up

      7 ,.-//(. 1 5.6. she j. before the king who sat on his ihicue U'lid. 10. 11, she ..-. In him, and iraile him 1 n h

      11. 3. tliev ... ag.dnst their eiieiiiies. were a^el:'■eJ

      18. 16. it touchfd heaven, but... upon li.e eai tli CI. the blameless man ..-. lortli t.. d, -lend them

      19. 7. where water. .. (■elore, drv laim appeared Eccl. 39. 17. at hiscoinmaiiilir.eiit the waters ..-.

      45. C. s > that his enemies ..-. in tear of him

      C3. Phiiiees .t. up with good courage of heart

      46. 3. wlio before him so ..-. to it ■ the I ordbroi:- lit 48. 1. then ... up Llias the lire

      50. IC. he hiiiiself ..-. by the hearth c r the alt,-r Daii. 3. C. then .Azarias x. up .aid )>r,iyed thus .».,.. 31. t"o e hie IS ..-. up iu tiie miost'oi the lei'ple I .Mac. 7. 36. the priesls eiilt red and ... before alt.,r C .liuc,3. C6, two \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 01:11:; men .. bv him en either side

      siom.-. ■

      C .Mac. 11. CI. wh.en .. wei,' -, t f , r either of ti.em

      .■-I DOPING. Ear. C. U!. the soul tiiat is vexed and goetli s.

      .slop. ./;/,'. 4. 7. it was easy to ..-. them that wouM come up / .."■/. 1 I. 9. ... the mouth .4' lh,-m th.,t pi-,,i.r ih^e I ,cl. Co. ■..!. ..his looulli that he cannot repro\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\e -.7. II. then- brawls make . ne .. I is .ars C .Vac. 14. 36. and ..-. evi-rv imri.;h;toiiS mould

      SltiPi'r.O. .Til, I. 16. 4. the multuiide wlier.of .-. the torreii's 1 3/«,. C. .So. nor ,.-. the phu es w Iim e li.ev l.,v hid 9. ;V.. Alciums was plagueO, his n .iuiiiw a.s"... C .Mac. C. 5. lie laid of iiici use ,,11.1 ... tiie .loor

      slOliA.X. Eccl. CI. 15. a 1 leas.iiitodoiirlike sweit.t.

      Sldlii:. 'Efi. 7. 8. thev sef .. .'f meat on the hihle 1 .Mac. 6. fi. ... ot spriis which thev I ,..i ^'often 53. thev had tat. u m. the r.-si, ue u: the ... SIOIM.IUUSLS. led. C9. IC. shut u|' alms iu th\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ i. if shall deliver

      SI id!.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\l. S.' 11,.,/. 5.14. like fi-..|h .110 en .,wav i. ith the j.

      •:3. a will, I like a... si:all blow tiiem awav ; >an. .-;. W..i ) , e .lews .md . . ot snow, I less ^ e the T.d.

      SIOIl.MI'D. Z.Mac. 13. C5. thev ... heraii^elhev would make

      SIOI; Y. C Mac. C. CI. to look into the narralh.ns of the i. :;.i. b.-hiiieth t.i the first aiitlur of the ... :>'.'. then will we begin the... fcvilish to make a hiig 'giie. ami to be short in the s. itself 15. :»!. lave .lone well, ami as IS tiffing tlu- ..-. 39. delighleth the eats of them that rea.l tlie /. S 1 O K 1 LS. 1 J id. 1. 33. in Iheb.i.ik of the .0. of the kings

      SlOliV-W Kl I I'K. 1 /:.../. 2. 17. thy servant liathumus the s.

      SIUAK.II 1. .Iiid. 13. CO. walking a ... way before our God liar. 6. C7. nor can thev make Ihemselvis .'.

      sriiALI, Jiirf. 4. 7, t'tcaust th.e passa-e was s. for two men

      •*' V (i89

      Apockypu*.] STR

      STRAITLY. Wisd. 17. 16. wliojoever fell down was s. kept JlccI. 26. 10. keep her in s. lest she abuse herself

      STKAlTNliSS. S Mac. 12. 21. by reason of the s. of all the places

      S IK A ITS, Jud. U. 11. went forth to the s. of the mountain


      Toi, 11.11. he t. off the gall on his father's eyes


      1 Esd. 8.69. have not put away s. people of the land 9. 9. separate yourselves from the s. women

      12. let all that have s. wives come at the time 36. these had taken;, wives, and put them away

      2 Esd. 1. 6. and they have olfered unto t. gods 'J'oS. 4. 12. and take not a s. woman to wite Wisd. 14. 23. or made revellings of s. rites

      16. 2. thou preparedst for them meat of a s. taste 3. niijht be made partakers of a j. taste

      16. with s. showers were they persecuted

      17. 3. they were troubled with t. apparitions 19. 5. but they might lind a s. death

      8. seeing thy marvellous s. wonders 10. while they sojourned in the s. land

      JEff/. 10. 13. lord brought on them s. calamities 2'.l. 18. so that they wandered among s. nations Sf>. 3. lift up thy hand against tlie.f. nations .3y. 4. he will travel through s. countries 43. 25. for therein be s. and wondrous works

      £ar. 1. 22. to serve f. gods, ami todoevil before L.

      3. 10. that thou art waxen old in a s. country

      4. 15. a shameless nation, and of a s. language

      1 Alac. 1. 38. and became s. to those boru in her 44. that they should follow the s. laws 6. 13. I perish through great grief in a i. land

      15. 27. brake covenants and became s. unto him S Jilac. 5. 9- thus he perished in a s. land

      6. 24. that he were now gone to a f. religion 9. fi. tormented men's bowels with s. torments 28. he died a miserable death in a s. countiy STRANG KIl. £stA, 16. 10. Aman as a s. received of us Eecl. 8. 18. do not secret tilings before a s. 11. 31. receive a f. into thy house, he will turn 29. 26. come, tliou s. furnish a table and feed me 27. give place, thou s. to an honourable man SIR ANGERS. 1 Esd. 8. 83. aland polluted with the pollutions of j. /( ijrf. ly. 13. used a hateful behaviour towards s.

      15. because they used s. not triendly Ecci. 26. ly. and give not thy strength to s. 45. 18. s. conspired together against him Har. 6. 5. that ye in no wise be like to s. 1 Alac. 1. .38. the city was made an habitation of s.

      2. 7. the sanctuary delivered into the hand off.

      3. .36. he should place .f. in all their quarters

      4. 12. then the *. lift up their eyes and saw them 22. they Hed every one into the land of .f.

      26. all the j. that had escaped came and told 30. gavest hosts of s. into the hands of .lonathan S Alac. 10.5. the day that s. profaned the temple

      STRANGENESS. H isd. 5. 2. shall be amazed at the s. of his salvation

      STRANGLED. 'Toi. 2. 3. he sail, father, one of our nation is s. 3.8. ilostnot know that thou hast J. thy husbands? 10. so that she thouglit to have s. herself Esl/i. 12. 3. having confessed it they were s,

      SIRAYING. Eccl. 6. 3. soul not torn in pieces, as a bull 1. alone

      STREAM. - ll'isd. 19. 7. and out of the violent s. a green field

      STREAMED. Dan. 3. 24. so that the tlame s. forth above

      STREET. S Alac. 10. 2. the altars had built in the open s.

      STREETS. Feci. 9. 7. look not round about thee in the s. 23. 21. thisiman shall be punished in the j. 49. 6. they burnt chosen city and made s. desolate

      1 Alac. 1. 55. and they burnt incense in the 1.

      2. 9. her infants are slain in the s. 14. 0. tlie ancient men sat all in the s.

      2 Mac. 3. 19. the women abounded in the /.

      STRENGTH. 1 Ejd. 3. 17. who hail spoken of the s. of wine

      4. 1. that had spoken of the s. of the king 2. O ye men, do not men excel in s.?

      40. and she is the s. and majesty of all ages Wisd. 2. 11. let ouri. be the law of justice 11. 21. ihou canst shew thy great s. at all times 12. 17. men will not believe thou shewedst thy s.

      16. 16. were scourged by the s. of thine arm i3. but this again ilid even forget hisown s.

      24. iocreaseth his s. ai:ainst the unrigliteoiis, and abatethhisf. for benelitof tliem that trust in thee

      18. 22. so he overcame, not with s of body Jiccl. 3. 13. when thou art in thy full s.

      21. nor search things that are above thy s. ^. 2. follow not thine own mind, and thy s. 7. 30. love him that made thee with all thy s.

      16. 7. who fell away in 1. of their foolishness

      17. -3. he endued them with s. by themselves

      18. 5. who shall number the s. of his majesty ? 26. 19. my son, give not thy s. to strangers 28. 10. and as a man's s. is, so is.his wrath

      31.. 30. drunkenness diminishelh.r.maketh wounds 34. 15. to whom doth he look ? and who is his s. ? 38. 18. the heaviness of the heart breaketh s. .30. he boweth down his s. before his feet

      40. 26. riches and s. lift up the heart, but the fear

      41. 2. death is acceptable to him whose j. faileth 43. .30. when you exalt him. put forth all your s. 46.6. that the nations might know all their j.

      9. the Lord gave*, also to Caleb, which remained "Bar. 1. 12. the Lord will give us s.woA lighten our

      eyes, and we shall live under N abuchodouosor

      3. 14. learn where is wisdom, where is s. Van. 3. 21. and let their s. be broken

      1 Alac. 2. 49. now hath pride and rebuke gotten s,

      5. 19. but s. Cometh from heaven

      35. to destroy and root out the s. of Israel 690


      1 Mac. 4. .30. cause Loldncssof their *. to fall away 6. M. but when he saw the s. of the place

      2 Alac. 12. 28. who breaketh the ;, of his enemies

      STRENGTHEN. 1 E.d. 7. 15. to s. their hands in works of the I/)rd Jvd. 13. 7. s. me, O Ijord God of Israel, this day 1 Mac. 9. 5i(. these did he t. with high walls 10. 23. in making amity with .lews to s. himself

      .STRENGTHENED. Eerl. 45. 8. he s. him with rich garments 1 Mac. 2. 17. thou artx. with sons and brethren 14. 14. hes. all those of his people brought low

      STRENGTHENING. 1 Afac. 6. 18. he sought the s. of the heathen

      STRETCH. Ercl. 7. 32. and s. thine hand to the poor 31. 14. s. not thy hand whithersoever it looketh

      .STRETCHED. Eccl. 4. 31. let not thy hand be s. out to receive 24. 16. as the turpentine tree I *. out branches 46. 2. he s. out his sword against the cities 48. 20. they s. out their hands toward him

      50. 15. he s. out his hand to the cup, and poured

      51. 19. I s. forth mv hands to the heaven above

      STkETCHETH. 1 Esd. 6. 33. that .(. out his hand to hinder house STRETCHING.

      1 Esd. 8. 73. then s. forth my hands to the Lord

      STREWED. Bel 14. to bring ashes, those they s. thro' the temple

      STRICKEN. E'lh. 14. 8. they have s. hands with their idols liitd. 19- 17. even with blindness were these s.

      2 Adac. 15. 24. let those be s. with terror that come

      STRIFE. Eccl. 19. 6. that can rule his tongue, live without j.

      27. 15. the s. of the proud is blood-shedding

      28. 8. abstain from *. and thou shalt diminish thy

      sins, for a furious man will kindle 3. 40. 5. anger and s. do change his knowledge 9. death and blood, s. and sword happen to all STRIKING. 2 Alac. 10. 3. s. stones, they took fire out of them

      STRIPE. Jvd. 9. 13. make my deceit to be their wound and s.

      STRIPES. Eccl. 22. 6. s. and correction are never out of time 2 Alac. 3. 26. who gave him many sore s. 6. 30. but when he was ready to die with t.

      SI RIVE. Eccl. 4. 28. s. for the truth unto death, the Lord 8. 1. s. not with a mighty man lest thou fall 3. s. not with a man that is full of tongue 11.9. s. not in a matter that concerneth thee not 2 Alac. 7. 19. that takest in hand to s, against God

      STRIVING. Wisd. 4. 2. got victory, .f. for undefiled rewards

      STROKE, S. Jl'isd. 5. 11. light air beaten with the s. of her wings Ecri. 27. 25. a deceitful s. shall make wounds 28. 17. the s. of the whip, the J. of the tongue 39. 28. spirits in their fury lay on sore s. 2 Mac. 14. 43. but missing his s. through haste

      STRONG. 1 Esd. 3. 18. O ye men, how exceeding s. is wine ! 4. .32. how can it be but women should be .«. .' 31. O ye men, are not women s. ? great is the earth .38. as for truth, it endureth and 13 always s. 6. 14. was builded by a king of Israel great and j. 8. 85. that ye may be s. and eat the good things Wisd, 14. 16. an ungodly custom grown s. Eccl. 6. 14. a faithful friend is a s. defence

      24. 24. faint not to be s. in the Lord

      28. 14. s. cities hath it pulled down

      29. 13. better than a mighty shield and s. spear .3t). 14. being sound and s. of constitution

      15. and a s. liody is above infinite wealth Bar. 6. 58. they that are s. do take and go away

      1 Alac. 1.2. made many wars, and won many s. holds

      19. thus they got the s. cities in land of Egypt 33. then builded they the city of David with a great and s. wall, and made it a s. hold for them 3. 45. sanctuary trodden, and aliens kept s. hold

      2 Mac. 1. 24. O Ix)rd God, who art fearful and s. 11.5. drew near to Betlisura, which was a s. town 12. 27. Ephron, a s. citv, wherein Lysias abode

      STRONGER. 1 Fjd. 4. ,35. great is the truth, and s. than all Wisd. 10. 12. know that godliness is .v. than all Eccl. 28. 10. and the *. they are which contend Sus. 39. for he was s. than we and leaped out STRONGEST.

      1 Esd. 3. 10. wine is the s. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 11. the king is s.

      12. women are s. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 24. O ye men, is not wine the s. ? STRONGLY.

      2 Alac. 10. 17. assaulting them s. they won holds


      1 Esd. 4. .30. she s. the king with her left hand

      2 Mac. 1. 16. they threw stones and s. the captain

      STUBBLE. Uisd. 3. 7- they shall shine as sparks among j.

      STUBBORN. Eccl. 3. 26. a s. heart shall fare evil at last 30. 12. lest he wax s. and be disobedient to thee

      STUFF. Jud. 15. 11. plate, beds, vessels, and all his s,

      STUMBLE. Eccl. 13. 23. if he s. they will help to overthrow

      25. 21. s. not at the beauty of a woman 32. 20. and s. not among" the stones

      STUMBLED. Tab. 11. 10. Tobit went toward the door and s.

      STU.MBLING. Wisd. 14. 11. and s. blocks to the souls of men Eccl. 7- 6. lay a s. block in way of thy uprightness 31.7- it is a*, block to them that sacrifice 31. 16. he is a preservation from s. and a help 39. 24. so are they s. blocks to the wicked

      SUBDUED. Wild. 18. 22. with a word s. he him that punished

      SUBJECT. Wisd. 1. 4. nor dwell in the body that is s. to sin


      Wisd.S. 14. and the nations shall bet. untotne

      SUBJECTION. Eccl. 47. 19. by thy botly thou wast brought into t. 48. 12. neither could any bring him iutu s. SUBJECIS.

      1 Esd. 3. 1. Darius made a great feast to all his t. Est A. 13.2. 1 purposed to settle my s. in quiet


      Eccl. 29. 5. for neighbour's money he will speak s,


      2 Mac. 13. 23. t. and sware to all equal conditions

      SUBSTANCE. Toi. 4.7. give alms of thy s. and when thou givest 14. 13. he inherited their s. and his fathers Eccl. 9. 2. to a woman, to set her foot on thy *.

      SUBTILE. Wisd. 7. 23. kind toman, pure and most.r. spirit! Eccl. 39. 2. where .t. parables are, he will be Uiere

      SUB TILLY. Jud. 5. 11. the king of Egypt dealt s. with them UBTTL""


      uisite s. and is unjust

      Eccl. 19. 25. there is an exqi

      SUBTILTIES. Uisd.8. 8. she kuoweth the s. of speeches


      1 Mae. 11.4. they shewed him Azotus and /.thereof

      61. he burned the s. thereof with fire and spoiled


      Toi. 4. 6. thy doings shall prosperously t. (o thee

      Eccl. 48. 8. who anointed prophets to s. after him

      SUCCES.S. Toi. 7. 12. God give you good s. in all things Wisd. 13. 19. and for good s. of his hands, asketh Eccl. 20. 9. a sinner that hath good s. in evil .38. 13. when in their hands there is good s, 43. 26. by him the hand of them hatliprosperous t.

      1 Mac. 4. 55. praising God, who had given good i.

      8. 23. gocHl s. be to the Romans and Jews by sea

      2 Alac. 10.23. having good s. with his weapons 28. for a pledge ot their f. and victory

      13. 16. at last they departed with good s.

      SUCCESSOR. Eccl. 46. 1. Jesus son of Nave was the s. of Moses 2 Mac. 9. 23. when he led an army he appointed s.

      14. 26. he had ordained Judas tobe the king's j.

      SUCCOUR. Eccl. 51.7. I looked \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ots. of men, there was none

      1 Alac. 1. 53. wheresoever thev could Hee for s.

      2. 44. but the rest fied to the heathen for «.

      2 Mac. 0. 9. and tliinking there to find /.

      SUCCOURS. Wisd. 17. 12. for fear is a betraying of the x. SUCCOUR ETII.

      1 Mac. 12. 15. we have help from heaven thatx. us


      2 Mac. "• 27. have pity on n)e that gave x. 3 years

      SUCKING. Eccl. 46. 16. when he ofit-red thex. Iamb

      SUDDEN. IP isd. 17. 15. for a s. tear came upon them Eccl. 11. 21. on the s. to make a poor man rich 2 Mac. 14. 17. through the .t. silence of his eneniies

      SUDDENLY. Wisd. 18. 17. then x. visions of horrible dreams Eccl. 5. 7. X. shall the wrath of the Ivord come 11. 22. X. he rr.aketh his blessing to flourish 22. 27. upon my lips, that 1 fall not x. by them

      1 Mac. 1. .30. he tell s. on the city, and smote it

      3. 23. had left oft' speaking, he leapt x. upon them

      4. 2. might rush in on the Jews, and smite them x,

      2 Mac. 3. 27. Heliodorus fellx. to th*-ground 14. 22. lest treachery should hex. practised

      SUFFER. Jud. 11.5. x.thy handmaid to speak in thy presence Bar. 4. 25. x. patiently the wrath that is come 6. 18. inadesnre as being committed to x. (iealh Bel 12. we will x. death, irelse Daniel that speaks 2 Mac. 4. 48. they did soon x. unjust punishineut

      6. 30. but in soul am content to x. these things

      7. 18. for we x. these things for ourselves 32. for we x. because of our sins

      SUFFERED. Wisd. 18. 1. they had not x. the same things

      11. like as the king so x. the common person Eccl. 38. 16. as if thou hadst x. great harm

      1 Alac. 2. 48. nor x. they the sinner to triumph

      15. 14. neither x. he any to go out or in

      2 Mac. 7. 36. our brethren who now have x. pain

      9. 28. the murderer havingx. most grievously

      SUFFERETH. Toi. 4. 10. alms x. not to come into darkness Eccl. 4. 9. deliver him that x. wrong from oppressor 26. 28. a man of war that x. poverty

      SUFFERING. JUsd. 16. 3. but these x. penury for a short space

      SUFFICE. Toi. 5. 19 what the Lord hath given 113 doth .f. us

      1 Mac. 2. 33. let that you have done hitherto x.

      SUFFICIENT. Wisd. 18. 12. nor were the living x. to bury them Eccl. 31. 19. little is x. for a man well nurtured


      2 Mac. 6. 8. went a degree by the x. of Ptolemee

      SUITS. F.ccl. 29. 19. business for gain shall fall into x. Hits. 6. all that had any x. in law came to them

      SUM. Eccl. 43 27. come short, wherefore inx. he is all 51. 28. (?et learning with a great x. of money 2 Alac. 3. 11. the s. in all was 400 talents of silver 12. 43. to the x. of two thousand drachms SU.AIS. 2 Mac. 3. 6. treasury was full of infinite/, of money

      SUMMER. Eccl. 50. 8. the frankincense-tree in time of s. Dan. 3. 45. O ye winter and x. bless ye the Lord SUN.

      1 Esd. 4. 34. O men, switt is the s. in his course

      2 Esd. 6. 45. commandest that the x. should shine 15. 20. kings which are from the rising of the x.

      Toi. 2. 4. took him, till the coing down of the x. 7. after the s">ng down of the x. I made a gi av»


      Tud. 14. C. flie s. shall come forlli on the f :ir'h

      /I itd. 2.4. as mi,-.t that is driven away witii tne s.

      5.0. the J. ot ri:;htcousne^s M'se not on us

      7. iy. tor she is in.iiu lH,i:r.irnl than the .'•.

      ]t). iltJ. We nuist prevent the J-. to give thee thanks

      18, ;{. rtHfl an liarniless s. to entenam them

      iVf/. 17. 1'.). their works are as the s. i)e:ore him .'51. what is brighter thaii the .«./ yet tlie lifiht Sti. 10. as the .c. when it ariscth in the iieavea

      33. 7. all the light ot eveiy day is ot the s.

      34. 10. he is a cover trom tl.e .>. at noon 4.'5. 1. the J. when it appearelii, declarin:^

      4. but die X. burneth the niiiuntains inoie 40. 4. dill nut the i. fro back by his means ? 48. C;!. in his time tlie j. went backward 50. 7. as tlie .#9632;. shinim: on the temple ot' Most High lSar.6. (a), tor i. moon and stars are obeilicnt Van. 3. 40. U ye s. and inoon. bless ye tile Lord

      SLN-HE.A.M. ll'isJ. 10. C7. beini; warmed witli a little .f. melted

      SLNG. F.ccl. 47. 8. with his whole lieart he s. son^s 1 Mac. 4. C4. they .. a sons ot thanksiiiwni; a .Vac. 1. 30. the priests .«. psalms ot thanksgiving 12.37. lie J. psahiis vvitli a h>nd voice

      .SI PlKSmiON. If'isJ. 14. 18. set forvvafd the ignorant to more s.

      SLPPKD. Tvi. 8. 1. when thev had .-. thev brouglitlobias in

      SLPl'LlLA I'lON. £ccl. 4. 4. reject not the x. of the attlicted :M. 14. he will not despise the s. ot" the tatherless 3'J. 5. and he will make .t. lor his sins 51. 9. then lifted 1 up my j. trom tl^e earth JSar. 2. ly. we do not make our humljlc .t. before thee for the righteousness of our fathers and kings

      1 .1/ac 11. 4y. tliev made .-■. to the kins anil cried

      2 .Vnc. :!. 18. others ran tiockmg to tlie general .>'. Vi.C'J. when tliey had maiie a common j-.

      y. 111. containniL' the form of a*, after thismai-.ner 14. 15. tf.ey made . to him that liad establi-,!ied sUPPOKT. 1 Kill. 8. 52. power or I oi d to j. tliem in all wavs

      • SUPPDSi:. 'J\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\)i.6. 17. I s. that she shall hear thee children


      li'isJ. 17. 3. thev s. to lie lii.i in llieir secret sins liar. 0. 61. not to be -t. nor saiil that they are gods

      SLPPO.^ING. CA/af. 4. 32. Menelausi. hel:a 1 got convenient time


      Kcil. 10. Id. they that fear tfie T ord are a .f. seed 40. 25. gold and silv er make the ioot stand ,v. 42. 0. s. keeping is i;ood where an evil wife is

      11. keep H .>■. watch over a shameiess oamjliier Ihir. 0. 111. as the doors are made .v. on everv side £ Vac. 3. 22. to keep tiiiiiL's safe and j, lor tnose


      Itiiil. 13. 1. ,r. vain are all men by nature JCccl. 5. 3. the Lord will i. revenge thy pride i

      28. 1. he will s. keep his sins in remembiMnoe 48. 11. and slept in love, for we shall ... lue S U li N A M I ', . -iee S 1 R N A M V. .


      T.ccl.8. 13. noti. above thy power. ift!;oii he j. pay it 2y. 14. an honest man is i. lor his neighbour 15. foiL'et not tlie frienc.ship of thy .c. 10. will overthrow the gooil estate of his s.

      8L'K1 risiiip.

      Eccl. 20. 18. s. liatli undone many of good estate i'J, a wicked man shall tall into s. SURlLlTlNt;. £ff/. .■?7. 3i1. anil .s. will turn into rlioler 31. by s. have many pi rished, but he takelh SIS.A. i"(M. 11.3. was a Jew, and dwelt in the city of .S. 16. 18. is hanged at the yatesof S. with Ins family SLS.VN.NA. Sus.'. .S. went into her husband's garden to walk 22. then S. sii:hed. and said, I am straitened 24. Willi that -S. cried ,vith a loud voii e '-7. there was never such a report made of .'s. 31. b. was a very delicate woman and beauteous SUSPECl LD. To/i.B. 16. that is not come to me whirh I .c. £ Mac. 4. 34. tho' he were i. vet iiersuaded he him

      SL.SPLCrLril. feci. 2.!. 21. where he s. not, he shall be taken 37. lU. consult not with one that s. tliee

      .SUSPKCI l.NG. C ^fac. 3. ,32. tho high priest .t. lest the kiifg should 7. 24. anil .t. it to be a reproachful speei h 12. 4. deSHous to live in peace, and .>-. nothing .SUSPICION. Keel. 3. 24. ev it s. hath overthrow n their judgment

      .SL'SIAIN. C Mac. 10. 18. things convenient to s. the siege

      Sf SIKNANCK. Wild. 10.21. for thv .t. declared thv sweetness

      SWAmiLING-CLorilK-s. ll'isd.'.-i. I wasniirseil in ,t. and that with cares

      SWAl.LtnVS. liar. 0. 22. upon their bodies and heads sit s.

      SWA.M. If'i-d. Id. ly. the thiiiLis that before f, in water 1 Mac. y. 48. they s. over to the turlher bank SWA It K.

      1 go. to do these thimrs, and so they t.

      2 Mac. 13. 23. and s. to all equal conditions

      14. 32. s. tliey could not tell where the man was

      SWAY. £.1.22.thef.of his fiirv shall be his destruction

      SWl'AR. 1 Esrf. 1.48. maiie him J. by the name of the Lord TeA. 7. 11. till we agree and s. one to anotlier Wi'd. 14. 2y. tho' s. falsely, vet look not to be hurt 31. it is not the power of them by whom they s. Eccl. 23. U. if lie s. in vain, shall not be innocent

      SWEAULIH. Eccl. 23. 10. he that s. and nameth God continually 1:7. 14. the talk of him that s. much, makelh

      T A K


      Led. 23. 0. accustom not thy mouth to .f. n. a man that usetii much s. shall be lill=d 13. Use not thy mouth to intemperate j. SWEAi. 2 Mac. 2. 26. it was a matter of .f. and watching

      SWEET. 1 Fsd. 9. 51. po eat the fat, and drink the .t. Q EsJ. 1. 23. tree in water, and made the river s. Eccl. 6. 5. s. lanjuage will multiply friends 11.3. but her truit is the chief ot s. things

      23. 17. all bread is.'', to a whoremonger

      24. 15. 1 gave a s. smell like cinnamon, T yielded a pleasant odour as mvrih, onvx, and J. storax

      .35. 0. s. s.ivour thereof is before the Mo.-t High 38. 5. W'as not the water made.*", with wood .'

      11. give a s. savour and memorial of tine tjour 40. 18. to labour and to be content is lis. life

      21. the p)|)e and the psaltery make s. melody .30. begging is .t. in tiie mouth of th.e shameless ■I'.i. ]. it is s. as honey in all mouths ij'ii/'. 5. 8. every f.-sinellinif free shall overshadow

      SWEETER. Feel. 23. 27. there is notldng s. than to take heed 24. 20. for my memorial is .«. than honey

      SU EKILV. JVisd. 8. 1. and s. doth she order all things .iiV. 12. lo. .m enemy speaketh .■. wiiii his lips

      27. 23. when thou art pieseiif, he will speak s.

      SWEI', INESS. Ji'isd. 16. 21. for thy sustenance declared thy s. SWTEl'.

      1 Fsd. 4. 34. loL'h is heaven, J. is the sun in his course ll'i'd. 13. 2. orthe s. air, or the ciicle of ll;e stars

      18. 14. that ni:;ht was in midst of her.c. course Feci. 5. 1 1. be s. to hear, and let thy life be sincere


      Ecel. 43. 13. sendeth s. the liuhtnings of judgment


      2 Esd. i'„ 18. the f. of the judge v, hich is to come


      1 Mae. 1 . 47. sacrifice s. tlesh and unclean beasts

      2 Mae. 6. 18. Eleazar was constrained to eat j. ticsh

      SWOON. II isd. 17. 19. these thiiiL's made them i. for fear

      SWOIU). 1 F.n!. 1. 5">. who slew their voung men with the s. 4. 2?. a man takelh his .(. aiiil yoeth his way 8. 77- "^ve were given ui^ to the .)'. and to captivity Fee/. 21.3. all iniquitv is as a two-e.i^ed .t. 22. 21. tiiO0L;h thou drewest a f, at thv fri,-nd 26. 28. the Lord prepared sich aoue'f'or the i.

      28. 18. many have fallen by the eiL'e of the .,-. 30. .30. the s. punishiiiy the wicked to ilestruction ■iO. 0. strife and ... happen unto all tlesh

      46.2. and stretched out his .f. a^'ainst tlie cities liar. 2. 25. they died by f.uiiine, by .t. and pestih nee

      1 Mac. 2.0. young men are slain with .«. if enemv

      3. 3. made battles, protecting the host with his s'.

      12. Joihis took their spoils anil Apolloniiis' j-.

      4. 33. cast them down with the s. ot them that love 7. .38. be avem;ed.and let them fall by th.e s.

      K. 23. the J", also and enemy be far froin them y. 73. thus the f. ceased from Israel, but.lonathan 10. 85. burnt and slain with the .(. 81K (1 men

      2 Mae. 14. 18. durst mt trv the matter bv the s. 41. hebeiuL' ready to be taken, fell on l' is j-.

      15. 15. gave to .ludas a.f. of gold 16. take this holy .t. a L'ift from God SWORDS. 1 Ed. 3. 22. and a little after they draw out s.

      1 Mae. 4. 6. wh.o had neither armour nor s.

      2 .\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\lae. 5. 3. drawing of j. and casting of darts 12. 22. and w ounded with the points of their own i.

      SWORE. Wild. 14. ."0, and also they unjustly i. in deceit 1 .Vac. '. 35. Nicanor ■'. in his wrath, saving

      SWoRN. li'isd. 12. 21. unto whose fathers thou hast s.


      1 Mae. 3. 1^. Seron, a prince of thearmv of S. 41. a power also of S. and of the Philislines

      7. :; 1. where an host out of S. met him 11.2. tof>k hi^ iournev into S. in peaceable manner 60. and all the forces of S. •;athtrtd themselves SYRIAN.

      2 Mac. 15. 36. in the S. tongue is called Adar


      TABERNACLF,. Jiid. 0. 8. to pollute the r. where thv name restelh 11. 7- bless.d art thou in all the /. "of.luda n,sd. y. 8. a ten-i)le, a resemblance of tlie holv (.

      15. the eartldv I. weighelh down the mind Feel. 24. lo. iirthe liolv t. 1 served before hitn

      15. as the fume of frankincense in the t. 2 Mac. 2.5. an hollow cave, wherein he l.dd the I. lARERNAC'l.ES.

      1 Fsd. 5. 51. also thev held the least of/.

      2 F'd. 2. 11.1 will give these the everlastinir r. JuJ. 2. 26. burnt their t. and spoiled sheep-ccles

      lAliLE. Tob.'. 8. they set store of meat on the /. Feel. 6. 10. some friend is a companion at the I. 31. 12. if thou sit at a bountiful t. be not .;reeily 40. 2y. life that depeiideth on another man's I. Bel 21. consumed sudi things as were on the 1. 1 Mae. 1. 22. the t. of the shew biead and vials 4. 4y. the altar of burnt otVerinus and the 1. 51. they set loaves on the 1. and sp'reail vails lAULES. 1 Mac. 14. 18. they wrote to him in t. of brass

      lAKE. Tub. 4. 12. my son, chietiy /. a wile of the seed of thv fatheis, and t. not astiaiire woman to u i:e 5. 1(1.1. no care, mv sister, he shall return in safety

      6. 3. then the angel said to him. t. the lish

      7. 13. saying, 1. her alter the law of Moses

      8. 7. I /.'not this my sister for lust, but uni ijililly y. 2. t. with thee a servant and two camels

      T A S TApocryph.^.

      Ti>b. 12.5. rh.'dfofi lye have bn-ught, and go away Hiid. 8. 18. 1 went about seeking how to /. her

      to me Feci. 8. 13. for it thou be surelv, t. care to ra. it

      12. 12. set him not tiy, lest he serk to /. thy seat

      14. 5. he shall not /■.'pleasure in his goods

      16. give and 1. and sanifify thy soul, there is no 23. 25. her children shall nut i. r ot. and branches

      41. ly. he ashamed of scorning to give and I.

      47. 4. did he not t. away reproach from the p.eople ?

      48. 8. who anointed kings to t. revenue Vmr. 4. .-SO. /. a ifood hear;. O Jerusalem Bel 37. O Paniel. t. the dinner Ciod liatii sent

      1 Mac. 3. .'!5. and to t. away thi-ir n.emoiial

      5. ly. t. ye the ciiarge of this pc0|de, and see

      6. 26. lesieuing the tower at .itrusalei.i to I. it 8. 18. they would I. the yoke from them

      2 .Mac. 14. 3.). sent above 5o0 men of war to t. hi:n

      15. 5. 1 command to t. arms, and to do business

      TAKE lucd. 13. separate from enemies, f. ;?? of friends 11. 33././i£(rfofa tnischievi, lest brim; a blot

      13. 13. t. good i.eid. for thou walkest in peril 23. 27. '. I'tcd to the commandment 01 tiie Lord

      1 ^\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ K h. N . I Ed. 2. 28. lieed to 'oe /. that there be no n.cre i]or.3

      y. :iii. all these t sti-aiiL'e, put them awav 'J'i'b. 11. 15. hast scour;jed. aiM h.,st /. pity on ine Hisil. 3. 2. ami th.eir deparlme is !. lor misejy

      4. ll.speedilv wasl'.e^ le^t wickedness should alter

      14. 15. made'aii iiiiaiie of his th.ild so. n /. av.av 15.8. returns to the same out of wl-.icii he wasV.

      Eecl. y. 4. lest thou lie t. with her atten;i)ts

      11. .30. like as a /. and kept in a cage

      16. 0. peo[ile who were r. awavin their sins ly. 3. and a hold man shall bv t. away

      2:i. 7. keepetli it, shall never be/, in ids lips 21. where he suspectelh not, he sh.ail be t. 27.26. he that setteth atra|>, shall be r. therein 31. 7- andevtry foci si, all be /.thereuith 44. 17. he was r. in exchange foi the wi.rl.t

      46. ly. I have not t. any Iran's soo'.is, not a shoe

      47. 2. as is the fat t. auay fr. in tie peace-ofj'urin;?

      48. o. who was ;■. up in a wiiirlwind of tire 4y. U. itioch. he was t. t'pim the earth

      Ear. 2. 17. vvlio~e souls are /. from thtir bodies 24. the bones shall be /. out of their placis

      3. 29. who h.ath ijone Ui> in'o heaven and /. h.-r •■

      4. 26. tf.ev weier. a* a liock i-au-id or ener .i.s

      1 .Mae. 2. ;..',. Elias was /. up info leaven

      3. 45. Joy was !. fiom .lacob, th.e 1 i;.e cea«ed y. 55. .Alcunus plaimed, he was t. w itii a p.dsv ]:>.41. thusthe vohe was/. a\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\av fr, ;n Israel' I.';. 33. we l-.ave;neither /. o'dvr "ir.eii's Lnns

      2 .'*lae. y. 21. being t. with a gri.-' oi.s .!is,-a-e 1.'. 35. he would have i. tl-at cu:scd manalr.e

      lAM'SI. Feel. 7. 36. whatsoever th.ou /. in iiand, re:ne:i:btr

      I AKI'.l 11. Fee/. 11. n. one that laboureth, and /. pains ly. 5. whoso I. pleasure in v\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ii k,'i;i'.ess. iiiMemned 20. 8. l:e that /. lo hmisrlf aidla.rity tlierein 34. 22. he /. away Ids neighbour's luiiiL' 36. 26. aiiii lod^'eth w heri.'.oei er tiie niui.t .'. him

      42. y. and the care tor hev :. awav sleep

      Take I ii /.le,/.'

      Feci. 37. 31. he th.d /. /,,,.' pioh>:;gelh his li.'e r.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\MNG.

      1 Fsd. 4. 30. /. the crown from the ling's head '/;•/;. 4. 13. desiiise not, in not /. a wife of them 11 ru/. 13. 13. and I. the verv refuse amoiiu' iho-e

      2 .L'«c. 5. 25. when r. the Jews keepin- holv-d.av

      12. oil. t. hold of Ins coat, liiew him bv force


      Feel. 10. 15. admor.ish. ar.d bi lieve not every /.

      22, 6. a /. out lit St ,,s. n. Is as me^ic in mouri i::g

      8. he telleth a /. to a fool, speaketh to one

      lAl.lN I.

      1 Esd. 1. 36.set a t.i\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ on t' e l.uui of one r. of gold

      1 Ai.r.N IS.

      1 /;.,/. 3. 21. it ir.aktth to speak all tr.iiiL^s bv /.

      4. 51.5l,ould beye.ulv given tv^elity r. tobulUlinj; 52. other ten /. veailv to maintain otTe! ings

      i'AI.K. n'isd. 8. 12. if I /. much, they shall lay their Eecl. 5. 13. honour and shame is in t. y. 18. and he that is lash in his 1. siiall he In'ed

      11. 8. nor interrupt uen in the mi '.sf ot their I.

      13. 11. affect not to be made equal lo him in t. ly. 8. to friend or foe. /. not rf ollar nun's lives 22. l.i. /. not much with a fi ol, a.nd i:" not to liiiti 27. 1 t. the /. of him that swearelli miirli

      38. 25. diiveth o.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\en, whoso 1. is of oullocks I Al 1\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\E1>.

      1 Mac. 3. 26. all nations /. o; the b.dtlis of Judas

      1 A EKING. /(•/..(/. 8. 18. and in /. with h. r. a g' od leport Feel. 21. 16. the (. of a h.ol is like .1 1. Uihii

      I Al'llN IS. .Tud. 1. 0. the river (■: luvpi, and 1'. :md Ramesse

      1 AK'KV. 'Fidi. 2. 2. briuLf what \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\n or num. and |.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ T t. for ihee

      4. 14. let not the Wa-eS of aliv man I. Willi thee

      5. 7. lobias said. /. lor me till I till mv lather o. 4. it I /. Ion.-, he will b. verv-oiiy

      io. 8. /. with me. and 1 «ill sniid to ihv f.ither

      14. 10. biirv ire. but /. no hu,-, r al N meve Fee/.'i. I'l. letliember wrath will not f. loUS

      12. 15. 11 Ihou begin to tall he will not /.

      f.ARlill. I !L Wisd. 5. 14. passelh .is a must that /. I ut a day

      1 ARRYlNtL /■.'i7. 5. 7. make no to tniu to the Lord

      1 A.>1 E.

      !I'i..(/. 16. 2. thou preparest of a strange I. 20. able 10 coiiti nt. and agreeing to everv /.

      2 7. 1. were ciimpelled lo I. svi ine's'Hesli

      15. 3y. as wine with water deliglilelb the /.

      1 Asl El). 'I'.'h. 2. 4. before I had /. of any ineat, I started up /I erf. Ui. 25. it was enouiih they only t. of wratli 2 Mac. 0. 20. mil lawlul tor love of life to be /

      2 Y '2 691

      Apociiyi'ha.] ten

      rASTETH. Eccl. 36. 19. as the palate r. divers kinds of venison

      TASIING. Wild. 18. 20. the . of death touched the righteous


      1 E'd. 8. 7. but. all Israel the ordinances 9. 4y. to the Invites that t. the multitude

      2 Esd. H. 29. them that have clearly t. the law IVisd. 9. 18. men were i. ihini^ pleasing to thee Eccl. 6. 32. my son, if thou wilt, thou shalt be /.

      21. 12. he that is not wise will not be I.

      Sut. 3. t. their daughter according to law of Moses


      1 Esd. 1. 36. he set a t. on the land of 100 talents

      8.22. that>e require no /. nor imiX>silion

      See Crown.


      1 Esd. 8. 23. those that know it not, thou shatt t.

      2 Esd. 12. .'58. and /. them to the wise o( the people £ccl. 9. 1. 1, her not an evil lesson Hgainst thyself

      45. 5. that he might t. .lacnb his covenants

      TEACHEIH. Wisd. 8. 7. for she /. temperance and prudence £ccl. 18. 13. be reprovelh, nurtureth, and t.

      22. 7. whoso *. a tool, is as one that glue^h .30. 3. he that t. his son, grieveth the enemy .33.27. send him to labour, lor idleness /. evil 37. 19. there is one that is wise, and /. many

      TE.AK.S. Eccl. 35. 15. do not t. run down widows' cheeks ? .'58. 16. my son, let/, tall down over the dead 2 Mac. 11. 6. with lamentation and t. he sought


      IVisd. 2. 1. ungodly said, our life is short and .

      lEETH. Wisd. 16. 10. not the t. of venomous dragons Eccl. 21. 2. the I. thereof are the .of a liou .30. 10. lest thou gnash thy t. in the end .39. .30. t. of wild beasts punishing the wicked 61. 3. from t. of them that were ready to devour

      TELL. Toh. 5. 7. tarry for me till 1 t. my father

      14. but (. ine, what wages shall I give thee } Jiid. 11. 17. he will I. me when they have committed Jl i.'rf. 6. 22. as for wisdom, what is she, 1 will t. you Eccl. 18. 5. who shall also I. out his mercies ? .37. 14. is wont to t. him more than seven watchmen 43. 24. that sail on the sea, t. of the danger 44. 15. tlie people will i. of their wisdom S/'t. 51. t. me, under what tree sawest thou them? 2 Mac. 7.2C. 1 cannot /. how ye came into my womb

      TELLETII. Eccl. 22. 8. he that t. a tale to a fool, speaketh

      TELLIMG. Eff. 21. 25. the lips of talkers will be . such things

      TEMPERED. JVisd. 16. 21. *. itself to every man's liking

      1EMPER1NG. Wisd. 15.7. the potter t. soft earth, fashioneth

      TEMPEST. Wisd. 5. 14. dispersed here and there with a. Eccl. 16. 21. it is a /. which no man can see

      TEMPLE. 1 F,d. 1. 41. he set them in his own t. of Babylon 49. the governors defiled the /. of the Lord 6. 19. put them in the /. at Jerusalem, and that the t. of the Lord should be built in his place

      8. 18. vessels for the use of the t. of thy God 81. yea, and honoured the t. of our Lord

      "J'lih. 14. 5. the land, where they shall build a t. Jud. 4. 11. every mf^nand woman fell before the t, .'>. 18. the I. ot their God was cast to the ground jyisd. .3. 14. an inheritance in the t. of the Ixjrd

      9. 8. thou hast commanded me to build a (. Eccl. 45. 9. a noise that might be heard in the /.

      49. 12. who set up an holy /. to the Lord

      50. 1. Simon in his days forlihed the {.

      4. he took care of the t. that it should not fall 51. 14. 1 prayed for her before the t. and will seek Kar. 6. 2(1. they are as one of the beams of the I. Bel 10. the king went wiih Daniel into Ihe t. of Bel

      1 A/ac.2. 8. her/, is become asa man without glory 4. 50. that the lamps might give light in the /.

      6. 43. and Hed to the /. that was atCarnaim 6. 2. and that there was in it a very rich /. 16. 20. he sent to take the mountam of the /.

      2 Mac. 1 . 13. they were slain in the t. of Kanea 2. 22. they recovered again the /. renowned

      3. 12. to majesty and inviolable sanctity of the /.

      4. 14. despisuig Ihe i. and neglecting sacrifices .32. Menelaus stole vessels of gold out of the /.

      5. 15. to go into the most holy /. of all the world 6.2. and to call it the /.of Jupiter Olympius

      4. the /. was filled with riot and revelling 8. 2. would pity the /. profaned of ungodly men o. 2. entered city, and went about to rob Ihe /.

      10. 1. Maccabeus recovered the /. and the city

      TEMPLES. Jud. 4. 1. heard how he had spoiled all their/. Bar. 6. 18. even so the priests make fast their /.

      TEMPT. Wisd. 1. 2. he will be found of them that /.him not Eccl. 13. 11. with communication will he /. thee

      TEMPT All ON. Eccl. 2. 1. if thou come, prepare thy soul for /. .33. 1. but in /. even again he will deliver him I Mac. 2. 52. Abraham was found faithful in /.

      TEMPTED. Jud. 8. 12. who are you that have /. God this day ?

      TE.MPIETH. Eccl. 18. 23. and be not as one that /. the Lord

      TEN. Eccl. 23. 19. are /. thousand times brighter 47. f. the people honoured him with /.thousands Dan. 3. 17. like as in /. thousands of fat lambs

      TENDERED. S Mac. 4. 2. had /, his own nation, and was zealous

      TENT. Jud, 8. 5. she made her /. on the top of her house 10. 15. now therefore come to his /. some conduct 17. they brought her to the /. of Holofernes 14. 14. Bagoas knocked at the door of the /. 692


      Eccl. 14. 25. he shall pitch his /. nigh to her

      TENTS. Wisd. 11.2. thev pitched /. where lay no way

      TENTH. Eccl. 25. 7. the /. I will utter with my tongue

      TENIHS. Tob. 5. 13. the first-born, and the /. of the fruits

      1 Mac. 10. 31. free both from the /. and tributes

      TERRIBLE. Wisd. 5. 2. they shall be troubled with /. fear

      11. 19. but also the /. sight utterly destroy them

      17. 9. for though no /. thing did fear them

      19. or a /. sound of stones castdown, orarunning Eccl. 43. 29. the Lord is /. and very great Prayer of Manass. by thy /. and glorious name

      2 Mac. 3. 25. a horse with a /. rider upon him

      TERRIFY. Eccl. 21. 4. to /. and do wrong will waste riches

      TERRIFIED. If^isd. 17. 6. for being much /. they thought things 2 Mac. 4. 1. as if he had /. Heliodorus, been worker

      TERROR. 2 Mac. 8. 16. not to be stricken with /. of enemy

      12. 22. enemies being smitten with fear and /.

      TERRORS. IVisd. 17. 8. they that promised to drive away /.

      18. 17. and /. came upon them unlocked for


      1 Mac. 1. 57. was found with any the book of the /.


      1 Mac. 2. 37. heaven and earth shall /. for us


      2 Mac. 3. 36. then /. he to all men the works of God

      TESTIMONY. Wisd. 10. 7. the waste land thatsmokelh is a /.

      TESTIMONIES. Eccl. 31. 24. the /. of his niggardness not be doubted 45. 17. that he should teach Jacob the /.

      THANK. £(•/■/. 20. 10. 1 have no /. for all my good deeds

      THANKS. 1 Esd. 4. 60. blessed art thou who hast given me wis- dom, for to thee I give /. O Ix)rd of our fathers Toi. 12. 20. give God /. 1 go up to him that sent me IVisd. 16. 28. we must prevent the sun to give /. Eccl. 17. 27. instead of them who live and give /. 29. 25. thou sljalt entertain and have no /. .39. 6. he shall give /. to the Lord in his prayer Van. 3. 67. O give /. to I.ord, because he is gracious 6H. all ye that worship the Lord, give him /.

      1 Mac. 14. 25. what /. shall we give to Simon i

      2 Mac. 3. .33. give Ouias the high-priest great /.

      8. 27. yielding exceeding praise and /. to the Lord 9. 20. if ye fare well, I give very great /. to God

      THANKED. Eccl. 12. 1. so shall thou be /. for thy benefits

      THANKFULNESS. Esth. 16. 4. and take not only /. away from men Eccl. 37. 11. nor consult with an envious man of /. . THANKSGIVING.

      1 Esd. 5. 60. singing songs of/, and praising the Lord Eccl. 17. 28. /. perisheth from the dead, as one is not

      51. 11. praise contin. and I will sing praise with /.

      2 Mac. 10. 38. praised the Lord with psalms and /.

      THARSUS. 2 Mac. 4. 30. they of T. and Mallosmade insurrect.

      THEFT. Wisd. 14. 25. manslaughter, /. and dissimulation

      THEMAN. Bar. 3. 22. neither hath it been seen in T.

      THICK. Eccl. 14. 18. as of the green leaves a /. tree 2 Mac. 1. 20. they found no fire, but /. water

      THICKEST. 2 Mac. 14. 43. cast himself down among /. of them

      THIEF. Eccl. 5. 14. for a foul shame is upon the /. 20. 25. a /. is better than a man that is a liar 36. 20. who will trust a /. well appointed .'

      THIEVES. Bar. 6. 15. cannot deliver himself from war and /.

      THIGH. Jud. 9. 2. who discovered the /. to her shame Eccl. 19. 12. as an arrow that sticketh in a man's /.

      THIN. Wisd. 5. 14. like a /. froth that is driven away

      THINK. Wisd. 1. 1. /. of the Lord with a good heart 6. 15. to /. upon her is perfection of wisdom 9. 13. or who can /. what the will of the Lord is .' Eccl. 3. 22. /. thereupon with reverence 18. 24. /. on the wrath that shall be at the end 25. when thou art rich, /. on poverty and need Bar. 2. 32. and they shall /. upon my name

      3. 5. but /. on thy power and name at this lime

      6. 40. how should a man then /. they are gods .' 2 Mac. 2. 29. even so 1 /. it is with us

      0. 24. whereby many youn^ persons might /.

      7. 16. yet /. not our nation is forsaken of God 19. /. not that thou shall escape unpunished

      9. 12. a man should not proudly /. of himself

      THIRD. 1 Esd. 3. 12. the /. wrote, women are strongest

      4. 13. then the /. who had spoken of women Eccl. 23. 16. and the /. will bring wrath

      26. 28. and the /. maketh me angry

      50. 25. two 1 abhor, and the /. is no nation

      1 Mac. 14. 27. the /. year of Simon the high-priest

      2 Mac. 7. 10. after was the /. made a mocking-stock

      THIRDLY. Eccl. 23. 23. /. she hatli played whore in adultery

      THIRST. Jud. 7. 13. SO shall /. kill them, and they shall give

      22. their women and young men fainted for /.

      Wisd.W. 4. their /. was quenched outof Ihe stone

      8. declaring by that /. how thou hadst punished


      Wisd. 11. 4. when they were /. they called on thee

      Eecl.QG. 12. open her mouth as a /. traveller

      51. 21. what say ye, seeing your souls are very /. .'

      THIRSTING. Wisd. 11, 9. t, in another manner than the just


      THOUGHT. Il'isd. 1. 10. fhey /.to have hail it iheir friend

      6. IC. and she meeteth them in every /.

      Eccl. II. 5. one that was never /. on hath worn 22. 17. a heart settled upon a /. of understanding 42.20. no /. escapeth him, nor any word liiddeo 51. 8. then /. I upon thy mercy, O Lord

      Bar. 6. 56. how can it be then /. that they are gods^ THOUGHTS.

      lUsd. 1. 3. forfroward /. separate from God 5. remove from /. without understanding 2. 14. he was made to reprove our /. 9. 14. for the /.of mortal men are miserable

      Eccl. 23.2. who will set scourgesover my /. .' .33. 5. and his /. are like a rolling axle-tree THOUSAND.

      Jilsd. 12. 22. scourgeslour enemies a/, times more

      Eccl. 0. 6. but have one counsellor of a/. 16. .3. for one that is just is better than a /. 18. 10. so are a /. years to the days of eternity .39. 11. he shall leave a greater name tlian a /. 41. 4. ten, 01 a hundred, or a /. jears

      12. continue above a /. great treasures of gold

      1 Mac. 2. 38. slew to the number of a /. people


      2 Mac. 12. 35. an horsemen of T. coming upon him

      THREATENED. Jud. b. 16. for God is not as man, that he may be t.

      THREATEN ETH. Eccl. 13. 3. rich man hath done wrong,andyel he /.

      THREATENING. Prayer of Manass. ihme angry /. toward sinners

      THREE. 1 Etrf. 3. 4. /. young men that wereof the guard Eccl. 25. 1. in /. things I was beautified 2. /.sorts of men my soul liateth 26. 5. there be/, things that my heart feareth 48. 3. and also /. times brought down fire Van. 3. 28. then the /. as out of one mouth praised

      THRICE. Eccl. 13. 7. he have drawn thee dry twice or/.

      THRIVE. Wisd. 4. 3. the brood of the ungodly shall not /.

      THRONE. Esth. 15. 6. the king, who sal on his royal /. IVisd. y. 10. Osend her from the /. of thy glory 18. 15. outof Ihy royal /. asa fierce man of war Eccl. 1. 8. isonewise, the Lord sitting upon his /. 40. 3. from him that sitteth on a /. ot glory 47. 11. the Lord gave him a/, of glory in Israel

      1 Mac. 2. 57. possessed /.of an everlasting kingdom

      7. 4. Demetrius was set on the /. of his kingdom

      THRONES. Wisd. 5. 23. ill-dealing shall overthrow /. of mighty 6.21. if yourdelightbe then in /. and sceptres 7. 8. 1 preferred her before sceptres and /. Eccl. 10. 14. hath cast down the /.of proud princes


      2 Mac. 14. 45.yet he ran through the midst of the/. 46. plucked out his bowels, andcasltliemon the/.

      THROWN. Wisd. 11. 14. when he was long before /. out

      18. 18. one t. here, anoiher there half dead

      THRUST. Eccl. 13. 21. a poor man is /. away by his friends

      THU.M.MIM. Eccl. 45. 10. a breast-plate, and with Urini and T.

      TIIUNDER. Esth. 11.5. behold a noise of tumult with /. Eccl. .32. 10. before the /. goeth lightning 40. 13. shall vanish with a noise like great /.in rain 43. 17. the noise of/, makes the earth tremble

      THUNDER-BOLTS. Wtsd. 5. 21. the right-aiming /. shall go abroad 2 Mac. 1. 16. they threw stones like /. and struck

      THUNDERED. Eccl. 46. 17. and the Lord /. from heaven

      TIDINGS. 2 Mac. 9. 24. or if any grievous /. were brought

      TIGRIS. Toh. 6. 1 . they came in the evening to the river T. Jud. 1. 6. there came to him all that dwell by T. Eccl. 24. 25. as T. in the times of the new fruits

      ITLLETH. Eccl. 20. 28. he that /. his land shall increase

      TIMBER. Wisd. 13. 11. now a carpenterthal felleth /. Eccl.^'i. 16. as /.girt and bound logetlier inbuildine

      TIMBRELS. Jud. 3. 7. they received them with dances and /.

      IIME. 1 Esd. 1. 19. Israel held the passover at that /. 5. 73. hindered, all the /. that king Cyrus lived Tob. 14. 4. the house shall be desolate for a /. Esth. 10.20. in the /. of affliction set on them Wisd. 2. 4. our name shall be forgotten in /. 5. our /. is a very shadow that passeth away 4. 4. though they flourish in branches for a /. 8. age is not that which standeth in length of /.

      13. made perfect in a short /. fulfilled a long /.

      9. 5. 1 thy servant am of a short /. and too young 15. 12. counted our /. herea market for gain

      19. 22. tlidst assist them in every /. and place Eccl. 1. 24. he will hide his words for a /.

      2. 2. and make not haste in /. of trouble 11. for the Lord saveth in/. of affliction 16. 26. from the /. he made them, he disposed

      18. 21. and in the /. of sins shew repentance 22. let nothing hinder to pay thy vow in due /. 24./. ot vengeance when he shall turn hb face 25. when tiiou hast enough, remember /. of liun


      19. 9. and when /. cometh he will hate thee

      22. nor at any /. the counsel of sinners prudence

      20. 6. anil some keepeth silence knowing his /. 7. but a babbler and ftjol will regard no /.

      22. 16. so the heart established shall fear at not.

      23. abide stedfast to him in the /.of trouble 24. 26. and as Jordan in the /.of the harvest

      27. to appear as Geon in the /. of vintage 27. 12. if among the (indiscreet observe the /. 29. 2. lend tliy neighbour in the {. of bis need


      Eecl. C9. 5. wlien he slioul:! repa3', he ivill proloni; /. and return words of priet, ami complain of the r.

      30. S4. carefulness brin^eth age before the t, 32.4. and shew not forth wisdom out of ^. 33. 2.3. at the /. when thou Shalt end thy daj's 35. 20. mercy is seasonable in t. of affliction 36. 8. make the *. short, remember the covenant 37. 4. but in t. of trouble will be against him .■?8. 13. there is a t. when in tlieir hands there is

      39. 28. in t. of iestruction they pour out force

      31. when tlieir*. is come they shall not transjjress .34. for in t. they shall all be well approved

      40. 24. brethren are against the /. of trouble

      44. 17. Noah was found perfect in the t. of wrath

      46. 7. in the /. of Moses he did a work of mercy 48. 23. in his I. the sun went backward

      49. 3. in /. of ungodly he established the worship

      50. 24. and that he would deliver us at his t.

      51. 10. in t, of the proud, when there was no help

      12. and thou deliveredst me from the evil t. 30. in his t. he will give you your reward

      Bar. 3. 5. but think on thy name now at this /. Van. 3. 15. nor is there at this t. prince or prophet Sii-t. 15. it fell out as they watched a fit /. 2 SJac, 1. 22. when the t. came that tlie sun shone

      TIMES. Wisd. 7. IR. beginning, ending, and midst of the t.

      8. 8. she foreseeth the events of seasons and t. 11. 21. thou canst shew thy great strength at all /.

      Eccl. 19. 15. admonish, for many t. it is a slander

      26. 4. have a good heart, he shall at all t. rejoice 43. 6. he made the moon for a declaration of t. 44. 7. all these were the glory of their t.

      47. 10. he set in order the solemn t. till the end

      48. IC. who wast ordained for reproofs in their /. Bar. 4. 28. being returned seek him ten /. more

      TIMOROUS. Wisd. 17. 11. wickedness condemned is very t. Tl.MOTHEUS.

      1 Hf»c. 5. 11. T. being captain of their host

      2 Mae. 8. .30. of those that were witi) T. they slew

      9. 3. what had happened unto Nicanor and '1'.

      10. 24. T. whom the .lews had overcome before

      32. as for T. himself, he tied info a strong hold .37. and killed T. that was hid in a certain pit

      12. 18. as for T. they found him not in the places

      19. slew those that T. had left in the fortiess

      20. went against T. who had about him 120,000

      21. when T. had knowledge of Judas coming S4. T. himself fell into the hands of Bositheus

      TIN. Eccl. 47. 18. didst gather gold as (. and multiply TIRE. -^

      Jud. 10. 3. braided her hair, and put a t. upon it

      16.8. bound her hair in a t. and took linen


      Ecel. 35. 9. and dedicate thy t. with gladness

      1 lUac. 11. 35. of the /. and customs pertaining

      TOBIAS. Toi. 1. 9. I married Anna, and of her I begat T.

      3. 17- give Sara, daughfer of Raguel, for wife to T. the son of Tobit, she belongeth to T. by right

      4. 2. wherefore do I not call for my son T. ' 7. 1 1, but T. said, I will eat nothing here, till

      13. and he gave her to be wife fo T. saying 8. 1. they supplied, and brought T. in unto her

      4. T. rose out of the bed, and said, sister, arise

      5. then began T. to say, blessed art thou, O God 9. 6. came to the wedding, and T. blessed his wife

      11. 1. after this, T. went his way, praising God 7. I know, T. that thy father will open his eyes 19. T. wedding was kept seven days with joy

      12. 1. then Tobit called his son T. and said

      14. 12. but T. departed with his wife and children

      2 Mac. 3. 11. some belonged to Ilircanus son of T.

      TOBIE. 1 Mac. 5. 13. our brethren t)rat were in places of T.

      TOBIEL. T"6. 1.1. tlie book of the words of Tobit son of T.

      TOBIT. To*. 1. 3. I T. have walked in the way of truth 3. 17. the whiteness of T. eyes, then came T. home 4. 1. in that day T. remembered the money 7. 2. how like is young man to l'. my cousin !

      4. he said to tbtm, do you know T. our kinsman ?

      7. but when b« heard that T. was blind, he wept

      10. 1. now T. his father counted every day

      11. 10. T. went toward the door and stumbled

      16. T. went out to meet his daughter-in-law

      17. but T. gave thanks before them, because

      12. 1. T. called his son Tobias, and said to him 13. 1. then T. wrote a prayer of rejoicing

      14. 1. so T. made an end of praising God

      13. inherited their substance, and his father T.


      1 Esd. 4. 22. do ye not t. and bring all to the woman ?

      TOKEN, S.

      1 F.fd. 3. 5. give great things in t. of victory

      2 flsd. 1. 15. the quails were as a /. for victory IVisd. 2. 9. let us leave t. of our joyfulness

      5. 11. there is no /. of her way to be found Eccl. 13. 2."). is a . of a heart in prosperity

      2 Mac. 6. 13. for it is a ^ of his great goodness

      TOLD. Tni. R. 14. maid came and /. them that he was alive Jud. 10. 18. came about her, till they t. him of her Eecl. 19. 7. rehearse not that which is /. thee

      31. 22. at the last thou shalt find as I . thee

      lOMB. Eccl. 21. 8. gathers stones for the t. of hb burial

      TONGUE. Wisd. 1. 6. for God is a hearer of his t. 11. and refrain your t. from backbiting

      8. 12. when I hold my t. they shall bide my leisure Eecl, 4. 24. and learning by the word of the t.

      29. be not hasty in thy t. and iu thy deeds slack

      5. 9. so doth the sinner that hath a double /.

      13. and the t. of man is his fall

      14. not a whisperer, and lie not in wait with thy /.

      8. 3. strive not with a man that is full of t.

      9. 18. a man of an ill /. is dangerous in his city IT- 6. counsel and a t. eyes and ears gave be them


      £f.19.6. hclhatcanrulehis^.shalllivewilh. strife 16. who is he that hath not offended wiih his t. ? 20. 1. some man holdeth his t. and he is wise

      7. wise man will hold his/, till he see opportunity 18. is better than to slip with the t.

      22. 27. who shall set a watch and a seal of wisdom upon my lips, that my /. destroy me not.' 25.7. and the tenth I will utter with my /.

      8. well is him that hath not slipped with his /. 26. 6. a scourge of the t. which communicates 28. 14. a backbiting t. hath disquieted many

      17- the stroke of tlie t. breaketh the bones 18. but not so many as have fallen by the t.

      32. 8. one that knoweth and yet hohleth his /.

      .36.23. if there be meekness and comfort in lier t.

      .37. 18. but the t. ruleth over them continually

      51.2. preserved from the snare of tlie slanderous /.

      5. from an unclean (. and from lying words

      6. by an accusation from an unrigliteous*. Bar. 6. 8. as for their (. it is polished by workmen 2 Mac. 7. 4. to cut out t. of him that spake first

      10. when he was required he put out his t.

      15. 33. when he had cut out the . of N icanor

      TONGUED. Eccl. 28. 13. curse the whisperer and double-r.


      Wisd. 10.21. made the t. that cannot speak, eloquent


      1 &(/. 1. 41 . Nabuchodonosor t. of the holy vessels 8. 96. Esdras arose, and t. an oath of the priests

      J'ob. 2. 4. I started up, and t. him up into a room

      7. 13. t. her by the hand and gave her to Tobias 14. he t. paper and did write an instrument

      8. 2. he t. the ashes of perfumes, and made smoke 12. 6. he t. them both apart, and said unto them

      Esth. 15. 2. had called on God,she. two maids with Wisd. 13. 3. twing delighted, /. them to be gols Eccl. 47. 11. the Lord t. away his sins, and exalted

      TOOK EST. Esth. 14. 5. thou /. Israel from among all people

      lOP. Jud. 9. 13. who purposed evil against the *. of Sion

      TOPS. Jud. 4. 5. of all the *. of the high mountains TORCH-LIGHT.

      2 Mac. 4. 22. he was brought in with /. and shoutings

      TORMENT. Wisd. 3. 1. and there shall no /. touch them 17. 13. more than the cause which brings the t.

      1 Mac. 9.56. Alcimusdied at that time with /.

      2 Mac. 6. 19. became of his own accord to the t. 28. had said this, immediately he went to the *.

      7. 8. he also received the next t. in order 17. behold, how will he t. thee and thy seed TORMENTED. 2 Errf. 13. ,38. wherewith they shall begin to be /. Wisd. 6. 6. but mighty men shall be mi-jhtily t.

      11. 9. the ungodly were judged in wrath and t.

      12. 23. hast t. them with their own aboiuinalions

      16. 1. by nmllitude of beasts were they t.

      4. should be shewed how their enemies were t. 2 Mac. 7. 1. and were t. with scourges and whips 13. they t. and mangled the fourth in like manner

      9. 6. he had /. other men's bowels with torments

      lORMKNTOH. 2 Mac. 7. 29. fear not this t. but take thy death

      TORMENTS. 2 Ksd. 9. 9. have cast them away, shall dwell in /. Wisd. 19. 4. the punishment wanting to their 1. Ecel. .33. 26. so are tortures and t. for an evil servant 2 Mac. 7. 37. that thou by t. mayest confess he is G . 9. 5. sore t. of the inner parts came upon him 6. he had tormented others with many /. TORN. Eccl. 6. 2. that thj' soul be not t. in pieces

      TORTURE. Wisd. 2. 19. examine him with despitefulnessand t.

      TORTURES. 2-Mac. 7. 42. idolatrous feasts and extreme /.

      TOUCH. Toi. 12. 7. do good, and no evil shall (. you Jvd. II. 13. it is not lawful for any so much as to/. Wisd. 3. 1. and there shall no torment t. them Eccl. 34.25. if he t. it again, whatavaileth washing .'

      TOUCHED. Wisd. 18. 16. and it t. heaven, but stood on earth

      20. the tasting of deatli /. the righteous also Dan. 3. 27. so that the fire t. them not at all

      TOUCHETH. Eccl. 13. 1. he that t. pitch shall be defiled therewith

      lOWER. Eccl. C6.22. a married woman is a t. against death 37. 14. watchmen that sit above in an high t.

      1 Mac. 6. 24. they of our nation besiege the f, 9. 53. and he put them in the /. at Jerusalem 13.50. he cleansed the t. from pollutions

      52. the hill of the temple that was by the.

      2 Mac. 4. 12. he built a place of exercise under the .

      13. 5. a t. of fifty cubits high full of ashes

      15. 35. he hanged also Nicanor's head on the .


      1 Esd. 1. .55. Jerusalem, they set fire on her t.

      4. 4. they break down mountains, walls, and i. 'lob. 13. 16. thy walls,, and battlements with gold Jud. 1. 3. set the . thereof on the gates of it liUnf.1.33. they buildedcity of Dav. with mighty .

      5. 65. and burned the t. thereof round about

      16. 10. so they fled even to the /. iu the fields


      2 Mac. II. 5. to Bethsura, which was a strong . 12. 21. for the t. was hard to besiege, and uneasy


      1 Mae. 5. 65. he smote Hebron and the . thereof

      2 Mac. 8. 1. they with him went privily into.

      6. lie came unawares and burnt up (. and cities TRACE. Wisd. 2. 4. shall pass away as the t. of a cloud 5. 10. the . thereof cannot be found, nor path

      TRACETH. Eccl. 14. 22. go after her as one that . and lie in wait

      TR.41NING. 2 Mac. 4. 9. fiT the (. up of youth in the fashions



      TRAINS. Eccl, 11, 29. for the deceitful man hath many t.


      2 Esd. 12. .3. 1 awaked out of trouble and . of mind


      1 Esd. 1. 48. he t. the laws of the Iord Gol of Israel 8. 82. for we have /. thy commandments

      TRANSGRESSETH. Eccl. 19. 24. that /. the law of the Most High

      TRANSGRESSING, S. Wisd. 2. 12. he objecteth the /. of our education Ecel. 29. 19. a wicked man /. the commamlmeiits TRANSGRESSIONS. See Prayer oj Manass.

      TRANSGRESSORS. Ecel. 40. 14. so shall /. come to nought

      TRANSLATED. E th. Ifi. 14. to have /. the kingdom of the Persians /( I'd. 4. 10. so that living among sinners, he was /. Ercl. 10. 8. kingdom is /. troin one people to another

      2 Mac. 11. 23. since our father is /. uuto the gods

      TRAVEL. Wisd. 6. 14. seekelh her early, shall have no great t, F-ccl. H. 15. /. not by the way with a bold fellow .34. 5. the heart fancieth as a woman's heart in t 40. 1. great /. is created tor every man 1 Mac. 9. 68. for his counsel and /. was in vain

      TRAVELS. Wisd. 10. 10. made him rich in his t. and multiplied

      TRAVELLED. Eccl. 34. 9. a man that hath /. knoweth things

      TRAVELLER. Eccl. 26. 12. she will open her mouth as a thirsty / TRAVELLERS. '

      Eccl. 42. 3. of reckoning with thy partners and /

      TitAVELLETH. Eccl. 19. 11. a fool /. with a word, as a woman TREACHERY.

      1 Mac. 16. 17. in doing he committed great /.

      2 Mac. 3. 32. some /. had been ilone to Heliodoru«

      TREACHEROUS. Eccl. 22. 22. disclosing of secrets, or a /. wound

      TREAD. .Tnd. 6. 4. with them we will /. them under foot liar. 4. 25. see his destruction, and /. on his neck 1 Mac. 4. 60. t. it down as they had done before

      TREASURE. Toi. 4. 9. thou layest up a good /. for thyself /I Mrf. 7. 14. for she is a t. that never faileth Eecl. 3. 4. he is as one that layeth up /. 6. 14. that hath found such a one hath found a / 20. .'JO. /. that is hoarded up, what profit is in it ' 29. 11. lay up thy /. according tothv commaiidin

      40. 18. he that findeth a /. is above them both

      41. 14. a /. that is not seen, what profit is iu it?

      1 Mac. 3. 28. he opened his /. and gave soldiers pay

      13. 15. for money he is owing to the king's /


      1 Etd. 2. II. he delivered to Mithridates his 4. 49. no . shouhl forcibly enter their doors

      2 Mac. 3. 7. the king chose out Heliodorus his


      1 Esd. 4, 47. Darius wrote letters for him to all the TREASURES.

      1 Esd. 1. 51. they look holy ves,si-ls and the king's. 8. 19. I commanded the keepers of the t. in .Syria

      Eecl. 1. 25. the parables are in the . of wislom 41. 12. thy name above a thousand great /. of gold 43. 14. through this the/, are opened, the clouds fly

      Bar. 3. 15. or who hath come into her /. .'

      1 Mac. 1. 23. he took the hidden /. which he found

      3. 29. when he saw the money of his /. failed

      TREASURY. 1 Ed.5. 45. give into the holy /. of the works 8. 18. thou shalt give it out of the king's /.

      1 Mac. 14. 49. the copies should lie laid up in the /.

      2 Mac. 3. 6. and told that the /. in Jerusalem was full 13. that it must be brought into the king's /.

      24. as he was there with his guard about the t. 40. the keeping of the /. fell out on this sort

      4. 42. the robber, him they killed beside the /. 5. 18. whom Seleucus the king sent to view the (

      TREAT. Jud. 3. 1 . they sent ambassadors lo him to /. of t>eace

      TREATED. ^

      2 Mac, 13. 22. the king /. with them in Bethsura

      TREE. 1 F.-d. 6. .32. out of his own house a /. be taken Wisd. 13. 11. after he hath sawn down a /. meet Eecl. 14. 18. as of the green leaves on a thick /. 27. 6. the fruit declareth if the /. have been dressed Bar. .5. 8. every sweet-smelling /. shall overshadow i'us. 54. tell me under what /. sawest thou them ?

      TREES. 1 Mac. 10. 30. half of the fruit of the /. I release

      14. 8. and the /. of the field gave their fruit

      TREMHLE. 1 Esd. 4. .36. all works shake and /. at it £cr/. 43. 17. thunder maketh the earth to /. Prayer of Manass. all men /. before thy power

      TREMBLED. Eecl. 48. 19. then /. their hearts and hands 1 Mac. 2. 24. inflamed with zeal, and his reins I, 12. 28. they feared and /. in their hearts TREMBLING. Jud. 15. 2. and fear and /. fell upon them

      TRESPASS. Eccl. 26. 11. nfarvel not if she /. against thee

      TRESPA.SSED. Eccl. 23. 23. she hath /. against her own husband

      TRIAK Wisd. 3. 18. nor have they comfort in the day of t.

      4. 6. are witnesses against parents in their /, 6. 8. Iut a sore /. shall come on the miglity

      E'ccl. 6. 21. will lie on him as a mighty stone of t. 16. 22. and the /. of all things is in the end 27. 5. so the /. of a man is in his reasoning 7. before hearest him speak, for this is /. of men TRlBE. Toi. 4. 12. a woman who is not of thy father's /.

      5. 8. call him, that 1 may know of what /. he is

      10. shew n;e of whp.t /. and family thou art

      11. he said, dost lh.9u seek for a /. or family i


      ApocBypHA.l 1* R tj

      Tot. 5. IS. T inquired to know ihy'l. and thy family Jiul. B. 2. was lier hushaiid of her /. and kindred £itA. 14. 5. 1 liave heard in the I. of my family

      TKIHES. Toi. 1. 4. whicli was chosen out of all the t. of Israel , tliatall the /. should sacritiie (here Efcl. 36. 11. gatlier all the t. of Jacob together 44. 23. among the twelve I. did he part them

      iRIBUl.ATlON. I'.sDi. 11 . 8. a day of darkness and /. and anguish iff/. 40. y. calamities, famine, /. and scouige 1 .Vac. 6. 11. 1 thousrht, into what t. am 1 come

      ■J KI15UNES.. Jud. 14.1C.their leaders came to tlieircaptains and t. 1 Mac. 16. 19. to the e. he sent letters to come

      TKIBUTAKIKS. 1 Mac. 1.4. kings who became t. unto him

      '1 KIBUTK. 1 End. 2. 19. tliey will not only refuse to cive t. 4. 6. ami compel one another to pay /. to the king 5(). that the country should be tree without t. 1 Mar. K. ". such as reijined after him pay f;reat /. 11. •: that he would make Julea free from /. l."}. .Si), if any other /. were paid in Jerusalem 8 AJac. 8. 10. the I. of two thousand talents 36. to make good to the Romans llieir t. TRIBUTES.

      1 Afac. 3. 29. that t. in the country were small 31. there to take the /. of the countries

      10. 29. and now I release all the Jews from I. 31. let Jerusalem be free from tenths and t.

      15. 30. deliver i. of the places ye have i?irttea 31. give tor t. of the cities other 300 talents


      2 Mac. 14. 1. having entered by the haven ot T.

      TRIU.MPH. 24. 2. she shall /. before his power 1 AJac. 2. 48. nor suffered they the siuner to t.

      TRlU.MPHEI'll. IVitJ. 4. 2. it weareih a crown, and t. for ever TUOUDEN.

      1 Mac. a. 45. the sanctuary also was /. down

      S Mae.K. 2. the people that was t. down of all TROOPS.

      2 Mac, 5. 3. there were seen t. of horsemen in array

      TROUBLE. Toi. 4. 13. in pride is destruction and much /,

      6. 7. if a devil or an evil spirit i. any Eith. 13.7. to be well settled, and without /. Jiccl. 2. 2. and make not haste in lime of /.

      4. 3. adil not more t. to an heart that is vexed

      6. 8. for some man will not ahiile in the day of . £2. 1.3. beware of him, lest thou have I.

      23. abiile stedfast to him in the time of his/. 29. 4. many put them to t. that helped them

      37. 4. but in the lime of /. will be against him

      40. 5. t. and unquietness, fear of death, anger 51. 10. he would not leave nie in the days of my t.

      2 j1tf. 1. 2.5. thou that deliveredst Israel from I. 3. .30. which a little before was full of fear and /.

      TROUBLED. Toi. 12. If), they were both t. and fell on their faces J-'.st/i. If). 16. she fell down, tlien the king was t, IViid. D. 2. they shall t>e /. with terrible fear

      11. 6. a funnimr river, t. with foul blood

      17- 3. astouislied, being /. with strange apparitions Jiccl. 20. 21. when he takes rest, he shall not be t. .30. 7. and his bowels will be (. with every cry 40. 6. t. in the vision of his heart, as if escaiied 51. 21. my heart was t. in seeking her Sar. 3. 1. the l. spirit crielh unto thee JJan. 3. 27. the tire neither hurt nor /. them ] Mac. 3. fi. all the workers of iniquity were /.

      7. 22. to him resorted all such as /. the people _ 9. 7. Judas was sore /. in mind, and distressed '11. 53. nor rewarded him, but him very sore

      TRUE. 1 Esd. 8. 89. O Lord of Israel, thou art t. Jtid. II. 10. but lay it up in thy heart, for it is t. Wisd. 1. 6. foi- Go is a t. beholder of his heart 2. 17. let us see if his words be t. and let ns prove

      6. 17. the very /. beginning of her is the desire

      12. 27. they acknowledged him to be the t. God Eccl.-i(). 15. Samuel was found At. prophet Dan. 3. 8. thou hast done in /.judgment

      TKULY. Ti'i. .3.2. and thou judgest /. and justly for ever

      14. 6. nations shall turn and fear the Lord God t. iff/. 4l.24.soslialt thou be /.shamefaced

      42. 8. thus slialt thou be/, learned and approved

      ■J RUMP E IS.

      1 E'd. 5. 62. and all the people sounded /.

      64. many with /. and joy shouted with loud voice

      05. the/, might not be heard for the weeping

      66. to know what that noise of /. sliould mean

      Eccl. 50. 16. the sons of Aaron sounded the silver /.

      TRUSl'. Toi. 10. 12. I commit my daugh. to thee of special /. Jvd. 2. 5. take men that /. in their own strength 7. 10. the children of Israel do not /. in spears K. 20. therefore we /.that he will not despise us IViid. 3. y. they that put their /. in him understand 14. 29. for insomuch as their /. is in idols iff/. 2. 6. order thy way aright, and /. in him

      10. lid ever any in Lord and was confounded r 4. 17. until she may /.his soul, and try him by laws

      11. 21. /. in the lord, and abide in tliy labour

      12. 10. never /. thine enemy, for as iron rusteth

      16. 3. /. not thou in their life, neither respect .32.23. in every good work /.thine own soul 34. 7. they have tailed that put their/, in them .35. 12. and /. not to unrighteous sacrifices

      36. 26. who will /. a thief well appointed .38. 31. these /. to their hands, every one is wise Sar. 3. 17. hoard, up silver and gold, wherein men/. Dan. 3. 1". not coniounded that put theii /. in thee *J«.60. God who saveth them that /.in him 1 Mac. 2. 01. none that /. in him shall be overcome 8 Mac. 3. 22. to keep the things committed of /.

      7. 21. that he also would /. him with affairs 40. so this man put his whole /. in the lard

      8. 18. for they, saith \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\n,l. in their weapons


      TRUSTING. Eccl.iS. 20. /. in the goodness of thy stock 2 Mac. 10. 34. /. to the strength of the place


      Toi. 5. 8. whether he be a /. man to go with thee


      1 £■«/. 4. 13. who had spoken of women and the /. .33. tlie king looked, so he began to speak of the /. 35. great is the /. and stioniier than all things

      38. as for the /. it endurelh and is strung 40. blessed be the Godof /.

      Toi. 14.7. all those who love the Lord God in /. ./«rf. 10. 13. I am coming to declare the words of /. .3. 9. they that trust in him shall understand /.

      5. 6. theiefore have we erred from the way of/.

      6. 22. and I will not pass over the /.

      iff/. 1. ."jO. because thou camestnot in/, to fear L.

      4. 25. in no wise speak against the/, but he abashed 28. strive for the /. unto tieath, Ld. tight for thee

      II. 7. blame not before thou hast examined the/. 27. 9. so will /. return to them that practise in her 34. 4. from that which is false, what /. can come ! 37. 15. pray that he will direct thy way in /.

      41. 19. in regard of the /.of God and his covenant Dari. 3. 4. thy ways right; all thy judgments are /. 6W. 48. that without examination of the /.

      1 RY. Jud. 8. 13. and now /. the I^rd Almighty IVisd. 11. 10. these thou didst admonish and /.

      2 Mac. 14. 18. durst not /. the matter by the sword

      TRIED. Jitd. 8. 26. how he /. Isaac, and what happened

      27. he hath not /. us in the tire, as he did them Ji'isd. 1. 3. aud his power when itis /. reproveth 3. 0. as gold in the furnace hath he /. them

      11. 9. for when they were /. albeit but in mercy iff/. 2. 5. gold is /. in the fire, men in the furnace

      31. 10. who hath been /. and found perfect 2 Mac. 1. 34. made it hnly, after he had /. the matter

      TRIEIH. Jud. 8. 25. who /. us even as he did our fathers TRY'PIION.

      1 ilfaf. 11. .39. there was one T. that had been 56. T. took the elephants and won Antioch

      12. .39. T. went about to get the kingdom of Asia

      42. then seut 1. anhost of fooimen into Galilee 13.1. when Simon heard thatT. had gathered

      14. now when T. knew thatSimon was risen 19. howbeit 1'. dissembled, nor would let him go 34. because all that 1. did was to spoil 15. 10. came to him, so that few were left with T. 25. he shut up T. that he could not go out .37. in the mean time fled T. by ship to Oithosias

      39. as for the king himself, he pursued J .

      TU.MBLED. Jud. 13. 9. and she /. his body down from the bed

      TU.MULT. Esti. 11. 5. behold, the noise of a /. with thunder

      2 Mac. 13. 16. at last they filled the camp with /.

      TUMULTS. Wisd. 14. 25. corruption, unfaithfulness, /. perjury TURN. • I J J

      Esth. 13. 17. /. our sorrow into joy , that we may live 14. 11. but /.their device n()on themselves Wisd. 2. 12. because he is not for our/, iff/. 4. 4. not /. away thy face from a poor man 5. /. not away thine eye from the neeily

      5. 7- make no tarrying to/, to the Lonl

      7. 2. and iniquity shall /. away trom thee

      9. 8. /. away thine eye from a beautiful woman 1 1. 34. the stranger will /. thee out of thine own

      17. 26. /. to the Most High, and /. away from ini-

      quity, for he will lead thee out of darkness

      18. 24. the time when he shall /. away his face 2.3. 4./. away from thy servants a haughty mind

      5. /. away trom me vain hopes and concupiscence 27. I. that seeketh abundance will /. hisejesaway .35. 2. he that requitelh a good /. otfereth flour

      40. 11. things of earth shall t. to the earth a^ain .

      41. 21. to /. away thy lace from thy kinsman' 48. 10. to /. the heart of the father to the .son

      Bar. 2. 8. might /. every one from imaginations

      13. let thy wrath /. from us, for we aie but a few 4. 2. /. thee, O Jacob, and take hold of it 2 Mac. 5. 4. that apparition might /. to good

      7. 24. if he would /. from the laws of his fathers

      TURNED. 1 Esd. 7. 15. the Lord had /. the counsel of the king

      8. 8". we have /. again to transgress tliy law Ji'iid. 19. 19. earthly things were /. into watery iff/, fi. 9- there is a friend, who being /. to enmity

      28. find her rest, and that shall be /.to Ihy joy

      10. 12. his heart is /. away from his Maker

      .37. 2. whencompanion and tf lend is /. to an enemy .39. 27. so to the sinners they are /. into evil 45.23. he stood up when the people were /. back 47. 2 who . away the people through his counsel Bar. 1.13. and bis wrath is not /. from us 2. 29. this multilutle be/, into a small number 4. 34. and her pride shall be /. into mourning 6«.t. 9. /. away theireyes, that they might not 47. then all the people /. them towards him

      1 Mac. 5.28. Judas and his host /. suddenly by .35. this done, Judas /. aside to Maspha 68.Judas/. to Azotusin the land of the Philistines

      9. 41. thus was the marriage /. into mourning

      11. 55. Demetrius, who/, his back and Hed

      12. 31. wherefore /.to the Arabians

      33. from whence he /. aside to Joppe, and won it

      2 Mac. 8. 5. the wrathof the Lord was /. into mercy 10. 25. they /. themselves to pray to God

      TURNING. Wisd. 7. 18. the alterations of the/, of the sun iff/. 38. 21. forget not, for there is no/, again 1 Mac. 3. 8. and /.away wrath from Israel

      TURNS, iff/. .3.31. he thatrequiteth good /. is mindful

      TURPENTINE. Eff/.24. the /.tree 1 stretched out my branches

      TWELVE. 1 Esd. 5. 41 . from them of/, years old and upward 7. 8. and /. goats for the »in of all Israel


      1 Esd. 8. 54. then T separated /. of the chief of priests Ecc/. 49. 10. ot /. prophets, let memorial be hles.sed 1 Mac. 1.7. Alexander reigned/, years, and died

      TWICE. Jud. 13. 8. she smote /. upon his neck with might iff/. 12. 5. thou shalt receive /. as much evil 13. 7. till he have drawn thee dry /. or thrice .32. 7. and yet scarcely when thou art /. asked 45.14. their sacrifice shall be consumed every day /.

      TWISTED, iff/. 45. U. with /. scarlet work of the cunning

      TWO. 1 Esd. 5. 73. were hindered for the space of /. years iff/. 2. 12. woe to the sinner that goeth /. ways 26. 28. there be /. diings that grieve my heart .33. 15. there be /. and /. one against another

      50. 25. there be /. manner of nations I abhor 6us. 5. /. of the ancients of the people to be judges

      8. the /. elders saw her going in every day

      1 Mac. 1. 16. miglithave tlie dominion of /. realms 9. 57. the land of Judea was in rest /. years

      11. 13. Ptolemee set /. crowns on his head 13. 16. send /. of his sons for hostages

      2 Mac. 6. 10. /. women brought, who circumcised

      TYRANNY. Wisd. 14. 21. for men serving either calamity or /. 16. 4. on them exercising /. should come penury

      TYRANT. Wisd. 12. 14. nor shall /. be able to set his face 2 Mac. 4. 25. but having the fury of a cruel /.

      TYRANTS. Wisd. 8. 15. horrible /. shall be afraid when hear

      lYRE. 1 Esd. 5. 55. unto them of T. Ihey gave cars

      TYRIANS. Eccl. 46. 18. he destroyed the rules of the T. TYRUS.

      1 Mac. 11. 59. the place called the ladder of T.

      2 Mac. 4. 18. now when the game was kept at T. 32. and some he sold unto 1 . and cities about 44. when the king came to T. three men pleaded 49. they of T. moved with hatred of that deed


      UGLY'. Jfisd. 16. 3. for the «. sight of the beasts sent

      UNABLE. Wisd. 12. 9. not that thou wast «. to bring ungodly

      13. 16. knowing that it was u. to help itself 13. of him that is most u. to do any thing


      1 Mac. 5. 67. for that they went out to fight «.


      2 Mac. 8. 6. he came at K. burnt jp towns and cities

      12. 37. and rushing «. uiiou tiorgias' men

      U^ BELIEVING. Jllsd. 10. 7- pillar ot salt is monument of an 11. soul

      UNBURIED. 2 Mac. 5. 10. he that hail cast out many »/. had none

      UNCEKTAIN. Jfisd. 9. 14. and our devices are hut «. 2 Mac. 7. 34. nor be pufted up with «. hopes

      UNCHANGEABLE. 2 Esd. 6. 44. there were liowers of?/, colour

      UNCIKCUMCISED. Esl/i. 14. 15. knowest that I abhor the bed of the u. 1 AJac. 1. 15. and they maile themselves n. 48. they shmld also leave their children h. 2. 46. what children soever they found u.

      UNCLEAN. Eccl. 34. 4. of an u. thing w hat can be cleansed ? 40. 15. but are as »/. roots upon a hard rock

      51. 5. delivered from an k. tongue and lying words 1 Mac. 1. 47. sacrifice swine's Hesh and v. beasts

      62. many confirmed not to eat any «. tiling 4. 43. bear out the lefiled stones into an «. place

      UNCLEANNESS. 1 E'd. 1. 42. things recorded of his «. and impiety 8. 83. and they have filled it with their n. 87. to mingle ourselves with the «. of the nations nVf rf. 14. 26. defiling of souls, adultery, shameless «.

      1 Mac. 1. 48. their souls abominable with all n. 1.3. 48. yea, he put all u. out of it, and placed men

      UNCG.MFOKTABLE. Eccl. 18. 15. nor use «. words when thou givest

      UNCOVERED. Jud. 9. 1. K. the sackcloth wherewith was clothed

      UNDEFILED. Wisd. 3. 13. blessed is the barren that is k. 4. 2. having gotten victory, striving for n. rewards

      7. 22. holy, subtile, lively, clear, u. plain

      8. 20. rather being good, 1 came into a body h.

      14. 24. they keep neither lives nor marriages «.

      2 Jliaf. 7. 4o. thismandiedu. and puthis trust in L.

      14. 36. O holy Lord, keep this hoiiseever k.

      15. 34. he that hath kept his own place n.

      UNDERMINE. Wisd. 4. 12. wandering doth k. the simple mind Eccl. 12. 17. pretend to help, yet shall hen. thee

      UNDERMINED. 2 Mac. 4. 26. then Jason, who had «. his own hro. ther, being K. by another, was compelled toHee UNDERSTAND. Wisd. 3. 9. they that trust in him shall «. truth 4. 17. they shall not n. what God hath decreed 6. 1. hear therefore, O ye kings and w.

      13. 4. let them h. how much mightier he is iff/. 3. 23. more things are shewed than men u.

      29. the heart of the prudent will m. a parable 11. 7. blame hot, «. first, and then rebuke 17. 6. and a heart gave he them to ». 34. 11. and 1 «. more than I can express Bar. 3. 9. hear, Israel, give ear to w. wisdom 6.41. they intreat Be! as though he were able to n,

      UNDERSTANDETH. If'isd. 9. 11. for she knoweth ami k. all thinES

      UNDEKSTANDING. Wisd. 1. 5. from thoughts that are withoutu. 4. 11. lest that wickedness should alter hisu. 7.7. wherefore 1 prayed, and k, was given ma


      tyi'd.'. 22. wisdom taualitme, for in her is an u. spi.

      83. overseeing all things, and going througli all «. 9.5. for I am too youne for the «. of judgment 12. 24. being: deceived as children of no k. 33. 13. and formed it b;' the skill of liis «. Sccl. 1. 4. and the u. of prudence from everlasting

      19. wisdom raineth down the knowledge of «.

      5. 13. and if his «. fail, have patience with him 5. 10. be stedfast in thy u. and let thy word be same

      12. if tlioii hast «. answer thy ueighbonr

      6. 20. he that is without «. will not remain .33. if Ihou love to hear, thou shall receive «. .35. and let not the parables of u. es -ape thee .36. if thou seest a man of k. get beti'iies to him

      7. 25. marry dauahter, but give her to a man of u.

      8. 9. the elders, of them thou shall learn v. 10. 23. to despise the poor man that hath n.

      11. 15. inoedge and «. of the law are of Lord

      14. 20. that reasoneth of holy things by his u. 21. shall also have «. in her secrets

      15. 3. with the bread of «. shall she feed him

      16. 4. by one that lialh a. shall city be replenished

      23. he that wanteth «. will think on vam things 1". 5. in the sixth place he imparled them a.

      7. he tilled them with the knowleilge of k. 9. that they might declare his works with «.

      IH. 28. every man of «. knoweth wislom 29. they that were of k. in savings became wise

      19.2. wine will make men of Jt. to fall away

      24. he that hath small u. and feareth God

      29. one that hath «. knoweth by his countenance 21. U. that keepeth the law, getteth the w. tliereof

      25. the words of such as have k. are weighed S2. 11. and weep for the fool, for he wantetli u.

      13. go nut to Inm that hatli no «. beware of him

      15. sand is easier to bear, tlian a man without ?. 17. a heart settled on a thought of 7/. is as a fair

      24.26. he niaketli the a. to abound like I'.uphrates

      25.5. how comely is «. to men of honour H. well is him that dwelleth with a wife of «.

      26. 211. and men of «. that are not set by

      27. 12. but be continually among men of k.

      33. 3. a man of «. trusteth in the law, and the law .34. 1. the hopes of a man void of «. are vain .36. 19. so doth an heart of k. speeches .37. 22. and the fruits of ?. are commendable 39. 6. he shall be filled with the spirit of «.

      9. many shall commend his «. his name shall live 44. 3. men renowned, giving counsel by their j^. 47- 14. and as a flood thou wast filled with k.

      23. heleft l)ehind him Roboam,one that had now. 50. 27. written in this book the instrnction of «. JSar. 3. H. learn where is strength, where is «.

      .32. and he hath found her out with liis k. 2 Mar. 9. 27. he «. my mind, will graciously yield 11. 13. who, as he was a man of k. sent to them UNDKRSTOOD.

      1 F..rd. 9. 55. because they «. the words wherein rr'i.trf. 4. 15. this the people saw, and m. it not T.ccl. 1. 7. wl»o hath «. her great experience ? Bar. 3. 21. they have not ii. the paths thereof


      2 3/af. 2. 27. we will 7/. gladiv this great pains

      UNDP-IMAKETH. Krrl. 29. 19. he that K. other men's busines.? 2 Mac. C. 29. he that u. to set it out and paint it UNDERTOOK.

      1 F..'d. 1.28. did not turn, but ji. to fight with hiin 2i1/ac. 8. 10. soNicanor?/. to make ntoney of Jews


      2 Mac. 9. 18. he wrote to the lews the letters «.

      UNDl.SCREET. Ecel. 27. 12. if thou be among the «. observe lime

      UNDRESSED. 2 Esd. 16. 78. if is left k. and cast into the fire

      UNFAITHFUL. 2£(rf. 1.5. 4. K. shall die in their unfaithfulness I'isd. 16. 2y. the hope of the 71. shall melt away

      UNFAnHFULNE.s.S. 2 Esd. 15. 4. the unfaithful shall die in their «.

      UNFEIGNED. Jl'isd. 18. 16. brought thine k. commandment 2 Mac. 14. 8. for the u. care I have of things

      UNFRUITFUL. Jf'isd. 3. 11. their labours u. works unprofifab.e

      UNGODLY. If ltd. 1 . 9. shall be made into (he counsels of the w.

      16. but K. men with the works callnl it to them .3.10. the 7(. shall be punished accord, to their imag. 4. 3. imilliplying brood of the «. shall not thrive

      16. righteous shall condemn the »j. who are living 5. 14. the l)0[)e of the 7/. is like dust blown away

      10.6. when 7/. perished, she delivered righteous 11.9. they knew how tiie u. were judged in wrath 12. 9. unable to bring v. iimler the riiihteoiis

      14. 9. thetf. and his ungodliness are both alike 16. an u. custom frown strong was kept as a law 31. that pnnisheth the offence of the 11. 16. 16. for the «. that denieil to know thee 19. 1. as for the u. wrath came upon them Jiccl. 7. 17. for the vengeance of the 7j. is tire

      9. 12. delight not in what u. have pleasure in

      12. 5. do well to lowly, but give not to the u. 6. Most High will repay vengeance to the u.

      13. 24. poverty is evil in the mouth of the u.

      16. 1 . not a multit. of childr. nor delight in t(. sons 3. die without, than to have them that are u. 6. in congregation of ». shall a fire be kindled

      21. 27. when the a. curseth .Satan, he curseth

      22. 12. but for an a. man all the days of his life 26.26. dishonoureth him, shall be counted a. of all 41.5. they that are conversant in dwelling of the a.

      8. woe to you a. men who have forsaken the law

      10. so the «. shall go from a curse to destruction 42. 2. and of judgment to justify the a.

      49.3. in time of 71. he established the worship of G. iJar. 2. 12.0 Lord, we have sinned, we have done a. 1 Mae. 3. 8. destroying the a. out of them

      15. there went a mighty host of a. to help him

      6. 21. to whom some 11. men of Israel joined

      7. 5. there came to him all the a. men of Israel \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\), 58. tbeo all the u. men held a council


      1 Mac. 9. 73. he destroyed the a. men out of Israel 11. 21. certain a. persons who hated their people

      2 Mac. 1. 17. who hath delivered up the a.

      4. 13. the profaneness of Jason, that a. wretch 8. 2. would pitv the temple profaned of «. men UNGODLINESS.

      1 Ksd. 1. 52. being wroth with his people for 7. li'isd. 14. 9. ungoily and his a. are alike hateful


      2 Mac. 4. 19. this a. Jason sent messengers from .Ter. 8. 34. as that most 7/. N icanor, brouglit merchants

      15. 3. then this most a. wretch demanded


      2 Mac. 5. 6. that it would be a most 7*. day for him

      8. in the end therefore he had an a. return


      Ecel. 25. 1. a. of brethren, the love of neighboui-s


      1 Esd. 4. 39. she refraineth from all a. things Jl'isd. 16. 19. might destroy fruits of an a. land Ecel.'. 2. depart from a. and iniquity shall turn

      ly. 25. there is subtilty, and the same is v. 40. 13. the goods of the 7/. shall be dried up 41.18. of 71. dealing before thy partner atid friend Dan. 3. 9. thou didst deliver us to an n. king

      2 Mac. 4. 48. they did soon suffer u. punishment

      UNJUSTLY. Wi'd. 14. 28. or they prophesy lies, or live 7«.

      .30. they 7/. swore in deceit, despising holiness Ecel. 5. 8. set not thy heart on goods u. gotten 2 Mac. 8. 17. the injury that they had «. done

      UNKNOWN. IVisd. 11. 18. or a. wild beasts full of laL'e

      18. 3. both to be a guide to the a. journev

      2 Mac. 1. 19. so that the place was a. to all men

      UNLAWFUL. JVisd. 4. 6. for children begotten of a. beds

      UNLEARNED. Ercl. 6. 20. she is very unpleasant to the n. 51. 23. draw near to me, you a. anddwell in house

      UN LOOKED. IVisd. 18. 17. and terrors came upon them a. for

      UNMEASURAhf.E. Bar. 3. 25. great, and hath no end, high andtc. frayer of Manass. thy merciful promises is a.

      UN. MERCIFUL. Ecel. 37. 11. nor with an t(. man touching kindness

      UNMINDFUL. Ecel, ST. 6. be not7i. of him in thy riches

      UNNECESSARY. Ecel, 3. 23. be not curious in 11. matters

      UNi>ASSABLE. EstA. 16. 24. shall be made not only a. for men

      UNPERFECr. Wisd. 4. 5. the a. branches shall be broken off Ecc/. 42. 24. and he hath made nothing a.

      UNPLEA.SAN r. Ecel. 6. 20. she is very a. to the unlearned

      UNPROFITABLE. JVisd. 1. 11. beware of murmuring which is 7/. 4. 5. fruit 7*. not ripe to eat, meet for nothing

      16. 29. for the hope of the unfaithful siiall melt

      away as hoar frost and run away as v. water Eeel. 16. 1. desire not amultitude of 7(. children 37. 19. one is wise, and yet is «. to himself

      UNPUNISHED. Ecel. 7. 8. for in one sin thou shalt not be u,

      UNREASONABLE. JVisd. 11. 15. didst send a multitude of a. beasts

      UN RIGHT. JVisd. 12. 13. shew that thy judgment is not u. UNRIGHTEOUS.

      1 Esd. 4. .36. and with it is not*, thing

      Esr/i. 14. 15. knowest that I hate the glory of the a. JVisd. 1. 8. that speaketh u. thinss cannot be hid 3. 16. the seed of an 11. bed shall be rooted out

      19. horrible is the end of the generation

      10. 3. but when the u. went from her in his anger 12. 12. to he revenged for the n. men Eeel. 17. 20. none of their it. deeds are hid from him .35; 12. and trust not to a. sacrifices, the L. is judge

      IK. till he hath broken the sceptre of the a. 51. 6. by an accusation to king from an k. tongue

      2 Mac. 14. 36. O holy T/ird, stop every a. mouth

      UNRIGHTEOUSLY'. JVisd. 12. 23. wheteas men have lived k. Bar. 2. 12. we have dealt a. in thy ordinances UNRIGHTEOUSNESS.

      1 Esd. 4. 37. in their n. also they shall perish Toi. 4.5. my son, follow not the ways of a.

      12. 8. a little is better than much with 7/. JVisd. 1. 5. and will not abide when a. comcth in Ercl. 7. 3. my son, sow not upon the furrows of a.

      17. 14. he said to them, beware of all a. 35. 3. and to forsake 7(. is a propitiation

      UNRULY. Ecel. 26. 5. the gathering logetlirr of an a. multitude

      UNSATIABLE. Ecel. 31 . 17. and be not a. lest thou offend

      20. but pangs of the belly are with an 7. man 37. 29. be not 7/. in any dainty thing, nor greedy


      2 Esd. 9. 19. are corrupted by a law which is a. liar. 3. 18. so careful, and whose works are 7/. Prayer of Manass. thy merciful promise is a.

      UN SEASON A B I.E. £fc/.20.19. ana. tale will be in (he mouth of unwise

      UNSPEAKABLE. Eeel. 36. 14. fill Sion with thine a. oracles 2 Mac. 12. 16. took citv, and inade a. slaughters

      UNSPOTTED. JVisd. 4. 9. and an 7«. life is old are 7. 26. u. mirror nf the power of GoJ and image

      UNTAUGHT. Eeel. 20. 24. continually in the moulh of tliea.

      UN lEMPERA IE. Ecel. 23. 13. use not thy mouth to u. swearing

      UNTHANKFUL. 2 Esd. R. 60. were a. to him who prepared lite Eeel. 29. 17- be that is of an a. mind will leave him

      UN IIMEI.Y. 2 Esd, 6, 21. women shall bring forth ». children

      V A ti [ApocRrPHi.

      JVisJ, 14. 15. for a father afHicted with a. mourning

      UNWISE. 2 Esd. 5. 39. as for me, I am a. how may I speak .' 1. 3. his |X)wer when ti ied reproveth the a. 5. 20. the world sh»ll fight with him against the «. 14. 11 . the idols of Gentiles are become a stumbling- block to souls nf men and a snare to feet of x. Eeel. 10. 3. an v. king destroyelh his people 20. 19. an unseasonable tale will be in moulh of a.

      21. 18. knowledge of a. is as talk without sense 42. 8. be not ashamed to inlorin the a.' and foolish

      UNWOKIHY. 2 E'd. 14. 45. that the worthy and a. may read it Eeel. 25. 8. not served a man more a. than himself

      UNWORTHILY. Eslh, 16. 7. behaviour of theni that are a. placel

      UPBRAID. Ecel. 18. 18. a fool will a. churlishly, and a gift 41. 22. and after thou hast given, a. not

      UPBKAIDETH. JVisd. 2. 12. he a. us with our ofl^'endin? the law Eeel. 20. 15. he givelh little, and u. much

      22. 20. he that a. his friend hreaketh friendship

      UPBRAIDING. Elcel. 22. 22. there may be a reconciliation, except j«. 29. 28. the a. of house-room, and reproaching leiuftr 41. 22. be ashamed of 7j. speeclies before friends

      UPHOLDER. Jud. 9. 11. an helper of oppressed, an a. of the weak

      UPHOLDING. Jud. 11. 7. for the a. of every thing living

      UPRlGrtT. JVisd. 9. 3. execute judgment with an 71. heart Eeel. 27. 14. that sweareth, makelh the hair stand «. Bar, 6. 27. nor if one set them a. they can move

      UPRIGHTLY. Toh. 4. 5. do tt. all thy life long, and follow not 8. 7. 1 take not this my sister for lust, but 71. Ecel, 49. 2. he behaved himself 7/. in conversion

      UPRIGHTNESS. Eeel, 7. 6. a stumbling-block in the way of thy a.

      UPWARD. 1 £frf. 5. 41. so of Israel from twelve years old and a.


      Ecel. 45. 10. a breast-plate with U. and Thummim


      1 F.'d. 8. 17. are given for the a. of the temple Toll. 6. 6. to what a. is the heart and the liver ? Jjid. 12. 15. had received of Bagoas for her daily v. JVisd. 12. 18. thou mayesttj. power \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\yhen thou wilt

      25. as to children without the u. of reason 13. 13. among those which served to no a. 15. 7. but what is the a. of either sort . Eeel. 7. 13. u. not to make any manner of lie

      14. a. not many words in a multitude of elders

      23. 9. nor a. thyself to the naming of the Holy One 13. «. not thy mouth to intemperate swearing

      .32.9. when ancient men in place, a. not many words 39. 26. the things for the whole a. of man's lite

      2 Mac, 6. 21. flesh, such as was unlawful for him

      to 7/.

      11. 31. the Jews shall a. their own kind of meats

      12. 39. as a. hod been, Judas came to take bodies

      USED. JVisd. 14. 23. whilst they a. secret ceremonies 19. 13. as (hey a. a more hard behaviour

      15. because they a. strangers not friendly

      USES. JVisd. 15. 7. the vessels that ser\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'e for clean «. Ecel, .38. 1 . for the u. which you may have of him 39. 21. for he hath made all things for their a.

      USETH. Eeel. 20. 8. he Ihat u. many n ords shall be abhorred 23. 11. amau thata. much swearing filled with iniq,

      USUAL. 2 Mac. 14. 31. priests were offering (heir a. sacrifices

      USURPED. 1 5. .38. of the priests that a. the oRire, 1 Mac, 15. 3. pestilent men have a. the kingdom UTMOSl.

      1 Mac, 3. 9. was renowned to the «. part of (he earth

      2 Mac, 7. 4. to cut off (he a. parts of his body

      UTIER. £rc/. 25. 7. the tenth I will a. with my tongue

      UTTERANCE. Eeel, 27. 6. so is the n. of a conceit in the heart

      UriERED. JVisd. 7. 3. (he first voice which 1 7(. was crying Eeel. 15. 10. for praise shall be a. in wisdom 2 Mac, 10. 34. blasphemed and a. wicked words


      VAIL. 17. 3. under a dark r. of forgeffiilness 1 Mac, 1. 22. censers of gold, the v, and crowns

      VAIN. Jtid, 6. 9. and none of mv words shall he in r. IVtsd. 3. 11. he is miserable, their hope is t>. 13.1. surely v. are all men by nature, ignorant of O.

      14. 14. by V. glory of men (hey entered tlie world

      15. 8. he maketh a v, god of the same clay Ecel. 3. 24. many are deceivel by their own r. opin.

      23. 11. if he sw'ear in v. he shall not be innocent

      .34. 1. the hopes of a man void of understand, arec.

      5. divinations, soothsayinus, and dreams are i;.

      VALIAN 1.

      1 Mac. 2. 64. wherefore, ye my sons, l>e r. and shew

      3. 58. Judas said, arm yourselves, and be r. men

      4. 3. he himself removed and (he c. men with

      5. ,V). heard of the i>. acts which they liad done 9. 21. how is the v. man fallen that delivered

      13. 53. Simon saw that John his son was a v. man

      14. .32. .Simon armed the v. men of his nation

      2 Mac, 13. 15. with (he most r. vonng men he went

      VALIANTLY. 1 Mac, 2. 46. those they circumcised v, 4. .35. how (hey were ready either to live or die p.

      6. 31. they burnel them with fire, and fought r.

      VALIAN'iNE.SS. Ecel, 31. 25. shew not thy v, in wine, hath destroyed 695




      jMrf. 4. 4. they sent to Esora, and to the v. of Salem

      7. 3. they cainoeil in the v. neaito Ketliulia

      10. 10. they looked until Judith had passed the v. VALOUR.

      1 Mac. 5. 6". certain priests desirous to shew their v.

      8. 2. that the Konians were men of great v.

      S Mac. 15. 17. good and ahle to stir them up to v.

      VALUE. Wisd. 15. 10. and his life of less v. than clay

      VALUED. £ccl.^6, 15. her continent mind cannot be v.

      VANLSH. Wiiil.Z.3. and our spirit shall v. as soft air £cc/. 40. 1.3. and shall v. with noise as areat thunder

      VANISHED. Bar, 3. 19. they are v. and gone down to the grave

      VAPOUK. Wisd. 11.18. beasts breathing out either a fiery v. Mccl. 22. 24. as the v. and smoke of a furnace ^. 28. the V. of tlie tire wasteth his flesh

      2 Mac. 7. 5. as the v. of the pan was dispersed

      VAPOUR.S. Eccl. 43.4. breathing out fiery :i. and sending beams

      VARIANCE. Eccl. 8. 2. be not at p. with a rich man

      VAHIEIY. £fc/. tiS. 27. and are diligent to make great z'. 50. 18. with great v. of sounds was there melody


      2 Esd. 16. 59. he spreadeth out the heavens like a v.


      1 Mac. 10.70. why dost thou v. thy power ag. us ?

      VAUNTING. Wisd. 5. 8. what good hath riches with r. brought ? 17.7. and their v. in wisdom was reproved VEHEMENCY.

      2 Mac. 14. 38. jeopard his body and life with all v.

      VEHEMENl'LY. Eccl, 17. 26. and hate thou abomination t.

      VENGEANCE. Jud.ft. 5. till I take v. this nation come out of Egypt 8. C". neither hath he taken v. on us 9. 2. thou gavest a sword to take v. of the strangers 16. 17. Lord will take r. of them in judgment J-'.'t/i. 16. 18. God speedily rendering v. to hi>n IVisd. I. a. nor ». when it punisheth shall pass by him

      11. 15. unreasonable beasts upon them forp. Eccl. 5. 7- thou shalt perish in the day of v.

      7. 17. for the v. of ungodlj' is fire and worms

      12. 6. and will repay 71. unto the ungodly

      18. 24. and the time of v. when he shal I turn away 27. 28. V. as a lion shall lie in wait for them 28. 1. he thatrevengelh shall find v. from the Lord H5. 18. till he hath repayed v. to the heathen .39.28. there be spirits thatare created for v. 47. 25. they sousht wickedness till 71. came on

      1 Mac. 7. 9. that he should take v. of Israel

      24. anil took v. of them that had revolted from

      2 Mac. 6. 15. afterwards he should take v. of us

      VENOM. Eccl. 28. 19. hath not passed through the v. thereof

      VENO.MOUS. JP'isd. 16. 10. the very teeth of v. dragons overcame

      VERMILION. 11 isd. 13. 14. laying it over with r. and paint

      VERSES. Eccl. 44. 5. such as recited 7;. in writing

      VESSEL. Wisd. 1 3. 1 1 . hath made a v. thereof fit for service 14. 1. more rotten than the v. that carricth him

      5. passinir the rough sea in a weak v. are saved

      6. hope ot the world, escaped in a weak v. Eccl. 21. 14. inner paitsof a fool like a broken p.

      50. 9. as a r. of beaten gold with precious stones Ear. 6. 17. for like as a v. thata man useth 59. or else a profitable v. in an house VESSELS. 1 Ed. 1. 45. brought with the holy r. of the Lord

      4. 44. to send away all the 71. that were taken Wi'd. 15. 7. both the v. that serve for clean uses

      13. maketh brittle v. and graven images Eccl. 27. 5. the furnace proveth the potter's v. Bar. 1.8. when he received v. of the iiousc of Lord

      1 Mac. 1. 21. and look away all the v. thereof 23. he took silver and gold and precious v.

      2.9. her glorious v. are carried into captivity C. 12. 1 took all the ». of gold and silver 11. 58. upon this he sent him golden v. to be served 14. 15. he multiplied the v. of the temple

      2 Mac. 4. K. Meiielaus stole certain v. of gold 48. they that followed the matter for holy v.

      5. 16. taking the holy v. with polluted hands 9. 16. restore all the holy v. with many more VESIMENTS.

      1 £.trf. 4. 54. and priests' v. wherein they minister

      5. 59. the priests stood arrayed in their t-.

      C .Mac. 3. 15. prostrating themselves in tlieir r. VEX.

      2 Mac. 5. 22. he left governors to v. the nation

      VEXED. Tan. 6. 7. and the party shall be no more v. Jiiid. II. II. absent or present, they were v. alike 17. 15. they were r. with monstrous apparitions Eccl. 4. 3. add not more trouble to a heart that is v. 41. 2. death unto him that is v. with all things Bar. 2. 18. but the soul that is greatly 7>. 1 Mac. 3. 5. and burn up those that v. his people

      VIALS. 1 Esd. 2. 13. V. of gold thirty , and of silver 2410

      VICE. Wisd. 7- 30. but V. shall net iirevail against wisdom

      VICIORY. 1 Esd. 3. 5. give great gifts and things in token of v. 9. to him shalJ the 7). be given, as was appointed 12. above all things truth beareth away the v. 4. 5. if they get v. they bring all to the king 59. and said, from thee cometh c. and wisdom Wisd. 4. 2. having got the 71. striving for rewards 10. 12. in a sore conHict she gave him the v. 1 Mac. 3. ly. fur V. standeth not in the multitude 8 Mac. 8. 33. at such times as they kept least fur v.



      2 Mac. 10. .38.had done so sreat things given them v.

      12. 11. Judas' side by the help of God got the 7'.

      13. 15. given watch-word to them, v. is of God 15. 6. to set up a public monument of his v.

      8. now to expect the D. and aid from the Almighty 21. knowing that v. cometh not by arms

      VICTUALS. Jud. 4. 5. and laid up 0. for the provision of war 11. 12. for their v. fail them and water is scant

      1 Mr7C. 1. 35. thejy stored italso with armour and v.

      6. 49. because they had no v. to endure the siege 57. we decay daily, and our v. are but small

      8. 26. that make war on them or aid them with v. 28. neither shall v. be given to them against

      9. 52. and put forces in them and provision of v. 1.3. 21. should hasten his coming, and send them v.

      33. .Simon built up the strong holds and laid up v.

      14, 10. he provided v. for the cities and set munition


      2 Mac. 5. 18. king Seleucus sent to v. the treasury

      VIEWED. Jud. 7. 7. and p. the passages up to the city

      VILE. Wisd. 4. 18. they shall hereafter be a v. carcase 11. 15. they worshipped serpents and v. beasts 1.3. 14. or made it like some v. beast 2 Mac. 15. 32. and shewed them v. N icanor's head

      VINE. 2 Esd. 5. 23. O Ld. thou hast chosen thee one only p.

      VINEYARD. 2 E'd. 16. 30. or as when a v. is gathered ■ 43. so also he that planteth the v. VIN'EYARDS. 1 Esd. 4. 16. they nourished them up that planted p.

      VINTAGE. Eccl. 24. 27. and as Geon in the time of v.

      VIOLENCE. Wisd. 7. 20. the p. of winds and reasonings of men Eccl. 20.4. he that executeth judgment with v.

      1 A.4..30.whodidstquell thep. of the mighty man 6. 47. Jews seeing p. of his forces turned away

      7. 29. were prepared to take away Judas by v.

      2 Mac. 4.40. Lysimachus began first to offer p.

      VIOLEN r. W'sd. 13. 2. or the p. water or the lights of heaven 19. 7. and out of the v. stream a green field

      VIOLENTLY. Wisd. 17. 18. a pleasant fall of wafer running p. Eccl. 46. 6. made the battle to fall v. on the nations 2 M/tc.9- 7. carried p. so that having a sore fall

      14. 41. and p. broken into the outer door

      VIRGIN. Eccl. 20. 4. as is lust of a eunuch to deflower a p. 30. 20. groaneth as a eunuch that embraceth a p.

      VIRGINS. 2 Esd. 16. 33. p. shall mourn havingno bridegrooms Jvd. IC. 5. make my infants a prey, my v. a spoil

      1 Mac. 1.26. the p. and young men were made feeble

      2 Mac. 3. 19. and the p. that were kept in, ran 5. 13. thus there was slaving of p. and infants

      VIRTUE. Wisd. 4. 1 . better to have v. for the memorial

      1.3. 4. they were astonished at tlieir power and p.

      19. 20. the fire had power, forgetting his own p. Eccl. .38. 5. that the p. thereof might be known 2 Mac. 6. 31. leaving his death for a memorial of p.

      15. 12. exercised from a child in all points of p.

      VIRTUES. Wisd. 7. 20. the diversities of plants and p. of roofs

      VIRTUOUS. 2 Esd. 16. 49. like as a whore envieth a p. woman Eccl. 26. 1. blessed is the man that hath a p. wife 2. a p. woman rejoiceth her husband 28. 15. a backbiting tongue hath cast out p. women 2 Mac. 15. 12. Onias a v. and good man, reverend

      VISION. 2 Esd. 10. 37. thou wilt shew thy servant of this p. Eccl. .34. 3. the p. of dreams is the resemblance 40. 6. troubled in the p. of his heart 46. 15. he was known to be faithful in p. 49. 8. it was Ezekiel who saw the glorious p. 2 Mac. 15. 12. and this was hisp. thatOhias

      VISIONS. Wisd. 17. 4. and sad p. appeared unto them

      VISIT. 2 Esd. 6. 18. to p. them that dwell on the earth

      9. 2. the Highest will begin to p. the world Jvd. 8. 33. the Lord will p. Israel by my hand

      13.20. to p. thee in good, because hast not spared I'cc/. 2. 14. what will ye do when Lord shall p. you ! 7. -35. be not slow to p. the sick, make thee beloved

      16. 18. all therein shall be moved when he shall p.

      VISITATION. IVitd. 3. 7. in the time of their p. they shall shine 13. sheshall have fruit in the p. of souls 14. 11. on the idols of the Gentiles shal I tliercbeap. Eccl. 18. 20. in day of p. thou shalt find mercy .34. 6. if not sent from the Most High iu the v.

      VISITED. 1 Esd. 6. 5. because the Lord had p. the captivity VISITING.

      1 Mac. 16. 14. p. the cities that were in the country

      2 Mac.3. 8. Heliodonis under a colour of p. the cities

      VOICE. rf«>rf. 1. 7. confaincthall, hath knowledge of the p. 7. 3. the first r. which I uttered, was crying

      17. 19. or a rearing v. of most savage beasts 18. 1. whose p. they hearing, and not seeing

      Eccl. 21.20. a fool lifteth up his p. with laughter

      34.24. whose p. will the l.ordhear?

      45. 5. he made him to hear Ids p. and brought him

      46. 17. with a great noise made his p. to he heard

      Bar. 1. 18. have not hearkened to the p. of the Lord

      19. we have been negligent in not hearing his p.

      2. 5. we have not been obedient unto his p.

      22. but if ye will not hear the p. of the Lord

      23. 1 will cause to cease the v. of mirth, the p. of joy, the p. of the bridegroom, and p. of the bride

      ■Sus. 44. and the Lord heard her p.

      2 Mac. 12. 37. and sung psalms with a loud p.

      VOICES. 1 Esd. 5. 61. and they sung with loud v. songs


      Eccl. 50. 18. the singers sang praises with tlieir r.

      VOID. msd. 11. 15. they worshipped serpents r. of reason Ea-cI. 34. 1. the hopes of a man p. of understaniiing

      1 Mac. 3, 45. now Jerusalem lay p. as a wilderness

      2 Mac. 13.25. because they would make covenants p. 14. 28. that he should make p. the articles

      44. he fell down into the midst of the v. place VOLUNTARILY. 1 Mac. 2. 42. such as were p. devoted to the law

      VOLUPTUO USN ESS. Wisd. 2. 9. none of us without his part in our p.

      VOMIT. Eccl. 31. 21. go forth, p. and thou shalt have rest

      VOW. 1 Esd. 2. 7. which have been set forth by r. for temple

      4. 43. remember thy p. which thou vowed 46. I desire that thou make gool the p.

      5. 53. all they that had made any v. to God

      8. 58. the gold and the silver is a p. to the Lord VOWED.

      1 Elsd. 4.43. remember thy vow which thou hast p.

      44. Cyrus set apart, when he p. to destroy Baby Ion

      45. thou hast also p. to build up the temple

      46. the vow thou hast p. to the King of heaven 8. 13. the gifts which I and my friends have p.

      50. there I p. a fast to the young men before Ixird

      2 Mac. 9. 13. this wicked person p. also to the I»rd

      VOWS. Jud. 4. 14. with the p. and free gifts of the people 2 Mac. 3. 35. Helioilorus made great p. unto him

      VOYAGE. Jtid. 2. 19. and his power to go before the king in p. 2 Mac. 5. 1. prepared his second p. into Egypt


      WAGES. 1 Esd. 4.56. he commanded to give pensions and a. Tod. 2. 12. they paid her a. and gave her also a kid 14. it was given for a gift more than the a'. 4. 14. let not the u). of any man tarry with thee 5. 3. seek thee a man and I will give him w.

      14. but tell me what v>. shall 1 give thee ?

      15. moreover I will add something to thy a. 12. 1. my son, see that the man have his a.

      1 Mac. 14. 32. armed the valiant men and gave a,

      WAIT. Jud. 8. 17. let us a. for salvation of him

      1.3. 3. to stand and to to. for her coming forlh Wisd. 2. 12. let us lie in w. for the righteous

      10. 12. and keep him safe from those that lie in a. Eccl.S. 11. lest he lie in w. to entrap thee

      27. 28. vengeance as a lion shall lie in a', for them

      .36. 16. reward them that zo. for thee

      51. 8. how thou deliverest such as a', for thee

      1 Mac. 1. .36. for it was a place to lie in a'.

      2 Mac.7.30. said, whom :«. ye for' Iwillnotobey 9. 25. ». for opportunities and expect the event

      WAITED. Jud. 6. 10. commanded his servant thata). in his tent 12. 16. for we w. a time to deceive Judith

      WAITERS. Jud. 13. 1. dismissed the w. from presence of liis lord

      WAITING. Jud. 8. 33. I will go forth with my zo. woman

      WAKETH. Eccl. 22. 7. as he that ze. one from a sound sleep 42. 9. the father zo. for the daughter, no man knows

      WALK. Eccl. 5. 2. to a), in the ways of thy heart Bar. 4. 2. k'. in the presence of the lisht thereof .'ius.T. Susanna went into her husband's garden to a. 1 Mac. 2. 20. a), in the covenant of our fathers

      WALKED. Tnh. 1. 3. T Tobit have ui. all the days of my life IVisd. 6. 4. nor zo. after the counsel of Goil 19. 21. flames wasted not, though they ai. therein Bar. 3. 13. if thou hadst zo. iu the way of God Dan. 3. 1. and they zc. in the midst of the fire Szis. 36. the elders said, as we zo. in the garden

      WALKE.ST. Ia:cI. 9. 13. that thou zo. on battlements of the city

      WALKING. Szis. 8. the elders saw her going in every day and a.


      Toi. 2. 9. and slept by the zo. of my court-yard

      10. I knew not there were sparrows in the ze.

      Wisd. 13. 15. set it in a zo. and made it fast with iron

      Eccl. 50. 2. the fortress of the zo. about the temple

      1 to pull down the zo. round about

      9. 54. the ztf. of the inner court be pulled down 12. 37. as part of the zo. toward the brook fallen

      2 Mac. 6. 10. they cast them down from the ai.

      10. 17. they kept off all that fought ou the zo. .35. twenty young men assaulted the zo. manly

      14. 43. he ran boldly up to the zi). cast himself down

      WALLS. 1 Esd. 2. 24. and the zc. thereof set up anew

      4. 4. they break down mountains, zo. and towers 6. 9. the timber already laid upon the zo.

      Tob. 1. 17.or cast about a), of Nineveh, I buried him 1.3. 16. zo. and towers and battlements with gold Eccl. 49. 1.3. Neemias raised up for us the zo.

      1 Mac. 1. 31. he pulled down houses and zo. thereo 6. 7. compassed about the sanctuary with high ui. 10. 11. the workmen to build the zo. and Sion

      45. for building the zo. of Jerusalem and .liiilea 13.45. people climbeil on the a", with their wives

      2 Mac. 3. 19. ran, some to the gates, and some to w.

      5. 5. they that were on the zo. being put hack 11.9. were ready to pierce through zo. of iron 12. 13. a bridge to a strong city fenced with zo.

      WALLOW. Eccl. 23. 12. and they shall not zo. in their sins

      WAND. Eccl. 33. 24. fodder, a zo. and burdens for the ass

      WANDER. Ikcl. 36. 25. he that hath no wife will zo. mourning

      WANDERED. £cc/. 29. 18, so that tliey w. among strange nations


      2 Mae. 10. 6. when as they w. in the mountains

      WANDERING. Wiid. 4. 12. the w. ot concupiscence doth undermine

      WAM'. £ccl. 3. 25. without eyes thou shalt w. light 19.28. if for a), of power he he hindered from sinning S0.21. there is that is hindered from sinning thro' ». 4). 26. there is no w, in the fear of tlie Lord 1 Mac. 13. 49. in great listress for w. of victuals

      WAMEU. Wild. 11. 17. VI. not means to send among them

      WAMIETH. Eccl. IC. 27. tlian he that boasteth and tc. bread

      16. 23. he that w, understanding will think

      WANTliNG. Wisd. 19.4. the punisliment w. to their torments Keel. 11. 12. another w. ahility and full of poverty 19. 23. and tiiere is a fool w. m wisdom

      WANTONNESS. Eccl. 27. 13. the sport of fools is in the w. of sin

      WAK. Wisd. 8. 15. T shall be found pood and valiant in le, 18. 15. as a fierce man of w. into the inidstof land Eccl. 26. 28. a man of w. that sufferelh poverty .S7. 11. nor consult withacoward in mattersof w. Bar. 3. 26. of so great stature, and so expert in tc. 6. 15. cannot deliver hiniselr from u\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ and thieves

      1 Mac. 2. 32. made v>. against them on sabbath day

      3. 13. the faithful to go out with him to w.

      8. 27. if w. come first on the nation of the Jews

      2 Afar. 8. 9. who in matt, of vs. had great experience 10. 15. the Idumeans went about to nourish w.

      WARS. 1 Esd. 2. 23. the Jews raised always w. therein

      4. 6. for tliose that have not to do with ui. Eccl. 46. 1. Jesus son of Nave was valiant in w.

      1 Mac. 1.2. made many w. and won many str.-holds

      12. 1.3. we have had great troubles and a'.

      16. 23. tlie rest of the acts of John and his v.'.

      S Mac. 2.20. the w. against Antiochus Epipljanes

      10. 10. gathering brietiy the calamities of the w.

      WARD. 1 Mac. 14. 3. Arsaces by whom he was put into w.

      WARINESS. Eccl. 11. 18. there is that waxeth rich by his a,

      WARLIKE. 1 Mac. 5.56. valiant acts and u>. deeds they had done


      1 Mac. 6. 3. they of the city having had a. thereof

      2 Mac. 6. 17. but let this be for a rr. to us

      WARRIOR. Jnd. 15. 3. every one that was a w. rushed out Eccl. 47. 5. he gave strength to slay that might v w.

      . WASH. Sns. 15. s'le was desirous to re. herself in the garden

      17. shut the garden doors that I may v). me

      WASHED. Jvi. 10. 3. and a', her body all over with water

      WASIltlH. Eccl. 31. 25. that w. after touching of a dead body

      WASHING. Eccl. 34. 25. if he touch again, what availeth his a. ? Sus. 17. said to her maids, bring meoil and w. balls

      WASPS. Witd. 12. 8. didst send n>. forerunners of thy host

      WASTE. Jud. 8. 21. if we be taken so, all Judea shall lie a. Wisd. 5.23. this iniquity shall lay 70. the whole earth Eccl. 21. 4. to terrify and do wrong will tc. riches Bar. 2. 26. the house hast thou laid a>.

      1 Mac. 1..19. her sanctuary laid a', like a wilderness 2. 12. even our beauty and our glory is laid u.

      WASTED. Wisd. 19. 21. on other side the flames ai. not the flesh WATCH.

      2 E?rf. 2. 13. the kingdom is already prepared, a.

      11. 8. a', not all at once, w. by course Jud. 7. 13. to II). that none go out of the city

      10. U. the first w. of the Assyrians met her Eccl. 22. 27. who shall set a w. before my mouth '

      26. 11. a!, over an impudent eye, and marvel not 40. 6. he is in sleep, as in a day of keeping w. 42. U. keep a sure a), over a shameless daughter

      1 Mac. 12.27. Jonathan commanded his men toai.

      WAICHED. Jvd. 7. 5. they remained and a. all that night Siis. 12. they u iligently from day to day to see her

      15. and it fell outas they a", a fittime

      16. the two elders hid themselves anl ai. her iMac. 14. 29. he a), his time to accomplish by policy

      WATCHES. Eccl. 43. 10. they will stand, never faint in their 70. Bar. 3. 34. the stars shined in their ». and rejoiced

      WAJCHEIH. Wisd. 6. 15. whoso ai. for her shall be without care /.Vc/. 11. 30. and like as a spy :;'. he for thy frtll 38. 28. he a), to polish his work perfectly

      WATCHING. Eccl. 31. 2. to. care will not let a man slumber CO. but the pain of a. and choler, and pangs

      2 Jli(7C.2.26.noteasy,buta matter of sweat andai.

      WAICHMEN. Eccl. 37. 14. man'smind tell him more than seven a.

      WATER. Wisd. 5. 10. as a ship passeth over the waves of ar. 22. the a), of the sea shall rage against them 10. 18. she led them through much a'.

      11. 4. w. was given them out of the flinty rock

      13. 2. or the violent a. or the lights of heaven 16. 17. the fire had more force in the w.

      19. it burnetii even in the midst of a). 29. and shall run away as unprofitable a.

      17. 18. a. I 19. 7. 19. 20. a.

      Eccl. .3. .30. w. will quench a flaming fire

      24. 31. 1 will B'. my best garden, and will v).

      25. 25. give the a. no passage, nor a wicked


      26. 12. ». I 29. 21. ». I 38. 5. a). I 40. 16. ». 1 43.

      20. a'. I 48. 17. w. t Mac. 9. 33. pitched by the a), of the pool Asphar 45. the w. of Jordan on this side and that side 11. 60. passed throuuli tlie cities beyond u.


      1 Mac. 16. 5. there was a a', brook between them

      2 Mac. 1. 19. in a hollow place of a pit without ai. 20. tohl us they found no fire but thick w.

      14. 45. tho' his blood gushed out like spouts of si.

      15. 39. as it is hurtful to drink wine or a), alone, as wine mingled with ai. is pleasant and delights

      WATERS. 2 Esd. 1. 20. and a. flowed out to your fill 6. 41. and to make a division betviixt the a. 13. 40. he carried them over the a).

      16. 58. in midst of v>. hanged the earth upon the a>. Jtid. 7. 17. they took the ». and fountain of the u>. II isd. 17. 4. but noises as of w. falling down Eccl. 39.17- at his command the ic. stood as an heap,

      at the words of his mouth the receptacles of w. 23. as he that turned the w. into saltness 40. 11. what is of the ai. do return into the sea 48. 17. he dii.'ged the rock and made wells for 7S. 50. 8. as lilies by the rivers of a), and as branches Dan. 3. 38. O all ye -x. above the heavens

      WATERY. 2 Esd. 4. 49. there passed by before me a a. cloud Wisd. 19.19. for earthly things were turned into a;.

      WAY. 2 Esd. 3.7. thou gavest commandment to love thy to.

      13. 45. through country there was a great to. to go Tnh. 1.3. 1 have walked in the to. of truth and justice Wisd. 5. 6. we erred from the to. of truth

      7. we wearied ourselves in the a', of wickedness

      14. 3. for thou hast made a to. in the sea

      15. 12. say they, we must be getting every to. 18. 23. and parted the to. to the living

      Eccl. 2. 6. order thy to. aright and trust in him

      4. 18. then will she return the straight to.

      5. 9. to. I 8. 15. to. I 16. 14. a). 1 21. 6, 10, 16. to. |

      32. 20, 21. to. I 37. 9, 15. to. I 51. 15. a. WAYS. 1 Esd. 3. 52. to support them in all their aJ. Tok. 4. 5. follow not the to. of unrighteousness IVisd. 2. 16. he abstaineth from our to. as filthiness

      6. 16. she shewelh herself to them in the to.

      9. 18. for so the to. of them that lived on the earth Eccl. 1. 5. her to. are everlasting commanment3

      2. 12, 15. to. I 4. 17. to. I 5. 2. to. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 6. 26. to. 1 14. 21. ai. 1 16. 20. to. I 17. 15. to. j .33. il. io.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ .39. 24. ai. 1 48. 22. to.

      1 Mac. 5. 4. they lay in wait for them in the to.


      2 Esd. 13. 2. that it moved all the to. thereof Wisd. 5. 10. as a ship that passeth over the to. trace

      not found, the path-way of the keel in the to. 14. 3. thou hast made a safe path in the to. Ecel. 24. 6. in the to. of the sea, and in all the earth 2 Mac. 9. 8. though he might command the to. WEAK.

      1 Esd. 1 . .30. carry me out of bafMe, for I am very to.

      2 Evd. 2. 21. heal the broken and the to.

      7. 42. therefore have they prayed for the to. Wisd. 13. 18. for health heca^led on what is to.

      14. 5. passing the rough sea in a to, vessel are saved 6. the hope of the world escaped in a to. vessel Feel. 25. 23. maketh a', hands and feeble knees Bar. 6. .36. nor deliver theai. from the mighty 2 Mac. 9. 21. as for me 1 was to. or else I could

      WEAKENED. Jud. 16. 7. but Judith to. him with her beauty

      WEAKNESS. 2 Esd. 8. 53. to. and the moth is hid from you

      WEALTH. Toi. 4. 21 . thou hast much to. if thou fear God Eccl. 30. 15. and a strong body above infinite to.

      WEAPON. Wisd. 5. 17. make the creature his to. for revenge

      WEAPONS. 1 Mac. 5. 43. the brethren cast away their to. and fled

      10. 6. and to provide to. that he might aid him UMar. 3.28. being unable to help himself with his to.

      10.23. having good success with his a), in all things 27. they took their to. and went on further

      11. 7. Maccabeus himself first of all took to.

      WEAR. Esth. 14. 16. that T to. it not when I am private Eccl. 6. .36. let thy foot to. the steps of his door

      1 Mae. 11. .'18. gave him leave to to. a golden buckle 14. 43. be clothed in purple, and a». a golden girdle

      2 Mac. 4. 12. chief young men, made them a;, a hat

      WEARliTH. Eccl. 40. 4. from him that to. purple, and a crown

      WEARIED. Jl'i.!d. 5. 7. we to. ourselves in way of wickedness

      WEARISOME. Eccl. 13.26. finding out is aw. labour of the mind

      WEARY. Jtid. 1 3. 1 . they went to their beds, they were all to. Eccl. 16. 27. they neither labour nor are a'. 43. 30. put forth all your strength, and be not to. 2 Mac. 12..'i6. with (iorgias, fought long and wereai.

      WEATHER. Eccl. 3. 15. thy sins melt, as ice in the fair warm to.

      WEDDING. 2 &rf. 10.1. was entered into his to. chamber, he died T06. 8. 19. and he kept the to. feast fourteen days

      WEED. Eccl. 40. 16. the to. growing upon every water

      WEEKS. 2 Mac. 12. 31. the of the to. approaching

      WEENING. 2 Mac. 5.21.0'. in his pride to make land navigable

      W EEP. 2 Esd. 2.^. others shall to. and be sorrowful Joi. 3. 1. then 1 beinir crieved, did to. and prayed Jud. 16. 17. they shall feel them and u: for ever Eccl. 7. 34. faif not to be with them that to.

      12. 16. he will to. but if he find opportunity

      22. 11. to. for tlie fool, for he wants understanding 38. 17. to. bitterly, and make great moan

      WEEPING. 1 Esd. 5. 63. came with a", and great crying 65. trumpets might not be heard for a-, of people a. 91. tlierc was great a', among the multitude Toi. 5. 22. then she made an end of to. Eccl. 22. 11. make little ti>, lor the dead, be is at rest


      Bar. 4. 1 1 . but sent them away with to. and mourning

      A'Hf. 35. and she to. looked up towards heaven

      2 Mac. 13. 12. besought the Lord w itli a;, and fasting


      2 E.rf. 4. 5. then said, to. me the weight of the fire

      16. 76. let not your sins a;, you down

      Eccl. 28. 25. to. Uiy words in a balance, make a door


      1 Efd. a. 55. I to. them the gold and the silver

      56. and when 1 had to, it, delivered to them silver

      2 Eid. 4. .36. he hath to. the world in the balance Eecl. 21. 25. but the words are ai. in the balance


      Wtsd. 9. 15. earthly tabernacle to. down the mind


      1 Ed. 8. 64. all the to. of them was written up

      2 £irf. 4. 5. then said he, weigh nie the a;, of the fire Eeel. 16. 25. 1 will shew forth doctrine in a'.

      42. 7. deliver all things in number and a'.

      WEIGHTY. Eccl. 7. 25. and so shall have performed a to, matter

      WELL. Eccl. 28. 19. to. is he that is defended from it

      1 Mac. 8. 15. to the end they might be a', ordered

      2 Mac. 11. .35. therewith we also are to. pleased 12. 43. doing therein very to. and honestly

      15. 38. if 1 have done ai. and as is fitting the story

      WELFARE. 6. 24. multitude of the wise is a), of the world 2 Mac. 14. 14. calamities of the Jews to be their to.

      WELLS. 2 E'd. 2. .32. for my to. run over, and my grace Eccl. 48. 17. he digged the hard rock, and made w.

      WEN I'. Wisd. 5. 11. no sign where she to. is to be found Eccl. 49. 9. for he directed them that to. right

      WEPT. Toi. 7. 6. Raguel leaped up, and kissed him, and te,

      7. Tobit was blind, he was sorrowful and to,

      8. Edna his wife and Sara his daughter to. 11.9. I am content to die, and they to. both

      14. and he to. and said, blessed art thou, O God Stcx. 33. her friends and all that saw her to. 2 Mac. 4. .37. therefore Antiochus was heartilj* sorry, and moved to pity, and to. for him that was dead WE.STWARD. Jud. 2. 19. to cover all the face of the earth a.

      WHALES. Eccl. 43. 25. all kinds of beasts and to. created Van. 3. 57. O ye to. and all that move in the waters

      WHEAT. Jud. 3. 3. all our fields of a', lie before thy face Eccl. .39. 26. iron and salt, flour of to. honey, milk WHELP.

      1 Mac. 3. 4. was like a lion's u. roaring for his prey

      WHIP. Ecel. 28. 17. the stroke of the to. maketh marks

      WHIRLWIND. Eccl. 43. 17. so doth the northern storm and the to. 48. 9. who was taken up in a to. of fire and chariot

      WHISPER. Eccl. 12. 18. he will clap his hands and to. much

      WHISPERER. Eccl. 5. 14. be not called a a>. and lie not in wait 21. 28. a to. defileth his own soul, and is hated 28. 13. curse the to. and double-tongued

      WHISTLING. Wisd. 17. 18. whether it were a to. wind or noise Dan. 3. 27. as it had been a moist to. wind

      WHITE. Bar. 6. 71. are like a to. thorn in an orchard

      2 Mac. 11.8. appeared liefore them one in to. cloth.

      WHITENESS. T06. 2. 10. a to. came in mine eyes and I went 3. 17. to scale away the a", of '1 obit's eyes 6. 8. to anoint a man that hath to. in his eyes 11.8. he shall rub, and the a>. shall tall away

      13. and the to. pilled away from his eyes ~ ' ellethat'


      Eccl. 43. 18. the eye marvel

      beauty of the te.

      Toi. 12- 3. he made to. my wife, brought me money Eccl. :\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\8. 9. pray to the L. and he will make thee to.

      WHORE. Eccl. 23. 23. she hath played the to. in adultery

      WHOREDOM. Feci. 26. 9. the a', of a woman may be known 41. 17. be ashamed of to. before father or mother

      WHOREMONGER. Eccl. 23. 17. all bread is sweet to to. will not leave off

      WHORING. Eccl. 46. 11. judges, whose heart went not a to.

      WICKED. 1 Esd. 8. 86. is done to us for our to. works and sins Tiii. 4. 17. but give nothing to the a'. 6. 14. I am afraid, for a a', spirit loveth her /■'■•III. 16. 15. whom this a", wretch hath delivered jyisd. 3. 12. their wives are foolish, and children a;. Eccl. 10. 9. a more to. thing than a covetous man 14. 8. envious man hath a te. eye, he turns away

      10. a to. eye envieth his bread, he is a niggard 16. 4. the kindred of a", shall speedily be desolate

      19. 26. there is a to. man, that hangeth his head

      20. 18. so the fall of the to. shall come speedily

      21. 9. to. I 25. 16, 25. te. I 31. 13. to. I .39. 24, 30. o>.

      140. 10. to. 146. 7. to. murmuring Bar. 1. 22. the imagination of his own to. heart

      2. 33. return from their stifle neck and to. deeds

      1 Atac. 1. 10. there came out of them to. root

      11. went out of Israel to. men who persuaded .34. they put a;, men, who fortified themselves

      3. 6. 8". shrunk for fear of him and were troubled 9. 23. to. began to put forth their heads in Israel 14. 14. every contemner of the law and a", person

      2 .Mac. 3. 1 1 . not as that a'. Simon had misinformed

      4. 49. they ofTyrus moved with hatr. of that tr. deed 6. 13. 21. te. I 7. 34. a'. I 8. 4, .32. to. | 9. 9, 13. to. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

      10. 10, 34. to. I 12. 23. B'. I 13. 7. to. | 14. 27, 42. a'. 1 15. 5. his te. will not done WICKEDLY. Esri. 16. 7. ye search what hath been to. done of late Eccl. 15. 20. he hath commanded no man to do a, 2 .Vac. 4, 17. fur it is not a light thing to do to.


      Apocrypha.} WIN

      WICKEDNESS. tVisd. S. 21. for their own ». bath blinded them 4. 6, II. a-. 15.7. 13. v).\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 10. 7. a^. I H. 15. a.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 17. II. o». 1 19. l.^. suffered accordin? to their v). Eccl. .3. 28. for the plant of w. halh taken rootiu liim 12. 10. for like as iron rusteth, so is his a". 14. 7. and at the last he will declare i}isai. 19. 2.°. there is a ». and the same an ahomination 25. 1.3. and any a. but the w. of a woman J9. all ID. is but little to the w. of a woman 46. 20. to blot out the a. of the people "Bar. 2. 26. for the w. of the house of Israel Ant. 52. art waxen old in w. || 57- not abide your w,

      1 Mac. 13. 46. deal not with us according to our vi.

      2 Mac. 3. 1. because of Onias his hatred of w.

      8. 33. he received a reward meet for his w.

      WIDOW. Jud. 8. 4. so .Tnditli was a w. in her house

      9. 9. give it into mine hand, who am a w. Wisd. 2. 10. let us not 5i>are the m. nor reverence

      Eccl.^b. 14. norw. when she pourethoutcomplaint Jiar. 6. 33. they can sliew no mercy to the v>.

      WIDOWS. J«d.8. 5. she put on sackcloth, wore her v>. apparel Jifcl. .35. 15. do not tears run down the a), cheeks ? 2 AJac. 3. 10. was money laid up for the relief of a. 8. 28. given part of spoils to the maimed and a,

      WIDOWEIIS. 2 Esd. 16. 44. and tliey that marry not as the a.

      WIDOWHOOD. 2 Esd. l.i. 49. 1 will senl placucs, 7ji. poverty Jud. 10. 3. she put ofl' the garments of her a-.

      Wll'E. 1 Esd. 4. 20. leavefh hie father, and cleaveth to a.

      2.7. wherefore a man lovcth his u>. better than 3'oi. 1. 20. any tiling left me besides my a. Anna 2. 1 1. my u). Anna did take women's work 3. 15, 17, w. I 4. 12. u\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ I 6. 15. a'. I 7. 13. u. I 8. 6,

      21.:^-. 19.6. a'. | 10.10. !V.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 11.3. a. Wisd. 13. 17. prays for his goods, a), and children Eccl. 9. 1. be not jealous over the a. of thy bosom 1.5. 2. receive him as a »>. married of a virpin 2.3. 22. thus shall it go also with the iv. that leaveth

      25. 8. that dwelleth with a w. of understanding 20. so is a a. full of words to a quiet man

      26. 1. blessed is a man that hath a virtuous ai. 7. an evil a), is a yoke shaken to and fro

      13. the grace of a a. delights her husband 16. is beauty of a good k. in ordering her house .33. 19. give not thy m. power over thee .36. 24. lie that gets a a. beginnetli a possession

      40. 23. but above both is a a. with her husband

      41. 21. be ashamed to gaze on another man's w.

      42. 6. sure keeping is good where an evil w. is UiJac. 11. 25. he prayed him also to take a a).

      Wll.D. Est/i. 16. 24. but also most hateful to a. beasts

      Wisd. 7. 20. and the furies of a', beasts Eccl. 12. 13. or any such as come nigh 7V. beasts

      13. 19. tliea'. assis the lion's prey in the wilderness

      39. 30. teeth of a. beasts and scorpions and sword

      WILL. ] Esd. 9. 9. do his a;, and separate yourselves

      Wisd. 'J. 13. whocan think what the a. of the L. is? Eccl. 8. 15. for he will do according to his own a.

      .38. .32. they shall not dwell where they w.

      .39. 18. none can hinder when he a', save

      43. 16. at his a), the south wind bloweth

      1 Mac. 2. 22. a>. | 3. 60. ai. | 2 Mac. II. 23, .30. ro. I

      14. 33. a. I 15. 5. not to have his ui. done WILFUL. Eccl. 30.8. a child left to himself will be ai. WILLED.

      2 Mac. 6. 23. te. them straightways to send to grave

      WILLING. Wisd. 14. 19. for he ». to please one in authority Eccl. 6. .35. be a', to hear every godly discourse 2 Mat. 11. 7. they went together with a ai. mind

      WILLINGLY. 2 Mac. 14. 24. would not a;, have Judas out of sight

      WILT. Wisd. 12. 18. thon mayest use power when thon a. 2 il/ac. 7.10. tliou hast power, thou dost what thou a.

      WIND. Wisd. 4. 4. they shall be shaken with the w. 6. 14. is like ilust blown away with the w. 2.3. a mighty a), shall stand up against them 13. 2. but deemecl either tire, or w. or swift air 17. 18. whetherit were a whistling ai. or noise Eccl. 5. 9. winnow not with every w. and go not 22. 18. pales will never stand against the nr. 31. 19 lie I'etched not his zo. short upon his bed Van. 3. 27. MS it had been a moist whistling a.

      WINDS. Van. .3. 4.3. O all ye a), bless ye the Lord, praise him

      WINDOW. Toi. 3. 11. then she praved toward the a. and said

      WINDOWS. Eccl. 14.23. he that prieth in at here, shall hearken

      W 1 N E. Jud. 12. 20. and drank more w. than he had drunk E'li. 14. 17. nor drunk tliea'. of the drink offerings Wisd. 2.7. let us fill ourselves with cosily ». Eccl. 9. 9. spend not thy money with her at w. 10. forsake uota fricnil.anew friend is as news'. 19. 2. w. and woinen will make men to fall .31. 25. shew not thy valiantness in 7C. for w. hath

      26. so doth a), the hearts of proud by drunkenness

      27. a", is as gowl as life to man if it be moderately

      28. ai. measurably drunk and in season bringeth

      29. but a', drunken in excess makes bitterness 32. 5. a concert of music in a banquet of 7i!.

      6. §0 is the melody of music with pleasant iff.

      40. 20. w. and music rejoice the heart 49. 1. and as music at a banquet of a.

      WING. 1 Mac. 9. 12. as for Bacchides he was in the right a.

      WINGS. B Esd. 1.30. gathereth her chickens under her ar. 11. 1. an eagle wliiili had twelve feathered vk Wisd. 5.11. air being beaten with the stroke of her v, V Mac. 15. 20. and the horsemen set in w.


      WINK. Eccl. SO. 11. give no liberty and a), not at his follies

      WINNING. 1 Mac. 8. 3. for the ui. the mines of silver and gold

      WINNOW. Eccl, 5. 9. ». not with every wind and go not into

      WINIER. Wisd. 16. 29. shall melt away as the a. hoar-frost Van. 3. 45. O ye a), and summer, bless ye the Lord


      Eccl. 12. 11. thoushalt be to him as if thou hadst ».

      a lookiug-glass, his rust not altogether w. away


      1 Esd. 4.59. from theecometh a. and thine is glory

      t>0. blessed art thou who hast given me u>. F.sth. 13. 3. Aman tliat excelled in a), among us /Ci.-rf. 1.6. for VI. is a loving spirit and will not acqn. 3. 11. whoso despiseth w. and nurture is miserable 15. and the root of ». shall never fall away 4. 9. but zu. is the gray hair unto men 6. 9. that ye may learn ai. and not fall away 12. a), is glorious and never fadeth away 15. to think therefore on her is perfection of w. 20, 21, 22, 2.3. a'. I 7. 7, 12, 15, 16, 22, 24, 28, .30. a. I 8. 5, 17, 21. w. I 9. 4, 6, 17, 18. a. | 10. 4, 8,9,21. w. I 14.5. a. 117.7. a;. Eccl. 1. 1. all a. cometh from the Lord, is with him

      4. w. hath been created before all things

      5. the word of God most High is the fountain of zt;.

      6. to whom hath the root of a', been revealed

      14. to fear the I^ord is the beginning of w. '

      10. to fear the Lord is fulness of to. and fills men

      19. a». raineth down skill and knowledge

      24. and the lips of many shall declare his w.

      25. parables ot knowledge are in the treasuresof ai.

      20. if thou desire vi. keep the commandments 4. 11. B'. exaltetli her children, and layeth hold

      23. and hide not thy w. in her tieauty

      24. for by speech vi. shall be known and learning

      6. 18. so Shalt thou find vi. till thine old age

      22. for VI. is accortling to her name, not manifest ,37. he shall give thee ». at thy own desire

      7. 5. boast not of thy w. before the kiufj

      14. 20. that doth meditate good things in a. 15. 10. praise shall be uttered in w. and L. prosper 18. for the aJ. of the Lord is great, he is mighty

      18. 28. every man of understanding knows Ji'.

      19. 18. and w. obtaineth his love

      20. the fear of the Lord is all a;, and in all a. is the performance of the law and know- ledge of him

      22. the knowledge of wickedness is not a.

      23. and there is a fool wanting in a'.

      24. is better than one that hath much w.

      20. .30. w. that is hid and treasure that is hoarded 31. tliat hides folly, than a man that hideth his a>.

      21. 12. there is a w. which multiplieth bitterness

      18. as is a house destroyed, so is a;, to a /ool 22. 6. stripes and correctionofw. never out of time 24.1. fi'.sliall praise heiselfarid shall gloy in midst

      25. he filleth all tilings with his w. as Phisou .34. but laboured for all them that seek w.

      25. 5. O how comely is tlie w. of old men !

      10. O how great is he that tiiideth a). .' 27. 11. the discourse of a godly man is with xo. .32. 4. and shew not forth v>. out of time 34. 8, 9. ai. 1 .37. 20, 21. a). | .38. 24, 2.5. w. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ .39. 1, 10. w. 1 40. 20. a;. 1 41. 14. w. I 43. .33. w. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 44. 15. w. 150.27,29. aJ. 151.13, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\1.-ji. Bar. 3. 9. hear, Israel, give ear to understand sr.

      14. learn where is a\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ where is strength

      23. the Agai ens that seek ai. on earth none of these

      have known the ways of w. or her paths WISE. Wisd. 4. 17. for tliey shall see the end of the a». 6.24. the multitude of the a), is the welfare of the world, and a a), king the upholding of the people Eccl. 1. 6. who hath known her ai. counsels t 8. there is one a. and greatly to be feared 3. 29. an attentive ear is the desire of a a), man 6. .34. and cleave unto him that is vj. 7. 19. forego not a m. good woman, grace above gold 8. 8. despise not the discourse of the a. but acquaint 9. 14. giie.ssatthy neighbour and consult with the a'.

      15. let thy talk be with the w. ami communication 10. 1. a a', judge will instruct his people

      18. 27. a a. man will fear in every thing 29. became alsoK. themselves, and poured forth

      21. 12. he that is not ai. will not be taught

      15. if a skilful manhearaa'. word, will'commend

      16. but grace shall be found in the lips of the a;.

      26. but the mouth of the ai. is in their heart 26. 26. her husband, she shall lie judged a. of all .3.;. 2. a w. man hatetli not the law

      .37. 19, 22. a. I 38. 4, 24, 31. a>. | 47. 12, 14. s).

      WISELY. Eccl. 13. 22. he spake a. and could have no place

      WISE man. Eccl. 21 . 17. they inquire at the mouth of the ai. man 20. but a ai. man doth scarce smile a little

      24. a to. man will be grieved with the disgrace 37. 23. a UI. man instructeth his people

      24. a a', man shall be filled with blessinif 20. a a', man shall inherit glory among his people 40. 29. a a. mait well-nurtured will beware thereof WISEST.

      1 Esd. 3. o. shall judge that his sentence is the v. 4.42. will give it thee because thou art found a.


      2 Mac. 9. 19. ai. much jov, health and prosperity

      WI J cue RAFTS. Wisd.1".i. thou hatedst for doing odious works of ai.

      WlfllDKAW. Eccl. 13. 9. if be invited of a mighty man, u. thyself

      WmiDRLW. Tod. 1. 19. to be put to death, I w. myself for fear

      WIITIEKED. Ifisd. 2. 8. crown with rose-buds before they be a.

      Wri'HIIELD. Eccl. 46.7. and a>. Iho people from sin and appeased

      WITH.STAND. Wisd, 11, 21. who may a', the puwer of thy arm .'


      Wisd. 12. 12. who shall say, what hast thou done ? ot ^ who shall a. thy judgment, or shall accuse tliee Ijar. 6. 56. they cannot a\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ any king or enemies

      1 Mac. 5. 40. we shall not be able to a, liiin

      WTTHSIOOD. Wisd. 10. 16. ai. dreadful kings in wonders and sign* Etcl. 46. 7. in that tliey ai. the congregation

      2 Mac. 8. 5. he could not tie a>. by the heathen

      W 11 NESS. .Ttid. 7. 28.we take to a', against you heaven and earth Wisd. 1. 6. for God is :c. of his reins, and a beholder 6'u.r. 21 . if thou wilt not, we will bear zv. against thee 43. knowest they have borne false ai. against me 49. for they have borne false a. against her 61. for Daniel had convicted them of false a». 1 Mac. 2. 56. Caleb for liearing a, before concregat. WHS. *., 6 w

      Eccl. 31. 20. he riseth early, and his a. are witli him

      WIl lY. J>'d. 11. 23. thou art beautiful and ic. In thy words Wisd. 8. 19. for 1 was a ai. child, and had good spirit

      WIVES. 1 Esd. 5. 1 . to go up with their zc. sons and daughters 9. 12. let all them that have strange a. come at time 17. cause that held strange a;, was brought to end Toi. 4. 12. they all married a;, of their kindred Jud. 4. 12. he would not give their ai. for a spoil 7. 27. nor our a. nor our cliihlren to die EslA. 13. 6. shall withai. and children be destroyed Wisd. 3. 12. their ui. are foolish and children wicked

      WOE. Eccl. 2. 12. a', be to fearful hearts, and faint hands

      41. 8. a-, be to you ungodly who have forsaken law 1 Mac, 2. 7- «>• is me, wherefore was I born to see


      Eccl. 13. 17. what fellowship hath the iw. wjth lamb f


      1 Esd. 4. 18. do they not love a a. who is comely ? 9. 40. to the whole multitude from man to w.

      Tob. 4. 12. take not a strange ai. to wife who is not Eccl.T. 19. forego not wise good a', grace above gold

      26. but give not thyself over to a light ai.

      9. 2. give not thy soul to a ai. to set her foot on

      4. use not the company of a w. that is a singer 8. turn thy eye from beautiful a-, for many have

      been deceived by the lieauty of a ai. 10. 18. nor anger for them that are born of a r.-. 19. 11. a fool travails as a w. in labour of a child

      25. 13. any wickedness but the wickedness of a w.

      26. 2, 6, 8, 9, 14, 15, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27. ai. | .36.

      21, 22. u). I 42. 14. a a. who brings shame Sits. 46. 1 am clear from the blood of this zn. WO.MAMSII.

      2 Mac. 7. 21. stirring up ner ze. thoughts, she raid

      WO.MB. Toi. 4. 4. she saw dangers when thou wast in her w, Eccl. 1.14. it was caeated with the faithful inthe(ii. 40. 1. from the day they go outof their mother'sa*.

      49. 7. was a prophet, sanctified in his mother's a". 5ti. 22. who exaltetli our days from the w.

      2 Mac. 7. 22. 1 cannot tel I how you came into my w.

      27. that bare thee nine months in my zc.

      WOMEN. Toi. 2. 11. my wife Anna did take ai. works to do Eccl. 19. 2. wine and ze. will make men fall away 28. 15. backbiting tongue hath cast out virtuous v.

      42. 12. and sit not in the midst of ai. 13. and from w. cometh wickedness

      47. 19. thou didst bow down thy loins to zc,


      1 Mad. 2. heal, many strong holds and slew kin"s

      WONDERFUL. Toi. 12. 22. confessed the great and zf. works of GcaI Jud. 11.8. reported thou art zc. in feats o;' war 16. 13. Lord is zc. in strength and invincible F.'th. 15. 14. for ai. art thou. Lord, and full of gra.-e IVisd. 19. 5. that thy people might pass a a. way Eccl. 11. 4. for the works of the Lord are zc. 31. 9. ai. things hath he done among bis people 36. 8. and let them declare thy ze. works 39. 20. and there is nothing zc. before him

      2 Mac. 15. 13. was of a w. and excellent majesty

      WONDERFULLY. .hid. 14. 19.'and their minds were a', troubled Eccl. 43. 8. the moon increasing zc. in her changing

      WONDERS. Wisd. 8. a. she foreseeth signs and zc. and events

      10. 16. slii; withstood dreiidtui kings in a-, and signs 19. 8. seeing thy marvellous strange zc.

      Eccl. 45. 3. by his words he causei the ze. to cease 19. he did zc. upon them to consume them

      48. 14. he did zc. in his life and at his ilealh

      2 Mac. 15.21. called on the 1/ird that worketh zc,

      WONDERED. Jud. 10. 19. they w. at her beauty and admired

      WONDROU.S. Eccl. 18. 6. as for the a', works of the T.ord, there may nothing be taken from them,nor put to tiiein .36. 6. that they may set forth thy zc. lieeds

      43. 25. for tlierein be strange and zc. works

      48. 4. O Elias, thou wast honoured in thy re. works

      50. 22. bless ye God, who only doth zc. things

      WONI'. Eccl. 37. 14. a man's mind is zc. to tell him more

      WOOD. 1 6. 25. one row of new zc. of that country Ifisd. 10. 4. in a piece of ai. of smalt value

      13. 1.3. being acrooked piece of ai. full of knots

      14. 1. calleth upon a piece of zc. more rotten

      5. men commit their lives to a small piece nt'zc. 7. blessed is the a. whereby righteousness cometh

      Eccl. 8. 3. and heap not a', upon his fire Bar. 6. .30. set meat before the gols of gold and zc. 39. their gods of zc. which are overlaid with gold .50. for seeing they be but ofzc. and overlaid

      1 Mac. 6. .37. there were strong towers of zc.

      9. 45. anl that side, the marish likewise and zc.

      2 iVac. 1.21. command, the priests to sprinkle thet^.

      WORD. .Tud. 5. 5. let my lord now hear a zc. from mouth Wi.d. 1. 1 1. no Bi. so secret shall go fnr nought 16. 26. thy zc, preserveth (bein that trust in thee


      W7j18.15. tliy almighty w. leaped down from hea. Sccl. 1. 5. the K'. of (Jol is the t'ountaiu of wisdom 2. 15. they tliat fear the Lord will notdiso'jey hisic.

      5. 10. be stedfast, and let thy m. be the same 16. S8. and tliey shall never disobey his w.

      18. 16. so is aai. better than a gift, l*.

      19. 10, 11, 1?. a>. 121. 15. w. IS.3. 1?. 1.3. w. 129. ."J. te. I 39. TA. u. I 41. 16. ». | 43. 26. m. H8. ', 13. no a), could overcome him

      Bar.l. 1. therefore the T^rd liath made cood his a.

      5. 5. gathered from west to east by a. of Holy One 1 Atac.2. 55. .lesus for fulfilling the a. made a judge 8 Mac. 10. 13. accused ami called traitorat every a.

      WORDS. Eslk. 15. 8. the king comforted her with loving a".

      16. 4. lifted up with glorious a. of lewd persons

      Wittl. 1. 6. will not acquit a blasphemer of his a.

      9. the sound of his a. shall come to the Lord

      2. 17. let us see if his w. be true, and let us prove

      6. 25. receive therefore instructions llirough my vr. Eccl. 1. 24. he will hile his w. for a lime

      13. 11. not equal in talk, believe not his many a.

      12. but cruelly he will lay up thy a.

      CO. 8. he that uselh many c. shall he abhorred

      13. a wise man by his w. makes himself beloved 21. 17. they shall iwnder his a', in their heart

      25. the K-. of such as have understanding 23. 15. the man accustomed to opprobrious v>. 25. 20. SO a wife full of a. to a quiet man 32. 4, 9. w. I .37. 20. v>. I 39. I7. w. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 42. 15. -x. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 45. 3. SI". \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\a\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\. 5. a', delivered from lying w. S Mac. 7. 30. while she was yet speaking these u.

      WORK. J Tvxrf. 9. 11. this 13 not a w. of a day or two Wisd. 8. 6. and if prudence w. who of all that are 13. 10. lood for nothing, the w. of an ancient nand 12. afterspeuding the refuse of his ». to dress meat

      14. CO. nmllilude allured by the grace of his a-. Feci. 7. Is. hate not laborious w. nor hushandry

      9. 17. for the artificer, the w. shall be commended 11.20. be conversant therein anil wax old in thy vi.

      14. 19. every w. rolteth and consumeth away

      15. 19. and lie knoweth every ». of man 16. 14. make way for every ai. of mercy 27. 10. so sin for them that a. iniquity

      32. 23. in every Kool r.'. trust thine own soni

      33. 24. bread, correction, and a', tor a servant 28. set him to :e. as is fit for him, put fetters

      VI. 11. nor will) an hirelins of finishing rr.

      58. 27, 28, 29, 31, 34. a. I 42. 16. ». | 43. 2. u. I 45.

      10, 11, 12. w. 151. .30. ». J?«r. fi. 51. that there is no w. of God in them 1 Mac. 2. 47. and the w. prospered in their hand

      WORK.S. 1 Esi. 6. 10. these »>. are done with great speed B. 86. is done to us for our wicked w. and great sips lob. 3. 2. I.oid, thou art just in all thy u. 11. let all thy w. praise thee for ever 12. -fi. honourably losliew forth the :o. of Ool tVisd. 1. 12. destruction, with the a", of your hands

      2. 4. no man shall have our n'. in reniembrance

      3. 11. their hope vain, and their ai. unprofitable 6. 3. shall try j'ourw. and search out vour counsels 8. 18. ami in ffi. of her hands are infinite riches

      9. 9, 12. m. I 11. 1. zv. I 12. 4, 19. a". I 13. 1, 7. 10.

      a. I 14. 5. the a?, of wisilom should be idie

      £rrl. 5. 3. saj- not, who shall control me tbrniy x.?

      11. 4. w. wonderful, his a*, among men are hidden

      21. marvel iwt at the a', of sinners but trust in Ld.

      16. I.^i. that his powerful at. might be known

      21. for the most part of his a\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ are hid

      22. who can declare the to. of his justice ?

      S7. he garnished his a\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ for ever, they neither la- bour, nor are weary, nor cease from their ?;'.

      17. 9. 'hat they might declare hist;', with underst. 19. all thy B). are as the sim before him

      31. 22. in all thy v. bequik, so no sickness come all thy a-, keep to thy self the pre eminence 35. 19. to w. of men accordiheto their devices .38. 6. he might be honoured in his marvellous a'. 8. of his w. there is no end, from him is peace

      59. 16, 19. B'.l 42. 15, Ql, 22. a. | 43. 4, CR. .32. w.

      I 47. 8. in his a. he praised the Holy One Par. 3. 18. whose ts. are unsearchable, are vanished f>. 51. they are no gods, hut the »'. of men's hands Vau. 3. S^. O all ye v. of the L. bless ye the Lord 1 AJnr.i. 51, finished all the a', they began lo make 9. .">•. he pulled down the w. of tlie prophets JO. 44. for the repairing the a. of the .sanctuary 14. 42. their captain, lo set them over their w. i Mac. 3. .36. he testified the a", of the great God

      WORKKR. r.'tli. 16. 18. for he that was Mie a', of these things JCcrl. 14. IS. and the a. thereof shall go withal i Mac. 4. 1. as if he had been the a;, of these evils

      WORKEIiS. IJVtrf. 15. 9. endeavourefh to do like the k. in brass

      1 Mac. .3. 6. all the a;, of iniquity were troubled

      WORKETH. IViiil. 8.5. what is richer than wisdom that w. things? t'-ccl. 7. CO. whereas thy servant »•. truly 27. 22. he that winketh his eyes, v. evil 27. he that a. mischief, it shall fall on him

      2 Mac. 15.21. called on the I/iid thatar. wonders

      WORKING. Eit/i. 13. 5. this people ai. all the mischief (hey can

      WORKMAN. TlVfrf. 8. 6. who is a more cunning w. than she? 14. C. and the a', built it hy his skill 7'rr/. 45. 11. the woik of the cunning tv. stones J}ar. fi. 8. as for theirtongiie, it is polisheil hv the a". 45. call be nothing else than fc. will have them be WORKMANSHIP. ll'isd. 7. 16. all wisiloni and knowledge of w.

      WORK-MASIER. Eccl. 38. 27. every w. that laboureth night and day

      WORLD. 8 Esd. 2. .34. he is nigh that shall come in end nfjr.

      3. 9. broughtest Hood on those that dwelt in the ai.

      4. 24. we away out of the rr. as grasshoppers 27. for this tf. is lull of unri!;hleousness

      i, S4. of uU lands of the a, httst chosen one pit


      2 Esd. 14. 11. for the ri!. is divided infotwelve parts Wisd. 1.14. the generations of the k. were healthful 2. 24. through envy of devil came deatli into the a.

      6. 24. the multitude of wise is the welfare of the w.

      7. 17- namely, to know how the w. was made

      10. 1. preserved the first-formed father of the w.

      8. he left behind them to the a. a memorial 11.22. the a;. Iwfore thee is as a little grain

      13. 2. to be tlie gods which govern the a).

      9. to know so much that they coulii aim at the a.

      14. 14. for by vain-glory they entered into the a).

      21. this was an occasion to deceive the w. 18.24. for in the long garment was the whole a.

      Eccl, 18. 3. who goveineth the ai. with the palm 24. 9. lie created me from beginning before tiie w. 38. .34. but they will maintain the state of the to. 42. 18. and he beholilelh the signs of the ic.

      Bar,(>.&l. when God commands clouds to go over a».

      Dan. 3. 9. and to the most wicked in all the a). 14. be keptunderthisday inalla>. for our sins

      22. thou art Lord, glorious over the whole a'.

      2 Mac. 2. 22. the temple renowned all the a. over .3. 12. the temple honoured overall the k.

      7. 23. doubtless the Creator of the u. who formed 9. 17. and go through all the ». that was inhabited

      WORMS. Eccl. 10. 11. shall inherit creep, things, beasts and a». 19. 3. moths and v. shall have him to heritage

      1 .Ifac. 2. 62. for his glory shall be dung and w.

      2 Mac. 9.9.BI. rose out of the l)ody of this wicked man

      WORN. Eccl. 11.5. one never thought of, hath w. the crown

      WORSE. Wisd. 15. 18. being compared, some r:". than others Eccl. 19. 7- 'hou Shalt fare never the a>. 22. 11. the life of the fool is w. than death .39. 31. a man cannot say, this is a. than that 2 Mac. 7. .39- the king handled him a', than the rest

      13. 9. to do far a. to .lews than had been done

      WORSHIP. Toh. 5. 13. as we went together to .Jerusalem to a'. Jud. 3.8. that all nations should a-. Nahucliodonosor

      8. IB. nor people which w. gods male with hands F.'th. 13. 14. nor will 1 ai. any but thee, O Goi

      II i'd. 15. 6. they that a. them, are lovers of evil Eccl. 49. 3. he established the a of God 5. 17. the people fell on their faces to 7i'. their Lord

      21. they bowed down to a. the second time Bar. 6. fi. but say ye, O Lonl, we must 10. thee

      .39. if they that b». them shall be confounded Dan. 3. 10. become a reproach to them that u>. thee

      68. () all ye that a', the Lord, praise him Bel 4. the king said, why dost not thou w. Bel r

      5. Daniel said, because I may not w. idols made

      25. Daniel said, I will w. the I.ord my God 27. Daniel said, lo. these are the gods you a.

      WORSHIPPED. .Ttid. 5. R. and a", the God of heaven whom theyknew Jl'isd. 11. 15. they ». serpents void of reason

      14. 16. images were w. by the command of kings

      15. 18. they w. those beasts that are most hateful Bel. 4. the king?;', it, but Daniel ». his own God

      WORSHIPPEHI. ll'isd. 15. 17. he is better than the things he VJ.

      WORSHIPPING. Wisd. 14. 27. for the w. of idols not to be named

      WORTH. Wisd. 2. 11. feeble is found to be nothing a". Eccl.CG. 14. nothing so much ai. as a mind instructed Bar. 6. 17. a vessel is nothing a', when it is broken

      26. they declare to men ll\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\at they be nothing a'.

      WORTHY. Wisd. 1. 16. they are m. to take part with it 3. 5. Goil proved thein, found them a', for himself

      6. 16. she goeth, seeking such as are w. of her

      9. 12. a. 1 12. 7. '". I 15. 6. ». I 16. 9. 11'. I 17. 8. ir.

      I 18. 4. were a-, to be deprived of light Eccl. 8. 5. remember we are all rr. of punishment

      11. 31. in things w. praise, will lay blame on thee .38. 17. weep bitterly and use lamentation as he is tc.

      1 Mac. 16. 23. his wars and w. deeds which he did

      2 Mac. 4. 25. bringing nothing a-, the high piiesth.

      7. 20. the mother was w. of honourable memory

      15. 11. he lold them a dream a', lo be believed 21. he givelh viclorv to such as are a.

      WORTHILY. Eccl. 16. 20. no heart can tinnk on these things a*.

      WOVEN. Jud. 10. 21. Ilolofemes' bed tc. with purple and gold

      WOULD. Wisd. 7. 15. God hath granted me to speak a.s I zo.

      WOULD EST. 2 Mac. 7. 2. what ai. thou ask or leam of us ?

      WOUND. Eccl. 22. 22. except for pride, or a treacherous a. 27. 21. as tor a a', it may be bound up 2A/ac. 15. 16. with which thou shalt a', adversaries

      WOUNDED. Jwrf. 16. 12. and re. them as fugitives' children Kcr/. io. 23. a wicked woman makelh a k. heart 2 Mac. 3. 16. it would have a', his lieart

      12. 22. and ui. with the points of their own swords

      WOUNDS. Feci. 27 25. a deceitful stroke shall make a'. .30. 7. makelh loo much of his son shall liinl hisip. 31. 30. it diminisheth strength, and inaketh a'.

      WRAPPED. F.ccl. 21. 9. the wicked is like two rr. together 2 Mac, 5. 18. had thev not been a', in many sins

      WRATH. 7'oA. 1. 18. Sennacherib in his a. killed many ,hid. 2. 7. I will go forth in my a', against them H'isd. 5. 22. and hailstones full of a. shall be cast

      10. 10. the righteous fled from his brother's a. 11.9. ai. I 18. 21. 2.3, 25. B'.l 19.1. le. on ihem

      Eccl. 7. 16. romembcrthat a. will not tarry long

      16. 11. forniercv and n\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ are wi'h him

      18. 21. think on the a', that shall be at the end 2.5. 1.5. there is no a', above the z.-, of an enemy

      27. .30. malice and a', even these are aliomination

      28. 10. and as a man's strength is, so is his a-.

      30. 24. envy and k, shorten the life, and carefulness



      Eccl. 39. 23. so shall the heathen inherit his a. 28. appease the ai. of him that made Iheni 40. 5. u. and envy, trouble and uuquietneis

      44. 17. Noah was I'onori righteous in time of ».

      45. 18. the congregation of Core with fury anil » 47. 20. thou broughtest a. on thy children

      Bar. 1. 13. and his re, is not turned from us 2. 13. let thy a: turn from us, we are but few CO. for thou hiist sent out thy a. u[>on iis 4. 9. when she saw the te, of God coming upon you

      1 i1/ac. 3. 8. and turning away w. from Israel

      2 Mac. 8. 5. the a. of the Lord was turned to mercy

      WRATHFUU Eccl. 45. 19. in his ra. indignation were consunted

      WRESTLED. Eccl, 51. 19. my soul hath w. with her, I was exact


      2 Mac. 4. 13. profaneness of Jason that ungodly a.

      15. 3. then the most ungracious a. demanded


      2 Mac. 12. 23. was earnest in killing those wicked a,

      WRITE. Toi. 7. 14. and did a. in an instrument of covenants Bar. 2. 28. thou didst command him to a, thy law


      Eccl, 27. 23. but at the last he will a, his mouth


      1 Esd, 2. 2. through all his kingdom, and also by si. 6. 12. w;e might give knowledge to Ihee by rs, we

      required the names in a", of the principal men Estli, 13. 6. that are signified in w. to you by Aman Eccl. 42. 7. and put all in a', that thou givestout 45. 11. with a a", engraved for a memorial

      2 Mac. 2. 4. it was also contained in the same tt.


      1, 3. 1.3. took theiric. ami delivered thein to htm 15. and the w. were read before them

      2 Mac. 2. 13. the same things were reported in the a.

      WRITTEN. 1 1 . 33. these things are ui, in the book of stories

      2. 22. thou shalt find in the chronicles what is a;. 8. 64. the weight of them was a-, that same hour

      Eccl. 50. C7. .lesus the son of Sirach a. in this book 1 Mac. 9. 22. his acts and greatness, they are not u.

      14. 23. we have a*, a copy thereof to .Simon

      15. 15. letters wherein were rv. these things

      WRONG. Eccl. 4. 19. but if he go a;, she will Cni-sake him 10. 6. bear not haired to thy neighbour for every ». 1.3. 3. the rich man hath done a. yet threateneih 21. 4. to terrify and do a', will waste riches

      1 Mac, 7. 14. for, said they, he will do us no a.

      2 il//7c. 1. 28. punish them that with pride do us a-.

      3. 12. was impossible such ai. sliouhl be done them 10. 12. for the rr. that had been done to them


      1 Mae. 2. 37. testify that you put us to death a). 15. 33. which our enemies had w, in possession

      2 Mac. 8. 16. the heathen who came a. against them


      1 Kfrf. 4. 47. and ». letters for him to the treasurers

      49. he 7C. for all the .lews that went to .lewry

      6. 17. Cyrus the king a. to build up this 'J'oi. 13. 1. tlien Tobit w. a prayer of rejoicing .Tvd. 4. 6. .loacim a', to Ihem that dwelt in Bethulia 1 Mac. 10. 65. and a-, him among his chief frieniis

      1.3. .35. lo him king Demetrius a. after this manner

      14. 18. they ». to him in tables of brass to renew

      WROTH. Be/8, so the king was »: and called for his priests

      W ROUGH r. Tni. 4. 14. (he wages of any man that hath w. for lliea J"rf. 9. 5. for thou hast a, not only those things E.'r/i, 10. 9. God hath b>. signs and great wonders ll'isd, 3. 14. who with his hands a', no iniquity

      13. 11. a carpenter that hath tc. it handsomely Feci, 44. 2. the Ix)rd hath a. great glorj' by them Bnr. 3. 18. for they a', in silver and were careful 1 Mac. 9. 23. Iher^rose up all such as te. iniquity


      TEAT?. 1 5. !7J. in second s/. after fhey come to .Tewry Feci. .33. 7. light of every day of the y. is of the suii .37. 11. nor w ith a hireling for a j/- of finishing .5(1.8. as the flower of roses in the spring of the y. Sus. 5. the same y. were appointed two ancients

      1 Mac. 3. 28. and gave his soldiei's pay for a j/. .37. the king departed from Antiocli llie 147lh 3/.

      6. 49. no victuals, it l>eing a p. of rest to the land

      8. 16. their government to one man every y.

      9. 54. in the 153d y. in the seconil month 1

      10. 40. I give every p. 15.000 shekels of silver 42. silver they took out of the accounts ^. by jf.

      11. 19. Demetrius reigned in the Ifi^th y.

      13. 42. in the first p. of Simon the high priest

      51. entered into it in 171st y. with Ihanksgivins

      52. that that day be kept every p. with gladness

      14. 27. being the third y. of Simon the high priest

      2 Mac. 10. 8. that every p. those days should be kept


      1, 6. 14. this house, it was buildel rpany p, ago

      Ji'isd. 4. 8. nor that is measured by number of p,

      16. the many p. ami old age of tne unrighteous

      Eccl. 26. 2. he shall fulfil the p. of his life in war*

      1 Mae. 1 . 7. Alexander reigned twelve p. and died o. so lid their sons after them many p.

      2 Mae. 1. 20. after many p. when it pleased God 4. 40. a man far gone in p. and no less in folly

      6. 23. as became the excellency of his ancient p.

      7. 27. gave thee suck three .v. and nourished thee

      YEARLY. 1 Mar. 7. 40. they ordained to keep p. this day 11. S4. the payments the king received of Ihem p,

      YESTERDAY. Ecel. .38. 22. v. for me. and to day for thee

      YIELD. Jvd. 2. 10. if they will p. themselves to thee

      1 Mae. 10. .32. I p. up my authority over it

      2 Mac. 8. 8. wrote tor. more aid to tne king's affalri


      ApocnvrHA.] YOU

      2 Mac. 9. 27. will favourably and graciously y. fo your desires YOKE. £ff/. C8.C0. forthey. thereof is y. of iron and bands 33. C6. a tl. and a collar io bow the neck 51. 'J6. put your neck under they, let your soul J l\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\lac. K. IK. Iliat they would take thej/. from tliein 1.3. 41. the 11. of the heathen was taken away YOUNG. 1 Esd. 1. 53. who slew their ji. men wilh the sword

      3. 4. the three y. men that were of the guard

      4. .5H. now when this y. man was gone forth

      li. 5(). I vowed a fast to thej/. men l)efore our T/>ril C I'.sd. l.CK. have prayed you as a nurse her y. Iialit-s fob. 1.4. when 1 was m uiy own country beinjj hut y, tj. 2. when they, man went down to wash himself .3. the y. man laid hold of the tish and drew it 5. the y. man dil as the angel commanded him Jvii. '.'>teall tiielry. men with edgeof sword /( ijrf. U.5. anil looy. for understanding of judgment i'.ccl. .30. 12. l>ow down his neck while he is y. .32. "• speak, y. man, if there he need of thee 42. y. the care of her taketh away sleep, when y. 47. 4. slew he not a giant when he was yet but y..' .5ii. 12. he himself stood as a y. cerlar in I.ilianus .')!. 13. when 1 wasy. or ever I went abroad i!«r. 3.2l).y. men have seen light and il welt on earlh nil'. 21. wdl witness that a y. man was with thee .37. a y. man who was there hid, came unto her 4il. we asked wMrothey. man was, would not tell 45. the Lord raised up ilie holy spiritot ay. youth 1 lilac. 2. y. hery. uien wilh the sword of the enemy 6. 17. whom lie had brought up being y. to reigu


      1 Mae. 11. 39. brought up Antiochus y. son of

      Alexander 40. to deliver him thisy. Antiochus to reign 5*. with him the y. child Antiochus who reigned 57. at that time y. Antiochus wrote to. lonathan 13. 31. Try phon ileal t deceitfully withy. Antiochus 14. 9. y. men put on glorious and warlike apnarel

      2 Mac. 3. .33. the same y. men, in the same clothing

      4. 12. brought the chief y. men under his suhjecliou

      5. 1.3. thus there was killing of y. and old

      6. 24. many y. persons miL'ht thmk that Eleazar 2H. leave a notable example to such as be y. 31. not only tc y. Tnen l>ut to all his nation

      7. 12. the king marvelled at the y. man's courage 2."). when the y. man would in no case hearken .3t). the y. mnn said, whom wait ye for?

      12.27. strong y, men kept the walls and defen>leil ]3. 15. with the most valiant and choice y. men YOUNCiEK. 2 Mac. 5. 24. to sell the women and the y. sort

      YOUNGEST. 2 Mar. 7.24. whilst the y. was yet alive did exhort

      YOUTH. .hid. 6. 16. all theiry. ran together and women Ecci. 6.m. my son, gather instruction from thy y. up .30. 11. give niui no liberty in his y. and wink not 51. 15. from my y. up sought 1 after her Su'. 45. the Lord raised the holy spirit of a young y. 1 Mac. 1 .6. had been brouchf up with him from hisy. 2. 66. Judas hath been miiihty and strong from hisy. 16. 2. from our y. fought against the enemies of




      ZABDEUS. 1 £j(/. 9. 21. sons of Emmer, A nanias, Z. and Ea


      1 Esd. 1. 8. Helkias, Z. and Seclus the governor! J

      15. the holy singers, Asaph, Z. and .ledulhuu

      5. a. Nehemias, and Z. Ileesaias, Euenius

      7. 3. when Agueusand Z. the prophet.i |>rophcsie«li

      8. .37. Z. the son of Bebai, with him 2» men 1 Mac. 5. 18. so he left Joseph the son of Z. 06.

      ZAMIilU. 1 Mac. 2. 26. like as Phinehasdid fo Z. son of Salonn

      ZEDECHIAS. 1 &(/.!. 46. and made Z. kiugof Judeaand Jerusa .

      ZEAL. Eccl. 48. 2. by Iiis t. he diminished their number ■ 1 Alac. 2. 24. was iuHamed with t. and reins tremble


      1 Mac. 2. 27. whosoever is z. of the law of God

      54. Phinehas oui' father, being i. and fervent

      58. Elias for beinir t. and fervent for the law


      1 Mac. 2. 26. thus dealt he i. for the law of God

      ZOROBABEL. 1 K.rrf. 5. 8. whocauie wilh Z. with Jesus, 'Nehemiati 56. began Z. the son of Salathiel and Jesus I

      70. thenZ. and Jesus, and thechief of the famili((l

      6. 2. then stood up Z. the son of Salalhiel and .lesutf 18. delivered to Z. and Sanabassarus the ruler 27- but suffer Z. servant of the Lord and governor 29. to Z. the governor, for bullocks rams and lambs


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