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John Wycliffe

"Morning Star" of the Reformation!

They dug up his bones and burned them 43 years after he died!

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John Wycliffe, The 'Lolloards' (Evangelists);

"First Translator of the Complete Bible into English, 1382;


    John Wycliffe (also spelt as John Wyclif) was famous as a Medieval religious reformer, the first person to translate the Bible into English.

    Short Biography profile and facts about the life of John WycliffeThe following biography information provides basic facts and information about the life and history of John Wycliffe a famous Medieval character of the Middle Ages:

      * Nationality: English

      * Also Known as: Wicliffe or Wiclif: The “Morning Star of the Reformation.” * Lifespan: 1324 - 1384 * Time Reference: Lived during the reign of King Edward III and King Richard II of England * Date of Birth: He was born in 1324 in Yorkshire * Early Life and Education: Balliol College, Oxford



John Wycliffe, Translator;

"Morning Star" of the Protestant Reformation!

WYCLIFFE Timeline:

    o In 1376 John Wycliffe wrote "Civil Dominion" calling for reforms in the Church;

    o 1382 John Wycliffe was expelled from Oxford University because of his opposition to traditional Church doctrines; o 1380 John Wycliffe began the first English translation of the Bible; o Date of Death: John Wycliffe died on 31 December 1384 at Hipswell near Richmond, in Yorkshire, England

    After his death, John Wycliffe was condemned as a heretic and his teachings were suppressed.

    John Wycliffe was master of an Oxford college and a popular preacher. John Wycliffe appealed "from" the authority of the Church "to" the authority of the Bible.

    With the assistance of two friends, John Wycliffe produced the first English translation of the Bible. Manuscript copies of the work had a large circulation, until the government suppressed Wycliffe's Bible.



John Wycliffe, Translator;

"Morning Star" of the Protestant Reformation!


      The great enemies of the "Kingdom of God on Earth" are most often the "Kingdoms of Nations on Earth!"

      It is rarely, if ever, "simply the sinners" - the drunkards, the prostitutes, the thieves and the murderers, who attack the Kingdom of God and His Servants;

      But almost ALWAYS, it is "Renegade Governments" - almost all of which do the following:

        [1] REJECT God's Covenant, as offered in Exodus 19;

        [2] REJECT God's Constitution of the TEN COMMANDMENTS of Exodus 20-24;

        [3] REJECT God's Civil Law & Ordinances as given in Leviticus;

        [4] REJECT God's Democracy/Ekklesia/Church-in-the-Wilderness (See Acts 7.38), as given from Numbers 13 onward;

        [5] REJECT God's Law & Covenant of Prosperity, as given in Deuteronomy;

        [6] REJECT God's Written Word as given by the Prophets;

        [7] REJECT God's Authority over Humanity as given in Genesis, when Adam and Eve were driven from the Garden with consequences for their disobedience; with Noah and the Flood, at the Tower of Babel,

          >> ALL human national constitutions are in error!

          >> ALL human government constitutions are a REJECTION of God's Constitution!

          >> ALL human laws contrary to GOD'S LAW - or in place of God's Law - are a REJECTION of GOD'S GREAT LAW!



John Wycliffe, Translator;

"Morning Star" of the Protestant Reformation!


    [8] Thus we see that almost all attacks on Christ's Kingdom come from Organized Human Government: Remember

      **Israel killing Prophets and Apostles;

      **Rome killing Apostles and Christians by millions;

      **King James burning Preachers at the stake and persecuting the Puritan/Pilgrims;

      **Catholic and Protestant Governments, each killing the other;

      **Germany against Bible Christians as well as Jews (as in killing Christian Theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer);

      **Modern USA persecuting Bible Christians and legalizing abomination with Gays in the Military, same-sex marriage, sodomy, etc.

[9] Thus we must never confuse identity of the enemy: Godless, Human Governments - the Powers and Principalities, filled with spiritual wickedness, ruling in high places - with many having Pagan Constitutions as the US Constitution - which declares:

    >>> Worship of Satan and witches - PERFECTLY EQUAL - to Worship of Jesus Christ!

    >>> What an horrible constitution of blasphemy!



John Wycliffe, Translator;

"Morning Star" of the Protestant Reformation!


[10] Remember, true "government" is a "Gift of the Holy Spirit", just as is faith, healing, miracles or wisdom. (Better check it out for yourself . . . as it's not likely to be taught on Christian Celebrity Television anytime soon! I Corinthians 12).

    *** If our elected leaders are NOT "Full of the Spirit" having been given "God's Supernatural Gift of Government" they are neither QUALIFIED nor WORTHY of public office!

***P.S. "Deacon's" are "Civil Servants" in Scripture in Acts 6, and "Deacon's Law is Civil Law".

***Deacons are NOT Junior Pastors! Please read the following carefully understand WHY God has the five-fold ministries that are all "called" and "gifted" offices . . . and Deacons, Bishops and Senate that are for whoever "desireth" such as office. (See I Tim 3)

***"If any man DESIRE the office of a Bishop, let him be . . ." There is no calling or gifting;

***God simply says in choosing Deacons: "Look ye out among yourselves men of wisdom, faith and the Holy Spirit."

***To "look ye out among yourselves is to seek "volunteers", "nominate some", "draft others", and the whole Church/Ekklesia/Democracy-Congregational government VOTE-and-APPROVE ALL who are selected . . . whether they were volunteers or nominated.

    (a) The Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers and Evangelists were to "give themselves to Ministry the Word of God and Prayer"

    (b) God's Deacons (though dedicated Christians) were to give themselves to ministry of the needs of the people,

    (c) Deacon's were to care for people's civil needs - from hungry widows to discrimination; for widows and orphans;

    (d) Deacons were to raising the funds (taxes or offerings) needed to care for these needs,

    (e) Deacons were to distribute the money to the needy Christians fairly!

READ Acts 6 carefully and see if these things are not so! Read the qualifications for Deacons as Paul gave them to I Timothy 3.

So we Should not be Surprised who Turned on Wycliffe!

Wycliffe was not persecuted during his life, but the Council of Constance:

    >> denounced his teaching,

    >> and ordered that his bones should be dug up, burned with fire,

    >> and cast into a stream to be carried away to sea!



John Wycliffe, Translator;

"Morning Star" of the Protestant Reformation!

John Wycliffe and the Lollards:

    John Wycliffe had organized bands of "poor priests" to spread the simple truths of the Bible through all England called the Lollard preachers. They went out, staff in hand and clad in long, russet gowns, and preached to the common people in the English language, wherever an audience could be found.

    The Lollards, as Wycliffe's followers were known, not only attacked many beliefs and practices of the Church, but also demanded social reforms. For instance,

      they declared that all wars were sinful and were but plundering and murdering the poor to win glory for kings.

    The Lollards had to endure much persecution for heresy. Nevertheless their work lived on and sowed in England and Scotland the seeds of the Reformation.



John Wycliffe, Translator;

"Morning Star" of the Protestant Reformation!

Wycliffe's World

    Who was this man, and what do earthquakes, trials, and burnt bones have to do with speaking the truth? He was John Wycliffe, and this is his story.

    John Wycliffe was born between 1320-1330 A.D. in Yorkshire, England. Although little is known of his childhood, it is believed that he was probably trained by a village priest for service in the church, as was customary in those days.

    A person's historical impact is often not known for generations.

    Although Wycliffe was severely criticized, his life transformed the future of England.

    During Wycliffe's time, a thick cloud of spiritual darkness covered many parts of Europe, including England.

    Only popes and priests were allowed to read God's Word!

    It was illegal for other people to own a Bible.

    It was a time in which the 'top-down' church hierarchy was sanctioned by the government and manipulated the lives of the people through punishment and information control.

    Europe of the 14th century experienced both prolific prosperity and deadly decline.

    Some foremost events were the Black Death and the resulting Peasant's Revolt (1381).

    As Italian city-states grew in power, transfer of the seat of the popes from Italy to France led to the Great Schism (1378-1415) of the West which created three popes that ruled during the same time.

    In the Near East the Byzantine Empire was in declined against the onslaughts of the Ottoman Turks. In other parts of the world, Muslim Sultans were ruling India from Dehli and the Muslims would conquer Constantinople in 1453.



John Wycliffe, Translator;

"Morning Star" of the Protestant Reformation!

Wycliffe's World

    Many times people quote the Bible verse that says "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free."

    This passage, when understood in context and examined with other similar scriptures, provides great insight into the time during which Wycliffe lived.

    John 8:32 says, "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

    Verse 36 says "Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed."

    The people living in these times did not know the truth, because they did not have God's Word. Knowing not the truth, they knew not the Son who is "the way, the truth, and the life" (John 14:6). Because of this, two things occurred. First of all, the people were not free, and were trapped in a vicious circle of slavery to sin, from which they could not be free themselves.

    John Wycliffe was an instrumental part of breaking this system.

    The second thing that happened was that the so-called "Christian faith" that was being enforced was not the true faith God wishes his people to have. The people did not know the Son, so they were not "Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith", but unto others whom they felt could be mediators between God and man.

    However, the truth would rise victoriously over the fallacies of this time through the vessel of John Wycliffe whom God prepared to bring forth the truth which set souls free.

    At the age of thirteen, John Wycliffe enrolled in Merton College of Oxford. While attending this school, the students would study many books, but the Bible was carefully restricted.

    Wondrously, God used this time to bring a certain person into Wycliffe's path that would have a great influence upon him. A man by the name of Bradwardine was finishing his period at the college as Wycliffe was beginning his.

    Bradwardine took the Word of God at face value, and trusted it to be the inherent guide to life.

    Wondrously, Wycliffe was greatly admired by everyone at the college, although he never held an important position. Some of his enemies are known to have felt that he was the life and beauty of the college. Later, he was forced to leave the college because of a doctrinal issue he spoke of.



John Wycliffe, Translator;

"Morning Star" of the Protestant Reformation!

Black Death: Sign of God!

    In 1348, the Black Death began.

    Wycliffe was very troubled by this, andbelieved for certain that it was a sign of God's terrible wrath. In his time of trouble he turned to God's Word with hopes of being able to find some protection and comfort. This time of horrible pestilence, which seemed to bring nothing but destruction, was used by God to equip His servant.


    Usurping authority, Pope Urban V tried to gain more control over England in 1365. King Edward called Parliament together to discuss the ideas set forth by the Pope. It is evidenced from records kept at that parliamentary session that John Wycliffe had previously been involved in this parliamentary debate, and that the members of Parliament agreed with his ideas and opinions.

    In the midst of this political struggle, the Lord opened doors for Wycliffe.

    He was sent to the Netherlands with papal representatives. There, his eyes were opened to the dark lies behind the reasons for the actions of the Pope.

    Returning to England two years later, Wycliffe publicly stated that the pope was anti-Christ.

    Progressively, people began to respect the truth displayed in Wycliffe's life, yet his enemies still raged fiercely against him. He was honored nationwide. Feeling threatened, the pope and his supporters were greatly upset by his works.

    Wycliffe's First Trial in London, 1377:

    In 1377, John Wycliffe was called before the Bishop of London. Two of Wycliffe's influential friends traveled with him to the hearing. Soon, the bishop began arguing with one of Wycliffe's friends and the chaotic situation soon forced the trial to be closed.

    Wycliffe's Second Trial in London, 1378:

    One year later, in April of 1378, Wycliffe was called to another trial. Yet, God's hand was upon His servant, for in the middle if the trial, a message from the Queen Mother was delivered, stating that Wycliffe should not be harmed, and the trial was closed.

    Wycliffe's Prophecy of His own Life: 1379!

    It was shortly thereafter that John Wycliffe became very ill. Wishful friars, hoping to hear some death-bed recanting of his beliefs, hurriedly arrived at his bedside, only to hear the bold words of faith "I shall not die, but live, and declare the evil deeds of the friars." This statement proved to be true, and Wycliffe was restored to health.



John Wycliffe, Translator;

"Morning Star" of the Protestant Reformation!

Black Death: Sign of God!

    Trial, Condemned, Delivered!

    Wycliffe's Third Trial in London, 1382:

    The third trial arrived in 1382, and again Wycliffe was appearing before the Bishop of London.

      * Wycliffe was condemned at this trial, but execution was never carried out.

      * Perhaps God was angry that men would again try to harm his servant, because this time, He caused a Great Earthquake, causing great fear among all people.

      * Many believe the Earthquake was because Wyclife was being tried again and again and God was angry they were trying to kill him.

      * God's mighty hand had been displayed, and Wycliffe was not harmed for the rest of his life.

    God's words, supposedly known so well by the church, were proven true:

      "The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord and against His anointed, saying, 'Let us break Their bonds in pieces, and cast away Their cords from us.'

      He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; the Lord shall hold them in derision. Then he shall speak to them in His wrath, and distress them in His deep displeasure." - Psalm 2:2-5

    As time passed, Wycliffe made the decision to return to his home and live the rest of his life quietly shining a light to the next generation. Though he was aged (in his 50's), his influence did not end. Wycliffe himself worked on translating and overseeing the translation of the first English Bible!


John Wycliffe, Translator;

"Morning Star" of the Protestant Reformation!

Trains Soul Winners:

    He also trained men to share the gospel and instructed them in the truths of scripture.

    These followers of Wycliffe who continued his legacy of living with the Word of God as ultimate truth were known as the Lollards.

    They came to twelve basic conclusions including subject matter such as the state of the church, the priesthood, transubstantiation, prayers for the dead, pilgrimages, and confessions.

    What really separated Wycliffe and the Lollards from the general population of the time was their faithfulness to the Bible, and their belief that it was the absolute truth.

    Wycliffe lived many years before the period we now know as the Reformation began with men such as Martin Luther or John Calvin. Although we do not think of the Reformation beginning in the 1300s, it truly did. Though he lived many years before the reformation period, John Wycliffe, a "man ahead of his time", truly was the "Morning Star of the Reformation."

    In 1384, Wycliffe suffered from his second or third stroke and went to be with his Lord. Death did not silence his influence, however.



John Wycliffe, Translator;

"Morning Star" of the Protestant Reformation!

His Last Recognition:

    In fact, he had caused such disturbance in the minds and hearts of those who most hated him, that thirty years after his departure, he was officially condemned by the church for a second time. Instructions were given for his bones to be dug up and burnt as well as his writings, and finally, his ashes thrown into the river.

    Throwing his ashes into the river turned out to be quite an ironic act, as famous poet William Wordsworth explains in his poem on the subject:

    John Wycliffe is exhumed;

    Yea his dry bones to ashes are consumed

    And flung into the brook which travels near

    [.] Into the Avon - Avon to the[.]

    main ocean they- this deed accursed

    An emblem yields to friends and enemies

    How the bold Teacher's Doctrine sanctified

    By truth, shall throughout the world dispersed.

    A Second Version of Wycliffe


    "Trust wholly in Christ; rely captionogether on his sufferings; beware of seeking to be justified in any other way than by his righteousness."

    John Wycliffe left quite an impression on the church: 43 years after his death, officials dug up his body, burned his remains, and threw the ashes into the river Swift. Still, they couldn't get rid of him. Wycliffe's teachings, though suppressed, continued to spread. As a later chronicler observed, "Thus the brook hath conveyed his ashes into Avon; Avon into Severn; Severn into the narrow seas; and they into the main ocean. And thus the ashes of Wycliffe are the emblem of his doctrine which now is dispersed the world over."


      1302 Unam Sanctam proclaims papal supremacy

      1309 Papacy begins "Babylonian" exile in Avignon

      1321 Dante completes Divine Comedy

      1320-30 John Wycliffe born

      1382 Bible fully translated, by hand

      1384 John Wycliffe dies

      1415 Jan Hus burned at stake

      1427 John Wycliffe Burned to ashes!



John Wycliffe, Translator;

"Morning Star" of the Protestant Reformation!

"Master of errors":

    Wycliffe had been born in the hinterlands, on a sheep farm 200 miles from London. He left for Oxford University in 1346, but because of periodic eruptions of the Black Death, he was not able to earn his doctorate until 1372.

    Nonetheless, by then he was already considered Oxford's leading philosopher and theologian.

    In 1374 he became rector of the parish in Lutterworth, but a year later he was disappointed to learn he was not granted a position at Lincoln nor the bishopric of Worcester—setbacks that some have seized upon as motives for his subsequent attacks on the papacy.

    In the meantime, Rome had demanded financial support from England, a nation struggling to raise money to resist a possible French attack. Wycliffe advised his local lord, John of Gaunt, to tell Parliament not to comply.

    He argued that the church was already too wecaptionhy (Wealth) and that Christ called his disciples to poverty, not wecaptionh.(wealth) If anyone should keep such taxes, it should be local English authorities.

    Such opinions got Wycliffe into trouble, and he was brought to London to answer charges of heresy. The hearing had hardly gotten underway when recriminations on both sides filled the air. Soon they erupted into an open brawl, ending the meeting.

    Three months later, Pope Gregory XI issued five bulls (church edicts) against Wycliffe, in which Wycliffe was accused on 18 counts and was called "the master of errors."



John Wycliffe, Translator;

"Morning Star" of the Protestant Reformation!

"Holy Doctors":

    At a subsequent hearing before the archbishop at Lambeth Palace, Wycliffe replied, "I am ready to defend my convictions even unto death…. I have followed the Sacred Scriptures and the holy doctors."

    He went on to say that the pope and the church were second in authority to Scripture.

    This didn't sit well with Rome, but because of Wycliffe's popularity in England and a subsequent split in the papacy (the Great Schism of 1378, when rival popes were elected), Wycliffe was put under "house arrest" and left to pastor his Lutterworth parish.

    Disputing the church

    He deepened his study of Scripture and wrote more about his conflicts with official church teaching. He wrote against the doctrine of transubstantiation: "The bread while becoming by virtue of Christ's words the body of Christ does not cease to be bread."

    He challenged indulgences: "It is plain to me that our prelates in granting indulgences do commonly blaspheme the wisdom of God."

    He repudiated the confessional: "Private confession … was not ordered by Christ and was not used by the apostles."

    He reiterated the biblical teaching on faith: "Trust wholly in Christ; rely captionogether on his sufferings; beware of seeking to be justified in any other way than by his righteousness."

    Believing that every Christian should have access to Scripture (only Latin translations were available at the time), he began translating the Bible into English, with the help of his good friend John Purvey.

    The church bitterly opposed it:

    "By this translation, the Scriptures have become vulgar, and they are more available to lay, and even to women who can read, than they were to learned scholars, who have a high intelligence.

    So the pearl of the gospel is scattered and trodden underfoot by swine."

    Wycliffe replied,

      "Englishmen learn Christ's law best in English. Moses heard God's law in his own tongue; so did Christ's apostles."

    Wycliffe died before the translation was complete (and before authorities could convict him of heresy); his friend Purvey is considered responsible for the version of the "Wycliffe" Bible we have today.

    Though Wycliffe's followers (who came to be called "Lollards"—referring to the region of their original strength) were driven underground, they remained a persistent irritant to English Catholic authorities until the English Reformation made their views the norm.

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Most Important Questions You'll Ever Answer?

Do you understand "Eternal Life as God's FREE GIFT" - Unearned and Undeserved?
"Eternal Life as God's FREE GIFT!"

Do you know FOR SURE that you have Eternal Life: Here & Now?

"Eternal Life: Here & Now FOR SURE!"

In 'VERY FEW MINUTES' ... you can Know for Certain if you're saved ... or not!
In 'TWO MINUTES' - Know if you're Saved or not!

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