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Consider the Hebrew Language:

Hebrew is "The Perfect Language" - in the original form - as we must remember and attempt to allow for, the Hebrew Language of the Bible had evolved from the perfection of Eden to Moses about 4000 years later, depending on whose chronology you choose to accept:

    [A] That of the Masoretic Jews dating back to AD-900's,

    [B] Or that of the Septuagint Scriptures Jesus used, dating back to several hundred years before Christ, which adds almost 1500 years to the King James and almost all modern Bibles.

With either chronology, those who believe the Inspired-Inerrant-Infallible Truth of God's Word, must accept the following:
    1. God taught, or programmed, Adam and Eve with perfect Hebrew;

    2. Over thousands of years it eroded into a more informal Hebrew, mush as formal British-English eroded into the American dialect, and onto Ebonics and street slang;

    3. Over thousands of years more, it eventually evolved into into the derivative Aramaic Language, which was commonly spoken in the days of Jesus;

    4. With informal Hebrew and the more common Aramaic languages being spoken among he Jews, the original Hebrew God taught became a "dead Hebrew", meaning it was no longer spoken by the Hebrew people;

    5. Finally, even First Century Hebrew evolved into "modern Hebrew" spoken in Israel in the 20th Century and Post-AD-2000) . . . making Bible Hebrew a "dead language" . . . no longer spoken by any nation on Earth!

The linguistics of the Hebrew Language as designed and taught by God to Adam and Eve (or perhaps "programmed" - either way does not affect the evidence of the Godhead), and it gives us massive and mighty "Eternal Evidence", daily clues, and reminders of the Existence and Transcendence of the Almighty Godhead.

    1. God the Spirit - who is Spirit - manifest as Spirit of Ghost (that is Presence without a corporeal body, NOT as Christ appearings after His Resurrection, but a manifestation of the Spirit as on Pentecost: ALL PRESENCE . . . NO COPOREAL BODY);

    2. God the Father - willing to give His Son to save the World! John 3:16-17;

    3. God the Son - willing to give His life to save the World! John 12:47;

The Godhead decided to continually reveal the "THREE-FOLD-NATURE-OF-HIS-GODHEAD" by making EVERY Hebrew "Root Word" have THREE-CONSONANTS!"

    A. NEVER 1, or 2 letters;

    B. NEVER 4, 5, 6 letters or more;

    C. BUT ALWAYS 3 letters!

    D. And ONLY 3 letters and THREE alone!

That the first language, the perfect language from which all others derived, has ALL WORDS built on a THREE-CONSONANT STRUCTURE: Is this not too unique to be a coincidence and chance?

That thousands of languages in the world . . . follow the letters of the Hebrew Alphabet of God, . . . retaining mostly the sounds of God's Letters - with a greater harmony the (A)closer geographically, and (B)sooner chronologically;

And furthermore, that almost all of the languages maintain LETTER "A" as their first letter: Is not this too unique to be coincidence and chance?


    Likewise, the "Language of Life" - called by some "The Protein Language" - also designed and programmed by God to be the language of all living substance from lions to dandelions to from babies to buttercups top butterflies!

    The Protein Language is the language of Genetics, of Cells, of plants and animals and all that exists: the Code of Life;

    The PROTEIN LANGUAGE consists of "CODONS".

    This Language of all Life is also made of THREE LETTER WORDS, and each letter of these TRINITARIAN CODONS, is the life-giving code for an amino acid, creating the genetic structure of all that is LIFE!

    Thus every word that your body parts (cells, organs, glands and tissues, etc.,) write to each other, and every word your body reads in communication from another body part, these are ALL THREE LETTER WORDS!

    All of the intelligence your body has, all it knows and all it communicates - in every bodily function possible - is given in THREE LETTER WORDS!

      > NEVER 1, or 2 letters;

      > NEVER 4, 5, 6, or more;

      > ALWAYS 3 letters!

      > ONLY 3 and THREE alone!

    Can we possibly miss this, asks NewtonStein? (Not if we can count as far as 1, 2, 3!!!)

Even the Word "G-O-D" in English . . . is Three Letters!

    Why is "GOD" in English significant?

    For the simple reason that today, in the POST-AD-2,000 word, very few scores of thousands speak Biblical Hebrew with the THREE-LETTER-ROOT-WORD structure.

    Comparatively, scores of HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS SPEAK English!

      >> ENGLISH, is an Official Language in well over 100 nations of the World!

      >> ENGLISH, is The Major Language of Science, Globally!

      >> ENGLISH, is an Official - and the Major - Language of , the United Nations!

      >> ENGLISH, is The Official Language of The Internet!

      >> ENGLISH, is The Major Language of Serious Publishing - even in Japan and Germany!

      >> ENGLISH, is The Official Language of Global Airlines and Airports!

      >> ENGLISH, is The Official Language of OF the World!

      ** THUS more people will hear the Gospel in ENGLISH than any other Language!

      ** THUS more people will read the Gospel in ENGLISH than any other Language!

      ** THUS more people will own a Bible in ENGLISH than any other Language!

      ** THUS more people will get saved from learning TRUTH in ENGLISH than any other Language!

      FACT! SINCE God knew of the ENGLISH as the Global Language before the Foundation of the World!

      FACT! SINCE God in His Goodness has ALWAYS given Signs to Those Who Believe, from Moses and Israel, to Samson, to The Virgin Birth as a sign (Isa 7:14) to the Swaddling Clothes as a sign, to the Signs of the times in Matthew 24:4-24, Mark 13:5-20 and Luke 17:31-41 and 21:10-25;

      FACT! SINCE God originally made His name a "Three-Letter-Root-Word in Hebrew - "JAH" (Psalm 68:4)

      FACT! ONCE AGAIN God made His Name a THREE LETTER WORD in ENGLISH, the Global Language of the most populated era of Earth!

    So remember this every time "GOD!" is heard, read, said, etc., teach this to others, and help your family and friends see the "SIGNS along the WAY!"

Seeing God in Linguistics, in General;

    In linguistics, there are many, many more, that PROVE God is the Designer of (a)All language, (b)alphabet, (c)Hebrew, (d) that Hebrew is the parent language of all others, (e)word structure, (f)actual words unique to Hebrew that pertain to God . . .


    . . . BECAUSE they had no God with eternal Attributes!

    Emmanuel is the same word in every language, and no language has a word it can be translated into, because it means GOD DWELLING IN HIS PEOPLE . . . and no people had "this experience apart from the People of the One True GOD JAH, thus "Emmannuel remains the same word in all languages!

    Likewise "Halleluah" - which is a Hebrew compound word "Hallelu-JAH" - and is a Command to "PRAISE JAH!"

    "Amen!" and Hosanna are also neat, unique words and there are literally hundreds more!

    The scoffing world asks: "Where is evidence for God!?" to which we answer:


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Hebrew Lexicon:

Letter "A" - INTRO:

    The first letter of the English alphabet is the letter "A" - which we simply pronounce as its name, the "long "AA" sound.

    Letter "A" is also the first letter of the Hebrew Alphabet as devised by God, is named "ALEPH" - (pronounced al - LEPH') - in Hebrew.

    Letter "A" is also the first letter of the Greek Alphabet as more distant derivative of the Hebrew language, and is named "ALPHA" - (pronounced AL' - pha) in Greek.

    Almost every Christian knows that Jesus described and claimed for Himself to be"The Alpha and Omega"- (the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet).

    A shocking mystery for the secular world, is that the initial letter of the alphabet in almost every language of the world is "A" - JUST LIKE GOD DEVISED! - providing evidence that all languages are derivatives of the Original Hebrew Language, that God taught - and/or programmed - into Adam and Eve.

0001. AB -

    The first Hebrew Word in a dictionary-Hebrew Lexicon by God begins with 'Aleph' - "A".

    Even more amazing, the first Hebrew Word devised by God begins by combining "A" - the first letter of the alphabet with letter "B" - the second letter of the alphabet, to get the first Hebrew word "Ab" (which rhymes with Bob, cob, rob, mob, etc).

    This first Hebrew Word by God - "Ab" - is STRONG'S NUMBER 0001 (that you can check in any Hebrew dictionary or lexicon) which word 'Ab' is Hebrew for "Father."

      In the King James Bible, this Hebrew word 'Ab' is translated into several different English words including 'chief', 'prince', 'principal', 'patrimony', 'families', and 'desire';

      How can this one little Hebrew word "Ab" - be translated into all those different English words in the Bible? Let's break it down step by step . . .

      . . . as it is the amazing foundation for the whole structure of God's Authority.


    [1] A true father is both a Chief and Prince;

    [2] A 'house' or 'household' is the family itself, NOT the building as modern English define 'house'!. Examples are as House of David, House of Moses, Household of faith, etc.

    [3] Thus a true house is people, not boards and bricks, and is the smallest unit of Government;

    [4] Also, the house is the definition of the legal jurisdiction of the Father. The jurisdiction of any authority is a geographic area - such as city court, state court national courts each have authority ONLY in their jurisdiction.

    The "Ab" - father - is first of all, the "Chief-and-Prince" of His Household!

    [5] The physical home of his "house-hold" (children, etc.) is the geographic jurisdiction of the Chief-Prince;

    [6] Thus Hebrew fathers have legal jurisdiction in two frames of Reference:

      [Jurisdiction-A] Jurisdiction of his family, where ever they may be at any time - in another tribe state or nation;

      [Jurisdiction-B] Jurisdiction of his location, within the district of his ownership the physical 'house' be it a building, tent, land inhabited, owned or rented) where the Father is Chief-Protector of all residents, and Prince-Enforcer to set rules and guidelines for all who are there in;

      Thus the "Ab" is the Chief-Prince within his jurisdiction of neighbors, strangers, distant relatives, and anyone who comes "under his roof" - "on his property" - which is "his jurisdiction.


    [1] A 'Principal' simply is the "PRINCE of a PALACE" - His Palace is His Home: this is a "PRINCE-a-PAL."

    [2] English literature picked up this Hebrew concept as every man is King of his Castle - be it a tent, trailer, teepee, hut or log cabin!

    [3] As the Principal, Father is Chief, judge, protector, defender, and provider;

    [4] 'Principality' in all of its applications, is nothing more than the defined regions of legal jurisdiction where the Prince is Chief!


    [1] A "Chief Prince", is a PRINCE of other Princes of a particular region: literally a "PRINCE of Princes" -

    [2] NT References to Jesus as Prince:

      [A] "Thou... art not the least among the Princes of Juda: for out of thee shall come a Governor, Mat 2:4 Matthew 2:5-7 (in Context) Matthew 2 (Whole Chapter)

      [B] "And killed the Prince of Life, whom God hath raised from the dead; Acts 3:15 Acts 3:14-16 (in Context) Acts 3 (Whole Chapter)

      [C] "Him hath God exalted with His Right Hand to be a Prince and a Saviour, Acts 5:31 Acts 5:30-32 (in Context) Acts 5 (Whole Chapter)

      [D] "And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and the Prince of the Kings of the earth." Revelation 1:5 Revelation 1:4-6 (in Context) Revelation 1 (Whole Chapter)

    [E] This corresponds perfectly to LORD of Lords, KING of Kings, GOD of God's, WARRIOR of Warriors,

    [F] Thus a Chief Prince is a FATHER of Fathers, or a 'PRINCIPAL of Principals';

    [G] When applied to The Devil, as it is three times, he is called The PRINCE of Devils Matt 9:34, Matt 12:24, Mark 3:22, John 12:31, John 14:30;

      (a) In the Greek Language and Culture of the New Testament, this corresponds to the "Bishop" - the Overseer of any group - the Chairman,The "President" (simply the "Presiding Elder") - the Chief, the Prince, the Shepherd, etc., be it overseeing believers, elders, rulers, etc;

      (b) Likewise, in the New Testament, 'Principality' is geographic jurisdiction, and is the place where the Prince - that is the Principal - exercises the authority and duty of fatherhood, initially,

      and as Bishop, Chief, or Overseer, does so secondarily;


    This further corresponds to the New testament by connecting the requirements for Elders and Deacons to "Chief of their Houses (Deacon being overseer of civil or non-religious needs, such as food, shelter, justice, etc., SEE ACTS 6:1-12);

    In all cases, those becoming Bishops, Deacons, Elders - overseeing overs as FATHER of Fathers, CHIEF of Chiefs, and PRINCIPAL of Principals, are required to have proved themselves as follows:

      [1] They had to have "Ruled their household well;"

      [2] Having all children in subjection;"

      [3] "With proper attitude, (gravity)"

      [4] Thus showing they were Properly proven as Princes, Fathers, Chiefs, and Principals, functioning as the true Chief of their House;

      [5] This was required BEFORE being appointed (by election of the members) to position of PRINCE among Princes, and CHIEF among Chiefs, PRINCIPAL among Principals;


    The same concept is continued in modern USA, thousands of years after God gave this title of "ab" to Adam. In modern USA 'Principal' - as a Prince, as a Chef, as a Principal, is one who exercises authority over a jurisdiction of [a] a group of people, and [b] a literal geographic place;

    This corresponds to modern Public Schools:

      [1] A person in almost every community named a 'Principal' - as a FATHER of Fathers, as the Chief Father - is selected to do the Duty of all Fathers - to teach the children (As commanded in the Torah, in the Great Jewish 'Shema' in the great Commandment of Deut 6:1-10 - and as Chief Father is set over the formal education of children of a particular community;

      [2] This PRINCIPAL of all the local Principals ( as FATHER of all the local Fathers) ONLY has jurisdiction over the students, not their parents, not younger siblings at home, not relatives already out of school, not other students in a school across town, nor drivers on the highway, just the students;

      [3] This school Principal also has a jurisdiction over the GEOGRAPHIC PLACE where the students "gather" (synagogue in Hebrew);

      [4] Thus his Geographic jurisdiction extends to ALL citizens to some degree, when they are within his physical jurisdiction, such as adults must adhere to certain PRINCIPAL'S RULES:

        [A] No drunks on premise!

        [B] No drinking alcohol on premise!

        [C] No females in tiny bikini's or Thongs on premise!

        [D] No loud yelling or music on premise!


      This concept of appointing a Chief-Prince as the Principal of a Principality corresponds to much of modern life:

        [1] from agents representing companies (insurance agents, banking loan officers, etc.,)

        [2] to police, sheriffs, and law officers

        [3] to judges;

        [4] to CEO's of many companies;

        [5] to Mayors, and governors;

        [6] to Township Trustees and Justices of the Peace;

        [7] to President and "Chief Justice of the Supreme Court!"

      In each case, the "principal" has jurisdiction to some degree over

        [A] a certain group of people, over

        [B] a certain area/region;


      **The Tribes of Israel, ALL had the same Law and Constitution, but each had their own area of Jurisdiction where their Principals - Chief Elders, and judges had authority;

      [1] Even Synagogues with their Chief Rulers, Acts 8:18, Acts 18:17 were of this "ab" model, along with the Roman Catholic Church, the Anglican Church and the Primitive Methodist Churches ALL having "PARISHES" . . .

      [2] . . . that is their geographic region of Jurisdiction


      [1] The "Bishops" (Grk 'Episcopos') had a "Bishopric" their region of their jurisdiction - See Acts 2:12-24

      [2] This concept was equally applied to "Apostles" (Grk 'Apostolos') also had a "Apostleship" their region of their jurisdiction, as the replacement for Judas is called an Apostle, who by transgression fell, and whose "Bishopric" (region) needed someone to replace Judas - See Acts 2:12-24

      [3] In fact, the word apostle (not a Hebrew or Old Covenant word, not even a religious word). Apostle was taken from Greek Culture by inspiration of Christ to HIS APOSTLES.

      [4] What were Christ's Church's Apostles?

      [5] Apostle was the title of legal authority given by Greek Kings to their "Commander and Chief of Armed Forces" primarily the Navy in those days!

        No planes invented yet and armies could only get to islands by ships . . . thus navy had the upper hand for millennia!)

      [A] And the Apostle had legal jurisdiction over the SOLDIERS and the SHIP - or REGION they were to defend, attack, conquer, etc.

      [B] The Apostle could speak for the King, declare war on another people, or declare peace, make treaties of trade or otherwise, appoint lesser "principals", etc.

      [C] Thus Apostles were TRUE Principals, with a TRUE principality, their "Bishopric" their area of "Apostleship" etc.,

      [D] All inherent in the Hebrew word "ab" as Father-Chief-Prince, Prince of a Palace, making him a "Principal" and if elected by peers may become a PRINCE of Princes, CHIEF of Chiefs, PRINCIPAL among Principals:

      [E] All with authority over [A] a particular people where they may be . . . and [B] over a particular region/area, no matter who may be present!


      This "principality" concept is MISSING from almost all of the modern local churches:

        [1] Modern Churches have their "Principals" be they called pastors, elders, bishops, evangelists, teachers, or preachers;

        [2] Modern Churches DO NOT have their "Principalities" be they called pastors, elders, bishops, evangelists, teachers, or preachers;

        [3] Thus the modern church s DOOMED to fail culturally, BECAUSE they have no region whereby they can enforce Church discipline (unless they want to claim the miniscule area of their buildings!


        [4] Thus Churches cannot Discipline as Christ Commanded and commended:

          [A] Christ commanded the "whole Church" to judge - to be the court - among brethren at odds: Matt 18:14-20, and numerous teaching on HOW to keep Christ's command:

          [B] "JUDGE righteous judgement" and not according to circumstantial assumptions;

          [C] Paul commanded to have Church Court and to NEVER go before the law of the land, which is ALWAYS unjust; Numerous references, by I Cor 6:1-7

          [D] Paul commanded to have Church Court and to "seek a wise man among you" and/or simply to "set the least of the Church as Jury: I Cor 6:1-7, see also I cor 5:1-15 and many more;

          [E] Christ commanded carrying out "legal trials" as He commended the Church at Ephesus in Rev 2:2.

          [F] HOWEVER, modern Churches cannot do this!

          [G] IF a local Church attempts a serious church trial, the angry member often TAKES THE CHURCH TO SECULAR COURT! . . .

          [H]. . . INSTEAD of submitting to properly ordained authority of Elders as Paul commanded many times!

          [I] When Church Principals seek to carry out proper Church trials or more minor issues . . .Disgruntled members simply go to the Local Church across the street, across town or across county . . .

            (a). . . which "pseudo-church" also has no principality, no Apostleship, no Bishopric,

            (b) and no region of jurisdiction where discipline can be enforced!

          Thus modern Christian is DOOMED TO FAILURE!


      Herein lies the FAILURE of Modern Christianity in ALL western nations, and in ALL the lands they have IMPROPERLY EVANGELIZED!

        [1] They simply do NOT apply the Hebrew word "ab" - as being "father" . . .

        [2] . . . (in the patriarchal sense) as "Chief & Prince" as ruler of the household, and as "Principal" - as the Prince of the Palace, . . .

        [3] . . . REQUIRED to have a literal area of legal jurisdiction . . .

        [4] . . . which sadly, . . . all of modernity understands better than the Church of the Father of Spirits, the Father of the whole Family in Heaven and Earth!

        [5] . . . and because no modern local Bible Church has a jurisdiction, they cannot exercise any scriptural discipline:


      People simply go to the Church across the Street or across the town!

      If you are a minister, GO THOU and DO NOT Likewise!!!

      NOTE please see that many of the words following "Ab" in the Hebrew language are 'compound words' with 'ab' - Hebrew 'father' as the root word, including many negative words such as destruction, destroy, failure, sorrow, etc., . . .

      . . . such as

        >> ABBADON, the DESTROYER in the Revelation,

        >> which is AB + BADON

      The point is, that if the Evil One can attack the Office and Position of Father - the basic unit of Divine Government: the household-family;

      Seeing that father and family precede ALL other forms of government from Community to city to nation to synagogue to Church;

      If the Office and Position of 'Ab' - Father as Chief, Prince and Principal with a Principality can be destroyed among God's people, the whole of society is sure and soon to follow;

      The whole history of Israel bears this out;

      As does Modern USA: the destruction of modern fathers is the rampant demise of modern western society: the 'Ab' DESTROYED.

      Thus the Hebrew FATHER, the Chief, the Leader, the Prince, having a region of Jurisdiction, is the foundation of all Government, thus of all society!

      Lose the foundation, lose the whole structure;

        ***Thus the theme and purpose of the Ministry of John the Baptist was simply:


PART-XI - Goal of Jesus and John the Baptist;

    Jesus came to re-establish each level of government, from the home, to the Synagogue and Elders, to the palace and king.

    Jesus was prophesied as follows:

      [1] Make every 'Mountain Low' (Mountain, the oppressor, to bring them Down;)

      [2] Make every 'Valley Filled' (Valley, the oppressed, to raise them UP;)

      [3] Make the 'Crooked Straight!' (Crooked are Unlawful, who must and will, become Lawful;)

      [4] Make the 'Rough Roads, Smooth!' (Rough are the 'Difficult', who will be made Better!;)

    Therefore, the Linguistic Scholar 'Sees the Hand of God even in the careful design of the Alphabet!

    Thus we should NOT be surprised when Jesus makes a GREAT CLAIM - not to be General of all Soldiers, Mathematician of all numbers, Thinker of all thoughts:

      *** But the Substance of ALL LETTERS: The Alpha and Omega, The "A" to "Z",

      Christ shows by claiming TEN TIMES in John's "Revelation of Jesus Christ", His Preeminent Sovereignty in ALL:

        >> ALL people,

        >> ALL places,

        >> ALL ages,

        >> ALL Alphabets,

        >> ALL Letters,

        >> ALL words,

        >> ALL truth,

        >> ALL books, writings and documents;

        >> ALL communication,

        >> ALL expressed thought!

PART-XII: Sadly, Hebrew Fatherhood is lost in English!

    The Hebrew word "ab" is translated into various words in the English Bibles, but it's primary understanding is "Father" - much more than "Prince" or "Chief" or "Principal" (those these are valid definitions), thus "ab" will ALWAYS be translated as "Father", . . .

    . . . rather than sometimes translating it as "prince" or "chief" - rather randomly - as the KJV does.

      [NOTE ASIDE: Messianic Jewish scholar Anayahu ben David began this study, going through Strong's Lexicon of the traditional Old Testament, and rendering EVERY Hebrew root word into its corresponding English word - as consistently as possible in the manner outlined above].

    NewtonStein has taken the concept to the next level, and shows CONTINUITY and CORRESPONDENCE of the Hebrew-Old Covenant to the GREEK New-Testament, then to the English;

      SADLY: Since God did not develop English Language, it is not perfectly constructed as was Hebrew in its origin. Thus the Hebrew root words do not always have a perfect-English counterpart, but it can be well-approximated as the example;

      As by far, most English speaking people associate the Hebrew word for Father with the English word father, RATHER than the word Prince, or Chief . . .

      . . . ALTHOUGH, these concepts of Prince and Chief DO NEED be taught to the English people, as being an important part of the identity, duty, definition, and role of father.

      DADS! It ALL depends on You!

CONCLUSION: Thus All Authority Figures Should be as Dads!;

      Every authority figure in society is a simple extension of the "Ab" - the fathers - applied to ever-larger areas. All such persons should have the attitude of the father as protector and provider.

        >> School teachers,
        >> Principals,
        >> Coaches,
        >> Precinct Captains,
        >> Township Trustees,
        >> Mayors,
        >> City Councils,
        >> City Aldermen,
        >> County Commissioners/supervisors,
        >> Constables, Justice of the Peace,
        >> Governors,
        >> Presidents,
        >> Kings, Pharaohs, Caesars, Dictators,
        >> Various military Officers,
        >> Pastors-Ministers
        >> Chiefs of all kinds: Police, Fire, FBI, CIA,
        >> Child-Care workers,
        >> 4-H, Scout Leaders,
        >> Counselors, Psychiatrists, etc.,
        >> And many more;

      All of these positions are to do their WORK AS A FATHER WHO WILL DIE . . .


Hebrew Words Showing Relation to other Words;

0002. Ab -

Aramaic, 0021. Abbie or ABBA (My Father),

    0088.Oboth (Oboth),

    and 0172. Owb (familiar spirits, bottles).

    "Ab" in Aramaic (Aramaic is "evolved-Hebrew" - a derivation of the original) which came to be the informal word for father, thus corresponding to the English informal words "Dad and Daddy"

0003. Eb (aeb) Hebrew for Tender (greenness, fruits, fruitfulness),

    Corresponds to the children of the Father;

    That which Fathers bring forth the fruit of his loins and care for them in tenderness, as a father.

    See references connecting fatherhood and tenderness with pity: Psalm 103:13, Ezekiel 24:21, Luke 1:78, Luke 1:77-79, Ephesians 4:31-32, James 5:11, II Tim 2:24-26;

0004. Eb (aeb)- Aramaic (fruit)

    and 0024. Abiyb (Abib, in the ear, green ears of corn) [See above]

    [NOTE: Please see that many of the following words are 'compound words' with 'ab' - Hebrew 'father' as the root word, including many negative words such as destruction, destroy, failure, sorrow, etc.

    The point is, that if the Evil One can attack the Office and Position of Father - the basic unit of Divine Government: the household-family;

    Seeing that father and family precede ALL other forms of government from Community to city to nation to synagogue to Church;

    If the Office and Position of 'ab' - Father as Chief, Prince and Principal with a Principality can be destroyed among God's people, the whole of society is sure and soon to follow;

    The whole history of Israel bears this out;

    As does Modern USA: the destruction of modern fathers is the rampant demise of modern western society: the 'ab' DESTROYED.

    Thus the Hebrew FATHER, the Chief, the Leader, the Prince, having a region of Jurisdiction, is the foundation of all Government, thus of all society!

    Lose the foundation, lose the whole structure;

      ***Thus the theme and purpose of the Ministry of John the Baptist was simply:


    Jesus came to re-establish each level of government, from the home, to the Synagogue and Elders, to the palace and king.

    Jesus was prophesied as follows:

      [1] Make every 'Mountain Low' (Mountain, the oppressor, to bring them Down;)

      [2] Make every 'Valley Filled' (Valley, the oppressed, to raise them UP;)

      [3] Make the 'Crooked Straight!' (Crooked are Unlawful, who must and will, become Lawful;)

      [4] Make the 'Rough Roads, Smooth!' (Rough are the 'Difficult', who will be made Better!;)

    Therefore, the Linguistic Scholar 'Sees the Hand of God even in the careful design of the Alphabet!

    Thus we should NOT be surprised when Jesus makes a GREAT CLAIM - not to be General of all Soldiers, Mathematician of all numbers, Thinker of all thoughts:

      *** But the Substance of ALL LETTERS: The Alpha and Omega, The "A" to "Z",

      Christ shows this by claiming TEN TIMES in John's "The Revelation of Jesus", His Preeminent Sovereignty in ALL:

        >> All people,

        >> ALL places,

        >> ALL ages,

        >> ALL writings,

        >> ALL words,

        >> ALL Letters,

        >> ALL Alphabets!

      0005. Abagtha

        (Not Hebrew origin)

      0006. Abad, Hebrew, ['ab' 'ad'], See that 'abad' is 'ab - ad' and is the 'father failing'

        Which is primarily "Defeat" - and is translated into English as 'perish', 'destroy', 'lose', 'fail', 'surely and utterly be broken', 'destruction', 'escape', flee, spends, take, undone, void),

      007. Abad - Aramaic,

        See that 'abad' is 'ab - ad' (to destroy, to perish), Related to 'Abaddon' in The Revelation Rev 9:11

      008. Obed

        [Abed] (perish),

      009. Abedah,

        See that 'abedah' is 'ab - edah' (lost thing, that which was lost),

      0010. Abaddoh,

        See that 'abaddoh' is 'ab - addoh' (destruction),

      0011. Abaddown,

        See that 'abaddown' is 'ab - addown' (destruction), [spelled Abaddon in the Revelation]

      0012. Abdan,

        See that 'abdan' is 'ab - dan' (destruction), and

      0013. Obdan

        [Abdan] (destruction)

      0014. Abah,

        See that 'abah' is 'ab - ah' Will (will into effect)(consent, rest content),

      0015. Abeh,

        See that 'abeh' is 'ab - eh' (desire), which is one of the words the English Bible translates from the Hebrew 'ab' above, translating 'father' as 'desire'.

      0016. Ebeh

        [Abeh] (swift),

      0017. Abowy,

        See that 'abowy' is 'ab - owy' (sorrow), 0034.Ebyown (needy, poor, beggar, poor man), and 0035.Abiyownah (desire)

      0018. Ebuwc

        (crib) Stuff and 0075.Abac (fatted; stalled) Related to 'My Father's fatted calf'

      0019. Ibchah


      0020. Abattiyach

        (melons) (Possibly not of Hebrew origin)

      0021 -

      0022. Abiyel, Shape - (Abiel)

        My Father’s Shape, [SEE the 'ab' in 'abiyel'] - See also

          0193. uwl (mighty, strength),

          0352. ayil (ram, post, mighty, trees, lintel, oak),

          0353. Eyal (strength),

          0354. Ayal (hart),

          0355. Ayalah (hind),

          0356. Eylown,

          0357. Ayalown,

          0359. Eylowth,

          0360. Eyaluwth (strength),

          0361. Eylam (arches),

          0362. Eylim (palms),

          0363. Iylan Aramaic (tree),

          0365. Ayeleth (hind),

          0410. El (God, god, power, mighty, goodly, great, idols, immanuel, might, and strong),

          0414. Ela,

          0424. Elah (oak, elm, teil tree),

          0425. Elah, 0426.Elahh Aramaic (God, god),

          0427. Allah (oak),

          0430. Elohiym (God, god, judge, GOD, goddess, great, mighty, angels, exceeding, godward, godly),

          0433. Elowahh (God, god),

          0436. Elown (plain),

          0437. Allown (oak),

          0438. Allown, and

          487. Allammelek

      ALL of the preceding are related to God in representing His shape!

    0023. Abiyacaph, (Abiasaph)

      My Father’s Gather) [See 'ab' in 'ab-yacaph, and NOTE that the Greek word for 'gather' is 'Synagogue!'] See also the following: 0043. Gather Ebyacaph (Ebiasaph), 0622.Acaph (together, gather, assemble, rereward), 0623.Acaph, 0624.Acuph (Asuppim, threshold), 0625.Oceph (the gathering, gather), 0626.Acephah (together), 0627.Acuppah (assemblies), and 0628.Acuppah (mixt multitude)


    0025. Abiy Gibown, is Mound

      (My Father’s Mound), or my father's Mountains, the mountains of Gibbeah; see also 1375.Gebiya (bowl, cup, pot), 1387.Geba (Geba, Gibeah, Gaba), 1388.Giba, 1389.Gibah, 1390.Gibah, 1391.Gibown (Gibeon), 1392.Gibol, 1393.Gibowniy, 1394.Gibath, 1395.Gibathiy, 1405.Gibbthown, 4021.Migbaah (bonnet)

      Could also be a euphemism for a father's grave-mound;

    0026. Abiygayil,(Abigail) Twirl=

      My Father’s Twirl or dance ), The root word for dance: 1523.giyl (again; rejoice, glad, joyful, joy, and delight), 1524.giyl (rejoice, joy, gladness, exceedingly, of your sort), 1525.Giylah (rejoicing, joy)

        The word "twirl" is also used of Earth in the Hebrew, signifying without dispute that " Earth 'twirls' or rotates on its axis!

      0027. Abiydan Plead, (Abidan)

        My Father’s Plead), 1777.Diyn (judge, plead the cause, contend, execute, strife), 1778.Diyn Aramaic, 1779.Diyn (judgment, cause, plea, strife), 1780.Diyn Aramaic, 1781.Dayan (judge), 1782.Dayan Aramaic (judge), 1783.Diynah, 1784.Diynay Aramaic, 1835.Dan, 1839.Daniy, 1840.Daniyel, 1841.Daniyel Aramaic, 4066.Madown (strife, contention, discord), 4079.Midyan (contention, brawling), 4080.Midyan, 4081.Middiyn, 4082.Mediynah (province), 4083.Mdiynah Aramaic (province), 4084.Midyaniy, 4090.Medan (discord, strife), 4091.Mdan, and 4092.Mdaniy

      0028. Abiyda, Know (Abida)

        My Father’s Knowledge), 0420.Eldaah, 0450.Elyada, 1843.Dea (opinion, knowledge), 1844.Deah (knowledge), 1845.Duwel, 1847.Daath (knowledge, cunning, unwittingly), 3037.Yadduwa, 3043.Ydiyael, 3045.Yada (perceive, shew, tell, wist, understand, acquaintance, consider, declare, and teach), 3046.Yada Aramaic, 3047.Yada, 3048.Yekdayah, 3049.Yiddoniy (wizard), 4093.Madda (knowledge, thought, science), 4129.Mowda (kinsman, kinswoman), 4130.Mowdaath (kindred), 4486.Manda Aramaic (knowledge, reason, understanding)

      0029. Abiyah is 'Be',

        (Abijah, Abiah, Abia; My Father’s Being),

        0138.Adoniyah (Adonijah; My Master’s Be),

        1961.Hayah (maybe huwah of Yahuwah), and

        3050.Yah (LORD, JAH), [See HalleluJAH - praise JAH] and

        3068.Yehovah (LORD, GOD, JEHOVAH)

      0030. Abiyhuw,

        That - (Abihu; My Father’s That),


        645.Ephow (now, where, here),


        1932.Huw (to be, it, this, one),

        2004.Hen (therein, withal, which, they, for, like, them, thereby, wherein),


        2006.Hennah (if, or, whether),






        3542.Kah Aramaic (hitherto),


        3860.Lahen (for them),

        3861.Lawhen Aramaic (except, therefore, but, save, wherefore), and


    0031. Abiyhuwd, Majesty

      - (Abihud; My Father’s Majesty ),


      1935.Howd (glory, honor, beauty, comeliness, glorious, goodly, honorable),







    0032. Abiyhayil, Writhe - (Abihail;

      My Father’s Writhe),

      065.Abel Mechowlah (Abelmeholah; Meadow’s Writhe),



      2342.Chuwl (pain, formed, bring forth, pained, tremble, travail, dance, calve, grieved, grievous, wounded, shake),




      2427.Chily (and Chiylah),

      2428.Chayil (army, man of valor, host, forces, valiant, strength, riches, wealth, power, substance, might, and strong),

      2429.Chayil Aramaic,










      4234.Machowl (dance, dancing),

      4235.Machowl, and

      4246.Mechowlah (dance, dancing, company)

    0033. Abiy ha-Ezriy, Help -

      (Abiezrite; My Father’s; The Help),

      0044.Abiyezer (Abiezer),






      5826.Azar (holpen, succor),


      5828.Ezer (helpmeet),



      5831.Ezra Aramaic,









    0034, Unknown;

    0035, Unknown;

    0036. Abiytuwm, Positive

      (Abitub; My Father’s Positive),


      2868.Teb Tehabe (glad),

      2869.Tab Aramaic (good, fine),


      2895.Towb (well, good, please, goodly, better, cheer, comely, do, pleased),



      2898.Tuwb (goodness, good, good things, fair, gladness, joy, well),

      2899.Towb Adoniyahuw,


    0037. Abiytal, Blanket;

      (Abital; My Father’s Blanket),

      2919.Tal (dew),

      2920.Tal Aramaic (dew),

      2926.Talal (cover),

      2927.Telal Aramaic (shadow)

    0038. Abiyam, Bellow -

      (Abiijam; My Father’s Great Voice {like a fog-horn? or ship horn?),

      3220.Yam (sea, west, westward, Westside, seafaring men, south, western), 3221.Yam Aramaic (sea)

    0039. Abiymael (Abimael;

      My Father’s (uncertain) Shape)

    0040. Abiymelek, Reign

      (Abimelech; My Father’s Reign),
        0152.Adrammelek (Adrammelech; Splendid’s Reign),





        4410.Meluwkah (kingdom, royal, king),

        4427.Malak (reign, king, made, queen, consulted, indeed, make, rule, set, surely, set up),

        4428.Melek (king, royal, Hammelech, Malcham, Moloch),


        4430.Melek (king, royal) Aramaic,

        4431.Melak Aramaic (counsel),


        4433.Malka (queen),


        4436.Malkah (queen),

        4437.Malkuw Aramaic,

        4438.Malkuwth (kingdom, reign, royal, realm, empire, estate),



        4441.Maliyah (kingdom, reign, realm, kingly),


        4446.Meleketh (queen),


        4467.Mamlakah (kingdom, royal, reign, king),

        4468.Mamlakuwth (kingdom, reign)

      0041. Abiynadab, Urge -

        (Abinadab; My Father’s Urge to {do good, give, help}), 0292.Achiynadab,



        5068.Nadab (offered willingly, willingly offered, willing, offered, willing, offered freely, give willingly),

        5069.Nadab (freely offered, freewill offering, offering willingly, minded of their own freewill),


        5071.Nedabah (freewill offering, offerings, free offering, freely, willing offering, voluntary offering, plentiful, voluntarily, voluntary, willing, willingly),


        5081.Nadiyb (prince, nobles, willing, free, liberal, liberal things),



    0042. Abiynoam, Please - (Abinoam);

      My Father’s Please),



      4516.Manam (dainties),

      5273.Naiym (pleasant, pleasures, sweet, sweet thing),

      5276.Naem (pleasant, sweet, beauty, delight),


      5278.Noam (beauty, pleasant, pleasantness),




      5282.Naaman (pleasant),



    0043 ??

      [Meaning Uncertain]

    0044 ??

      [Meaning Uncertain]

    0045. Abiyalbown???

      [Meaning Uncertain] - (Abialbon; uncertain derivation) My Father is ??? of Shaper Perhaps a shaper and moulder of Children?

    0046. Abiyr

      Strength - (might),


      (bulls, strong [ones], mighty, stouthearted, valiant, angels, chiefest),

      0082.Abar (fly),

      0083.Eber (wings, winged), and

      0084.ebrah (features, wings)

    0048. Abiyram, Exalt -

      (Abiram; My Father’s Exaltation),

      0087.Abram (Abram; Father’s Exalt),

      0141.Adoniyram (Adoniram; My Master’s Exalt),

      0151.Adoram (Adoram),




      1297.Beram Aramaic,











      7311.Ruwm (exalt, high, offer, give, heave, extol, lofty, take, tall, higher),


      7313.Ruwm Aramaic,




      7320.Rowmamtiy Ezer,









    0049. Abiyshag, Wander

      - (Abishag; My Father’s Wanderoing astray),

      4870.Mishgeh (oversight),


      7686.Shagah (err, ravished, wander, deceiver, cause to go astray, sin through ignorance, go astray, deceived), 7691.Shegiyah (error),


    0050.Abiyshuwae, Shout

      - (Abishua; My Father’s Shout),




      7768.Shava (cried, cry out, aloud, shout),

      7769.Shuwa (cry, riches),


      7771.Showa (rich, crying, bountiful),


      7773.Sheva (cry),


      7775.Shavah (cry)

    0051. Abiyshuwr, Travel

      - (Abishur; My Father’s Travel),


      7788.Shuwr (went, sing),

      7789.Shuwr (behold, see, look, observe, lay wait, regard, perceive),

      7790.Shuwr (enemy),

      7791.Shuwr (wall),

      7792.Shuwr Aramaic (wall),

      7793.Shuwr, 7794.Showr (ox, bullock, cow, bull, wall),

      7891.Shiyr (sing, singer, singing men, singing women, behold),

      7892.Shiyr (song, musick, singing, musical, sing, singers),

      8284.Sharah (wall),

      8450.Towr Aramaic (oxen, bullock),

      8670.Teshuwrah (present)

    0052. Abiyshay, Agree

      - (Abishai; My Father’s Agree),

      3144.Yowshah, 3145.Yowshavyah,




      7737.Shavah (laid, equal, like, compared, profit, set),


      7739.Shevah Aramaic (made),


      7862.Shay (present)

    0053. Abiyshalowm, Compact

      - (Absalom, Abishalom; My Father’s Compact),

      3073.Yehavah Shalowm,







      7965.Shalowm (peace, well, peaceably, welfare, salute, prosperity, did, safe, health, peaceable),


      7999.Shalam (pay, peace, recompense, reward, render, restore, repay, perform, good, end, requite, restitution, finished, again, amends, full),

      8000.Shelam Aramaic (finish, deliver), 8001.Shelam Aramaic (peace),

      8001.Shelam Aramaic,

      8002.Shelem (peace offerings, peace),

      8003.Shalem (perfect, whole, full, just, peacable),


      8005.Shillem (recompsense),










      8021.Shalmon (reward),



    0054. Ebyathar - Extra

      (Abiathar; My Father’s Extra),


      3148.Yowther (more, better, over, profit, moreover, further),

      3491.Yathuwr (range),


      3493.Yattiyr Aramaic (excellent, exceeding, exceedingly),

      3498.Yathar (leave, remain, rest, remainder, remnant, reserved, residue, plenteous, behind, excel, much, preserve),

      3499.Yether (rest, remnant, residue, leave, excellency, withs, cord, exceeding, excellent, more, plentifully, string),


      3501.Yithra, 3502.Yithrah (abundance, riches),


      3504.Yithrown (profit, excelleth, excellency, profitable, better),


      3506.Ithran, 3508.Yothereth (caul),

      4195.Mowthar (profit, plenteousness, preeminence),

      4340.Meythar (cord, string)

    0055. Abak, Billow - (mount up)

    0056. Abal, Mourn (lament),

    0057. Abel,

      0179.Owbiyl (Obil)

    0058. Abel,

      Meadowm (plain),

    0059. Abel (Abel),

    0060. Ebel,

    0061. Abal

      (but, verily, indeed, nevertheless),

    0062. Abel, Press

      Beyth-Maakah (Abelbethmaachah; Meadow Building’s Press),


      4600.Maak (bruised, stuck, pressd),



    0063. Abel, Lash

      hash-Shittiym (Abelshittim; Meadow’s Lashes), 4880.Mashowt (oar), 7751.Shuwt (run to and fro, go to and fro, go about, go about, gone, mariners, rowers, go through), 7752.Showt (whip, scourge), 7848.Shittah (Shittim, shittah tree), 7850.Shotet (scourge), 7851.Shittiym, 7885.Shayit (oar)

    0064. Abel Keramiym [Meaning Uncertain]

      (plain of the vineyards), 3754.Kerem (vineyard, vines, vintage), 3755.Korem, 3756.Karkmiy, 3757.Karmiy, 3759.Karmel, 3760.Karmel, 3761.Karmliy, 3762.Karmliyth


    0066. Abel, Waters, Mayim

      (Abelmaim; Meadow’s Waters), 0267.Achuwmay, 4325.Mayim (water, piss, watersprings, washing, watercourse, waterflood, watering)

    0067. Abel, Confine, Mitsrayim

      (Abelmizraim; Meadow’s Confines), 0468.Eleytswur, 2906.Tuwr Aramaic (mountain), 4692.Matsowr (siege, besieged, strong, bulwarks, defence, fenced, fortress, hold, tower), 4693.Matsowr (besieged places, defence, fortress, fortified), 4694.Metsuwrah (fenced, strong holds, forts, munitions), 4713.Mitsriy, 4714.Mitsrayim, 6676.Tsavvar Aramaic (neck), 6677.Tsavvar (neck), 6696.Tsuwr (besiege, lay siege, distress, bind, adversaries, assault, bags, beset, cast, fashioned, fortify, inclose, bind up), 6697.Tsuwr (rock, strength, sharp, God, beauty, edge, stones, mighty one, strong), 6698.Tswur, 6699.Tsuwrah (form), 6700.Tsuwriyel, 6735.Tsiyr (ambassador, pang, messenger, pains, hinge, sorrow), 6736.Tsiyr (idol) 6737.Tsayar (ambassador), 6864.Tsor (sharp stone, flint), 6865.Tsor (Tyrus, Tyre), 6876.Tsoriy

    0068. Eben, Build

      -(stone, weight, hailstones, stony, carbuncle headstone, masons, plummet, slingstones),

    0069. Eben Aramaic (stone),

    0070. oben (stools, wheels),

    0071. Abanah (Abana),

    0072.Eben ha ezer

      (Ebenezer; Building’s; the Help), 0416.El Beyth-El, 0956.Buwth Aramaic (passed the night), 1004.Baiyth (house, household, home, within, temple, prison, place, family, dungeon), 1005.Bayith Aramaic (house), 1006.Bayith, 1007.Beyth Aven, 1008.Beyth-El, 1017.Beyth ha-Eliy, 1021.Beyth hakKerem, 1027.Beyth haRam, 1028.Beyth haRan, 1029.Beyth hash-Shittah, 1038.Beyth Maakah, 1049.Beyth Tsuwr, 1055.Biythan,

      1121.Ben (son, children, old, first, man, young, child, stranger, people), 1122.Ben, 1123.Ben Aramaic (children, son, young), 1124.Benaw Aramaic (make), 1125.Ben Abiynadab, 1126.Ben Owniy, 1129.banah (made, repair, set up, have children, obtain children, surely), 1131.Binnuwy, 1134.Ben Chayil, 1137.Baniy, 1138.Bunniy, 1140.Binyah, 1141.Benawyah, 1146.Binyan, 1147.Binyan Aramaic,

      1247.Bar Aramaic (son),

      1248.Bar (son),

      1323.Bath (daughter, town, village, first, apple, branchs, children, company, eye, old),



      2995.Yabnel, 2996.Yabneh, 2997.Yibnehyah, 2998.Yibniyah, 4011.Mebunnay (frame), 4963.Mathben (straw), 8401.Teben (straw, stubble, chaff), 8402.Tibni, 8403.Tabniyth (pattern, likeness, form, similitude, figure)

    0073. Abnet (girdle)??

      [Meaning Uncertain] Possibly Not of Hebrew origin

    0074.Abner Gleam;

      (Father’s Gleam),

      4500.Manowr (beam),

      4501.Mnowrah (candlestick),

      5135.Nuwr Aramaic (fiery, fire),

      5214.Niyr (break up),

      5215.Niyr (fallow ground, tillage, plowing),

      5216.Niyr (lamp, candle, light),


      5374.Neriyah, and

      8574.Tannuwr (oven, furnace)


    0076. Ababuah, Pustule=(blains)

    0077.Ebets, Gleam= (Abez),

    0078.Ibtsan (Ibzan)

    0079.Abaq, Vapor= (wrestled),

    0080.Abaq (dust, powder),

    0081.Abaqah (powders)

    0082 ?? [Meaning Uncertain]

    0083 ?? [Meaning Uncertain]

    0084 ?? [Meaning Uncertain]

    0085.Abraham, Population

      - (Abraham; Population’s Father) father of multitudes

    0086. Abrek [Meaning Uncertain]

      (bow the knee?)

    0089.Age ???

      [Meaning Uncertain] (Agee),


      (Agag), and

    0091.Agagiy (Agagite)

    0092. Aguddah, Band=

      (troop, bunch, burdens)

    0093. Egowz (nuts)

      (Uncertain origin)

    0094. Aguwr (Agur),


    0095.agowrah (piece),

      0103.Agar (gather), 0104.iggera Aramaic (letter), 0105.agartal (chargers; Collect Blanket) and 0107.iggereth (letter)

    0096. Egel, Droop

      (drops) and

    0097. Eglayim (Eglaim)

    0098. Agam, Pool

      (pools, standing, reeds),

    0099. Agem,


    0100. Agmown, rush, bulrush,

      (caldron, hook)

    0101. Aggan, Instrument

      (basons, cups, goblet), 1660.Gath (winepress, press, winefat), 1661.Gath, 1663.Gittiy, 1664.Gittayim, 1665.Gittiyth, 4485.Mangiynah (musick), 5058.Negiynah (Neginoth, song, stringed instruments, musick, Neginah), 5059.nagan (play, minstrel, melody, player)

    0102. Aggaph, Strike

      (bands), 4046.Maggephah (plague, slaughter, plagued, stroke), 5062.Nagaph (smite, put to the worse, smitten down, plague, hurt, slain, stumble, beaten, dash, surely), 5063.Negeph (plague, stumbling)




    0106. Egroph, Grasp (fist),

      1640.garaph (sweep away), 4053.Migraphah (clod)


    0108.Ed (mist, vapor),


    0181.Uwd (firebrand, brand),

    0182. Owdowth (because,

      cause, concerning, sake), 0343.Eyd (calamity, destruction), and 3966.M@od (very, greatly, sore, exceeding, great, exceedingly, much, diligently, good, might, mightily)

    0109. Adab, Languish

      (grieve) and


      (Abdeel; Shaper’s Languish)

    0111. Adad, Sharp

      (Hadad), 0258.Achad (go thee one way or other), 0259.Echad (one, first, another, other, any, once, every, certain, an, some), 0261.Echuwd, 1130.Ben-Hadad, 1908.Hadad, 1909.Hadad’ezer, 2299.Chad, 2300.Chadad (fierce), 2301.Chadad (Hadad), 2303.Chadduwd, 2307.Chadiyd

    0112. Iddo, Outstretch

      (Iddo), 3027.Yad (hand, by, consecrate, him, power, them, places, tenons, thee, coast, side), 3028.Yad Aramaic, 3029.Yeda Aramaic, 3034.Yadah (hand, praise, give thanks, confess, thank, make confession, thanksgiving, cast, cast out, shoot, thankful), 3035.Yiddow (Iddo, Jadau), 3036.Yadown, 3038.Yeduwthun, 3042.Yedayah, 3054.Yahad, 3055.Yehud, 3056.Yehday, 3057.Yehudiyah, 3061.Yehuwd Aramaic, 3062.Yehuwdaiy Aramaic, 3063.Yehuwdah, 3064.Yehuwdiy, 3065.Yehuwdiy, 3066.Yehuwdiyth, 3067.Yehuwdiyth, 3197.Yak (scribal error?), 8426.Towdah

    1113. Adown, Master

      (lord, master, lord, owner, sir),

    0114.Addown (Addon),

      0134.Eden (sockets, foundations), 0135.Addan (Addan), and 0136.Adonay (Lord, lord, God),

    0115. Adowrayim, Splendid

      (Adoraim), 0117.Addiyr (nobles, excellent, mighty, principal, famous, gallant, glorious, goodly, lordly, noble one, worthies), 0142.Adar (glorious, honorable), 0143.Adar (Adar), 0144.Adar Aramaic (Adar), 0145.Eder (goodly, robe), 0146.Addar (Adar, Addar), 0147.Iddar Aramaic (threshing-floors), and 0155.Addereth (mantle, garment, glory, goodly, robe)

      After=0116.Edayin Aramaic (then, now, time)

      0117 ??? (Possibly Not of Hebrew Origin) [Meaning Uncertain]

      0118.Adalya (Adalia)

      Rud=0119.Adam (dyed red, red, ruddy),

        0120.Adam (man, men, Adam, person, common sort, hypocrite), 0121.Adam (Adam), 0122.Adom (red, ruddy), 0123.Edom (Edom, Edomites, Idumea), 0124.Odem (sardius), 0125.Adamdam (reddish), 0126Admah (Admah), 0127.Adamah (land, earth, ground, country, husbandman, husbandry), 0128.Adamah (Adamah), 0129.Adamiy (Adami), 0130.Edomiy (Edomite, Syria), 0131.Adummiym (Adummim), 0132.Admoniy (ruddy, red), 0726.Arowmiy (scribal error for edomiy?)

      0133.Admatha ??? (Not of Hebrew origin)(Admatha) [Meaning Uncertain]

      0134 [Meaning Uncertain]

      0135 [Meaning Uncertain]

      0136 [Meaning Uncertain]

      Flash=0137.Adoniy-Bezeq (Adonibezek; My Master’s Flash), 0965.Bazaq (lightning), and 0966.Bezeq

      0138 [Meaning Uncertain]

      Correct=0139.Adoniy-Tsedeq (Adonizedek; My Master’s Correction), See also

        3072.Yehovah Tsidqenuw, 3087.Yehowtsadaq, 3136.Yowtsadaq, 4442.Malkiy-Tsedeq, 6659.Tsadowq, 6662.Tsaddiyq (righteous, just, righteous man, lawful), 6663.Tsadaq (Justify, righteous, just, justice, cleansed, clear ourselves, righteousness), 6664.Tsedeq (righteousnss, just, justice, righteous, righteously, right, righteous cause, unrighteousnss), 6665.Tsidqah Aramaic (righteousness), 6666.Tsedaqah (righteousness, justice, right, righteous acts, moderately, righteously), 6667.Tsidqiyah

      Raise=0140.Adoniyqam (Adonikam; My Master’s Raise), 0296.Achiyqam, 0471.Elyaqiym, 3079.Yehowyaqiym, 3113.Yowyaqiym, 3137.Yowqiym, 3351.Yequwm, 3356.Yaqiym, 3359.Yeqmyah, 4725.Maqowm, 5840.Azriyqam, 6965.Quwm (up, arise, establish, stand, perform, confirm, again, set, stablish, surely, continue, sure, abide, accomplish), 6966.Quwm Aramaic, 6967.Qowmah, 6968.Qowmmiyuwth, 7009.Qiym, 7010.Qeyam Aramaic, 7011.Qayam Aramaic, 7012.Qiymah, 7054.Qamah, 7055.Qemuwel, 7056.Qamown, 8617.Tequwmah, 8618.Teqowmem

      Observe=0148.Adargazer Aramaic (judges; Splendid Observer), 1504.Gazar (cut off, divide, decree, cut down, snatch), 1505.Gezar Aramaic (soothsayer, cut out), 1506.Gezer (piece, part), 1507.Gezer, 1508.Gizrah (separate place, polishing), 1509.Ghezerah (inhabited), 1510.Ghezerah (decree), 1511.Gizriy, 4037.Magzerah (axe)

      0149.??? (Not of Hebrew origin?)=Adrazda Aramaic (diligently) [Meaning Uncertain]

      0150.???(Not of Hebrew origin?)=Adarkon (drams) [Meaning Uncertain]

      0151 [Meaning Uncertain]

      0152 [Meaning Uncertain]

      Sow=0153.Edra Aramaic (by force),

      0154.Edreiy (Edrei), 0248.Ezrowa (arm), 1872.Dera Aramaic (arm), 2220.Zerowa (arm, power, shoulder, holpen, mighty, strength), 2221.Zeruwa, 2232.Zara (sow, yielding, sower, bearing, conceive, seed, set), 2233.Zera (seed, child, carnally, fruitful, seedtime), 2234.Zera Aramaic (seed), 2235.Zeroa (pulse), 3157.Yizrel, 3158.Yizreliy, 3159.Yizreliyth, 4218.Mizra

      0155 [Meaning Uncertain]

      Thresh=0156.Adash, 1758.Duwsh (tread, break, tear), 1759.Duwsh Aramaic (tread it down), 1786.Dayish, 1787.Diyshown, 1788.Diyshon, 4098.Medushshah (pygarg)

      0156 [Meaning Uncertain]

      0157.Ahab, Love (friend, beloved, like),




      0161.Ohad (Ohad) and Unite

      0162.Ahahh (Ah, Alas, O) Aha

      0163.Ahava ??? (Possibly Not of Hebrew Origin)=(Ahava) [Meaning Uncertain]

      0164.Ehuwd (Ehud)

      Without=0165.Ehiy, 0335.Ay, 0336.Iy (island), 0346.Ayeh (where), 0349.Eyk, 351.Eykoh (where), 0369.Ayin, 0370.Aiyn (whence, where), 0371.Iyn, 0372.Iy’ezer, 0373.Iy’ezriy, 0375.Eyphoh (where, what), 0575.An, 1963.Heyk (how)

      0166.Ahal (shine), Conspicuous

      0167.Ahal (pitch tent, remove tent),

      0168.ohel (tabernacle, tent, dwelling, place, covering, home),

      0169.Ohel (Ohel),

      0170.Oholah (Aholah),

      0171.Oholiyab (Aholiab; My Conspicuous’ Father),

      0172.Oholiybah (Aholibah)

      0173.Oholiybamah, Height (Aholibamah; My Conspicous’ Height)

      0174.Ahaliym ??? (Possibly not of Hebrew origin)=(from ahal?; aloes, trees of lign aloes) [Meaning Uncertain]

      Light=0175.Aharown (Aaron, Aaronites), 0215.Owr (shine, enlighten, break of day, fire, give, glorious, kindle), 0216.Owr (light, day, bright, clear, flood, herbs, lightning, morning, sun), 0217.Uwr (fire, light), 0218.Uwr, 0219.Owrah (herbs, light), 0221.Uwriy, 0222.Uwriyel (Uriel; My Light’s Shaper), 0223.Uwriyah (Uriah, Urijah), 0224.Uwriym (Urim)


      0177.Uwel (Uel; Point’s Shaper),

      Drag=0180.Uwbal (river), 0944.Buwl (food, stock), 945.Buwl, 2981.Yebuwl (increase, fruit), 2986.Yabal (bring, carry, bring forth, lead forth, lead), 2987.Yebal Aramaic (brought, carry), 2988.Yabal (stream, course), 2989.Yabal, 2990.Yabbel (wen), 3104.Yowbel (jubilee, ram’s horn, trumpet), 3105.Yuwbal (river), 3106.Yuwbal, 3999.Mabbuwl (flood), 8398.Tebel (world, habitable part)

      0178 [Meaning Uncertain]

      0179 [Meaning Uncertain]

      0180 [Meaning Uncertain]

      0181 [Meaning Uncertain]

      0182 [Meaning Uncertain]



      0185.Avvah, [See the following three #]

      0186.Uwzay Stout [Meaning Uncertain]

        (Ulai; why described as Persian origin???), 1041.Beyth Azmaveth, 4581.Ma’owz (strength, strong, fortress, hold, forces, fort, rock, strengthen), 5794.Az (strong, fierce, mighty, power, greedy, roughly, stronger), 5795.Ez (goat, kid, he), 5796.Ez Aramaic (goats),

        5797.Oz (strength, strong, power, might, boldness, loud, mighty), 5798.Uzza, 5799.Az’azel (scapegoat), 5804.Azzah, 5807.Ezuwz (strength, might), 5808.Izzuwz (strong, power), 5810.Azaz (strengthen, prevail, strong, impudent, hardenth), 5811.Azaz, 5812.Azazyahuw, 5813.Uzziy, 5816.Uzziyah, 5817.Ozziyeliy, 5820.Azmaveth, 5821.Azzan, 5822.Ozniyah (osprey), 5841.Azzathiy

      0187.Uwzal, Spin - (Uzal), 0235.Azal (gone, fail, gaddest about, to and fro, spent), 0236.Azal Aramaic (went, go), 0237.Ezel

      0188.Owy (woe, alas),

      0189.Eviy (Evi),

      0190.Owyah (woe),

      Evil=0191.Eviyl (fool, foolish),

      0192.Eviyl Merodach ??? (Not of Hebrew origin)=(Evilmerodach)

      0193 ??


      0195.Uwlay (Ulai), 0337.Iy (woe), 0338.Iy (wild beasts of the islands), 0339.Iy (isle, islands, country), 0344.Ayah (kite, vulture), 0345.Ayah

      0196.Eviliy (foolish), and 0200.Ivveleth (folly, foolishness, foolish, foolishly)

      Stick?=0197.Uwlam (porch),

      0198.Uwlam (Ulam),

      0199.Uwlam, 0481.Alam (dumb, put to silence, binding), 0482.Elem (congregation), 0483.Illem (dumb), 0485.Alummah (sheaf), 0488.Alman (forsaken), 0489.Almon (widowhood), 0490.Almanah (widow, desolate house, desolate place), 0491.Almanuwth (widowhood, widow), 0492.Almoniy (and such, a one)


      0200 - 0300 -


      Smear=0302.Achithophel, 8602.Taphel, 8603.Tophel, 8604.Tiphlah

      Best=0303.Achlab, 2459.Chelab (fat, fatness, finest, grease, marrow), 2460.Cheleb, 2461.Chalab (milk, cheeses, sucking), 2462.Chelbah, 2463.Chelbown, 2464.Chelbenah (galbanum)

      If Only=0304.Achlay,

      0305.Achalay (o that, would God), 3863.Luw (if, would God, O that, Oh, would it might be, if haply, peradventure, Oh that, pray thee, Though, would)

      Dream=0306.Achlamah (Amethyst), 2472.Chalowm, 2492.Chalam, 2493.Chelem Aramaic, 2494.Chelem, 2495.Challamuwth (egg), 2496.Challamiysh (flint, flinty, rock), 5161.Nechelamiy

      0307.Achmetha ??? (foreign origin?)= [Meaning Uncertain]

      0308.Achacbay??? [Meaning Uncertain]

      0323.Achashdarpan???(foreign origin?) (lieutenants), [Meaning Uncertain]

      0324.Achashdarpan (princes)

      0325.Achashverowsh??? (foreign origin?) [Meaning Uncertain]

      0326.Achashtariy??? (foreign origin?) [Meaning Uncertain]

      0327.Achastaran (camels)???(foreign origin?)

      0328.Gentle At (softly, charmers, secret)

      Prick=0329.Atad (bramble, thorns)

      Cord=0330.Etuwn (fine linen)

      Narrow=0331.Atam (narrow, stoppeth, shutteth),

      Enclose=0332.Atar (shurt), 0333.Ater, 0334.Itter


      (enemy), 0341.Oyeb

      (enemy, foes), 0342.Eybah

      (enmity, hatred), 0347.Iyowb

      Conjoin=0348.Iyzebel, 2073.Zebuwl (habitation, dwelling, to dwell in), 2074.Zebuwluwn, 2075.Zebuwloniy, 2082.Zabal (dwell with me), 2083.Zebul

      0350.Iy-kabowd, Heavy, 3115.Yowkebed, 3513.Kabad (honor, glorify, honorable, harden, glorious, sore, chargeable, great, many, heavier, promote), 3514.Kobed (grievousness, great number), 3515.Kabed (great, grievous sore, hard, much, slow, hardened, laden, thick), 3516.Kabed, 3517.Kebeduth, 3519.Kabowd (glory, honor, glorious, gloriously, honorable), 3520.Kebuwddah (carriage, glorious, stately

      0364.Eyl Paran, Bolster, 6286.Pa’ar, 6287.P’er, 6288.P’orah, 6289.Pa’ruwr, 6290.Paran, 6513.Purah, 8597.Tiph’arah

      0366.Ayom (terrible), Fright, 0367.Eymah (terror, fear, terrible, dread, horror, idols), 0368.Eymiym

      0374.Eyphah (ephah, measure), Some uncertainty, ??? [Meaning Uncertain]

      0376.Iysh Extant, (man, men, one, husband, any), 0377.Iysh (shew yourselves men), 0379.Iyshhowd, 0380.Iyshown (apple, obscure, black), 0381.Iysh-Chiayil (valiant men), 0382.Iysh-Towb, 0802.Ishshah (wife, woman, one, married, female)

      0378.Iysh-Bosheth, Some uncertainty, Shame? 0954.Buwsh (ashamed, confounded, shame, all, confusion, delayed, dry, long, shamed), 0955.Buwshah, 1317.Boshnah, 1322.Bosheth (shame, confusion, shamed, greatly, shameful thing), 4016.Mabush (secrets)

      0383.Iythay Aramaic Some uncertainty, (to be), to Have? See 3426.Yesh (is, be, have, there), 3448.Yishay

      0384.Iythiyel, Some uncertainty, Advance? 0804.Ashshuwr, 0805.Ashuwriy, 0833.Ashar (blessed, lead, go, guide, happy, leaders, relieve), 0835.Esher (blessed, happy), 0836.Asher, 0837.Osher (happy), 0838.Ashur (step, going), 0840.Asarel, 0841.Asarelah, 0842.Asherah (grove), 0843.Asheriy, 0844.Asriyel, 0845.Asri’eliy, 0846.Ushsharna Aramaic (wall), 8391.Teh’ashshuwr (box tree, box)


      Some uncertainty, Erect? 8412.Tadmor, 8490.Tiymarah (pillar), 8558.Tamar, 8559.Tamar, 8560.Tomer (palm tree), 8561.Timmor (palm tree), 8564.Tamruwr (high heaps)

    0386.Eythan, Endure

      - (strong, mighty, strength, hard, rough),



      0860.Athown (ass)

    0389. Ak, Some uncertainty, Firm?

      0403.Aken (surely, but, verily, truly, certainly, nevertheless), 3079.Yehowyakiyn, 3113.Yowyaqiym, 3137.Yowqiym, 3199.Yakiyn, 3200.Yakiniy, 3204.Yekonyah, 3356.Yaqiym, 3359.Yeqamyah, 3559.Kuwn (prepare, establish, ready, stablish, provide, right, fixed, set, direct, order, fashion, confirmed, preparation), 3560.Kuwn, 3561.Kavvan (cake), 3562.Kownanyahuw, 3594.Kiyuwn, 3651.Ken, 3652.Ken Aramaic (thus), 3653.Ken (foot, estate, base, office, place, well), 3659.Konyahuw, 3705.Keh’an Aramaic (now, now therefore), 3706.Keheneth Aramaic (time), 4349.Makown (place, habitation, foundations), 4350.Mekownah (base), 5225.Nakown, 8499.Tekuwnah (seat)


      [Meaning Uncertain] ???


      Some uncertainty, False? (liar, lie),


      3538.Kedab Aramaic (lying), 3576.Kazab (lie, liar, vain, fail),

      3577.Kazab (lie, lying, leasing, deceitful, false, liar),





      Some uncertainty, (cruel, fierce),

    0394.Akzariy (cruel, one),

    0395. Akzriyuwth (cruel)

    0396. Akiyla,

      Consume (meat),

      0398.Akal (eat, devour), 0399.Akal Aramaic (devour, accused, eat),

      0400.Okel (meat, food, eating, victuals, prey),

      0401.Ukal, 0402.Oklah (meat, devour, fuel, eat, food),

      3978.Ma’akal (meat, food, fruit, manner, victual),

      3979. Ma’akeleth (knife),

      3980. Ma’akoleth (fuel),

      4361. Makkoleth (food)

    0397.Akiysh, ???

      [Meaning Uncertain]