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To Blackhills Free Methodist Campground


In "Almost-Heaven" West Virginia, the Black Hills Campground is an almost sacred place. Nestled on Negro Mountain, along Rt. 119 between Morgantown and Grafton, is the Campgound of many wonderful memories.

Hopefully you have some of the following:

* * Children's camp, . . . Teen camp, . . . Family camp, . . . Rallies and Special functions and Seminars of many kinds;

* * Outdoor prayer meetings at dawn and at midnight . . .

* * Old-time preaching sermons that lasted an hour and-a-half . . . calling people to eternal salvation and warning them to flee from the wrath to com

* * Altar-call where the weeping over sins was the only sound to be heard . . .

* * Singing . . . glorious singing that filled the tabernacle and echoed through the Black Hills . . .

* * Campfires and cookouts,

* * Ice-cream socials - "camp-wide!" . . .

* *New friends, running and playing with the children, softball games,

* * Gifts from the bookstore. . .

* * Snacks from the snack Stand . . .


And for many, the call of God to salvation . . . the first call of God to Ministry - from preaching, pastoring or even to the distant Mission fields . . .


There is NO SUBSTITUTE for the "Christian campground Experience!"

This was absolutely started by God Himself, as He commanded ALL of His people to "Keep the Feast of the Tabernacle's" ( which was tents, booths, brush-arbors, cottages) which was basically as follows:

> > A One-Week Family Vacation

> > With much eating and fellowship

> > Of Singing, Preaching, Reading of God's Word and Prayer

> > OF fellowship with family and friends.

This occasion was SO IMPORTANT to God that He commanded every family save a full tithe - an extra 10% of their whole income - just to spend at this great Family Camp event!

God knew that the human beings He had made . . . could be REACHED by Him - the God of Nature - in the beautiful nature that He had made (campground setting) .

God knew He could reach the hearts of His People better in this Campground setting than in the vast city of Jerusalem - beautiful though it was - and the wealthy splendour of the Temple.

God chose the the 'Rustic, outdoor, campground experience for renewal and revival' How amazing is this understanding to our Christian walk with the Lord!


Fellow Christian . . . whoever you are . . .

> > If you have never known this experience, we beg of you todiscover it for yourself

> > If you have known it - and still know - don;t ever let is slip away.

> > If you have known it - but lost it (perhaps your childhood campground closed down or was sold). . .

. . . we beg of you to "find a new Christian Campground,

*** for the sake of you and your children and grandchildren,

*** and to RECAPTURE God's blessing of this "ETERNALLY COMMANDED EVENT"

*** for all of His People, every where, in every land, in every age! [Scripture Footnote]

This we urge you to do at the "Beloved Black Hills Campground" near Grafton West Virginia!



State Route #119, South of Morgantown, West Virginia

Mailing Address:

Free Methodist Church
302 W Olive St, Bridgeport WV 26330
(304) 842-6836 Camp Phone: (304) 680-5282

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Black Hills Family Camp for 2010

Join Us Each Evening for Worship in 2010

Led by Adam Stuck and the Blackhills Worship Team

Family Camp Page for 2010


West Virginia Black Hills Campground Webpage

West Virginia Black Hills Campground Webpage

Main Church overseeing at Bridgeport

Main Church overseeing Campgound: Bridgeport Free Methodist

Complete FINANCIAL REPORT 2009 for all Camps


Camp Association

Click here to go to the Camp Association / Camp Council Pages with Minutes and Business of recent years

Camp Association / Camp Council Pages with Minutes and Business of recent years

Contact for Housing Availability/Information:

Mike Shahan Click Here To Contact Us!

WV Black Hills Free Methodist Camp

To: Letter Lot/Cabin/Room Holders at Black Hills Camp

From: Camp Council

Date: May 2006

Re: 2006 Fee Structure

After much consideration and analysis of camp costs, the Camp Council has implemented a new fee structure for those who lease lots, own cabins or use camp cabins or rooms at Black Hills Family Camp. While utilities, insurance and many other costs have increased drastically over the past several years, camp fees have risen only slightly.

There are many fixed costs that must be paid, regardless of camp usage. While we still must heavily rely on the financial support received from camp offerings and gifts, our new feestructure is designed to more closely match operational costs with camp fees.

To minimize the impact, the new fee structure will be implemented over the next 2 years.



Our ultimate goal is to allow more offering and gift monies to be used for camp improvement.While reviewing the new fee structure, please keep in mind that it will cost Black Hills

Camp costs: over $260 per camper to operate family camp this year.


New Fee for 2006

Lot Fee $20

This fee will be assessed to every lot holder, even if a unit has not yet been built.

Please keep in mind that all property is owned by the Black Hills Camp with the right to place a cabin, for use during camp functions, granted to individuals.

Cabin/Room/RV Fee $25

This fee will be assessed for every cabin or room (private or camp owned) and RV/Camper/Tent.Please note that our costs are incurred, even if units are not used, therefore fees are assessed on every unit regardless of usage.

Please note: We have had inquiries about places to stay for Family Camp this year. If you do not plan onusing your private unit, we would be more than happy to rent it for you – just let us know!

For camp room holders, please notify us if you do not plan on using your room this year so we may let others use it. If we have not heard from you, we reserve the right to rent unused camp property to others seeking rooms at camp.



WV Free Methodist Black Hills Camp 2009-2010 Camp Council

Mike Shahan **Chairman

Superintendent Kathy Estel

Cheryl Kennedy **Secretary

Faith Reesman **Treasurer

Chet Martin **Conference

OPEN Property & Maint

Children's Camp Jeremy Shahan

Teen Camp Dan & Judy McCoy

Family Camp JoMarie Bowers

Marketing & Communications Minter Foster

Development Pauline Shahan

Special Events Verna Shahan

Food Operations Bob Gricewich

** Trustees Executive Committee

Mike Shahan, Cheryl Kennedy, Faith Reesman, Bob Gricewich, Chet Martin

Vice-Chairman: Minter Foster

Member-At-Large: Dan McCoy

** Indicates Office Holder is On Executive Committee

2010 Family Camp Schedule

Camp Starts Worship Service, 7:00 PM, Thursday, July 8, 2010

*Note: A lite supper will be served for those registered campers traveling to arrive.

Camp Ends Lunch, 12:00 PM, Saturday, July 17

Daily Schedule

7:00 AM Rising Bell

7:30 AM Morning Prayer

8:00 AM Breakfast

9:00 AM Bible School (M-F Only)

9:00 AM Bible School Program (Saturday, July 17)

9:30 AM Youth (M-F Only)

10:45 AM Adult Morning Service

12:00 PM Lunch

Various Times Afternoon Activities

5:00 PM Dinner

7:00 PM Evening Worship Service

10:00 PM Various Afterglows

12:00 PM Lights Out

Sunday Variations

9:30 AM Sunday School

10:45 AM Prayer & Testimonies

11:15 AM Worship

12:30 PM Lunch

Special Services

Saturday, 7/10 Senior Night

Sunday, 7/11 Graduating Seniors Honored

Sunday, 7/11 2:30 PM Gospel Concert

Sunday, 7/11 Ice Cream Social after Evening Service

Saturday, 8/28* 10:30 AM Camp Association Meeting

* Please note that the Camp Association Meeting date has been changed


Feast of Tabernacles/Tents

Duet 16:13 You are to keep the feast of tents for seven days after you have got in all your grain and made your wine:

Duet 16:14 You are to keep the feast with joy, you and your son and your daughter, your man-servant and your woman-servant, and the Levite, and the man from a strange country, and the child without a father, and the widow, who are living among you.

Duet 16:15 Keep the feast to the Lord your God for seven days, in the place marked out by the Lord: because the blessing of the Lord your God will be on all the produce of your land and all the work of your hands, and you will have nothing but joy.

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