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LESSON-1, Introduction to Chaplaincy in the USA!

By Cambridge Theological Seminary International™


CAMBRIDGE! World's Greatest Name in Chaplaincy!

Why the Chaplaincy Ministry is Growing Rapidly in the USA

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All over the USA in the 21st Century is a move of God within His people - and among the non-Churched and non-Believers as well - that all are fed up with the infighting among Bible Christians:

> > The Baptists fight the Pentecostals

> > The Pentecostals fight the Presbyterians

> > The Presbyterians fight the Arminians (all Methodist types)

> > The Arminians fight Holiness

> > The King James Only fight everybody else

> > The 'Christian Church' fights the 'Churches of Christ'

> > EVERYBODY fights against all of the "Fighting Churches!"

> > EVERYBODY is sick-to-death of the infighting among Bible Believers!

Herein lies the great move toward the Chaplaincy in the USA.

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Since the year 2000 the ONLY segment of Christianity that is truly growing is the "Non-Denominational Group!" Every denomination in the USA is either in rapid decline or stagnate! This is a simple fact. This non-denominational favor has actually been on the rise for several decades.

We also have seen a great falling away in Christianity from the Public Square, the Market Place and all things government: from Schools to Courthouse to the City Building. Do you realize this is at least "HALF" the fault of us Christians?

We all know that modern Politicians, School and City Officials don't want to offend and get a bunch of people angry over having a "Preacher" at some city function. Most Public Officials, Judges, Politicians, School Principals, etc., have plenty of complaints as it is, without "stirring-up-a-hornets-nest" . . .

> > Getting all the Protestants angry for having Catholic Priest

> > Getting all the Catholics angry for having a Protestant Preacher

> > Getting all the Baptists angry for having a Pentecostal Preacher

> > Getting all the Pentecostals angry for having a Presbyterian Pastor

> > Getting all the Presbyterians angry for having a Methodist Minister

> > Getting all the Holiness folk angry for having a Church of Christ Minister

And on and on it goes.

Do you see that in most communities USA the folks who get angry at a preacher at an even are not the Hindus, Muslims and Jews. In 99% of ALL communities in the USA, NONE of these groups have a single house of worship.

It isn't these folks the Public Officials have to worry about getting angry at them and starting a "cultural War of some kind! It's the "Bible Christians" and/or the Catholics & Protestants that all have substantial numbers in EVERY Community, . . . any single group which could easily mean a "win" or a "loss" on election day for local officials.

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FACT: 99% of ALL Public Officials do NOT want to make many of their people angry over religious denominationalism.

FACT: 99% of ALL Public Officials DO WANT to "Gain-Favor" with the 90-95% of their voters who profess some form of Christianity.

FACT: Public Officials can ONLY cause division and make some of their citizens angry over religious denominationalism, choosing "One-minister-in-preference-over-another"

FACT: Public Officials can GAIN favor with almost all of their over religious voters by showing respect to God, God's Word, Prayer to God, and seeking to place Him above the USA in asking for His guidance and Blessing at EVERY EVENT . . . if they just had . . .

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> > that was Christian,

> > Bible,

> > Non-Denominational,

> > Non-sectarian,

> > and would love, care for, and meet the needs of all the people of the community

> > and serve all Citizens in time of crisis.

FACT: This is what MOST Communities Do NOT have!

FACT: This is what MOST Communities Do NEED!

For the right kind of person, they can simply "Self - Declare" . . . publicize and let people know they are "available to serve" and they can have all of the Ministry Opportunities they can possible handle!

Could this be you?

The doors for more and more opportunities for the Non-denominational Chaplains are opening-up All-the-Time!

While the doors for the Sectarian, feuding-fussing-fighting-and criticizing Denominational Pastors are CLOSING All-the-Time!

You have to decide which group you wish to be in!

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Cambridge Theological Seminary International

* Cambridge Confederation Bible Christian Chaplains


[I] The “CCBCC” is a trans-denominational Non-Profit Non-Incorporated Association with 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt-Status; with Basic Born-Again Bible-Believing Chaplains as Members: This is based on three absolutes of Scripture:

> > [A] "Except a man (person) be Born Again, one cannot enter the Kingdom of God." -- Jesus Christ AD-30 John 3.3 & 5

> > [B] "Whoseover believeth that Jesus is the Christ is Born of God." --John about Jesus Christ AD-1st Century John 5.1

> > [C] "For God so loved the world that He gave His only Begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him would not perish, but have everlasting life!" --Jesus Christ AD-30 John 3.16

These are the “three absolutes” along with the General Statement of Faith in being Ordained, one’s Submission to the Authority of the Holy Bible, belief in the basic tenets of the Apostle’s Creed, etc.


[I] The "CCBCC” is also “Patriotic” - not in a proud, elitist fashion, nor from any supremacy position, but a simple basic love of our "Founding Freedom Documents” - from the Pilgrims and their Mayflower Compact onward: our basic purposes & principles of “true Democracy“ , our motto “In God We Trust” - our flag, and pledge to be "One Nation under God” with “Liberty and Justice for all” - our Statue of Lady Liberty, . . .

. . . with a wholesome pride in our willingness to save Europe from self-destruction in two-World Wars, protecting the freedom of South Korea, the attempt to keep South Viet Nam free, ending the Communist Regime in the USSR, liberating Kuwait, settling the Balkans, deposing Dictator Hussein; all long after correcting our own sins of slavery in our Civil War . . .

. . . Our ever-present willingness and eagerness to give . . . to criss-cross the world in Disaster Relief to all nations - from Hindu to Islam - even to those who despise us - in feeding the hungry, clothing the ill-clad, mending the broken and medicating the sick, assisting political refugees; seeking peace with God and all nations . . .

. . . We the USA, we are not perfect, we have not yet arrived, and we have not always taken the “Straightest Path" . . .but we are on The Way!

. . . As such, we the Chaplains of the CCBCC are not ashamed to be: Chaplains in the United States of America!

**“Cambridge Confederation Bible Christian Chaplains”


God is blessing us greatly, and we have added 3,428 Chaplains in 2009 alone, from having Chaplains of State Prison Systems to Chaplains for the Nation of England, to the US Army, and major city Police Departments.

The “CCBCC Chaplaincy Program” through the Cambridge Theological Seminary is part of the much larger CCBCC movement of Ordained Ministers (over 20,500), Conservative Churches (over 19,500), Certified-&-Licensed Counselors (over 1,500) and the CCBCC Chaplaincy is well on it’s way to becoming the largest such group in the USA in 2010;

Without question, the “lowest cost”, the CCBCC is the quickest pathway to Full-&-Legal Ordination and “Full Chaplain" status: As such we espouse the following ideals:

> > Non-sectarian, non-divisive, and non-denominational;

> > Seeking the unity of all who accept the Authority of the Holy Scriptures, seeking to interpret carefully as answering unto Christ Himself personally;

[There is ONE faith, ONE Lord, ONE God and Father of all true Believers]

> > Seeking the Fellowship of all who believe that “Jesus is the Christ: Jesus being the True Answer in all matters, the Great Hope for our nation and world tomorrow;

> > Seeking the Salvation of those who have not yet so understood;

> > Seeking and sharing support of the same, as “Members-one-of-another”- when one succeeds, all rejoice . . . when one hurts, all hurt, . . . and when one has need, all respond and give as unto the Lord . . .

> > Remembering in all situations: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

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