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A Conservative Christian Chaplains Program Based on the Bible

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Ministering "Jesus Christ & Salvation in His Name Alone" . . .

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APPLICATION for Free Chaplain Ordination


To become a "Full Chaplain" in the USA is a "Several-Step Process" - five-steps with us. It is not a difficult journey, but they are steps that need to be taken.

Anyone can simply "Ordain you Chaplain", but that really doesn't mean anything . . . and it doesn't prepare you to be a Chaplain, or do the work of a Chaplain. Anyone telling you all you need is a simple Ordination Certificate with the word "Chaplain" on it - or a badge - is just after your money.

Perhaps you can understand it best by comparing Chaplaincy to Ordination as a regular Minister.

FACT: In Ministry, to be Legally Ordained as Minister is the "End of the Line!" Ministers, in general, do not become "Registered", "Certified", or "Endorsed" - officially - although joining a particular Denomination or Ministerial Fellowship does somewhat the same things.

FACT: In Chaplaincy, to be Ordained as Chaplain is the "The Starting Line!" Becoming "Fully" Ordained is a Series of Steps.

[1] Get Legally Ordained as "Minister"

[2] Get Officially Ordained as "Chaplain"

[3] Become a "Registered Chaplain"

[4] Become a "Certified Chaplain"

[5] Secure a "Professional Endorsement"

These five a steps make you a "Full Chaplain"

[6] A Master's College Degree makes you a "Master Chaplain"

[7] A Doctoral Degree in Chaplaincy make you a "Master Chaplain" with a Ch.D.

Here's How It Works

[A-1] Firstly, you get "Ordained as Minister" of the Gospel (you have done probably already this). This is the 'Legal Part'

[B-2] Secondly, you get "Ordained" as Chaplain" - not as "FULL Chaplain" - just as "Chaplain." (If you haven't done this, do so now.

Being "Ordained Chaplain" is the 'Starting Place' to become a "FULL Chaplain" . . . there's three more steps.

[C-3] Thirdly, you "Register" with an Chaplain's Organization (Jewish, Christian, Catholic Muslim, etc.) Our Organization is Cambridge Bible Christian Civilian Chaplains. This shows the world (and prospective employers) what you believe - if anything - as there are completely secular Chaplains.

Our emphasis on the word "Bible" lets everyone know that we are "Absolute, Bible-Believing, and NOT New-Age, religiously pluralistic with many roads to heaven. Our statement of Faith is as follows:

CCBCC Statement On Inspiration of Scripture


"IF" there exists any such thing as 'The Word of God'; [and there most definitely does!]

"THEN" by inherent definition - it must be: Holy, Inspired, Inerrant, Infallible, Indestructible, Inalienable, Immutable, Inexhaustible, Infinitive, Invincible, Impossible-to-Improve: and Eternal! NEVER FAILING and ALL CONQUERING!

DEDUCTING from the simple fact - that God equates His Word with Himself: "In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God, . . ." John 1:1 (and other Scriptures), the 'Word of God' can have no lesser standard than stated above;

And "IF IT BE NOT"- Holy, Inspired, Inerrant, Infallible, Indestructible, Inalienable, Immutable, Inexhaustible, Infinitive, Invincible, Impossible-to-Improve and Eternal - whatever else it may be . . . it cannot be the Implacable, Indomitable, Incomparable Word of the Great Creator God!

After "Registering" with a truly-Christian, Bible Believing Organization such as the Cambridge Confederation of Bible Christian Chaplains. . . .

[D-4] Fourthly, you need to get "Certified" in some field - preferably several: Do you mostly want to work with the sick in Homes, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Disabled Veterans, . . . or work in jails-prisons, counsel youth, work as Chaplain for the Police Dept, Fire Dept, a WalMart or K-Mart, Juvenile or Family Court, Government Schools, or the Community at large?

[E-5] Fifthly, you need to get "Endorsed" by some Agency - such as Cambridge Theological Seminary: the World's Largest Conservative Bible Seminary

[F-6] After Achieving these "Five Designations", you are considered a "Full-Chaplain!" and ready to apply for work in your community!

This seems like a lot, but each step is easy, . . .

. . . and it all can be done in a very short amount of time . . .

. . .there is very little cost with us (mostly your Certificates) - others charge hundreds to thousands!

There are Beautiful Certificates, ID Cards, and "Letters of Standing" for each step along the way

[G-7] We also offer Bachelor's and Master's Degrees through the Seminaries

[H-8] We also offer a Doctoral Degree in Chaplaincy, the Ch.D.

[I-9] We also offer a a beautiful Gold Badge for the Cambridge Confederation of Bible Christian Chaplains, with a Genuine Leather Wallet to carry it in for those who so desire.

[J-10] Various "Patches" for the Cambridge Confederation of Bible Christian Chaplains, from shirt sleeves to Dress Jackets are very distinguished.

[K-11] Various various "I.D. Cards" for the Cambridge Confederation of Bible Christian Chaplains, are also available.

COPYRIGHT (c) 1977 Cambridge Theological Seminary

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