Cambridge System Philosophy-8

Christ's Philosophy, Bible College Cancer

How Does Christian "Institutional Cancer" Happen?


> > God calls an on-fire Soul-winning Preacher to start a New Bible College or Institute;

> > There is little money, poor college facilities, few support-staff, and the preacher teaches most of the classes himself;

> > He takes in 'whosoever will may come', mostly those who can't afford to go to the big-name-schools;

> > He cannot charge much, because the poor students have no money to pay;

> > This New "Bible College" may only have a half-dozen students - or even less;

> > These students attend on janitorial, grounds-keeping and Bus-Ministry scholarships, or may help in a Christian Day-School;

> > The "New Bible School" operates on pure zeal and dedication . . . with "Faith-&-Hope for Tomorrow!"


> > The State University nearby scoffs and mocks the "New Bible School" - in a Church-House - accuses low-academic standards school, and ridicules their "lack of qualified staff" and overall lack of erudition;

> > Sadly, even the State-Accredited Bible College across town - instead of helping - scoffs and ridicules the struggling New Bible School like Goliath mocking young David;

> > Most Pastors around town sneer and jeer the lowly, struggling, Bible School;

> > Even fellow Pastors across the state criticize and condemn the struggling Bible School;

> > Sometimes Church members and Deacons denounce their own Pastor for attempting to start this Bible School with little money;

> > In time, a few folk leave the Church, rather than be "embarrassed" in the community by the "unaccredited-soul-winning" Bible School;

> > In spite of it all . . . the God-called Pastor keeps going and the unaccredited Bible school wins souls every week - year-after-year -. . .

. . . and it's "Ministerial Graduates" build soul-winning Churches where ever they go!


> > The Pastor & students continue onward in dogged-determination . . . wearing their "unaccredited reputation" like a "Crown of Thorns" . . . jammed upon their brow by fellow-Christians from the established-Accredited Christian College across town.

Spurgeon's Bible College, Moody Bible Institute, Wheaton, Bob Jones U., Baptist Bible College MO., Tennessee Temple, Midwestern Baptist College, Oral Robert's Bible College, Liberty Baptist, Hyles Anderson, Marietta Bible college, Texas Baptist College, Rhema, Holmes, . . . and a thousand others . . .

. . . ALL traveled this road of "SMALL BEGINNINGS" - a very difficult journey being ridiculed by fellow Christians - which "day of small beginnings" Scripture commands us not to despise! Zech 4:10;

> > As seed-time becomes harvest, more students come to the 'Third-Class-Bible-college, however, because the school - such that it is - has built a reputation for soul-winning, whose graduates get the job done. . .

> > Folks hear of it's conservative devotion to the Scriptures and Great Commission, and start making financial contributions from around the state and nation;

> > Materially, things start to improve, and some new buildings are built;

> > The town begins to notice the new buildings, the increased business and the School's fine students;

> > The school finally gains the first bit of recognition by it's own community, and is rewarded "with kind words" just a little. The "heavenly sound of praise" after years of ridicule, and "savoring the sweet taste of recognition" . . . is so profound . . . so powerfully ADDICTIVE . . the Bible School LONGS FOR MORE . . . MUCH MORE!

> > The Pastor may be asked to join the Kiwanis Club, pray at the Town Festival and offer a prayer at some event;

> > Judges, Police Chief and Sheriff, all acknowledge the good job the Bible School is doing reaching the wayward youth;


> > Some well-to-do folks begin to attend the accused "Backward-Bible . . . but-now-Biggest-Bible-Church-in-town!"

> > Offerings increase, the choir gets new robes, a new piano, and an expensive organ: people who don't speak perfect grammar are no longer allowed to speak at all;

> > More of the city's elite attend . . . and a bank President, doctor, and lawyer all are asked to be Deacons, and serve on the College Advisory Board;

> > Bible Preaching is toned down and Church is dismissed sharply at noon, before the Baptisms: the Lord's "Day" has become the Lord's "Hour"!

> > Preaching is more erudite, prayer is more quiet, singing is more polished, meetings no longer have public tears . . . or pleading words: everything now is "dignified" and working to become sophisticated;

> > A "perfect-&-proper bulletin" controls the flow of Worship Hour - not the Holy Spirit;


> > The sophistication of the Church invades the Bible School like the plague that it is;

> > City Fathers encourage some local students to attend the Bible school, and even the mayor's child attends;

> > The Old-Fashioned Bible College is finally fully embraced by the community - recognized for the money it generates - and it is urged to seek accreditation aggressively, with the Mayor's help;

> > Everyone, it seems, can smell all of that "Government-Grants-&-Loans" money, and the Bible College - as an Institution - enters the final cancerous stage,


> > The word "Bible" is dropped from the College name;

> > City Fathers put up money for a library and a sports-plex, with a city-wide auditorium planned next;

> > Teachers of proven soul-winning status are let go in favor of those with State University Degrees - though they have never won a soul;

NOTE: The excellent Piedmont Baptist College & Graduate School of Winston-Salem NC is struggling for it's very existence as you read . . . for this very error: see

Save Piedmont Baptist College

> > Finally all such things are in order, and accreditation with government money is won!

> > A flood of new students flows into the school, saved or not, the money flows with them: new buildings are going up everywhere;

> New teachers are hired for their Degrees without their testimony;

> > The City College is now the pride of the community;

> > All things continue in this fashion: the new students drink a little, drug a little, have sexual relationships a lot . . . same as the state schools;

> > The revival fire dies, and soul winning is no longer even talked about - much less practiced!

> > Soul-winning books as "required reading" are no longer found on campus;

> > New State Accredited Science teachers explain why evolution - not God - made everything;

> > Psychology replaces Scripture and "knee-ology";

> > The preacher sounds more like Jay Leno than John R. Rice, Oral Roberts, or Jack Hyles;

> > Within a generation you have "Wheaton", Seattle Pacific University, and most denominational schools - instead of Hyles-Anderson Bible College,


> > Thus God calls a new unsophisticated-but-on-fire soul-winning preacher, to start a new Bible College in His humble local Church on the other side of town, . . . with little money, less than perfect facilities, and most imperfect students . . .

> > AMAZINGLY . . . this new "Bible School with a hand-full of students" is now ridiculed by the students, staff and preacher of the "Newly Accredited, City College" soon-to-become-a-university" . . . that used to be the scoffed and despised Bible school!

Thus you have Christian Institutional Cancer: The Disease, Decay and Death that haunts, hunts-down and catches 90-Bible Schools out of 100!

> > Will your Bible School be among them? Not if we can help prevent it!


This deadly disease that destroys our Churches and Bible Colleges through "Worldly Success" . . . MUST be Prevented . . . which Prevention "ALWAYS works . . . where as the cure of this fatal disease is basically unknown.

> > Please consider the Huguenots, Waldenses, Puritans, Moravians, and Anabaptists were born in revival fires . . . went through the cycle of human pride seeking "acceptance, status, prestige, prominence and dignity" . . . realizing not that they were decaying unto death.

> > There was a day when Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale and Princeton accepted ONLY Born-Again, Bible-Believing, Jesus-First persons as Professors, Administration and Students: today such persons are not even allowed to apply for any position, and really not even welcome on campus to visit - unless they have come to collect the garbage!

> > The early Lutherans, Presbyterians, Methodists, Quakers, and Salvation Army were on-fire for God. Today they have rejected almost everything they first believed! [Jesus spoke of this to the Church of Ephesus in The Revelation 2, having "lost their first-love" Jesus accused].

For many of the just-mentioned groups, their buildings are beautiful, and their ministers are as educated and erudite as the local doctors; . . . their choirs in fancy robes sing 7-fold Amen's, pipe-organs reach to the ceiling, services are dignified; beautifully-printed bulletins tell each parishioner exactly what the Holy Spirit is going to do next, and at what time, . . .

. . . their offering plates are full of "tax-exempt dollars".

But the fire is gone! Souls are no longer sought, and seldom saved!

God has written "Ichabod" over the door, but it can't be seen . . . in all the glisten and the gleam!

Wheaton College was once a bastion of evangelical revival fire. . . Can you believe Dr. John R. Rice once moved his "Sword of the Lord" Headquarters there to be in this "revival-fire-environment?

Today there is no belief in the infallibility of God's Word to be found on campus.

Professors are allowed alcoholic beverages and recreational drugs, and can date whom they please including students. Marriage is just a word . . . to continually be redefined.

Students are also allowed alcoholic beverages and recreational drugs (but off-campus only!), and free to date whom they please . . . every night and all-night. Dances and rock concerts are the norm . . . instead of revival and prayer meetings.

Coed dorms and cohabitation are also accepted, and there is no prohibition against homosexuality.

How will you avoid this "destination?" STAY OFF THE ROAD THAT LEADS ONLY THERE!!!

When Billy Graham and Oral Roberts preached under the big tents . . . folks snagged their clothes on the rough-cut seats and got sawdust in their shoes . . . but the Spirit of God was there in Great Power to heal and to save!

When Bob Jones University was "Mud-City" in those early days, they had no Shakespeare Plays in fancy theatres with Bible Professors in leotards . . . but they had revival!

Can you believe Charles Finney - Father of America's "Second Great Awakening" - started Oberlin University . . . today a bastion of atheism, "Politically-Correct-Cultism, evolution and anti-Christ sentiments in my home state of Ohio?

When John Wesley got Born-again - after coming to the USA as an Anglican Missionary [which was after being educated at Oxford] - he began preaching a "You-can-get-saved-today-and-know-so" salvation, he was put out of the Anglican Church.

Every "church-house" closed to him. He preached wherever he could. He stood on tombstones and preached in the cemeteries. With George Whitefield, he rose long before the Sun, prayed till his heart was white-hot . . . went to the "coal-fields" where the miners would come and stand in 30-degrees-below-freezing winter snow, in the cold-darkness . . .

. . . to preach a gospel so-on-fire, that hot tears ran down the faces of 20,000 miners, and kept their faces warm in the bitter winter winds - before going into the coal mines to work a long hard day. Do modern Methodists even read this any more?

David Brainerd, in preaching to the American Indians, sometimes slept in a hollow log for a bit of protection from the bitter New England winters, . . . and would pray with such tears and intensity that he melted the snow on the ground where he knelt.

And on and on and on it goes - from the Garden of Gethsemane . . . through Acts 20:20 . . . all through the ages through the reformers mentioned above . . . to David Livingston, Jonathan Edwards, Charles Spurgeon, D.L Moody, Billy Sunday, Bob Jones, William Branham, Oral Roberts, Kenneth Hagin Sr., and Jack Hyles, Bob Gray, Jack Schaap, T.D. Jakes, Jonathan Falwell . . . and "YOU"?

Dr. Jerry Falwell's first class at Liberty Bible College rode rickety buses all over town to sit in unheated buildings for classes - taking notes with gloves on . . . and trying to hear while wearing ear-muffs . . . then out winning souls each evening . . . walking the streets of Lynchburg, with hearts on fire for God!

That first graduating class of Liberty Bible College has never been equaled for starting ministries and growing Churches. The bottom line is very simple, my brothers and sisters, so I ask you very simply:

How to prevent "Christian Institutional Cancer"

Is there a better barometer . . . for the "Spiritual Health" of a Christian Institution, that educates Pastors, Preachers, Evangelists, Missionaries, Teachers and Leaders of all kinds . . .

. . .than how many souls the Institution wins per year, and how many Churches are started by their graduates?

If your answer is yes . . . what would that be???

PLEASE Email it to us, and we will "Pay You" for a better answer!


There are thousands "Government Accredited Christian Schools" who have all of the books, computers, endowments, teachers-with-proper-credentials, amenities, and certified credentials . . . who don't even baptize "One New Convert" per 100-student-Body-&-Staff, per year!

How can this be?

Furthermore, these miss-guided schools, with miss-placed priorities, . . . have turned out the preachers and Christian Leaders who have led the Modern Christian Church into the state of decadence and decay it is in today.

We absolutely MUST not follow their lead!!!

Sadly, we see that INSTITUTIONALIZATION is the GREATEST THREAT to all Churches, Revival Movements, and evangelistic Crusades on Earth!!! Furthermore, it is a constant and terminal threat to all soul-Winning Bible Schools NOT already diagnosed with this cancer!

Standards of IAIA are to PREVENT this Disease

Our goal is NOT to try to turn all Bible Schools into "Ivy-League-Ivory-Tower" bastions of Prestige-&-Perversion - rejecting Christ and embracing religious pluralism and homosexuality - instead of Christ and His Word!

Our goal is to turn out highly-educated yet spiritually-dynamic Apostle' Paul types:

> > Who start new Churches with their advanced Degrees!

> > Who win souls with their excellent education!

> > Who teach the Truth of Christ Alone in established schools!

> > Who preach against compromising the Word of God!

> > Who write great treatises on God's Infallible Word!

We have studied this religious Institutional Cancer on every major continent, personally visiting over 1,000 of the largest and greatest local Churches and Ministries over the last four decades at home and abroad.

We have watched John R. Rice's Wheaton - contract the disease, get sick, decay, and die . . . completely unaware there is no life remaining - by focusing on a "well-dressed corpse".

We have watched Dr. J. Frank Norris's Baptist Bible College of Springfield, MO, also contract this disease.

We fear that Oral Roberts, Regents & Liberty University may already have the first signs of cancerous Institutionalization, by seeking and embracing the recognition and acceptance by the world. Another generation will tell.

Beware My Brethren . . . when you find yourself "looking longingly toward Sodom."

> > First, Lot looked longingly toward Sodom;

> > Then, he pitched his tent where he looked . . . as near as he could get toward Sodom;

> > In time, Lot was living in Sodom!

> > Eventually, Lot, his wife and daughters were all but Sodomized: mentally, emotionally, theologically . . .

> > and would have been physically had not God supernaturally intervened, . . . in answer to the prayers of Abraham, out in the desert . . . with his humble but Godly "Bible-Institute!"

Remember, my Brother, that every Ivy League School was once a Bible Believing, Born-again, Beacon-of-Light and Bastion-of-Truth - with the likes of Jonathan Edwards and Timothy Dwight as presidents!

You probably won't understand all of our requirements, and may like them even less: but rest assured, we offer you a "Written Guarantee" - that if you follow them . . .

. . . you, your Church and/or Ministry, and Bible School . . . will NOT wind up in Sodom!

IAIA Accreditation seeks to "Safeguard Your School!"

International Agency of Independent Accreditation for Christian Institutions is different from many "Christian Accrediting Agencies" - so claimed - who most definitely "model" themselves after the "Worldly Accrediting Agencies."

It appears that most "Modern Christian Accrediting Agencies" "look longingly toward Sodom" as Scripture spoke of Abraham's nephew Lot . . . by doing the following in a modern context: