Scripture warns us repeatedly against being "spiritually deceived" . . . "spiritually blind" . . . and being "spiritually asleep".

Scripture "commands us to examine ourselves" - not once-forever, but continually, for each part of our life to see if the worldly philosophy of the culture we live in is "infecting us" like an evil virus.

[1] No one knows if they are currently "asleep". The only way anyone knows if they have been asleep, is to be awakened - then one realizes they have just awakened, and some time has passed. This may come by shaking, a startling noise, someone 'turning on a bright light', an alarm going off.

[2] Neither does anyone admis to being "deceived". The only way anyone knows if they have been deceived, is to be enlightened. What makes this more difficult, is that most of what the world calls "enlightenment" is foolishness and anti-Scriptural darkness.

[3] Nor does anyone admit to being "willingly blind" as Jesus accuses: "Their eyes, they have closed, that they might not see". The way someone knows if they are willfully blind is too look at something one has not previously looked upon: to see the light, or see the darkness.


In this 21st century, it is amazingly difficult to NOT be one of the above (or maybe all of them!) given our great emphasis on "Higher Education" in the Western world.

Without even being aware of it, the best of the Bible churches and the best of the Bible Colleges copy Harvard-&-Yale in an hundred ways "without" realizes one is indulging in worldly, anti-Christ Philosophy:

For Example:

Do you know of any Christian Colleges who profess to be 100% Bible Based and do exactly as Christ teaches to do as follows:

> > Offer Associate's and Bachelor's Degrees

> > Award Degrees in Arts and Sciences

> > Call a Degree in Bible a "Bachelor of Arts" in Biblical Studies, etc.

> > Matriculate their students

> > Offer semester-hour college credits

> > Give quizzes, tests, and final exams

> > Require research papers

> > Give students GPA's - [Grade Point Average]

> > To have Valedictorian and Salutatorian's

> > to have class-rank

> > Require particular courses to have been taken in High School

> > Require a High School Diploma to get into the Christian College

> > Require students take the ACT or SAT tests to get into the college

> > Require so many "Fine Arts" credits even for a Bible Degree

> > Require some math and science for a Bible Degree

> > Use man-written textbooks apart from the Inspired world of God?

> > Offer "pass-fail" courses

> > Require money to take classes

> > Offer Scholarships based on IQ or test scores

> > Accept government grants

> > Meet government standards

> > Have 200 to 2,000 to 20,000 students

> > Have a college campus

> > Have college professors as teachers

> > Call their teachers faculty instead of teachers

> > Have graduations

> > Have alumni

> > Confer their degrees granted

> > Have college Presidents

> > Have college Deans

> > Have college Guidance counselors

> > Have school mascot

> > Have school sports teams

Are the just-mentioned in your "Bible?"

We don't find them in ours, and we are quite certain most of them and their related customs and requirements were developed by the world . . .

. . . and not by Moses, Christ, Paul or the Prophets!

Admitted, some of the listed items are quite harmless . . . but many are deadly serious errors.

Some are contrary to the Holy Scriptures and many are "in place of" what God has commanded, and what Jesus and Paul did in their Ministry Training Schools.


Among the most dangerous modern trends is the extreme desire for Christian Bible Schools, Institutes and Colleges:

> > to go to great lengths to "be like the world"

> > to strive to "act like the world"

> > to seek the world's acceptance

> > to accept the world's standards

> > many have dropped the word "Bible" from their name


Whether we are imitating the world knowingly or unwittingly - deceived, asleep, or willfully blind - we are still imitating the world . . . and so we are producing worldly results to the great detriment of the Church and Christianity!

Whatever the case, our good brother or sister, we urge you to make a brief investment of time in the following Biblical Ministry Philosophy papers, and see if you are believing, living, practicing and promoting Scriptural Philosophy of Christ's Ministry to carry out His Great Commission, . . .

. . .or if to any degree you have have drifted asleep.

One of the sternest truths of the Lord Jesus Christ is His harsh denunciation of "Lukewarmness". Jesus Himself commands us to:

> > be spiritually "hot!"

> > or be spiritually "cold!"

> > because the "lukewarm" - Christ finds so repugnant - as to assure us that He will "Spue (vomit!) the lukewarm out of His mouth!" (Rev 3:14-22)

Please be so kind as to share your comments with us on our understanding of training Ministers and Scriptural Bible Schools: correct us if you care to be so kind.

PHILOSOPHY-1: Christ's Philosophy of Ministry

PHILOSOPHY-2: Ministry Training in Christ's Bible College

PHILOSOPHY-3: Ten Bible College Problems "World-wide"

PHILOSOPHY-5: Christ Guarantees: "I WILL Build My Church!"

PHILOSOPHY-6: Understanding The "Scriptural Bible School"

PHILOSOPHY-7: Using The 'Word of God' as The Only College Text

PHILOSOPHY-8: How Bible Churches & Colleges get "CANCER!"

PHILOSOPHY-9: The Amazing Ministry Success of the Chinese Today!

PHILOSOPHY-10: Our Bible College Mission Statement

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