Cambridge Theological Seminary Courses EVANGELISM-101

Helping All Understand Simple Salvation

Studying the Scriptural Presentations of the GIFT of Eternal Life


Cambridge Theological Seminary Courses EVANGELISM-101

[1] The Problem

[2] Great Truth About God's Will for the Lost

[3] Eternal Life Question!

[4] Scripture (NOT tradition) of "How to receive Eternal Life"

[5] REAL LIFE VERSION of applying Eternal Life

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"Exploring Eternal Life: What It is EXACTLY . . . and how do we receive it EXACTLY?"


How did this come to be?

With 10,000 Christian denominations in the USA and 38,000 in the world . . . and growing . . . with every town full of Churches and people "who will die for their Denomination and TRADITIONS" of Christianity . . . but will not even worship with others who are just as willing to die for the cause of Christ!

[NOTE-ASIDE-1: Many teach that Jesus said the whole world will "know His True Disciples by their love for the lost and dying world." This is not correct!

Jesus said the whole world will "know His True Disciples by their love 'One for another'!" It is the lost and dying world looking at us and seeing how much we love one another . . . and when they see our love for each other, they realize we are different form the jealous and competing world!

Since trying to get Baptists, Full Gospel folk, Bible-Community, Bible Christian and Church of Christ to worship together . . . is like trying to get communists and capitalists to work together!

Fellow Christian, our communities KNOW that most Christians despise, speak against, and refuse to acknowledge and worship other true believers in Christ Jesus . . . because our extreme pride and differing over some little 'pet-tradition'.

Shame on us!

Here is the sad, sad, tragedy of our competing and criticizing each other.

How is a person who knows NOTHING of Christianity ever to "figure out how to receive Eternal Life" . . . when every Church . . . says all the others are WRONG!!!

Christianity sends such a confusing message with so much competing and condemning of others who love and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ . . .

* * How is anyone who has no knowledge of spiritual things supposed to know whom to believe?

* * Is God such that he will condemn to hell, millions . . . who do not agree with YOUR TRADITIONS?

* * IF we had just have "one wish" for you my fellow-laborer . . . it would be for you to understand salvation EXTREMELY WELL . . .

In this course, you are going to do:

[a] Research how Christ & Apostles shared the Gospel [i.e. NONE of them ever used the four Spiritual Laws or Romans Road!]: Who shared to whom? How many complete cases with known response?

[b] Who in Scripture do we know that was "saved for sure"?

[c] How did they get saved?

[d] Why were they ALL different?

[e] What, if any, were the common denominators?

[f] Why does Luke 14 differ so much from John 3, and James on faith-&-works with Paul in Ephesians 2:8-9?

[g] How did the statement made by the thief on the Cross save him?

[h] Why don't we use that today?

[i] The "sinners prayer" so many use, why did NO ONE in scripture "pray" to be saved?

[j] There are only four cases in Scripture where a person was witnessed to completely one on one:

> Jesus to Nicodemus - John 3

> Phillip to the Eunuch - Acts 8 [by the way, Phillip is the ONLY one in Scripture designated as an evangelist . . . he OUGHT to know how to be saved!]

> Peter to Cornelius - Acts 10

> Paul to the Philippian Jailer - Acts 16

These are the only four cases we have, complete and uncomplicated. PLEASE MEMORIZE these four cases of when someone was given the gospel personally in Scripture by Christ and His Apostles.

The Thief on the Cross, how does his "statement save him" in light of all that is taught on salvation? Will this still save today?

[k] Why are the common methods used today SO DIFFERENT from what Jesus Himself did, and Paul, etc.

Did "Jesus, Philip, Peter and Paul know how to get someone "saved?"

We as Christians MUST forsake "Man-Made-Denominations and traditions!"

When we look at the Divine Word of God to learn about Salvation, how we want people to be saved, or how we think it should be - really doesn't matter in the lest degree.

EXAMPLE: Following are "common" ways to be "Saved" in modern Christianity.

Can you find where anyone did these in Scripture to be saved? Can you find where anyone in Scripture instructed anyone else to do these things to be saved?

> > Go forward in public

> > Kneel at an altar

> > Get saved in Church

> > Confess all of one's sins

> > Ask God to forgive all of your sins

> > Ask Jesus to come into your heart

> > Give Him your heart to Jesus

> > Accept Jesus as Saviour

> > (If accompanied with tears so much the better)

> > Tell Jesus you are sorry for your sins

> > Then give a public testimony that you had confessed sins, ask Christ into heart, and given your heart to Him

If NONE of these are found in Scripture . . .
. . . and ALL of these are traditions of Modernists,
. . . is it any wonder God CANNOT bless us with many converts?



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"Is It Possible TO KNOW For CERTAIN that I Have Eternal Life?"


There is NO WAY for us to know if you are a 'Theologian with a Ph.D. teaching Religion in an Ivy League University Graduate School', . . . an immigrant just beginning to read English, . . . a middle-school-aged youth straining to understand Grace v. Works:

. . . or even a High-School "Graduate-or-Drop-Out" - who has never been to a religious meeting - ever - struggling to make sense of it all, . . . or maybe a 'lower-than-average IQ person (of which 49% of us have to be, mathematically speaking!) . . .

. . . striving to read the the Word of God as your very first book since school days - maybe 50 years ago . . . . . . or somewhere in between.

Do you see our dilemma?

Therefore, all of this is being written as if writing to my Dearest Grand-Dads' of decades ago . . . they were country men, just "coal-miners & farmers" . . . and both of them died from "Black-lung" - breathing coal dust for 40 years . . . simple, straight-forward, down-to-Earth, hard-working men & PLAIN MEN . . . with neither time nor patience for "fancy talk!"

(Yet in many ways, they were just about the greatest men I've ever known!)

Here's how this is set up.

There are 10-basic different versions of the Gospel to choose from in presenting the Gospel to persons or groups. They all say exactly what Scripture says for 'How to Receive Eternal Life.'

The only difference in the first five, is simply: "How Long They Are" - and how much time you will take to read!

We beg of you, if you have time, to please read the longest-fullest-one, and you'll have a much better understanding of that which 1,000 denominations fuss over continually, confusing millions!


In Three-Minutes you'll read something really neat about God. God says straight-out . . . there is ONE THING above all others that He doesn't not want people to be "ignorant of", about Him, as a Divine Being. Therefore it is imperative that we learn or know this before trying to understand anything else about Him!

Do you know what that ONE THING is?

If you take time to get this firmly fixed in your heart and mind, it will help you greatly you in understanding the whole plan of God for salvation of humanity!

[2] Great Truth About God's Will for the Lost

[1] FIRSTLY, you must realize the ONLY WAY ANYONE can know ANYTHING about God FOR SURE is through His Written Word. There is no other source.

[2] SECONDLY, you must realize, it THEREFORE does not matter what ANYONE says-or-thinks: NEITHER our parents, our grandparents, our Church-family, our best-friends, our college-Bible School-or-Seminary, or State University Professors . . . NOR our spouse, children, or favorite preacher; neither my personal thoughts, opinions and preferences - nor YOURS, . . .

. . . neither my favorite reasoning, understanding and logic nor YOURS, . . . NOR ANYONE'S "FEELINGS."

ALL that truly matters is absolute: "What does GOD specifically & clearly SAY FOR HIMSELF!"

[3] THIRDLY, God specifically says for Himself 'That we may be IGNORANT about many things regarding Him, Heaven, Hell, etc., etc., BUT THERE IS ONE THING God says we must not be ignorant of:'

"Beloved, be NOT ignorant of this ONE THING! . . . that God (our Father in Heaven), is long-suffering, and NOT WILLING that any should perish! II Pet 3.8-9

So FORGET ANY thoughts you have ever had - or heard - that God has certain ones that He does not want to be saved, or that He only wants a few saved! For from the words of His own mouth He is indisputably clear, . . .


This is the 'ONE . . . GREAT . . . TRUTH' . . . that God says we MUST not be ignorant of!

Since this truth is so vitally important to God Almighty, we beg of you to memorize this Scripture and share it with many: II Pet 3.8-9.

[4] Furthermore, everyone knows John 3:16, . . . but John 3:17 is equal in magnitude, or even better! God Himself says He DOES NOT WANT to CONDEMN the World, but that He sent His Son that the WHOLE WORLD might be saved!

For God sent NOT His Son into the World to CONDEMN the World, but THAT THE WORLD - Through Him - might be SAVED!

[5] Some Modern Theology to the contrary God is NOT content to win a 'few pitiful souls' and let 'satan' have '999 of 1,000 . . . or 9-of-10, . . . or 5-of-10, . . . or 2-of-10, . . . or even 2-of-100!


Remember Jesus DID SAY! "If I be LIFTED UP (on the Cross) 'I WILL' DRAW ALL unto me!"

So the FIRST FACT to FIX FIRMLY and PERMANENTLY in your mind, is that God WANTS massive multitudes saved - even the WHOLE WORLD - and this IS WHY He sacrificed His One-&-Only Begotten Son: Jesus Christ - it was NOT to condemn the world, but to SAVE THE WORLD . . . as He is NOT WILLING that ANY should perish! John 3:17 & II Pet 3.8-9

The SECOND FACT to FIX FIRMLY and PERMANENTLY in your mind, is that GOD wants you, me, and everyone "TO KNOW THAT WE ARE SAVED", . . . here and now, . . . and not live a life of torment-&-torture, worrying-&-wondering, hoping-&-praying, begging-&-pleading, etc.
[We'll show you this EXACT Scripture in a moment!]

With these facts firmly and wonderfully fixed in your mind, you are ready to see how simple salvation is, and you now know WHY it is so simple, BECAUSE Father God desires for all to be saved and that NOT EVEN ONE soul perish!



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[3] The Great Eternal Life Question!

Is It Possible TO KNOW . . . in this Life . . . with 'ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY' . . . that I do have - here-&-now - Eternal Life . . . forever?


Let us assure you BY HOLY SCRIPTURE: absolute and indisputable, that IT IS POSSIBLE to "K-N-O-W" - and not just wish, hope, and think, . . .or be somewhat sure, pretty sure, possibly sure, or probably sure: . . .

. . .
but rather be VERY SURE, . . . TO KNOW that we do have Life, and it is Eternal!

Please choose from the different presentations below.

Why several presentations?

Because Jesus, Peter, Phillip (the only evangelist mentioned in Scripture) and Paul all shared the same Gospel . . . just a little bit differently, BECAUSE some people understand a little differently that others.

AS A PREFACE . . . Please read the following and be SHOCKED! Most ministers and even college professors Bible are not aware . . .

> Jesus never mentioned Grace when He shared the Gospel in John 3 with Nicodemus - nor EVER in His Ministry!

> Phillip never mentioned Eternal Life in Acts 8 with The Ethiopian Eunuch!

> Peter never mentioned Born-Again in Acts 10 to Cornelius!

> Paul never mentioned Free Gift to the Philippian Jailer in Acts 16 - though he wrote a whole Chapter on it in Romans 5!


And NONE of them told anyone personally to

> > (a) repent of their sins,

> > (b) confess their sins,

> > (c) ask Jesus to come into their heart,

> > (d) or even mentioned praying, a "sinners prayer", or otherwise!

> > (e) Yet Surely Jesus, Phillip-the-Evangelist, Peter & Paul knew "How to get someone saved" . . didn't they?

. . . [IF NOT . . . we all in a "heap of trouble!"]

What all this means is this: "It is not a technical set of beliefs! It is not difficult, it is not hard to grasp. It is broad and general, . . so get the big picture - THE ONE FACTOR THAT ALL PREACHED and ALL REQUIRED: just ONE and ONLY ONE.



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Versions 1-5 are all from I-John -
John's First Gospel - which was by far the most widely distributed Gospel in the first century. "WHY?" It was the smallest Gospel by far, cheapest to buy and disperse, quickest to copy, easiest to memorize and easiest to memorize.

No Jewish History, no Scribes & Pharisees stuff, no Law of Moses entanglements, no complicated parables: JUST GOSPEL, JUST SALVATION - PURE . . . UNDILUTED . . . and CRYSTAL CLEAR!

Thus these first five differ only in length - the reading level is simple throughout. They are labeled as follows:

[1] Shortest Version (2-4 minutes, depending on how long you think!)

[2] Shorter Version (8-10 minutes, etc.)

[3] Standard Version (12-15 minutes, etc.)

[4] Fuller Version (15-20 minutes, etc.)

[5] Fullest Version (20-30 minutes, etc.)

[4] Scripture (NOT tradition) "How to receive Eternal Life"

"How I Can KNOW IMMEDIATELY, for CERTAIN, that I Have Eternal Life - FOREVER?"

A BETTER YET Understanding of Receiving Eternal Life

[Please read this then come back and fill out reaction response]



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[5] REAL LIFE VERSION of applying Eternal Life

We have found-out on this website that many "modern-day-readers are able to grasp a better understanding of Salvation when the principles are applied to a "real life person" to consider: in this case, the "World's Most Heard Voice in All of History!" Rush Limbaugh, the Radio Talk Show Host.

It matters not if you love him or despise him, agree fully or disagree vehemently! The questions, reasoning and scriptures are the same.

If you think this might be you, please do so. It is a great read!

Is Rush Limbaugh a true, Born-Again Christian? (This Has good explanation of how to Receive God's Gift of Eternal Life!)
Is Rush Limbaugh 'Born Again'?

[Please read this then come back and fill out reaction response]



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This completes the FULL CHAPLAIN Program

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Do you know FOR SURE that you have Eternal Life: Here & Now?

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