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Welcome to the "Cambridge Confederation of Great Commission Churches"..... home of Cambridge Theological Seminary ..... the "World's Largest Conservative, Bible Seminary" Founded 1975.....where God's Word is Inerrant, Inspired, and Infallible: for all people in all places and all times (see Full Statement on Scripture below) a season of great increase.....with 16,518 Ordained Ministers.....14,687 Local Churches.....and 6,709,878 Members ..... ADDED in the last full year, in 156 Nations....."Why this great increase in this time of Theological Modernism and Compromise?".....only God knows for sure,.... but perhaps some of His Blessing upon because we are doing our best to BLESS HIS MINISTERS.....His "Called-Servants".....who are still Preaching and Teaching HIS WORD as above all human authority! Above 'United Nations!' Above Individual Nations! Above All Denominations!....."Let every knee bow, and every tongue confess that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!".....

Flags represent nations where Cambridge Theological Seminary™ has Satellites;

Will you allow Cambridge Theological Seminary to bless you in 2011? .... Will you receive a "Doctor of Divinity Degree" in our amazing scholarship program? ..... Will you do as Dr. Fred Price, Dr. Jerry Falwell, Drs. Billy & Franklin Graham, Dr. T.D.Jakes, Dr. D. James Kennedy, Dr. Oral Roberts, and hundreds and hundreds more .... by increasing your ability to Serve Him, ..... to Preach/Teach His Word with a new "Power and Authority" ..... with a Doctor's Title ( Or a Second, third or fourth Doctorate!) ..... as "TOOLS" to Build the Kingdom of God ..... and as "WEAPONS" to Destroy the Kingdom of Darkness..........If you qualify .... you can have a genuine, beautiful Doctor's Degree from Cambridge ..... hanging on your wall very soon .....


"World's Greatest Name in Education!"


™Cambridge Theological Seminary

35 Years Global Leader, Doctor of Divinity Program


First-Choice in "Online Religious Degrees!"

35,000 Students World-wide in 2011-12*


Non-Denominational, Absolute Bible Based

With 111 Satellite Schools World-Wide


Radically Dedicated to THE GREAT COMMISSION!

"Teach ALL Nations, ALL Things I have Taught!" - Jesus Christ: Mat 28:18-20

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Cambridge Seminary Prayer

"Christ in ALL Nations, Churches in ALL Towns: OUR Lifetime!"
Worth Living For? Fighting For? Voting For? Dying For?


Cambridge Statement On Holy Scripture, 1-1-2011


"IF" there exists any such entity as 'The Word of God'; [evidence proves such Word most definitely exists!]

"THEN" by inherent definition it must be: Holy, Inspired, Inerrant, Infallible, Indestructible, Inalienable, Immutable, Impeccable, Inexhaustible, Infinitive, Invincible, Impossible-to-Improve and Eternal: NEVER FAILING and ALL CONQUERING!

"DEDUCTING" from the sole fact - that God equates His Word with Himself: "In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God, . . ." John 1:1 (and other Scriptures), the 'Word of God' can have no lesser standard than just stated;

And "IF IT BE NOT"- Holy, Inspired, Inerrant, Infallible, Indestructible, Inalienable, Immutable, Impeccable, Inexhaustible, Infinitive, Invincible, Impossible-to-Improve and Eternal - whatever else it may be . . . it cannot be the Implacable, Incomparable, Indomitable Word of the Great Creator God!

NewtonStein, AD-1965

The 'Most Published Person in History' said:
The Scriptures must be made the infallible foundation
of all teaching;

Pastor Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Sermon on "Praying for Revival!"

International "Doctor of Divinity Program"

A Doctor of Divinity for ALL Serious, Conservative, Bible Preaching Ministers
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Welcome to our "International Religious Doctoral Program"
Founded by a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Educational Ministry in 1973;
Incorporated as an Ohio 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Educational Institution in 1977;
Now Managed by a N.C. Educational Corporation to Found Church-Bible Schools: 1982
Also Registered in State of Florida, U.S.A. St. No. #42

Welcome, Fellow Ministers

™Cambridge Theological Seminary™, USA & Global;

Founding Corporation, Cambridge Christian Academy, Ohio, 1977;
Managed by Not-for-Profit Educational Corporation of North Carolina, 28th year;
In cooperation with an Iowa Educational Corporation in 20th year;
Coordinating Bible Colleges & Institutes in many states & nations;
NewtonStein Academy "Post-Doctoral Fellowship" of Scholars


™Cambridge Theological Seminary USA and Global

Seminary Registered Florida, USA
Seminary Home Office: Global Online Religious Education Headquarters
64561 Arrowhead Road, Cambridge, OHIO, USA, 43725
Main Office Telephone 1.740.432. _ _ _ _
Please See "Before You Call"


Cambridge Theological Seminary System™ of Schooling
Cambridge Theological Seminary Global Office
Genuine Christian Educational Ministry in fifth-decade,
Registered, Directed by a Community of Religious Educational Corporations in several states;
Seminary Registered in Florida, USA, State #42;
IRS Registered Number for Parent Church;
(Global) Churches, United For Christ - IRS ID-Number;

Our Seminary "Application" for Doctoral Degree

You must sign a "Statement of Faith"
You must sign a "Statement of Authenticity"
You must sign a "Statement of Call-to-Ministry"
You must sign a "Statement of Experience in Ministry"


"Doctor of Divinity" - Is it for you?

In greatest probability, you can get a D.Div., and may already qualify, . . . just as did Dr. Fred Price, Dr. Billy Graham, Dr. Jerry Falwell, Dr. T.D Jakes, Dr. Oral Roberts, Dr. D.J. Kennedy, etc., and many others:

(For list of 100 such well-known ministers, see)
Well-Known Ministers using/used our "Doctor of Divinity" Degree-&-Title-Premise

"Dear Fellow Laborers

Most of God's Greatest Ministers of the last 100 years, have wisely used the Title "Doctor of Divinity!" How old will you be when you realize, that you also, can wisely use the "Doctor of Divinity" in your ministry? We help Bible Preaching & Teaching Ministersget a Doctor of Divinity "Title-&-Degree" - Honorary or Earned: whatever you qualify for.

Dr. Rick Warren says:

About "Online Education" Programs:
"...we needed an innovative way to train people without sending them away to seminary for years, ... a Seminary totally online format provided the answer we needed. Dr. Rick Warren, Senior Pastor, Saddleback Community Church (Lake Forest, CA)

The Web Ministers-Best-Friend

Cambridge Theological Seminary Affiliate Programs*

NOTE: Not all programs available in all countries or states, at all times. Contact Home Office to find School nearest you:
Please See "Before You Call"

D.D. Doctor of Divinity (Honorary Title)

D.Litt. Doctor of Sacred Letters (Honorary Title based on Published Writing)

D.D. & Div. Doctor of Divinity (Title & Doctorate)

Th.B. Doctor of Biblical Theology (Title & Doctorate, Systematic or Biblical)

D.Min. Doctor of Ministry (Title & Doctorate)

D.C.Ed. Doctor of Christian Education (Title & Doctorate)

D.P.M. Doctor of Pastoral Ministry (Title & Doctorate)

D.Evan. Doctor of Evangelism (Title & Doctorate)

Ch.D. Doctor of Chaplaincy (Title & Doctorate)

D.C.C. Doctor of Christian Counseling for Spiritual Counselor (Title & Doctorate)

Ph.C. Doctor of Christology (Title & Doctorate)

D.S.M.I. Doctorate in Sacred Music, Instruments (Title & Doctorate)

D.S.M.V. Doctorate in Sacred Music, Vocals (Title & Doctorate)

D.P.W. Doctorate in Praise & Worship (Title & Doctorate)

D.C.H. Doctor of Christian Humanities - (Honorary Degree in the Humanities)

Cambridge Theological Seminary:

NOTICE-1: ™Cambridge Theological Seminary cannot guarantee any student to find all of these programs in their state or nation. These are a broad representation of various Christian Educational Programs throughout the world. All are available online

NOTICE-2: ™Cambridge Theological Seminary cannot guarantee any student a full-scholarship, or even a partial one for the program of their choice. We have to have your full application, to see what is appropriate. Cambridge Theological Seminary will do our best, and we are 95% certain, but we cannot "guarantee" in advance.

NOTICE-3: ™ Cambridge Theological Seminary cannot guarantee any student acceptance by any of the Cambridge Theological Seminary International Satellite Schools into the program of their choice. Each school retains full autonomy over all aspects of college life, including the right to accept or reject any student for their particular reasons.

Please further know that each ™Cambridge Theological Seminary affiliate schools each have their own state and/or national laws and guidelines to go by. We have to have your full application to see what is appropriate in getting you accepted. At Cambridge Theological Seminary, we will do our best for you, but that is all we can do.

™Cambridge Theological Seminary: Principles

[1] ™ Cambridge Theological Seminary is an “International Bible Seminary” seeking to “assist and coordinate” Bible College Ministries in many nations where our founder has personally visited in Evangelistic & Missionary work over previous decades.

[2] Our ™Cambridge Theological Seminary International Office’s “primary purpose” is to help overseas Missionaries and Pastors start a Bible College in their own local Churches and Ministries, to educate their converts, and train Preachers, Pastors, Evangelists & Missionaries. Cambridge Theological Seminary International is for Religious purposes only.

[3] ™Cambridge Theological Seminary is a “System of Learning” with many campuses world-wide . . . rather than a singular “place of learning” - much like the London Theological Seminary - as instituted by Charles Haddon Spurgeon - where we emphasize as follows:

> > [A] Cambridge Theological Seminary Charters the Bible Colleges we assist to adopt the Bible as their “Primary College Text” for all religious classes, and use other books for collateral reading and reference, instead of visa-versa.

> > [B] Cambridge Theological Seminary Charters the Bible Colleges we assist to be built around a local Church Ministry, and “under Local Church Authority”, rather than as independent Bible Colleges with no local Church.

> > [C] Cambridge Theological Seminary Charters all students to “get actual training” as they are taking classes: such as personal evangelism, preaching, pastoring/shepherding, Children’s and Youth Ministries, Music Ministries, etc.

> > [D] Cambridge Theological Seminary Charters the Bible Colleges we assist to have all students - regardless of their major to “Minor in Personal Evangelism” - to turn in a “weekly-form” designed by the local Pastor, recording their visits, witnessing, response to salvation, whether the Pastor should follow-up with a call or visit, etc.

> > [E] Cambridge Theological Seminary Charters each local Bible School to develop some of their own curriculum, as high-quality as possible - and make that available by correspondence or online to other Bible Schools at no charge.

This way, as all of the schools share their high-quality curriculum, combined, they all can offer a complete course of study to their students in much less time and expense than doing it all themselves, and/or buying it from others.

> > [F] Cambridge Theological Seminary strongly encourages the Bible Colleges we assist to become accredited by the IAIA and meet their high standards, to excel in grammar, writing, and speech as well as Bible, soul-winning and preaching.

> > [G] Cambridge Theological Seminary strongly encourages the Bible Colleges we assist to be Non-Denominational, with Basic Bible Beliefs, theologically, to reach as many students as possible. So, we work with Bible Baptists, Bible Methodists, Bible Presbyterians, Bible Pentecostal, Bible Christian & Church of Christ, and Bible Community Churches.

[4] We at Cambridge Theological Seminary Global Office - are administrators - and obviously do not seek to do “actual teaching” of individual courses ourselves, but rather, recommend students with specific needs to the Bible schools best-suited to their needs, where they can get instruction and "training" in person. We believe it is important for the students to get to know, and be instructed by their teachers & pastors as much as possible.

We also have many online courses and programs with online mentors to supplement local classes.

[5] We at Cambridge Theological Seminary Global Office are part of a much larger Ministry: "" - where we seek to meet all Ministerial needs of Ministers world-wide, as much as we possible can:

> > providing Full-&-Legal Ordination world-wide

> > helping set up new Churches & Ministries

> > starting House Churches & Home schools

> > starting Full-Scale Christian day Schools

> > starting Bible Schools in their local Churches

> > attaining Advanced Degrees for their personal Ministry

> > providing financial advice through Ordination for their prosperity

> > providing the most comprehensive Christian website for ministerial resources, training and support.

[6] Cambridge Theological Seminary has thousands of "Bible Studies" online for all to use for free, for all Basic-Bible Faiths from Baptist to Pentecostal, for each to develop the Bible Studies into College Courses appropriate for their Training Programs.

Someday, with all of the Satellite Schools working together, we will have every Bible course online from Grade School through Bible College and Seminary Advanced Degrees - all for free - world wide!

[7] Cambridge Theological Seminary has the goal to provide a Free Bible College Education for all Bible Faith Students from Baptist to Pentecostal all over the world for free . . . as they prepare to minister the Gospel.

The Web Ministers-Best-Friend

Cambridge Theological Seminary International

United States Government


Our Founding Corporation in Ohio and our Managing Corporation in North Carolina - with whom we register all Ordinations all Bible Schools and International Graduates - are recognized by the Government of the United States of America, as a 501 (c)(3) Educational Organization, and an Incorporated Education Institution to start Bible Colleges, respectively, with all rights and privileges as provided thereby.

State of Ohio


Our Founding Corporation is recognized by the State of Ohio as a Non-Profit Religious Educational Corporation with all rights and privileges as provided by law.

Evangelistic Ministry began in earnest in 1965. The Cambridge Christian Academy was birthed in 1974, took seed form in 1975 with full fledged operation in 1976, achieving the Non-Profit Corporation and fully approved and 501(c)(3) status in 1977.

Cambridge Christian Academy gave spiritual birth to the Cambridge Theological Seminary International as it is today, although thee is no connection - legal or otherwise between Cambridge Christian Academy and Cambridge Theological Seminary.

State of Florida

Cambridge Theological Seminary is registered with the State of Florida, Official Higher Learning Institution number of #42.

Copyright © 1973, All rights reserved. Bible Churches, United for Christ, USA & Global

Cambridge Theological Seminary

*There is absolutely NO CONNECTION between Cambridge Theological Seminary USA and The "Ancient Cambridge Scholarly Tradition" into the 9th Century*

Some Notes On Accreditation

When discussing accreditation in the United States, it is important that the concept of accreditation, not be confused with the authority to operate. The authority to operate an educational entity in the U.S. is granted by each of the states individually.

The U.S. is a federal republic, and the federal government possesses only specific limited powers, with all others reserved to the states (pursuant to the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution).

Therefore, the authority of the U.S. Department of Education does not extend to authorizing schools to operate, to enroll students, or to award degrees. In addition, the U.S. Department of Education (USDE) is not responsible for accreditation of institutions, nor is the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), [2] a non-governmental organization.

However, both recognize reputable accrediting agencies for institutions of higher education and provide guidelines as well as resources and relevant data.

We wish to be explicitly clear that because of absolute command of Scripture to "Be not unequally yoked together with unbelievers, Come ye out from among them, and be ye separate, and I will receive you, thus saith the Lord! II Cor 5:117-22

Some related Scriptures are Mk.12:17; Ja. 4:4; II Cor. 6:14, the IAIA has chosen not to seek endorsement by either the EAES or COPA, but is a rapidly growing and respected network of nearly 200 schools on the cutting edge of the Cause of Christ."

About Accreditation

Throughout history there has always been some religious confusion, and there is some controversy over the subject of accreditation today, but the following may clarify the issue:

* There is secular education and there is religious education.

* Secular schools seek secular accreditation, and sacred schools receive sacred accreditation - each by their own peers.

* Religious institutions need no secular accreditation because they offer no secular degrees.

* Secular accreditation associations in turn are recognized by governmental agencies. They trace their authority back up to the capitol of a country, like Washington, D.C.

* Religious accrediting associations are recognized by the Church of Jesus Christ, which has no supreme central office on earth. Our authority is derived from Heaven.

* Civil and religious interests are different and have separate realms of jurisdiction.

* The state is not superior to the Church. The Church need not wait for approval from the secular world.

* Civil agencies should not be dictating standards of Christian education, any more than a police officer should be directing the worship of God.

* Theological Seminaries should not be accredited by accrediting associations that are "recognized" by an agency of the federal government.

* Such entanglement is contrary to the Biblical & Constitutional principle of "Separation of Church and State", indicated by Christ when he said, "render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that are God's." Mark 12:7.

* What business does a Christian educator have, going to the world of unbelievers for recognition and acknowledgment as II Cor. 6:14 says, "Be not equally yoked together with unbelievers: For what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness?"

* As a theologically accredited Biblical seminary, we are not required, by the U.S. Dept. of Education or any other agency, to have regional accreditation nor are we subject to governmental or secular oversight.

* As such, our educational programs are not required to qualify our students for either governmental or secular certification.

* However, legally, the degrees we seek are classified as theologically accredited and state authorized as exempt, which fully qualifies all degrees from Cambridge Theological Seminary Affiliates to be recorded professionally both on your resume and in personal employment records. You can be proud of the legitimacy of your Degrees from Cambridge Theological Seminary.

* We are considerate of and obedient to all of the laws set by our government, as a Christ centered Church with a Biblical Education Ministry, our ultimate authority is God and as such we choose to remain free in our rights to teach degree programs based on the word of God as found in His Holy Bible.

* However, Because of our legal position based on the U.S. Constitution, NO outside agency has any authority over the Church of Jesus Christ in educational content, regarding our right to teach Bible based educational programs leading to the award of appropriate certificates and Biblical degrees.

You will be pleased to know

[I] The word "Degree" is a scriptural Word in I Tim 3.10-13, used then, with exactly the same meaning as today. (Also over 20 uses in Psalms & OT)

[II] The word "Doctor" is a scriptural Word in I Tim 3.10-13, used then, with exactly the same meaning as today: a Doctor of the Law. Luk 2.46, 5.17, Acts 5.34

[III] The word "Master" is a scriptural Word in I Tim 3.10-13, used then, with exactly the same meaning as today: a Master Teacher. Luk 2.46, 5.17, Acts 5.34

More On Accreditation

In the United States, accreditation of universities and seminaries is a voluntary process with accreditation granted by private, non-governmental agencies. Governmental agencies never provide theological accreditation.

Additionally, there is no national standard for educational accreditation, and the educational world is currently re-examining criteria for accreditation, focusing less on institutional inputs and more on educational outcomes.

There is no such requirement as Federal or State accreditation of a religious institution, because the civil government has no authority to regulate religious teachings or which certificates or religious degrees upon completion of such education may be issued.

This is a matter of separation of Church and State. Politicians and civil authorities must never be allowed to officially endorse or disapprove directly or indirectly the beliefs and practices of churches or their schools. A casual survey of Church history shows that such linkage with "Caesar" eventually leads to infringement upon conscience, bondage, and corruption.

Therefore, to be accredited by any agency, which in turn is controlled by the U.S. Department of Education, would to some degree be a compromise of the separation principle and constitute a violation of the Church's sovereignty. [Source: Dr. Paul Richardson]

The Apostle Paul said, "I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God unto salvation for everyone that believes." (Romans 1:16a)

IMPORTANT: The United States Department of Education does NOT accredit any College, University, Seminary or any Education Program. Here is a quote from the U.S. Department of Education's Web Page:

IMPORTANT: The United States Department of Education does NOT accredit any College, University, Seminary or any Education Program. Here is a quote from the U.S. Department of Education's Web Page:

Quote from U.S. Department of Education


Under the Tenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." Nothing specific is said about education in the Constitution; therefore it falls outside federal authority.

In creating the Department of Education, Congress made clear its intention that the secretary of education and other Department officials be prohibited from exercising "any direction, supervision, or control over the curriculum program of instruction, administration, or personnel of any educational institution, school, or school system."

The establishment of schools and colleges, the development of curricula, the setting of requirements for enrollment and graduation -- these are responsibilities handled by the various states and communities, as well as by public and private organizations of all kinds, not by the U.S. Department of Education."

Facts Concerning Regional Accreditation

Our Council of Advisors has chosen not to apply for regional accreditation for the following reasons:


* Regional Accreditation is a "Voluntary Process" that is not required of religious institutions.

* A regionally accredited degree is required for public school teachers in all states, and for some state and federal employment situations. It is our opinion, that the vast majority of ministry related employers do not require that a minister or religious worker have a degree from a regionally accredited school.

* Ministers and Religious workers do not need a degree from a regionally accredited school unless regional accreditation of the school is required by their Church Board or as a requirement of ordination by the particular religious denomination.

* Individuals in today's world have sufficient information resource to evaluate programs, schools and universities without depending on the "opinions" of accrediting associations.

* Regional Accrediting Association does NOT guarantee the quality of a school, its programs or acceptability of the Degree by any other school or employer.

Regional Accrediting Associations:

* Do not require regionally accredited schools to accept transfer students from other regionally accredited schools and are not required to accept transfer students from schools that are not regionally accredited

* Try to dictate hiring practices

* Attempt to influence guidelines for faculty selection

* Presume to influence curriculum. Such practices clearly interfere with Academic Freedom

* Regional Accrediting Associations' policies have not kept up with technology for the modern trend of Web Based Distance Education

And the authorities said, "We gave you strict orders not to continue teaching, in the name of this man Jesus, behold now you have filled all of Jerusalem with your teaching and you intend to bring the blood of Jesus upon us." But Peter and the Apostles answered and said, "We must serve God rather than men." (Acts 5: 28-29)

"And the things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, these entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also." (2 Timothy 2:2)

Job Placement and community programs

Concerning job placement and community programs, Cambridge Theological Seminary, like most online degree programs, does not offer community referral or placement services for employment. We are a worldwide online educational program through which it would be geographically and logistically too expensive to offer such programs.

By eliminating major expenses, we are able to provide quality educational online Degree programs at a fraction of the expense when compared to other more extravagant, yet geographically limited, institutional education programs at traditional universities, colleges, seminaries and bible colleges.

Ministry Opportunities


Any prospective student should understand that Theological Seminary has no authority through their advanced online degree programs, to grant licenses. Ministry related vocations are not subject to governmental licensing.

However if you are choosing a career path that requires a government license you should address appropriate agencies governing licensing in your state or county of residence concerning requirements for licensing or professional certification. Such licensing is not provided by theologically accredited seminaries and can only be granted by the appropriate government agency.

Important Notices

** All CTS Satellite Seminary Degree Programs are intended to prepare students for Ministry Avocations only.

** All races and nationalities, and all religious backgrounds - male and female - are fully welcome at all CTS Theological Seminary Satellites.

NOTE OF PRIVACY Every person associated with the " Website Ministry, from the date of every such application forward, becomes completely liable, and open for litigation, and do absolutely affirm to NOT sell, trade, give, or use this private information to anyone in any way for any reason whatsoever except that for which the applicant intended: "So Help Us God!"

Signed: Bro. David Paul,

Important Notice

You must remember that we are a "Church" - not the State University, and this is "Ministry" - not seeking a government position.

We retain full rights to reject any person for any reason we believe reflects that their commitment to Christ, lifestyle, beliefs, decency of language, commitment to God's Word and Evangelism is not what we are looking to promote.

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* This Online Website, Cambridge Theological Seminary International, and all programs - from Ordination to Scholarships - are scheduled to to be ready for "Full-Operation" on 1-1-2011.

The reason to have the webpages visible sooner is simply "advance advertising" to draw interest during the long website building process, with the great expense involved. This is the professionally recommend website way of saying: "Opening Soon!"

*Seeking 25,000 Students in 2010-11: this is the sum total of all students at all of the Bible Colleges we accredit in Africa, India & South America - including part-time, working Ministers - of whom most of our students are.

*There is absolutely no connection between Cambridge Theological Seminary International and the secular University of Cambridge in England - although we are following the "Ancient Cambridge Scholarly Tradition" into the 9th Century. In fact, we strongly renounce their turning away from a Christio-centric World-view, and the Infallible Word of God.

*Cambridge Theological Seminary Affiliate Programs is an International System with only a coordinating Office in Cambridge, Ohio.

There are no classes taught, or degrees earned, in the state of Ohio.

At the Ohio office, we only record the Ministerial and Chaplaincy Ordinations, Licensed Counselors, and Graduates, degrees and transcripts of various international Bible Schools, who wish to be permanently recorded in the Home Office of Cambridge Theological Seminary™ International, keeping permanent records of all Bible Colleges using the Cambridge Seminary System:

[See Cambridge System Philosophy Positions Philosophy-1, Philosophy-2, Philosophy-3, Philosophy-3, Philosophy-4, Philosophy-5, Philosophy-6, etc.,]

Cambridge Theological Seminary is under construction and seeking to have operation ready by the year 2018


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