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"Can Your Church Have A "Seminary Satellite?"

The answer is almost certainly: "YES!" If you are "Qualified!"

Please read the following carefully, as it is probably not like you think!

It is not nearly as easy to start a "Bible College" today in 2010, as it was for Dr. Oral Roberts in the 1960's, Dr. Jerry Falwell in the 1970's, or Dr. Pat Robertson in the 1980's. In fact, Dr. Rod Parsley started World Harvest Bible College in Columbus, Ohio in 1990 with lots of money, publicity, television exposure, having students from all 50 states and 30 nations . . . yet it took him a full 20-years just to be able to offer a "State-Certified Associate's Degree" (two-year- Degree).

The good news is, there is a better way than the "State-Certified" way, and you can offer "One-Year, Two-Year, Three-Year and Four-Year Degrees from the first year, . . . with Masters and Doctoral Degrees through an established "Graduate School" (such as ours) "IF" you set up your Bible School a Certain way.

You first have to decide if you want a secular, state-approved school, dictated to and controlled by the state, with a 1-in-100 chance of someday offering grants and student loans. Some, such as Dr. Oral Roberts, Dr. Jerry Falwell and Dr. Pat Robertson, went this route

> > > If you do want a state approved-controlled school, we cannot help you, . . . please contact your State Board of Education, get out your wallet, get your lawyers, and get ready for a long, expensive ordeal, with homosexuals having the last "last word" on your campus in any area they wish to control.

We have no interest in helping anyone establish a "state-certified" Bible school.

It doesn't matter who does it, or how good their intentions are, when one chooses to become "unequally yoked together with unbelievers" - such as US Federal and State Governments who see Islam and Hinduism as equal to Christianity and worship of Lucifer equal to worship of the Lord Jesus Christ . . .

. . . such state certified schools ALWAYS decay into modern sinfuless of "Politically Correct Dogma" and the decay that follows. State0Certified Bible Schools cannot build anything upon the Absolute Word of God as the "Final Authority for faith and Practice".

Why? Because the State does NOT allow it - as they consider the State and US Federal Governments the "Infallible Authority" for faith and practice - and when you are seeking their approval, you must do what they say.

Harvard, Yale and Princeton all started out as Bible Believing Colleges to train Preachers of the Gospel. Yet today they are bastions of 'anti-Christ, anti-Christian, anti-Scriptural understanding' . . . mocking and ridiculing that Jesus was Virgin Born, the Son of God, Divine, died to redeem us from our sins, rose form the dead, literally ascended into Heaven, is literally returning to Earth some day. and is the ONLY NAME under heaven whereby we can be saved.

To read how this happens step-by-step, please read:

How Bible Colleges get "Cancer!"

For a present day example of this very moment, read of Wheaton College, Billy Graham's School, now approving alcohol, cigarettes, recreational drugs, for staff and students, please read:
Wheaton Loses IAIA Accreditation

Why, my Brother, would you even consider "yoking" with an unbelieving State, . . . seeking their "permission" . . . seeking their "goals-&-guidelines" . . . seeking their "approval" . . . when they are determined to destroy all that you are starting your Bible School to teach and advance?

Are you so lukewarm toward Jesus Christ and so worldly as to "look longingly toward Sodom" for their "Approval" and "Recognition" and "Recommendation".

Do you have no faith in God to bless and anoint your Ministry to the Training of Ministers . . . that you MUST have that Godless, State approval, their "Mark of the Beast, "Their Number" and the "Number of their Name" on your "Official Papers"?

If you want a State-Certified School, approved by the "sodomites" seeking to force you as a Bible-Believing Ministers to accept homosexuals" as Church Members, perform same-sex marriages, and accept Homosexuals as students in your Bible School.


> > > If you want a "Ministry Training School" . . . a Bible School like:

** The School of Jesus where He trained Peter, James and John; and

** The School of Apostle Paul where he trained Silas, Timothy and Titus;

** Then we can help "Point you in the right Direction."

However, you must listen carefully, and follow instructions . . . as Scripture commands that the Kingdom of Light has NO relationship whatsoever with the Kingdom of Darkness!

[1] You absolutely must not incorporate (State Control), seek an approved 501(c)(3)(IRS Federal Control), or a state charter.

If this is what you want, that is fine, but we cannot help you in this venture, as the State will eventually be dictating your beliefs, and forcing you to accept homosexuality to maintain your "state-approved" status.

[2] The only way you can have freedom to do ministry and freedom from the state is to develop your Bible Training School as follows:

> > It is one with your local Church

> > It is simply one little part of the same organization

> > It is just one ministry among many

> > Your Local Church no doubt has a Sunday School, a teen group and a "mid-week Bible Study" . . . your Ministry training School will be no more and no less than your Sunday school

> > It has the same Deacons/Elders overseeing it

> > It is responsible to the same beliefs and standards

> > It is financially covered by the same treasury


* * You don't ask the IRS to approve your Ministry training Program any more than your Mid-week Bible Study!

* * You have no more need to "incorporate" your Ministry Training Program than you do your Mid-week Bible Study!

* * You don't need to charter it . . . or register it . . . or get it approved by your state any more than you do your Mid-week Bible Study.

* * You are establishing s Scriptural Christ-Ordained Ministry commanded in the Word of God and the state has no authority whatsoever over the Church, to dictate what the Church believes or teaches.

* * If you believe that the State - and not Jesus - is the head of the Church, then we cannot help you and please do not contact us again and waste out time.

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