Cambridge Theological Seminary Thesis:

Knowledge & Truth: Must be Basis of all Degrees


"IF". . . we, of Cambridge Theological Seminary are WRONG, to honor "Knowledge of God and His Word" - FAR MORE - than all 'secular and politically Correct' knowledge that Harvard, Yale and all such elite universities teach . . .

. . . "THEN" may God judge us ever so harshly on Judgement Day.

HOWEVER, . . ."IF" we of Cambridge Theological Seminary are CORRECT . . .to honor "Knowledge of God and His Word" - FAR MORE - than all 'secular and politically Correct' knowledge that Harvard, Yale and all such elite universities teach . . .

. . . "THEN" may God continue to bless our feeble but determined and diligent effort, to bless His Servants by rewarding them with increased influence in their 'Sphere of Ministry' . . . and give them more souls for His Kingdom.

**[The following is a personal email-response to the Christian President of a Secular College, who said to us: "it weakens the Doctor of Divinity Degree to award it to Bible Ministers who are as follows":

> > Ministers who do not speak perfect grammar;

> > Ministers who do not dress with matching tie and kerchief;

> > Ministers who do not know enough about worldly philosophy;

> > Ministers who do not know enough about worldly literature (much of it by atheist and homosexual writers, we add!);

> > Ministers who do not conduct themselves with enough class, manners and worldly-wise ways;

This brother was gracious in his accusations, and applauded our long years of seeking to empower Bible Ministers by this Ministry . . . but he was very stern and very adamant:

* that we were doing more harm to Christianity than good,

* as these Bible Ministers simply were not qualified for the title of "Doctor" . . . like those from state universities were qualified.

* Especially Ministers of inner-city, rural, smaller and ethnic congregations;

[Here is the personal email response from Bro. Paul:]

Email To College President

Dear Brother ___________:

Greetings in Christ Jesus! Always good to hear from you and thank you for your courteous email. However, I must say that your email causes deep, deep grief, and an heart-felt pain, that only death . . . will cause to cease completely.

My Good Brother:

You ask about the worthiness of two Ministers of the Gospel who recently received Doctoral Degrees from Cambridge (he gave their names) - who are fine, Bible Ministers you say, and whom you believe in . . .

. . . but whom you also accuse they are "not worthy" of the title Doctor . . . because they have "no Accredited College Degrees" to under-gird a Doctor of Divinity.

My Brother, for certain, there are millions in the Western World who would agree with you - and with greatest probability - many more than would agree with you, . . . than with us at Cambridge. Will you please, at least, try to understand our position on the Doctor's Title and Degree?

My Brother in Christ: We at Cambridge Theological Seminary understand higher education and Doctoral Degrees to be understood as follows:

Cambridge Educational Philosophy:

> > A person is only "worthy" of a "Highest Degree" in their field, 'because' of what they know, believe, proclaim, and promote as TRUTH . . . not "what people" they have connections with, or how much money their dad "paid" for their degree or gave to the "college alumni fund".

(It has been well-ascertained fact for centuries, that Presidents, Congress-persons, world-leaders, extremely wealthy and especially notable people - even celebrities - are NEVER rejected by Ivy League and their 'type' of schools: the Kennedy's, the Bush's, etc., are ALWAYS accepted and ALWAYS receive 'good grades' and 'special honors', . . .

. . . REGARDLESS their often average IQ's, and almost always poor study habits compare to those who get their by extremely diligent study

* Do you, my Brother, do you really believe this is just and fair?

* Do you believe this is proper and approved in the sight of God?

> > We at Cambridge believe, if a person "knows well" the highest level of Truth for their profession, . . .they are worthy of the highest Degree, . . . no matter how or where they attained this "highest level of knowledge;

> > CONVERSELY, we at Cambridge also believe, if a person does "NOT know" the highest level of Truth for their profession, they are NOT worthy of the highest Degree, no matter how much they paid, who they are, what their name is, or what Ivy League Classroom they sat in (without actually learning) or how long spent there attending classes;

Supreme Standard of all Higher Degrees:

Thus at Cambridge Theological Seminary, we believe the "Supreme Standard" of all Higher Education and Doctoral Degrees, must be "Knowledge of Truth!"

> > Did you know that ALL Ivy League schools stopped giving graduates any kind of comprehensive exam over 30 years ago . . . because ALL such tests showed their students knew more BEFORE entering their universities, than after 1-4 years of graduate classes at their elite Ivy League schools?

Is this not amazing?

But HOW could this be you may ask?

The answer is very simple!

> > The students studied very hard just to get accepted by an Ivy League Graduate School,

> > Once accepted, however . . . they believed they somewhat "had it made for life" just from having a "graduate degree from an Ivy League School" . . . so they slacked off studies, took it easier than while trying to get accepted, enjoyed their new "Elite Status" in the world . . . and became "less knowledgeable by the day"

> > While at the Ivy League School, instead of studying extremely diligently to learn their profession . . . they were being "spoon-fed" leftest, secularist, evolutionist, atheist, socialist-communist, anti-Christian, anti-Conservative, politically-correct, 'all religions equal' (ALL wrong they say!), feminist, homosexual, humanist philosophy . . .

> > By choosing the best of the brightest students to begin with, the Ivy League Schools thus have little responsibility to teach anything beyond politically correct, anti-Christian worldview.

> > These 'already superior-IQ students will learn what they need from their own studies. Their Ivy League Degree will open doors, and being part of the Ivy League Aristocracy that rules America, they will "make their mark" in life, deservedly or not.

Eastern Establishment stranglehold on USA:

* * [NOTE: So solidified is this "Eastern Establishment stranglehold on the USA, we have had only Ivy League Presidents, Supreme Court Justices and leading Political Appointees for decades now, and may NEVER have another president outside this "Liberal bastion of anti-Christian Dictatorship!"

Does it make any kind of "sense" to have almost half of our Supreme Court Judges from just one city - New York City - and then wonder why problems on Wall Street and with the big banks and stock brokers never get fixed?]

Only in America could we be "so blind" to let this happen, stealing our Christian freedoms, wrecking the most prosperous economy that has ever existed, and turning this once-Godly nation into a stinking cesspool of foolish, pagan "all-religions-are-equal" Hollywood-type Communists!

> > Be that as we allow, Ivy League students do nor increase in knowledge while attending their graduates schools, and they refuse to allow them to be tested. This is a FACT! and it is that simple!

Yet they have greatest homage in the world given them - simply for having the money to "purchase a Graduate Degree from an Ivy League School" - with NO PROOF they learned at their famous Alma Mater!"

We at Cambridge Theological Seminary reject such a method of education completely.

At Cambridge Theological Seminary, we consider the following to be absolute truth.

Hierarchy of Educational Axioms:

[1] The Supreme Standard of all Higher Education is knowledge of "Truth!"

[2] Genuine students attend higher institutions of education to learn "truth" . . . not to put in time . . . or "buy credentials" without having actually learned anything!

[3] Students should NOT be given any level of Degree for "time attending classes" . . . if they learned nothing - and especially if they learned the 'wrong information!'

> > no matter how long they attended classes;

> > no matter how much they paid;

> > no matter prestigious the big-name school may be!

[4] A College Degree should only be issued in recognition for "Acquisition of Superior Knowledge of Truth" . . . REGARDLESS how that knowledge was gained!

> > Students should earn Degrees to be recognized for what they have learned - and what they truly know to be true - regardless how the "superior knowledge of that truth" was attained:

> > How and where it was attained, and how much one paid to learn it, should NOT matter in the least:

* whether by accredited, or non-accredited college;

* American, Indian, African, or Japanese college;

* Christian or Catholic school;

* whether from ten colleges, one college, or no college;

* whether by formal instruction, or books from a public library;

* whether from college only, or from working with highly educated persons in mentorship . . .

OR . . . whether the Superior Knowledge of Truth was attained from books purchased and studied, or from a great Bible Seminary, or from being the under-study of a great man of God as Paul studied at the feet of Gamaliel and Timothy and Titus learned from Paul, . . .

OR . . . whether from dedicated and long personal study of the Word of God - with much fasting and prayer and searching the Scriptures day and night for decades . . . or by Divine Revelation, as with Moses, the Prophets, Paul, etc.)

Please Consider:

> > George Washington learned algebra, geometry and trigonometry by home schooling, became a surveyor at age 16 - eventually US President - and never had a single day of schooling!

> > Abraham Lincoln became a lawyer - and US President - that many consider the greatest leader ever in the free world - all by self-study!

> > Thomas Edison was the greatest scientific inventor of all time with just "3-days of schooling!"

> > Albert Einstein flunked out of school - twice!

These are usually considered some of the greatest men who ever loved: NONE had Ivy League Degrees! All were "Self-Taught!"

These great men succeeded because they had gained the "Superior Knowledge of Truth" . . . and it matters NOT "how" they attained it, . . . "where" they attained it . . . "how long" it took . . . or "how much" it cost!

[5] Lastly, a Degree is issued for the specific attainment of Superior Knowledge of Truth . . . that is to say the actual knowledge relevant to the Degree . . .

. . . and NOT for "general knowledge not related to the Degree" . . . such as manners, culture, worldly-ways, proper speech, grammar, proper dress, knowledge of poetry, literature, foreign languages, politically correct dogma, multi-culturalism, etc.

Washington, Lincoln, Edison and Einstein would have ALL failed these standards!

Cambridge Degree Policies:

With the above axioms being self-evident truisms . . . we at Cambridge Theological Seminary administer Degrees according to the following policies:

POLICY-A: - A Minister with a half-dozen earned Doctor's Degrees from Harvard or Yale is rejected by Cambridge Theological Seminary for a Doctor of Divinity: who has not learned the following Superior Knowledge of TRUTH about Jesus Christ, that He was INDISPUTABLY:

> Father God's Only Begotten Son,

> The One-&-Only Messiah, Saviour of the world

> Prophesied of old,

> Virgin Born,

> A Divine Being,

> Worthy or worship,

> An Eternal Being,

> Died on the Cross for the sins of humanity,

> His blood only cleanses sins

> Resurrected Bodily,

> Ascended Bodily,

> Reigning in Heaven NOW on His Throne at the Right-Hand of the Father . . .

> UNTIL His enemies are made to be His footstool,

> Saves people from their sins,

> Gives people Eternal Life for Believing in Him as Saviour!

> Is the Name to which every knee shall bow . . . and every tongue shall confess that He is LORD!

> Returning to Earth Bodily,

> Will resurrect all the dead,

> Will rule and reign eternally!

> That God's Word is inerrant and infallible in ALL subjects - history, science, medicine, geography, agriculture, law, government, archeology, social sciences, justice, legal proceedings, economics - and any other field it speaks to - along with all matters of Divinity, Salvation, and Religion!

> That every human being MUST be Born-Again to enter Christ's Kingdom;

> Salvation is God's Free Gift, by Grace, through faith;

> This Gift of Eternal Life made possible ONLY by the Cross and Blood of Jesus Christ;

> Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to eternal life;

> Jesus Christ, yesterday, today and tomorrow . . . is "building His Church" as He promised;

> Christ's Church will NEVER be defeated;

> Even the Gates of Hell will NOT prevail against His Church!

> All nations who reject Christ and His Word will be destroyed!

POLICY-B: - A Minister who has never been to college, or high school - or even a faithful Bible Minister in the deepest Congo who has never learned to read and write . . . but who has learned the Superior Knowledge of these TRUTHS about Jesus Christ . . . such is accepted by Cambridge Theological Seminary for a Doctor of Divinity.

POLICY-C: - Along with these Axioms, we at Cambridge Theological Seminary - greatly prefer, and deeply desire - proper speech, good grammar, culture and refinement, world knowledge of many cultures, world history, American history, higher math, higher sciences, writing and rhetorical skills, logic and reason, how to dress, interpersonal skills, and world travel to many nations . . .

. . . we advocate and appreciate serious study of geography, history of all major civilizations, various schools of economics, understanding of the main types of government and political sciences, psychology (Bible-Based) knowledge of world events, knowledge of Hebrew and Greek Languages and culture, Latin & Roman Culture, Church and Catholic Church History, the reformation, the Puritan movement, the "Classics" in all fields, Church History and polity in all lands and all ages, God's Great leaders and movements in all lands and all ages . . .

. . . with diligence, discipline and excellence in all things from music to oratory to weight control, fitness, proper manners and leadership - which we strive to practice, study to know, and seek to instill . . . in all of our students at home and abroad, with every drop of energy and diligence and self-sacrifice . . . God as our witness until our dying breath:

POLICY-D: - That being said . . . if the Superior Knowledge of Truth about Jesus Christ is truly known . . . by a faithful preacher of the gospel who wins souls and upholds the Eternal Truths of God's Word . . . and even if none of the preferences just stated are known or practiced . . .

. . .we at Cambridge Theological Seminary will gladly grant the Highest Degree to recognize the superiority of these great Divine Truths:

We also grant Doctor of Divinity Degrees to encourage, enhance, enable, and empower "God's Preachers and Teachers" . . . and to magnify their influence for Christ and the Kingdom.

"IF" we are wrong . . . to honor "Knowledge of God and His Word" FAR MORE than all that Harvard and Yale teach in secular education . . .

. . . "THEN" may God judge us harshly on Judgement Day.

However, if we are correct . . . to honor "Knowledge of God and His word" FAR HIGHER than all that Harvard and Yale can teach . . . then may God continue to honor our feeble but diligent effort to bless His Servants, by rewarding them with increased influence in their sphere of ministry . . . and give them more souls for His Kingdom.

So this is why we do what we do, at Cambridge Theological Seminary, my Brother.

Thus we believe your Minister friends are very likely worthy of a D. Div. - not from Harvard or Yale - but from Cambridge Theological Seminary!

All for Jesus,

Bro. David Paul, Elder, CTS

PS: Good Brother, please know we are also very careful to award the proper and appropriate Degree:

> > We award many Doctor of Divinity Degrees . . . but very few Doctor of Theology.

> > We award many Doctor of Christian Counseling Degrees . . . but very few Christian Psychology Degrees.

> > We award many Doctor of Pastoral Administration Degrees . . . but very few in Christian Education!

> > We award many Doctor of Biblical Studies . . . but very few Biblical or Creation Science Degrees

> > We grade grammar in all books and studies for D. Litt!

> > We have highest ethical and soul-winning standards!

We seek to conduct our School so that God Himself will find some approval of our standards. Only Judgement Day will reveal how well we have done or how badly we have fallen short.

Though we surely err as human beings:

> > We would rather err in giving a few too many Degrees to Godly Preachers that are not quite deserved (as Apostle Paul applauding that Christ was preached . . . even for the wrong reasons and insincerely!

Philippians 1:15 Some indeed preach Christ even of envy and strife; and some also of good will:

Philippians 1:16 The one preach Christ of contention, not sincerely, supposing to add affliction to my bonds:

Philippians 1:17 But the other of love, knowing that I am set for the defence of the gospel.

Philippians 1:18 What then? Notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretence, or in truth, Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice.)

> > Thus we would rather err in empowering too many Godly Ministers than to err by refusing to give this Title and Degree of authority to some worthy Godly preachers who could have done more for God's Kingdom with this title;

Using the Doctor of Divinity Degree as:

* * A "Tool" - with which to build the Kingdom of God -

* * And a "Weapon: to fight the Kingdom of Darkness

My Good Brother:

it is NOT about IQ Scholarship or secular knowledge . . . it is about the Knowledge of God, His inspired Word, His Christ, His Cross, His Blood and the Gospel of the Kingdom!

Apostle Paul's Example:

Note the Apostle Paul was one of the most educated men who ever lived, but his great secular education, HE DID NOT USE AT ALL . . . declaring in a holy vow before the Lord God:

Paul said: "For I determined to KNOW NOTHING AMONG YOU 'E-X-C-E-P-T' Jesus Christ and Him Crucified!

At Cambridge Theological Seminary, this Doctoral Degree is all about one's knowledge of the Divinity, which is why it is named: "Doctor of Divinity."

Thus my Brother . . . PLEASE . . . help us advance the Kingdom . . . help your pastor and your fellow Ministers to GET THIS TITLE of DOCTOR . . . Please don't keep one ONLY for your self in your circle of Ministers . . . PLEASE my good brother.

COPYRIGHT (c) 1977 Cambridge Theological Seminary



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