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Christians Want EVERYONE to Believe the Famous Founding Fathers were All "Christian!"

Christian Myths & Fables That Many Believe, presents an AMAZING ARRAY OF INCREDIBLE ERRORS, MISTAKES, TWISTED-SCRIPTURES, and ASSUMED MEANINGS - that many HONEST & SINCERE followers of Christ - believe with ALL OF THEIR HEART: yet these "CHERISHED BELIEFS" have no basis in TRUTH!

There are MANY of these "Cherished Beliefs" that are COMPLETE MYTHS, nothing but 'FABLES' that the Apostle Paul warned us about, 'cunningly devised fables' to lead us away from the TRUE SCRIPTURAL UNDERSTANDING that would help us assault the Kingdom of Darkness.

Jesus spoke of those who were 'SPIRITUALLY BLIND to His Words'! He also warned us of being DECEIVED! His Apostles further urged us to 'AWAKEN from our SPIRITUAL SLEEP!'

Christian Myths & Fables That Many Believe, pleads with you to go through this section MYTH-by-MYTH and FABLE-by-FABLE.

"O THOU MAN OF GOD", Be NOBLE, like the Citizens of Berea, who SEARCHED THE SCRIPTURES to see if the statements Paul said were TRUE!

May God bless you abundantly as you search & pray, and REMEMBER - the future of the WHOLE WORLD depends on YOU!

One of the Greatest "American Christian Myths" is that of "Christian Founding Fathers!"

Christian Myths! By definition, the two words SHOULD BE "Mutually Exclusive": HOWEVER, what is TRUE in a dictionary is NOT ALWAYS TRUE in real life. As such, the 'Beliefs-&-Doctrines' of Christians, their 'Books' & their 'Church Disciplines' are FILLED with Christian Myths!

One of the Greatest Christian myths is that the USA was Founded-&-Fathered by "Christian Founding Fathers!" All branches of Christianity want EVERYONE to believe the 'Famous Founding Fathers' were all EVANGELICAL 'BELIEVERS-IN-BLIND-FAITH!

One can find 'Books by Credentialed Historians' on every position for this subject of 'The Famous Founding Fathers as Christians vs. Deists vs. Agnostics vs. French Enlightenment vs. Atheists.' SO HOW CAN WE REALLY KNOW?

The answer is NOT in reading any particular book, but in looking clearly at the facts: FIRST, Know that the Founding Fathers were Prolific Writers! There are THOUSANDS & THOUSANDS of personal letters left behind to STUDY THEIR TRUE THOUGHTS.


*** Washington left well over 10,000 letters and wrote scores of volumes of General Writings. ***Jefferson wrote over 10,000 letters to King George alone, plus thousands more, plus a WHOLE SET of Encyclopedia-like writings called his "WORKS" ***Madison, Hamilton & others did likewise.

AMAZING SOLUTION! Amazingly, we let JESUS HIMSELF help us settle the issue. When asked about the Judgement, Jesus said that He would judge NO ONE: "RATHER, He would let THEIR OWN WORDS JUDGE THEM, and BY THEIR OWN WORDS, they would either be justified or condemned!

We at are "T-R-U-T-H - S-E-E-K-E-R-S" and it matters not where TRUTH originates. In this case, it appears that JESUS the NAZARITE has the best wisdom on the subject of "How to Determine What Someone REALLY Believes!"

Christian Myths includes a little background necessary for interpretation, proper Frame-of-Reference, and we point out any factors that SEEM to be misleading or obtuse. However, our "GOAL" is to STRIVE FOR TRUTH & UNDERSTANDING, not to twist and manipulate words to push an agenda.

FACT! One of the SADDEST elements of Human Nature, is the unwillingness to accept factual Truth - whatever that may be - especially if it disagrees with what people WANT TO BE TRUE.

No where is this truer than Modern Christian Myths, as CHRISTIANS try to make CHRISTIANS out of the Famous Founding Fathers, when these men actually MOCKED-SCOFFED-&-DESPISED Christianity in General.

Christian Myth EXPOSED! FACT! NOT EVEN ONE of the Major "Founding Fathers" was Christian!

FACT! There are MANY modern Christian Historians who claim the Famous Founding Fathers as true Christians, by taking a word here & there and "ASSUMING" it meant to the Founding Fathers, what it TODAY means to the Modern Evangelical Christian Historian.

When MODERN CHRISTIANS read that Washington, Jefferson, Madison or Adams used the word "GOD", WE ASSUME THEY MEANT "God the Father of Jesus Christ the Son." HOWEVER, Nothing could be FURTHER from TRUTH!

For the Famous Founding Fathers, "GOD" was best described as Nature itself, a Force, a Supreme Being, FATE-LUCK-DESTINY-PROVIDENCE; For them, GOD was CREATOR of ALL, SAVIOUR of NONE!

George Washington said God may be 'Nature, a force, or a supreme being, male or female: that he did not know (OR really care! - See Famous Founding Father Quotes)

SOME believed in many God's, MOST were Naturalists, SOME were Deists - but with a DIFFERENT DEFINITION than modern dictionaries.

*** P-L-E-A-S-E don't be so shallow or unwise as to look in an AD 2000 Dictionary to define ANYTHING of the Founding Fathers' era - when they HAD NO AMERICAN DICTIONARY: P-E-R-I-O-D! and words didn't even have the same meaning from Colony to Colony: much less from CENTURY TO CENTURY TO CENTURY!***

strong> MANY were "Unitarian-Universalist" and believed the Jews, Mohametans, [Muslims] Hindoos, [Hindus] Protestants & Catholics & Christians of ALL varieties, worshiped the SAME God, and that sincerity & good works produced salvation.

NONE of the Famous Founding Fathers were atheists, absolute - at least that is written.

Thus YOU can evaluate the Famous Founding Fathers IN THEIR OWN WORDS, not the "Twisted-Snippets" of Evangelical Historians, no matter what GREAT STORY TELLERS THEY ARE!

Christian Myth EXPOSED! FACT! NONE of the Famous Founding Fathers Believed the Basic Christian Doctrines!

It is one of the GREATEST of Christian Myths that the Famous Founding Fathers were Christians: of ANY KIND, EVANGELICAL-or-OTHERWISE, for "NONE" of them believed in Basic Christian Doctrines:

* [1] Literal Inspiration-Inerrancy of the Holy Bible,

* [2] Literal Virgin Birth of Christ,

* [3] Literal Deity & Divinity of Christ,

* [4] That Christ was Worthy of Worship,

* [5] Pre-Existence of Christ in Heaven,

* [6] Christ as the Literal Creator of all-Things [as in Genesis],

* [7] The Miracles of Christ [Much less miracles of Peter & Paul!]

* [8] The Atoning Death of Christ for Salvation,

* [9] Salvation BY Grace THROUGH Faith as Eph 2.8-9 declares,

* [10] The Literal Resurrection of Christ,

* [11] The Literal Ascension of Christ,

* [13] The Literal Return-to-Rule of Christ,

* [14] The Holy Spirit & Gifts thereof,

* [15] The Authority of the Scripture OVER Science

* [16] The Authority of the Church OVER Civil Government

* [17] The Authority of Christ's GREAT COMMISSION OVER national Sovereignty

* [18] Salvation ONLY by the BLOOD of Jesus, all others damned to Hell-fire!

* [19] Salvation ONLY in the NAME of Jesus, all others were damned to Hell-fire!

* [20] That there was such a Literal Place as "Eternal-Hell-Fire" where 'God's Creatures were punished By God Himself (who is SUPPOSED to be "Loving-&-Forgiving") forever & ever, WITHOUT HOPE, in the very Presence-&-Sight of God & His Saints, WHO SAW, HEARD & EXPERIENCED THEIR WAILING AGONY FOR ETERNITY!

*** NONE of the Famous Founding Fathers BELIEVED in Eternal Punishment in HELL-FIRE!

FACT-1! NONE of the Famous Founding Fathers believed ALL of these things!

FACT-2! ALL of the Famous Founding Fathers believed NONE of these things!

TRUTH! NONE of the Famous Founding Fathers believed ANY of these things!

As Presidents & Leaders, "ALL" of the Famous Founding Fathers did Believe Strongly in "CIVIL RELIGION!"

In general the Famous Founding Fathers DID BELIEVE in some degree the following:

[1] A Being-of-Higher-Power, call Him-Her-It as you wish: Force, Fate, Providence, Nature, Creator, Supreme Being,

[2] Creation by that God/Being of Nature

[3] The Golden Rule - HOWEVER - just not applied to women, minorities, poor folk who didn't own land & slaves!],

[4] And that the BIBLE had ETHICAL, MORAL, PHILOSOPHICAL, & "Common Sense" wisdom dispersed among the FOOLISH & IGNORANT SUPERNATURAL CLAIMS.

ALL of them as Presidents & Leaders believed STRONGLY in CIVIL RELIGION as did Locke & Rousseau, of whom had written important books on CIVIL RELIGION and coined-the-actual-term.

As leaders they believed it was GOOD FOR NATIONAL UNITY to have a CIVIL RELIGION: to Fight Wars for the NATION'S GOD, to Die fighting for the NATION'S GOD, to work had and pay taxes for the advance of the NATION for this GOD'S APPROVAL . . .

To have the NATION'S GOD to appeal to in national tragedies, to threaten with JUSTICE, to encourage people to DO THE RIGHT THING BECAUSE, the NATION'S GOD will have a "FINAL JUDGEMENT".

The CIVIL RELIGION of Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Adams, Paine, Madison, Hamilton & Monroe was MUCH like the God of Wilson, Hoover, FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford & McCain . . . it's GOOD FOR THE NATION to so believe!

The FAMOUS FOUNDING FATHERS did believe that Jesus ACTUALLY LIVED - but ONLY as a human man: NOT GOD! They believed that SOME of His teachings were VERY WISE - just not the Words of GOD! Thus Jesus was respected by some, disregarded by others, but believed to be God & Saviour by NONE of them!

*** FACT! Most of them had TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE things to say about Christians - from Peter & Paul to, Calvin & Luther to the Pope to the Clergy of Local Churches!

However, IN SPITE of what they say in their OWN WORDS; many great modern Christian Historians claim the Famous Founding Fathers as Christians!

Indeed there have been many over the centuries who have TRIED THEIR BEST TO MAKE them Christians by twisting their Words, and taking them out of CONTEXT, and AUTOMATICALLY ASSUMING every mention of GOD equated to “Belief-in-Jesus-the-Son” But all to no success.

Apart from ‘End-of-life-Conversion’ - such as Hamilton - their WHOLE Lives and ALL THEIR WORDS were AGAINST The Lord Jesus The Christ & Virgin-Born-Son of God: Savior & Redeemer!

David Barton, William Fedderer, & Gary DeMar are BLIND TO THE TRUTH!

Cherished Christian Myths and FAMOUS CHRISTIAN HISTORIANS - men such as D. James Kennedy, David Barton, William Fedderer, and Gary DeMar - have continually spread these Christian Myths about the Famous founding fathers being Christians. SIMPLY NOT CORRECT!

Many LOVE to quote Thomas Jefferson, Jefferson was, perhaps, the Most Brilliant Mind of the Famous Founding Fathers. Jefferson was also the ONLY ONE OF THEM TO PERSONALLY be so bold and DARE TO PUBLICLY CLAIM, that he was a "True Christian"!

[However, His claim of Christianity was for ETHICS & MORALS and HE DESPISED the very idea of "Atoning Salvation, the Blood, Death, Resurrection, Ascension & Retrurn of Jesus - LITERALLY!

While we at “” LOVE & BELIEVE in the heart and intent of ALL of these GREAT CHRISTIAN HISTORIANS of GOD, SOMEHOW, they are blinded to this TRUTH!

Since Jefferson was the ONLY one to directly claim to be a “Christian” we start with him to get an intellectual grasp on the Famous Founding Father’s Theology & Doctrine. However, enough on the background.

READ FOR YOURSELF Thomas Jefferson's Amazing Quotes AGAINST Christ & Christianity, and YOU DECIDE if YOU BELIEVE his personal claim to be a true Christian - or you MAY agree with us that "The Salvation of Thomas Jefferson & ALL the Famous Founding Fathers!" Christian Myth!

Christian Myths EXPOSED! FACT! Only ONE Famous Founding Father said EXPLICITLY: "I am a Christian!" Meet Thomas Jefferson!

From "Christian Myths" to Thomas Jefferson Anti-Christian Quotes-1

World's Largest Collection of Thomas Jefferson Anti-Christian Quotes

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