Churches, United for Christ (CUFC) 2008

(In 2010 Became BIBLE Churches United for Christ!) (BCUFC)

A Trans-Denomination of "Basic-Bible-Churches" Globally

Currently in Over Half the Nations Of the World


Cambridge Theological Seminary is a Ministry of BCUFC

(Church, started a "Christian Day School" that EVOLVED into "Seminary"

Following is IRS Information regarding EIN Number

The founder of "Bible Churches, United for Christ" and the Cambridge Theological Seminary International "SYSTEM of LEARNING" and Philosophy of ONLY the Local Church training God-Called Ministers and using ONLY the Bible as the ONLY text, was first a teacher, then principal of Cambridge Christian academy, founded by his father and their local Church.

While principal of Cambridge Christian Academy, he did much research in Scripture as to HOW ministers were to be trained and educated, and also much research as to how the MODERN CHURCHES follow the world in establishing MODERN SEMINARIES much like any secular college, far removed from the authority of any local Church.

Though the "Cambridge Christian Academy", was a 501(c)(3) authorized, recognized, registered & approved Tax-Exempt Educational Organization in the City of Cambridge, in the State of Ohio,

IRS Own Website of Approved 501(c)(3)Corporations

Bible Churches United for Christ (BCUFC) decided NOT to go that route and never filed papers with the IRS for tax exemption.

Though it is possible to have a legitimate 501-c-3 organization as a Church, Bible Churches United for Christ prefers that local Churches NOT claim tax exemption for their members contributions, as local Churches use police protection, fire department protection, state roads, snow removal etc.

Thus Bible Churches United for Christ (BCUFC) urges local Churches to support local communities and local government - and the local schools - in many, many ways, helping build good strong communities with good strong local government.

Thus no contributions to BCUFC is tax exempt as far as we are concerned, and we do NOT want a TAX DEDUCTION to be your motivation, should you decide to send us a little offering!


EIN: 27-0454209

CINCINNATI OH 45999-0023

Employer Identification Number: 27-0454209 IRS: Form: SS-4

Number of this notice: CP 575 E

North Arrowhead Road
Cambridge OH 43725



We assigned you EIN 27-0454209. This EIN will identify you, your business accounts, tax returns, and documents, even if you have no employees. Please keep this notice in your permanent records.

When filing tax documents, payments, and related correspondence, it is very important that you use your EIN and complete name and address exactly as shown above. Any variation may cause a delay in processing, result in incorrect information in your account, or even cause you to be assigned more than one EIN. If the information is not correct as shown above, please make the correction using the attached tear off stub and return it to us.

IMPORTANT REMINDERS: * Keep a copy of this notice in your permanent records. This notice is issued only one time and the IRS will not be able to generate a duplicate copy for you.

* Use this EIN and your name exactly as they appear at the top of this notice on all your federal tax forms.

* Refer to this EIN on your tax-related correspondence and documents.

* Provide future officers of your organization with a copy of this notice.

If you have questions about your EIN, you can call us at the phone number or write to us at the address shown at the top of this notice. If you write, please tear off the stub at the bottom of this notice and send it along with your letter.

If you do not need to write us, do not complete and return the stub. Thank you for your cooperation.

Switch to Bible Churches United for Christ!

Sadly, after a year or so, many ministries - (especially those overseas) - were getting our strict Bible Believing Ministry with the radically liberal "United Church of Christ!" - which proudly promotes homosexuality, same-sex marriage and NOT believing and obeying the Bible!

So we added the word BIBLE to our name in 2010 and have continued since then.

FROM: IAIA Accreditation TO: Dr. D. James Kennedy: Can you be as Bold as Him?

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