D.James Kennedy Challenge: Are You Willing to Try?

D James Kennedy

D.James Kennedy - His "SECRET" will be found in the next few paragraphs! can you accept his CHALLENGE?

Dr. D. James Kennedy is one of the most listened to Christian ministers in the world today. His forthright and rational presentation of the Gospel is heard via television, radio, and the Internet throughout America and the world. [Sadly, now passed away!]

Decision magazine named the church - that he built from 40 to over 10,000 members - one of the “Five Great Churches of North America.”

In 2005, Dr. Kennedy was inducted into the National Religious Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

He is the author of more than 65 books selling many millions of copies, including Evangelism Explosion - (more than 1.5 million copies alone) - What If Jesus Had Never Been Born?, The Da Vinci Myth versus The Gospel Truth, and Cross Purposes: Discovering the Great Love of God for You.

Dr. Kennedy, who entered the presence of his Savior, Jesus Christ, on September 5, 2007, began his Christian life in 1953 after he was startled awake one Sunday morning by a preacher’s stern question on his clock radio. “Suppose you were to die today and stand before God,” the voice boomed, “and He were to ask you, ‘What right do you have to enter into My heaven?’—what would you say?”

Dr. Kennedy soon discovered the answer, was converted to Christ, and shortly thereafter was called into the Gospel ministry. Today, Dr. Kennedy’s broadcast messages are televised to an audience of some three million people across the United States and into some 200 nations.

Dr. Kennedy served for 48 years as Senior Minister of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A modest mission church of 45 people when Dr. Kennedy arrived in 1959, the rocketing growth of the church made it, for 15 years, the fastest growing Presbyterian church in America.

Dr. Kennedy’s energetic commitment to both evangelism and cultural renewal is demonstrated by five organizations he founded:

> > Coral Ridge Ministries,

> > Evangelism Explosion International,

> > Knox Theological Seminary,

> > Westminster Academy.

> > Reclaiming America

Coral Ridge Ministries — The media outreach of Dr. Kennedy, Coral Ridge Ministries began in 1974 with the mission of bringing the Gospel via broadcast media to America and the world.

Its programs are The Coral Ridge Hour, a weekly half-hour television program; and Truths That Transform, a daily half-hour radio program.

Evangelism Explosion International — A lay-witnessing training program first developed in 1962 by Dr. Kennedy, Evangelism Explosion is now used in every nation and territory. EE has been used by God to spark explosive growth in congregations around the world.

Knox Theological Seminary — Dr. Kennedy launched Knox Theological Seminary in 1989 to prepare and equip Christians for ministry. Knox offers an education grounded in the historic Reformed faith and shaped by commitments to the sovereignty of God, the inerrancy of the Bible, and obedience to the Great Commission and the Cultural Mandate.

Westminster Academy — Dr. Kennedy founded Westminster Academy in 1971 to help meet Fort Lauderdale’s need for quality Christian education. It is a fully accredited Pre-K to 12th grade academy with more than 1,270 students.

Born in Augusta, Georgia, Dr. Kennedy was raised in Chicago and moved to Florida while in high school. He is survived by his wife of 51 years, Mrs. Anne Kennedy, and his daughter, Mrs. Jennifer Kennedy Cassidy.

What was Kennedy's "SECRET" to be a Church Builder and a Scholar?

D. James Kennedy, B.A. M.Div., M.Th., D.D., D.S.Litt., Ph.D., Litt.D., D.Sac.Theol., D.Humane Let.

Here is the "GREAT SECRET" of Dr. D.James Kennedy!

Dr. Kennedy had the heart, attitude and beliefs of an Old-Fashioned Country Bible Preacher, of going into the streets and lanes of the city and getting people saved one by one.

QUESTION:So how did he present Himself as "America's Most scholarly Preacher!" with the many book sales to match?

ANSWER:Dr. D.James Kennedy was bold enough to sign his name with NINE [9] DEGREES after it!!!!!

Bro Kennedy - whether people believed he was a scholar or not - left no doubt that he considered himself a scholar, and he showed this every time he signed his name, on his weekly church Bulletins, on letters to newspaper editors, on all Church materials.

This writer moved to Ft. Lauderdale in 1971 to learn first-hand how his evangelism program EE-3 worked. Dr. Kennedy was humble enough to be around and work with, but to be honest, I was offended by his pretentious display of so many Doctor's Degrees with his name.

In later years I worked up the courage to ask him point-blank,

> > > [1] how this could show humility and

> > > [2] why he needed more than one Doctor's degree?

[1] Dr. Kennedy answered that using titles or not, wasn't a matter of humility, but of honesty. He was a very serious student Of God's Word, and he was being honest to let the world - and his people - know.

He was a serious Bible Teacher, and people needn't come to his meetings expecting a steady diet of humor . . . stories, stories and more stories . . . or 10-minute sermonettes. He was a student and a scholar they would give them full-teachings week, after week after week.

Using his many doctorates with his name testified to the world his serious dedication to God and His Word!

He then explained that "serving" God's people was the measure of humility - not a title or lack of titles.

[2] As to why he needed more than one Doctor's Degree, it was for the same reason Bill Russel & the Boston Celtics needed more than one World Basketball Championship, that the Yankees needed more World series Championship and the Pittsburgh Steelers more than one Superbowl Victory.

Dr. Kennedy explained that multiple Doctor's Degrees was like renowned actors and singers with many Grammy's and Oscar's Awards: it simply showed continued dedication to the sport or craft.

Dr. Kennedy explained the following:

> > two Doctor's Degree's was twice as good as one,

> > and that four Doctor's Degree's was twice as good as two

> > and that eight Doctor's Degree's was twice as good as four!

After this serious conversation, he grinned broadly, complimented by own scholarship and dedication to God's Word and all things related . . . and challenged me to exceed him: both in number of Doctor Degrees attained and the number I had the boldness to use with my name.

This was quite the challenge and it really caught me off guard. I'd like to pass it on to you:

Are you as bold as Dr. D. James Kennedy?

COPYRIGHT 1973(c) Cambridge Theological Seminary

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