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We receive Tithes & Offerings from those who want you to have a D.D. Title
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This "Doctor of Divinity" is neither 'awarded-nor-sold' to non-Christians
This "Doctor of Divinity" is not awarded to Homosexuals
This "Doctor of Divinity" is not awarded to those who reject Authority of God's Word
This "Doctor of Divinity" is awarded in the tradition of Dr. Billy Graham, Dr. Jerry Falwell and Dr. D. James Kennedy, etc.
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Well-Known Ministers using/used our "Doctor of Divinity" Degree-&-Title-Premise

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Every True Minister "Needs-&-Deserves" the "Doctor of Divinity"


Because more than any other single thing you can do, getting a "Doctor's Degree will increase your INFLUENCE for Jesus Christ!

Please Learn about the Doctor of Divinity Degree


The Apostle Paul to Timothy

I Timothy 3:10-13

"And let these also first be proved (experienced); then let them USE (perform) THE OFFICE ...,

"For they that have USED THE OFFICE ... well PURCHASE to themselves a good DEGREE, and great boldness (confidence),..."

(Obviously, Apostle Paul is referring to the "Offices of Bishop and Deacon" in this Scripture, but his "purchase to themselves a good degree" is a monumental, though somewhat mysterious statement.

However, the word "DEGREE" in this Scripture, meant in the Greek Language then, exactly as it does today . . . which is why Universities for millennia chose the Greek Word DEGREE for this attainment. [See FOOTNOTE-1])

Dear Pastor/Minister, Teacher, Fellow-Laborer in Christ:

We believe you could wisely use a 'Higher Degree', preferably an Honorary Doctor's Degree, such as Doctor of Divinity.

[NOTE: Candidacy for the Doctor of Divinity is applicable to anyone in a "ministering position" - from Pastors, Christian College and Christian Day-School Teachers, Christian Counselors and Psychologists . . . to Christian Medical Doctors and Lawyers, Evangelists, Missionaries, Judges, etc. (This Degree has "Limited Availability" [FOOTNOTE-2])

. . . However, for simplicity's sake, the following "Message" is written as if the reader is a preacher with pastors and teachers being the predominate holder of this Title.]

We believe, Dear Fellow-Laborer . . .

. . . that if you had an Honorary Doctor of Divinity Title and "used it well", in greatest probability, your Ministry would be enhanced as follows:

> > > Your Church Members (or those to whom you minister, students, etc.,) would give greater heed to your teaching if you had a Doctor of Divinity, making your ministry more effective;

> > > Your Board of Deacons, Elders, staff, trustees, or business associates, would be more apt to listen to your counsel if you had a Doctor of Divinity, and easier to lead;

> > > Your Community and City Council would be more respectful, and more likely to consider your thoughts worth considering, if you had a Doctor of Divinity Title;

> > > Your family and friends, would most likely listen a little better, and accept your advice more easily, if you had a Doctor of Divinity Title;

> > > Any letters written - whether to a newspaper Editor, Mayor, Congress-person, or any other "Official" - would carry more 'weight' if you had a Doctor of Divinity Title;

> > > Hopefully, it would even help your children-and-grandchildren see you in a new and more powerful light if you had a Doctor of Divinity, . . . and certainly it will in time, as they mature;

> > > Fellow Pastors would give your teachings and Scriptural positions more consideration if you had a Doctor of Divinity Degree;

> > > Certainly, you would find your influence to win souls increased if you had a Doctor of Divinity, [more on this below];

> > > For sure, you would find even strangers consider your words more seriously - whatever they may be about - if only you had a Doctor of Divinity Title;

> > > Think about this: Every time you signed your name "Dr.", or "D.D.", or "Doctor of Divinity", it would have greater impact, and would enhance all of your words for the Kingdom of God that ever preceded - or ever would follow . . . even long after you've gone on to Glory - if you had a Doctor of Divinity Title;

> > > If you are quite young - say under 30 - a Doctor of Divinity will greatly add to people perceiving you as wiser, and more mature;

> > > The older you are, the more everyone will respect you for having the discipline and wisdom to "go after" a Doctor of Divinity Title . . . at your age;

> > > If you are middle-aged, people will perceive you getting a Doctor of Divinity as the natural "next step" . . . for someone who is still moving up . . . instead of someone stagnate, and ready to wind down.

Not only do we believe you could wisely "use" a Doctor of Divinity Title, . . . which we do with great earnestness . . .

. . . but we also believe just as strongly with just even greater earnestness, that the Kingdom of God "needs" for you to have a Doctor of Divinity, and we further believe - and most importantly - you have "a Right. . . and a Privilege . . . and even a Duty before God" to have a Title of "Doctor of Divinity" Title, "AND USE IT WISELY, in your "God-Called Office, as you preach, teach and Minister the gospel.

This is quite a claim, but we will "prove it" to you fully, just a little further along.


As you probably know, the "Doctor of Divinity" (D.D.) has mostly been used as an "Honorary Degree" in the USA through the centuries, although recently, some Bible Colleges and Seminaries now offer an earned Doctor of Divinity for "much cash", though it is not acceptable in the United States in place of the Ph.D. or the Th.D. for teaching in a State University, etc. [FOOTNOTE 3]

What you may not know, is that around the world, the Doctor of Divinity is considered the highest degree, and highest Title attainable in many lands, and is "Officially Followed in Rank and Prestige" by a Doctorate in Jurisprudence (Law), then Medicine, then Science-non-medicine, then all others.

For a three-minute read on how the Doctor of Divinity came about from Oxford and Cambridge in England over 800 years ago, see Doctor of Divinity, Basic History Thereof

An Amazing Insight - Status of the Messenger
FACT: The power to transform lives is in the "Message" of Gospel.

FACT: Humanly speaking, the power to get people to listen to the Gospel is in the "Messenger" of the gospel.

[NOTE ASIDE: Of course the Holy Spirit is the "Ultimate Power, but very few of us have had 3,000 baptisms from one message on one day . . . nor did Paul . . .and even Peter did only one time. Paul, like many of us, often struggled to get small numbers, and disputed greatly to win converts one at a time . . . In this light of "we humans doing our best" with God blessing the effort, we proceed . . .

Please consider the following example:

If you advertise that you are going to bring a "Simple Salvation Message on being Born-Again from John Chapter-3 next Lord's Day", would that increase your average attendance?

If you advertise that the "President of the University" nearest you will bring a "Simple Salvation Message on being Born-Again from John Chapter-3 next Lord's Day", would that increase your average attendance?

If you advertise that the "Governor of your State" will bring a "Simple Salvation Message on being Born-Again from John Chapter-3 next Lord's Day", would that increase your average attendance even more?

If you advertise that "Kurt Warner, Rick Warren, Sarah Palin, Mel Gibson, or Rush Limbaugh" will bring a "Simple Salvation Message on being Born-Again from John Chapter-3 next Lord's Day", would that increase your average attendance even more?

In each case, the power of the Gospel is not changed one iota, but the ability to get people to listen to that Gospel is greatly enhanced by "Status of the Messenger!"

Let us further suppose that for each speaker, "you" supplied all of the "sermon notes", thus the thoughts and reasoning of the message would all be yours. Yet in greatest likelihood, the "response" to Your Gospel Message by the hearers would be more effective, according to the status accorded the messenger: thus the advantage of a Doctor of Divinity.

Because of such 'status' Billy Graham could make a commercial urging Christians to give money to a particular "cause" . . . with more success then you and me . . . combined. Status of the Messenger [FOOTNOTE 4]

Dear Fellow Minister:

Please know that if you have an Honorary Doctor of Divinity, all that you "say", all that you "do", all that you "write", all that you "counsel", all that you "advocate", all that you "preach-&-teach", and all that "you are" will be magnified . . . Multiplied . . . and MAXIMIZED . . . all the rest of your life. . . AND LONG AFTER . . . all because of one decision and a financial pittance invested in your Doctor of Divinity.

SIMPLE QUESTION: Why do we offer a FREE Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree for true serious-&-sincere Christian Ministers? SIMPLE ANSWER: Sadly, for 33 years we did not To know why Why do we do this for FREE?


The Greatest Christian Leaders of our Era, have Wisely Seen the Need for a Doctorate!

If you've lived awhile . . . recall how many times over the years you have heard the following:

> Dr. Billy Graham ... met today with President Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, ...

> Dr. Billy Graham ... opens his City Wide crusade tonight in Some-City USA, ...

> Dr. Billy Graham ... released his latest book today ...

From 1947-48 through 1990, I'm not sure I ever heard, or saw in print, just "Billy Graham", or just "Reverend Billy Graham". It was always Dr. Billy Graham, or in some cases, the Rev. Dr. Billy Graham.

The world never dreamed "The Reverend Dr. Billy Graham" was really just "Billy Graham" . . . as Billy Graham didn't have an earned or accredited Ph. D., he had an Honorary Doctor of Divinity.

Yet "plain" Billy Graham became the most influential religious leader of the 20th century due in part to being "Doctor" Billy Graham, a rising young minister of great authority, and highest credentials: someone worth listening to, reading his books, and seeking his advice.

And seek his advice they did. Graham met with every US President from Harry Truman to Nixon-Carter-Reagan through George "W" Bush, whom Graham led to a "born-again" relationship with Jesus Christ.

Dr. Graham had the "ear of US Presidents", long BEFORE he had the "ear of the world." Know that Dr. Graham diligently SOUGHT the ear of presidents, BEFORE they sought him. Dr. Graham diligently "sought out" President Truman - pushed, pleaded, and finagled, for a meeting with Truman - quite some time, before getting one.

Meeting with President Truman got Graham's picture on the front page of leading US Newspapers, which made him famous, which caused reporters to interview him, in which he always MAINTAINED Presidential confidence - while giving Presidents HIGHEST-PRAISE - which caused presidents to want to meet with him again and again: Great publicity for both, a win-win situation!

[NOTE: There is a lesson here for ministers. . . if they can learn it. Dr. Billy Graham was "wise in his generation" - as wise as the worldly leaders in media such as Ted Turner and Katherine Graham. Sadly, most ministers are not "wise as serpents" as Jesus commanded, and as Jesus lamented - that most Christian Leaders are not. (More later on this parable)]

Billy Graham was listed as the 8th-Most-Influential Person of the 20th Century by Gallup. [SOURCE: Gallup, Wikipedia] That is a "Country Preacher" listed ahead of many thousands of presidents and world leaders over 100 years.

SIMPLE QUESTION: Do you really think youth minister Billy Graham, still in his 20's, would ever have gotten to meet with President Truman WITHOUT a Doctor's Degree? Yet it was not an "earned-accredited" Degree, but an assumed, Honorary Degree, a Doctor of Divinity. just like the one you can have here for "FREE!"

Billy Graham's son Franklin is even more pronounced in his "credentials". Franklin claims the title of "Doctor" and the whole world so acknowledges him. He furthermore claims the title Reverend as an ordained minister. Do you know what Denomination/Ministers' Association ordained him? None! He was simply ordained by a fellow pastor.

Yet because Franklin - like his dad - assumes authority, claims authority, and acts with authority, his Doctor's Degree is accepted by the world, and both he and the Kingdom of God benefits in the process: all because of his foresight to get a "Doctor" title - not an earned Ph. D. - but a Doctor of Divinity.

Somehow, Billy Graham in his twenties, wisely and shrewdly knew that he needed the title "Doctor" so he got one - neither accredited nor earned: Doctor of Divinity.

How old will you be when you see the need and that you can wisely use a "Doctor" title?


Likewise with Dr. Jerry Falwell a decade after Graham. Even Dr. Falwell's most vicious enemies and/or critics-opponents - such as Phil Donahue, Dan Rather, Larry King, Ted Koppel and Rosie O'Donnell - addressed him respectfully as "Dr. Falwell."

Dr. Jerry Falwell was on the cover of major news weekly magazines in the 1980's, being credited with getting Ronald Reagan into the White House. They called Dr. Falwell the 'Most Powerful Man in the World' for being able to get U.S.A. Presidents elected.

I have been in and around television and radio ministry for almost 30 years - even owned a Christian television cable station outright - went to National Religious Broadcasters over the years, went to Washington DC many times, was invited to meet with Reagan at the White House, was invited to meet with Pat Robertson when he decided to run for President, etc., etc., and from that experience, I am 99.99% certain:

The world had no idea then - or now -
that "Dr. Falwell was really just Bro Jerry" . . . and no one ever suspected that he didn't have an "Accredited, Earned, Doctor's Degree!"

Furthermore, the world had, and has, no idea that Dr. Jerry Falwell didn't have at least an unaccredited Doctor's Degree. In fact, "Dr. Falwell" didn't even have an accredited Masters Degree, or a Bachelors Degree. Amazingly, he didn't have a 4-year degree of any kind!

"Dr. Falwell" only had a 'Certificate' for a three-year program at the unaccredited Baptist Bible College, Springfield, Missouri, started by another pastor, "Dr. J. Frank Norris" from Ft. Worth TX . . . who also didn't have an accredited or earned "Doctor's Degree" - but they both realized they needed the title of "Doctor" for greater influence, sought an Honorary Degree, Doctor of Divinity, and sure did use it after they got it!

Because Dr. Falwell, and Dr. J. Frank Norris spoke with authority, acted with authority, and claimed authority, the whole world respectfully called them by the title they claimed: Dr. J. Frank Norris, and Dr. Jerry Falwell, and their ministries have been profound: thanks in part to the Doctor of Divinity.

Had the world known Jerry Falwell had NO formal education, the media who despised him so terribly, would have mocked and ridiculed him out of the ministry - or at least out of the national spotlight - and made him hide in shame: making his name a "laughingstock" like Dan Quayle, Tonya Harding, John Edwards, or Monica Lewinski.

The greater truth is, "Dr." J. Frank Norris (pastored the America's Two-Largest Churches simultaneously for decades), Dr. Jerry Falwell (a tremendous ministry), Dr. Robert Schuller (a tremendous ministry), Dr. Billy Graham (America's Greatest Evangelist), Dr. Jack Hyles (Pastored the World's Largest Sunday School), Dr. Walt Hanford, Dr. Harold Sightler, Dr. Oral Roberts (Oral Roberts University), Dr. Ralph Rice, Dr. Donald Howard (founder of ACE Ministries), Jr., Dr. Bill Bright;

Dr. Adrian Rogers, the Dr. Bob Joneses I, II & III (all of BJU University Fame), Dr. Lee Roberson (started Tennessee Temple University a major Tennessee University), Dr. Rod Parsley, Dr. Donald Howard, Dr. Pat Robertson, Dr. Fred Price, Dr. T.D. Jakes, Dr. Jack Van Impe, Dr. Tim LaHaye (of the Left Behind Series), Dr. Hal Lindsey (Late Great Planet Earth), Dr. John Rawlings, Dr. Dallas Billington (largest Church in Country of yester-year), Dr. Roy Thompson, Dr. David Gibbs, Dr. John MacArthur, Dr. Oliver B Greene, Dr. J.Vernon McGee:

Dr. Greg Dixon, Dr. Tom Watson, Dr. Tom Malone, Dr. Bruce Cummings; Dr. John Maxwell, Dr. Harold Henniger, Dr. Curtis Hutson, Dr. Jimmy Swaggart, Dr. John R. Rice (led the nation's Largest Revival Weekly Newspaper and Bible Conferences), Dr. Lester Roloff (had a tremendous ministry) Dr. D. James Kennedy (Premier Presbyterian Ministry), Dr. Marilyn Hickey, Dr. Mike Murdoch, Dr. Benny Hinn, Dr. Perry Stone, Dr. Eddie Long, and even Dr. David Paul Yonggi Cho, pastor of the Worlds Largest Local Church in South Korea . . .

. . . and there are thousands more . . .

. . . NONE of them earned an "Accredited Ph.D." - but they ALL WERE WISE ENOUGH TO SEE THAT THEY NEEDED A TITLE OF "DOCTOR" . . .

. . . (ARE YOU?)

[To see a larger list of some of the greatest ministers and their ministries, who used this Doctor of Divinity to wonderful advantage, see Well-Known Ministers who used our "Doctor of Divinity" Program Degree-&-Title-Premise

So, they secured an Honorary Doctor of Divinity and the world listened/listens to what they say, and masses follow their lead, because they "claimed to be an authority figure - and used a title to match."

Some of these men - even among the very greatest of them - didn't even graduate from high school!

If you think I am being critical of these men, you are greatly missing my point! I am not criticizing, but applauding them, for being wise enough to see the need to be properly represented to the world they sought to influence to the Gospel Teaching!

I am applauding these men for being "as wise as the world in their generation," in knowing how to reach, to preach, to teach, to save - multitudes - in their generation, where education is greatly respected.


Consider the following Parable of Jesus: Recall Christ's summation, or admonition, or approbation, or lamentation or His 'moral of the story'= for "The Unjust Steward" (it's not really the easiest parable to get a full grasp of!)

JESUS TAUGHT in Luke 16:8:
"And the lord commended the unjust steward, because he had done wisely: for the children of this world are in their generation WISER than the children of light."

The last statement is what I call your attention to: Jesus lamented that "the children of this world, in their generation, are wiser than the children of light."

[GREEK NOTE: This is not the word 'wise' as in "the wisdom of the Lord", but 'wise' as in Jesus commanding us to be "wiser than serpents": [which is shrewd.]

A general consensus of many of God's greatest minds from Dr. John R. Rice, to Dr. Adrian Rogers; from Dr. Jerry Falwell to Dr. D. James Kennedy, was that 'we the Church' - as the people of God doing the work of God - generation by generation, are almost always a generation or two behind the world.

One of the areas where the "Children of the world are wiser in their generation than the Children of Light," is even in the simple factor of 'putting our best foot forward.'

The world knows enough to carefully design the "cover of the book" - as well as writing a good book. Sadly, we Christians often focus on writing a really good book - but neglect the cover so badly - that few people are ever attracted to the book, enough to open it up and to see what's inside.

The world, amazingly, sometimes gives as much time to writing the "Title of the Book" as to writing the book itself!

My son just Graduated Yale Graduate School with a two-years Master's Degree in Business, and they taught him that for most items, "The Package is more important than the Product!" A trip to Wal-Mart (or Macy's or Tiffany's) proves many people follow this philosophy. For we Christians this cannot be our philosophy - as the product is the most important - but it does show that we should not neglect the cover.

We ministers usually don't think there is anything we can learn from the world, however, as we choose to go by Scripture - which says: "Man looks upon the outward appearance, God looks upon the heart."

This is indeed what the 'Inerrant Word of God' declares. However, we usually interpret from this Scripture the OPPOSITE meaning from that which God intends!

All of Scripture "assumes" that God's People know, that "He" knows, all things; that God easily reads every mind, knows every thought, and even weighs the thoughts and intents of their hearts; that God knows 'the end from the beginning' that none of His prophecies have ever failed; and that God created the immeasurable universe from His spoken Word of faith: and then created miraculous human life from the soil of the ground.

What God intends for us to focus on in this Scripture is that our family, friends, neighbors, workmates, strangers, people we witness to and preach to 'cannot see our heart'. ALL they can see is THE OUTWARD APPEARANCE . . . DO NOT NEGLECT THE OUTWARD APPEARANCE as it mirrors the inward parts!

Just because we "tell" people how much we love God and our neighbor, and they see us with a Chain Reference Bible so big the 'chains are dragging the ground' - they still CAN'T SEE OUR HEART.

Just because we "say" we are called of God to preach, teach, lead and guide them, - they still CAN'T SEE OUR HEART.

Thus God was WARNING US that having proper motives and goals in our heart is NOT ENOUGH! God sees those worthy desires and goals, but others do not. All they "see" is the "outward appearance."

Thus we are to remember that our outward appearance is how we represent God to the world.

Obviously we are never to be hypocritical! We are never to pretend on the outside to be something we are not on the inside. This was the great denunciation by Jesus of the Pharisees: hypocrisy.

DOUBLE HYPOCRISY We know it is hypocritical to have a heart like a piece of "junk" and portray it as a loving heart of "gold." What we usually miss, is that it is just as hypocritical to have a loving heart of "gold" and portray it as a piece of "junk!"

Thus it is just as hypocritical to have great spiritual diligence - as thousands of ministers do - and not show it, as it is to pretend by showing-off that I have great spiritual diligence when in reality, I have no spiritual diligence at all.

Simple example, it is hypocritical for me to tell you that I care about you when I really don't, just to gain your favor for some purpose; but it is just as hypocritical to NOT tell you that I care about you and pray for you, when I really do!

God reminded us that people look upon the outward and judge us thereby, because of the following:

*** Quality without indicates quality within.

*** Diligence without indicates diligence within.

*** Attention to detail without indicates attention to detail within.

*** Slothfulness without indicates slothfulness within.

*** Carelessness without indicates carelessness within.

SIMPLE QUESTION: If your local Church-house is unkempt, needs painted, has dead shrubs in the lawn, mud-puddles in the parking lot, dirty windows, weeds taking over the flower beds, lawn not mown for a month, the steeple leaning to one side, the sign all faded and falling apart, the porch sagging . . .

Yet on the sign a slogan says: "The Church that Really Cares!"

This may be true, but those driving by cannot see the "good and kind hearts of the members", and they cannot help but see the "uncared for" exterior: so they will probably keep right on driving - based on the outward appearance - and never get to know the good hearts of the good members.


HOW SAD . . .

. . . my fellow laborer, if you have been - and still are - a deeply diligent student of God's Word, for these years, . . .

. . . YET you mislead your whole community, and all who "would" come to hear you, . . .

. . . ("IF" they only knew!) that you are the serious student, the wise counselor, and the dedicated Teacher . . .

. . . BECAUSE you have NO Doctor of Divinity title to "signify" your due diligence and commitment.

EVEN JESUS ACCEPTED THE TITLE OF MASTER-TEACHER (This is the meaning of the Jews calling Him "Rabbi").

NOTE: We are trusting that you are much wiser than to think it is a matter or pride, worldly status, arrogance, making you better than others, or that you no longer have to trust the leading of the Holy Spirit. That would be ignorance unto blasphemy!

A proper title simply indicates "who" you are, "what" you are, and that certain conditions have been met that "qualify" you to "be trusted" in your calling! Surely you can understand that.


> The Called

> The Chosen

> Anointed (Christ, Messiah)

> Deacon

> Elder

> Bishop

> The Council of Elders

> Pastor

> Preacher

> Prophet

> Priest

> High Priest

> Minister

> Teacher

> Scribe

> Lawyer

> Doctor of the Law

> Rabbi

> Evangelist

> Ruler of the Synagogue

> Chief Priests

> Apostle

> Christ Himself is given scores of titles in Scripture

> One of the eternal rewards for the faithful is to be given a "New Title"! (KJV says "name" - but it's "title" in Greek].

From this partial list, I think it is easy to conclude that God ordained titles, God used titles, God gave titles, and God approved titles. God further commanded to give honor to whom honor is due, and also said that 'those who labor in the Word and Doctrine are worthy of double honor.'



If you have labored faithful and long in the Word of God and Doctrine - and do not use a Doctor of Divinity title . . . my fellow laborer, if you have been - and still are - a deeply diligent student of God's Word, for these years, . . .

Is not this dishonoring to God and His Word, to not ascribe the "highest possible title - Doctor of Divinity - to one schooled in His wisdom?"

God is in favor of both education and titles: He ordained there to be a "School of the Prophets" back in the days of Israel's earliest kings, over 1,000 years before Christ.

The great leaders of yester-year certainly believed so.

That is why for these centuries, the Doctor of Divinity Degree long ago was ascribed the very highest Earthly title that could be awarded by an educational institution, and that it be given to those who diligently study to "show themselves approved unto God, as workmen that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing His Word of truth!"

For the Doctor of Divinity to be considered the "Highest Degree of all fields - of all times" - was fine, with even the very greatest scientists; from Sir Isaac Newton to Albert Einstein, and the greatest of Mathematicians from Descartes to Pascal, and the greatest of Philosophers from Immanuel Kant to Edmund Burke, . . .

. . . and the greatest Economists from Adam Smith to John Stuart Mill, and the greatest of Military Generals from Napoleon to George Washington, and the greatest Statesmen and Authors from William Shakespeare to the Greatest Artists like Rembrandt: and all the kings or all the countries!

And it was fine with everyone that "Christian Ministers" have the highest of all titles and degrees: NOW WE ARE LOSING THIS GODLY RESPECT AND IT IS OUR FAULT!

Thus for nearly 1,000 years, the title of Doctor of Divinity was considered the greatest title and Degree,

> > > NOT because of the IQ of the person,

> > > neither the length of time studied to achieve it,

> > > nor to the institution awarding it -

> > > but rather because of the subject matter: "DIVINITY: (GOD) and HIS ETERNAL WORD!"

Are we "Modern Ministers" so worldly, that we now are ashamed of that which has been the greatest title for centuries - "Doctor of Divinity?"

Do we "Modern Ministers" now willingly bow the knee to Ph.D.'s in modern science, medicine, law, psychology and MBA's, giving up the Doctor of Divinity?

Do we "Modern Ministers" cower in shame to tell-the-world that we have a Doctor of Divinity Degree from a "Seminary" - ashamed spiritually - of who we are and what our field of expertise is?

Do we "Modern Ministers" feel so inferior to the atheists, agnostics, secularists, and pagans at Harvard, Yale, Cambridge and Oxford, Berkley, M.I.T. and thousands of Godless State Universities that we readily concede that "Our field of Divinity" is no longer relevant or important, and that their fields are both?

For you and I "to refuse" a title of Doctor of Divinity . . .

. . . is this not dishonoring the influence of Christ, His Word, and His Church in our communities
. . .

. . . by NOT having a proper title to show that to which we have given due diligence?

Can you see the "major importance" of this issue?

Thus the Doctor of Divinity Title is truly an Honor . . . a Privilege . . . a Right . . . and a Duty . . . to 'use well' for the Name of Christ and His Kingdom.

This highest Title-&-Degree awarded on Earth - this "Spiritual Pearl" - needs to be wisely used and with greatest honor; Lest this "Spiritual Pearl", which was designated to the Study of Divinity/God nearly a millennia ago . . .

. . . now be freely surrendered to the enemies of Christ,
the atheist's degrees and institutions . . . who "trample spiritual things underfoot like swine" and mock the study of God . . .

. . . all because we are too cowardly to proclaim the Gospel truth, and our "Title-of-Calling" - Doctor of Divinity to that truth?

The "Doctor of Divinity" is not a minor matter.

The success of God's Kingdom languishes in the western World - dying in every nation where it has gained preeminence, for several reasons - but for certain, at least in part, because God's best and most dedicated servants,. . .

. . . are not nearly so wise as the children of the world in their generation, who do EVERYTHING to enhance their credentials with proper titles.

Sadly, many of us were not nearly so wise as the list of ministers given above, the scores of names of God's greatest ministers of the 20th century, who SAW THE NEED at an early age - and the ADVANTAGES FOR THE KINGDOM - of having and using well: "The Doctor of Divinity Honorary Degree."

Hopefully you can feel my heart and passion through my rebuke, my pleading, my instruction, and my diligent urging, to neglect this important matter no longer!

I rest my case.

The decision to bear the Title of the Ages in honour of our great God - Doctor of Divinity - now rests upon your shoulders. You can have it legally and properly for a pittance. If you refuse this great honor and responsibility - the doctor of Divinity identification - the foolishness of that error may be yours to give an eternal account for on Judgments Day

In Jesus' Name!



How Does the Doctor of Divinity Program Work?

[1] We are a Non-Profit Corporation 501(c)(3), operating successfully in the State of Ohio for 34 years, authorized to offer Degrees - from High-School Diplomas to Doctor of Divinity, and Certificates. Our virtual online universities are as follows: "Cambridge College of the Bible" (CCB), "Cambridge Theological Seminary" (CTS), "University of Science at Cambridge" (USC) all of which are a Division of Cambridge Christian Academy, the parent and original corporation.

[2] Obviously, there are many "Degree Mills" on the web where you can get a Doctor of Divinity degree for various prices. Most of them are worth very little, and some, perhaps even have a "negative value".

Why? Suppose anyone - from newspaper reporter to ministerial association, denomination or future local church - anywhere, at any time, for any reason, decides to "verify" the Doctor of Divinity Degree on the wall in your study or home. For most of these "purchased Degrees" there are no standards, no transcript, and no verification.

For 99% of such "purchased Doctor of Divinity degrees", all you get is a certificate with your name on it. (If that's all you want - print your own and save a buck!)

The Doctor of Divinity "Degree Mills" do not require a "transcript", and do not have an institution that keeps a "registered transcript" on record to verify your degree, and defend your credibility on your behalf, or to send out future copies at your request, when needed.

So, if someone attempts to verify your "Doctor's Degree" and finds out you simply purchased a piece of paper with your name on it from a "degree mill" . . .you'll be exposed as a fraud, . . . and mocked as a clown.

Is that what you want, to embarrass the cause of Christ and humiliate yourself and family in front of your whole community and family?

At "" we help you build an "Official College Transcript" to support the validity of your Doctor of Divinity that will be registered and maintained in our files indefinitely - as a legal document - along with all of the legal files of students' transcripts, Diplomas, Certificates over the many years as required by the State of Ohio.

[3] Our Honorary Degree, 'Doctor of Divinity', is "Not-for-Sale" at any amount of money, and can only be awarded for true Life Experience and/or previously earned credit or degrees from recognized colleges, universities or seminaries.

[4] Throughout Academia, the standard requirements for these standard degrees through Doctor of Divinity are as follows:

> > > 60-64 Semester Credits minimum requirement for an Associate's Degree (which we do not offer at this time)

> > > 120-132 Semester Credits minimum requirement for a Bachelor's Degree

> > > 150-168 Semester Credits minimum requirement for one-year Master Degree (There are two & three year Master's Programs)

> > > 190-220 Semester Credits minimum requirement for a Doctorate with a Thesis, (usually considered equal to another year of 30-32 credits)

> > > 222-260 Semester Credits minimum requirement for Doctor of Divinity without a Thesis, (usually requiring another year of 30-32 credits)

[5] The Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree is "Free" if we accept your candidacy. There is a minimal cost of evaluating, printing and mailing it to you, but that is the whole cost, and even that is "tax deductible" with us being a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation in the State of Ohio.

[6] Obviously, we begin with the actual college credit you already have a transcript for. We need a copy of it.

[7] We then award semester College Credits for various phases of ministry as "Life Experience" - which is legal - and practiced by nearly every university in the USA: such as 6-credits for each year you have pastored, 6-credits for each year you have been a Christian school teacher, 3-credits for each mission trip to a foreign country, 18-credits for starting a Church, a Christian school, or leading a major building program, etc.

[8] If you have a thesis you wish to submit (300-page minimum) we will accept that for 32 Credits toward the Master's two-year program or the Doctor of Divinity. If you do not have enough "Life Experience to earn the Doctor of Divinity Degree, you will have to write a thesis, or gain more Life Experience.

Thus you will have a fully "Credentialed Doctor of Divinity Degree" with an "Official College Transcript" on file: legal, correct, with high standards as a permanent record, that we can verify by phone, email, or US Mail at your request, to anyone who seeks to verify your credentialed Degree. [Footnote 5]

No information will be given to anyone seeking verification of your credentials for your Doctor of Divinity without your request/permission to release information.

[9] As stated previously, our issuing of our Doctor of Divinity Degree is FREE of CHARGE! This is most likely "our final ministry development!" All we need is to meet our actual costs - which we must do to maintain an indefinite office for all records. Surely you understand that.


[10] Our costs are as follows:
> > > $11 for the printing & handling of your "Doctor of Divinity Degree" ($7 for each additional signed copy)

> > > $30 to evaluate your submission for credit and form your "Official & Permanent College Transcript"

> > > $39 to "Register your Doctor of Divinity Degree" with a legally operating 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation for Education in the State of Ohio

> > > $20 to file and maintain your College Transcript & Doctor of Divinity Degree indefinitely for future verification

> > > $11 for shipping & handling your Doctor of Divinity Degree to you, Priority Mail, hard-case to prevent damabe, insured. ($double if outside the USA)

> > > We ask you to prayerfully consider a donation of some amount to help us maintain this ministry, that is presently 100% volunteer (funded somewhat like the Gideon's Bible Society if you are familiar with their setup) as we seek to get 1,000,000 additional ministers with the "Doctor of Divinity" title by the year 2020.

NOTE: You may specify on your check memo, if you have a preference for how you want your Love Offering designated:

* One, is the support of this Doctor of Divinity Program as mentioned above with our 2020 GOAL.

** Two, is our Minister's Emergency Gift Fund for Ministers in Crisis (for info on how this works see Minister's Emergency Gift Fund)

*** Three, is simply our General Fund of which most goes for education, from Christian Home-Schooling (we have the second-largest Christian Home Correspondence School in the nation), Christian Day Schools, and support an online Christian School (to visit click (Kings Way Christian Academy)

HOWEVER, even if you are financially destitute, we still want you to have this Degree for the Glory of God and tyo increase your influence in Ministry.

If you can only send a $10 Love Offering each month for a year, that is acceptable.

If you truly cannot afford even that, we STILL want you to have this Doctor of Divinity Degree. We want you signing your name and introducing yourself as "Doctor" within the week, with a beautiful Degree Certificate on the walls of your study and home for all whom you counsel to see.


One Last Consideration: Are You A Soul Winner?

Doctor Jerry Falwell in his early days, when he was just "Pastor Falwell or "Brother Jerry" - out knocking on doors all day and sharing the Gospel - would have to knock on about 10 doors on the average to get one person to listen to a good presentation of the gospel.

After he saw the need, got a Doctor of Divinity and became "Dr. Falwell" - and could offer his Church business card with "Doctor" Jerry Falwell as Pastor on it, immediately his opportunities to share the gospel were doubled to about one full-presentation-in-five cold calls.

After he established a growing local church and television media presence, this ratio decreased to about one-in-four; and when his Church became the largest in Lynchburg, VA, it further decreased to about one-in-three.

After he established the Moral Majority and helped elect Ronald Reagan as US President, his stature was increased even more, until eventually, about one-of-every-two people he witnessed to, gave him as much time as he needed to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them.

After his great success with establishing Liberty University as the nation's largest conservative Christian university, he was able to witness to almost every person he met - one for one, convincing most of them to make a commitment of faith to Jesus Christ.

Sadly, this doesn't apply to many of you because you are NOT personal Soul Winners: you neither share the gospel one-on-one nor attempt to personally get people saved. We believe this is GROSS ERROR on your part, but if you believe that you are ONLY called to counsel, comfort, chaplain, and teach, etc., that is between you and God: you do not answer to us.

Even if not a "Personal Soul Winner" you still use personal influence EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE in every relationship you have!

Either way, what you can learn from Dr. Falwell is as profound as it is simple. In personal influence, getting a Title "Doctor of Divinity" increased his influence from persuading 1-in-10 to 1-in-5, and it only took him a couple of weeks to achieve this!

However, it took everything else he ever did for God - which was incredible - and thirty long, diligent, and dedicated years - to achieve the the same amount of impact: to further increase his influence another 4-out-of-5 making his persuasion ratio almost "one-for-one."

I was amazed to to learn these things from him through the years, in well over 100 trips to his headquarters in mountains of Virginia, and the many conferences where he taught leadership all over the nation: to realize the great impact that going from "Bro. Jerry" on the streets of Lynchburg to "Dr. Jerry" (to most and "Dr. Falwell to the rest) would have . . .

This personal experience with Dr. Falwell, Dr. Jack Hyles, Dr. Lester Roloff, Dr. John R. Rice, and hundreds more (over 800 cataloged personal interviews - learning that this whole circle of ministers had discovered the GREAT IMPORTANCE of having the "Title of Doctor of Divinity" in ministry in our modern era!) led to our present ministry.

One last comment: In over 50 years of sharing the Gospel on the streets of the rural mountain town of Lynchburg, VA, in 2007 Dr. Falwell was still presenting the same simple "Romans Road" Salvation Plan that he started with in 1956 . . . where at first, almost no one listened, to the last 20 years when almost everyone listened.

Christ had not changed. The Gospel had not changed. The Holy Spirit had not changed, only the "Status of the Messenger" had changed!"

If you choose to attain an Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree, how people perceive you will also change.

Do it TODAY ... Right this MOMENT! Precious years are already gone, with no way to know how many you have left to fulfill your DIVINE CALLING, to lay up REWARDS in Heaven, to "Build the Kingdom of God" in "America's most desperate hour":


The Doctorate "Application Packet"

If you are ready to attain you Doctor of Divinity

To "step up" in this age of "Christianity dying in the Western World", and take your rightful place of authoritative leadership; to wisely and boldly use the highest title on Earth, honoring God Almighty - "Doctor of Divinity" - where the Name of Jesus is being legislated out of modern society, . . .

. . . simply fill out the Doctor of Divinity Application Packet, following the simple instructions, and very soon, you will be advancing the Kingdom of God every time your name is written, spoken and heard! God bless you muchly, and thank you for reading.

Doctor of Divinity Application Packet



Apostle Paul to Timothy

"And let these also first be proved (experienced); then let them USE THE OFFICE ...,

For they that have USED THE OFFICE ... well
PURCHASE to themselves a good DEGREE,..." I Tim 3:10-12

Obviously, Paul is referring to the 'Offices' of Bishop and Deacon, but his statement -"purchase to themselves a good degree" - is a monumental statement.

What, exactly does Paul men? sadly, most versions are either unclear - as the KJV is here - or very wrong, based on the actual words themselves. If you really want to know, don't read 20 versions, but get out some Greek Lexicons and STUDY!

> > The word "purchase" in the Greek is the word "Peripoieomai" (per-ee-poy-eh'-om-ahee); Word Origin: Greek, a Verb, in Strong's Lexicon is #4046, is only used twice in the NT and means simply what it says: "to purchase"

> > The word "good" in the Greek is the word "Kalos" (kal-os'); Word Origin: Greek, a Verb, in Strong's Lexicon is #2570, is only used over 100 times in the NT and means "honorable, to confer honor" - which obviously is good - but not good as in "good taste, good looks, good luck, or good news," etc.

> > The third major word in this short statement is the word "degree", which in the Greek is the word "Bathmos" (bath-mos'); Word Origin: Greek, a noun, in Strong's Lexicon is #898, is only used once in the NT and means "a step, crossing a threshold, providing dignity and influence"

So here we have a word that is taking a single step, and not just any step, but one that "crosses a threshold and by that "single-step" gains "dignity and influence", the whole of which Paul said was "purchased" for "one's self" - not others - which certainly gives the boldness and confidence to do the work of the office.

So here we have the exact definition of "degree" as it is used in university to this day.

Let look at a comparison of a modern examples simple and common:

EXAMPLE-1: For they that have USED (performed) THE OFFICE (of farmer) ... well, PURCHASE to themselves a good [TRACTOR] (a farmer needs a tractor more than a Degree!), and great boldness (confidence for the work)..." I Tim 3:13

EXAMPLE-2: For they that have USED (performed) THE OFFICE (of Publisher) ... well, PURCHASE to themselves a good [Computer-printer system as a publisher need a computer-printer more than a Degree!), and great boldness (confidence for the work)..." I Tim 3:13

EXAMPLE-3: For they that have USED (performed) THE OFFICE (of Mayor) ... well, PURCHASE to themselves a good DEGREE (college education), and great boldness (confidence for the work)..." I Tim 3:13

EXAMPLE-4: For they that have USED (performed) THE OFFICE (of Prosecuting Attorney) ... well,PURCHASE to themselves a good DEGREE (college education), and great boldness (confidence for the work)..." I Tim 3:13

In other words, Paul is urging young Timothy to look at previous Bishops and Deacons and see who used (performed) the office well, and note that they purchased a good education (something that with a single step "crossed a threshold" - (before graduation day, no title, after graduation day, always a title) - which gave them boldness and confidence for the work.

In modern days, that is exactly what a college education is for, with the accompanying titles, and for you who "earn it by actual experience" the Doctor of Divinity in Ministry


[NOTE: Though we do not "Ordain" women to an office higher than Deaconess - according to the Scripture - we do recognize their eminent role in "teaching": from their children to nurseries, to Sunday School, Christian Day-schools to College and University to Conferences, etc., . . .

. . .( a la Gloria, Copeland, Joyce Myers, Marilyn Hickey, Paula White and John Wesley's mother - all teaching with full approval of their husbands, and gaining more listeners than their minister husbands) . . .

. . . thusly, we offer this Doctor of Divinity Degree to women as it is applicable to anyone in a "ministering position" - from Pastors, Christian College and Christian Day-School Teachers, Christian Counselors & Psychologists, to Christian Medical Doctors and Lawyers, Evangelists, Missionaries, etc.


Thus "earned" and "D.D." are mutually exclusive in this country for anyone who truly knows. An Honorary D.D. is "honorable", and an "earned D.D." is a joke - only accepted by the ignorant as validating the ignorant.

Any so-called "earned D.D in the USA is basically a "scam", even if offered by Princeton: nothing more than a "money-maker" for these "official schools" who charge a full-credit rate for a "Degree" that neither the US government or US educational system recognizes. All such schools are thus "unethical."


[Because of God's anointing, it goes without argument, that to the degree the messenger is truly sincere, deeply committed to Christ, fasts-&-prays over delivering the messages, and makes an earnest plea with deepest urgency, and has the anointing of God, the results will be far greater! The Spirit of God is the main factor, but the "tool" we give God to use: some are 1-talent, some 2-talent, and some 5-talent messengers, Christ insisted].


These are legally upright and honest Honorary Degrees in recognition of you and your ministry, that we stand behind for you, staking who we are and our high standards of requiring 256-Semester Credits for the Doctorate Degree - in no small part on you, and what you may write or do. Thus we only accept Bible Believing Christian Ministers!

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