Various Kinds of "Ordination"

You surely know "Free Ordination!" is offered by thousands of websites, but most of these are "deceitful" and are Internet scams designed to "make money" from those who do not know the legal requirements and restrictions with "Ministerial Ordination".

These many businesses are NOT about winning souls, reaching the lost with Salvation by Jesus Christ, or dedicated to fulfilling His great Commission. They ARE about making money - off of you - giving you next to nothing in return except legal headaches and a loss of cash.


There are at least three things you need to know before choosing with "whom" you wish to be Ordained, as once you become "Ordained" - even if it's for "Free", and even though it's only online, your name, address and date are in their records - which they are allowed to make public online (and many do)- and this becomes a part of your "ministerial background resume" . . . for life.

One can never escape this "legal act" once performed, the associations thereof, and though renounced, it can never be undone. Getting ordained is a "legal act". Do you want a past record following you all through life, made known by every critic you ever will have . . .with them telling the world that you were "First Ordained" by an organization of Pagan homosexual cultists?

If you do, then leave our site immediately, as we require you to "affirm your online-signature" to Christ-only, Christianity-only, Bible-only, and non-same-sex marriage. If you can't do this, we can't Ordain you.


Do you want an "internet fly-by-night organization" who openly and proudly ordains homosexuals, Wiccans (witches) Pagans, cults of all kinds including Satan worshipers?

Sadly, the largest such online ordaining organization is Universal Life Church, with 20 million world-wide ordinations in 50 years, and they proudly ordain all cults, homosexuals and pagan-satanic groups. Here is their "logo" - the emblems of all the false religions and cults of which they embrace and "ordain ministers."


Once you are "Legally ordained through them (or whomever) - you can always be verified with them, and anyone in the future who wants to use it to smear you, can do so: in the very least, making you as an "honest Christian Minister" seem awfully naive, foolish and stupid.

Jesus said: "Be wise (shrewd, cunning) as a serpent, and harmless as a dove." Are you being wise in seeking out your "Ordination"?

There are four common groups that ordain persons to ministry:

> > [I] You can be Ordained by a "local Church" with their Minister, and perhaps, Elders and Deacons. This has the least degree of influence and credentials.

> > [II] You can be Ordained by a "denomination" with their Minister, and perhaps, Elders and Deacons. This Ordination is most widely recognized, but most destructive to the Kingdom of Christ as ALL denominations are divisive, whether Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, etc.

Jesus NEVER started a denomination nor ever said to start denominations - which compete, criticize, confuse, and condemn. He never approved such monstrosity or organization and it's not even a Scripture word: a pure modern mythical heresy.

Amazingly, Scripture commands "I BESEECH you brethren, by the name of the Lord Jesus Christ: Let there be NO division among you! Let ALL speak the same thing! Be PERFECTLY joined together in the SAME mind, and the SAME judgment" . . . and on and on Paul goes.

Can you believe this high standard? Can you believe how 99% of Christians pay no attention to this command? Can you further believe that 99% don't even care in the least degree about Christian unity and being of one mind and all speaking the same thing?

The truth of this doctrine is a real shock for Americans used to fussing and fighting with all others who love and belive in the Lord Jesus Christ.

For a full teaching on this see Christians Greatest Sin: Are you Guilty?

> > [III] You can be Ordained by a "Ministerial Association," and these are better than denominations, but are still, usually divisive and narrowly aligned. These further have a problem with longevity after the founder dies as there is usually no "unifying factor" to hold them together.

> > [IV] You can be Ordained by a "Bible School or Theological Seminary." We believe this is best for several reasons: they are educational institutions - which indicates a degree of learning, can allow for a wide variety of Christian unity, and offers an ongoing quest in education ministers.

For example, Oxford and Cambridge (our namesake) are over 800 years old, which is twice as old as any of the protestant denominations.

However, being Ordained by a Seminary as far as influence and ministry credential are concerned, this is as good as their name recognition as "door openers," resume enhancers, credential builders, etc.

For example, Along with Oxford and Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, and Princeton (top five names in the world for education) were all started as seminaries to "educate and Ordain" Christian Ministers. (In the USA, Harvard started first, and Yale started a generation later by a former Harvard leader because Harvard was becoming too worldly - 300 years ago!)

**[As you have opportunity to interact with others, you can share these facts with people, of the origin of America's greatest schools being seminaries to educate ministers, as were Oxford and Cambridge's - which predated protestantism by centuries, and even being much older than Great Britain as a Kingdom!]


Being ordained is being "approved to do something!" Please not advertising for "FREE!" then using "hidden fees to make money from the Applicant.

Most of the "Ordinations-Online" are about "weddings" - and most of these "Internet-Organizations-Only" will ordain any one (and take great pride in so doing), with any kind of belief, for any reason, allowing them to conduct any kind of cultic-or-non-Christian wedding ceremony for homosexuals, those in "New Age", Wiccans (witchcraft) pagan ceremonies, and even "devil worshipers".

Most "Online-Ordinations" are NOT about ministry, and do NOT offer "Full-Ordination" - or even mention it. (More on this in a moment).

Because most Online-Ordinations are "mostly about weddings," they will provide you with a simple paper saying "Ordained Minister."

However, all you are really "Ordained to do" is to apply for a "License from the State" (another legal act) to perform marriages. This narrow-lined Ordaining by the online-organizations is legal, but is often challenged in court, by their own admission. [See Universal Life Church decades of Court Battles]

The legal truth is in most American States, almost any American Citizen of age can apply for "a license" to perform wedding ceremonies"
(a) Conducting marriages is NOT about being Christian, a minister, or being "Ordained"

(b) Conducting marriages IS about getting a "License" from the "State" to perform weddings, Registering with the County of the Marriage, filling out State legal papers, the bride-&-groom's marriage license, and "paying the "fees!" (taxes!)."

(c) LIKEWISE those getting married must also get a State License and "pay their "fees!" (taxes!)."

The control of who can marry whom, age, hetero-homo, etc., with the fees and licenses: this is what the "wedding-marriage" industry is all about.

So, even if one is "Legally Ordained" by the Baptists, to perform weddings in almost all 50 states, one still has to have a "License from that State", and if you are "Ordained", you must present a "Letter of Good Standing" from the Church-Organization that ordained you in order to get the license!


Remember, Jesus said to be WISE! Look at the thousands offering "FREE Online Ordination!" You know they cannot "Ordain you for free" as computers, offices, utilities, employees, licenses, products, printing, mailing, etc., all cost money. So how do they make money off of you?

Most give a "Free Ordination" (not a Full-Ordination, but just a partial) to all who apply, requiring no beliefs, no Scripture, no Church, or purpose. They have to tell you (in small print) that your "New Online Ordination is for Personal; Use Only!" http://www.themonastery.or/index.php?destination=ministerWelcome"> See their page following Online Submission: "This Ordination is for PERSONAL USE ONLY!"]

So as the "Newly Ordained" person prepares for their first wedding, they find out they are neither "Licensed by the State" nor "Registered with the County" to perform "Authorized Marriages" - and cannot legally sign the "Marriage License" presented to them by the bride-&-groom to be. Following is what Universal Life Church - the world's largest online-ordination organization says:

["Phone or visit the county clerk in the jurisdiction where the wedding will occur and ask what you need to do to register. Please do not present your printed online receipt of credentials (your so-called-ordination!) to the county clerk.

States require additional documentation. The Monastery of Universal Life Church will provide the appropriate documentation, including this Letter of Good Standing.

See their warning NOT to present their "Personal-Use-Only" Ordination to a County Official: Do NOT present your Online Credential"

Then they tell you that sending you this "Letter of Good Standing" will be $20 (to $80) dollars and will "take some time to get it "notarized", etc., . . . but of course if you are in a hurry, for "additional fees" . . . they can "rush the order", etc.

Of course by this time, the "newly Ordained person" applying for state license and county registration for their first wedding, usually is faced with a deadline: the already announced wedding date! So they pay $20-$50 for the "Letter in Good Standing", and double to quadruple that amount for a "rush order"!

This is how they make money. The Free Ordination "baits you in" then once you've started the marriage proceedings they get you good on the Letter of Good Standing.

At Cambridge Theological Seminary, we operate radically different:

> > [I] Our Online-Overnight-Ordination is "Free!" - not that it doesn't cost us, . . .
. . . but because we receive tithes and offerings from those who believe in "YOU!" the "Newly-Called Ministers" as the "Hope of Tomorrow", and believe in our Ministry of helping "YOU" the Newly-called-Minister.

> > [II] Our Online-Overnight-Ordination that we email you is our "Letter of Good Standing" - a "Legal Document" spelling-out many of the legal "Rights-&-Privileges" available to you - the "Newly-Called" and now "Newly-Ordained" Minister of the Lord Jesus Christ