George W. Bush: his 'fruit' seems that he was truly 'Born-from-above', as he professed to the world.

    [1] He not only "Talks Christianity" - like most Republicans of the last 30 years - who were seeking the Christian vote while referring to them privately as "cockroaches coming out of the baseboard" . . . but he lives Christianity in his real life: before being President, as President, and after being President.

    He campaigned, not only as a Christian himself, but as ‘an advocate for Jesus Christ’, such as proclaiming June 10 as 'Jesus Day!’ to recognize and celebrate his Salvation appropriately.

    [2] George W. Bush witnesses that Christ had saved him and delivered from alcohol: he didn't simply say how he enjoyed Christmas.

    [3] George W. Bush proclaims Jesus Christ to the world he didn't just mumble His name at some "religious Prayer Breakfast" while campaigning to a group of ministers. He boldly stated he believed ‘God had called him to run for President of the USA!’

    [4] George W. Bush proclaims Jesus Christ as Saviour he didn't just stutter around about some one-size-fits-all-generic ‘god-God-or-GODS’ - any god, many gods, or no gods!

    He was specifically a Christian: not a Mason, or some religion inclusive of all religions.

    [5] George W. Bush led his White House staff in prayer: he didn't just bow his head in mock-reverence while someone else prayed.

    [6] George W. Bush led his staff in Bible Study at the White House: he didn't simply pretend to pay attention while some intern babbled on about the Word of Christ.

    [7] George W. Bush prays aloud with people on the phone: he wasn’t just trying to earn ‘brownie-points’ by saying ”I’ll pray for you”, to some one.

    [8] George W. Bush prays aloud with soldiers he visits in the hospital: WITH PUBLIC TEARS!

    [9] George W. Bush prays aloud with parents & family of deceased soldiers he visited: WITH PRIVATE TEARS!

    [10] George W. Bush is not ashamed to appear in public & on television with evangelical leaders!

    [11] George W. Bush stands strongly for Christian values and traditional marriage: just like the Bible teaches from the beginning.

    [12] George W. Bush stands strongly for Christian values and against same-sex marriage: never bowing to the homosexual lobby.

    [13] George W. Bush stands strongly for human life against abortion: never bowing to the popular media pressure.

    [14] George W. Bush stands strongly against stem-cell-research by killing babies to rob them of their cells

    [15] George W. Bush stands strongly for Christian values rebuking US Military for approving witch-craft practices.

    [16] George W. Bush stands strongly for Israel people identified with Father-God.

    [17] George W. Bush is the Greatest Liberator of the New Era 29,000,000 people in Afghanistan

    [18] George W. Bush is the Great Liberator of the New Era 25,000,000 people in Iraq.

    [19] George W. Bush is the Great World Champion of all oppressed Christians, committing to hunt down and bring to justice the Greatest Killer of Christians in the last 100 years: Saddam Hussein Muslim terrorist dictator of Iraq.

    [20] George W. Bush stands unabashedly against Islamic anti-Christ terrorists: Alqueda, Hamas & Hesbolah, Taliban, and Muslim Brotherhood.

    [21] George W. Bush stands unashamedly for Christian Democracy declaring to one and all that democracy was not Americas gift to citizens but God’s Gift to the world, that ALL PEOPLE have a right to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

    [22] George W. Bush stands successfully for faith-based initiatives declaring to one and all that God‘s people do a better job meeting the needs of the hurting than do government agencies.

    [23] George W. Bush stands tirelessly for School Choice declaring to one and all that Children were the responsibility of parents.

    [24] George W. Bush boldly chose Evangelical Franklin Graham to pray the Dedicatory Prayer at his inauguration and asked him to pray in Jesus’ Name in witness to the whole world!

    [25] George W. Bush was unashamed to be seen kneeling in prayer in the Oval Office.

    [26] George & Laura Bush are not ashamed to kneel in public prayer at Christian Preaching & Prayer Services.

    [27] George & Laura Bush are unashamed to kneel in public for Communion at Christian Communion Services.

    [28] George & Laura Bush are faithful in weekly worship as an example to all of America’s Citizens.

    [29] When George W. Bush became US President #43, he didn’t leave his Christianity on his Texas Ranch Rather, he put his faith in Jesus Christ ‘Front-&-Center’ on the World Stage.

    [30] When George W. Bush believes the Holy Bible to be the Word of God he is unashamed to let the world know!

    [31] When George W. Bush believes in daily Prayer & Bible to be led of God he is unashamed to let the world know he seeks the Heavenly Father’s Will.

    [32] George W. Bush proclaims Jesus Christ as Deity, God Incarnate, Worthy of Worship, he didn't just stutter around about some one-size-fits-all-generic ‘god-God-or-GODS’ - any god, many gods, or no gods! He identified Him as the Name above every name: Jesus the Christ!

    [33] From the Christian perspective George W. & Laura Bush are the most excellent First Family & George W the Greatest Christian President the USA has ever seen in our history of 232 years!

The challenge is your to dispute! Just see if you can find a former president who did even half of these things.

Sadly, we may go decades without having a Future President do even ONE of these things.

God commands to Honor the King, and to give honor where honor is due. All of us Bible Believing Christians are responsible to honor our “Most-Hated-&-Despised-President” because he WAS our “Greatest-&-Most-Christ-Like President!

Bush added that every day during his eight-year presidency he had consulted the Bible and drawn comfort from his faith.

George W Bush, in spite of being the most mocked, most maligned, most criticized, falsely accused, unfairly attacked President in US History, “W” has taken the High Road!

> > With many attempting to destroy him, he never once indulged in the politics of personal destruction.

> > With many of the harshest words ever spoken said to and/or about him, he never once retaliated in kind.

> > Though suffering the most unfair, one-sided attack by the media the world has ever witnessed, he never cried unfair.

Personal Witness to G. W. Bush as a Christian:

    This researcher was in Texas in those early George W. Bush 'Glory Days' when he decreed “Jesus Day" in Texas! (That date is June 10th - remember it! - this and every year hereafter!).

    This researcher was in Ames, Iowa, at soectacularly famous Straw Poll - setting all records in 1999 (still unbroken in 2011!) when George W. Bush very boldly proclaimed his dedication to Jesus Christ - with that testimony leading to a great Straw Poll Victory!

    This researcher was in Iowa at a small town, secular college campaign event, when George W. Bush very simply gave his straight-forward testimony how Jesus Christ saved him from his sins, and delivered him from alcohol addiction, there was stunned silence, then thunderous applause!

    This researcher was in Des Moines, Iowa, at the Republican Presidential Primary Debate when Candidates were asked to name their major role model and/or philosopher & explain why they were their leading light.

    When G. W. was asked he said suddenly, simply, & surely to a packed Convention Center & to the whole Nation-&-Word by television: "Jesus Christ!"

    This researcher was awe-struck on hearing that answer! NEVER had such a declaration been made, so boldly, so openly to the world, to so many, with so much on the line!

    Jimmy Carter spoke of being a Born-Again Baptist in small groups and out-of-the-way town meetings, but never when the eye of the world was on him.

    The vast crowd sat in stunned silence for what seemed like a breath-holding eternity, then nearly blew the roof off the building with applause.

    When giving the reason he chose Christ, George W. Bush with equal simplicity declared: "Because He changed my Life!"

    Again unbelievable applause - this researcher among them.

    The moderator was so shaken by the reply that he asked for a definition & clarification of that answer.

    G. W. stated, 'well, if you don't know what that means then it's hard to explain, stating that when you turn your heart and life over to Him, He changes your life!'

    Bush momentum was on the move!

    Christians everywhere were climbing on the Bush Bandwagon. Christian Radio and Television airwaves were buzzing with G. W. Bush support. He was quickly rising to Ronald Reagan Status and even beyond . . . until . . . Scripture came true.

FROM: G W Bush: Most Spiritual President EVER. TO The Bush Files

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