George Washington Planned to be a PREACHER after the WAR

George Washington on the Providence of God:

"... The Hand of Providence has been so conspicuous in all this

that he must be worse than an infidel that lacks faith, and more than wicked that has not gratitude enough to acknowledge his obligations,

but it will be time enough for me to 'turn preacher' when my present appointment ceases;

and therefore I shall add no more on the Doctrine of Providence..."

[SOURCE: George Washington in a letter to Thomas Nelson Jr. on 20 August 1778].

George Washington on Providence: His Foundation

"But I trust in that Providence, which has saved us in six troubles yea in seven, to rescue us again from any imminent, though unseen, dangers.

Nothing. However, on our part ought to be left undone."

[SOURCE: George Washington Letter to Benjamin Lincoln, August 28, 1788].


"We must, however, place a confidence in That Providence Who Rules Great Events, trusting that out of confusion he will produce order, and, notwithstanding the dark clouds, which may threaten at present, that right will ultimately be established."

[SOURCE: George Washington - Letter to the Marquis de Lafayette, July 28, 1791].

See first of all that "Providence" is not a "force", not an "inanimate substance, not a "what", not a "nebulous power", not a "thing" and not even a mystery. Providence is a "who" - an advanced and higher understanding of God.

Truthfully, the word "Providence alone could apply to any God, but Jehovah, Jesus Christ, the Lord, the Author of the Christian religion, the God of Israel - and over 300 more such lofty titles - is the only God George Washington ever mentioned.

FACT: George Washington never mentioned Buddha or quoted him;

FACT: George Washington never mentioned Confucius or quoted him;

FACT: George Washington never mentioned Hindus or quoted their dogma;

FACT: George Washington never mentioned Mohammad or quoted him;

FACT: George Washington did say the Mohammedans should be "exterminated!"

FACT: George Washington never mentioned "Deism" - except to "criticize Deism!

What Washington meant by the Theology he used:

Let's use George Washington's same quote and break it down.

"We must, however, place a confidence (faith):

[1] in that Providence

[2] Who rules great events,

[3] Trusting that out of confusion he will produce order,

[4] and, notwithstanding the dark clouds, which may threaten at present,

[5] That Right will ultimately be established."

[SOURCE: George Washington - Letter to the Marquis de Lafayette, July 28, 1791].

George Washington personally claimed to be a 'Teacher of the Doctrine and Providence of God's Sovereignty', and claimed that he would become "a Preacher of the Doctrine of the Providence of God after the war" . . . when there would be time, after he finished his "present appointment. . . . (Quote and source below)

Apparently, it was not the Providence of God for George Washington to become a Preacher of Providence, but rather, to become a "President of the USA 'BY' Providence" and to 'live Providence in front of an observing world; teaching by "Deeds, not words" (Washington's Motto) what Divine Providence is all about.

FACT: No leader of the Protestant Reformation - neither Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Knox, John Wesley nor Jacobus Arminius wrote more about Providence than George Washington;

FACT: No one who ever lived, wrote more about Providence than George Washington; not Moses, not Apostle Paul, not Augustine, not even Jesus Himself!

FACT: No one who ever lived (a) spoke of it more constantly, (b) lived it more consistently, (c) and wrote of it more confirmingly - or lived it better, longer, or on a larger stage than George Washington.

George Washington was a profound scholar, a deep thinker, an excellent theologian - not of Greek and Hebrew, but of understanding how the Doctrine of Providence was carried out in real life, in business, in War, in life and death, in politics, in government and nation building.

Outside the Bible, George Washington is the greatest man who ever lived, and there are really none to compare to him, apart from that which commendeth martyrs and their sacrifice. Where Lincoln, Jefferson and Franklin all traveled a theological journey - from disbelief and skepticism to one ending in deep faith;

George Washington started his life in deep faith, taught at his father's knee (George Washington was home schooled, and from extant readings, seems to have had an "Andy-&-Opie-Father-&-Son relationship (From the Angy Griffith Show), that ended suddenly: his aged father died when George was 11.

His understanding of Providence helped him accept his father's death, even at age 11.

> George Washington wrote a prayer on Christmas day at age 12;

> George Washington wrote 110 Riles for living at age 15;

> George Washington was responsible enough top be appointed to public office at age 17;

George Washington, Apostle of Providence

George Washington believed that anyone who could not 'see God clearly orchestrating world events, so 'conspicuously', "working all things after 'the counsel of His own will", 'bringing forth His Purposes in the world' - 'conducting the affairs of men and nations', Ruling Nations as the Supreme Arbiter, ruling the whole universe as Ruler of Nations, that 'it is the Duty of All Nations to obey Him, the Supreme Being, the Creator, The Glorious Redeemer, Our Lord;

George Washington believed in Providence so strongly; he declared harshly that 'anyone who could not see God clearly orchestrating world events, so conspicuously', clearly is 'worse than an infidel', 'lacks faith', ''is wicked, 'full of ingratitude', and 'will not acknowledge his obligations' . . . to the Hand of Providence.

George Washington wrote and spoke over 2,000 references to Providence in his life, using the exact word 'Providence 270 times with hundreds of corresponding words and statements; with over 600 titles and names for the "God" - with most of them claiming and/or declaring Providence.

This immense and major factor in George Washington has never been known, because:

(1) Atheists, agnostics and secularists haven't a clue regarding the Doctrine of Providence,

(2) Even of the Christians who have written about Washington, Providence is not nearly the prevalent doctrine in AD 2000 that it was from 1600 to 1800, as it does not lend itself to shallow interpretation of Scripture, and with modern, "one-verse to one-chapter devotionals" and "20 minute sermonettes" - shallow is all there is.

(3) Those who do understand this deep but grand doctrine, have neither the time nor inclination to research 10,000 letters, 40 years of dairies, and 40 years of General Military Orders, etc.

Thus the greatest man who ever lived (outside the Holy Scripture) is not known to hardly 10% of what and how he should be known. George Washington was not perfect, but he is the best example we have.

George Washington also lived a real life, a person who lived in modern times, who was married, raised step and adopted grandchildren, fought wars, farmed as a "Great Shepherd" with over 1,000 sheep regularly in his flock; a soldier, a general, a Congressional representative, and President of the USA:

[What do you really know about the daily lives of the twelve Disciples, Jesus Himself or Apostle Paul, Timothy, Titus, James, Jude, etc., regarding daily life?

Most were not married, none were soldiers that we know of, none were in government, and if some were married, we don't know the name of a single one of their spouses or children, what they did before becoming Apostles, or what they did after Christ ascended. There is no better record in all of Christendom of what Bible Christianity looks like, lived out in the real world:

. . . as "Deeds, not Words!"]

The "Father of Our Country", the "Victor of valley Forge", - First in War! First in Peace! First in the Hearts of His Fellow Citizens! This author would add "First in the heart of God among Modern Americans!

George Washington: Theologian, Bible Scholar, Apostle of Divinity, Teacher of Sovereignty, Preacher of Providence and Disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ!

FIRST: You must understand Providence;

SECOND: Then you can re-attempt to understand the great one: George Washington, father of the USA!

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