George Washington, 'Titles of Deity' used in his '100-Prayers'

Peter Lillback, who received his Ph. D. in Theology from Westminster Theological Seminary, is the celebrated author of the book "George Washington's Sacred Fire", in which he makes the assertion that America's first President and Commander-in-Chief was, "an orthodox, Trinity-affirming believer in Jesus Christ".

In Sacred Fire, Lillback presents to the reader a large collection of primary sources, which he feels help to prove his thesis that Washington was a devout orthodox Christian. In addition, Lillback presents evidence to counter the argument that Washington was a Deist.

In "Appendix Three" of Sacred Fire, Lillback puts together a collection that he calls "George Washington's Written Prayers." This collection contains an assortment of letters, general orders and presidential declarations, which Lillback believes helps to prove Washington's orthodoxy. As Lillback states at the beginning of this appendix:

One of the elements of the Christian faith that was suspect, and eventually abandoned by Deists, was the practice of prayer. This was logical since there was little purpose in speaking to a Deity who on principle had abandoned all contact and communication with his creation.

Given this understanding, Washington's lifetime practice of prayer, illustrated by these more than one hundred written prayers, is an undeniable refutation of his alleged Deism.The sheer magnitude of the umber of prayers, coupled with the expansive topics included in his prayers, give substantial credence to the universal testimony of Washington's contemporaries of his practice of corporate and private prayer.

This underscores how wrongly the many, misguided contemporary scholars have been in claiming that Washington was a man of lukewarm religious faith.

With this in mind, I decided that it would be worthwhile to dissect the various "written prayers" that Peter Lillback sites in his book. After all, the language that Washington used in these prayers should be a valuable tool in determining Washington's actual beliefs.

Here are the actual phrases that Washington used in his "written prayers" to describe divinity, along with the number of times they were used:

"Providence" - 26 times

"Heaven" -25 times

"God" - 16 times

"Almighty God" - 8 times

"Lord" - 5 times

"Almighty" - 5 times

"Author of all Blessings" - 3 times

"Author of the Universe" - 3 times

"God of Armies" - 3 times

"Giver of Victory" - 3 times

"Great Ruler of the Universe" - 2 times

"Divine Protector" - 2 times

"Ruler of Nations" - 2 times

"Particular Favor of Heaven" - 2 times

"Divine Author of Life and Felicity" - 2 times

"Author of Nations" - 1 time

"Divine Being" - 1 time

"Allwise Dispenser of Human Blessings" - 1 time

"Supreme giver of all good Gifts" - 1 time

"Sovereign Dispenser of Life and Health" - 1 time

"Source and Benevolent Bestower of all good" - 1 time

"Power which has Sustained American arms" - 1 time

"Allwise Providence" - 1 time

"Infinite Wisdom" - 1 time

"Eye of Omnipotence" - 1 time

"Divine Author of our Blessed Religion" - 1 time

"Omnipotent being" - 1 time

"Great Spirit" - 1 time

"Glorious being" - 1 time

"Supreme being" - 1 time

"Almighty being" - 1 time

"Creator" - 1 time

"Jesus Christ" - 0

"Salvation" - 0

"Messiah" - 0

"Savior" - 0

"Redeemer" - 0

"Jehovah" - 0


It seems really strange that George Washington never used the word "salvation" in any of his prayers, since this is what Christianity is supposed to all be about!




With such a large assortment of phrases, I find it amazing that Lillback does not provide a single example of where Washington prayed to Jesus specifically or directly.






In fact, the only time the word "Christian" is mentioned in all of appendix three is on page 775.

In a letter to the king of France, Washington begins the letter by writing, "To our great and beloved Friend and Ally, his Most Christian Majesty."

Despite these obvious discrepancies in his argument, I must also point out the fact that Lillback provides AMPLE evidence to support his claim that Washington was NOT a Deist. The simple fact that these prayers exist is sufficient proof of this fact. Regardless of who Washington was praying to, the fact remains that he did, in the end, pray regularly.

In addition, there are a number of statements in Washington's "written prayers" that seem to suggest at least a possible allegiance to Christian philosophy. For example, Washington regularly issued thanksgiving and fasting proclamations, which seem to petition God for a forgiveness of sin. Phrases like, "we may unite in most humbly offering our prayers and supplications to the great Lord and Ruler of Nations and beseech him to pardon our national and other transgressions" (Source here). Or other instances where Washington states, "Instant to be observed as a day of 'fasting, humiliation and prayer, humbly to supplicate the mercy of Almighty God' that it would please him to pardon all our manifold sins and transgressions" (Source here). Clearly there is AT LEAST a remnant of Christian belief, and possibly a sincere devotion to Jesus as the savior of mankind.

Regardless of what we may insinuate from these various statements, the fact remains that there are NO specific public or private records showing Washington in prayer to the Christian God. While I will agree that Washington is far from a Deist and that he did pray and believe in a great deal of Christian doctrine, I remain unconvinced that he was an ORTHODOX Christian as Lillback suggests.

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