Glenn Beck and Ronald Reagan Recommend:

Read '5000 Year Leap' before anything else!

'It's the book Ronald Reagan wanted taught in high schools'

It's one of the most important books on restoring America to its original principles, featured regularly and enthusiastically by Glenn Beck on his popular Fox News show – W. Cleon Skousen's "The 5000 Year Leap," just $19.95.

The nation America's founders built is now in the throes of a political, economic, social and spiritual crisis that has driven many to an almost frantic search for modern solutions. The truth is that the solutions have been available for a long time – in the writings of this nation's Founding Fathers – and carefully set forth in this incredible book.

"The first thing you could do, please, is get 'The 5000 Year Leap,'" says Glenn Beck.

"Get this book Over my book or anything else, 'The 5000 Year Leap.' … It is the principle. It is so easy to read. It's the book Ronald Reagan wanted taught in high schools, and Ted Kennedy stopped it from happening."

"That should tell you all you need to know."

"When you read these principles, your mouth will fall open. … The scales will fall off your eyes on who we are. … It will help you understand American free enterprise. You'll be able to defend it."

"You'll be able to know what makes it possible for 6 percent of humanity living under our free economy to produce one-half of the Earth's developed wealth every single year."

In "The 5000 Year Leap: A Miracle That Changed the World," you will discover the 28 principles of freedom America's Founding Fathers said must be understood and perpetuated by every society that desires peace, prosperity and freedom. Learn how adherence to these beliefs during the past 200 years has brought about more progress than was made in the previous 5,000 years.

This book describes the problems the Founding Fathers dealt with and how philosophies and ideals collided to form the United States of America. The skills and prosperity of the Jamestown settlers in 1607 greatly contrast those of society after the enactment of the United States Constitution.

Shortly after the Constitution was enacted, a free-enterprise system – an economy with little government influence that flourishes with competition of businesses – was established. It is because of this system that America became the most advanced and powerful country that world history has known.

After highlighting the importance of the nation’s foundation, Skousen covers in detail what went into the design of the Constitution. Surveying the original sources for the principles that inspired the United States, the author shows how the Founders developed these principles from the studies of Cicero, Locke, Montesquieu and Adam Smith.

Skousen also contrasts the affluence of the young United States with that of the present day, showing that it was because of the free-enterprise system that America produced such astounding inventions and ideas, from jet propulsion to the doubling of life expectancy. Within this narrative of success, Skousen weaves the story of America as a Christian nation, guided by divine providence and created for the liberty and rights of mankind.

This book also analyzes problems throughout history (such as national debt) that have come from failing to adhere to the Constitution.

"The 5000 Year Leap" gives the reader a greater understanding of the origins of the United States of America, the consequences of deviating from the principles on which it was founded and all the characteristics that have made this nation great.

Glenn Beck: Read '5000 Year Leap' before anything else!

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