What is Glenn Beck Really Like?


"Just weeks after Glenn Beck's enormous 8/28 rally in Washington, D.C, the New York Times has published an 8,000-word profile of the Fox News host. Writer Mark Leibovich followed Beck around for several weeks, speaking to his fans and detractors, and interviewing him several times.

What Leibovich reveals, says Chris Good at The Atlantic, is "key to understanding what [Beck] is all about."

Here are some key takeaways from the article:

New York Times Article Claim-1:

"Many people at Fox News are embarrassed by Beck!"

Even though Beck is probably Fox News' biggest name right now, his relations with the network are frayed, discovers Leibovich. Fox News boss Roger Ailes is reportedly displeased at Beck's continuous "hawking [of] his non-Fox ventures" on air, and feels he "does not fully appreciate the degree to which Fox News has made him the sensation he has become."

Beck's name tends to provoke "either a sigh or an eyeroll" when mentioned to Fox reporters and staff members. A precipitous fall in his show's ratings, and a boycott by 296 former advertisers haven't helped.

=== NewtonStein Critique:

[1](1) Could the same thing not be said about Bill O'Rielly? Keith Oberman? Katie Couric? Bryant Gumball of yester-year?

[1](2) Could the same thing not be said about rahm Emanuel just leaving the White House? Nancy Pelosi? Harry Reid?

[1](3) Could it not be true that the "embarrassment" is meant to cancel some "jealousy" - since no matter how great executive, from Roger Aisle, to O'Reilly, to Hannity to Meygn Kelly: could anyone else at FOX match Beck's Washington DC rally and the night-before meeting?

[1](4) It seems to us a very juvinile point to make - true or not: from JFK playboy, to Nixon hard-case, to peanut-Carter to B-actor-Reagan, to H Bush to Bubba Clinton to "W" Bush to Obama to Palin: do not some peers roll their eyes?

New York Times Article Claim-2:

"On his TV show, Beck invokes Hitler roughly 9 times a month"

Beck's rhetoric is full of "Nazi, Hitler, and Holocaust comparisons," says Leibovitch. How full? The writer quotes a forthcoming book by Washington Post writer Dana Milbank that has discovered "in the first 14 months of Beck’s Fox News show, Beck and his guests mentioned:

> fascism 172 times,

> Nazis 134 times,

> Hitler 115 times,

> the Holocaust 58 times,

> and Joseph Goebbels eight times."

While such comparisons "inevitably offend a lot of people," writes Leibovich, "Beck seems not to care."

=== NewtonStein Critique:

Given that Beck's number one and constant theme is warning of "oppressive government" we think the following are obvious!

[2](1) FACT: Hitler is the modern "premier example" of an elected leader:
> forging the world's most oppressive government,
> in the shortest amount of time,
> without a shot ever being fired,
> in a civilized democratic state of the modern age!

[2](2) FACT: Whoever THOUGHT they may seen oppression coming ion the 1930's in Germany DID NOT SOUND THE ALARM . . . soon enough or strong enough! In fact, EVERY person whose job it was to warn the people in Germany FAILED!

. . . or simply was TOO MILD . . .

. . . or simply waited too late!

[2](3) FACT: Given the above are absolute facts, Beck MUST over state the case, SOONER rather than later, and make we Americans SAFE rather than sorry!

[2](4) In conclusion then, evoking visions of the atrocities of Hitler as OFTEN AS POSSIBLE seems wise and prudent if Beck is to be effective

[2](5) Given that Hitler Slaughtered the God's people of the Old Covenant, it seems in order that an American version of the same would kill God's people of the New Covenant!

[2](6) If the American fascist-socialist oppressive government had an Islamic element - and there is great possibility given the current Pro-Islamic President - Muslims world wide have SWORN BY ALLAH to exterminate the Jews Hitler didn't get!

[2](6) We especially beg of Jewish Americans - leaders Schummer, Lieberman, etc., to JOIN Eric Cantor to get out of the PRO-MUSLIM, PRO-PALESTINIAN, PRO-MUSLIM-IMMIGRANT Democratic party and Join the Christians in the TEA PARTY!

[2](7) Jews and Christians do not understand everything identically, but we are brethren,we are both people

> of the SAME God,
> of the SAME Mosaic Law,
> of the SAME Book,
> of the SAME prayer for the Messianic Kingdom!
> Let us bind ourselves together - NOT til death us do part - but until Eternity brings us together, perfectly - forever

===New York Times Article Claim-3:

"He bailed on Yale!"

The conservative firebrand has founded his own online university, despite never having received a college degree.

But that could have been different, says Leibovich. Beck enrolled at Yale when he was in his early 30s, on the back of a recommendation from alumnus Sen. Joe Lieberman, but quickly dropped out. He admits to spending "more time trying to find a parking space" than studying.

=== NewtonStein Critique:

[3](1) The greatest communicators of our generation were not - are not - scholars: Rush Limbaugh (the most listened to person in history); Minister Charles Spurgeon (most published person of history); Ronald Reagan, THE GREAT COMMUNICATOR (had a two-bit education form ??? {yes I know Eureka, IL}) Sean Hannity (a piecemeal education), Oral Roberts (High School dropout), Sarah Palin (Woman who draws largest crowds to speeches - a piecemeal education) and 10,000 more;

[3](2) Beck has studied non-stop for many years!

[3](3) ***If a person is smart enough, such can READ for self "Columbus came to America in 1492" and grasp it; if that's too difficult, one may need to pay $200,000 to have an Ivy League Professor "read that line for you!"

[3](4) Beck appears to be in the last category. No one from Yale can do as well as Beck in the following - and hasn't for over 100 years:

> > > On radio,
> > > On Television
> > > In personal speaking engagements
> > > In drawing hundreds of thousands to Washington DC including many GREAT LEADERS!
> > > In continued book sales!

[3](5) We're going to guess Beck is superior in all these ways to the writer of the goofy article on Beck as well!

===New York Times Article Claim-4:

"His art imitates his life."

Leibovich pays a visit to Mercury Studios, from which Beck broadcasts his daily radio show and plans his media operations. The Times writer pays particular attention to the art on its walls.

Portraits of Orson Welles, Ronald Reagan, and Walt Disney vie for space with a "massive red-and-blue 'Capitalism' poster ... hand-painted by Beck" himself.

The offices "evoke the self-image of a multimedia entrepreneur and would-be titan," writes Leibovich. In the broadcaster's own office, a "yellowed copy of the Boston Post" announcing Woodrow Wilson's death is displayed on the wall.

Beck is no fan of the "father of the Progressive Era" — he is quoted saying, "I hate him ... I hate that guy."

=== NewtonStein Critique:

[4](1) Art imitates life! So?

[4](2) Orson Welles warned the USA of Big Brother decades ago and HE WAS RIGHT!

[4](3) Reagan, also a communicator and radio commentator, became the greatest president of the 20th century, an American Hero, and RESCUED the USA from deep depression: would that Obama could do half as well!

[4](4) Disney, perhaps the all-time marketing genius:

> > > FACT: Women world wide HATE dirty disease carrying mice!

> > > FACT: after Disney was done marketing, he puts a picture of a dirty, disease carrying "MOUSE" on a $5 shirt and sells it for $50!

> > > Even adult women are proud advocates of a dirty mouse,

> > > and little girls - petrified of mice in real life - put on MOUSE EARS and join the MOUSE CLUB . . . paying money to JOIN and become a MOUSEKETEER!

> > > IF Beck can market ha;f as well as Disney, he'll make billions$$$

===New York Times Article Claim-5:

"He keeps stored food — but doesn't have a bunker."

Beck is often teased for his dire prophecies that society is unraveling, says Leibovich. The Fox News host even makes reference to a personal "bunker." But there is no such hiding-hole, Beck reveals in the article.

He does keep a "great deal of food in reserve," but insists this is a "tenet of his Mormon faith ... for when tough times come."

When asked if he is engaged in survival training, he replies:

"No. Should I be? Maybe."

=== NewtonStein Critique:

[5](1) Re-read the Hitler paragraph: too LATE, too LITTLE, too timid FAILS!

[5](2) Like Beck said, ALL good Mormons keep food - just in case!

[5](3) P.S. We you NOT surprised by 9-11? What makes you so sure it wont be bigger and more often next tomorrow?

[5](4) If the next time stops the flow of oil to farm equipment, where will you get you food???

===New York Times Article Claim-6:

"Beck is at war with himself."

The central conflict within Beck, says Leibovich, is whether he should be "the face of Honor Restored" or "the voice of a Great American Freakout."

He wrote a letter to fellow conservative Sarah Palin recently asking if he was "doing more harm or more good. I don't know any more."

Friends say he is terrified of one of his listeners "doing something stupid."

He often wears a bulletproof vest, and wants to install a 6-foot barrier around his Connecticut estate. "He is fragile, on the edge," concludes Leibovich.

"There is no template for him or where he is headed."

=== NewtonStein Critique:

[6](1) Beck has succeeded EXTREMELY in an equally EXTREMELY short time!

[6](2) Maybe you don;t get to study much, but even GETTING RICH QUICK in pro-sports or Wall Street causes serious emotional problems

[6](3) Having a fear some one he is warning does something irrational show WISDOM and CAUTION! I now believe in him even more!

[6](4) Questioning his true worth - helping some, angering others - show WISDOM and HUMILITY! I now believe in him even more!

[6](5) For Beck to struggle deeply and question even his own understanding intensely shows a serious man - as he should be. Contrary to most journalist - whom no one listens to - BECK can shake the world any day he chooses! For WORRYING so much that he is doing right - I now believe in him even more!

[6](6) To all petty journalists who "snip" at great men - having nothing of their own to say - IF YOU EVER SUCCEED and have SCORES of MILLIONS who trust you to lead -

> > > Who could run for president,

> > > Who will help decide the next president - maybe the next 10 presidents - you will understand what it is to "be at war with yourself" as you say.

> > > The great person who ever lived, Jesus Christ, battled with Himself in the garden of Gethsemane!

> > > The second greatest person who ever lived, Paul the apostle, battled with Himself in Romans Chapter 7!

END OF New York Times Article:

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