Glenn Beck - Why does he Speak of HITLER SO MUCH? AMAZING!

In a recent New York Times Article it Claimed:

"On his TV show, Beck invokes Hitler roughly 9 times a month"

Beck's rhetoric is full of "Nazi, Hitler, and Holocaust comparisons," says Leibovitch. How full? The writer quotes a forthcoming book by Washington Post writer Dana Milbank that has discovered "in the first 14 months of Beck’s Fox News show, Beck and his guests mentioned:

> fascism 172 times,

> Nazis 134 times,

> Hitler 115 times,

> the Holocaust 58 times,

> and Joseph Goebbels eight times."

While such comparisons "inevitably offend a lot of people," writes Leibovich, "Beck seems not to care."

=== NewtonStein Critique:

Given that Beck's number one and constant theme is warning of "oppressive government" we think the following are obvious!

(1) FACT: Hitler is the modern "premier example" of an elected leader:
> forging the world's most oppressive government,
> in the shortest amount of time,
> without a shot ever being fired,
> in a civilized democratic state of the modern age!

(2) FACT: Whoever THOUGHT they may seen oppression coming ion the 1930's in Germany DID NOT SOUND THE ALARM . . . soon enough or strong enough! In fact, EVERY person whose job it was to warn the people in Germany FAILED!

. . . or simply was TOO MILD . . .

. . . or simply waited too late!

(3) FACT: Given the above are absolute facts, Beck MUST over state the case, SOONER rather than later, and make we Americans SAFE rather than sorry!

(4) In conclusion then, evoking visions of the atrocities of Hitler as OFTEN AS POSSIBLE seems wise and prudent if Beck is to be effective

(5) Given that Hitler Slaughtered the God's people of the Old Covenant, it seems in order that an American version of the same would kill God's people of the New Covenant!

(6) If the American fascist-socialist oppressive government had an Islamic element - and there is great possibility given the current Pro-Islamic President - Muslims world wide have SWORN BY ALLAH to exterminate the Jews Hitler didn't get!

(6) We especially beg of Jewish Americans - leaders Schummer, Lieberman, etc., to JOIN Eric Cantor to get out of the PRO-MUSLIM, PRO-PALESTINIAN, PRO-MUSLIM-IMMIGRANT Democratic party and Join the Christians in the TEA PARTY!

(7) Jews and Christians do not understand everything identically, but we are brethren,we are both people

> of the SAME God,
> of the SAME Mosaic Law,
> of the SAME Book,
> of the SAME prayer for the Messianic Kingdom!
> Let us bind ourselves together - NOT til death us do part - but until Eternity brings us together, perfectly - forever

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