The Glenn Beck RESTORING HONOR RALLY, approximately 871,000


NewtonStein, a non-profit conservative "Think-Tank" of over 30 years estimates the "Glenn Beck RESTORING HONOR RALLY" approximately 871,000 attendees.

NewtonStein has been calculating crowd size for over 30 years, dating back to the first "Washington for Jesus" when Falwell and Robertson were campaigning for Ronald Reagan in April of 1980.NewtonStein estimated just over 1,000,000 for this Reagan-Promoting event.

We have noted a couple of things over the decades:

> Conservative causes - especially Christian - are ignored ignored if possible and if must be reported on, to greatly reduce the estimate. For example Janet Porter recently had a MayDay event at Washington, estimated at even less than 10% the actual count;

> If a Liberal cause, ethnic group or anti-Christian event - such as Louis Farrakhan's "Million Man March" in 1995 - the number will be greatly exaggerated - at least doubling the number if the crowd is large, and 5-10 times as much if the crowd is small.

> When the cause is Conservative Christian, some one will choose the "extremely low number" and many Liberal activists will report the same number, to make it appear "factual by many saying so". Again, Check the web for Janet's Porter's Mayday and you'll see many spouting the 300 number.

(There were more speakers, workers and volunteers at MayDay than that! It seems the media was particular harsh because of the anti-homosexual nature of Mayday, and the desire of the group for "Christian Dominion"over all aspects of the USA for a Christian America)

With the great controversy, the Park Service quit doing official estimates because of angry protesters as below:

EXAMPLE: Louis Farrakhan's "Million Man March" in 1995

[QUOTE from Wikipedia, check for yourself]

"Within the first twenty-four hours following the March a conflict between March organizers and Park Service officials erupted over crowd size estimates. The National Park Service issued an estimate of about 400,000 attendees[6], a number significantly lower than March organizers had hoped for.[7]

After a heated exchange between leaders of the march and Park Service, ABC-TV funded researchers at Boston University estimated the crowd size to be 837,000, plus or minus 20%.[6]


We at NewtonStein had estimated that even at 426,000. What may have made our number higher, we attempted to allow for so many "coming and going" - it seemed like more thy usual for the day.

Ploy of the Liberal Media

Another ploy we have seen the Liberal Media use and are certain of it, is this:

> They take pictures BEFORE the event begins - but showing all the event equipment in place, with banners, etc., often so far away one can;'t even see that so one is at the podium yet, showing this as evidence for their "small estimate";

> Then they take pictures after the event first ends. Most leave, but a few remain to hear who ever is singing to supply some "walking music" for those exiting.

FACT: We are certain this was done with The Beck Rally, as the shadows of the Sun - claimed to be at high-noon, and shadows PROVE they were NOT taken anywhere near noon.

We urge you to watch for this in the future.

NOTE ASIDE: Beck had over 87,000 in the overflow back by the Washington Monument - there is great possibility Beck's crowd hit 1,000,000 - we certainly would not dispute this, as representative Michelle Bachman declared.

We always try to be be on the low side in recent years as the media are so quick to falsely accuse christian groups.

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