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Including "Five Things You Must Do To Grow Hair Now, Thicker Faster Forever"

BAD NEWS: Men lose about 90% of hair - regardless all the gimmicks they try, & woman about 50%;

GLAD NEWS: You can keep 90% of your hair all of your life!

SAD NEWS: It takes a very rigorous lifestyle, a higher cost than most want to pay.

SECRET NEWS: There is one and only ONE POWERFUL SECRET. You will find it connecte4d with this page - "IF" and only if you look hard and long. The point is, if you don't read this, and understand "hair growth" - you won't be able to understand your own unique circumstances and how to "Grow Hair Now":

!WARNING! Please don't skip over this little "explanation" of why hair get's thin, discolors, and falls out, as if you do not understand "what", "how" and "why" - you will not understand the IMPORTANCE of the corrections, and thus you will not follow through well enough to Grow Hair Now, Thicker Faster Forever."

To the degree that you do these things, you will KEEP - REGROW to some degree - and NEVER lose your hair.

FACT: Hair loss in women - though by a very complex mechanism - can be summed by explaining it as basically the clustering of and clogging by "metabolic ashes" and build up of "plaques" in the tiniest, 'smaller-than-a-human-hair' capillaries of the "finely pored skin" of the scalp:

> [A] This "clogging of the tiniest blood vessels" robs the hair 'follicle' (the little hair "socket" where it actually grows)of nutrition, and

> [B] hinders the carrying away of metabolic wastes.

FACT: Hair loss in older males is much greater than females because it is compounded because the male hormone testosterone, a huge molecule, that if not "used" to build muscle, work or exercise hard - easily and quickly "sticks" to another testosterone molecule.

FACT: This double testosterone molecule is called "DHT", which stands for 'di-hydro-testosterone' ('di' - is two in organic Chemistry, which represents their clumping)

[If you want to take a minute and do a Google search on DHT and Hair Loss you'll find over 100,000 webpages explaining that DHT causes hair loss Just knowing this, without knowing "why" the testosterone (TTT) molecule sticks together and clumps, doesn't help in the least].

As you might have already guessed, if "clogging the tiniest blood vessels causes hair loss in female - and all do lose hair as they age - this double-molecule of TTT leaves huge ashes of metabolic waste like "giant clinkers".

Thus this huge double-molecule much more easily, and much more quickly kills the hair follicle, blocking the capillaries from carrying in nutrition and carrying off waste, causing male hair loss so much more so than women.

> Hair growth is complex: all the doctors in the world can't keep one hair on one head from turning grey, then white, or from falling out - especially in men. Thus taking modern, powerful drugs is not the answer, and all of them have serious side effects.

Without writing a whole set of encyclopedias, allow me to teach the correction for the condition that slowly cause hair discoloration and baldness. To the degree that you do these things, you will KEEP - REGROW to some degree - and NEVER lose your hair.

There is GLAD news and SAD news. The GLAD news is that there are answers, and the SAD news is they require will power. The SO-SO news is that any improvements you make in living by the following principles, you will keep and grow more of your hair . . .

. . . AND build great health, AND avoid 98% of all diseases (germ-based and chronic-degenerative) AND grow healthy skin, AND keep your senses (sight, hearing, etc.,) as you age, AND keep your IQ and memory, and keep your sexual capacity AND keep muscle tone and energy . . .

. . . all from trying to Grow Hair Now, Thicker Faster Forever!"

So don't be discouraged by the requirements. Just develop some will-power, get serious about health and life, change your habits (a human beings gets all news taste-bud-cells every 14 days!) and reap a full harvest of health and hair!

[1] Eat a "Garden of Eden" diet: nothing dead, nothing cooked, nothing processed, nothing artificial, nothing out of balance.

[It goes without saying that this rejects ALL cigarettes, alcohol, drugs - medical and street drugs - as they are all either artificial or processed. If you insist on "tobacco" grow your own in your house, cut the green tops and use in in a fresh salad! Let the bald guys smoke!]

This will 89.9% guarantee that you never lose hair (leaving only the slightest chance for some weird disease or other behaviours. This is simple enough, EXCEPT that our modern tastes are perverted when we are babies - by sugars, salts, grease-&-fats etc., artificial flavorings, artificial textures, hydrogenated products, and chemicals of many kinds.

> > WHY is this "Garden of Eden Diet" required? Because aging, decay, muscle & strength loss, morning stiffness, memory loss, and the loss of most functions (from running to stretching and bending) and loss of senses as losing eyesight, hearing, sense of touch, saggy-wrinkly-dry-creased-skin, and hair loss, etc. . . .

. . . all owe their existence to the condition of "Metabolic Ashes" resulting from burning food and oxygen 24/7-365, with ashes building up over the decades, plugging and clogging every part of the body over the decades;

. . . "crusting" many organs and fluids (like crust that form on foods that set and age), the morning stiffness to some degree is caused by many of our fluids "crusting over" like gravy left on the counter all night, and until "stirred real good" - and until you get moving, and get your body warmed up real good - the fluid is "stiff";

. . .corroding the "electrical parts" (brain, nerves, synapses, etc., just like the corrosion on your car battery posts after some years causing all manner of mental disorders from dementia to Alzheimers;

. . . causing "crud", the plaques that build up everywhere from the walls of the arteries - just like the "crud" on the walls of your kitchen drain pipes), joints - often causing severs pain, on the surface of eyes like a film, and even in the little cochlea tubes on the inner-ear causing 'hearing and balance' losses.

> > GOAL! To eat the foods that "Burn-The-Cleanest", that are the least processed, that have the least amount of chemicals added, that haven't been killed or damaged with heat, that are the least "gooey-&-sticky":

If it's gooey-&-sticky on your plate, you can be "DEAD-SURE" it'll be gooey-&-sticky in your body - and if you don't cut-back - you will be!

WHO IS RIGHT?You have all these doctors with 7-10 years of education telling you 10 different things! How are non-medically educated people supposed to know what is true and correct? Here is a simple experiment you can do for your self.

EXHIBIT-A: Take uneaten Sunday dinner foods (or fast foods) - desserts and all - with the dirty dishes and set them on the counter until next Sunday.

EXHIBIT-B: Take Garden of Eden foods (uncooked, unprocessed, and unaltered) and set uneaten portions on dishes - apples, oranges, bananas, plums peaches, pears, potatoes, carrots, radishes, green beans, ear of corn, heads of lettuce & cabbage, cucumbers, onions, nuts of a dozen kinds, and set them on the counter until next Sunday.

RESULTS-A: You know the killed, cooked processed foods with "Killing-chemicals added" will stick to the pots, pans and plates so tightly - like a super-glue - that even "metal scratchers" are needed in hot-soapy water to get the the "crust-&-crud off - AFTER they have been scraped with a knife!

RESULTS-B: Your garden of Eden foods setting beside of them will be just fine - the apples, oranges, plums, potatoes, carrots, and all the seeds are still good to be eaten, and fr sure they are not super-sticky.

Some of the fruits will get bacteria and spoil more quickly than others, but they mostly just "dry-up and wither away" even eggs left in their shells.

CONSIDER YOU BODY INSIDE, like "dishwater" - as old as you - that has never been changed! How sticky, stinky, gooey, sludgy, putrid!

CONSIDER YOU BODY INSIDE, as a "garbage pile" full of left-over-foods - whatever kind you eat from the two categories above - for many years that you can never empty!

CONSIDER YOU BODY INSIDE, like the "burnt sludgy oil" inside a car that has never been changed, but just added to over many decades! (Obviously this cannot happen because if the oil is not changed the motor will not run for decades - not even one decade if ran hard.

CONSIDER YOU BODY INSIDE, like a "coal furnace" that never had the 'ashes taken out: clogged with clinkers and plugged tight!

CONSIDER YOU BODY INSIDE, like an outdoor "burn barrel" for your house garbage that is never emptied!

CONSIDER YOU BODY INSIDE, like a "septic tank" that is continually processing waste!

How sticky, stinky, gooey, sludgy, putrid . . . which is why elderly people and nursing homes have such a terrible stench!

The paramount priority in each situation: USE EXTREME CAUTION in putting in only those things that are the very cleanest to begin with, keep out all contaminants and use only those products which "burn" with the LEAST AMOUNT OF ASHES!

EXAMPLE of FOOD DAMAGE: Consider the pungency of a raw onion that is destroyed with the least amount of frying or microwaving. The "nutrition of vitamins, elements and calories are still there, but the "magic unique to the Onion" - that our body disparately needs - is destroyed.

Similar damage is done to all heated foods, though not as easily detected outwardly: the only exceptions are "hard-grains" like rice,

To eat the foods that are clean and fresh, with thin juices that run like water - not prepared foods that are thick, sticky, syrupy, etc., like so many modern foods are.

To eat the foods that are bright with all natural colors, full of phyto-chemicals and enzymes by the thousands, and the many, many vitamins that are definitely there, but not yet specifically identified and defined,

[2] Drink water 90% of the time, perhaps 5% raw-milk, and 5% various teas - being sure it's the "Juice of Tree Leaves" - not mixtures of chemicals),

Consider the digesting of your food like the dish-water. If the dirty dishes are to be washed, the water must be as clean as possible: to the degree that dishes are washed leaving residue in the water - if the water can't be drained out (as our bodies can't be drained except by the smallest amounts of daily urine)

The body needs flooded with water to keep the insides as clean as possible.

At lease a half-ounce per pound of body of body weight.

WHY is this required? Because of a simple SIMPLE FACT:

Every symptom of aging can be induced in a teenager by with-holding water, causing simple dehydration!

In fact, aging can be defined very simply as drying out!

GOAL: Drink water until your urine is clear, uncloudy and foam-free!
Every day you fail to do this, you age.

[3] Practice Inversion Therapy approaching 12 hours a day.

Note that hair first becomes unhealthy, gets weak, gets sickly, then decays unto death, and finally falls out. Hair first becomes unhealthy which lack of nutrients is shown by losing it's color.

Note in men and woman both - regardless of hormones - the lack of nutrition-which-produces-loss of hair color begins at the scalp.

> Scalp hair grays first where there is the least amount of "muscle" (filled with blood-pumping capillaries) underlying the "finest skin" (neck, face and eye/temple area). The finest skin plugs-up easiest with metabolic ashes

> > Then hair turns gray on the scalp: little muscle underneath but a more coarse skin blanket.

> > > Then hair turns gray on the upper chest & back.

> > > > Then hair turns gray on the arms and hands

> > > > > Then hair turns gray on the loins

> > > > > > Then hair turns gray on the thighs & calves

> > > > > > > Then lastly, hair turns gray on the feet.

That this pattern does mot vary indicates the slowing down as people age

After logging over 30,000 personal hospital observations and over 8,000 in nursing and rest homes, it is not recalled that anyone had gray hair in the feet until becoming very sedentary, almost bed-fast.

What causes this natural pattern of graying from top to bottom regardless of diet, drug usage, race, health etc? Gravity!

Gravity pulls all fluids downward, thus in aging the feet swell - not the neck or the top of the head - however, the swelling keeps fluid there so that it does not dry-out facilitating clumping of the metabolic ashes causing the aging and damage

> > The loss of hair color - whether blonde, black, read or brown is caused by lack of nutrition. If this were the whole story, the hair would appear "white", though it technically is transparent and simple reflects the white that way.

However, the hair is grey for 2-3 decades before falling out because the grey color is caused by a build-up of dead cells. The same lack of circulation that fails to get nutrition to the hair, also fails to carry away the dead cells.

* * The system causing grey hair is just like that causing "yellow jaundice": the liver cannot get the dead red-blood cells carried away fast enough. This is most common is babies lacking vitamin and certain illnesses with aging.

HOW do we invert 12 hours a day?

> > [A] EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Sleep without a pillow! You can never keep you hair by propping up your head all night, robbing your brain and scalp of blood and nutrition

> > [B] EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Sleep with the foot of your bed propped up. Start with i-inch blocks under the legs, add one inch every other month. After 3-4 inches are under the feet, add thicker slates at the foot of the bed, tapering toward the head of the bed. Go as high as is acceptable for you, 12-inches is ideal.

NOTE: This will also help your eyesight, memory, mental focus, skin, hearing, energy, flabby-saggy neck and facial skin as well as keep hair color, thick, growing and healthy.

> > [C] VERY IMPORTANT: Watch TV - or do reading - lying on a sofa 2-3 three hours a day, with feet and legs up over the back, and your head lying just over the edge, below the rest of your body.

> > [D] VERY IMPORTANT: If young, hang by your knees morning and evening a few minutes. If older, buy the inversion machine for about $150 and use it twice daily while watching the news, etc.

[4] Aerobic Exercise that gets the blood pumping

> > Do as many weight training exercises as possible inverted (upside down), leg presses, incline sit-ups, etc:

Great Medical Secret: If you're not perspiring from your scalp you are not growing NEW HAIR!

[5] Practice good food supplementation. "ALL" nutrients are important. The anti-oxidants Vitamin "C" and "E" some of the most advantageous:

> > > (a-1) Take 10 'Alfalfa Tablets' (20 to 40 if needing to lose weight) every day. It is a great mineral and chlorophyll resource. [Dirt Cheap!]

> > > (b-2) Take 4-6 'Cod Liver Oil Capsules' in "Two-Doses", a superb source of Vitamins "A" and "D" in the most activated form, [Dirt Cheap!]

> > > (c-3) Take 4-Table-Spoons of 'Pure Virgin Olive Oil' in four doses (more if needing to lose weight), the supreme mono-unsaturated oil with more benefits than can be counted.

> > > (d-4) Take 2-4 Table-Spoons of 'Black Strap Molasses' in two-to-four doses, the very best common source of "B" Vitamins. [Dirt Cheap!]

> > > (e-5) At least 'One-Raw-Egg' every day. Even more is better for hair and muscle tone, but should not be over done if you are obese, sedentary, and eat a bad diet. [Dirt Cheap!]

> > > (f-6) A half-cup of raw 'Steel-Cut-Oats' on cereal A nearly perfect source of "raw, unheated, undenatured protein that builds great muscle!" (see how the stallions and race horses do on a steady diet of raw oats!) [Dirt Cheap!]

> > > (g-7) Get '100 Grams of Fiber' a day (10 prunes, big bowl (dish-pan-big) popcorn, [Dirt Cheap!] bowl fiber cereal, dozen pieces of fruit - eat all fruits with peelings and seeds, apple core, etc.)

> > > (h-8) A pinch of Epsom Salts Daily Epsom salts is Magnesium-Sulfate - the magnesium which may be the most needed mineral in the USA, and the sulfur is the element most needed to keep skin, hair and nails firm and healthy. [Dirt Cheap!]

> > > (i-9) A Teaspoon of Vinegar just before each meal to aid digestion and complementing the stomach's hydrochloric acid (vinegar is acetic acid) [Dirt Cheap!]

> > > (j-10) A Teaspoon of Raw Honey after each meal for dessert or during the day or at bedtime to quench hunger and supply trace elements. [Reasonably Cheap!]

> > > (j-11) Get 8-16 glasses of Distilled Water every day - [NOT tap, filtered, reverse-osmosis, etc., but DISTILLED ONLY!] - Water is your most important nutrient! [Water Cheap!]

> > > (j-12) If you think you have learned enough to understand the ONE SIMPLE, CHEAP, BUT MOST-POWERFUL SECRET that will keep you with a "Teen-age-Mop-on-Top" send me an Email

god bless bar

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