HISPANICS God is giving the USA to the Hispanic Community

The 21st Century is the "Hispanic Century!"

In Isaiah 43:18 God declares: “BEHOLD! I DO A NEW THING!"

My Fellow-Minister, do you “SEE” what new thing God is doing in the EARTH . . . especially in the Americas, that even while you read - God is GIVING the USA with all of it's wealth and power - to the Hispanic-Latino Community . . . during this 21st century? (And has been for the last 50 years!)

Every year, the USA increases in population by just under 3-million people . . . 2-million of these are Hispanic ( about half by immigration and about half by birth in the USA ) - PLUS the "Illegal Hispanic Immigrants, which may be another million per year, or even more.

Either way . . . the MINIMUM of 2-million more Hispanic-Latinos per year means 50 million more Hispanics in the USA in 25 short years . . . and 100 million more when your grandchildren are your age!

My Fellow-Laborer . . . Did you know, that both Anglo and African Americans are aborting so many babies, that neither race is even replacing itself . . . much less increasing share in the USA? Anglos average 1.9 children per family and African-Americans 1.7

[SIDE NOTE: This means that if these two birthrates do not increase, the day will come when there is neither a Black or White American left in the USA . . . in our American GREED and GRASPING for wealth . . . we Native Americans are unwilling to have children, and are thus ABORTING OUR FUTURE!]

USA will soon make Spanish an “Official Language” along with English (it already is in many regions), and soon Hispanics will be the majority group (approximately by 2050-60 . . . then they will be the vast-majority group.

Even now, the average Hispanic age is in their teens . . . while the average Anglo is in their 50’s . . . there is going to be a RADICAL change in the USA within 25 short years!

Did you know . . .there are more Hispanics in the USA, RIGHT NOW than in the whole nation of Spain . . . and there will be more than in all of Mexico in a generation - even though they are growing rapidly?


My Fellow-Laborer, . . . Do we not need to teach your people WHAT God is doing - WITH THEM - right before their eyes?

. . . and urge they to pray for GOD to raise up great Christian Hispanic-Latino Leaders in the USA with a Global Vision - BIBLE CHRISTIAN HISPANIC POLITICIANS to lead this soon-to-be-largest-Hispanic Nation on Earth . . . in a Godly Direction, as they evangelize the world.


My Good Fellow-Laborer:

When you grandchildren are YOUR age . . . The USA will ONLY be known as the World’s Largest Hispanic Nation!

I pray, . . . the Hispanic Community will be much better stewards and Christian leaders than the Anglos have been for these last 200 years!

2010 Latest Research:Under Hispanic Leadership, the USA, Mexico, Latin and South America will become the largest people-group on Earth . . . Eventually out-numbering the Chinese, India and the Muslims.

> > The current World Growth rate is 2.56, in 2010

> > The Replacement rate for a married couple is 2.1

=== The Largest People groups are

> > About 1.3 Billion Chinese with a growth rate of 1.79 and DECREASING China’s population, now 1.3 billion, will increase slowly through 2030 but may then be reduced to half that number by the end of the century.

> > About 1.2 Billion Muslims, and ONLY growing in the poorest African nations Muslim Birthrates Falling Dramatically Worldwide - Posted by "The Collier" in Geopolitics, Religion.

> > About 1.1 Billion Indians - with a growth rate of 2.68, but DECREASING

> > About 0.9 Billion Hispanic/Latinos (as a whole, birth rate is 2.5) HOWEVER, the more prosperous Hispanic/Latinos in the USA is about 4.0!)

New projections by the Pew Research Center suggest that if current trends continue, the population of the United States will rise from today’s total of some 300 million to 438 million in 2050. Eighty-­two percent of that increase will be produced by new immigrants and their U.S. born descendants.

That is an increase of 138 million within 40 short years in the USA and 82% of that by immigrants and their children, which is 121,360,000 people . . . of which about 100 Million are Hispanic . . . NOT COUNTING the Illegal Immigrants!!!! . . .

. . . and this could DOUBLE again in another 50 years, by 2100!

That is the Pew Research Center’s latest research:

China reduces to half in the next 100 years, India decreases considerably, Islam decreases radically in prosperous and Arab nations (while increasing in Africa’s poorest nations) the Hispanics increase considerably, world-wide and GREATLY IN THE USA . . . Making the USA the World’s


My Fellow-Laborer . . . it seems to me we need to start teaching the Hispanic-Latino community in all these nations to SEE what God is doing . . .

. . . and prepare them to RECEIVE His blessing . . .

. . . and this awesome responsibility

Why would God do this?

Because the Hispanic Community as a whole is as follows:

> > Has LESS atheism, and more Belief and Honor of God and His commandments,

> > Has better marriages, with less same-sex marriage and homosexual behaviour

> > Less abortion and more love for a large family, as God intended

> > Better understanding of feminine women and masculine men - not blending the two into one

> > Hispanic Churches are THRIVING in the USA - with a great ideal for Praise and Worship and the local church, striking a good balance between Scriptural Studies and Practice . . . while almost all other USA groups are dying!

Why is God doing this? ANOTHER REASON:

Because the rich American Church of the last 100 years has NOT used the wealth to go to the nations, evangelizing and prospering them . . . but rather squandered the money one ourselves on houses, cars, and lands . . .

. . . while most all the world languished and many starved .. . . we American Christians grew ever richer, ever fatter, and ever more selfish . . . . . with millionaire Preachers with their multi-million-dollar jets multiple-million dollar homes . . . along with Crystal Cathedrals . . . while Ministers of the world prayed just to have a Bible!

SO . . . since we Americans would not take our wealth and go to the nations of the world . . . NOT even our next-door Neighbor-Nations to bless them . . . God is supernaturally bringing them to us, to be blessed in our midst!

So . . . before our very eyes . . . God is GIVING The GREAT USA to them . . . as a reward . . . for their doing the best job of preparing their Children according to God’s Priorities and Commandments . . .

There is MUCH MORE . . . But this will get you thinking . . .


My Fellow-Laborer:

Am I completely wrong about this??? Is this NOT happening?

Is something going to:

> > Stop the Hispanics from having larger-than-average families?

> > Stop the legal immigration?

> > Stop the illegal alien immigration?

> > Stop the immigration from increasing?

[NOTE! ** Even if illegal immigration were stopped some way - and they have failed for the last 100 years!) . . . current legislation proposals call for the 30 million-plus illegal aliens already here to be given full citizenship over 5 years . . .

. . and their familial growth added to the two-million-Hispanic-increase per year . . . will equal the illegal alien immigration now.

Either way, if they "Rebuild the BERLIN WALL" on the US-Mexican border and succeed in stopping illegal aliens . . . the USA will STILL become the world's largest Hispanic Nation by 2050!

If I am wrong, please tell me my error!

If I am correct, Please help and advise me what to do, . . . to HELP the people . . . GOD HIMSELF IS HELPING!!!

Please pray about joining with us to help us as we encourage, enable, and empower Hispanic and Latino pastors/Ministers - and all Ministers with the best Credentials, Degrees, studies and assistance we can develop.

All for Jesus,

Bro David Paul

PS: We would love to know your spouse’s thoughts on this matter as well!

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